1. An Evening with Silk Sonic ALBUM REVIEW
  2. Dad Reacts to Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak – An Evening with Silk Sonic
  3. Silk Sonic – An Evening with Silk Sonic Album Review
  4. Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak – An Evening With Silk Sonic | Album Review
  5. Is Silk Sonic the BEST live band touring today?
  6. Music Producer Reacts to Silk Sonic ALBUM (An Evening with Silk Sonic) | Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak
  7. Silk Sonic – An Evening With Silk Sonic | FIRST REACTION/REVIEW

An Evening with Silk Sonic ALBUM REVIEW

hi everyone othani no tano here the,internets busiest music nerd and its,time for a,review of the new silk sonic album an,evening with silk sonic this is the,highly anticipated debut album of silk,sonic the newly formed music duo of,anderson pack and bruno mars who have,had very different commercial,trajectories over the past decade living,in seemingly different worlds as a,result of that and the music industry,can often feel that way but oftentimes,it is just a perception because if you,look objectively at the respective,styles of bruno and anderson you can see,they both wear their love of funk and,soul on their sleeves especially on,their latest records which is exactly,what theyre finding commonality on with,silk sonic which isnt just a soul,record but a whole entire throwback to,the 1970s with glamorous big budget,production and soaring vocal harmonies,its isaac hayes its stevie wonder its,curtis mayfield its the isleys so by no,means is silk sonic an inventive music,project nor does it pitch itself as one,if you told me on this lp that bruno and,anderson are just kind of basking in the,glow of their influences here id have,to agree i would also argue that theyre,doing it so well to the point where i,think silk sonic more or less stands on,its own and makes you excited to listen,to this really familiar sound all over,again plus bruno and anderson do legit,have a lot of chemistry together given,their respective vocal timbres ranges,and personalities regardless of what you,think of silk sonics originality or,lack thereof its really clear that,anderson and bruno play off of each,other really nicely and know exactly,what their respective strengths are and,how to play to them whether thats on,the impeccably smooth and glistening,leave the door open which is about as,euphoric as a soul cut gets theres also,the unapologetically funky fly as me,which hits right away with this great,groove and meters-esque baseline lots of,extravagant horns as well and anderson,pack dropping these funny and,flirty bars from one side of the track,to the next the song even hits a really,dramatic and lush instrumental finish,too which i have to point out because,some of the song structures on this,thing are really great like the stellar,key change at the end of put on a smile,not to mention the chilly and teary eyed,verses on that track and the way they,transition into in contrast from the,lush and decadent choruses that are like,biting into a fat piece of chocolate,cake bruno and andersons heartache,really rings through on this one too,especially as bruno is hitting those,high notes bruno and andersons,frustration also carries through on,these songs smoking out the window where,they portray themselves as getting the,short end of the stick in a relationship,paying for rent paying for this paying,for that but now im alone how could she,do this to me,which also transitions into insane,lyrics like look here baby i hope you,found whatever it is you need but i also,hope that your trifling ass is walking,barefoot in these streets gotta give you,back to the city this is like a 70s,version of future look obviously the,lead singles and highlights from this,record are great i have been just as,excited to hear this project as everyone,else has after leave the door open,dropped smoking dropped skate dropped,but now that the whole thing is out this,record is a little on the short side at,just 31 minutes uh eight tracks and an,intro and now with the full run of,tracks here i can kind of hear why i,think bruno and anderson write,themselves into a corner pretty quickly,for one the instrumental palettes on,this record are not that varied and,attempts to wiggle out of them dont go,over that well like on the closing track,blast off which is an attempt at a kind,of psychedelic soul number but the shots,of wild trippy synths and washes of,effects come off a little sterile not,really that enveloping or surreal there,are even some instrumental passages that,come off a little too similar like some,of the chord changes and vocal melodies,on put on a smile and leave the door,open specifically when we switch back,over to bruno in this respect i get some,hits of deja vu off the closing track as,well and finally there is a degree to,which i see silk sonics music almost as,an artistic cosplay which i think in,theory is fine as long as those,influences youre paying homage to are,attributed tastefully and maybe you sort,of build on that a little bit in your,own way but there are some key spots,where i think silk sonic falls short of,that like on the track 777 which yeah is,a really rowdy and funky fun track but,simultaneously it sounds like a really,elaborate casino commercial written by,james brown and i dont know how but the,song after last night as much as i,enjoyed this track and even thundercats,contributions to it uh somehow bruno and,anderson here have like reverse,engineered an instrumental backing track,to uh dick in a box,how how did we land here which i dont,think ruins the track i think both songs,are enjoyable in their own right but it,does kind of read as surface level and,as pastiche when your very serious soul,project accidentally maps over a parody,song which i think would have been a lot,less likely if bruno and anderson were,trying to push things a little bit,harder on the writing end if that were,the case we would have gotten more,material out of this thing too but still,overall i enjoyed listening to this,thing i see it as a good record it is a,short impassioned snapshot of a vibe of,an energy of a style bruno and anderson,are very apparently having a great time,writing and recording these tracks and,that comes out in nearly every single,song so while this silk sonic record,might be a little on the brief side and,not exactly original that is made up for,greatly by a lot of fun a lot of beauty,and a lot of heart im feeling a strong,seven to a light eight on this thing,tran position have you given this album,a listen did you love it did you hate it,what would you rate it youre the best,youre the best what should i review,next hit the like if you like please,subscribe and please dont cry hit the,bell as well over here next to my head,its another video that you can check,out hit that up or the link to subscribe,to the channel anthony fantano,bruno mars anderson pack,forever

Dad Reacts to Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak – An Evening with Silk Sonic

welcome back ladies and gentlemen my,name is connor im here with my father,kevin,today we are doing a uh first reaction,to the brand new bruno mars anderson,park silk sonic record an evening with,silk sonic,um,ive been,looking forward to this record for a,long time i dont know about you,um,i havent really known much about it to,be honest with you you do know the the,radio single the one that leave the back,door open is a great,to leave the door open leave is the door,open door open oh shes not the back,door oh [ __ ] okay,ive been singing it to mom all wrong,then,um,but ive been very excited because uh,ive been a bruno mars fan for years uh,i loved,every one of his records all three of,them,and uh same with anderson pack,which you know a little bit of him,i spoke of in a video a while back i,believe is that um i was over at a,friends jamming mm-hmm um some token,was happening and it was about two,oclock in the morning and then they,were like you got to check this guy out,and then they played on the tv and his,tiny desk his tiny desk,and i was like and then he starts,singing and im like,like man like the greats you know like,phil collins and,levon helm and,you know guys who play drums and sing or,very close to my heart so,you know how with the the kanye dark,twisted fantasy video yeah we had to do,the suits theres certain albums i feel,like you just gotta,you gotta bring it up a notch bring it,up a notch and yeah this this seems like,like the way they,have brought it up with the teasing of,the record yeah,i feel like we it would be disrespectful,for us to come,uh here,dressed up just casually you know yeah,no i hear you im excited about dressing,up i know this is gonna,like we finish this im gonna go,upstairs put on the fire log you know,put on some pendergrass and,maybe mom will just you know meander her,way in and start reliving some kind of,70s,x-rated film yeah maybe,youre gonna cut that out,like always uh if you guys want to see,this video uncut uh usually a few days,early uh you can check out our patreon,you get access to the discord community,uh we get to,post,other videos on there as well and mp3,versions thats true weve just added,that if you want to listen to us listen,to music fully uncut but you dont want,to look at us,its on there as well it seems like a,lot of people want that i i would ask,you questions because usually thats the,process right i ask you what do you know,about this artist and blah blah blah but,were both kind of going into this,record uh,you know without yeah fairly green but,you know what id like to bring up is,id like to say that uh i the first time,i ever heard bruno mars just going to,bruno here because i really havent,heard it i actually havent heard,anderson pack i dont know what he,sounds like i know i saw him drumming,and,listened to it and then it was a late,night of,debauchery so um,but when i first time i heard bruno it,was um,it was i forget that i forget the song,but it was um,it was on a cassette and he was with,this girl the video was on the cassette,yeah yeah its just the way you are yes,but when i first heard that and i was,like who is this yeah because it was so,good and then he just started coming out,and it was this his second album was,where he really picked it up it had uh,gorilla and uh locked out of heaven oh,thats right yeah he took you know like,the inspiration from was mary,no that was on the previous previous one,yeah okay,lets get into it um track number one,uh is titled silk sonic intro,and its only a minute so i think well,just let it play into uh for sure yeah,yeah into the next song which we both,know,called leave the back door open,[Music],[Music],[Music],and ladies dont be afraid,[Music],oh,i gotta open my shirt for this,[Music],i love this song i do too its so good i,havent listened to it with headphones,in a little bit yeah because its on the,radio a lot ive never listened to a,headphone since really no its,[Music],im gonna say it right now and listen to,this with headphones on,this is a timeless classic already its,gonna trust me,people are gonna be playing it 25 years,from now itll be like,you know what i mean,absolutely yeah its just so good,i agree,[Music],with it,[Music],i mean you know what you can just listen,to this,and learn,how to,just,just absorb how to be like a musician,not just a musician but just like a sexy,dude,for your lady right yeah,like its like its just teaching you,just listen to this once and go and you,got it man youre just,as as were sitting like this,[Music],come on over ill adore you lets oh wow,leave okay those are the first two,tracks,man you know,its just,sex,thats,we could just go to the next track just,just say sex and then oh and romance and,all that other stuff too its just not,sex but im just saying it just feels,sexy its just,you know i mean like theres like like,just that,you know that that music that makes you,just want to get randy,[Laughter],um,yeah no ive heard that song a hundred,times already on the radio so,it is different though with headphones,right 100 like really like cranked up,like how we have it really loud right,when im at work its i swear its on,like four times a day so ive got it,like,ive got every line memorized every key,but with headphones its its you know,like i said uh during the song like its,angelic in a way its just yeah youre,floating through,yeah,and then brunos voice is just its,incredible now hes hes hes but,anderson pack is great too on the versus,like its so,so catchy with the,just his wordplay these guys are,both of them are,from you know,crazy talented yeah,this is gonna rhyme but,track number three its titled fly is me,oh right on wow,[Music],oh yeah,[Music],okay okay now have you ever been with a,player take you downtown where they,treat me like the main take you to the,crib when you take it upstairs whats up,im gonna show,[Music],oh this is [ __ ] really good man,[Music],[Applause],[Music],oh man,[Music],the shots,[Music],i never pictured these two having such,good chemistry but its,its [ __ ] beautiful its crazy,[Applause],[Music],[Music],i love how you hear the horns theyre,theyre not in your face treble theyre,muted,yeah actually they come in,just so,nice the drum fills on the circle i know,hes somebody,[Applause],this is a cowboy,[Applause],[Music],oh man,geez that was next level musicianship,man i know holy [ __ ] pax drumming man,its just,um i was just gonna say,i have that feeling that this must have,be how you feel every episode because,i had no idea what was coming next,thats how i was on track,and it was so [ __ ] exciting thats,thats how i feel like as soon as it,came in i was like where is this going,you dont know i was just like this is,[ __ ] see isnt that cool yeah such a,cool thing not to know like i have not,yeah no that is awesome thats its so,great to to listen to it for the first,time with you like its super neat yeah,that was cool um i just wanted to say is,pack,does he normally,you know something about pack right a,little bit does he rap hes a rapper,singer okay he does both he does,everything everything yeah same with,bruno they,thats why i think theyre like perfect,duo yeah like theyre,just their musicianship together its,just like i hope these guys like tour,oh we have to go that would be like this,yeah,no not them we show up,yeah and we get kicked out,you guys arent allowed you guys are,look like porn old guys from the 70s get,out of here track number four is titled,after last night um and its featuring,thundercat which you know a little bit,about yeah and uh bootsy collins,oh my pants fell off,yeah i feel going lower i know,[Music],you just made me feel,oh yeah,[Music],now i dont know what you did when you,[Music],[Music],oh this right now just,oozes good feelings for me because it,just really feels that what i felt in,the 70s yeah that feeling when you were,a kid,in the 70s i was about two,but,but the 80s listening back to the 70s,that warm feeling man yeah,[Music],i love pax phils,t

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Silk Sonic – An Evening with Silk Sonic Album Review

dead in hip-hop audio review,do you know that intro if you dont man,you [ __ ] up dead in hip-hop all of,2021 weve been doing a review a day we,call it de 365 bruh and we in the fourth,quarter so me and ken are putting up,shots we appreciate the support but if,you dont know go over to the dead end,hip-hop podcast support your boys listen,to but also,if you want the videos,go to patreon we got video content over,there of the album reviews that we have,done go over there man support your boys,the e365,[Music],dead in hip-hop album review,silk sonic,which is composed of bruno mars and,anderson pop and even with silk sonic,joining us for this review we have a,special guest,uh ryan,with or from not real music hello,thank you thank you for having me on,guys hows it going,everythings good everythings good glad,to have you on board with this one,yeah very glad to be here its all good,uh what kind of content do you create on,um on your channel,i do mostly reviews um i do reactions as,well lists just everything music related,basically,so how long you been doing it,uh ive been doing it since 2017. so,its coming up to like uh five years oh,thats whats up man thats whats up we,did a video together for um an album,review for a band called rome so if you,guys have not checked that out,make sure you go watch it rome himself,was messaging about the review so yeah,make sure yall go check that out yeah,we didnt do anything for his channel we,should have that usually how collabs,work,one for one,yeah yes we tip the top we go out we,only got the tip we didnt get the tap,bro,[Laughter],all right so before we get into the,review um if youre new to the channel,uh thank you for watching uh hit the,subscribe button check out our other,videos and consider becoming a member,or uh signing up for our patreon,patreon.com hiphop where you get um,access to our classic reviews and uh,discounted merchandise and all kind of,other dope stuff that we got going on,there as well,like the video and make sure you guys,check out ryans channel not real music,as well we have a link to that in the,description till sonic kind of burst on,the scene with this this huge single,leave the door open since then theyve,dropped a couple more singles a couple,of singles skate,and i think smoking out the window are,the other two i didnt know they oh,anything here skate i didnt hear,anything into this album except for,leave the door open oh i heard i heard,escape but i didnt know they had a,third single yeah i think they dropped,the third one too so it was leader door,open skate and then lead and then uh,smoking out the window,they did a video they dropped it with a,video i didnt even see the video didnt,even see it yet you still have it today,no i still havent seen it either,ill watch it when i get home yeah i was,actually just watching the videos before,we were recording i normally dont watch,videos,glad i watched those videos yeah they,were actually really good really good,yeah really good that was great all,right,i was really curious um,to hear the album,um especially after that single and then,here in the second one as well and man i,they knocked out the part you know i,think this [ __ ] is,[ __ ] great man i think they did a,real good job of those like retro thats,retro soul sound,and i was i was trying to figure out,like what made this,feel so good like we know bruno and,anderson uh you know are definitely,great you know uh apart,but sometimes its hard to kind of,replicate that or or,to actually work really really well,together especially with two singers,whose voice sound very similar uh bruno,has a lot more range and a lot more,power but you know for the most part,when theyre singing i think in in the,in their tenor its hard to really,distinguish whos who but anderson has a,little bit more gruff to him so you can,kind of you know differentiate him that,way but for the most part them brother,they almost sound the same really yeah,yeah they do yeah,[Music],not when bruno gets into like bruno has,the power the range hes more technical,yeah but but anderson is like when when,their verses when theyre singing verses,they sound very similar to me bro,interesting yeah i disagree clearly,do you listen to him regularly uh my,kids love,the 24 magic album hours so ive heard a,lot of bruno mars okay yeah yeah over,the last uh couple of years or so but,ill just say maybe thats why,its hard to differentiate because i,dont listen to him like that either i,can kind of see what youre saying in,the verses parts because bruno isnt,blowing blowing during his verses,so i see what hes saying because they,both have a higher pitch almost,but i can still tell them apart,yeah just just the verses pack has that,that gruffness like theres a yeah,thats what thats what clearly tells,them apart from yeah yeah yeah outside,of that i was like okay so what is it,about this album,and i think you know one of the things i,was able to identify i think,its like a lot of the uh,the arrangements and the way they do a,lot of the harmonies and where they,place,some of these um these breakdowns and,these arrangements um,is what really really did it for me,because,theyll just stop and then itll bruno,just bellow something out or theyll,just harmonize at a certain spot like,where you think theyre gonna continue,to verse or get ready to go onto the,hook and theyll just do something,completely different and i think that,was really really dope and kind of was,as to to what makes this uh sound so,good to me um as well as just the songs,just writing the songs and stuff like,that so,man i i yeah i i [ __ ] love this [ __ ],bro yeah um uh yeah im saying i i was,really hyped for it as soon as leave the,door open came out um and it just seemed,like,they,it was it was a collaboration i dont,think many people saw coming but like it,just seems to make sense because they do,have similar styles um they both like,dabbled in like the soul r b type of,stuff for quite a while and obviously,the past few bruno mars albums and its,like his big singles have been like so,retro havent they like you know uptown,funk,uh,the songs from 24 karat magic like its,so obvious that hes so inspired by like,the 70s maybe a bit of 80s for like,michael jackson and stuff,and i feel like them coming together,it just makes so much sense and i feel,like when you heard that first single,with anderson pack kind of doing,uh,the um you know the versus he kind of,sounds a bit more cooler a bit more,slicker and then bruno leads into the,the chorus they just like they just,match so perfectly i i dont know if,they were,working together for a while before that,or they just got together and it was,just instantly like yeah we we just know,what were doing together i cant tell,because it just feels like theyve just,perfectly lined up so yeah really really,big on this guys i think its great when,it came out um,i was upstairs and i was like,why does that sound like um,um so sonic or whatever but it was it,was a song that i hadnt heard i came,down and yeah i said yo did that drop,she was like yup she i know i already,saw it five times like god damn,like she be on it man she just beat,shes just 31 minutes long yeah shed be,accessible bro like movies all that,yeah man she loves this man i do not,i do not love this its good but i cant,ive never been a bruno mars fan um but,i think bruno mars is hella talented,ive said this plenty of time its just,something about bruno man that i just,dont rock with damn its just something,i dont rock with man and i know you,said you said you like this because of,the retro feel and all that but some to,me sometimes it comes off a bit gimmicky,here it did with the bootsy trap,it does with the boosie track in certain,moments in here it does for me like 777,i i could probably do without that i,thought this album was gonna be perfect,based on the singles that dropped,i thought it was gonna be perfect,perfect but,i dont i dont think its perfect man i,dont want to stick on tha

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Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak – An Evening With Silk Sonic | Album Review

[Music],hey neighbor welcome back to ar tv my,name is john and its time for a review,of the debut album by silk sonic which,is the teaming up of bruno mars and,anderson pack this is a superstar lineup,between the two of them alone you have,somebody that kind of pulled themselves,up by their bootstraps on the,underground that being anderson and then,you have bruno mars just name up and,lights a huge larger-than-life,mainstream artist but one that i learned,the longer i listened to their music,that they had this affinity for the old,school and older ways of doing things,that made their music pop that much more,welcome to an evening with silk sonic,this is their first full-length offering,although it is only nine songs much like,24 karat magic from bruno back in 2016.,its about 31 minutes i wish there was,more after listening through this and,thats what they do thats bruno mars,calling card now according to the duo,themselves this album wouldnt have,become a reality if not for the kovid 19,pandemic they wanted to make celebratory,music that kind of celebrated life in,its own way and took you back to the,retro way of doing things they put out,leave the door open as the lead single,and while i think its a technical feat,it sounds fantastic the production is so,good its just a gorgeous song to put on,listen to with headphones i dont think,that they necessarily really drew me,into the point where i was foaming at,the mouth saying yes give us more of,this style but the more they put out the,more i slowly got one over if you spend,any amount of time listening to motown,soul funk and r b then you know exactly,where this records heart lies and i,think some people are probably wondering,how are you not blown away at first,sight with leave the door open its,because its very familiar and i guess,at that point too i didnt know a ton,about what they were trying to,accomplish as a duo and the more i heard,the more i saw that they were,intentionally trying to be over the top,while still having it done the right way,what i mean by doing it the right way is,that they went out of their way to grab,up session musicians that played on,records in the 70s they knew what they,were doing with analog equipment and,they got all of these sounds achieved,with this really incredibly lush,production because they went the extra,mile to get the equipment that actually,doesnt try to emulate the sound it can,actually do it firsthand bruno mars,teamed up with d-mile to produce the,entirety of the record and for that,reason it feels very cohesive like,everybody was on the same page youre,not flipping around trying to find a,different producer for this chapter or a,different mixer for this one they had,kind of the same house the entire time,and keeping it in that bubble elevates,the overall experience an evening with,silk sonic is hosted by the legendary,funk musician bootsy collins and i can,definitely say that his contributions,make this feel more warm more inviting,and also playful this is a very fun,album to listen to and for that reason,it gets more and more lucrative the more,times you spin it theres definitely a,lot of gimmick in the sense that it is,very retro and youve probably heard,stuff like this before but what actually,shines through is both bruno mars and,especially anderson pack who i feel is,incredibly underrated for some of his,projects that hes put out in the past,like malibu yes they gained critical,attention but they didnt necessarily,perform all that well in the mainstream,but what i was getting at with the whole,idea of the gimmick is that the lyrics,can feel very silly and i can understand,why a track like skate is hard to,stomach at least at first listen i think,the music is what keeps me hanging,around especially on that moment its,one of my least favorites lyrically but,please check out the full album because,i dont think that skate is necessarily,entirely representative leave the door,open was the perfect choice for lead,single because it really shows off what,they can do in a sultry atmosphere where,their chemistry gets to fly off the,rails and just collide in the best way,the braggadouches cut fly as me is hella,irresistible i just love anderson packs,flows so much and then when they team up,on the final chorus everything just,falls into place like a series of,dominoes the pair team up with bootsy,collins and thundercat for after last,night which is one of the best bass,performances on the entire album its,just so lively and crisp in the mix but,would you expect anything less of,thundercats appearing a lot of the drum,arrangements do feel very similar and to,that degree i was feeling a little iffy,at first in some of the songs sounding,similar to each other but with repeated,listens i think that the individual,characteristics of both bruno mars and,anderson pack get to shine a little bit,more you hear things that they sneak,into the mix that make you see hey,thats why they work so well together,because theyre constantly tinkering not,just with their vocals and making them,sound phenomenal with the harmonies its,also the chemistry that they have,musically for the instrumental,arrangements smoking out the window is,just wow bulletproof and theres a lot,of songs on this album that are about,women about a one-night stand that maybe,they dont want it to be a one-night,stand and then this one feels like the,end of the relationship where theyre,kind of scooping their heart off the,floor and sweeping it into a dustpan but,theyre also saying ah theres a bit of,a passive-aggressive attitude here that,i want to explore further but still make,the song very fun and that my friends is,smoking out the window but we havent,even gotten to my favorite song on the,lp and that is seven seven seven the,energy is unrivaled by anything else,here this song is so much fun go to,vegas put it all on red put it all on,something you are making your bets and,theyre calling your bluff because this,song goes there doesnt it feel good to,just let go of the burdens of life and,feel good with the music that youre,listening to they definitely capitalize,on that with 777 but also blastoff the,closer that leans into psychedelic,territory the guitar solo their vocals,theyre dripping on psychedelics,somewhere and all i know is that i want,in man the debut album of the teaming up,of bruno mars and anderson pack is a,damn good time its an album that you,can roll down the windows cut loose and,dance to and while i acknowledge that,there is a major part of this record,that feels borrowed and recycled from,the past of the 70s motown and funk its,what they bring to the table with their,charm their attitude and almost the,theatrical performances the characters,that they play in these songs that makes,it worth coming back to im gonna give,an evening with silk sonic a light 4 out,of 5. thank you so much for checking out,my review of this album if you have any,thoughts on it then please let me know,in the comments section down below also,hit that like button while youre down,there because a light goes a long way,and subscribe if youre new to the,channel if you want to see me review,bruno mars then tap here or tap here for,an anderson pack review all of my,socials can be found in the description,down below and ill be back soon for,more on ar tv

Is Silk Sonic the BEST live band touring today?

how the arrangement changes from like,the studio version to the live version,you know its a treat for the audience,theyre not taking themselves too,seriously like theres something for the,musical michael jordans and theres,something for the musical danny devito,you know theres like more risk theres,more energy theres more trial and error,this is one of the best bands thats,playing music right now its a its a,business,[Music],[Applause],hello and welcome back to professional,musicians react,today weve got okay thats thats as,much jazz i can take uh at before noon,um seriously we got an awesome show,today we got an amazing crew of,professional musicians were gonna do,something a little bit differently today,weve been reading the comments folks,have been asking for more silk sonic and,also live performances were gonna,combine those today were gonna do a,silk sonic recording versus the silk,sonic live performance and talk about,the differences and similarities and and,what theyre bringing um were joined by,some amazing professional musicians the,one and only adam neely uh i dont have,to introduce adam but im going to adam,is a bassist a composer a youtuber has,over a million and a half subs on,youtube um makes the most incredible,deep dive videos about anything youve,ever wanted to know and far far beyond,um with regard to music hes uh hes one,of my favorite youtube channels im so,excited to have adam here hes been on,vox hes been on npr hes been uh south,by you know everywhere adams adams,around if you dont know him go check,out his music and on his left the one,the only jacob szczesny is a saxophonist,multi-instrumentalist hes played with,the mike posner band hes played on,american idol and the voice with kanye,kesha shawn mendes also anderson pack,and the free nationals,we also got tim sonnefeld tim sonifeld,is our engineer today grammy,award-winning producer engineer,multi-instrumentalist and arranger and,we have an an icebreaker question for,you guys today what is one of your,favorite music collaborations theres,this uh was this collective of musicians,in europe called the apartment sessions,and it would be this whole group of,musicians who got together in this tiny,brooklyn apartment and played like,orchestral arrangements of all these,like wonderful folk and pop songs and i,we i got the opportunity to play with,one of my favorite songwriters gabriel,kahane,and that that was honestly one of my,favorite collaborations with the,apartment sessions was like 60 people in,this tiny apartment playing this,beautiful music and uh,[Music],jacob any thoughts favorite musical,collaboration yeah um i think the time,spent with kanye those uh five or six,months leading up to coachella because,you just had this situation that youll,probably like ill probably wont get to,do again yeah you had like a 10 piece,drum line of like the most amazing,musicians you know you had you had,kendrick strummer you had biebers,drummer and then you had like 15 piece,horn section of like all these amazing,cats and then you had a hand selected,choir of like each singer was a super,you know singer artist in their own,right so just like to have someone that,can like foster that environment,it was like pretty cool and pretty,wonderful insane yeah i still have,tonight,jack what about you man,uh theres this amazing uh female vocal,ensemble called sage that ive been into,recently and its these four vocalists,and their first record that they ever,made was nominated for a grammy,[Music],okay the first thing that comes to mind,for me is uh nielsen sings newman,do you guys know this record no okay,here harry nielsen i guess uh,went through a time,uh where he wasnt writing great or he,didnt like the stuff that he was,writing and randy newman was writing,amazing songs so he said ill just do a,record of this guys songs so its a,record where harry nielsen sings randy,newman songs and its its insane,[Music],lets get into it lets get right into,it silk sonic smoking out the window so,tim tell us about the recorded version,first um so it was the third single from,uh their debut record an evening with,silk sonic released on november 5th 2021,um it was accompanied by a music video,directed by bruno and,john esperanza,wow bruno directed it yeah,top five billboard hot 100 hit uh,perform for the first time at the 2021,american music awards uh thats the,video that well be watching here when,we watch the live version dmile anderson,and bruno wrote the song together uh,bootsy collins uh is obviously at the,vocal right at the beginning,anderson and bruno are on vocals,throughout,bruno mars also played percussion and,guitar,d mile plays piano and bass,mark franklin plays trumpet,lanny mcmillan plays tenor sax kirk,smothers plays alto in baritone sax,homer steinweiss plays drums,cameron whalen plays trombone glenn,fishbach plays cello whos an old philly,buddy of mine and strings were arranged,by larry gold very dear friend of mine,and 215. yes all right this is uh,smoking out the window silk sonic bruno,mars anderson pack here it is,wait a minute this love started off so,tender so sweet,but now she got me smoking out the,window,must have spent 35,[Music],[Music],fc,im in disbelief,this [ __ ] got me paid already paying,for trips,im so cold im so cold,[Music],[Applause],[Music],i had the same thought its so thick,okay so much happening i think the the,first thing is just the vibe it just,feels,it all this music is so fun to listen to,you just feel like youre you just,walked into,the best party i completely agree,everything serves the vibe everything,else just just fits i mean we could talk,about how its all,put together and the influences that,that are drawn from all the performances,but its just like its such a strong,vibe there it hits so many tropes like,theres so much to,divide the 70s five yeah it hits so,perfectly there was like a little sitar,in there i just noticed and i was like,oh my god theres the,spiel the motown flavor right the glock,and field but the the line that the,glock is playing is this kind of like,90s hip-hop yeah exactly,with the guitar right yeah it sounds,like a flute almost yeah i always,thought it was before on the 90s hip-hop,vibe it it starts with the the pharrell,duck two yeah three four and then in on,that wait can we hear that lets hear,the 90s yeah what is this,[Music],[Applause],which is happening throughout the whole,song like all like the a sections the b,sections like that line is just,sprinkled throughout there yeah its,such a little hook its such a nice,little hook yeah yeah it has such a 70s,5 but it brings in everything that has,happened since the 70s okay so what what,what makes it have the 70 the 70s vibe,the snare drum the snare drum the snare,drum sound to me is 70s yeah and weve,talked about this before with silk sonic,and maybe its just pax like the way he,plays drums youre right hes playing,drums right,i think sometimes both of them like,like huh i wonder i said specifically,who it was on that um yes it does say,who uh played drums on this and this is,not anderson or bruno we got homer,steinweiss on drums oh [ __ ] wow its,funny it sounds like pack actually yeah,um the triplet fills yeah,like thats a such a silk sonic sound,yeah the triplet fills so a triplet fill,is when you play triplets in a fill,instead of eighth notes,you play triplets,and the reason why this is so cool is,because most of the song is in eighth,notes and when you hear those triplets,it kind of brings you to the drums what,is the drummer doing oh theyre playing,triplets its very cool but the for me,its the its the miking and the,recording and the mixing of the drums um,it just like i know i know i actually,when we listen to silk sonic ive said,this before so at the risk of repeating,myself its like it sounds like such,quintessential ribbon like drums i dont,know if they use ribbon mics but listen,yeah,like its a dark sound like the modern,snare has that shh kind of thing on top,this is a,like

Music Producer Reacts to Silk Sonic ALBUM (An Evening with Silk Sonic) | Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak

an evening with silk sonic all right no,more stalling lets go,[Music],im liking the drum fills that they have,on these songs man beautiful sustaining,grass,[Music],h2o one thing i want to note is boots,and collins he was kind of out there,with his style like i guess he has the,ear for this type of sound that they,that they have this velvety smooth sound,like in the little chords with the,on the down beats i like the brass,[Music],like sustaining all that sounds cool,this is just the intro but lets go i,like the intro,dont be afraid,to make your own strings going up keys,keep changing,[Music],all right thats a delay effect sonics,huh,wow whats this song never heard it,before my house clean,my pool,i love that they made this one the lead,single man i really do i did a whole,reaction to this so i think im gonna,skip this one no im not im just gonna,vibe out with it but ill leave a link,in the description below for all my silk,sonic reactions,tambourine roll,[Music],yeah the more i think about it that is,like blue magic,delphonics,having the bells compliment the melody,you know like the oh that bass,so subtle everything has such a soft,touch to it and its just beautiful but,yeah you know the melody is im gonna,leave the top open and then the bell is,going,like that really reminds me of some,definitely del phonics,[Music],the bell just follows along its just,from that 70s style,unless you want me to theres so much,love,im talking,oh i just noted that string it was like,the baseline on this song is just crazy,man,[Music],a little electric guitar like little,effect that they had there with that,slide down,the guitar is like purring piano piano,piano piano,[Music],i dont think ive ever noticed that,come on girl yeah i just realized this,song is like thirsties,oh thats bruno at like top tier man im,not dissecting the song again man i just,had to vibe out to it really quick just,to get the feel i want to feel what they,want me to feel throughout the album you,know what i mean thats the first flavor,they want to hit me with lets see what,we come with next fly as me lets see,what were bringing to the table with,this one so many different directions we,could go,[Music],for a second i was feeling like vintage,anderson pack just a strong baseline,super tight dry drum kit organs,[Music],staccato trumpets,[Music],really super harsh but i guess more,saturated open hat so its like boom,[Music],thats sound thats the open hat symbol,but we got the little psychedelic,the smoothest butter guitars going on,right on the snare hits,[Music],and were just straight up rapping on,this one i didnt think there was gonna,be any rap on this,[Music],little claps,[Music],im a little confused whats making that,it might just be an electric guitar it,sounds like its definitely backed by a,flute i know i was talking about on the,uh smoking out the window reaction how,there might have been a flute on there,but i dont think there is this might,have a flute just slightly backing it in,the background giving a nice little,touch to it hook wise you know its not,the strong out of all four songs that,ive heard so far from silk sonic its,probably the weakest hook right,[Music],hey the on the tom,[Music],oh theres the hook okay,excuse me,the combination of the organ and the and,the brass,okay now silk sonic smooth like a map,i need to hear this hook again i like,this little scream ad-libs they had,going on almost like james brown,nice run,here im pretty sure this is bruno and,anderson pack together i think brunos,taking the higher notes i think anderson,pack is below him saying i deserve its,a really simple active stack right there,sounds pretty cool,you deserve to be seen,if somebody is okay,[Music],you never see nobody this fly you never,see nobody this,[Music],these nice little descending chords,[Music],okay bruno,[Music],a little piano roll into the organ pack,i mean hes dope on the songs but he,sounds like a really good hype man on,him too,after last night,thundercat and bootsy all right,[Music],another beautiful soft baseline,[Music],oh this is different this is different,oh my god i love the guitar choice they,got i love the little brass fall on the,downbeat that really set it off and,picked up the energy a little bit we,kind of transitioned from like a really,soft rim shot on the drums to a hard,snare the female vocal in the beginning,just gives it like such a a sensual feel,you know,thats the grasp i dont know what you,did,going sick with these glockenspiel on,this album,[Music],oh thats a crazy cord,those two layered on top of each other,that was that was clean,[Music],we got a phaser too on some of these,guitars so theyre kind of like like,swishing,in the background,[Music],how did they do that sounded like a,siren,but it wasnt,yo bootsy doing the ad-libs,[Music],[Applause],[Music],i think we were playing around some,synths there a little bit just a little,bit just a little bit like this out of,all the ones so far with bootsy collins,being involved in this process this one,is the most bootsy for sure,[Music],oh yeah those are the scents,damn this is crazy,the little snaps,they got the breaths on the snaps,and the ooze oh,yo this reminds me of a uh i think it,reminds me a tiny bit tiny bit of,anthony hamilton last night,i fell in love which one is that that is,an anthony hamilton song right,[Music],one more time i love this little offbeat,part here beautiful,[Music],bro,that long string in the background this,makes it sound so spacey,[Applause],oh i knew that electric guitar was,creeping in,so thats how they did the siren its a,high electric guitar note with tons of,reverb,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],wow,and you heard that little scent there,it was like kind of backing underneath,the brass right oh that one was dirty,that one was crazy all right well i just,did a reaction to this shout out to you,if you watched it,oh that cord every time,[Music],oh i just noticed anderson pack,has taken the lead on the ad-libs on,this one and at least at least for,during uh for this hook because i think,bruno comes in at the end and just,starts killing him yeah anderson pack i,i see you bro thats,oh i was,[Music],[Applause],the drums are definitely smacking the,hardest on this because theres some,anger behind it,[Music],oh this note just gave me chills,[Music],this is amazing put on a smile i havent,heard this one yet so lets go lets,lock in,take it from your uncle hell kind of,string welcome back bootsy,[Music],oh were going super sad with it,[Music],again man again the little simple run is,just clutch i like how theres the piano,chords and theyre pretty strong we got,literally some rain effect in the,background just kind of being over,dramatic like you know a lot of music,kind of was back then but then i dont,know is it just me are we go were,getting like a little beach boy organ in,the background here kind of doing the,dang dan,theyre not the first ones to use that,sound but beetles beach boys like they,kind of use that little thin sounding,organ in the background,[Music],major chords,now were getting faked out,[Music],im gonna cry,im gonna,the little soft symbols with the kicks,they are flexing on this whole album,with their chord choices for these,harmonies on these downbeats very,reminiscent style wise of the end of the,hook for smoking out the window the,verse sounded like so draggy and slow,and now all of a sudden like im trying,to put on a smile so now the major,chords are coming up and everything is a,lot more light sounding you know what i,mean like,[Music],oh smile,what do you want,[Music],yeah thats crazy and the lyrics are on,point two theres the punchline,[Music],oh,thats the saddest chord in the book,[Music],i think these tambourines are pitched,down a little bit so they sound a little,darker,trying to be the life of the party the,drums pick up a little bit cords are,trying to pick up,now theyre getting there,[Music],bro did we hear that low grand piano,really quick just a rumbling,list

Silk Sonic – An Evening With Silk Sonic | FIRST REACTION/REVIEW

[Music],silk sonic the duo consisting of bruno,mars and anderson pack,uh id like to say we call this,i mean,not to to our own horn but we called it,that,if i was gonna say spoke it into,existence same shape but in our review,for ventura we we we requested we,requested it bro we didnt we requested,it it sounded that sounds more humble,yeah you i think you asked youre like,yo did bruno mars in the anderson,practice,and we were like that would be dope,because their styles would complement,each other and then this year weve,weve gotten well we got when it was,announced we got uh well leave the door,open the intro,um smoking out the window and skate,all very timeless sounding music um very,what 70s,even some like 90s r b at certain points,in there too some soul in there yeah i,think leaving the door open was the,first one we heard yeah and and that one,as soon as you heard its like damn,these guys are actually great yeah and,their style they keep their own styles,and like they just compliment each other,so well exactly even the artwork is very,um,old school like but yeah um,its a quick project nine total songs,like we mentioned weve heard four of,them so we bout to check out the five,new ones we havent heard its this,[ __ ] got me,pain red you know what im saying yeah,that [ __ ] got me that thats bro that,bro but yeah we about to get into this,as always if you want to see extended,videos bonus content stuff you cannot,find on youtube check us out on patreon,patreon.com bob villa but yeah we about,to get into this uh first two tracks,weve heard silk sonic intro leave the,door open so we going to track number,three which is fly,as me oh i know the spot to add some,swag to it hold on,two that you wanna,[Music],you ever seen the movie undercover,brother yeah you seen it,this this track just reminded me of that,movie for some reason just like how it,started the intro the instrumental yeah,that movie funny as [ __ ] i need to watch,that again,okay okay okay okay now have you ever,been with a player take you downtown,where they treat me like the maiden take,you to the crib when you take it,upstairs whats upstairs im gonna,[Music],yeah,on the mashed potatoes i was watching um,to change on the most expensive you know,that shoulder chest on the most,expensive snapchat yeah thats i got put,on you know truffles and sprinkling im,im hip it was scary im trying to love,is you gonna let me back yall only get,what you get,[Music],[Applause],[Music],me,[Applause],[Music],come on man i like this better than im,too sexy,obviously sleep bro now because it was,the same message,its the same message is it not,same im too sexy for my shirt,no sexy yeah way too sexy yeah way too,sexy the drape future thug joint its,the same message,you know this one is a little bit more,you know,okay now silk sonic smooth like a map,float like a butterfly on every single,track and the only language that i speak,girl respect so once i give this game to,you you know its dope too bro cause,even the rapping does sound like his,from back in the days as well so its,not even just the sound of the entire,music,its well actually it is the the sound,of the entire music feels like,back in the days theres the singing and,the rapping so thats dope for them to,still keep the rapping style,feeling like its old school as well so,if you dont know what were talking,about,[Music],is,[Music],what gets me is that even though it has,that uh sound to it it none of it sounds,sports like theyre trying to do this it,comes off like its just their style,because what they do is so similar to,that like it has so much of that in it,this is tough,[Music],cause its what they do bro,i feel like if another artist or if,other artists were to try to make this,sound,it would come off as like they might be,able to do it,but it would be so stark like,youd know that theyre going for that,whereas with them yeah its,its that error but its like its what,theyve been doing like its so similar,to their original sound that it doesnt,feel like its a forced thing bro,it sounds so authentic like yeah yeah,now this is this is this is so vibey,this is different man its like a breath,of fresh air yo 2021 is kind of crazy,for music weve been saying that but,like,every time something new drops i keep,like just thinking about everything that,you know im saying its kind of got a,lot a lot bro the next one is after last,night with thundercat and bootsy,[Music],damn i dont even know what about marley,saunders,[Music],a lot of a lot of record tracks have,that that drum start damn i dont even,know who i was last night,its just something about you,[Applause],you just made me feel,um,[Music],now i dont know what you did when you,did what you did,but you did it girl,see normally i dont stutter but you do,do it to me,[Music],sorry the old school pimp,normally i dont mess it normally i,dont stop at all and like when did he,stutter,[Music],[Music],where else can you find current music,with this sound,i mean like who else like huh you cant,find it yeah thats obviously you can go,back and listen to you know,the error that theyre,um tapping into but like currently where,can you find music that sounds like this,and its just like i cant think of,anything,you put it on it like i never felt,before,that glitchy,good girl i want some more,sweet sticky thinking pretty you change,the game,[Music],do it because bro this [ __ ] is like it,do it what i was thinking is that yo,this well a few a few of these songs,that ive heard already,can sounds like [ __ ] wedding,reception type songs songs like skate,rollerblading songs like it has that,feel bro,[Music],[Applause],that was smart i was like why are you,calling them bro you just you literally,just said after last night,like shes your favorite your best,number one how this guys saying i gotta,call every girl in my phone and tell him,bye bye,i read it,when did she give you what did she do,bro,but hes slick he said if i still have,my phone,man purposely left his phone if i still,have my phone i would,i swear,i dont have it with me though so,but thats what i do,before,[Music],[Applause],[Music],yo bruno is nice at that like when when,the tracks when the track hits the,the high point the climax hes good at i,was watching the live a live performance,of um,was it leave the door open i cant,remember it was one of the tracks from,this project i was watching the live,version and bruno kills that [ __ ] when,it gets to a certain point in the track,that song got better after it after each,second that passed by the song got,better bro the last thing he said when,am i going to see you again,hes hes unsure hes trying to hit him,exactly but then im thinking about the,time where they said if i had my phone,nah that was good,for just one time thats how good,exactly,thats what i was trying to say you,aint hear anderson described it hes a,thick sticky i bro,like,listen he said if i have mobster,right now i want some what kind of sound,right now bro oh you got a bigger one,its almost done,uh the next one is smoking out the,window heard that one another fire,track number six is put on a smile oh,look at here fellas,take it from your uncle boots,aint no shame begging in the rain,[Music],candy shop 50. this is what it reminded,me of im like what is that [ __ ],i could pretend when im out with my,friends i aint thinking about you,i was waiting for this one youre saying,because all the all the singles weve,heard have been a theres been a certain,vibe to them uplifting yeah,this is still that error but its like a,different energy to it i should be a,movie star the way i play the part like,everythings okay,[Music],[Music],im so happy im hearing this now and,not a couple years a few years ago,theres no way we missed this i guess,its hurting like i said im trying to,put on a smile hes dying i could,pretend when im out with my friends,that i aint thinking bro she put that,thing on him and then just left it bro,like how you,thats heartless,[Music],[Music],

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