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  2. Shershaah Movie Review & Analysis | Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani | Amazon Prime Video
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Shershaah | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Sidharth M, Kiara A | Film Companion

If Captain Vikram Batra had been invented by a Bollywood writer, ,we might have dismissed him as too good to be true.,He was a man of uncommon valour who died at the age of 24 in combat and was posthumously,awarded the Param Vir Chakra.,A man so unabashedly filmy that when his girlfriend Dimple Cheema brought up marriage, he simply,cut his thumb and put blood in the parting of her hair, anointing her his bride.,A man who was described by those who knew him as a ‘yarron ka yaar.’,A man who immortalized a cola slogan by making it his victory catchphrase – Yeh Dil Maange More.,This was a life made for the movies.,So why isn’t Shershaah more rousing, more potent, more gutting?,Perhaps because director Vishnu Varadhan and writer Sandeep Shrivastava choose to recount,Batra’s life – snatches of childhood, his college romance, his first stint as a,newbie lieutenant in Sopore – instead of his finest hour – the Kargil war in 1999.,The screenplay is set up as a Ted-style talk that Vikram’s identical twin brother Vishal is delivering.,The story then flashes back to the stubborn courage that Vikram displayed even as a young boy.,There are flashbacks within flashbacks as Vikram recounts his love story.,Vishal’s voice comes in occasionally for exposition.,The entire first hour is a build-up to Kargil.,This clunky structure doesn’t allow the film to accrue tension or exert a grip.,It doesn’t help that the romance between Vikram and Dimple, played by Kiara Advani,,is rendered in a generic way.,This was a bond so intense that after Vikram’s death, Dimple chose not to marry.,But its portrayed here in the standard Bollywood fashion with the two exchanging flirtatious,banter in Punjabi-inflected Hindi that comes and goes and giving each other swoony looks,as Raataan Lambiyan by Tanishk Bagchi plays in the background.,One scene in which Dimple rebels against her father, refusing to marry anyone but Vikram,,gives the character a burst of life but we have little insight into either what makes,her tick or the depth of this relationship.,The film comes to life in the second hour once the battle begins.,The Kargil War took place at an altitude of 17,000 feet.,The Shershaah crew doesnt make it to those heights but much of the film is shot on location,and the rigorous work shows in the combat sequences.,Vishnu and DOP Kamaljeet Negi use handheld cameras to give us a sense of the chaos of,war, the swirling dust and explosives, blood and broken bodies and despite the horror,,the sense of purpose and adrenalin that enables ordinary men to be heroes.,This could have been an opportunity for shrill chest-thumping and Pakistan bashing,but mercifully, Vishnu and Sandeep offer a more restrained patriotism.,Of course, the enemy soldiers are simply cannon fodder.,There is a close-up of the Pakistani flag lying on the ground as Indian soldiers leap over it.,The screenplay also makes place for Vikram to deliver a whistle-worthy dialogue before,shooting a soldier to death but naked aggression and villainizing is avoided.,The film also attempts to show the plight of the Kashmiri people, caught between the,army – represented by a few good men – and the militants who are brutal and murderous.,Which of course is a simplistic take on a complex geopolitical tragedy that continues,to unfold.,The intentions are laudable but it feels tokenistic because the writing isn’t detailed enough.,What’s also missing is a sense of the larger picture.,The Kargil War was India’s first televised battle.,It brought the terror of combat into our homes – I still remember watching Barkha Dutt,bravely giving us news from the front lines while explosives landed behind her.,But the film doesn’t zoom out and offer context on the politics of the time,,which weakens the impact.,The screenplay is designed to consistently reconfirm Vikram as a braveheart who doesn’t,have a cautious bone in his body.,The other soldiers often remark on his unstinting courage and even actively dissuade him from,taking the risks that he does.,Vikram’s commanding officer wonders why his brother didn’t also join the army because,then there would have been “two daredevil Batra brothers serving the country.”,Key moments from Vikram’s life are repeated at the end, almost as if the makers don’t,trust the viewers to remember that Vikram was a hero.,The beats are so obvious that when a soldier longingly looks at the photo of his six-month-old,daughter and talks about holding her for the first time, you know that he’s going to die.,To get a sense of the pathos of men killing each other and the sacrifices that they and,their families make, find a song called ‘Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaya Hoga’ from Haqeeqat,,released in 1964 and arguably the best war film made in this country.,A group of fatigued soldiers sing about their loved ones,– their faces haunted by what they have endured. It’s superb.,Interestingly, Shershaah also features a scene in which we see the cost of war – the soldiers,sit, weeping for a fallen comrade.,And Vikram declares through his tears: Yeh war badi kutti cheez hai yaar.,Which is a sobering and necessary counterpoint.,Vishnu also nails the battle for Point 4875 in which Vikram lost his life.,The lengthy action sequence is staged and edited by A. Sreekar Prasad with palpable tension.,When Vikram finally falls, you feel the blow.,And Sidharth Malhotra playing Vikram summons the right emotions and expressions for the moment.,Sidharth doesn’t have the actorly heft yet to match what Vicky Kaushal did in Uri,but he pulls off this role with a combination of sincerity and charm.,There is an easy amiability about him which offsets the bloodshed around him.,I also enjoyed Shiv Panditt’s performance as Jimmy and Raj Arjun as Raghunath,– both part of Vikram’s battalion.,Ultimately, Shershaah plays it too safe.,The film doesn’t have the daring of its subject.,But Vikram Batra’s story is so stirring that it rises above this.,When Shershaah ends with footage of the real Vikram laughing and talking about battle,,you inevitably get goose flesh.,You can watch Shershaah on Amazon Prime Video.

Shershaah Movie Review & Analysis | Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani | Amazon Prime Video

[Music],oh how eager i have been to watch this,film to see the resounding positive,response around the trailer and to,witness the hard work of sadat malotra,who has been associated with this,project for the past five years it is,truly commendable on how the movie,dedicated to our brave soldier vikram,bhatra has shaped up and come into,fruition not many people know about this,but siddharth malhotra and vikram,batras twin brother vishal have been,trying to tell this story for quite some,time after many deliberations script,changes and production issues it finally,came to dharma productions to streamline,the process and they roped in the,technical prowess of tamil director,vishnu vardhan to take control of the,project not many people also know is,that the casting of siddharth malotra to,play vikram batra is very much to do,with the sentiment that the batra family,unanimously had when they interacted,with siddharth and how he reminded them,of their son and deemed it fit that,siddharth could do justice to playing,him on the big screen vikram batra a,parambi chakra of wardy the pride of our,country and nothing less than a national,hero he fought valiantly for the country,his slogan dilmangay more was indicative,of the might vigor and will of our,bravest soldiers the young captain who,fought till the very end in the process,of capturing point of 4875 in the kargil,war and was known as shairsha the,enemies being knowledgeable of the,soldiers fearless ways shairsha the film,focuses on the journey of vikram bhatra,a young playful and filmy punjabi boy,his intense romance with dimple his,journey from university to joining the,army and the tactical and brave acts of,the soldier with his regiment in the,cargill war heres me telling you the,good and bad aspects of the film so that,you guys can ultimately decide whether,to watch it on amazon prime video or not,the underwhelming aspects language the,only criticism that i have for the film,is the attempted characters especially,vikram and dimple played by siddharth,and kiara respectively speaking fluent,punjabi to one another this is usually,the problem that takes place when north,indian punjabi characters are portrayed,in hindi films and there is an attempt,to provide a glimpse of how they might,interact and sound with one another this,is a fear that i had when i heard kiara,advanis dialogue in the trailer sadly,as i predicted it is just a mix of,predominantly hindi with additions of,punjabi pronouns what i mean by this is,that if i in every sentence use jetta or,matcha it doesnt make me more malayalam,or tamil respectively similarly with the,additions of many wadas menus and guldas,it would have been better and more,natural if both the characters spoke in,hindi with one another rather than this,attempt at authenticity with the punjabi,language while barely scratching the,surface of that goal while im going to,be raving about the chemistry of the two,main leads in the coming few minutes,this was probably the only uncomfortable,feature of the film for me the good,screenplay and direction the story,screenplay and dialogues have been,written by sandeep srivastav and the,film has been directed by vishnu vardhan,and what i love about the process of,this films journey from a written,script to what we saw on amazon prime,video is the technique and order in,which the story has been told usually,war movies tend to extend its running,time reaching close to the three-hour,mark easily but i think with the advent,of a slick edited impactful film like,uri creators have realized how even,films of a massive magnitude can be told,with efficiency tapping into even,engrossing impatient viewers with a,short attention span the film is not,showcased in chronological order but,goes back and forth between the kargil,war being fought and moments that,provide context to where vikram is,currently so whether it be his obsession,with the army at a young age through the,reruns of parambit chakra in the 80s or,the budding and pure romance between him,and dimple the film never spends too,much time in providing reference to,context and therefore the first hour is,spent in understanding vikram and his,world and the latter half focuses on war,strategy and the tactical moves made by,the indian army from a screenplay and,directorial perspective the film,showcases a really well planned and,structured execution by both the,creators music oh how much can i rave,about the music of this film do you guys,have enough time because i have a lot to,say you know how much of a gripe i have,with the lack of originality that we see,and especially commercial bollywood,movies not only have creators ruined,classics of which we had fond memories,of but they have butchered the essence,of those songs and what they were,intended to communicate the films,musical album is an exception i remember,listening to rata lambia and immediately,wanting to dance on it something that,you guys saw on the channel this week,the melodious tune perfectly captures,the meat cute and infatuation phase,between vikram and dimple ranja sung,beautifully by justlyne royal and b,prach establishes their eternal bond,both the musical tracks are so soulful,that i couldnt help myself but listen,to them on loop there are surprises,however in the film two songs that,became my favorites after watching,shaysha and ill tell you more about it,romance and chemistry for whosoever is,still confused about why there is a,romantic storyline and a biopic of an,indian soldier who fought in the kargil,war you have to understand that its an,extremely integral part of vikram,batras life the innocence and purity of,a love that blossomed from punjab,university so much so that the achingly,could never love again siddharth and,kiara share such magnetic chemistry with,one another language aside there is this,electricity in the way that they stare,at one another chiara gets teary-eyed,every time she sees him knowing very,well that there will be an unfortunate,chance that she may never see him again,you know a lot of their moments may seem,as what people would call bollywood or,over the top but its crazy to hear the,interviews and anecdotes of the family,members and dimple cheema as all of,these moments are actually real am i an,old hag to be absolutely floored by this,romantic storyline this may be the first,time where a romantic subplot in a war,film has assimilated so beautifully what,is it about old romance that it makes me,want to be born in a different,generation of not being invested in our,phones of not being consumed about,greener pastures or public perception,just boundless affection for someone,else this truly resonates in probably my,favorite song from the album called,kabhitum sung beautifully by darshan the,particular scene and just for that hug,to last a little longer,it just hits you right in the fields,side note also kiara sundar,a man and siddharth in his army cut and,leather jacket just fits the bill boss,strategy action and bfx what i feared,and thankfully this did not materialize,was that a lot of war films dont really,get into the nitty gritty of warfare and,in this case the strategy that goes into,capturing various posts in the,battlefield shaisha not only focuses on,the battle at hand cargill war in this,case but also showcases the intense,detail on how missions are executed in,localities where there is a probability,of civilian casualties this elevates the,film in not being just considered a,generic war film that will be forgotten,but something that resonates with even,army veterans themselves as ive heard,from the grapevine they were thoroughly,impressed by the war sequences that have,been shot and choreographed credit has,to be given to the action directors,stefan richter and sunil rodriguez and,the work that the team has put in with,regards to working with the army,officers and understanding the body,language and etiquette required in such,environments the unsung hero that also,deserves praise is

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SHERSHAAH | Part 2 | Reaction | Sidharth Malhotra | Kiara Advani | Vishnuvardhan | Jaby & Achara!

well i woke up this morning from a weird,current dream hello people im jaby,kawai joined by char kirk yo were,continuing on with our reaction to,shadow shot this is a part two of our,reaction and after this another video,will come out that is our discussion,because youre watching this on youtube,youre gonna see a cut down version of,our reaction because were only allowed,to show you so much picture-in-picture,if youd like to watch the entire thing,uncut uninterrupted head over to our,patreon page patreon.com jabykoway where,you can watch the entire thing along,with us however youll need your own,amazon prime subscription as is the,rules because we cant show you a,picture in picture for the entire film,because that would be piracy and so if,you have your own amazon prime,subscription,you can open up the,film react film in an adjacent window,reaction and its like youre watching,with your two favorite pals from the,internet please subscribe and hit that,bell icon all notifications and vote,this video up if youre watching this on,patreon already youre not seeing this,part of the video because youre seeing,a reaction so theres nothing to address,with patreon there okay,here we go,when guys do that like are they cold,yes oh there we go,oh good let me lean on you and make you,uncomfortable,oh my god im just kidding,let me force you to induce some ab,strength,like because youre holding the girl,like that,oh,that looks so handsome,[Music],thats not usually done with blood is it,no,is that the last time they see each,other oh god,no,i dont know,oh,this is war you guys,holy no,[Music],i knew something was gonna happen to him,is he okay,[Music],its like no ones exempt right,its like thats wild they have to do,this like at night,what the hell is that,is it a trap it looks like a tripwire or,is it like a thing to help them climb,up,why are they doing that yeah im like,why are you communicating you know that,like is it completely necessary,i would only communicate if it was,completely necessary,but i guess maybe they need to know each,others locations so they can coordinate,the attack right,whats up,oh hes going to say somethings super,cool isnt he covered,oh no,please,[Music],were just snowy capped mountains thats,what we are,whats that their communication line,oh here we go first light,oh god,[Music],is he just a kid though,oh,oh gosh,oh helmet not useful then,[Music],oh oh here we go,yes,oh [ __ ] damn,oh whoops,yeah play dead,oh,damn,huh,i feel a little sick,how come they didnt come to his back up,to his aid,listen its really hard to go uphill he,just went he just like climbed all that,way up there,[Music],youre no longer a lieutenant youre a,captain with immediate effect and your,name is also being recommended for,mahavira,alongside major jambalds,wow,and uh,[Music],uh you better not come up otherwise,youll have a tough time,[Music],thats crazy,so you must give me this chance,please,what about the rest of your company,though you are going to point at seven,five,sir,what does his friend think about her,though,come on man up,can i,can i speak to dimple please captain,vikramata sir,[Music],he went into war and hes scared of,talking to her dad,mrs,[Music],oh boy,oh,no oh no,you think they were really joking like,that in the middle of a battlefield,i i wouldnt be surprised,damn hes got a,grenade accuracy like michael jordan,with the basketball,hes that good,oh no,[Music],[Music],okay,hello,oh,[Music],come on,[Music],dang those are big rocks,or else make sure its clear,is it clear,check check check,check,oh lord,oh lord no,no,copy that,info,damn,oh yeah,come on boy,i knew it wouldnt happen,god damn it oh hes got a sniper oh no,oh,oh god oh god,keep moving get cover i dont know man,get down dude,get down,[ __ ],come on man,hes already turning pale,ah jesus oh god,get him,[Music],[Music],how about a medic,theyre on the top of a mountain light,[Music],[Applause],[Music],oh,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],pakistani troop can challenge us,[Music],wow,all right oh man,do you think theres gonna theres a uh,like a secret ending to the sequel,theres going to be a sequel,i dont know its got to make a joke a,song oh god,oh man,i have a lot of feelings and were going,to talk about that in our discussion,video,so you guys thanks so much for uh doing,this watching this watch along or cut,down of the watch along,or if youre watching this on patreon,for uh watching this along with us uh i,have words thatll come out of my mouth,eventually okay so um if you havent,already subscribe hit that bell icon all,notifications please vote this up,im jaby kawai this is,peace out

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Shershaah | Not A Movie Review by @Sucharita Tyagi | Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani |Film Companion

A war movie, about a highly decorated army man who famously laid his life for the country,,played by a well-loved movie star,,Shershaah has a lot already working for it.,Does the movie work though?,Hey yall, my name is Sucharita, this is Film Companion, youre watching Not A Movie Review,and right now I’m not going to be reviewing Shershaah.,Captain Vikram Batra’s tale is stuff of legends.,A young life lost too soon in a war all of us actually saw happen, the mention of the,word Kargil takes one back to wherever we were in 1999,when the first news reports broke out.,Usmein, a jovial, cheerful, excited 24 year old, martyred in the service of the nation,,posthumously winning the Param Vir Chakra, is a story which deserves respectful telling,,to save for posterity and passed down to generations for whom Kargil might not evoke,quite the same sentiment.,Story, screenplay and dialogue writer Sandeep Srivastava and director Vishnu Varadhan attempt,to do just that, justice to Captain Batra’s legacy and what his actions meant to India’s Kargil victory.,Hence, I sense an actual, earnest effort to bring him to our screens with an almost deferential politeness.,Shershaah’s script and screenplay do not challenge the format of the film its attempting to be.,Beat by beat, it presents exactly what you may assume is coming up next.,A soldier fondly talking about his 6-month-old daughter hes yet to meet, will probably,not make it back home.,Another who suddenly gets a dedicated dialogue scene, will also see action in the very next moment.,The little too long romantic track, going all the way back to college days,and how Captain Batra wooed the woman he had a crush on, ,its all too familiar.,In these flashback sequences in fact, which offer little new-ness, the film tends to get dull,,which is a shame, kyunki you know that the climax is going to be on a crescendo,and we’re just being made to wait, watching unnecessary exposition play out.,The cinematography department, where a film like Uri excelled,,here is helmed by Kamaljeet Negi.,I cannot imagine shooting in the terrain most of this film plays out in was anything less than,extremely challenging, so full points. Lekin if you took shots from Shershaah and put them in any other,war sequence from countless other Hindi movies, you might not be able to tell the difference.,Kiara Advani who plays Dimple Cheema is just adorable, she excels at playing characters,with rigid parents, opposed to her love interest. A slippery accent aside, she’s perfectly,good in the part, going with the theme of the unchallenging screenplay. ,She’s easily acceptable, an apt casting choice.,The work best friend played by a lovely and on-point Shiv Panditt, a home best friend,,parents and sisters, plus a desire to excel at his job, all of this surrounds Sidharth Malhotra,,enabling him in more ways than one, to become Captain Batra.,Because the life of the man he’s getting to portray is an incredible one already,,and the script makes it a point to constantly be bolstering the character, highlighting,his flamboyant filmy side, an easily likeable personality, traditional good looks,,Sidharth as Captain Batra, makes the character work on screen just as well as it does on paper.,In the final moments of the movie, when Captain Batras body returns home wrapped in the tricolor,,it will make you cry, even if it weren’t designed to.,Its finally here when the movie transcends its cinematic presence and right before it,cuts to real life footage and pictures of Captain Batra and his fellow army-men in the,closing credits, youre strongly reminded that this is real, this actually happened.,This man was 24, had a family, love, friends like you and I do.,Its rather effective, and like I said, it made me choke up a bit.,In my opinion, war movies should primarily exist to remind their viewers about the futility of war.,If they cant commit to that, they need to at least not be asking for more blood.,While there isn’t obvious “ghar mein ghuske maarenge” jingoism at display here thankfully,,Shershaah wouldve benefitted from a more dedicated look at the price of war.,It ends on an Anand-esque dialogue “umr bhale hi chhoti ho, zindagi badi honi chahiye”.,Here’s to hoping it makes you think why Captain Batra’s age had to be cut short so drastically.,Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.,So, on a scale of 1 to 10, Shershaah is…,…30 minutes initial, just get past those, steadily it becomes more interesting,,give it thoda time.,Subscribe to Film Companion, and give us all your time.

SHERSHAAH | Sidharth Malhotra | Kiara Advani | Vishnuvardhan | MOVIE REVIEW!!!

kind of like me uh,i dont know,blaming leland for not being able to,stand up against uh,five mma fighters oh he can,oh he can do it,hell [ __ ] him up too,[Music],hey welcome back to our stupid ranks,yeah its up corbin im matt and im,rick how you doing to follow us on,instagram twitter for juicy content,thank you some patreon followers really,cant read the bible squad bang its,also on personal youtube channels in the,description below it would be nice to,have a potus thats,you know,anyway hi,old,and uh,today we are doing a movie review did,you end up watching a movie,yes id watch this really great movie,uh not when were reviewing oh okay i,just thought id let you talk about this,one and ill just not okay,ill talk about run veer yeah he was,good he was the best part about it uh,and then ill just say negative stuff,about south indian films,ricks in the mood today its a joke,guys thats a joke,based on pride anyway never mind today,uh we watch doing a movie,uh it came out i think last week it came,out last week uh its uh,about its the true face-off,who was a captain yeah uh oh vikram,were not gonna say diddly squat to,spoil anything because its a current so,yeah yeah vikram,uh even though i think you all know this,story hes hes yeah i dont know we,might be able to just go jump into it i,think everybody literally knows this,story yeah except us probably uh um,what im im looking up theres a,particular war movie i wanted to make,reference to um,go about your business anyways uh but uh,directed by say his name for me uh yeah,directed by,vishnu vardhan forgive me if im,mispronouncing that um,and then uh,starring um,lets see here where is he,uh,and,kiara advani who i weve seen both of,them but only in a few things her she,was there when kabir singh yes ham i,think was,kapoor and sons yes,yes um and a few other people but,obviously he is portraying this real,life person whom,i think all you know about we do not yes,so obviously our our,interpretation of this is going to be,very different than yours you probably,knew what was coming we outside of,seeing laksha which was this was an,actual yeah spectacular way because you,had told me this was a battle that,happened just after luxury yeah and,laksha obviously is is,kind of based on but not really its not,a similarities yeah um but yeah films,overall very similar uh so your initial,thoughts please,loved the trailer,and we say all the time dont judge a,movie buy its trailer,our concern when we watched the trailer,was,with a true story are we going to get a,real depiction or is it going to be uber,heroized as it were,im,gonna say,we havent seen a lot of military films,but we have seen a good handful and of,the military films weve seen,this is my favorite,really yeah over oori,yep believe it or not and now thats the,that was my favorite intrical now,this one is my favorite primarily due to,the fact that i felt it got better as it,kept going it started off really good,i thought ill ill go into some of the,things that i think,merit it as being the one interesting,story,like that interesting like that okay uh,and ill explain ill explain why,uh so i i think its a um,absolutely everybody should watch this i,think one of its best merits is that it,kind of takes the baton that uri handed,off,and,really does especially when it comes to,script uh and visual effects and sound,effects well get into all that stuff,but i feel like this really takes,military films in india to another level,that like raises the bar and tells,everybody else if youre gonna make,military movies this is the standard now,i think you need to watch uber again uh,because i i i love to film i think,equally as good in terms of action and,military in the way it does the military,nothing wrong with that i really like,the wreath but uh this one i thought was,a good not great film so i dont i dont,i dont put in the same level as uri to,me okay i still think its good i think,everybody should see it uh there was,just some issues that i had with this,that i did not have with when when i saw,cool and oh i did think it was great,that we did see last year literally just,days before because there was a lot of,scenarios that was like i know exactly,what theyre theyre talking about right,right um,and its almost actually,formatted very similar very similar so i,think this one took a lot of inspiration,from lakshai well and i think vice versa,because the story the creators of,lakshya would have known even though,this one was a true story that one was,right based off of certain events it,wouldnt surprise me if the certain,events,were this it might be because,yeah could have been its very true um,so lets just get into this lets talk,about uh him in in first place i this is,his most impressive performance at least,tell me because,i think the poor,yeah and i know you started like with,alien like student of the year right,like thats where like thats where he,began began and i know he modeled uh i,could see that,uh but i think thats the only thing we,saw him in right outside of yeah i think,thats right,it was kapoor son he was a trainee,assistant uh i saw that,assistant director my name is best part,of my name is kyle what is that i dont,know ive never even seen that before,thats funny uh definitely his best,performance in in the two that weve,seen obviously yeah yeah i cant say,much but from what ive read as well,other people whove seen more of his,work say this is also his best,performance okay um but i thought he did,a really good job um and it kind of,same way laksha even though i thought,lock show was a good not great film uh,its same kind of issues i had when they,did the flashbacks,uh it kind of,not exactly the same way because he,wasnt portraying a teenager right in,this like right rithik was trying to,but um i think it helped a little more,when uh you actually saw and,that the guy he was playing was a very,kind of almost a very outgoing,bubbly kind of person and so the normal,stuff that i was like thats,thats a little weird what youre doing,there was more of like i just didnt,know the guy i think okay um but thats,that was my least favorite part when it,got to the military stuff i loved all,the military scenes so do you not is it,in general that flashbacks just dont,float your boat i think in general,most of the time i prequel most of the,time if like its in a film not like a,prequel like theyre just telling a,full-on story thats fine,most of the time not always i i think,its a cop-out,in the storytelling in the storytelling,um so its,its its usually just it bugs me a,little bit i get that um,not always theres times that it,absolutely works and its amazing but,more often than more often and can tend,to disappoint it disappoints me but i,thought he did a very very good job,especially when he got into the middle,of his military home kind of like rithik,did the military aspects are by far the,best place the action in this and once,again the sound was,fan freaking tastic they had some great,military action scenes in this that i i,thought were phenomenal i i thought they,were too this this,i would put this film,like i did with uri,when we saw that i thought wow i i now,have a film from another country that i,would watch on memorial day because its,very typical for a lot of americans i do,this on memorial day weekend i watch war,films to remember the fallen so saving,private ryan right at the top uh another,film if you havent seen it,that this reminded me of a little bit,because its kind of similar in terms of,an operation,and im not going to give anything else,away but theres a film called lone,survivor,and mark wahlberg is in it and it tells,the true story of a navy seal team led,by michael murphy whos an american hero,in very much the same vein that this man,is a hero for india uh in a different,respect but it happened in afghanistan,yeah,and uh its praying for you it was yeah,good grief,and the whole the whole region thats,now yeah uneasy because of the anyway,just wante

My Reaction after watching Shershaah Movie || Shershaah Review

yesterday night i saw this film called,shersha and honestly speaking this is,one of the best war film bollywood has,ever produced this is one of the best,war films and it is siddharth malhotras,career best film,malhotra as captain vikram bhatra has,completely nailed the role thats it,nailed the role what a performance what,a performance,moments after moments goosebumps moments,after goosebumps moments he has given in,this movie four highlight points in this,movie he has given,one scene where he kills that atom,either that one scene is there what,scene performance he has given then,second scene is that when the chennai,express villain will die that jesse will,die and that expression where he will,say that,that is the second emotional uh scene he,has performed then third best my,favorite highlight point of the movie is,where that,[Applause],that seen that communication then,siddharth malhotra as captain vikram,will enter enter and you will take one,non four one non four and youll kill,all four of them all four of them will,kill,that was the best highlight point,and after building that pakistani,soldiers the way he will come out the,way he will come out that presentation,and the cinematography excellent,excellent that was just fabulous that,was fabulous,the way he has built up that pakistani,soldiers that pakistan themselves has,rejected that to take the body back to,their country rejected they said that,they dont belong to me they rejected,they couldnt accept defeat,them excellent goosebumps that one was,and last but not the least the best,moment of siddha malhotras acting was,that last climax where bullets will be,pierced inside his body,bullets will appear inside his body and,hell be falling down there he will see,that indian flag,will be hosted,so he has understood that his mission is,finally accomplished and,he loves his motherland more than his,family he has sacrificed his life,for his motherland that was the,goosebump moment and that expression he,has given that teary-eyed expression,that kushiki,kushiki asu that was excellent brilliant,goosebumps movement man fabulous acting,career best performance of siddharth,even better than kapus and sons no,comparison at all this is his career,best performance excellent excellent,yeah dill manga more that is the,dialogue of this film dialogue of this,film,after accomplishing the mission he says,that four words four words speaks a lot,of volume about captain vikram batra,speaks a lot of volume about his bravery,and courage,after capturing one point after,capturing one point when the indian army,soldiers were on trouble he told that i,want to capture another point send me,there four eight seven five point he,wanted to go there when the army,soldiers were in trouble so,his eagerness to serve the army and the,motherland his,thing was more it was more that speaks,he could have easily after capturing one,point he could have easily,stepped down he could have easily,stepped down as after capturing one,point he has got a promotion from,lieutenant he has become captain he has,already got a promotion he could have,easily said that no no i dont want to,take risk and uh come out he would have,come out but he took risk and that is,his bravery and that is his courage for,his courage salute salute captain vikram,bhatra has given inspirational uh,teachings to the youth saying that if,you get small achievements dont be,satisfied dont be satisfied with small,small achievements if you get the,opportunity for glory go for glory be,bold be brave,dont step down go for glory dont care,about your life that that is the,inspirational story that is the,inspirational tale talking about the,music of the movie,finally after a long time bollywood is,giving some original songs original,songs and all four songs whatever songs,are there all are brilliant superb,absolutely superb and the last climax,song by beepra,that song will hit you right hard will,hit you right hard,it is very emotional song and take some,tissues and watch it if you are watching,it just amazing that is just amazing,super all four songs are brilliant all,four songs are brilliant all four songs,are brilliant and,background music of this film is that,army background they are giving one,background music whole movie they have,given but it is shooting and matching,very well so background music no,complaint it is good one,now talking about heroines performance,heroines performance and other cast,performance heroines performance was,absolutely fabulous,that chemistry between hero and hero in,siddharth malatra and kiara advani was,absolutely matching perfect and,brilliant thats it mesmerizing it was,mesmerizing and especially the last time,when they both meet,that extra hug,that was the that bus scene was,absolutely very emotional very emotional,each and every time the way they are,looking at each other it is looking like,as if theyll not meet the next time it,was looking like that absolutely well,acted absolutely well performed and,supporting cast supporting cast other,than siddharth malata and keara advani,none of the cast are well known none of,the cast are well known but they have,performed absolutely perfectly thats it,perfectly it is looking like as if they,are not acting they are leaving the role,they are living the role it was looking,like that,that just proves that nam chhota can,come like that it was super performance,super performance and last if you see,the real-life soldiers and the real-life,actors it is looking they are matching,so the casting director deserves a round,of applause that casting was absolutely,perfect each and every,character in this movie suited their,roles perfectly,be,classmate beat anyone each and every,actor suited the role perfectly that is,the highlight point of the movie and now,talking about the captain of the ship,director vishnu orton director vishnu,dhani is a tamil director and just like,how sandeep reddy wanga has revived,shahid kapoors career flop career he,has revived his and given his career,best film called as kabhie singh that,was the remake vista warden tamil,director has revived siddharth,malhotras career yes he has revived and,given siddharth mulatra his career best,film career best film amazing direction,amazing direction the way he has,balanced out the way he has balanced out,the professional life of captain vikram,bhatra and the personal life of captain,vikram bhatra both the way he has given,the importance and the way he has bought,out on the screen was absolutely,absolute salute brilliant direction,brilliant direction,superb this visual director has directed,one of my favorite tamil films that is,directed superb movie after that he has,not directed any film i have not seen,any movie of his after that i have not,seen after aaron boom so hes a superb,director and he has come to bollywood,and has revived siddharth malhotras,career moral of the story is that if you,hire good south indian directors your,career will be redeemed and you will,give blockbuster hits youll give,blockbuster hits that is guaranteed if,this movie would have been released in,theaters it would have crossed 150,crores guaranteed my ratings for this,film is,captain,thats all i want to say dont miss this,movie at any cost must watch movie this,movie should have been released in,theaters but unfortunately due to this,pandemic it has released online so dont,miss this movie at any cost watch it on,this independence weekend thats what i,would like to say you will be mesmerized,to see the action sequences,the vfx and the,acting performances of all the cast and,backed us brilliant absolutely brilliant,and even the music is fabulous so vishnu,warden as a director has absolutely,shined in his debut bollywood movie he,should be given more and more,opportunities

Why You SHOULD Watch Shershaah | How Its Different From Other Bollywood Movies

Today, I will tell you Shershaah is unique in Bollywood and why you should watch it,Hello and Welcome to The Show!,On this show, we often complain about Bollywood movies,And Bollywood has a lot of problems that we expose when we see them. SO it would only be fair if when Bollywood makes a good movie,And that why today I want to create a new segment today called Sham’s Recommendation,And my first recommendation in this series is the recently released Amazon Prime movie “Shershaah”,Here is why you should watch the Movie Shershaah,The goal of the movie is to entertain but its clear watching the movie that the goal of the movie is to tell a good story,The movie is written by Sandeep Srivastava and Directed by Vishnuvardhan and credit to them for focusing on a good story above all else.,It was clear that they wanted to do justice to Captain Vikram Batra’s story and the Batra family with whom they worked for the movie.,Another issue with some war movies in the past is that they could drag on to become 3-3.5 hour Melodrama,, but this movie is shorter, moves faster while establishing The character of Vikram batra and other characters in the film really well.,I think movies like Uri really should get a lot of credit because they really paved the way for movies to show that well edited, fast paced army movies could be told and be extremely successful,The movie has a Realistic Depiction of war.,Bollywood movies sometimes have a problem when showing war movies because in war movies, they feel like they have to show soldiers who are just superheroes, they run through bullets and they fly over mountain ,A great example of this is the recently released movie Bhuj where Sanjay Dutt finishes all of Pakistani army with a knife ,There are other war movies that also refuse to follow the laws of physics,The truth is that war is not like this. Soldiers are not immortal superheroes but ordinary people who risk their lives for their nation,And wars are fought with strategy. Shershaah depiction of war is very realistic and it really shows the level of planning and coordination that goes into winning a war like Kargil,Again, Uri paved the way when they spent time on how the special forces use tactics and coordination to surprise, and defeat the enemy,Not one guy taking out 10 tanks.,something that I found refreshing was that the movie doesn’t shoehorn fake secularism for the sake of it.,Bollywood has an old problem with this. We have seen it in recent movies like Toofan,I can never forget this secular scene from Bhuj,My melted and turned into tomato juice,This scene is so secular that I have to give it the highest secularism award: Vinod Dua’s Secularism ka chatkaara,Cant believe Im defending Pakistan, but Pakistan is a lot of things but it is not an enemy of Islam. Its the best friend of Islam.,I think people should still check out Bhuj because it is a story of an Indian hero who served his country.,But contrast that with Shershaah, where again, the focus is the story. The focus is not on how secular we can make this movie,We all know that the JAK rifles’ war cry is “Durge Mata Ki jai”. Now Where other Bollywood movies would have deliberately tried to change this and make it “jai Hind” to secularise,but this movie shows the war cry at many places in the movie without hesitation,That too from a Karan Johar Dharma productions movie?,Now is making this?,And then you say the nation isnt changing?,In other movies Bollywood would show that Pakistanis are also very nice, they are “bhatke hue naujawaan” who got brainwashed,But this movie just shows them what they are: the enemy in this war who must be defeated,They even showed how the pakistanis refused to take the bodies of their own soldiers so the Indian army gave them the proper Islamic burial.,Also lutyens/Lodi media hates such movies.,Look at the ratings given by NDTV to movies like: Parmanu, Uri, Bhuj, Tanhaji, Manikarnika,And look at the ones given to secular Mulkm Article 15, Chhapaak, haider, leila, etc,this is the game man,And Media has already termed Films like tanhaji and Pramanu nationalist horror film and Islamophobic,Hearing “Durge Mata Ki jai” in multiple scenes will burn very badly,One reason personally is that Barkha Dutt got some good comeuppance,Shershaah reminded me of Barkha Dutt,Barkha Dutt immediately tried To Take Credit for Vikram Batra’s Glory,She said She was reminded of Dutt by the way she gave location to pakistani forces,She wants to take credit for the interview but not for giving location to Pak forces,Also doesnt want to take credit for not being a world class Panauti,I found this interesting…,There is a Hindu Sikh marriage,Even though in the movie, the ladys father had issues, but Noone who saw the movie cared about Hindu Sikh Marriage,n a lot of movies, like Kedarnath, Toofan, even the tanishq ad recently, there is an uproar in a Hindu Muslim marriage,But there wasn’t such a backlash against the Hindu Sikh wedding in Shershaah,Tells you something,Because those Dharmic panths will not lose themselves and their traditions in a marriage with other panths,but outside these panths, the identity will be threatened,That’s a big difference,So The Sikhs who say they are different, this shows the truth to them,today what is happening in Aghnanistan, Sikhs are being evacuated to India. Because India is real family,So for those reasons, Shershaah is a Sham Sharma Show Recommendation,At a time when we have shows like babur coming out on Disney, Bollywood needs to be given a signal that the Audience wants to watch movies like Shershaah and not babur

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