1. Slow Horses review – Gary Oldman is brilliant in Apple TV+ adaptation of Mick Herrons novel
  2. Slow Horses (2022) Apple TV Plus Original Series Review | Season 2 Review
  3. Slow Horses – Season 1 | RECAP
  4. Slow Horses (2022) Apple TV Plus Series Review | Episodes 1 – 2
  5. Hilarious Gary Oldman Interview with SLOW HORSES Co-star Jack Lowden
  6. Slow Horses Apple+ Original Series Review
  7. Slow Horses Season 2 Apple TV+ Series Review – (Episode 1)

Slow Horses review – Gary Oldman is brilliant in Apple TV+ adaptation of Mick Herrons novel

if you are a fan of the great british,spy drama then its time to move fast to,apple tv plus,for slow horses,i dont normally do these kind of,speeches but this feels like a big,moment,i know its not easy being banished from,mi5 to my department,but thats on you,only screw-ups get sent to,slaughterhouse and ive got to be honest,working with you has been the lowest,point and a disappointing career,right hey tim here from screen od i hope,youre having a great day thanks so much,for joining us now we talked a little,bit before about apple tv plus they are,in what you might call a purple patch,theyve been making some fantastic shows,in the last few weeks and months from,the likes of severance which is ben,stillers thriller starring adam scott,you have had the last days of ptolemy,gray which stars samuel l jackson and,then even more recently the epic drama,pachinko which i recommend you go and,watch all three of those if youve got a,chance but not before youve watched,this video about the latest show from,apple tv plus this time its very much a,british show its very much a spy show,and its one that will please fans of,that genre yes indeed slow horses is,what were going to talk about today,just a tiny reminder if you love tv and,film and you want to find out whats,great to watch all the time and have it,direct to your youtube feed why not hit,that subscribe button and if you like,this video of course wed love it if you,like the video,anyway lets get on with it okay so,whats all this about well this is a,show based on a novel by mick heron it,follows the fortunes of the people who,work in slough house now this is not the,glamorous side of mi5 this is not the,place where you would expect to see,spies doing exciting things this is a,place of drudgery of paperwork and of,boredom its a place where spies have,been sent who have done stuff wrong so,essentially this is a kind of purgatory,for people who work in mi5 and its a,place that they hope to one day get out,of but in many cases it looks like they,might not we are introduced to slaugh,house and the people who work there,through the eyes of river cartwright at,the beginning of the series we see him,involved in a big mission at stansted,airport to try and apprehend a terrorist,now that doesnt go to plan now,thankfully we find out later that it was,just a training mission however it went,so badly that he is thrown to,sloughhouse for a period of time and we,understand it could have been a lot,worse were it not for his grandfather,having been an incredibly big cheese in,the secret services and perhaps his,intervention is all that it was between,him perhaps leaving mi5 completely and,ending up in this purgatorial state in,mi5 nonetheless hes stuck there now and,theres not much going on what are you,looking for,the remnants of a once promising career,house is like prison youre not supposed,to ask what youre in for,i actually want to be useful i could not,be more bored if i tried you probably,know how many people have made it back,from our house upstairs here at regents,park bringing you up the speeds like,trying to explain norway to a dog the,guy running the show in slough house is,jackson lamb he is played by gary oldman,in an excellent way as always gary,oldman shines on the screen but his,cynicism and his realization that,everything that theyre doing at,slaughterhouse is pretty much pointless,and no one should get excited when,anything happens because theyre not,going to have anything to do with it is,something that really shines through and,really holds your attention every time,hes on screen now we meet quite a lot,of the different characters who work in,sloughhouse and on a kind of sliding,scale you can tell some of them might,get out of there one day and others seem,that they are destined to spend the rest,of their careers pushing paper clips,around desks one who does feel like,theyre going to get out one of the,standout characters in the series is sid,whos played by olivia cook and shes,got a real spark to her character and,you can tell that shes going to be an,important part of the story as it goes,on and although we dont see him much,jonathan price as always is excellent in,this series playing david who is the,grandfather of river and a man who knows,a lot more about how the secret service,works than most and is there in a kind,of advisory capacity to river and also a,real kind of reminder to him of just how,good it could be if he can make his way,out of slough house which is what drives,him forward when it turns out that a,young student from pakistani descent has,been taken hostage by right-wing,terrorists and they are threatening to,behead him at sunrise suddenly the story,springs into action at the end of,episode one and we realized that the,slow horses although theyre not meant,to may have one or two races left in,them but there are going to be things,that get in the way im sure because,diana taverner played with a plum by,kristin scott thomas is there at the,head of the proper mi5 headquarters and,i think theyre going to have a thing or,two to say about anyone from sloughhouse,getting involved in their operations,hostage,hes being held here,there is something finally happening,what has it got to do with you,whatevers going on to be handled by the,real agents,[Music],and so we have a really good,old-fashioned spy drama this is the kind,of show that if you like british spy,dramas you are going to love as we,mentioned before the cast is fantastic,but their performances collectively are,also really really strong the script is,tight and there is nothing that happens,in the show that doesnt need to be,there for a reason and the pacing is,incredibly effective to keep you going,all the way through the episode as the,screw begins to tighten if youre,looking for a quick fix or for gimmicks,or for something thats flash in a pan,this isnt the show for you because this,is a show that you invest your time in,and it pays you back double treble,quadruple what you put in i mean not not,literally it cant make time as far as i,know no tv show can do that but what it,does do and hopefully you understand the,analogy is it repays that time to you,with pleasure of viewing its a really,great piece of tv and i recommend that,you go and watch it right now on apple,tv plus thanks for watching i hope you,enjoyed the video if you did why not hit,that like button right now and share,this video to more people across the,youtube community and hopefully they can,go and watch slow horses too if youve,seen the show already and you want to,let us know what you think please leave,in the comments below what you thought,of slow horses and any other shows that,you might recommend to people who like,it and of course dont forget to,subscribe to the screen od channel for,all the best tv and movies content,direct to your feed okay until next time,well see you,[Music]

Slow Horses (2022) Apple TV Plus Original Series Review | Season 2 Review

Jackson lamb and the sloughhouse crew,are back on a new case in season two of,the Apple TV plus original series slow,horses this second season uses the book,Dead Lions as its source so how does,this one play out,after a former colleague is found dead,lamb and the slow horses uncover a long,buried secret that could spell danger,for the entire United Kingdom so the,first two episodes dropped at once and,then there will be one episode each week,for the remaining four this is a quick,six episode run with each of them being,about 45 minutes now the surviving cast,from the first season returns along with,a few new additions to sloughhouse and,in true fashion theres very little,development or even introduction given,to them at the start of the show as this,season goes along though we get more,insight into each of the new ones and,also why they ended up with the slow,horses Gary Oldman continues with his,dark and biting sarcasm that borders on,harassment and yet its still funny to,watch Hes crotchety and filthy and he,looks like hes having a blast with the,character Jack Louden also Returns His,River Cartwright and while hes still a,large focus of the overall story he,doesnt get all the screen time I am,still loving that antagonistic banter,between River and lamp and as biting as,it can be theres that sense that lamb,does have a hidden soft spot and despite,what he may say out loud I think he,really does think that River can be a,great agent as much as I enjoyed the,first season I think I like this one,even better the mystery angle is,intriguing and while some of it does,feel predictable or obvious there are,elements that kept me guessing all the,way through theres also building,intensity on several fronts which helps,to amp up the excitement and the tension,and when the final two episodes arrive,there is a huge urgency thats felt and,I loved the stress that it created as,the ticking clock is just multi-pronged,and it affected just about every story,arc now the one thing that Im not,totally thrilled about for this season,and it was the same with season one The,Weekly release its just not as,satisfying of a watch yeah there are,Cliffhanger endings to so many of the,episodes but Im afraid that the,suspense and the urgency that Id,mentioned is going to be lessened if you,dont binge it as a whole or at least a,few episodes at a time and this is more,like a mini series where the stories,contain into just this season I mean at,least for the most part we still follow,the characters and get to know them more,and more each season but the events from,season one they dont come into play,here other than being referenced for,character moments now I was a bit,surprised by some of the emotion thats,contained within this season there are,some moments that caught me completely,off guard and while I may not like what,the show did specifically I can respect,how much more it engaged me with the,story and the characters and speaking of,those characters one of my favorites,from last season was Standish played by,saskia Reeves now once more she gets,some moments within the story that,continue to build out the character and,make her very robust and shes still,pretty mysterious but I love how much of,her talent and background is obscured,and then it slowly eeked out for us just,in necessary bits for a particular,moment in the story now I still havent,read the books that this show is based,on but my guess is that she has a very,deep storyline and connection within,this and that were going to continue to,learn more about her and and were,probably going to be surprised as well,now something I found odd but also,intriguing is how this season,accentuated Roddys loner bravado I mean,it was certainly present in that first,season but here it feels even more,dialed up making them out to be pretty,much a jerk in every encounter we see,him in and thats kind of a bummer,because I was beginning to like him by,the end of last season but this go,around it was harder to enjoy the,character or even want to see him on,screen because of how off-putting he,could be the two new additions to the,team are played by kataf kerawan and Amy,fion Edwards and thankfully they both,get more screen time than Olivia Cook,did in season one now each of them,handles a different portion of the story,but both are very charismatic and,energetic and I also found them easy to,connect with because their personalities,are just a tiny bit sarcastic but,theres also this matter-of-factness and,genuineness to them which makes it,pretty likable and for the visual,aspects of this it looks great its very,European and cinematic a lot of the time,there wide shots that minimize the,character in favor of just showing,surroundings and I really appreciate how,that shows a sense of scale as just the,character will run through an area or,maybe even be dwarfed by everything,around them so for me I was really,invested in the story and the characters,I think some of that came about because,I was able to binge the entire season as,a whole rather than watching it episode,by episode I think you have a better,time with a binge session even if its,half the season and then you wait a few,weeks and then binge the rest I mean,that way you get to experience the,growing suspense and anxiety as the,story really should be experienced now I,had a blast with this and I continued to,laugh at the very dark and dour humor,especially when it was delivered by Gary,Oldman and I hope you have fun with it,too theres no sex or nudity a lot of,profanity and a bunch of very brutal,violence I give season two of slow,horses four out of five couches so did,you enjoy the first season and have you,been looking forward to this new one,also do you have a favorite character,let me know in the comments below if you,enjoyed this please give it a like also,dont forget to share and subscribe Im,Chris this is movies and Munchies thanks,for couching with me

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Slow Horses – Season 1 | RECAP

look,i i i dont normally do these kind of,speeches but this feels like a big,moment and if it all turns to and i,might not see any of you again,youre useless the lot of you,working with you has been the lowest,point and a disappointing career,right,river cartwright races against time to,find a suicide bomber before they can,set the bomb off after misconstruing,webbs descriptions of the suspect,cartwright tries to make things right,sadly he fails to get to the bomber in,time leading to hundreds of casualties,the whole thing ends up being a training,simulation but it didnt make the,repercussions any easier as a result of,cartwrights mistake hes assigned to,the slow horses a dysfunctional team and,slaw house made entirely of mi5 rejects,the boss jackson lamb gives cartwright,the role of sifting through robert,hobdens trash regularly while sid runs,surveillance on hobdens in maxs cafe,robert hobden is a far-right nationalist,journalist who seems to be on the mi5s,radar despite his career being a thing,of the past at the cafe sid,surreptitiously copies the files,hobdens working on and hands it over to,lamb lamb in turn has cartwright deliver,it to diana taverner the number two of,mi5 in regents park on the way there,cartwright sabotages the security of the,delivery and makes a copy for himself,later that night while everyone leaves,for home cartwright stays back to watch,impassioned speeches of greg simmons,whos a rich hardened right-wing,nationalist meanwhile hobdens at the,phone trying to convince someone that,theres going to be an attack soon but,the person doesnt believe him somewhere,a young student and comedian and his,friend hassan ahmed show up at a bar,hassan sits with the audience and,watches the performance however as a,song leaves for home after the gig he,gets abducted the following day,cartwright meets roddy to help access,the files he copied but he discovers,that the contents are useless on his way,out roddy draws his attention to the,scene on live tv where a group of,right-wing nationalists known as the,sons of albion have hassan and promised,to execute him publicly the following,day,the sons of albion comprising of mo,curly larry and zeppo hang in their,hideout with hassan secured in the,basement after curly raises some,concerns mo goes to check on hassan to,be certain hes okay then he informs him,of their plan to have him beheaded,before leaving during a meeting with,concerned authorities diana gives them a,brief on hassan as she leaves she,informs them of a new plan to meet the,pakistani ambassador because hassan is a,person of importance but diana isnt the,only person making trips cartwright who,had left slawhouse with permission,visits webb and tries to get information,about hobdens usb stick but its,useless as well when he returns to,slaughterhouse he makes roddy hack,hobdens email but they discover that,not only is there no email to hack,hobden is completely offline meanwhile,in his office lamb ponders on the,coincidence of diana giving them a,mission on a nationalist like hobden at,the same time the sons of albion have,kidnapped hassan bothered by the lack of,leads cartwright revisits the pile of,hobdens garbage in his office and goes,through it until he finds elements of,iron oxide used to create a chemical,that destroys hard disks this makes him,suspect that hobden must have something,really important in his laptop and,decides to go after it elsewhere moody,whom catherine had noticed didnt show,up for work meets discreetly with diana,and reveals that hes been spying on,lamb the entire time,thus diana decides to give him new,instructions before leaving at about the,same time,curly finds a cell phone somewhere in,their hideout and uses it to send a,message still following his hunch,cartwright decides to tail hobden all,the way from maxs cafe to his home,however sid joins him while hes waiting,outside his home as they talk she tells,him that she wasnt sent by taverner to,watch him suddenly they notice a masked,attacker going into hobdens house and,decide to follow him in cartwright is,able to free hobden from the attacker,but the attacker bests him and gives sid,a gunshot wound to the head,before leaving,[Music],at slaw house min and luiza get attacked,by the masked man that shot sid after a,scuffle min inadvertently pushes the man,off the stairwell and breaks his neck,they have the shock of their lives when,they realize the masked man is moody,cartwright having followed a wounded sid,to the hospital gets incarcerated by a,dog,a member of an mi5 internal security,unit but gets unexpectedly freed by lamb,frustrated by peter judd constantly,turning down his calls hobden decides to,turn up at his front door at the wake of,the attack on him,there it comes to light that peter isnt,associated with the incident and doesnt,want to be until hobden points out,hassans death can hurt his career when,hobden threatens him with an old photo,peter has to resort to violence to take,him out of his home at slaw house lamb,uses the phone he took off moodys,corpse to schedule a meeting with diana,there he learns the full extent of her,plan,she had staged the kidnapping as a plan,to get all the nationalist groups at a,go and also curry the favor of the,pakistani intelligence by staging a,rescue of hassan whos a nephew of,mohammed gul a top-ranking member of,pakistani intelligence diana tries to,rope lam into her scheme when he refuses,she threatens him with providing,catherine his secretary information,about her deceased husband charles boxed,in lamb agrees to play along feeling,suspicious curly walks up to the rest of,the boys playing cards and starts asking,mo questions unsatisfied with the,answers he tries to behead hassan right,there but mo tells him to back down or,hed tell sigmund about his behavior,curly pretends to behave but strikes,when mo has his back turned as per the,plan he had with diana earlier lamb and,the rest of the slow horses go to the,white nationalist hideout only to find,it empty with moes headless body on the,ground and his head on the table,[Music],lamb makes all members of the slow,horses take precautionary measures to,avoid detection,then all of them disperse with,instructions to find those who arent,with them and reconvene at blakes grave,at the same time curly is driving larry,zeppo and hassan somewhere else larry,and zeppo are freaking out the plan was,never to kill hassan however curly,intends to follow through with the,execution at regents park diana finds,out about the death of mo who was,actually an mi5 agent called alan black,and placed there by diana she then gets,a call from ingrid the head of mi5 to,clean up the mess before she shows up,even if it means doing away with the,slow horses diana does just that tasking,nick with bringing the slow horses to,heel when men and louisa get to strawns,home they discover that theyre too late,agent pierce has already beaten them to,him and are taking him to regents park,simultaneously another dog goes after,roddy to bring him in as well but,cartwright gets to him first intent on,apprehending lamb webb and duffy go to a,cafe and find that hes booked flights,to istanbul and many other locations,however diana discovers the roofs and,tells them where hes going to be after,the call diana goes to meet strawn and,offers him a return to regents park in,return for incriminating information on,lam as cartwright and roddy drive away,roddy is asked to pull up info on alan,black on seeing him cartwright thinks,allen is familiar but cant quite figure,out where he saw him they make a detour,at the hospital sids at and cartwright,goes in to see her meanwhile lam,successfully gets catherine to follow,him after voicemails from diana threaten,to sabotage their work relationship as,they get out of the house theyre,apprehended by nick and webb at the,hospital one of cartwrights past,memories was said helps him realize a,tiny detail regarding allens identity,that hed let slip however leaving the,hos

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Slow Horses (2022) Apple TV Plus Series Review | Episodes 1 – 2

gary oldman and a modern spy thriller,yes please slow horses is the new series,on apple tv plus with the first two,episodes premiering this weekend grab,your trench coat and your minox camera,lets dive in,slow horses follows a team of british,intelligence agents who serve in a,dumping ground department of mi5 due to,their career ending mistakes led by,their brilliant but irascible leader,they navigate the espionage worlds,smoke and mirrors to defend england from,sinister forces so like i said this,stars gary oldman but joining him are,kristin scott thomas jack louden olivia,cook and jonathan price there are going,to be six episodes in total with the,first two dropping this weekend now im,gonna do weekly reviews as the episodes,just release kind of in a way to torture,myself because in order to do this,review i had to stop from watching,anything beyond episode 2 and now i just,experienced the long weekly weight like,everybody else this show starts out with,a bang in an incredibly tense opening,sequence i mean my adrenaline was peaked,almost immediately and then as the show,went along it went up and down gary,oldman plays a tarnished mi5 agent who,has been relegated to working with the,rejects from the british spy service,hes expertly grumpy rude and just,generally fed up with life because hes,been sent to exile he brings his,unhappiness to everybody under his,leadership and old man is perfect in the,role hes unshaven a little overweight i,mean we rarely see him wearing shoes,which then showcases just how ratty his,socks are and hes pretty much always,got a glass of scotch on hand helping,him to stay at this even level of,semi-drunk now hes abrasive and were,not supposed to like him but theres,also something that sits behind his eyes,that makes me believe theres more to,the character that weve been shown jack,louden plays an eager and determined,agent whos basically exiled for penance,and we get the sense that his shunned,time wont be permanent but because hes,brash and he doesnt really listen to,authority he could find himself turfed,for good i really love him as a,character because hes very charismatic,and at least for now hes been the main,driver of the story and hes witty too,which i think allows for some quick and,funny humor a lot of the time the humor,is dry or sarcastic and not just from,loudoun i mean but all of the characters,really get to share in it to some degree,there are also several moments in this,that louden sometimes looks like a,younger simon pig i mean its not just,with the similar hair color but the way,that he creates facial expressions to,give off a similar vibe but because hes,young and new to mi5 hes impatient when,it comes to serving his time this adds a,great level of drama and even tension to,the narrative we find him in situations,that begin to create some suspense and,because of how the story plays out,theres this growing sense of urgency as,well and that helps to build anxiety,olivia cook has a smaller role in the,first two episodes but we get a good,sense of who she is and what shes able,to bring to the table she appears to be,way more capable than most of those that,are exiled and shes a good match for,loudons character they have good,chemistry together and they bounce,dialogue off each other in quick but,natural ways both kristen scott thomas,and jonathan price are powerhouses when,theyre on screen especially thomas but,neither of them has had an overwhelming,amount of screen time yet the first two,episodes will give you almost two full,hours of stressful entertainment and,then the next three episodes are going,to be shorter in the low 40 minute mark,the pace of the first two is driving and,intense but its not rushed the story,maintains a pretty high level of tension,even though not every single scene is,filled with action and sometimes the,tension just comes from one person,following another i mean that game of,cat and mouse is exciting and incredibly,engaging and there are other characters,within the exiled group but the majority,of them have not really been explored,yet except for skaskia reeves now she,plays the secretary to oldman and kind,of the house moment also now apparently,one of her tasks is to keep an eye on,all of the other misfits but shes got,this quiet snark tour im also really,enjoying her character development as we,get glimpses into her life before this,assignment and knowing that there is so,much more than yet to be shown and what,it has to do with other characters,theyre pivotal of the plot this is very,british when it comes to the look and,feel of the production which is,something i absolutely love there are,wonderfully framed shots that put a,character in the bottom left or right of,the screen and then have the rest of,that screen taken up by the environment,now i dont really see too many other,regions using this technique i think it,looks amazing especially because its,not overused in this im impressed at,the level of character investment the,show has been able to create in such a,short period of time there are some key,moments that work to endear us even more,to the players and when the tensions,raise i am genuinely concerned for their,outcome now something that may tick you,off is that after giving us two episodes,to just get us incredibly hooked on the,show the second episode ends at a climax,its mean but its also very engaging,and effective in leaving me wanting more,and i absolutely want more the humor is,subtle but effective and the mystery and,intrigue work to create wonderful drama,our characters are frustrating impatient,and charismatic even when theyre doing,their best to be off-putting the look,and the feel of the episodes are top,quality i mean exactly what youd expect,from a british series the storytelling,is tight and its compelling with an,urgency that keeps the tension high,without rushing the narrative if youre,a fan of spy shows exciting dramas dry,humor or really anything british,definitely give this one a go and while,it may be more satisfying to binge it,all at once at the end youre gonna rob,yourself of weeks of watching enjoyment,if you dont tune in as it rolls out,theres no sex and nudity a lot of,profanity and some violence i give,episodes one and two of slow horses four,and a half out of five couches are you a,fan of british shows no if not why the,heck not but if you are do you have a,favorite mine is luther with idris elba,whos my man crush but let me know yours,in the comments below if you enjoyed,this review please give it a like also,dont forget to share and subscribe im,chris this is movies and munchies thanks,for couching with me

Hilarious Gary Oldman Interview with SLOW HORSES Co-star Jack Lowden

by the way gary im going to buy you a,new pair of socks the next time i see,you ill be walking,the new paris,well why are you there could you get me,some new underwear,here we are again gary great to see you,again and jack its awesome to meet you,man,great great,uh i like this because ill just start,from the top it is it is james bond,without james bond if that makes any,sense,to you guys gary is that a fair,assessment of of this amazing series,uh,yeah yeah its uh,its the espionage world but,i think one that the audience can relate,to it its you know its peopled with,all these characters who are like you,and i and theyre flawed and,and,you know james,james bond is its,great value for money i mean im a fan,and i love james bond grew up on james,bond and think daniel craig is a great,great bond and sad to see him go but,it is fantastical,its a fantasy,um this is more grounded,and um a little,more down to more down to earth than and,as packed with,humor as well theres a great dark,streak of humor that runs through the,drama,and im im so happy that you brought,that up because there are so many laughs,in this by the way gary im going to buy,you a new pair of socks the next time i,see you ill be walking,the new paris,well why are you there could you get me,some new underwear,youre going to need it my friend i know,theyre watching this right now like,what are they talking about youll have,to see slow horses hey jack what do you,know more about mi5 work that you didnt,know before,uh that its boring,that a large part of it is boring i,think um,uh but its its well short and well lit,no its um,it is it is but its its made me laugh,its very um stupid what what what what,i love is what i was just thinking is,what other,spy espionage thing do you see the,people leave,the place of work and go do you want do,you want to drink yeah ive got them oh,come on get a drink,yeah then they end up in the launch,wreck yeah,its like you never see theres you know,its like what did they say about kiefer,sutherland in 24 its like you never saw,him go go for a pee,or you never saw a meat or something,like that and its its true you never,see,yeah you size yeah you see you you see,them sort of having sex,theres always that something yeah or,leaning against a wall in a yeah,and looking good,but yeah we really do see warts and all,with this show,yeah hey yeah gary tell me about and,this is for anybody that wants to answer,but what i just i was listening to this,song as im watching the series you know,last night my mom and i watched it we,were both just laughing throughout the,entire thing just totally taken in with,it so kudos on that but mick jagger is,doing your theme,when did you find out that that was,happening gary did you did you hear it,and go okay same thing that happened,with me or,no,no,it i think pemberton the the the,composer came up,with the tune,um and then,i i dont i think,i think mick can i call him mick why you,know why not i think mick then threw his,hat in the ring because he was a huge,fan of the books,and um,that was the coolest thing i,had for a long time yeah he wants to,what yeah and he wanted to come in and i,think it happened all very quickly he,was uh he was familiar with the books,loved the project,um and uh came up with you know with,some lyrics,and work work with the composer and uh,and thats the theme song but i built i,hear it all that all came to,get together very quickly and then we,just i just heard through the grapevine,it was like one of those things oh by,the way you know,mick jaggers doing the same song,thats just so cool like jack just,alluded to not everybody gets mick,jagger not everybody gets both of you i,appreciate your time really great to see,you again gary great to meet you jack,thanks for everything all right thank,you cheers,[Music],[Music],you

Slow Horses Apple+ Original Series Review

and welcome to the ruby tuesday my name,is ruben and this is my review for,apples original series slow horses let,me know in the comments below had you,heard of this dont forget to like and,subscribe that really does help out the,channel i hate asking that but every now,and again i kind of go look at my,analytics and go um i need some help,here guys,but for now lets jump in this darkly,funny espionage drama follows a team of,british intelligent agents who serve in,a dumping ground department of mi5 due,to their career ending mistakes led by,the brilliant irrecessible leader the,notorious jackson lamb they navigate the,espionage worlds of smoke and mirror to,defend england from sinister forces okay,so here is a classic british series that,normally you would find on the bbc its,six episodes 45 minutes a piece and the,first two episodes i believe have just,dropped on apple the thing is youre,definitely going to want to watch,the continuations the next episodes,because its a classic long movie that,theyve chopped up in two bits thats,what it feels like,of note is the cast the cast is crazy,awesome we have gary aldman who plays,jackson lamb olivia cook who said baker,kirsten scott thomas says jonathan price,jack loden and when it comes to gary,oldman normally if you told me uh yeah,gary oldmans in it id be like cool im,down im going to watch that and he,doesnt disappoint he plays this broken,i guess hes he is still asian but,everybody a part of this organization is,like they kind of are forgotten its,that corner of the office that nobody,really wants to talk about the dirty,secret of like where agents havent,quite made it and you cant really fire,them and we dont quite want to you know,knock them off just yet so were going,to keep them in the branch of the,government that we dont really talk,about the governments dirty secret and,so here we have gary oldman he drinks,too much he smokes too much he swears,too much and he really doesnt give a,crap about anybody even his own agent,but they are his own agents and anybody,messes with them you hell have him to,answer for it,you kind of start warming up to him,later though in the episode so dont go,into it and go i just really dont like,his character hes a douchebag i dont,like him its gary oldman,as you start seeing the episodes and the,story unfolding and the story is classic,espionage whodunit whos involved why,are people doing cloak and dagger who do,you trust its great i dont want to do,any spoilers because youll keep,guessing and youll be like oh i knew,that was coming and then be like oh i,didnt know that was coming its a great,little puzzle piece moment and you feel,vindictive when youre like ah i got it,before my partner did or,one of those games i do like playing,that with my wife when we were like,watching its like yeah i got it youre,like really i didnt see that,or you know vice versa it is really fun,the thing is about it it says,dark comedy,and dark is right i dont know that,comet is the right words for this it is,comedic in nature where some of the,stuff that happens i guess although the,way they react i guess you could call it,slightly dark but i would say its,mostly just an espionage thriller with,comedic tendencies in places its not a,comedy at all dont go into it thinking,that there are jokes if you had yet,because they arent theyre funny,moments that the characters kind of the,way they react but for me this is this,classic espionage one of the best story,lines ive seen in a long time a lot of,fun and you know gary oldmans ending,kirsten scott,thomas isnt it john the price those,three names should have you chomping at,the bit at least its also not as slow,as some um espionage thrillers have been,of late even some of the bbc stuff,sometimes they really drag it out,theres enough action here to keep you,invested in the characters theres,enough character development to keep you,invested without letting us know,everything at the front and then theres,enough of the story that you kind of,know nothing about but lets you know,enough to keep you invested so theyre,kind of taking all the boxes very well,filmed great atmos atmosphere um kind of,grips you at the beginning and then,every episode like towards the end,youre like oh i definitely want to,click onto the next episode to see,whats,coming which is why i might suggest,waiting until all the episodes are out,and then watching it so you can watch,its just six episodes easy binge very,much a bingeable series very well worth,putting this on i havent had this much,for series i havent had this much fun,watching in a spy thriller series in a,long time theres some that just havent,quite hit the mark even with films,just you know not quite good enough but,this i think people are really going to,gravitate towards and go yeah this is,what i wanted this this ticked my,spycraft um,like the gap sometimes you get a gap or,a lull in tv series and movies that you,havent had for a while and you like if,youre one of those i think youre going,to find this this is different,interesting im going to give this four,nicholas cages out of five thanks so,much for watching dont forget to like,and subscribe check out chris from,movies and munchies of mine ruben from,the ruby tuesday patreon ill leave a,link below but most of all until next,time remember live long tuesday,[Music],you

Slow Horses Season 2 Apple TV+ Series Review – (Episode 1)

slow horses was a magical find of season,one in the Apple original series that is,basically feels like its a BBC original,but its definitely an apple original,and so I was very excited to hear that,this got renewed and then it came out of,nowhere that it kind of is its out on,Friday the first two episodes the,Embargo is up and I was just like wow,they didnt waste any time so Im gonna,be talking about that first episode as,only the first two episodes drop I dont,want to do any spoilers but kind of,remind you of why this series is what it,is,is it still sticking The Landing in this,first episode of the second season kind,of those questions so lets jump in slow,horses is a Darkly funny Espionage drama,of a team-based British intelligent,agents who serve in a Dumping Ground,Department of MI5 due to their career,ending mistakes I mean one of the draws,for this series is obviously going to be,Gary Oldman I loved him in the first,season for me the harshness of his,character was building his agents back,up without them even knowing it and so,when we get the story that we had in,season one which was fairly big in the,end I would say that that is by the by I,was like okay weve got an Espionage,story I expect that to happen but when,they were in their offices at,sloughhouse and the characters were,interacting with each other thats when,it shines its kind of like the office,Espionage almost filmed that way and,then we have the story that comes around,it and thats whats great about episode,1 of season two theyve stuck The,Landing because theyve gone with what,theyre good at but theyve also,introduced a new arc a new story that,starts off with something happening with,to somebody and our agents that then,have to pick up the slack,as they the agents that are there,already are trying to get out of,sloughhouse because its known as their,place where agents go to die thats,thats the end of your career and so,theyre all kind of scattered theyre,still around but theyre kind of,scattered and so Gary oldmans character,has to bring them back really to focus,in the way that he does best by,underhanding them by bringing them down,but this season particular especially,this first episode so far what Gary has,done what weve seen him do with his,character we get to see him outside a,bit and act as someone else or almost,act as someones relation and you see,how he can switch through his character,the performance he brings in every role,Gary Oldman is always the thing to go,and find if hes in something youll,know itll be good regardless of what,hes in and then you get the feather in,the cap as if what is in is actually,really good then you know youre in for,a treat I dont know that Gary Oldman,has ever done a TV series but the fact,that he keeps coming back to this this,one kind of gives you an idea as to the,Quality then you have the comedy mixed,in with the the kind of real world,elements of whats Happening you have,them sticking the landing with the,comedy thats already Works simple,things like the door to sloughhouse is,so broken that you have to kick it in,with your foot really jingle it they,have no money you know expenses to build,anything up theyve just got to kind of,use their brains and old old technology,and building around them and try and,circumnavigate this place that theyve,been put in you know sloughhouse has no,money nobody cares about them whenever,they say something they dont trust them,because theyve made mistakes in their,career and this is kind of like the dark,house where people put them that is,still the case yeah so youre very much,on the on their side because rooting for,the underdog I find at least is really,fun and so we have this first initial,meet up again of our team coming back,together having to face a new story a,new arc and then getting going so its,just getting going theres theres some,in Intrigue and mystery as to whats,happening with our characters there is,some bickering and bumping of heads,again as to whos going to be in what,position I think its a lot of fun and I,love how Gary oldmans character is just,totally the leader without really being,the leader youll know what I mean when,you watch the series definitely give,this a go if you havent stuck it on,your watch list yet its Apple TV so I,know not that many people have it but,you can get like a free month and try,that and binge watch everything that has,the letter s to it will be worth you,especially slow horses thanks so much,for watching most of until next time,remember live long and Tuesday

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