1. John Mayer – Sob Rock | Album Review
  2. Guitarists React To John Mayer’s New Album (ft. Marty Schwartz)
  3. The Biggest Surprise Of The Sob Rock Tour So Far
  4. Did John Mayer Nail The New Album? | SOB ROCK
  5. Is Sob Rock A Good Album? || My Review and Reaction
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  7. #SobRock REACTION & REVIEW! John Mayer’s New Album is Here!

John Mayer – Sob Rock | Album Review

and im now realizing that was my last,seltzer ive just,opened it at 4pm on a weekday and i,guess im gonna have to drink it,[Music],hey neighbor welcome back to ar tv my,name is john and its time for a review,of the eighth studio album by the singer,songwriter john mayer,its a very shit-posty title but,intentionally so because,john mayers become quite the troll in,the past decade if you havent noticed,its called saw brock and its a title,that from a distance made me,lower my metaphorical glasses and go,well this could go,one of two ways and i guess after,sitting with it for a little bit,im happy that it went the way that i,didnt necessarily expect,johns last proper album was the search,for everything a handful of years ago,and even that wasnt rolled out in a,traditional format he did multiple eps,before piecing it all together,in the search for everything album,collection it was not exactly his most,memorable work,but still it wasnt awful i dont think,that jon dropped off anything during the,2010s that was just,unbearable it was just more so often on,the very forgettable side of the fence,and i found myself kind of clamoring for,some of his older works like battle,studies and continuum jon went into,promoting this record,saying dont expect the same thing for,me again i want to shake it up as i try,to do from album to album and while no,ones gonna mistake this as,rooms for squares part 2 its also not a,totally new leaf i mean its,john mayer doing the 80s baby you know,who it is and also hes tackling this,80s inspired sound but credit where its,due,im always preaching about how people,like to pretend that there was only one,style of 80s music,if they take on something that sounds,like the 80s well this time machine,today is sounding maybe like,the soft rock of toto meets fleetwood,max something like tango in the night,thats not really a criticism for as,much as this album does,lean into the cheesiness of something,like last train home,sounding a lot like totos africa its,still,a good time the synths that kind of,vibrantly space out in the background,adding this kind of distant tropical,flavor occasionally but also,shying away from some of the things that,made him a bit poppier on a few of the,recent projects,i embraced this sound a bit more because,it just feels,authentic to where hes at right now,just kind of being a lot more carefree,i went into saab rock saying seriously,youve got three songs on here that came,out,years ago new light is now three plus,years old before,sobrock hit shelves but now listening to,them,in the context of the album with i guess,i just feel like and,carry me away these songs all fit the,mood quite well,and i think that john mayers approach,here was instead of just littering,singles forever,his goal was to make us forget that he,had put out those songs so that by the,time we get to the album they sound new,i dont know if that was actually the,game plan or not but it kind of worked,for me,before i get too far ahead of myself,sounding like its just nothing but,praise as far as the eye can see,this is definitely a flawed album,theres a lot of generic tendencies,and john taps into that 80s songwriter,type of state,so a lot of the songs revolve around,broken relationships or,maybe missing or yearning for someone or,maybe some occasional introspection,so it never exactly wades into the deep,end but,the moments that do pop out are the ones,with stellar guitar work which as,i hope we all recognize at this point,john mayer is an incredible guitarist,regardless of what you think of his,music,listening to some of these cuts like,till the right one comes and all i want,is to be with you,i see his achilles heel which is playing,into this formulaic relationship,styled writing but i also have to admit,that i think that this album flows,remarkably well,way better than i thought it would for,an album that includes songs that are,three years old with one of them being,new light which was produced by no id,but somehow that fits crisply right in,there at track number three the album is,in no way a game changer but it is a,nice homage to the years and decades,that have gone by,with some john mayer-isms in there like,the guitar work,and some of the synth work like i,mentioned before it stands out,its cohesive it can get a bit one-noted,but it does do enough to kind of drive,itself over that hump,sobrock to me its just one of those,albums that you can sit down and,crack a truly to just sit down sip some,seltzer with the other deads and reflect,on the old days,highlights on this record definitely,happened i think some of the pre-release,singles are,among those i guess i just feel like has,a fantastic,solo to cap off the song new light is,really really catchy i like the persona,he pushes,but i also like some of the new tracks,here like shouldnt matter but it does,the writing is pretty brutally honest he,carves into it,and then of course towards the end of,the album a track that did come out,before the record but i had not heard it,at that point,carrying me away i think the bridge on,that is fantastic,however on the polar opposite side the,worst song by a landslide for me was,why you know love me its so awkward and,i know that its probably not trying to,be,super serious but its just clumsy it,feels like a teenager,singing why you no love me on the hook,so earnestly does not do itself any,favors,with that really bland backing,instrumental with the lifeless drums i,guess it all evens out in the end,because you do have those bottom out,moments with that one being the worst,but,also the highs of something like shot in,the dark that are again not reinventing,the wheel,but i find myself having a decent time,to it so,im going to give this new john mayer,record sobrock a light three and a half,out of five and by three and a half i,mean three and a half drinks and youre,gonna be buzzing and having a fantastic,ride,thank you so much for watching my review,of sobrock if you have any thoughts on,the record yourself then let me know in,the comments section down below,dont forget to smash that like button,the like goes a long way subscribe if,youre new to the channel and i,apologize i havent been putting out a,ton of content,i injured myself while moving i might,talk more about it soon but im kind of,trying to take it slow as i ease back,into it but anyways a couple of recent,videos on screen now and ill be back,soon with more on ar tv,saw brock to me its just one of those,albums that you can just sit down

Guitarists React To John Mayer’s New Album (ft. Marty Schwartz)

[Music],thats an interesting choice,that that antagonizes me a little bit,yeah a little antagonizing,this line right here,[Music],thats a little out of left field for me,hey everyone so today ive got something,a little bit different going on,i am uh my good friend marty schwartz,hey,nashville tennessee uh and its actually,not daytime it is,just before 11 p.m central time,and theres a new album about to drop,that were gonna check out in real time,we havent heard weve heard the the,released stuff,uh we havent heard the unreleased stuff,and were gonna listen to john mayers,new record,saab from a guitarist perspective and,try and uh tell you guys what we think,about it,so along with marty weve got chris,sherland who was,my guitar teacher everything i teach,was taught to me by this guy here chris,sherlin taught me guitar in college hes,hanging out here in nashville,and weve been working on some stuff,together but man its great to see you,thanks for having me man yeah thanks for,having me yeah appreciate it,yeah were gonna pull it up and just,listen to the stuff in real time weve,got we got uh guitars plugged up were,trying to figure out whats going on,all right you want to pull it up and,yeah lets see lets do it cool,so lets see weve got last train home,weve heard so,many next one it shouldnt matter but it,does okay without further ado,lets hear it,[Music],should have done more before,,oh yeah yeah its pretty classic mayor,yeah feels a little bit like a throwback,to some older stuff,yeah just waiting for the drums,if they are if they are coming its got,to be it could have been,maybe a big chorus out yeah it could,have been,i predict no yeah of course its just,that hook after the poop course,i feel like its gonna stay mellow,wheres the shaker,shaker were hearing some percussion,okay so rhett how big of a john mayer,fan are you,pretty big i mean early on in my my,time as a guitar player was so i started,playing guitar like 2002 2003 right when,he was like,really taking off so he was a big,inspiration to you im sure the age that,youre at and everything,yeah he was that song it didnt feel,like hey im super,uh ironic 80s you know,color color up 80s you know because,the only thing that really screamed 80s,to me was the production so like the,instrumentation choices like the,the pad at the beginning the cross,stick on the and the reverb on the snare,shaker,but otherwise its a pretty modern pop,progression yeah yeah diatonic and e,major,yep pretty simple progression yeah good,hook good writing yep,you know yeah i mean i nice and intimate,yeah when you feel,a song and,he hasnt said the whole chorus hook but,you like already can,tell whats going on yeah yeah theres,something pretty,yeah cool about that yeah i like that oh,whats next,new light now im familiar with that one,yeah weve heard new right this next one,why why you no love me thats what its,called okay,oh yeah is it is it really why you know,love me it really is just,you know im verified why you know love,me okay,all right here we go im already,intrigued now were getting a little,cheekier here,lets see what happens,nice okay this is cool,thats sweet,[Music],wow,[Music],forever i dont know what to think about,that,[Music],yeah wow oh thats uh thats from,80 chicago yeah that tour,[Music],harmonically this is my favorite song so,far,this is pretty much a pretty big,departure from anything else happening,on pop radio right now demonically and,certainly anything else on the album,yeah so yeah hes going to that um,[Music],that chord yeah two major thats such a,beegees thing,that is oh sorry six major oh six major,right because were in a right so its,like um,yeah yeah thats cool and then hes,going to the four minor,yeah for the solo section,this is this is cool man i like this,yeah i like this a lot i like it too,okay so weve got uh a song called wild,blue,[Music],swing sultans a swing for sure im,already in,wow its pretty soft i love the vocals,[Music],[Music],oh hes using the same tone its that,second position,yeah im starting to pick up,hes starting to smell what hes,stepping in a little bit which is like,hes hes calling back to all the 80s,sort of cliches and he is such a,talented and great musician that he,can feel the aesthetic and make it sound,that way i think and you can tell what,mayors doing is using a lot of these,types of voicings and you know hes down,where were in the key of c,here yeah hes not in this key but,you know down here but a lot of this,like,[Music],his first solo that he took was very,very mark knopfler,and then he ended it with a more kind of,mayor thing but this thing that he did,[Music],yeah that line,super nice thats a beatles line right,send me your love,total beatles line so the next song here,is shot in the dark is what its called,[Music],whoa,okay that sounds pretty familiar well,its song number six out of ten thats,gonna be,uh a little bit,sounds a lot like john mayer here it,does it also,this part is the same device as,last stream home right its not the same,but its,its the same fame yeah triad voice,leading thing yeah,yeah oh its snare sound i believe this,uh i think its aaron sterling on drums,this record is that,oh is that who plays with him live uh,who,he was on this last tour yeah yeah,yeah you guys play that together,[Music],this one is it moved me the least,oh yeah yeah dynamically theres its,kind of just,here although thats my kind of favorite,thing going on because but you know when,you hear those like,super tasty uh yeah,studio guitar style yep yep right you,know,i mean thats that was the most exciting,thing for me from there okay,so were gonna hear until the right one,comes,okay,wow,[Music],oh here we go okay,[Music],yeah taking some chances do that really,nice minor pentatonic and really,yeah flushing those blues notes out,pushing them hard so how do you guys,feel about that like,when because this is not the first time,hes done this on this record where you,know youre in a youre in a major key,playing over a diatonic progression,right,yeah you know playing its,minor pentatonic scale or something yeah,i think its cool would you play that,solo again yeah yeah,lets do that,[Music],thats an interesting choice that that,antagonizes me a little bit,yeah a little antagonizing this this,line right here,[Music],thats a little out of left field for me,okay theres one more song all right,lets do it all i want is to be with you,me,yes chris,[Music],nice little tremolo well hes using that,all over this album,[Music],right yeah,this is besides the other,songs that have already come out this,kind of reminds me of this of 80s,spring scene yeah which is clearly,hes obsessed with spring scene lately i,think so,yeah thats great thats the old school,mayor that we all,a lot of gain yeah recorded extremely,loud,[Music],[Applause],you know one of the things that i really,am starting to like about that,sort of minor over major here,specifically is that,the whole album has this real sort of,mellow,sobrock thing but theres a bit of anger,back there theres a little bit of,nastiness,especially in that track i mean that,really feels really good yeah,i feel like the overall it seems pretty,safe harmonically with the exception of,the uh,the second song we listened to yeah you,know,which i get yeah i think the song,that made me zone in on like,the vibe and the story was that,shouldnt matter but it does,yeah yeah because the line i think is,yeah lyric line really well,yeah he puts that together yeah one more,thing we this songs been out a while,but,we got to do this to end it i guess i,just feel like,i dont know if youve heard this yeah,this is this song,kills,[Music],so that tone is really interesting what,is going on with that,were going to talk about it so all,right yeah i have it i have it on,somewhat good authority,and this is you know heard it through,the grapevine kind of thing but tonally,because when i first heard that song,thats a thats my favorite song on the,album oh yeah hands down,fo

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The Biggest Surprise Of The Sob Rock Tour So Far

all right something has happened on the,sawbrock tour so far that i generally,thought we would never see on this tour,honestly a lot of future tours included,something that i would have bet on us,never seeing,and that is john playing a modern made,fender instrument on stage,i generally thought wed never see this,happen but jon comes out to play still,feel like your man and we see him,playing corey wongs signature strat now,the footage you guys are seeing here is,from the philadelphia show and this is,from michael confers youtube channel and,its going to be linked in the,description down below for the full,footage and this is something that again,like i said i generally thought we,wouldnt see,i know the big debate was if john would,play a fender instrument at all but we,were mainly talking about vintage strats,that were highly associated with him,heavily involved in recording processes,in previous tours guitars that hes,bonded with and that are very,significant to john mayers gear arsenal,were talking about the black one and,the 64 strat so seeing john come out and,playing a modern day strat and i believe,im correct in saying this leave a,comment down below if im getting this,wrong but i believe this is the first,time since about 2014 when he left,fender that weve seen john on stage,playing a more modern day,fender,strap now i will say that i think this,is more of a nod to corey wong,rather than a tip of the hat to fender,because we know that the silver sky is,johns baby and hes really,im not saying hes pushing the,instrument but,hes playing it every night because he,stands behind his product and the,instrument that he created,why would he play a modern fender strat,over the silver sky the silver sky was,designed for him so no other guitar is,really going to be more perfect for jon,and to feel better in his hands than,that instrument i want to make sure that,the point im trying to make is coming,across when i say you wouldnt see john,with a modern strat yes i get the point,is that the silver sky is a modern day,stratocaster essentially just with,vintage queues but he made it with prs,not with fender because his relationship,with fender fell apart and whatever kind,of went on there im not going to get,into it but you wouldnt see john,supporting a modern day fender,instrument the only things that are,fender that you would ever see on stage,are items that hes been recording with,and he has a history with so something,like the band master he has a history,with recording and using that amp on,tour the monterey strat the black one,the 64. those are all sentimental fender,products to him that are from his past,that he is okay to still use,but not a brand new model or anything,almost off the shelf or new from fender,he wouldnt just go and get a new custom,shop fender strat that just wouldnt,happen so that is why this is,significant that were seeing him using,corey wongs signature strat on stage,during the saw brock tour now in 2022,now im sure most of you guys will,remember the story that very recently,happened actually where cory wong gave,john,this signature strat of his and john in,turn sent him a nebula silver sky ill,put a card up on the screen if you guys,havent seen my video on the nebula,silver sky give that a check out after,youre done watching this video but,again i genuinely do think that this is,more of a tip of the hat to cory wong to,be like hey im a massive fan of cory,and im supporting him and im gonna,play still feel like your man with his,signature stratocaster and out of all,the songs that jon has still feel like,your man is probably the most fitting,to play a cory wong signature guitar on,it was just kind of a perfect instance,and yes john did play originally i still,feel like your man on a jackson this,bright neon pink jackson it was very,kind of 80s themed and actually would,suit the whole 80s vibe of the saw brock,tour but even after he started,performing that song just on a silver,sky so now weve seen it kind of have,almost three main guitars that the song,might be performed on but regardless,its really cool to see it performed on,the strat to further strengthen my point,in saying that this is a nod to cory,wong as an artist not fender,is that when jon got his fender her,signature stratocaster again he posted,it on instagram and that was way more of,a nod to her,than it was to fender itself and you,cant really compare the two of him,posting it on instagram and then playing,it live on stage those are two very,different things anyways i just thought,this was something incredibly cool and,worth discussing,its really not decor wong in a kudos to,corey one not defender and yeah hes,okay with having vintage ones we know,that because hes playing a band master,so that as well makes me think were,gonna get the 64 strat and the black one,at some point this tour but im gonna,save that discussion for a whole other,video so make sure you guys are,subscribed to be notified when that one,comes out and until the next one you,guys as always thank you so much for,watching

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Did John Mayer Nail The New Album? | SOB ROCK

hey guys my name is chris baruchi,welcome to my channel todays video is,going to be a little different,than usual i dont really react to,new music releases at all on this,channel at least,and uh still i just listened to john,mayers new album the saab rock,and i have so many thoughts i i want to,share it with you guys,[Music],[Applause],[Music],some of the things were talking about,in this video are going to be sound and,guitar tone and just album mix related,and some,will have to do with the vibe the,obvious thing the elephant in room,the 80s vibe of the the album and the,whole marketing,thing around it in case you enjoyed this,video hit like subscribe to the channel,and leave us a comment,below also check out the description box,under video if you want to know more,about the gear im using,and just additional infos timestamps etc,so why do i think john mayer nailed,pretty much everything,about this new album well i have a,couple of thoughts and points,and the first is gonna be a pretty,obvious one but its important of course,his fans are waiting for a new album to,drop for years,the search for everything came out what,was it 2017 so its like four years ago,thats a long time,if you want to have some fresh stuff,from john my second thought was that,its a great idea and a great timing,to go for this 80s vibe why because,people,obviously are craving for better times,again like we like to look back before,the pandemic,also the 80s is far enough in our past,that its time for,a revival its cool again basically look,at all the people with the highways,jeans and everything,if i translate that to the album sao,brock,its sounds like the guitar tones and the,whole mix and everything,it sounds sort of fresh but we also,heard,this sound this mix this mastering many,times before so it sounds familiar too,my next point is pretty simple but its,very important too so it needs to be,said,the songs are great regardless of the,style,whether its 80s or not 80s or whatever,it is i had,time to listen to the album a couple of,times like four or five times and i have,three to four songs already which i love,a lot i had to cheat because i,didnt have time to memorize all the,titles but um like,shouldnt matter but it does awesome,song um,wild blue come on till the right one,comes,and uh the last one all i want is to be,with you,these are just great songs and well,talk about the last song oh i want to be,with you,in a second its going to be interesting,my next thought was,why john nailed this whole thing is that,this whole 80s thing was a surprise,to most of us i mean we didnt really,expect this to come,like this much in our faces,and uh yeah its just something people,will talk about which is great marketing,to be honest,and obviously he teased this whole vibe,with,with new lights when it came out which,is also on the album of course,and it just fits perfectly in the,picture and then i followed this thought,and i realized he is creating a wave,i mean possibly we cannot tell yet but i,can totally see,other artists following him with this,80s flare and everything,so hes creating a wave instead of,riding the wave,of others which not many can do,[Music],um,[Music],after listening to the album a couple of,times i realized that the real,genius move is that it still sounds,like him it sounds like john mayer,regardless of all the,80s vibes and the all the chorus on the,guitar and the strat second position,tones and all that every note sounds,unquestionably like him and thats very,hard to achieve,i mean this is pretty much a concept,album with a certain,strong style and vibe its really hard,to still sound like you when youre,consciously writing songs,and licks and melodies to fit in a,certain concept,if you ever wrote songs this way you,know exactly what im talking about,like the song wild blue with a very,strong,like dire straits mojo but also with,some jack johnson kind of,chilled vibes and it still sounds like a,mare song,all right end of this lets talk about,the albums mix and mastering and guitar,tones and everything,they obviously used a lot of 80s sounds,since all these uh old-school pad,sounds and how they mix the drums and,lots of chorus on the guitar thats the,second position,um on a strat uh on a strat style guitar,but they didnt take themselves too,seriously it,is still a modern 2021 mix and mastering,i personally cannot stand most of the,80s mixes im not talking about music,just the mixes because they just,all sound too plasticky and way too wet,like they put all the reverb on the,drums and,everywhere and then some more reverb on,top of that its just,way too wet but the sub rock is,mixed perfectly it gives you that,old-school vibe,but it sounds way more real like way,more natural,which makes it really enjoyable to,listen to even for people like me,who struggle with all these 80s,recordings thanks to the massive amount,of effects,[Music],do,and heres a little hidden treasure i,discovered a,probably unwanted tribute to a very,successful 90s,boy band the backstreet boys,[Music],tell me why i mean just listen to the,last song on the album all i want is to,be with you,and replace the last line of the chorus,with,but i want it that way and then you will,have to sing,tell me why its funny,[Music],tell me why,[Music],[Music],i mean these things happen all the time,its just four notes or whatever so uh,its just funny i find it really funny i,it clicked,immediately when i heard the song the,first time all right let me know what,you think about the album,or just john mayer or whatever new album,youre excited about let me know in the,comment section,below we will see each other next week,in a new video,and you guys take it easy ill be back,bye-bye,todays video is a little different uh,yeah,because my mic doesnt point in my mouth

Is Sob Rock A Good Album? || My Review and Reaction

so why is john mayers new album sub,rock so,controversial why is it so polarizing is,it actually,a good album all of this will be,discussed in todays video,what is up everyone chris harvey here,welcome back to the channel and thanks,so much for checking out this video,if you are new around here then do,consider hitting that subscribe button i,post weekly content every tuesday about,all things guitar related,so if that sounds like something that,youre into subscribe,and just ring the bell to get notified,when i upload,so yes today we are talking about john,mayer hes just released a new album,called sobrock which is,a very kind of conceptual album very,inspired by the 80s and,probably all of johns heroes from back,in the days when he was just learning,guitar,were talking eric clapton don henley,mark knopfler and dyer straits the,list kind of goes on and on and concept,albums,are often either big hits or can be,pretty glaring misses so i think the,fairest way to judge this would be based,on three categories,production songwriting and arrangement,which im going to put,as the same category and of course,guitar playing which is what john is,probably most famous for,in the guitar community,so lets talk about production so the,album was produced by don was and,john mayer has a producing credit on,this album as well and,i think that is already a kind of good,start and a big tick,for sobrock because don was is just a,legendary producer i absolutely love,the sound of his records he was also the,producer on,born and raised which is definitely one,of my favorite,john mayer albums in terms of production,and sound recording,and obviously those kind of sounds and a,lot of those characteristics do find,their way,into the production for sub rock lets,take the final song on sar brock all i,want is to be with you that song,for me is very much what i think of when,i,think of don wass production style and,the production style on born and raised,i absolutely love it it has so much,warmth so much clarity,everything has so much space in the mix,and its just like,a big musical hug i like that but,theres so many great production points,on this record i mean i think when you,think of production for john mayer i,think the album that immediately springs,to mind as the kind of benchmark for the,most,well-recorded well-produced album was,traditionally continuum,that has so many great guitar tones just,the whole sound of that record,is absolutely amazing but i personally,think that some of the guitar tones that,john has kind of developed for,sub rock are definitely up there and,require,a lot of attention and deserve a lot of,respect,you can definitely hear in the song that,i just mentioned all i want is to be,with you the outro guitar solo on that,just has such an amazing tone you can,tell that that amp was,absolutely cranked and that really comes,across,in the recording theres so much sustain,so much clarity the,notes are just so crispy and that also,appears in other areas in the album as,well so from a guitar production point,of view,they absolutely nailed the sound and,since this is kind of like an 80s,throwback album theyve really done,a great job at kind of recreating some,of those,key tones from some of those key albums,that will definitely have been,inspiration for subrock and i think that,is something that again,just deserves a lot of praise and a lot,of respect because,its really difficult to you know,emulate somebodys production style and,make it sound,kind of authentic but i think theyve,managed to do a great job because,it is still unmistakably a john may,record,but there are these kind of subtle nods,to these other,great influences that i just think,theyve handled,really really tastefully,[Music],next well talk about songwriting and,arrangement and,i think again this is just something,that john has kind of excelled at,in this particular record in terms of,keeping it to a theme,and really having a kind of clear,concept in his mind when hes writing,these songs,i think the criticism or at least the,controversy maybe around this album is,the fact that,the songs are maybe somewhat cliched in,their lyric approach but that pretty,much,kind of defines the era that john is,kind of going for there,the subject matter of a lot of the songs,that he was influenced by,were you know somewhat cliched at times,but,the way that john has kind of,incorporated melody into some of these,more cliched subject,points is just something that i think,hes done really really well,theres definitely some great melodies,on this particular,record i always find myself you know,subconsciously coming along,later on in the day because ive,listened to the album a couple of times,now,that is the benchmark of a good,songwriter if you can write these really,good melodic hooks,then youre part of the way there and,john has always been so great at doing,that well also talk about songwriting,in terms of arrangement and,instrumentation and again there are some,amazing moments of that on,this particular record the last track,again just has,a really kind of like anthemic sound,with the way the vocals are layered,and i think that just sounds absolutely,huge its great,and there are so many great songs on,this particular album where the,instrumentation and the way that,every instrument is so sympathetic to,the other just works really really well,on the second track shouldnt matter but,it does again its another great example,of,arrangement because really that song is,just an acoustic guitar vocals and,some synths and piano with a little bit,of percussion thrown in but,everything has so much space nothing is,there that doesnt need to be there,you know theres no over playing its,just serving the song and thats always,something that i think john has done,really well in recent years,[Music],and we should definitely talk about,guitar playing because this is a john,mayer record,and for me personally i think this is,again an,album that i put pretty high on the list,of guitar albums that john has produced,is it as kind of blues orientated as you,know maybe continuum,no definitely not but there are some,really great guitar moments on this,record,whether that is some of the licks in,last train home,or maybe the mark knopfler-esque solo in,the song wild blue which is just,you know absolutely perfect at kind of,replicating,that classic mark not for the clean tone,and in the last track,all i want is to be with you the outro,solo there which we mentioned earlier,when we were talking about the,production,again that has some really really,amazing guitar parts in there some,really tasty licks,and an amazing guitar tone i think for a,lot of this album you can tell that it,was probably,the dumbbell amp and maybe a couple of,overdrive pedals but everything was just,super loud and i think that has led to,some of the best guitar tones that john,has had on any of his,albums so how does this rank compared to,some of johns other albums well this is,where i would love to hear from you guys,down in the comments because im sure,everybody has an opinion on this if you,are a john mayer fan,for me personally this ranks pretty,highly ive only listened to the album,front to back,maybe two or three times now so its,still pretty early days its definitely,gonna be one that grows on me and im,gonna definitely notice more and more,things,the more that i listen to it i,definitely encourage you guys to do the,same,i think on the first listen i was kind,of i enjoyed it but,i thought that was probably more to,explore and then at the end of the,second time,i just really really loved this record,so definitely,give it a chance but for me personally i,think from a songwriting and guitar,playing perspective these songs on,sobrock just sound and feel really great,so it goes pretty high,on the list for me but i would love to,hear your opinions,what is your favorite john mayer album,is it sol brock do you like sar brock,just let me know in the comments below i,can defin

LETS ARGUE: Most Overrated Guitarists of All Time

hi everyone sleep thingy beep tano here,the internets busiest music nerd and,its a time for another lets argue,where i go online and i take your hot,takes your unpopular opinions and all of,that in this episode though i asked you,a specific question i wanted to know in,your opinion who is the most overrated,guitarist,and you gave some pretty,nice answers so lets,go through him,john mayer hes an amazing guitar player,well,you,you kind of just win against the prompt,right there hes an amazing guitar,player but hes only occasionally an,amazing songwriter he doesnt always use,his virtuosity to his full potential so,on and so forth no i i agree but heres,the thing john mayer is a very very good,guitar player and when ive seen him,like really jam and solo hes quite,tasteful with it if anything i think,hes a little underrated as a guitar,player because he doesnt tend as you,say here which is true you know pull,that flash out in his recordings because,ultimately while john mayer is a very,good player i i think he,would much rather you know sort of be,known as a pop songwriter than you know,a,guitar player who can like really play,and really jam because you know theres,kind of a limited market for that sort,of thing and if you really want to like,reach the upper echelons of that kind of,entertainment market like you know,youve just got to be playing like,ridiculously fast flashy [ __ ] that,impresses people that dont know that,much about guitar to begin with so a lot,of the time i think john mayer kind of,hides his power level because,again hed much rather just be like a,pop guy santana proof at 234 santana,overrated i mean im not much for his uh,you know more commercial stuff but uh,i love his prague [ __ ] from the 70s and,hes certainly got like some great chops,on those records,so,[Music],did he not go into it with,a plan the edge he only ever plays with,two chords and lets his pedals do all,the work for him i dont know if i could,say the edge is overrated necessarily i,get that his name gets thrown around and,maybe like you know guitar player,magazine type circles and that sort of,thing because of you know his fame and,his popularity and his legends status as,you know the guitars for you too look,ill say this as a child of the 90s i do,like the edges sound and his style and,everything but,its its not so cool and profound and,stand out that its worthy of a stage,name like the edge if anyone is,overrating the edge its the edge,himself because he [ __ ] named himself,the edge i like buckethead and recognize,hes very talented but i dont,understand why hes as big of a deal as,he is aside from his noteworthy stage,gimmick i will admit here that im not a,huge buckethead fan myself and a lot of,his music doesnt really speak to me but,he does bring at least a certain level,of talent and technicality and flash,to,you know more experimental underground,kind of eccentric and lo-fi spaces and,and there is something to be said for,that and i do think his playing and,playing style does kind of you know live,up to,the whole look and and gimmick here that,you point to uh its a little theatrics,but uh its its not like hes uh,putting on this whole costume to sound,like the edge not even a real guitarist,smh no,leave noodle alone,leave new line of this,we got so many of these easy clapton,cream was great and innovative for the,time but giving clapton all the credit,takes away from what baker and bruce bra,that is true bruce is an excellent,bassist,plus his solo stuff is mostly bland dad,rock layla still slaps though eric,clapton he stole blues licks and wasnt,even the best guitarist of his time a,lot of people around that time were,stealing blues licks uh clapton is not,alone in that but a fair point on not,being the best of his time cream was,carried by ginger baker and jack bruce,his better selling songs arent even,written by him ouch brought nothing to,the table in terms of pantheon of guitar,as a whole he is the elvis of guitar i,dont even know what to,uh add eric clapton is certainly an,above-average guitarist hes a talented,guitarist i enjoy some cream myself and,uh you know when you move beyond cream i,just think there is you know less and,less to dive into as far as eric,claptons music generally um you know,outside of like uh some hits and derrick,and the dominoes and you know again,while that stuff is good that does not,the greatest guitarist of all time make,like when you consider how long eric,claptons been around,and you know,uh uh,how little he the discog has overall and,how much his new [ __ ] sucks,van halen his entire legacy is based on,eruption which everyone can learn to,play after a few days of practice every,other song is just ska chords i dont,agree i think van halen as far as like,80s hard rock guitarists go,is pretty good i certainly enjoy him,more than slash he also provided that,amazing you know guitar solo for michael,jackson as well for free i think he was,a good player sure you know the the,pentatonic licks and everything i get it,i understand it is a little bit uh you,know speed and flash over substance but,uh as as far as like this sort of stuff,goes its fun frank zappa playing more,notes doesnt make it sound better uh,look i mean frank zappa could play his,[ __ ] ass off uh and and sure he had,like some fast solos here and there but,i would say that uh,overall he wasnt just like a you know a,speed and flash over substance type,guitarist like a lot of zappas playing,was greatly informed by jazz by,classical music there were even hard,rock guitarist contemporaries of his who,you know he referred to as playing like,pentatonic nat notes and like certainly,some eras of zappas career are more,impressive than others artistically but,theres not a point that i could point,to where like his guitar playing is,absolutely crap,thin,uh no substance boring meaningless so,yeah in my opinion zappa not overrated,at all by any means hendrix not because,he isnt top 10 of all time but i bear a,personal grudge against him because my,dad wouldnt get me guitar lessons,because hendricks taught himself you,should be able to too,thirst and more i love sonic youth but,hes not the best guitarist out there he,just tunes his instruments randomly,i havent found an interview or video,where you can actually tell which chord,hes playing i mean depending on what,his tuning is he may not know,and hes been featured in top lists,simply because of that generally,speaking in terms of like guitar,talent on a technical level i i dont,hear thurston moore brought up but i,have no doubt that hes uh you know uh,incorporated into these lists that you,you say here and you know i think thats,because he just has a different and and,inventive approach to uh guitar and,guitar playing you know hes hes,skilled at the guitar,in a way that other people are not,and hes developed so many you know,different sounds and styles and noises,and you know that has no doubt inspired,a lot of people to uh you know venture,out with their guitar tone to play and,perform in ways that push the player out,of their comfort zone steve vi we get it,steve you love sweet picking thats,enough yeah honestly theres not a,guitarist on this planet whos playing i,get tired of faster,than steve vi i i will,you know have an easier time listening,to and kind of vibing out to somebody,whos been playing,maybe for six months just six months uh,than i do,listening to steve freakin vi and look i,get that hes talented he is and i,appreciate the uh you know the zap,lineage as well i do but uh yeah his,playing style to me is just,too uh,uh to i guess uh primped its annoying,its just too flashy uh theres not a,whole lot there in my opinion dave,mustaine man thinks that metallica would,have been bigger than the beatles if,they had kept him lmao hes pretty great,at writing riffs but his solos are so,samey i dont disagree about the solos,but i i dont think dave mustains a bad,guitarist hes a total idiot and an,[ __ ] uh by all accounts uh b

#SobRock REACTION & REVIEW! John Mayer’s New Album is Here!

it makes sense i get it i get it now,oh man what is that holy,wow yeah just boop done love it,saabrock is out we finally made it to,release day john mayers new record is,now available,and were going to listen to it today,im going to give you a track by track,take reaction opinion review whatever,you want to call it were going to do,that,were going to do that just a minute but,first i want to thank you if youre a,returning subscriber,especially if youve been on board with,the last like 10 or so john mayer,centered videos that ive put out,it started me down a road i didnt,expect to go down and but were here,and i think this is kind of the video,weve been working towards so,um if youre new to the channel and this,is the first time youre here thank you,so much,and i hope you stick around and check,out some of my other videos i appreciate,you being here,leave a comment leave a like a dislike,whatever you want im happy to engage,with you,on the channel so that being said lets,go to the album heres how were gonna,do this im gonna listen to the song off,camera,come back on give you my reaction my,take,my review and then were gonna go right,down the track list and go through the,whole record that way,sound good awesome here we go last train,home i mean what else,can we talk about on that tune its the,first single um maren morris is just,killing it at the end of that song,i sometimes forget that shes there,because ive listened to the live,version and the acoustic version so many,times,but the album track man the solo on the,fade out,and maren morris just the interplay is,really really awesome,i remember john mayer mentioned at some,point in the past that,somebody should make a record of just,all of the stuff after the fade so,when i when i say after the fade its,you know the song just kind of fades out,doesnt have an actual ending,um and this album the whole thing,youve got some cool fades going on and,like so many of his songs i want to know,what was played after the fades so john,if youre listening,that would be a great little like uh,accidental release,uh if you could just put that on the,internet so we could hear what it is you,played,um after the fade but hey last train,home weve talked about a lot youve,heard it thats been out for a while,its a great song i love it i dont care,that it sounds a little bit like toto,um or journeyman clapton i mean thats,thats the whole thing i mean hes got,hes got guys who played with toto hes,clearly influenced by air clapton it,makes sense,and its a really awesome way to open,the record lets go to the next track,oh man shouldnt matter but it does um,i wont be surprised if this is my,favorite song on the record maybe the,best song on the record,i mean you if you come out of the gate,like that,and just just i mean ignoring the lyrics,ignoring everything just,bang right there with the vocal like it,is it is in,on the first two seconds of the song,that is powerful and and if you listen,listen closely at how this is recorded i,think this is a song he talked about in,the zayn low,interview its the acoustic guitar and,the vocal,are recorded into the same microphone,which is,unique in modern day recording,it doesnt allow you very much leeway in,manipulating the voice and manipulating,the guitar separately,everything kind of just happens in that,one microphone and,theres a lot built around it on this,song um,but that gives you like i mean the the,lyrics,are so vulnerable and you can hear like,saab rock was kind i mean,its kind of a jokey thing to call a,record but,i mean if this song doesnt make you,want to cry then i dont know,i dont know what will so listen to uh,and see what you think but,um the way its recorded and i mean its,not something that,everybodys gonna notice but the way,its recorded is just like this,immediacy to the guitar playing in the,in the singing,and its a raw way of recording,something and its right,right down the middle of the mix and,everything else thats overdubbed on top,of it is just sort of ornamental,on this song and its and you it i dont,know i mean it feels very personal to,john mayer,lyrically um and it makes you i dont,know i mean like,it makes so i mean makes you want to sob,sob rock i guess right,uh its beautiful um it reminds me,of the synths if you go listen to bruce,springsteens,streets of philadelphia uh go listen to,that very similar,really wide keyboards its that kind of,like strings,sound you hear um and then man the solo,at the end well its not really solo,its a little little uh ornamental,guitar thing,little riff that he has uh its and it,repeats,over and over as the song fades out wow,um that one blew me away im not gonna,lie to you i dont really know what to,say about it uh,i it might thats gonna be tough to top,we got eight more songs,and thats gonna be tough to top,new light i mean listen it it makes,sense,i get it i get it now um,there was a lot of talk about why three,of the songs had been previously,released particularly this one because,its the oldest one,i think it was recorded in 2017 released,in 2018.,um when you put it in context,with an album i think it makes a ton of,sense,i always looked at it as a standalone,piece because it was released as a,single,it lived for three plus years as a,single and then now its on an album,but thats where you have to trust the,artist,and you know it that not to say i didnt,trust you know john mayers decision,i mean who am i to tell him what to do,obviously or really even have an opinion,on it but,it you know i think it did throw some,people for a loop,but listen to it listen to it front to,back like im doing and i think it makes,a ton of sense its got the tonality,um the vibe of the whole record um after,coming out of shouldnt matter what it,does i think you do need something kind,of upbeat like that,um and new light definitely fills that,role,um this is cool because you know you,hear,mayor talk about its time to love an,album again he looks at this as,a cohesive piece and i even kind of,scoffed at that a little bit because,it wasnt all recorded cohesively its,you know with three singles being,kind of done before and then dropped,into the album i was kind of like,you didnt really but yes i mean theres,no time limit,uh on how long you can take to put,something together,and theres no rule that says you cant,drop a song in thats been,out on its own for a while if you think,it makes sense with the rest of,the rest of the record and it does it,really does its got that feel,its its i mean its an awesome song,its so fun and like i said i think you,need it at this point in the record so,lets keep going,wow a lot going on on this one why you,no love me lets start with,the title first um you know if,youre looking for the explanation just,kind of right out of john mayers mouth,um theres the sabroc fan magazine which,he talks a little bit about it in there,um and then the zane low interview that,just came out a couple days ago,so definitely go check those out but,ill try to paraphrase a little bit,and and something he said in that,interview that kind of hit me was like,so why you know love me like i think at,first glance,you either you kind of chuckle kind of,saab rock same thing,uh you know just in general you kind of,laugh at the first,glance at it but the title why you know,love me when you hear him explain it,its not,um its its not meant to be,someone speaking english as a second,language but,he says language as a second language so,when you put it like that,it almost like it puts you,from a childlike perspective of someone,learning language just,in general and trying to express emotion,through language and they dont really,have a handle on language not a,particular language but just,language in general so why you know love,me is this like just,extremely honest earnest just,raw way of saying that and uh,when you think of it that way the song,hits,hard really hard uh theres some lines,in there,uh the the you heard me once or twice,hurt me three tim

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