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Shin Megami Tensei 5 Review

shin megami tensei 5 feels like the,edgier less sociable younger brother of,persona 5 even though persona began as a,spin-off of this series both branches of,the family share much of their cast of,highly customizable demons like,mythological pokemon you smash together,to make even more powerful ones they,have similar excellent turn-based combat,systems that encourage you to fish for,your opponents weaknesses and make,smart use of every resource available to,you whats missing from the persona,formula here is a lot of its heart but,shin megami tensei 5 still rises to,succeed in most other ways,[Music],the bulk of the action takes place,across four expansive open areas of the,netherworld though atlas is only,allowing us to show gameplay from the,first of them for now each has a very,distinct vibe diverging from a central,theme of surreal techno-religious,weirdness while youll fight lots of,intense battles these locales also,encourage exploration and even some,tricky platforming to find all of the,hidden memon these little red dudes who,give you a currency you can use for,miraculous bonuses to your whole party,or to customize the protagonist and,customization is the main pillar of smt5,since there are no human party members,who stay with you for the whole,adventure youll build a rotating team,of three demons at a time who can all,have their own strengths weaknesses and,special tricks fusing two or more demons,into stronger ones is central to your,progression but you can also hoard items,called grimoires that let you continue,powering up a couple specific demons you,want to keep with you for the long haul,which i really appreciated,things really get interesting when you,factor in the essence system though,which lets you teach skills from a,different demon to an existing one and,even inherit their elemental resistances,and weaknesses between fusion miracles,and essences its possible to create,some absurdly powerful and specialized,teams that can take on almost any,challenge the way these systems interact,isnt spelled out especially well,but i really enjoyed the gradual path to,mastering them myself through trial and,error an experimental mindset is a huge,plus in this netherworld and mastery is,basically a necessity unless you want to,play on one of the easier difficulties,shin megami tensei has a reputation for,being a brutally difficult series and i,was able to see why just using the,strongest demons i came across naturally,i often got chewed up and spit out,pretty quickly especially against,certain bosses and in the last quarter,of the story,but thats only until i realized that,the real challenge was in creating the,perfect team for each area and sometimes,even each fight all of the tools are,there and if you know how to use them,you can blow right past enemies that,once seemed unbeatable but there is no,mercy to be found if you dont so going,in with the right mindset is a must,you heard that talk about it being safer,to go home in groups right you should,walk with us,where smt 5 consistently fell short for,me as a massive persona fan though was,the writing it takes upwards of 20 hours,to find any personal motivation beyond,survival and figuring out whats going,on in contrast to persona 5 which makes,things personal right away the companion,characters are also very underdeveloped,you dont get to spend enough time with,most of them for one thing since they,dont usually join you in battle you run,into them for a few minutes during cut,scenes after many hours of adventuring,and none of them seem to have,interesting backstories or even much of,a character arc they exist mostly as,decoration on a story that cares much,more about big concepts than people the,main story is definitely interesting at,least and not just another rehash of god,vs satan for control of humanitys,destiny while i wont spoil anything the,three possible endings are a bit more,nuanced than that although your,decisions right up to the moment that,you lock into one path dont seem to,affect them at all and things become,pretty convoluted at the very end it,introduces an entirely new metaphysical,concept through an expository dialogue,dump at basically the last possible,moment which seems meant to,re-contextualize the whole situation but,then,does it really explain how it works or,even what exactly happened with it after,the final battle so this just left the,last hour or so feeling like a somewhat,cold confusing conclusion to an epic 80,hour undertaking at least the art,throughout is great its every bit as,visually stylish as any other atlas game,and i love the design of the main,character the demons both new and,familiar to series veterans look and,sound awesome and have some fantastic,unique attack animations,the music is pretty good too though it,isnt even in the same league as persona,[Music],with extremely deep and satisfying party,customization,excellent combat and challenging enemies,shin megami tensei 5 never left me,feeling bored or burned out exploration,and platforming sections lend some much,needed variety when youre fighting so,many similar battles in a row i just,couldnt shake the feeling that this was,persona without the heart,without the unforgettable companion,characters the potent personal story the,incredible soundtrack and the,jaw-dropping twists and turns,still if youre looking for a meaty jrpg,to sink your teeth into shin megami,tensei 5 has heaping portions of it for,more jrpgs check out our reviews of,astria ascending and tales of arise and,for everything else keep it right here,on ign,[Music]

The Reason I DIDNT talk about THESE Nintendo Switch Games…

despite how booming this year has been,for game releases,there has still been quite a few games,that have been released and i didnt,talk about them for one reason or,another like just dance 2022,the reason,well its just dance the thing is when i,dont have a lot to say about one game,it makes it kind of hard to create a,full video that will piece the youtube,algorithm gods also i might not have,that much nice to say about a game and,if theres one thing my dear old,grandmother taught me it was that if you,have nothing nice to say dont say,anything at all unless its about just,dance,hey,you okay im sensing something strange,yeah life is strange yeah it sure is,buddy no the game life is strange true,colors the nintendo switch version,launched today i heard the life of,strange games are great you heard that,from me dumb brain the best part is its,the same game as it is on all the other,platforms including all the character,performance capture and facial,animations plus the full extensive,licensed music soundtrack yeah the life,is strange games are known for their,beautiful music and fantastic,storytelling yeah im glad its exactly,the same on switch,its not just the same they had a,dedicated and passionate team create,this port specifically for the switch,they rebuilt the lighting engine ground,up for the console they completely,reworked how the cpu processes and,renders scenes to optimize frame rates,heck they reworked almost everything,from the character model to the games,foliage and anti-aliasing to preserve,fidelity while optimizing poly count how,to be honest all this sounds incredible,i dont understand what even plays at,1080p,this video is brought to you by life,strange true colors if youve never,played a life is strange game before,true colors is a great place to start as,its a brand new and exciting story,filled with twists and turns six,different endings supernatural powers,and just a ton of heart its a very,inclusive game that can be played by,both casual and avid gamers and it would,be a great gift idea for this holiday,season a physical edition will be,launching in february of 2022 but the,digital version is available right now,on the eshop so click the link below to,check out the game and support my,channel i do want to cover as many,nintendo switch games as possible on,this channel while i have some sort of,relevancy on the internet and metroid,dread has always,wait where did i put that game,does anyone know which way im supposed,to go,um,so,it was here the whole time,they were right metroid red is a game,that was 15 years in the making it was,conceived back around 2005 as a sequel,to metroid fusion for the nintendo ds,however the technology back then was too,limited to create the game that yoshio,envisioned so instead he decided to wait,until nintendo developed a console,powerful enough to handle his 2d side,scroller and that only took almost two,decades thankfully the wait was worth it,as metroid dread instantly became one of,the best titles on the platform as soon,as it was released the only reason i,i never talked about dread is because,the day it came out i was catching a,flight to philly for too many games a,convention that was a whole weekend long,and in 2021 thats about how long it,takes the internet to forget about,something and move on and by the time i,landed back in texas on monday morning,everyone was already back to asking,where metroid prime 4 was bummer for me,because i actually managed to finish the,game on both flights i finally did the,whole nintendo switch thing of getting,on a flight and propping the oled screen,on the chair in front of me and then,holding both of my new white joy-cons in,either hand dread takes approximately,seven to eight hours to finish and i had,two four-hour flights so basic math will,tell you that i actually enjoyed flying,for once,i loved every second of this game the,controls are super tight and the action,is non-stop fast paced blood thumping,jump over this duck under that black,blab head yeah and it only picks up the,pace getting more intense and more,difficult as you progress and unlock new,abilities and power ups im sure like 99,of people already know this but the,metroid series was so influential in its,time that it spawned its own genre of,video games,metroidvania well metroid and,castlevania but thats a tangent for a,different time but thanks to metroid now,we have games like ori steamworld dig 2,and of course everyones favorite hollow,knight so its tough for a game like,metroid dread to release all these years,later in the very same genre it defined,but also compete with the newer,experiences but dread does it seamlessly,with some of the greatest level design,and progression in the genre to date,yeah it has really good game design,dread carries over the counter system,from samus returns allowing you to,deflect and then attack enemies if you,have perfect timing made even more,intense during the emmy encounters so,the emmys are these machines that were,created with the strongest material in,the universe think like valerian steel,in game of thrones this is valyrian,steel its all those really annoying,plastic ties they put in new clothes to,hold the tags on that you can never rip,apart with your bare hands and then they,start to cut and bleed,sorry seven emmys were sent to the,planet to investigate but they all went,missing they became corrupted and now,their prime directive is to murder samus,dead and nothing in samuss arsenal is,strong enough to take them down so when,you find an area that an emmy is living,in the toilet of the game completely,shifts and it becomes a real terrifying,threat you do not want to spend any time,in these areas and despite how creature,infested and hazardous the rest of the,game is in comparison to the emmy zones,the rest of the game feels like a day,trip to chuck e cheese so youll either,want to blast through emmy zones as,quickly as possible or stealth through,using any abilities you have if you do,get pinned down by an emily you can use,the counter as a last chance resort of,temporarily stunning it but that window,is so pinpoint tiny accurate you,honestly do deserve a chance to escape,if you can even pull it off the boss,fights are the highlights not even just,for the gameplay but because here is,where samus really gets to show off her,badass self some of these cutscenes and,action moments really allow our favorite,space warriors personality to shine,through oh and no spoilers but that last,boss fight is one of the toughest fights,ive ever had to rage my way through and,finally the visuals are gorgeous in both,handheld and docked metroid red is,crystal clear with these huge,environments that reach back seemingly,miles into the screen even the tighter,spaceship and cave-like environments are,highly detailed all lit by the wonderful,dynamic lighting and all the alien,creatures are fantastically designed and,animated from the giant monsters to the,tiny bat things with waggly tails,metroid dread is a near-perfect,experience and both myself and rgt are,really hoping it passes three million in,sales,shimagami tensai five did i was i close,shim shin megami tensai,tensei smt5 is gonna be a little tougher,for me to review as not only have i not,finished the game but ive barely even,played it i i just i i dont think its,for me,i dont think youre for me ill start,by saying i loved the setup typically in,these types of games you spend a while,during the start getting to know the,characters going to school learning,about the world before everything goes,to hell in a handbasket but smt5 says,hell cant come soon enough after just,one quick exam that i can only assume i,nailed because immediately after,everything gets turned upside down and,you find yourself in a vast desert,filled with devils angels grimers and,cats shimagami plays out a little like,pokemon where not only can you battle,the demons you discover but youre also,encouraged to sit down and have a,conversation w

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Shin Megami Tensei V Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth it?

hey everybody zen over here from,nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of shimigami,tensei 5 on the nintendo switch now this,review was originally written by mitch,vogel for nintendolife.com but was,reworked into this video by me,[Music],shin megami tensei five has been a long,time coming the last mainline entry in,the series was released over eight years,ago for the nintendo 3ds while the last,home console entry was almost 10 years,before that shinigami tensei 5 or smt5,for short was one of the first games,ever revealed for the switch as well,only a few months after the console,itself was first shown to the public now,all of those years of hype have,generated some awfully high expectations,now i was never in doubt if atlus would,actually give this release the attention,it deserves but the question has always,been whether it would actually live up,to the high bar set by its predecessors,thankfully any concerns can be cast,aside as shimigami tensei 5 is the best,entry in the series yet and stands as an,impressive achievement for a beloved rpg,franchise now right off the bat its,made abundantly clear that smt5 is every,bit as heavy as its predecessors things,start off seemingly normal as you follow,your character through a typical day of,school but theres an ominous tone to,the announcement at the end of the day,that advises students to travel home in,pairs people have been disappearing and,there are rumors of violent attacks,taking place around tokyo but nobody,really seems to have a clear idea of,what exactly is happening then in,practically the blink of an eye,tokyo is gone in its place your,character finds himself trapped in a,sand-swept hellscape littered with the,crumbling ruins of skyscrapers and,streets strange demonic and angelic,creatures roam these wastes and theres,scarcely another human to be found the,world has already ended and you are,alone although this changes quickly when,you meet an entity named algami who,fuses with you and turns you into the,being called naobino invigorated with,this newfound power you begin a lengthy,journey to both uncover what exactly,happened to the world and fight a whole,lot of angels and demons along the way,the story is something that really needs,to be experienced to be understood and,we wont rob you of the fun by spoiling,anything further here but suffice to say,smt5 tells quite a compelling tale this,is a story that is still very much,marked by the weighty philosophical and,moral ruminations that defined past,entries but atlas has smartly decided to,make this a more character-driven,narrative than many previous games for,example the main shopkeeper in the game,is a memorable green-skinned ghoul named,gustav gustav is a friendly fellow he,seems like he genuinely wants to help,you on your quest but he also comes off,as the kind of guy who likes to,microwave butterflies in his spare time,and theres something equal parts,haunting and endearing in his mechanical,giggles as you sell him another few,bottles of soda that you picked up off,the streets now make no mistake this is,hardly a lighthearted tale but wandering,the wasteland in isolation feels,purposeful now that youre given more,concrete reason to have emotional,investment in the narrative you have,clear goals and objectives for driving,the plot forward and the characters you,encounter are more interesting than the,mostly one-dimensional characters that,populated past entries the narrative is,certainly not as straightforward and,relatable as say persona 5 or xenoblade,chronicles 2 but wed still contend that,atlas has crafted a nicely balanced,story with this entry the world of smt5,is just interesting in a way that the,previous entries werent and its a,credit to the writers that they were,able to pull this off without losing,that darker edge that the series is so,well known for shin megami tensei 5 is a,true dungeon crawling rpg at heart and,its been designed in a way thats,semi-linear each of the maps you can,explore are ultimately laid out in a,simple to follow fashion thats nearly,impossible to get lost in but there are,also many side paths and areas that,reward exploration and offer up some,compelling side content theres never a,question of where you need to go or what,you need to do next but the path you,take to get there and the things that,you do along the way are still very much,up to you exploration is also assisted,in part by little magatsui energy balls,that are dotted along the landscape like,breadcrumbs you automatically pick these,up as you run over them and theyll top,up things like your health mp and,magatsui gauge while their positioning,often encourages you to step off the,beaten path and explore once you start,poking around the world a little more,youll find that theres often quite a,bit to help build up your characters,better as well there are of course the,expected treasure chests that offer up,nice rewards but the main draw to,exploration is usually side quests and,little creatures called mimon the side,quests are usually offered up by,friendly demons and give you the,expected tasks of going on fetch quests,or fighting powerful foes and while they,usually dont have a ton of depth they,add some welcome texture to the,otherwise lifeless environment and often,act as the only way to unlock more,magatsui skills additionally there are,200 memon defined throughout the whole,game and these are all connected to an,ongoing side quest for gustav each mimon,gives you a little bit of glory which,well talk about more in a bit but by,hitting certain mimon collecting,milestones gustav will actually give you,special gifts suffice to say there is a,lot to do in the world of smt5 and,youre constantly doing things that,either progresses the main story or,somehow builds up your character or,their party another important factor,that greatly aids the accessibility of,this new world design is the leyline,fount system dotted around the world are,blue portals that act as one-stop shops,for everything you could possibly need,for your adventure you can use these,portals to quickly fast travel around,the world save heal your party shop for,extra goods and engage in any demon,summoning or fusion shenanigans that you,prefer given that combat at least on,normal difficulty is as savage and,difficult as it was in past entries,these fountains act as a nice balancing,factor to make the journey feel that,much more bearable youll still likely,get wiped out more often than you intend,to but it feels like the game earns,those deaths now that you are frequently,given reasonable access to every tool,you could need to succeed combat follows,the same press turn rules of previous,entries making for what feels like the,best take on straight turn-based combat,you can have an active party consisting,of your main character and up to three,other demons and each party member is,given one action per turn however if you,can manage to connect attacks that crit,or hit an enemys elemental weakness you,can get up to four additional actions,for yourself smartly using this system,in your favor means that you can,effectively clear average enemy,encounters in one turn if youre,tactical but the flip side is that you,lose turns if an attack misses or gets,blocked by an enemy additionally,everyone in your party has elemental,weaknesses of their own and enemies can,gain extra actions if they hit these as,well the combat system is very high risk,high reward if you can get the first,turn on the enemy and plan your team,well battles can typically be wrapped up,with scarcely any effort yet if the,enemy gets the jump on you and youre,just beginning to explore a new area,its not uncommon for a few party,members to get completely wiped out,before you even have the chance to do,anything the only real downside with,this system is that it can become a,little repetitive once youve solved an,enemy encounter and by this we mean that,if say an area is littered with kate,sits and you

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Shin Megami Tensei V – Easy Allies Review

Its surprising that a game like Shin Megami Tensei V,can even exist in the way that it does.,It’s a heavily marketed, big publisher JRPG,that is absolutely uncompromising in its vision.,The game has an intricate and demanding battle system,that pushes you to explore its depths at every opportunity.,While the series has long been known for these qualities, theyre sharpened to a deadly degree here.,Not only that, but SMT V breaks with its own standard, incorporating unconventional exploration,that feels very much like it’s from an action-adventure game or platformer.,The storytelling does ultimately cling too closely to the well worn SMT template,,but its tone feels so singular in the genre that it still carries a lot of appeal.,Its important to understand just how different SMT V is from so many others in its genre.,There aren’t constant barrages of cut-scenes here or a laborious amount of dialogue.,Its a game that relies on its combat, and you arguably spend more time fighting,than doing anything else.,But because the combat is so rich and fulfilling,,its far more engaging than many others in a notoriously repetitive genre.,It also doesnt take an eternity to get to the heart of what makes the battle system great,since youre thrust into extremely intense fights relatively quickly.,Something to make clear is that SMT V is difficult.,Very difficult.,Normal mode in this game feels as though it would be a higher difficulty in many others.,SMT V is the kind of game where you can easily get ambushed by an enemy,and lose chunks of progress.,Whats vital to understand is that the game isn’t great simply because it is hard,,but that its brutal battles reinforce every other element of the design.,All of the games various aspects have incredible value as a result of their necessity.,To expand on the idea, enemies earn extra actions in combat,by exploiting your teams weaknesses or by scoring critical hits,,which means they get more opportunities to hack off huge amounts of health and put you in the ground.,In order to ward against this, an effective strategy is to infuse your main character,with affinities that may nullify or resist certain types of damage,,since if the main character dies its game over.,However, affinities come in the form of demon essence,,and once you use the essence, its gone.,You also have to choose between consuming a demon essence for its affinities,or for various skills to use in combat,,which may give you the upper hand in many ways.,These skills include extremely powerful elemental spells,,crucial buffs, or essential healing.,You can only shield yourself against so many types of damage,and you have a limited number of skill slots to fill up.,So you are constantly sacrificing one thing for something else.,There is no illusion of choice here.,Each decision has a reverberating effect,,and its impossible to go on autopilot for too long,because threats remain varied throughout the games very lengthy duration.,However, if it was only the combat that was remarkable, SMT V wouldnt be as ascendent as it is.,Even new additions like Magatsuhi Skills and Miracles,expand the already fantastic foundation that has been the soul of Shin Megami Tensei,and part of the reason it has such a fervent cult following.,Its the quality of the exploration that pushes not only the series forward, but really the entire genre.,Stereotypically, JRPGs are very stiff when it comes to movement, but,even when compared to more limber examples that dont fit such a mold,,SMT V is notably fluid and responsive.,Even simple acts like dashing around the world, gliding down sand dunes,,or hopping from ledge to ledge are enjoyable in their own right.,What really makes it all work, though, is just how truly excellent the world design is.,SMT V takes full advantage of its post-apocalyptic setting in ways,that make traveling through its environments more rewarding.,Youll run over a collapsed train serving as an unexpected bridge,,ascend to the top of a toppled building, and weave through mountains of rubble.,The devastation makes for maps that are deliciously complex.,There are moments when youll see treasure tantalizing you on the map,and youll have to figure out how to chart your way toward it.,It may mean something along the lines of finding out how to climb the monstrous towers above you,,meticulously jumping from one section to the next.,The puzzling nature of it is honestly not that much different from any renowned platformer.,Because encounters arent random,,it allows players to enjoy exploration without constantly being interrupted.,Yet enemies are placed throughout areas in such a way that they still feel dangerous.,Youll want to comb over as much of the map as you can because of how essential the rewards are.,The demanding combat strongly encourages you to take every advantage you can get.,Again, its a symbiotic relationship,,with the different aspects of the game perpetually enhancing one another.,Where exploration falls a bit short, though, is in the variety of environments.,Most of the game really is just different implementations of rubble and sand.,When things do get more outlandish, it is noticeable and appreciated.,Even with such criticism in mind, there is some merit to SMT Vs approach.,The serpentine design places a consistent emphasis on the apocalyptic nature of the world.,Each area is so carefully constructed that its a wonder to behold,,and the demons exude so much personality simply through how they look.,The music also greatly enhances the setting.,While the expected rock tracks work -,its an especially nice touch that the main battle theme doesnt kick into high gear,until you take an action – its the more subdued pieces that stick with you.,There is a haunting, distant, almost alien vibe to some of the tracks,that creates a general sense of unease.,Such a sense of dread is well earned when a boss unapologetically kicks your teeth in,,making the atmosphere feel authentic.,The biggest points of criticism apply to the narrative, but even then there is a lot to praise.,Since its SMT, its no surprise that Tokyo is destroyed,,but SMT V plays with your expectations just enough,to make the premise clever and interesting, even if youre a well-worn fan.,Sadly, the game doesnt go quite far enough and its ambitions peter out in the second half.,It predictably establishes and develops warring ideologies in a manner,that feels too familiar to whats come before.,The decision of who you align with is a sort of a “here we go again” moment.,Similarly, the most emotional scene happens roughly halfway through the game,,and its a shame that the story cant continue the momentum.,Side quests also disappoint.,The rewards are definitely worth it, but,the context surrounding them is usually little more than kill this or collect that.,The writing is generally underwhelming and boilerplate, making a lot of the quests feel entirely forgettable.,With all that said, SMT V still feels strikingly distinct.,There is an unflinching honesty in how it portrays events in the main narrative,that‘s refreshing in a genre grossly overstuffed with nauseatingly simple and saccharine solutions.,Instead, SMT V expresses that sometimes, even if you believe in something with absolute conviction,,you lose and are proven wrong.,Sometimes there is no silver lining to a tragedy,and bad things happen to well intentioned people.,Its bleak, certainly, but no less valid.,Exploration of the tragic can be more cathartic and genuine,than just pretending everything will be fine simply because we want it to be.,Its exactly why the industry needs more games like SMT V.,Instead of aggressively sanding off any and all edges in order to appeal to the broadest audience possible,,the game takes the exact opposite approach.,It not only wears those edges like gleaming badges of honor,,but is fully intending to stab you in the throat with them.,It wants to challenge you, to desperately shake you out of complacency.,SMT V is


so welcome back to another episode and,welcome to our review of shin megami,tensei five a game thats been long in,development weve been looking forward,to oh yes weve been playing we,absolutely have a lot to say about this,title and we did a nice warm-up by,playing shimagami tensei 3 nocturne uh,the remaster from the ps2 version and,that was a good warm up to get to this,game and all that so weve been playing,this like crazy and for anybody who,doesnt know the shimigami tennessee,series its been a long standing series,in japan theres been a lot of spin-offs,its been a lot of side things and were,finally here on the nintendo switch and,right now this is an exclusive game for,this machine and lets start off with,the story,of this game and by the way there is no,spoilers in this review at all were not,even going to show boss encounters or,anything like that or any of the later,demons or anything like that because,that is experience in finding it,yeah exactly thats where the fun of the,game is and we start off in tokyo yeah,we start off in tokyo where your main,character heads off to school yeah and,once youve done all it actually reminds,me of persona a little bit like as soon,as we jumped in im like oh wow were in,a school setting i remember doing stuff,like this but once you leave the school,you hear a commotion you go underneath,the tunnel and thats when everything,changes everything goes to heck yeah,yeah everything goes crazy and you end,up in the netherworld the other world a,post-apocalyptic version of tokyo and,thats a theme of this series,and yeah and then you get there and all,of a sudden youre getting attacked by,some monsters and this mysterious man,comes in and combines with you,yeah in a completely sailor moon,type of transformation,its really a lot of fun all of a sudden,you have blue hair long blue hair thats,silver awesome armor yeah and you have,this blade that comes out of your arm so,wicked,the basis of the story is that its just,its heaven and hell and theyve been,fighting it out for a long time for a,super long time and then its basically,heaven itself trying to reclaim what was,theirs to begin with so in tokyo the,world map is like past games you know,the game of life it will always remind,me of the game like the little pegs,going around it really does it is but,the the interesting thing is when you,get into the demon world the netherworld,then youre running around and its open,world it is an open world thats kind of,thats kind of the cool thing here and,overwhelming i know overwhelming yeah,and theres a lot of reasons why but you,get a navi style character who helps you,hes always saying hey look at this over,here hey look at this and she goes like,this yeah hey right over here yeah and,she shows you where certain items are,but not just items sometimes sometimes,you get into a fight which also can,really suck but youre not prepared for,it yeah so shes like given youre,saying heres some really good stuff and,whoa heres the battle uh-oh yeah oh and,you kind of get into that and you also,as youre running around youre picking,up little orbs green and yellow and red,orbs and they give you your magic points,back they give you your hit points back,and uh add to your boost gauge yeah your,special abilities exactly so in the game,you also get this jump button which will,help you,explore other areas in the game leads,you to different items even those big,giant oh yes this is,like a d20 its like like a detail its,a big yellow d20 which has treasure in,it treasure like essence and everything,to help you but i just love how we have,the speed button that you can run,through but going down the hills it,looks like youre surfing yes with your,hair flowing in the back i just that was,such a unique idea to add to it i really,liked it thats a thats a cool bit in,the game for sure,so as youre running around the map,exploring the world a lot of it is kind,of hazed over with this pink and the,reason why is theres abscesses that are,controlling your view of the map and you,have to guide yourself to these,abscesses kill all of the demons in that,section and the abscess and then the,haze will go away and you can see the,map for what it really is and all the,other places that you need to explore,and thats happening a lot oh god and,when you have three of them going yeah,at once you can barely see the map there,were times where i came up to the tv and,its like where yeah,yeah i know we kept waiting for the haze,to pass and to see kind of where you are,on it but thats part of it its part of,opening up the map and seeing where you,are so the main focus of any smt game is,the combat and how is the combat,the combat is great,it is the strongest thing in the game,honestly i love the layout its very,very simple to see all your characters,to see what order youre in and to see,the demons on the screen the graphics,for the combat is the strongest thing in,the game and you dont see it right in,the beginning,and i and im sorry that i cant show it,because i i dont want to spoil it but,youve got to see some boss encounters,that come later on,i im going to state something,that,i am honestly surprised with some of the,bosses and some of the characters that,you fight,that they were done on the nintendo,switch because its very,very impressive sometimes i was looking,at the screen going this is a nintendo,switch like wow,really impressive you can see that they,spent a lot of time,getting the graphics right but its also,the animation oh god and some of these,demons are so creepy and so surreal and,so strange and,what a sight to behold the combat really,blew me away its like one of my,favorite combat engines of the year to,visualize to see and i love being in,combat and i think its really great and,the main meat and potatoes is because,its like you know a dark style of,pokemon it is that kim said that to me,for nocturne i was like yeah thats,exactly what it is youre recruiting,demons yes and thats the main main,focus so by collecting all the demons,that leads you into the world of shadows,where you start to fuse them together,right thats the whole point of smt,really i find so,what i love about this is you get lower,class demons to create the higher ones,and once you got the higher class demons,you get special demons and by doing the,special demons unfortunately you had to,collect,multiple more demons and it just gets so,overwhelming because you want to get,them all you want to register them all,because then in future you can buy them,back to make other ones its just a,whole compilation of collecting,saving its just recreating yes and you,want them all yeah,and that that is the main focus of the,game and thats where the addiction is,it is and thats where the fun is like,like if anybodys going in,expecting a kind of a traditional rpg,youre gonna get that but the game is,about combat fusing demons making more,demons getting the best demons and,thats where the fun is and its so,satisfying and very,very addicting so out in the netherworld,youre collecting these little guys this,is one of the most important things in,the game to do theyre called memens,youve got to collect all of these,because they give you what they give you,glory points which you take into the,world of shadows to help expand your,miracles such as skills,and essences anything to expand your,team into making them better and my,goodness these mimins are hard to find,they dont make it easy for you they,dont make it easy for you for sure but,getting them is so awesome and you can,trade on all their points to get better,items and to upgrade your characters as,kim was saying and on top of collecting,the memens you bring them back to the,merchant who its kind of like it,reminds me of collecting minion,medallions from dragon quest yeah and he,gives you additional items better items,and essences,while youre collecting these memens all,over the world so yes very important to,get these guys please dont ignore them,i highly

Shin Megami Tensei V on Switch – The Digital Foundry Tech Review

[Music],[Music],nearly five years after its announcement,at the unveiling of the nintendo switch,shinmagame tensei 5 is finally here its,a continuation of the three decade old,jrpg series and the first entry on home,consoles since 2004s shin megami tensei,3. intriguingly its a technically,ambitious switch exclusive that makes,use of unreal engine 4. theres a huge,increase in scope and graphical,accomplishment compared to prior rpgs by,atlas the series developer its an,impressive achievement a high-end,rendering engine advanced visuals and an,open design its safe to say that you,dont see these elements come together,very often on the switch but have these,technical efforts come at a frame rate,cost and how does image quality and,stability fare on nintendos hybrid,system,[Music],shin megami tensei 5 tells the story of,a high school student who is suddenly,drawn into the world of the paranormal,the main character finds himself,transported into a ruined version of,tokyo while investigating some strange,rumors and finds himself thrust into an,apocal conflict between angels and,demons shin megame tensei 5,differentiates itself from prior atlas,rpgs with a wide open gameplay design,the main combat areas are large and,somewhat non-linear its not an open,world game but the design here feels,surprisingly expansive these regions of,post-apocalyptic tokyo serve as the,primary gameplay venue here which are,interrupted every so often with returns,back to modern day tokyo and brief,glimpses of school life there are some,interesting and well executed story,beats between the long excursions and to,ruin future japan but make no mistake,the emphasis here is on combat combat is,a highly strategic turn-based affair,that involves keeping track of enemy and,party weaknesses and strengths and,exploiting them for extra moves its,somewhat reminiscent of the pokemon,games albeit at a higher level of,difficulty and complexity the basics,will be familiar to people who have,played shin megamei tensei before or,persona although there are some,interesting additions here players can,now change their attribute weaknesses,for instance and can exploit powerful,time-limited makatsui skills that,enhance player abilities the classic,shin megamai tensei demon negotiation,and fusion systems also make a return,which prove essential if you want to be,strong enough to progress and youll,need to be very strong indeed owing to,shin megami tensei 5s high level of,difficulty its punishing but fair with,an emphasis on strong tactics and good,party composition you cant just expect,to one-shot every battle here there are,some very challenging fights developing,your party through completing side,quests and fusing demons is also,essential as otherwise youll find,yourself badly under level on the whole,i think its a successful progression of,the concepts in prior shin megamei,tensei titles though admittedly some of,the combat sections do drag on a bit,some of the grinding in particular is a,little egregious and feels unnecessary,this isnt a huge issue in my opinion,however and the experience overall is,well worth recommending but thats,enough about the gameplay what about the,tech well lets start with what works,the basic elements of the visuals hold,up well enough here character models are,stylized with semi-realistic 3d shading,that straddles the line between the,self-shaded persona 5 and the flat,lighting of shin megami tensei 3.,theres a healthy amount of character,detail and animation with the main,characters flowing hair being a,particular highlight compared to prior,atlas titles the character models also,see some improvement the lighting on,this jack-o-lantern character for,instance is a clear step up above the,same model in persona 5. if you look,closely you can see that his lamp is now,a real light casting source weve moved,away somewhat from the basic lighting in,this prior game the actual model and,animation however seem identical as,seems to be the case for other enemies,in the game environments look attractive,as well theres a reasonable level of,detail and sometimes impressive scale,the ruined tokyo cityscapes are well,realized with a stylized and visually,cohesive look held together with,effective color grading and,post-processing by comparison interiors,often look a bit boxy and plain although,there are some exceptions,this area for instance showcases,realistic materials and shading the,stonework looks very convincing and we,see a nice bit of baked global,illumination here as well much of that,materials work and lighting owes a lot,to unreal engine 4 which is the engine,at the heart of shin megami tensei 5.,this isnt a typical deployment of ue4,however theres no temporal,anti-aliasing for instance or ambient,occlusion the image looks very raw as a,result although perhaps this is a good,choice given the blurriness of taa at,low resolutions,what ue4 does deliver here in addition,to the aforementioned lighting tech is,modern post processing theres camera,and per object motion blur which looks,good although the sampling artifacts are,a little bit obvious as well as an,excellent bokeh depth of field effect,these elements particularly shine in the,real-time cutscenes these scenes are,really impressive showcasing great,character modeling and animations the,focal blur gives these scenes a,cinematic feel that you just dont often,see on switch cutscenes are definitely,the graphical highlight of shin megami,tensei 5 though this has been achieved,at the cost of frame rate as well see,later but there are some aspects of the,graphical presentation that do feel a,little bit dated there are some issues,with detail at a distance for instance,object pop-in is very obvious shadow,cascades are very clear and change quite,close to the player just look at the,shadows next to this barrier here,character animations more than a few,meters away also run at a low frame rate,these arent unexpected compromises but,they do hurt the sense of visual,cohesion and stability the ui looks a,bit plain at times with simple sans,serif fonts and somewhat basic menus,that seem a little bit at odds with the,overall visual styling of the game,atlass persona and tokyo mirage,sessions titles feel like a more,complete visual package overall with,unique looking ui and menus gameplay ui,elements are also a bit large and,obtrusive by default although there are,options to hide them if you like the,transition effect that is used when,moving between the gameplay and menus,also looks a bit garish and cheap and,seems somewhat choppy as if the,animation is making the game drop frames,its not a big deal but i think a simple,fade would have worked better here,combat could also use a bit more impact,the camera work and animations just,dont really come together to properly,emphasize player abilities unlike in,recent atlas titles like persona 5. most,abilities feel a little bit basic and,unexciting as a result although,animations for special abilities and,boss characters have a bit more style,finally lipsync is rather poor for the,english voice track which is a bit,visually off-putting if you prefer to,play the dubbed release just take a look,you heard that talk about it being safer,to go home in groups right you should,walk with us,[Music],were the only family weve got,i dont think its that strange to look,out for my little sister its,unfortunate that we dont see a better,match here a more careful dub could have,minimized the issue as well,in the end however i do think that,shimagame tensei 5 is a great looking,switch game technically ambitious switch,exclusives are a bit of a rarity but,thats exactly what were seeing here,the primary visual issues stem from,limitations of the source hardware but,the underlying strength of the graphical,presentation still shines through its a,visually accomplished title that is,clearly pushing the switch hard but,perhaps somewhat too hard with that in,mind lets take a look at resolution and,performance shin me

Shin Megami Tensei V: One Year Later

let me start by saying that this is not,going to be an unbiased video Ill go,into the reasons why shortly but if,youre looking for an objective review,you should check out my other videos,wait never mind there arent any my goal,here is to instead explain a more,complex impression that this game left,me with both to the viewers of this,video and to myself because after,replaying it one year after its release,it took me a while to come to the,conclusion that Shin megame tensei 5 was,probably the best RPG I played last year,but somehow it was still pretty,disappointing,[Music],even if youve never played this game,one specific thing about it might have,crossed your radar IGN reviews are prone,to backlash from established communities,just ask Pokemon fans but their review,for sntv is beyond anything Ive ever,seen from them the reviewer was rightly,eviscerated for constantly comparing the,game to Persona 5 and listing the idea,of not being like Persona 5 is a flaw or,a negative the purpose of bringing this,up is to acknowledge how much,expectations can shape your view of a,game because thats effectively what Im,going to be spending the next 10 minutes,explaining I dont think its wrong to,compare this game to Persona 5.,considering its an smt spin-off in an,immensely popular title but I do think,as a reviewer you also need to take into,account the predecessors within the main,series itself including the one that,literally released a remaster earlier in,the same year holy how did you not,mention this once all of this is to say,that Im going to be guilty of a lot of,the same comparisons because I hold both,Persona 5 and should make M.A tensei 4,to be be among the best games Ive ever,played and its impossible for me to,view smtv outside of that shadow take,this to be a bit of a spoiler warning,Ill only be including footage from the,first half of each title Im referencing,and Ill avoid specific story spoilers,that being said it should be known that,Im going to talk a bit about smt4 and,that game has a pretty substantial early,game twist it occurs about two hours,into the game and I cant really dance,around it if you can track it down I,recommend playing it as long as you can,stomach Graphics that look like someone,puked on a PlayStation one also I,havent been able to think of a good,shortening of sntv so if it sounds like,Im dying inside every time I have to,fire off four syllables to reference,back its because I probably am,[Music],smtv opens in a way that can be,misleading for new players you open in a,high school setting quickly meet like,four or five named characters and Away,you go if you arent familiar with the,series youll likely see this section as,perhaps setting up something important,or introducing key players but I cant,stress enough how little any of this,means aside from allowing fans,pre-release to place bets on which,character is going to end up,personifying which alignment the only,real purpose of this section is to give,a brief glimpse of a relatively normal,world before everything becomes very,much not normal,about 10 minutes into the game and,youre already thrust into a Barren,landscape with little Direction outside,of the Proto demon who noticed that you,were a shin megame tensei protagonist,and immediately merged with you to turn,to a K-pop Superstar its here where,smtv makes its New Direction abundantly,clear this is a game about exploration,but its not the type of exploration,from previous smt titles those games,were sort of mid-apocalyptic rather than,post-apocalyptic allowing you to explore,a vaguely recognizable world now,inhabited by ghosts or wiener demons in,this sense it was the contrast between,the normal and the abnormal that,provided a unique sense of atmosphere,especially in smt4 here youre thrust,into what is essentially a desert,theyre your standard destroyed,buildings and Roads peppering the,landscape but its a much more open area,to wander around in and it leads to a,feeling of pseudo calmness there isnt,as much contrast in the world its,pretty uniform to be honest and it,actually works somewhat in the games,favor the game in particular the first,area is absolutely gorgeous visually and,seems to be taking a lot of inspiration,from titles like journey and how it,focuses on smooth movement through,beautiful terrain its a weird sensation,to get from an smt game but it works,really well to make the game immediately,distinct moving along the first area,youre thrust into the various mechanics,on offer looting Collectibles defined in,the world demons to fight and recruit,big tentacled things to fight in order,to clear map fog and quests you can pick,up from NPC demons that range from,standard fetch quests to go steal an egg,from a giant bird God so I can make an,omelet while this may sound like the,game is moving towards somewhat open,world design its closer to a sort of,halfway point the areas are visually,very open but they tend to be somewhat,linear in how you move through them I,liked the sense of forward momentum,throughout the world you dont really,get anything from grinding so youre,meant to keep moving to get to the next,objective in the world even dot small HP,and mp restores on paths to keep you,moving the further you get the more,youll get into a rhythm of clearing out,the map fog wandering around the clear,area to grab Loot and recruit a few,demons and then moving right along and,again I have to stress how good this all,looks from an art Direction standpoint,on top of the environment just being,incredibly pleasing to look at in this,early stage theres also the demons,themselves no longer represented by,weird blobs or Random Encounters but by,actually just existing theres a weird,Pokemon Snap style enjoyment on just,watching these things run around,throughout the world seeing how their,animations change when they spot you and,move into fight,and as far as those fights go I dont,really have anything negative to say the,Press turn system remains one of the,best turn-based systems out there youre,awarded for targeting weaknesses or,critical hits with extra turns and you,can plan out passes to get another,attack on a specific character it meshes,well with demon recruiting and fusing,mechanics that reward you for keeping a,varied party that can handle any,situation if I have anything negative to,say about it its that it follows the,same general flow of previous titles to,a sometimes predictable degree early on,youll use basically whatever you can,get to exploit weaknesses around the mid,game youll start to be able to,specialize demons in specific elements,and once you hit the late game it,becomes more about stacking Buffs and,debuffs while this can feel samey at,times its still a pretty fun and,effective gameplay Loop if it sounds,like Im just sort of zooming through,explaining the battle system its,because I am it seems like combat is a,bit less of a focus than previous titles,primarily because you can actually avoid,encounters theres a few other things,worth mentioning like how its not quite,as difficult as previous installments,and it can feel a bit slow at times but,its just generally a good combat system,I should also probably mention the in,battle animations are stellar and do a,great job of lending every demon a,unique sense of identity,and honestly if youve never played this,title and were interested in giving it a,go the basic breakdown kind of ends,there despite the direction this video,is about to take I generally do,recommend this game its visually,brilliant on basically every level has,great combat a unique sense of style a,unique atmosphere and the story well the,story kind of sucks theres a reason I,use the word disappointing earlier,instead of bad because looking at this,game outside of my own bias I cant deny,its quality but now its time to talk,about that bias I want to talk about,this game in two ways first where it,struggles and what its trying to do and,second why I dont enjoy what its,trying to do as

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