1. Zero cost solar is a SCAM…or is it?
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  3. 4 Year Update – Are Solar Panels for Home Still Worth It?
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Zero cost solar is a SCAM…or is it?

hey how are you and welcome to another,episode of QA Tuesday its James here,your go to some expert here to guide you,step-by-step through all your solar,options I know theres a lot of,misconception and misinformation about,solar and my goal is to educate,homeowners just like you so you can make,the best decision for your particular,situation so this episode is not,necessarily a question right its more,of a comment Im seeing this a lot on on,my Facebook page and I also see it a lot,on different other solar pages as well,right that Im following and the concern,or the comment is is a zero upfront cost,solar panels a scam right you guys,probably see this all the time when you,guys are searching as well right so Im,pretty sure you guys can relate to this,you always see like you know get solar,panels no cost and someone to meet,somebody endeavor put this is a scam,right dont do it but I wanted to clear,up the air because like I said theres a,lot of misconception and misinformation,about solar right Im gonna clear this,up today so zero solar panels is not a,scam right so if youre one of those,people thats typing that in or making,messages and and commenting a different,social media outlets stating that solar,panels at zero cost is a scam Im going,to clear this up and its not a scam,right so theres a few ways solar,companies earn their money right so this,is the few ways there are a few ways the,solar companies actually get paid so the,first way the solar company actually,makes money is they have investors right,so they either have a Bank of America,they have Wells Fargo or any type of,banking institution thats actually,funding them or they have a large major,company thats funding in like say for,example a Google Yahoo Tesla BMW Honda,theres a whole bunch of huge investors,out there thats actually investing,money into renewable energy right so,thats one way solar companies get,funded right so the second way solar,companies actually make money is through,tax credits right so if you decide to,lease a system the federal government,will actually issue the 30 percent tax,credit to the solar company rate so if,you decide to purchase the system youll,get the tax credit so since youre,leasing the system no money out of,pocket to you to help the companies will,to recoup some of your investment is the,federal government will actually issue,that 30 percent tax rate to the solar,company right so thats the second way,solar companies make money the third and,final way the solar companies make money,is through you paying them your solar,bill right so instead of painted low key,utility company youre actually paying,the solar provider so for example,California and the local utility company,out here is PG&E when homeowners go,solar out here in the PG&E territory,instead of paying PGD for example,hundred dollars every single month,theyre actually paying solar companies,thats less amount of energy whatever,that is right so for example theyre,paying $130 utility company maybe,theyre only paying $70 through store so,basically the solar company eventually,becomes the utility company right so,those are the three main ways of solar,companies make money and no zero a putz,solar is not a scam right I hate to,burst your guyss bubble out there the,ones are typing that internet all the,time right so it is not a scam its,actually a really good way to save money,at electric bill and also save money and,environment without no money out of your,pocket so that concludes this episode,Q&A Tuesday but before you take off,please be sure to subscribe to my,youtube channel so you get all my,updated videos as it comes out if you,want to dive in deeper to learn all your,solar options make sure you click right,on this video to sign up for a free,no-obligation solar consultation that,will go over together its going to be a,one-on-one meeting which will go over,all your savings exactly where the,panels are located and Ill answer any,questions that you have so go ahead and,click right on this video and sign up,for a consultation today goodbye for now,and Ill talk to you soon

I-Team: Hidden cameras reveal dark side of solar power

to the i-team now a hidden camera fox 5,i-team investigation takes the shine off,some big promises made to georgia,homeowners about solar power talk about,frustrating some solar customers ended,up spending even more for power than,they did before fox 5 i-team reporter,randy travis shows you the right,questions to ask,in this growing industry randy russ and,courtney the sales adds to ghost solar,are everywhere on social media so we,invited two of the bigger advertisers to,a house outfitted with hidden cameras,and since both sales people just,recently started with those companies we,decided to show them to you this way,ive never worked anywhere that,everybodys so happy her happy employer,is power home solar now changing its,name to pink energy based in north,carolina the largest home solar company,in the southeast the cost for,electricity and the cost for power are,going up theyre going up quickly he,works for solar titan usa out of,knoxville tennessee also making a big,push into georgia these days but despite,their upbeat sales pitches both,companies made promises to georgia,customers that quickly turned those,smiles upside down its not turned out,to be what was promised they know its,not working and they dont ever respond,to anything rod culver agreed to pay,solar titan usa 43 thousand dollars to,outfit his douglas full home with the,promise to give him backup power and,reduce his electric bill it was supposed,to go down,about 80 or 90 percent well never know,according to the douglas county building,inspector solar titan failed to pull a,building permit to do the work without,that permit culver cant hook up the,system to the grid its a worthless,system its not ever going to be running,and they want me to pay for it a,spokesman for solar titan usa told us,they did pull an electrical permit but,didnt know douglasville required a,building permit too,theyve called culvert to reach a,resolution,he wants the system removed did the,salesman tell you things that turned out,not to be true absolutely almost,everything he said turned out to not be,true like how amy and nathan tatro would,be able to sell extra solar power back,to their utility thus giving the,lafayette couple a negative electric,bill have you seen,a negative power bill,no,never,their power home solar system cost 91,thousand dollars financed over 25 years,her north georgia emc bills have barely,budged if i hadnt known all this i,would have never made this decision i,would have stayed with my,regular old power company its an,understandable feeling for some,homeowners solar power is a legitimate,option if they want to try to cut back,on rising energy costs but many of them,dont know the right questions to ask,well we do know the right questions but,listen to the answers we got power home,solar decided not to use their happy,salesperson to make the hard sell for us,instead we were patched in to speak,virtually to andrew who said he was a,senior account manager so were showing,his face these are expensive systems,a lot of people think,five ten grand,but really,were eliminating a lifelong utility,bill thats right he said eliminate to,do that andrew quoted us sixty nine,thousand nine hundred ninety nine,dollars later guaranteeing a 67 percent,reduction in our power bill worst case,scenario is youll have,23 percent of your bill left,but that really is probably going to be,in the winner when were not producing,as much we had two local companies,design solar systems for the same house,creative solar usa and alternative,energy southeast,because of shade and the roof design,neither said it would reduce our utility,bill by 67 percent,not even by 50 percent but their cost,was drastically lower than power home,solars price and this is why its good,to get a number of quotes,to compare and then the truth serum,comes out but you also have,andrew wrongly promised that we get full,credit for every unused solar kilowatt,we sent to our electric company its,called net metering and can reduce your,electric bill dramatically youll get,bills in the summer more likely that,same negative balance is because in the,summer,we produce a lot more electric than we,actually need but walton emc the utility,that services this home doesnt offer,net metering,power home solar said it fired andrew,because what he told us did not act in,accordance with our sales guidelines and,trainings or our ethics,they also agreed to cancel amy and,nathans contract and take down their,system again citing a rather significant,miscommunication by their sales rep its,almost going to be harder and harder to,get solar in the next couple of years,solar titans recommended estimate for,our house was almost as high nearly 58,thousand dollars thats 345 dollars a,month,for 20 years am i still going to pay for,power,no no thats the so what this is right,here youd pay this would take care of,all your all your all of your usage so,this would be about 100 of your usage,right now randy travis with fox 5 news,weve had some complaints about your,company so we want to kind of hear how,the sales pitch went yeah how can you,promise her that her power bill had no,consumption charge at all,with this unit how can you make that,promise,im not going to answer any questions,from you man,this is real,uncomfortable for me right well imagine,the people who have been told that and,they get power bills even after theyve,spent so much money on the system theyd,be uncomfortable too dont you think,well,well solar titan usa told us none other,salespeople should be saying that their,system will replace 100 of your power,bill and to do so is a firing offense,they said that they are not firing that,salesman theyre just retraining him,well to still have any kind of a bill,after shelling out what you were quoted,almost seventy thousand dollars they,should be pretty upfront about that,sounds like youll have more on this,tomorrow night yeah both companies also,promised that wed be able to save a,bunch of money by using a 26 percent tax,credit a federal tax credit but that,only works if you pay that much in,federal taxes and our producer told both,companies that she was on disability so,well show you what happens tomorrow,night all right very interesting fire,beware and youre helping us out thank,you,thanks randy

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4 Year Update – Are Solar Panels for Home Still Worth It?

تم تقديم هذا الفيديو إليك بواسطة Policygenius. لقد مرت 4 سنوات تقريبًا منذ أن قمت,بتركيب الألواح الشمسية في منزلي الواقع في ولاية ماساتشوستس. بشكل عام ، كان أداءهم,قريبًا جدًا مما وعدوا به ، لكن في العام الماضي ألقى علينا بعض المنحنى الذي جعلني,قلقًا بعض الشيء. لقد رأيت انخفاضًا حادًا في كمية الطاقة الشمسية المنتجة. نظرًا لأن الألواح الشمسية,الخاصة بي تقترب من الذكرى السنوية الرابعة لتأسيسها ، فقد اعتقدت أنه سيكون من الجيد مشاركة ما,تعلمته من العيش مع الألواح الشمسية في منطقة قد لا تعتقد أنها ستكون مناسبة لها ،,وكذلك ما حدث في الماضي عام. هل ما زلت أعتقد أن الحصول على الألواح الشمسية كان فكرة جيدة؟,دعونا نرى ما إذا كان بإمكاننا التوصل إلى قرار بشأن هذا.,أنا مات فيريل … مرحبًا بكم في مقرر.,إذا لم تكن قد شاهدت مقاطع الفيديو السابقة الخاصة بي على تثبيت الألواح الشمسية ، فسأقوم بتضمين روابط في,الوصف حتى تتمكن من التحقق منها. لن أقوم بإعادة صياغة كل شيء من مقاطع الفيديو هذه ، ولكن باختصار ،,أنا أعيش في منطقة بوسطن وقد قمت بتوثيق ما كان عليه الحال مع,نظام الألواح الشمسية بقدرة 9.49 كيلو وات في مناخ أكثر برودة. قررت أنا وزوجتي تركيب الطاقة الشمسية,لسببين: 1) تقليل فاتورة الكهرباء وتوفير المال بمرور الوقت ، و 2) الحصول على أكبر قدر ممكن من,الكهرباء من مصادر نظيفة. ليس هناك شك من أين,تأتي الكهرباء لدي عندما يتم إنتاجها على سطح منزلي. ربما يمكنك أيضًا تضمين سبب ثالث لهذا,المزيج ، نموذج Tesla 3. شحن سيارتك الكهربائية بالكهرباء التي تولدها بنفسك,أمر رائع جدًا. أعتقد أنه يمكنك القول إن فكرة استقلال الطاقة مغرية.,بيتي لديه بعض التحديات. إذا كنت تعيش في نصف الكرة الشمالي ،,فمن الأفضل أن يكون لديك سقف مواجه للجنوب لزيادة إنتاجك الشمسي إلى أقصى حد ،,لكن منزلي موجه أكثر من الشرق إلى الغرب. لهذا السبب لديّ ألواح على جانبي سقفي ،,حتى أتمكن من التقاط شمس الصباح وبعد الظهر. المشكلة الثانية هي أن سقفي صغير جدًا. وأخيرًا,، لدي كمية لا بأس بها من الأشجار على الجانب الغربي من منزلي والتي تبدأ في حجب,أشعة الشمس في منتصف بعد الظهر. كما قلت ، بيتي يمثل تحديًا بعض الشيء للطاقة الشمسية.,خلال السنوات القليلة الماضية ، قللت الألواح الشمسية الخاصة بي من اعتمادنا على الشبكة بنحو 54٪ ،,وهو ما توقعناه بالنظر إلى مشكلات منزلي. ما زلنا في طريقنا,لأن يسدد النظام عن نفسه في المدخرات بحلول عام 2026 (إنه استرداد لمدة 7-8 سنوات) ،,ولكن هناك بعض التجاعيد التي سأحصل عليها بعد قليل.,أولاً ، عليّ أن أتطرق إلى قضايا العام الماضي. لقد شهدنا انخفاضًا حادًا في الأداء,في عام 2021 ، ولكن من المهم حقًا إعطاء هذه الأرقام بعض السياق. إذا لم يكن لديك طاقة شمسية ،,فمن السهل أن تجلس على كرسي متحرك ويسخر من الطاقة الشمسية باعتبارها مضيعة للمال.,بعض التعليقات التي أراها في أغلب الأحيان على مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة باللوحة الشمسية تثير التصور الخاطئ,بأن الألواح الشمسية تتحلل وتموت بسرعة. يشكك آخرون في دقة مثبتات الطاقة الشمسية التي تخبرك,بكم ستنتج كل عام … في بعض الأحيان على مدى السنوات العشر أو الخمس عشرة أو العشرين القادمة. سيكون الطقس,عاملاً كبيرًا في مدى جودة عمل الألواح الشمسية. عادة ما يكون النقد ، إذا كان عالم الأرصاد الجوية,يكافح للتنبؤ بالطقس بعد أسبوع ، فكيف يمكنك التنبؤ بسنوات من إنتاج الطاقة الشمسية.,في هذه النقطة الأولى حول التدهور ، من الصحيح تمامًا أنك ستشهد انخفاضًا,عامًا بعد عام. ومع ذلك ، إذا كان لديك لوحات عالية الجودة من كبرى الشركات المصنعة ،,فستستمر هذه الألواح لأكثر من 30 عامًا. بالنسبة لهذه اللوحات ، ستحصل على ضمانات تضمن,الحد الأدنى من الخسائر على مدار العشرين عامًا القادمة ، ولكن هذا ليس نهاية العمر … هذه مجرد فترة الضمان.,في حالتي ، لدي ألواح شمسية من LG في منزلي مضمونة لإنتاج ما لا يقل عن 88.4 ٪,من كفاءتها الأصلية ، مما يعني أنك تتحدث عن انخفاض بنسبة 0.5 ٪ كل عام.,وهذا هو السبب في أنني اضطررت إلى رفع الحاجب بشأن أرقام العام الماضي.,عرض مثبت الطاقة الشمسية لدي ضمان إنتاج لمدة 10 سنوات. إذا كانت لوحاتي تنتج أقل من 95٪ من,عرضها ، فسوف يدفعون الفرق في تكلفة الكهرباء. لقد توقعوا,أننا سننتج ما يقرب من 6600 كيلووات في الساعة كل عام في السنوات القليلة الأولى ،,لكننا في العام الماضي أنتجنا فقط 6479 كيلو واط في الساعة. في العام السابق ، أنتجنا 7،293 كيلوواط ساعة.,مقارنةً بين عامي 2021 و 2020 ، لاحظنا انخفاضًا بنسبة 11٪ في الإنتاج. لذا نعم … كنت مرتبكًا بعض الشيء ،,محبطًا ، مع اندفاعة من القلق. للإضافة إلى ذلك ، زاد استخدامنا للكهرباء بشكل طفيف لأن,زوجتي بدأت العمل من المنزل بسبب الوباء ، وارتفعت أسعار الكهرباء لدينا …,كثيرًا. عندما قمنا بتركيب الألواح الشمسية ، كنا ندفع حوالي 0.24 دولار / كيلوواط ساعة. نحن الآن ندفع,حوالي 0.30 دولار / كيلوواط ساعة. في المتوسط ​​، نستخدم ما يقرب من 950 كيلو وات في الساعة شهريًا على مدار عام ،,لذلك أنت تتحدث عن الانتقال من فاتورة محتملة قدرها 228 دولارًا قبل بضع سنوات إلى 285 دولارًا اليوم.,كان ذلك عندما بدأ الطالب الذي يذاكر كثيرا بالبيانات بداخلي وبدأت في,تحليل الأرقام لمعرفة ما كان يجري.,لكن قبل الوصول إلى ما وجدته ، هناك بعض الأرقام الأخرى التي تستحق التحليل.,لقد تم سؤالي في مقاطع فيديو سابقة للوحات الشمسية عن مقدار ارتفاع تأمين المنزل مع الألواح الشمسية ،,وهذا يعتمد حقًا على مزود الخدمة الخاص بك. لم يتغير تأمين منزلي على الإطلاق مع استخدام الطاقة الشمسية ،,لكننا نخطط للانتقال في وقت ما قريبًا ، لذلك كنا نتطلع لمعرفة ما إذا كانت هناك بعض,الصفقات الأفضل للتأمين على المنازل والسيارات. وهنا يأتي دور الراعي اليوم ، Policygenius.,تجعل Policygenius من السهل العثور على التغطية التأمينية المناسبة,لك ومقارنتها. إنهم لا يبيعون معلوماتك الشخصية لأطراف ثالثة ، ولديهم الآلاف من المراجعات من فئة الخمس نجوم,على Google و Trustpilot ، وقد ساعدوا أكثر من 30 مليون شخص في التسوق من أجل التأمين منذ عام 2014.,لا يمكن أن يكون البدء أسهل. توجه إلى policygenius.com/und selected,وأجب عن بعض الأسئلة السريعة المتعلقة بك وبشأن ممتلكاتك.,ستعرض لك Policygenius تقديرات الأسعار لأنواع السياسات التي تبحث عنها.,يبحث فريق الخبراء الخاص بهم عن طرق لتوفير المزيد لك ، خاصةً عندما تقوم بتأمين منزلك,وتأمين السيارة. وأخيرًا ، يعمل Policygenius لصالحك ، وليس لشركات التأمين ، لذلك إذا,وجدوا سعرًا أفضل مما تدفعه الآن ، فسيحولونك مجانًا. وفرت Policygenius,للعملاء ما متوسطه 1250 دولارًا سنويًا أكثر مما كانوا يدفعونه مقابل التأمين على المنزل والتأمين على السيارات.,توجه إلى policygenius.com/unduable للحصول على عروض أسعار مجانية للتأمين على المنزل والتأمين على السيارات,واطلع على المبلغ الذي يمكنك توفيره. شكراً لـ Policygenius ولكم جميعاً لدعمكم,القناة. عد الآن إلى ما وجدته بعد البحث في بيانات إنتاج الطاقة الشمسية الخاصة بي.,عند النظر إلى إنتاج الألواح الشمسية ، من المهم عدم التركيز والاستحواذ,على الأرقام اليومية. سيكون هناك قدر لا يُصدق من التقلبات,يومًا بعد يوم اعتمادًا على الطقس. الأيام الملبدة بالغيوم والمطر والثلج وما إلى ذلك,، كل هذا يتوقف ، لذلك عليك أن تنظر لفترة أطول عند تقييم كيفية أدائه وما إذا,كان يستحق تكلفة النظام. إنه نفس السبب الذي يجعل مُثبت الطاقة الشمسية لدي يضمن سنويًا.,ألقِ نظرة على أرقامي الشهرية عامًا بعد عام وستبدأ في تحديد بعض الاتجاهات الواضحة.,من الواضح أن الصيف سيكون ذروة الإنتاج بسبب زيادة ساعات النهار,وكون الشمس في زاوية أعلى في السماء. خلال فصل الشتاء يكون لديك أيام أقصر,وزاوية شمس منخفضة. يبدو الاتجاه السنوي إلى حد كبير مثل الاتجاه اليومي. إنتاج منخفض جدا,في الشتاء و لا شيء في الليل و ينتفخ خلال أشهر الصيف أو منتصف النهار.,ومع ذلك ، يجب أن يقفز إليك شيء ما في هذا المخطط. أرقام عام 2021 بين,مايو وسبتمبر أقل بكثير من السنوات التي سبقتها.,كنت أعلم أن الطقس سيلعب دورًا في مدى فعالية أداء لوحاتي ، لكنني لم,أتوقع حدوث مثل هذا التأرجح الضخم عامًا بعد عام. هذا عندما,جمعت بيانات الطقس التاريخية لمنطقتى. إذا قمت بتراكب كمية هطول الأمطار أعلى,مخطط إنتاج الطاقة الشمسية ، فإن الارتباط يكون واضحًا جدًا. هنا في منطقة نيو إنجلاند ، كان عام 2021 من أكثر المناطق,دفئًا ورطوبة على الإطلاق ، خاصة إذا نظرت إلى بيانات يوليو وأغسطس وسبتمبر.,كان عام 2021 هو ثالث أكثر الأعوام دفئًا على الإطلاق يعود إلى عام 1895. وكان أيضًا ثالث,عام مسجّل من حيث هطول الأمطار ، ويأتي يوليو 2021 كأكثر شهر ممطرًا على الإطلاق. عادة ما تشهد ولاية ماساتشوستس,حوالي 4 بوصات من الأمطار في يوليو ، لكن في العام الماضي رأينا متوسط ​​10.3 بوصات.,لذلك تم حل اللغز حول سبب,انخفاض إنتاج عام 2021. لم يكن هناك أي خطأ في الألواح أو العاكسات أو الأجهزة الأخرى.,لحسن الحظ ، إذا نظرت إلى ما رأيناه حتى الآن في عام 2022 ، فسنجد أن كل شيء يعود إلى طبيعته. في الواقع ،,كانت أرقام إنتاج أبريل هي الأفضل التي رأيناها حتى الآن بعد أربع سنوات من البيانات. على,الرغم من أنك قد تعتقد أن هذا يتحدى إيماني في فحص أرقام إنتاج الطاقة الشمسية فقط من سنة,إلى أخرى مقابل يومًا بعد يوم ، وأن هذا الطقس لا يؤثر حقًا في المدى الطويل جدًا ، إلا أنه لم يحدث.,جاء ا

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Teslas NEW $10,000 Home For SUSTAINABLE Living! ‎️‍????

teslas new insane 10 000 home for,affordable living is revolutionizing the,housing sector like never before,just like all other tesla products the,tesla home is of high quality and,satisfies the needs of the consumers,join us today in this video as we,explore the features and every other,thing about the tesla home just as,stated the tesla insane new home is very,affordable it only goes for ten thousand,dollars,most people in america do not own a home,in america since it is too expensive to,construct one in fact the world suffers,from the problem of inadequate housing,but tesla is in the process of solving,that problem with their insane new home,the price of the home is far cheaper,than the value of other tesla products,tesla products are always unique when,compared to similar products on the,market they just stand out in that,regard the tesla home is not just any,home as it has insane features that make,it special though prefabricated it has a,living room a bathroom bed and kitchen,the design of the house is meant for two,people,as of mid-2021 the tesla ceo was living,in the house with his wife and son x,its roof has got solar panels that help,in tapping the energy from the sun,that energy is transferred to the power,walls which are used in storing the,energy the stored power is enough to,serve all the electrical needs of the,house so when you are in the tesla home,it is possible to cook with an electric,cooker iron clothes charge electrical,gadgets and even warm the house during,winter the tesla home is also simple it,only has the items that one needs it is,not only affordable but an excellent way,of using resources,there is absolutely no need of having a,mansion with 15 rooms when you are only,a family of four,the tesla homes are built in factories,and then folded before they are shipped,so its pretty easy to figure out whats,inside the mystery house that uses steel,concrete and eps foam as the main,materials of construction the outer part,of the house is made from hardwood,theyve taken years of prototyping to,decide which materials would not degrade,walls,floors and roofs are all made of,laminated panels making them legal for,traveling on highways,unlike other billionaires elon musk,lives in the tiny tesla home which is,extremely cheap the tesla ceo relocated,to the home after selling his six,mansions the tiny house is located in,bokashika next to elon spacex company,but it is difficult to understand how,musk survives in this small house when,his five teenagers from his first,marriage visit him he has twins who are,18 years old while his triplets are 16,years old it was confirmed that elon,lives in a tesla home when boxable,tweeted back in november 2020 that they,are installing a pre-fabricated house,for one of their high-profile and secret,customers in boko sheikha,what links must to the pre-fabricated,house is because he also lives in the,boko chica,but the rumors were put to rest when,elon posted a tweet that reads my,primary home is literally a 50 000 house,in bokashika,starbase that i rent from spacex its,kind of awesome though only house i own,is the events house in the bay area if i,sold it the house would see less use,unless bought by a big family which,might happen someday sustainability is,at the core of the tesla new home just,like all other tesla products,elon is dedicated to reducing his carbon,footprint in this world the home is very,simple and will fully rely on solar,energy in musks efforts to promote,sustainability he stopped the purchase,of tesla products with bitcoin this,simply because many computers that are,used to mine the cryptocurrency,the computers are powered by fossil,fuels which are highly unsustainable,the good thing with the tesla home is,that it is portable the tech mogul,revealed in a tweet that the home can be,towed with a tesla model x,his tweet reads tesla powerwalls can,support houses of any size but the cool,thing is we can tow this house around,with a model x,i bet it would be more efficient to tow,the home using a tesla cyber truck as it,has a higher towing capacity to be,precise the tri-motor cyber truck is,able to tow seven tons which is way,higher than the tesla home which is only,two tons,the portability of a tesla home makes it,a good house that can be used for,outdoor camping in the countryside it,gives you the perfect home experience,when you are many miles away from home,the tesla home perfectly blends with,other tesla products for one it can be,used to charge tesla cars,so you will not have to worry about,traveling to a tesla supercharging,station,the yet to be launched tesla smartphone,can also be used to control some of the,tesla appliances that will be in the,tiny home it would be an extremely,exciting thing to experience the,interdependence of the tesla products,the inside of the tesla tiny house is a,design studio that allows visitors to,design their own home solar power system,on a screen all the lights and,electronics are powered by the sun and,everything can be controlled and,monitored via a tesla app the interior,is pretty minimal and its more of a,showcase kind of space for tesla,products than a fully built out home,the idea of the tesla home has just come,at a perfect time it has come at a time,when most people are not able to own,homes due to the high cost of,construction and buying mortgages,moreover the slow expansion of the real,estate sector is not matching the,increased demand of housing which,complicates the matter even further but,thanks to elon who is simplifying it,with the insane tesla home which is very,affordable in america the low-income,households who mostly come from,households with people of color are not,able to afford decent housing but now,they can easily secure an affordable,tesla home after penetrating the,american market the tesla home is now,being promoted in australia the tesla,marketing team is towing the vehicle in,australias major cities such as sydney,melbourne and new south wales the,residents of the cities that the tesla,team has visited are highly fascinated,by the unique house that is fully,powered by renewable energy according to,tesla the tour is designed to provide a,one-on-one educational experience on how,to integrate powerwall and solar to,seamlessly power an entire home 24 7.,allowing australian consumers to gain,control and understanding of their power,use,the tiny house tour is one of teslas,new projects launching in australia the,company will be building the worlds,largest battery installation in south,australia but it has yet to offer solar,panels in the country though it will,likely change soon there is every,possibility that the insane new tesla,home will save the world this is,primarily because it will greatly reduce,the carbon footprint as it is,sustainable the issue of climate change,and global warming is a big threat to,human survival on earth when global,warming gets to the climax the,temperatures on earth will greatly,increase,as a result the water on earth will,evaporate which will ultimately end in,water and food shortage,global warming also destroys the ozone,layer which prevents the harmful,ultraviolet rays of the sun from,reaching earth without the ozone layer,in the atmosphere life on earth would be,very difficult plants cannot live and,grow in heavy ultraviolet radiation nor,can the plankton that serve as food for,most of the ocean life therefore any,approach that promotes the use of green,and clean energy should be embraced and,the tesla home is exactly achieving that,the insane new tesla home is affordable,and classy it is solving the housing,crisis in a simple and effective way,no one will have an excuse of not owning,a home when the option of buying a tesla,home is available thank you for watching,dont forget to subscribe with all,notifications enabled so that you dont,miss out on the latest elon musk news,anyways guys if you want to see more,interesting videos click the video right,above

Is Solar a SCAM? | 5 Reasons Solar Leases Aren’t Worth It

solar is a scam youve probably heard,people say that before,and its true if you go about it the,wrong way,so today were going to show you how to,go solar without getting screwed,[Music],if youve been researching solar online,you might have come across comments like,this,or this maybe even like this,believe it or not they do have a point,to be clear,solar isnt a scam for one youre,helping make our planet a better place,when you switch to renewable energy,but financially speaking there are,different ways to go about buying solar,and not all of them are ideal for the,consumer you might have come across,solar companies offering free panels or,zero upfront costs for solar its,important to do your research when,youre considering offers like this,sometimes they involve the issuing of a,loan which can be a great way to go,solar depending on your financial,situation,other companies however offer this zero,upfront cost through a solar lease,while leases allow you to get panels on,your house at a low budget,there are five key reasons why they,dont make any financial sense in the,long run,reason number one yearly escalation,rates,when you sign up for a solar release you,have to pay the solar company each month,this will be a flat rate if youre under,a solar contract or,based on how much power you use under a,power purchasing agreement,and heres the catch leases contain a,yearly escalation clause that increases,your rate by about three or four percent,every year to put that into context if,your lease payment starts at a hundred,dollars a month,that would double to about 203 dollars a,month by the end of the 25-year term,whats worse these rates escalate about,twice as fast as the cost of electricity,from utility companies,your payments might start out way lower,than your current electric bill,but that gap will likely shrink near the,end of your contract,reason number two you dont own the,system under a lease,under a solar release you never,technically own your solar system,youll have to either return it after 15,years or purchase it from the solar,company at the end of your lease,remember youre already paying them,every single month you have the system,on your house,in fact if you miss these payments the,company can yank those panels right off,your roof and repossess them,number three you lose out on incentives,and rebates,since the company leasing your solar is,the one who technically owns the system,that means theyre the one who are,eligible to claim all the incentives and,kickbacks,offered for installing solar this,includes the federal solar tax credit,which offers system owners a tax credit,worth a percentage of their solar,installations total project costs,these incentives have a huge impact on,your payback period and return on,investment,but under a lease all of these benefits,go straight to the solar companys,pocket,number four its harder to sell your,home with a solar lease,since you dont own your system under a,lease it can cause headaches if you try,to move,for example youd have to find a buyer,willing to inherit the lease,its a losing proposition for,prospective buyers since your solar,payment will become higher than the cost,of electricity from the utility,deeper you are into the lease also,youll have a harder time refinancing,your home,because lenders understand the negative,impact of a solo release,now you could buy out the system,yourself but that defeats the entire,appeal of a zero down lease,and completely wipes out the value of,your agreement,number five less savings on energy,by sacrificing incentives like the tax,credit and agreeing to a yearly interest,rate increase,you end up paying more for your system,in the long run with a lease,and miss out on the savings you could,get by producing your own power,when you look at a lease or power,purchasing agreement going solar can,seem like a pretty raw deal,but luckily there are alternative ways,you can pay for solar and reap the full,financial benefits from producing your,own power,first you can purchase all of the,equipment up front and manage your own,installation,whether you install on your own hire,local contractors to help or choose a,mix of both,this method will help you see the,quickest return on your investment,plus when you actually own your own,system youll be able to claim the solar,tax credit and any additional incentives,offered by your state,however not everyone can afford to,purchase an entire solar system out of,pocket,but fortunately there are better,financing options available out there,besides leases,as i mentioned earlier solar loans are,great zero down financing option,when you want to purchase this system,but dont have the cash upfront to buy,the biggest advantage of a loan versus a,lease is that a loan allows you to own,the solar system and in turn claim the,solar tax credit,and any additional incentives you can,even use a home equity loan to finance,your solar system,plus loans are more flexible and can be,structured to suit your needs,for example choosing a five-year loan,versus a 15-year loan,longer-term loans are especially,compelling in locations with high energy,rates,think about it this way one way or,another you have to pay for electricity,you can buy all your power from the,utility company paying more and more,each month as rates increase every year,with no return on investment or,you can aim to replace your power bill,with a loan payment for solar,if your net cost ends up being less than,or the same,as your power bills youll be future,proofing your power needs from the,rising costs of energy,youll still be paying for electricity,but by owning your own solar system,through a loan,youre also making an investment in your,house according to a study from the us,department of energy,solar increases your property value by,an average of four dollars per watt of,solar installed,but i know what youre thinking connor,if you add more value to your house,doesnt your property tax go up as well,thats not necessarily true when it,comes to solar in most states,the value added by solar to your house,is exempt from property taxes,if you decide to look for a solar loan,make sure to look for ones with a fixed,interest rate,and flexibility in how theyre,structured at unbound solar,its our mission to help you cut through,the confusion get right down to brass,tacks,whether youre looking at financing,options technical information or,anything else,so hit the subscribe button down below,and make sure notifications are turned,on so you dont miss any of our,exclusive uploads,until next time

Tesla Solar and the Scam Solar Panel Business

[Music],there are so many scams in the solar,industry and I cannot wait to go through,all of them in this video weve also got,breaking news from Tesla in regards to,what theyre doing with solar how,theyre eliminating some of these scams,and then Ill also talk about whether or,not you should buy Tesla stock because,after all this is news that makes you,money what could be more American than,spending a zero money saving money and,being green well having solar panels has,been the epitome of exactly this for at,least the last ten years as companies,like Sun run and Vivint run around,knocking on your door closing a deals,but there are some very important scams,that you need to be aware of if youre,ever considering solar thinking about,buying a property with solar or you just,want to know whether or not you should,buy Tesla stock just a heads up Im,really excited about making this video,because Ive been wanting to get all of,this information out for years and the,only place Ive been talking about it,which is the place I talked about invent,almost all my feelings is in the real,estate investing course which is linked,below and remember you can get 20% off,until August 20th using a coupon code,short Redfin scam number one really sets,the bar pretty dang low for how sleazy,the solar industry can sometimes be see,as with any good scam it usually starts,with something that involves zero money,out of pocket and you simply signing a,contract but dont worry you have three,days to cancel that contract except,nobody ever does as a result we get into,thirteen scams and you usually dont,find out until its too late,solar companies will generally say we,wont put a lien against your property,in fact heres a quote from Vivint solar,to be clear Vivint solar does not has,not will not and cannot ever jeopardize,its customers home ownership,Vivint solar does not take a lien on a,customers home under its agreements and,this is really just a bunch of Fugazi,magical language because whether you,call it a lien or you call it what it is,you CC one that gets recorded against,the,property that you own when you take out,these solar agreements when you go to,sell title companies will not let you,sell the property until youve cleared,up your liens like loans or other debts,or these contracts that the solar,companies record against your house so,they do the same thing they prevent you,from selling the house without going,through the terms of the contract so,basically the solar companies do exactly,the same thing they say theyre not,going to do they say we wont put a lien,on your house yet they literally,basically put a lien on your house and,that sets up the solar in the street for,being quite a bit slimy but lets get,into the other scams scam number two is,solar companies oftentimes sell these,leases or power purchase agreements,under the premise that oh well if you,need to sell your house dont worry,well just transfer it to the buyer well,guess what I happen to be a real estate,broker and I happen to have to deal with,these crappy lease contracts and power,purchase agreements all the time let me,just make this very clear your buyer,does not want to take your dumb contract,for an improvement that was made to help,you save money on energy heres a,perfect example I was selling a house in,Ojai California where two home owners,were living and working from home and,had a spa theyre using about 250,dollars of power per month for their,case Solar made sense they would have,saved money if they stayed there and,kept using the panels the contracts,made sense they dont always have to be,bad even though yes Im being a little,bit negative towards them the reason,though is when it came time to sell they,were under the impression that it would,be easy to transfer to a buyer but now,we get to millennial buyers that work,for LinkedIn and all of a sudden wait a,minute theyre barely home their,electricity bills only like $30 a month,they dont want the contract and the,buyers cancel the deal this happens more,often than you would think,it sounds easy to say oh well just,transfer the panels to the buyers the,problem is most buyers dont understand,contracts that previous sellers have,entered into and bottom line is anytime,something gets complicated or,normal buyers dont want it buyers dont,want to inherit your crappy abnormal,contracts hey what whats normal keep in,mind the solar contracts are based on,your usage not necessarily the buyers,usage scam number three is okay well if,you know the buyers dont want the,panels no problem you could just prepay,for the contract well dont confuse,prepaying the contract with buying the,panels see usually early in the,contract youre not allowed to actually,buy the panels you have to keep paying,the lease or power purchase agreement to,like Vivint solar or Sun run and so what,happens when they say is well you could,prepay the contract all theyre actually,saying is all of the money that youre,supposed to pay us over the next 20,years with the annual increases that,were going to be charging you and all,of our future expectations of of credits,and benefits that were going to get,from having these solar panels if you,want to prepay those 20 years of,payments now were owed you could do,that right now but after those 20 years,were gonna come pick up our panels,because even though you prepaid the,contract theres still our panels in,other words a lot of sellers end up,getting cornered into the question of do,I want to sell the house and pay $20,000,to remove the solar panels or do I just,cancel the deal and try to find a,different buyer whos willing to take,the panels but then end up selling for a,lower price most often oh and if you,decide to prepay the contract dont,think youre getting any of the tax,credits that come along with buying,panels either scam number for the solar,company say well you could just move the,panels to another property thats great,but if youre moving you better be,moving to a property that has equal or,greater sun exposure because if not the,solar company will just flat-out deny,your ability to move the panels to,another property in another example I,had homeowners considering moving the,panels but they were moving to,Washington which happens to have a,little bit less sun exposure than,Southern California needless to say they,werent able to transfer the panels,scam number five solar companies will,oftentimes over size of the panels that,you actually need the argument is,oh hey your usage will probably go up in,time right you might want to add an,electric car or keep that spa running a,little longer so theyll usually sell,you more panels than you actually need,when in reality its much much easier to,just take a smaller system and if you,need more in the future,add panels at that time but signing up,for a 20 year lease or a power purchase,agreement with a larger system than you,need eliminates a lot of the benefits of,having solar in the first place the rule,of thumb I use is if your power bill is,more than $200 per month,youd probably benefit from having solar,unfortunately a lot of peoples power,bills are less than $200 per month and,theyre not benefiting from having solar,bring them in to the lower tiers of,power but installing more solar than you,need is totally dumb and thats where,scam number six comes in a lot of solar,companies will say well hey if you,generate more power than you need you,can sell it back to the grid you can,sell it back to the utility company,because youre generating electricity,now well thats wonderful except youre,paying usually around 17 cents per,kilowatt hour,for the power that youre paying for,from these solar panels and when you,give those back to the utility company,theyre usually only paying you two to,four cents so youre losing 13 to 15,cents per kilowatt hour that doesnt,make sense it never makes sense to,oversize your system in fact you should,never want to zero out your bill because,the electricity from your local

The TRUTH About Solar! 4 Year Review

Solar panels are now required,on all new homes in California.,So thats about 80,000 new homes each year,that are getting solar.,In October of 2020 California ranked,as the highest solar power generating state in the nation,producing enough solar capacity,to power about 8.4 million homes in the state.,And in 2020, the SEIA estimated,that California will increase its solar capacity,by over 19,000 megawatts over the next five years,second behind Texas at 20,000 megawatts.,And I happened to get my solar panels,on my house just over four years ago in March of 2017.,And in that time Ive learned a lot.,My solar panels set up at my house contains 16 panels,,and generates just over five kilowatts of peak power.,These 16 panels feed into a string inverter in my garage,that converts the DC energy into AC energy,that my house can then use.,I also have two Tesla Powerwalls,,and a Smart Panel from Span,giving me a really complete home energy system,thats pretty advanced.,But if you wanna learn more about those other systems,check the description down for links to those videos.,And where I live in California,we have net energy metering,,which means that I can actually sell energy,back to the grid,,and build up credits with my local utility.,Coincidentally, this is what makes having a home battery,not a financially beneficial option for most people.,If youre in the United States,you likely already live in a state with net energy metering,,but if youre not sure,Ill put a link to an article from EnergySage,,that has more detail on it down in the description below.,So basically thats my setup.,The sun comes up, it generates energy,,any excess that Im not using at that exact moment,goes back to the grid.,And then later I can buy back that energy at a later time.,The question now is after four years hows it going?,How much energy have they generated?,And is there anything I would do differently?,Lets start with the most important question,you probably are wondering about,,is it worth it financially?,So since installed back in March of 2017,,my solar panels have generated 35,480 kilowatt hours,which costs an average of 27 cents where I live.,Except now in 2021, its 31 cents,thanks to a rate hike from our local utility.,And when you multiply those two,you get $9,683.60.,This is how much the energy is worth,that my panels have generated,over the four years that Ive had them.,And looking at the net cost of the system,right around $14,000 minus the powerwalls,we find that Im about 70% paid off,from the initial investment in just four years.,And this is good news because the original quote,I got from the installer had us right around $9,200,worth of energy at this point, not 9,600.,So were a little bit ahead of schedule,when it comes to these panels paying themselves off.,And then if we forecast out from here,looking at our yearly average consumption,of 8,500 kilowatt hours,,and the new energy cost of 31 cents per kilowatt hour,,we see that they should have paid for themselves,in about year six,,were half a year ahead of schedule,from our initial estimate.,Again, thats partly aided by the energy price hike,from my local utility,,but this is just how things go.,Every year the prices go up just a little.,Now, if we extrapolate that for the next 25 years,were looking at about an $85,000 profit,assuming that the annual reduction,in photovoltaic production is around .4%,,and the annual utility rating increase is around 5%.,So are they worth it?,Totally, but it doesnt mean,that I didnt make any mistakes along the way,,and have anything that I would have done differently.,When I first started this journey,I used EnergySage to find my installer.,The way it works is by submitting your information,,your electricity bill,,and putting a pin on your roof,so they can see exactly the orientation of your house,,and if theres any shade or anything nearby.,Then getting quotes from various installers,without them ever getting your personal information,,which means no ones gonna be calling you,,or stopping by unannounced trying to sell you something.,You just get a nicely laid out dashboard,inside of their portal on energysage.com,to compare all of these quotes.,And with summer right around the corner,now is a great time,to head over to bensullins.com/EnergySage,,sign up and get quotes for your house,to see how much you could be saving.,Again, theres no obligations there,,if you head over its all free.,You sign up, you get the information and all that.,The actual installers are the ones that pay a commission,to EnergySage so that thats how that whole thing works.,Totally free to you.,And even if you already have quotes from other people,I would highly recommend it just to,get more kind of second and third opinions out there,just to see what kind of deals,,and what kind of quotes you can get.,So thanks to EnergySage for sponsoring the channel.,Again, theyre one of my favorite partners,that Ive been recommending for years,on and off the internet.,And so I really do believe in what they have to offer.,As well as its one of the best websites,just to learn about this stuff.,So give them a look, link in the description,,or just bensullins.com/EnergySage.,Okay, so the biggest thing that Ive learned,over this time that I would do differently,is that there is a fixed cost,to even getting one solar panel on your house.,The way it works when you get this process going,,is that you have an installer design a system for you.,Which basically means where are the panels gonna go?,And how are they going to connect to the grid?,The installer there has to submit those plans to the city,,or your local utility,,or whomever kind of has jurisdiction in that area,,and get it approved.,And you likely have to then get a permit,which you have to pay for.,This is all to be done before,you can actually move ahead with the install.,So if you want one panel on your house,youd have to do all these steps.,Or if you want a hundred panels on your house,you would also have to do all of these steps.,So the lesson here is that you should probably,get as much solar energy as you think you will ever need.,Not just how much you need now,,but how much you might think you need,within the next 20 years.,So if you think you might get an electric car,,or two within the next 25 years,,or maybe youre gonna be working from home,,and your kids are gonna be home,when they should be in school,,and your energy needs are gonna go up because of that,,yeah, you might wanna get more panels now,than you think you need.,So what that means is, when you get these quotes,,theyre gonna say, hey, this is gonna cover,98% of your energy needs or something like that.,And yeah, you can buy some energy from the local utility,because its just gonna be cheaper.,But thats today.,In the next twenty-five years,chances are your energy needs are gonna go up.,A lot of appliances in our house,are switching over to electric,,and overall were just gonna be using more and more energy.,So my recommendation,,the thing I wish I would have done differently,,is just got as many panels as my roof could hold.,That of course is within reason, right?,If you have this massive house that could hold, you know,,a hundred panels or something crazy,,Im not suggesting go you know, two or three x,what your energy needs are today.,Im just suggesting that when you do the layout,if you have room for like four or five extra panels,like I did, go for it.,Cause the cost of adding this four or five panels now,is gonna be far cheaper than trying to add them later.,Also, if you wanna add them later,,theres a good chance that those same panels,arent in manufacturing anymore,,theyre not in production.,So youll get a different kind of panel,which will look different,giving your roof this kind of patchwork design,which personally I just am not fan of.,So if you have a layout, if youre doing some stuff here,,youre already gonna be going down this route,,I do recommend that you get kind of,,you kinda max

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