1. Sky High [Hasta el Cielo] – Netflix Movie Review
  2. SKY HIGH Trailer English Dubbed, Review & Facts | Netflix Original Movie 2021
  3. SKY HIGH: The BEST Superhero Movie! – Diamondbolt
  4. SKY HIGH Trailer German Deutsch, Review & Kritik | Netflix Original Film 2021
  6. SKY HIGH isnt appropriate for kids (the worst school EVER)
  7. SKY HIGH Kritik Review (2021) Netflix

Sky High [Hasta el Cielo] – Netflix Movie Review

first off no this isnt a review of that,awesome disney movie of the same name,the cover for the spanish netflix film,sky high,or hasta el cielo looks like it could be,a cross between,drive and one of the fast and the,furious movies which i understand could,be a very good,or a very bad thing i watched it should,you,[Music],[Applause],after falling for a girl angel a young,man from the outskirts of madrid,dives into a world of heists and becomes,the target of a ruthless detective,so this originally came out in spain in,2020 and has now arrived on netflix as,one of their films,it stars miguel iran from money heist,and luis tazar,from just several movies that have come,out recently on netflix,iran stars as angel who we get the sense,that hes just getting by,he works as a mechanic but he doesnt,live in a great area and he longs for,more but he also detests the rich,which is probably more due to the,widening divide between rich and poor,than any particular individual angel,gets wrapped up with some sketchy people,and that then begins his journey into a,life of crime,we get the sense that hes fairly,intelligent at planning out heists,because the heist that he does do seem,to be well thought out,and near full proof theres a little,excitement that is built in as the,heists are underway,but not enough where i ever felt on the,edge of my seat with tension or suspense,i think a lot of that has to do with the,fact that there are a lot of continuity,and timing issues scenes end and then,jump to another scene,feeling very disconnected even though,the dialogue is trying to tie it all,together,and i was actually having a lot of,trouble figuring out what the point of,the movie was,as the scenes progress i dont really,know where the story is going,and then why i should care there is some,conflict that is trying to be built,especially between angel,and several different characters but,none of it really makes sense or is,compelling enough,for me to feel invested and we see angel,having difficulties with several,different parties,one or two of them kind of make sense,because of the back and forth,relationship that has grown,but others just seem to come right out,of the blue even the relationship and if,you can call it that,between angel and the cop feels odd im,not saying theyre buddy buddy,its a good guy versus bad guy type of,scenario but we never get to understand,why the cop is so obsessed and angel,himself hes hard to like as a,protagonist,hes charismatic but he makes so many,decisions that made him just despicable,to me,and many of the motivations in this,arent clear either is it greed,is it pride or is it an effort to,impress somebody,hes also playing so many sides that he,cant keep them straight but more,importantly he keeps making choices,that are just really counterproductive,to what we believe is his main goal and,then at one point during the movie,it becomes sort of just this machismo,thing who can strut the biggest and show,that theyre the baddest it was just an,odd,out of the blue then we have luis tuisar,hes intimidating and intense for his,part,but unfortunately hes barely in this,hes supposed to be a menacing force,but because of how little impact he has,on the movie the story doesnt give him,that chance,the whole story is jumbled rushed and,really stunted,its like they had a four hour story to,tell but only had the budget for two,so they had to make story choices and,they chose wrong at times angel is in,prison and then hes out then hes in,and out and theres no explanation on,how hes released theres just too much,bouncing around with the story,and the only theme that i can find with,this story is a young man whos tired of,being poor and seeing,others get rich so he does things to,change his financial circumstances,so even though the story isnt executed,well the performances are decent,i think the downfall of this movie is,the writing directing and editing which,then can make the performances,seem weaker than they are overall id,skip this one it had some decent,potential but for being 121 minute movie,they didnt put together something that,is enjoyable or memorable there is sex,nudity a lot of profanity and some,brutal violence,i give sky high two out of five couches,so what are you watching right now,anything awesome id love to know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like,also dont forget to share and subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for couching with me

SKY HIGH Trailer English Dubbed, Review & Facts | Netflix Original Movie 2021

[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],das merken,seid gegrüßt live-streaming junkie ist,iata warten bindung schon seit über,einem geschlagenen ja auf die finale,staffel von house des geldes,und was macht niveau heran als ceo in,der zwischenzeit er drückt einfach mal,einen anderen heißhunger in denen den,neuen netflix originalfilm sky schlüpft,er nämlich in die rolle des,draufgängerischen juwelen die bis an,diese lebt nämlich mit zahlreichen,anderen jungen männern in einem slum,artigen barackenlager nagel spanischen,millionenmetropole madrid und schlägt,sich als schlecht bezahlte,automechaniker durch bis er eines tages,den entschluss fasst zusammen mit ein,paar freunden sündhaft teure juwelen zu,erbeuten und diese dann über den,schwarzmarkt weiterzuverkaufen der,einfache plant schnell rein schnell raus,und verschwunden sein bevor die polizei,eintrifft,das klappt zunächst auch doch dann,beginnt andere einen gewaltigen fehler,denn zunächst beginnt eine affäre mit,der freundin eines seiner gang,mitglieder und als würde das noch nicht,für genug zündstoff unter der gruppe,sorgen trifft er auch noch auf eine alte,schulfreundin das wäre natürlich,überhaupt nichts schlimmes aber die,stellt sich dann auch noch als die,tochter des gefährlichen gangsterbosses,heraus also eigentlich sollte andere die,finger von beiden frauen lassen,tut er aber nicht und genau deshalb,gerät der balken extreme schwierigkeiten,heraus gekommen ist ein wilder mix aus,der netflix original sehr gelobt und dem,langlebigen action franchise fast and,furious,tja und mittendrin ein migrant der genau,das tut was er am besten kann nämlich,lange finger machen habe spaß beiseite,auch wenn der film knapp zwei stunden,läuft kommt es einem nicht unbedingt so,vor und das liegt eben auch an dem aus,des geldes dar,na klar ist ob hier nicht alles gold was,glänzt aber diesen kurzweiligen mix aus,rasanter action packenden thriller,garniert mit einer prise sozialdrama und,einen gefährlichen liebesdreieck kann,ich euch tatsächlich an dieser stelle,nur,erstens ans herz legen und für alle,haushalts geldes fans ist es natürlich,ohne in eine willkommene gelegenheit um,die quälend lange wartezeit auf die,fünfte staffel zu verkürzen,aber was haltet jeder nun eigentlich von,diesem neuen streifen der euch ab dem,zweiten april weltweit auf netflix im,stream bereit steht schreibt uns doch,bitte einmal unten in die kommentare in,diesem sinne bleibt gesund und möbel der,stream mit euch sein bis bald,[Musik]

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SKY HIGH: The BEST Superhero Movie! – Diamondbolt


With the overabundance of superhero movies being released every year its kind of hard to imagine a time before the MCU,But oh boy, was it a time?,Disney had a crack at it in 2005 with sky high a movie about a superhero high school. Yes,I know,I picked the weirdest movies to do videos on I never grew up with any of those Disney Channel original movies that a lot of,people may remember but I had this one on a DVD pack along with Tim Allen shaggy-dog no.1,Martin Scorsese says that superhero films arent cinema. Well clearly he hasnt seen this movie. Whats that guy even done? Anyway, taxi driver,No ones seen that but anyway, who wants to get sky high?,Before you get started thanks to surf shark for sponsoring this video the Internet can be a scary place,I mean, I cant even look up sonic without,Yeah,The best way to stay safe online is by using a VPN service and what better one than surf sharks surf shark makes online protection,super easy,It encrypts all of the data sent to and from your devices and make sure that your IP address stays hidden so that no one,Can see all the body pillows youve been browsing on Amazon surf shark provides a huge library of countries to connect to,Including ones that arent even real like New Zealand,They also have a bunch of other super cool features like one that blocks both ads and malware that you may encounter on the web,Just dont look ads on my videos, please aside from just online protection though,One of the best things about surf shark is being able to bypass content restrictions in your country,Netflix doesnt have the emoji movie then switch over to Japan and BAM now you have no excuse not to watch it,I mean, were all paying the same amount for this stuff,So its only fair and I can tell you from experience,That Canadian Netflix is putting all the other ones to shame and unlike a lot of other VPN services,Theres no limit on how many devices you can use it on at once,so be sure to check out the link in the description to download surf shark and try it out for yourself and hey Ive even,Got a promo code use the code diamond boat. I am very creative,Yes that 83%,Offered an extra three months free giving you access to the best price of the market right now and with that the protagonist of this,Story is will stronghold the son of the commander and Jetstream the two most powerful,superheroes on the planet before my having soup and a lot of flights of course their son has,Nothing, but his parents somehow dont know this,Willas offered his first day at sky high the school for superheroes in training despite his lack of ability, though,Everyone around him treats him like hes the second coming of Christ. You could uh, it would be an honor. No, its fine,You dont have to and what would a teenage high school movie be without a romantic subplot,Featuring a childhood friend crushing hard on our protagonist with them being completely oblivious of it so he can sit with his girlfriend Layla,No, shes just my friend,Yeah in that case. Hi, Im,Larry Wow, is that the bad guy for Megamind the two hop on the bus and just like that,Theyre teen superhero high school comedy adventure begins,I like how they imply that they try to keep a low profile so that no one finds out where the school is,But then not one person is questioned the suicidal bus driver steering a bunch of kids off a bridge,Within not even like a minute of arriving we of course encounter one of the rules of high school movies,There must be at least one obligatory bully character even in a school full of superheroes,One can run super fast and the other one can stretch which is just perfect for being annoying,Pieces of shit and immediately after comes our second mandatory high school trope man. This movie is getting through the checklist fast,Its our love interest. I know youre all going to love it here at sky high. I know her name is granted,She is ha nice,Yes,To sky high. Yeah,After getting their basic introductions out of the way both the students and we as the audience meet the best character in the movie,My name is coach boomer,No, Im not saying it so he explains to them the process of power placement where they show off their powers to him,So he can determine whether theyre a hero or a sidekick,Its kind of like a talent show except theyre being judged on the one and only skill though ever has thats like action school,But at least theyre upfront about it instead of tricking you into thinking you have a chance for 12 years,But anyway, if youve ever wanted to see Bruce Campbell and shorts then this is the movie for you,You like how he doesnt even check to CBS super strength or anything,He just drops a fuckin car on it sky-high must get plenty of lawsuits. Oh,God hes scary man. It must be extremely demanding to immediately. Have you distance validated within like the first half hour of school?,Did did burger just slap the kids ass did he just slap his art ass, I dont know whats worse,Should should we be letting this guy work at a school any who were introduced to another major?,Character the super hot edgy guy who has a grudge against will because his dad as a villain that wills dad defeated and locked up,So in comes the inevitable rivalry that blossoms into a begrudging and totally not gay friendship. His name is Warren Pearce,I almost,Guarantee you there is an entire tumblr fan base,Dedicated to only him all of our main cast are determined to be sidekicks except for will who was literally Saved by the Bell what?,I really wanna know is how he somehow made it this far without having any powers like how is not a single person found out?,Maybe his real power is just being extremely good at bullshitting. Hey, listen, I need a freshman represent on the committee,So if youd be interested we could talk about it over lunch sometime Id lunch,Now dude, sorry following,The break was ruses finally exposed as he has to admit to boomer Campbell and he actually doesnt have any powers,Yes, sir. My power is that Im like stronger than Goku and can turn Super Saiyan a and my punches explode gallaxhar,See what I mean? Dude, you cant just do that to people,But yeah, he eventually works out that will is not kidding about being powerless Oh,Mmm that whole sidekick Heuer thing seems like a pretty fun system. Actually. I kind of want to try it myself,Hang on I have an idea paper-plate. What is your power my power is that I make?,Transformers videos so my channel your favorite playing,My power is I have I can extend the length of my penis,My power is creating trash wrenchy from trash to rifle to suicidal thoughts,Monitor the power is growth. Yeah wait, so you can just make any part of it. Hell yeah, buddy,Super ability is I can distract the enemy with comedy. Would you like I brought some material?,Of 7 because 7 was considered a registered enemy of the state and a known terrorist,His crush he had no guts. Why didnt the man wake up in the morning because he had no guts,I I think Im going to think about though and I think that that couch is like can be weaponized,I have the power to make people spontaneously climb and doubt their life choices lie in some of them. Let me,Adam aqua will never be real and if she was,Ok,Im not gonna lie it you made me cry. So it works. Its very effective therefore hero,my power is the spontaneous to spontaneously gain clout by following me on Twitter at Nettie and just thinking about,Anyway, where were we the nurse explains to will that he might be a late bloomer meaning that he wont get his powers until the,Big dramatic finale of the movie. She cites the bus driver. We met earlier Ron Wilson as an example of this,How dare you say that Ranas powers in his own?,Special way a putt his return harm,What was dad chosen his secret hideout because he somehow still doesnt know his son hasnt developed his powers despite raising him from birth,How does that even work he calls it the secret sanctum which sounds like a horrible euphemism your grandfather finally,Trusted me enough to give

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SKY HIGH Trailer German Deutsch, Review & Kritik | Netflix Original Film 2021

[Musik],von da oben müssen wir doch aus indie,die ameisen,weißt du klein nicht ein apache und ist,jetzt scharf oder welches wahnsinn,geschafft,motto komm steig ein lieber gleich,aussteigen willst wenn der mailand,[Musik],jetzt machen wir das beste aus dem ist,dass man verkloppt ihr euch volle kanne,wichtige kampf in zwei minuten später,brauchte einfach so einladend macht,nicht auf cd covers ich hoffe nicht dass,da was passiert mir wird schon nichts,passieren,haye ist ein gehört dass hier das sowas,wieder party ist eine karte hat sie,sagen mir was nachfrage besteht und,durch beschaffe es aus lehrerin absahnt,fertig sein,willst du selber was aufziehen das für,riesen läuft hier keiner stelle,jetzt vorsichtig,denkt daran was ich dir gesagt haben,macht sein eigenes ding,es ist gefährlich wenn du willst du denn,bitte ganz nach oben so weit wie möglich,seid gegrüßt live-streaming junkie ist,iata warten nun schon seit über einem,geschlagenen jahr auf die finale staffel,von house des geldes,und was macht mit weil herr analyse in,der zwischenzeit er drückt einfach mal,einen anderen heißhunger in denen den,neuen netflix originalfilm sky schlüpft,er nämlich in die rolle des,draufgängerischen juwelendiebe son fällt,diese lebt nämlich mit zahlreichen,anderen jungen männern in einem slum,artigen barackenlager nagel spanischen,millionenmetropole madrid und schlägt,sich als schlecht bezahlte,automechaniker durch bis er eines tages,den entschluss fasst zusammen mit ein,paar freunden sündhaft teure juwelen zu,erbeuten und diese dann über den,schwarzmarkt weiterzuverkaufen der,einfache plan schnell rein schnell raus,und verschwunden sein bevor die polizei,eintrifft das klappt zunächst auch doch,dann beginnt andere einen gewaltigen,fehler denn sonys beginnt eine affäre,mit der freundin eines seiner gang,mitglieder und als würde das noch nicht,für genug zündstoff unter der gruppe,sorgen trifft der auch noch auf eine,alte schulfreunde das wäre an sich per,sie natürlich überhaupt nichts schlimmes,aber die stellt sich dann auch noch als,die tochter des gefährlichen,gangsterbosses heraus also eigentlich,sollte andere die finger von beiden,frauen lassen,tut er aber nicht und genau deshalb,gerät der balken extreme schwierigkeiten,heraus gekommen ist ein wilder mix aus,der netflix original sehr gelobt und dem,langlebigen action franchise fast and,furious tja und mittendrin ein migrant,er genau das tut was er am besten kann,nämlich lange finger machen habe spaß,beiseite,auch wenn der film knapp zwei stunden,läuft kommt es einem nicht unbedingt so,vor und das liegt eben auch an dem aus,des geldes da na klar ist auch hier,nicht alles gold was glänzt aber diesen,kurzweiligen mix aus rasanter action,packenden heißt garniert mit einer prise,sozialdrama und einem gefährlichen,liebesdreieck kann ich euch tatsächlich,an dieser stelle nur wärmstens ans herz,legen und für alle aus des geldes fans,ist das natürlich ohne in eine,willkommene gelegenheit um die quälend,lange wartezeit auf die fünfte staffel,zu verkürzen,aber was haltet jeder nun eigentlich von,diesem neuen streifen der euch ab dem,zweiten april weltweit auf netflix im,stream bereit steht schreibt uns doch,bitte einmal unten in die kommentare in,diesem sinne bleibt gesund und möbel der,stream mit euch sein bis bald,[Musik]


im not into labels okay hey guys whats,up welcome back,today were going to be watching,possibly the best movie ever created,today were going to be watching sky,high theres not much to say,for an introduction because you already,know what sky high,is before we hop into the video make,sure you guys follow me on instagram and,twitter instagram at t call level,twitter at level trend,my letterbox is also at level trend you,guys also make sure,you subscribe and check and see if,youre still subscribed if you think,youre already subscribed because,youtube,unsubscribes people so if youre not,subscribed,subscribe and if you are subscribed,check to make sure youre still,todays video is sponsored by expressvpn,if you dont know what a vpn is vpn,stands for virtual private network,without using a vpn these days its,basically as if youre sending a,postcard without an envelope,expressvpn is that envelope to keep your,information,safe expressvpn also lets you change,your online location to control where,you want sites to think youre located,so you can choose from over 90 different,countries you want to reroute your,connection through,as you guys know im always watching,movies and stuff so to be able to watch,tons of different movies,i use expressvpn to access tons and tons,of movies,in different territories of the world so,when im watching youtube sometimes i,get that,little screen that says this is not,available in your region or when im,watching netflix theres just something,thats not available in,my netflix country but then its,available in the uks netflix country,netflix country and sometimes theres,movies that arent available in the usa,netflix but theyre available in the,uks netflix so then i just,switch on over there and then i have,access to all these different movies to,stream,its a simple two clicks away to,literally have so much access,to so many different content to stream,and also i recommend to you guys so you,guys can watch all the movies that i,watch because a lot of,times you guys comment and youre like,why,because a lot of times you guys comment,youre like where can i watch this movie,i want to watch this movie does anyone,know where i can watch this movie how do,you watch this movie,im saying get expressvpn and you can,have access to,tons and tons of tons of movies find out,how you guys can get three months free,of expressvpn by going to,expressvpn.com trin or clicking the link,in the description box below itll be,the first line,so lets get this party started and,lets watch some movies,gosh i always thought that sky high was,a little underground movie that only i,knew about when i was younger,i thought i was the only one that knew,about sky high,when i found out that other people knew,about it i was so shocked,i thought i was the only one really i am,the only one thats ever seen this movie,just me this is the first disney,superhero movie,and i dont know if thats factual at,all,im gonna keep saying it is disney went,from creating,this masterpiece to then owning marvel,and i,cant help but say downgrade,also were getting our lovely amer mary,elizabeth weinsted,um from scott pilgrim so,shes coming back shes coming back for,us,and i love her in this movie,i also only refer to her as the villain,from sky high,to the liberty and moving it for you,thank you leila,you hungry ive got plenty of eggs bacon,no thanks you know how my mom can,communicate with animals,apparently they dont like being eaten,how about some juice,layla was,im all about women supporting women but,like god,was she not the best in this movie was,she a headache in this movie,really just,morning morning is this the bus to sky,high,what are you crazy i guess you want,every super villain in the neighborhood,to know were here,why is there so many villains in one,neighborhood whats your name,freshman and what are they going to do,sneak up on the sky high building and,like attack them,like a terrorist attack on their sky,high school well i guess thats what,happened,im saying like its a joke but like,thats what happens at the end they do,get,taken by villains,[Music],where are we you see how they do that,they did that in reverse,so they went like this that was kind of,cool,its kind of a cool effect and they,unplugged it so in reverse,its its a neat a neat little trick a,neat little trick done by sky high,imagine if there was a sky high sky high,ride,sky high bus ride at disney world i,would have,been ecstatic that that was true but,they dont want to pay homage to sky,high because they suck,touching peoples asses in early 2000s,movies was way too common,you know what i mean like i feel like it,was way too just like it was like a,normal thing that happened,i loved her the most because she was a,cheerleader and then i loved it that she,was,herself she just had to count on herself,thats what i loved,hey everybody im gwen grayson your,student body president,i know youre all going to love it here,at sky high i know i have,i kind of had a crush on her i also had,a kind of crush on,magenta i loved her i love magenta so,i loved gwen but like i also had a very,big crush on,magenta so they were kind of fighting,for my love,i know fighting for my life you know,its tough competition out here,its how they decide where you go the,hero track the loser tracks,theres a loser track i believe the,preferred term is,hero support for now good deeds and good,luck,let the adventure thats kind of [ __ ],up to do it on their first day though,dont you think i feel like thats kind,of [ __ ] up to do the first test on,your first date to see where youre,placed whether youre a sidekick or a,hero,thats ridiculous thats its,outrageous so see,thats pretty impressive for a popsicle,sidekick how is that guy hero,he just has multiple hands he looks like,stitch,oh thats mosquito,i dont know how they uh put that into,the movie and expected us not to catch,that lets go he was slapping a kids,ass pause,i have to say this because i feel like,its like i dont know,i feel like its kind of weird and i,dont know if its weird or not,so im gonna be talking about an,experience i had whenever i was cheering,when i was sharing,i cheered for my 5 to 15 so about 10,years,common thing that happened to me,was one coach,that had a weird thing this sounds like,im making allegations im not making,allegations,it was just weird he would come up,behind you,and like grab your stomach and like,tickle you,or he would go up by your knees and like,pinch them,so you would like it would tickle your,knee um,i dont know i always found that very,weird,to i dont know it was like unwarranted,for no reason by the way too it wasnt,like something that like,you know you were you needed assistance,with or anything we would just be like,standing around,and it would be like kind of a thing to,keep your eye out for him because he,would come up and,touch you my my go-to was to,not give a reaction,because it seemed that when there was no,reaction he would go away,i believe in only using my powers when,the situation demands it well youre in,luck,this is the situation and im demanding,it but to participate in this test would,be to support a flawed system,i think the whole hero sidekick,dichotomy only serves to let me get this,straight,are you refusing to show me your powers,its more complicated than that i mean,scientist all right well pick it up,right after lunch,starting with i do have to say i kind of,agree that the,the hero sidekick thing for children i,feel like it kind of,you know probably has some big um,mental impacts mental health impacts in,the future,but i feel like she should have just,showed her powers i just like come on,just show us your powers,youre not supposed to use your powers,outside of the school gym,[Applause],theres hero sandwiches they split up,the sandwiches into sidekick sandwiches,and hero sandwiches,thats very messed up,dude what i swore in peace,thats war and peace yeah ive heard,about him his moms a hero and his dads,a super villain,bear in battle

SKY HIGH isnt appropriate for kids (the worst school EVER)

hello troublemakers ibaka been to,another movie commentary Monday special,guest this week Im so excited to,introduce you to him hes having a,childhood friend of mine his name is,scream Oh Soros hes a dinosaur I think,his real name is Dino roar but I like to,call him scream of Soros why is he,called scream of Soros because when you,squeeze him he makes a sound now I want,you to take a good hard look at him okay,look at him burn this image into your,brain,hes beady little eyes reading your soul,I want you to imagine in your head what,sort of sound scream of Soros makes do,you have it in your head what sort of,sound you think he makes you do okay,well its not that the sound that he,makes haunts my childhood are you ready,Im not ready one two three,thats the sound now you might be,thinking Dylan why would you own,something that sounds like that and,thats a very good question for my,mother because how can you be a parent,and go through the store youre in the,toy aisle and you see a dinosaur and,says squeeze I make a sound so you,squeeze and it makes this sound,and you as a parent you think you know,what my child would love to be scarred,Im gonna get him that I cant wait to,sign him up for years of therapy for,that one night when he gets out of bed,and then he accidentally steps on,screaming Soros and in his half days,sleep after coming out of a nightmare he,hears this sound and pees himself yeah I,cant wait for the therapist to have to,undo that spoiler alert she wasnt able,to its still with me I still remember,this is also my sex sound oh I wish I,was joking here we go this is a Disney,movie ice oh my god,why I dont know that these are Disney,movies until I do them what is this,intro its kind of sick kind of sick,gotta into it what they live a Steve and,Josie stronghold the top real estate,agents and the mature dog you have mad,superpowers youre literally the two,strongest people in the worlds and your,real estate agents put your [ __ ],powers to use um and dad were you born,with some sort of facial defect,why do you look like a 80 year old man,in a 10 year olds body are you Benjamin,Button hes not strong come on bro get,that up get it up get it up why dont I,see familiar hes got a face that Im,recognized why is he familiar that,Thanos,[Music],what is he pretending that hes strong,his parents dont know well how does he,not know how does he not know his sons,weak as [ __ ] want you to know how proud,I am that youll be attending my alma I,know what that dudes from Scott Pilgrim,[Music],nearly em who knows you know its kind,of dangerous its kind of dangerous to,pretend youre super strong dads like,like playing with a 45-pound wait what,if hes like ah here we go son hes,gonna [ __ ] kill his kid for you,thats a superpower,shes the human can crusher she can grow,plants fast,thats her power seems evil astruc our,morning commute so he can see what his,girlfriend,Laila no shes just my friend yeah,totally hi no sorry Im Larry you okay,no I was good I was fine by saying you,your girl no no no you were in the movie,last week,the movie that made me hate myself,uh-huh I hope his power is to die,[Music],he doesnt fly he just crashes yeah,explode the movies just about the two,greatest superheroes losing their son,okay thats sexual harassment and then,murder Im pretty sure both those are,illegal just laser her ass he lasered,her butthole oh theyre all one person,this is speed speed speed you couldnt,think of a better name run fast Ill be,speed hey youre from Scott Pilgrim -,[Music],thats like a game show graphic whats,her power is she a fairy principal,powers back,really principal [ __ ] powers can we,not have the principal of the,super-powered school be named mrs.,powers tell him how you feel Dinah roar,same out of this kid with no powers get,into this school they cant just be on,reputation alone reputation of his,parents you cant just get into this,elite school without having the,credentials just because your parents,are who they are who do you think you,are Olivia Jade yes you will do so in,front of the entire plus some short,shorts why are you doing in up short,shot those are short shorts to begin,with not egregious but then now were,getting a look up were gonna see his,balls by the end of this film my word is,law my judgment is stop get a camera up,to his face,you whats your name what is the purpose,of that ladder what is the purpose look,were a high tech school we have three,inch ladders that come out of our,platforms attend a sky high they just,have a car propped up and on the top of,the gym to drop at the press of a button,that seems like a weird feature the,school has thats a good power thats,everything good powers out here well,thats a kid that is a child maybe dont,touch kids butts so you can only turn,into a guinea pig oh theyre all,sidekicks oh all the sidekicks are gonna,band together and theres gonna be a,unique circumstance where their power is,gonna come in handy to defeat the,villain moms a hero and his dads a,super villain Baron battle your dad,busted his dad quadruple life sentence,the first day of sky high and I already,have an archenemy why bro he could be,your friend maybe now hes gonna be your,friend bet they gonna be tight they,gonna be a good dude made a freshman,breakfast on the committee so if youd,be interested we can your friends your,friends you ty say whats up bro say,whats up to him one time whats up,homie whats up Jacob,drop the car,well you almost youll see thats what,Im talking about,Oh goddamn hes got him paralyzed,oh you must never ever bring anyone into,the secret sanctum Kay people are,definitely getting into the secret,sanctum as soon as she came smashing,through the window well I knew she was,the one for me,royal pain got his and I got the,pacifier and this is my proudest,possession the three of us fighting,crime together side by side by side by,side I [ __ ] knew it,I knew it I know your disney jokes by,now its been like eight movies that,Ive done in a row choose your weapon,circuit really you have a handprint,reader to get to your pool sticks whats,the whats the point,okay so kid doesnt have he doesnt that,superpower is struggling to fit in,youll find your powers and youll bang,red here too Im pretty sure thats how,the movies gonna end,Oh Merrigan boy why are you not in shape,just go by Im gonna mask look at this,what is this your UMass you used to,fight crime that literally looks like a,tablecloth for a cape and your master,couldnt find at the dollar store lonely,okay Im just gonna say this,this man is beautiful eyes I dont know,about the mustache or the teeth or the,hair or the nose or the ears really,anything else but the eyes man blue,really just makes my eyes pop very,dramatic so Im saying,o villain attack please okay Shh theres,still Oh bro theyve been frozen for,days just one of the teachers isnt,gonna unfreeze him they got frozen,before the first day of orientation and,this is the montage thats taking place,over days possibly weeks maybe months,and the teachers just leave them out,there because I am my a sidekick who is,the head um aside hes telling them me,okay I dont have any powers Wow they,told them but you never said I mean good,throw weighted plates at you for years,how could you know say something son Im,proud to be a sidekick no youre not you,shouldnt because its got embarrassing,all I ever wanted for him was to save,the world how do you how are you that,bad of a parent to not know that your,kid doesnt have super powers all these,years but we will be the stronghold,three the greatest family the world has,ever known,youre right and he can always go into,real estate you know theres no way the,dad comes around that fast like thats,the thats the most important thing in,his life is his super powers no way he,gives up that easy well hey uh oh you,guys want to get [ __ ] up,oh no no not Jacob brought out the,werewolf no no no no no no hope we could,be friends thats hot,Dazz I I really want him to have,superpowers th

SKY HIGH Kritik Review (2021) Netflix

lasst uns doch mal über einen spanischen,action krimi sprechen den man seit,einigen tagen auf netflix anschauen kann,und damit geht es sie jetzt sky lebt in,den baracken außerhalb von madrid und,neben seinem job als mechaniker ist der,nachts als dieb unterwegs zusammen mit,seinen kumpanen räumen sie einen,juwelier nach dem anderen aus noch bevor,die polizei schafft vor ort zu sein,doch als appell in einem club estrela,kennenlernt parallel sich aber immer,weiter in gangster kreise verstrickt,aufsteigt und eine zweite frau seine,wege kreuzt ist kaum noch zu überschauen,was er eigentlich will,während die behörden ihm immer näher und,näher kommen sky geht 121 minuten oder,netflix altersfreigabe empfehlungen von,zwölf jahren und das dort seit dem,zweiten april 2021 anzuschauen ist ein,spanischer john tripp mit miguel heran,den viele als rio aus gehaus das geld es,sicherlich kennen der hauptrolle hat und,erzählt ihnen die geschichte eines,mannes dessen aufstieg in gangster,kreisen und dabei ist er leider ich für,eine relative langweilig einen film das,sind figuren oft blatt geschrieben sind,ein großteil austauschbar die besten,charaktere eigentlich die frauenrollen,sind nach dem hatte er im fokus legen,sollen innerhalb von skype eine,schreckliche lichtsetzung wie ich finde,eine oft nicht gut funktionierende musik,auch mit der kamera führen weil ich,nicht zufrieden kurzum es glaube ich in,den deutschen charts bei netflix dieser,tage auf platz zwei aus mir angeguckt,und das ist aus meiner sicht wirklich,nicht viel geworden ein film der ehe,mein durchhaltevermögen prüft weil er,erzähle und absehbar ist und leider,richtig schade weil auch spanien kommt,nur wieder sehr interessante genre filme,über das sollte zumindest meiner,auffassung keine,dieser art sein was stört mich denn so,miguel heran als appell ist eben ein,charakter der im grunde diese ganze,robustheit die ganze zeit mit sich trägt,und als figur sich nie so wirklich,entwickelt wenn ich mitgucken wurde auf,wurde anfängt das ist irgendwie der,gleiche typ nur in einem anderen umfeld,am ende ohne wirkliche eine entwicklung,durch zu machen und wenn es dann,emotional wird und der auftritt von,emotionalen entscheidungen eben einen,bestimmten weg wir glauben dass nicht,auch die führungsqualitäten und die,präsenz die man braucht um so einen film,zu tragen ist aus meiner sicht nicht,darf oder nicht vorhanden insgeheim war,richtig schade ich fand carolina ist und,ein asiatischer wenn sie heißen als,trainer und als sole weil viel viel,besser die haben eine ganz andere,präsenz dann ganz andere stärke werden,aber beide im grunde nur als mittel zum,zweck als motiv für die hauptfigur,verwendet und dürfen dann,dementsprechend herhalten und da wäre,das sogar recht tezcan haut das ding sie,sind dann entweder wenn sie mal reden,dürfen reden sie über ein mann wenn sie,gemeinsam reden oder ansonsten halten,sie wirklich als das motiv des films für,liebe leidenschaft und körperlichkeit,her,das ist ehrlich gesagt zu wenig aus,meiner sicht in alle anderen gangster,figuren die auf trage aber auch behörden,charaktere bekommen so wenig,charakterzeichnung und das obwohl der,film wird zwei stunden geht dass sie,nahezu immer austauschbarer wirken das,fand ich schade die kameraarbeit,ebenfalls oft mit der handkamera,unterwegs dann irgendwelche fahrten,wieder ausziehen weil man zur tür geht,dann wieder anspringen dann ganz oft,umrissen in der unschärfe wobei von der,tiefe her bestimmte punkte total im,fokus liegen müssten dass es dann so ein,künstlerischer ansatz und filter sehe,ich überhaupt nicht mag und vor allem,bei der lichtsetzung die fast,durchgehend zu hell und grell aus meiner,sicht das aber jeder lichtpunkt jede,lampe die abgebildet wird den,ausgebrannten eigenen lens flare mit,sich bringt kann ich total anstrengend,und gefällt mir ehrlich gesagt überhaupt,nicht aber das ging richtig auf die,nerven weil es gar die musik ist mir,leider immer wieder zu drüber und wirkt,auch nicht fertig und yahoo bekleidung,aus den figuren angepasst die effekte,sehen okay auch wenn die auf trachten,das ist soweit stimmt mich aber ich sag,am ende außer den frauenrollen die viel,zu kurz kommen waren nichts wo ich sage,aber es war okay deswegen bin ich jetzt,da wahnsinnig gerne dran geblieben,mal rein technisch von lichtsetzung,kameraarbeit auch musik abgesehen ist,die geschichte einfach viel zu zäh,erzählt die charaktere überhaupt nicht,ausgeschrieben aus meiner sicht und der,film einfach oft zu langweilig dagegen,fällt es mir schwer die irgendwie man zu,empfehlen er klickt dann auf vier von,zehn möglichen punkten von mir als,action krimi walde action party dann ab,und zu mal auf blüht er ist aus meiner,sicht mit zug zu viereinhalb ich bin,gnädig viereinhalb dann kriegt er,insgesamt dreieinhalb von 10 möglichen,punkten das wirklich nicht dollar,aber wie immer bei netflix ist es ja so,weil vieles haben und dann gerade wieder,einen film raus ist und man glaube ich,manchmal auch so ein bisschen das gefühl,verliert davon wie richtige story,telling funktioniert wenn man die ganze,zeit immer nur diese streaming sieht was,ich persönlich schade finde kann ich mir,vorstellen dass einige sein er ist ja,ganz grandios ich finde dass es keine,tolle kiste,ein solcher film wurde im kino glaube,ich sagen und klanglos untergehen gut,schade ist es ich rede nicht ganz,schlecht über filme der hier hat aus,meiner sicht leider nicht anders,verdient haben nicht am ende meiner,review zu sky,ich bedanke mich für einschalten wird,euch ganz viel spaß beim filmeschauen,[Musik]

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