1. Elon Musk on SNL Was Awful
  2. Saturday Night Live Is Horrible
  3. So, Elon Musk went on Americas biggest “comedy” show ????
  4. HasanAbi Reacts to Elon Musk Monologue – SNL
  5. Will Smith hosts Meme Review w/ Elon Musk [MEME REVIEW] ???? ????#50
  7. I watched one SNL episode from every season

Elon Musk on SNL Was Awful

im from england so ive never really,seen or heard about snl,or saturday night live for long the only,reason i actually sort of know what snl,is is because of the lonely island back,in the day,do you remember them songs those were,epic and even then i didnt realize it,was an snl bit until many years later,yes or no its not a big thing over here,at all were too busy occupying,ourselves with a,football hooliganism now if you dont,know what snl is im probably not the,best person to ask because im not im,not really too sure ive im guessing,its like a sketch show where they get a,special guest on every week to be in,like,the sketches and stuff thats what im,guessing it is as i mentioned like five,seconds ago i only know about this show,because of the lonely islands but they,came up on my radar again because elon,musk was,for some reason hosting the show i dont,know either now being a man whos,recently indulged in the degeneracy that,is cryptocurrency uh specifically,dogecoin and then i sold my doge and i,bought shiba and then i sold my shiba,and im not im now investing in,ascoin as coin is is the is the future,its not its not its really not and,all cryptocurrency has,has gone down so im im poor now so,this peaks my interest slightly because,elon is like very,into doge like he tweets about doge a,lot i dont really care about it that,much because ive already sold all my,doge but still it intrigues me because,apparently people are putting their,dogecoin millionaire hopes on,saturday night live for some reason but,well get into that in a bit but the,reason im making this video is because,the skits,werent good they were not funny i dont,know if this is just like standard for,snl,because i i barely know what it is but,they were so,so piss-poor and im gonna say im gonna,say the word,crazy now before i get into this there,are currently around 20 to 30,000 completely new people that have,never seen my channel before that see it,every day so if youre one of those,people or youre just not subscribed,then please consider subscribing if you,do go on to enjoy this video it would,mean that,the world i i i id love you,please also i got i got im trying to,decorate the set because it looks a bit,empty now that,i do not i,um youre supposed to name plants arent,you ill call it um,the baby among us uh its the baby and,what,the baby among us because im really,funny im like you know what i might,give,give it a voice you know how some people,have like a soft toys or something and,they give it a voice,or something and maybe ill get other,parts in the future and they can all,have different voices and,i can just have them talk amongst,themselves and i dont actually have to,make my own videos anymore how great,would that be my videos without me,i bet i bet youd love that but anyway,the first one of these skits i watched,was called cowboy standoff which was,actually,one of the better ones and the skit is,very nothing but its definitely better,than a lot of the other skits that ill,get into soon but theres one part of,this sketch that i just,i could not stop thinking about i i saw,it and its been its been stuck in my,head for about three days i have to talk,about it i have to get,out my head its been repeating over and,over again and it will not leave,okay so the premise of the whole skit is,theres a man who is,shot by a gang or something and some men,are trying to figure out how to get,revenge,or sign so lets lets watch the clip i,cannot get out of my head for the life,of me,leron i thought you was the electric,horse guy,yeah isnt that yours plugged in outside,i cannot believe what im seeing someone,at the multi-million dollar production,of saturday night live really sat down,and thought,yes i would just google tesla,supercharge.png and then get a clipart,image of a wire and put it to what,this is so [ __ ] its so [ __ ] its so,[ __ ] who who approved this,why im just baffled im aware im not,exactly in a position to critique uh,other peoples humor because i i mean my,humor is um,the baby and mogus like thats the peak,of my humor so im aware im not really,in a position to criticize other,peoples am i still gonna do it of,course i am but this junk doesnt,[ __ ] work because this is a normal,horse and they put like a cgi electric,horse and maybe it,does its just a normal horse also tesla,wasnt founded until like a hundred,years after this was set why is there a,tesla supercharge it makes no sense,why didnt they make like a western,themed,electric horse company charger and i,know to a lot of you this may seem very,petty but i dont care its been stuck,in my head,for three days and then after this in,this sketch its just basically,references to the fact,elon musk is elon musk and to be honest,some of them arent like beyond awful,but,tesla horse really sent me over the edge,and i i couldnt get over it,as you can probably tell wait the,closing song was about earl but im,making the old new old west the new wave,do you want to,join the drawing do that take again but,now we move on to the,proper [ __ ] like the bottom of the bow,[ __ ],wario i have no idea why or how this,abomination actually went to air on,national tv in america in front of,millions of people but whoevers,responsible deserves the sack at the,least,honestly i havent watched this one all,the way through but i watched about a,minute and it was so,it was so awful i i had to turn it off,it was like a [ __ ],neck nomination so anyway im gonna try,my best to watch it now and youre gonna,watch it with me because im not [ __ ],doing this alone and i know this is,difficult but were you present at the,time of your brothers murder,hey it was [ __ ] me guys you get it,because popular video game franchise,mario has that like a sub-franchise,mario kart did you get it guys because,its a reference to the video game,please laugh guys i need to keep my job,to feed my family,we had a friendly racer with a golf,course,[Music],hes kind of spitting out he wiped out,all over the pavement,i hear that noise i like it,okay you see the problem with that one,there is that that sound doesnt play,when you get hit in mario kart does it,snl writers what do you want what do you,want thats why its bad its not,consistent with the the mario kart,branding,and is the person who threw the banana,peel present in the courtroom at this,moment,he is this is the man thats intending,on putting humanity on mars i honestly,have no idea why one of the worlds,richest men is is doing it it cant be,for money,someone snl must have some dirt on elon,someone has his nudes or something,the witness has indicated wario the evil,mario,objection im sorry the other mario,that wasnt that why why why was there,cat even though only a little bit of can,after why was that can laughter there i,dont get it,its not not funny the defense calls,wario,[Music],elon is everything okay mate if its not,you can always dm me on twitter pal i,follow you but i i think you forgot to,follow me back,wario has almost never been seen with,friends the only person who hangs out,with him,is waluigi the evil luigi,and i dont appreciate that a,description this is actually like,watching,a 2011 smosh video but uh instead of,being a low budget youtube video that,like two friends have made,its a multi-million dollar production,and its also very very crunchy what are,your thoughts on it um,the baby among us i actually think their,use of misencine with the accompanying,non-diegetic sound in this context,i i totally agree with you all right all,right ill have order in this court,do you get it because marrow the video,game if youve ever played a mario game,you would understand that reference and,that is why it is is,funny and did mario have a dark side,oh yes he started eating a mushrooms at,first there was a micro dosing and then,it became a macro gross thing,there we go you see you see what they,did there was because theres mushrooms,in the game mario that,he uses to for sort of superpowers or to,grow but in real life,m

Saturday Night Live Is Horrible

last night elon musk went on a saturday,night live,what a [ __ ] disaster i made a video a,couple years ago talking about how much,i dislike saturday night live i truly,believe it is one of the worst shows,that still,airs on tv its also a super weird show,how when you bring up,snl the immediate response from pretty,much everyone is to remind you that it,used to be good,yeah snl blows [ __ ] these days but it,used to be great,ive heard that for the last 20 years at,least i remember that was being said in,high school yes saturday night lives,trash but it used to be good,i heard it in middle school its bad now,but used to be great when the [ __ ] was,it ever great you have to wonder was it,ever good at any point,the only time i ever liked snl is when i,was an actual child watching the chris,farley and adam sandler stuff and i used,to watch the [ __ ] out of it i loved it,back then,is that the last time snl was good over,20 years ago,and if so why the [ __ ] do we still use,that as some kind of defense for current,snl it should have been taken off the,air a decade ago,its like a show written by your high,school drama club,as like a warm-up exercise that for some,reason airs on national tv,its so bad hi im elon musk and im,hosting snl this week with musical guest,miley cyrus,whats new with you elon i stood a,successful rocket launch this week,wow well i did my laundry congrats,actually no i didnt,im not here to be the taste police if,you like saturday night live youre a,huge fan of it theres nothing wrong,with that i dont think less of you for,it,having shitty taste isnt a crime its,fine,but im just confused that who actually,laughs at the stuff snl puts out there,like what i just showed you right here,this sounds like someone that was rushed,in a project for their theater class,it is the most low bar possible,joke to make to get people excited for,the upcoming episode,granted you dont have a whole ton of,time to sell people on the comedy of it,but you could at least do a little bit,better than the worst [ __ ] jokes ever,told here,and the elon musk episode in particular,highlights everything wrong with it in,my opinion,so first of all theres like a whole,wild lore behind it because a lot of,dogecoin enthusiasts treated it like,christmas eve yesterday they were,expecting elon musk to go on there,and pump dogecoin like a [ __ ],which would blast it through the roof,going well over a dollar,and then what ended up happening is it,plummets it drops what was it 40,uh because of elon musks appearance on,snl so i mean christmas was ruined there,but i dont know why they had that,expectation its not like the,octogenarians that watch snl know what,crypto or dogecoin is so its not like,they were gonna start,buying it just because elon musk,mentioned it i dont know whos watching,snl i always expect it to be old people,but it looks like even the elderly,generation that watches snl in their,retirement home by accident didnt enjoy,elon musks episode,and it looks like they also dont enjoy,it in general because i was perusing a,lot of,older peoples twitters because i was,curious like whos the audience these,days because it really feels like snl,doesnt even know who their audience is,whether its,old people that accidentally keep the,channel on when this [ __ ] comes on,or children who arent watching tv in,the first place i dont really know who,its,geared towards for example the wario,skit,the wario skit is something you would,have seen on 2008 youtube,this looks like a skit done by middle,schoolers as just something,goofy fun between friends not something,on a multi-million dollar production,level,in a nutshell the wario sketches the,mario cast in a courtroom,and the comedy is theyre all doing,italian accents,and occasionally making video games,sound effects,its really like exactly what tick-tock,is,but done by old people that dont,understand tick-tock,tick-tock humor like this [ __ ],horrible this even worse,and the big big gut-busting,side-splitter moment is when wario,accuses luigi of having sex with peach,in front of everyone hey like im not,exaggerating when i say,this is exactly like what you would have,seen in 2008 youtube done by some kids,id like to show you the worst skit of,the night im not going to show all of,it for obvious reasons but i would like,to show you a little bit of by far the,worst moment from last night and,probably the worst moment of the year,really,its the gen z hospital skit bro,nobodys telling us anything is bestie,gonna be okay,nurse we demand to know how our bestie,is doing im sorry,bro i told you i dont have the,information yet bruh,seriously im so pressed right now bro,yo if this doctor keeps leaving us on,red hes gonna catch hands on gang,just give us a t okay well,as you may have seen on our live your,bestie took a major l while driving her,hellcat,yeah we saw we tried everything we,couldnt surgery,and it was us for a while but we have,your bestie on a machine,it just hit different yeah especially,since bestie is my mom,yo shes not just your mom,shes all our work moms exactly but,please,go off king but shes actually my mother,bro,so its like admittedly its not that,different from attaway general,but this is just somehow 50 times more,insufferable to sit through ive spared,you,the majority of it and only hit you with,a concentrated dose of it,this is like what would be enough to,change bruce banner into the hulk with,this amount of radioactive waste here,its [ __ ] crazy this gamma radiation,from the overwhelmingly awful nature of,this skit,is baffling i dont even know how to,really,explain it uh elon musk i dont think,was the reason,snl was so [ __ ] horrible last night i,think the show in general is just this,[ __ ] bad,its just everyone watched it because,elon was there and they were hoping it,would be good for dogecoin,so now everyone got exposed to this,awful show,and took notice of how bad it is though,elon musk moves around like an,animatronic in five nights at freddys,its like hes deep faked forever like,he literally moves around like a,bad deep fake i mean im sure it was,just nerves but it was definitely,something that stood out to me,which is i mean its not like its,making the skit any worse,in fact it adds an almost human element,to an otherwise robotically awful show,this show actually looks like it was,written by cleverbot if cleverbot was,tasked with writing a [ __ ] horrible,comedy show,its all like this jinzy hospital was,the worst one of the night but none of,them were good,even remotely there wasnt a single time,where i even almost cracked even the,slightest semblance of a smile,it is i i dont know again i dont know,who the audience is,because adults like old people arent,gonna watch this and start laughing like,pointing fingers ha ha look at goofy gin,z theyre just not gonna understand,whats going on and i cant imagine kids,are gonna watch this,because its saturday night live not,gonna turn on the tv,to watch saturday night live they,probably have never turned a tv on in,their life,and why would they when they can get,this same level of awful content right,on their phones on tick tock,theres no reason for them to go to old,people that dont even know what,tick-tock is to try and deliver the same,albeit somehow even worse experience so,i just dont know,where theyre trying to go with this,its a completely misguided train wreck,of a show that they also dont know what,to do with i imagine,its [ __ ] sad like its just like a,sad thing to watch,and also most insultingly of all not,only is it somehow even worse than,tick-tock humor,you get significantly less of it youre,mainly watching,advertisements with a little bit of snl,in between,theres like a block of nine minutes of,snl and then a block of like four,minutes of commercials then like six,minutes of snl then more commercials,like its absolutely its crazy to me,that this is how we used to,digest entertainment with this many,commercials,youre making youre watching just as,

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So, Elon Musk went on Americas biggest “comedy” show ????

hi and welcome back to me talking about,whatever i want today i want to talk,about,saturday night live elon musk and why,it was all a mistake i want to go back,please help you know what,were going to watch it and youre going,to see what i mean so on the one hand we,have elon musk you know,popular billionaire and borderline,twitter cult leader and on the other we,have,saturday night live an american,television uh,comedy show that is now in its 46th,season and has approximately one good,episode,every 10 years but of course id like to,get into todays comment shout out,um todays comment is actually from me,hi im im commenting at the end of this,video,im gonna give like a little update,about where ive been but,thats not why were here today we are,here of course to listen to me do an ad,read for expressvpn todays video is,sponsored by expressvpn so the,internets full of really weird people,i mean like me but really weird people,who want to do weird things because,youre online so its fitting,the expressvpn can encrypt your data,which is,a much smarter way of being online in,the first place encrypting your data so,that hackers and your isp cant see it,is a must but expressvpn also has,features for more,fun pursuits like watching things,watching things like,brooklyn nine-nine crazy rich asians,modern family rick and morty,studio ghibli films all of which are,actually,on netflix if you use expressvpn to,change your location with one click,you can get three months for free,theres a reason its tech radar cnets,the verges,top rated vpn so follow the link in the,description to get three months,of express vpn for free today all right,so today im just going to be reacting,to the,actual skits from the show there were a,couple of musical performances and elon,musk actually gave a monologue in the,beginning but,thats not really why im here like as,for my opinion on elon musk,whats not to like the fact that the man,who named his child after a keyboard,smash complained about respecting trans,peoples pronouns because its not,grammatically pleasing the way the only,thing growing as fast as his wealth,are the um workplace safety violations,that are landing his,employees in the hospital the absolute,misuse of his biggest platform twitter,from everything from spreading this,information about kovat 19,to publicly calling someone a pedo even,though he knew it wasnt true,to making misleading tweets about his,company according to the scc and having,to pay,millions of dollars in fines because of,that but hes such a good businessman,like hes such a good businessman like,hes,literally such a good businessman anyway,all thats fine i dont have a problem,with that,whats not to like about elon musk is,the fact that none of the memes he posts,on twitter are funny to me personally,and therefore thats the only reason i,have for disliking him of course so i,guess the first skit we have right here,is called,wario just so you know i would usually,do videos like this,on stream twitch.tv slash dangelo where,you should go follow me,because im going to be live tomorrow,kind of doing this exact same thing,i dont want you to miss it i have a,cosplay and were going to be talking,about gen z,versus millennials and its a lot but,yeah snl,is so happy to copyright strike,everything that im just doing it,in a controlled environment all right so,in this skit,wario the context for this skit is that,mario has been killed and so,theyre in court but instead of,exploring them anyways that could be,funny,the entire skits more so just like they,have really weird,accents,[Music],hes kind of spitting out he wiped out,all over the pavement i hear a noise i,like it,can nintendo like sue them thats really,harsh,actually i dont want that to happen but,if it did i wouldnt feel bad so,next we have elon musk um and i guess,the gag here is that hes playing,wario,[Applause],this is just coming across to me as,cultural appropriation,gaming gaming culture many have put,forward,today that you are evil,no i am not the evil i just,misunderstood oh,that was subtle so as you can see weve,launched right into a um,elon musk apologia session people are so,mean not online,does this include me am i one of the,many people being mean to a billionaire,online,im so sorry so even though this is like,a really thinly veiled uh,allegory for elon musk they do keep it,within the realm of mario so to prove,that people are being,mean online they start reading off,warios,wiki page on an snl episode he eats a,lot of,garlic his favorite food wow,racist much did that joke seem a little,weird to anyone else,i dont know about that i get what,theyre i get where theyre going with,this my client is unfairly painted as a,villain,listen to his theme song,[Music],okay wait now if i let this play im,gonna get sued by nintendo anyway i,guess they kind of realized that this,skit is literally so stale that they,just,veer off from the italians are unfairly,treated and italians a metaphor for,billionaires thing,because that was not working and instead,they go with luigi wasnt sleeping with,princess peace marios wife,you and i we never sleep or together,and you never touch him under the,overalls,what and then if that wasnt enough,trust me it was enough it was more than,it was too much but as if that wasnt,the case,they start getting really graphic uh hey,luigi my faucets dripping,i need a plumber who can really lay some,hype,maybe its just time to move on to the,next skit so this next one is called,murder dirter but then it just turned,out to be,accents are funny again i dont know we,know all i know is what we dont know,with a very specific,accent like again,was it it wasnt funny the first time,just so were clear,is it my daughter and when shes,murdered they murdered my daughter im,afraid,if you think im kidding when i say that,the only joke in this entire skit,was that their accents are funny,so from my point of view that was it,right like they rolled the title screen,and then they had several scenes after,that,i didnt murder no ones third i got no,idea how she ended up in the water,and then just when i thought i escaped,him um of course we have elon musk,i fathered over your daughter and i were,friends,oh okay so he did it he is the dirty,gear right here yeah you got me that was,kind of funny im not even gonna lie,murder this is where joe bidens from,wow im not one of those people who,thinks everythings becoming needlessly,political,we live in a society and therefore we,are subject to policy,so politics are not really something,that can be avoided that being said they,literally just made this political for,no reason like what does this have to do,with joe biden so this next one is,called,chad on mars which i dont know thats,kind of a funny title maybe things are,looking up well see,theres a backup o2 circulator outside,the habitat one of them just needs to,turn it on,so in this one elon musk is larping,as a mars colonizer and like,doesnt he just do that in real life,this is elon musk,who elon musk im in charge of the whole,mars colonization project,so we have chad who is this astronaut,being played by pete davidson i do think,pete davidson is funny and i did find,the sketch,pretty funny the baby is yours youre,gonna be a father chad no thank you,you know what i think the difference is,like pete davidson,is actually an actor and a comedian and,miley cyrus,is actually an actress and very funny so,maybe thats why this is a much more,tolerable skit than the previous couple,that we watched,in fact the ending actually caught me so,off guard so like as the show progresses,uh chad saves everyone by pressing,literally one button,levels restored oh two levels are,climbing,he did it couldnt someone have done,that remotely but thats okay thats,okay thats not what this is about,so at the end elon musk is like,congratulations chad you saved humanity,um and were gonna show you live on tv i,want the world to see the man who gave,everything,to ensure that humanitys future will

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HasanAbi Reacts to Elon Musk Monologue – SNL

[Music],is that riley reed in the back,like straight up,no ad for me,kind of looks like her no thank you very,much,its an honor to be hosting saturday,night live i mean that,sometimes after i say something i have,to say i mean that,so people really know that i mean it,thats because i dont always have a lot,of intonation or variation,in how i speak which im told makes for,great comedy,im actually making history tonight as,the first person with aspergers,okay you know be funny if you just said,just kidding im just,[ __ ] weird you guys are all ableist,that would actually be funny to admit it,so well make a lot of eye contact with,the cast tonight,but all right im pretty good at running,human in emulation mode,[Music],id first like to share with you my,vision for the future,i believe in a renewable energy future i,believe that humanity must become a,multi-planetary space-bearing,civilization,those seem like exciting goals dont,they,now i think if i just posted that on,twitter id be fine,[Music],the comments head right here but also,right things like this 69 days after 420,right,has capital has capital taxed the,commons has raid has raid not the income,has capital has capital,okay im im [ __ ] turning off tts oh,but,dude dude god this is god snl,i love that snl is leaning into this,where theyre just like yeah,we [ __ ] were dog [ __ ] like were,never gonna make you laugh,unless you are a very specific person,okay were dog [ __ ] youre never gonna,laugh at us,unless you are already literally,genetically modified in a [ __ ] lab to,laugh at the jokes the kind of jokes,that we create,so were just going to fully lean into,it and put elon,uh and and hes going to talk about how,he said 69 days after 4,20 again also,58 000 [ __ ] retweets on that dude god,damn people are so stupid,i dont know i thought it was funny,thats why i wrote haha at the end,look i know i sometimes say or post,strange things but thats just how my,brain works,to anyone ive offended i just want to,say i reinvented,electric cars and im sending people to,mars in a rocket ship,did you think i was also going to be a,chill normal dude,oh my god i just realized something,okay first of all he did none of that on,his own but thats besides the point,uh dude he literally,seems like jimmy fallon dude or a,[ __ ],is it jimmy fallon the the really shitty,one,um [ __ ] is jimmy fallon the older one or,no thats jimmy kimmel yeah it is jimmy,fallon,bro this is straight jimmy fallon [ __ ],dude look at that,not kimmel not kimmel the fallon is the,shittier one,chill normal dude,now a lot of times people are reduced to,the dumbest thing they ever did,like one time i smoked uh weed on joe,rogans podcast,and now all the time i hear elon musk,all he ever does is smoke weed on,podcasts,like i go from podcast to podcast,lighting up joints,uh it happened once its like reducing,o.j simpson to murderer,that was one time,fun fact o.j also hosted this show in,79.,and again in 96 what the [ __ ] is he,saying bro,oh my god what is it is that a self,report what is happening dude,killed both times,is about to be like i get two,thats why i get two murders,one reason ive always loved snl is,because its genuinely live,a lot of people dont realize that were,actually live right now which means i,could say something truly shocking,like i drive a prius,sl is also a great way to learn,something new about the host for example,this is my sons name,its pronounced cat running across,keyboard,[Music],another thing people want to know is,what was i like as a kid the answer is,pretty much the same as now,a bit smaller but we also asked my,mother whos here tonight,oh my god why does elon musks mother,literally look like,like a villain dude they both look like,villains,why do billionaires dress like villains,dude,actually you know what thats more,honest i respect that,i actually respect that i think if,youre a billionaire you shouldnt get a,[ __ ],you should not be allowed to be in,public looking like [ __ ] bill gates,with a goddamn,shirt caller popping out of your [ __ ],uh uh,maroon-colored uh sweater okay,you literally going forward only are,allowed to dress like a villain if,youre a billionaire,thats all im saying like her mom,his mom literally looks like shes from,a different planet like she would be,in like the 80s or in the 60s 70s like,when they didnt have a lot of money,they would just like maybe just make you,look a little strange or,maybe like queer code your character so,that everyone knew you were an alien,thats what the mom looks like currently,like because they just didnt have a lot,of you know they didnt just have a lot,of money so they were just or,opportunities to just like really make,crazy makeup stuff so you were just like,yeah thats,clearly an alien because her hair is gay,anyway so thats thats what she looks,like,her name is may like the month but with,an e at the end,thanks for spelling my name elon,mom do you remember when i was 12 and i,created my own video game,called blastar about a spaceship that,battles aliens,i do i remember they paid you 500,but you were too young to open a bank,account so i had to open one for you,thats right whatever happened to that,bank account thats not,important you turn that video game,about space into reality,unless you consider that our reality,might be a video game,and were all just competing im sorry,dude if youre not a billionaire,this doesnt happen okay im sorry,theres just,no way that they just let [ __ ],read out like like theyre delivering,like its that [ __ ] juicer kid who,was like excuse he is my hero,xqcl like that kid did a better job in,his [ __ ] high school or middle school,presentation,than elon musk is doing right now and,this,does not happen unless youre a [ __ ],billionaire okay,it just doesnt happen theres no way,and,thats thats how it is okay thats just,how it is like you you bring your mom,its mothers day youre on,snl and you read cue cards thats crazy

Will Smith hosts Meme Review w/ Elon Musk [MEME REVIEW] ???? ????#50

لماذا لا أحد يعطيني موجات ، لهذا السبب أنا غاضبة ، صحيح,<جدا thicc بلدي senpai ، يبقيه>,شكرا لك فخ كبير بارد لا موجة الاختيار اليوم رغم ذلك ، نرحب مرة أخرى إلى,استعراض ميمي انها بارد جدا ملعون هنا أنه يضر التصفيق يدي ، ولكن أنا,لعنها الله. حسنا يجب أن يكون إيلين استضافة الميمات مكافأة هذه الغرفة,غير حاسم,آه ، سنذهب فقط إلى الحلقة الأخيرة لمعرفة ما إذا كنت لا تتخطى أمامك دانغس إذا تخطيت,بعيدا ، هذا ما يعرفه الجميع,ربي,على نقطة جدا مع موضوع اليوم المريخ روفر,أحدث ميم الفضولي F في الدردشة,أريد أن أرى بعض F في الدردشة لأن اليوم,في الواقع قبل بضعة أيام سوف ناسا رسميا أن نقول وداعا لروفر قليلا,كان من المفترض أن تدوم فرصة “روفرزبيري” لمدة 90 يومًا بدلاً من مارسها لمدة 14 عامًا,وفقدت أخيرا الاتصال بالأرض بعد أن أصابته عاصفة ترابية شرسة في آخر رسالة أرسلت في يونيو الماضي,بطاريتي منخفضة ويزداد الظلام,أشكركم لخدمتكم المريخ فرصة روفر إذا لم يكن هذا الشيء اللطيف اللعين الذي رأيته في حياتي,مثال في فرصة الدردشة فرصة. يجب عليك الحصول عليها,زهور هاهاها حمراء. لا أشعر أنني بحالة جيدة. سيد ستارك بطاريتي منخفضة ويزداد الظلام,انتظر الطبقة الواحدة هذا الشيء يمكن الحديث. لا افهم هذا الانتظار. لقد بعث برسالة مفادها أن الظلام بدأ,ما هو هذا بعض أنا منذ 14 عاما وما هي الأشياء؟,وتيرة سباق المريخ,معرض الفرص عند العمل لمدة 15 عامًا بدلاً من 90 يومًا فقط أي شيء يتعلق بالعمل الصادق,شكرا. Oooh Mars rover Sun لن يتم نسيان خدمتك أبدًا,لن تنسى أبداً حتى تعطيه بضعة أسابيع. ترسل ناسا روبرا ​​في مهمة تستغرق 90 يومًا إلى المريخ,الفرصة بعد 15 سنة. لقد حان وقتي,لقد حان كل واحد مثل أنه سيكون للجميع ، بالطبع,لكن لم تكن هناك مأساة أكبر من اختفاء المريخ. لكن إليكم ما أفكر به. لا يزال يمكن أن يكون هناك,الاستماع مسح دموعك. لا يزال هناك أمل للفرصة لا تزال هناك فرصة والأمل لفرص لا تزال هناك ما يرام,أنت تعرف أن الاستماع إلى هذا المسك هو على ذلك,حسنا ، إنه يرسل أفضل سيارات تسلا هناك لإنقاذ شائعة الفرصة,أود أن أغتنم هذه الفرصة للضغط على f احترام الاحترام لعلامتنا المريخ المريخ hashtag,شكرا افي. يجب تسمية المدينة الأولى التي تم إنشاؤها على المريخ فرصة. انه ليس ميتا استمع يا صغار,أسباب العيش إذا نقلتنا إلين إلى المريخ. سنرى الفرصة مرة أخرى,سنجده يجب أن يطير Elin إلى كوكب المريخ لفحصه,الفضول روفر الدول الين. ناه ، انها فام جيدة. انها جيدة. وقمت بتثبيت بضعة أشياء كثيرة. إنها الآن سيارة ذاتية القيادة,على الرحب و السعة. لذلك أنا أفكر هنا ربما تغطي الألواح الشمسية الشمسية الغبار ، أليس كذلك؟,سوف يحصلون على دفنهم بالرمل إذا انتظرنا طويلاً مثل الوقت الذي يمر فيه هنا,أريد أن أعرف كيف يمكن أن نجد مركبة المريخ عندما يتحدث الجميع عن روفر على سطح المريخ؟,لكنك تركت النظام الشمسي لعدم العودة مرة أخرى حزن صفير. آه أجل. لا أتذكر ما يطلق عليه,لقد خرجت لمثل,فوياجر 1. نعم ، بالطبع,مع السلامة,لا أحد يهتم بك. أحمق. نحن نتحدث عن مركبة المريخ هنا. أعود ل F. أوه حسنا ناسا,يجب أن أرسل روفر آخر إلى المريخ مع بطارية احتياطية,قطع بطارية. هل لدى أي شخص إله بطارية احتياطية ، اللعنة على من يمكنه إحياء الفرصة وتكوين صداقات؟,أعتقد أن إيلون هو الرجل المناسب لهذا العمل ، وهذا ليس لأن إيلون يستضيف ميم مراجعة هذا الأسبوع,دعونا تدور عجلة القيادة,حسناً ، حسناً ، يبدو أن الوقت قد حان لميمي المريخ المريخ يحصل على 10 من 10. نعم ، سيدي,المشير حيث سنعيش للأبد. اهلا وسهلا بكم جميعا. لدينا أخبار رائعة ، وليس كل الأخبار السيئة اليوم,أطفال مكافحة vaxxer تنتعش ضد والديهم من خلال تطعيم أنفسهم,وذلك أساسًا بعد كل الميمات المضادة للقاحات التي يلتقطها الناس. أنا لست في الواقع تطعيم,ربما ينبغي عليّ الذهاب وتطعيم نفسي الآن بأنني بالغ. أنا فخور بهذا المجتمع,ميمز في الواقع تحدث فرقا في العالم. ماذا عن ذلك؟ أقسم أن الميمات المستقبلية ستتحكم بكل شيء,أتعلم؟ ما هي أغبى طريقة؟ نستطيع فعل ذلك. سوف يحكم قانوننا الأخلاقي بواسطة نظامنا الاقتصادي,ما يجري بالفعل تجاوزت من الميمات؟ أعني أنه أمر لا مفر منه في هذه المرحلة,سوف ميمز سيأخذ على الكوكب الميم سأعمل على البكاء,ربما ربما دخل. حسنا ، إذن أنت تتجاهلني,ربما يجب النقر فوق اسم المستخدم الخاص بي في ملف التعريف الخاص بي ، ويجب أن ترى ثلاث نقاط على يمين اسم المستخدم الخاص بي,انقر فوق تلك النقاط الثلاثة لفتح قائمة منسدلة بقراءة الكتلة,انقر على هذا الخيار وتأكد من أنك تريد حظره لتجنب مشاهدة المنشور المستقبلي,يا له من سافيج. عذرا ابن الهمستر,حسنا,أعني أن هذا الميم هو نوع من ليس أعظم ، لكن الناس فعلوا نسختهم الخاصة به ، وأنه مجرد لعنة هذه الساقين رغم ذلك,هل يمكن لأي شخص أن يفسر هذا يعني لي سأبكي؟,تبول ملابسك ربما,ربما حسنا لا ، أنا لست فتاة عادية,الأم الأم,حسنا ، أنت تعرف ما في بعض الأحيان ليلا,استيقظ في العرق البارد ، وأعتقد في المفاصل الكبيرة chunker أو أيا كان,انها تدعى وأدركت ما مدام فظيعة ذلك هو ثم أنا,أعتقد أنه من الممكن أن يكون أسوأ من ذلك ، وهنا نحن جميعًا هنا نحن,ليس الزبادي ليس أنا لن أفعل ذلك أنت لا تعرفني,أنا ملعون هذا المستوى مستوى مساعد ميمي,أوه ، أنت ستبكي تبكي صفحتك ربما cuz أنت تعرف ، أنا لست أنا لا أفتقد سروالي بعد الآن,وأنا بالتأكيد لا يهز,كل ما سبق ، من فضلك. لدي كل منهم. شكرا لكم,أنا سأبكي أنا سأقوم بسحب ملابسك. ربما تأتي <اللعنة لي ، أريد أن أتعرض للاغتصاب من قبل pewdipeie>,نعم ، ربما سأفعل ربما سأفعلهم ما لم تحطموا على هذا الفيديو في الوقت الحالي,لم أر أبدا السبب الأكثر تحفيزا لفعل أي شيء في السرير هناك تحمل الميم القادم ربما يحصل على أداة,لا أعرف ماذا أخبرك. سيذهب غداً,ميم آخر هو في الواقع أود تماما مثل أعرف أنني ليس من المفترض أن أعطي رأيي ، ولكن أنا أستمتع هذا الرجل,هذا هو هذا حقا,من عرض اريك اندريه 8 كان لديه تنسيق ميمي جديد,تنسيق ميمي جديد الشكل البحري الجديد,أصبحت حياتك 2٪ أقل بؤسًا بفضل الميمي الجديد الذي أنشأته في منطقة aqubbinging aqua دعني أضيف,المتسللين في الأفلام,هذا جيد ، وأنا أحب أن 21 أمريكا وحشية,تاكيشي 6-9 في السجن ، نعم,أوه هل هذا؟,قلبك دعني,هذه إعلانات محزنة جدًا لحظر الإعلانات. ها ها ها ها,عميل FBI يريد بعض من دخل العمل هذا الحد الأدنى,قرون الأمراض القديمة,فتيات الكشافة فتيان الكشافة الأمريكية,نعم ، أنا أعرف أن هذا العرض يدعى ميم ، وهو حرفياً يعطيني رأيي,لكن ليس من المفترض أن أقدم رأيي. أنا أقيم هذا 7 7 7 يحصل على 7. هل لديك أكثر من ذلك؟,هذا فرحان,هذا هو السبب في سحق المنطقة,حسنًا ، شاهدت lemme و montage وأنا آسف ، سأضطر إلى تقييمه الآن,كان ذلك رديئًا. أنا آسف. أنا آسف الميم القادم جيد,ماذا ستفعل ستعمل تبكي السراويل الخاصة بك؟ ربما ربما أنا بالفعل افسدت الامر,Goddamnit ، بجانب لي. هنا ميم أنك ربما رأيت بالفعل مواقع ميديا ​​علاء الدين ، حق الجميع,الجني الكلاسيكي الذي أحببنا جميعاً لعبه ويل سميث الذي اعتدنا جميعاً على حبه وإلهنا لماذا أوه ،,كشف الجني الجديد ، أعني من يهتم بصراحة أنه ليس كأنني سأراقب الفيلم,من المضحك فقط مشاهدة ويل سميث. الحفاظ على كونها جزء من ميمات لأسباب أسوأ,انها مثل ميمي كروس غريب من الشهر الماضي. ما الذي أتمناه؟,أتمنى لأسبوعين ومارك عند ولادته,عاد مع تطور,أنا قادم لا أقصد ابني. أفتقد البيض أوه,رفاق,إنها صديقتى الجديدة أنت تبدو جيدة يا الله,قشر لم يكن هذا الجديد لا أعتقد أن هذه الركبة يمكن أن تفعل ذلك. انتظر دقيقة وهذا قانوني,يجب عليك أن تفجرني,اللهم لا رحمة ، يا رجال حكيمون مقدسون. انهم ذاهبون كل خارج. لا يهتمون حتى بمشاعر ويل سميث,أراهن أن ويل سميث يحب مشاهدة هذا الصراخ فقط,لماذا لا يستطيع أن يقر الميمات ويل سميث؟ هل تسمع؟ مرحبا. هل يمكننا الحصول على مراجعة ويل سميث الرئيسية؟,نحن بحاجة إلى أن يحتاج الناس إلى رؤيتك تضحك على هذا الأمر يحتاج فقط إلى الحدوث. أنا آسف. انها الفداء الوحيد,العدالة جيني,رئيس Fanus JD ذات مصداقية,أكثر ويل سميث ويعيد فقط تسريب الجميع. لدينا Hellboy يا صياح,سامسون أوه ويل سميث هو فقط على فورة القتل في الوقت الحالي. تبا يا رجل. يا له من وحشية,شكر. لعبت الجني ويل سميث. حتى علاء الدين ، حسناً أولاً ، حسناً بلاس بلا توقف مرة أخرى,الكل يقول حلقة الحياة التي فكرت بها وكذبت وأخطأت,انها تعيش في حق Elden هو علاء الدين أو علاء الدين الله اللينين. هبطت,ما هو إدغار ليس ليدن؟ إنه علاء الدين,يا إلهي. الآن أنا علامة استفهام بلدان جزر المحيط الهادئ علامة ما نوع ما يتم إرسال اللقطات عادة في الساعة 3 صباحا,اللعنة ، وكشف عن فيلم سونيك. اللعنة. لم أكن أعلم أن ويل سميث كان سيعزف شيئًا جاني أسرع ، أنا أحب هذا,ليس من المفترض أن أقول إنني تركت أمنيتين,أنا أتمنى أن يكون الحرف G حرف P بدلاً من peeny,أوه ورغبتك الأخيرة لي أتمنى أن يكون كل ه في نهاية الكلمة S يفتقد القضيب,نعم ، أنت لا تحب هذا الميم أوه أنت لا تحبه ما الذي ستفعله ربما تبكي تبكي سروالك,ربما ربما دخل. هل هذا ما ستفعله الآن؟,حسنا Elon Musk يدين لي استعراض gosh darn. سيكون من شأنه أن يجعل حياتي,ستجعل هذه القناة بعد كل شيء,لقد مرت هذه القناة من شأنه أن يكون أفضل شيء يمكن أن يحدث,سيوفر لنا من سلسلة تي. سوف يفدي كل الأفعال الشريرة لهذه القناة. الآن الثاني نظرة سام تدور عجلة القيادة,ماذا أقول يا رفاق لا تريد أن


so well make a lot of eye contact with,the cast tonight,okay but all right im pretty good at,running humans see what were missing is,as i said hes a super villain there are,five guys in the room with machine guns,pointed at the crowd,all of them are saying didnt know,it looked like those machine gun guys,must have got confused in a second,because there was a punch line there,where people were like oh yeah,cause people were scared you know what,you know where that hesitancy came from,those machine guns,[Laughter],hey everyone support our patreon which,helps us to continue bringing you our,live streams,videos and podcasts while bringing you,new content such as exclusive live,streams,and animated shorts im just a little i,dont know,i guess im a little confused or i,didnt watch the whole thing im a,little just,surprised but elon musk on saturday,night live man,allah i saw myself keep in mind,hes the richest man in the world,speaking of hair plugs,speaking of hair plugs thats right,thats why they look so good,people looking like how can i get hair,plugs like elon musk you cant,get a billion dollars yeah you can,[Laughter],[ __ ] his the way he his mind works hes,probably made hair plugs from moon rocks,or something,rocket fuel yeah i just rub it in there,every morning,ah its good yeah [ __ ] i had it brought,moon dust back,from space and i just ground it up and,made hair follicles with it,yeah people richest man in the world,already dressing like a bond villain,sure yeah already ready to take over the,world,yeah could have got compared to tony,stark but nope has to be goldfinger,no no you cant know you dont dress,like that [ __ ] and tell me you aint no,villain people its a,billion dollar super villain and,saturday night live called him up and,said do you want to host the show,and he said you know what whats whats,one of the best ways to,achieve world domination make people,laugh,make people think youre a decent guy,come out there and make jokes about,yourself,thats what he did right here elon musk,came out i saw some of this opening,monologue,it was it was weird it was im not gonna,lie to you it was weird,is he so either elon musk,is the coolest or the weirdest,ceo that we have are he truly is an evil,genius [ __ ],but heres his opening monologue for snl,making history tonight as the first,person,with aspergers to host snl so well,make a lot of eye contact with the cast,tonight,okay but all right im pretty good at,running human see what were missing is,as i said hes a super villain there are,five guys in a room with machine guns,pointed at the crowd,all of them are saying laughs i didnt,know,it looked like those machine gun guys,must have got confused in a second,because there was a punch line there,where people were like oh,okay because people were scared you know,what,you know where that hesitancy came from,those machine guns,[Laughter],i believe that humanity must become a,multi-planetary space-bearing,civilization,now i think if i just posted that on,twitter id be fine,see heres the thing and you can learn,something from,elon musk because right now this sounds,like you give him like a,best man speech at a wedding,[Laughter],hed be great at so if this like this,whole,genius billionaire super villain thing,dont work out you know maybe you could,hire himself out to be,your best man at your wedding i i im,not hating on him man im not,i im not in the villain thing im just,joking about i actually like elon,musk kind of nervous which is,understandable yeah well,he knows hes not a comedian he knows,that hes,that that hes out there doing this when,hes not that kind of,you know hes not that kind of celebrity,so i thought it was cool that he did and,see heres something to learn man he,comes out there he knows exactly where,he is,hes coming across knowing exactly who,he is and i think a lot of people,are just that you know theyre laughing,because they are in on it too theyre,just like hey if you can just come out,and do some,uh self-deprecating humor you dont come,out they look at your notes every five,minutes or something even though he has,cue cards im sure hanging up there,but you know you just be kind of,charming too because he puts those,little those little kid nods in there,hey you know,just like thats what it looks like you,remember when you were in church you had,to do a speech,the coolest kids were the ones that came,out and didnt give a [ __ ] yeah,you know hes kind of like that man it,was a you know a lot of people could,actually learn from that,you know he and hes coming across as,nervous but not so nervous to where its,bad,but that was weird to me i was like man,this is the richest dude in the world,and saturday live just called up and say,hey you wanna come on youre like yeah,yeah sure we are getting invited to,i believe its uh south padre,so in in november,i believe okay you you were there for,that call you yeah,im sorry yeah yes define we,you me and uh and chris really yeah and,i havent told you yet because i have to,talk to the committee but they theyve,been asking us to do it,okay so its a film its a its a its,its a,what do you call it a film festival okay,and they said come out there and do a,show believe me before i jumped into it,because you know me im like,nah i aint gonna do this [ __ ] no no no,but they they told me some things and,you know if nothing else well be able,to just do our show okay out there,you say november november okay the point,is,that im getting here is that they the,person i was talking to they also said,she said we might get elon musk im like,[ __ ] you aint gonna know elon musk,but im thinking after this one maybe,you know,okay because hes building uh hes,building a city,near this film festival down in,brownsville i think this fool is,building a city,okay this whole adventure were going on,sounds like a james bond or,or enter the dragon yeah,like theyre gonna turn all of us,against each other yeah mortal kombat,were all invited yeah,yeah we all fight each other,[Laughter],in the end gotta fight him in a hall of,mirrors yeah,game of death and [ __ ] going on yeah i,tell you though,i havent watched saturday live in a,while yeah,in this episode that i saw and i want to,get your opinion on something okay,this episode that i saw was like man,that the the only thing,really saving this sketch for me is elon,musk,is his weirdness being there whether,hes good or bad just hes hes dressed,as warriors,okay okay for those who havent seen,this,heres heres the sketch and i i really,i dont know how to feel about this,because i dont know maybe this is cool,made my old ass out of the loop,you know but i youre the youre the,true game right here,yeah i guess so yeah so how,youre our elon musk in this room right,okay so,so you you the musk whisperer,i have opinions about this but you let,me know if im if im feeling the same,way you are,okay,i have food dont worry this is why they,pay me the big bucks,how you feeling about this right now,yeah its just amusing because you have,the worlds richest man dressed up as a,mario kart,yes hes like a sketchy [ __ ] just to,make an idiot yeah yeah,that is that is what is so crazy to me,you got this,billionaire genius appeared hes dressed,up like,not just a a video game character but,the one the goofiest and,most evil video game characters video,game characters yeah,thats whats amusing about not even the,sketch itself no the reason why because,ive seen,ive seen uh uh mario brothers sketches,and ive seen,ive seen them done better on robot,chicken oh yeah hilarious you know yeah,they no they are maybe thats what i was,thinking but i was like,is this is it just me its the only,thing thats even making this remotely,funny,is this man dressed like just like a,goddamn mascot or something its the,fact that hes there,yeah thats whats actually making it,work i mean i think its cool that,he has like this this sense of humor,about himself,yeah i mean i think i think thats what,you need,you need to humanize yourse

I watched one SNL episode from every season

live from new york this video is,sponsored by squarespace hey guys,welcome back to lauren michaels,basement,he told me he wouldnt let me out of,here until i made another video about,his show so im a big snl fan and im,not just saying that because of the,current hostage situation ive actually,been watching it since i was a kid im,one of the biggest defenders of the show,i love it for what it is,i like the format i like the excitement,of doing a live show,and discovering new young talented,people and im always impressed by the,work that goes into it like building,giant set pieces and elaborate props in,just a few short days every week that,being said theres still,plenty to criticize about the show from,some of their questionable hosting,choices to the painfully,cringy sketches they roll out from time,to time but nothing is more annoying to,me than the blanket statement that,snl hasnt been funny in 20 years no,50 years hell they havent made me laugh,since 1932 when one-eyed leslie did his,world-famous,calvin coolidge impression those were,the good old days these are the type of,comments youll hear on random youtube,videos,snls instagram page or shouted from,someones front porch and ive always,been curious to go back and see what all,the fuss is about the way these people,describe the show would make you think,it looks like this,when in reality i would bet its a,little bit more like this,and now that every episode ever made is,available on peacock,a service i will stop using the moment,im done with this video i figured why,dont i go back and actually watch some,of these episodes only then,can i give an accurate take on the,evolution of the show,here goes nothing the very first episode,of saturday night live looked a lot,different than what would become of the,show,the host was comedian george carlin and,he didnt appear in any of the sketches,he just did a few sets of stand-up in,between them,and introduced the musical acts which,included two really great performances,from billy preston i liked a lot of his,jokes but there was one line in,particular that influenced how i watched,the rest of the episodes do you,ever look at the crowds and old movies,and wonder if theyre dead yet god damn,it now,im gonna do that the pilot was more of,a true variety show in the literal sense,of the word you had some stand up,a bunch of songs this classic bit by,andy kaufman who had no affiliation with,the show and came on just to do this,a random muppet sketch and even a short,film just thrown into the middle it,seemed like the goal of this was to,appeal to as many people as possible and,quickly move on from thing to thing just,in case the audience might start dozing,off this was actually one of the first,things i noticed,about the episodes was how short the,sketches were for the most part they,were just,one joke setup punchline move on to the,next they were definitely just as hit or,miss as snl has always been but this is,a pretty far cry from the current shows,where every other sketch goes on just a,little bit too long for a pilot episode,this is a pretty fun time all around and,had a good flow to it,i hope they get picked up for season two,okay forget what i said about the,sketches being too short i guess they,stopped doing that the worst one in this,episode went on for almost,12 minutes and it didnt really have,like a theme,or a joke throughout it was just a bunch,of wacky characters taking turns,being wacky the audience seemed to like,a lot of these sketches but most of them,didnt really do it for me my favorite,part was steve martins monologue,all right youll probably be seeing a,lot of him in this video because he used,to host the show all the time and hes,also one of my favorite comedians,guess who hosted this season thats,right o.j,simpson if you dont know who oj is he,was a football player turned movie star,and then nothing else of note happened,he did a pretty good job on the show but,man 70s humor is just not for me,the lead-off sketch in this episode was,john belushi,as a samurai and i dont understand what,the bit is,or why the whole thing culminated in a,big dance number bill murrays on the,show now which is cool but i think my,favorite cast member from this era is,jane curtin i love her delivery and i,can definitely see how she ended up,inspiring a bunch of younger writers and,comedians like tina fett i thought this,joke was hilarious about a former,attorney general who was being given a,two-week furlough from prison in order,to get hip replacement surgery according,to our sources,mitchells secret plan is to,systematically replace every limb,organ joint and gland in his body send,his new version back to prison thus,allowing the original to visit himself,on weekends,this was an easy choice carrie fisher,hosted in season four she was fresh off,the success of star wars which was like,a space movie from the 70s it kind of,flew under the radar they had her play,princess leia in her monologue and the,first sketch which was set in the 50s i,love watching older generations make fun,of even older generations i dont know,its like a time capsule within a time,capsule nothing in this episode really,stood out to me though,but it was fun to see a young carrie,fisher get to play a bunch of characters,i will say the worst sketch in this one,made me feel like i was watching a lele,pons video,because everybody was just yelling whos,the young man youre seeing tonight,his names ramp okay so ive watched,five episodes so far and i would put the,hit rate at about,15 to 20 which is not so good,all of their pre-recorded bits or analog,shorts,if you will are almost unwatchable,because of how bad they look this one in,particular was basically just what,every child makes when they get their,first camera for christmas,oh i do enjoy the sketches that feel,very steve martiny he has a particular,style that i think is timeless this bit,where a roman army kept getting pranked,by vandals who like,tped them and ordered anchovy pizzas,and made them pay for it was pretty,silly i liked it but in just a few short,months,things at snl were about to get weird,in season six the show got turned upside,down lorne michaels left because he was,feeling burnt out and his successor,fired the entire cast and replaced them,with 15 new people,12 of whom only lasted one season the,show changed too dramatically,was hated by people who stuck around to,watch it and the ratings plummeted for,the next year nbc was on the verge of,cancelling snl altogether which would,have made this video a lot shorter,whenever i hear someone say that snl,hasnt been funny since the 70s i now,picture them watching,this season and then writing off the,show forever i watched the first episode,and it,feels like a weird dream its so strange,seeing something that,looks like saturday night live but not,recognizing a,single face besides elliott cool theres,something so,amateur about the whole thing it almost,feels like im watching a political,episode of all that it probably didnt,help that they introduced newcomer,charles rocket as,kind of a cross between chevy chase and,bill murray which is an,unbelievably high bar to cross,especially for someone so,uncharismatic and bad at jokes,[Music],hey how about that huh the rings of,saturn,its no wonder they only let him do five,episodes of weekend update before adding,a co-anchor to the mix,hamilton jordan created the new,secretary of state designate and his,wife this week,pictured here are hammond higgs oh no,she sucks too anyway i cant decide if,my favorite sketch was the nose,wrestling competition or when these,shoes had sex should i be censoring this,jesus correct,it seemed like they were simultaneously,trying to distance themselves from the,snl of the past for example they renamed,weekend update as,news break while also latching on to,anything they could to offer,recognizability to longtime viewers,sure we may not have bill murray anymore,but we do have his brother,i would describe this period

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