1. Smithville Pizzeria Burger ???? Review
  2. Carne Lenta, Smithville, Texas; RESTAURANT REVIEW
  3. Bacon Review – How To Buy The BEST Bacon At The Store…And What To Avoid!
  4. Historic Smithville Village New Jersey FULL TOUR / REVIEW
  6. The World Oldest & Largest Ham & Peanut / Smithville Va.
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Smithville Pizzeria Burger ???? Review

all right,Robin we are here again in Smithville we,are in the quest to find the best burger,gold-medal burger in the entire world,and weve come to Smithville chicken,city of the world for some beasts we are,here on the recommendation of my good,old buddy one of my longest lasting,friends grade school buddy,Lucas lubinski been telling me since the,quest started gotta go to Smithville,pizzeria very well-priced burger $5.00,64 cents,Lucas fellow fleeter little will forego,with the monies I get it,we love the price price is good ask them,about the burger I like their package,this is this reminds me of back when I,knew Lucas we would go to school Brown,baggin National both the burgers they,told me straight up its a backyard but,its not its not a crappy backyard not,like they said and I like you would get,at McDonalds its a real backyard,burger but,yeah gold medal burger,what does backyard mean sorry babe the,truck I couldnt hear you backyard,frozen patty something you buy frozen,pre-made not made by you backyard burger,something you buy by the case put in the,freezer and you got them for all summer,long,thats a backyard burger thanks for the,clarification you do a good job back,there a babe,lets see Ill tell you I like to like,the sesame seed bun better than that,other button weve seen the dusty this,one looks a little better,bought a gold-medal burger lettuce onion,pickle only lets see what we got,couple vertical slice nice tight neat,good presentation yep,some white ringed onion it looks like a,folded piece and there it is,the backyard backyard bear claw well I,gotta say they kept it nice and neat,hosted bun backyard burger Lucas this is,your favorite burger easy I want you to,come and spend some time with me to show,you some burgers,five bucks cant go wrong bear claw what,do you want from me,Im gonna see what my favorite part of,the burgers I didnt hit the pickle me,in the way this guy here lets give him,a little space super friendly and their,place is super quaint yeah well you,walked in first thing you said this,place is cute burger going did you see,that burger flying out if we lived in,Smithville I imagine wed be coming here,for the pizza Im not going all the way,for the burger,its painful to give low scores but,Smithville pizzeria staff a plus super,nice on the phone nice with Robin,efficient taking the order we walk in,[Music],Ive had work I I bet Ive heard really,good things about it,burgers on my favorite yeah I was just,about to say what I would recommend,maybe you want to hear it I dont know,if wed be worthwhile or not making a,homemade Pattie but it would step it up,yeah but the price is good we had won,over a trollese that this is probably,better value yeah but we want to come,back and try the pizza yeah I like it,Thanks super friendly here pizza place,not a burger place come back and try the,pizza yes come back and get the burger,no but you see how friendly they are,here youre nice to me Ill be back,theres no doubt about it did I score,this painful you see it hurts you see,theyre friendly here she even cares did,we pass not a burger pass 3.9 its a,backyard I know its painful I was just,saying how do you make it better doesnt,sound like they want to make the burger,better they keep it cheap people buy,them if thats what works thats what,works but next time I come here its for,the pizza we try the pizza I seen a,bunch of things on the menu that look,good too super friendly Smithville,pizzeria Lucas lubinski thanks for,giving me the recommendation next time,let me know Im going for a background,thats,[Music]

Carne Lenta, Smithville, Texas; RESTAURANT REVIEW

[Music],thank you,[Music],[Applause],it is,wow that is literally a cookie sheet for,um,[Music],Im so hungry and theres briskets all,right here is the fajita beef,we wanted to get our sides on the side,because you know its,all right so what do you guys think of,the brisket,okay,always good,and hows the chicken,yummy really yummy,what do you think,very good I enjoy it,is candy,I put all the signs on my side so mine,are the dirty nachos and his are the,clean ones I guess,well we almost made it,almost finished it it was good it was,very good well definitely come back oh,yeah,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music]

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Bacon Review – How To Buy The BEST Bacon At The Store…And What To Avoid!

what is up flavor family it is art and,bobby back at the grocery store,marianos in ravenswood thank you once,again for inviting us so we dont have,to be worried about getting kicked out,for a video all about drum roll please,bacon right how to buy the best bacon at,the store and then after we leave the,store ill go back to the kitchen and,show you how to make the best bacon in,the kitchen that aint rocket science,right but i have a way in the oven on a,sheet tray that makes crispy delicious,bacon that has no mess so like subscribe,share all those good things theres a,bell icon right below the video enable,all notifications because every single,week art and i are rocking out three to,four videos and this video is sponsored,by thrive market a long time sponsor of,the channel which has the only,pasture-raised pork i could find that is,next level thrive market has,pasture-raised pork from a small family,farm in georgia called white oak,pastures its a truly 100,pasture-raised pork product non-gmo feed,gap-4 certified and they feed the pigs,peanuts and pasture-raised eggs the eggs,sometimes have cracks in the shell they,cant sell it they give it to the pigs i,have a link in the description box,buy yourself a pork bundle use my promo,code get a year-long membership and you,get 20 off your next order if you dont,like it you can cancel in 30 days but,this is some of the best pork ill talk,more about it later on uh its amazing,stuff so thank you for sponsoring the,video all right we look at this wall of,pork here and the problem is in any,grocery store 90 of the bacon here is,not going to be the stuff you want to,get reason why its going to be stuff,like this right,this is traditional bacon we hear we see,at the grocery store from oscar meyer,the problem with this kind of bacon is,before we even get to the ingredients on,the back its the type of pig it is,pig farming is a dirty dirty business,you guys and like i said you cant find,uh pasture-raised pork at the grocery,store its very hard to find organic,pork meaning its commercially farmed,mass farmed feedlot style pig farming,and the problem with that is that its,atrocious living at all atrocious this,atrocious living condition for the pigs,they eat an exclusive diet of gmo soy,and corn from monsanto and theyre never,free to forage and the problem with that,is that its very bad for the,environment because theyre in these,feedlots its dirty theyre creating,poop uh runoff that contaminates the uh,environment and you might be like well i,dont care about the environment bobby i,just care about the pork well this kind,of pork also has an inferior nutritional,profile because its eating gmo grain,and its never moving around and,foraging so it has uh higher omega-6s,its more inflammatory because of that,this is the kind of pork and bacon you,do not want to eat so another reason why,you dont want to eat it is we look at,the ingredients here,so something youll almost always see in,mass commercialized bacon is,sodium phosphates right so what is,sodium phosphates,sometimes i forget i might want to pull,out the all-new bobby approved ebook,shopping guide,and type in,sodium phosphates here and it goes,straight to that chapter,sodium phosphates no avoid this,ingredient its a common preservatives,in lunch meat and in bacon it preserves,the meat it also makes it more pink more,easily cause major health issues this my,friends is a new bobby approved ebook,shopping guide ill talk about it more,but the link is in the description box,this is a combination of all the videos,weve ever done all the information in,one little ebook its gonna update for,free once you buy it twice a month so,its gonna have all the information to,make your shopping experience the best,ever im really excited about that,so,they also add sugar to this kind of,bacon so this is the kind of bacon you,want to avoid lets quickly go to,something more positive since were,talking about such a negative thing so,where do you go here right because,theres no pasture-raised uh bacon at,the grocery store the only other option,would be certified humane and sugar-free,paleo bacon so what do i mean by that i,mean,applegate and i mean neiman ranch,i love this one uncured sunday bacon but,why is this important because applegate,rocks the body number one it is,humanely raised pork and this one from,neiman ranch here is actually certified,humane that means,the pigs arent in that atrocious living,condition where theyre in those mass,feedlots and never move its still not,great right these are not uh pigs that,are free to roam but it really means,something and the cool thing about,applegate at least for this one its,usda organic all right look at this,entire wall of bacon here,scour like me do you see any other bacon,thats organic,spoiler alert the answer is no so the,cool thing about this organic sunday,bacon what makes it sunday i guess is,the fact that its very wide and very,thick so its for special occasions but,heck i would crush that every day sunday,happens every week exactly,the thing is its a non-gmo feed anytime,something is usd organic that means by,law they cannot use gmo grains if,something is non-gmo that doesnt mean,its organic it can still have,preservatives and pesticides and,herbicides on there but i know the pigs,are not eating a gmo feed which is very,very important so this is one of the,best i would get at the grocery store,this is one of the second best because,its certified humane and see what this,says here,no sugar so if i turn it around here the,ingredients are literally pork,water salt and celery powder theyre,using celery powder instead of sodium,nitrites which is really cool because if,i compare it to,oscar meyer,center cut bacon here look at their,ingredients,we have sugar we have sodium phosphates,the stuff you want to avoid we have,sodium ascorbate and we have sodium,nitrites,all right before we talk about turkey,bacon and a couple more brands lets go,over here for a second because i just,find it so weird that at the grocery,store now we can get,tons of organic tons of grass-fed beef,and chicken but its so hard to find the,bacon i mean go to any grocery store,look,grass-fed beef is prevalent here make,sure when youre looking at beef its,say a hundred percent grass-fed or,grass-fed and grass-finished so look i,can get ground beef thats grass-fed i,can get steaks that are grass-fed i can,come over here heck look at this,even purdue has organic chicken,right now you cant find pasture-raised,chicken at the grocery store but i mean,thats whats so hard you cant find,organic pork chops look,its impossible to find,any organic pork shops here it just does,not exist,so while things have come really far,with beef and chicken wheres the love,for the pig wheres the love for the,pork man its so hard to find organic,pastures is completely unexistent at the,uh grocery store the only organic bacon,was that one from applegate so lets,check out some more but check out that,thrive link down below because the,pasture raise is not just for bacon,there its for pork chops ground pork,breakfast sausage and a lot more all,right lets return back to baconland,here and you might see something like,this oscar meyer has a natural series,and this series actually has a pretty,decent lunch meat,and while the ingredients are much,better than the regular oscar mayer they,got rid of the phosphates the nitrates,the nitrites,the problem is,its not certified humane and you know,the feed is gmo and thats not something,you want to put in your body those gmos,they leach into the protein they leach,into the animal milk for the cows i,dont want that but what do you do about,turkey bacon right so i have applegate,here apple get really best in class for,a lot of things in the grocery store and,i have jenny oh so look at applegate,here,its humanely raised turkeys which,turkey farming can be a really dirty,business,its just turkey salt celery powder and,spices no sugar so its paleo we look at,th

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Historic Smithville Village New Jersey FULL TOUR / REVIEW

Joubert master today were here at,historic Smithville in New Jersey,near Atlantic City theres at least,sixty shops here and Im told you should,spend at least a half a day here its,not a fly-by-night theres a lot of,stores here and a lot of things to do we,just got here and its pretty cool so,far,[Applause],corsets shop you got the sweet shop its,all kind of clothing food Jesus its,really nice here its not a lot of good,videos on YouTube about this place but,this will hopefully Ill be able to show,you whats here,[Music],beautiful the historic Smith fell in and,supposedly they have an awesome turkey,dinner,candles Lantern late restaurant and,tavern,[Music],all kinds of stores,[Music],[Music],I want ice cream,[Music],huh right here can you see me Im,driving a boat,[Music],[Music],[Music],get in gallery,[Music],[Music],having fun alright so it took us two,hours to get through the whole stores if,youre fast if you want to stop in all,the stores Im sure it takes hours,[Music],enjoy,[Music],you


hey guys were here with yet another,Starbucks taste test there are two new,drinks that just came out today and I,just found out about them actually a,couple days ago on Facebook or actually,no I found out about on our last taste,test of the pink ombre drink ombre pink,drink so many commented the worst of,Starbucks that they were gonna have out,to tuna drinks this Tuesday which is,today June was to native 20th June 20th,June 20th so of course we had to try,them out they are two new frappuccinos,the first one is a prickly pear right,very prickly pear Frappuccino is this,one its beautiful,what kind of beautiful swirled pink and,red there there and then the other one,brat has is the mango pineapple prepa,Chino thats really pretty bright look,at that one too,look at that yeah look at that makes you,want more first up were gonna try both,gonna try this one here were gonna,start off with feet very prickly pear,okay it says very prickly pear its a,whole lot of fruity fun in one,Frappuccino mint good for us fruity one,time yeah mango syrup is blended with,Frappuccino blended cream base milk and,ice then portal but over a puree of,berries and prickly pear and topped with,more puree and out let me die to do the,calorie counts is everybody is all,curious about these calorie counts on,these drinks this one is for grande,which we have 260 calories four grams of,fat two and a half two point five grams,saturated fat 49 grams of sugar so not,quite as bad as some of the other,frappuccinos a lot of other ones regular,ones are like close to like 60 70 but,thats they have this has no whipped,cream on the top either so thats,probably why its not quite as much,sugar and of course theres no caffeine,its just a cream based Frappuccino no,coffee or anything lets try it so I,will show you the top of this here so,that is what looks like the Sun is kind,of glaring on here thats what looks,like on the top you want to take that,top off you can see its just I dont,think theres really much to show on the,top its just,[Music],yeah its just,the Korean Frappuccino mixed with the,berry stuff was a smell like,smells like berries let me smell,[Music],it smells like berries in like cream,kind of all right so lets try it out,Im gonna try first you try first okay,look I love Barry now Ive got a lot of,berries,mm thats good though I might want to,kind of mix it around I got a lot of,moolah its syrup,reflection,oh yeah its better when you get that,rapid Sheena with ice my son theyre all,God thats really good,yeah you gotta mix it up got to get that,white stuff mixed in with the berries,otherwise you could just pure sir berry,syrup bitterness mixed in its a really,good creamy very like another taste no,lets move on next one batterys almost,dead,I remember at Cherry our batteries,blinking so were run out of battery all,right so next one is the mango pineapple,Frappuccino and let me look it up here,real quick here,this one says I taste of the tropics,even when youre nowhere close to the,Sun and sand mango syrup is blended with,our Frappuccino blended cream base milk,and ice and poured over a puree of mango,and pineapple then topped with more,tropical puree so its probably just,mango pineapple with the cream right,Pacino in on the top as you can see its,just the same cream white with the,yellow and the smell like fruit still,smells like pineapple yes I like,pineapple okay so brands gonna try this,one first,Oh better fix that to give us then go,sir yeah thats what happened to me with,the birria one I didnt get no I didnt,get a cream at first I can really taste,the mango are there Tim those allergies,I like that its really good when you,get that ice for really good the best,part is gonna get the ice in there the,there will I see I love like crunchy,little ice chips with the not the mango,syrup thats good its really good its,like a its very similar to a smoothie,but its a little sweeter this is a,little sweeter than a smoothie of course,its got more sugar so its probably why,but probably not as healthy as a movie,either but its on the lines of a,smoothie its like a cream smoothie like,a cross between an ice cream this would,be kind of that ones done which do you,like best,Im leaning towards the berry prickly,pear just a little bit even though I,love I love mango pineapple though but,this pretty lip trick the pears look,good – I like involved theyre both real,good yes I like them I think theyre,both good so I would you give them out,of five theyre both pretty damn good,Im gonna say a 5/5 yeah theyre good I,was gonna say four or four I have five,five,I dont maybe that would get in five,theyre really good theyre really,really good if you like up to news and,smoothies kind of blended together with,like a cream ice cream smoothie,Frappuccino type of goodness this is,good really good I think its just,better than what I thought it was gonna,be actually so yeah I probably just say,go ahead and say five out of five all,right so yes try them out the very,prickly pear Frappuccino and the mango,pineapple Frappuccino newest Starbucks,all right so thanks for watching and we,see it all in our next video bye bye Oh,[Music],[Music],[Music]

The World Oldest & Largest Ham & Peanut / Smithville Va.

hey yall Carolina Tony here today the,road brings me to Smithville and Im,standing in front of,Isle of right Museum there is a few,things inside the Isle of Wright Museum,that I have always wanted to see and I,promise you,you will be amazed,and well go inside and get started,right after this station identification,[Music],thank you,[Music],very much,well lets go inside,[Music],and I dont know if thats hot God said,corabeth or not,kind of resembles on the,I can see those Smithfield Hams hanging,up,smile,Smithfield Hogs,very special,type of hogs,not just any kind of Hall can get to be,a Smithfield ham,[Music],hes driving his pigs home to the market,that is very well could wind up there at,Smithville hams first of all,this is the worlds oldest peanut,PD Gwaltney senior picked this peanut,grown by A.B Scott in 1890 and dated,it,right on there he wrote to date on it,1890.,it became a marketing tool to advertise,his peanut business,this peanut has been formally recognized,by Ripleys,believe it or not,as the worlds oldest,peanut,now there is a difference,then I,ham,in a,Smithville ham,theres actually a law,that says that they have to be,made from the carcass,of peanut fed Hogs,the worlds oldest ham has his own comic,stripped,our famous hand was cured in 1902.,it was rediscovered by Pembroke D,quality Jr two decades later,oh hey Im in a mock-up of a Smokehouse,and uh there are little samples here,where you can smell the different,spices that are used to flavor the hams,heres a,photograph of a real Smoke House with,the hams hanging,theres two mechanisms,for smoking,the preservation or dehydration,and the antibacterial properties of,absorbed smoke is a wood from the,cooking fire smolders,smoke is released,and wraps over the meat or fish the,combination of the Heat and smoke seals,into flavor,for the winter months the Virginia,Indians smoked and stored game fish fish,was smoked where it was caught and,transported back to the Village,venison bear and other game meat were,hung over fires,in homes to be smoked,mold forms over to ham during the summer,months and helps protect it from insects,while it has flavor is scraped away,before cooking,and here is a picture of,Pembroke,Gwaltney Jr,holding his ham,and there it is,right in the center,this is the,oldest ham,PD quality Juniors pet ham all right,In 1902 this ham was supposed to be,shipped out but somehow it missed,shipment he decided to keep it to see,how long it would last,in the 1920s he had a brass,collar tag made for the ham,and he took it to trade shows and fairs,Mr quality ensured his pet ham for five,thousand dollars,and this is a branding ham,Smithfield hands became so popular,that other companies tried to pass their,meats off as Smithfield Hams so,Smithfield started branding their hams,and this is the largest ham from 1955,the hog that this ham came from weighed,900 pounds,and the leg weighed 90 pounds when it,was cured in October of 1955.,okay well,the worlds oldest ham hey and the,worlds oldest peanut after visiting,That Old Ham I had to stop and get me a,ham biscuit,I hope you have enjoyed this video if,you did be sure to give me a big old,thumbs up be sure to share this video,with your family and friends but until,next time,yall have a good day leave me a ham,biscuit


[Music],hey welcome back to another episode of,whiskey row i am so excited to be in the,speakeasy today to bring you this,episode where were going to talk about,six bourbons,one of thems kind of not technically,about anyway dont worry about it six,bourbons that you do not want to buy you,dont want to spend the money on them,and were going to talk about why now,before we get started if you end up,enjoying this episode please smash that,like button subscribe to the channel if,you havent if you want to check out,some stuff sometimes i go on this other,channel its called beyond the row its,jamies channel but she has me on there,all the time so if youre more,interested in other content besides,whiskera check out beyond the row and,the link is in the description below now,lets dive right into it now what makes,these six whiskeys ones that i dont,recommend that you buy usually it comes,down to value to me what you get for the,price,isnt really worth it in some cases it,is actually probably worth about that,much but why would you spend the money,on this particular one that im going to,show you when you could spend your money,the same amount of money on this one or,even less on this other one,and get so much more for it and youre,going to enjoy it a lot more i dont,know about you but these days im,pinching my pennies a little bit more in,the whiskey game than i than i used to,and truth be told some of this stuff i,wish i didnt buy the first one that i,think that you should not buy,is will it pot still and theres a,couple reasons for it one is the bottle,you you buy the bottle youre like oh,thats a really interesting bottle im,gonna check this thing out its its,this really cool shape its got this,interesting design well when it comes,down to it you put it on your shelf i,dont know about you but if you have a,lot of bourbons to have a bottle thats,a you know a 750 ml bottle that is this,round takes up a ton of shelf space this,does not sit in a collection very well,now obviously that doesnt have anything,to do with that the fact that i dont,like the way it tastes to me it just,doesnt taste very good and for you know,40 45 50,i just i dont think the values there,to me i could take almost any bottle i,have thats under 40 and id probably,rather have that bottle than this this,to me its just not very good theres a,taste to it that i dont care for,alternatives to this you could just buy,a straight up mixture us-1 small batch,you could do a,wild turkey 101 could do 1792 small,batch you could do elijah craig small,batch larceny small batch you could do,almost any of the big brand small,batches and its probably going to be,more enjoyable than this now if you love,this one im glad you do because as,always on whiskey row,find a bottle you love for those of you,who havent had it i would recommend,getting a sample from somebody you know,who has one before you drop the coin on,it because,to me its just the values not there,its not worth it now number two on my,list today is old forester statesman now,old forester youd be this is actually a,little surprising because i actually,enjoy an old forester statesman some,people really dont like it but for me,its its not too bad the problem is the,price so they okay so first of all a,little background the old forces,statesman they did this as a promotional,thing with the movie the statesman from,like 2017 or 18 this came out and it,sold well and they just kept making it,and the problem is is that its not,really worth it i paid 60 for this one i,dont know how much the exactly they go,for these days around 55 60 bucks im,guessing but my problem with it is why,would you buy an old forester statesman,when you could either get an old,forester 1910 or an old forester 1920,for equivalent prices and both of those,kill this thing so dont get me wrong,this is not necessarily a bad whiskey,its just that you have its two siblings,that are from the whiskey row line that,are just better and theyre the same,price so why would you if you want this,kind of a profile you can get the 1910,and its a much better version of the,old forester profile or you can get the,1920 and its also a much better version,of that profile this doesnt really fit,in anywhere and i dont know why they,still make it and frankly theres a lot,of other stuff thats thats better even,outside of the old forester line theres,just a lot of other better options so i,would honestly go with almost any of,those a smoke wagon small batch milk,wagon uncut and filter i know thats a,little bit price jump but still its not,that far off from this at 60 dollars and,you know the 1910 the 1920 uh wild,turkey rare breed i mean theres just,like a lot of options out there that are,just better than this one save your coin,and go buy one of those or,buy something else thats the same price,and get something thats much better now,i do have to say im not making this,video to to throw shade on on any,distilleries or or anything else and if,its again so if these are some of the,things that you love by all means buy,them get them theyre just things that i,havent found the value in so but again,if you like these good on you like i,have a buddy who messaged me today,actually about the statesman and he had,just gotten states when he was drinking,it and he just didnt like it and hes,like i gotta start messaging you more,before i go to the liquor store to,to uh to to ward me off certain bottles,and stuff so anyway thats the uh thats,actually the genesis for this video,henry mckinnon tenure now this one like,whiskey of the year at some spirits,competition not too long ago and it was,like hype machine like crazy,i bought it i tried it,its okay,its not gross nothing wrong with its,not bad um but the real reason why the,value is not there now is back then it,was forty dollars well now here in,virginia theyre selling this for sixty,dollars and uh you know sixty dollars,for this is not worth it to me uh,honestly forty dollars i didnt really,enjoy it i got him because i have some,friends that like him but i dont really,care for him very much sometimes i do,get them for giveaways or whatever so,for a 10 year hd to bourbon 60,you start to figure out where this kind,of sits to me a 40 coopers craft 100 is,a much much better buy than this one i,think theres a lot of other options,that are really really good and much,better than this i actually like makers,us1 small batch better than this one i,like any of the 1792,foolproof single barrel uh small batch,bottled and bond any of the 1792 line i,like better than this one,theres a lot out there that is better,than henry mckinnon tenure i am and and,i know that it won an award and it was a,probably a honey barrel that they had,submitted and it just was luck of the,draw because everyone that ive had and,ive had probably three of them that,ive had open and tried and it just,doesnt do a whole lot for me what are,some better options well all forster,1920 i think at 60 dollars is a much,much better bourbon youre coming in at,a higher proof its a better mouthfeel,more care to it its honestly its much,much better or you can even get some,store picks uh you know some private,select type stuff from different,different different distilleries at your,local store that are probably going to,be better than this still a market for,this so on the secondary,which you know good on you if thats,what you want to do but for me to sit,down and drink this is not where i want,to spend sixty dollars theres a lot,better stuff out there number four,weller antique 107. now let me let me,explain before you get mad because i,know some of you are gonna get mad at me,about this one let me explain whether,antique 107 in my opinion is the,least palatable of the weller line that,ive ever had the only thing thats good,about a well or antique 107 is to mix it,with weller 12 and make poor mans happy,outside of that weller antique 107 is,not worth it to me i would much prefer,to sip on a well or special reserve in,m

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