1. Sig Sauer P320 X Compact 1000 Round Review: Is It Right For You?
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  3. 3 Things I Really Dont Like About the Sig P320 M17 & M18
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  7. Sig Sauer P320 X-Compact Review

Sig Sauer P320 X Compact 1000 Round Review: Is It Right For You?

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here and today,were going to be talking about the sig,sauer x compact,before i do that i want to mention my,patient supporters thank you guys very,much because of you guys the channels,still here,cant thank you enough for that because,of that we do exclusive content over on,the patreon page,not only do we do exclusive videos but,we also try to answer all your questions,and we also try,to involve you in the video making,process a little bit a lot of times when,i have top fives top 10 stuff like that,i like to get a little bit of viewer,input and thats where i go to get it,also in that description is a link to a,local youth shelter in ames iowa that i,like to support,those kids can really support now more,than ever now the sig sauer x,compact is a pretty interesting little,upgrade the x series is kind of an,upgrade,from the original design now the x,compact does have the original,modular design of the p320 whereas you,can take the chassis system out and put,it in,any other gun or any other module and,slide combination,which makes it pretty unique overall,which well get into the pros of that a,little bit later,the sig x compact is a nine millimeter,striker fired polymer frame pistol,it has a 3.6 inch barrel making it a,little bit,shorter than the average gun that comes,in the compact line,which helps it out as far as carry goes,it also,only weighs 25 ounces making it one of,the lightest,sig pistols out there traditionally i,think the sig p320,compact line goes around 28 28 ounces or,so theyre a little bit heavier because,of the actual,module inside but this one is running,right around glock 19,size making it very light and very easy,to carry,as far as the upgraded features on the,x-series goes youre gonna see here,first off this gun is kind of dirty,uh we were out shooting it the other day,and uh like i said when i do thousand,run reviews on guns we really do,a thousand rounds,[Music],handles pretty good though,the x series has an upgraded uh grip,module to it which i really like,uh it has a cutout here which makes you,able to get a little bit higher on the,gun the beaver tails cut a little bit,allowing you to get a little bit higher,in the gun,and negate that big old school bus on,top there that they call the bore axis,that they use for striker fired guns on,cigs a straight in,trigger there which helps out a lot,actually i do like that trigger more,than i do something like the,m18 or the standard 320. and the trigger,is pretty nice as well which well get,into in the accuracy portion,serrations on the front of the trigger,guard full picatinny rail,front and rear serrations its got a,plate on the top there for the,sig romeo and the delta point now thats,kind of nice i like that it comes,with a red dot mount and that was pretty,cool a few years ago,however now you got to catch up with all,the cool kids and you got to include,some other plates as well,guns like mechanic guns like the p10 and,glock mos system theyll come with,multiple plates that include,i dont know a trijicon plate or maybe,a bushnell plate or something like that,so,sadly even though it does have an optics,plate it cant take the,standard array of optics that a lot of,other optics already pistols can so,thats kind of a downside,comes with upgraded sights these are the,sig x-ray sights i believe and these are,the same or very similar sites that come,on the m18 that i reviewed a few months,ago,and if you dont remember i dont love,the,outside ears it does make the sights,more durable,however im not in love with the actual,sight picture itself but the upgrade,is that little uh green golf ball you,see at the end there,that huge high def tritium front sight,there,is easy to pick up and overall not a bad,sighting setup if you can get used to it,were at 50 yards here with the sig,compact the x compact,and we got about a 15 mile an hour,crosswind,but that shouldnt be an issue,maybe it will be,the magazine release is extended and is,swappable for ambi controls,the slide release is also ambi so,overall a pretty good gun for,left-handed shooters the texture isnt,bad but isnt real great either nothing,to write home about,i would say its pretty average overall,they dont come with any back straps to,make the gun,larger the sig series doesnt you can go,to their website and pick up a bunch of,different modules however,to set this gun in so instead of coming,equipped with actual backstraps you got,to go to sigs website and,buy a module so thats kind of a,downside however you might find one that,might fit you overall a little bit,better,than a set of back straps would so its,really up to you whether or not thats a,pro or a con,this gun comes with two 15 round,magazines and a,nitron finish which i do consider pretty,excellent,as you can see here theres a little bit,of wear on it but not too much overall,and considering uh the abuse this guns,received it seems to be moving right,along,now what would use the x compact for,well i would personally use it for,concealed carry,if i was looking for a all-around gun,this would be something i would consider,for sure considering the size and weight,its small enough for carry but big,enough to use for a home defense gun,on top of that it does have a light rail,so if you had something like an old,light valkyrie for example that has a,cutie mount to it,you could carry this gun all day fairly,comfortable with no light on it and then,when you got home,you could uh qd snap a light on it,even the tlr series or the x300,all of them you could slide on and slide,off whenever you needed to that way at,night you could have a gun with a weapon,light and during the day,you could carry it a little bit more,comfortable so i think it would flex,into a home defense gun,very well also so if you were looking,for just one gun this would be a really,good size to consider,a little bit too small for a competition,gun though but one of the unique things,about the modularity,of the sig 320 is that you know you,could just pop this out when you wanted,it to you could pop it into a larger,module,and you could throw a five inch slide on,this guy if you were sitting in a state,like california or new york for example,where the wait times can be so bad you,might actually die of old age,it might be beneficial for you just to,buy one gun,and have a bunch of slides and frames,that you can order that make it,uniquely available for a lot of people,in states that couldnt otherwise have,now were getting the reliability of the,pistol and i wish it was a little bit,better but it is what it is,we had two failures in the first hundred,rounds and we had no issues after that,now that seems to be pretty standard,with sig pistols also,and i think the reason for that is is,because unlike companies like,cz they dont break in their pistols,right in the factory so they have you do,it,and usually after the first couple,hundred rounds the pistols get broken in,and overall it runs fairly well and in,that we saw this,also i think that was a similar issue,with the m18 and i dont know if the m17,any problems but ive seen that in,several cigs,and now ive seen it in this one and to,me thats got to be what it is,because after the first shots video,where we had those two failures i didnt,have any issues with,uh pine valley 94 grain frangible we ran,uh fiocchi 115 american eagle 115 and,cellar and belt 124.,we didnt run any carry ammo in this,sorry about that but ammo prices being,what they are,another reason why we could be having,reliability issues with sig pistols,lately,is because of just the quality control,issues that sig is having,over the past few years if you dont,know anything about sig theyve been a,pretty big company for a long time,however in the past few years theyve,blown up considerably,first off they had the p365 which was,i think the most popular gun of the last,five years certainly the most popular,handgun,and really blew up the market and really,increased produ

Sig P320 XCompact Tabletop Review and Field Strip

our patrons asked for more guns in the,mid price range,quality solid guns that arent that,cheap so weve got the sig p320x compact,tabletop review and field strip coming,up next on gb,first off what all comes in the box you,notice the boxes change these guns came,out 2017 or 2018 i want to say,and,things have changed over time the,packaging has changed also that this,comes with two 15 round magazines i saw,earlier reports of three,kind of a bummer that its two but two,is better than one so,i accept that gun came in this baggie,with the chamber flag and the safety tag,hanging on it i removed that because i,of course was already familiarizing,myself with this thing before starting,this video,nothing out we do have our lock,underneath the foam there,and next well take a look at the paper,stack,and stack it is indeed rather thick here,partially because weve got an ad for,sig ammunition for sig lubricant,uh warning about something i dont have,to read it join the nra and a sticker,now on to the manual,as you guys know i take a look at the,manuals because they tell me how much,the company cares about you knowing how,to do things and do them properly and,looking at this thing id say sig is,rather interested,in uh teaching some things and ive,flipped through this thing and i tell,you what it is incredibly complete,they used renderings instead of photos,thats cool because the renderings allow,colorations like this to tell you what,youre supposed to pay attention to but,in it beyond just basic assembly,disassembly in the magazine are torque,specs for mounting optics,taking,the firing pin out going as far as,removing the fire control unit warning,about whats hazardous and what really,isnt about the tritium sites that come,on this thing,all kinds of information very very,in-depth,this is the kind of manual that if you,are absolutely new to pistols will teach,you a lot about your gun so i applaud,sig for that one thing i did not see,however and look into the ammunition is,whether or not its plus p rated,does that matter with,a barely sub 4 inch barrel,i dont know i dont really think it,does theres plenty of ammunition that,performs just fine at some optimal,velocities,but thats not what were here for lets,take a look at the 320 x compact,weve got a 3.6 inch barrel and a 15,round magazine,which might have some of you in 2022,asking,bug ram what about the 365xl did you,just do a bunch of videos on those,yeah yeah i have and the 365 xl is a 3.7,inch barrel and up to 15 rounds capacity,at least at this point,so,slightly more velocity same capacity,smaller gun why not go with that,well some people prefer this compact to,sub compact size,range because it feels better and the,controls,are easier weve shown clear lets take,a look at magazine ejection,definitely kicks it out,even with the slide locked back so the,slide is not impacting that thats,excellent these magazines are witness,windowed at the full,medium,and empty,no individual round count uh which is,unfortunate and its on,the right side of the mag which is great,if youre holding the mag in your left,hand while you load,terrible for,having the mag already in the gun and,wanting to do a quick check of where you,are looks like you have to pull it out,do this get back in and hope you didnt,miss something in the event that you are,participating in,weve got ambidextrous slide lock and,release so well test that it locked and,it releases good job sick,uh its good seeing more companies do,those and have them actually be,functioning the magazine release is also,reversible though that doesnt really,matter,because left-handed people can do what i,do on ambi guns and that is just use,your middle finger,to reach around hit that so all the,controls that you need as a left-handed,shooter are here,taking a look starting at the front of,the gun you can see weve got a nice,little,bevel cut there to make it easier to,holster,odd,resting point of the barrel seeming to,be down from the hole,but it is locked in solid resting on the,bottom and unable to move up,kind of interesting makes me wonder if,they dont use the same slide cut for,a different barrel or different chamber,you know that requires a thicker barrel,that was kind of interesting,we have three slots of pick rail,underneath the bottom here,weve got some texturing on the front of,the trigger guard for those who like to,put a support hand finger there,and the flat trigger is what comes with,the x carries,and x compact models its their x,trigger,some say its lighter and smoother,to take a look at how the trigger works,on this thing,come to a wall,a little bit of creep and breaks at the,vertical position at 90 degrees,reset,takes us back to that wall that we creep,through to break again so still not a,super crisp trigger,but to me has an appropriate weight for,carry an appropriate amount of travel to,be able to get on it and come off or,time a shot well find out more about,that when we hit the range,our controls you can see the,slide stop release is rather exposed not,shielded by anything,but this step here between,the breadth of the actual grip and,the rest of the frame should keep thumbs,out of the way well find out more about,that on the range,one of the things that i believe is,different on these x models is this,slight undercut and relief here for the,middle finger to get good grip,and you can see we also have a slightly,more aggressive texture on it its not,not rough on your skin,just provides a little bit more grip,underneath,not much beveling for,magazine insertion but that doesnt,matter as ive explained a million times,on a double stack single feed magazine,your magazine is your mag well,slide to frame fit which we almost,forgotten front,very tight in the back,some room up front as to be expected,and theres our three dot sights these,are the tritium three dot sights you can,see weve got a nice bright green ring,around the tritium in the front for,daytime brightness,and then rather subtle in the back,which is clean and the right to the gun,weve already seen,next well field strip this thing and,take a look inside and ill explain to,you why,i wanted this gun,the field strip of the 320 is fairly,straightforward and does not require,pulling the trigger which is kind of,nice,lock the slide to the rear which gives,us another chance to make sure its,clear and rotate this lever down,can be a little stiff,with it down release the slide and comes,right off,as i go further in this something you,dont have to do every time,but,leads me to why i wanted this thing is,this fire control unit the concept of,this chassis inside being the firearm to,get that out and this is in the manual,were just going to pull,that release out,you have to kind of rotate it theres,some sweet spots in there,and with that out,the chassis,comes right out of the grip module these,grip modules can be found,as low as forty dollars even less,so if you wanted to swap from compact to,sub compact thats easy to do i paid i,think ten dollars for this at one of the,clearance,websites you can see it doesnt have a,rail and didnt come with a magazine,release so ill have to pick up one of,those,or,keeping with the same size capacity,magazines go to one of these functional,pieces of art from echrist precision,which youve seen our video from,visiting there and some of the other,stuff theyve done this thing just feels,nice double undercut on the trigger,guard,not really intended for it but good,resting spots fingers up there,just a great,feeling piece of aluminum,so anyways,the fcu,when i wrote the magazine article on the,365,build a gun program,i fell in love with this fcu,concept and how easy it is to,change the complete,dynamic of the gun the way the gun,handles and feels all that theres so,much aftermarket that sig has been,supporting,that its uh,catching up to maybe even surpassing,what was out there for glock,but unlike glock,the plastic is not the firearm so you,can try and do whatever you want to one,of these things an

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3 Things I Really Dont Like About the Sig P320 M17 & M18

[Applause],whats up guys this is chris here and,today were going to be doing a pretty,controversial video were going to be,talking about some of the reasons why i,really dont like the armys new handgun,now i know the sig p320 has been very,popular over the last few years,particularly since the military contract,and i know that theres a lot of good,things about the 320 which well go over,quick before i talk about the things i,dont like but i think there isnt,enough people out there being vocal of,some of the drawbacks of the 320 and,maybe some competitive options that do,what the 320 does but do it better,before we get started make sure you,click that subscribe button and click,the notification bell to get notified in,future videos also if you dont agree,with the video and stuff i have to say,after you listen to it make sure to,leave a comment below and tell me what,you actually think i also want to,mention my page supporters thank you,guys very much for supporting the,channel thats the best way to do it if,you want to support the channel just go,to the link in the description below and,also i want to mention a local shelter,in ames i whats the yss i really like,support those guys in every video so,make sure to go on the description click,the link and go to donate and donate a,couple bucks to those kids its a use,shelter they could use your help now,lets talk about,the 320.,the 320 is a revolutionary gun dont get,me wrong im not taking anything away,from the things the 320 is achieved one,of the best things if not the best thing,about the 320 is this modular your,ability to change the gun,one of the issues i have with the 320 is,the fact that you have to change the gun,to actually make it relatively good now,the 320 has a fire control module in the,actual lower part of the firearm which,allows you to get pretty much whatever,frame you want which allowed sig to,cheap it out on the frame that you get,the frame here that the 320 initially,came out with is the same frame or a,similar frame that you get with the m17,which is why im using the m17 which is,the military version of the 320 as an,example this is a very unergonomic grip,it doesnt have a lot of texture it,feels like a broom handle and it feels,like youre literally holding a luger or,something im not really sure why they,went with this particular design but,they did now the good thing about the,320 is that you can fix that by buying,grips for relatively cheap you can,actually fix it by getting a wilson grip,you can fix it by getting one of their,x-line grips or maybe even their,tungsten grips or one of these grips,here or maybe some aftermarket grips as,well and because theyre not the,serialized part they are easier to,change out along with the grip i want to,get into my first real gripe and thats,going to be boraxs and now theres,going to be a lot of sick guys in here,that say borax doesnt matter but it,does if youre taking an intro to,physics class you will know that it does,matter if i hold the gun down here and,the reciprocating mass is up here along,with the explosion that takes place the,higher up that goes the more cars will,drive by,[Music],the higher up that happens the further,and further that gets above my hand the,more flip you are going to experience,now those people will say youre not,going to experience any more recoil and,pulse,well youll perceive more recoil because,of the higher axis that the thing is,reciprocating so if im holding it up,here next to the slide and you can tell,that if youve ever owned something like,an archon type b or a lago arms alien,the recoil impulse in the same nine,millimeter round drastically changes,depending on how high or low it is over,your hand now the 320 series uses a grip,style thats very similar to something,like a 1911 or a cz which is why people,will say that those guns have low recoil,so,bore axis doesnt matter but thats,actually not true because those guns,have two things the 320 doesnt have,first off they have a steel grip and,more weight more weight down here,keeping that flip more minimal the,second thing those guns have is a hammer,right so when the gun is fired it not,only has to defeat the recoil spring but,it has to defeat the 9 to 10 pound 12,pound whatever you have,hammer spring so when the gun comes back,the hammers dragging it slowing it down,along with the recoil spring the other,thing that does is also slow down your,split times because if you have to fire,the gun and get back on target its,going to be slower than it would be if,it was just that sewing machine like an,archon type b or a logo arms alien where,you can just keep the gun on target all,the time and pull the trigger until the,problem goes away,[Music],that was kind of slow,better,now,the issue i have so much with the m17 or,the p320 is that they could have easily,fixed this by using a lower axis design,and now people will say you cant do,that because it has the fire control,module but i would disagree because the,beretta apx is not only a cheaper gun,than the m17 and a more reliable gun,which well get into here in a minute,but it also has a lower bore axis and it,does still retain all the same features,of the fire control module that the 320,does so in my opinion not only is the,bore axis a detriment,but it also can be fixed and on top of,that there are many many striker fire,guns including the archon including the,glock including the m p especially guns,like the cz p10c for example which have,a much lower bore axis and a much lower,perceived recoil which equates to faster,follow-up shots now i know you guys are,going to say the 320 is fast enough,because many people win championships,with it but the reality is most of the,people that won championships with the,320 put on the heavier tungsten grip,because exactly of the bore axis and the,recoil impulse now the second thing i,dont like about the gun is going to be,its reliability its busy not,malfunctioning of course,[Music],theres a failure to feed there,uh-oh,oh thats two in a row,[Music],oh boy,well this is 115 grain cellar and bellit,so i gotta say out of all the guns ive,tried recently i did not think the sig,would have reliability problems,[Music],huh i had a little problem there,well that was fast,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],got another fail,thats not so good,now a lot of people are going to tell me,the military did all this testing and,the police use it and that their gun is,very reliable ive shot thousands of,rounds for my 320 and its very reliable,and youre probably right but the,reality for me at least is that ive had,a lot of these guns and i mean a lot i,review guns for a living so ive had the,m17 the m18 at least five or six,variants of the 320 alone and i can tell,you that overall at least for my data in,my in my shooting which is the only data,that i have to give you i only have a,sample size of just me,i found that these guns are less,reliable than almost all of its peers if,you put a 320 against the cz the cz is,more reliable if you put a 320 against a,glock the glocks more reliable i guess,an m p the m p is more reliable see,where im going with this overall with,all the thousand round reviews weve,done or 2 000 round reviews ive had at,least one to two malfunctions with every,single sig that ive had on the channel,the sig 320 i should say and now before,you guys say i just hate sig youre,absolutely wrong the 226 the 229 and the,p210 were all perfectly reliable on my,channel and i love those guns exactly,for that sadly the 320 is just not a 226,even though it wants to be i just dont,trust it near as much as i trust,something like my m p shield or my glock,19 or many of the guns that have proven,to me over the years theyre gonna work,time and time again with different,ammunition types,the last thing that i want to talk about,that i really dont like is going to be,the drop safe issues and i didnt want,to add that on this list because those,are questionable and those,are sometimes blown out of

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Sig P320 XCompact VS Springfield Hellcat Pro – TheFirearmGuy

this video is sponsored by Euro Optics,their American Sales staff are all,Shooters hunters and outdoorsmen if you,call they actually pick up the phone by,someone who knows their products and,will scare you in the right direction,based on your needs their inventory is,listed in real time so if it shows in,stock then it is in stock they ship all,orders the same day and offer one and,two day delivery commitments check them,out at Euro optic.com,[Applause],[Music],foreign,thanks for checking in today were going,to do a comparison with the Sig p320x,compact versus the Springfield Armory,Hellcat Pro both these handguns,are similar in many ways both have a 3.7,inch barrel,we can see right there slide length,barrel length is the same and both carry,15 rounds theyre both chambered nine,millimeter Striker Fired both are optic,ready and I own both theyre very nice,handguns and Ive enjoyed them the Sig,came out in 2019 this one came out last,summer,I have more experience with the,x-compact but I love the Hellcat Pro so,lets start with the say x compact,p320x compact when this came out this,was the hottest gun in the industry a,lot of people took notice of this youll,notice a longer beaver tail right there,at the grip a little longer than the,Hellcat Pro very nice grip texturing,does it have that indentation there get,three finger contact as I mentioned 15,round mags right no sight holes on the,back side holes on the side and it comes,with an X trigger now the X trigger is a,flat face trigger this breaks right at,five pounds,very nice,trigger Ive never had a complaint with,the X triggers a full pick rail right,there already mentioned optic ready Sig,has the night sights in the rear and the,X-ray three front Dot and this is a,large Dot and I I like that that sticks,out a bit when,when youre at the range and I I really,think that Sig does a nice job with,their night sights it has an,ambidextrous slide stop overall a nice,feeling gun its a bit thicker its a,bit wide you look there 1.3 inches wide,right the grip is a little bit wide but,it has a nice ergonomic feel and at the,range it really performs this this has,been great since day one I understand,why there was so much excitement over it,because people wanted well at the time,they had the X carry which is a larger,Sig P320 model this is a next compact a,little bit shorter as mentioned 3.7 inch,barrel,nice handgun youre looking at in,todays market right around 600 bucks,for this handgun but over here weve got,the Hellcat Pro now when Springfield,came out with this a lot of people were,excited its a larger Hellcat okay in,terms of the grip length and the barrel,youre looking at 3.7 inches other than,that its its a Hellcat that has a very,fine reputation I have several and I,really enjoy the Hellcat line they have,whats called a adaptive grip texturing,Im going to give the grip the overall,feel to the Springfield one of the,reasons why is that if you look at,its a little bit chunkier with the Sig,I dont know if thatll pick up but its,a little bit chunkier with the Sig its,a nice grip I I dont have a problem,with it this is just a little bit,thinner I feel like I have a a stronger,grip on the gun it also has a bit of an,indentation in there both have undercuts,in the trigger guard 15 round mags this,does have the side holes in the back of,the mag I prefer that,but each of the mags are quality theres,no doubt about that instead of a full,pick rail on the Sig this has the two,slot pick ground giving that to the Sig,both have forward serrations the sight,system is a u in the back you can use,that to to Rack it does have a ledge,there you could rack it on a belt on a,boot same with the Sig and a tritium,night sight also a big large dot right,there all right that aligns really nice,Ive become very familiar with this,sight picture and I certainly think its,pretty awesome the trigger is what,Springfield calls a gen 3 trigger I,dont notice a great difference they,shaved off a half a pound okay the,standard Hellcat has a five and a half,pound this has a five pound trigger the,trigger bar safety its also a flat,trigger but when,firing nice crisp break with a reset,right there hard to say which trigger,both perform great I love both triggers,of both flat face triggers,um not really biased toward flat face,triggers I can go with either but I,think both manufacturers did a nice job,it has a side hole indicator right there,as I mentioned optic ready it came with,a hex wasp I took that off I wanted to,go and its smallest configuration the,Hellcat Pro can be picked up for right,around 520 to 550. thats what Im,seeing in todays current market youre,looking at 600 here 50 60 bucks a little,less with the Hellcat Pro both both are,great I I think its its tough because,I own both I dont have a bias either,way but I think both are fine handguns,if we look at the slide width well see,that the Sig on the left is bit wider as,I mentioned and then the grip is a bit,wider as well the grip length is,approximately the same but the overall,circumference of the grip is a bit wider,now I know what youre thinking why,didnt you compare that with a p365 XL,well this is my comparison today these,are the two that I have and I have quite,a bit of experience with both of these,lets go ahead and get each of these on,the scale the unloaded weight with the,p320x compact 25 and a half ounces with,the Hellcat Pro youre looking at 20 and,three quarters ounces if we put the X,compact back on scale throw 15 rounds on,there,34 and three quarters heres your carry,around youre looking at 32 and a,quarter ounces,the Hellcat Pro is a bit lighter 27 and,a half so youre looking at,approximately,four ounces lighter width the Hellcat,Pro,[Applause],disassembling these handguns very simple,well start with the X compact slide is,locked back Im going to take this lever,just push it down,release the slide and off comes the,slide from the frame here we have a dual,recoil spring and the 3.7 inch barrel,and thats what youre looking at with,the slide,and the frame,its pretty dirty I need to clean this,and over here weve got the Hellcat Pro,this time were going to push this lever,up,drop we will have to pull the trigger,here and also a dual recoil spring,and also a 3.7 inch barrel and thats,what were looking at with the slide and,the frame,foreign,both these handguns have been very,reliable they have fed fire and ejected,everything that I put through them so I,have no great difference to speak about,in terms of reliability or accuracy I,really enjoy both these handguns and,they both serve a purpose if Im looking,for a larger than a three inch barrel,carry gun Im going with the Hellcat Pro,I like it that its a little bit thinner,a little bit lighter easier to carry but,in terms of just going to the range and,having a great time Im going with the X,compact I think this thing is just an,incredible shooter a little bit heavier,not worried about recoil nine millimeter,but theyre both very nice handguns Im,just proud to own both what I really,want to know is which one would you,choose if you like videos like this,please subscribe and share I always,appreciate Thumbs Up Button thanks for,watching and you guys be safe

Sig P320 XCompact | Everyday Carry 2021

the sig x compact so if you guys like what  you see today i went from hunt fish suit i  ,want you to like comment subscribe ring that  bell for notifications if you really like it  ,you want to help out the channel a  little bit hit that thank you button,for myself for the last about year and a half ive  been carrying a glock 48 pretty much predominantly  ,as my concealed carry weapon off duty i did carry  a staccato c2 duo for a little while the problem  ,with that is i just found it was quite a bit  different than my standard duty weapon that i had  ,been carrying and so i wanted to go with something  that i carry on a daily basis essentially and that  ,is the sig p320 this model is the x compact and  with the x compact you get a shorter barrel and  ,a shorter grip compared to your standard carry  size 320 which is what i carry for duty usage so  ,you have a 3.6 inch barrel on here and then you do  lose two rounds on your magazine which not really  ,a problem in my opinion because i said its only  two rounds so its not the end of the world youre  ,still getting 15 rounds total capacity here with  the compact version of the x-compact here from  ,sig and then with that too the grip on here is  for a compact gun is pretty much perfect in my  ,opinion um sigs are not lets say my most favorite  gun to shoot because of their high boraxs but  ,what sig does really well with the compacts or the  x5 or the x grips is theyre really really well  ,fitted for the hand they put a very nice undercut  underneath the trigger guard the the stippling or  ,texture they use is just right sometimes i wish  it was a little bit more but then they do put a  ,little bit of an extended beavertail on there  its not a whole lot more but its enough that  ,you can get a nice high grip and not have to worry  about slide bite which ive never had that issue  ,using the 320 line itself so all that stuff  on there is nice it does have ambidextrous  ,slide release or slide lever there and then it  has your standard take down stuff like a 320  ,does where you dont have to pull the trigger  you just rotate it and then release the slide  ,on here though with the x compact is that you  have its already cut for an optic its made to  ,be cut for a delta point or the sig romeo i have  not put anything on here yet in the future i do  ,have intentions to put a red dot on it part of the  reason im not overly concerned with putting one  ,on here is because on my duty weapon im not  granted the opportunity to have red dot on my  ,gun so the sights that are on here are your x-ray  three dots so its very similar to what i have and  ,use on a daily basis and thats everything that i  was going for this was something i could conceal  ,easily wear comfortably all the time and not  have an issue like i said the staccato was rather  ,large really when youre thinking about actually  carrying it every single day and for myself off  ,duty i literally carry a gun everywhere i go every  single time being a police officer youre granted  ,the ability to carry a gun pretty much everywhere  you want to go in every single state and have  ,reciprocity and all that stuff as long as youve  got your id and your badge and youre not really  ,granted as a concealed carry you know yeah you can  do it and theres some legalities and things that  ,come to it but the freedoms that im given because  im a police officer make it so i carry literally  ,everywhere i go and some people they dont do  that and really in my experience with people ive  ,come into contact with and stuff like that a large  majority of concealed carry permit holders who say  ,they have the permit dont actually carry their  gun and a lot of them barely carry it at all in  ,fact ive run into a lot of folks that just dont  carry their guns even though they have the permit  ,so like i said for me i wanted something  i can conceal every day carry it easily  ,i did mount a streamlight tlr-7 a on here this  is the flex one so you can actually put the lower  ,switch on here which i think im going to end  up doing because this one seems like a little  ,bit touch high for me when youre going into  the trigger guard and stuff like that and im  ,not a huge fan of that id rather have it be a  little bit lower but nice sized picatinny rail  ,on there you can actually fit an hl1 on here but  again not doing that and then lets go back to the  ,red dot real quick in time i think im going to  end up using this gun as a host for the new sig  ,romeo 2 thats supposed to come out obviously they  have the romeo 1. the romo 2 is supposed to be a  ,little bit more of a durable option to put on here  for a red dot and then actually with that sight  ,is what sigs saying is that the it has an iron  sight built into it so you can use your standard  ,sights on your sig weapons so im probably going  to give that a try and you know its supposed to  ,have better battery life it uses a cr1 or 230 and  it goes right in the side of the site itself so  ,overall im going to shoot this gun a bunch  today im going to draw from the holster and  ,speaking of the holster im using a antenna  core certum lux and this one actually can fit  ,a multitude of different lights and in fact whats  awesome about it is if i dont want to carry the  ,light on my firearm i dont have to the holster  will still work just fine i have tested it and  ,i recently upgraded my belt and i do seems like  when you carry every day you can get about a year  ,to a year and a half out of a good belt and some  of them are a little bit different just depends  ,ive tried it 511 ones and i had a next belt which  was the base of the clicker adjustable really  ,really comfortable belt i know so it was starting  to get weak on me and it was actually starting to  ,pinch my skin because the buckle itself was  starting to separate it it hurt like hell so  ,now im carrying a wilder tactical minimalist  edc belt whats really nice about is you can  ,rotate all the way around because the buckle  the cobra buckle thats on it is really small  ,so its a really really nice feature so lets  shoot this gun today and im going to evaluate  ,it again as a carry gun for myself during our  firing sequences today im always going to start  ,them drawing from my holster because i want to get  my wraps in with a new gun ill be using for carry,so im seeing it exactly the reason that ive  decided to go with the x compact for myself for a  ,carry gun i frankly dont know why i didnt do it  earlier to put myself at that advantage is that i  ,have a lot of practice shooting my other 320 and  with this it literally shoots nearly identical  ,im shooting it well to start with having  never shot this before or any of these before  ,and thats thats really what i was looking for is  that ultimately i can practice with a gun thats  ,very similar to what i have to carry for duty use  and then carry it and just the overall similarity  ,between the two puts me at an advantage for myself  and i really like what im seeing so far for me  ,this sig x compact for the size that this thing  is and how it fits its a little bit smaller than  ,a glock 19. in fact its when i compare it to my  48 its just a little bit thicker and obviously my  ,4d i was carrying those shield arms bags and  thats a really sweet setup i just sometimes  ,you want to try something different and for me  its nice im able to get something thats very  ,similar to a duty weapon i carry and then carry  it off duty with this and it shoots so darn well  ,so lets shoot some more well set draw stroke a  little bit more here on this one shoot some steel,thats it yeah i really this sig x compact is  a really really sweet shooter everything about  ,it with the grip and everything like that is  good recoil and all that stuff is nice practice  ,practice practice is all i have to really say  about really shooting your handguns in general  ,because it really helps you whether you see your  deficiencies or you start bu

Revisiting the Sig P320 XCompact – TheFirearmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,today we are revisiting the six hour p,320 x compact released in 2019,i got it in 2019 i remember back then it,was selling for well over 700. now you,can pick them up for right around 600.,it is smaller than the x compact three,point six inch barrel x-ray three front,night sight dot,sig light night sights 15 round mags and,it has that x trigger its a flat face,trigger breaking right around five,pounds lets go ahead and take a few,shots and then well talk more about,this handgun,[Applause],yeah its a nice handgun,it was a big hit in 2019,15 round mags what i like about the grip,is it does have an extended beaver tail,there,and that indentation,and an undercut the trigger guard makes,it really nice ambidextrous slide,release,its a modular gun easy to switch out,the frame if if chosen,it also is optic ready this is cut to,fit a sig romeo 1 romeo 2 and a leupold,delta point pro,it is a bit wide,1.3 inches wide this is what kept me,from carrying this gun its just a,little thick in my opinion im sure it,is because they made it optic ready to,fit,those red dots,it has a nice ergonomic feel,sandpaperish grip front serrations wow,the bugs are getting me,and a loaded chamber indicator,right up top there a little bar that,sticks up but,its performed great it has from the,beginning i wanted to revisit this,because its been a little while since,ive shot this and its always good to,look in the safe and see what needs a,little bit of attention let me go ahead,and load it up and well fire it some,more,you may have seen this gun called the,p320x compact spectre that has a flat,trigger that is skeletonized that ones,going for right around a grand this is,sticking around 600 maybe a little bit,more 32 ounces loaded with 16 rounds let,me go ahead and fire a few,one-handed and see if i can hit that,target,all right,the,p320 line has expanded so much from its,original version we know that sig had,those drop safe issues and they cleaned,that up uh quite a bit offered a,voluntary recall,but with the,x compact the x carry all the other x,sigs that are out there,they they dont have that issue at least,from what ive heard its sort of like,the p226 line they started out with a,sig,p226 and they created so many variations,of the p226 theyve done the same with,the p320 series it is,a,large series of p320s and theyre,modular which is nice people like the,flexibility of changing out the frames,and the x compact is no different,lets try a lipress test because ill be,curious to know if this pistol passes,i like that x-ray three front dot,jumps out like a lime green there it,jumps out at you and you get a real nice,slight picture not dark enough right now,for the sig light night sights but i,have had this in,low light conditions and those pop out,at you too so a very nice sight picture,i think sig,has always done a nice job with the sig,light night sights when they added that,x-ray three,night sight system i think they made it,even better,lets see if the sig p320x compact will,charge with the slide locked back and,slamming the mag home and it does and i,checked that loaded chamber indicator,you can see that around has been,chambered lets go ahead with a lipress,test,hmm,[Applause],yeah p320,xcom pack,did the job,and it passed,the lipperous test,[Applause],well the p320 x compact has performed,exactly as i remember it its certainly,a nice gun i mentioned when it first,came out it was one of the hottest guns,in the handgun world and it was like,people were on fire for this handgun way,overpaying into the 700s i think 600 is,fair considering its optic ready comes,with two 15 round magazines giving it a,full-size feel with a 3.6 inch barrel,equipped with night sights a rail flat,trigger you know it feature loaded,for what it is you know p320 modular,model,with you know like you go on extended,beavertail,load of chamber indicator and so forth,but it has always performed well for me,since the very beginning,happy to have it definitely happy to get,it back out its been a while i needed,to do this i wanted to revisit the p320,x compact thats what i did and i,certainly hope you enjoyed it if you,like videos like this please subscribe,and share i always appreciate thumbs up,button thanks for watching and you guys,be safe

Sig Sauer P320 X-Compact Review

welcome back to guns [ __ ] honor buddy Ben Brown  here again today were gonna be taking a look at  ,the 6-hour P 320 X compact recently I did a review  on the regular 320 go check that out I was really  ,impressed with that firearm the X series has a  different frame its much more ergonomic than the  ,standard p320 a little bit larger of beavertail  flat faced trigger as you can see in here fills  ,your hand nicely maybe a little thinner but I like  a thinner frame just allows me to wrap around it  ,get a nice tight grip this gun has an optics  ready cut on top so you can pop this plate off  ,from underneath the slide and you can install  sig SIGs Romeo won and hopefully in the future  ,sig will come out with a slide that accepts the  Trijicon RMR but I can see why sig made this cut  ,for their optics they want to push their optics  and that makes perfect sense and the sig Romeos  ,are a perfectly good little micro red dot if you  do choose to run a dot on top of here youre gonna  ,eliminate that rear sight so your your dedicated  to that dot life if you choose to do that if you  ,dont want to run a red dot these sights on  here are actually really nice so theyre their  ,tritium the front is a high vis green these are  really easy to use on longer distance targets in  ,low-light I really like the sights that sig is  putting on this P 320 X compact the trigger as  ,I mentioned earlier is a flat faced trigger it is  their x-series straight trigger I already thought  ,the p320 trigger was really good and then adding  this flat face trigger shoe to it I think is  ,a welcomed improvement I know that seems kind of  trivial but I think with a flat faced shoe you get  ,a much more even press I think thats the way of  the future I think thats the direction a lot of  ,these handgun manufacturers are going with a flat  face trigger again I just think it helps a little  ,bit so I like that they did this lets talk about  size a little bit with the P 320 X compact this  ,is on the smaller side of compact its smaller  than a Glock 19 very short barrel very short  ,slide overall length on the slide here are seven  inches it is a dream to carry I carried it in this  ,hazmat holster it basically disappears under these  extra medium t-shirts that I wear just absolutely  ,wonderful gun to carry and besides carrying it  it shoots really well it has a little bit higher  ,of a bore axis than probably Im used to but  I can train around that its a soft shooting  ,9-millimeter just an absolute joy to shoot with it  youre gonna get two magazines these ar-15 round  ,mags so you can get fifteen plus one in the gun  Sig Sauer has seemed to find that special magic  ,recipe of capacity and size so youre getting  a small compact gun with 15 rounds 16 rounds I  ,think thats a really great concealed carry option  I think SIGs on the right track with this series  ,with the X series theyre doing a lot of good  things maybe theyre a little late to the party  ,with some of the features you see on here when  were comparing this gun to other manufacturers  ,but I think they did a great job Im excited to  see what they have in the future let me know down  ,the comments what you think about the X series  leave me a comment down below I want to hear from  ,you hit that like button subscribe to guns comm  go check us out on Facebook and Instagram a lot  ,of great content going on over there my name  is Ben Brown well see you on the next video

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