1. I Saw This Magical Indian Movie & It’s Truly Beautiful | Shyam Singha Roy Review | Nani, Sai Pallavi
  2. Shyam Singha Roy Telugu Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Rahul Sankrityan | Nani | Sai Pallavi
  3. SHYAM SINGHA ROY | Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty | Trailer Reaction by Jaby Koay & Achara Kirk
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  6. Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review | Sai Pallavi | Nani
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I Saw This Magical Indian Movie & It’s Truly Beautiful | Shyam Singha Roy Review | Nani, Sai Pallavi

[Music],i got slightly worried watching the,recent films of nani that included v and,takjagdeesh when an actor delivers great,performances and then gets in the,cyclical process of forgettable,commercial ventures its a tough pill to,swallow especially for audiences that,love the actor and his craft i deeply,regret not watching his film titled sham,singha roy in theaters as i just,finished it on netflix just a few,minutes ago there are several reasons,for the same but let me get to the movie,straight away vasudev played by nani is,an aspiring filmmaker who is casting the,female lead for his film this would be a,gateway for producers to approve him as,a director for his own feature film when,he is successful in his career he is,accused of plagiarism as a story seem,identical to an individual known as sham,singha roy how slowly and steadily the,concept of reincarnation gets uncovered,only for vasu to retrace the path that,was once led in another life as the,writer and revolutionary shyam singha,roy and his eternal love for rosie,played by sai pallavi this forms the,basic storyline of this film im not,going to go overboard with just praising,the film but want to be extremely honest,on what i think will stick out like a,sore thumb while you watch this movie,and why holistically it is still a movie,experience that was extremely memorable,for me so heres me telling you the good,and bad aspects of the movie so that you,guys can ultimately decide whether to,watch it on netflix or not the,underwhelming aspects easy solutions and,montage mode the editing of this film is,such that when it follows and retraces,the journey of both vasu and shyam,respectively it relies on montage,sequences so whether it is vasus short,film being completed him getting,greenlit for a feature film or sham,wanting to work in west bengal getting,published in his book being a roaring,success all of these milestones are,presented in such a fast manner that it,never really fleshes out what is the,content that is being published other,than his take on the regressive practice,of devadasis he seems like a,revolutionary hints of the naxalite,movement are apparent but it is mostly,vague and does not get into specifics he,is presented in the film as a voice that,many people are gravitating towards a,take presented apparently that questions,the very establishment and customs that,have been followed for generations but,never really expands on exactly what he,is saying while watching the film you,will realize that many of these,milestones are tough to achieve in real,life but for the storyline to move,forward the creators take a simple,approach with its screenplay where,massive feats are achieved quite easily,and fast politics this is not,necessarily an underwhelming aspect of,the film but a cautionary tale for all,of you who might decide to watch this,movie on netflix the politics that is,communicated in this movie is loud and,clear it presents many devadasis in a,temple serving a man with a red tilak,they do all favours one can think of and,the man at the helm of affairs is pure,evil the hindu pundits are portrayed as,regressive individuals who are staunch,believers in the dated caste system the,lead hero also has an opposing take on,the rig wave the naxalite movement and,its presence in west bengal is made,clear the lead character being a strong,proponent for the same in the film are,these aspects completely overwhelming to,the point where it absolutely,disconnects you from the film storyline,and the performances of nani and sai,pallavi not at all but trust me if this,movie had released in hindi you would,see several boycott campaigns slinging,bollywood the lead actor and its,anti-hindu elements on social media we,just seem to be more discerning when it,comes to cinema from other languages in,the country but love to throw mud on the,slightest references in a hindi movie,let me know what you think regarding the,same the good music and choreography the,music in this film is absolutely,enchanting making me come to the,conclusion that it is one of the reasons,for its quality to elevate nikki j mayer,has done a phenomenal job and never in,the slightest did i think that the music,in this film abruptly halted the,screenplay of this movie more than that,it enhanced it in such a proficient,fashion the rise of sham singha roy,comes in and out throughout the film and,really made me think that it would have,been such an amazing experience to,listen to the soundtrack in a cinema,hall the two songs that feature sai,palivi are the standout songs and sung,beautifully by anurag kulkarni honestly,his voice is breathtaking especially the,portions of the rag that he sings as sai,palavi dances in red i cant say enough,about sai pallavi i mean where do i even,start she has to be one of the most,graceful dancers we have in the film,industry across several languages she,will truly grasp your attention as she,with such ease performs in red she is,emotive subtle yet so powerful i could,not say enough to do justice to her,dance performance in this movie but she,is literally like what bruce lee says,she is like water she takes the shape of,any genre of dance you can put her to,and she assimilates beautifully,cinematography sanojan vargas does it,again and it is his breathtaking visuals,that are another plus point with this,movie sorry if im repeating myself but,my god did i miss out on watching this,movie in the theater because it is a,visual spectacle especially the way he,has shot the choreography and captured,the essence and old world charm of west,bengal via the dilapidated buildings the,narrow lanes the sepia-like tone to,transport us to a different era the film,is undoubtedly a visual treat a,dedication to satiji 3 and best bengal,the ode to satiji 3 is loud and clear,through this film especially if you are,a satiji 3 fanboy you will have a keen,eye for the several references,throughout the film vasu and his,collection of posters and treys book,seeing mahaparoosh being showcased to a,crowd where santos dutta is talking,about the elusive nature of the present,or the one that sticks out the most for,me is the transition shot of sharmila,tagore in the 1960 film devi being,recreated with saipan lavis character,true film fans will totally connect with,several of these sequences theres,bengal again through the cinematography,and the keen eye for detail when it,comes to rahul as the director his,vision seems like a genuine attempt at,capturing the essence of the state,rather than portray the lowest common,denominator which mostly translates into,coming across as caricatures,performances i cant really go out of my,way to say much about kriti shettys,role as she is proficient but does not,have a lot of meat in her role to work,with she assists the film well but the,only reason yes the only reason okay i,might be exaggerating this film really,works because of the performances by,nani and sai pallavi nani especially in,the portions of west bengal shines the,call back to him telling someone she is,a natural star i smoke because this man,really has a presence which is unique,and no wonder so many fans connect with,him even in the bengali dialogues in the,film i never thought that there was an,effort by the actor it almost seemed,seamless transitioning from telugu to,bengali within seconds he really has put,forth such an impressive performance sai,pallavi is rosie its almost as if the,role has been written with her in mind,she embodies such elegance and warmth in,all of her roles and she exudes the same,through this film as well the chemistry,really is organic and i really thought,that at one point of time that the,romantic genre is dead in this country,just because of the dearth of films we,get in the last few years but through,this film it reinstated the same hope,within me that this genre and the,unexplainable bond between two fictional,characters on screen is not going,anywhere anytime soon and that was a,video guys write dow

Shyam Singha Roy Telugu Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Rahul Sankrityan | Nani | Sai Pallavi

for all the latest reviews interviews,and everything entertainment in tamil,kannada malayalam and telugu subscribe,to film companion south now hello and,welcome to from companion south in this,episode were going to be talking about,sean singer roy directed by rahul san,kritian the film is on netflix and it,stars nani kriti shetty and,always wonderful cypher now the film is,a reincarnation drama what does this,mean it usually means that there is some,unfinished business in the previous life,and it has to be completed or taken care,of in this present life now that,unfinished business has to do with the,character played by sai palui though the,film takes its time getting to it,because a lot of that is in the second,half in the first half we have nani,playing a consumerist kind of director,thats the nani that we meet first uh he,plays a double role in the movie as you,must have heard now what do i mean by,consumerist kind of director he wears,brand name clothes but he is not yet a,brand name director so this is his plan,he wants to make a short film and show,it to producer who will hopefully be so,impressed that he will say look nani im,going to give you crows and closer close,of money so you can go and make your,maheshwabu movie thats the whole plan,but there is one interesting character,trait probably the only interesting,character trait in this nani which is,the first half nani,the filmmaker he is an idealist he wants,the film to be just like the film he has,in his head he auditions a lot of actors,and rejects all of them because none of,them are good enough and this is just a,short film that hes making finally nani,sees kriti shetty shes smoking and she,is with a bunch of friends its a,restaurant kind of place i think and he,says,wow look at her moves look at the way,her body moves look at the way her face,is look at her expressions this is going,to be my heroine and i mean and this,woman is hasnt even auditioned for him,he just looks at her and says this is my,heroine that is the level of genericness,in the first half almost all the scenes,all the events are this generic the way,he asks kriti shetty to be in his movie,to act in his movie which is supposed to,be a bit of humor,that could have been written much better,the way he gets hit on the head and the,reasons for this injury and the,implications of this injury all of that,could have been written in a much better,manner the aftermath of this injury,which is a very important thing that,could have been written in a much better,manner the way his first film first,feature film gets into problems that,could have been written in a much better,manner the lawyer character played by,madonna sebastian could have been given,much more to do and so on and so forth,generally when i mean written i mean,written staged,everything i mean the whole thing,happens in such a generic manner its,like theyre in a hurry to tick off one,point after another in the screenplay,and say okay i just need to get this,part down and just get this part done,and we finally get to the interval point,but the second half changed my,experience of the film now lets take,the scene where a group of dalits are,gathered around a well they are not,being allowed to draw water from the,well now this scene has everything that,was missing in the first half we get a,solid situation that lays a solid,foundation for a very very solid scene,and the best thing is that the scene has,a solid punchy conclusion in the best,tradition of our masala cinema and more,theres more because this scene also,slowly makes us enter the world that we,are going to see in the second half of,the film and it gives us a solid,introduction to the character whos,going to take us through this world now,this character of course is the second,nani he is the nani from the earlier,life and he is the person after whom,this film is named and suddenly a lot of,color seeps into this so far bland story,im not talking about literal color,alone the cinematographer is sanur john,varghese and hes done some beautiful,frames but im also talking about the,metaphorical color the writing the,scenes and situations the lovely dancers,theyre all very specific very evocative,and well colorful the nani the present,day that is the filmmaker is the usual,nani we get to see but the nani in the,older times hes a revolutionary and he,has really worked on his look and the,way he uses his body hes revolutionary,he not only looks different he also acts,different his face is filled with,purpose this is a solid solid,performance nani does the macho thing,just right without overdoing it and yet,despite my complaints with the first,half and the first nani the way hes,been written and my praise of the second,half and the second nani the,revolutionary nani look at how many,similarities there are between the two,characters both of them are artists for,one this ones a filmmaker and the one,whos a revolutionary hes a writer also,note how both nanis are idealist this,nani wants to make the perfect film this,nani wants a perfect world one in which,a character like sai pallavi can live,with decency now the character played by,sai pallavi is a devadasi and she has,excellent chemistry with nani there is,love between them but unlike the earlier,pair there is also a lot of restraint i,understand the director wants to show a,contrast whereas thats the modern world,where the filmmaker nani is so love,means a lot its a lot different love,plays out a lot differently than love,would have played out in those olden day,times when the revolutionary nani,existed but still the scene is really,awful this is how the love between the,filmmaker nani and his girlfriend is,depicted he brings a home to his bedroom,and they start making out on his bed,under a poster,of,this book,i thought i wrote a book on cinema but,whatever gets you off man in contrast,the writer nani seduces sai pallavi with,his revolutionary ideas these scenes are,quiet and they are very powerful we see,cypaloid bloom like a sunflower getting,light from the sun at times i felt like,i was watching a gentle and progressive,k vishwanath movie i think thats a,small film nerdism slash easter egg here,the older nani that is the revolutionary,nani calls sai pallavi rosie even though,her name is something else and i think,this is a reference to the dancer,character played by wahidah rahman in,guy her name was rosie too and her,dancing was looked upon by some people,even there as disreputable the only weak,part of the second half is when a,villain appears in the form of a temple,priest all his actions are predictable,but i guess we need some kind of well,action and then we realized that a,bigger tragedy is in store i was able to,predict this but it did not bother me,too much its handled fairly well and it,does its job well and in the last bit of,the movie we return to the present and,we get the link between the past and the,present the reason for the reincarnation,we get that and i found it sentimental,but there was also one small little part,of me that said okay this is actually,the most logical conclusion to the,melodrama around the story this is the,unfinished business that i was talking,about earlier and the story generally,overall is good because you can make out,the difference that raoul sankritian has,tried to make between the first half and,the second half i just wish the writing,had been better i just wish that the,nani and kriti shitty characters hadnt,been made to look like caricatures i,just wish the film had taken a few tips,from something like magudera where the,present was as powerful as the past but,like i said the second half saves the,movie the nani and cyber levy parts and,like they say in show business its,better to start weak and end strong,rather than have a film the other way,around so thats it about sham singer,raw if you like this video do subscribe,to film companion south and see you soon,at the movies,[Music]

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SHYAM SINGHA ROY | Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty | Trailer Reaction by Jaby Koay & Achara Kirk

[Music],hello people im jaby kawai joined by,achara kirk whats up were looking at,cheyenne singer roy the telugu trailer,this is starring nani and sai palavi as,well as krithi shetty and its uh,directed let me assume yep i was right,it was directed by rahul sang kritian,sorry i love the way you said shyam,like it just sounded so american,cheyenne singer roy chalagu trailer,i think its very cute the way you said,it,pronounced h i dont know what do i what,do i know im just in front of you you,probably got it right,starring nani and sai palabi and,shetty so this is from niharika,entertainment you guys there are no,subtitles on this video so were gonna,wing this one and try to deduce meaning,from it just off of the visuals and what,english words are present in this,trailer so if you havent already hit,that subscribe button below icon all,notifications and vote this up to let,youtube know youre enjoying what youre,watching thanks so much for hanging out,here we go,[Music],okay,[Music],[Music],trying to translate,[Music],boyfriend,[Music],human consciousness is an ocean full of,secrets,oh is it this where it gets weird,oh it goes back in time it goes back,i think so yeah,or maybe its his former life,yeah maybe thats why hes freaked out,on set thats pretty,and hes like oh there she is,[Music],oh wow thats so pretty,that was nice,[Music],[Music],oh people dont like him huh,damn,hes got a tripod hes not afraid to use,it,is that the goddess,carly is it,look at it,damn,caught it didnt even look bad dang,[Music],thats very soon so soon,im going to assume former life,yeah it feels kind of former life he,doesnt i mean because hes playing,himself the fact that he woke up and,hes like reading the book the fact that,he like took the tripod out and started,whipping peoples asses like jesus at,the temple you know flipping tables and, i feel like you know he had some,kind of an awakening and then his ear,was bleeding i dont know what that was,about i didnt know if he got hit or,like something was happening to his,brain and so he realized some kind of,former inner cell from like the past oh,my god okay this is who i am and he had,to read up on it to discover who his,whose soul used to be whose soul used to,inhabit thats definitely what im,getting i mean i dont really know so,much more apart from that general gist,but im really liking it and im,actually enjoying more of the stuff in,the past in the flashback just in terms,of look and stuff more than the present,day well thats the point isnt it i,mean thats where the real movie is yeah,it feels more inviting to me like i,think it looks really beautiful like all,of the shots that they had like the,aerial shots with the dancing sai palavi,looks gorgeous i love just how shes,moving like theyre really taking,advantage of the fact that she is,actually a dancer and theyre putting,her in that role and so shes using her,skills to kind of do that classical,indian dancing and shes like killing it,at least to me like she looks fantastic,i need a scene with her dancing with,shoes on her hands yes,yeah then that would make the movie do,you guys get their reference yeah they,do the noosh,yeah oh wait thats different different,region but that song was huge yes it was,it was,nani again is someone completely,different from who i saw him act as,before hes an angry director visceral,rage i wonder how the director,approached directing a director in a,movie yeah like okay it can kind of feel,like stereotypical right when youre,when youre doing that whats the whats,that directory whats that conversation,like whats that conversation like you,think because nani loses his and,then the directors like yeah thats,thats thats thats not how we would do,it and nanis like actually you did that,yesterday,im just kidding no i i do wonder what,that dialogue must have been like it was,it was it a lot of fun or what you know,he took a tripod tripods are dangerous,no one knows that tripods are dangerous,you know if anything that weve learned,from this trailer is dont mess with the,dude with a tripod especially if its,like one of the good carbon fiber ones,also dont mess with the tripod just,dont mess with the tripod theyre very,expensive yeah last week i heard a,chargo ah and then i was like what,happened shes like a tripod fall on me,its true ill never be the same ill,never im not the same cant walk,properly yeah its a real problem thats,a joke yes,but uh yeah i i am inclined to agree,with you this stuff in the former life,is obviously more inviting its yeah you,know its cool i am not actually a huge,fan of movies about movies you know im,im not a big big big fan of that every,time they show inside of a film them,going to a film set talking about films,it to me its akin to a song talking,about songs and it frustrates me i dont,know why it gets a pet peeve of mine,sometimes im cool with it i like the,godfather sometimes im okay with it and,but you know,and so when they go to the past stuff,im actually happier because its not a,movie about a movie you know yeah and i,i you know i could tell right away when,we went into the past that this was a,whole different character like i really,love that about nani because he is such,a great actor that i could see him in,the present day stuff and be like okay,thats clearly one character and as soon,as it went into the past stuff i was,like i feel it from his body language,from the way that hes looking then hes,brilliant and everything yeah hes a,completely different person and i buy,him as both so you know i have to,commend him on that performance because,you know i think sometimes it can be,easy when youre just doing two,different roles to just make them really,similar just kind of rest on your,laurels and be like whatever i dont,have to differentiate the characters so,much but hes done a really great job,here i love the irony,that this is about at least at least at,the outset its about a director making,a low-budget film but the film is very,high budget because usually when you see,movies about low-budget filmmaking its,a low-budget film as well,this is the reverse where its like this,is clearly not low budget i mean all the,stuff they got going on in the past,stuff i wonder if its gonna be,approached like a princess bride sort of,situation where it cuts back and forth,between present and past in terms of,like kind of revealing this stuff and,then like theres some dialogue in the,present that sort of informs it we did,that with a special ops 1.5 it was,cutting back and forth between like,modern conversation and stuff that,happened a while ago i call that a,princess bride structure and i i kind of,dig it because it allows you to jump,forward in the story yeah there must be,some sort of connection i mean im,definitely feeling that theres,something very serious because there,theres that other character the other,female character where shes clearly,like a lawyer or something like in court,so i feel like theres something serious,happening and hes kind of involved in,it and then hes learning all about this,stuff with the past and his past life,its entirely possible that its going,to be like bahubali you know shyam,singha roy the conclusion theyll rename,this one the beginning thats gonna be,the name of the person right because,hes like sham singh roy and then it,went back in time right away and it was,his other character how much you want to,bet that the beginning of the film is,cheyenne singer roy is a baby being held,out of the water oh i would say odds are,very high yeah were just joking jokes,people jokes you guys thanks so much for,hanging out with us hopefully you,enjoyed that do let us know your,feelings in the comments below do,subscribe if you havent already the,bell icon all notifications and vote,this up to let youtube know youre,enjoying what youre watching im jaby,kowai this is achara kirk peace

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Shyam Singha Roy Review | Malayalam Review | Unni Vlogs Cinephile


Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review | Nani | Sai Pallavi | Ekta Darun Love Story?

foreign,negative,sequences and dialogue,[Music],so,take care

Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review | Sai Pallavi | Nani

hi this is melanie for daisy reviews and,im here to do a review of the telugu,film,sham singha roy which just came on,netflix,[Applause],if youre new to paradise reviews i do,trailer reactions and film reviews of,indian cinema,i wasnt able to catch this film,in theaters because it came out right at,christmas time right before i left,for my trip if you have followed my,channel you know that i love,cypher lobby and especially her dancing,and oh my gosh just this will deliver,with that aspect okay so this film is a,reincarnation story so theres a,part that is modern day and then theres,a part thats set in 1969 1970,west bengal,thats the part that sai palavi is in,and nani is the one who is a,reincarnation the film is directed by,rahul sankhytian who gave us taxiwalla,and its also co-written by janga satya,dev,okay and im just going to be brutally,honest here and that i was thankful that,i was able to watch this at home,uh because its its on netflix like i,said,the first hour,is really slow,i im just going to say that,[Music],the historical part of the film,which is the lions share,when cyprus starts dancing is about an,hour in and i would say,you would lose nothing by just skipping,the first hour,nani is playing a film director and hes,directing a short film,and so theres two other women besides,sci-fi vienna kirti,kriti shetty plays kirti,who stars in his this you know,burgeoning directors young short film,and then madonna sebastian plays his,lawyer,when he is charged with copyright,infringement,um,which like do people actually get,arrested for that,okay,but anyway,i just did not find,you know i enjoy like sort of behind the,scenes of somebody playing a film,director but i just was not im just,gonna be brutally honest that i was not,captivated with the first hour and i,felt like,they tacked on this modern day story,making it a reincarnation just so that,they could put in product placement i,swear to god,um you know like nanis character gets,up in the morning and hes having a,certain kind of coffee and hes having,this and hes using this kind of car and,hes starting the laundry machine like,just,so you know if youre setting something,in 1969 1970 a little harder to do all,of that product placement and i just,felt like they just tacked it on and it,didnt necessarily need to be a,reincarnation story i suppose to give us,a good feeling ending,i dont know,but i was completely captivated,with the historicals part of the film,and so i highly recommend that you do,watch this film for the parts that cy,plavi is in with nani because oh my god,it was,it was so amazing,she is a devadasi which i will admit i,knew nothing about what the context of,what that meant she is a dancer at a,temple and it is the holiday of navrati,and so,she and the other,devadasi dancers,do a completely new dance performance,each night of the festival,it,was amazing it was so amazing,shes such a great dancer but also her,love story with nani and how,his character draws her out and how he,is such a,social reformer and activist and,writer and just such a compelling,character in his own right,wow,i really loved their story uh when,obviously he gets her to escape but,there were some key,things that i thought were,just such telling little details that,they put in like when they finally do,get together,she has no idea how to cook because she,has not lived any kind of a normal life,like she she has no idea he brings,groceries home she has no idea how to,cook she has no life skills because she,has led this sheltered,but slave-like and uh and you know since,she was a small child the the delights,that he exposes her to like just simple,pleasures like learning how to row a,boat,or,be in a field of roses,just some amazing cinematography because,a lot of these seats a lot of these,scenes between the two of them she,sneaks out at night so their night,scenes are just i just was magical so,the whole historical part of the film is,absolutely magical,loved it,and was like meh about,the framing,with the reincarnation,and the modern day,yeah but so mixed bag but im telling,you,if youve been on the fence or you,started watching the film and you were,like this is too slow i had a friend i,texted her im like you would love this,you should like i tried it but it was,too slow im like skip skip an hour,get to win science dancing then you will,love it,this isnt the first time that nani and,scyflavi have been in a film together,they were in middle class abayie a few,years ago,theres something about saipa lobby and,just like this the whole historical,drama kind of thing she just,but i mean its especially its the,dancing the classical dancing that she,does in this film i mean im a fan of it,anyway but just the emotion and the,expression that she brings to,these dance uh choreographed numbers wow,amazing,but also her acting in the rest of this,part of the film and i thought nani was,a very good,kriti shetty didnt have a ton to do but,she didnt you know i mean she just,cant unfortunately she shes being,compared in a film disciple abby and you,know who can compare okay so,mixed review mixed uh recommendation on,this room i do say since its on netflix,and im not telling you to spend a,theater ticket,go run to netflix skip an hour and start,watching an amazing film,all right let me know what you thought,about this movie,in the comments below follow me on,twitter at predatoryt follow me on,instagram predaisyreviews and if you hit,the bell when you subscribe here youll,never miss another trailer erection or,film review

Shyam Singha Roy: My Thoughts & Analysis | Nani, Sai Pallavi | Rahul Sankrityan | Ashmita Reviews

this movie definitely exceeded my,expectations hi everyone welcome or,welcome back to my channel my name is,ashmita and i hope you all are doing,well and finally the telugu film sham,singh roy starring nani released an ot,and personally i have been very very,very eager to watch this film because,when the movie got a theatrical release,i was not able to catch it so this movie,is finally finally streaming on netflix,lots to talk about this film so yeah,without further ado lets deep dive into,the detailed analysis the overall,storyline and writing is split into two,timelines as it was suggested in the,trailers though what i had assumed that,the movie will you know jump between,past and present timeline but i like the,fact that the makers kept it very simple,in this film the first half of the film,is the current timeline and the second,half of the film is majorly the past,timeline if somebody asked me the plot,of the film then in a nutshell i would,say that it is an out and out love story,with a little bit of an introduction,given to the audience about the devadasi,system now this system was prevalent in,the eastern parts of india and i,personally was very very intrigued to,see how this particular uh devadasi,system would be depicted in the film,because i had really bare minimum,knowledge about it its just what i read,in the internet uh in various various,articles so i really was excited to see,how this entire thing would be depicted,and dealt with,though my only tad bit disappointment is,that its only been dealt with in a very,surface level it is part of the,storyline it is an integral part of the,storyline but not the main focal point,but that honestly doesnt take anything,away from the film because of how,beautifully the main love story has been,portrayed the love story between sham,sinha roy and rosie which is nani and,sai palavis character it is the heart,and soul of this film in the present,timeline we see vasu who has given up,his job to pursue his passion for,filmmaking and he needs to submit a,short film to a producer in order to get,funding so that he can eventually direct,a big project so the events which happen,in the first half is where we get,introduced to wasus character and his,surroundings properly when we are,getting introduced to wasus character,as an audience it is quite enjoyable to,watch because of how well it has been,edited and directed but well in all,honesty it is all convenient writing the,quote unquote struggle that he faces as,an independent director or an,independent filmmaker well its not that,much of a struggle to be honest because,when you see the events that happen to,him one more thing that yes okay things,are happening very easily for him hes,not really struggling but those scenes,are just put to move the story forward,to push the story forward when we,actually get to sham singh roys,character so when im objectively,thinking my brain is like okay things,are way too easy for this guy,but it does not hamper my viewing,experience as an audience in any way and,i think the biggest credit for that lies,in how well all of these scenes and,sequences were directed and the sequence,of events which happened in the very,beginning of the film as a viewer one,might initially think that okay why are,all these scenes happening because lets,lets get into sham singer roys,character quickly but the payoff in the,climax scene is so worth it so,everything in the end works out,perfectly so overall the writing and the,storyline moves forward very very,smoothly in the first half of the film,but the real treasure the real treasure,is in the second half the director rahul,sankritian absolutely won me over there,the cinematic representation of the,world of shyam singha roy was just,perfect for me every little detail has,been so well thought out with the music,cinematography costume makeup and lastly,of course the acting i was so mesmerized,thinking that my god everything looks so,so beautiful and that is the point where,i had this regret that oh my goodness i,wish i wish i had the opportunity to,catch this film in the theaters because,the experience and the feel would have,been so so different i wont be giving,out spoilers in this video but i just,want to say that the final scene of this,film,completely shattered me completely,completely shattered me i was crying and,honestly i couldnt think of a better,ending than that scene for this movie so,this movie is overall a grand and epic,love story for me and after the movie,got over i thought to myself that this,had a really good overall balance which,would satisfy what we call as the mass,audience and it would also satisfy the,audiences who look for nuances in the,writing and the storytelling now talking,about the technicalities of the film,next i want to start with the editing,because im really happy with the edit,of this film not a single dull moment,for me and as i said before that there,were moments where i was very much,objectively thinking about certain,events that were happening in the movie,but one might think that it will take me,away from the movie and distract me but,no the way the scenes have been edited i,was completely glued to my screen,seriously big ups to naveen roli for his,edit then coming to the cinematography,by sanu john burkes,literally i want to give a standing,ovation because of how beautifully,beautifully he captured the world of,shyam singaroy the way 70s kolkata was,picturized the way all the songs were,picturized i mean you can just make out,and see how well thought out each and,every frame was when you get to the,story of shyam singaroy every frame is,literally like a painting then coming to,one of the biggest biggest highlights of,this movie the bgm and the music i think,mickey myers just outbid himself my,favorite track has to be hands down the,title track the rise of sham,i mean the way it has been placed in the,story and it becomes part of the,narrative it is sure to give you,goosebumps it is such a beautiful,beautiful song then the song which,introduces sai pallavis character,freaking goosebumps absolute goosebumps,what a beautifully beautifully sung and,composed song that is but the title,track i mean i already loved the song so,much but when i watched it with the,context of the narrative,i fell even even more for it and last,but not the least the performances,nani has outdone himself this is my,third film of his and a lot of you tell,me that jersey is his best movie so ive,watched jersey i watched v and this is,his third movie that ive watched im,sorry this was even better than josie,his acting as sharma singer roy his body,language dialogue delivery everything,everything was pitch perfect and the way,he played out vasus character you would,really really think that these are two,separate people and might i just add he,looked absolutely adorable you know,saying those bengali dialogues you know,little in bits and pieces and as a,bengali myself i had the biggest grin on,my face man and then coming to cyprus,i was watching this film because i was,excited to see nanis portrayal of sham,singer roy,but i ended up having the biggest lady,crush on cypher lovey the way she has,acted out this character is going to,leave you speechless and mesmerized and,i am not kidding you with this and when,her character gets introduced with that,song,the dance moves how graceful and,beautiful she is in that song,i am telling you i am not overstating,this she honestly looked like madhurga,yeah rest of the supporting cast also,did really well you know kriti shetty,madonna sebastian just to name a few and,i was so happy to see uh you know baron,chandra hes a very very revered actor,in the bengali film industry and i was,not expecting him even gupta i didnt,know that he was part of the film so,just seeing these two actors in a telugu,film oh it just made my heart so happy,now since this is like an epic love,story what really really works for this,film is the incredible chemistry between,na

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