1. SIG P365 Review: After 2+ Years and 50,000+ Rounds
  3. Why I chose the SIG P365X over the P365 or the XL
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  5. SIG Sauer P365 Review | The Best Concealed Carry Handgun?
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SIG P365 Review: After 2+ Years and 50,000+ Rounds

[Music],hey hows it going miles here at,tactical hive and today i want to talk,about my main go-to carry gun this is,the gun i carry every single day and,its not new its the sig sauer p365,its been around for a while now and,when it first came out it was i mean the,talk of the town everyone i mean such an,accurate gun small gun and there was a,lot of positives but there was also a,lot of negatives because there was a lot,of issues with the guns and things like,that and so i want to talk about the,p365 as somebody whos been carrying it,concealed for pretty much two years,every single day been using it a lot put,a lot of rounds through it and,talk to you about it as a shooter right,not as a professional gun reviewer im,not gonna you know theres so many,reviews on the p365 so if you want to,get dive into all the little specs and,all that stuff this is probably not the,best video for it right but i want to,talk to you about it as somebody who,shoots a ton okay i i really am not a,gun aficionado in the sense that i want,a lot of guns collect a lot of guns im,more into training and i like guns that,actually work and are functional with,that said before we dive into the review,if youre just wondering if this is a,great gun let me just tell you based on,two years carrying every single day two,years,its an awesome gun get the gun all,right if youve been on the edge get it,i mean sig did an amazing job so lets,dive into the discussion here and lets,start off with reliability,when i first bought the p365 i had this,i have actually two of them right one,was for training one is the one that i,carry and when i first heard about the,reliability issues i was concerned right,a lot of people were saying the firing,pins were breaking things like that so,on and so forth let me just go out and,say that through this training gun right,which um that was the first one i got,then this is my carry gun i bought after,because i was worried that you know they,might break and this is my carry gun so,i shoot much less than my practice gun,here i have put definitely over 40 000,rounds in this gun in the last two years,definitely right thats being,conservative ive lost round count but,you know what theres a chance ive,actually put close to 60 000 so if were,talking about reliability sig you guys,did an amazing job all these people,talking about the gun braking ive never,experienced it i have not experienced it,in over 60 000 rounds well 40 000 rounds,for sure probably even close to 60 000,rounds in my practice sig and i put,probably around five to six thousand,rounds in my carry and ive never had,one single issue as well in terms of,reliability when shooting when shooting,the gun what has happened was,it has malfunctioned only when i use,remanufactured reloads theres theres,something wrong with the casing size of,thats the thats the only reason or the,primer but i have not had this failed me,once right even the even the practice,gun so that when it comes to you know,sigs not paying us were not being you,know,were not promoting them because for any,any reason but im just telling you its,a great gun right and its been,extremely reliable so if you,are concerned about those reviews that,you may have read in the past ive never,had those issues and ive shot these,guns a lot right definitely more than,your your average shooter would im not,really sure,what gen the sig p365 is in i do,remember back in the day they were,saying the gen ones had a lot of issues,and some people were saying the gen twos,also had a lot of issues i will tell you,that both of these guns are gen twos and,again never had any problems whatsoever,now the size of this gun this is such a,huge huge benefit of this gun,particularly for those who carry,concealed it is something that just,disappears i carry appendix and,literally you cant you can you cant,really see it and for those of you who,will carry it three oclock four oclock,five oclock youll experience the same,thing its very short very slim i mean,the profile of this is perfect for a,concealed carrier so if youre looking,for a carry gun an everyday carry gun,this is a perfect option just because of,the size and,despite its size the reason why it,created such buzz is because its such,an accurate gun and easy to shoot gun,for most right being being a subcompact,like this it is going to be more,difficult to shoot for your everyday,your average shooter compared to lets,say a,a full-size gun like a glock 17 or a,full-size sig p320 and despite that,compared to other guns in its caliber,the size it just again it just shoots,really really well,when we first came out too people were,shooting targets really far you may have,seen videos of me shooting targets like,more than 100 yards away with this gun,with with ease and so if you do have the,proper mechanics shooting fundamentals,in place youre going to experience the,same thing its just such a great gun so,aside from the reliability and the very,small size which leads to getting a good,grip you know you can really get good,friction on this and of course,concealability theres two other things,that really stand out that i think are,huge positives with the pe 365 as a,shooter one is the x-ray front sight,its a its a very bright green fiber,optic sight so when were talking about,combat shooting defensive shooting you,want to be able to pick up your sight,immediately and the front sight wide,front x-ray sight really does the job,you just put it in front you even if,youre hard target focused when youre,bringing your gun up youre going to see,that bright green and you know when its,going to be in your target zone you can,break that shot so they did a really,good job at uh this front sight so i,really like the sights here it just,makes shooting much easier its an,accurate gun and now you have great,sights so that combination is perfect,there lastly the one thing i like as a,shooter i mention it i shoot a ton i,wouldnt want to be reloading this gun,every eight or nine rounds and the,beauty of this is that you have i,believe theyre up to 14 maybe 15 i,cant dont mark where words are because,i i carry a 12 round magazine that they,have i believe uh that comes out with,its been so long that i only carry this,but i know theres theres different,ones there is a flush magazine which,literally comes flush with the grip here,one that extends out i believe thats a,10 round magazine and then this is the,12 round magazine i believe theres one,bigger i think its that 14 round,magazine i carry a 12. but for me in,this little size this compact size you,can carry,for me 12 plus one in the chamber thats,great thats i mean again its just its,just as a shooter who love really likes,to shoot this is perfect right so youre,not wasting time reloading and if you do,have larger hands you can get the other,one thats a little bit bigger i believe,its a 14 round again dont mark my,words there it might be the 15 or 16.,im not a huge uh a gun follower so i,dont know all the developments but i,just do know they have options for you,so once again just a great gun now a few,of a few things though that i feel could,use some improvement despite these,though its my everyday carry i rave,about the gun first is the the trigger,the actual trigger i use a stock trigger,now you can get tons of,after market triggers okay you can do,that i decided to just use the stock,trigger,for legality reasons whether its right,or wrong i am not even taking a chance,where if i ever have to use this in,defense of my life i dont want you know,the court saying that i modified this to,be more deadly or whatever it is right,but there are aftermarket triggers that,will make this more crisp the reason why,im im talking about the trigger is,that there once you find the wall,theres kind of you know theres theres,a little bit more slack than im used to,for your average shooter its not going,to matter at all im just being nitpicky,because i do competitions i im a,combative shooter and as a competi


for you guys to do follow me on social,media follow me on Instagram theres,been if you watched I talked about the,six hour P three sixty five when I went,to shot show and I kind of went on at,NAS Im about how much I wanted to get,this gun in my hand and shoot it because,were talking about a gun thats almost,the size of a pea m9 so to speak with,ten rounds,yeah got me a little excited so I am,happy to say today I have one here with,me in my hand and right now Im running,it with the ten round magazine with the,extension and up front I got to say in,hand its very synonymous to the PM nine,feels like a PM 9 except better and and,by better I mean its a little bit,slightly bigger than the PM 9 so it,feels great in hand compared to the PM 9,sometimes the pain like PM not gonna put,a little bit smaller and for those you,wonder why I keep comparing it to the PM,9 even though a lot of people comparing,this to the 43 I dont necessarily think,the P 365 is in the same vein or I think,its closer to the PM 9 and it is 243,and the reason I say that its because,it does feel really small,the 43 on the other hand feels like a,bigger gun and then also on top of that,I just cant figure it out but I think,PM 9 every time I picked this thing up,that being said Ill start off doing,some shooting and then Ill give you my,take on it,first things first this gun definitely,doesnt kick as much as the PM not I was,a little concerned about when I first,got this gun in hand as small as it was,and even with the magazine capacity Im,thinking okay this thing is going to,kick like a mule this thing is just,going to be not fun to shoot and I gotta,be honest with you with those first,first couple of rounds I got to say,thats not the case it is a little bit,punchier but compared to say like the 43,but nothing that makes me go I dont,think I wanna shoot this anymore yeah so,I dont not enjoy shooting this right,now its not that it doesnt kick that,much to me so heres the 13-round,magazine which is the one thing for me,that really stood out the most is just,the capacity to size ratio I largely,complain about guns not having enough,ammo or having enough capacity so were,talking about HKS just because they feel,great in hand and theyre bigger guns,even though theyre compact but the,capacity just doesnt do it for me well,now you have this 13 rounds well 12,rounds plus 113 and in this little bitty,package man thats phenomenal that is,utterly phenomenal,it really doesnt kick that much at all,and then when you add the pinky,extension on here whats not picked,essential with the extended magazine it,gives me a full-size grip now I have,small hands but for me this is perfect,this is definitely perfect the width is,just fine its running about about an,inch wide as far as the trigger like a,lot of people complain about the trigger,on the PM 9 and they think its a bad,trigger I dont think the PM 9 has a bad,sugar I just think it has a long trigger,and I think a lot of people compare it,to a single action double action trigger,versus a double action only trigger in,this case this is a double action sync,well this is a this is a striker fired,so its going to be was a constant,action or whatever you want to call it,whatever the clock trigger mechanism on,it,same concept the trigger on this it does,the trigger is rather smooth and the,reset to be honest even though I dont,really shoot the reset but Minh I cant,think of anything right now that I dont,like about this gun,[Music],[Music],Im thoroughly impressed with this thing,Im not gonna lie and I think to be,honest with you I think Im kind of,holding back a little bit about how I,feel about the good because I dont,think its really quite set in yet but,the gun is a shooter come on like this,is this is this is a micro compact and,it I dont feel any less capable with,this gun than I would would say a Glock,19 or a Glock 17 even though you had the,capacity and you have them you have the,sight radius on those guns would make it,a little bit more accurate to shoot,lets see what we got man yeah I know I,think about it so unfortunately Im out,but thats gonna be for the first mag of,the P 365 right now after going through,these first what three four mags,I believe it was yep three mags yeah,three next um,I like it I like it a lot I I hate the,fact that I cant think of anything that,I dont really like about it right now,Im trying to think of any possible,negatives at least for me and Im not,really finding them which is interesting,because the fact that I do like this gun,and I like the way that shoots and then,as far as it having the magazine,capacity with ten rounds here thats ten,rounds flush and then twelve rounds,theres gonna be some concealed carry,guns that I have that are probably not,gonna see the light of day anymore Im,not gonna say any guns in particular but,why else would I carry something else,when I can get a gun this small thats,this suitable and give me the capacity,of what some almost full size guns have,the sights on it are pretty nice to just,Im honestly kind of left speechless one,of the biggest concerns I had when I,first got my hands on the gun was that I,thought you know I was worried that the,gun wouldnt live up to the expectation,right now thats exactly what its doing,and quite frankly I dont know Im like,Im searching and Im struggling to find,something that I do not like about this,gun and Im not finding it even down to,even thats the way the magazine release,it drops the magazines drop just fine,like theres no issue and unless theres,an issue with reliability once I run a,higher number of rounds through it I,gotta say this gun is dangerous and I,when I say dangerous I mean dangerous,from a concealed carry market standpoint,because a lot of people and a lot of,companies come out with things in a,column game-changing I personally think,this is probably the closest that has,come from a pistol standpoint to a,game-changer at least for right now like,I said these are just the first,magazines that I shot through it but,thus far I,Color Me exceptionally impressed I might,be a little biased but to me a pinkie,light is the ultimate lifestyle can you,think of another lifestyle that protects,your freedom protects your life and the,people that you love puts food on the,table helps you bond with family and,friends and provide you sports and,recreation I cant can you and now you,can add hydration to that list with the,new line of pew-pew light drink where,the pew pew life tumblers and bottles,are made from stainless steel and,feature a double wall vacuum insulation,that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and,hot drinks hot for 12 hours I think its,safe to say that there is no better way,to stay hydrated while showing your,pride for the lifestyle we all love and,cherish so click the link and order your,drink were today and remember the pew,pew life equals the people whats going,on folks this is colione Noir if you,like what you saw in this video be sure,to hit the subscribe button that should,be located on the bottom left portion of,the screen me come on whoo you fool I,know you want,[Music]

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Why I chose the SIG P365X over the P365 or the XL

hey guys welcome back to my channel in,this weeks video im gonna break down,for you why i chose the p365x over the,p365xl or the standard p365 so in order,to kind of give you guys a full picture,on why i picked what i picked im gonna,have to give you a little bit of,background on what my previous everyday,carry guns were and what i was,specifically looking for in this new,concealed carry gun but if you dont,care at all about the background just,skip to the next time card so when i,bought my first ever concealed carry gun,that was the glock 42 and all i wanted,in that gun i wanted the smallest,possible thing that i could shoot well,and the glock 42 served that purpose,really really well and i still love that,gun i dont really carry it as much,anymore i shot really well with it it,was reliable and a great little gun,especially for my first concealed carry,gun then when i went to choose my second,concealed carry gun i kind of had a,little bit more specifics that i was,looking into i wanted something with a,higher capacity i wanted something that,i could mount an optic on and i wanted,something that i could like take to,classes and wouldnt have to be worried,about,mainly capacity because my 42 only had,six rounds plus one and so i went in and,i tried uh several different guns i have,an entire video on that mind you thats,an older video i pretty much tried every,common concealed carry gun there was out,there and i wound up choosing the glock,48 after several months of carrying the,glock 48 i really was starting to,encounter my,kind of parameters in terms of,concealment so to kind of give you a,point of reference for how big a glock,48 is on my frame i am five feet tall,and about like a hundred and eight,hundred and ten pounds and my hip width,when i measure that in comparison to the,actual,width from the or height from the bottom,of the grip to the top of the optic and,kind of do some cool math things and,compare that to the average size male,carrying a glock 34,the glock 48 proportionally is larger on,my body frame than a glock 34 is on an,average size male average size male,being like 5,5 10,uh,180 pounds so,its a big gun for me to carry and after,several months of carrying the glock 48,i realized that and i decided i wanted,something that was closer in size to my,glock 42 but still allowed me to have,good capacity and something i could,still mount an optic on and it became,pretty clear pretty quickly that the,p365 series was going to be the place,where i needed to spend some more time,once i decided that my new carry gun was,going to be one of the p365 series guns,i started kind of looking into costs and,also just like the dimensions of the gun,and i knew that i wanted something,closer in size to my glock 42 versus my,glock 48 and so i pretty much ruled out,the p365xl,right out of the gate even though it is,smaller than my glock 48 its still it,still didnt serve that purpose of like,a considerably smaller gun for me i kind,of felt like if i was going to be,carrying something closer in size to the,48 i was just going to carry my 48 im,already comfortable with it proficient,with it so i ruled out the xl,immediately and so i kind of niched down,into looking specifically into the p365,and the p365xl,so once i niched down there i started,looking into pricing because i knew i,needed it to be optics ready and i knew,that i wanted the smaller grip module so,the standard p365 doesnt come optics,ready i would have had to send it out to,get milled but the x comes optics ready,wasnt gonna have to send it out to be,milled thats a cost thing and also just,like an inconvenience thing so i wound,up going with the x because i wasnt,going to have to mill it for an optic,and all i was going to need to do is,purchase a standard grip module as well,as another mag and if you are somebody,who shoots glocks or generally shoots,other things than sig youre not used to,paying 50 for a magazine but,yeah theyre really proud of their,magazine so um i had to factor that into,the cost as well because im getting,another grip module i needed to get the,smaller magazine so really quickly i,wanted to kind of break down the cost,evaluation that i was looking at in case,you guys are here looking to consider,which one you want to get ill give you,a general idea of what kind of prices i,was looking at paying for each one so,the p365 would cost me about 684,but after shipping and the cost of,getting it milled it would have roughly,cost me,715 give or take and then again i wasnt,really interested in the xl it kind of,ruled it out already for an xl with the,romeo zero would have cost about 650,plus shipping,plus the smaller grip module and at,least one other mag so all in all it,would have roughly been about 770 and,then the cost for the x like this is,739 ish with the grip module and an,additional mag so to kind of run that,through again about 715 to the p365 and,then 770 dollars for the xl and then,about 739,for the setup that i was going to need,for the p365x,so basically the cost breakdown wound up,being pretty similar for all of them and,again i knew i didnt really want to do,the xl and with the prices between the,standard and the x being so close i,figured it was worth it to just go with,the x because i wasnt gonna have to,deal with sending it out to get milled,and i was gonna be able to have two grip,modules and,nothing wrong with having two grip,modules i actually prefer shooting with,the x grip so thats kind of how i,landed on picking the p365x over either,of the other two models which brings me,to thanking the sponsors for todays,video bigtext ordnance actually,contacted me and offered to send me a,p365x after id gone through that entire,process of kind of pricing everything,out and getting everything ready to go,so thank you big techs for sending me,the p365x to talk about in todays video,bigtext is known for their awesome,online selection and outstanding,customer service you can find almost,anything you need through their site and,they recently opened up a range in,conroe texas so if youre ever in their,neck of the woods tell them i said hi,and the last thing i want to kind of,talk about in this video really quick is,just my overall impressions of carrying,and shooting the p365x but if you want a,little bit more of an in-depth idea on,this i did a video just solely on my,first impressions of the p365x so im,just going to kind of summarize that,here overall i found that it is notably,easier for me to carry than my glock 48,but not quite as easy as carrying my,glock 42 and that could be partially,because mclaug 42 is just irons and its,also slimmer because the glock 42 is,chambered in 380. i also have both grip,modules for the p365 just standard as,well as the x-grip module and i pref it,kind of depends on why like what kind of,way im choosing to carry so if im deep,concealing my gun as in the entire gun,is completely below my waistband i,prefer just the standard grip module but,if im carrying it above my waistline i,dont mind carrying the x grip module,its a lot easier for me to get a,solid grip on the gun with the longer,grip because it actually interacts,really well with my entire palm whereas,with the smaller grip module its just,not quite as hefty of a grip on the gun,and then as far as shooting impressions,go ive taken it to a two-day class and,several range trips and something i,really really love about it is how,smooth the trigger is i have this,problem that im working on where i,really like to pin the trigger but im,much more inclined to pin the trigger on,my glock than i am on the sig its a lot,easier for me to really speed up my,split times on the sig i think its,because the sig just doesnt have quite,the same wall that my glock trigger does,and i really really like that but,its not perfect,and im not 100 sold on it yet so stay,tuned for future videos on that i,totally have plans to work more with the,sig and make future videos on why im,not 100 sold on it yet but ways th

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10 Things You Dont Know About The Sig P365

foreign,[Applause],whats up guys this is Chris here and,today were going to be hitting you with,some trivia were going to be talking,about one of my favorite handguns the,p365 and hopefully well be going over,10 things that you dont know about that,very popular gun,I like the p365 if youre unfamiliar,with what it is it is a polymer frame,striker-fired pistol which is very small,it has a lot of interesting features,that made it not only unique but kind of,a watermark as Firearms go throughout,history before we do that though I do,want to mention if you like the channel,you like the non-biased content all you,got to do is go down and like And,subscribe and hit the notification,button for future videos I also want to,mention theres a link in the,description for patreon patreons the,best way to support the channel if you,want to sign up all you got to do is go,down to the link in the description,below also in that description is a link,to a local shelter her names Iowa its,the yss it could really use your help so,please go down there and donate to those,kids now lets get right into it with,number one the p365 was the first gun to,come out with their revolutionary,magazine technology that many other guns,have copied including the Smith Wesson,Shield plus the Taurus gx4 the Ruger,series and many others and the reason,why its so revolutionary is because,they have kind of a staggered stack,design on them that allows them to fit,more rounds per length of the magazine,allowing you to have a very short,overall platform which is very easy to,carry as you can see there the grip on,the p365 is incredibly short and small,but youre still allowed to have a 10 or,even 12 plus one capacity as you can see,here even on the very tiny grip of the,Specter comp this is a 12 round magazine,that fits flush inside of Magwell which,is very very cool back in the day youd,need almost a full-size handgun to get,the same capacity now its not just on,the small guns but the same technology,actually works on the larger guns as,well as you can see here the p365 macro,has about the same grip size as the,Glock 19 or even a little bit shorter,and its able to carry a 17 round,magazine with no base plate which is,actually really neat so that magazine,technology allowed people to carry more,rounds for less weight and introduced a,whole new wave of concealed carriers,onto the market in at number two here I,want to talk about another revolutionary,thing that Sig has done with the 320,series that they brought actually to the,p365 and that is going to be the,stainless steel fire control unit which,is actually really neat as well along,with the magazine capacity it is another,thing that really changed the game as,far as modularity goes with firearms and,the reason why is because one fire,control unit is the serialized part and,you can take it and you can put it in,multiple different frames if you want so,if you want a small pistol but you dont,want to buy a new handgun you can buy,the p365 and you can take the fire,control unit out and you could put it in,an XL or you could even put it in,something like a macro and you could,have multiple guns for the paperwork of,one which is really neat and then you,can also have a cheap way to upgrade,your guns as well instead of buying a,whole new firearm these frames are,available on Sigs website actually for,pretty cheap again very modular very,cool and very revolutionary which is one,of the things Sig does so well now in at,number three we kind of commented on,this already but there are a lot of,various of the p365. another thing Sig,does extremely well is once they get a,hit boy they keep hammering on that and,you have variants like the standard p365,you have the p365 XL the p365 SAS the,Specter comp which is actually the comp,open version of the XL and then you have,the X macro which is the comp version of,the large guy and so and so on it goes,its actually pretty cool because,theres even a Massachusetts compliant,version that actually has a safety and a,loaded chamber indicator so theres many,different models for each person use and,state that you live in in at number four,how did the p365 get its name well the,p365 stands for how many days you were,able to carry this thing a year,comfortably I actually think thats a,pretty cool way to name a gun and,actually give it kind of a purpose,instead of a bunch of random numbers and,it kind of signifies the first gun that,youre able to carry a good capacity,with a good caliber that you can carry,all day super comfortably so I like the,idea yeah I like the name and I think,they did a good job in at number five I,wanted to mention that the p365 Specter,comp is one of the first pistols to make,the slide compensator popular now as you,can see here we have it on the Specter,comp and we also have it on the new,macro and theres pros and cons to that,particular type of compensator compared,to the standard industry model which is,going to be the one that you thread on a,threaded barrel this is compliant in a,lot of places where the other one is not,theres no timing issues on this as well,and you dont lose quite as much,reliability or get any finicky ammo,issues with this like you would with the,comp actually cut into the barrel and it,does still decrease The Recoil a good,bit so I think its a good middle ground,as far as compensators go and just like,the magazine technology got new,concealed carriers the modularity got,new people to start tinkering I think,the new comp design that Sig came out,with actually is going to get a lot more,people into comp guns and realize a lot,of the myths about comp guns arent,actually true in at number 6 the p365,striker system which is the system the,gun uses to actually ignite the round,was in fact the same or very similar,system to that of the P320 its a system,that Sig has been redesigning and,reusing over and over again since 1975,when they originally invented that,system for the Swiss military contract,number seven Sig actually has a p365,model where it doesnt really have,sights the SAS system is actually,created originally to kind of create a,new sighting system on the market very,similar to other siding systems that,have existed in the past including the,Leopold Red Dot however the SAS and the,Leopold Red Dot have yet to catch on,its an interesting new way to acquire a,sight picture with a handgun that takes,up a lot less space on top of the gun,and eventually could become a very,interesting system however right now I,feel like its not quite there yet,number eight did you know theres a p365,in 380 ACP a lot of people will tell me,that p365 has a little too much recoil a,little too much muzzle flip for them and,one way to get a lighter recoiling p365,is go with the comped versions but yet,another way is to go slightly down in,caliber to nine millimeter short or the,380 hcp I actually had the 380 ACP for,review I didnt keep it but I really did,like it and it would be one of the,absolute go-to pistols I would recommend,for the 380 caliber along with a Glock,42 and the Ruger Max now number nine not,just civilian use for the p365 but even,law enforcement is actually getting in,to the compact micro 9 game believe it,or not as of 2022 theres at least six,major police departments in the United,States actually using the p365 including,the Indiana State Police the Chicago PD,and the Miami Beach PD now many of these,police departments are using them,currently as backups but some of these,people in the police departments are,actually using them as their primary,sidearm which is kind of fascinating,considering were kind of have seen the,evolution of the nine millimeter handgun,getting smaller and smaller and smaller,not just for carry use but even for Duty,use and finally in at number 10 which is,sort of a piece of trivia sort of a,piece of controversy I would say is that,Ive seen a couple of places that Sig,advertised the p365 as having the lowest,bore axis of any handgun currently on,the ma

SIG Sauer P365 Review | The Best Concealed Carry Handgun?

hey guys welcome back to the channel,Brett a nine-millimeter USA here and,today we are finally bringing you this,Sig Sauer P is six hours Micro compact,pistol which is very popular right now,ships in this box with two magazines,filter ten rounders one has a pinky,extension the other ones a flat base,plate about the size of your hand right,there its very small and light six hour,P 365 lets go to the range alright here,it is the new Sig Sauer P,and weve been looking forward to,reviewing this pistol,were in the first ten rounds really,good yeah for being a very light pistol,its got a little bit of muzzle climb to,it a little bit of recoil would it be in,a nine millimeter but its right on,target lets try some head shots here,its got a really nice sight picture,those head shots are going right where I,want them check out the head shots from,about 13 yards away,you cant ask for much more than that,from a little pistol this size I think,very happy with the way it performed,take a quick look at the sight picture,yep it has a very nice sight picture yep,those are those fantastic x-ray sites,from Sig Sauer those are the same sights,is on the légion no wonder I love them,right yep big fan of the legion guys 2,to 6 or 2 to 9 pick your poison if you,want a larger gun those are excellent,and so far so good on the 365 its young,brothers turn next,ok during this review we shot 250 rounds,of the Sig Sauer elite performance,practice rounds and 2 boxes of this,9-millimeter V crown ammunition 124,grain no problems at all with the P 365,during this test we were very happy with,its performance lets load this up first,rounds from me out of this pistol really,love the size of this P 365 guys 10,rounds in this size package is pretty,unbelievable,[Applause],its ten rounds right there a little bit,off-center but the first two rounds poor,on center and right on top of each other,practically,ten more rounds,one of the unusual parts about this p3,65 is the pistol was actually,manufactured around this 10 round,magazine right here as you can tell the,magazine theres a little wider here at,the base and it bevels up as it goes up,to feed the pistol theres ten rounds in,this magazine and its barely bigger,than like a seven round single stack,quite an amazing job this pistol is,totally the size of a Glock 43 and yet,it holds 10 rounds versus the Glock 43,being six rounds lets talk about the,pistol for a minute not only does it,come in at 17 point 8 ounces but its,overall length is five point eight,inches its width is one inch and the,height is four point three inches so it,is a micro pistol pretty amazing when,you consider it holds 10 rounds plus one,in the chamber,all right guys were shooting at 6 hour,early performance ammunition it is the,115 grain Full Metal Jacket,traveling at 1185 feet per second,[Applause],tipping that front in got to deal with a,little bit of recoil but its excellent,yeah,a slide on the six our P 365 is,stainless steel and it is Nitron coated,very high-quality finish on this little,micro nine pistol the p3 65 now ships,stock with these sig sauer x-ray sights,they have a Ledge in the back for easy,manipulations if you need to rack it on,something has serrations on the back of,the sight to reduce glare and tritium,vials right there on the back and a,beautiful high visibility front sight,these x-ray sights are just fantastic of,the same sights that sig sauer uses on,the six-hour légion pistols one other,thing to mention is the 365 has a 3.1,inch barrel length so again that just,adds to how small it is but the shoot,ability was excellent six hour P 365,from 25 yards away,[Applause],[Applause],good job,[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],no problem with this size pistol from 25,yards away,so the 365 can get it done not only up,close and personal but also from a,little distance away if you have time to,aim the grip on the P 365 is excellent,it has some very good texturing done to,it,both in the front the side and in the,back right here,its very ergonomic the P 365 comes with,two 10-round magazines and it has a,little lip right here in the grip so you,can strip those magazines out if you,need to one has a flat base plate and,the other one has a finger extension,which helps you get that grip you can,actually get your pinky on there which a,lot of these small pistols you cant do,that another very cool thing about this,pistol you guys is that sig does offer a,12-round magazine option itll be a,little bit extended out of the grip,obviously but you have that option as a,back-up mag or you know to have it in,there as a full sized grip whether you,use it as the backup mag or your primary,magazine at least you have that option,the six-hour p3 65 does have a pretty,good trigger theres some take-up right,here and then watch it does have a,little bit of creep and then it breaks,again,take up,creep right there and it breaks on reset,not bad very audible yeah you can hear,it you can feel it kind of snaps theres,no miss in it if youre shooting off,reset its actually really good I think,its right in between a Glock 43 and a,car trigger the way that it kind of acts,but it has you know a striker fire,trigger in it its not like a car pistol,and how those are like a double action,only type pistol which is interesting,well may remind you of those pistols but,its far from its much better yeah and,we have some experience with all of,those so the take ups not a big deal it,does have a tiny bit of creep on it and,then it breaks and the reset is very,good I gotta tell you guys I think Ive,got it better than us you might walk 43,and Ive shot a lot of rounds my 43,overall I say its a very good trigger,so guys Im gonna shoot the first couple,rounds here two hands and then Im gonna,convert to my off hand which is my right,hand just to see how it shoots one hand,excitement shot it one-handed yet,[Applause],I love the way it handles guys amazing,shooter here for such a small pistol,its quite manageable we have heard,about and read that there are some,issues with the P 365 s out there there,is a little bit of striker drag going on,when the striker hits the primer here,and as you can see on this six-hour v,crown casing we did experience that so,the striker is definitely dragging,against that yeah we did notice this and,obviously we grabbed lots of casings to,be able to show it to yall but the,pistol went off every time there was no,malfunctions of any sort whatsoever,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],I think you held down the slide release,yeah,one-handed doing that last mag here Ive,got a couple rounds of ball underneath,some V crown so this is 124 grain V,crown were shooting an entire box,youre shooting like eight rounds right,here and Im gonna shoot like 15 yeah,[Applause],well see how it likes the hotter stuff,[Applause],so howd it feel the difference between,V Creon and 3fm Jason I thought I could,feel the difference but yet when I was,shooting the regular rounds you know the,muzzle is coming up a little bit on,those two its a super light pistol so,were shooting nine-millimeter here its,a super light pistol I gotta tell you,the trigger is excellent in the sights,all my rounds are hitting center mass,yeah its an accurate little gun I dont,think we painted it at all right now,so what you see here this is where the,ground is I mean theres little right,there center mass for the most part even,the rounds I was shooting back from 25,yards we havent repainted the target,yeah and it hit the target every time,its an amazing gun Im pretty happy,with it yeah youre up next,okay all right so V crown you guys Ive,got eight rounds loaded in one mag and,seven in the other so lets see how this,does should be fantastic havent had any,problems at this gun guys,lets go fast on the mini target see how,this handles not bad for a little gun,right just amazing,good shooting man SIGs got a winner it,does appear to be one of the best small,handguns out there,so overall guys we really enjoyed this,Sig Sauer p-3 65 and as we sa

SIG P365

Picon 45 here were gonna look at the,sig p320 can it well lets see oh look I,found in my pocket I found one and I,found that I didnt have my ears on and,lets shoot it again pretty cool I think,I have no the magazine so lets do a,tactical reload its not really tactical,except Im not gonna lose that magazine,and lets shoot something else like a,cowboy and lets smoke a little pot,right off the bat here,you have to hit them to smoke them yes,ladies and gentlemen it is the cig p3 65,much requested and Ive been anxious to,see it John and I have been reading,about it and anxious to get our hands on,it ourselves and see what we think about,it and thats what you pay us the big,bucks for right to let you know what we,think about it where are those checks,just kidding,we have been very interested in looking,at this thing and and Ill give you some,reasons why not a lot of new guns that,really get us all excited you know,theres always a new polymer wonder a,new polymer pistol lotta more fine the,capacity on this one in the pre-release,info was kind of interesting to us,because it holds 10 rounds look at that,magazine ten bullets will fit in those,magazines I understand theyre even,coming out with or there we have a,12-round magazine and in the weight of,it it was a little bit perplexing to me,I mentioned that I think in the shooting,the breeze that it it just I couldnt,understand and when I looked at it at,shot show on I was expecting a firearm,like this the Glock 26 okay something,like this with maybe a thinner slide or,something because it has ten rounds its,a ten plus one and thats what the Glock,26 is one of the things we all like,about its a handy little firearm,it holds ten plus one but I tell you,what it looks gigantic compared with the,365 doesnt it just it looks bigger,thicker its longer the grip is bigger,and well do some more comparison but I,just look at the difference there just,in the upfront yeah I mean its a small,little grip how in the world they do,that I dont know maybe magic anyway,were glad we got this from Buds gun,shop calm we appreciate them uh you know,getting this to us okay Im sure theyre,gonna be sold out half the time because,the the things I think Im going to be,in big demand so we appreciate them,getting this to us appreciate federal,and all the free for it very much for,drain,American Eagle were gonna fire mainly,and some hollow points if you dont let,me forget okay Ill put them up here,Ill remember okay and also dont forget,to go to the to the link in our,description and join the NRA at a,discount if youre not a member yet,alright dont forget those things so,Ill be quizzing you later on them so,yeah I I couldnt understand how we hold,that many rounds and you know what I,still dont understand it because its,just such a my Glock 926 magid I dont,lying around but boy there is right here,you know its just uh it just seems like,it would take a magazine that size,doesnt it you know Glock 26 because you,you know Glock is famous for these,reliable magazines that hold a lot of,rounds the double stacks and of course,theres a lot of companies now that make,them but theres just a big difference,there in the width and you know,everybodys using that term game-changer,all the time with new pistols everything,is a game-changer Ill tell you what I,dont know if the pistol is but I think,the the ability to make a magazine,thats small and be double stack and,hold ten rounds that might be a,game-changer,alright because I say that because that,is going to put pressure I would say on,on Glock and everybody else under the,Sun look at this Im not getting into a,lot of this pretty quickly but thats,okay I ramble a lot and dont get to the,point quite often for a while so lets,get right to it here this is the Glock,43 alright so we know it holds Ive got,a magazine loader here with six rounds,you know without an extension on it and,and its very popular pistol and its,small enough its single stack and you,know its just a smaller pistol very,very popular like the shield I have over,there theyre both very theyre similar,and but theyre single stack generally,the shields got a little bit different,magazine going on there but six rounds,okay,and if you look at this firearm this sig,and I put a mag in it but yeah look at,the size there,at the same height and everything the 43,is a little longer but theyre,essentially the same size firearm in so,many ways theres not much difference,the sig 365 is a half ounce heavier by,my measurements so theyre essentially,the same weight okay,and I did some measuring and you know,theres just not much difference in the,slide or the thickness theyre very very,similar if I put the calipers on the,slide there and then put them on the the,Glock,you know its 43 there I mean theyre,basically the same okay,and even on the grip and Ive got some,grip tape on these but let me let me,open it up for the grip because thats,whats pretty amazing and okay and then,we put them on the sig and I know Im,not showing you well there but I mean,theyre essentially the same so I mean,we can split hairs and theres really,little itty bitty differences but by and,large for my money theres no real,difference in a thickness yeah or weight,really between these two pistols and,guess what this one holds ten plus one,so thats pretty amazing and its pretty,amazing and it is a very interesting,I was thinking again it was going to be,more like the Glock 26 salt its shot,show got in there and a monkey poland,wrestled my way in there knock people,out of the way you know how I am rude,and no I wouldnt do that in and I got,my hands on it,what you know because it really did feel,like Glock 43 or something and I was,expecting something larger and thats,why so I really came away with a strange,perception of it Im not sure I like,that it just felt like a little little,bitty pistol or something it does then,compute well anyway we got one and Ive,been shooting it Ive got almost 200,rounds through it and John has fired,several magazines today Ive been firing,for three days it has not malfunction,and even though its small its really,smaller a lot of ways they,the clock 43 it you know the distance,between the front and rear of the grip,I havent even measured that but guess,its how you measure that and thats,different yeah,yeah that that is noticeable to me now,to use it might not be because you have,normal hands so Im just gonna kind of,measure it like that and then when you,put it over here see theres theres a,its its a more narrow from front to,rear by a considerable margin so not,only is it the same thickness,essentially as a Glock 43 but its its,not as wide you know I mean its yeah we,always think of width in that way but,its not as long I guess youd say you,know what Im talking about there its a,little bitty round grip almost it,doesnt make sense it holds a lot of,Buddhist so now with all that said am i,bragging about it you know well have to,see and make sure that these magazines,continue to work you know it could be,that yeah we figured out how to make a,magazine that size holds 10 rounds but,you know well time will tell if in four,or five months were seeing reports on,the internet and YouTube or hey YouTube,is on the internet isnt it but were,seeing reports yeah these magazines are,failing,they hold 10 but theyre theyre wearing,out very very quickly or something Im,not buying trouble Im not trying to,criticize them before its time but just,you know just for what its worth you,know you can push technology sometimes a,little too too far but its just amazing,that it holds that much all right so for,the size because thats the size of it,and I wrote down some weights,heres your famous feels very popular,pistol same thing now the shields a,little bigger than the Glock 43 and of,course that means its going to be a,little bigger than this P 33 65 okay,its longer its heavier the grip here,looks like its a little bigger and,thats what Ive always said about the,shield a great gun I

Sig P365 XMacro Gun Review

the Sig p365x macro lets check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],it changed the face of concealed carry,it went from a lot of people carrying,just single Stacks with maybe six seven,eight rounds to a really small pistol,carrying 10 Rounds plus and the magazine,technology was really what changed the,game when Sig introduced their p365 XL,it gave it a little bit more shootable,version a little more mag capacity a,little bigger gun but definitely very,concealable and so now Sig has,introduced their ex macro this is the,p365 series it has a 17 plus one,magazine but it retains that super thin,profile and thats what were getting,because of that magazine technology,which Sig started the X macro though,also has a compensator thats built into,the slide which makes it really soft to,shoot,and while this is a little bit larger,than even the XL its definitely an,excellent concealed carry piece because,again its so thin and yet you have,really full capacity on your hip it,shoots like a full-size gun and yet it,makes a great concealed carry option now,guys Im a huge fan of the p365 and the,XL version and Ive been hearing a lot,about the X macro so I was really,excited when native Gun Zone deals got,in touch with me and said he had one,that was on the way and we really,appreciate the guys at guns on Deals,they give us a lot of guns to be able to,bring to you guys,thank you,the Sig,p365x macro okay guys I have been,hearing so much about this handgun and,its a p365 so theres a lot of,excitement over that just in itself but,were going to look at some things right,up front and compare it to a number of,different guns and why this really comes,in where it makes it a great concealed,carry option and yet it makes it a great,full-size self-defense option its one,of the things that you have to consider,is with a small like p365 its tiny has,some muzzle flip its got a tiny grip,but its super concealable and thats,one of the big pluses then we show up,with the P320 which is a full-size,handgun very good to shoot I mean its,got a good grip to it and its just a,solid firearm again the US military has,adopted the P320 so were looking at,compromises here but I think that Sig,has come out with something that really,hits a sweet spot now first thing were,going to do Im going to drop the 17,plus one magazine which is crazy just in,itself and then open up and the gun is,empty,one of the things about the X macro,again is it has that extended magazine,capacity but it has a very thin profile,I mean just super thin just like your,p365 and there are some other things,about this that I really like because,guys Ive been carrying the p365 XL,almost every day unless I really need to,go deep cover then Ill grab my p365.,now I do carry some other guns at times,but predominantly the p365xl is on my,hip I love this gun but when I look at,the p365xl and I compare it to the X,macro,Im getting 12 rounds in the Excel Im,getting 17 rounds in the X macro that is,very appealing also we have just a,proprietary rail system here for,whatever light I want to put on here,with the new macro we have a picatinny,rail system so you can put anything on,here,another thing about this gun is that,its ported and its not the barrel its,the slide and so this is going to make,this much flatter shooting whats really,funny is it has the same length barrel,as your standard p365 which is 3.1,inches and were just getting that,little bit of extra here at the end,also it is Optics ready which the p365,XL is Optics ready but youll notice,that it the plate includes the rear,sights with the X macro it retains the,rear sight thats a big plus,this is The Shield RMS footprint which,Sig says the Sig Romeo zero is,compatible that also includes the whole,assigns 507k and any Red Dot thatll fit,the shield RMS footprint,but it is a super thin handgun its 1.1,inches in width and what I find when,carrying concealed is that thin profile,is one of the biggest things that I like,I like it to be really thin I like it to,be up next to my body and that way you,know I feel more confident carrying it,but one of the problems with concealed,carry is the grip the longer the grip,the harder it is to conceal and so this,is going to be just a little bit longer,but you are really upping the magazine,capacity all the guns that Im going to,be showing have been safety checked and,bringing back out the P320,this is the compact version and it holds,15 rounds now Im going to show you,something really interesting,with the X macro this one holds 17,rounds,very little difference in height,whats really fascinating is theres,very little difference in width in fact,when I put these back to back it is just,a tiny and I mean almost incremental,width difference,uh to the point that you can take your,ex macro magazine and it actually seats,in the 320 but it doesnt hold the slide,back and its not going to work its got,a little bit of movement here so so just,to show you for demonstration it will,not fit in the macros because the top,here but heres the thing Guys these,magazines are almost identical in width,and yet the grip on the P320 versus the,X macro is considerably larger,and Im going to show you something,thats really fascinating how thick it,is right here on the 320 and yet on the,X macro its super thin they could shave,some weight on this grip uh in some,Dimension theres no doubt about it and,so what were seeing is is technology,and just Innovation thats making these,small thin handguns just as capable as,your full-size larger handguns yet,making them smaller and with even more,round capacity,that is really big,now I take my 320 I put my hand around,it fills my hand its really nice I have,medium sized hands so if you have a,larger hands its probably going to have,a little more Comfort to it,but with the grip on the X macro,I mean Ive got a full-size grip on it,for me this is much more comfortable,there are two additional back straps,where you can make this a little bit,larger if you want or smaller this is,probably the medium size but this is one,thing I think thats really an evolution,in gun handling for years the 1911 was,really a larger self-defense option it,was real pretty much the self-defense,option and single stack large frame,magazines now they started making the,aluminum frame double stacks and the,grips just got thicker and thicker I,grew up with shooting 1911s and that,thin grip was really nice the big,problem,is that the mag capacity is you know,seven or eight rounds now this is a nine,millimeter uh Springfield Armory Ronin,EMP and its a nine rail magazine in,nine millimeter and it has one of the,chambers so Im carrying 10 Rounds this,ones hot Im carrying at this point but,here I get the feel and the thin profile,of a 1911 in a Cent and yet I dont have,all that thickness and Ive got extra,mag capacity guys thats pretty,groundbreaking honestly so you know are,the thick double stack magazine pistols,are they going to go away well it just,remains to be seen I dont see that,happening in the near future but its,definitely a trend that were going to,with more capacity thinner handgun,smaller handgun and yet just as capable,and this will shoot like a full size if,not better because of the ported slide,now with that short barrel makes it a,little bit more muzzle rise and so these,compensators should make it very,effective active now let me just kind of,throw this out first I have not shot,this gun yet,I was so intrigued by some of the,differences and things that the Sig,macro has come up with that I really,wanted to show those first before I take,it out to the range and then well talk,about the performance,but shooting the XL I love shooting it,its just a good solid gun the p365 Im,not a Im not averse to shooting it I,really like shooting it I just get good,control over it and you know just make,sure I master the handgun its not that,Snappy but it is a little more Snappy,than a larger frame pistol so I think,Sig is really coming in wit

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