1. Single Drunk Female – a story of bringing yourself back from the brink | Freeform Series Review
  2. Single Drunk Female S1 (2022) – Wasteland TV Review
  3. Sofia Black D’Elia and Ally Sheedy talk new series, ‘Single Drunk Female’ l GMA
  4. Single Drunk Female: Season 1/ Episode 1 & 2 – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)
  5. TV Review: Freeform SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE Series (No Spoilers)
  6. Meet Single Drunk Female: Hollywoods Newest Woke Fail Produced By Lesly Headland (MGTOW)
  7. Single Drunk Female Is Based On A SHOCKING True Story!

Single Drunk Female – a story of bringing yourself back from the brink | Freeform Series Review

hey guys and welcome to i want my eggs  tv reviews im sarah and today we are  ,going to be talking about the new show  coming to free form single drunk female  ,single drunk female tells the story of a girl  named samantha fink who is an alcoholic it  ,delves into her life when she has to leave her  amazing media job in new york and move back home  ,with her mother who also seems to have a problem  did you just talk about me the whole time yes  ,mother its all about you but yeah basically after  a horrific drunken evening samantha finds herself  ,on probation and having to go to forced aaa and  kind of get her life back together while on the  ,surface it can kind of seem like a super fluffy  show i actually dont think it really is does  ,it dive super deep into the world of alcoholism  and a.a no but it does give us a quick year in  ,the life through 10 episodes of a girl who is  trying to fix her life and turn herself around  ,playing samantha is sophia black dalia you might  recognize her from the mick playing her mother  ,is the ever amazing ali sheedy playing her best  friend felicia is lilly mae harrington as her  ,fellow a.a buddy james is garrick bernard her  sponsor olivia is played by rebecca henderson  ,and her ex-best friend brit is played by sasha  compare i can see you i miss being a drunk theres  ,a lot less accountability i enjoyed this show  a lot i feel like its not great but its also  ,not bad i enjoyed watching it its 10 episodes and  theyre all 30 minutes so its a really quick and  ,easy binge i love the characters everyone needs a  friend like felicia felicias character is amazing  ,and the actress who plays her does such  a phenomenal job that i just need her in  ,my life forever and always we all need a felicia  were gonna potty like when tom was still with the  ,patriots i cant the trailer for the show does  make it seem kind of light and fluffy like oh  ,lets make a light of someone whos an alcoholic  but i dont think single drunk female goes the  ,light and fluffy route so much as it goes a  digestible route theyre doing their best to  ,tell a story about a girl who has a severe problem  and is actually trying to do something about it  ,and struggles and fails and has triumphs  throughout the entire journey and i dont  ,consider her just because she has a personality  making it a light and fluffy show i think thats  ,not a correct description is it dark and edgy  absolutely not is it a free-form show where its  ,trying to push the boundaries a little bit almost  what brings you here today public intoxication  ,destruction of personal property almost blinding  my co-worker being awesome the character sam  ,starts off pretty unlikable and by the end of the  season i actually really feel for her shes trying  ,so hard to rebuild her life and gain back her  trust and do the steps that shes supposed to do  ,even when everything around her is telling her  that shes not good enough and that shell never  ,make it who can i complain to honestly the couple  of characters that i just really didnt understand  ,throughout the show are brit i mean outside of  the pilot episode our brit and the ex-fiancee  ,hey i wanted to tell you about this in person  my best friends marrying my ex-boyfriend oh  ,no now i understand that they are a huge catalyst  in this series brit was samanthas best friend  ,along with felicia and then you know things  happen with samantha and brit and samanthas  ,ex-boyfriend start dating and they get engaged and  what kind of [ __ ] is that hell no thats awkward  ,in any scenario however we dont really learn what  happened there we do get a handful of backstories  ,like we do with her buddy from a we get his entire  backstory which i appreciated but we dont get a  ,lot of who samantha was before this show we  get to hints and stories and we see her big  ,fallout moment but i wish that we actually had a  handful more of flashes to kind of understand why  ,everyones so angry with her and that choice  to not go in either direction makes it a very  ,surface level show so what im hoping for is that  it does get renewed for season two and they can  ,delve more into the stories and delve more into  samantha and who she is and part of who she was  ,because we dont want to erase kind of the awful  past its part of what makes her who she is today  ,that to me i think is whats missing from  the show and taking it from good to great  ,so make sure to give single drunk female a  shot check it out on freeform coming soon dont  ,judge me for having some wine at night its hard  to be a person i hear you single drunk female  ,series premiered january 20th on freeform thank  you guys so much for watching again im sarah  ,make sure you subscribe to the channel give this  video a thumbs up comment let me know if youre  ,gonna watch single drunk female if youve already  watched it and what you think id love to discuss  ,it with you and ring that bell so you dont miss  out on any more angsty videos until next time

Single Drunk Female S1 (2022) – Wasteland TV Review

[Music],so,[Music],hello everyone its shane canto your,wasteland reviewer and im here to,review single drunk female the first,season came out in free form and plays,on hulu the next day and this is from,creator simone finch focusing on our,main character samantha fink who is a,alcoholic who loses her job in new york,city is a journalist and a writer,and is forced to come back home and live,with her mother,and really try to get back on track,going into a sponsored program where she,connects with her sponsor,uh,olivia played by rebecca henderson and,we have sophia black um delia who plays,samantha in the central role and you,have her dealing with different kinds of,relationships with some of her friends,and a budding romance potentially with a,man she met in the program and,this first season all takes place over,the course of a year and seeing,samanthas progress through her program,and trying to stay clean and,black dialla is amazing in this show,shes charismatic shes able to capture,the torturedness of,the struggle of addiction she,has a great sense of humor about her and,she has all the little things you can,see the little physical,um reactions to temptation and to,responses and she just does a fantastic,job leading this show which has a really,strong cast it really captures the,struggle of addiction and puts in her,scenarios where she does struggle,trying to figure out ways to stay clean,and stay away from alcohol and it,challenges her to be back where she used,to be when she used to be an alcoholic,and trying to avoid certain things and,whats even more impressive is how well,they capture the drama of this whole,situation but also all the great humor,this is a really funny show,all the actors are giving in great,performances and know how to get a smile,on your face but also deliver the,emotions needed as well,and the relationships its so,interesting because you have this,sponsor relationship which is a little,bit distant and cold at times with,um,olivia and her connection with samantha,but you have her connection with her,mother played by,ali sheedy um,and its about them trying to build that,trust again because her mother lacks the,trust and is kind of over it and trying,to support her and trying to build up,that trust and relationship again you,have her friend felicia played by lilly,may harrington whos really funny and,just a blast every time shes on the,screen and is trying to redefine that,relationship because she was her,drinking buddy thats what they did but,how are they going to be friends without,having that thing that they connected,with you have sasha,campari who plays brit who is now going,to get married to,samanthas ex and they,her ex cheated on her with,brit and trying to redefine the,relationship because brit was always the,one who was the good one trying to keep,samantha on track but now that,samanthas trying to be good how does,that redefine the relationship and can,they rekindle a connection and then you,have garrett bernard who plays james who,is a fellow recovering alcoholic and,them trying to see if there really is a,spark here and trying to be a good,influence on each other and all these,dynamics are so engaging and interesting,you care about all these characters and,theres some challenging themes and,ideas in terms of relationships that,this show tackles and it does it all in,this wonderful gem of a show i was so,happy that i wandered upon this and i,found out about it and got to watch it,on hulu because you know i dont really,watch freeform i dont really watch a,whole lot of cable like television so,like basically unless its a big network,show i dont really hear about it but,thanks to releases.com that i look at i,saw okay i might give this a try and it,popped up on my hulu and i really really,loved it i cant wait for more but those,are my thoughts on the first season of,single,single drunk female let me know what you,think and lets talk some tv but thank,you as always for tuning in supporting,your wasteland reviewer

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Sofia Black D’Elia and Ally Sheedy talk new series, ‘Single Drunk Female’ l GMA

we are excited to be joined right now by,sophia black julia and ali sheedy there,they are they star in single drunk,female its a brand new dramedy about a,young woman forced to sober up and move,back in with her mom ladies good morning,were so glad you guys are here,hi hi,hi were glad to be here,im so excited to talk to you were,going to talk about the show in just a,second um but ellie its its thursday i,we gotta throw it back because we pulled,out the archives knowing that you were,coming,so the last time you were on get ready,you know we love an archive the last,time you were on gma 2010 it was a,breakfast club reunion there you guys,are oh my gosh so what is this im,hearing about the cast voted you best,dancer,listen,okay ill take it,ill take it,absolutely,oh i buy that 100,yeah yeah still to this day look i got,to tell you i am a fan girl breakfast,club is on my list of top movies i was,just telling the crew here definitely,among the top cinematic films ever,created it is so good,alison your character that you played um,completely quirky so i gotta ask you any,guesses on like where she would have,ended up what she would be doing today,uh i actually think she would probably,be uh an editor at a newspaper,you know the opinion of the review,section at the new york times yes that,would be great for allison i can see,that i totally see that im with you im,with you sophia i got to ask did you,were you a breakfast club fan,of course,of course i was a huge i mean i was,breakfast club fan but more than that i,was a huge ali shitty fan okay,a huge ali shitty fan okay even more,this is my baby girl,we like each other a lot yes we do we,love each other actually i could tell i,was watching you on the monitor here,right before we came on and i and i,could just see the interaction between,you guys you seem like youre really,good friends so lets talk about the,show single drunk female ellie you play,uh sophias tv mom on in the show so,just seeing you guys there i can see it,sort of seems like that translates a,little bit off screen to the the,mom-daughter relationship,it absolutely does and i have to watch,myself because,i am,both protective and a little bit,possessive of sophia,um so ive you know ive had to try to,find some boundaries um that works,really well in with carol so its all,you know the line there is uh easy to,cross lets lets show everybody um a,clip real quick this is um you ally,picking up sophias character from rehab,lets take a look,whos that your rehab boyfriend,no thats my therapist sydney,did you just talk about me the whole,time yes mother its all about you,but yeah basically,its so good,but basically yeah okay sophia you guys,are texting buddies i hear but um ali,isnt the best at necessarily waiting,for you to actually respond,no but shes a lot like uh my real mom,in that you just have to respond as soon,as possible,i think they both sort of maybe think,the worst or get frustrated with me i,get i get from both of them i get like,full,name all caps texts if i dont respond,quickly enough,im trying not to do that anymore no i,love it i feel i feel so lucky i got a,second mom out of this it seems like you,guys,have had a really good time working,together,oh yeah the best yeah yeah we loved it,we kind of we just clicked right away,and it was like i was so nervous to meet,ali ive been a fan for so long and,there was just like a a a common,language between us it was it was easy,right away yeah yeah congratulations on,the show ladies it does happen and,sophia congratulations we hear you just,got married so congratulations,thank you so much beautiful picture,there everybody youll want to see them,the first two episodes of single drunk,female they premiere tonight at 10 pm,eastern on freeform and the next day on,hulu,well hey there gma fans robin roberts,here thanks for checking out our youtube,channel lots of great stuff here so go,on click the subscribe button right over,right over here to get more of awesome,videos and content from gma every day,anytime we thank you for watching and,well see you in the morning on gma

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Single Drunk Female: Season 1/ Episode 1 & 2 – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

[Music],single drunk female fits perfectly into,the brand of what free form presents in,terms of trying to give us different,takes on what it means to be,a 20-something maybe early 30 something,year old in modern times but in this,case,its focusing on the challenge of,sobriety especially when alcohol isnt,just a rite of passage for a lot of,people but also how they get through,their days and weeks,so to give a brief overview of the first,two episodes,sam is,a hot ass mess,she shows up to work drunk and gets,fired,she gets into an accident that causes,her to be on probation,she goes to rehab and relapses within,the first two episodes and,she ends up having to move back in with,her mom carol who you can tell she,doesnt have a good relationship with,now,why is this,lets just say that carol is not,somebody whos the most tactful person,to speak with,but also with,carols husband sams dad dying they,kind of lost that mediator that usually,would bring them closer together or at,the very least would help calm things,but with them living together now,the two are forced to deal with each,other for as long as sam is unable to,support herself,now lucky for her she has a sponsor in,olivia,and olivia knows someone named mindy who,is the manager of a local grocery store,now,of course a grocery store paycheck is,not going to support sam especially in,the boston area which is rather,expensive,but its its about baby steps of beat,building herself much less with her,being on probation she has to pay to,stay,and lest we forget,the car crash that she had that we,mentioned was into a party bus for her,best friend brett whos getting married,to her ex named joel,so,she owes five thousand dollars on top of,what she owes the court system,never mind,because carol wants to give,sam an incentive to get the hell out of,the house because you know,care will stall on the date again she,also makes sand payron so to add up all,these expenses,sam has to pay rent to her mom which is,an undisclosed amount,she owes brit five thousand dollars,and of course she has to pay the state,because of the damages she did,so,its,not a terrible life but its definitely,one with a lot of financial burdens,but,silver lining,felicia who used to be her drinking,buddy,theyre still friends and felicia tries,to stick up for sam whenever possible,olivia while her wife steph,stefani,wants to make sure that their proper,boundaries in place when it comes to,olivia and the people that she sponsors,you can see that olivia to a certain,point is willing to be that go-to person,for whenever sam is in crisis she,doesnt,she doesnt want to be her mother she,doesnt want to be her friend just a,sponsor and,while that is a little hard to accept,for sam since she really needs somebody,especially someone whos sober and kinda,can guide her in a way that,isnt just about the toe drinking thing,but because olivia is a peabody,award-winning writer and,journalist sam looks at her as a,possible mentor in terms of her,professional life as well so since,back when sam actually had a decent,paying job,sam was a writer,granted for some,bootleg buzzfeed type website but,nevertheless she was getting paid for,her articles so,shes hoping that with olivias help,maybe she can get back into that field,and really do something that matters,but,just to be clear there is one,kind of silver lining amongst all this,she meets a gentleman named james and,james,he too struggles with struggles,he too struggles with alcoholism but,hes been on,the wagon for a while,and also with somebody that sam took up,one hooked up with once when she was,drunk so this history there history that,she would like to continue but,it seems james applies that idea that he,doesnt want her to go from,an addiction to alcohol to an obsession,with him to kind of compensate for the,lack of drinking never mind possibly,going to a sex edition with him a sex,addiction with him,so,he makes it clear that if something,would have happened romantically,it would be in a year and a day,until that he seems to offer his,friendship,and for now,that seems to be good enough,so the first highlight is just showing,that alcohol dependency varies by person,and for some its a real issue like sam,yet others like carol its,not treated the same way,so in terms of sam we see the extreme of,it and thats pretty much drinking to,cope drinking in order to be social,and pretty much alcohol being a crutch,one that you have to be constantly,inebriated by in order to get through,your day,but on the other end of things you have,people like carol sams mom who drinks,at the end of the day as a reward of,some sorts as a way of kind of relaxing,and you can easily see how one can,become the other,and yet some people,be it because of will or who knows what,kind of stay in that one lane,while other people decide they want to,go to the far left lane and speed on,ahead until they crash,and with that said i think another,highlight has to be that carol,she wants to be supportive yet shes,imperfect in that role for with having a,husband that died of cancer,the idea of ken of alcoholism being a,disease doesnt necessarily sit right,with her,and because shes on her own journey in,her life despite being quote unquote,this mother,she,carols life doesnt revolve around sam,carol is dating this guy named bob,she has this book club,and while we dont see or know of her,working anywhere she doesnt seem to be,worried about sams every movement,and with that in mind shes not,necessarily learning all the terms that,you would say to somebody thats trying,to cover shes not handling sam with kid,gloves,shes treating sam like an adult who has,less of an addiction or disease and more,so who makes,bad personal decisions,and,its not the most terrible thing to,watch,for,lets look at it this way a lot of us,especially in this generation younger,are well aware of the different type of,mental disorders different ways youre,supposed to talk to people in a,politically correct manner but while we,see a lot of that on tv thats not how,everybody lives,a lot of people,they may understand what it means to be,trans to be,alcoholic to be,depressed and all that,but,its one thing to read about in the book,see it in a movie commercial etc and,then to have it in your life,and to have it in your life makes you,actually have to deal with it and face,it in,i think with carol,she wants to be that supportive mother,but she doesnt want to sacrifice her,own joy and journey for the sake of a,daughter who,she loves,but at the same time recognizes a hot,mess that,has to clean up her own,her own,and not rely on her mother to pick up,the pieces and do that for her daughter,like she had to do for herself when the,dad died and,depending how things were,maybe sam didnt help her pick up the,pieces and,you can kind of see this as,the word retribution would be a little,bit too dramatic but i can definitely,see this as a perhaps tit for tat,situation so shes handling her,obligations of the mother but shes not,trying to go the extra mile in a way,that maybe sam is looking for or even,needs,the next highlight is just theres so,many cute couples on the show you have,olivia and stefani who have this real,weird dynamic to them since olivias is,kind of quiet and demure person in a way,meanwhile stephanie is like really,intense,but alongside them we have bob and carol,who,have this,corny banter between them which is just,so adorable,and even in terms of like james and sam,who are just introduced to us,just something interesting there about,i think its because theyve both gone,through stuff when it comes to drinking,sam you know getting into accidents and,causing a little bit of chaos and,apparently james getting drunk and,kidnapping peoples dogs,which was random but okay,and because of,them both being alcoholics and on top of,that,in recovery and having a history because,they hooked up once,you can get behind it and when you add,in that little date that they have which,i dont know if it wa

TV Review: Freeform SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE Series (No Spoilers)

[Music],what up this is drama screen covering,movies tv and entertainment and heres,my review of freeforms new series,single drunk female hey before you watch,my review please subscribe to my channel,press that like button ring that bell so,you can get notified whenever i post new,videos and if youd like to help support,this channel please do so at patreon.com,slash rama screen thats patreon.com,screen lets rock this of all the new,shows out there this probably has the,most brutally honest title whats it,about well its about a female and shes,single and shes drunk weight correction,shes trying to no longer be drunk,honestly i dont know much about,alcoholic anonymous nor their 12 steps,program im more of a moderate drinker,but going into screening this i was,wondering how on earth are they gonna,find the humor in this is this even a,laughable topic but i started watching,it and there are a total of 10 episodes,in this first season and you know what,this show single drunk female is kind of,enjoyable its a drama d so its one of,those shows where at the end of each,episode theres a life lesson to be,learned and while the comedy is not,laugh out loud hysterical its very much,character based and just the right,amount of observational funny written,and created and exactly produced by,simone finch in single drunk female,after a public flame out at a new york,media company 20 something alcoholic,samantha think is forced to seize the,only chance she has to sober up and,avoid jail time,moving back home with her overbearing,mother carol back in greater boston,samantha restarts her life working at a,local grocery store while surrounded by,all of the triggers that made her drink,in the first place confronted with,remnants of her old life including,run-ins with her perfect former best,friend who is now dating her ex samantha,sets out on a path to move past her,worst self and figure out her best self,starring sofia black dalia aliya sheedy,rebecca henderson and garrick bernard,okay comedies about drunk people are,common right thats why we have a,thousand and one,out the wazoo but comedies about,sobriety now thats the tricky part and,thats what i think is interesting about,what simone finch had created here,because single drunk female feels like,its written by people who not only,probably had gone through the experience,themselves but they can also see the,lighter side the not so serious side,about sobriety without minimizing,sobriety itself the first couple of,episodes are about how samantha enters,the program and the subsequent episodes,are about samantha figuring out whether,or not she can get her life back on,track all along she is supported by her,sponsor her a.a friends her mom her,moms decent boyfriend and these,characters are likable and fun to watch,even samanthas probation officer has a,few chuckle-worthy moments that leave a,mark by the way theres a lot of,alcohol-related puns on this show,theres even a st patricks day episode,where they of course have to fight the,temptation so it gets pretty wild this,is my first time noticing lead actress,sofia black dahlia i wasnt familiar,with her past gigs prior to this show,but theres a certain heart and delight,to her whole not giving a damn attitude,sofia exudes so much confidence in her,performance even as her character,samantha makes constant trial and error,in her journey into getting her,together including making amends doing,community service the whole shebang i,think my favorite episodes are the ones,involving samantha discerning which,parts about her previous life are worth,keeping and which parts are better off,left behind because sometimes it takes,being sober to realize the good you got,going around you not sure whether or not,a well-intentioned adult dramedy,tackling topics like this would find its,audience but if you give it a chance,single drunk female may not necessarily,end up becoming your most favorite new,show of the year but it certainly wont,be your least

Meet Single Drunk Female: Hollywoods Newest Woke Fail Produced By Lesly Headland (MGTOW)

you know every month every season every,year it seems some new fms tv show comes,out to further shove the hollywood,agenda right down your throat,case in point right here meet single,drunk female the newest ephemenist bomb,thats going to come out on tv are you,guys ready for this yeah,well dont worry gentlemen because it,wasnt made for you,man do i miss brie larson,i do not need a 40 year old white dude,to tell me what didnt work for him,about a wrinkle in time it wasnt made,for him,hey everyone how are you doing this is,rory the poet thank you so much for,stopping by if you are new to the,channel please hit that like and,subscribe button uh helps me to grow the,channel lets me know how im doing and,more importantly it gets the word out,which is what this is all about so today,i got a new one for you this ones a,good one so um,meet,single drunk female now this is gonna be,the new woke tv show on hulu um,just the further hollywood agenda times,two so every person on this show is just,the cream of the crop of the wok so uh,im sure we know some of these people,all right guys lets get into this,all right so sophia black delia and ali,sheedy,to star in free-form pilot in single,drunk female from simone finch major,ethnicity jenny connor major ethanist,and phil trail,soyboy ephemist,and leslie headlin to direct oh no,all right do we know who leslie headline,is because i sure as hell do leslie,hedland is was the right hand person to,harvey weinstein,this is harvey weinstein 2.0 in female,version,big red flag right here guys this shows,already just,gonna be,major woke,all right lets see what they got to say,all right,so freeform has ordered a pilot for,single drunk female starring your honors,sophia black the ilia and their,breakfast clubs ali sheedy,oh wow from the breakfast shes shes,been around for a while,uh the half hour project produced by,20th television was written by simone,finch who has worked on the connors so,theres another effort for writer for,you so the connors was roseanne barrs,tv show that used to be roseanne,but they kicked her off because of her,own show because she said some,controversial comments which,controversial who knows about that they,werent even that controversial but,so we got uh,someone from that show and uh with girls,co-showrunner jenny connor and good,girls so girls girls girls and fresh off,the boat director phil trail exact,producing those are all super feminist,woke shows,uh russian dog co-creator leslie hedlin,will also direct the piler,pilot and executive produce,wow this um,i dont know how this woman still has,her job so leslie hillen is also going,to be a part of star wars and shes over,there messing things up too so dont,expect too much from this show other,than to be beat over the head with um,how not woke you are,so a single drunk female follows a 20,year old irreverent alcoholic samantha,fink played by black dealia who,after a spectacularly embarrassing,public breakdown is forced to move back,home with her overbearing mother to,sober up,and avoid jail time,interesting im going to put,a lot of money down and say that she,went to jail or is avoiding jail time,for something violent im just going to,go ahead because these these modern day,women are pretty damn violent trust me,on that one,samantha realizes she can no longer,qualify as a party girl shes a walking,disaster welcome to 2022 were,about 75 percent of these poor girls are,a walking disaster because they try to,be men and they try to party like men,cant do it,ali sheedy plays carol samanthas,overbearing but absent parent rebecca,henderson,plays olivia a brilliant melancholic,lesbian,fantastic theyre just theyre just,telling everything here guys theyre,just laying it all out are you really,surprised is anyone really surprised im,not,who works with one of the greeters at a,a,sasha compare,is a brit,samanthas smart loyal and always well,put together xbff,well see how that goes,mae harrington plays felicia samanthas,fun and fearless drinking companion he,was always counting down the days until,samanthas out of rehab so they can meet,up at their favorite local bar wow what,a great friend shes counting down the,day so uh right after her friend gets,out of rehab she can just go get her,plastered again and the whole vicious,cycle starts all over again what a great,friend,fantastic great writing and garrick,bernard a staff writer on star trek,lower decks oh my no,anybody knows anything about star trek,lord decks that show is a complete,just,a black better show i mean they had,some straight up uh its an animated,show that had like,pornographic stuff in it it was,ridiculous dude like thats this is what,star treks become and now you get one,of the writers the shows going to be,ridiculous,well guys there you have it so,i mean here it is in their own words to,tell me what this show is going to be,all about do you want to watch this is,this what you want your you know your,friends and your family and your and,your,children to be watching i sure as hell,dont,so till next time guys take care and be,classy to each other

Single Drunk Female Is Based On A SHOCKING True Story!

on january 20th 2022 hulu released a,show called single drunk female while,the show had relatively low expectations,attached to it it has so far crushed any,and all naysayers with its hilarious and,heartfelt plot and amazingly relatable,characters so what is all the hype about,and is it based on a true story in,todays video were going to be taking a,look at the new dramedy and answer all,of the questions you may have about this,new show including if its worth,watching or not so without further ado,lets jump right into it so what is the,show about single drunk female was,recently dropped on hulu and is being,raved about by both critics and,audiences alike mostly because of its,excellent mix of drama and comedy along,with its very relatable plot so what is,it about well the show revolves around,former alcoholic samantha fink played by,sophia black dalia who goes through life,working to stay sober and as a 28 year,old woman that sometimes isnt easy,especially when she lives with her,mother and has to deal with her,ex-boyfriend who is now dating her best,friend or should i say her ex-best,friend obviously these details combined,would make for many hilarious scenarios,and the show capitalizes on these,frequently using the unique and,oftentimes hilarious circumstances to,make some unforgettable scenes the show,has an incredible mixture of emotion,pain and comedy like no other show on tv,at the heart of the show however it is a,story about a woman accepting her,alcoholism and finding a way to navigate,life while staying sober while it is a,bleak story it is a relatable story for,many which leads fans of the show to ask,is it based on a true story or is it,just a well-written relatable show is it,based on a real person as it turns out,the show is in fact based on a true,story and the main character is actually,a retelling of the life of the shows,executive producer and creator simone,finch whos struggled with alcoholism,since 2012. according to finch she began,to write the show back in 2012 using it,as a way to cope with her alcoholism and,find a way to ease her into sobriety she,said that she started writing the show,before she got sober and started to make,more sense the show as she continued on,her journey of sobriety she called the,script a living script as the show,changed drastically as she got more and,more sober which makes sense of course,because when she began writing the show,it was not about a woman who wants to,get sober it was about a woman actually,getting sober and living her life after,her sobriety which was nothing like the,initial draft of the show according to,finch when finn showed it to her writing,mentor he said that the show had,potential but it was lacking something,still her mentor also struggled with,alcohol addiction and was farther than,finch in his sobriety journey and,apparently helped finch a great deal not,just in her writing but in her sobriety,too he helped me a lot getting the draft,into manageable shape where we could,start taking it out and we did finch,continued on in an interview with,entertainment weekly by saying for about,two years we tried doing a lot of things,and didnt work but i think i wasnt,accepting of my alcoholism and my,writing reflected that according to finn,she would write and rewrite the same,scenes and the same episodes over and,over trying to find a point in which she,was proud of the show it took some time,but it was eventually found by finch and,her writing mentor the show shares many,moments from finchs real life according,to finch the show has many moments from,her actual journey with sobriety and her,battle with alcohol that allow for the,characters pain to come from a very,real place this of course is one of the,elements that separates single drunk,female from other shows because unlike,other incredible dramas or thrillers the,character is going through a battle so,real and so raw that many people,watching can directly relate to each,character for example the mothers,characters view of the father character,is a great deal like how finchs mother,talked about finchs father she talked,about the similarities in an interview,with huffington post saying theres,certain aspects of the show especially,with the mom character talking about the,father all that comes from a real place,finch also did not hold back when,discussing her past with alcohol and how,it is essentially the same backstory for,the main character in the show like,finch the main character in the show,begins drinking at age 15 and spends a,good portion of her younger years,romanticizing alcohol and believing it,to be much better and much more,rewarding than it actually is it took,finch a long time to realize how ugly,alcohol really is and that putting it on,a pedestal was part of her downfall and,she could not begin to rise until she,profoundly understood how ugly alcohol,abuse really is the last couple years of,it were really not glamorous or fun i,think that for a while i thought,drinking was this romantic thing and i,think sam has that too she said then you,get into it and its actually a coping,mechanism for all these other things,its not romantic at all there was no,punch held back during the shows,creation finch stated in the same,interview that there are moments in the,first season that are very difficult to,watch but she is very glad she decided,to do it that way she did not want any,of the hardships caused by alcohol abuse,to be lessened by censoring them she,wanted her journey to be shown on tv,exactly the way she recalls it so that,people who are in her scenario know that,if she can beat it so can they finch,said ill just say episode 8 of season 1,is a really tough episode to watch she,said we did it and im really grateful,for that i for one am glad that they,decided to not sugarcoat an issue as,scary and as serious as this one if,finch decided to make her show less,graphic it might completely take away,the punch that the show is intended to,pack the show will have some tough and,downright disgusting moments but if it,were not for those moments people might,not understand the severity of the,situation or the people who are,suffering through alcoholism and,watching the show might not stick around,if they cannot find truth in this,disease due to its possible censorship,it is important to finch and other,people who have suffered or continue to,suffer through the disease that it is,addiction to show the actual hardships,and the actual events that alcoholics,suffer through to make sure the audience,sees exactly what its like to suffer,through alcoholism alcoholism comes in,all shapes sizes and ages according to,finch as we mentioned earlier in the,video finch began drinking at age 15 and,this was where she began her addiction,which when you think about it is a very,common age for alcoholics to begin,drinking some people get it from,siblings parents other family members or,bad friends and even though they are so,young this is the beginning of a,life-altering addiction however when you,think about it most media that covers,alcoholism does not show how young most,alcoholics begin their addiction and how,long they suffer for which is exactly,what finch wants to highlight finch,wants her audience to know that you can,be any age and begin your addiction,including age 15. finch also pointed out,that most stories centered around,addiction do not highlight the journey,from a womans perspective and this is a,crime according to finch her show is,truly groundbreaking because of its,protagonist perspective and the star,actress on the show black delia agrees i,think that we often dont see stories of,recovery told from a younger female,perspective and i think that it can,affect anybody at any age at any time,finchs message is a noble one and one,that she is proud to share now that she,is seven years sober and one she is glad,to share in a comedic and dramatic story,for people of all ages if you have not,started watching single drunk female you,ca

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