1. Sig Cross: The RE-Review One Year Later (Because I was wrong)
  2. Sig Sauer | Cross Bolt-Action Rifle Review
  3. SIG SAUER CROSS RIFLE SET UP & REVIEW – incl. hunting scenes
  4. I Torture Tested the Sig Cross!
  5. Sig Cross | Does It Live Up To The Hype?
  6. Sig Sauer Cross in 6.5 Creedmoor – Ringer or Disappointment?
  7. Sig Sauer Cross .308 Win | Unique Chassis Hunting Rifle | Precision Bolt Action?

Sig Cross: The RE-Review One Year Later (Because I was wrong)

whats up you guys welcome back to,backfire this is the sig cross i,reviewed it a year ago and it was a very,popular review because its such an,interesting unique gun and were going,to talk about what makes this gun so,unique,but over the last year ive learned a,lot of things about this gun,and ill say two things right off the,bat first of all,this has been my number one most used,rifle over the last year,thats really saying something because i,either own or have owned,most of the production hunting rifles in,existence the second claim ill make,about this gun is this is a legitimate,half inch gun and i dont say that,lightly i know youre going to want,evidence and so ill show it to you,[Music],all right lets jump to the accuracy i,wanted to have some fresh results to,show you guys actually what its,shooting im going gonna show you every,single group that i shot yesterday with,this gun this is in 12 mile an hour wind,at 100 yards at a bench rest,so i shot a barnes lrx and it,did okay a little bit under an inch,kind of a custom ammo is alpha munitions,and it just didnt do very well in this,then i shot some kind of surplus 6.5,creedmoor ammo,and it did not perform very well,and then we started getting into hand,loads,the groups got tiny for some reason i,only shot a two-shot group there must,have lost count but,i shot more hand loads,and even more hand loads,im showing you guys every single group,these are not cherry picked at all,these are just,tiny little groups that this thing is,printing,so on average this is looking at all of,the groups of these hand loads,the average group size was 0.56,inches,0.56 so,half moa is .5235,right so there were four 100ths of an,inch above a half moa gun ill call that,half him away that is incredibly,impressive that is a unicorn ive tested,again just about every production,hunting rifle out there and i can tell,you that is very rare now i know what,some of you are saying wait a minute,some of those groups werent that good,and then we got into the hand loads and,it started doing better,that is what you should know about the,accuracy of this gun i believe its,because of the very short 18 inch barrel,in 6.5 creedmoor or 16 inch barrel with,308 that it becomes ammo picky,because the nodes then are compressed,right and so i i think thats what makes,this gun ammo picky ive read reviews,from several other people that also said,oh you know it didnt like several loads,but then when you get the one it likes,wow its incredibly impressive and,thats what i saw,so the hand loads that ive used if kami,tube would allow me i could just show,you my load recipe but kami tube does,not allow it they think you should not,know anything about guns pretend they,dont exist i digress,those hand loads are not developed for,this gun thats just jims 65 creedmoor,thats just me making essentially,factory ammo just a generic 6.5,creedmoor load and chucking it in here,it happened to just do incredibly well,its just a magic load,for this gun but i havent even done any,load development that i probably could,improve it i also did a very hot barrel,test i mean it would this thing was,steaming off the suppressor and stuff to,see how it handles a hot barrel and man,it just still shoots really well up next,is velocity so velocity is kind of an,awkward thing to talk about when youre,reviewing a rifle,but here its relevant because again,theyve chosen very short barrel lengths,here its going to impact your velocity,so traditionally 65 creedmoor is in a,22 sometimes a 24 inch barrel they have,it here in an 18. i wasnt so sure how,that would actually perform what i have,found is in a hand load again not really,developed for this but a little bit of a,warm hand load im getting velocities of,2688 feet per second with a 143 eldx so,really thats pretty normal for a 65,creedmoor and so if youre hand loading,its really not that big of a deal,youre yes you are losing some velocity,from what you could accomplish but you,can at least push it to the point of,normal 65 creedmoor velocities out of,factory ammo,in general i would say take 125 feet per,second off of what the box says and,youre probably in the ballpark all,right so what is the sig cross and why,is there so much buzz about this gun,it really takes the traditional hunting,rifle and it fixes a lot of problems,first we have an adjustable cheek piece,that you have just this simple lever,right here,that will now this is spring loaded so,you put your put the rifle to where you,can perfectly see through the scope and,then you just,you just swing that lever over and it,locks that in place then it has a length,of pull adjustment,then,it removes one of the biggest problems,with,relatively inexpensive rifles and that,is the fore end so on the fore end of,the stock,we get a lot of problems with bedding,where a rifle is not well bedded and the,barrel makes contact with the stock,differently between shots which can,cause problems with accuracy,other issues that we see in the forend,is when you attach a bipod it can drive,the stock more into barrel than than it,would normally causing more accuracy,issues this just removes that entirely,nothing touches the barrel you can see,the silver barrel in there and just a,hand guard around it kind of like you,would see in an ar,then,the most unique thing about this gun is,some people are seeing this in the gun,store and they think its an ar because,it kind of looks like an ar its not an,ar this is a traditional bolt action,hunting rifle you can see the bolt its,not a semi,um and then you dont see a normal,receiver you know so we have the action,here the receiver is this lower part uh,that connects into the stock well look,its just one big piece right here that,one piece receiver makes up kind of the,body section of this gun and then you,just have the bolt that goes,into it,that solves so many issues and provides,a really solid platform for everything,else attaching to the gun,it uses aics pattern magazines,and theyve done a marvelous job with,feeding that were going to talk about,in a minute,trigger quality so this has a two-stage,trigger i am a sucker for two-stage,trigger i love them,so the first stage youll see just the,take-up ive already checked this gun,for clear,you have that take-up and then you hit a,wall and then the gun breaks,the take-up goes through about one pound,and 10 ounces youll feel that take up,and then,from one pound ten ounces to three,pounds at three pounds is where its,going to break,three pounds might sound a little,heavier than what most people like on a,you know precision rifle,but when you have it in a two stage it,feels really light but it also feels,like you know exactly when the triggers,going to go off,its a plus for me i love the trigger i,wish more manufacturers would embrace,the two stage,cartridge availability is,maybe the biggest con for the sig cross,you got three options you got 308 in a,16 inch barrel you have six five,creedmoor which is what i have here,and very very soon youll have 277 sig,fury which sig developed for a military,contract but is also making commercially,available,when i originally recorded this i forgot,to include this they are actually,working on a long action version of the,cross right now,my question is how is it going to do,with recoil because if you look at this,butt pad we have a very easy small,compression zone which is probably good,for a light 65 creedmoor i cant see,that doing well with a 300 win mag youd,get very little,this looks like its a rubber section,but it feels like thats actually hard,plastic under there,just covered up with a little uh layer,so really its just this thats your,thats your butt pad,i just dont think this would handle a,heavy recoiling cartridge well i hope,they would update that,sig partnered with the born and raised,outdoors youtube channel awesome channel,and they made a custom edition of this,that ive played with one actually at,one of the shows and its awesome has a,long barrel kind of they do

Sig Sauer | Cross Bolt-Action Rifle Review

[Music],[Music],okay guys today we are doing some fun,stuff were out here shooting the new,Sig cross in the 308 so it could be a,good video were going to try to explain,a lot of different things its gonna,take some Q&A that weve done off social,media try to answer some questions that,maybe you guys might have if we do not,get to them all,you can probably email sig and ask them,some questions as well but anyway were,gonna go over this gun today 308 Sig,cross,[Music],[Music],[Music],when I got as my name is Tyler and Im,the new videographer producer for born,and raised from New Jersey here my,brothers living with me here he moved,out here and this is my girlfriend,Melissa and were gonna shoot an awesome,video today with the Sig cross rifle hey,guys you may recognize Tyler he caught,his first steel head with us on the,steal a trip with the hush hush guys,this is brother Austin were gonna get,him behind the trigger today and just,see what that cig cross can do its,gonna be fun day so its awesome we get,to add to the bro family so anyway these,are all our new friends we just met them,actually pretty much today so guys you,guys ready on some fun,[Music],today we just wanted to come out and,shoot it at a hundred yards 500 yards to,kind of show you what this gun although,small and compact it is very accurate,downrange so its a 16 inch barrel with,a folding stock its six and a half,pound gun pretty amazing and this little,cute this little gun here can pack a,punch talk to me,[Music],thats how you shoot a gun were gonna,shoot it at 101 take jump over here,shoot it at 500 lets get started okay,503 yards in route 6,[Music],copy so guys one take cold bore doll,then $100,dialed at 5:03 you guys want to check,these out these are gonna be available,this June so guys this is Austin,hes from New Jersey hes never shot,this rap before in his life the first,time ever pulling this trigger its,gonna be at 503 yards we have a,right-to-left wind its about a four,five inch hold were dialed in Austin,you about ready,weve already dialed the scope two point,seven we made a point one mrad,adjustment just hold off about two,inches to the right of that target just,[Music],first shot 503 yards guys check out the,sig cross theyre gonna be available in,just a couple weeks Austin freakin,awesome stack guys today were here to,talk about 6-hour cross something new,coming to the market weve been lucky to,have our hands on it here for the last,six months,and Ive done a little bit of testing so,were gonna go through some of the,details and what this rifle is all about,so one of the nicest feature about this,bolt-action rifle here is the,lightweight one-piece receiver advantage,there your barrel connects straight into,the receiver you dont have any options,or dont have any issues of where that,barrel would have points of contact in,that forward stock so its a free-flow,two barrel and like said its a straight,barrel to the receiver all machined its,just a really nice sturdy package so Im,probably the last person to be talking,specs specially on something high high,tuned is this but one of my favorite,things about it is because we take a lot,of kids out so they have adjustments for,cheek and for whats it called cutting,link to pull link to pull anyway so you,can adjust this to whatever kid adult,whoever you have coming out with you you,can adjust both of these things and its,super super lightweight its not a its,not a big deal,so with this one piece receiver you have,a free-floating m-lok handguard so you,can quickly attach any attachments that,you want up here with em lock and you,can go to a arca-swiss floorplate if you,want to shoot off a tripod really easy,makes her quick,attachments and attachments for any,accessories that you want to run on that,any of those em lock features so the,cross is available in three calibers,they have the 277 sig fury a 308 those,both have a 16-inch barrel and then in a,6-5 Creedmoor comes in an 18-inch barrel,so one of my favorite features with this,gun is its really short its adjustable,stock you can pull this button right go,ahead could you pull the button in the,stock folds up to an overall length of,22 inches so this guns gonna come scope,ready set up with a Picatinny rail with,simple mounts you can be on the range,and go on and half-hour,alright so barrel twist on this is one,1/8 in the 6.5 its a 1 in 8 and a half,in the 277 and a 1 in 10 twist on the,308 overall weight on this rifle here in,the 308 with 16 inch barrel is 6 and a,half pounds without a scope so its a,super lightweight package for,backcountry hunting so guys this gun,right here – the scope everything that,you see folding stock lightweight anyway,its gonna come in at a price point,about $14.99 super affordable so then,the next level up is gonna be a cipher,actually dipped in cipher it looks,really cool but thats gonna come in at,about 60 99 so super affordable for what,they are definitely yeah so these guns,are shipping in the end of June in the,65 and 308 with full ramp in July and,then the 277 will be in the market in,August,alright so John underscore the,underscore K says how robust is that,super adjustable stock do you think it,can withstand a fair amount of abuse,will there be aftermarket stock options,well John I was able to use this on a,hunt in Colorado last year on an elk,hunt and actually to pack the thing out,we killed it at 12,000 vertical feet we,had to pack it down a cliff fell a,couple of times packing the meat but,what we did was on my pack well try to,show a picture packing out the bowl we,actually strap the bowl to part of the,rifle to keep it stable across to hold,it instead of a limb we used this rifle,after that hunt it was still accurate on,target so yeah its all machined,aluminum how that is so when it locks in,it locks in and,when it locks in the forward position,also locks folded so just a simple hey,John its pretty tough were just fine,to VTR 308 which is the caliber that we,were shooting asks are they going to be,doing a BDX combo set with the cross yep,to my knowledge were going to be coming,out with a sierra BDX paired with that,scope from the factory set up ready to,go so that some people asked about the,bdx system legally in a fair amount of,states for big-game hunting we got to,use it in Colorado and Wyoming last year,its a pretty invaluable system where it,syncs the from the app you bond your,scope and rangefinder and you get,automatic holdover with it so its a,pretty neat system here in Oregon,unfortunately we cant use that so we,run the whiskey 5 scope on it and it it,doesnt have the pairing ability but,gives you the manual adjustment for mrad,or MOA and their Jessamine scope Hall,underscore Luke double O 1 says how does,it compete with the regular hanging,rifle and weight and overall comfort in,a pack for a full day yeah so six and a,half pounds its a lightweight,comparable setup to most hunting rifles,out there super compact because the,foldability yeah so I would say its,better than that well show it in a,sling position as well how you can,attach a sling and the one thing that I,found it was a pretty comfortable,actually very usable hunting sling where,you carried it forward on you and it was,you had hands-free still retained it,really well but then when it was able to,get into shooting position really well,so its its interesting as when you,first see this you just think of like,tactical gun and its not a traditional,hunting rifle that designed but with the,ability to use the precision base with,the one-piece receiver and everything,its a really neat hunting setup yeah if,you can get past the look of correct,this part right here the functionality,of it is amazing for hunting we found,its yeah its amazing,mr. Matt Busch says which caliber did,you guys use on the bear hunts and the,release date please so yeah we we hunt,with 308 this year so if you go back to,some of our elk stuff from this last,season I was hunting with the 6.5,Creedmoor and we actually

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SIG SAUER CROSS RIFLE SET UP & REVIEW – incl. hunting scenes

[Music],thank you,in this video we will focus on one of,our new hunting rifles the six hour,cross,and for you guys who havent seen our,channel before we produce videos about,hunting and hunting equipment so I,suggest you click the Subscribe button,and hit the notification Bell so you,dont miss out on any of our upcoming,videos,foreign,[Music],[Music],the normal talking head review of the,equipment we have made also some hunting,scenes to illustrate how we use the,rifle setup and the other equipment I,hope you enjoy,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,you can see that the bullets have hit,a little bit High,but I think I misjudged the distance a,little bit so I held up a little bit too,much,but its no problem its within,uh,right area anyway so thats good and we,are lucky here that we dont have the,Dragon for too far because we can drive,down here with the car,so thats nice I think its a nice size,there to take home for the freezer as,well,uh to have some meat at home,so now I think well go back and,uh,go to the car,today we have had a totally wonderful,morning out here,stalking a fellow there and I have been,very lucky to shoot this uh,back,its not that often I have a possibility,to shoot one of these,on a wonderful morning stalk in the Sun,uh there is a lot of you guys who asked,me on Instagram and YouTube about my new,rifle for this year so I,thought I should take the opportunity to,tell you a little bit about the,equipment I used for this talk,and uh,this rifle I have is a Sig sour cross,fixed stock and what it means it has a,fixed dock is that,on the standard version you can fold the,stock,here but in Sweden we dont get any,licenses on the rifle with the folded,stock,so we need to have it fixed when we get,the license however this little funny,you can probably,mount,the folding mechanism afterwards and,its still legal but you dont get the,license from scratch with it its a,little strange so we will see however,this is the kind of rifle I have never,used is the,kind of a chassis style rifle and this,is,very seldom seen in on the Swedish,Market were not allowed to have rifles,that are similar to by the looks to,military rifles so this I have a quite a,lot of struggle to get it through but,after a while I got the hunting license,for it and my Impressions after Ive,hunted with this now for almost one,season,shooting uh maybe eight or ten deer,fellow there on Roblox is that I really,like it,especially I like the balance it puts,the most of the weight right between the,hands where you want it and because of,the hand guard I can get,a very very good grip far out and get,very very steady shots standing up,without the rest,and there is also a lot of,adjustment I can make I can make,adjustments to the length of the stock,to the height of the comb here and also,I can change,the height of the button or what is,called,when it comes to the rifle,this is a caliber 6.5 Creedmoor and its,also first time for me using that,caliber and so far Ive been lucky to,have only one shot one kills with very,very short distances for them running,after the shot I use the Hornady eldx,bullet and so far Im very happy,this guy here went yeah maybe 10-15,meters after a shot,and just fell down,I can actually see the bullet is right,on the skin here,was little quartering towards me when I,shot on rifle I have a stall on silencer,and uh at least I am happy to try out,together with Stalin because,they dont have normally in the range,a version of their silencer that is so,short so it fits between the end of the,hand guard and the muscle here on the,front of the handguard I have a mounting,point for my Spartan bipod and after,that I have a mounting point for my,gunsling and this is a quick system that,comes with the,with the rifle and uh on the,stock I have a mounting Point here,the magazine,is a standard magazine this is a Magpul,and there is easy to get more magazine,or different types of magazine if you,want that the safety of the rifle,is a standard thumbs safety,and I think this is very easy to operate,I can operate it from either side of the,rifle,the only thing I,would like to have is maybe a little red,on the red or white dot to emphasize,when the rifle is,safe or not safe that would be very very,good that is all all about the rifle and,uh,I really like it for a stalk when youre,moving a lot because its pretty,lightweight it easy to carry and so far,Im very happy with the accuracy of the,rifle,and when it comes to the other equipment,on the rifle,I have a tridicon echo point,rifle scope,this is the 2.5 to 10 times 56. and I,like it a lot because it have a very,good light transmission so and,and also because there is no Parallax,adjustment on it its very easy to get,pretty sharp of course if I have a,parallax I can get it really sharp on,every distances but most of the hunting,Im doing is between,20 to 150 maybe 200 meters and when it,comes to very fast shots especially when,its little dusk or Dawn it can be a,little tricky to find the spot where,its sharp this is uh pretty sharp on uh,about 100 meters and its totally enough,for all other ranges and for you guys,who doesnt know anything about it,really can accupoint I can say that I,have hunted with this now for almost 20,years and Im super super happy with it,because they are really rough and tough,and they can take a lot of beating and,they had an illuminated reticle but they,have no batteries and how it works is,that you have a fiber thread here and,when the light hits it it transmits the,light to the reticle so it illuminates,and I can adjust the strengths and the,illumination by closing off,the fiber thread like this,and this is really good because I dont,have to adjust it with the plus or minus,or something that I turn a knob or,something when you do with normal,battery,um,illumination,here I can illuminate it to the level I,really like if I Stoke inside the woods,its perfect but when I come out on this,open area here and the Sun is harder I,want the illumination to be a little,stronger but I dont need to adjust it,because of course that will come in more,light also here see it by itself is a,illuminated a little stronger so I just,adjust this once and I have it there for,every time,and what happens when its dark when I,talk in the middle of the night there is,no sunlight coming in here there is a,little um,tritium capsule inside here that,illuminates reticle with a little,totally safe radioactive substance same,kind of things that are in watches and,so on so it really really glows very,very uh,very very,little,the reticle I use also I need to say a,few words about because its Unique to,tridicon this is a back reticle its a,like a triangle,and its in the color amber thats so it,its really really easy for the eye to,look on and I really like this reticle,because when I want to aim with very,high accuracy I can shoot on the top of,this triangle and that there is nothing,that covers the target at all because as,I see it you can shoot with more,accuracy on than on the top of a point,but when I get close up and its very,fast like driven hunt or when I go up to,there when its very close I can shoot,with the whole reticle I said Red Dot or,an Amber dot in this case so I can be,very very fast and still accurate I,really like that reticle,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],Im gonna,[Applause],go,foreign,yeah Ive shot at the park here,the forest after shot that I can clearly,hear,branches and stuff break,if I should get,the dough she was running out of the,field and standing down there now,see for some blood,well we have now waited at 20 minutes,approximately after I shot so we will go,up and see if we cant find some blood,here we have some good sign here,this is clearly long blood,thats pretty much,all over the place so um,this is clearly long blood its very,bright,so now weve just found out in,what direction,I think it should be here,yes,a very clear trail of blood,and I real

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I Torture Tested the Sig Cross!


this is the sick cross and this is the,sick cross torture test,[Applause],but first we actually have to unbox it,and then were going to put five shot,group out there before and after the,torture test and were gonna see does,the group widen up or does it stay the,same this is what it comes in the stock,folds so its already a super small,piece this one is the 308 version the,barrel is 16 inches comes with a five,round mag and what were going to do is,were going to fire five shots were,going bees in this right here this is,the Remington core lock tip were not,looking for accuracy were looking for,precision were just going for the group,from what I know with the correct ammo,this is easily a sub in my way gun,thank you,[Applause],lets go check out that five shot group,and that we will have something to,compare it to after the torture test all,right so those five shot groups was,right here not terrible honestly these,two were a little wacky so well just go,ahead and say,thats that and then theres that this,is before thats before the torture test,now lets torture test it one of my,favorite features,we didnt even hit the barrel it has a,free-floating m-lock rail so youre,hiking up youre you hit it on a rock,something youre not beating your Barrel,youre just hitting the M lock Rail and,its not even touching the barrel Ive,already put a pretty good dent in this,one really can you see that yep I mean I,put a dent in the M lock but once again,thats not the barrel I bet even if we,had the scope on it it wouldnt even be,messed up at all Sig did send this out,to me because theyre confident its,gonna pass and honestly I am too,and uh,yeah theres no bullets in it so if it,goes off,thats a mystery beats me,I can see right now the Stocks a little,more wobbly than it was a second ago,wonder why this is hurting me to watch,Once you lock it back it locks pretty,solid so,still bolts still Cycles really good the,drop test the drop test isnt doing,nothing to it I mean I say we take it up,somewhere higher this is the sick cross,and this is the sick cross torture test,this is actually the third time,then we threw it off the cliff the first,time the gun wasnt in frame,and the second time Ethan just forgot,the pressure cord,there hows it look well,theres a spider on it a little bit of a,barrel obstruction Sid Ross looks pretty,good though the action still works the,Stocks still pretty sturdy when its,folded its actually tightened up a,little bit thats nice,and then yeah we do have a lot of stuff,in the barrel and we have a lot of stuff,right here in the M lock which makes it,no longer free floating but honestly if,you cleared out the barrel,this thing would still shoot now lets,take it down to a pond well do a water,test and well maybe clean off the mud a,little bit all right guys so were,actually going to clean off the gun its,looking really muddy so it really needs,good little cleaning out here Im going,to use this random stick to try to clear,out the barrel honestly I dont know if,the pond is a torture test or if its,actually just helping the gun,I definitely got to clear out all of,this stuff which stops the barrel from,being a free-floating barrel and then I,also definitely have to clear out the,actual Barrel itself,there we go about got that,yep no obstruction in there nope its,completely clean,there we go shes locked in there and,shes,honestly probably ready to just shoot,straight up right now,and now its time for the most,destructive test of all the UPS Holiday,Helper test,foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],package delivered I mean it meets UPS,ground standards,foreign,keyword almost on this gun is literally,metal most of the butt stocks metal dude,hows the magma oh the mag I forgot to,take the mag out there the mags a 15,bucks,its still burning yeah I dont know,what to do about that one,the gravels are boiling,I still think its going to shoot Sub in,my way I might be crazy but I dont know,how much could actually have gone wrong,both still works fine Im curious about,the mag I meant to uh take the mag out,the grip is a lot different than it used,to be the butt Stocks still warm which,that is rubber and theres a now a,gravel welded to it,um the chickpeas is gone will the,trigger work oh its a good idea oh yeah,its good,just needs cleaned a little bit,guys were literally doing Sig cross,first stage right now were not taking,it to the basement were taking it,outside to the shooting range were,gonna make this thing hit now I do have,the new kg gun map we finally came out,with these and were selling them now if,you want to check them out theyre the,first looking description on Kindle gray,one or contact shop it just needs a few,things to make me shoot it easier for,this piece heres what I want to do,literally just wrap a piece of cardboard,around it,and then secure it in place with some,tests,at this point we really just need,something to put up against my shoulder,thats not gonna,stick to my shoulder now we got to,figure out this cheek piece just fold it,over a bunch of time and wrap her around,I think thats the plan something like,this now Im not going to have an,adjustable cheek piece anymore but at,least I will have a Sig cross,now I have a cheek piece I can get a,good cheek weld on that and honestly,were pretty close to being in good,shape now the only thing we really need,to fix is uh the grip you know Im,actually going to take this grip Im,just going to wrap it up put one in the,mag well see if it functions mag still,loads at least one so here we go,oh the safety might be welded on fire,but,shes here to the Jacks good lets load,her up a five and see what we can do the,safety is welded shut all right were,loading on this scope once again were,not going for direct accuracy were not,trying to hit the middle of the target,were just shooting five to see what,that what our five shot group looks like,Im curious to see if this mag will load,off off yeah I am too normally it holds,five right now I dont know it holds one,holds two this ones right in the middle,of fire and the bottom is messed up,three,four theres five maybe that says,something about mags too this is a,Magpul mag I think thats insane here we,go you ready yep theres not much to,hold on to here we go,find my best,up the the stock is wiggled I didnt,notice that earlier,foreign,lets go check her out not bad all right,here we are lucky there boys this is the,before this is the after the the five,shot group actually got tighter which,you know could have just been me aiming,a little bit more theres the top three,top three still subbing my way what this,tells us the gun is just as accurate as,it was before after we dropped it on the,ground threw it off the cliff three,times dunked it down in the water done,the seasonal worker UPS ground test,which is no easy feat and then burned it,with a flamethrower thats the basic,Walmart ammo that you can pick up,literally anywhere I think our next,video is trying to figure out how can we,restore this thing to be even better,than it was when it started click over,here if you dont see this torture test,a Glock 19 or out over here for whenever,we torture tested the cheapest AR-15 you,can buy on the internet,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Sig Cross | Does It Live Up To The Hype?

[Applause],oh this one right,[Applause],you guys are about to witness something,pretty unique something you dont see on,youtube very often,you are about to witness a completely,unbiased review,of a firearm,i bought this firearm with my own money,that i earned at my real job,that i go to every weekday and some,weekends even though i try desperately,to avoid it,i bought it from my local gun shop in,nichols outfitters theyre pretty,awesome,if you live in the central alabama area,you should go check them out,there are no strings attached i dont,owe anyone anything,were gonna talk about the good the bad,and the ugly and were even gonna tell,you how it stacks up against the cue fix,so sit back relax and lets talk about,the sid cross,the sig cross comes with an impressive,list of features that would appeal to,the modern hunter or bolt rifle,enthusiast,first of which is the extreme,lightweight the cross,naked weighs in at 6.8 pounds for this,18 inch 6.5 creedmoor like i have,the 16 inch 308 guns will be only six,and a half pounds,[Music],thats extremely light and something you,could easily hike through the woods with,all day and barely notice with,lightweight accessories you can keep,that total system weight down as well,i have my whole package weighing in at,only 10 pounds 11 ounces,and ill have more about the accessories,that im using at the end of the video,you could also easily equip it to be,even lighter but i am pretty happy with,the setup that i have going,one of the ways that sig gets that,lightweight is through a one-piece,receiver,so this isnt a barreled action and a,chassis like youd have on many,remington 700 style guns,everything is kind of one piece and,accessories and options attached to that,one piece the receiver,it would also appear that the receiver,is cast which can save weight and,cost and done correctly it can be a very,good thing,the barrel features the sig taper and,this is the ultimate barrel for mating,with a suppressor,the taper at the end of the barrel will,ensure concentricity and alignment with,suppressors,that have the same taper in the back,those suppressors include the sig cans,the cgs hyperions,and the q nelson series,i really love this type barrel and wish,more companies made barrels like this,and more suppressors use the taper in,the back of their cans,sig also includes an adapter with the,cross that will allow the attachment of,normal 90 degree shoulder cans,so youre good either way,[Music],okay were going to start talking about,features built into the rifle that parts,arent necessarily available for yet,it is of course wonderful that sig is,forward thinking on these fronts,however i will also say that ive bought,sig guns in the past,and these accessories may not be,available for some time,well just have to see but the rifle is,engineered to accept them and thats,cool,the barrel is swappable apparently at,some point you will be able to buy,alternate barrels and change the length,or the caliber,there is a nut underneath the handguard,that can take out the barrel and in a,somewhat similar fashion to the savage,barrel nut system,just screwing in the barrel will set the,headspace and you should be good to go,the bolt handle is a great size and very,usable i actually think that is just,about the perfect size,also engineered to be easily changed out,to different sizes in the future,the bolt throw is also only 60 degrees,instead of the more typical 90 degrees,you see from remington 700s and similar,bolt guns,this makes the action a little faster,and keeps the bolt handle away from any,optics that you may have mounted,the base that the scope sits on is also,designed to be swapped out so you can go,from a flat to a 20 moa elevated,shorter or longer very cool and very,forward thinking,the grip is a standard ar-15 grip so,that can be changed to anything that you,like,better theres a free-floated m-lok,handguard that can also be changed out,although this one really seems to be,pretty good to me theres also a,two-stage adjustable trigger that can,range from two to four pounds,and mine is pulling right at two pounds,right out of the box,the stock is very good its fully,adjustable for rise and length of pull,as well as placement on your shoulder it,is foldable and locks up rock solid,we never got any feeling of lack of,stability while shooting,which can be a concern anytime you have,a folding stock especially on something,that is considered to be a precision,type rifle,[Music],when folded the stock also locks the,bolt into place so if youre putting it,into a backpack or something along those,lines,theres an extra level of safety there,the one thing im not super crazy about,is the hinge is kind of odd,to fold the stock you have to push down,on this button while pulling up on the,stock,its a somewhat unnatural movement and,just seems like it could have been,slightly better,not a huge deal but you should also know,if youre looking at one,i will say to deploy the stock all you,have to do is push the button,which will make it quicker to action if,it is in a pack or something like that,shooting the cross is extremely,enjoyable the action is just perfect and,the size of the bolt handle is great,now i know that you may be thinking that,it should be easy to make a bolt action,that is smooth but trust me ive shot,plenty that are not,[Music],the action never feels too loose or too,tight its just perfect,it always picks up a round from the mag,and again a bolt action that doesnt,always pick up,the next round from a magazine is a real,thing too the mags are interesting,some places listed as an aics magazine,and other places listed as a cross,magazine,what it appears to be is a magpul aics,shell with the unique to sig follower,the follower has a partial feed ramp in,the front ensuring proper feeding,the cross always fed 100 of the time,from this magazine,we did try a little bit with the normal,aics magazine and it appeared to work,just fine too,but i actually think this cross follower,could help a bunch of other bolt guns,feed more reliably,and you can get these magazines from the,sig store,[Music],the cross is also extremely accurate,its easily a sub moa gun,and in the right hands with the right,load it could potentially be a half,moa gun,[Music],i know this isnt going to be a ton of,variety but theres this whole ammo,thing going on,this first group is with reloads that,are meant to mimic 147 grain hornady,match,[Music],[Applause],[Music],and this group here is really a 147,grain hornady match,would love to give you all some more,variety but just a sign of the times,we also didnt have any issues at all,taking this 18-inch six-five creedmoor,all the way out to a thousand yards,[Applause],right edge,[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],you see that one song,[Applause],okay i know the big question on,everyones mind is how does it compare,to the q,fix while it is very close in my opinion,the sig cross is not,quite as good as the q fix because of a,few,key features but heres the thing,sig has built an exceptional rifle for,roughly half the price of the fix,now thats based on msrp of course the,current gun market is absolutely crazy,and i couldnt keep up with what either,of these guns are currently going for,if you want nothing but the absolute,best and money isnt an issue,get the fix it has several features that,are better than the cross,however if you want an absolutely,exceptional rifle that is accurate,and just missing a few of the top tier,bells and whistles,the cross will fit that bill and do a,great job,[Music],think of it like this the fix is like a,ferrari while the cross is more like a,corvette,both are really good both essentially do,the same thing,just the corvette is a little more,attainable,and i know many of you have seen the nut,and fancy video that triggered the,recall,of the initial cross rifles while that,is unfortunate,i tried and tried to duplicate that,malfunction and could not,i really cant say anythin

Sig Sauer Cross in 6.5 Creedmoor – Ringer or Disappointment?

[Music],hey guys welcome back so today were out,at the range with,a sig cross bolt action rifle this ones,chambered in six five creedmoor,it came into copper custom as a new,rifle we snatched it brought it out here,to do some shooting with it because,weve had a lot of requests to comment,about this particular rifle,what is this rifle intended for well,its intended for precision shooting and,back country hunting why is it back,country hunting,thats because the gun is relatively,lightweight for your average bolt action,rifle,but before we get into the meat and,potatoes of todays video folks if you,enjoy the content that we produce here,on the military arms channel please just,take a brief moment,to like share and subscribe to the,channel and also comment down below we,enjoy reading those comments we try to,respond when we can,and it really helps us out with the,algorithms with all that being said,lets get started with todays video and,take a closer look,at this rather interesting rifle,have you guys heard of primaryarms.com,you may not know this but theyre the,one of the largest,online retailers out there they have an,amazing selection of everything from,firearms all the way to accessories,optics slings,cleaning kits anything you can think of,ammunition,they sell it at primaryarms.com they,have really good prices ive shopped,with them for many years and even in,times like this when its kind of hard,to find things they generally have a,pretty good stock,theres no membership fees and theyre,helping to support us here at the,military arms channel so when we need,things,for video production theyre going to,help us out in that regard which helps,us to make content for you and all i ask,is you guys swing by and check out,primaryarms.com,the features of the sig cross are a,little bit different now theres another,rifle on the market called the q,fix and well talk about it in a future,video i have a 65 and a 308,q fix that ive been tinkering around,with now for about a year,theres definitely a video due on that,rifle but we had a quick chance to grab,this rifle from copper to do some quick,shooting with it,and for the last few days weve been,able to kind of wring it out and get an,idea of what its capable of,but before we get into the accuracy,lets talk about the rifle itself and,some of the features that it has,now chassis rifles are all the rage prs,is a very popular sport,and also people are looking for modern,lightweight bolt action rifles for,hunting not just for competition,shooting,and people are also looking at rifles,like this for long-range precision,take my delta 5 pro one of my favorite,rifles but that is a chassis rifle,its capable of extreme precision 65,creedmoor,but lets start from the rear of the,rifle and kind of work our way forward,and talk about the features of the sig,cross,back here we have our butt pad this butt,pad is adjustable as is the cheek riser,but you just push a button here and you,can slide the butt pad,up and down to the desired height so you,can get it right in the pocket of your,shoulder depending on what type of,shooting you do standing up,from the prone position from the sitting,position whatever you can move this very,quickly,to get it right into that pocket of your,shoulder also,on the stock you have an adjustable,cheek comb,riser now this ones easily adjustable,you have a button right here by my index,finger,and when you push that button in it,releases this throw lever which you push,down,and now its under spring pressure so,its going to want to shoot up to its,full,extension you just kind of push it down,to about where you want it,rotate this locking lever back,underneath this locking tab,and now youve set your cheek riser,height,you can also adjust the length of pull,of the stock very simply by,where is that little thing its right,here you just unscrew this and then you,can slide,and it clicks this to whatever position,you want it to,to adjust that length of pull tighten,that back down and it wont move when,you fire the rifle,so its a very lightweight skeletonized,aluminum stock,have a folding stock capability to fold,the stock,you have a button here on top and you,push on that button,lift up on the stock and it will fold to,the side of the rifle youll notice the,bolt handle goes right through the,skeletonized stock,its a very positive locking stock it,got a push-up button to release it so,when it locks up,theres no play in the stock whatsoever,so thats definitely a good feature ive,seen some stocks like this that wobble a,little bit once theyre,in their extended position moving,forward we have a standard ar15 type,pistol grip here we have an ar15 type,selector were going to come back and,talk about this selector,but theres an ar-15 tile style ambi,selector lever,moving forward we have an adjustable,trigger,this trigger can be adjusted by a simple,screw,and thats just underneath the receiver,here and you can get at it through the,hole thats cut through the trigger,guard here,and you can adjust it from two and a,half pounds all the way up to four,pounds and it is a two-stage trigger so,you can adjust it,to your preference some folks like,heavier triggers other folks like,really light triggers and 2.5 pounds is,fairly light,now we have a 60 degree throw bolt so,theres your,bolt in its up most position,and theres the throw goes back and uh,and locks into place to take the bolt,out of the gun you have to fold the,stock,to the side theres a little button,right here underneath the picatinny rail,the scopes mounted to its a little,lever,you push on that open your bolt up and,draw it out to the rear,you cannot do this with the stock in the,fully extended position,has a three lug bolt with a simple,claw extractor and a plunger much like,an ar-15 type ejector,this head is removable so thats part of,the caliber change capabilities of the,gun,replace the bolt head you can go from,65 creedmoor to 308 winchester or to,277 fury,in terms of calibers to put it back in,line it up,push that tab back in and your bolt goes,back home,the guns not chassis gun the gun the,the entire receiver is one piece,of machined aluminum so its not an,action setting into an aluminum chassis,its a one,huge chunk of aluminum machined into a,single unit,now on top of it we have a 1913 rail,that is user replaceable they have a,zero moa,and a 20 moa base that you can put on,there so if youre going to shoot really,really long range with this rifle,youll want to put a 20 moa base on it,so that you have enough,enough adjustment in your scope to get,out to those distances to a thousand,yards and beyond,moving forward we have a simple jam nut,thats holding,the barrel in place the jam nut is user,serviceable so,again you can take the barrel off very,easily yourself and change calibers to,one of the three calibers i just,mentioned the aluminum handguard,is m lock compatible as you can see them,lock around,12 and 3 9 and 6 oclock positions,very minimalistic this rifle has an 18,inch stainless steel barrel,has a one and eight twist in that barrel,they dont give any more information on,the sig website about it,on the end of the barrel we have a 5 8,by 24 thread,today were running it with an oss,silencer but we did shoot some groups,without the can,on just to see what the differences were,the gun also makes use of,aics magazines you have a magazine,released just inside the trigger guard,you push forward on that,and the magazine drops out i believe the,aics magazine,is probably the best precision rifle,magazine on the market its a single,stack,so you get consistent feeding this is a,five rounder but you can also get 10,rounders,so those are the basic features of the,sig cross rifle,the msrp on this thing well im not sure,what the msrp is but i found it,online for around 1599. so about 1600,bucks of course that is not going to,include the optic and scope,and its definitely not going to include,a suppressor youre just going to get,the base rifle with a single magazine,ow

Sig Sauer Cross .308 Win | Unique Chassis Hunting Rifle | Precision Bolt Action?

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],whats up guys im back and today were,gonna be discussing that something,thats been featured on my instagram,page for,a couple weeks now it,i wouldnt call it a long-term review,but i got everything out of it that i,need to to,discuss it,um,but before you do that some housekeeping,notes the usual stuff make sure to,follow me on instagram at mad max guns,if you want to support the channel a,little more patreon.com max guns uh,check out the link in the description,below for big daddy unlimited if you,dont know what it is its an online,superstore behind a paywall so they can,sell gun stuff super cheap first months,uh 99 cents i believe and its like five,and change a month after that if you buy,a bunch of gun stuff on a regular basis,its worth checking out if not,it might not be its up to you but,um whats 99 cents you can find that on,the ground check it out,um,got all that out of the way in record,speed,now were here to talk about what you,probably i would assume have seen,based on you clicking on this video,unless you just like my face that much,which i highly doubt we got a sig,cross here,chambered in 308,so,um if youve been following me for any,amount of time in the past year or two,you will have known that i have,transitioned more into the bolt action,scene of things,and,i really like 308 i wrote a couple,articles on it for the mbt blog uh check,that out if you havent already um the,whole blogging channel full of great,information but i wrote an article about,how 308 still relevant in 2022 it might,have been 2021 when i wrote it i dont,remember,either way,a big 308 guy i enjoy shooting it,loading it um,bolt action gas guns,what what have you um,and this sig really has piqued my,interest for a long time,uh really especially when a buddy of,mine,from instagram paul who i bought this,from,uh i dont know if you want it or bought,it or whatever but he hit me up asked me,if i knew anybody wanted to dm me so,bought it,um,doesnt really fit,in what i do and ill get into that,momentarily,but,it is a very neat rifle um,lets knock out some features on it real,quick,um going front to back you got this nice,skeletonized folding,folding,stock here in this chassis,the action is a one piece aluminum its,like an upper lower,combo from an ar stuffed into a bolt,action,um weapon is clear by the way,throw that out there,but,its pretty neat its its a very,original unique,nobody else does it the handguard which,is also unique on here,just bolts right onto that and im just,i have not taken it apart i dont plan,on it um,but,well get there when we get there it,comes with a nice sig like ar style grip,the safety here is ambidextrous like an,ar safety the trigger is a beautiful,two stage its like a like a two pound,overall trigger,like a one pound,take up to a distinct wall,[Music],and a nice crisp break,um,im a big fan of it,however on both guns ive really moved,more towards,um,single stage triggers,nice light chris single stage trigger,but theres a,place for that on this rifle which ill,get to once youre done going over this,stuff,it comes with a rail already attached,theres a couple different rail options,they have full length rails for so you,can clip on night vision,stuff,this is the zero moa rail theres also a,20 moa rail,nice,60 degree bolt throw,quick and if you can see here,how the bolt kind of comes down and out,its very,um,intuitive i guess the word would be but,easy to use natural feeling,but,pop that out real quick,in order to take the bolt out you gotta,fold the stock theres a little button,here in the top of the action,that slides right out you got uh three,lugs,and like an m16 style extractor,overall pretty unique looking bolt some,fluting and stuff in there,but,its a bolt action bolt is really what,it comes down to,slide it back in,[Music],there,but yeah so you got the 60 degree bolt,real nice,it comes with the five round magpul aics,mag but it has a proprietary sig,follower in it,uh i believe you can buy those,aftermarket and use them in your own,aics mags,and but,other aics mags do work in there,but im sure theres a reason they have,a proprietary follower,but i dont know what that reason is,but theres like this little lip here if,you can see it,might help with the feeding or something,but other aics mags have worked,perfectly fine um up on top here we got,a primary arm 6 to 30,platinum series the plx series,um,with the mil dot reticle it doesnt,really fit on this rifle,in the,how the rifle should be used,which again ill get to in a minute,but,great scope if you um,think primary arms is strictly a budget,scope company think again the platinum,series and the gold series are fantastic,even the,the slx series the silver series,um for what youre paying youre getting,some good stuff but moving forward you,got like a nice ar light uh hand guard,mlok all around the barrel here,is um,its not a heavy barrel by amys but,its also not like a pencil barrel,its probably like a number,six or five profile,but,its a nice light barrel and ill get to,why thats good,up front here it comes with a its just,a threaded muzzle,with a thread protector theres some,nice knurling on the end here,if you can see that i have an mdt elite,muzzle brakes in up here,just because,but it also has this little washer here,that covers the taper that is there,specifically for,sig cans,um,and now well get into that part this,for this rifle,you probably should be running it with a,can it would fit right at home its nice,compa compact package but this rifle i,see,as mostly a hunting rifle like a,backpack rifle or if you want to get,crazy it could be like a truck gun if,you think youre gonna have to pop,something,at some,distance,but,a lot of people will confuse us for an,ar but thats neither here nor there i,find this,right at home as a nice little hunting,rifle,the stock here,is fully adjustable forgot to talk about,that,this is spring-loaded so you just put,your hand here,head here,find the right height and then you lock,this little handle in place,and youre good same thing with this,adjustable length to pull which is nice,but lets get back on track this i see,as a hunting rifle im not much of a,hunter not because i dont want to i,just,dont,do it,never really have did some duck hunting,some boar hunting and such went deer,hunting once but i dont like freezing,my ass off for hours at a time,uh i did enough of that,but,that is why i would say that,this optic doesnt fit at home this,should have a nice light hunting scope,not this big,fulfill,precision long range scope,but,its what i had so its on here but,this this you could this would be right,at home hunting in almost any situation,in my eyes uh ive i took it out to 1100,believe it or not um,i think i me i made an impact on my,fourth attempt the wind was kind of nuts,i wish i had video of it but i dont,um,the wind was insane,made three impacts in a row after,i have some video of me actually,shooting but you cant hear the impacts,because how big the wind was,um i dont have any target footage so,uh i guess youre just going to take my,word for it but,im pretty high,there it is there it is theres a hit,its shaking like a [ __ ],that was a thousand,seven hundred,with the little one but the little one,[Applause],thats another one,dont matter the size thats how you use,it exactly,theres another swinger,im good with this,got it huh,i did make three impacts in a row out to,1100 using federal,175 sierra match kings gold medal match,whatever you want to call it,i have shot some burger 185 jugs through,it,and,if were shooting four shot groups,it would be a three-quarter minute gun,give or take but,every time i shot a five shot group,there was one flyer i will get the,targets and see if we can see this is,the only target that i had laying around,that i could find up here,is the sierra match king the federal,factory loadings uh its right around an,inch um,but you got two rounds here two rounds,like three rounds group nice down here,th

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