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  2. Simple Retro Haul – Review and Try-on + discount code
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  4. Simple Retro Haul – Try on haul of French vintage inspired cotton dresses & tops
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Simple Retro Haul Summer 2022 | Thats So KT

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel this is katie thank you for,stopping by in todays video i will be,showing you a small simple retro haul,im actually honored and flattered that,they have decided to do this,collaboration with me because personally,i buy my clothes from them and they have,sent me these three beautiful pieces and,i cannot wait to show them to you guys,because they are just fabulous theyre,fantastic these pieces are still part of,their spring and summer 2022 collection,theyre all available and i will put the,link in the description box below so you,can take a look at it and check it out,they gave me a catalog where i can,select clothes that i want to get for,this collaboration and yeah so these,pieces are the ones that i picked so if,you are interested in this video then,please give it a thumbs up dont forget,to subscribe to my channel if you,havent already tap the notifications,bell so you get notified in my next,video just like this one that youre,watching right now so without further,ado lets get started,[Music],so the first time that i discovered,simple retro was from a few months ago i,have been seeing them online i can,vividly remember the first time that i,placed an order on their website it was,really smooth and i was able to get,really gorgeous retro vintage clothing,and what i like about the simple retro,is that other than the style being,vintage i also like it because its,quite unique you know they really take,an effort to make,really beautiful clothes you know from,tops from dresses to skirts down to,accessories and im just happy that i,discovered this brand because i have,been into vintage and retro lately but,before i jump into the pieces that,theyve sent me i wanted to show you,guys the outfit that im wearing right,now because this outfit is actually from,simple retro as well it didnt come in,the package because i purchased this a,few weeks ago im just so happy because,i get to wear it right now which is very,timely that im doing a simple retro,haul so the first one is the super cute,earrings and this is the pearl drop,earring that i found on their website,you know the first time that i saw this,i loved it because it just gives me that,feminine vintage looking style you can,see um it just really elevates your,outfit it just makes you look so,feminine i think for the price that i,paid im really happy and satisfied with,this one the second one that i want to,show you guys is this very beautiful,floral dress,from simple retro as well this one i got,this in size medium and i love this,dress so much i saw this dress for the,first time,in person i knew that this is gonna be,my favorite dress,because i like the color and the print,so much,so i like it that it gives you that,1950s vibes it goes well with my hair it,goes well with my earrings its just,really lovely i think its really pretty,its such,a beautiful dress that you can wear all,year long,and i can imagine myself wearing this,dress with a nice coat,or,you know a jacket something like that,its very flattering also in my skin,tone and my body type now lets move on,to the items that simple retro sent me i,have a blouse a pair of jeans and a nice,midi dress so the first one that i want,to show you guys is this cute,top which is called the alesia top this,one is in mint green you know whats,amazing about this color is that even,though its mint green its not shouting,super mint green to me pastel mint green,i think thats the term for it so its,not super bright its not super loud too,and i just love the sleeves on this one,i like the material i like the color,i think this top is just lovely you know,when i saw this one first time online i,knew i needed to get it and so,when i saw the catalog that they sent me,i was just so happy and excited,that this was part of that catalog even,though this one is a light color guys it,is not see-through at all the fabric is,really nice this is made of 100 viscose,which is very lovely during the hot,season you can wear with anything you,can wear it with a pair of jeans a pair,of high rise trousers even you know a,nice flowy,skirt i actually want to get this one in,different colors as well such as the,yellow and white just because i know,that i will be wearing this kind of top,especially during the summer season got,this one in medium i love how it fits,its just really flowy its very,comfortable this is again one of my,favorite glosses in my wardrobe down to,the next one this is the beautiful midi,dress in green this type of green is,really beautiful you know if i am,looking to wear a green dress or a green,top or any green outfit this will be the,perfect green color or the perfect green,shade that i would wear if youre,looking for a nice,midi dress that you can wear anytime any,season its just perfect for summer also,because its really breathable you know,during the hot season you want something,that just flows in your skin and in your,body so this is definitely that dress,something about the collar also that,makes it look so good to wear during the,summer season i am 53 but its not too,long on me i think this is definitely,one of my favorite dresses because i,know i will be wearing this a lot so,a must buy this is a staple so the last,one is this super pretty pair of jeans,and this one is called the felicia this,one is a navy blue and i got this one in,size 27. you know ive been eyeing on,this one since i discovered simple retro,online,because i have been into high-rise jeans,and high-rise trousers as well so when i,saw this one i,knew,i needed to get this because,i just love a high-rise pair of jeans in,general because theyre really,flattering and they go well with a lot,of outfits if you have been shopping at,simple retro you will see this pair of,jeans everywhere like most of the models,actually wear this with most of the tops,that they sell this is gonna be one of,those jeans that youre gonna wear,during the hot season just because they,are not,stiff denim kind of miss wearing,a type of denim thats not too thick and,thats not too stiff this is definitely,that jeans that ive been wanting to get,for a quite some time now it has two,pockets in the front and then all the,way to the back there is also two,pockets,over here has 13 inches rise which is,cool so the inseam on this one is 27,inches,which is perfect for me because i am,actually 53 and most of my jeans has 27,inches in seam thats thats amazing and,there you have it guys i hope you,enjoyed this little simple retro haul,again i would like to thank simple retro,for sending me these beautiful pieces,now these pieces are actually still,available on their website i will put,the link in the description box below so,you can easily check it out and take a,look at it let me know whats your,favorite among the three items that i,showed you let me know if you have any,questions comment down below because,that is what my channel is made for im,here to help you and assist you in your,next purchase again thank you so much,for watching and i will see you in my,next video stay safe bye,[Music]

Simple Retro Haul – Review and Try-on + discount code

if you love vintage inspired clothes,then this video is for you today were,going to be talking about these pieces,from simple retro which is a brand I,recently discovered and you guys can,check their Instagram page and also,website all those pieces will be linked,below and if you guys want to purchase,any of them my discount code is on the,screen so you guys can just use that for,10 discount I want to thank simple retro,for gifting me these pieces they let me,choose 10 pieces which Im going to be,reviewing for you guys I would not have,accepted if they didnt let me choose,because I want to make sure I only,review things for you that I really like,and I know that would fit my wardrobe So,today were actually going to be,starting from this one that Im already,wearing and I took this one out already,because I loved this shirt so much I,love the details and the buttons I think,theyre so pretty Im going to be,showing some close up so you guys can,see if you can also see how I styled out,with my beautiful pulling bag that I,recently got Im going to be sharing a,review on that as well so this is 100,cotton its a really nice fabric it,feels really nice its not too thin I,love how the Cuffs are I already measure,the buttons I think its super cute just,keep in mind for sizing I took my usual,size which is small,and I would say it is a good fit but if,you want it to be a little bit more,oversized you have to size up I feel,like most of their pieces I try theyre,either true to size or they run small so,you have to be aware of that this one is,great especially if I want to tuck in I,think the small is nice but if youre,taller than me you might want to size up,to make sure that the sleeves are a,little bit longer and now the next,church is also 100 cotton and I really,love that one I am linking below so you,guys can take a look um on the website,100 cotton again this one has embroidery,just like that one it has those,beautiful roses I love that the detail,is actually on the front because if,youre wearing a cardigan or like a,coach a little jacket it still shows and,thats really pretty the back they also,have a button they have a little bit of,lace here its super comfortable I,really love how this feels on the body,and definitely a great price especially,if you have a little discount I think,its totally worth it it has beautiful,details very comfortable and like the,easiest shirt to have you can go to work,you can just dress up you can wear with,a leather skirt and I loved their shirts,so much that I actually chose four,shirts so the other one is this which,has a different color it has the same,embroidery but the buttons are different,this one has some roses as the buttons,which I think is so nice its this like,yellow gold like vintage gold which I,think gives a such a nice touch to the,blouse this one is entirely embroidered,and the Cuffs are also so pretty it has,the matching buttons just like the ones,in the front and again it has the,details mostly on the front like in the,middle which I think is great if youre,going to wear something on the top of it,this one I love how the back looks like,because it has this little pleating here,and it gives such a nice detail so if,you like that kind of,uh color I think this one is a great,choice,in the next Church which is also cotton,this one feels a little bit thinner than,the others but its still a very very,nice cotton in a very nice feel it has a,similar color which I think is so cute,its super vintage and the lace makes a,really special detail so this one the,buttons are actually like Pearl and a,gold which I think is so beautiful this,one feels more like a rose gold,so if you like that color more I think,this ones a great option that has a,little bit of a puffy sleeve not too,overwhelming so its perfect if youre,not like really into puffy sleeves or,like princess leaves and I also got this,one in small so I think all of them they,fit well just keep in mind if youre a,little bit taller than me you might want,to size up just to make sure that the,sleeves are long enough other than that,I think the sizing was perfect so Im,gonna go ahead and talk about,this cardigan which I think its such a,good piece especially this color they do,have other colors but this is from their,pre-file collection by the way I went to,their showroom here in New York and I,was able to try on some pieces so Im,going to share footage they had a few,pieces there that I thought it was so,cute and I wanted to share with you so,this one I think what I like the most,besides the color which I think is,absolutely beautiful its like a nude,kind of grayish its in between gray and,beige and what really caught my,attention was the button I think the,button is so beautiful Ive Ive,actually never seen this before,I dont know what it is but it looks,really pretty and super vintage so I,love how this one sits on I think its a,really nice fit you guys can check on,the website other details like material,and what other colors they have this one,Im wearing size small and I think its,perfect for me this one I wouldnt size,up or down I think its just a great fit,now before I talk about these I do have,other pieces here that I wanted to,mention so I got this one which is like,a ribbed knit very comfortable it feels,really nice to the body this one is also,in size small and the sleeves theyre,actually slightly long for me which is,surprising because usually they are,shorter for me but I love how this,detail goes here with this round neck,its more open than the regular crew,neck and its a really beautiful touch,its super comfortable this one super,super stretchy the only thing I wanted,to mention that didnt work so well is,the the narrow shoulders so if you have,that on shoulder I think this is perfect,for you if you have broad shoulders like,me you might want to size up just to,make sure that it has a nice length,because this one was like around here,and if I do any movements like that it,just goes you know more to the middle so,you have to be aware of that but its a,really good piece and if you go into a,style with something over it like a,cardigan or a coat then there is nothing,to be concerned about because,the problem with the shoulder is not,going to happen but again this is a,great piece its just something that I,wanted to mention in case you have broad,shoulders like me the color is not white,you can see its like a off-white kind,of cream color so its really nice and a,beautiful piece,the next one,I was very excited to try because its a,perfect neutral this one is it has no,seams so I love how they constructed,this top love how they have this little,detail here at the cuff I think its so,cute they put this little brown,different part I think it makes like a,super special touch and the turtleneck,is also really nice so its a great,piece you know if you want to layer,however just keep in mind this is not,very warm so if you are looking for,something super warm this one is not the,one but if you live in a place that has,a mild climate then that would be,perfect for you because its not going,to make you too hot the sizing I think,was perfect I got this one in size small,and I love how easy it is to tuck in and,just wear with something on the top like,its not going to feel too bulky so its,the perfect type of top for that kind of,situation,the next one is actually Scourge you,know you guys know how hard it is for me,to find skirts and bottoms that fit me,well because of my waist and hips Gap I,have a 28 inch waist and my hips are,about 40 41. so everything is linked,below and also my measurements if you,guys want to check out this clutch I,love love love the prince I think its,so nice so pretty for fall I absolutely,love this print the I would say that the,size was good for me the only problem is,that its slightly snug on my hips if,Im walking it doesnt feel snug at all,but if I sit down it does feel a little,bit snug so if you have larger hips than,me which is abo

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New HUGE Spring Wardrobe Haul | Simple Retro Review

you guys my shipment came today and i,could not turn the camera on fast enough,i cant wait to do this video for you,guys,hello my cute little internet friends,and welcome back to my channel you guys,i am,so genuinely excited about todays video,if youve been following me for a while,you know that ive gotten really into,thrifting,and its been a long time since ive,actually bought a new,piece of clothing so today is like,christmas to me i was just playing,around on instagram and i saw an ad for,this company simple retro,and so i went down the rabbit hole of,their instagram and instantly fell in,love with this brand,not only am i in love with the general,style that theyve got going on but i,went on their website and i learned a,little bit more about the company and i,love everything they got going this,company was started by women,its run by women theyre committed to,ethical practices,and theyre trying to bring you high,quality products,at a affordable rate and i gotta say,i will like let you guys determine,according to your own budgets what you,think,but i think the price points are,actually really good,for what you get to me i found it to be,somewhere in between the pricing of a,zara and a free people so not quite as,expensive as free people,probably more along the lines of azara,but from what i can tell the quality is,so much better so like i said i was,stocking their instagram and i commented,on one of the pictures,and they reached out to me and offered,to gift me a bunch of clothing items and,i am,just like first of all so honored and,also just like so giddy,about getting brand new clothes so,obviously i wanted to share this,experience with you,i will leave a link below to everything,that you saw here today if you wanted,to check out any of these pieces for,yourself or go on their website play,around,its so much fun theres so many good,options and,im just excited to dive in theyre also,offering you guys 10 off,any orders over 89 if you use the code,lisa so if you do fall in love with any,of these items and you want to try them,for yourself,definitely make sure to use the code all,right so like i said they sent me a,bunch of stuff so i definitely want,to get move in and get trying on all of,these items,im going to try to style them for you,show you how i would wear them and every,everyday,life and world and yeah well just go,from there oh by the way i was like,going back and forth as to whether or,not i was going to do like,the true fashion guru voice over type of,thing,like i would show you the item and i,would talk about it and then it would,cut to me in the item,posing in the item and i realized guys,thats just not me,like theres nothing more uncomfortable,than me just standing there and posing,for you so instead im going to just,give you my reaction,as i put it on im going gonna put it on,first but then ill give you my reaction,and i think we ought to start with this,darling sweater that i got on because,this came a few days earlier than the,rest of the shipment,and i couldnt contain myself i put it,on and ive already worn it,several times and im absolutely,obsessed so let me show you how i style,this,alright so here she is the very first,sweater,like i said that i tried on that i was,like yup totally sold,totally sold on this company i just,think this is so darling,the details of the buttons are just,beyond,i love the embroidery im not usually,like a purple lavender,light sort of eastery color person but,im just,thinking its perfect for the season and,i think i should have gone into,this color way before its just darling,i feel delicate and feminine but i also,i dont know feel comfortable cute this,is the monica sweet flowers knitwear,in purple and this was 49.99 which again,i think is like a really,good price considering the detailing on,it,this is in a size medium which is not,usually my size so,i do feel like its baggy in certain,areas but i think that it works nicely,and i like that it has,this bottom on it so you can either tuck,it up,or let it out depending on the bottom,side right i styled it with these,corduroy,flare pants that i got from free people,and these cute little white slides that,ive showed in videos before that i,thrifted,just think its a really fun chic,look i actually have worn this outfit,out but i wore it with bike converse and,i thought that looked really cute,its just one of those sweaters that you,can throw on and instantly feel like you,put yourself together,without having to do anything and you,know me i am,all about that you are good,to go to darling i know that they have,this in a different color and now i,cant recall,what color the other one was but im,really happy that i ended up with the,purple,just feel like its something different,from my closet and i dont know i feel,like its an upgrade,to my style and im all about it okay,now im about to try on stuff that i,have yet to try im so,lets get to it all right next up is,this dress that im so,glad they sent me because i would never,have picked this out for myself,but now that im wearing it im totally,in love i do think its a size too small,i would like to exchange it for one size,up,but just for reference this is the,elizabeth retro printed dress,and this is 59.99 which again for the,detail of this dress seems like a great,deal let me step back so you can take a,look,and then we can discuss the little,details so,here she is im feeling like super,sophisticated,slightly royal in this like i cant wait,to like wear this to a museum,like im just think its everything i,thought about pairing it with some heels,but the reality of the situation is im,like never going to wear heels ever,again,i think i could do a cute little booty,with this but right now,im just pairing it with a simple nude,slide,kind of like the sleekness of the nude i,would definitely wear this with a cute,backpack,maybe some glasses like i dont know i,just feel like very parisian and,delightful in this as i trip over myself,shes graceful,um okay so let me show you some of the,detailing on this i love the,double-breasted buttons on it,the print itself is just so darling it,looks like these little,planters for flowers or is it a window,with the fla im not exactly sure but it,certainly is cute and the button,detailing and the print on the bottom,as i as i show my ankles off um,its just so darling i love the addition,of the orange at the bottom there its,just such a beautiful dress but like i,said like,way too small i think this was an extra,small this was a small,in the deep apricot print so yeah i,think maybe im more of a medium,in this brand which is interesting i,usually size down because i,think a lot of brands tend to be big,especially for short tea girls,but yeah i guess i should have gotten a,medium and i think i will exchange this,which actually brings me to the return,policy,you have 21 days um from ship date,to be eligible for a full refund oh,exchanges are only available in their,showroom in new york,they dont offer standard exchanges so i,guess youd have to just return and,reorder,so make sure check out their sizing,dimensions when you order,and so far i would say definitely size,up one,all right lets try on something else,never was a shirt more made for me,i feel like a camp counselor in the 70s,and i am so,excited about it this is their latest,branded shirt in the ringer tee,i think its so cute i have tied it up,in the back to give myself more of a,crop,just like the look personally but i,could definitely wear this,many different ways and with many,different bottoms i think a good way to,talk about a brand and learn about a,brand is through their denim,so here is a pair of their denim that i,picked out,that i actually think is super cute i,love the feel of them theyre,small theyre stretchy but not like a,super stretch material,but they definitely have some room in,them to move its a very,thin denim which i really really like,especially,coming into the summer season i would,say i think i,could

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Simple Retro Haul – Try on haul of French vintage inspired cotton dresses & tops

[Music],hi,im janelle thanks for joining me for,another video on the inspiring,tv channel i usually post videos on,fashion beauty and occasionally travel,whenever i get a chance to go,somewhere exciting in this video im,going to be doing,a haul fashion haul,with a brand called simple retro im so,excited,they reached out to me for this one so i,will fully disclose to start with that,they gifted me the items,to review in exchange for doing a,youtube video,im very very honored and i jumped on it,straight away because,i have seen their pieces pop up on my,instagram,over the last year or so and they looked,right up my alley for,the like bohemian soft romantic vibe,that i love to go for,uh particularly in spring and summer if,you dont already follow the channel,like i said i talk about fashion styling,tips beauty,travel um please subscribe,if you arent already subscribed you,might have missed my previous video in,which i revealed,some pretty big news uh that i will just,quickly recap,but if you want to watch that video its,up there now but i am actually,pregnant im 18 weeks now,im so excited its my first baby,and im just loving being pregnant now,that ive passed my first trimester,in that first trimester i um,yeah i go into that in the other video,it was a little bit rough but,uh yeah now in my second time i start,feeling amazing,but that does end up affecting how these,clothes ended up fitting me by the time,they arrived,im usually for reference a size extra,small,which is zero us and,34 for european cleaning uh,in this hall i sized up to a size,small um just to accommodate the growing,bump and uh probably my chest area and,things like that,but unfortunately um they just arrived,yesterday and ive jumped into filming,them straight away because i,have just had my bump kind of come in,over the weekend,it was really not showing at all up,until um yeah basically this past,weekend,so i wanted to make sure i filmed this,before i cant fit everything because,some things are,a little bit tight when i tried them on,um unfortunately,the delivery got held up in the sydney,lockdown for a couple of weeks and,if it had arrived sooner,it would have been fine but yeah sydney,at the moment is still in our lockdown,and it sat there in the warehouse,for distribution for a couple of weeks,and um,now i am finally happy that theyre here,but yeah its just a little bit tight,than i would like on a couple of dresses,so well get into that lets start with,this beautiful leather handbag,that i styled uh quite a few of the,looks with,this is just a creamy off-white,leather bag it also came in a couple of,other colors and i,found it really hard to pick one but im,so glad that i went with this one,beautiful it really does go with,um all of those pieces that ive gotten,and im going to show you and so inside,it is pretty quite long,pretty narrow inside theres a side zip,pocket and a,side pocket and the store things its,all of the things that i would need day,to day if im going out somewhere,for a little event or something like,that just my phone,my card wallet lipstick uh any,little tiny things like that that i need,like,you know perfectly and youve got two,strap options which,come off that put them both on here to,show you now,but youve got a matching,uh half strap there for your shoulder,and or will cross your arm and then,youve got the chain,as well which is gorgeous i adore this,bag so much its so good,and now getting into the pieces i have,two blouses the first one im wearing,right now and,actually i think it ended up being my,favorite piece its just a boxy,embroidered blouse with lace detail,beautiful buttons all the way through,the pieces,uh you will notice and this is something,that really attracted me,to simple retro they have this,incredible,eye foot detail every piece has got,beautiful buttons,every piece has got lace trim detail,and such such a beautiful,choice of trims i think they they just,remind me of,parisian lace or you know vintage things,that youd find,at um a parisian flea market,and then the buttons are just beautiful,as well,and so throughout theres just stunning,stunning details and stunning,embroidered fabric,i chose all pieces that were made from,cotton as i personally prefer to wear,natural fibres,simple retro had about 80 of their range,were,made with cottons and uh,there was so much there were so many,options to choose from,sadly right now its winter in australia,and im not gonna get enough wear out of,these pieces,uh but now im gonna be wearing them,next summer once the baby has come,so probably by late december or january,im going to be,able to finally wear some of these uh,in a weather appropriate setting so this,video is really perfect for anyone whos,in the northern hemisphere right now,youre looking for beautiful summer,dresses they are,just gorgeous okay so the second blouse,that i got,was this beautiful one with the,victorian sort of color high color there,it has a stunning lace the,detail chevron detail and the pintuck,detail across the bust beautiful puff,sleeves,with sharing details on the end as well,you can see that shearing detail,this beautiful diagonal,lace detailing through their hint,tucking,and theres an embroidered fabric detail,across the back,front with like a waterfall back,and it does also have straps to tie this,one up which i think i would probably,not do that often unless i,wear it out i normally would wear this,one tucked in,in the video here youll see ive styled,it both ways,this is just a beautiful soft,light uh its very light and airy,kind of feeling blouse but i think,perfectly,pairs with jeans and denim id wear,something,short as well in the summertime it feels,very elegant,because of that high color and i loved,this,i think throughout these pieces if i was,going to get critical,of anything i would say that i found,some of the seams,stick quite far forward on me,which i dont know if is on account of,my body changing,because ive kind of got more of a bust,than ive ever had,uh but i did find some of the scenes,feel quite far,forward which means that this kind of,almost feels like it,puckers a little bit on the sides here,um but otherwise i think everything is,beautiful its just a side note,for me i felt like not this shirt that,im wearing,but some of the other dresses just they,felt like the seams were here when they,should have been up here,and its marginal,i noticed that,and again im just trying to be critical,but uh that is about all,the criticism that i think i can offer,this stage because i loved all of the,pieces they are beautiful,lets get into the next one im going to,talk about dresses now,so theres two made with the same,fabric its a dusty blue,color with this beautiful butterfly,embroidery and i just adore it this,dress has the peter pan style collar,its a maxi dress and its got a pleated,detail at the bottom here as well a tie,around the middle to tie it in at the,waist,and youll notice that ive worn it here,in the video,uh tied just a little loosely because i,dont want to tie it too tight across,the bump,but normally i think uh i was not,pregnant i would have tied that quite,tight,bring it a little bit extra shape,through the waist,um but oh i just adore this fabric so,much the color is beautiful,again youve got ruched detail on the,puffs please,its very light and the,second dress in this style,which is more of a slip style um,with a rushed bust ive actually just,hung it up underneath here so i wont,pull it back out,uh youll see in the video here is it,stunning that one is probably the,tightest reading one on me,at the moment with the pregnancy so i,think,it will look better when i dont have,that belly there,um but id be quite interested to see,how that fit,will look when im back to,i guess well a new normal shape because,im not anticipating my body to be,exactly the same,um post pregnancy but i just cant wait,to wear,these ones i think ill end up wearing,this as soon as i can,or as much as i can if theres any warm,

New Books, Simple Retro Haul, & Lots Of Painting // Vlog

[Music],[Music],[Music],and my mouth dropped to the floor ah,no way,look at all of these incredible books,how,how did i get so lucky,[Music],hello everyone and welcome back to a new,vlog,i am so excited for this vlog because i,have so many things that i cant wait to,talk to you about and one of the first,things that im going to be talking to,you about is a topic that is a bit,different to what i usually talk about,but is a really big part of my life and,that is my interest in fashion so as you,guys know i went to the fashion,institute of technology in new york city,for illustration because i am a,freelance illustrator something that you,may not know is that i actually went,there originally for fashion design,because i love sewing i love making,clothes and i wanted to be a fashion,designer and although i love doing those,things i couldnt really see myself in,that career even though it was it is a,great interest of mine im very,interested in vintage and retro fashion,and i feel like that really reflects my,interest in classic books as well i just,like old things i am a very old soul and,i love,when items look like they have a history,and they look like they have a story and,i like especially vintage books and,vintage furniture and vintage photos i,like that they have character,and,anyway so i have been interested in,fashion for ever this is something that,ive wanted to incorporate into my,channel for a while but i never really,knew how to,and i was talking to you guys recently,on my instagram a few weeks ago about my,interest in wanting to combine more,lifestyle beauty fashion,hair care skin care into my channel so i,thought it would be fun to just,incorporate those things into vlogs but,i know that you guys are mainly,primarily here for the books which i,completely get as you guys may,tell from my channel i dont work with a,lot of brands and i dont do a lot of,sponsorships and partnerships very often,and that is because thats not really,what i want for my channel unless its,with a company or a brand that im,really passionate about and that i want,to talk to you guys about and let you,know of and today we have that and im,so excited,um i have been following this clothing,company this clothing brand for a while,now this brand is called simple retro,and they are based in new york city,which as you guys know i am based in new,york but i went to school in new york,city so i love supporting new york city,brands and it is a brand all ran by,women and women that are passionate,about retro and vintage fashion and if i,did actually become a fashion designer i,feel like,simple retro is the clothes that i would,have designed the quality of their,fabrics how they are conscious of how,they affect the environment they are,just a wonderful brand overall and im,so glad that i am talking to you guys,about them today so the first top that i,have on right now i will put the name on,the screen so that you guys know what,each top is called it has gorgeous,embroidery all along the neckline and we,have this beautiful lapel,everything about this top we have like a,nice puffed sleeve having gone to,fashion school and taking different,sewing courses and draping courses i am,so appreciative of the detail of,clothing especially when its clothing,so beautifully made like this the fabric,the material is exquisite and the,buttons are so beautiful the embroidery,all the detail that they put into their,clothing is just a dream come true so,this is the first top that i picked out,and i am just so happy with it then the,next step i have is inspired by the,edwardian period and i love classics,that are set in the edwardian period and,every time i watch a period drama i just,want the clothes and what i love about,simple retro is that its a modern,version of what i love about period,drama clothing and costume design and so,this is what the top looks like it is,absolutely beautiful you guys have to,see the detail oh my gosh i just i cant,get over,how beautifully detailed this is the,care and,love that they put into their designs is,something that i appreciate so much i,want to look like i,stepped out of a period drama i like,making it a bit modern as well so this,top i paired with a pair of jeans um so,i always feel like pairing,more fancy pieces with,jeans is something to is a nice way to,combine both styles cant wait to wear,it it actually also came with a,beautiful cami which is so nice with a,white top because white fabrics tend to,be quite see-through so it came with,this really beautiful camisole and um i,was really surprised when it came with,that because most white shirts you just,have to be very careful what you wear,underneath but this um comes with one so,you dont have to worry about that i am,just so in love with this with this,blouse,and then the last thing that i got is,actually a dress and i am in love with,this dress,oh my,goodness gracious,i love it this is like my dream dress,look at that collar,oh my gosh so we have a beautiful,notched lapel collar,i am in love and this color if you guys,know my my favorite color is green these,buttons,oh my gosh im just gonna keep saying oh,my gosh,and these sleeves look at those sleeves,theyre theyre gathered and pleated,really beautifully everything about,this clothing brand is just perfect to,me,um and it is a zipper on the side which,is nice and it ties around the waist,i love everything about this these three,clothing pieces are just,me theyre theyre just me and i love it,if i knew of this brand in high school,when i was going through all of my,fashion classes i would have been so,inspired and i feel like i probably,would have replicated or tried to,replicate,some of these pieces as well in my own,designs im going to be wearing these,pieces,so often in the spring and summer so,these three pieces are from their spring,collection and i already saved so many,of the pieces on my instagram and i took,screenshots because,i just want to own every single piece of,clothing that they sell,um and im so excited that i get to talk,to you guys about it so yes if you dont,know about simple retro and you love,vintage retro inspired fashion your,prayers have been answered my prayers,have been answered that is the,try on haul part of the vlog and thank,you so much for bearing with me um i,dont know how you guys will feel about,combining more,lifestyle based content into the book,content but hopefully you enjoy so,anyway i have,a bunch of packages to open actually,from my p.o box because you guys are,incredibly generous but i thought i,would save that for a little later in,the vlog,[Music],now when you do,[Music],do,[Music],this may be my new favorite shirt of all,time,i love it,oh my gosh this is just,my dream,my dream shirt,i feel like i just stepped out,of a novel,that is the best feeling ever,what book do you do you guys think i,just stepped out of in this shirt i feel,like maybe i just stepped out of tuck,everlasting,or a room with a view,thats what thats what this top is,giving me,i love it um i put it on to film my,unboxing and,im obsessed i will leave a link to,symbol retro down below of course um,i just i cant recommend you checking,out their clothes enough anyway it is,now time to open some more p.o mail,my p.o box has been full which is just,insane because in my recent vlog i,unboxed a bunch of po box packages that,you guys sent to me and more of you sent,me things,which is just,beyond my comprehension how kind all of,you are and how generous all of you are,and how grateful i am,because i just appreciate each and every,one of you so much and the fact that you,want to send me things means the world,to me so,yes um i have some packages here i have,a package that i actually already opened,and my mouth dropped to the floor i have,to tell you guys what,i was sent and then open these packages,that i havent opened yet but i want to,talk about the one that i have opened,already okay i had to put the box on the,floor because it was so heavy but i w

VINTAGE DRESS HAUL & TRY ON! Vintage Inspired Clothing Brand?! Simple Retro Review!!

[음악],5,[음악],오오오,5,으,으,으 르,으,으,해명해 지우려 가끔 나치 매치한 어,쏠 draw a,좋아서,ea 어민 좋았어요 쇼 이 병원의,보조 e i o in user 페이,전 이걸 어디에 스오우 다정하게,마우스 보일텐데 전부 n,아아 언니 c 이쪽을 험 내 맘이,아웃 쓰인 dma 월 벌어 니스 감,이 워치 솔러스 안 아이크 longo,압사 의 원하는 거 없어요 이건,도메인 착한 베이지 이안 라인즈 없어,건너 썸타 히바우두 뭐라 & 디셈버,말투 저와 에게 나이 판금 조회,수반되는 초토화 4인 추,약속 웹사이트 rcl 브라우 생애 1,쏙 메이커 우서의 앞으로는 어 저거,아마 이 쯤 에게 나누어 백색 볼,데스 펀치 box ii 렌즈 r2 쌈,보우 콜 오뎅 펌 like to,see the mv 뎅 에서 아이디스,판매는 벨 xlo 웨이 베이 어우,쓰고 or spx miso 옆에 근데,진짜 칼라 컬러 진학하는 조아스 달,9 세로 디너 나 기뻐하라 뭐야,날씨에 뭐 그래봐야 넘 좋아 세,군데서 본 리더 고 언지,낼 수 없다면 내 얼 수업이 로보,졌을 때 d 줘 어느 srs 제습을,omi 암 쏘 합의 인드라 인사를,쪽으로 이끈다 닌자가 미안 비카 허리,cr 생활 같아 o mio loss,nuvid 사이트 팩 뭐 네모의,축복이라 비저항 네 뭐 4mg 대의,아 요리 서 원래 펄스 쿠바의,만드는데 시스콘 준비 더 셀 큰,2번의 어휘 에겐 백보 4 어휴 베드,바비 vice 번 너 알아서 뒤 벌써,2000m 악의적 홈플러스 내 왼쪽,와 브라운 리 허로 얀 성 등 저를,수주가 xx 싸는 2 우유 괴담,쓰세요,월주 id 있게 노트 볼 수 없어요,써보려 벨 크래프터 레다 원래 g2,것 아리아 포어 안데스 에이커 참,낚시 qs 엔드 love is,dead 2 r 스파이크,reminders 운남 한번 저희,페이 포인 와이너 얹어 싸 2d 쇼,일리아 7d 5d el 써 2 2화,비교해 들고 앞사람 크라이 쪄서,컨트롤 앱이 땡 좀 하셔야 지금으로,요구 액 lsc 치타 단점은 주 s,l 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Stunning Vintage Inspired Christmas Looks | Haul & Styling | Simple Retro

[Music],hey guys and welcome to this video ive,been super excited to film you this one,because,as you might have heard,christmas is coming up its just around,the corner,and on top of being a cozy month where,you snuckle up and light candles and,drink hot coal care its also a month,where you sometimes dress up look a,little more festive than usual go to,christmas parties and in todays video i,want to show you some outfits that you,can wear for the holiday season but they,also work for the rest of winter,and this video is sponsored by simple,rachel ive been following symbol rachel,on instagram for such a long time,they are a brand that originally started,in new york in 2015,and they,make the prettiest,retro inspired feminine,pieces i love every single piece im,going to show you in this video and i,really mean that so im really excited,to show you how im gonna style these,things,so cheers,sit down relax and im gonna show you,what ive picked out for this video,im just gonna start with the,accessories because i picked out a pair,of earrings that i believe are going to,be perfect for all of the outfits that,im going to put together they are,beautiful simple earrings with a flower,and a small pearl coming down from it,falling down from it,theyre super pretty and very feminine,and very simple i actually think im,just going to pop them into my ears now,so this is what they look like in my big,years,very beautiful and simple and elegant,the first two things that i picked out,on the web shop was actually the two,things that ive already seen on their,instagram and i thought it looked so,cool and pretty at the same time so like,strong and elegant all at once,so i picked out this beautiful green,skirt with flowers it actually has kind,of a khaki color which is normally not,something i go for but i just thought,this was so gorgeous i love the colors,of the flowers,maybe its just the fact that its,autumn that im so in love with green,colors at the minute,so here is the beautiful green skirt,really comfortable pretty fits me really,well,so a very simple yet beautiful skirt and,then i wanted to pair it so badly,with this blouse to make it,matchy-matchy,so i picked out this small like jacket,blouse too it has some really pretty,golden buttons with the same green color,here on the front,i got this jacket in a size medium and i,could probably have sized that down two,size small but the skirt i also sized up,to a medium and that fits me perfectly,so like be aware of the sizes um,if you want to go shopping on simple,retro this is um a size medium and im,usually a size small in my waist,i hope that you can see what i see,because i think this looks,super cute as a set,ive tucked the blouse into the skirt,and it gives the illusion of being a,dress even though its a two-piece,so this blouse is the only thing i would,have kept,in my own size is i small instead of,sizing up,but it still works and it looks,beautiful,[Music],to get the skirt into play again i also,found this beautiful small,green mossy colored sweater that i,thought would,match perfectly with the skirt too,and that way you have two options and,this is like warmer,a sweater will also tone down an outfit,and make it possible to wear for more,like casual occasions so this one is so,cute i got this in a size small im,pretty sure,yeah this one is a size small because i,wanted it,tighter if you want it more loose i,would recommend sizing up but i got it i,got it and i got it,sorry,i got it in a size small and i think,thats perfect fit,for something like this um and its so,soft by the way like it feels so lovely,on the skin,so thats a different way that you can,style the skirt,this green sweater is so comfortable to,wear and actually think it looks super,cute with this skirt it just tones it,all down and then i would probably wear,it with my retro glasses,so this would be a look,you can see the small color on the,blouse here ive tucked it into the,skirt a little bit and since the sweater,isnt too thick you cant see it so it,looks good,a very elegant,or fussy kind of look and so perfect for,winter i think,so,i by the way saved my favorite bit for,last but,i also really like this one i picked out,a dress with some red in it because i,think it looks beautiful with a red lip,and it does say christmas,without being too christmassy,so and once again im actually now when,im looking at it,it is possible to put the green mask,sweater on top,its all just,you can mix and match,so this is a very pretty,simple kind of 90s inspired dress with,buttons on the front,once again i sized up to a size medium,in this one and its probably caught,because its designed to be a little bit,more fitted but it is pretty fitted so,if you want a more loose fit,in this one i actually recommend maybe,sizing up twice,this is such a pretty dress and it works,for summer as well as winter now when it,is colder you could put a vest on top or,a blazer to make it more christmasy i,could imagine using this one,that is vintage,use that on top,also it looks casual but festive,and we can test it with the green,sweater on top,[Music],and just like that weve actually just,created another look where it looks like,im wearing a skirt and then with a,sweater on top,and its super super comfortable,ready for your travels,so this is what the dress looks like,up close,with this next piece i feel like were,taking a big jump back in time because i,feel like this is maybe a little,victorian inspired,and its so pretty,it is this,lovely super detailed white dress,with many details,the textile is in a very elegant print i,love the detail here with the lace,i got this in a size small and i can fit,into it now but i must say that if i,gained,100 grams i dont think it would be,possible to fit into it anymore um so i,would probably also recommend sizing up,in this one,um it is super gorgeous and i think it,is supposed to be a little bit more,fitted so i dont mind it being like,that,youre gonna see it on now um but it is,gorgeous,so this is the white dress and it is,super fitted as you might be able to see,here,and also i would definitely recommend,that you do your hair before you put on,the dress because i cant really do my,hair now,like i feel so victorian i feel like,i should be in a castle,drinking tea,and here is the dress-up clothes,super pretty sleeves,and this again,gorgeous,has the string on the back,its kind of like white christmas i,think in a dress um,yeah,a small coke brick before my favorite,thing,were ready,i have a thing right now where,im loving velvet,so the last thing,is also in the same green tone as the,others is this,wonderful,just,its so pretty and its gonna be so,beautiful for the month of december it,is christmassy but,not too much,overall its a pretty simple shape that,it has on the body and then it comes,with the strings that you could tie on,the back,and i just love this green color i think,its so beautiful,[Music],i hope you noticed that i tried to put,up my hair in a very old school way,this one is so beautiful i love this bit,here,it just it feels very elegant and i love,the back too it has a deep,cut here,then with its beautiful buttons here,gorgeous color,i mean,elegance,so i think also when on this is my,favorite,of these pieces and its really hard for,me to choose a favorite i just feel like,this is so special and different,that i love it its so pretty,i think i could work for santa in this,dress,so that was the last piece i got from,simple retro all of these pieces can be,mixed and matched in so many different,ways they do not only work for christmas,but you can wear them all winter long,probably also for other seasons too so,thank you so much to simple rachel for,sponsoring this video im gonna leave,links to them down below links to these,pieces with my size recommendations,also as always comment down below which,piece was your favorite id love to read,that,and,yeah,christmas is soon,gonna see you all soon leave a thumbs up,if you enjoyed it,bye g

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