1. Skullcandy Grind Fuel Earbud Review | Should You Buy Them?
  2. Skullcandy Grind Fuel – Full Review (Music & Mic Samples)
  3. Skullcandy Grind Earbuds vs Grind Fuel! Watch Before You Buy!
  4. 3 Month Review SkullCandy Grind Fuel Headphones!
  5. Grind Fuel – User Guide
  6. Skullcandy Grind Fuel TWS Earbuds! Goodbye Sesh Evos!
  7. Skullycandy Grind Fuel – the Best Skullcandy Product Ive Tried

Skullcandy Grind Fuel Earbud Review | Should You Buy Them?

[Music],[Music],[Music],hello nick here from technorovo and,welcome back to the channel a few months,back i checked out this skull candy push,active a pair of earbuds with that,plastic hook that extra bit of support,ideal for sports and it worked they were,really supportive skull candy have now,bought out the grind fuel which to me,look very similar to the push active but,without the hook ive been using for the,last couple of weeks so lets run,through my thoughts opening the box id,like to say its a compact affair but,ive got my air pods next to me and they,are half the size of the grind that,being said theyre not overly big not,compared to the push active anyway they,are very lightweight and a perfect size,to fit in your pockets theyve got a,matte black finish with a subtle glossy,skull to the top to the rear of the case,a usb c port for charging but these do,also have wireless charging and to the,underside youll see a small lightning,bolt indicating such open the lid there,is a vibrant peachy colored infill the,buds and four small indicator lights,showing battery life for the case the,buds fairly standard in shape but larger,than some others ive tried recently,because they have this second section on,the end that houses the battery or the,tech in the box you get the case the,buds different size rubber tips a usbc,cable and user guide the buds also come,with a one year warranty as standard as,mentioned earlier these do look similar,to the push active without the hook and,a slightly different front to each bud,spec wise they do differ 40 hours,battery with wireless charging with the,push having 44 hours and no wireless,charging impedance is different at 32,ohms driver diameter at 12 mil and sound,pressure level is different too notable,features worth mentioning the buds come,with skull iq which is an app and ill,touch on that in a minute voice control,ip55 sweat and water resistant bluetooth,5 and theyve got tile built in as well,lets talk about the skull iq system for,a minute essentially its a smart,assistant similar to siri and its aim is,to make things easier for the consumer,via the app a must have to get the most,out of the earbuds you can activate,voice control enabling you to control,your content hands-free with the,skullcandy app open you can say hey,skullcandy followed by various phrases,to control your content open spotify,play pulls change tracks or volume and,accept calls the voice commands work,really well the buds pick up my voice,very quickly and all you have to say is,hey skull candy followed by your action,play pools next track volume up etc the,app isnt limited to just the voice,commands it can also push out firmware,updates to the buds which is great it,can also show battery life for each bud,current volume level plus control there,is also an equalizer with presets for,music podcast and movie plus you can,customize to suit you there is an,ambient mode or stay aware mode that,amplify external sounds to help you have,some awareness of things happening,around you if you didnt want to use the,voice commands you can use the button,control as well the very center of each,bud acts as a push button so you can,push it in hold to activate a task and,there are various voice prompts and,sounds along the way to help push,buttons work really well and i like that,its actually a push button and not,touch sensitive so you get that instant,response when you push it in so you know,youve actually done it as for audio,performance i was pleasantly surprised,for the price tag out the box actually,pretty good but once you pair with the,app and select the music eq or create,your own a noticeable improvement,obviously you can adjust the eq but the,music preset is well balanced plenty of,low end but its not too overpowering,with mids and heights keeping up i have,started getting into podcasts at last,change the eq to the podcast preset and,the speech is more refined and i did,find it a better option wearing the buds,its okay but i did find they were not,that secure i did have to fiddle to,ensure they were in and stayed in once,they were in they were comfortable and,offered a bit of passive noise,cancellation these do not have active,noise cancellation battery life was good,at circa 40 hours i probably used about,20 odd hours so far over the last two,weeks so ive only had to charge the,case once so the grind fuel are more,expensive than the push active at 99,pounds here in the uk features are,almost like for like but the spec does,differ between the two audio performance,wise its hard to tell the difference,between the two and its a tough call,between them if you need support for,sports go for the push but then you,dont get the wireless charging there is,also that 30 pounds price difference,between the two that you could spend,elsewhere thats a wrap on this video if,you have stuck around until the end and,thank you very much and if youd like to,see more videos from us in the future,hit that subscribe button and all our,future videos will pop up in your feed

Skullcandy Grind Fuel – Full Review (Music & Mic Samples)

[Music],the skullcandy grind fuel,[Music],hello everyone welcome to brian unbox,these are the skullcandy grind fuel true,wireless earbuds i will go over specs,features provide music and microphone,samples then give my thoughts i have,included the link in the description,below for the product if youre new to,my channel or have been here before,thanks for taking the time to watch also,dont forget to like subscribe and,enable notifications so you dont miss,out on future videos so lets take a,look,inside it comes with the user guide,type c charging cable,and small medium large ear tips,the earbuds feature 9 hours of listening,time 40 hours with the case 10 minutes,of charge will give you two hours,bluetooth 5.0 app integration with,transparency feature button controls,usbc and wireless charging and its ip55,water resistant,the case is on the larger side with a,hard plastic feel to it,it has a matte finish all around and on,the top of the lid you have the skull,candy logo,on the back you have the status led and,usb-c charge port,the lid is magnetic and it opens and,closes smoothly,the inside part of the lid is a two-tone,with an orange accent earbuds are easy,to grip and remove from the case and you,can see the charge status leds along,with the ear indicators,the case has wireless charging and you,can see it here on the charger activate,taking a look at the earbuds it has the,same matte finish like the case,ear markings are on the inside face and,the outer face has a logo along with the,surface for the button control,each of the earbuds have interchangeable,ear tips charging contacts led,microphones and button control,here they are side by side,button controls are straightforward a,few taps are a long hold to navigate,playback and calls these have voice,commands as well,you can connect to the skullcandy app,and once connected you will have access,to eq settings transparency mode and,button assignments along with general,settings,the case comes in at 2.7,by 2,by 1.1 inches,it weighs in at 56 grams,and the earbuds come in at 10 grams,now for some music samples this will,give you a sense on how they sound like,it is not a full representation over the,overall sounds as theres no,replacements for actually having them on,it will then be followed by a microphone,sample,[Music],we can drive away,oh yeah,[Music],[Music],now for a microphone sample in a noisy,setting,this is a test of the skull candy grind,fuel microphone testing one two three,testing one two three,the microphone came in loud and clear,and other parties had no issues hearing,me the pairing process was instant and,when testing video on an ios device,there was no noticeable latency range,was stable as i tested in a 400 square,feet setting,here are my thoughts on the earbuds i,found the fit to be decent it created a,good seal but i did feel pressure in my,ear canals,also the button controls will add,pressure when navigating as it requires,a bit of push to get some feedback,building quality is good the case feels,durable along with the earbuds earbuds,will protrude out a bit once seated in,your ears the button controls are,responsive and easy to navigate but as,mentioned it requires a bit of pressure,to activate,battery life is respectable at 9 hours,and 40 total with the case i like the,app integration along with the wireless,charging i would have liked to have seen,a and c,now when it comes to sound starting off,as a base its not lacking at all you,get the heavy deep bass and it doesnt,overwhelm mids and eyes come in clean,and clear but i felt that it was a bit,underwhelming it could have been dialed,up a bit,i feel this leans more towards a warm,sound signature,overall i found the earbuds to be just,okay there are a lot of choices in this,price point with better sounds and more,features in my opinion,so this is my review of the skullcandy,grime fuel true wireless earbuds,if you like my video go ahead and hit,that like button and if you havent,subscribed yet hit that subscribe button,as well until next time this is brian,unbox take care everyone

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Skullcandy Grind Earbuds vs Grind Fuel! Watch Before You Buy!

youtube fam how yall doing tm nation,how yall doing in this video were,going to take a look at the newly,released skull candy grind earbuds and,see what sets them apart from the grind,fuel earbuds being that the grind fuels,are less than a year old now and they,cost about 20 bucks more than the grind,earbuds the natural question becomes,should i save some money and go for the,cheaper grinds or should i pay a little,bit more and get the grind fuels i can,tell you that over the past few months,ive used my grind fuel earbuds on many,different occasions and these things,really do check almost every box that i,look for in a pair of earbuds i mean,youre getting the companion app good,sound quality great battery life and,wireless charging with the case on the,other hand i have been using my grind,earbuds for a few days now and although,the experience youll get with the grind,fuels is similar the grinds are not,quite there and you are missing some,features that you will get with the,grind fuels now i did do a full unboxing,video on the grind fuels so ill leave a,link in the description if you want to,check that out but in terms of the,unboxing experience its pretty much the,same between the two with both pairs,youll get your user manual and,documentation a small usb type-c cable,for charging and of course youll get,your earbuds and the charging case this,brings me to one of the main differences,that you have in between the two and,that is gonna be wireless charging with,the case if this is a feature that you,have to have youre only gonna get it,with the grind fuels when it comes to,charging the case for the grind you have,to use a usb type-c cable that being,said the grind fuel case does feel a,little bit heavier in the hand than the,grind case does but again they appear to,be the exact same size battery life wise,the specs are exactly the same you can,expect to get a maximum of about nine,hours on a single charge with the,earbuds and the case will provide an,additional three charges for a total,usage of up to 40. based on my,experience with the grind fuel ear buds,so far i definitely think that the 9,hours on a single charge is doable,depending on how loud you listen to your,media personally i usually have them at,about 75,so if you listen to your media lower,than i do youll probably be able to get,that 9 hours or maybe a bit more the,earbud design also remains unchanged as,you can see they are not mini earbuds,but the comfort for me is fine ive,never had an issue with ear fatigue or,discomfort in my ears they also do a,pretty good job of staying in place,during exercise but if you sweat a lot,or you do activities that require a lot,of quick movements you may have to,reposition them every once in a while,but one thing that you will not have to,worry about is water or sweat damaging,these earbuds both pairs carry an ip55,dust and water resistance rating ive,used both pairs for exercise and even,when they were completely wet from sweat,during a workout they never,malfunctioned or had issues picking up,my feedback,touching on the amount of sound leakage,that youll get with these both pairs,are gonna leak some sound but its not,terrible considering how loud they get i,can tell you from experience that if you,have either pair set to the max volume,and you have somebody within a one to,two foot radius of you theyre likely,gonna be able to hear what youre,listening to pretty clearly but as,always i will insert my leakage samples,so that you guys can judge for,yourselves lets check them out,another difference that you have in,between the two is the grinds are using,bluetooth 5.2 while the grime fuels,being a little bit older are using 5.0,but so far i havent had any issues,maintaining a stable connection with,either pair they do just fine in terms,of lag watching youtube videos and,amazon prime movies now i would not,recommend either pair for a hardcore,mobile gamer as neither offers a low,latency gaming mode but if youre a,casual mobile gamer like myself you,should be fine and another thing that i,do want to touch on that you can do with,both pairs is you can use one earbud at,a time and leave the other in the case,if you want to both pairs are also,compatible with the improved skull candy,app this will allow you to use the skull,iq functionality access your voice,controls customize your playback,controls and create custom eqs now one,feature that you do not get with the,grind earbuds that you do get with the,grind fuels is the personalize your,sound test through the app this is where,the app will create a custom eq that is,optimized for your hearing this is a,pretty dope feature in my opinion and it,is nice to have but like i said earlier,you do have the ability to create your,own custom eqs through the app no matter,which pair you pick up but if you want,the app to do it for you youre gonna,have to go with the grind fuels the new,and improved skull candy app is one of,the better companion apps out there i,did go through a lot of the,functionality in my grind fuel video so,if you want to learn a little bit more,about it check that video out the,playback controls like most other things,that you get with these earbuds are,exactly the same you have one physical,button on each earbud that youll use to,control your tracks your calls your,voice assistant and your volume they do,work fine for me on both pairs but one,thing that im not a huge fan of is the,amount of force that you have to exert,on them to execute a command now i dont,want to give you the impression that you,have to jam them down into your ears but,the force required is a little bit more,than i like personally as for the sound,quality this is one area where these,earbuds are different in my opinion,based on the information available on,skullcandys website the grind fuels are,using 12 millimeter drivers while the,grind earbuds are using six this being,the case i feel like i get a more full,and powerful sound with the grind fuels,especially at higher volumes thats not,to say that the grind sound weak by any,means but after i played the exact same,song at the exact same volume through,both pairs one after another there was a,noticeable difference in the fullness,that you get in between them to my ears,the grind fuels do a slightly better job,with sound separation but i will say,that im able to hear most of the detail,in my music with both pairs i also,believe that the bass response that you,get with the grind fuels is a little bit,more punchy but in all honesty its not,that noticeable it could be that i am a,little bit biased towards the grind,fuels just because i know that they have,larger drivers and ive had more,hands-on time with them but i will say,that i tried to remain as impartial as i,could in terms of the sound quality i,dont think that any changes have been,made in between the two i think that,both pairs do a pretty good job of,capturing clear speech but i will insert,my call quality samples for you guys so,that you can judge for yourselves lets,check them out all right guys so right,now i have the grind earbuds paired to,my iphone 13 pro as you can see the,microphones on them are providing you,with this audio now im not going to do,any type of editing to this sample so,this should give you a pretty good idea,of how theyll perform for voice calls,alright guys so right now i have the,earbuds paired to my iphone 13 pro as,you can see the audio that youre,hearing right now is coming directly,from the microphones on the earbuds i am,not going to do any type of editing to,this audio so this should give you a,pretty good idea of how these will,perform for voice calls so taking,everything into consideration guys both,pairs are extremely solid in my opinion,its really going to come down to your,budget and whether or not you need those,extra features that the grind fuels,offer in my opinion if the only,difference in between the two was,wireless charging with the case i would,say that the 20,extra wouldnt

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3 Month Review SkullCandy Grind Fuel Headphones!

hey guys how you doing today i hope your,week or weekend is going well whenever,you have to be catching this video so,what are we going to be talking about,today today were going to be talking,about these skull candy dry fuel,headphones ive been using them for a,long time now well you know a few months,now and you know theyve actually become,my main gym headphones now that kind of,had my accent as i did lose my,powerbeats pro but these have actually,done me really well and they actually do,sound better in a lot of ways yeah,because they have more bass and so im,gonna tell you why i think these are,probably the one the best buys at costco,right now and if youre thinking about,trying to save someone at some,headphones you wont go wrong with these,now if you like um you know reviews like,this unboxings or even you know,occasional music festival review uh and,download hopefully some music and im,going to be doing a lot more also like,comic fan gadgets as well please like,and subscribe i would love to have you,as part of my team you know what i mean,you see you guys on here every week,sharing opinions and helping us all make,better buying decisions okay guys lets,check them out,[Music],okay guys so first lets talk about the,fit now when you put these things on,right,they fit pretty good in the air as you,can see right here they fit right in,right theyre like theyre small uh they,go right in the air its no problem,now when you put them in you do get this,confirmation this little voice like a,pretty kind of almost like a sexy female,voice that comes on that you know that,theyre in youre nice and secure now,shake its wise pretty good you know,even go hard shake it,as you can tell still in my ear so these,actually are pretty good for the gym on,that um and theyre comfortable theyre,they dont bother your ears if you have,them for a pretty long period of time uh,and and theyre light they dont date,that much weight you know and when,youre done you throw them back this,cool case i actually really love this,case its just the whole flip open thing,i dont know what it is i like the,design thats the way it kind of opens,up and stuff its just that you know and,the fact it snaps closed for the magnets,you know i dont know if i just you know,i showed you guys before in the last,video the whole you know how it just,gets sucks again i just like the whole,concept of how they set this one up oops,so thats uh starting off fit you know,comfortability all that stuff its,youre gonna be good now once youre in,sound its actually pretty bassy um now,of course you can always go to the app,like this you know and you can kind of,play around with it set it to the way,you like it you can even kind of do the,custom ear testing so you can kind of,get your own personalized sound where,you like it the best i actually,recommend that if you if you dont mind,taking the time to do it but if you,dont want to do it its fine the stock,settings they work they work pretty good,too,but it sounds good like i said i mean,youre going to get these youre not,going to feel like theyre cheap you,know the fact that you have like a whole,voice that talks to you and everything,every time when you put these in to let,you know hey theyre connected youre,good to go,and then of course the app will usually,prompt you and say hey app wants to,connect at that point you know you,connect your app and then boom youre in,there you have your settings and youre,good to go and you can play it around,you have like podcast setting you know,you have uh you know obviously like,music different music settings so its,so its pretty good now once youre,connected to that app of course theres,all kinds of cool preferences right so,whats good about the app right theres,always kind of things you kind of play,around with and they basically just show,you know they give you different ways of,kind of playing with it now everything i,have is preset so obviously your,settings are probably different than,mine but the app is really friendly to,use its not too hard and basically you,know you get your own settings you can,make them sound much better just by kind,of customizing them for a minute and,this app is pretty good about connecting,so usually when i pop in my headphones,in the morning for the gym uh ive,noticed that you know it takes i dont,know a few seconds after i got him in,after once it confirms that my ears are,good to go i automatically see a,notification on my screen saying you,want to pair you know you want to,connect to the app so its quick its,simple and its easy and so i definitely,say you know use the app if youre not,being lazy about it otherwise youre,gonna do standard bluetooth it will,connect but then you will be on the,standard settings if youre not using,the app which arent bad theyre a,little bit bass heavy so if you want to,have it more customized of course you,can kind of play with your ranges that,kind of stuff or even tune if your own,ear if you use the app so i mean i would,definitely recommend it okay guys so,like i said,talking about how easy they were to use,in the gym how you can customize the,sound and of course the price and the,fact you can get them at an amazing,place like costco i definitely have to,say i recommend these they pair really,well uh unlike uh my other my skull,candies in the past these dont seem to,have that problem where sometimes one,ear disconnects for a minute um and if,and if there is a disconnection issue,all i have to do pop them back in the,case close it reopen it pop them back in,my ears and it just fix whatever was,wrong gets fixed and it runs well so,there are so your problems with this,device are going to be relatively low um,you know just make sure you catch the,bluetooth first after that you know then,connect to the app and then once youre,that youre good to go i just everything,will be kind of automatic at that point,so then once again like i said i am,recommending these if you if you if you,go to costco i definitely would consider,these i mean the next headphones up or,100 i think and then theres 150 but,like the beast for example and then,theres the bose ones which are like,250. um but these are great headphones,for the price especially if youre just,using them for the gym they sound good,they work well connect fast ive never,had a problem with it so you know if,youre at costco i would definitely keep,them in mind but what do you guys think,i mean who out there has bought these,headphones did you like them i mean and,if you did why or if you did not like,them let us know in the comments as well,i would like to hear your opinions you,know um if youre having trouble,connecting them please put the comment,down there as well ill do my best to,answer the question i do work so it,sometimes takes me a little while to get,back in these comments i just throw my,channel its not huge i usually dont,get comments right away um but i do,check you know for you a lot within the,first few hours of posting a video after,that you know i just kind of check back,once every few days,but until next time guys if you see me,out there i would love to see you and,youd love to meet you so please tap me,on the shoulders how to share a drink or,grab a bite together until then ill see,you bye,you

Grind Fuel – User Guide

Hi, Im McKenna, the Global Brand Manager at Skullcandy.,Im excited to introduce you to the new Grind Fuel., A true wireless earbud with revolutionary Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology.,In this video Im going to walk you through, how to use your new earbuds.,From the most basic setup, to the most advanced features.,If youre looking for a specific feature, ,you can skip ahead in this video using the following time codes.,To power on your new earbuds simply open the charging case,and take them out. ,Theyll automatically turn on.,Theyll automatically power down when you put them back in the case,and then close the lid.,To turn off your earbuds outside of the case, press the button,on each earbud two times, and then hold for one second,to turn them back on press each earbud for one second.,If youre pairing to your device for the first time,,remove the stickers,covering the charging points on both earbuds,,then place them back in the charging case, making sure both,LEDs show red and leave the lid open.,While still in the case,,both buds are now in pairing mode. ,Open up your Bluetooth settings in your phone and find your earbuds,on your list of available devices. ,Then hit, confirm pair. To pair to a new device,when you’ve already powered on and connected to a different device,,press either earbud one time and then press and hold for one second.,This will enter both earbuds into pairing mode.,You can also enter pairing mode by turning off your device’s Bluetooth.,The voice prompt will say, “ready to pair”,and both earbuds will pulse red and blue.,Then you can select from your new list of available Bluetooth devices and pair.,Grind Fuel is designed to fit comfortably and securely in your ear.,To get the best fit, place the earbud in your ear,and rotate slightly until it fits comfortably.,When worn correctly, the gel should create a nice seal just inside your ear.,Grind Fuel comes with three sizes of ear gels to help you find the best fit.,Try each size of the provided ear gels to see which,one works best for you. ,Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology will change,the way you listen to music, podcasts and movies.,It features hands-free voice control, which gives you complete,command over your audio by using just your voice. ,To unlock your earbud’s Skull-iQ features,,scan the QR code on your quick start guide to download the skullcandy app. ,Once youve paired your earbuds to your device, ,open the Skullcandy app. Itll automatically link.,The app allows you to enable hands-free voice control,,customize your control settings,,access user guides, and update new features,when they become available.,hands-free voice control is enabled through the Skullcandy app.,Once youve download the app, open it up and make sure Voice Control is set to on. ,Once youve linked your earbuds with the Skullcandy app,and enabled the hands-free voice control.,You will be notified, “voice control on,” each time,you power on your device.,On iOS, the app must be open to hear the notification ,For iOS users, voice controls will work as long as the app is running in the background.,Even if your phone is locked. ,So if you find your voice commands arent working, ,try re-opening the app to reconnect. ,Once youve turned voice controls on in the Skullcandy app,,youre ready to stow your phone in your pocket or bag while still having full, hands-free voice control.,First say, “hey, Skullcandy,” and youll hear this sound, ,which lets you know that Skull-iQ is listening. ,Then quickly follow up with a command.,Using only your voice,,you can control your media, turn Stay Aware mode on or off,,activate Spotify, or summon your devices assistant,for even more control.,To accept or reject a call,,simply say, “accept” or “reject” when ringing.,And heres a little pro tip for you—,You can adjust the settings in your phone to announce whos calling you. ,So you can accept or reject a call without ever having to check your phone.,Hmm.. reject. ,[confirmation tone],”Call rejected.”,All voice commands are available for quick reference in the app.,You can also find them printed ,in the quick start guide that came with your earbuds. ,Voice Control will only stop working if the app crashes,or you quit the app while the earbuds are connected.,So when in doubt, open up the Skullcandy app,and make sure the voice control is set to on.,We’ve partnered with Spotify to create an instant path,to your music through a hands-free voice control or a simple button press.,When connected to Voice Control simply say, “hey, Skullcandy, Spotify,”,or you can press and hold the button on your left earbud for one second.,This starts your playlist back up from where you left off.,Need to figure out the address for tonights show?,Or how about, what time the sun sets while out riding?,Just say, “hey, Skullcandy, Assistant” and ask.,Need to send a text?,Just say, “hey, Skullcandy, Assistant. Text Kaylie, Im on my way.”,Just like I said, total control, hands-free.,Stay Aware mode makes it easier to hear whats going on around you,without having to remove an earbud,so you can enjoy your audio and stay in touch with you surroundings.,To turn it on,,Just say, “hey, Skullcandy, Stay Aware on.”,And to turn it off,,you guessed it. Just say, “hey, Skullcandy, Stay Aware off.”,Stay Aware mode can be activated through hands-free voice control,in the Skullcandy app and as a customizable button setting.,With your new earbuds, you can go fully hands-free.,But you can also control them with the touch of a button. ,To play or pause your audio, press either bud once.,To turn up the volume,,press the right bud twice.,To turn down the volume,,press the left bud twice.,To take or end a call, press either bud once.,To reject an incoming call, press either bud for one second.,You can easily share your music or media with a friend,so you can listen together anytime, anywhere,with our new, Share Audio feature.,To share audio,,both users need to have Skull-iQ enabled products,,be in Bluetooth range, and in stereo mode using both earbuds.,For best results, we recommend both users stay within five meters,,about 15 feet, during the sharing session.,The person who wants to share their audio,,must have their earbuds connected to a device.,They will press and hold the button on their right earbud for three seconds.,A voice prompt will notify that user that they are now sharing audio.,The person that wants to join,will press the button on their left earbud for three seconds.,They can be in either a connected or non-connected state.,A voice prompt will notify that user that they are now joining audio.,Once the share is complete,,audio will begin to stream automatically.,Each user will have the ability to adjust their volume,independently through their earbuds.,Only the person sharing the audio will have voice controls enable.,Either party can disconnect from the audio share,,by placing the earbuds into the case and closing the lid,,powering the earbuds off manually, or repeating the,3 second hold you used to share or join the stream.,If either user is disconnected, both parties will need to start over,to continue sharing.,There are three ways to disconnect.,You can place your earbuds in the case and close the lid,,power your earbuds off manually,,or hold the same button you used to join, for 3 seconds.,You can use either earbud by itself to stay tuned into the world around you.,We call this, Solo Mode.,To use Solo Mode, simply remove either earbud from the charging case.,Your selected earbud will pair and function normally. ,To use both earbuds again, remove the other earbud from the case,and once powered on,,audio will begin to stream automatically in stereo mode.,To help you keep track of your earbuds, ,each one has built-in, Tile Finding Technology.,Tile is easy to set up,and will allow you to locate either one of your earbuds,if youve ever misplaced them.,First, you need to download the Tile app for this feature to work.,Then foll

Skullcandy Grind Fuel TWS Earbuds! Goodbye Sesh Evos!

all right tm nation what youre looking,at is a pair of the brand new skull,candy grind fuel true wireless earbuds,ive had my pair for a few days now and,feature wise these are probably the most,complete earbuds that you can get from,skull candy at the time of the video i,mean the battery life is good at up to 9,hours on a single charge the skull candy,app which i have not really been a fan,of in the past has also been drastically,improved for these earbuds and as far as,im aware this is the first pair of,earbuds from skull candy that support,the new skull iq functionality and this,gives you total control over your,earbuds without having to use the actual,physical buttons of course i will get,into this feature more a little bit,later on in the video but one great,thing about it is it works the same no,matter whether youre using an ios,device or an android device as long as,you can download the skull candy app to,your device youll be good to go but all,of that being said i always give you,guys the good and the not so good in my,videos so although i think these earbuds,are awesome they are not perfect and,some of the missing features may make,them a no-go for you so you want to,watch the full video so that you can,make a more informed buying decision,starting with the unboxing experience,this is going to be short because there,isnt much to it inside you get your,user manual and quick start information,a usb type-c cable for charging two sets,of different sized ear tips and your,earbuds along with the charging case,taking a look at the design of the case,the design for me is fine it is,certainly not the smallest case out,there available from skull candy but at,the same time its certainly not too,large or too heavy to throw in a normal,sized pocket without much of an issue it,does have four led lights under the lid,of the case that will illuminate to show,you the battery status whenever you open,it besides that all that you have is,your skull candy branding on the top and,the usb type c charging port in the back,battery life wise as i mentioned in the,intro you can get up to 9 hours on a,single charge with the earbuds and,youll be able to throw them back into,the case a few extra times for a total,usage of up to 40. those numbers are,certainly respectable but on top of that,these also do support quick charging,only 10 minutes in the case will provide,about 2 hours of use with the earbuds,during my testing i was able to get,right around 8 hours and 48 minutes on a,single charge using the earbuds between,75 and 100 of the max volume most of the,time so for those of you looking for a,pair of earbuds that will get you,through a full 8 hour shift at work and,a little bit of overtime these will get,it done for you and im also extremely,happy to note that the case does also,support wireless charging which is,always a plus moving on to the design of,the earbuds as you can see they look,almost exactly like the seshes they are,not mini earbuds but at the same time,when i have them in my ears they provide,a nice seal without feeling overly large,or overly heavy and that leads me to one,feature that you do not get with these,earbuds which is active noise cancelling,i will say though that if you have the,correct sized ear tips installed you,should get a moderate level of passive,noise cancelling on the other hand these,do feature a transparency mode which,they call stay aware mode that allows,you to hear more of whats going on,around you now if being discreet is your,thing these may not be the perfect,earbuds for you because they are going,to stick out some its really gonna come,down to the overall curvature of your,face but if somebody is walking directly,towards you or coming up behind you they,will likely see them i did use these for,exercise and i was surprised at how well,they stayed in place even once i started,sweating even though the design of these,earbuds has no wings or ear hooks the,way that you have to twist and lock them,into place does a pretty good job of,keeping them planted in your ears even,once the sweat starts flowing but again,you want to make sure that you have the,correct sized ear tips installed if you,do you should be fine these also do have,an ip55 rating so splashes of water or,sweat will not harm them at no point in,time during my testing did they,malfunction but outside of me testing,them during exercise i did also do my,water tests by spraying water all around,them just to see how they would react,while being wet,concerning the amount of sound leakage,that youll get with these they do leak,some sound like most true wireless,earbuds but it isnt terrible in my,opinion because they do get adequately,loud but i did take a sample for you,guys to judge for yourselves lets take,a listen,as for the bluetooth version that youre,getting with these it is 5.2 and so far,i havent had any issues with any,noticeable lag through the amazon prime,and youtube apps these do not have a,gaming mode though so if youre going to,be doing some hardcore mobile gaming,there will be some slight latency there,but i was still able to enjoy call of,duty mobile on both my galaxy z flip 3,and my iphone 13 pro without any issues,for the playback controls with these,theyre going to be executed by one,physical button on each earbud one thing,that i do want to note for you guys is,that out of the box they do require a,good amount of force to pick up your,feedback now it is certainly not to the,point where you have to jam the earbuds,into your ears but theyre not touch,controls so just keep that in mind but i,am happy to note that you do have access,to all of your playback controls with,these and the ability to customize the,double triple and long press functions,also like i mentioned earlier you do,have the ability to go completely,hands-free by using the skull candy,voice assistant all that you have to do,is say hey skull candy to trigger the,assistant and from there you simply,state your command this feature works,with adjusting your volume track,controls call controls and pretty much,everything that you can do with the,physical buttons im gonna be completely,honest with you guys i dont use voice,controls often and they have been kind,of inconsistent for me so far i mean,when they work they work great but they,dont work all of the time its also,important to note that spotify is the,go-to music player for the skull candy,app and during my testing it seemed like,the voice controls worked better when i,was using spotify directly or i had the,skull candy app open hey skull candy,pause,moving on and touching on the skull,candy app like i said earlier it is much,improved over the functionality you get,with other older skull candy earbuds,also according to skull candy these will,benefit from future updates that will,continue to add more features to the,earbuds which is definitely something,that i look forward to but as for the,app right now you can choose from,different built-in eqs let the software,create a custom eq for you based on your,hearing or create your own eq from,scratch if youd like i like to create,my own eqs but the process of letting,the app do it for you is quick and it,doesnt take much to get it done you,simply listen to the sounds that come,through the earbuds and provide feedback,through the app regarding the,frequencies that your ears pick up the,app created an eq that sounds similar to,what i made myself so in my opinion this,is a dope feature besides that you have,a bunch of other features in the app to,include the ability to share the sound,of whatever youre listening to with,someone else using compatible skull,candy earbuds and if tracking your,earbuds via the tile app is important to,you it is worth noting that these are,compatible with it so specs and features,out of the way guys let me touch on how,these have performed for me so far sound,quality wise when i first took them out,of the box and paired them to my iphone,13 pro they sounded good but ther

Skullycandy Grind Fuel – the Best Skullcandy Product Ive Tried

good evening it is i again your friendly,neighborhood brand flakes welcome to the,only show on the internet where i coax,my family into letting me film the,unboxing of their electronics,today i have the skull candy,grind fuel,skull iq,i most certainly did not already try to,open this,and then stop midway so i could film,so if it looks like that,uh pardon,all right,looks like a distracting background well,this video is probably gonna suck so you,can either deal with it or stick it,where the sun dont shine pally,all right,got a little cardboard thing here,i assume theres a charging cable in it,get this one open,dont want to rip the box,what do we got,[Applause],one year global warranty,yes,got some extra little earpieces,earplugs,and wow look at this,i think this is a reversible,usb so you could put it in either way,if that is what it is its worth the,price of admission right there,all right cardboard box,user guide with uncle jerrys,handwriting cool,these are actually really helpful to,read,each one operates a little differently,im not going to go into that in this,video but,its good to have,its like a wonderful toilet read if,ive ever seen one,and now,the cream dillo meme,of course,is the,headphones,themselves with a very secure plastic,bag on the outside,i like this i like this finish,its a bit of a strange,shape,for a headphone case,but here we go,nice,oh look at that,got some orange,looks like decorative,slash,supportive,orange plastic,but it looks like this,piece of plastic probably fits in there,and prevents them from jiggling,or something,speaking of which i mean,theyre not rattling one pit,looks nice it opens really nice,presentation is very nice,this orange plastic is a little bit,tacky but i kind of love it,i am a bit surprised at the seemingly,high,build quality with these skull candies,normally skull candies,kind of sick,but,these are not mine as ive said of,coerced my family members on a monthly,basis to allow me to unbox,their electronics,so,well save,review for later maybe,good magnetized,nice and magnetized,cool,and they aint going nowhere i mean,im glad this isnt,mine okay,it worked but,[Applause],one thing i dont really love about,these the whole earbud situation,is like putting them into the case,or are they universal,or perhaps the creators wanted the ring,to have inclement weather,i dont know if thats,connecting or not,that way,ah cheese you get a little skull candy,imprint on the ear thats weird,i think thats what that is,unless its a really crappy way of,saying like r,sorry about my hands i went hiking and i,havent showered yet,deal with it,i had to plug it in to,get any response out of it so,its the charging light,and the indicator there on the bottom,its flashing,pretty sweet,all right i think that about wraps up,this here unboxing,video folks,thank you for watching i have plenty,more videos coming slowly but surely im,trying to upload one a week,its not always feasible while working,40 hours a week,but,im doing my best thanks for watching,please subscribe share with your friends,hit that smash just brutalize that like,button,and,have a good day

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