1. Best Comfy Mattress | Simmons BeautyRest Mattress Review
  2. Top 5 Best Beautyrest Mattress Review In 2022 | Our Top Picks
  3. Beautyrest Harmony Lux Mattress Review
  4. Anatomy Of A Mattress: Whats Inside A Beautyrest Black Mattress
  5. Beautyrest Black Mattress Review | A luxury Simmons Beautyrest (2020)
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Best Comfy Mattress | Simmons BeautyRest Mattress Review

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Top 5 Best Beautyrest Mattress Review In 2022 | Our Top Picks

[Music],if you are looking for the best,Beautyrest mattress here is a collection,you have got to see lets get started,[Music],number one most popular Beautyrest,silver hybrid firm 3000 king hybrid,mattress the Beautyrest silver hybrid,mattresses present the next generation,of the Sleep System as they offer the,comfort of memory foam along with the,optimal contouring support through the,pocketed coil technology the height of,the mattress is 13.5 inches Beautyrest,silver hybrid plush comes with a 10 year,warranty the surface the surface of the,silver hybrid mattress is plush which,gives it a plush ER and more relaxed,feel it lets the body sink in just the,right amount offering a great nights,sleep the surface layer comprises of,dual cool technology and memory foam,number two Beautyrest silver BRS 912,inch extra firm inner spring mattress if,you are serious about getting a sound,sleep thinking you deserve it then you,have to get this mattress this mattress,is a perfect blend of style and comfort,sporting a plush style surface it is,going to offer a comprehensive comfort,to the person lying on the mattress the,layers responsible for adjusting with,the contour of the body to provide the,best comfort sports an air cool gel,memory foam comfort foam and center,third support with the first two,offering better comfort and ability to,move your body freely the layer,responsible for providing support to,your body,[Music],number three Beautyrest silver luxury,firm pillow top 900 queen innerspring,mattress Beautyrest silver luxury firm,pillow top inner spring queen mattress,is specially designed to provide,ultimate luxury to the users,it features sophisticated design,combined with advanced technologies that,ensure you get a good nights sleep the,height of the mattress is 15.5 inches,the mattress comes with 10 year limited,warranty the surface of the mattress is,luxury firm pillow top the surface cool,fiber present beneath the cover fabric,boosts the heat dissipation at the,surface where the body touches the,mattress the heat is transported to the,lower layers and sides of the mattress,number four Beautyrest hybrid 13 inch,VXR 1000c plush inner spring mattress,this extra firm mattress by Beautyrest,is specifically designed to add that,extra bit of firmness that you are,looking for in the first place sporting,an extra firm surface this mattress,consists of special air-cool foam which,allows better airflow through the,mattress in this mattress you get a dual,cool fiber layered under the fabric of,the cover that allows the heat produced,by your body to dissipate at the,mattresses surface then the heat is,transferred to the lower part of the,mattress to deliver 100% comfort to the,users the layers of the mattress include,an air cool gel memory foam,[Music],number five Beautyrest black Calista,extra firm mattress the black series of,Beautyrest mattress is specially,designed to provide ultimate luxury to,the users Beautyrest black mattresses,are more than just the mattresses they,are a haven for restorative deep sound,sleep that inspires our senses the,experience goes way beyond that of just,the Comfort the conforming back support,creates a restful escape where sleep is,the luxury the height of the mattress is,12.5 inches the mattress comes with a 10,year limited warranty with guaranteed,long lasting durability the surface of,the mattress is extra firm for more,details click the link in the,description thanks for watching the,video if you liked this video please,give us a thumbs up and comment below,dont forget to subscribe and remember,to click that Bell icon so you are,notified of our review videos as soon as,they come up

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Beautyrest Harmony Lux Mattress Review

whats up everybody im logan from,sleepopolis and in this video im going,to review the beautyrest harmony,lux ill put it through some tests tell,you what it feels like to sleep on this,beautyrest mattress,which sleeping position i think is most,comfortable on the mattress what its,made of,then at the end ill give you my pros,and cons if at any point you have a,question that i dont cover then feel,free to leave a comment below so we can,get back to you with a recommendation,you can also head to beautyrest to learn,more about the harmony lux by clicking,the link below,i also want to point out that here at,sleepopolis weve previously reviewed,the beautyrest black,and beautyrest hybrid mattresses ill,compare those against the beautyrest,harmony lux,a little bit later on but if you want to,check out the full reviews of either you,can just google,sleepopolis beautyrest review but for,right now lets jump into the,sleepopolis beautyrest harmony lux,review,and to give you a better idea of what it,feels like to actually lie down on a,beautyrest harmony lux i want to put on,a firmness scale from 1 to 10 with 10,being the firmest i would give this,mattress about a 5 and a half out of 10,on the firmness scale,i think its actually pretty soft,overall its got these really soft foams,on top,even though there is nice support below,that i think youre going to sink into,this bed youre going to feel kind of,contour around your body a little bit,in my opinion after testing out the,other beautyrest mattresses i actually,think this is the softest one ive tried,when im lying on my back my weights,evenly distributed and i do feel myself,sinking in this position,i do think its pretty good for back,sleepers if you like that feeling of,kind of sinking into the mattress if you,like a softer mattress and your back,sleeper i think youre gonna be okay,here,rolling around and changing positions i,didnt feel too stuck or anything like,that,i thought the foams had a pretty quick,response to pressure and the uh,coil support below did a nice job of,allowing me to change positions easily,even though i was kind of sinking,further into bed,uh when i rolled onto my side i,generally like side sleepers to have a,softer mattress because,they do tend to have worse pressure,point formation get a jammed up feeling,in the shoulders,i kind of feel that pressure at the hips,because of all that weight over a,smaller surface area,so i do really like the harmony luxor,side sleepers i think side sleepers will,probably benefit most from this mattress,however if you go to your stomach youre,kind of looking for the opposite,generally stomach sleepers want a firmer,mattress so their,hips and shoulders are in alignment i,did feel my hips sinking into the,mattress,because of these softer foams in the,pillow top section here of the harmony,lux so,uh to kind of recap if youre a back,sleeper that likes a soft mattress,youre gonna be okay,i think side sleepers will benefit,greatly from the beautyrest harmony,looks,and i think uh stomach sleepers will,need something firmer instead of just,taking my word on the feel of the,beautyrest harmony lux i like to run a,few tests on all the mattresses that i,review so you get a more objective look,at whats going on with this bed,and the first one up is the pressure map,test and just like it sounds i put a,pressure map down on top of the mattress,lie down in a few positions and youll,see the results next to me ranging from,blue for low pressure,to red for high pressure on my back,weights evenly distributed,i can see its low pressure across the,board thats what i was expecting here,i did feel myself sink in even though my,weight was distributed on this mattress,again,youre a back sleeper that likes a soft,mattress you like this if youre a back,sleeper that likes a firmer mattress,probably not the way to go i would check,check out the beautyrest hybrid for a,more medium feel or the beautyrest black,for a really firm,supportive mattress now rolling onto my,side,you can see that there is a little bit,of light green at the shoulders but i,think thats in the acceptable range,here,uh generally on a firmer mattress side,sleepers will spike into the yellow or,red range at the shoulders and the hips,thats going to be an issue with too,high of pressure,but because of the softer foams in the,pillow top,of the harmony lux i really like this,bed for side sleepers it provides really,great,pressure relief in those problem areas,for side sleepers,rolling onto my stomach i dont like,this mattress for stomach sleepers i,dont think its firm enough,because of those softer foams i felt my,hips sinking in again,if you are a stomach sleeper looking at,the beautyrest line i would probably,keep my search to the beautyrest black,next up we have the bounce test and,basically were checking to see if a,mattress provides mobility,if youre going to sink in the mattress,youre going to feel stuck in the layers,as youre rolling around changing,positions,this is a softer mattress like i said,and sometimes on a softer mattress you,will kind of,sink deep into layers and have to kind,of fight to change position during the,middle of the night i didnt get that,here at all with the beautyrest harmony,lux i thought the foams had a quick,response to pressure,which really helps me feel more uh you,know able to change positions easily and,also the coil support did a nice job of,giving it just a little bit of bounce,not a ton of bounce or anything like,that but enough bounce that youre able,to change positions easily,next up we have the motion transfer,portion of the review and basically,were checking to see if you share your,bed with a partner are you going to feel,it on your side of the mattress when,they start to roll around,change positions get into and out of bed,during the middle of the night or,anything like that,now to test that i put a seismometer,down where you might be sleeping and on,the other side id drop a 10-pound steel,ball from heights of 4 8 and 12 inches,and try to see how much disturbance is,transferred with each of those drops,now i was actually really impressed with,the results of this test for the harmony,lux i thought it did a great job of,isolating that motion transfer so if you,are someone that shares your mattress,with,you know a wrestle sleeper that you know,rolls around throughout the entire night,gets into and out of bed go to the,bathroom and all that kind of stuff,this could definitely help you sleep,through the night and last but not least,we have the,edge support portion of the review,basically are you going to be able to,sleep all the way to the end of the bed,without worrying about collapsing it,if a mattress has a strong edge it makes,the bed feel bigger really good plus for,couples and i was really impressed with,the edge support here on the beautyrest,harmony lux,and pairing the strong edge support with,the impressive motion isolation is why i,think this is a great mattress for,couples,they give you a better idea of where the,feel of the beautyrest harmony lux comes,from ive cut open the back of it so you,can see the materials and the layers of,it,now to start with the cover itself,it is their sequel material its a,sustainable material theyre very proud,of it its got kind of a,knit feel to it if you want to learn,more about the sustainable material you,can check it out on their website which,ive linked to below,i should also mention that the cover is,quilted with some really soft foam so,youre going to sink into that right,away gives you some nice pressure relief,right off the bat,and then here we have kind of this,pillow top foam section of the mattress,theres a few more layers of foam,got the comfort layer here its a,polyurethane foam really soft youre,going to sink,right into that but it has a quick,response to pressure so as you roll,around change positions it kind of,snaps back to its form so youre not,going to feel stuck in the mattress,there is a really thin layer of memory,

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Anatomy Of A Mattress: Whats Inside A Beautyrest Black Mattress

this episode of anatomy and mattress we,are gonna dissect the beautyrest black,so lets go,we got this beautyrest black that came,to us the other day from a customer how,old is this one gabe this one is 2013.,2013 so its about almost 10 years old,looks in decent condition so customer,today came to us needed a new mattress,they slept warmer and um they wanted,something a little bit cooler i remember,this bed so,a little quick background my story i,used to work for a large company i,learning the business years ago i,remember selling this bed this was the,brooklyn it was like a cushion firm or a,pledge for it was like a fur pillow top,you said it was trying to get too hot,for them and a little firmer than they,like okay with it being hot you know,sleeping up waking up with some pain on,the side since theyre side sleepers,that im actually said all right yeah,visually i think it looks like a pretty,mattress it looks like a beautiful,mattress but like i say almost every,video its whats on the inside that,counts like people this uterus black was,it was and still is like beautyrest,luxury line this is like their upper,level beautyrest a 15 inch mattress,measure from the bottom,where the platform is and then have a,straight edge and wherever it you see it,meets thats the thickness you know,dont measure like right here people,will cut off that inch or two inches if,they measure to that,little quick tip for you so lets open,this sucker up were going to start with,taking off the pillow top a little,different today,yeah thats a little different,we got the pillow top finally off i mean,this is a,very,luxurious looking pillow top just so,starting from the top,we have the tack and jump quilt which,does give it a little bit more of that,softness and that dimension that it,looks like it looks like its tucked in,yeah but its that luxurious feel right,yeah it gives us more of that luxurious,look and also can affect the the purpose,of the mattress the ice cold foam,if you guys didnt know when they make,the phone blue that makes it cool at,least thats the idea for the marketing,team,how does it feel does it feel cool it,feels as cold as my breakfast burrito,that i had this morning so this is the,memory,the memory foam part you got about an,inch is this memory foam underneath no,this is more like a just a regular high,density polyfoam theres about two,inches in that three inches in the,quality lets open up the panel this is,where the quilting is,right here this is the fr for the for,the panel this fr is the fire retardant,um just every match is supposed to pass,the fire test most companies use some,sort of fiber like this some use a,chemical you know this one its its,more of the older style fr that ive,seen about 10 years ago its another,soft foam layer and then you have a,little bit firmer foam so you got two,layers of foam and then the fr quilt to,give us some of that that body thats,actually a really significant quilting,on this and i can see why you know the,customer said,a little bit of heat right yeah except a,little bit warmer the more foam the more,cushioning that you have in the mattress,youre gonna seek in more and then be,more in the mattress rather than on it,youre gonna notice it notice the heat,issue notice the temperature issue its,five inches right there of that foam,yeah this is just five inches this is,the comfort layer what well say yep now,lets go to the support layer so the,support layer is real we call the bottom,layer the support layer you know these,these good-looking mattresses that,sometimes it,sucks to want to mess them up but all,for science so this is,an inner spring mattress no it is not a,faux mattress this is actually a,pocketed inner spring mattress but what,we see here,normally what youll see is springs or i,should say normally but a lot of,mattresses here we see foam and the,reason why is because it is foam,encasement whats the foam encasement,the drop the gameplay,right inside the middle it does a couple,of things right gives you a firmer edge,all around so when you see it all put,together its got a nice smooth edge in,the store it also gives it that firm,feel on the edges yes,yeah edge is support is very important,with mattresses heres where i do not,like it like foam encasement because in,the short term it looks good and it,feels good in the long term what happens,is this foam after sitting at the edge,for many years it will tend to buckle,and it will tend to collapse some i see,that happen with quite a bit of,mattresses that we take apart as the,edges break down,also it does kind of change the firmness,of the bit if you sleep toward the edge,and like because usually its about two,to three inches thick so if you sleep at,the edge and then you roll a little bit,more to the center it does change the,feel of the mattress im not the biggest,fan of foam encasement,i do prefer like a whole edge to edge,coil,those are the ones that that we use and,those tend to work a lot better so and,they actually work better on an,adjustable base you can still use these,on adjustable bases but over the bending,theyre just they dont move as freely,excuse that noise were in the factory,today as you can see obviously so,its a little bit louder than,than it normally is all right so lets,play with this real quick just take this,open this up five inches right here in,that pillow top and then you got two,inches five layers,stacked above the support system right,our philosophy has been if youve,watched any of our videos is,less is more when it comes to mattress,construction when it comes to like the,durability of the mattress like the,longevity and also just the way it,supports you we have found that less is,more you know and what we mean by that,is the more layers that you have in the,bed theres more that can go wrong in,the mattress weve done a whole video on,that which ill link to this video,another reason why is most of your,support is going to come from the bottom,from the coil lets open this up so you,can see how many inches of support layer,versus how many inches of the comfort,layer lets just open this up okay,okay so yeah lets pull this back,so we can see the actual inside of the,the coils how deep is this foam,encasement say four,three and a half so yeah we got a three,and a half inch,rail three actually see how firm this,stitch comes compared to it i think you,have a person thats about 250 pounds,sitting at the edge in and out you know,and they have this mattress for take 10,years so,thats going to give over time were,even an adjustable base right yeah,im not a huge fan of foreign as you,guys can tell here is where beautyrest,black i remember when these guys came,out they came out with cable coil so,heres the cool up close to the cable,coil this is really was one of the,things that separated them you see how,its in a cable,where you got these three,and the story behind this was that it,was it made the springs really,firm and supportive which i believe they,did i mean especially,in theory it was a good concept now i,believe,this is an alternating cable coil if i,remember correctly so like every other,row was a cable coil because the first,issue of beater rest flats,really debate every other coil on this,one what was the cable,one was the traditional pocketed coil,with even out the firmness but there was,some differences,yeah there is some of these in it uterus,is known,for with their pocketed coil theyre one,of the pioneers of the individual coils,yeah its an eight inch coil ive been,at the basically thats gonna be about,eight inch coil this is a so an eight,inch coil,which is tend to be about average as,standard of a lot of these mattresses so,you got seven inches of that foam,material above your support so you have,eight inches of the support layer seven,inches of the upper layer so lets open,this up a little bit got it dissecting,on this one most of the support,you want from down here but look if,youre seven inches up here this is,supposed to support

Beautyrest Black Mattress Review | A luxury Simmons Beautyrest (2020)

– Hi. Im Zack sleep expert at Tuck.,Today well be taking a look at,the Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress.,The Beautyrest is Simmons premium mattress line.,But does the Beautyrest Black offer,a premium sleep experience?,Lets put it to the test and find out.,(upbeat music),If you like what were doing,and find any of our videos helpful, let us know.,Like, comment and subscribe to our channel.,And if you sign up for a newsletter,youll be automatically entered into our monthly giveaways.,Check out the card above my shoulder for more information.,All right, for this mattress review,we brought in some outside help,to show how the mattress performs for different body types,and here additional opinions from a variety of voices.,Our testing team today includes lightweight sleeper Tess,,average weight sleeper Nicholaus,and heavy weight sleeper Jerica.,The Beautyrest black original is a 13 inch hybrid mattress.,Beautyrest offers a cooling upgrade,and a comfort and cooling upgrade.,Those upgrades swapper add layers,to the mattress changing the construction and feel.,We are strictly looking at the base model for a review,that doesnt include any of these upgrades.,The cover is made from Beautyrest black eyes cooling fabric.,Which is a blend of polyester and rayon.,The comfort layers consist of 1/2 inch of plush polyfoam,a top 1/2 inch of medium polyfoam quilted into the cover.,Below that, you have 1/2 inch of gel memory foam,and one and 1/2 inches of transitional polyfoam.,The support core is 10 inches of individually packeted coils,with reinforced edges encased in high density polyfoam.,The Beautyrest Black comes in one firmness option.,On the Beautyrest website,,they list the mattress as a medium.,Although, we feel its a great deal firmer than that.,We placed it at a seven and a half out of ten,on the firmness scale, making it a firm mattress.,The mattress offers minimal conforming,and you will sleep more on top of this mattress than in it.,It is springy and responsive,and will recover quickly after pressure has been released.,Overall, it feels similar,to a traditional inner spring mattress.,To measure support, we look at the spinal alignment,of each of our sleepers when sleeping on their side.,We found the hybrid construction of the Beautyrest Black,offers quality support for all sleepers.,Though being a firmer bed,,we found the mattress offers better support,for heavier sleepers.,And the 10 inches of packeted coils,should keep them propped up and their spines aligned.,Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress isolates,or absorbs motion.,This is important for couples and co sleepers,to prevent night time disruptions.,One way we demonstrate this is,by placing a glass of water on one side of the bed,and having our heavy weight sleeper Jerica move around,on the opposite side.,As you can see, the glass is fairly still.,Though the water moves around just a bit.,For someone bouncy hybrid,the Beautyrest Black did well absorbing motion.,The three inches of foams absorb motion,and the individually pocketed coils isolated.,We were able to feel some motion when testing the mattress,with multiple sleepers tossing and turning on the bed.,But not enough to disrupt sleep.,Edge support refers to how much your mattress holds you up,or pushes back against you while sitting on,or sleeping close to the edge of the bed.,Mattresses with worse edge support are harder,to get in and out of and may leave sleepers,with the feeling of roll-off.,We found the edge support,on the Beautyrest Black, to be solid thanks,to the high density polyfoam reinforced edge.,Lying along the edge of the mattress,we felt stable and completely secure,never once feeling the edge giving up.,Sitting along the edge, we didnt notice any sinkage either,and the strong edge support,and responsive nature of the mattress, makes this bed easy,to get in and out.,Using our 2d and 3d pressure mapping tools,,were able to look at how well a mattress relieves pressure,on the body.,Youll notice the scale goes,from blue, to green, to yellow, to red.,Indicating increased amounts,of pressure pushing back against each sleeper.,When it hits red, theres a higher likelihood,of reduced blood flow,in those specific sections of the body.,Our testing found that the Beautyrest Black Mattress,provides adequate pressure relief, across all sleepers,in all positions.,Youll see some pressure,on our lightweight sleepers shoulders and hips,while lying on her side.,And the average weight sleeper also experience some pressure,on his side.,This can be attributed to the bat resting firm.,Firmer beds can create pressure points,on lighter weight side sleepers.,Jerica however, had great readings in all positions.,Temperature neutrality refers,to whether a mattress disperses heat from your body,allowing for breathability in airflow.,The Beautyrest Black does well to stay cool,with a breathable cover and 10 inches of coils,,theres ample airflow throughout this mattress.,And the fact that you sleep on,and not in this mattress also helps prevent heat,from being trapped.,Now lets take a minute to check in with our sleepers.,Nicholaus,- Yes,- Tell me what you thought about Beautyrest Black.,- Wow this mattress for me was just too firm,I dont think I could get a good nights sleep on it.,I could feel it in my back.,- It feels quality to the touch,and its nice to look at, but its way too firm for me.,- I love this mattress.,- Yeah.,- Yeah. Well its very responsive so my pressure needs,and it felt great on all sides.,- All sides.,- All sides. I did enjoy how this sleeping on my stomach,- Really, do you ever sleep on your stomach?,- Never.,- All right, so this is a winner in that department?,- Yes it is.,- So how did this bed fare as far as temperature?,Did it maintain its temperature, sleep cool or hot?,- I feel like it was more on the cool side,this top layer is pretty cool to the touch.,- Getting close to the edge of this guy,,did you feel supportive?,- I did. I felt that I wasnt going to fall off,and that if I was pushed over to the edge,that I could still hold my own space, its good.,- The Beautyrest Black does come,with a thicker comfort layer on top,,do you think that would change your opinion,of this mattress as a whole.,- I think if the price was right and topper was an option,that could be added on that would be more interesting,Ill take a more pillowy top to a firmer mattress any day.,- Its a pretty solid mattress,I didnt feel like I was sinking into the bed,I didnt feel like too hard.,It was just right.,- Well thank you so much.,- Yeah.,(smacking sound),(upbeat music),- Now lets take a look at how,the Beautyrest black mattress stacks up in our testing.,Support for lightweight sleepers is good,and very good for average and heavy weight sleepers.,Pressure relief is good,for light and average weight sleepers,and very good for heavy weight sleepers.,Motion isolation is good.,Edge support is excellent.,And finally, temperature neutrality is very good.,Here are a few takeaways,from the Beautyrest Black Mattress testing.,This is Beautyrests premium mattress,and with that comes a premium price tag.,And thats without any upgrades,which can carry a substantial cost as well.,If youre shopping on a budget,,you might want to look elsewhere.,The Beautyrest Black comes in only one firmness option.,So if you know you like a specific firmness,,perhaps something softer,,then the Beautyrest Black may not be for you.,Speaking of firmness, the Beautyrest Black is listed,as a medium mattress on their website.,And we found the mattress to be,a fair amount firmer than that.,We classify this as a firm mattress.,The Beautyrest Black feels similar,to traditional inner spring mattress.,If you prefer a deep sink, of memory foam,,this mattress wont be a good fit.,The mattress may be too firm for some lightweight sleepers.,Some lightweight sleepers,and especially lightweight side sleepers,may not sink in enough to receive proper support,or pressure relief.,So, who is this ma

Beautyrest Black Mattresses EXPLAINED by GoodBed.com

hi im mike founder of good bed comm,today were gonna take you on a quick,walk through the new Beautyrest black,collection which has been completely,redone for 2019 so were looking forward,to showing it to you stick around so one,of the first things they did with,overhauling the black collection this,year is to come up with a little bit,more clear naming system for their,models theyve divided the black,collection into three tiers the L class,the C Class and the K class and the L,class starts at about $17.99 and goes up,to $23.99 the C class starts at twenty,six ninety-nine and goes to twenty eight,ninety nine and the K class starts at,thirty two ninety nine and goes to,thirty eight ninety nine and well give,you a sense of how these different,classes compare and what features they,add as you step up through those classes,but at a high level the L class is going,to have five different fields available,to you whereas the C class will have,four different fields and the K class,has three now most likely your local,retailer is not going to have all of,these Beautyrest black options but we,just wanted to give you a sense of the,full landscape so that you can find them,one thats best for you and in general,what youre gonna find is within each,class the more expensive options are,going to tend to be thicker mattresses,with more pressure relieving foams and,oftentimes theyre going to be pillow,tops so lets start by getting into some,of the features that all video as black,mattresses have in common and in,addition to some of the aesthetic,features that you might notice right off,the bat like the charcoal and white,color scheme this charcoal side panel,with the two handles on each side,probably the biggest most noteworthy,thing that you get with any Beautyrest,black mattress is their twisted cable,coil this is something they used to call,the advanced pocketed coil now theyve,rebranded at the t3 pocketed coil but,its the same cable or same coil and,its made like the cables on a,suspension bridge that are basically,twisted twisted strands of of steel its,made in a very similar way so theres,three strands of steel twisted together,into a cable and then formed into the,shape of a coil now thats designed to,give the coil a lot more strength and,rigidity and so thats been kind of the,hallmark of,Beautyrest black brand for a long time,and remains one of the key signature,features in this mattress theyve got,basically alternating rows of these,cables and then in between those rows,are rows of kind of normal pocketed,coils and those rows actually do vary,depending on whether youre on a firm,model or a plush model so if youre on a,firm model those alternating rows are,gonna be a little bit firmer coils if,youre on a plush model those,alternating rows are gonna be a little,bit plush or coils and thats something,that is a bt rest philosophy that covers,their whole line really where they try,to vary up the feel of the mattress,based on not only the softness levels of,the foams on the top of the mattress but,also by varying up the support layer,firmness as well a little bit so but I,think that that variation is going to be,a little bit less pronounced on the,Beautyrest black just by virtue of the,fact that every other row is these very,firm twisted cable coils so thats,really kind of the the support system,and thats gonna be pretty consistent,throughout the Beautyrest black line and,it also applies to the edge support that,you get in these mattresses to the next,set of features that all Beautyrest,black mattresses in this new collection,are gonna have in common is what they,call black ice 4.0 and this is certainly,something youre gonna see advertised a,lot black guys 4.0 is the name that they,have given to basically a suite of,cooling features that are in every book,pretty rest black mattress now if you,were in the market for a Beautyrest,black previously you may remember the,term black ice being used before well in,the previous generation it was used to,refer to a micro diamond infused memory,foam that had Fayette change material on,one side and that layer of foam was kind,of down into the mattress a little bit,which inhibited its ability or its,efficacy and its cooling ability so what,they decided to do to improve upon that,is develop a suite of cooling features,that are all right up at the top of the,mattress where you can feel them the,most essentially the first two features,use phase change materials so they have,phase change material right on the cover,to give the most palpable coolness to,the touch most immediate coolness,touch then they have a another layer of,fabric right below the cover that also,has phase change material to basically,add even more coolness to the touch,although its its a layer deeper so,that just takes a little bit longer for,the heat from your body to reach it but,its just the more of those wax beads,that you have thats what phase change,material is the more cooling capability,the mattress has overall because once a,wax turns from a solid to a liquid its,cooling capability has been depleted so,once youve depleted the cooling,capability in the top surface layer of,phase change material the idea is now,youve got another layer right below,that where youll still continue to get,that cooling sensation from the next the,third layer is is basically little,flecks of silver dust in the fr fiber,and this the idea is that silver is a,conductor so that just creates a little,bit easier way for heat to travel away,from your body and then the fourth piece,of black ice 4.0 is what they call a,silk air fiber so essentially in this,quilting layer theyve replaced certain,poly foams with a fiber that has just,naturally more air fluid so its a just,think of it like almost like wool but,its its not wool its just like a its,a fiber that has a lot more airflow,naturally to it so those are the four,components of black ice 4.0 that youll,find in every Beautyrest black mattress,so now here we are on the entry-level,model in the whole Beautyrest black,collection which is the L class extra,firm and youll see this model for,$17.99 and by the way all the prices Im,quoting in this video are for queen-size,mattress only and its also worth adding,that Beautyrest black is whats called a,map price line so you really shouldnt,see a ever any advertised prices below,the prices that were quoting you in,this video now I wanted to just start,with this model because I wanted to give,you a sense as I mentioned there are,five total choices of feel in the L,class they range from this one extra,firm all the way up to a plush pillow,top at this sort of high end of the L,class in fact both of the two highest,price points in the L class are pillow,tops and then in between this,this and the pillow tops you have your,choice of medium or plush in a tight top,I would also think its worth noting,that if youve seen our review of the,Calista extra firm this is the mattress,that replaced that and with the,exception of the black eyes 4.0 features,that I described previously I think that,the feel and other characteristic to,this mattress are pretty much going to,be the same as what we reviewed in the,Calista extra firm so now Ive moved up,to the l-class plush pillow top which is,about the softest option in the L class,and this would be a $23.99 in a queen,size mattress only and what I can tell,you is it is definitely a lot different,than that extra firm model I was just,off whereas that model would probably be,most suitable for only back sleepers or,stomach sleepers or maybe the rare side,sleeper who just really likes a very,firm surface this one here is going to,be much deeper cushioning its going to,be much more well suited to people who,like to sleep more in their mattress or,be hugged or cradled by it its also,going to have more pressure relieving,characteristics for side sleepers which,is going to be especially important if,youre a lighter side sleeper to have,that extra surface softness but one,thin

Beautyrest Beyond Mattresses 2023 EXPLAINED by GoodBed.com

hi im mike founder of goodbed.com today,were going to take you on a quick tour,of the beyond collection of mattresses,from beautyrest which is something,youre only going to find at mattress,firm stores,and in fact this is the highest level of,beautyrest mattresses that are sold at,mattress firm and that is why theyve,given it the name beyond its beyond,anything else available from beautyrest,so were excited to show it to you stick,around,all right so the first thing you need to,know about this collection is these,mattresses all have what wed call a,memory film over pocketed coil,construction they all use about three,inches of memory foam,however they are also a quilted mattress,so you do have kind of a more,traditional feel right up on top uh but,below that you have three inches of,substantial amount of memory foam in,each of these models and then again a,pocketed coil construction now in terms,of the features that all these,mattresses have in common lets start,with that coil unit which is pretty,unique they call it a beyond series 5x,support now what that five refers to is,that this is a zoned coil unit so a coil,count wise theres a thousand and eighty,coil count in a queen size uh but within,that coil count you have zones okay so,in this case you have five zones you,have the head the foot then you have,these two zones kind of coming right up,in this range here uh kind of underneath,your lumbar depending on you know which,way you have the mattress you can always,its symmetrical head to toe so you can,rotate the mattress but uh so whatever,is under your lumbar is always going to,be a little bit firmer,than whats under your your uh kind of,posterior the reason for that is to,allow the mattress to conform to those,curves a little bit better,and make sure that your lumbar is,properly supported so a five zone coil,unit it does have foam encasement so,meaning a four inch rail running around,the perimeter of the mattress to give,the mattress a stronger edge now in,terms of the other features that these,mattresses have in common i mentioned,they all use three inches of memory foam,but below the memory foam in fact the,last layer right above the coils in each,of these mattresses is a one-half inch,layer of natural dunlop latex,so thats another high quality feature,that that is common throughout this,beautyrest beyond lineup then on the,very top of this mattress all of these,models have what they call the beyond,cool fiber so essentially,right underneath the cover theres a,fiber layer,and this fiber layer in this case,contains both silver flex as well,as silk so silk is a natural material,breathable material,helps increase airflow at the top of the,mattress which is important for cooling,and silver is a conductor so there is a,cooling element to silver however its,also has a strong antimicrobial property,so it uh prevents microbes from,multiplying in your mattress and that,also gives it a hypoallergenic,quality to it as well,all right so now lets get into the,specific models within this beautyrest,beyond collection and specifically there,are three of them the firm the medium,and the plush pillow top were going to,start with the firm since thats the one,im on right now,and this is a 14 inch thick mattress as,we mentioned previously each of these,mattresses contains three inches of,total memory foam in this case its a,gel memory foam and i would add that it,is probably a little bit quicker,responding than some of the other models,here in this collection so while you,still get that memory feel you still,certainly get those pressure leaving,benefits of having all that memory foam,in the mattress its not going to maybe,have quite as much of that slow,responding feel that sometimes you get,with memory foam so,some people dont,want too much of that and that,this could be a good option for you in,that case,in terms of the softness level we,classified this one as actually about a,medium on our softness spectrum you will,notice that the quilt top is a its,quilted a little bit tighter which does,add some firmness to it but not,withstanding that wed still wed still,probably classify it as about a medium,on our softness spectrum and in terms of,cushioning depth likewise its a little,bit in between that feeling of sleeping,in your mattress versus sleeping on your,mattress,all right now weve moved up to the,medium model and so this is a 14 and a,half inch model you can see right off,the bat that there is a much,less tight,quilt pattern here which gives the,surface of the mattress a lot more,softness there is again three inches of,memory foam in this mattress in this,case uh its called the dynamic response,memory foam and this memory foam uh we,should note this is a much slower,responding memory foam than what you,find,on the firm and the net effect of that,is that theres an initial firmness to,this memory foam it takes some time to,conform to your body so on our softness,scale wed actually classify this as a,medium firm as a result of that but in,terms of cushioning depth theres a lot,more cushioning depth and a lot more,conformance on this model than what,youll find on the firm so that is going,to be a really good fit for a side,sleeper for example whos going to need,that conformance to accommodate your,bodys curves in that sleep position,all right so now weve moved up to the,plush pillow top which is the top of the,line within this beautyrest beyond,collection and theres a couple key,features that you get when you step up,to this model specifically the memory,foam used in this the three inches of,memory foam is what they call an hd air,cool memory foam,so what hd stands for is high density,and this is a term specifically that,mattress firm uses and that they reserve,for memory foams that are at least four,pounds density so you may have heard us,talk in other videos about density uh,being important for foams as a marker of,quality and longevity as well as in in,many cases pressure relief and other,characteristics so this is certainly a,premium memory foam material that you,have in this mattress,the second key feature that theyve,added here is that the fiber layer,thats right beneath the cover here in,this case has been dipped in phase,change material which is essentially,microscopic wax beads that when heat,reaches them the wax inside these beads,changes from a solid to a liquid and,that creates a cooling sensation so,essentially as the heat from your body,just travels beneath this cover it,reaches that phase change material and,you get a cooling sensation from that so,thats another nice feature that you get,when you step up to this model in terms,of the feel this is certainly i would,say the softest mattress within this,collection wed classify it as a medium,soft on our softness spectrum and maybe,even more noticeably it is the most,conforming you have the most cushioning,depth the most,of that hugged or cradled sensation of,sleeping in your mattress and thats,going to be really helpful for,conforming to your bodys curves,particularly for example when youre on,your side,or if youre an extra curvy sleeper and,the memory foam here is also rather slow,responding so youre going to get a lot,of that kind of slow melting memory feel,on this mattress as well,now one more thing we wanted to show you,from this beautyrest beyond collection,is what they call the beauty beautyrest,beyond pillow because this really is,quite a unique pillow and one thing,youll notice right off the bat theyve,got three snowflakes on this pillow it,signifies three cooling features that,are present in this pillow well explain,those to you but,just in general its a very unique,pillow and you can see right off the bat,if i open this pillow up theres a lot,going on here more than meets the eye at,first glance both the cover and some of,the inside materials of this mattress,have been treated with silver purpose,being that silver has an anti-microbial,property so people dont want a whole,lot of microbes in t

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