1. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Review
  2. Shea Moisture Review! Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Yogurt, Coconut and Hibiscus & More
  4. ONE BRAND WASH DAY with Shea Moisture on WAVY HAIR
  5. Sheamoisture – My honest thoughts + Recommendations
  7. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner REVIEW!

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Review

you are welcome my channel hampir,autowealth Sriwijaya ashlund kentut,review and One Day After The Macintosh,Royal strengthen and much for your,performance means a novel by khai Out,for free who live in the day I like it,very much Time I,I am good sabu efek travelclick Andien,gold Khair dan kita fine2 aja,Aceh secara like having enough for now,because each full crack crying over you,you so much so much I,nah mae70 gmih eastmarch vemmy Heirs Om,bye justru khawatir about tonight so,much shampo bye join Free now and get,your own version mp3iwan Fals,science edmode tidak Juli Chairul Anam,Khoirul by Khoirul heart and soul if you,like us subscribe us,kwasen Riau pacarnya ovutest ampuh I,like so nice and innovation,Hai Yanti ampli much sekecil,[Musik]

Shea Moisture Review! Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Yogurt, Coconut and Hibiscus & More

hey guys welcome back to my channel or,welcome if youre new here and if thats,the case im super happy to have you,todays video is going to be my first i,think official just complete,affordable brand what am i saying,were off to a great start this is going,to be my first affordable haircare brand,review i have seen all of your guyss,requests to talk about affordable,haircare brands,and this brand in particular which is,shea moisture so ive actually been,testing out shea moisture on my own hair,over the past several weeks so that i,can do this review for you guys and i,have a few different kind of product,categories so we have two different,shampoo and conditioner sets,two hair masks and two post shower,leave-in products so,were gonna talk through all of that and,i will let you guys know my thoughts on,the brand as a whole,ingredients formulation how these,products worked on my hair and,if i would recommend it or not so if you,want to hear my thoughts on shea,moisture were going to jump right into,that,before we do if you like hair care,content skincare content or you just,like hanging out with me,dont forget to subscribe to my channel,and give this video a thumbs up that,really helps to support me so thank you,so much for that,and definitely go follow me on instagram,and tick tock username is right here for,you guys,all right lets talk shea moisture okay,so normally when i do a deep dive brand,review like this i feel like theres not,that much for me to talk about when it,comes to the actual brand themselves so,we of course are going to talk about all,the products that i tried out but first,i feel like i do need to provide some,background on this brand,kind of what they stand for and how the,brand works because it was something,that,i didnt know when i was first shopping,them and it definitely impacted my,experience so,i feel like i have to do this in order,to give them a fair review and help you,guys if you want to purchase from this,brand so,were going to kind of do background on,shea moisture first what they stand for,when it comes to ingredients,then well talk about products if youre,not interested in the background i,always have time stamps in my,description box so,timestamps will be there if you want to,just skip ahead okay so first thing that,i picked up on about shea moisture when,i was digging through their website is,that they definitely position themselves,as a natural hair care brand so they,have,our promise on their website that says,they have safe and uncompromising beauty,without harmful ingredients like,parabens phthalates mineral oil,petrolatum,and formaldehyde and they have our,ethical standards listed right next to,that and they say we are natural,sustainably produced goodness so they,literally call themselves a natural,brand,ive talked about this briefly before,im just not a big fan of the natural,beauty movement because i think at the,end of the day what it ends up doing is,creating fear,on certain ingredients that dont,deserve to be feared they dont need to,be demonized and,thats a marketing tactic it makes,people think that they need to avoid,certain ingredients so i have to look,for brands that dont have them,so i should buy shea moisture this is,not just a shea moisture problem though,so im not,knocking just them this is just an,industry issue so,i dont love that but as always with all,of my reviews i looked up every single,ingredients and all these products that,i have,and i do have to say they have some,amazing ingredients in them for the hair,so while im not obsessed with the way,that they kind of market themselves as a,brand like that i do really really like,the ingredients and their products,especially for a drugstore brand,and theres a handful of ingredients,that shea moisture says that they do not,use in their products but two that i,wanted to quickly touch on,are ones that i think are really under a,microscope lately,sulfates and silicones i cannot tell you,the number of comments ive seen on my,tic talk videos like,do these have sulfates do these have,silicones and im okay with the,exclusion of sulfate sulfates help to,cleanse the hair properly,because there are other cleansing agents,that can do a really nice job at,cleansing the scalp so i dont have an,issue with that,for me personally the exclusion of,silicones actually,is a problem and you guys will see that,in some of these application clips,it just doesnt respond it just doesnt,respond my hair does not respond well to,silicone free hair care,but thats just me and my hair type and,i totally recognize the fact that there,are certain hair types,that can really benefit from the no,silicone hair care,if you have really curly coily hair your,hair may be weighed down by silicone so,in that case this could be a really,great thing for you so,i wanted to say that im not saying that,all silicone free hair care is bad i,totally think that there are,situations where its necessary but for,me its just,it doesnt quite work and then the other,thing i wanted to highlight that i,love about shea moisture that really,sets them apart from other brands is how,inclusive they are,so they have so many different products,for all hair types they dont exclude,certain hair types,they have a lot available for curly and,coily hair which i know is just,non-existent in other brands so i love,that about this brand and their brand is,actually kind of set up this way,which i also think is really cool so on,their website they have a hair type,chart,that helps you to figure out what hair,type you have so they have types one,through four,in each of those they have subtypes,depending on the texture of your hair so,for example type 1 is straight type 2 is,wavy type 3 is curly type 4 is coily,and then within the straight hair lets,say if you have type 1 hair,theres different textures if that makes,sense so i will link that below if you,guys want to figure out what hair type,you have or try to figure that out but,not only do they help you to learn that,but you can also shop their brand based,on that so if you have,type 2 hair you can filter for that and,it will pull up all the products that,they have,specifically formulated for type 2 hair,i think thats awesome i wish more,brands would do that,the downside to this that is what i wish,i realized when i was first picking up,products for this brand to start to,review them,is that they dont list the hair types,on their products so,i personally found it to be a little bit,confusing to figure out what would be,best for me,there are certain products that have,callouts that make it very obvious for,example theyll use terms like for,natural hair or chemically processed,hair,or they will literally save for curly,and coily hair but there are others,for example like this one right here,which well get into that just says,for extremely dry brittle hair just kind,of general terms that could apply to any,hair type so,make sure if you are purchasing from,this brand that you double check with,their website because they do have,listed,in the product description the hair type,its best for,on here it doesnt say that hair type,and i really wish they would add that,because you can end up picking up,something thats not best for you,so were gonna jump into the actual,products that i have now and review,those i am acknowledging now that i have,some products that are not designed for,my hair type because i didnt realize,that thats how the brand was set up at,first so,dont come for me i know that but were,still going to talk through it,the first set that i have from them is,their 100 coconut oil daily hydration,shampoo,and conditioner and this set actually,goes against everything that i was just,saying about hair tight because,they both claim to be for all hair types,and on their website it does say,types one through four so that kind of,confused me since they have so many,other products that are not,like that and are for certain hair types,but it made me want to test it out to,see,

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whats good everybody and welcome back,to my channel unless youre new here and,in that case its a pleasure to meet you,I am your main girl Mel now todays,video is going to be a battle of the,breads this is a type of video on my,channel where I compare contrast and,review to brands at the same time now,the brands Im going to be reviewing,today are some of the most popular,brands in the curly girl world and also,two of my most highly requested product,reviews so without further ado today we,are going to review Cantu versus shea,moisture,I just wanted to write it but its shame,waster I picked up a bunch of products,from both lines some of their most,popular some of the ones that I thought,would be interesting to test out and,review to see what kind of results we,can get who will be superior can to do,it yes you can now for the most part,this is going to be a first impressions,review I have not tried most of these,products I have not used them all,together in action and Im really,excited to be able to share each and,every product with you guys talked about,the benefits talked about how to use,them and even follow up throughout the,week to see how it holds up in the hair,alrighty stepping into the shower we,will be reviewing the first product,because she needs a clubs boom first up,for review is the complete conditioning,co-wash from Ken – hmm you see Im,pretty excited to test this out because,it claims that it will help to remove,build-up so when I take a look at the,ingredients Im looking for some special,clarifying cleansing ingredients and I,do see tetrasodium EDTA this ingredients,is a key leading ingredient it is used,in products to remove mineral build-up,and oh my my hair really is quite dry so,I hope that this will clarify but be,gentle so I pop the cap give it a whiff,and OH,if you like pina coladas youre getting,caught in the rain this product is gonna,be for you it smells like a pina colada,it is quite a creamy consistency first,Im testing the lather by massaging it,in my hands but so far no suds,so then I test it on my hair hair,hopefully not my face god I just did my,makeup I focused mostly Im massaging my,scalp but I still didnt really feel,like there was any kind of lather or,much cleansing so then I added some,water because when in doubt before,adding more product add water that,definitely helped to do the trick in,emulsifying it it made it much easier,for me to work through my hair,specifically I wanted to focus on my,scalp as well you know even though this,is a co-wash we still want to be,thorough and if its hard for you to get,into your scalp with just your fingers,bring out the big guns and after lots of,massaging from top to bottom,I even used it a little bit to start,brushing through my ends and I must say,after my final rinse you know I felt up,the squeak enos and my hair felt pretty,good like okay I see you my hair felt,clean but still dry I need a good deep,conditioner this wash so I actually have,two deep conditioning masks to show you,both some of my favorites from Shea,Moisture first I shall apply the,jamaican black castor oil strengthen and,restore treatment masque now this is an,interesting because it kind of smells,like play-doh thats one little little,downfall to it but it is a strengthening,masque it has a couple different,proteins in it but it is also very,hydrating it is a very thick very rich,creamy product my hair was pretty,tangled so you know it was a bit much to,work through but eventually I brush it,all through and I clip it away to test,out the other side ah the manuka honey,and mafura oil mask now if you arent,sure how much I actually love this,product look how much I have left this,mask is the bomb and it smells much,better than the jamaican black castor,oil,it doesnt have any weird smell its,very pleasant light and sweet and,interestingly enough this side of my,head was a little easier for me to,detangle it didnt take as long watch,that little instant curl action boom,okay and lets clip it away,also clean my brushes hello this is four,days of hairs Ill leave this in until,Im done filming the intro haha,probably about three hours or so we,dont know whats good everybody,whats good everybody whats good,everybody three hours late okay maybe,Ill do the intro media one more time no,no Mel you did it you did it okay just,the first couple I need to rinse okay so,my hair is freshly rinsed this is the,jamaican black castor oil side this is,the manuka honey and mafura oil side,honestly they both make my hair feel,really good theyre both very effective,deep conditioners and if I had to choose,one I would choose the manuka honey and,referral intensive hydration mask only,because I like the smell better so now,its time to start styling which one,first eeny meeny miny moe catch a tiger,by the toe for the big toe Shea Moisture,it is so lets get started,Im clipping away the other half of my,head for when we use the can two,products and lets go ahead and start,with our prep style and finish so first,we need to apply our prep product which,would be our leave-in conditioner now I,have three different options I got the,Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and,restore leave-in conditioner this is Ana,tub this is a very thick super super,thick buttery type of consistency this,reparative leaving conditioner softens,and detangles while leaving a protective,barrier that helps control frizz it is,rich in shea butter and coconut oil as,well as castor seed oil so this is a,very heavy type of leave-in conditioner,has a little extra something fruity in,there it still smells a little bit like,play-doh but not as bad now another,option I got was the daily hydration,leave-in treatment this is a much more,liquidy product is more of,milky type of leave-in conditioner and,of course it also has coconut oil and,shea butter and although it is in the,name this actually doesnt smell like,coconut oil may be very slight coconut,note but it smells more like a floral,fragrance perfume and my final option is,the sugarcane extract and meadow foam,seed simple free miracle styler leave-in,treatment thats a whole mouthful now,this product is also more on the liquidy,side but is not as runny as the coconut,oil leave-in it also does not have,coconut oil I know some people are,sensitive to coconut oil their hair just,does not agree with it they do not like,coconut oil in their products or anytime,they are leaving in their hair so I,thought this would be interesting to,grab to see what it is like and lets,give this one whiff oh that smells nice,that smells really nice it smells light,I cant put my finger on what that,smells like but not overpowering at all,not nearly as fragrance as the other two,now I still want to be reviewing these,for you guys so were gonna do some,swatches theyre all so different now I,think based on my hair type because it,is fine to medium but I also have a,medium to high density of it I have a,good amount I really want to go in with,this one I think I like this one the,best its perfect in between and it is,coconut oil free Im gonna spray this,all over beware this is a very intense,spritzer I just sprayed my mirror and,its just she aint moving now I do want,to keep my hair pretty saturated with,water throughout this entire experience,because of the nature of these products,with really rich and heavy ingredients,like these products have when your hair,is nice and wet it makes it easier to,distribute the product throughout and,hopefully use less okay so far so good,that gave my hair a lot of slip Im,going to section it away so I can style,I usually section everything above my,temples so onto our styling product Im,so excited to finally try the infamous,coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing,smoothie with silk protein and neem oil,this is such a popular products from,shea moisture that Ive never gotten to,try,until today so this is a very special,moment mm-hmm so this smells like the,name it smells a little coconutty its,most kind of like hibisc

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ONE BRAND WASH DAY with Shea Moisture on WAVY HAIR

lets test out some drugstore products,[Music],[Music],hey there guys welcome back to my,channel and if youre brand new here hi,my names Courtney and I started doing,the curly girl method way back in 2018,my hair went from looking like this to,looking like this and I really really,loved playing around with different,curly girl method approved products and,today I am testing out Shea Moisture,this is a brand that has been highly,highly requested that I try out on this,channel I decided to go with the,straight curl hibiscus line from Shea,Moisture it feels like the most basic,line from them I have seen it in the,most stores its the most readily,available so why dont we just go ahead,and jump right into this one Brandon,watch day hey there guys alright so,were just gonna be starting off this,own brand wash day with dirty day 3 hair,I am so excited to be washing my hair,right now ah this feels so good alright,so Im just really soaking my hair,thoroughly with water and beginning to,loosen any buildup on my scalp with the,pads of my fingers now Im going in with,the curl shine shampoo from Shea,Moisture its fairly runny and has a,creamy texture so just beginning to,scrub that into my scalp and I was very,pleased with how much this shampoo,foamed up gotta love a good said even,though were doing the curly girl method,like suds is life right right just me,okay so Im thoroughly scrubbing my,scalp with the pads my fingers and now I,am rinsing all that shampoo out with,decently warm water I dont find that,rinsing my hair with cold cold water,actually makes that much of a difference,anymore now Im going in with a curl,shine conditioner from Shea Moisture and,boy this stuff was thick I had,like work to get it out of the,conditioner bottle oh my goodness look,at how thick this stuff is it stands up,on its own I think I could make a little,conditioner snowman out of this now Im,just smoothing that out and Im going to,be putting that all over my hair from,root to tip I know that seems weird to,put conditioner on your roots but I have,actually found that since Im using,silicone free conditioners doing the,curly girl method that I dont have an,issue putting them all the way up to the,root now Im just adding a little bit of,water to that conditioner because that,really helps when I do this squish to,condition this is a method of deeply,hydrating your hair it helps marry the,conditioner and the water and your hair,all together in one big happy family,its good times so Im just really,taking my time here and pulsing in that,conditioner to make sure that every,single hair strand on my head is,thoroughly thoroughly hydrated raking,all the hair off the back of my head,that might be stuck and missing out on,any good conditioner eeee goodness so,more squishing more scrunching are yall,bored yet all right Courtney hurry up,your hairs hydrated now are you done no,Im done yay okay so just going to rinse,that conditioner out and oh look a puppy,dog sighting how cute is that,and you could totally leave that,conditioner in your hair for longer but,I just went ahead and rinsed it out now,grabbing just 89c amount of the curl,enhancing smoothie its thick but it,didnt seem nearly as thick as the,conditioner also adding water to my hair,again to make sure that it is soaking,soaking wet when I apply this product to,it I find that I have much better,product distribution especially when Im,applying a cream that is slightly,thicker if my hair is more wet than damp,so just raked that in really quick and,now Im going to finish distributing,that cream through my hair with the,my hair was thoroughly detangled when I,used the conditioner so no tangles here,this is strictly for distribution,purposes also pulling the hair off the,sides of my face to kind of help start,forming my curl clubs got to get,everything organized even now during the,phase of styling raking the hair off the,back of my head making sure nothing is,stuck there and I wanted to show you,that this got a little bit foamy I found,it interesting that that curls smoothie,got foamy on me as I brushed it in now I,just added the tiniest little bit of,water to my hair again to make sure that,I was very very hydrated as ice,scrunched in and formed my curl clumps,the more water thats in your hair the,bigger fatter juicier your curl clumps,will be alright now Im going in with,the curl gel souffle curling gel souffle,and I am taking one teaspoon which is,what I normally take and this is where,things took a sideways turn,I was very weirded out by this texture,this stuff was so thick it held the,shape of the teaspoon measurer that I,scooped it out of the jar with it also,was extremely chunky and broken seeming,like parts of it were really hard and,parts of it had pure liquid in it if I,had tipped the jar out you would have,seen a liquid pour out Im not sure what,that was here Im really trying to show,you how chunky it was I thought if I,just smoothed it out enough I could,smooth out the chunks but even after,rubbing my hands together for a very,long time I couldnt get all the chunks,to go away so still trying to get the,chunks to go away before I apply it to,my hair and Im just gonna glaze this,over like I do every single other gel,and oh hello flash drying I am NOT,squeezing my hair hard at all here but,you can really see that large amounts of,water are just completely and utterly,pouring out of my hair so I knew as soon,as I scrunch the,and this was causing flash drying and,weird things were happening but it only,flashed dried to a certain point and,then it quit so I was like okay Ill,just keep going with this and I always,always add a little bit more to the back,of my head I applied the majority of the,product in the front and on the sides,but then I really to make sure I have,good curl definition and enhancement in,the back I always apply product to the,back so Im just scrunching in 1/4,teaspoon more and you can really see how,much more my curl clumps have broken up,at this point my hair is a lot stringier,than it normally is but at the same time,there were pieces of it that were still,chunked together in these big chunky,curl clumps so micro clumps didnt,completely shattered but they did break,up some but there was really good curl,enhancement I was just all kinds of,confused at this point I had never felt,a product like this when I was applying,anything to soaking wet hair so Im just,finishing up scrunching to make sure,that I have a really good even,distribution and I felt the need to,really slow this part down you can see,some stringy frizz and flyaways and,those small pieces and those big chunky,pieces I really had no idea what to,expect with the rest of this wash day at,this point okay so I diffused my hair,for about 30 minutes and I will say I,did,plop slightly differently than I,normally do normally what I do is I,throw my hair up in the perfect hair,care towel to plop with and Ill plop,for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes but,as I was applying that product yall saw,like the product weirded me out pretty,bad its very different from anything,else Ive ever used before and I could,tell that my curl clumps were feeling a,little bit fragile so high when my hair,feels fragile like that like if Im,experiencing some pretty intense flash,drying I will go ahead and micro plop,and that is essentially where I take my,perfect care care towel and just gently,scrunch my hair with it to gently remove,the excess water and that seemed to,really help and then after I macro plop,I went straight into diffusing so this,is what my hair is looking like in the,cast,ooh that is what luck right there okay,there we go and my hair does have a,little bit of an actual cast to it which,I dont normally get I dont normally,get these crunchy stiff sort of pieces,so I am just going to go ahead and,scrunch that out oh oh it will you what,is this,Ive never used a product like this,before,okay how do I describe this,this isnt product II like if I used a,foam or a mousse it

Sheamoisture – My honest thoughts + Recommendations

[Music],hey guys welcome back if youre new here,hi im sue hannah one thing i have,noticed very recently is that one of the,most,top searched inquiries when you like,search for my channel,on youtube is shea moisture its my name,and then,shea moisture which i thought was really,weird because i dont really talk about,shea moisture a lot on my channel and if,youve been watching me,from the jump if youre an og you know,i dont use a lot of shea moisture,products have i used shea moisture,products and if youve watched my wavy,hair routine videos have you seen shea,moisture in them,yes do i use a lot of them no so i,figured i would make a video about shea,moisture,what i recommend what i dont recommend,and why,and as always i do have links in the,description so you guys can help out,causes,that do need your help the farmer,protests in india are still happening,and theyre actually getting worse so if,you guys want to learn more or help out,check out the links in description all,right shea moisture lets talk about,shea moisture itself as a brand and what,it means to,a lot of people with textured hair,whether it be,wavy hair curly hair coily hair,regardless,of your texture shea moisture is,probably a brand that you,have used in the past you currently use,or youve considered using it or youve,looked into using it,and i think a lot of people who look up,the curly girl method or the wavy girl,method,when they first start taking care of,their hair or when they decide hey i,dont want to straighten my hair anymore,theyll usually look up the curly girl,method or curly girl products,and then theyll find shea moisture shea,moisture is a very,accessible brand at least in the united,states and,in canada here it is like here in canada,it is a little bit more expensive but,uh it is relatively easy to find,and it is you know curly girl friendly,its free of sulfate silicones parabens,its its a clean brand at least a lot,of their lines are clean because there,are many,lines under the brand so i understand,why a lot of people,reach for shea moisture when i first,started taking care of my hair shea,moisture was a brand,that i looked into and when i first,started taking care of my hair,which is almost three years ago i,started using,the shea moisture curl lined or,coconut hibiscus line i was using that,conditioner and i was also using their,jamaican black castor oil,leave-in conditioner now i no longer use,those products i stopped using those,products,almost two years ago and its because,shea moisture,does not really make a lot of products,for my hair,and when i say for my hair i dont mean,my actual curl pattern but i mean,my hair itself like i have medium,strands and my hair is not,dense a lot of shea moisture products,regardless of the line,are very very heavy theyre very,moisturizing,they are products that are made for dry,curly or textured hair and i do want to,say i do think shea moisture is a pretty,decent brand theyre a great starting,point especially if you are,just looking for products that will help,moisturize your hair and nourish your,hair,because they have so many different,product lines and you can actually go on,their website,and choose your hair texture like your,curl pattern,and then theyll suggest products to you,but as we discussed in last weeks video,your hair profile is significantly more,important than your actual,curl pattern so even though you go on,their website youll be like oh i have,2c hair let me see what they recommend,for 2c hair the products that theyre,recommending,are just kind of suggestions thats all,they are even if you have 2c hair those,products themselves,may not work for you and what ive found,with shea moisture is,most of their products are just way way,way too heavy,for my hair whether they be the shampoos,the conditioners the hair masks,the stylers most of them are just way,too heavy and too greasy,for my hair ive even had some of you,tell me that you stopped using shea,moisture because you were noticing your,roots getting really really flat and,really greasy or you noticed your hair,was falling out a lot more,and i think a lot of that also has to do,with people just not like,clarifying or chelating their hair but,shea moisture products,are again heavy moisturizing so if,youre not regularly clarifying and,youre using their shampoos and their,conditioners and you have,hair similar to mine thats like a,medium porosity,medium strands low density youre going,to find that your hair is probably going,to look flat and greasy,ensure your hair on the lengths may look,more defined because of how nourished,they are and how nourishing the products,are,but then youre going to get the sad,scalp which in the end can be,detrimental to,the lengths of your hair so thats,pretty much why i dont really use,a lot of shea moisture i dont really,talk about shea moisture on my channel,a lot of your stylers are heavy jellies,like greasy heavy jellies,and really heavy butters there are some,shea moisture products,that i do use that i have spoken about,and i continue,to use them the first one is this guy,here i never stopped talking about this,ive been using this for over,over a year i want to say actually,almost two years now and it is the shea,moisture hydrate and repair protein,power,treatment ive said this many times,before my hair loves this stuff my hair,loves protein,and this is great for when i am going,back,to my natural hair after straightening,or curling it its good for before that,just to strengthen my hair,its just a hair product a hair mask a,treatment,that i live for that i stand by that i,always recommend,i was told that the formula changed and,that there are now,waxes in this but the one i have doesnt,have waxes so i dont know if it just,like changed in the u.s and its,different in canada,and i think if youre looking for a,drugstore protein treatment,this is a very good option another,product from shea moisture that i do,like and that i do recommend is from the,same line its from the manuka honey and,yogurt,line which is the conditioner i actually,used it today and my hair is pretty,moisturized it looks,pretty shiny pretty defined i do like,this,again it is a bit on the heavier side,its not as heavy as,the coconut and hibiscus one but,its still a solid conditioner and i,think it works well on a variety of hair,types if you look under the type 2,category on the shea moisture website,they do recommend this line as well,another shea moisture product that i,regularly use i actually ran out of it,and my drugstore didnt have it which is,why i bought the manuka honey,conditioner,is the coconut oil daily hydration,conditioner,it says daily hydration i dont use it,daily i just use it whenever i wash my,hair which is usually twice a week,its a really good slippery conditioner,its moisturizing you can detangle your,hair really easily without pulling too,much hair out,and its great for a variety of hair,types even if you have straight hair,its not going to weigh your hair down,just keep in mind if your hair is,sensitive to coconut oil,it may actually dry your hair out but if,your hair likes coconut,its a really amazing conditioner and it,works well,for so many people i havent tried the,corresponding shampoos to either of,those conditioners,because i find that shea moisture,shampoos just dont clean my hair and my,scalp,the way i want them to but i do think,you could use,the corresponding shampoo with the daily,hydration,conditioner just make sure you have a,clarifying shampoo,in rotation with it so youre cleaning,your scalp properly and actually the,final product that i would recommend,from shea moisture even though i,personally dont use it regularly ive,only used it,probably twice in the past would be the,marshmallow root,leave-in conditioner i dont really use,leave-ins that often anymore either just,because,my hair doesnt always need them but,that is another shea moisture product,that does work on a variety of hair,textures from straight,to coily and kinky


[Music],well,when i say people are mean girls a lot,of girls have been asking for me to say,how i,found this product i would try this yeah,she,pronounced this right this sheer,moisture coconut and hibiscus,i forget how to read like it only,happens when im,here again sheer moisture,coconut and hibiscus curl and shine,conditioner so this is for,thick and curly hair i got all the,things i got the shampoo the conditioner,and the curl enhancing smoothie which is,like,a leave-in conditioner styling cream,kind of thing,this is the second batch i go through,except for this this is still the first,box because with this a little goes a,long way,so what im going to do is i will wash,my hair and im going to use,these my hair right now its been like,five days,without washing and i slept a couple,nights with my hair down which,not a thing i should do because my hair,ends up looking like a,mess im gonna show you this is my,hair days after no washing and no,styling i dont style my hair at all,this is how it,normally is right now its super messy,but thats what i want to show you how,its gonna look like after i use the,products,so this is it now,you see you can see my hair is more on,the wavy side than the curly some,the shorter it is the more curly it,looks but otherwise its very very wavy,its always been more wavy than clearly,so i dont know how to say this to make,it clear but if you have curly or wavy,hair,do not use random shampoos and,conditioners,use ones that are specifically for your,hair type because yes,it does play a role in how your hair,looks and,feels too well from what ive read about,these and the ingredients theyre really,really good they dont have anything,that really,is bad for your hair that i know of and,my hair ive been using a lot for like,seven eight months kind of since,quarantine started,huge difference i really wanted to try,them out and make sure i,like like like them nobody washes their,hair differently but this is how i go,about it,a really tiny amount of shampoo for my,scalp only wash my scalp with the,shampoo,maybe once a week ill actually shampoo,my entire hair but that depends on how,it actually feels i dont,do that very often i dont like it and,ive read that you shouldnt really,apply shampoo to your hair its just,your scalp because thats the only thing,that actually needs to be,washed and then conditioner from the,ends,up and i dont apply it to my scalp,either,i go crazy with the conditioner yes i,know maybe you probably shouldnt but it,feels good,and i also brush my hair through it,whilst the conditioner is on,theyre definitely more expensive than,regular shampoos you can find at the,supermarket or drugstores but,very worth it i would say and especially,with the shampoo,and this you dont really need much so,they can easily last you months,especially if youre like me and you,wash your hair like once or twice a week,so,do do so off topic i really have eye,bags but i have like,theyre a little darker when im really,tired and this past week was held with,oh my gosh actually any eye just really,make a difference and i leave them on,for as long as i want,off topic but this is just a tip for my,girls and also my guys,can you notice his lost weight because i,usually lay down on him,like look hes so flat here okay what,the,two hours later,what obviously i usually apply this to,my hair when its kind of damp not com,not like right after the shower now ill,show you what i meant by a little,ghost a long way literally,this ive had for like six months im,not joking and its,not even halfway what did i take,obviously it depends on how styled you,want your hair to be but i usually go,with,this much its a dollop,i think i dont think i took too much,this much,and i do this for like a couple of,minutes,and thats it ill show you the hair,when it dries to show you the difference,and honestly these are the best hair,products ive tried,ever ever ever especially for my hair,type everybodys hair is different but,this is what works best for me,and it smells amazing i mean if you,dont like coconut youre not going to,like this now but im worried,thats it when my hair is kind of dumb,ill just do that for a while,and then i let it air dry i never use,heat on my hair unless,im styling my hair which happens very,almost never maybe like once a month and,once every two months,so thats it ill show you when it dries,now,this is the hair the day after when its,completely dry,as you can see you cant really compare,it so when i first showed it to you like,its shiny and nice and very like every,strand or wave is very defined which is,exactly what i was trying to explain,yesterday and thats,it lets keep it short and sweet 100 i,would recommend to girls that have curly,and or wavy hair,and if you do try it let me know what,you think,and its the morning its sunday morning,9 00 am and i,got ready to go see my grandma,im the best granddaughter that exists,okay like who wakes up at 8 a.m on a,sunday morning,excited just to see the room,oh yeah so im gonna leave uh the link,of the products,down below like their official website,so that you can see the prices there,and then you can compare it with,different resellers that you may have in,your location because some overpriced,them,way too much and im sure you can find,them at kind of the same price,as their original price so make sure you,get the best deal and i get a little of,the,their product goes a long way this two,definitely you need to get them both,because with this one oh my god when you,wash your hair youre going to feel it,and this is what actually helps the,waves,to be defined for many many days so i,would tell you to buy this,and this if you want to start out and,then you want you can of course get the,shampoo but again it doesnt play a big,role,in how your hair feels and looks at,least,no but this is just review okay when i,do this gear,this care here the hair care,routine ill show you what i actually,do like all the things i did to my hair,not just what products i used to wash it,with,okay can you tell im freezing,oh my god christmas videos are coming,are you not excited because im so,excited,to decorate and stuff im waiting for,the first of december because this,right there doesnt want to start,earlier because its,too soon its never too soon for,christmas moon never,and definitely if you try any of this,product i need to know you need to tell,me,did you like it did you hate it just let,me know okay

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner REVIEW!

hey guys welcome back to my channel in,todays video I have a review for you,and what Im going to be reviewing is,the Shea Moisture raw shea butter,shampoo and conditioner so this shampoo,you can get from Walmart Target CVS,Walgreens um it ranges from around nine,to ten dollars per bottle a little bit,higher in like CVS and Target but if you,go to like Ross or Marshalls or teaching,max stores like that you can actually,find these for about six or seven,dollars just a little tip for you guys,if you are interested in purchasing and,trying out for your size and using this,for over a month and I wanted to give,you guys a review of what its done for,my hair how I like it and what I dont,like and all of that so before we get,started make sure you subscribe to my,channel before you leave so that you are,updated with all of my latest videos and,lets get started its Shea moistures,raw shea butter shampoo it has speak,health and it has argan oil is for dry,damaged hair and its claims to heal grow,and strengthen at your hair so first of,all lets start off with the smell this,smells delicious like Im I would eat,this like if it was a shampoo I would,eat it it smells so good,it has a very honey type of scent and I,just I love the smell so its cruelty,free it does have the peak cruelty free,bunny on there which is really really,good its certified organic and theres,no sulfates parabens theres no paraffin,theres no gluten,theres no mineral oil synthetic,fragrance so its a really good organic,shampoo if youre trying to go more in,that direction which is what I am going,for what did it do for my hair so this,does not lather like a regular shower,would lather and thats one thing that,like Im so happy when something lathers,up in my hair then I feel like its,getting please so with this one I always,just kind of feel like um its not,getting completely clean but thats just,in my head so after I use this shampoo,my hair becomes really soft and smooth,and in the shower right after you rinse,the shampoo off you can feel the,difference in your hair so I always,liked that about shampoos does this help,to grow your hair yes it does I dont,know how it does that but yes it has,helped my hair grow and it helps my hair,routine is health its shine moisture so,I really like this I would highly,recommend it and of course of course I,would repurchase it so onto the,conditioner so out of the shampoo in the,conditioner the conditioner is my,favorite the conditioner smells amazing,as well just the only thing with the,conditioner is its very very thick so,and because its very thick I need a lot,of it and because my hair is long so I,need about four or five pumps to just,from here down so if I wanted to,condition my roots and stuff I would,need more pumps than that give you an,idea of how many pumps,you have shorter hair or longer Ribbon,Week the consistency of this like I said,its like a sick lotion and the best,thing about this is you dont have to,only use it in the shower you can,actually use a little bit like as a,leave-in conditioner treatment which I,love because it smells so good and as a,conditioner this is like by far my,favorite conditioner that I have ever,used on my hair it leaves my hair so,bouncy so weightless so voluminous and,it just restores the shine I really feel,like this helps a lot with split ends,because I dont have any I do not have,any split ends and a really thankful,I think this had a lot to do so thats,my review for the Shea Moisture raw shea,butter shampoo and conditioner I hope,you have enjoyed this video thank you,guys so much for watching and dont,forget to subscribe if you havent,already so you never miss a video of,mine again and I will have two men in my,next video

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