1. Social Catfish Review (in 2022)
  2. Victim lost life savings to a Online Romance Scammer.
  3. Help! I fell in love with a Romance Scammer
  4. SocialCatfish.com president explains how online dating scammers operate
  5. Reverse Image Search with me – Ep. 1 (Romio)
  6. Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?
  7. Catching the Catfish: Finding the identity of your online date

Social Catfish Review (in 2022)

have you ever wondered if the person,youre talking to actually has the,identity they claim to have well now you,never have to worry whether youre,hiring an employee or youre dating,someone new its probably a good idea to,know if that person really is who they,say they are,social catfish is a new software that,helps you determine whether online,profiles especially online dating,profiles are legitimate or not social,catfish gives you some powerful tools,that can help you look for very specific,people among billions of public profiles,in this video ill be doing a review of,social catfish and helping you figure,out whether its worth it or not so what,is social catfish social catfish allows,you to use almost any sort of data you,have on an account that youre,interacting with so for example if,youre having doubts that someone is who,they say they are,you can upload their photo to social,catfish add a few more details like,location email and maybe some other,things and then social catfish will,scour through the internet to help you,determine whether or not this person,really exists this service has a massive,catalog of phone books email lists,public records and everything else you,can imagine,they also check online profiles that,match the description and it can be a,great way to figure out if someone is,legit so you can do this to weed out,fake profile accounts and then also do,background checks on potential employees,some of the top services include reverse,image search,reverse email search reverse phone,number search,reverse user name search reverse address,search and of course reverse name search,so whenever you enter one of these,details social catfish will,automatically look through the internet,and go through its own resources to help,you find a match,the more details that you enter the more,accurate the results will be before we,move on id like to mention that there,will be a link to social catfish in the,description box below this is an,affiliate link so what that means is,that you are going to get the best,possible price and we are going to get a,commission as well now the next big,question is does it work social catfish,has a catalog of over a billion,different profiles all of these profiles,are legit and theres a very good chance,that you might be on it as well but does,it really work well feel free to try,looking yourself up to verify and it,will probably,be almost instantaneous this tool is,very helpful now that we have to deal,with scams on social media and lets be,honest we dont ever want to fall victim,to a catfish scam social catfish has a,massive resource pool that works better,than any other alternative of course a,lot of people have safety and privacy,concerns with this service but theres,really no need to worry because nothing,in the terms and conditions suggests,that this service sells personal data,and its security features have been,verified by numerous third parties how,much does it cost social catfish is a,paid service and it can be a bit,expensive for some people but if you,check out the link in the description,below you might get a better deal,without discounts though this service,has a couple of different subscription,options all of their monthly plans are,priced almost exactly the same the,difference might be a few cents but for,one search service such as a simple,image search,name search email search etc you have to,pay around 5.99 for the first five days,and around 26.99 each month keep in mind,that in order to get all of the search,functions youll need to pay for each,function individually but once you get a,monthly subscription youll have,unlimited access to that specific,function if you want to do an in-depth,one-time search you can pay around 297,to get access to all of the features at,once this will however work only once so,in my opinion id say its better to pay,for just a few features instead of all,of them and if this is something you,need its not about service at all,thats a wrap for this video heres a,video that youtube thinks youll enjoy,watching next check out that video and,dont forget to check out the,description for a link to social catfish,enjoy the next video and dont get,catfished

Victim lost life savings to a Online Romance Scammer.

hello everyone and welcome to another,episode of scam fish presented by,socialcatfish.com,on todays episode we speak to a woman,named margarita from sweden margarita,reached out to us to uncover her,four-year online relationship with a man,named jeff jeff reached out to her on,instagram and then began to chat every,day,margarita is now suspicious that jeff,might not be who he claims to be after,sending him over 80 000 dollars,real quick guys dont forget to like,comment and subscribe your comment and,like could help stop someone from being,scammed lets get into it im a filipina,woman i live in sweden,i have three children im working as a,nurse im depressed im stressed i,cannot sleep i cannot eat,because whats happened to me in the,past couple of four years,since i met this guy,his name is jeff wynns sister,and he find me in instagram,and we begin,to talk the first missing season to me,in instagram you are so freaky woman i,like your,face or you are so sweet and,i feel in love with,him because he,so kind of me because i lost my husband,i lost him,for six years ago,he sent me message were talking,all night,half day sometimes i cannot concentrate,my,work because i need time for him send me,heart kisses hug and everything,always honey you know what the most i,really love him,he always call me margarita win sister,because im gonna be his wife,im so stupid,to believe him i love him so much,months after months comes,i think its,one and a half year weve been talking,in instagram before he asking me to move,to hang out and there began asking me,for money because he told me he going to,turkey,and he gonna deliver the oil,because he is working in the oil company,and he need money to release the oil to,the turkeys government and he asking me,first ten thousand euro and i asked him,what you gonna do with that 10 000 euro,and he tried to explain to me to pay to,the custom and after that i said why you,dont have any money,in your pocket,because you are a,businessman,and he told me,he cannot access his money because he is,not there in new in california he is in,turkey and after that i said okay,i will bury you for ten thousand euro,they,try to call me and push me to borrow,money again,until i send him,all in all for 82 thousand euro,and after two years he was disappeared,on watch up and hung out i tried to,reach him but i cannot,do,anything because im so disgraced im so,stressed im working hard,i lost contact with my children because,of him,and suddenly,i find him in facebook and he send me a,request on facebook,and he told me can we go back to hang,out and i said okay we can go back to,hang out what do you want now from me,and he said nothing i just only want to,hear your voice he told me he really,missed me and i just only tell him,i think you are lying he asking me again,for 15 000 euro and i said what the,you just only contact me because you,need money you need my help,scammer,i really,i dont know if im gonna,say this you know,i really hit them,badly,and i said to him,i swear to god if i find you im gonna,punish you im gonna put you in jail,so you know what you do,what you,done wrong,i i tell him i dont want to cry anymore,because i was,crying for four years,i thought i find,the man,to live with me the rest of my life,but you use me,badly,just only today i got,three requests,in my facebook account and i dont know,who the they are,i said leave me alone a lot of guys here,in sweden really,want,to be with me but i dumped them because,of him,i tried to take my own life twice,but my best friend,he tried to call me,that one night,and i dont answer the phone,because they directly called the police,the police come to my apartment and,broke everything,they find me in the bed,its twice i take my,try to take my own life,my children doesnt know that,1.5 million crowns i sent to him,i need to pay my rent i need to pay my,bills i need to pay my electricity i,need to be,almost everything here in sweden you,need to pay,and now i can just only live with the,existence minimum,existence minimum its only five hundred,dollars im gonna live every month so,catfish i really want,you to help me,to find out,everything about this man or about this,guy,i want close sure from him,and i really want to know where he is,now,after receiving this video we,immediately got to work our search,specialist lenny started to investigate,more on this mystery man who claims his,name was jeff but a couple of days later,we received another email from margarita,informing us about her current,relationship with another man she met,online who claimed his name was frank,jeffrey peterson he even provided an,identification and sent her several,pictures lets see what our search,specialist lenny can dig up on both of,these men,dont forget to like comment and,subscribe lets get back into it today,im going to go through some of the,documentation that margarita provided,for us,first thing we have here is a drivers,license first name frank jeffrey,peterson,first thing i notice right away,is that this signature is backwards,everyone everywhere knows that when they,sign their name they sign it exactly as,its written they always sign their,first name followed by their last name,legal documents,checks second thing i see here is he has,an address 2564 24th stress,that sounds odd and its in all of,california one of the important things,that we see when we have a drivers,license is,the photo,thats you thats a great picture and,then you move on we dont look at all of,these things when we see a drivers,license,so in this case what im going to do,this these other documents that i want,to look at,are wires that margarita made and this,is on swede bank so these are swedish,forms,but here we see that this kelvin person,is in istanbul,we have one for kelvin,heres one for kennedy,and we have two more for kennedy,so,all of these are wires,the bad news is when,wires,send money overseas,they are untraceable there are privacy,laws theres government rules there are,international barriers wires cannot be,reversed,that said she can with the assistance of,her bank,work with the other bank and call these,suspicious accounts,that might do a little bit of good so,that these people cant keep moving,money through their accounts what we,know about money laundering is that,these people while theyre real people,most likely,theyre far away from the head of this,snake of a scam,now that linny has done her research,its time to meet with margarita for the,first time,how are you doing,im fine thank you,i know im doing well i really am so the,first thing i want to talk about is,the,money that you sent,to istanbul,can you tell me um,what was what was this money for,you have a little a little problem,with the oil because the custom cannot,release the oil if he dont pay the the,tax,thats why he asking me to borrow money,but he promised to me he going to pay,back when everything is going well,um you were doing due diligence you were,trying to make sure that everything was,on the level,yeah okay i tried ive got,four transfers here one is from kelvin,and two are from kennedy,who who are these people supposed to be,that live in istanbul,yeah that people i seen the money,this,gif told me,that first the people,its working together with him,okay so theyre colleagues,yeah,okay,all right well let me tell you a little,about this money then okay,one of the techniques that a scammer,will use,is they will move money to foreign,accounts,once it goes,its not recoverable we cant verify who,these people are and one of the things,that works in favor of a scammer is that,their government laws,there are privacy laws that are all,ruled over international lines so we do,we cant get a vet database we cant,find out who these people are but we can,assume that they are real thats a good,sign because they are real,well theyre real but theyve taken your,money and your money is not going to,come back,these are called money mules im sure,youve heard of that before,and a lot of times what

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Help! I fell in love with a Romance Scammer

hello everyone and welcome to another,episode of scam fish presented by,socialcatfish.com on todays episode we,speak to a woman named tracy tracy is,from texas and fell in love with a man,online who claimed his name was alex,hobbs after sending alex thousands of,dollars tracy is starting to have doubts,about alex being who he claims to be,real quick guys we work really hard on,these videos and could really use your,help dont forget to like comment and,subscribe it really helps these videos,get more exposure your comment and like,could help stop someone from being,scammed,thanks everyone now lets jump into it,ive been in a relationship with an,online man for just over a year now i,wasnt looking i was playing words with,friends,he said hello and i said hello and it,just started from there he wanted to go,out to hangouts which i had never been,on so,he told me how to do that i believed he,was an engineer on an oral rig off the,shore of,germany,the comments started you know that he,would he liked me you know that was nice,and,sent him a picture and oh youre so,pretty and,he sent me a picture of him and we,talked all the time,several times a day,this went on for several months decided,we wanted to be together so,he was gonna get his paperwork together,so that he could come home,but he didnt have what he called a,deployment paper,he was uh had to take his paperwork to,the the u.n,and the u.n said that a new deployment,paper would be fifteen hundred dollars i,think that was when i sent,seven hundred dollars,cash,and it ended up being to a third party,here in the united states in virginia he,needed,steam cards for,mainly phone calls but then theres an,explosion on the,oil rig and he cant get to the doctor,and you know the pirates are attacking,their boats coming back into germany and,i mean all the things that that went on,and so then he needed money for another,plane ticket and,i think thats when i sent,another six hundred dollars to this,angeles,in virginia im i was im trying to get,away but,just cant,because my husband doesnt know this is,going on i dont know why my husband,married me,there has never been any romance in our,marriage,um theres no affection,uh theres hardly any talking,i kind of feel like its made,dont know why ive stayed but i have,neither one of us can can afford to live,by ourselves uh we kind of need each,other as far as uh,being able to have a house over our roof,over our heads um neither one of us,could afford to live uh by ourselves,these days with just our social security,incomes,in fact i just,uh im getting a part-time job,to help make ends meet,so,actually kind of funny im sitting here,at mcdonalds and this is where im,getting hired i go to orientation,tonight so,its kind of funny,i received two,refund insurance checks,so that gave me the money to send to him,otherwise i wouldnt have had that kind,of money i dont have that kind of money,so i wouldnt even been able to have,sent that but all of a sudden its like,oh,well heres some money i can send them,i have run across his photo on,linkedin,it was a different name it was tom gumet,guzman,i asked alex about it,he said that uh his photo was stolen and,being used,the next time i went into linkedin to,tom guzman,the photo had changed and the name had,changed,but,my message to tom guzman,asking him to contact me,was still there,but it was under a different photo and,different name,theres so many times i think yeah right,you know do you think im stupid,but yet i cant,i cant end it i dont know why i get so,mad at him and so,pissed,but yet,in a couple of days im right back to,wanting to be with him im reaching out,to social catfish just to see if youre,able to,find out who this guy really is,i cant let him go,because i fell so hard for him he still,says things and sweet things to me i,mean the last,message i got from was i miss you baby,i guess i need you to say the pictures,of the guy that you,think youre talking with,not him i need somebody to tell me that,i dont know how im going to get over,its really taken effect on me,after receiving this video from tracy,our team started to investigate alex,hobbs we used our tools on our site,socialcatfish.com,and found everything we needed it was,time to meet with tracy and tell her,what we learned dont forget to like,comment and subscribe guys lets get,into it,hi tracy how are you doing im fine,thanks good im really excited that,youre here today,i think there were a lot of things in,your case that we can review that will,help our viewers and also i i think it,takes a lot of courage but im also,really glad that youre willing to do it,because youve done something great,today,thank you,the first thing i want to discuss with,you a little bit is about steam cards,can you tell me some of the things that,he was asking,for in regard to steam cards,he needed money for medication for his,stomach ulcer one thing we can learn,from gift cards in general is they are,only good for the platform they are on,so steam cards are a gaming,card and they can only be used for,gaming,they can be used for medication they,cant be used to pay bills they cant be,used for phone minutes or anything like,that the second thing that i wanted to,talk a little bit was about this third,party,you sent cash in the mail to this third,party,yes and what was this cash supposed to,be for he had to submit papers to return,home and he said that he couldnt find,his deployment paper and i questioned,him about that word deployment because,that was for military use and,um you know he gave me some excuse well,we just use that too you know and,because the deployment paper uh,a duplicate was fifteen hundred dollars,okay so this third party was this,supposed to be someone in the the office,of deployment is that right,no this was just some guy in virginia,this i sent it to his house all right,let me tell you a little something about,sending cash in the mail when you send,cash to anyone that you do not know it,should be deemed suspicious and it,99.99,money laundering one of the things that,did impress me about you tracy is that,you did do some due diligence trying to,figure out,okay this is a correspondence from the,un,and you contacted the un,and what was their response to you,they said that they have nothing to do,with the return of contract workers back,to the united states so that this was a,scam,right one of the clever things that this,scammer did in this case claiming to be,the un,was he used an email address ending in,usa.com one of the things that we know,about usa.com,and if you go to their site it is very,clear they put a disclaimer emails,ending in usa.com are generic extensions,and they do not mean they originate in,the u.s its a free email provider,and scammers often use it when,they are masquerading as a customs agent,an fbi agent,or other agencies in this case the u.n,but those agencies have different,extensions the un as we saw from your,email you received is dot org,government is always.gov,those kind of things are things that,slip,our view when we are in this because usa,okay that sounds right,as part of your own research tracy you,ran the images on our site,and you found some fake profiles with,the image that you had is that correct,yes i found two different names three,different,sites i first found tom guzman in,linkedin and when i questioned him about,that he said that,this tom guzman had stolen his photo so,what you were really discovering is that,this image was used everywhere you met,him on words with friends,yes there are fake profiles on twitter,there are fake profiles on linkedin it,used to be that romance scammers would,use dating profiles only,but thats not true anymore,if they,can find a victim without paying any,money or setting up an extensive profile,making it simple they will linkedins,profile is this is to help someone with,business to get their name out there so,that feels real legitimate and it feels,like oh okay i can trust this site,linkedin is a reputable site

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SocialCatfish.com president explains how online dating scammers operate

these scams happen all over the world,like weve seen them in turkey,istanbul a lot of the scams come out of,lagos nigeria and its just its really,like weve tried to dig in and try to,understand this,and its really just the culture and you,know so basically,theres a lot of um like middle-aged men,that groom like younger kids essentially,and so these,these kids are like 17 18 19 20 21 years,old,and they groom them and they teach them,how to do this and,and they they give them this playbook,and they um educate them,on on how to do it but they also believe,in like voodoo,you know so thats like a very big part,of the culture there and these scammers,believe,that you know once they grab hold of you,like theres no way youre going to say,no,and and so they use like voodoo and a,lot of what they do,and they truly believe that works um but,what they do is they,they target certain types of people and,so the types of people they target,they want somebody whos lonely they,want somebody who has,um you know maybe some like depression,issues,somebody whos gone through some tragedy,you know maybe a widow,um you know somebodys divorce middle,age the prime target is like somebody,thats like 35 to 65 years old,because you know in those in that age,range those people typically have,some sort of money or access to some,sort of money,um and what theyll do is they end up,telling you,things that youve never heard before,you know so if youre like 65 years old,and youve woken up every single day to,your husband right and your husband,passes away,and now all of a sudden you dont have,that person in your life after being,married for 25,30 years you are lost and you dont know,this like internet landscape and so they,go and they take advantage and they tell,you all these wonderful things that,your husband told you and that youre,like missing out in your life,and and theyll leverage kids so what,theyll do is,you know a big part of the story you,know a lot of them say theyre widowed,and they have like a kid and,and theyll have you chat with the kid,and to build like a bond and so weve,heard people that,you know arent dont have the ability,to have kids and,what theyll do is like build this bond,with this kid on top of the adult,that theyre you know dating um and,every time things go south,the kid will jump on and try to save the,day um,and so um weve like,and usually theyll start small they,dont always start small but usually,theyll start small like,you know a 25 itunes gift card or you,know small amount and go up from there,um but what weve talked we talked to a,lot of people,and what typically happens once somebody,gives money,um especially like in like 500 a,thousand or more,they hold on to the notion that this,person is coming back and its going to,pay him back,because now like you either go one of,two ways with this right you you,accept the fact that youve been scammed,and you move on right because youre,probably not gonna get your money back,or you hold on to it and you,you tell yourself okay you know what,this persons telling me theyre gonna,come back,ive given him this money my friends are,telling me that its a scam i have to,prove them right like,people are almost in this like like this,like good and evil like place where,theyre trying to um justify,the money theyve given because people,are telling them theyre dumb or theyre,stupid,um you know or just in their mind like,they havent told anybody,and they they dont want to miss out on,the money and they dont want to prove,that or you know that they have made the,wrong decision,so theres a lot that goes into it,theres obviously the love and,the affection part and these scammers,will put in,four or five hours a day chatting to you,so its not like a lot of people were,like well how could you give money its,like,what these people talk to these scammers,for four or five hours a day for 12,months you know like in their mind it,was a real relationship,you know and so this is what a lot of,these people go through,with these scams

Reverse Image Search with me – Ep. 1 (Romio)

would you accept a friend request from,this guy at this guy how about these,guys the photos dont belong to a man,called Frederick and they dont belong,to a man called any of the other names,all the photos used in these profiles,are stolen from dr. Pinto in this video,Im going to walk you step-by-step,through some private message requests,that Ive received and show you how I,check to see if the photos turn up in,any other profiles if they do and just,block those accounts theres no need for,us to talk to any of them so lets have,a look and see how we do that,Im Carrie ODonnell and on that scam,show I talk about different types of,scams that we can come across in our,ordinary day-to-day lives while were,doing things like reading emails using,social media doing internet searches and,that sort of thing so this first image,is my personal Instagram account theres,not a huge amount of activity on it but,it clearly shows that I am the host of,that scam show so youd think that,scammers would be less likely to send me,message requests I also have no DMS,written there anywho it appears that,romance scammers who are the most common,scammers to contact me by Instagram,dont read profiles so they will send a,direct message without having even read,this and at the moment Im actually,chatting online with one of these,scammer people so this guy admits to not,having looked at my profile before he,sent me a message and then when I asked,why he messaged me he couldnt come up,with any good reason about why so he,gives the standard getting to know,ourselves better thats a really clear,sign that this guy is following a script,that is setting up a romance scam,scenario lets go and have a look at,what turned up after I started engaging,in this conversation which is not,something I ordinarily do in the I dont,know three days or so for new requests,have tender every single one of these,message requests is from someone who has,a picture of the man thats not,suspicious by itself but lets look it,up with everything else,two of those pictures have a man with a,child and its such a common scenario,that the men who,setting up romance scams claimed to have,a child because they will use that child,later on as a way of asking for money,like the kid needs some kind of,operation or whatever but it also sends,a signal to the woman being targeted,that he is nurturer a carer a provider,and pull of those things that are meant,to be attractive to a woman Ive never,heard of this guy before I dont follow,any of these people they are all,following me as of recently and Ill,just add in here that I strongly suspect,that all of these profiles belong to the,scammer who Im already talking to as,his sort of backup strategies do they,not understand that you get dozens and,dozens of randoms messaging year going,high like why would you do that you,could put that in a public comment on,one of the posters just as a public,comment it does not have to be a private,message just to say hi from some random,so these are all suspicious and I,suspect that they are all romance scam,attempts so lets have a look at each of,the profiles in turn starting at the,bottom of the list with Romeo marchello,so when we open up the message requests,this is what we see and before I decide,whether to block delete or accept every,time Ill click on the link the account,link at the top and look at the profile,he has four posts zero followers and his,following 38 people this could just be a,brand new account somebody has just,started up with into Instagram but I,still think not so,lets have a look at whats in the posts,Im going to do a reverse image search,of all of these poor pictures to see if,there are any matches on the internet,but first Im going to open them up and,see what the captions are none of these,pictures have any captions so I can take,all of these screenshots and you can see,there are no captions,so why is this suspicious the reason is,that they are all loaded four days ago,maybe add some captions such as who you,are and whatever so when this guy first,started following me I went to his,accountant and I left a message on the,very first photo that he had uploaded to,ask why are you following me because I,thought if hes following what did I say,38 people or something like that then my,question would be a flag to those others,who might be checking out in his account,that somebody thinks thats a little bit,suspicious and weird anyway his reply to,my question on that photo was just a sad,face,no words so why do these people not put,any captions and not participate in any,conversations on their Instagram account,and that is they dont want to be,engaging in any off-script conversation,but this doesnt mean that they dont,know how because we can see on scammers,personal accounts that they make good,use of all of these things but the,English is obviously not good so it,would mean that maintaining the profile,with the fake identity,would be more difficult because the use,of language doesnt match up with the,impression created by his profiles this,little girl in the first photo Im,fairly certain Ive seen before so it,shouldnt be too difficult to find so,because Im using a tablet to look at,these accounts Im going to screenshot,all of these photos and send them to,myself in messenger so that I can use a,desktop computer and reverse image photo,search on the desktop so theres no need,to take any notes about the steps that,Im going to follow because everythings,going to be summarized in the,description of this video and Ill also,put it on the website okay this is just,a basic Google search tip I want to,search images Im just going to make it,easy for myself and well see up here we,click on this images tab that theres a,little camera icon so you can click on,that and search through your folders on,the computer to upload any image in one,or what you can do is just select an,image and drag it into the section so,Ive chosen one of ramírez images and it,says here that no other images of this,type have been found so the results,indicate some similar images so direct,match doesnt mean that its not a,stolen motor so down here we see a match,on scam Hatters United which is an anti,scam page that reveals scammers,typically open romance camp so we can,already see John Richard Jason shun so I,dont know if that is the real persons,or if thats the name of a bank account,so lets just have a look and see what,it says here so here we go this image,this persons photos used by the names,John Richard Jason Zhang Andres Cara doc,and other names on various social media,so we can see heres one of the accounts,that its been investigated by scam that,is United and they have identified that,its in stolen image same persons photo,being used as a different account the,same persons photo being used in a,different account oh this is interesting,here are some examples of emails that,have been sent by these fake accounts,what I find interesting is there is,something bordering me down here again,there is something bordering me because,they do cut and paste right one of the,messages I received recently from,romance scammer who I believe is,connected to this fake profile Ive been,looking up he uses the same term,something is bordering me so I just find,that a bit interesting and you know some,little clue that further connects the,fact that this profile turned up this,one here within days of me accepting a,conversation with this first romance,scanner so anyways we can identify that,Romeo is a suspicious profile simply,because the same photos have been used,in other profiles,lets not just settle for one we can go,and have a look at another of the probe,photos that this same switch back to,images that this same person put in his,private in his account on Instagram so,this one again doesnt come up with any,direct matches youve got nothing there,I could have another look on tonight to,see if there are any matches with that,so lets just go to 10a and see what,happens tonig

Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?

hows it going everybody the cello and,it has been a long time since I have,made a video five months which is long,enough for some of you to start asking,me are you dead only on the inside but,five months is a long time and a lot has,happened in my life my wife and I moved,our family out to the mountains to try,to sort of get back to the basics we,even got a flock of chickens who are all,nearly immediately killed by a bobcat,now we dont have any chickens but my,wife is due with our third child in a,couple of months and what with the kids,and work and life and all of that its,just been really hard to try to sort of,pencil in the time to make a video even,if I really want to but its one of my,new years resolutions to get back into,this and continue making regular content,for the channel so I want to sincerely,thank all of you subscribers for,continuing to support this channel by,coming back and for those of you who,have no idea who I am or why youre even,subscribed to me Im the is Google,always listening guy and were going to,be testing another product that allows,me or anybody to download all of your,personal information using just your,name for a small fee at least thats,what it claims so thats what were,going to be testing today but first,heres the top five Jake Gyllenhaal,eyelid,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so if youve ever googled somebody or,maybe even just googled yourself youve,probably come across one of these types,of websites that offer you tons of,information on the person youre looking,for in exchange for some money they,claim to be able to give you a persons,property records marital status phone,numbers aliases names of their relatives,names of their neighbors number of their,sex partners time of their future death,and all of their deepest darkest secrets,there are tons of different websites,that offer this service and if youve,ever wondered how detailed and accurate,the information they sell really is,thats exactly what were going to find,out were going to be testing this out,using people finders calm and in telesco,Ill be searching my own name so I can,easily verify the information and well,compare the reports to see which one is,better and how accurate they are,starting with people finders calm first,we enter my name mich hallo and then,were taken to a page that offers us,enough information to confirm that we,are targeting the correct person so,lets click a view report and now were,taken to the pricing page where were,offered to report options a cheap report,for a dollar 95 which includes full name,address phone number prior addresses,relatives aliases age and date of birth,then theres a $10 option which includes,property records bankruptcies judgments,and liens marital status birth and death,records criminal history and sex,offender status sex offender status,uh-oh theres also cheaper options for,both of these reports but it will rope,you into a free trial which will end up,costing you more money in the end,so were going to order the $10 option,and click continue then were taken to a,pretty standard checkout page simply,enter all the required information and,be sure to read the fine print next to,the Terms of Use box because sometimes,thats where theyll sneak in hidden,fees those sneaky fees now lets click,get results now all right so now it,takes us to another page with another,Terms of Use checkbox and a big green,button that says complete my order but,dont be fooled a closer look reveals,that by checking this box you are,agreeing to sign up for their 7-day,trial and the tiny print on the green,button says yes I want the rewards so,lets bypass all that and just click the,tiny text under the button that says no,thanks now again were taken to yet,another page that tries to trick us into,paying for their membership with a big,green button that says yes view my,report and if we werent being careful,wed obviously think thats the,we need to click to view the report and,that would cost us another $15 so,instead lets again click the tiny text,underneath that says no thanks view my,report all right we have to click,through one more sales pitch this time,its far less sneaky so just click no,thanks and then well finally get to the,report and well just print that out,so now lets order the report from Intel,yes comm and print that one out is well,the process starts off exactly the same,way by searching your name and it brings,you to a page where you get enough,information again to confirm your target,and then you click get a report again,were taken to the pricing page which,offers us 3 different options for the,report so lets keep this at a,comparable price point and purchase the,$10.00 report,now were taken to a checkout page where,we need to enter in our payment,information and then click the view my,report button at the bottom which,surprisingly leads us directly to the,report without trying to sell us any,more stuff we didnt ask for huge point,to intelecom for that now lets print up,this report and lets compare so now,that I have printed out both of the,reports from both of the places I tested,people finders calm and intelligence,lets figure out which one is better so,were gonna start with people finders,calm first so the first thing to notice,that people finders dot-coms report is,13 pages while intelligences is only 8,pages long so first it starts out with,your personal summary has all the,various forms of my name Mitch Mitchell,Oh Mitchie Mitchie boy Mitch McConnell,my main man Mitch it has my last address,but it does not have my current address,it has three of my past phone numbers,but it does not have my current one and,I have had my current phone number for,at least a couple of years it has the,phone number I grew up with it has my,current and most used email address has,no birth records it has no death records,on my wife it has a ton of information,on my wife including all of our previous,addresses it has my fathers information,all of his different names that he goes,by his current address and all of his,all of all of the his past addresses,including ones before I was born,a lot of his email addresses including,ones Ive never heard of,it has my siblings information including,all of their historical places of,residence it has my mothers information,and then it has somebody Ive never,heard of as a relative in all of their,information in Oklahoma hmm that is,really weird it has my wifes parents,and grandparents information including,all of their historical addresses and,phone numbers it has my wifes siblings,information including all their,addresses and phone numbers it has no,marriage records which is publicly,available information that I would,expect to find in a report like this but,its not here has no divorces well,thats good but Ive never been divorced,so I wouldnt expect to find anything,there it has all of the previous,properties Ive owned the first one in,California and the second one that I,just sold now lets see what else we,have we have criminal records zero for,me traffic violations I havent had any,traffic violations in the past ten years,but before that I had a lot so Im not,sure if those things are still on my,record or not I have no liens no,judgments no bankruptcies and then I,have a business that I had started many,years ago that didnt really pan out and,its listed on here so thats a nice,thing to look at so thats the entire,report it is actually pretty detailed,its all publicly available information,but youd have to be a pretty diligent,stalker to compile all this information,on your unsuspecting victim but for just,a few minutes of your time and just a,few dollars out of your wallet you can,have this all compiled for you this is a,stalkers treasure trove if you want to,track somebody down although it doesnt,list my current phone number or address,all right lets see if the intelecom one,is any better and if it can actually,give me any information on me currently,contact information it has my last,address not my current

Catching the Catfish: Finding the identity of your online date

theres their Ross Stewart has been,online dating for about five years,oh he says had a great time thanks for,going out last night try to get some,rest today and while shes met some,great dates she has some concerns Im so,whacko got me killed you know you talk,to people via text so they could be,anybody and they could put I mean Ive,had it happen before week they put up a,picture thats not them the act of,pursuing deceptive online romances or,catfishing shot to prominence when the,news broke of manti teo is imaginary,girlfriend but cat fishers are just as,easily being avoided with a tool thats,as simple as Google itself all you have,to do is click on the Google Images,button you just click on the little,camera reverse image search software,included on Google ten I or the app pick,find came in handy recently for this,student at the University of South,Carolina who wishes to remain,unidentified,had a random girl hit me up on Facebook,and she started sending me just you know,messages a normal person usually wasnt,sin but then she started sending me,pictures all it takes is running those,photos through a reverse image search to,discover every other public site the,photo has been on as soon as I saw this,sent out a red flag popped up all over,the internet on a few fitness websites,and the Chive the students admirer had,apparently used a generic image from the,internet not a picture of themself call,them out on it and never heard back from,them again not only does it it says it,finds the image but identifies me by,name,according to David Thomas with the FBI,while its a simple tool what it reveals,can be powerful to all biometrics and,looking at now we do that with any FBI,we you know of course weve always,looked at fingerprints thats how we,identify people but were looking at,different ways of identifying people now,in facial recognition is certainly one,of those so could manti teo have,avoided being catfished by simply,checking out his girlfriends pictures,in a reverse image search,not necessarily the software wont,reveal the identity of a person snapped,in an original photo will take a photo,will,picture of us here this morning and we,can show that picture that it wont,recognize because that photo alone even,though were both recognizable people,because weve been on the internet a lot,it doesnt pick up who we are on that,because we just took that this morning,and its not been aggregated through and,its not tied to any other social media,site that we have so as Ross prepares,for her upcoming date with a man she,hasnt yet met she enters his image in a,reverse search please dont be like that,Kali uh similar images found images with,similar colors are found but the photo,of Rosss date doesnt show up anywhere,else on the web a promising sign that,its an original photo of the man shes,been talking to but a meeting in person,will always tell the true story every,hacker watch fox news

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