1. Is SidelineSwap Worth it? | Unboxing & Review!
  2. The Best App To Sell Sporting Goods – Don’t Sleep on Sideline Swap
  3. Shooting with Crazy Curves and Vintage hockey sticks from SidelineSwap
  4. SidelineSwap Hockey Review – Purchasing True hockey gloves off SidelineSwap website
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Is SidelineSwap Worth it? | Unboxing & Review!

[Music],hey guys so today were gonna be taking,a look at sideline swap calm those of,you that dont know sideline swap comm,is a website similar to ebay the main,difference being that sideline swap,features more sport related products,such as hockey lacrosse football and,then eBay obviously you can sell a wide,range of things on eBay so people have,been listing their gear on sideline swap,its becoming more and more increasingly,popular and so I was on it not too long,ago and I found some gear that I really,liked so I ordered it and then I was,gonna make a video on it so heres my,video I got in a pair of Reeboks 20 K,shoulder pads and I also ordered a pair,of CCM pro stock packs gloves and so,were gonna take a look at those and,overall service that sideline swap,offers and then were gonna say inside,lets lock worth it or should you just,buy regular retail cuter one more thing,just a disclaimer this video is in no,way shape or form sponsored by sidelines,for calm,I bought this gear with my own money and,this is my own personal opinion on,sideline swap so now Im gonna go ahead,and unbox the shoulder pads,[Music],[Music],so Ive got them out of the box now we,can take a pretty good look at them,theres a couple of stains on the,shoulder area and on the back that I,didnt initially notice in the pictures,and I didnt notice until I got here,thats not a big deal Im hoping that,will come out with a wash and,substandard mover and then theres a rip,but I noticed the rip in the pictures so,that was to be expected overall theyre,in pretty good shape especially for use,and especially for how cheap they were I,didnt eat the shoulder pads pretty,badly so this is a good pickup for me,they are in pretty good shape and they,fit properly so all in all its a good,win one other thing that I would,recommend though is obviously youre,buying used gear off this website a lot,of the sellers are just trying to move,gear as quickly as they can,so one thing keep in mind is to do,buying use here and its gonna stink,when you get it or at least in this case,it did and so youre gonna want to give,it a good quick wash before you actually,put it on and use it because yeah these,when they got here these actually stunk,quite badly so just keep in mind when,you get and use gear off the internet,youre probably gonna have to watch it,okay so now Im gonna open up the gloves,[Music],[Music],so now well take a look at the gloves,from what I can tell these look like,theyre exactly as they were in the,pictures theres no rips or really that,much wear on the palm they dont look,like theyre scuffed up or scratched or,anything the liners are all intact,everything on them looks pretty much,like you would expect its not the Flex,thumb on it and everything,this palm is good as well so overall Im,pretty pleased with these gloves they,turned out to be exactly as I had hoped,so look forward to using these next,season so to conclude I think slide line,swap is a great place to buy new gear,you can definitely pick up some good,deals on there especially unused gear a,lot of people sell their used gear for,pretty cheap and its still in great,condition I think sideline swaps a great,place to not only buy a new year but,also seller year as well I myself have a,couple of pairs of gloves up for sale,inside line swap and sideline twelve,also has this great feature where if you,buy something and youre not satisfied,with it they dont release the payment,until you are satisfied with it so you,can send it back and get a refund if,youd like overall I think aside my,topic great place purchased here until,your gear thanks for watching guys,[Music]

The Best App To Sell Sporting Goods – Don’t Sleep on Sideline Swap

how date you I want to give you guys a,little info here today about the best,platform to sell Sporting Goods on,because I dont hear anybody else really,ever talking about it so I wanted to,give you a little heads up about my,favorite app to sell Sporting Goods on,and Ive sold a ton of stuff on there,from new retail sporting goods that I,pulled out of TJs and Marshalls and,stuff,football gloves Ive sold a lot of used,Sporting Goods on there as well old,helmets old sticks bats that kind of,stuff gloves,you name it bags Ive sold it on there,but without a doubt the best place to,sell use Sporting Goods is sideline swap,its definitely a sleeper wet or a,sleeper app and its one of the newer,ones one of the newer platforms for,selling on so I dont hear a lot of,people selling on there but my niche is,actually Sporting Goods so to me like,sideline swap is more important than,Poshmark or any of the other niche ones,that sell specific type of products like,goat and stock X I do a lot on there,obviously because sneakers but Sporting,Goods is my number one selling item,thats what I know the most about and,thats what I sell the most of because I,played a lot of sports as you can see,Im into sports as well played football,or whatever but so Im used to buying,that stuff and I know how it works and,kind of sideline swap is kind of like,played against sports but online and you,can consign through them and the fee is,very low like 9.5 percent one thing its,a little bit different like listing wise,and everything but most things are in,there most most products are in there,you cant really copy listings you have,to know what you have but other than,that its very easy to use the shipping,actually you dont even have to,calculate shipping its already,calculated for you you just put you put,in there ahead of time what you think,the item is in ways and then the buyer,pays that and everythings handled there,for you you just automatically print out,a label that automatically generates for,you you dont have to worry about,getting it wrong or,anything like that so its definitely,dont sleep on sideline swap because I,feel like a ton of people are I dont,see anybody talking about it I dont see,any of the other resellers really,mentioning it on their videos or,anything like that but Ive sold more,Sporting Goods on there then maybe even,eBay you know in the short time that,Ive been doing it specifically the two,sports that really really pop on there,are hockey and lacrosse right and so I,believe its become sort of a well a,swap meet of hockey gear but its,definitely strongest with those two,sports and they are fringe sports so to,me thats kind of like targeting an,entire market on one app and I spoke,about that before on other videos about,which app is the best but I wanted to,give some straight-up love to sideline,swap because a lot of people want to,know where to sell things and and where,to look things up you wont do very well,looking items up what they sold for comp,price-wise on sideline swap but what you,want to do is go on ebay make your,listing there as I mentioned in a,previous video you want to be cross,posting if youre not cross posting,youre losing and you want a cross post,and then make your listing on eBay,search the sold price you know the price,comps on there and then use those price,comps to price your item on sideline,swap its that simple you just you know,use one of the apps to figure out the,information Beach or the other one and,at that point youll probably be one of,the best items out there because theres,its the other thing is the sideline,swap isnt super saturated so if you,have an item thats a good item chances,are youre one of the only ones on that,app selling it and so therefore,somebodys more likely to buy from you,be a bundle or just because they like,the format of the app better and they,trust it better,there is no funny business like on eBay,as far as returns its just like mercury,and Poshmark set up that way where the,buyer has three days to investigate the,item decide whether or not they accept,it and once they accept it its a done,deal they cant return it or decide,three days down the road that they dont,want it anymore or anything,like that so definitely if youre in,this reselling game even if youre brand,new theres theres no store fee with,sideline swap everything is is done by,what you sold get in there start what,they call a locker which is your store,start putting your used Sporting Goods,in your locker and youll see the pop,and its super easy to transfer the,money right to your bank account I,suggest if youre going to do this the,way I do with multiple platforms that,you get one bank account thats a,business bank account thats like a,center hub for all these different,platforms to like funnel into and then,once everythings funneled into that one,hub you can kind of pay it out where it,needs to go otherwise you dont want to,be you dont really want to be mixing,into like sets that youre making your,own work your own accounting or whatever,you want to call it youre making that a,headache and so steer clear of that not,too much else to mention on sideline,swap but I wanted to do an actual video,on it to get it out there to let people,know that this is a very viable place to,sell Sporting Goods and just so you know,a lot of people also overlook on like,sporting goods that will sell for good,money and just about anything will sell,so look it up like I I got a used like a,1985 huffy orange basketball rim just,the rim off of like a basketball thing,and people if somebody buys it for 60 70,dollars plus $30 shipping and theyre,gonna use that as a decoration or,something some type of hoosiers set up,or I dont know what theyve got going,on but its definitely something,somebody bought and its something that,if you saw laying around you would be,like thats freaking junk Im just gonna,let that sit its not even something,good well would probably sell so just,keep that in mind when it comes to,Sporting Goods not everybody has a,million dollars they got these kids that,outgrow this this clothing and you can,get that from other parents parents I,would suggest getting on sideline swap,and selling but for the ones that arent,you resellers need to be going to,sporting clubs colleges universities,teams and figuring out what their,decommissioned stuff what theyre doing,with it a lot of them throw it out and,if youre like hey Ill give you X,amount of dollars or just,I mean take it thats how you can source,a bunch of sporting goods supplies that,way but start in your garage as well,look around give it a test trial always,test trial these apps with your own,items and see if they work for you how,you like using them and then once you,know then you go out and spend money,right other than that I dont think I,have too much else to talk about on,cylon swap but I wanted to put it on,your radar I wanted to let you know that,theres multiple apps out there and,theres probably this is probably the,direction things are going where apps,become more specialized to the item that,theyre selling because that makes sense,to me why sift through a billion other,things when all youre looking for,sporting goods right and so that makes,sense to me youre going to see more and,more people adopt and become buyers on,the sidelines swap app and so if youre,a reseller and youre not on there,youre missing out its just like,anything else you want to get in before,the flood so that way you can carve out,some market share and gain some gain,some reputation there before everyone,else does I hope you like this video I,hope you found it useful hopefully,sideline swap is something that you can,use to make money but I wanted to put it,on your radar to let you know that that,is the best place to sell Sporting Goods,besides eBay probably because eBay still,the largest network of people but youll,sell a lot of that fringe weird,equipment on there and definitely a big,hot spot for hockey players and lacrosse,

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Shooting with Crazy Curves and Vintage hockey sticks from SidelineSwap

whats going on guys super excited for,this video gonna be going on sideline,swap were gonna be ordering a bunch of,gear hopefully some pucks maybe some,camera stuff theres a bunch of,different things you can find on,sideline so were gonna go in there they,credited our account some money so were,gonna go in were gonna get some stuff,and then uh were gonna go test it out,shoot with some stuff ive had a bunch,of cool comments uh from you guys saying,like use vintage gear and stuff like,this so well definitely get some cool,stuff and well show you guys all of it,and well have some fun in this vid,were on sideline here i came across the,trigger 3 or the 3d pmt sorry so this,was the one that came after the trigger,2. uh it looks like its got like almost,like a sandpaper like textured grip,instead of like the grip tack that i,usually get so,its got a vo2 on it as well pro stock,so i think were going to call it this,one here im pretty excited about this,its only 100 bucks so grab a gopro off,here,our gopro like the start button on our,hero4 doesnt work so bought thinking i,was going to become a youtube sensation,use the camera once,were there you might you might be zack,bell,look out for a new video,that is hilarious its legit,like you just kind of chop this out of,his backyard,look at the blade on that thing its,like completely straight,all right guys been about a week and a,half later we got all the sticks in,pretty excited about this we got a,mixed bag of things really we got some,accessories some other items too not,just hockey sticks so unfortunately,were just missing the right-handed,stick for jord so uh unfortunately were,just gonna be doing my sticks right now,so hopefully we can sneak that in the,video but were gonna unbox these so,lets do it,holy,this is crazy i cant get this thing out,got the uh like the textured no grip,tactile grip on it i got my 75 and the,vo2 here so not exactly my p28 the vo2,will work,just didnt read the description on that,one boys so,moving forward here you guys its,literally like bulletproof wrapping,though again so like give me another,half an hour and well get this one out,but,did this guy didnt this guy recognize,you yeah he did so he probably packed it,up extra nice for you yeah just so i,could struggle for an hour with this,packaging yeah pre-taped for your boss,oh look at that oh my goodness oh my god,they both are,thats crazy the seller said these were,custom ov curves and the blades look,like theyve been melted and warped,oh yeah you can see theres like,its almost like they added tech like,material to it and then just melted it,to the blade and then sort of like,angled it,so i uh im gonna be in trouble shooting,with this thing but uh pm9 stammer,thats a stammer if ive ever seen one,hey oh my goodness thats wild so you,can get more things on sideline than,just twigs here so so we saw that one is,a hundred bucks on sideline i was like,yeah great deal were copping so,oh it came with the,oh this is different than the hero4 oh,yeah this is a newer one no no we dont,know who works yet but,both these batteries are better than,dead oh ones got life nice,beautiful we got a new gopro too awesome,so the last box here guys one of the,most important ones for us buddy must,have drove him down himself from toronto,or something because he asked if i was,home and then i came home and these were,here so these boys,so this one i already opened up i was,too excited to uh to not so we had to do,this one off camera but were gonna show,you guys now this was the most expensive,stick we bought on sideline for this,video this is a rawlings boston bruins,nhl vintage classic hockey stick not,sure what sort of tiege but he had going,there but thats pretty wild i mean this,thing literally looks like you just cut,it out of the backyard like this is,unreal,straighty got about 20 pounds of tape on,it,since we got it all unboxed were gonna,go take it over to the rink which is,just right there,and were gonna shoot some pox and do,some damage see what we can do,[Applause],so,[Applause],[Applause],so,[Applause],upstairs every shot,[Applause],oh,[Applause],[Applause],oh,[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],so,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],so,[Applause],so,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],pretty heavy really blade heavy,oh definitely a righty,holy,oh yeah thats a lady for sure,some good flex on her,nice,top chad,oh look at that,top right,nice,more down to finish it off,nice,so thats it guys thats the sticks we,uh got the gopro too were super happy,about that all the pucks everything so,were all set here so big shout out to,sideline for the vid we hope to see you,guys in the next one

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SidelineSwap Hockey Review – Purchasing True hockey gloves off SidelineSwap website

whats up everyone john ciavo here just,finished my ice hockey season back in,minnesota,getting dialed in for roller hockey,season need a new pair of gloves so i,decided to check out sideline swap if,you havent checked it out before its a,great site for selling your old gear,selling new gear and also buying a ton,of equipment,goes a lot further than just hockey,theres golf and a ton of other sports,its awesome website,check it out so i ended up buying these,gloves off a sideline swap,it was an awesome deal that they had pro,stock pair of true 14 inch gloves,exactly what i wear really what i like,very similar to what i use already and,obviously,with all the content that we make for,true its always good to be dialed in,so its super easy the website you go on,the website obviously i typed in the top,search bar true hockey gloves,and then theres actually a filter that,comes up and i searched up,14 inch because i really wanted to,narrow it down for my specific hand size,popped up a bunch of different options,true 14 inch,then you look at pro stock stock all the,different kinds,i was particularly looking for black you,could even use that filter,so i found exactly what i wanted very,quickly good price a very fair price you,could also negotiate,but i just decided to buy it now get,that shipped over to minnesota so they,arrived here when i got home from the,ice hockey season,and i was ready to rock get back to,training for roller hockey season so,when i purchased the gloves i already,paid for the shipping so all he has to,do is print the label,make a package pack the gloves up and,strip them out so super easy to do,selling and buying which i think is the,biggest best part about it,so you just print out the label pack it,and ship it once they receive it,they confirm that they got it that the,package is correct you know the,description was right,and then you confirm it they get paid,and youre happy with the product so now,that im holding the products here,lets open it up i have not seen these,yet im super excited to see them,brand new pro stock true gloves,black with yellow,trying something different for myself,the xc9s brand new,beautiful palms exactly how we described,it,love that so heres the gloves close up,beautiful shot blocker,i love that color i have the 14 inch,pro stock really really nice insides,beautiful palms,really nice gussets too obviously these,are custom,for a player so he designed this how he,wanted to love the extra protection as,always so,really really nice these things are,super sharp the description was exactly,how he described them,super excited to rock these at my next,session comment below if you have any,other questions ive been using this app,for a while and ive been selling a lot,of stuff on it as well its,a great and easy app for me and id love,to help you if you have any questions,but make sure follow like subscribe and,ill see you next time,[Music],peace,[Music],you

Im Selling my Hockey Gear!

whats up guys coach Jeremy here and I,got a bit of a problem Ive been making,hockey videos for last five or six years,and it seems the more popular the videos,become the more people want to send me,hockey equipment I just have too much of,it I got a stick pile in the corner,right there,Ive got another stick pile over there I,got more equator in there Ive got,gloves Ive got skates I have all this,stuff that Ive either done a review of,or people just set me to use and its,just sitting there now I decided that,Im going to himself originally I was,going to sell it just in the classified,ads but I kind of live in the middle of,nowhere so Im not making this video to,try to talk all night here on you Im,actually going to be donating half the,profits to a charity the charity was,started by my friend Graham Murray he is,a sledge hockey player he lost his,ability to walk or use his legs at the,age of three he wants to give other kids,who have a disability the chance to,experience playing sports so the first,obvious choice when youre looking to,list something online is eBay and I,thought of that as an option but I,figured there has to be a better place a,place where its more targeted I was,looking for you know hockey players,looking just specifically for stuff,thats what I heard about sideline swap,its a spot where athletes can buy and,sell used hockey equipment what Im,gonna do in this video is explain how,sideline swap works and oh okay well,its Kevin hes the owner of sideline,swap so uh why dont you get you to,explain how it works yeah so its really,straightforward,anyone who has equipment sitting around,their garage hockey or whatever sport,you snap a picture right in the app,upload it we take care of shipping we,take care of payment processing and we,have a couple hundred thousand athletes,your stuff will sell and it takes about,a minute top loads theres really,nothing to lose explain about shipping,so we give you a prepaid shipping label,the buyer pays for it and you print it,directly off the app or off the website,and can to post UPS USPS FedEx whoever,it is its just a cheapest option,theyll come and pick it up right at,your doorstep where you just drop it off,at the nearest location how do you,determine like the weight,each item you have to just measure that,all ahead of time so we have,standardized weights for each item,standardized dimensions so unless youre,shipping something that doesnt fit into,those dimensions which are right at the,bottom of the page then youre good to,go and otherwise you can edit it on the,item page itself that is so easy I love,that shipping option so lets get into,it Im gonna go around Im gonna collect,all this stuff put it right in the,middle Ill give you guys a look at all,the things that are built for sale lets,get to it lets go sweet lets do it,here,[Music],[Music],[Music],thats akin later lots of kid,[Music],here it is the pile of hockey equipment,warm-up jacket so you got some used gear,we got some brand new gear lots and lots,of hockey sticks we got some some,rollerblades we got skates okay Im not,gonna sell the Langs,keeping those to do another YouTube,video in those probably sell the vintage,skates though lets just sort through,this see whats good and start listing,[Music],lets do a quick rundown on some of the,highlights number one we have Zdeno,Chara,stick this is 150 flex its a legit,Chara stick so if youre a big boy,youre gonna be looking for that one for,kids we got some Ravens and some battle,mode sticks right there brand-new never,used warrior gloves these ones just,didnt fit me well put all the details,in the listing lots of stick some gently,used some not used for the kid sticks we,got some lefties some some righties for,the adult stick the charr one is lefty,all the rest are 85 Flex righties,various different curve patterns we also,have the Mars blade system if you guys,want to check it out Ill put the link,in the video description Im gonna start,listing this stuff right now by the time,you see this video its live and you can,go scoop it up alright so weve got a,whole lots of good stuff while we were,collecting all this stuff I was talking,to Kevin and he mentioned that you guys,actually work with NHL teams yes we do,liquidation for n HL HL East Coast,division one chlt nice so we have a,couple power sellers on the platform,right and directly to them but they they,actually go in they purchase all that,inventory directly from the team they,have contracts set up and you get pro,stock gear that slightly used,custom-made cheaper than brand new,retail line equivalent so I guess as,price points go theres your retail then,theres pro stock which I think can be a,little bit cheaper and then you get all,the colors but then I didnt even know,about this but you can buy the used,stuff from the team so thats where you,would come in yeah so we have generally,used stuff all thats been,professionally repaired cleaned and its,good to go,shes about 50% of retail prices so you,get some smokin deals yeah on pro gear -,yeah so for all the bargain hunters out,there,thats a great deal you can get used,progear which i think its the best of,both worlds for the frugal people youre,getting quality stuff at a good price,and you guys are just like scooping it,all up and then liquidating it basically,yes its a dirt cheap prices and its,custom colors team su pretty neat Im,gonna scroll through and see if I can,make myself look like a pro in gear not,on the ice right also great for people,who just want to try all kinds of new,stuff because you could pick something,up try it for a few weeks if you like to,keep it if you dont just flip it back,on the site and then pick up something,else right you can just cycle through,gear definitely its usually 50% of,retail and you can break even on stuff,if you resell it and you decide you,dont like it so if you want to pick up,some of my stuff theres the option Ill,have the link in the video description,or if you just want to browse around and,see whats out there if you want to get,like some pro gear from your favorite,team thats always an option – all right,so were gonna have this all listed,Thank You slaw for coming by and,explaining everything check them out,sideline swap comm they have an app as,well Ill put a link we can download,that and Ill post it up on Instagram as,well,thanks for watching Ill see you guys,the next video,[Music],you

Sideline Swap

all right hey this is chris and i want,to tell you guys about a site a new site,that i found its called,sideline swat our sideline swap sorry,and it is used sporting goods so they,got everything from skis snowboards,uh football equipment baseball whatever,but what i found on there was a steal,for hockey stuff so a lot of you know me,you know i used to,when i was in college and all that stuff,played,not college hockey but i played hockey,um,on pickup games and bar leagues and,things like that,and in 1994,i bought these skates so,these are a pair at the time these were,called,bauer supreme composites these things,are pretty wore out,theyve seen better days but theyre,still going strong,theyre 26 years old so i got my first,credit card in 1994.,i think the limit on it that visa gave,me was 500,these skates cost 400 it was the first,thing i ever bought with a credit card,and they were awesome um still happened,to this day obviously,one of the best things ive ever bought,and one of the reasons,why is back in the 90s,bauer was making skates much different,than they make today,and i i want to say this is the first,year if you can see this in here,oh look ive already cut that if that,this was the first year they were,actually using the gel pack,in the ankle supports uh in the ankle,padding i mean,and before then they were using just uh,foam padding and i think theyre back,up to the foam padding i dont even know,if theyre using the gel stuff anymore,ive got an old pair of,well hang on one second,ive got a pair of these that are brand,new ive never wore these,um these are bauer supreme 7000s i want,to say these came out in 2005 or,something,i picked them up at a yeah it doesnt,feel it doesnt feel like theres gel in,there it feels like this just foam,i picked these up at a skate at a hockey,store in wisconsin,these were probably brand new they were,probably 450 500,i picked these up for 60 dollars i,picked up a couple pairs of these,actually,and i just brought them down here for,people to use in in our sunday school,class and stuff if we wanted to go,skating,anyways so but these are the best skates,ive ever had,and these are size eight i wear a size,10 shoe these are size eight so skates,often fit different than tennis shoes do,but theres just something about this,boot okay because,i had the eight the size eight version,of these,because when i bought these i bought an,eight eight and a half nine nine and a,half ten,um just for different foot sizes and,even these,didnt fit the same way so a size eight,and these didnt fit,exactly the same as the size eight in,these and i usually prep my skates,so i either heat them up with the uh,with the heat gun or i,drown them in some boiling water and get,you know the leather softened up and,then just ratchet them down and watch a,couple movies,but anyways on these they fit so good so,ive always been on the lookout for,these but,as you know 1994 till to this years 26,years so,its kind of unlikely to find a pair of,skates thats 26 years old,however on sideline swap,i did just that so i picked these up,last week which is the same boot,exactly the same boot except whoever,bought these 26 years ago,never wore them they bought them and,they were sitting in a box in somebodys,attic,and i got these for,i gave the guy 140 bucks for these just,because of the way they fit,these have already been soaked today and,what in,hot water and my feet were in those,today so i already started pushing in,the gel,but holy cow what a find i never thought,in my life,id be able to find the same boot,because if i had a time machine id go,back and buy a couple more pairs of,these just to have,even compared to todays skates these i,just love these so much,more but i was able to find those and,purchase those and now ive got another,set of skates so,if we start doing some stuff with the,youth or if i want to go play,uh hockey here ive ive got ice ice uh,skates now and ive got rollerblades but,what im probably going to end up doing,is pulling these off and,either putting them on that boot thats,stiffer and then putting my ice holder,back on these to use these for ice,skating,im not sure what im going to do just,yet but i wont,right now this has old mission this,thing i want to say,this is 13 years old this mission,chassis so ill probably take that off,and replace that with a mars blade,mars blade seems to be the big thing now,for the rockering and all that stuff,anyways i just want to share with you,guys that so if you if you havent been,to sideline swap.com,you guys should go check it out they got,all sorts of stuff on their vintage,gear new used stuff um,when i say new use but like maybe,somebody bought,you know a baseball glove and used it,for last season now they want to sell it,to get this years model,you can get some pretty cheap stuff on,there um like i said i found uh,all sorts of skates like this,like i said this is the supreme 7000s,these were,like 500 brand new ive seen these on,there for,140 150 so,thats pretty good deal as far as im,concerned even though theyre 12 years,old doesnt matter thats a brand new,boot,this is brand spanking new never been,worn so,same with this id gladly pay 140 for,this,brand new boot i dont care how i dont,care if its 26 years old,its brand new boot so who cares anyways,um,you can tell on these theyre pretty,scuffed up,this not exactly the same boot because,youll notice on this one i still have,the fabric toe thats all scuffed up,but i bought this early in the year,2005. i want to say this was i,purchased these in january um actually i,might have got these in 1994.,i said 2005 im sorry im at 95. i think,i might have bought these december,november or december of 94,and then this might have been the,95 model because here theyve got the uh,the coating on the toe,to keep it from getting all scratched up,like that but for everything else its,exactly the same boot,so this might have just been the the,next model,uh later that year or first thing the,next year either way i dont care,awesome boot so score for me,anyways if you guys are not checked out,site go ahead and check it out it was,easy to deal with the way so heres the,way it works,you uh so frank instance this guy had,those skates uh,he had him offered up for 175. so i,offered him 100 bucks he countered with,one something like 160.,i countered with 140 he settled on 140,and what happens at that point is i go,ahead and,claim them now ive already you have to,put in your credit card and all that,stuff,but what happens is he mails them you,get them,you make sure theyre exactly the way,that they were advertised and once,thats done you release the payment,if its not the way its advertised you,put them back in the box you send them,back,so you dont have to pay for the stuff,before you get it and you can,pay for it to you know get it and try it,on make sure whatever,and i guess send it back if its not the,right size you talk to the,theres a way to send emails and stuff,to the buyer so you can communicate its,not just you know,hey bid or buy you can communicate,and um so if you guys are looking for,sporting gear or,if youre looking for hockey gear or,whatever and you dont want to go buy,new gear there is some great stuff on,here,pretty much new i mean as far as im,concerned these are brand new even if,you wore them one or two times,which he said he didnt these are brand,new so,even though its used you know what its,on a site that sells used gear its,brand its brand new gear even though,its 26 years old but,hey sometimes the old stuffs the best,stuff anyways thats all i got for you,so check it out www.sidelineswap.com,and happy hunting

New wave must watch SidelineSwap.com

hey whats up youtube matt from the go,bros coming to you guys another video,today,in this video im going to be doing,something a little bit different im,going to be talking about a new website,that i partnered up with,called sidelineswhat.com so,sidelineswap.com,is a new website at least to me its the,first time ive heard about it,and im going to show you guys about it,sideline swap is a,marketplace in which you can buy sell or,trade any of your sports equipment,that you have so im going to jump right,in to log into my account and show you,guys how simple it is to make an account,so im going to show you guys how to,join even though i already have one,im going to press join its so simple,you just need an email address which,isnt public theyre not going to,you know spam you a bunch of emails or,sell your email address anywhere else,you create a username password terms and,conditions a lot you agree,then you register its gonna be back in,one second im gonna sign into my,account we can jump a little bit more in,depth from there,all right guys im all logged right back,into my account so now im going to show,you guys how the website works,so like i said before this is not just a,baseball exclusive they have a whole,bunch of sports but obviously i feel,like most of us are going to be buying,or selling or trading you know baseball,equipment so im going to click on the,baseball section,its going to load up and its going to,bring me all the baseball,equipment that they have now the cool,part is if youre looking for something,specific you can go into category,if were just going to zoom in on that,make sure the focus is there we got hats,bats,gloves footwear protective stuff and,other,so just for the purpose of the video im,going to press gloves im just going to,pull up some of the clothes that they,have,that not just do they have gloves but it,also breaks into brands,the which hand you throw with conditions,and price,so instead of people you know dming me,on instagram being like,um i have a hundred dollars do you have,anything for that price you can just go,you can go 50 to 100 and then,you dont have to send me a silly dm so,its gonna go filter just to check it,out,so here it is heres some of the,listings you know sometimes you can find,some really cool stuff on here they got,some pretty,good stuff got an a2000 theres a custom,hard to hide up there i think i know,its a custom i dont know if its hard,to hide or not just guessing,so you can find some gloves for some,really good deals also they have bats,and other things too but the best part,about this website is that if youre,buying or trading off here,or even selling you have amazing buyer,protection,so once you sign into the account when,your terms and conditions are going to,tell you a little bit more about,all the ways youre protected on this,website theres no possible way you can,get scammed,if you ship out a glove and the person,doesnt pay or they dont trade you,back or something like that they 100,cover you,for the listing of the glove so you just,want to be safe as far as that goes,and when this goes ill just go on my,account show you guys,my locker im active but i dont have,any,feedback yet as im going to be using,this more and more,ill grow feedback obviously someone,like me you know doesnt need a lot of,positive feedback from people,you know ive done over got to be over,100 deals now,you know ive been in this community for,years so ive,racked up a lot of deals everyone knows,im as legit as it gets,but for smaller accounts and personals,that are just diving into the glove,community,this is a great way to build up a good,reputation as i warn you guys so often,followers dont mean anything,ive seen accounts that you know start,off as a,some a different account they get gain,followers they get thousand two thousand,followers,then they become a baseball account and,they try to scam i mean pablo just got,scanned you guys know who pablo is,supreme gloves i actually just did a,deal with him ill be having a pickup,coming in from him tomorrow actually,and he just got scammed by an account,and,you know hes doing everything he can to,get his money back hes,hes pulling up some stuff about this,kid if youre gonna scam somebody make,sure its not pablo,pablo find out your your grandmas,social security number probably plays no,games,but like i said theres a lot of buyer,protection on this,they do not accept paypal but with good,reason,theyre gonna set paypal due the fact,that they cannot fully protect you,through paypal you have to use a credit,card or a debit card,and through that you will get 100 buyer,protection some other really cool gloves,on here is an a2000 for 300. thats,completely overpriced um,nice all-star cm3000 for 250 bucks,you know they have a lot of really cool,stuff on here,listed at good prices and then this way,youre completely safe,as far as trading goes what a trade is,youre going to both list your gloves,for the same price here im going to,actually pull up,they have a home area with a help center,that will you know i can get a little,bit more in depth with how they do their,things sideline swap security open up,another page,theyre always looking out for the,community theyre always there to help,you know ive just been talking these,guys the past couple days and really,going around on this website im really,enjoying it so far so heres the trading,you know how to trade,so right here heres a full example of,you know how to trade,through this website you guys want to,check that out you know something you,should do,big thing that im going to tell you,right now something i read that really,stuck out to me,is when theyre doing a trade with,somebody do not let the person convince,you,to put up the item for a dollar,sometimes you know people will be like,oh just post yours for a dollar ill,post mine and then well trade,its not how it works you know if you,post enough for a dollar and the person,selects the buy it now option you have,to sell it to them for a dollar,so dont get tricked into doing that so,you know,me being a multiple sport athlete in,high school i wish i would have known,about this site then,you know they have so many different,sports you know softball basketball,locks you know you golf some other,things they have all the items that,youre possibly looking for if im,looking for,you know,basketball sneakers which i said,basketball see that takes me,sorry for my horrendous typing you know,i can go right into shoes,you know use do you want dead stock you,know for your sneaker heads out there,you know,all about that kind of stuff and you can,search everything by price,i like the price option just because it,really you know,sets it apart from all the other things,you dont have to you know,constantly ill see on everybodys,things people go how much how much how,much,but this you know its very simple of,course as a seller you know when you,post an item,theyre gonna take out a transaction fee,thats really for your safety more than,anything,also as a buyer and if im going to go,buy this akadema prosoft,all right im going to buy it buy it now,im not going to press it,buy it now that is 95 shipped,the seller pays for the shipping which,is really common courtesy,in the glove you know community at least,what im a part of,anything that i sell you know always,includes the shipping price,i put something up for a thing like 100,bucks,means 100 bucks they have some really,cool items on here you know if youre,looking for bats,all different kinds of baseball stuff,this training gloves like 15 bucks i,might actually buy this like right now,not on screen though you know you guys,are still my credit card information or,something,obviously im only joking guys but they,have some really cool stuff on here,overall,overall its a really great website,definitely should check it out,sideline swap.com you know,make an account takes you it literally,took me,less than a minute to make an account,its so simple all you need is a

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