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  2. Could the SIG P938 Be the BEST MICRO 9 For Every Day Carry??
  3. “Sig P938 Full Review: Hall of Fame Carry” by Nutnfancy
  4. Smith & Wesson CSX versus Sig Sauer P938
  6. Sig Sauer P938 Review (Sig Sauer Micro Compact Pistol Review)
  7. SIG Legion P238 vs. P938 Series Handguns | “War of Legions”

Sig P938

hey you got 45 youre looking at a new,offering fairly new offering from cig,the p9 thirty eight little nine,millimeter kind of a pocket gun perhaps,or even a holster gun belt gun you might,be familiar with the p2 38 thats been,out a while very very very popular and,well liked by a lot of folks well that,came out with its big brother here,conjured in a 9-millimeter back in the,spring I guess I saw it at the NRA,convention and was fairly impressed with,it and havent had a chance to take a,shot with it or to look at it and was at,the Tennessee gun country up and,Clarksville not long ago,they said take it and shoot it so sure,enough so appreciate their allowing us,to borrow it and were going to do that,we have done that actually we have fired,fired five or six magazines through it,here just a little bit of go and did did,fine,John fired a couple max through it I,guess at least so so far its done its,done okay I think with light as with,most guns,you see mixed reviews so I dont know it,seems to do buy it so sick it ought to,work you know but youre asking a lot,yeah out of a small gun when you chamber,at nine-millimeter and it is pretty,small its not very heavy its not very,big it is like the 238 2p 238 its kind,of like a little 1911 you got your thumb,safety you know and youd want that,engaged if youre going to carry it of,course and carry it hot it so youd want,to disengage and pull the trigger,because you have a single action trigger,so that renders it necessary to have,that safety on if youre going to carry,with a round in the chamber for certain,so but for people who tend to carry a,1911 or like the 1911 yeah thats what,really this is you have the same manual,operation basically single action thumb,safety and its also an ambidextrous,thumb safety there so you let these,would be glad to see that for me Im not,sure I like that because it when I,disengage it bring it down it kind of,gets against my my knuckle there a,little bit but thats not,deal so its pretty neat got a stainless,slide Nitron coating got nitesite sig,light you know they call it and its a,full package this is the 938 the p9 38,extreme that has the grips or kind of,enhance its got those crazy and I crazy,but different grips are really theyre,really attractive I guess youd say,theyve got a great finish on it so,lets take a couple tops with it to see,if it works okay magazine holds six the,flush magazine and you got this magazine,that holds seven okay I like this,because you can have the safety on again,thats a characteristic of the the p2 38,with the safety engage you can still,rack the slide so I like that,oh I like that too big orange all right,all right,dont have a lot of rounds but thats,okay lets try the 2-liter up there hmm,goes right on not bad not bad,I believe the sights are pointed right,where the barrels pointed thats always,good with a little thin gun like this,you have to be careful because its a,little bit easier to you know pull,laughs and all those sorts of things you,have a thin grip now for some of you it,may not seem that thin for my big hand,of course it is but then having a single,action trigger helps you a fairly thats,not light light but its not a heavy,long tool or anything that makes it,easier okay dont load up these,magazines they concert with it like I,said it has stainless slide and its,coated the night Ron so its you know it,looks blue or parkerized and whatever,black anodized frame its an alloy frame,so its not very heavy not very heavy,but it is basically little 1911 just,like the p2 38 with your night sights,and pretty much you know what a lot of,people really would like in a little gun,like this because some people you know,have trouble with those long trigger,pulls that you see on some other guns in,this genre whether its a hammer fired,or maybe even striker fired like the car,which I like but it does have a longer,trigger pull so this thing once you have,a [ __ ] and you have the safety engaged,you know youre safe but once you,disengage it you have a single action,pull so its its easier to shoot well,for a lot of people okay,lets plug this other magazine well see,if its easier for me but it does feel,good it feels better to me than the 380,because its just enough bigger the,I could feel it in my hand its a little,more gun so pretty cool and we this is,new out of the box the owner had not,even shot it yet and weve not had any,issues with it all I did was clean it,and loop it you know like I do with just,about every firearm when I get one new,or not,make sure its lube and have at it,safety on okay you cant [ __ ] it unless,the Safetys off so I talked it put the,safety back on and its like around then,I mean thats just the way Im doing it,here okay safety off and oh theres a,challenging shot right there that little,flower pot its a little gun,lets try to go Ill take that the,sights are very clear I mean I dont,mean the nitesite tritium aspect to them,I just mean theyre really good sight,you dont you dont often see sights,like that and I look down its kind of,hard to focus on things like that but,very crisp sight picture and definitely,so as long as you got a good hold on it,you cant complain about the sight no,doubt about that thats pretty cool take,a couple of quicker shots here just go,nice nice Ill freeze well Ill freeze,well so pretty cool lets uh lets see,its kind of indicated we dont have a,boatload of guns in this in the genre of,several and we just brought out a couple,just to kind of give you look at because,a lot of you dont get the shops that,much I know,our gun shows and you wonder is that,twice as big as a car than half the size,or whatever so its make sure were,clear or clear in that one okay this rpm,9 another classic little gun like this,just give you an idea in terms of size,and how they compare theyre theyre,very close stand them up here together,you know theyre theyre very similar in,size I see and I weighed them before the,video theyre almost the same weight,okay the believe this was just barely,under a pound unloaded the sig and the,car is like its right out of pound or,somethings I recall theyre theyre,weigh about the same and theyre about,the same size I think even on thickness,there was not much difference so that,gives you an idea a lot of you really,familiar with with the car pm9 its a,very popular little gun yeah about the,same thickness,and about the same weight and the,difference is you have a I mean the,difference is big in terms of how they,operate you know you do not have the,single action you dont have the thumb,safety you you just have a longer,trigger pull and it it is a striker,fired gun and I still prefer this but I,like that too okay I have to say that is,nice that is nice the thumb safety I,just do not have that Id rather have a,longer trigger pull moving into a nice,you know a striker fired trigger break,now the another gun is very popular and,becoming more popular is the Nano,beretta Nano which is a nice little gun,with a pretty nice little trigger now,its a little heavier and its a little,bigger just give you an idea if you,familiar with the Nano you see its a,little bit longer on the grip and its a,its a little thicker let me see its,just heavier you got a taller kind of a,tall you can see it it is more metal,there youre just looking at that way it,gives you an idea you got a lot of slide,there and it is definitely heavier now,its a trade-off,theyre both 9-millimeter and this gun,is very sweet to shoot it doesnt kick,as much let me turn this on these to,remind myself I forgot what the,difference was terms of weight but lets,see no mag in it weve got fifteen point,five eight see weve almost have a pound,and then with the Nano we got to see a,couple more ounces maybe in three more,ounces you know then then this and then,well Ive got that on lets go ahead and,put the CFOs remember that right yeah,15 okay its under a pound – okay so so,these two are about the same weight and,then the Nano takes you up to another,littl

Could the SIG P938 Be the BEST MICRO 9 For Every Day Carry??

if youre a Sig fan and looking for a,micro nine come and shine take a look,Im going to do a quick overview of the,shig p938 lets go,welcome back and thanks for joining time,the gun guy,you guys use my coupon code todd10,thats todd10 and you guys will get a 10,discount on your Olight product there we,go,so lets take a look at the Sig p938,this is the brg what does that stand for,that stands for the black rubber grip,that Hogue introduced to Sig and that,comes standard from the factory and its,really nice well get into that but this,is the Sig p938brg,so this guy comes with two seven round,magazines identical so its going to be,a seven plus one,youre looking at a single stack,magazines easy to load seventh round,gets a little tough got to watch out for,the uh the metal here is pretty sharp so,that last round can get you but up to,seven is good youre looking at a 1911,style handgun oven that does have a,single action trigger only,they do come with the safety both,ambidextrous for left and right hand,Shooters at a very low profile mag,release right here,it does come with a three dot Sig light,night sights,the 938 does have an all-alloy frame,its got a nitron coated stainless steel,slide,and it does have a curved trigger,theyre saying only weighs 16 ounces,with empty magazine,overall dimensions lets just say small,how about 5.9 inches by 1.1 inches by,top to bottom and only 3.9 inches so the,whole thing is just really a micro this,is a true meaning of a micro 9 right,here this is a true meaning of a micro,nine it does have a three inch barrel,938s got a trigger pull of seven and a,half to eight and a half pounds firearm,is unloaded no mag no ammo,show you guys your trigger pull if you,look here theres just a little bit a,little bit when you want to call travel,right there to the wall,take a look at the reset,the 938 comes in different models it,comes with the legion it comes with a,couple different grip panels right here,this one for me I like the brg the black,rubber grip because it really gives you,a nice,grip right there on the middle finger,and the other one right here so those,you can get a good purchase right there,on those two it sits really nice with,the beaver tail flush up underneath here,so it gives you a really nice purchase,on the handgun for being such a small,the pinky you got to get used to if you,have really large hands youre probably,going to be riding underneath small,hands all day long no problem I would,say I have a mid-size hand and Ive,learned to come up and squeeze it and,have no problem getting the pinky,extension on the mag right there so get,one in the hands see how it feels for,you but for me as far as how it feels,its so small so compact It just fits,super well in my hand and you cant beat,as far as a micro nine again the micro,nine this is probably for me one of the,smallest most effective nines that I,think you can get,overall if youre looking for a true,micro 9 I mean its a Sig Im a Sig fan,I think they make great quality Firearms,havent had any,manufactured issues or I havent had any,jams or issues that were not,shooter error in other words Ive had,Ive had one jam and thats because I,had my left hand up on the slide and you,got to get used to it being so small but,other than that Ive had no issues with,feeding no issues whatsoever no light,strikes its shot pretty much Flawless,for me and of course everybody knows,these things are a bit on the pricey,side I think right now 659,679 at the store plus tax FFL whatever,you got but uh cigs arent cheap,everybody knows that theyre theyre,theyre high quality high quality fine,Firearms so if youre looking for a nice,ankle gun or if you want something,really small I carry inside the,waistband backpack pocket carry with the,Sticky Holster this is for you so check,these things out the Sig p938 this is a,brg for the black rubber grip,stay safe stay vigilant and until next,time,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause]

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“Sig P938 Full Review: Hall of Fame Carry” by Nutnfancy


you are getting ready to watch more of,the nutnfancy project the original gear,adventure channel since 2008 we are well,into your five and yes youre looking at,a sea of blue there nothing on the table,yet,now guys go ask your wives what this,color blue means to them when they see,watching it on your computer on your,mobile device watching a nutnfancy,tabletop review I bet you they tell you,they are scared when they see that color,blue because they know youre going to,go spend some more money and I bet you,Im going to sell some of these guns,because this gun freakin rocks,guys it does but lets not get ahead of,ourselves,I need to set the stage lay the,foundation for this video review and it,starts right now Im going to put five,guns on the table guys each one is a,Hall of Fame concealed carry pistol,option here in the net fancy project for,that matter with the net fancy family,each gun Im going to put on the table,is in the carry rotation for myself,missus nutnfancy my son tats will doodle,later life when he gets his license last,suspect my youngest son these guns have,seen a lot of use over the years and,they are carried every single day they,are working pistols for the nutnfancy,clam were gonna go way back to the,1990s when this gun entered rotations,with an entrancing family a true,hall-of-famer Glock 26 for that matter,Glock 27 both simply outstanding go,watch my Glock mods video posted I dont,know way back in oh wait oh nine I,forget it wheres all those mods this,gun is carried more these days than any,other pistol by myself did you know that,seriously,Galco classic lite holster shoulder,holster Glock 26 inside love this gun,now I have ejected around from the,chamber but a lot of these magazines are,loaded because they are working guns,after all Im going to,unload all the magazines just for the,video I think thats rocking some golden,sabers in there 124 grain plus Peas,well talk more about that round as we,go along here got to move along though,say goodbye to Glock awesome concealed,carry option and another reason Im,doing this is because notice each of,these HOF concealed carry pistols really,has a different fire control system to,it safe action for the Glock here we go,with a true hall-of-famer this one may,surprise a lot of team peers which,Walther PPK what none fancy we thought,you hated the 380 well you are very,perceptive my friend I pretty much do as,a primary concealed carry philosophy of,use I dont go reference my video the,380 still sucks talk all about it,theyre not going to say it here this is,mostly carried by my son tactical doodle,he loves the PPK and this is exactly how,he carries it safety for round in the,chamber doesnt have one now as you can,tell and I think hes rocking 95 grain,Hydra shocks in that great gun,very slim unlike the Glock Ill talk,more about slimness as this video goes,on okay Walther PPK yes still an hof,carry pistol I reviewed that I love that,gun say hello by the way to what its,right Ruger LCR did that surprise you,it shouldnt I raved about this gun when,I reviewed it the LCR yes its a,revolver yes its round rounds limited,yes you have two-stage trigger trigger,cant speak but man is this gun accurate,I mean Im hitting 6 inch plates I dont,know what 20 yards with this thing in,that video review all the shooting we,did in trench warfare great gun top,school doodle mostly carries us to be,honest I dont think it has enough,rounds for me this one does,next up reviewed it lots talked about it,lots love this gun still some hate it I,dont,kel-tec pf9 hall of fame or baby Ive,never had a problem with them Im not,saying Ive never seen a jam in them all,these guns will have problems not the,LCR,much reliable but once in a while,actually from out of the Glock pretty,reliable but most subcompact semi-auto,pistols are going to have bobble once in,a while but Ill tell you I still love,this gun this is a double action only,trigger this is si to da transition with,a safety double action revolver safe,action all hall-of-famers love them,accurate adequate calibers mostly add,this one to the list,guys Im just saying add it to the list,you already know what it is you see the,title of the video signal 13,Hall of Famer thats right Im saying it,it is a Hall of Famer hands down now I,reviewed the sig 380 P 238 I think back,in 2009 and I loved that gun caliber,notwithstanding I have to say that,because I think the P 238 and I got get,these nomenclatures right theyre very,easy to confuse I think its a great,backup gun and that will take us right,into philosophy of use and thats where,we need to go get moving here I think,the 938 could also fill that role very,well now if you dont know what Im,talking about Im saying you have a,primary larger weapon and now youre,going to integrate a backup option,especially if youre for I know an FC le,guy that is for Constitution le guys,those are ones I care about for whatever,agency usually its sheriffs great,option for you,the Sig p9 38 ankle holster you betcha,shoulder holster if you can find one,that fits I think they will be,forthcoming you betcha,inside the waistband you bet holster on,your body armor absolutely its a great,backup option and Im going to say it,right here its better than the sig p228,380 thats because I love this caliber a,lot more than I do the 380 again,reference that video I told you about,why the 380 acp still sucks a philosophy,discussion on the 380 acp,why I think it is inferior to the 9mm,for most philosophies of use include,backup pistol now if you are really size,limited you cannot integrate even,something as small as this sig p9 38,knows off slow down and get the dont,play Cho right then okay I get it,you have to integrate on a known LCP by,Ruger a Celtic you know P 380 I review,that one too I understand,but I would go with the major caliber,minimal Im saying minimum acceptable of,9mm thats what I do and that will take,us to another philosophy of use that is,primary concealed carry option for a,civilian I think thats who mostly is,going to watch this video guys who want,to know if the 938 is a great option,good option for the for their CCP there,CCW license heres your answer yes sure,thats right get it with one big caveat,and I said this very clearly in the p2,38 review you got to be familiar with a,1911 battery of arms and you got to be,cool with it,mean nothing well I mean you got to know,how to work it you got to be willing and,able to carry cocked and locked and it,doesnt freak you out so pretend this,gun is loaded we always treat a gun like,its loaded but lets say its loaded,are you good with carrying the gun,around just like its you see it hammer,back safety up because thats how the,gun should be carried in that role,flat out are you good with that do you,know how to manipulate the battery of,arms 1911 style when you draw the weapon,youre going to take the safety off its,like muscle memory you can never ever,forget when youre done shooting youve,engaged a safety muscle memory you can,never never forget you keep the finger,off the trigger until youre ready to,engage the target and then it comes into,the trigger guard safety comes off then,you can engage finger comes out safety,comes back on are you good with that if,you are then youre going to love the,938 and it freaking rocks and something,I said in the pea 238 review,very clearly is ladies gun for a female,shooter heres a major reason why is a,p9 38 has a very easy to manipulate,slide very easy to rack a lot of guns,arent to include the PPK there are some,female shooters that have a tough time,with that one there are some female,shooters to have a tough time with the,Glock I mean its kind of stiff for them,to retract that slide and it doesnt,work for him in that regard alone,the 938 it will work for you great,ladies gun just like I said with LCR I,said that as well this is a great ladies,gun as long as you understand the,limitations of revolver Im not going to,go into that e-every gun will have,limitations yo

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Smith & Wesson CSX versus Sig Sauer P938

today,hello everybody this is Amber Striker,here today Ive got a Sig Sauer p938,this one happens to be an equinox and,the Smith and Wesson CSX,please dont forget to check out our,website go to our Affiliates page youll,find discount codes for things like,mantis ax and core belts link to that,cool little bore like that we use for,lighting up the barrels use those links,it will often save you money never will,cost you any additional money and helps,the channel thank you both of these are,chambered nine millimeter both of these,are all Metal Guns alloy frames,stainless steel slides,and both of these are Hammer fired so,the crowd of people that like Hammer,fired guns especially somebody thats,used to carrying a 1911 and want,something smaller havent been getting a,lot of attention lately in the micro,compact high capacity things like the,Hellcat and all of those those shield,shield Plus have all been polymer guns,Striker Fired,the CSX came out which really is kind of,an attempt to bring that high capacity,small gun to the hammer-fired metal body,gun market so lets start with the CSX,which of course is empty and as we,mentioned this is a metal frame gun the,gun itself weighs about 19 and a half,ounces so its not overly heavy it has a,thumb safety and of course you can see,the hammer has nice three Dot sights the,sights are actually quite nice fairly,easy to see on it and the capacity on it,is 10 plus 1 or,you can get a 12 plus one now one,negative to this is I remember correctly,this only comes with 110 round mag so,you have to buy any additional mags you,want you have to buy most guns are,coming now at least two mags uh if not,some of them are coming with three,especially the clocks and the Hellcat,are are often coming with three,the beauty of this from the concept of,what it is is as I mentioned it brings,that high capacity to put the flush mag,in it it brings at high capacity to the,people that like metal frame Hammer guns,there is one negative on it also the,trigger so it does have a little,inertial toggle thats a positive,very minimal takeout so far so good,and then actually becoming a nice break,when I first took this thing out the,trigger was actually pretty awful and in,some cases didnt even work with some,break-in its actually come down to be a,decent trigger it is still let me pop,the magazine out of it it still is a bit,on the inconsistent side so as you put,tension on it youre putting more and,more attention on it and depending on,where you landed your finger on it the,brake pressure is different and thats,because its hinged at the top most,Hammer fired guns especially if theyre,designed on a 1911 they pull straight,back that hinge at the top does bring,some inconsistency to the trigger that,actually makes the trigger A Little Less,Pleasant at the range the trigger itself,in some cases kind of contributes to,pulling the gun a little bit I think,they did overall a good design job on,this,but I think when it came to that hinge,trigger rather than a 1911 style for,what the crowd that would be interested,in something like this would be,expecting I think that part of it was a,mess and that does kind of influence the,view of the overall gun,so dimensionally its 6.1,with the flush mag in it,its 4.6 inches tall and its relatively,thin at 1.12 up at the top,the uh,grip of it does flare out a little bit,to make room for that extended magazine,to get you that capacity so the capacity,as I mentioned is between 10 and 12.,MSRP on these is around 609. I imagine,youll be able to see them a little bit,less than that as they have kind of not,been all that popular mainly because of,the myths with that trigger the only,other issue we had with this was the,slide stop slide release trying to use,it to release the slide and then put the,magazine out to release the slide it,worked very smoothly this time but in,the very beginning it didnt work at all,you could push on it as hard as you want,it didnt work so this gun did have a,break-in period that was noticeable that,after some rounds through it did clean,up and of course I do give guns a,break-in period but I kind of didnt,expect that many parts of it to require,break-in to function correctly but move,along to the SAG the 938 these have been,around for a very long time this,particular ones an equinox which isnt,made anymore but they still do make the,938 they make it in fewer variations,than they did at one time there was a,dozen variations those variations,predominantly focused on the color,scheme like this so Equinox is this,color scheme theres another one thats,the nightmare thats all black and they,all have kind of fancy names that just,denote various color schemes theres,fewer variations now I think because,this gotten type of gun overall is,becoming less popular especially with,the high capacity Strikers out there but,this one from a trigger perspective,still hinged at the top as you can see,but it doesnt feel like its hinged at,the top it feels like a 1911 trigger,really smooth really crisp so when Sig,did the trigger on this,they got that hinge at the top but feel,like a 1911 right the reset is basically,all the way out but all the way out is,not all that far,and again a nice crisp break,so when it comes to the Hammer fire,triggers and feeling more like a 1911,so kind of engineered theres overall a,little bit better,and it does have a thumb safety both,these guns have a thumb safety both of,these guns have the internal drop safety,Pistons,the CSX also has the inertial toggle you,see right here the six hour lacks the,inertial toggle,both of these are considered to be drop,safe but I would give a little bit of a,bonus to the CSX for including the,inertial toggle thats just an,additional safety mechanism,the 938 is a little bit smaller 5.51,inches front to back,3.9 inches tall with the flux magazine,and when I say flush magazine its a,really is a flush magazine it fits right,up in there and 1.1 inches thick the,weight on this one is 16 ounces with the,empty magazine and this particular,variant came with the siglite night,sights which are actually really nice,night sights because they do have the,ring around them not all variations have,the same sights depending on which model,you pick up now where this little guy,comes up short where the CSX pulls ahead,is capacity so this is the flush six,round magazine,theres also a seven round magazine,that has a bit of an extender on it and,they did kind of turn it into a pinky,extender and it does kind of integrate,well,but what we did find is that it kind of,just didnt work quite right it kind of,threw my grip off and actually affected,groups now just maybe the size of my,hand,and the way it fits in my hand but I did,find that the seven round magazine,actually affected the groups didnt,wasnt uncomfortable anything but I,think the way it Curves in the fact that,that last finger is there it just it,just screws things off so to me,at least in my hand this is a six round,gun that flush mag works well,these shooting both of these they were,actually easy to shoot well and by the,way thats thats magazine capacity both,of these can do plus one in fact both of,these have to do plus one theyre single,action only so if you dont have a round,chambered and Hammer back youre not,ready to play and just pulling the,trigger for example,what do I do there I click on the safety,pull the trigger now the trigger is dead,and thats the same for both of these so,you have to run them with a round,chambered cocked and locked kind of,similar to a 1911.,both of these guns are a little snappier,because theyre small and light but they,were both controllable they were both,reasonably comfortable with something,this light and this small in nine,millimeter you are going to know youre,shooting something so over a period of a,range session youre going to feel it in,your hands a little bit but it doesnt,beat you up by any stretch of the,imagination theyre just not quite as,comfortable as a larger gun Glo


hey everybody,welcome back to the channel we,appreciate you joining us today,well we got another little video for you,here and um,this is going to be another uh,small entry i guess a pocket gun entry,if you will,this is a pistol that and and you may,have had an experience like this where,you,had your on a pistol you looked at it a,few times you know got excited about it,and maybe had to wait for it to come in,and you finally get it youve got really,really high expectations,and then you get it and you go shoot it,and then you uh you learn everything,there is to know about it,well the sig sauer p938,is that kind of pistol for me a lot of,excitement around me getting it a lot of,anticipation i waited,i got it and i uh,discovered that it has a a lot of good,features,it also has some things that concern me,and were going to talk about those,things in just a minute,[Music],all right so jumping right into it here,before we get started,let me just say we appreciate you,joining us once again,if this is your first time you know,watching us or if youve watched our,videos before and you havent already,done so would you please take a moment,to subscribe if you look down here in,the,lower right hand part of your computer,screen if youre on a computer theres a,little,button you can hit to subscribe if,youre on a mobile device,just scroll down below the video and you,can hit subscribe there and hit the bell,to find out when we make new videos,it really helps us out a lot and we,appreciate it,so what do we have today well the sig,sauer p938,um little pocket gun i like small guns,like this,um because i prefer um,and youll hear me say this if you watch,my other videos whenever possible i like,to carry a small gun like this,and its just because my philosophy is,different than some,that i believe that if the gun is small,and its comfortable,youll carry it and you know if its,cumbersome in any way or if you cant,get comfortable with it you may carry it,sometimes and sometimes you wont,and you know and a carry gun in the safe,isnt going to do you any good and i,just want to make sure ive always got,something on me that i can count on,so these small guns have always,interested me,so lets just take a look here we always,like do a little comparison here right,off the bat so let me take this little,pistol here and lets compare it with,something that i feel is a,um of about equal size,so we got a little kimber micro 9 here,now these pistols are,you know in my mind theyre pretty close,theyre not exact obviously but theyre,theyre pretty close to the same size if,this,sig had an extended magazine on it you,know they probably would be,you know almost the same size if you,look at them you compare if you look at,the,you know the length of the slide if you,look at the,thickness of the guns if you look at the,height from the rear,if you line them up and you look at it,with the exception of that extended,magazine right there they are very very,close to the same,and i think that thats a good,comparison,lets look at some other guns that are,popular in the same market now this will,be interesting one for you look at that,its interesting when something makes,the glock 43 look big,but it does the 938 is a pretty small,pistol,when you put it next to something like,the 43 which is already a very nice,small,you know compact carry gun,i was pretty impressed with just the,scale that this shows you of how small,that really is,now lets talk about some of the basic,features here,this is a six round magazine so this is,a six,plus one nine millimeter pistol,this is where my first gripe actually,comes in,and youve got this nice,six round um,polished magazine very nice but you just,get one this is it,its nice but you get one,and the other problem i have is that if,youre going to have a gun like this,youve got to do one of two things in my,opinion,for it to really be a good,out-of-the-box,solution either a they need to give you,that extended magazine like they do,on the kimber like they do,on the glock you know and i can go on,and on,with people that do this now dont get,me wrong theyre available,you can easily get these magazines but,out of the box you dont have it,which means that for me,like i said either one it needs to have,an extended mag or number two i need to,have something to grip,now youve got some pretty aggressive,texturing in the metal here,and on the back so its not like that,theres nothing for you to hang on to,but in the absence of having a three,finger grip,id like some grooves in my two finger,grip and theres a lot of,small pistols that already do that you,know good example ive got,hks like my little p30 sk its got your,finger grooves and so even though its,just two fingers,feels very solid you know i dont have,any issues with this,as a two finger grip feels very good you,know and even some other pistols ive,had,you know forever like little baby glock,you know little baby glocks got little,finger grooves in it,so i dont have a problem carrying this,drawing this with just two fingers,because i got some place for those,fingers to go and i feel like its a,solid grip,so thats my first real complaint,so moving on to the other features here,this one has the sig sig light,glow sights on it which do show up very,well at night,and the white dot during the day time,shows up pretty good not as good as,fiber obviously but its pretty good,um this pistol is a 1911 style its not,a true 1911 obviously but its 1911,style,so its single action only so if youre,a fan of 1911s and you want to carry it,with the safety on there cocked and,locked you can do that it is an,ambidextrous safety so you left these,out there this ones made for you too,this particular pistol also has the,uh with the really nice wood grips i got,that on mine i think the combination of,that,and the sig light sights is what pushed,mine to the higher end of the price,category,but i just thought it looked nicer and,um if i can get them i like to have,night sights,on a pistol even though im kind of,favoring fiber optic,um the further along i go in this game,and of course,your trigger is very smooth very crisp,well talk about that in a second we,talk about the range,and then youve got your magazine,release here and its you can see its,raised,a bit its very easy to get to so,theres no issue getting to your mag,release,so like i say its really good as far as,size,good sights got a nice trigger 1911,style,weapon but i do have considerations,about this grip to me out of the box,i really would have rather have had an,extended magazine or some place to put,my fingers,so thats going to be your basic,overview as far as size,and features on the p938,all right so lets talk about something,thats always important,obviously if youre a person that,carries youre going to,shoot your guns and if you shoot your,guns you need to clean your guns,so lets talk about the disassembly,reassembly procedure for this thing as,always,with um with any gun and drop your,magazine,and of course you want to make sure its,clear,you know verify theres nothing in there,which hopefully you would have done that,anyway but you know,were just going to cover our bases so,for this particular pistol,um its really not that hard to,disassemble what youre going to do is,youre going to,grab your slide youre going to move it,backwards you notice theres a little,notch here in the,slide theres also a notch,the back of the lever here which is also,your pin,and once you get that notch aligned you,can,push it out you can start it from one,side there and kind of push on it,and then you can grab it,lets see there you go and it either,itll either fall out the other side you,can just pull up with your fingers i,managed to get this drop,out there okay and then once its out,you can just,push the slide right off the front there,okay so with that done,youve got your your guide rod,and your spring and to get this out this,takes a little more force than you might,think,take a lot of guide rods and spr

Sig Sauer P938 Review (Sig Sauer Micro Compact Pistol Review)

welcome to firearms of america oh wait,now were talking welcome to firearms of,america today im back here at shooters,in for mars florida about to do a review,of a gun that i wanted to review for a,while yes and i have not had that brand,actually on this channel for some time,now its a six hour yes six hour p,9 38 yes very excited about this one,because,i actually had a six hour p238,for a very long time as my number one,main concealed carry uh weapon all right,this is 938 the 238 is their 380 outer,version this is the 9 millimeter version,which i know a lot of you guys,would prefer 9 millimeter over 380 any,day anytime so you must be excited about,this review as well so three inch barrel,overall a little bit less than six inch,overall length all right seven capacity,magazine with this little pinky,extension which i do like this,particular one comes with a,silly uh,laser i dont know if you can see it oh,there it is,yeah im not,im not a huge fan of lasers on the guns,if you watch my reviews you already know,but the owner likes it so whatever im,not going to talk crap about it lets do,some shooting,and then we will let the laser is on,this laser is random so,basically how it works is it has uh,it has this little button right here so,every time you get a grip on it it turns,on the freaking laser so yeah anyway,im gonna put some uh,five rounds,and uh well do some shooting i love,these magazines by the way they the this,one is just as good as the one i had on,my,p2,38 p238 yeah,938 nicely numbered very very easy to,load and like i said the pinky extension,is a plus,normally whenever you get one of these,whether its p238 or 938 you also get a,magazine without the pink extension just,the one that sits flat if you want a,smaller one but that one is only six,round all right so,lets uh do some shooting,we have an orange on the top right there,little circle right,there untouched,lets uh make it touched,touched by a bullet,yeah,all right so,freaking laser,and,that laser is actually kind of off its,a little bit off,ill try not to pay attention to it,nice,nice slide,very very good tight feel i like it,lets do some shooting,and see what we can do,wait is the safety on,cool,all,right,not too chevy,i like it,lets see let me check something with,the trigger,so we got one and then,all right,so right a little bit,im going to actually put five more,rounds because i want to get a better,feel before i start telling you about it,i,feel like the trigger is a little bit,heavier,than the trigger that i had on my,238,lets do some more shooting and,might have been just,the gun that have not been,shot,in a while,i like the fly very nice,all right,okay lets do the review now so,lets start from the very beginning,the grip,i do like this grip a lot as you can see,there is a,decent pattern here not too aggressive,but you also get,my favorite g10,on the back,and on the front now it would have been,more of a g10 on the front but instead,of that we have the silly laser button,another reason why i dont,i dont like it uh it feels really weird,honestly in your hand but the g10 feels,really good it adds that aggression,aggression it adds that grip that you do,need to be able to,handle the recoil especially in small,guns like this because the shorter the,barrel,the more recoil youre gonna have well,if its the same caliber for example if,its nine millimeter five inch barrel,and a five millimeter three inch barrel,youre gonna have much more recoil in a,fi in a three,inch,in a five inch in a three inch barrel,compared to the five inch barrel in in,the nine millimeter okay get the point,uh mag release mag release is,not ambidextrous okay so,if youre a lefty,too bad,but uh it works,yeah actually you know what if youre,left here you probably can just do this,yeah its no big deal,it doesnt really have to be,ambidextrous but uh,uh it works very well,very easy to operate,uh magazines fit very well in,in the,magazine compartment i guess,but the fly,you know surprisingly from a small gun,like this you would expect a much,tighter spring,but here the spring is actually very,soft,so its not hard to rack the slide,at all which,i do like and it was the same,case with,my p238 it was a very nice smooth,slide and same thing is here as well now,you do get the,safety here as you can see now its on,and in order to turn it on you just flip,it up and to turn it off you flip it,down which is,if you do like the thumb safety this is,the kind of design you want to go with,to turn it on,up to turn it off down very very,important you dont want it the other,way around ive seen guns with the other,way around,not good dont do it its a design flaw,all right,uh now the trigger the trigger here is,really really good uh as you can see,theres about,a millimeter and a half of safe travel,very safe travel and then,its,pretty crisp,thing is i can see that this has not,been maintained very well with uh with,the owner so ill ill have to show him,how to do it uh so that that might be,one of the reasons why the trigger is a,little bit rough uh but but,one millimeter of safe travel and then a,break,you see it its one millimeter and then,you can probably see one millimeter and,then you can probably get another half a,millimeter from it,and then a crisp break,so,i like the crisp break but that half a,millimeter of unsure travel i dont like,so if youre considering this gun,make sure that you kind of practice with,it to make sure that you,adjust to that little travel back and,forth but,lets put some five more rounds through,this,and then we will talk about the sides,yes the size here,are pretty good its standard three dot,size over here now on my 238 model i,actually have the night sides they have,on some of those they do have night size,these,particular ones are not nice size,unfortunately but its a nice plus to,have knife hats why not,all right so lets finish up that orange,on the top,i love the slide,and nicely lag back on the last round,which is what its supposed to be doing,and the slide release as you can see,its nice its,yeah thats this slide release i like a,lot,its uh,does it,well yes it does but,not a one hand operation unfortunately,actually you know what it should be,because on my p238 it,was,one hand and it is but it is very rough,again most likely because of uh,poor maintenance on this gun,uh but but on my p238 the same exact,slide release it was working flawlessly,with just one hand with the thumb you,could,uh release the slide without any,problems uh but one thing i wanted to,kind of,you your attention draw your attention,is how nicely extended it is and it does,have some serrations here so that its,easier to grip okay uh,now,because,because there is this laser,on,this gun,your,you you probably cant grip like this if,you want to and normally thats thats,what i do with the smaller guns but here,because theres this laser and the,surface is very very smooth kind of,doesnt really make a lot of sense uh to,do,that,so,lets do some couple more rounds,and then well try to come up,with some reasonable conclusions,five,now you can probably in this video see,how,important it is to,maintain your gun,okay,guys,seriously clean your guns,lubricate them,take good care after them,treat them with love and respect,dont just,take it put it in the bag,shoot it put it in the bag come home,throw it in the closet,and then just repeat repeat repeat,without any kind of care this needs your,attention all right,okay,well the flight is nice it works good,wasnt affected but the trigger trigger,definitely was affected,[Music],all right,[Music],even with lack of maintenance i have to,say i do like the fact that,there are no jams its very reliable and,it says a lot about six hours uh now a,few things that i wanted to before i let,you guys go with the conclusion uh,serrations on the front,i mean on the back sorry and then,nothing on the front no serrations on,the front,all right um,the beaver tail i like the beaver tail,here um,in the smaller guns a lot of

SIG Legion P238 vs. P938 Series Handguns | “War of Legions”

[Music],hello welcome back to the guns and,outdoors channel we really hope that you,are doing well out there today,especially as we look on tv with all the,stuff going on in the world around us,but thats okay were all going to get,through it together have a look here,what you see before you this particular,manufacturer,universally respected in the industry,for quality and dependability matter of,fact these guys in my opinion are,starting to flat out out innovate other,well-known manufacturers step up your,gain gassed and clock thats right were,definitely looking at you all right,today were going to review not just one,but two sig sauer pistols in the legion,configuration these guys in the legions,they are the creme de la creme of sig,sauers pistol lineup the legion series,as we all know they come with a number,of custom features that make them stand,apart from their standard pistols in,their lineup so get ready for a double,whammy were gonna do some reviews on,the tabletop and then were gonna,transition out to the range with the sig,sauer models,p938 p238 legion the 938 comes in a nine,millimeter the 238 comes in the 380 auto,respectively so hey do me a big favor,might as well go ahead and look down,below smash the like button subscribe to,the channel while youre at it enjoy the,ride,[Music],all right let me go ahead and get these,out of the cases and get them put out on,the table,this is going to be the p938,shes a beauty,now the original versions of these,theyre going to come with two magazines,these guys in the legion configuration,are going to come with three this,magazines and the pistols are currently,unloaded heres our p 238 let me get,these boxes out of the way,get these staged for us,all right,and they are unloaded,right both are unloaded,lets rock and roll history manufactured,up there in newington new hampshire man,the sigs doing a lot of great things,these days hey did you guys see the us,army contract that they won for the,cartridge and the next generation battle,rifle wow man really cool all right back,to timeline,original 238 came out in 2008 the,original p938 came out in 2013 siegmen,announced their legion series of lineup,epistles in 2015 couple years later they,doubled back and added the 238 and the,938 to their legion series in 2018 and,voila this is what you have in front of,you were really glad and happy that,they expanded that flagship series with,the new,238 legion and the 938 legion because,theyre addressing the micro compact,segment this was the gen 1 right these,were premium pistols designed for all,day every day carry and they have these,hard use finish that were going to dive,into as well as a nice added features,the 238 legion was chambered in 380 acp,all right thats cool thats cool dont,hate on it and the 938 stepped up to the,nine millimeter luger right both are,single action only and they have,ambidextrous for lefty and righty so you,wrong-handed guys yep you get your thumb,safeties all right,premium micro compact they got the cool,paint job cerakote elite finish that,legion gray all right they come with the,awesome green x-ray sights im just,gonna leave them here and then were,gonna pick them up and handle and go,hands-on here front sight high,visibility green dot tritium lamps right,thats what they say day and light your,rear is rear serrated its blacked out i,like that and but they also have two,subdued lamps in there for night time,use all right they did add the original,guns didnt have front serrations so,they went ahead and added front cocking,serrations the pistols have been,dehorned to allow for a smooth draw ease,of holstering ease of pocket carry,whatever youre going to do with this,however you care about its a little,slightly different all right the frame,also gets sigs anti-snag treatment and,we will well have a look at that and as,well as the frame gets the same cerakote,finish all right weve got checkered,front and rear back straps as well as,right under here not on the front of the,trigger guard but on the bottom weve,got some checkerization g10 grips with,the cool bronze legion medallion,both of these pistols have extended mag,wells,by doing that i think thats something,unique to the legion the 380 and the,nine that take them from original six,plus one capacity to seven plus one,capacity i get it i get it you guys are,used to 10 11 and 12 these days but this,is a blast from the past right another,improvement on these guys was the,triggers sig redesigned,machined flat triggers,the standard models its important to,remember if you dont have one they came,with polymer triggers on there so these,are definitely good i really like these,all right were gonna were gonna take a,look at that here right true to their,name very small lightweight handguns the,380 weighs approximately 15 ounces the 9,mil a little bit more at 17 ounces the,380 2.7 inch barrel all right 5.5 inches,long the nine mil weve got a three inch,barrel and were about 5.9 inches long,one inches wide all right lets get,ready to go hands-on here we got the 928,both of these are on loan to the channel,really appreciate the person that loaned,them by the way lets move the 238 out,of the way focus on the 938 man,first thing i notice is grip and the,metal metal on metal feels so good in my,hand compact small but lightweight not,heavy so i would say dont let weight,deter you at all get yourself a holster,pick the one that you want iwb aiwb,pocket carry purse carry,get yourself a holster and drive on the,finish awesome cerakote elite coating it,is kind of a gray green to me a little,darker green hint to the paint job,definitely durable you can see this one,came off a rental wall so its got the,idiot scratches over here on the slide,you can see where its worn through the,paint these guys arent meant to be safe,queens these are everyday carries i,think the paint job is good its going,to hold up nice on you now 1911 inspired,right so theres a manual of arms right,you got your safety you have to be,comfortable with that as soon as you,come out of the holster since you come,out of purse you need to train yourself,and your muscle memory to take that,safety off you need to be comfortable,carrying the slide the hammer back with,one in the chamber all that sort of,thing thats what youre getting with,the 1911 but its not true like you,dont have a grip safety for example we,got our black,g10 grips with our cool bronze medallion,weve got a serrated safety,mag release button safety how about this,mag release button it jets pretty nice,and notice that theres a nice mag well,thats going to allow you to get three,fingers of purchase,the thing about this versus the original,variant is where six plus one this is,seven plus one and our mag has the,legion logo etched in the bottom,front strap thats what i like about,1911s in the metal configurations,got really good aggressive checkering,rear strap kind of a partial aggressive,checkering and then underneath the,trigger guard weve got it nice thats,going to allow you to get good hands on,nice beaver tail but you do need to be,careful if you have big hands you still,need to watch out for slide bite it,doesnt take much to get bit you need to,understand your platform adapt how you,grip and youll be just fine nice,skeletonized legion improved hammer that,they put on the 938 and lets work over,to the sides weve got the ever popular,as we spoke about earlier green x-ray,three night sights whats good about,these is they all have tritium vitals,blacked out rear,and man its just freaking awesome love,these things peoples eyes pick up green,on the light spectrum pretty well during,the daytime and at night time once you,identify your threat youre going to,have ambient light source flashlight,carry one on your person however it is,you should be good to go so day and,night this site configuration is awesome,trigger flat face aluminum,trigger in the legion thats different,okay,definitely,an improvement over the,the old ones stainless ste

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