1. The NEW Skullcandy Dime True Wireless: On The Right Track!
  2. Skullcandy Mod, Jib True 2 or Grind Earbuds | Which Should You Buy?!
  3. First Look! : Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW
  4. All The New Skullcandy True Wireless Earbuds
  5. Skullcandy Dime 2 : Their $30 Budget Earbuds Are Back!
  6. First Look! : Skullcandy MOD XT
  7. Skullcandy Dime Review | The BEST Budget True Wireless Earbuds?

The NEW Skullcandy Dime True Wireless: On The Right Track!

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Skullcandy Mod, Jib True 2 or Grind Earbuds | Which Should You Buy?!

youtube fam how yall doing tm nation,how yall doing what youre looking at,right now is a pair of the skull candy,my true wireless earbuds outside of,these ive reviewed pretty much every,other pair of skull candy earbuds and to,be honest these have not been the,easiest to find unlike the sessions and,other skull candy earbuds i can never,find a pair of these at my local stores,and even when i found them on amazon the,delivery date was like a month out but,either way guys i have had my pair for,over a month now and even though they,dont look that exciting on paper they,do offer one feature that you dont get,with any other skull candy earbuds which,may make them worth the pickup for you i,will go over the features and i have a,few tests a little bit later on in this,video just so you guys have an idea of,what the mods have to offer but not only,that i will compare them to the jib true,twos which cost twenty dollars less and,ill also compare them to the grind,earbuds which cost twenty dollars more,im gonna do this so you guys have an,idea of if you should go ahead and pay a,little bit more a little bit less or if,the mods are the sweet spot and i have,done full videos on both the grinds and,the jib true twos so if you guys want to,check those out i will leave the links,in the description as far as what youll,get inside of the box with the mod,earbuds theyll come with a user manual,and other documentation multiple sets of,different sized ear tips a tiny usb,type-c cable for charging and of course,youll get the earbuds along with the,case the case design is straightforward,without too much going on on the outside,all that you really have is your skull,candy branding in the front and you have,your usb type c charging port on the,bottom right beside your battery,indicator light size wise the jib case,is going to be the smallest overall the,mod case and the grind cases are similar,in size but as you can see theyre just,shaped differently in the battery life,department the grinds are going to offer,you the most play time with up to 40,with the case and youll get up to 9,hours on a charge with the earbuds with,the jib true 2s you can also get up to 9,hours worth of use on a charge with the,earbuds with the case you can expect to,get up to 33 with the mods theyre gonna,offer you up to seven hours of use on a,charge with the earbuds but the charge,on the case is going to be up to 34. one,feature that you dont get with any of,these earbuds is wireless charging with,their cases this is unfortunate because,especially at 59 and 79 bucks there are,quite a few other earbuds that offer,this feature and more so i think that,eventually skull candy is gonna have to,make it more available outside of,earbuds at the top of their pricing,spectrum for the earbud designs the mods,feel the best in my ears followed by the,grinds and the jib 2s now the mods and,the grinds are shaped similarly but the,mods are gonna take up a lot less space,in your ears and theyre just a lot,smaller overall the jib 2s on the other,hand feel okay in my ears but they,arent the best all-around earbuds for,me just because they move around quite a,bit during exercise,especially once i start to sweat i dont,have this issue nearly as much with the,grind or mod earbuds both of those,require a twist and lock motion to lock,them into your ears i also want to note,for you guys that the jib 2s do carry,the weakest water resistance rating out,of the bunch theyre rated at ipx4 with,the other two being much stronger at,ip55 in terms of connection all three,pairs are rocking bluetooth 5.2 but none,of them are compatible with any of the,higher definition codecs none of them,will give you access to aptx ldac or,anything of that nature also if youre a,hardcore mobile gamer you may want to,look elsewhere as none of these earbuds,have a gaming mode so if youre playing,a fast-paced shooter or something of,that nature you will experience some lag,but one thing that you will not get with,the other two pairs that you will get,with the mod earbuds is multi-point,connectivity if you want to connect,these to two different devices at once,they got you covered if compatibility,with the skullcandy app is important to,you only the grind and mod earbuds offer,this feature,the jib 2s do offer tile compatibility,which is something that you get with the,other two pairs as well but thats,pretty much all that youll be able to,do with the jib2s you wont be able to,access different eqs or even customize,your playback controls but if you want,the most out of the app youre gonna,have to go for the grind earbuds as they,do offer the skull iq functionality,which is nice basically what youll get,with this feature is an added skull,candy voice assistant that will allow,you to execute many of your playback,functions without touching your earbuds,or your device now none of the earbuds,that youll see in this video feature,anc but both the grind and the mod,earbuds do feature transparency and i,will say that it does work well on both,pairs with it on i can usually hear,whats going on around me pretty well,now moving on and touching on the sound,quality first i have to say that the,fact that you can customize your eqs,with both the grinds and the mods,automatically puts them ahead of the jib,2s in my opinion but outside of that,guys the jib true 2s are more of an,entry level pair of earbuds that being,the case theyre not tuned to sound,awesome i mean they will get the job,done but dont expect them to blow you,away they can give off a tinny and airy,sound especially at the higher volumes,which is something that is not as,prevalent with the other two pairs but,if you do go for the jib 2s i would say,just leave them at 75 percent of the max,volume or lower thats where youre,gonna get the best sound with all of,that being said between the grinds and,the mods they really do sound similar,guys but if i had to choose one out of,the two it would be the mods to my ears,they sound a little bit more refined,than what i get with the grinds which,are boomier and provide more depth with,the mid and the low end the sound,signature for me with the mods is just,more well-rounded even though they are,not as bassy they do provide a nice,thump without causing the other,frequencies to distort too much but,another thing that i do want to note for,you guys is that to my ears the grinds,are going to be the loudest out of the,bunch so if output is your main concern,keep this in mind in terms of the call,quality i think all three pairs do a,decent job of capturing clear speech but,i will let you guys judge for yourselves,lets take a listen to the samples all,right guys so right now i have the jib,true twos paired to my iphone 13 pro as,you can see right now the audio that,youre hearing is coming directly from,the microphones on them now im not,going to do any type of editing to this,sample so this should give you a pretty,good idea of how theyll perform for,voice calls and now i have the mod,earbuds paired to my iphone 13 pro,everything else is exactly the same so,this should give you a pretty good idea,of how these will perform for voice,calls and the last but certainly not,least now i have my grind earbuds paired,to my iphone 13 pro again im not going,to do any type of editing to this sample,so after you guys listen to all of these,samples let me know which one you think,sounds the best down in the comment,section so taking everything into,consideration fam i would pick the mod,earbuds out of the bunch because like i,said earlier the addition of multi-point,connection is huge for me i personally,find a lot of value in being able to,connect to two different devices at once,and having the ability to switch between,those devices seamlessly on the other,hand if youre more concerned with,battery life and sound quality then the,grinds are going to be your best bet the,jib 2s are going to come in last place,like i said they are a decent pair of,entry level buds but youre defini

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First Look! : Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW

alright guys so today were gonna check,out a brand new pair of truly wireless,earbuds from Skullcandy now weve,already looked at the Skullcandy,Indy and the Skullcandy push which are,their other truly wireless earbuds but,today were gonna look at the Skullcandy,sesh its a pair that comes in at 50,dollars and if youre like me youre,probably wondering what they had to cut,to get it to that price so what were,gonna do is start with whats in the box,and some of the features now it does,have bluetooth 5.0 it is IP 55 sweat,resistant and water resistant so its,not something you can submerge into,water but if it gets splashed or you,sweat a lot its gonna be okay now,inside of the box it comes with small,medium and large silicone ear tips and,it also comes with a micro USB cable,alright so were just gonna go ahead and,maybe stick with thats one of the,things that they were gonna cut cost on,because other than that I dont,understand why they used micro USB now,battery life on these this is gonna be,one of the things that turns a lot of,people off individually they only get,three hours which is really really low,but if youre somebody that just uses,them while youre working out or,somebody that just kind of uses earbuds,intermittently it wont be a huge deal,but if youre somebody that likes to use,earbuds pretty much your whole day this,is gonna be very inconvenient youre,gonna have to charge it like three times,just to be able to make it through the,day,now the charging case will give you up,to ten hours total again that is on the,very low end of the spectrum so the,battery life is going to be a huge,turnoff for a lot of people now speaking,of the case the case has four indicator,lights on the front to let you know what,percentage of battery life your case is,left at and then on the back you have,your micro USB input now on the front of,the case you can see where Skullcandy is,just simply written up top again the,case is actually really nice now when,you open the case again its really,clean and really simple and you can see,that your buds now I do want to point,this out because this is something I was,having an issue with when you put the,earbuds in the case youd think it just,kind of falls right into place and it,really doesnt you put them in the case,and you actually kind of have to,Whittle it just a little bit to get it,to fit in the case right or otherwise,the tops not gonna close and its not,gonna charge them but youll know that,it doesnt go in because the lid will,not close until you have it in the right,way so now on to the earbuds themself as,far as size this is one of the smallest,pair of truly wireless earbuds Ive seen,which I know is contributing to the,battery being so small but again I would,have taken it being a little bigger just,to have a little bit more battery life,but I will say this these stay in your,ear extremely well and again theres no,weight so you can pretty much do,whatever and they are not coming out but,as far as controls go it is button,control and its not touch responsive,the button actually responds pretty well,so its not one of those where you feel,like youre jamming it into your ear and,the button actually controls everything,your volume your track control your,smart assistant everything now if you,are wanting to use one of the earbuds,individually youre only able to do that,with the left ear bud so another thing,thats pretty important to a lot of,people is the mic quality now this is,one thing I will say that I was not a,huge fan of now mic quality is not a,huge deal to me but for those of you,that it is important you might want to,listen to this test alright guys so here,is a mic doesnt the Skullcandy says,this is also while playing a crowd noise,in the background you definitely feel,like this is one of the things they cut,on to get to that $50.00 right there all,right so now we need to get into the,sound quality because honestly the,Skullcandy Indy and the Skullcandy push,has not really won a whole lot of people,over so the sesh I was kind of expecting,alright this is $50 I dont think,theyre really gonna do anything to,improve upon their sound and I was,actually surprised this sound on these,yes just like in Skullcandy fashion does,have plenty of bass but whats weird,about it this time is it kind of has an,eerie sound it kind of has a fairly open,sound but dont get that confused with,thinking they sound like the sound stage,is really open its not that soundstage,is fairly narrow but with the bass it,just seems to have a little bit of air,to it which is actually kind of nice the,other two frequencies,though the trouble comes through really,clean and really clear but the mids are,the one thing I think at times just feel,like they need to be pushed up just a,little so its more of a different kind,of sound signature than a lot of people,are going to be used to and another,thing that kind of caught me off guard,is usually most truly wireless earbuds,when songs that are chaotic or songs,that have a lot going on the bass,usually just rolls through everything,else well these are kind of the opposite,it seemed like when there are songs,where a lot of stuffs going on the bass,just kind of toned down a little bit to,where the mids and the treble still had,presence and the bass is still there but,its not as prominent when it comes to,some of those genres or some of those,songs that just have a lot going on so,the weird thing about the Skullcandy,sesh is theyre 50 bucks okay the other,ones,I think the Skullcandy push came out at,like a hundred and thirty and then the,Indies are $80 so theres a huge price,drop coming in at $50 but the surprising,thing here is the Skullcandy sesh is,actually the better sounding truly,wireless earbud out of the three it has,the most volume it has the most clarity,bass is good but its definitely not,overwhelming and its just an overall,pretty satisfying truly Wireless earbud,to use and for $50 the sound is exactly,where it needs to be especially with the,holidays coming up where a lot of kids,are gonna want truly wireless earbuds,and then a lot of kids are gonna be,drawn to companies like Skullcandy apple,and you know the usual,so for Skullcandy to have a $50 pair,going into the holidays is actually a,pretty smart move the guys that is my,review of the Skullcandy sesh thank you,so much for checking out this video,thank you so much for checking out all,the other videos and as always make sure,to stay tuned for more

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All The New Skullcandy True Wireless Earbuds

yo whats up everybody should boy floss,back again with another video and I got,a special request today were gonna,check out all of the new Skullcandy,truly wireless hair buds now if you,watch my channel you see me review the,Indies and the push and honestly I,didnt like either one of these now,dont get me wrong Im a big fan of,Skullcandy I love the ANCs and the,crushes but as far as the truly wireless,earbuds Im not a fan what were gonna,go into this with an open mind Im gonna,make this quick Im not gonna do a fool,detail with you Im just let yall know,if they trashed or not so were gonna,start off from the cheapest to the most,expensive alright so lets get right,into this first things first,shout out the white shoes back in the,building,[Music],calm down alright here we go lets do it,like this well start off with the,Skullcandy,sesh now these are done 150 bucks into,technology up to 10 hours battery ip55,sweat and water-resistant 10 hour,battery durable design simple controls,blah blah blah here we go little,unboxing knife Wow okay gold candy sesh,so inside the box you get your charging,case super plastic super plastic super,cheap feeling it is what it is now look,like I said Im going through this with,an open mind let me calm down you never,know these might sound good okay follow,that to the trash micro USB charging,wont walk here we go lets drop them in,the case I shoes now what is this,okay did I put that in right wrong oh,boy lets see does it have right and,left Brandon looks like it should go,like this okay my bad,all right here it is drop it in the case,do the shake test real quick okay they,stand in let me grab a phone real quick,and well just ease out talk amongst,yourselves all right so I just paired,these up and put them in my ears and,honestly its a nice tight comfortable,fit let me do the head shake test,maximum shake itch no movement all right,so we got pop smokes new album,I promise yall Im not gonna sing I,really just want to hear these real,quick lets hit play lets take it over,to max volume okay now this is 50 bucks,okay wait a minute wait a minute hold on,whats these the session okay wait a,second wait for that beat the drop oh,you sound pretty good Wow Wow,okay hold up Wow now you hear all that,leakage honestly these sound pretty good,yo for 50 bucks now hold up I so this,what Im gonna do I hold up this what,Im gonna do Im gonna put these to the,side for a minute so far I like these,about 50 bucks no for 50 bucks this is a,guaranteed win right here,I like the way these sound and the way,they fit for 50 bucks I dont care about,all the rest of the testing just own,music alone these sounded great for 50,bucks,all right Skullcandy sesh okay Im,feelin ease lets keep it movin like I,said Im gonna put these to the side so,far these are number one all right so,next up lets take it over to the,session even now these are ip55 sweating,water-resistant up to 24 hours battery,control your music and your calls and,its compatible with the tile app lets,see battery light five hours plus 19,with the charging case rapid charge 10,minutes of charge will give you two,hours of music easy to connect call,track and volume controls use either,earbuds solo,I like that music movies and podcasts EQ,modes okay,titanium coated drivers or work okay,sweat sweat water and dust resistant,two-year warranty iso five hours with,the head with the headphones 19 hours,with the case 24 hours total battery,life now Im already impressed with the,sessions the sets Evo 60 bucks,all right so ten dollars more here we go,okay now white shoes dips you thought I,was gonna sing tricky okay now lets see,now says Evo charging case pretty much,identical lightweight has that GP feel,to it oh wait a minute,hold up now we dont upgrade it to USB,type-c charging,okay USB type-c charging youll see that,for yourself no need to go through all,of that and now for the boys flick it at,risk,okay so lets drop these in the case,looks and feels exactly the same as the,sesh is gonna shake it test okay nice,magnets LEDs USB type-c charging but $10,more all right let me pair these up and,listen to them real quick oh wait a,minute shoes came back my shoes were,gonna hear some music all right so I,just paired these up and I slap them on,and again nice tight comfortable fit,lets do the head shake test maximum,shake inch looking shoes maximum shake,its no movement at all,I like these I like the fit now same,song same volume here we go,matter of fact lets go big shot got max,volume I just paired these up alright,there it is,okay definitely loud definitely loud,okay burg man hands rubbing together,okay now these seem to have more trouble,I gotta have to switch the eating,setting let me wait for that baseline,all right hold on a second thats it,pause alright now real quick Im gonna,have to take it to the book like a,sucker because I gotta change the EQ,settings obviously its not on bass so,lets figure out how to do that real,quick,alright now in order to change the EQ,settings you can tap either a about four,times and youll hear a voice prompt,change from podcasts to movies to music,and honestly all three sound black right,theres no bass on these which is,amazing because the sesh sounded dope,and it says Evo they sound wet now dont,get me wrong its a lot of clarity a lot,of highs and mids but no bass on all,three of the modes alright so Im,definitely not feeling these so we could,file these to the trash lets keep it,moving alright so next up we got the,indie Evos now these are gonna run you,80 bucks,30 hours battery total alright IP 55,Dustin water-resistant use either earbud,solo compatible with the tile app lets,see battery 6 hours for the buds 24,hours with the charging case you got,fast charge 10 minutes of charge we give,you 2 hours with the battery enhance,fitting size built in tile sweat water,and dust resistant you can activate your,voice assistant change your tracks,volume up and down same 3 music EQ,settings and the titanium coated drivers,ok what I seen one more and be it,listening mode ok 80 bucks so you get a,little bit more features with this one,there we go,I know the look the little things bring,me joy here we go,okay now immediately lets check okay we,got USB type-c charging so Im gonna,need to open this matter of fact okay,you got some wings wingtips and regular,earbuds same lightweight plastic feeling,case okay now lets see these come with,the wings on it already,I know these are a douche Budd style,alright the pencils okay see what that,is,youre the Skullcandy logo alright drop,these in the case bomb just like that,LEDs on the front,check the shake äj– no immediate,foliage I immediate foliage lets now,listen lets see upside down,they dont move lets talk minimum shake,its immediate foliage alright well lets,grab a phone and pair these up alright,so I just pick these up and slap them in,my ears nice comfortable fit alright,very tight matter of fact let me do the,head shake test maximum shaking okay no,movement same song here we go lets take,it over to max volume okay third man,hands rubbing together so far these are,definitely loud okay here we go new wait,for that baseline okay okay wait a,minute,whats these in the Evos okay hold up I,feel some rumbling hold up here we go,okay yes okay yes yes hola hola hola yes,this is what Im talking about let me,pop these out real quick,all right in de voz I am feeling these I,feel it means ones right here nice,amount of bass are nice and definitely,loud comfortable fit now Im not a big,fan of the dukes buds look you know the,pencil style but these ones sound pretty,good,way better than the original Indies way,better alright so far the indie Evos,Im feeling these two lets keep it,moving,alright so next up we got the Indy fuel,now these are gonna run you a hundred,bucks,lets see wireless charging plus 30 hour,battery life ip55 water-resistant use,either air but solo compatible with the,time app okay here we go wireless,charging case the buds gonna g

Skullcandy Dime 2 : Their $30 Budget Earbuds Are Back!

all right guys so todays video were,going to be checking out the skull candy,dom 2 true wireless earbuds now the,original doms when they were released i,would probably say that this is skull,candys most popular true wireless,earbud and i think this is for a number,of reasons one i dont think its been a,huge secret but since skull candy has,been releasing true wireless earbuds,they really havent knocked it out of,the park but the dom is a very portable,pair,its very affordable coming in at 29,bucks and its just one of those that,you can kind of keep on you in a lot of,situations and its almost one of those,you dont have to worry about because of,its price and thats why ive kept the,original dimes with me so long but were,gonna check out the dom twos today to,see what theyve upgraded they did keep,the price the same coming in at 29 bucks,so thats a huge plus uh and were gonna,see what all comes inside the box talk,about the sound and see if its still,worth that 29 price tag now to start,with there hasnt been a whole lot,thats changed from the first gen to the,second gen again since its been selling,so well this is one of those where skull,candy probably doesnt want to do too,much,to stray away from something that has,been successful for them but one thing,is the dom 2s have now been upgraded to,bluetooth 5.2 over the bluetooth 5.0,that the original ones had and with this,this pair has a very solid connection,i didnt have a whole lot of compression,when it came to audio and i also did not,notice any lag when it came to movies or,videos now there is a slight lag when it,comes to gaming but for a pair thats,under 30 bucks its kind of easy to,overlook some of these things but lag,with gaming is normal and pretty much,any pair of earbuds and another thing,that they added with the dom twos is,they now have the tile support which,basically means that you can locate the,earbuds and actually you could use this,as being able to locate your keys,because the dom tubes just like the,original dimes come with that little,lanyard that little string that attaches,to the case and ive always just kind of,left mine attached to my keys so if,youre going to locate where your dime,earbuds are you could pretty much locate,where your keys are located i think this,again is a nice feature and if you look,at it this way most of those tile things,are about 25 to 30 bucks so why not get,a pair of earbuds that have that tile,support where you can still locate your,keys now as far as using these outdoors,they do come in with an ipx4 rating,which basically means if it rains youre,going to be fine if you sweat heavily,youre going to be okay you just want to,make sure you dont submerge these into,water and again because this pair is on,your keys this would be a pair that you,would use at the gym,this would be a pair that you would just,take with you most of the time so having,that little bit of protection is nice,but it still would be nice to have you,know ipx6 or ipx7 that way you just,dont have to worry about them at all,now as far as what theyve included,inside the box you do get your usual,small medium and large silicone ear tips,and at this point i have to think that,skull candy is still only using micro,usb to make this the only product thats,trying to get rid of the only micro usb,cables left in the world because at this,point this is the only product that im,seeing that still uses micro usb so i,hope eventually they switch over to,using usbc but again its kind of hard,to complain at this price point but the,charging cable that youre getting is,about this big its its a very small,charging cable but speaking of the,charging battery life is still the same,as the originals which means its not,very impressive because on the earbuds,themselves youre only going to get,about three and a half hours where with,the charging case youre only going to,get about 12 hours total and theres no,qi wireless charging on this case and i,think battery life even though its not,impressive most people are not going to,use their earbuds more than three and a,half hours at a time and then the 12,hours with the charging case is gonna,get most people through a week or two,without having to charge these and,another huge upgrade over the originals,is the earbuds now go into a standby,mode where its not draining your,battery if you dont have them in the,case and if youre not using them and,thats a huge plus because some people,do just take their earbuds out sit them,off to the side and they dont put them,in the case so its nice to know that,your battery is not draining the whole,time that theyre just sitting there now,as far as the charging case and the,earbuds themself again everything here,is the same you can see that its all,plastic and on the top where you see the,two skull candy logos that is actually,the stem to the earbuds and this is,actually a kind of cool look while its,on your keys but while the earbuds,arent in there you basically have an,exposed case where dust and things like,that can get inside so you know this is,a complaint that ive always had with,other earbuds and its still a complaint,that i have with these but on the back,you can see the micro usb input right,next to it is the single indicator light,that way you can gauge how much battery,life is in the case you can also see if,the case is charging and then when you,open up the lid this is where you see,the earbuds and again design is exactly,the same it does have that really short,stem,with an earbud thats this small its,nice to have the stem because its,easier to kind of move them around,instead of digging around in your ear to,get a good fit and another thing that i,want to point out is theyre still using,the physical button controls which i am,a huge fan of but with this pair theyre,kind of harder to push i mean it makes,it where you feel like youre being,really aggressive kind of pushing the,earbuds into your ears so sometimes i,just find it better to take two fingers,and hold the stem and then just press,the button with another finger that way,im not jamming these into my ear which,can be uncomfortable but as far as the,controls themselves i am happy to say,that they give you control over,everything so you have your play your,pause the ability to skip your tracks,forward and go backwards you have volume,control and with this pair not working,with skull candys app to be able to,switch around controls its nice that,they give you control over everything,right out of the box now for you guys,that do like to use your earbuds for,phone calls although its not hugely,noticeable i do feel like they did,upgrade the mics on here i feel like,they sound a little bit better than the,originals but you guys can be a judge by,listening to a test here so here is a,mic test using the dom twos and again i,think overall it picks up my voice very,well it obviously sounds digital and,maybe even slightly boomy but this is,what it would sound like if you were to,take a call and so now heres the mic,test for the crowd noise being played,which you can hear here,so this is what it would sound like if,you were to take a call,so now lets talk about the sound,because ultimately i feel like the sound,is exactly the same as the originals i,did notice that there may be a slight,boost in the treble and a slight boost,in the bass but the difference here,could just be you know using the,original ones over time those drivers,has loosened up a little bit uh so,theyre not as tight as the ones that,just came out of the box in the dom twos,so really theres not a huge sound,difference between the two but i do want,to say uh if youre somebody that,listens to metal or somebody that,listens to music where there is a lot,going on this is definitely one of those,pairs where things do start to get a,little congested it will get a little,muddy if youre listening to metal i,dont think this is the best pair for,metal but if youre listening to,anything else like easy listening or,clas

First Look! : Skullcandy MOD XT

all right guys so today were going to,check out the brand new skull candy mod,xt true wireless earbuds now with it,having the xt at the end it means this,is a walmart exclusive theyve basically,been releasing xt versions of other,skull candy earbuds that have come out,but as of right now i havent been able,to find any other skull candy mod,earbuds out there except for some random,sight that has them at about 10 more and,they come in a gray color but the xt,model which were going to look at today,is available in black and like i said,its available at walmart which i will,put a link in the description and i do,believe that skullcandy is going to be,wildly releasing these very soon but,with checking out this pair it does come,in at 50 bucks which makes it a little,bit more than what skull candy has been,charging for some of the other earbuds,that theyve been releasing lately and,to be honest skull candy hasnt,necessarily knocked it out of the park,when it comes to true wireless earbuds,so the fact that theyre charging a,little bit more for these it definitely,had me curious as to what theyve added,with this pair and what makes these a,little bit different so were going to,talk about that and were going to talk,about the sound itself and what all,comes inside the box and see if its,worth the 50 price tag so to start with,with these having the name mod skull,candy wanted to take the approach that,you can modify or customize these uh,because they do have it where it works,with skullcandys app and within the app,you can customize the controls the way,that you want to,theres some pre-built eq settings like,the movie mode the music mode the,podcast mode but there is also a custom,eq setting where you can go in and,customize it yourself so there is a few,customizable options within there but,some other things that youre able to do,is this pair works with the tile locator,which is something that skull candy has,been doing for quite a while so if,youre somebody that has a hard time,keeping up with your earbuds it is very,nice to have this feature to be able to,locate where you last had them and,another thing that i think is very,convenient about this pair is it also,has multi-point pairing so you can,connect to two devices at a time and,although you cant listen to music or,anything out of both at the same time,you can connect to your tablet where you,may be watching a movie but if a phone,call comes in its just easy to switch,over and take that call without having,to go in and disconnect from one device,to connect to the other so that is a,huge plus especially in this price range,but another thing about this pair that,also surprised me is it has a stay aware,mode basically an awareness or,transparency mode and this way you can,hear your surroundings and this is a,huge plus if youre somebody thats,looking for a pair to use outdoors if,youre going to be running or if youre,going to be going to the gym or if you,just like to hear things in your office,this is definitely a nice touch because,its something we normally only see in,pairs that have active noise canceling,and i think they did a pretty decent job,with this mode i was able to hear my,surroundings fairly well it definitely,sounds slightly digital and with this,pair i was also able to carry on a,conversation without having to take the,earbuds out but also speaking of using,these outdoors they do come in with an,ip55 rating so it means its water,resistant but also dust resistant as,well and this is another huge plus again,if youre going to use them outdoors or,if youre just going to use them on a,job site like if you work construction,and theres dust and everything flying,around you it gives you a little bit,more peace of mind that youre not going,to ruin your earbuds and the water,protection is going to be fine against,sweat and rain and splashes and things,like that but this is still not one of,those pairs that you would submerge into,water now as far as what they include,inside the box you do get three sets of,silicone ear tips and it comes with a,very short usbc cable and actually on,one end it doesnt look like your normal,usb cable but it will work into any,charging brick that you have that works,with a normal usb plug-in and speaking,of the charging cable a battery life is,pretty decent on this pair now because,of the size of the case i actually,expected these to have a little bit more,battery life on the case but the earbuds,themself youre going to get about seven,hours where with the charging case,youre gonna get about 34 hours total,and although it doesnt have qi wireless,charging which means youre going to,have to use that usb-c cable this pair,does have a fast charge feature where a,10-minute charge will get you two hours,of use now weve definitely seen better,on other earbuds but i think its nice,that you even get this because its nice,to know that if your earbuds arent,charged you can throw them back in the,case for 10 minutes and get that quick,two hours of use now moving over to,looking at the actual case and the,earbuds themself from a design,standpoint its kind of a mixture,between the skull candy indie case and,then the earbuds remind me a lot of the,original skull candy sesh earbuds it,just kind of has that look to them but,the case is a fairly large case,you can see on the bottom it has the,usbc input and then right next to it is,the indicator light that way you can,kind of gauge how much battery life is,left on the case but when you pop open,the lid you see that the earbuds are,sitting in there and again its an,interesting choice that is a large case,for such small earbuds but the earbuds,do have that design where it fits into,your ear canal and allows the basically,the outside part to just lay flat and,this is important because this pair uses,button controls and although i normally,prefer button controls i really dont,like the way that skull candy laid them,out on this pair they basically make it,where you have no choice but to put your,finger behind the earbud which is going,to be next to your ear and then grab it,so that youre able to push the button,because if you just try to press the,button itself you are going to be,jamming this earbud into your ear and it,is just not comfortable but the huge,plus is you can go in the app to,customize your controls and then once,you do that which i had to go in and,switch around a few things you can have,your earbuds have control over,everything so i was able to have mine,play pause skip my tracks forward go,backwards and also have volume control,but again i did have to sacrifice the,ability to switch it into the awareness,mode,so you do have to go into the app to,actually do that if this is how you,decide to lay out your controls but for,you guys that do like to use your,earbuds for taking phone calls this is,another interesting choice that skull,candy only decided to have one,microphone on each earbud because weve,seen some earbuds lately that has three,mics per earbud or two mics so one mic,seems to be an interesting choice but,what theyre using is what they call,clear voice so theyre using basically,like ai to focus in on what youre,saying and trying to have it where its,blocking out a lot of your surroundings,but you guys can be a judge by listening,to a test here so here is the mic test,using the skull candy mod xt and overall,i think it does a fairly decent job of,picking up my voice obviously it sounds,fairly digital and i do think it has a,little bit of a warmer tone to it but,this is what it would sound like if you,were to take a call and so now heres,the mic test for the crowd noise being,played which you can hear here,and so this is what it would sound like,if you were to take a call,so now lets talk about the sound and,the sound was what surprised me the most,with this pair now it didnt surprise me,that skull candy kind of stuck to the,usual consumer-friendly u-shaped sound,signature,but it does lean a lot more towards the,treble it

Skullcandy Dime Review | The BEST Budget True Wireless Earbuds?

so school candy is a brand thats been,around with me,for quite a while dating back to my more,emo days where i picked up a pair of,school candy inked from the local virgin,mega store to listening to,way too much funeral for a friend and,straightening my hair,way too much literally to the point that,the ends were like super frazzled but do,you know what ive grown to love more,than that recently,stuff that is cheap and good i mean take,a look at my previous videos youll see,that i talk,a lot about price in all of my reviews,you can think of me as the,david dickinson of gadgetry except i,dont look like a citizen of the capital,whos got busy with a tin of monsieur,but i did promise somewhere towards the,end of that master and dynamic nw08,review which,you can find by clicking the i above my,head that,i would be looking at some cheaper,earbud options some more budgeting stuff,that may be of interest to,everybody not just a very limited few,and well,how does 30 quid or 25,sound to you pretty good right well i,think ive got something here thats,cheap as chips,but not because of it and i would like,to introduce you,to the skull candy dimes which is,without doubt the smallest true wireless,earbuds,i have ever seen but are they any good,lets get into it,help um welcome to new rising media your,home of hands-on reviews and gloves of,opinions,about second gaming im jason england or,our nerd journalist and i thank,you right there for taking the time out,of your busy day,to check out this video cheers right,school candy dimes,at this price we already know that,theyre not going to be,the best things in the world theyre not,going to be the audiophiles choice lets,say,but are they good enough will it do you,well as a quick,cheap fix for a lack of true wireless,earbuds in your life,lets find out and lets tuck in bloody,hell,dont have nails for this so lets,get this open and the packaging comes,out halfway,to reveal,the dime earbuds see if theres anything,else,some extra tips nice addition there for,the big ear crowds out there,got a small charging cable with the usb,half to the micro usb,and last but not least slightly ripped,now the,paperwork lets get all this out the way,shall we lets focus on,the earbuds now this is about the size,of my car key,in fact give me a sec look at that its,actually,a little bit smaller than my car key,pretty damn impressive a bit of plastic,film on the back here,[Applause],and then to get access to them we simply,open the case,and not only are they small they are,very light big big fan of this,when i think about the wearability of,these theyre not going to cause any,particular ear rake by being heavier and,as a frame of size comparison not,quality comparison,because comparing 30 quid earbuds to 280,pound,earplugs is a bit unfair lets get one,of these out,and lets see what we have so arguably,quite similar,in size right hows about we go through,some specs these are,ipx4 water and sweat resistant earbuds,with a battery life that is rated to,last a total of 12 hours with 3.5 in the,earbuds,and eight and a half in the case itself,youve got all your true wireless,earbuds cabins in here including,auto connects building microphones,controls on the earbuds themselves to,use them on the go hands-free to get six,millimeter drivers inside each of the,buds to deliver what i expect will be,a pretty bass heavy sound as is,customary with school candy products and,it weighs in,at a measly 32 grams that is insanely,light and for those who just need,something small and portable for their,commutes this is already beginning to,look like a pretty ideal option,but i will save all that for the review,well i will check in with you,in about a weeks time so you never,guess what,i got a haircut look at them sideburns,he looks like a girl,now johnny united theres a haircut you,could set your watch to but i digress,now that ive had a week with the school,candy dimes that sounds like the obvious,question here for,a budget pair of true wireless earbuds,are they any good,because were all smart here well you,guys are i wouldnt be,so sure about myself but one thing we,all know is that to make them this cheap,skull candy has cut some corners what,those colors are well find out by,putting these up against,what i think are the key tests for,earbuds the hardware more specifically,the durability,the comfort and the usability of them,the sound quality,the cool quality and the battery life so,straight off the top i can say that,these are,very small and very light seriously its,crazy just how feather like these are,when you get them in your hand and to do,this,theyve used pretty cheap feeling,plastic,on the case and on the buds themselves,nothing too overly offensive here but,you can feel the value here,and as you could have probably told from,the unboxing part of this video this,doesnt just take,size cues from a car key it also takes,visual cues with the,backs of the earbuds forming the buttons,on it which i think is pretty cool but,theres a bit of a trade-off here,let me explain to charge earbuds you,usually have like contact points within,the case the problem,when you take these out is that there,are two holes,in the case itself over the top of the,contact points and in my experience,there was a time when i left the tissue,in my pocket when i put my jeans in the,washing machine and when i stuck these,in here,the bit of the debris got caught on the,contact point and the earbud didnt,actually charge so be extra careful,about any debris that may be around the,contact points,otherwise youre gonna have a bad time,and when youve taken them out,again the lightness here is really,impressive,especially when paired with the ipx4,water and sweat resistance,which makes them pretty comfortable and,pretty damn durable,with pretty decent staying power even,when running and doing anything,particularly strenuous i dont know why,i had to demonstrate that there but,there you go,everything is operated on the back by,buttons which ill be honest,is way better than the touch surface,or touch controls that you normally get,on the back,of other earbuds such as my school candy,in the ancs,nobody has managed to get touch surfaces,right on true wireless earbuds yet so,anytime i get to use a pair that use,actual buttons to do stuff,its warmly welcomed theres just a,small learning curve of remembering all,the button press combinations to do,things on there and then youre flying,one final bit just to make sure ive got,it out there in the clear,i am not a fan of this the use of micro,usb to me,seems like a bit of unnecessary corner,cutting exercise i would have,greatly preferred usbc but it seems,were going to stick with old i o here,for the time being,now for the important part here do they,sound any good,this is probably the bit i was most,dreading about doing this review because,when you look,at how small they are you feel the cheap,plastic you build,and you take a look at the spec sheet,that says that this has a mere six,millimeter driver you cant help but,immediately think yeah,these are gonna sound pretty bad but,surprisingly,theyre actually not that bad in fact i,would even go so far as to say,they sound good not great not fantastic,nowhere near ranking up highly in my,books but,better than youd probably expect from,something this cheap,because going back to what i said on my,mw08 review you see a lot of earbud,makers,commonly over inflate the base to give,an impression of good sound because the,main thing people care about is warmth,thats not to say its a bad move it,just comes at the cost of some of the,detail and the highs in the mids,and can generally give that impression,of feeling a little bit over processed,the skull candy dimes,do exactly the same thing and commonly,sound exactly the same as a lot of the,mid-tier,earbuds that do this however these,arent,interior earbuds they are budget earbuds,for 30 quid and on that level they are,pretty damn nice for what you get dont,expect to hear,every

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