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  2. Snowden – Movie Review
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Snowden – Movie Review

snowden is directed by Oliver Stone and,stars Joseph gordon-levitt as Edward,Snowden the man who leaked classified,documents to the press letting America,know that we were under surveillance,its also the story of his relationship,with Lindsey Mills played by shailene,woodley as well as everything,surrounding his eventual decision to,leak those documents to the press when,it comes to any filmmaking but,especially Oliver Stone films I try to,check my personal beliefs at the door,because hes a filmmaker whos very much,so attracted to politically charged,material so that can be harder because a,lot of times his movies have messages he,really wants you to think the way hes,thinking but its important with this,film and really all films to judge the,film on its merits of its filmmaking,its writing its acting its directing,because really in 30 or 40 years if my,review of Snowden is being watched by,somebody are they gonna care about,todays modern times no they want to,know if the movies any good so Im going,to talk about the movie Oliver Stone,does some very innovative things in this,film with the camera I really like the,way this film looked he shot it on a,very new camera the Alexa 65 this is a,beautiful looking movie very crisp very,clear and it does its best to make a lot,of technical jargon mainstream enough,for audiences to appreciate if youve,never seen the documentary citizen 4,which is the real-life doc about these,events in this film is going to be more,interesting to you its a story thats,endlessly fascinating and it definitely,has a subject that is also fascinating,but if youve seen citizen 4 then some,of these events are gonna feel a little,more like old news to you this is,definitely a more mainstream attempt to,make this film more accessible to your,everyday audience member Joseph,gordon-levitt in this film is incredible,if you have seen that documentary this,is the vissa Jared Snowden he sounds,exactly like him he looks as close to,him as any Hollywood actor whos famous,he did a fantastic job in this movie,shailene woodley is also really good one,of the best performances Ive seen from,her as Lindsey Mills she had a very,vulnerable real sense to her and this,relationship between these two people,really grounded the film in some form of,humanity because you need that for this,character you cant just have it be,about that integral moment where he,leaked these documents and made that,choice really all the performances are,amazing Nicholas,shows up in this movie and he was a very,entertaining presence technically this,is a very well directed movie with great,performances but I saw this movie,yesterday and I had to sleep on it,because something about it was bugging,me and I just couldnt pinpoint it and,actually took me awhile to come up with,what my problem with this movie was we,have at the core of this film a,protagonist that is endlessly,fascinating a story that is resonant and,imperative to our times but something,about the movie is just unremarkable,because a lot of it builds to one moment,we know is coming when he eventually,makes this decision everything else,surrounding that is a bit conventional,sometimes real-life stories no matter,how compelling they may be or how,important they may be just dont,translate to film very well and a lot of,that is due to the fact that Edward,Snowden appears in this film to be a,perfectly normal person who led a very,abnormal life and sometimes its just,not theatrically very compelling but at,the same time it could have been a lot,more interesting if Oliver Stone had,trimmed this movie a little more,carefully its a very long film and,sometimes the pacing drags as a result,because he seems to have this intrinsic,need to show you everything that you,need to know about this man and certain,details just dont really translate that,well to film because its like okay I,get it he did that he did that he did,that he did that but what I really want,to know is what drove him to do this and,you do get those moments but,unfortunately the film as a whole just,wasnt very entertaining,I appreciate the film on its technical,merits and the fantastic performances,but as a whole overall film I could,never see myself free watching this,again and I dont think its gonna have,that timeless appeal that films like JFK,platoon born on the fourth of July had,also the film makes a choice near the,end a very ballsy choice its the kind,of choice beer like that better work if,youre gonna do that and it kind of does,like it reveals something and youre,like oh okay thats okay all right I,guess in the end if youre a huge Oliver,Stone fan youre going to appreciate,certain parts of this movie its not one,of his best films its not one of his,worst and unfortunately is not that,great return to form that I was hoping,it was going to be but its still a,movie that is,relevant enough and interesting enough,for mainstream audiences that I think,people will at least find some enjoyment,in it Im gonna give Snowden a b-minus,guys thank you so much as always for,watching look forward to this Sunday,because Im gonna be starting a new,review series leading up to rings Im,gonna talk about some of the other ring,films including the first Japanese ring,as well as the two American the ring and,the ring two films this Sunday ring Im,looking forward to reviewing that you,guys are the best thank you so much as,always for watching and if you like this,you can click right here and get stuck,mine eyes,[Applause],[Music]

Snowden – Movie Review

is it me or does Joseph gordon-levitt,sound like Jack Black in that one scene,of school of rock when he answers the,phone hes like this is mr. Smee bleep I,dont know its what I thought of yeah,movie about Edward Snowden I thought of,Jack Black thats whatever Snowden so,Snowden is directed by Oliver Stone,Oliver Stone at this point I dont,really hold my breath for anymore it was,a time some time ago people were like,holy [ __ ] is an Oliver Stone movie this,is an event now theyre like yeah well,say so Snowden is about Edward Snowden,hes the guy in 2013 turned over those,documents to the media showing that the,US government was actually tapping and,monitoring their own citizens to a very,large an insane degree I mean you know,that stuff like thats going to happen,but maybe theres probable cause maybe,theres a good reason this was a lot of,folks Snowden was like they have to be,held accountable for that [ __ ] so I need,to let people know this is happening no,this is not the WikiLeaks guy it was,another movie starring Benedict,Cumberbatch it came out a couple years,ago this was a new thing so what I liked,about this movie is the questions it,actually forces you to ask thats the,point of a movie like this I mean,clearly this Snowden guy he loves,America he loves his country he wants to,serve it well but at that point the,movie forces you to ask what is loyalty,to your countrys loyalty to the,government or loyalty to its citizens,the way I see it loyalty to your,countrys loyalty to its citizens that,make up the country the government,should serve the citizens thus serve the,country kind of like that quote from V,for Vendetta that I really like where he,says people should not be afraid of,their governments governments should be,afraid of their people I just I like,that quote a lot because it just shows,that a government should have,accountability to its people at a point,this dude was like there is no,accountability here people dont even,know this is happening they should,probably be informed of that so he did,what he did you kind of see this a lot,of times bad things or shady things,start out with good intentions I mean,even if you think what Snowden did was,bad he did it for good intentions he did,it so the government could have,accountability to its citizens but at a,point Im very sure there was a good,reason for the US government to be like,hey we need to enact this and that so we,can just buy on these people because,they should probably be spied on because,theyre tweeting bomb Obama White House,murder and things are pretty that we,should probably follow that person and,then they were like militias follow that,person all right well lets just tap,that guys internet well lets just tap,that guys webcam lets tap his foe you,had [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it it just got,out of control and now its kind of like,the US government Opera,its like Alonzo Harris from training,day where hes like were the polies we,can do another [ __ ] we want theres no,accountability there so anyhow this,movie forces you to be like alright what,is loyalty to your countries to the,people or the government I also like how,it showed how a job like what Snowden,had were just bombarded with classified,information you cant tell your spouse,that really compromises your,relationships it makes you paranoid it,kind of wrecks you as a person I mean,screw that noise Id never want a job,like that Ill take being the [ __ ],online who talks about movies thank you,and I got to say shailene woodley in,this movie not only is she looked better,than a sheet shes super hot in his,movie but beyond that she was also the,best Ive ever seen her act she stepped,beyond the realm of the divergent series,thank God and now shes like hey why,dont we kind of make me legit because,that [ __ ] aint gonna last forever isnt,the last chapter coming too straight to,blu-ray or something like thats,fantastic so Im glad she actually got a,couple moments to shine in this one but,I gotta say the pacing in this movie was,so slow I mean its such an interesting,thing that happened this dude who worked,for the NSA was like a man take these,files release him to the press and then,now hes just out there was a huge guys,been charged with espionage treason a,hundred other things is not allowed back,into the country because God knows bad,shits gonna happen to them the bummer is,that really interesting movie happened,to such a boring guy so really youre,just watching a life happen youre like,alright yeah hes gonna blow the whistle,one day right okay okay its kind of,like not as bad I mean I need to I need,to illustrate this is not as bad but,its kind of like that Michael Bay Pearl,Harbor movie how its called Pearl,Harbor and youre waiting for that to,drop but in the meantime you just kind,of gotta go through the motions to get,to the last half hour but a lot better,than that but you get what Im saying,its interesting enough seeing this guy,climbed the ladder of the NSA but its,only so interesting this movie clocks in,at about two hours 20 minutes that extra,20 minutes past the two hours could have,been cut out somewhere you could have,just Frankensteined a bit and then,crunched it up and there you go guys in,the end the concept of the story of,Snowden is interesting and its a tale,that should be told,however this two-hour 20 minute movie,that told it didnt always move faster,than his snails pace and sometimes,youre like all right lets get it going,and a lot of biopics run into this and I,would expect it in some cases but a case,like,this I would feel like this movie would,have me at the edge of my seat the,entire time in the end I saw 10-minute,interview with Snowden on John Olivers,last week tonight and I found that more,interesting than the entirety of this,movie Im going to push it on the,premise of importance the movie asks,important questions you reflect on,important things and me personally,Jeremy Jones I found the movie,interesting enough to say I will say,Snowden is a good time no alcohol,required gonna say at matinee price,something about those movies about those,whistleblowers manases you could just,read about it online alright guys so,Snowden have you seen it what did you,think about it or what do you actually,think about what the dude the real dude,actually did are you farty you like yeah,transparency among government people,should happen glad he did that or you,like not [ __ ] that [ __ ] treason I want,to know what you think about it so,whatever you think comment below let me,know and as always if you like what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more,[Music]

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Hacker Yang Meretas Dengan Cara Paling Sederhana – Alur Cerita FILM SNOWDEN (2016)

halo halo boboan angka 7 menonton film,terutama dangsanak sabanua by jumpa lagi,dengan saya Bang Juned manusia kurang,kerjaan yang hobinya nonton film snowden,merupakan sebuah film yang diangkat dari,kisah nyata yang terjadi antara tahun,2004 sampai tahun 2013 film ini,disutradarai oleh Oliver Stone bagi yang,penasaran dengan sosok Edward snowden,ini silahkan searching di Google film,ini mengisahkan seorang pemuda bernama,Edward snowden hari itu Senin 3 Jun 2013,Edward snowden bertemu dengan dua orang,jurnalis Laura De Daniel,On The Spot,Hai lanjut snowden membawa Laura dan,Daniel ke apartemennya mereka melakukan,pertemuan untuk mengungkap sebuah data,paling rahasia di dunia setelah kamera,dinyalakan kisah pun dimulai snowden,menceritakan tentang kisah hidupnya,dimulai dari tahun 2004 Saat snowden,memasuki Akademi Militer dia mengikuti,pelatihan seperti yang lainnya tapi ada,yang berbeda dari diri snowden fisiknya,tak sekuat orang lain adro 41 run dari,tempat tidur snowden tergelincir dan,cedera patah tulang dokter mengatakan,kalau Solo dan tidak bisa lagi mengikuti,Akademi Militer karena cedera kakinya,dokter menyarankan agar snowden mengabdi,pada negara dengan cara yang lain WC dan,malam itu di sebuah situs kencan snowden,berkenalan dengan seorang,bernama Lensi setelah kakinya sembuh,snowden mencoba mendaftar jadi agency,Ice sebagai seorang programer setelah,banyak macam pertanyaan dan tes dari,tuan corbin snowden terpilih menjadi,salah satu dari 12 orangnya akan,menjalani pendidikan di akademi the hell,menerima instruksi snowden menuju,Virginia tempat Academy The Help KYT di,tempat inilah para agensi Ailee ditempa,hari itu snowden dan 11 lainnya disuruh,merancang sebuah sistem jaringan,komunikasi tersembunyi dalam waktu lima,jam menyusut beternak cucak white,hasilnya slow dan menyelesaikan hanya,dalam waktu 38 menit rekor waktu,tercepat sepanjang sejarah the hell,korban sangat senang dengan hasil,kinerja snowden lanjut snowden menemui,sang kekasih,kebetulan berada di Virginia ini adalah,pertemuan pertama snowden dan lensa Ini,musim yang croce ambilineal selesai,Direction of LG di hari berikutnya,Sragen mendapatkan pelajaran,undang-undang rahasia Amerika bisa chord,undang-undang rahasia khusus untuk,intelijen yang membolehkan pihak,intelijen mengawasi siapapun berdasarkan,kecurigaan kembali ke Hongkong di tahun,2013 di apartemen snowden kedatangan,tamu jurnalis senior bernama Tuan make,skill Dia menanyakan bukti kalau snowden,benar-benar seorang agen Cai snowden,menunjukkan semua password dan tanda,pengenalnya lalu snowden mengatakan,kepada tuan make a girl kalau dia akan,mengungkapkan dirinya ke publik beserta,semua data rahasia yang ada bersamanya,Dan ini semua bukan hanya tentang uang,Sony karena keinginan snowden untuk,menunjukkan kepada dunia kalau NSA telah,melakukan tindakan ilegal kepada semua,orang setelah menjelaskan semuanya seru,dan menyerahkan Ed yang berisi data,rahasia tersebut kepada Tuhan make skill,lanjut snowden menunjukkan sebuah sistem,pelacak bernama excor sebuah sistem,pencarian yang mampu melacak siapapun,hanya dari data diri mereka lanjut,snowden menceritakan Tugasnya di Jenewa,di tahun 2007 di bawah perlindungan,diplomatik PBB untuk menjaga jaringan,keamanan komputer cie artinya snowden,harus melindungi jaringan komputer itu,dari para peretas jadi untuk mengetahui,kelemahan dari sistem tersebut snowden,meretas jaringan itu sendiri untuk,mengetahui celah dari sistem tersebut,Namun snowden malah mendapatkan teguran,dari pimpinan di sana karena pengujian,Itu sebab snowden telah melihat data,berunsur politik yang seharusnya tidak,boleh,terlihat dalam keadaan kecewa snowden,menemui Charles Dia menanyakan soal,tugas lapangan yang dijanjikan oleh,Charles lanjut ketika snowden sedang,menghancurkan file Gabriel mendatanginya,lalu Gabriel menunjukkan sebuah sistem,bernama excor sistem ini bisa melacak,siapapun berdasarkan nama dan data diri,Khomeini head Strike,Hai Setelah tiba saatnya kerja lapangan,snowden dan lence menghadiri pesta para,konglomerat tersebut targetnya ada di,pesta itu seorang bankir bernama Marwan,Oh iya kalau beli goldfren face setelah,itu dengan bantuan Gabriel menggunakan,excor mereka menemukan semua data diri,milik Marwan termasuk semua keluarganya,dan orang-orang yang pernah berhubungan,dengannya Gabriel mulai mencari,kesalahan yang pernah dilakukan oleh,Marwan namun dia sangat bersih lanjut,Gabriel mencari kesalahan keluarga,Marwan dimulai dari adik ipar Marwan,lanjut anak perempuan Marwan bernama,Salma umur15 tahun dan mempunyai seorang,kekasih bernama neden dan edem ini,tinggal secara ilegal bersama ibu,Turkinya bahan sempurna untuk menekan,Marwan setelah data kelemahan Marwan,dikirimkan kepada Charles kekasih Salma,terancam dideportasi lanjut mereka,mengadakan pertemuan dengan Marwan dan,menawarkan bantuan untuk membuat paspor,untuk kekasih Salma disini Charles ingin,menjebak Marwan,membiarkan Marwan mengemudi saat mabuk,hingga Marwan ditangkap Charles akan,lebih mudah mengendalikan Marwan untuk,melakukan yang dia mau tapi di sini,terjadi pertentangan antara Charles dan,snowden rasa kemanusiaan snowden menolak,semua itu karena bisa saja Marwan tewas,saat mengemudi dalam keadaan mabuk namun,Charles malah mengancam snowden karena,snowden pernah memasuki sistem si e&p,izin saat itulah snowden sadar bahwa,tidak ada yang namanya teman sejati di,Intelijen Ya ada hanya keuntungan,politik siapapun bisa dikorbankan,termasuk dirinya malam itu snowden,pulang dengan kecewa tapi di tempat,tidur Lensi telah menunggunya map adegan,ini disensor esok harinya snowden,memutuskan berhenti dari Hai juga,bertepatan dengan kemenangan Barack,Obama dalam pemilunya dari hari itu,kepala pemerintahan berganti baju,setelah berhenti dari Ice snowden,dikontrak oleh NSA dan ditugaskan di,Jepang di sini snowden bertugas membuat,sistem cadangan nonstop yang disebut,Epic shelter sekaligus menyadap negara,Jepang tak cukup sampai disitu setelah,berhasil masuk kedalam sistem komunikasi,negara Jepang lanjut menanamkan program,kecil ke dalam pembangkit listrik,Bendungan rumah sakit dan yang lainnya,idenya jika suatu hari nanti Jepang,bukan lagi sekutu artinya Jepang bisa,dengan mudah dipadamkan dalam sekali,klik tanya di Jepang hal yang sama juga,ditanamkan di Meksiko Jerman Brazil,Austria Cina Rusia Iran dan Venezuela,semua berada dalam kendali Amerika tak,sampai disitu kali ini masuk ke ranah,bisnis juga ditanamkan hal yang sama,sehingga bisa memantau keuangan skandal,wanita para pejabat negara juga,Club menyuap jadi Semua pejabat,pemerintah negara lain dipantau total,setiap skandal yang ditemukan akan,digunakan saat melakukan negosiasi,sehingga pihak Amerika tidak pernah,mendapatkan penolakan semua negosiasi,selalu berjalan mulus Jadi sebenarnya,yang dilakukan intelijen bukanlah,tentang terorisme semua dilakukan hanya,untuk menguasai juga mengendalikan,ekonomi dan sosial isu terorisme hanya,sebuah topeng belaka lanjut saat snowden,dnse dia ditugaskan memantau jaringan,terorisme berdasarkan dari kontak nomor,telepon dan email para korban setelah,berhasil melacak satu orang maka sistem,mendapatkan semua data orang yang pernah,terhubung dengan orang tersebut,bayangkan dengan 40 kontak saja sudah,mendapatkan 2,5 juta data lengkap,orang-orang sekaligus bisa memantau,melacak dan menyadap sungguh mengerikan,bayangkan jika sudah,bisa melacak ratusan juta orang artinya,penduduk bumi yang hidupnya bersentuhan,dengan teknologi telah dipantau oleh,Amerika setelah itu snowden berhenti,total Dia hanya ingin hidup tenang,bersama lence tersebut Vario,[Musik],I worked under jumlah investor utama,suatu hari snowden menemukan sesuatu,yang tidak bisa diabaikan ada tiga,pejabat tinggi NSI file Benny headlamps,dan crack WB mereka bertiga mengajukan,keluhan tentang penyalahgunaan kekuasaan,karena telah mengawasi hidup orang-orang,jadi yang dilakukan mereka hanya,melakukan keluhan saja alhasil FPI,mendobrak rumah mereka bertiga dan,menangkap semua orang Lalu ada

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di pinggir go-jek jadi tercium baunya,akhirnya teknorus.com constructed sense,[Musik],film kali ini berdasar kisah nyata lagi,nih guys dan sempat menggemparkan dunia,di tahun 2013 Edwar Joseph snowden,seorang anak yang tidak lulus SMA,berhasil membocorkan dokumen-dokumen,rahasia milik enesse atau intelijen,Amerika menurut kabar yang beredar saat,itu ada 10 rahasia yang dibocorkan salah,satunya adalah NSS secara diam-diam,merenggut privasi seluruh warga Amerika,dengan melakukan penyadapan lewat,telepon dan SMS di tahun itu snowden,menjadi sosok yang paling diwaspadai,oleh Syaikh ususnya enesse walaupun,dicap sebagai pengkhianat oleh,pemerintah namun disisi lain snowden,dianggap menjadi pahlawan karena telah,menyelamatkan kebebasan privasi Setiap,warga Amerika wah,akhirnya seru gimana sih ya cerita kali,ini langsung aja pasang asetnya biarkan,baik-baik dan jauh tempat ramai ini dia,cerita Edwar Joseph snowden 2016 cerita,ini dimulai di Hongkong pada tahun 2013,tepatnya tanggal 3 Jun saat itu snowden,secara diam-diam melakukan sebuah,pertemuan dengan dua orang wartawan,bernama Laura dan juga Glenn mereka,berdua berasal dari surat kabar besar,bernama The Guardian sebelum memulai,wawancara snowden terlebih dulu meminta,kedua HP wartawan tersebut sebagai,jaga-jaga Jika ada yang melacaknya,setelah semua aman dan kamera telah siap,Glenn pun langsung memulai wawancaranya,modem sportwebz snowden selama sembilan,tahun bekerja untuk enesse dan juga xie2,sudah bekerja di industri intelijen,sebagai teknisi sistem Bahkan ia juga,sempat menjadi penasehat senior karirnya,yang bermulai di tahun 2004 Ia yang,ingin sekali bisa mengabdi untuk,negaranya,daftar sebagai tentara dan mengikuti,beberapa latihan namun suatu saat akibat,kecerobohannya sendiri snowden terjatuh,saat semua para pasukan diperintahkan,untuk segera berbaris hal itu ternyata,berakibat fatal karena kakinya ternyata,mengalami patah tulang yang cukup parah,hingga akhirnya ia pun dinyatakan tak,bisa melanjutkan lagi pelatihannya,sebagai tentara,[Musik],I always certificate tanpa henti disitu,saja semangatnya masih tetap dan iapun,memanfaatkan keahlian yang lainnya yaitu,programming pada tahun 2006 snowden,memutuskan mendaftar menjadi bagian dari,si e&m melakukan beberapa tes mulai dari,wawancara tes pengetahuan sampai bahasa,dan juga masih banyak yang lainnya saat,itu untuk pertama kalinya dia berkenalan,sama cordino Brian sebagai salah satu,instruktur senior DC e-crane Asil tesnya,bagus akhirnya snowden diberi kesempatan,untuk melakukan tes selanjutnya yang,akan diadakan di pusat pelatihan Siau,yang terletak di daerah terpencil,Virginia karena ditanggung senyum-senyum,dan esoknya sampailah Ia di sana dan,saat mencari ruangannya tanpa sengaja ia,bertemu dengan salah seorang instruktur,lainnya yang bernama hamster yang,terlihat sedang membersihkan mesin,enkripsi Enigma snowden sangat Terpukau,dengan semua isi ruangan hengyang,dipenuhi banyak barang-barang,komputerisasi sejak zaman Perang Dunia,Kedua hingga sekarang,glue dari sana snowden bersama kandidat,lainnya diberi tugas oleh corbin untuk,merancang sebuah sistem jaringan,komunikasi tersembunyi korban pun sempat,bilang kalau sistem ini biasanya,dibutuhkan rata-rata lima jam dan paling,lama delapan jam semua kandidat tampak,sibuk menyelesaikan programnya,masing-masing Begitu juga dengan snowden,namun baru juga 38 menit ternyata,snowden telah selesai menyelesaikan,tugas itu corbin tentunya terkejut dan,langsung mengecek hasil kerjanya dan,benar saja snowden berhasil,menyelesaikannya dengan sempurna dan ia,pun diperbolehkan untuk keluar ruangan,Beberapa hari kemudian snowden janjian,bertemu dengan seorang wanita yang dia,kenal melalui situs jodoh ternyata,mereka sudah sering berhubungan guys,bahkan dari snowden masih di militer,dulu untungnya silenzie pembawaannya,santai dan mudah bergaul jadinya suasana,pun menjadi cair ya walaupun kadang,snowden masih tampak aku mereka,menghabiskan waktu di taman sembari,lingzhi menyalurkan hobi fotografernya,Mereka banyak berbincang untuk,menjelaskan diri mereka masing-masing,namun snowden disini Tak Jujur mengenai,pekerjaannya Ia hanya mengatakan kalau,dirinya yang bekerja di Kementerian Luar,Negeri Sumber belum Spanyol Beberapa,hari kemudian ada sebuah topik bahasan,dikelas norden ya itu berita yang,mengabarkan kalau presiden Bush telah,melakukan penyadapan tanpa perintah,pengadilan coordinates bertanya apakah,hal tersebut boleh atau tidaknya salah,satu dari mereka lalu menjawab kalau ada,undang-undang yang menyatakan,penggeledahan atau penyadapan harus,dilakukan dengan surat perintah,pengadilan dengan kata lain berarti bus,memang telah melanggar hukum yang,berlaku namun hal itu dibantah oleh,corbin karena sebenarnya Surat Perintah,pengadilan itu Tak semuanya harus dibuka,ke publik demi menjaga penyelidikan,tetap berjalan dengan baik ada,perundang-undangan yang mengatur tentang,pesan intelijen bernama peradilan visa,di mana sih ie akan mengeluarkan Surat,Perintah atas dasar kecurigaan dan,diterbitkan secara rahasia yang itu,berarti proses hukum seperti kasus,bersifat rahasia dan tidak mungkin,detailnya muncul ke media massa Benz,surprise egg,click to download Happy birthday your,time Setelah dari kelas corbin snowden,menyempatkan untuk pergi ke ruangan hang,dan merekapun banyak bercerita tank,ternyata adalah mantan anggota NSP yang,sempat membuat sebuah program yang dapat,memfilter ribuan email yang masuk ke,Amerika program itu dapat menganalisa,setiap email yang dicurigai seperti ada,muatan teroris atau ancaman tertentu,Namun tetap program itu mengkritisi,email setiap orang yang bukan menjadi,targetnya sayangnya program nyata,digunakan pemerintah sampai terjadilah,tragedi 11 Sep lebih parahnya setelah,kejadian itu pemerintah menggunakan,program yang hampir sama dengan buatan,hang namun tanpa enkripsi yang berarti,program itu bisa melacak apapun sesuai,yang kita inginkan Indah raised Oke,Betul snowden mulai merasa khawatir,kalau program itu disalahgunakan itu,kemudian ia tanyakan kepada korban dan,korban pun menjelaskan program yang,digunakan pemerintah sekarang bukan,hanya,cuk mencari teroris saja melainkan untuk,menjaga keamanan Amerika dari serangan,cyber negara-negara besar seperti China,Rusia dan juga Iran meskipun John mawar,mudah menjual kembali lagi ke waktu,dimana snowden melakukan wawancara,bersama beberapa wartawan secara,diam-diam dia juga mengundang seorang,wartawan senior lainnya yang bernama,hewan make skill snowden memperkenalkan,dirinya kembali dan memperlihatkan semua,kartu identitas intelijennya sebagai,bukti bahwa ia benar-benar serius untuk,mempublikasikan masalah ini saat itu,snowden to memperlihatkan sebuah program,bernama excor yang dia temukan saat di,Jenewa Swiss sebuah program yang,ternyata berfungsi untuk mencari,data-data privasi apapun milik seseorang,ia hampir mirip dengan Google namun ini,lebih detail dan juga spesifik sekedar,informasi kalau di Jenewa sekarang ini,adalah salah satunya negara yang,dipercaya untuk menyimpan semua,data-data pribadi dari seluruh dunia,karena Hanya mereka yang,program untuk menampung semua database,tersebut disini snowden tidak,membocorkan hal-hal lainnya dia hanya,ingin memberitahu public tentang politik,yang dilakukan pemerintahan mereka,bersama Inter mengenai pelanggaran,data-data privasi seseorang menggunakan,sistem excor tersebut bahkan snowden,disini bersedia untuk diungkapkan,identitasnya tetapi tetap dengan,perlindungan dari media sebagai,narasumber sehingga hal paling buruk,dari pelengkapan syaidan SM mungkin bisa,teratasi pengungkapan rahasia besar ini,Tentu saja sangat membahayakan apalagi,menyangkut negara hewan akhirnya,menelepon kantor The Guardian langsung,untuk meminta pengacara sekaligus,pembelaan nantinya melihat dan mengenai,esscor itu semua bermula di tahun 2007,ketika snowden ditugaskan untuk pertama,kalinya di Jenewa Swiss sebagai bagian,keamanan sistem program cie Ada banyak,hal yang sangat bertentangan dengan,prinsipnya selama,jadi

The Snowden Movie vs Real Life

when I saw the Oliver Stone was,directing a movie about Edward Snowden I,was intrigued not just because its a,topic that interests me but because its,a subject that that was covered by one,of the best documentaries made in the,last several years Citizen for the,documentary was released just two years,before Oliver Stones movie Snowden its,not just a documentary about Edward,Snowden its a documentary thats tied,directly to his story and his actions,Laura Poitras the creator of the,documentary was one of the journalists,thats known first contacted to get the,leak underway because of this I was,curious to see how the movie would,approach the scenes featured in the,documentary we know movies based on true,events are dramatized but rarely are we,given such a clear comparison which we,can use to see how things are dramatized,Oliver Stones movie seems like an,attempt to present the story of Edward,Snowden in a way thats more palatable,to the general audience while citizen,for sought to create context for its,core events it remains somewhat,inaccessible to those without at least a,little understanding of its context,Stone presents a modified version of,reality events are changed usually,mildly they on the alligator we will,need in the hallway outside of the,restaurant in the narrow hotel I will be,working on a loop excuse so you can,identify me,what time is the restaurant open,approached me and asked if I know the,hours of the restaurant well respond by,stating that Im not sure and suggest,you try the lounge instead man its,physically disrespect Ill offer to show,you where and at that point was good,hes continued with long naturally he,pulls ingredients and ideas from the,documentary footage,sometimes replicating specific moments,can you start by telling us why you did,what you did and how you came to access,to such a customers information all of,which Ive read on the plane I basically,woke up this mine already started,writing stories so Im hoping to you,know start publishing with them like a,day or two days okay as long as youre,good with that yeah and and then other,moments are more dramatized so I dont,know who you are or and the thing about,you okay I work for Booz Allen Hamilton,before we go onto the stories I need to,know Mona barking your career by a,glance account is very varied but the,god game needs evidence defense,contractor on that sort of on loan to,NSA my diplomatic passport for friendly,countries my tourist task force for,everywhere else you can check that visa,stamps in my NSA badge would threw down,my CIA guys would tell and this is my,dia instructors batch so I dont know,your name,oh hi hi my name is Edward Snowden I go,by Eddie and some are the opposite of,reality we seriously have to think about,doing this on our own websites we have,no choice,well you cant just stop dumping,articles on the internet Glenn be,serious look at WikiLeaks they destroyed,that credibility then the Guardian is,WikiLeaks painful people set up a system,so that were available for anybody to,see and just wonder if its possible to,do the same thing that that would be the,ideal and gain but because because some,of these documents,or legitimate including classified and a,scene that sticks out to me particularly,is one where stone chooses to show some,shots from the point of view of the,fictional lares camera these shots are,color graded to look more like camcorder,footage and are shot with a more,observational handheld camera style that,has come to be somewhat of a stylistic,shorthand for what a documentary should,look like the irony here is that in real,life only a little of Lauras footage,looks anything like this there are,moments of shaky handheld footage in,citizen 4 but theyre relatively short,and constrained and majority of the,footage in the documentary is fairly,steady her documentary actually appears,fairly cinematic by some standards stone,uses shaky handheld footage to indicate,to the audience,this is documentary footage Laura uses,study well framed and lit shots to give,her documentary a more cinematic and,dramatic feeling the lines between the,narrative form and the documentary form,are blurred the exteriors of Hong Kong,serve as excellent transitions in both,the movie and the documentary and both,use news programs as a means of,exposition there are companies receiving,Microsoft Yahoo Google Facebook AOL,Skype YouTube and Apple with reality TV,YouTube blogs mockumentaries and,historical dramas the lines between,documentary and fiction have become,increasingly blurry while I think Oliver,Stone is mostly responsible in his,fictionalization of this story as,viewers we need to be smart and,discerning fiction can look like reality,an increasingly reality can look like,fiction we cant simply judge the,authenticity of something in a film by,whether it feels genuine and true to us,as the viewer even when theyre mostly,factually accurate like stones movie,adaptations from true stories are still,fiction,many contemporary dramas are attempting,to inform us in engaging ways and,documentaries are becoming more dramatic,and enticing as audiences we need to,view both was a critical eye,yes no I dont okay thank you asking,from one turndown service that do not,serve sounds off the door hello yes now,my meal was great thank you very much,yes Im Thomas flight this has been,another video for off the screen if you,enjoyed this video please consider,sharing it and hit the subscribe button,to see a new video each

Snowden – Movie Review

good evening everyone if you dont know,you should know my name is Ramiz hun and,I am a filmmaker and a film critic and I,recently got to see Snowden it will,still play in a couple dator so lets,talk about all right stance from back,from this watch yourself we are running,out of time theyre going to come from,theyre going to come for all you to,Snowden is the latest film directed by,mega filmmaker ulverstone whereas if,recent films have kind of been,hit-or-miss his past those are more than,enough to warrant me watching any of his,future films one thing to keep in mind,about this film is that its a very hard,film to judge because theres no,separating their personal feelings,towards that were Snowden and this film,depending on what you think about it,work Snowden personally this film will,either enrage you or fill you with pride,I happen to think that Edward Snowden is,a hero yes he committed treason which is,a crime but it is completely miniscule,compared to the crimes that the NSA is,carrying currently stone does portray,Edward Snowden as a hero but he does try,to keep it balanced and it is a balanced,film the film does lend an ear as to why,the massive spine could be justified but,the film does make you wonder as to how,much longer the people who believe in,the Patriot Act will keep believing in,it since not a single attack on national,security has been averted through the,NSA the film also shines a light on the,ignorance of people through Edward,Snowdens girlfriend I mean its been,three years since his famous or infamous,interview with The Guardian and people,hadnt woken up as they serve in my,opinion Joseph gordon-levitt plays,edward snowden and hes become quite,involved in playing these figures of,history last year he was that French,dude in the movie the walk and now hes,playing Edward Snowden a famous,whistleblower and he does a fine job,playing Edward Snowden he nails the,mannerisms of the guy and kudos to the,hair and makeup team there are moments,in this film especially when,gordon-levitt is shot in a profile he,looks just like Edward Snowden its the,uncanny valley effect the only downside,does performances his voice to would,base in my opinion but apart from that,fantastic work one of the things that,stand out is this connection to everyone,around him his superiors as inferiors,and,equals his relationship with his,girlfriend played by the loveable,shailene woodley will make your heart,bubble and burn later on thanks to the,hypocrisy of all women carry one thing I,loved about this film is the script you,can always count on an Oliver Stone film,to learn something when youre watching,it now lets be honest I am good with,computers but Im not Edward Snowden,good so the film does came over a lot of,the computer hacking and computer,programming stuff but they do bother to,show us the logistics of what exactly,each program is doing such as prism all,the classroom scenes with the risk,offense do a more than fantastic job on,making not only the characters question,their government but hopefully the,audience is as well theres a piece of,dialogue that questions on who can break,the Fourth Amendment and is it okay if,the President does it risk offense is,fantastic by the way this poor man,played the lizard in that terrible,amazing spider-man movie hes so much,better than that and he gets to show off,some of his acting chops and loose stone,if they ever make a movie on the,recently deceased Leonard Cohen rest in,peace by the way resistance is the man,the whole supporting cast of the film,was fantastic actually shailene woodley,Tom Wilkinson who plays a reporter from,The Guardian Nicholas Cage who plays an,instructor of Edward Snowden and Timothy,Olyphant is in a minuscule role they all,bring a ton of gravitas and maturity to,the film especially Nicholas Cage this,film looks great its a bit too colorful,for me but when it comes to the,compositions and lighting it looks,stunning its shot by Anthony Dodd,mantle a man who is known for crafting,psychedelic images that infuse a feeling,of paranoia while youre watching it he,is Danny Boyles most used,cinematographer he shot last years in,the heart of the sea he shot Slumdog,Millionaire last year in the heart of,the sea the movie the 11 millimeter lens,was used very well the problem with that,film is that some did not require the,talents of Anthony dog mantle to film,about Moby Dick its supposed to be an,epic not a character piece in my mind,however it fits perfectly well over here,the wide angles work the camera flows,and shakes whenever Edward is conflicted,or under fire however when a bureaucrat,or official is speaking the camera,worked as steady and straightforward,every time a location is established,theres an overhead shot from the corner,of the room or the cameras moving and it,implies what the film is talking about,that youre always being,watched there are a couple of things,that did bother me in the film one of,them being Hollywoods insistence on,selling me a lie that skype video chats,look like 4k video none of my skype,chats look as good as they look in the,movies they all look completely fake the,editing is a bit distracting as well,because theres two narratives being,told one of them being Edward Snowden,right before the release of his massive,data dump and the other is the building,up to his release of his data dump the,problem is were already being shown a,flashback from Hong Kong then in the,Hong Kong narrative there are some,flashbacks as well so theres a bit too,much story when it comes to the editing,and theres one more thing that bothered,me its the same lets be honest its,pretty obnoxious theres no subtlety to,it all its so on the nerve with the Big,Brother symbolism in contrast to the,entire film which is pretty subtle but,those are petty things I am willing to,overlook and what is a pretty fantastic,and engrossing film this is also a very,important film for the people who are,unaware about the argument for and,against transparency you should,definitely watch this film use this film,as an appetizer to the main course which,of the documentary citizen for about,Edward Snowden and his massive data leak,Im giving Oliver Stone Snowden a 4 out,of 5 a pretty fantastic zone but its a,bit disappointing that this film is,being seen as less favorable on rotten,tomatoes compared to a really terrible,foam in Doctor Strange go watch it it,doesnt reach the levels of the insider,when it comes to a whistleblower stories,but its still a pretty darn good film,go watch it until next time people,remember to love yourself

Snowden reviewed by Mark Kermode

the story of Snowden is absolutely,fascinating and was told brilliantly as,Joseph gordon-levitt said quite rightly,in that in that interview in law,practices documentary citizen for which,is one of the most dramatic things when,most erotic documentaries Ive ever seen,it was him lifting the lid on you know,post-911 eavesdropping industry and you,see him in a hotel room you know Glenn,Greenwald in Euro mccaskill here played,by Zachary Quinto and Tom Wilkinson and,Melissa Leo is Laura Poitras in the film,and the documentary was really paranoia,inducing I remember you know learning,from it that apparently your phone can,be used as a bug even when its turned,off the stuff about Snowden looking at,his passwords by putting a you know a,towel over his head so that he couldnt,be seen by camera I mean it really when,I remember seeing the film in channel,four when the final stanza you know,about Russia which you mentioned there,had been redacted until the very very,last minute it was felt like we were,watching something that was genuinely,incendiary so the problem is is Oliver,Stones drama substantially more,dramatic than the documentary and the,answer is no in fact of anything its,oddly more inert than the documentary,the documentary is incredibly dramatic a,real edge-of-your-seat tense thriller,stuff the film the drama isnt and I,think theres a number of reasons why,isnt the first one is of the,documentary very clearly is about the,fact that Snowden does not want to be,the center of the story I mean you know,youve seen that case in which theres,the theres a drama about Julian Assange,the Fourth Estate and there was the the,documentary you know we steal secrets,wiki the inside WikiLeaks and I was said,that the feeling with those that you,know Assange was very happy to be sent,to stage in the case of Snowden as he,keeps saying and documented the storys,not about me the storys not about me,the stories about this bigger thing in,Snowden the drama the story is about him,hes the title character and its about,him so thats as that in itself is an,odd an odd move the second thing is that,whilst the documentary managed to make,really complicated tech stuff,understandable the drama,oddly enough seemed to make it really,complicated again in a way which it was,almost like I felt I came out of the,drama,knowing less about the important issues,then I,when I went in the documentary was so,brilliantly constructed that you really,felt like you would be the problem was,being laid out in front of you in terms,that you could understand in terms that,were palpable and real and terrifying,and what the drama does is make them,feel like it constructed narrative it,makes them feel like somehow what we,what were doing is is is it constructed,story that has the odd smack of artifice,this isnt helped by the fact that this,being an Oliver Stone movie there are,sections in which people shout which,from what we know from the documentary,is that that doesnt deplete the case,that most terrifying things the,documentary of people in a room talking,like this and worrying like this and,talking like this but because its the,document theres a section when you,people have to raise their voices and,Zachary Quinto has to act up and it,starts to feel like an Oliver Stone,movie now Im a fan of all of us dont,up to a point and I think probably all,the films that Joe gordon-levitt,mentioned from a long time ago was you,probably like it was interesting when,you all actually I mean I know I think,that um I I think I think he has done,good work more recently than that but,there is always in all of a sensing this,tendency for harrumphing and for sort of,trumpet playing and actually as we move,towards the end of Snowden it falls over,into what looks a little bit like an,Oliver Stone parody I mean I dont want,to talk about the final scenes because,were not well know so as we come you,know but there are there are people,playing themselves not very well I have,to say there is always paper editors,youre talking about yeah you know its,always a bad moment somebody comes in,you think really and the other can I,just say that yeah at that point I would,say that up until then at least theres,been a tension of it well you know,theres another side to this and then on,the other course therell be some people,who might feel the other way and theres,some genuine concerns and then it gets,to this bit at the end featuring a,certain newspaper as you go no really,okay so were now chucking everything,out and were starting again because you,just think but even inside you know,before that point youve had resi fans,as um,Corbin OBrien whos you know named in,the film after,character 94 in in George Orwell and,theres some real scenery-chewing guy he,seems to be enjoying himself and its,quite an interesting forms but it is,definitely a smoking man performance it,is definitely lets have this,conversation by some woods you know,lets have this composition oh you know,somewhere dark because its very good,but it feels like a construct doesnt it,it feels like a dramatic construct I,kept expecting Mulder and Scully to turn,up during those moments and theres,nothing wrong with that cuz I like the,x-files but only not so much the new,guys with the other so you take the,weird thing about a documentary which,was absolutely factually true and,riveting and dramatic and you know major,palms sweat with tension and then you,turn it into a drama which is oddly,inert oddly under attic and somehow,seems to lack the piercing truth of the,doc its its not a film without merit,but if youve seen Citizen four there,really isnt any need for it

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