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SoFi Credit Card 2022 Unboxing & Review | NEW FEATURES

I just received my updated SoFi credit card  in the mail which has some cool new features  ,and a slightly new design as well so lets unbox  this new product and brush up on everything that  ,my favorite credit card has to offer. Alright  lets jump right into it. What is going on  ,everyone I hope you are all having a fantastic  day. As someone who has used and reviewed hundreds  ,of different products and literally has a binder  of credit and debit cards, choosing a favorite is  ,no small task but regardless of which premium  products I add to my wallet, the product I  ,always come back to is the SoFi credit card which  currently gives you 2% on the limited cash back  ,on all of your purchases without any confusing  category activations or hoops to jump through  ,and thats a large part of the reason why I love  this product so much. SoFi is not sponsoring this  ,video but I do really love this product so if you  want to sign up and help support my channel I will  ,leave a link for that down below the like button.  Plus right now they are running a promotion where  ,you will learn 3% cash back for your first full  year and you can earn up to $300 in cash when you  ,make an eligible deposit into your sofi account  but more on that later in the video. Before we get  ,to all of that lets unbox the new and improved  so by credit card. So since I am an existing  ,customer, theres likely some user agreement  & setup paperwork that is not included in this  ,particular shipment however regardless of whether  you are an existing customer getting the updated  ,card or a brand new customer, the main paper that  we really care about is this one which gives you  ,the basic information and of course has the card  itself. So in the middle obviously we have got the  ,card itself at the bottom its going to outline  some of the main features and on the back it gives  ,you some other information about SoFi and how to  contact them if you need to for whatever reason.  ,So those of you who are familiar with this product  or probably thinking that this looks identical to  ,the previous card and for the most part you are  correct. But there is a subtle difference that  ,I didnt notice until having the two cards  side-by-side and it looks like SoFi added  ,this shimmery effect to their logo so not that it  really matters at all but if youre into that kind  ,of thing then something I felt I should point out.  Activating your card is also really easy you just  ,want to log into the SoFi app, select the credit  card tab which is the middle one at the bottom  ,of the screen and then youll see this menu that  says activate your credit card so if we click the  ,activate card button and select next we then just  input the security code on the back of our card,  ,verify the last four digits of our Social Security  number and there we go our new card is now  ,activated and ready to be used and it looks like  on top of all of the other cool benefits that SoFi  ,is currently offering, theyre also giving you 500  points. And all of your points can be redeemed by  ,clicking the rewards tab and from here youre able  to see your total point balance in the top left  ,hand corner, if you Scroll down you can see the  points that youve earned on each transaction as  ,well as your various redemptions and then if you  click the redeem button at the top of this menu  ,youll see the many different ways that you can  redeem these points towards your active or crypto  ,investing, put it directly into your checking  or savings account, and even put it towards your  ,credit card balance although I wouldnt recommend  doing that because you only get half as much value  ,that way so youd be better off redeeming it for  cash into your bank account and then just using  ,that to pay down your credit card balance. You  can also redeem it towards a personal or student  ,loan through SoFi if those are products that you  use with them as well. And remember this card  ,has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees,  and gives you cell phone coverage up to $1000,  ,MasterCard ID theft protection with the world  elite benefits and I will also mention that this  ,product as a whole does a good job of monitoring  transactions for fraud alerts without flagging  ,everything just because you made a purchase  in a different state or something like that.  ,I realize that walking that line is difficult  and everyone has a different opinion on that  ,but even in the one scenario where my card  was deactivated due to a fraudulent charge,  ,SoFi instantly issued a new card number that I  could start using immediately and I received the  ,physical card in the mail within one business day  so it really was a nonevent. Theyre also running  ,another promotion right now where they will lower  your APR by 1% after you make 12 on time payments  ,but thats not really something that should matter  because if youre using this card properly, you  ,really shouldnt be paying anything in interest  anyways and to be completely honest with you,  ,I dont even know what the interest rate  is on this credit card or any of my credit  ,cards for that matter because Ive never paid a  dime and interest to any credit card provider.  ,Heading back into the app really quick another  thing I want to show you that I would recommend  ,to anyone with this credit card or any other  credit card is if you click on the pay menu,  ,at the top of the screen here youre going  to see the option to turn autopay on so if  ,we click manage you can see that I currently  have this set up to pay off the full statement  ,balance automatically on the 2nd of every month  and I have it set to pull that from my SoFi  ,checking account but from this menu you can set  it to pay off full balance, the minimum amount due  ,which I would not recommend and you can also have  it pulled from a third party bank account as well  ,so you can see I have my business account along  with my SoFi checking and savings. Speaking of  ,the new SoFi checking and savings accounts,  while that is not the topic of todays video,  ,this is where youre going to get that $300 cash  bonus depending on how much money you deposit.  ,the reason I mentioned this is because number  one we all love free cash but also in order to  ,get the silver credit card and use it to its full  potential, you will need to have a SoFi checking  ,and savings account so I will leave a link where  you can sign up for that as well but right now  ,if you sign up in deposit between one and $2000  youll get 50 bucks and these bonuses go all the  ,way up to a $300 cash bonus when you deposit  $5000 or more into your account. So not going  ,to apply to everyone including those of us that  are existing members but we all love free cash so  ,something I wanted to make you aware of. From  the main credit card menu youre also able to  ,access your credit card statements if we click the  more option on the right hand side of the screen  ,this is where youre going to view, freeze,  or replace your card and you can also add  ,authorized users and contact SoFi’s customer  support which is available 24/7 and I will say  ,from first-hand experience that it is absolutely  wonderful. One last question I frequently get  ,about this product that is actually different from  other credit cards Ive applied for is SoFi only  ,does a soft credit pull when you apply. now if you  are approved for this credit card which is very  ,likely since it is a beginner credit card product  they will then do a hard credit pool but that is  ,nice to know because Ive applied for credit card  products in the past, been denied and then to add  ,insult to injury, had that decrease my credit  score because it showed up on my credit report.  ,So long story short you can go ahead and apply  without having to worry about that. Outside of  ,that slightly different design which probably went  unnoticed by most users and the different signup  ,offers that theyre currently

SOFI Credit Card – SOFI Credit Card Review | Credit Cards Central

[Music],[Music],hello world travelers reward enthusiasts,and credit score builders in this,channel i cover all types of credit,cards i will give you an overview of the,card the pros and cons and my take on,the card,if you have a credit card that youd,like me to cover let me know in the,comments below in todays video ill be,going over the sofi credit card,overview,the cards primary selling point is how,convenient it is,you can manage your banking investments,loans and most recently credit card all,in one place with sofi,users who want to sign up for all of,sofis accounts will be able to manage,all of their finances on sofis,user-friendly website and app in one,location the sofi credit card is a cash,back credit card,the card may appear to be a top flat,rate rewards credit card with incredibly,low interest thanks to great features,like unlimited cashback and a reduced,apr after 12 on time payments,the sofi card is intended for users who,want to increase their savings reduce,their debt or begin investing,because of this points only have a 50,value when used in a qualified sofi,account,per qualified dollar spent the card,awards two points each of which is worth,one cent when redeemed as a statement,credit,to be eligible for the sofi credit card,which is a world elite mastercard,product youll probably need to have at,least decent credit or a credit score of,670 or above you can be sure that every,card has its pros and cons lets dive,into the pros and cons of the sofi,credit card,pros,one earn three percent cash back rewards,over a year when you set up direct,deposit with sofi,earn two percent limitless cash back on,purchases after that which may be used,with so five to invest save or pay down,an eligible loan,two greeting offer after receiving,approval for the sofi credit card you,can earn up to two hundred dollars by,funding an invest account together with,a checking and savings account three,there is no annual fee 4.,regular apr varies from 12.99,to,24.99,drops by 1,after 12 months of on-time payments,5.,has mastercard world elite perks such as,phone protection and discounts at lyft,toward ash and other merchants,6. when you use lyft three times or more,every month youll receive five dollar,in credit,seven,shop runner offers free two-day shipping,eight benefits of five percent cash back,on purchases of hellofresh,nine,the sofi credit card gently prods you,toward financial behaviors that can help,you reach your goals with rewards that,encourage working towards specific goals,after receiving approval for a sofi,credit card new account users can,receive up to a hundred dollars bonus,fifty dollar when creating a sofa,checking in savings account and fifty,dollar when opening a sofi invest,account,and although all these pros might be,valid for some card holders several,restrictions limit the cards potential,worth,cons,one when points are redeemed as,statement credits their value is reduced,by 50 to 0.5 cents each,two dot must maintain a sofi checking,savings or invest account to keep the,full amount of incentives,three has a high balance transfer charge,and no introductory apr offers we heard,about the pros and cons now let me,introduce you to how you can earn,rewards and tell you my thoughts on the,card for those who dont want to be,burdened with keeping track of category,incentives or redemption criteria so fi,makes an effort to be a one-stop shop,and the bank offers an appealing,combination of rewards advantages and,tools,the sofi card has a straightforward and,attractive structure and offers good,rewards on regular purchases,earning is simple with this credit card,because every purchase results in the,same flat rate,it is one of several credit cards that,offer limitless two percent cash back on,purchases,the card does a great job of avoiding,fine print,there arent any limitations on purchase,categories annual rewards caps or,minimal cash out requirements to begin,with furthermore this card has no yearly,or foreign transaction fees,for clients who like to jot things down,and then forget about them this is a,simple and easy to use card to keep in,your wallet as long as your sofi account,is already set up online redeeming,rewards is simple,you can choose to use your rewards to,pay down sofi loans transfer rewards to,your sofi banking account or add rewards,to your sofi invest balance to obtain,the full two percent cashback,as a result to earn two percent with the,card youll need to maintain your,account open and in good standing,if you dont plan to retain your money,in the sofi ecosystem you can still,receive the entire possible two percent,incentives you may manage your rewards,just like any other funds in a checking,account if you redeem them into a sofi,banking account,paying bills using an atm to receive,cash and sending money electronically to,another bank are all simple processes,overall id rate the rewards as 6 out of,10 the benefits 8 out of 10 and the,lower fees 10 out of 10.,the customer experience i would rate as,8 out of 10,as long as you have other sofi accounts,such as sofi checking and savings so fi,invest sofi student loans or sofi,personal loans the sofi credit card,makes it simple to use your credit card,rewards wisely,although the two percent cash back,earning rate is respectable for a credit,card with no annual fee some card,holders may find it annoying to have to,remain in the sofi ecosystem in order to,receive it,if youre not a fan of sticking with,sofi you might want to look into other,cashback credit cards that have a,comparable rewards rate,the advantages of using this sofi credit,card promote sound money management and,may be a useful tool to stay on track,while earning rewards at a reasonable,rate,by using the benefits to pay off a,personal or student debt or to increase,the balance in your savings or,investment accounts you may put the,rewards to work for you with the ability,to set up direct deposit with sofi,without paying an annual fee and receive,three percent cashback for a year,earn two percent limitless cash back on,purchases after that which may be used,with sofi to invest save or pay down an,eligible loan,this wraps up my review of the sofi,credit card,thank you for watching and let me know,what you think of it,these videos take a long time to make,and are a labor of love,if you would like to see my channel grow,please help spread the word and until,next time remember credit cards are fun,when played strategically,[Music],you

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SoFi Credit Card Review 2022 | Game Changer! 422 Days Later

the sofa credit card it comes with no,annual fee it earns an unlimited two,percent cashback on every purchase as an,intro bonus youll earn four percent,back for the first 30 days after sign up,and you can redeem those rewards into,any of your sofi accounts like your,checking investing crypto and loan,accounts it works on the mastercard,payment network with world elite,benefits and youll need over a 700,credit score to be approved ive been,using the sofi credit card since,november of 2020 as you can see by the,wear and tear on this thing and it was,released to the broader public in march,of 2021 but there have been a few,changes since then by the end of this,review youll be able to make an,informed decision on whether the sofi,card is a good fit for you theres a lot,you should know so lets get into the,pros the first pro is the unlimited two,percent cash back rate that the sofi,card offers a card like this can easily,be used as the foundation of your,cashback strategy because it guarantees,that you at least earn two percent on,every purchase this is important because,it doesnt require any extra thought or,planning on your part to max out the,rewards the rewards add up into your,account the day after each transaction,clears and theyre available for you to,redeem immediately they should really,start advertising this because thats,essentially daily cash back most other,cards force you to wait until the end of,the billing cycle to redeem in the early,months of using the card i would redeem,pretty much every day until the novelty,wore off theres also no expiration or,minimum redemption limit so you can,redeem as little as one dollar and if,that wasnt enough they take it a step,further by giving you the choice to use,automatic redemption which i always get,excited about because that completely,removes the trivial task of cashing out,your rewards its well known that a,large number of peoples rewards go,unused because life happens and they,inevitably forget and eventually lose,them thats a waste and that will never,happen here i set my account up to,redeem whatever cash back i earn on the,first of every month so while im,sleeping or playing games or editing a,video ill just receive a notification,that my rewards are now available in my,sofi money checking account fully ready,to spend r invests as i see fit even,though this is just one of the five,cards in my active lineup ive earned,almost 500 dollars using it in the past,year since sofi also offers a brokerage,account you can redeem for stock and,even crypto which was added in april of,2021. i dont directly use this feature,because i use the sofi checking account,as a central hub for my money rewards,from my sofi credit card automatically,move into my checking account monthly,and once a week a set amount moves,automatically from that checking account,into my sofi vesting account because,these movements take place under one,roof they clear instantly so no waiting,days on end with your money in limbo im,just glad i dont have to manually,trigger these actions myself because i,definitely forget along with no annual,fee it charges no foreign transaction,fees which would have been three percent,of each purchase when traveling abroad,sixty percent of cards on the market,will slap you with that charge i already,have two other two percent cash back,cards that have this fee so that makes,me appreciate the sofi card even more it,carries mastercard world delete benefits,including cell phone protection of up to,one thousand dollars per year when you,pay your entire bill with it plus you,get monthly credits from lyft shoprunner,and doordash personally ive taken,advantage of the doordash credit to get,the premium delivery service essentially,for free every single month which is a,10 value that deal ends in september,though in my time using the sofi credit,card i have not needed to contact,customer service but ive heard from a,good amount of customers that say the,service is good and theyre able to,reach a representative quickly the card,does not come with a traditional,cashback bonus it gives you 2x back for,the first 30 days from account opening,that turns your 2 percent into 4,back this all but guarantees that youll,earn extra money up front since you,dont have to meet minimum spending,requirements to earn the bonus i really,wish this deal was available when i,first signed up there were no bonuses,available at that time and if you take,advantage of the other free accounts,that sofi offers then you can easily,earn an extra 75 ill have links below,heres some more good news you can apply,for the sofi credit card and get,pre-approved with only a soft credit,pull which doesnt hurt your credit,score i really like this benefit and i,hope it becomes a trend across the,market you typically take a hit to your,credit score every time you apply for a,card on top of that sofi guarantees you,a starting credit limit of at least one,thousand dollars which is a far cry from,other cards that can start you in the,300 range the credit limit you get after,youre approved is always a gamble so,its nice to know theres a decent,minimum cutoff i know many of you wont,even accept a low starting credit limit,so theres a lot of good here but lets,discuss the negatives the largest issue,someone could have with the sofi credit,card is it requires you to fully buy,into the sofi ecosystem to earn the,whole two percent back that it,advertises youll only earn one percent,back if you redeem for just a statement,credit which is definitely not a,worthwhile endeavor this wasnt a,problem for me because i was already,using online banks for a few years and i,could see the value of using all the,sofi accounts together i would have,definitely preferred a traditional cash,signup bonus of 200 or more instead of a,2x rewards bonus for the month you can,literally get 10 times the return on,spin with other cards when it comes to,the intro bonus next theres currently,no way to get a credit limit increase,over a year ago i was approved for a ten,thousand dollar limit when signing up,and i still have that same limit today i,should let you know i did find a page on,the website that said at this time we,are unable to offer a credit limit,increase on your sofi credit card this,feature is not yet released but should,be coming soon so there is hope so far,is currently lagging behind other credit,card issuers by not offering a virtual,card number solution virtual card,numbers are like substitutes for your,actual card number the virtual numbers,are still linked to your credit card,account but they allow you to use a,different number to fill out payment,information when you shop online they,add a layer of privacy and security to,your transactions if youre getting,value from this please hit the like and,subscribe button so you can see more,videos just like this one so who would,be a good fit for the sofa credit card,the sofa card will work extremely well,for someone willing to use sofi for most,of their banking needs because the car,incentivizes you to redeem cash back,into other sofa accounts if youre,looking for a one and done simple cash,back setup that you can use globally,with zero fees and cell phone protection,then this is the car for you it would,also be good for someone that already,has some rotating category cards that,only earn one percent back in some areas,you can fill in the gaps with the sofi,car so you never earn less than two,percent back most cars dont have the,ability to redeem for crypto the sofi,credit card on the other hand gives you,two choices for this you could redeem,directly for bitcoin or ethereum or you,can redeem into the money checking,account and then buy many different,cryptocurrencies from there and that,could all be done instantly and on a,daily basis so its great for bullish,crypto investors if youd like to see,more details about sofis other accounts,then you can check out this video next,thank you for watching and you have a,good one

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SoFi Credit Card Review 2022 | High Credit Limit Credit Card

about four months ago i made a video on,the sofi credit card today i wanted to,give you guys an update on this credit,card because i truly believe a bunch of,you can find value in it so on todays,video well be going over this credit,cards rewards sign up bonus perks,benefits credit limits and more to help,you guys determine if this should be a,credit card in your wallet or not so to,begin with the sofi credit card is,offered by sofi which is an online,personal finance company that offers a,variety of financial tools and products,this includes investing accounts,personal mortgage and private student,loans students mortgage and auto loan,refinancing banking accounts a credit,card auto life home and renters,insurance and lastly credit score and,budgeting tools to help you keep track,of your finances i mean as a sofa member,youll get access to an overwhelming,amount of useful financial tools and,products all under one place that i,havent seen other platforms offer i,seriously dont know how theyre able to,offer so much now one of the mentioned,sofar products is the sofi credit card,so lets go ahead and talk about,everything it offers starting with its,purpose and sign up bonus so the sofi,credit card is mostly designed to help,you save invest or pay down debt at the,time of recording this video it,currently offers a 50 sign up bonus this,sign up bonus though will not be,available directly on their website so,if youre interested in signing up for,this card feel free to sign up using the,link down in the description or in the,comment section that way you can get,yourself a free fifty dollar bonus on,top of that youll get three percent,cash back on your first year with this,card which is a new bonus that they,recently added once you set up direct,deposit on your sofa checking and,savings account which is pretty cool now,three percent cash back for a whole year,totally beats their previous signup,bonus offer which was four percent cash,back for only 30 days straight so dont,sleep on this one peeps now in addition,to those bonuses youll earn cash back,rewards such as two percent unlimited,cash back on all your purchases when you,redeem points to save invest and pay,down eligible debt and one percent cash,back when you redeem towards a statement,credit in other words the way that you,choose to redeem your cash back will,ultimately determine your cash back,value but well get more into that in a,bit moving forward the sofa credit card,has no annual fee and its a world elite,mastercard so it comes packed with a,variety of perks and benefits such as,exclusive offers on ride sharing food,delivery online shopping and more for,example at the time of recording this,video theyre currently offering members,a free three-month dash pass membership,plus a free five dollar discount on two,orders per month which is a value of,fifteen dollars for those first three,months in addition to that youre going,to be able to earn five percent on every,hellofresh order plus new customers get,up to 14 free meals which has a minimum,value of 90,youll also get a five dollar lift,credit for every three rides taken per,month plus a free shop runner annual fee,membership which has a total value of 79,on top of that youll benefit from,premium experiences 24 7 concierge,services low hotel rates luxury hotels,and resort benefits up to 100 special,amenity credit,room upgrades early check-in and,check-out upgrades free hotel stays car,rental upgrades savings on flights and,so much more lastly the card offers cell,phone protection on up to a thousand,dollars id theft protection zero,liability protection global emergency,services and no foreign transaction fees,to top it all off i mean this little,card offers a lot for a no annual fee,credit card now moving on to apr this,card has a variable apr ranging between,13.24 to 25.49 percent based on your,credit worthiness but if you make 12,monthly on-time payments of at least the,minimum payment then theyll lower your,apr by 1,and this reduction can continue as long,as you keep making those on-time,payments now the cashback you earn with,this credit card will come in the form,of points points are worth one cent per,point so youll get a one-to-one value,for your points for example ten thousand,points would be the same as a hundred,dollars and so on but again depending on,how you choose to redeem your points,will determine your final value so lets,talk about how much your points will be,worth and your redemption options with,this credit card so youll be able to,redeem your cashback points towards cash,deposited into a so fight checking or,savings account whole or fractional,shares credited to a sofi investing,account crypto credited to a sofi crypto,account or as cash applied to a sofi,student loan or finance or personal loan,all at a one cent per point value and,lastly you can redeem towards a,statement credit at a point five cent,per point value in other words you can,earn two percent cash back on all your,purchases and make the most out of your,points when you redeem towards any of,the mentioned options minus the,statement credit so to give you a quick,visual if you were to redeem twenty,thousand points towards cash deposited,into your sofa checking or savings,account youd get two hundred dollars,but if you were to redeem those same,points towards a statement credit youd,only get a hundred dollars so as,mentioned earlier the way that you,choose to redeem your points will,ultimately determine your points value,so you can look at this card as a two,percent cash back on everything type of,credit card as long as you dont redeem,towards a statement credit now if you,really want to use your points to pay,off your credit card you can still do so,by redeeming for a cash deposit into,your sofi checking our savings account,and simply using that cash to pay off,your sofi credit card balance itll be,the same thing so your redemption,options are pretty endless with this,credit card i mean to begin with being,able to redeem your points towards,fractional shares etfs and crypto is,something i havent seen other credit,cards offer other than maybe the block,fight card so thats also pretty unique,in my opinion which by the way if you,arent familiar with the block fight,card feel free to check out the review i,made on my channel now here are some of,the crypto stocks an etf site you can,buy on the sofi platform completely for,free as you can see theres a wide,variety of popular cryptos and stocks,for you to choose from and yes its free,you will not be charged a fee when,investing through sofi invest unlike,other platforms such as coinbase making,it extremely easy for you to invest your,money on this platform so as ive always,said the main goal of this credit card,is to incentivize you to make the best,financial moves possible which is pretty,refreshing and through the sofi platform,you can keep your finances all under,control and do just that at no cost to,you moving forward this card comes with,an awesome extremely easy to use app,where youll be able to monitor your,credit score for free redeem your,cashback points set up autopay pay,friends pay bills deposit checks make,transfers invest and so much more plus,you can get pre-approved for the sofi,credit card with no impact to your,credit score so if youre curious to,know whether you qualify for this credit,card or maybe you want to see how much,you qualify for you can do that on their,website having said that though please,keep in mind that if you get approved,for the card and you choose to move,forward and get this credit card that,will result in a hard pull which may,affect your credit score by a couple,points now credit limit wise i got,approved for this card a couple months,ago with a 9 000 credit limit which was,pretty high and something i was not,expecting but ive heard people got,approved for as low as one thousand,dollars and as high as a 25 000 limit,which is a huge credit limit in my,opinion considering that t

NEW CREDIT CARD: SoFi 2% Cash Back Mastercard Review

hey im adam jusko from proudmoney.com,there is a new two percent,flat cash back credit card on the market,it is the sofi,mastercard and were gonna take a look,at the details but first im gonna ask,you to please subscribe to this youtube,channel if you have not already,and if you have already i thank you for,doing so so the fintech company so far,announcing today a new credit card,that is going to give two percent back,if you redeem your rewards into a sofa,account so so find money account,so if i invest or to pay off a loan that,you might have through sofi,as i make this video on the day of the,announcement of the sofi,credit card sofi has already sent out,some email,invitations to current account holders,to apply for the card,if you did not get one of those,invitations you can choose to go on a,wait,list if you would like to get to the,card faster they say that by sometime in,early 2021,it will just be open to everyone all,right lets get into some of the details,the sofi world elite mastercard is a,no annual fee credit card that gives you,rewards in the form of,one point per dollar charged to the card,now on the surface one point per dollar,doesnt sound very good it sounds like a,one percent card,and in some ways of redeeming i guess,it would be so if i even says that each,one of the points is only worth a penny,however and im not sure why they,structured it this way exactly,if you redeem those points into a sofi,account,theyre going to double them and so each,one of those points is going to be worth,essentially 2 cents,or 2 percent back so as long as you are,redeeming your points,into your sofi account youre going to,get two percent back,on everything so thats the sofi money,account or so if i,invest or to pay off a sofi,loan any of those will get you that two,percent across the board,actually its not even 100 clear to me,what else you can redeem the points for,there is no bonus opportunity for new,card holders with the sofi,mastercard sort of following in the,footsteps of the city double cash and,the paypal cashback mastercard two other,cards that have a,two percent across the board cash back,formula so youre not going to have that,possibility of getting 100 bucks or 200,bucks on the front end here,now i said this card was called the,world elite mastercard,and that world elite part of the name,does mean that there are certain,benefits,that come along with it from the,mastercard,and one of those is cell phone,protection on,up to one thousand dollars if your phone,is,damaged or stolen you should know that,if your phone is stolen,they may ask you to file a police report,so you cant just lose your phone and,say oh it got stolen,you may have to do something to actually,prove that it was stolen versus,you actually losing it there are some,other extras from,the world elite status including uh,discounts on things like lyft,and post mates and boxed,and a free shop runner membership and,some other stuff as well you have,concierge service there,and some other things that go along with,that taking a look at the rates and fees,as ive said already there is no,annual fee there also are no foreign,transaction fees so you would not pay,any extra if you use the card,outside of the united states in terms of,interest rate you could,be approved anywhere from a 12.99,interest rate all the way up to a 24.99,interest rate so a pretty big range,there if you have very good credit,you could get a decent interest rate if,you dont have very good credit you get,a very high interest rate we always,suggest that you dont carry any balance,from month to month and if you dont,revolve a balance you wont pay any,interest,at all so those hopefully wont come,into play,for most people there are no extra,special,zero percent offers for new card holders,here so those rates,i just talked about are going to apply,immediately,however there is a little something,extra i think its a little bit of a,gimmick but anyway,if you have the card and you use it for,12 months straight,and make all of your payments on time,they will reduce your interest rate by,one percent,so if you had a 21.99 interest rate they,would reduce it to 20.99,after that year of paying on time in,terms of the application process because,this card is so new and its invitation,only or,wait list only at this point down the,road there could be a pre-qualification,process that you know allows you to at,least get an idea if you would be,approved,on a soft pull versus a hard pull to,your,credit report but for now if you apply,you are going to have,that hard pull that is going to dig your,credit score just a little bit not,necessarily a big deal but people always,want to know that information in terms,of,credit lines minimum credit line it,looks like is 500,not sure what the maximum might be and,so far,which makes perfect sense says is going,to be based on your income and your,debts,and your credit history in terms of what,credit line you might get,now sofi itself is not a bank so they,are really sort of a front-end,marketer that has to work with a bank on,the back end and so for this credit card,that bank,is bank of missouri and bank of missouri,mostly i dont know if theyre known for,anything by most people but the way i,know them is,usually they are the backing bank for,cards that are targeted toward bad,credit customers so they dont tend to,be the bank that i think of as,working sort of in the middle or for,higher credit customers but here you,have a two percent cash back card or at,least a potential,for a two percent cash back card and,bank of missouri is backing it so im,not quite sure what to do with that,information,i dont know if that means that maybe if,you were someone who had a little more,you know average credit score that that,would increase your chances of being,approved because of the fact that bank,of missouri,has dealt with bad credit customers with,other cards that they uh,that they back or if they just are you,know working with sofi,and youre still going to have you know,kind of a harder time getting this card,because,of the generous rewards hard to say,because it is so new,so that is the story overall two percent,back on everything very competitive,in todays credit card market now you,obviously have a loss of flexibility a,little bit here because youre only,getting that two percent,if you redeem those points into your,sofi,account now you can obviously pull them,out again or pull the money out again,from your sofa account but they are,banking on the fact,that you are going to leave it in there,so there is that little bit of a,limitation,however if you are someone that you know,is interested in getting two percent,back,across the board and maybe you didnt,qualify for other cards that offer it,out there in the market like the paypal,cashback mastercard or the city double,cash,this is another option for you if you,are someone that already is using sofi,money or sofi invest this obviously,would be something where it sort of,fits in with the banking that you are,already doing so,conditionally i guess i would give it a,thumbs up based on what we know,now as a new credit card and well see,what happens down the road with this one,but that is the story questions comments,put them,in the comments section below otherwise,i thank you for watching and as always,please go to proudmoney.com where we do,credit card reviews we talk personal,finance we talk deals,and all sorts of other fun stuff too,thanks for watching bye

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Review 2022

the american express blue cash everyday,card honestly this wasnt going to be a,card that i reviewed on the channel,because i thought it offered nothing,unique but they went through a big,revamp and it wasnt just changing the,card from looking like this to looking,like this there is one new cash back,category and they updated another and,now i think the card makes a lot more,sense for a lot more people so thats,why were creating todays review video,and i think this could be one of the,best no annual fee cashback credit cards,on the market there are three three,percent cashback categories where you,can spend up to six thousand dollars per,category so in total thats eighteen,thousand dollars where you could,potentially earn three percent cash back,if you maxed out all three of those you,would earn five hundred and forty,dollars of cash back so what were going,to do in todays video first ill talk,about all the benefits to this credit,card and then well compare it to its,closest competitors lets check it out,okay so heres the page for amexs blue,cash everyday card as you can see here,there are three categories where you can,earn three percent cash back for each of,them you can spend up to six thousand,dollars per year then you would earn one,percent for any other spending outside,of these categories you would also earn,one percent cash back so the category,that was there previously was for,groceries and gas before this update was,only two percent i dont think it makes,sense to,use a card for a specific category,thats only giving two percent when you,can get unlimited two percent cashback,on a card like the sofi card and the new,category that was added that you dont,find many other places is this one right,here for online retail purchases so like,the other categories three percent cash,back up to six thousand dollars if you,were to spend all six thousand dollars,in each of the three categories it would,be eighteen thousand dollars times three,percent would be five hundred and forty,dollars now lets talk about the other,card benefits first you can earn a two,hundred dollar welcome bonus if you,spend two thousand dollars in the first,six months so that ends up being three,333 dollars per month times six then you,have a zero percent apr for the first 15,months for both purchases and balance,transfers for the balanced transfers,though you need to make the transfer,within the first 60 days there is a,balanced transfer fee of five dollars or,three percent now there are two,additional benefits but they really only,make sense if youre already paying for,these services the first of which is the,disney bundle so if youre paying 13.99,or more for the disney bundle you can,get seven dollars back each month 84,per year the nice thing here if youre,already paying for just disney plus that,would be 7.99 per year if you bump that,up to the disney bundle where youd get,hulu and espn plus you would pay a,little bit more but youd get 7 of that,back and youd end up paying less than,you were for just disney plus on its own,the next benefit is with home chef a,food delivery business similar to blue,apron where you get a 15 statement,credit per month but the thing is,signing up for home chef can be quite,expensive heres what it looks like on,their website so if youre cooking for,two people and you want two recipes per,week so this is the minimum plan that,they offer so youre spending 40 for,food 14 on shipping so 54,per week times 4 is 216,per month so if youre already paying,for home chef its nice to get the 15 a,month back but its not something i,would go and sign up for just to get the,15 statement credit the amex blue cash,everyday card isnt a card i would use,outside the us because youll be,charging a 2.7 foreign transaction fee,now lets talk about how this card,compares to its closest competitors the,first card were going to talk about is,amexs blue cash preferred card a card,ive talked about quite a bit on this,channel so heres the page for the blue,cash preferred card so a couple of,differences here the first of which,youre going to notice is there is an,annual fee of 95,but you dont pay it in the first year,but the cash back categories are quite a,bit better depending on where you spend,money each month so the first of which,is groceries so six percent cash back on,groceries so twice the cash back as you,get with the everyday card also up to,six thousand dollars per year then you,have six percent unlimited six percent,cash back on streaming three percent,cashback on transit and you also get,three percent cash back on gas and,theres no cap so if youre spending,more than five hundred dollars per month,at gas stations you would want to go,potentially with this card where you,wouldnt drop down to one percent after,spending the six grand per year also,transit you get the same three percent,cash back,with streaming services such as hulu,disney plus things like that you would,earn six percent cash back now lets,talk about the six percent cash back at,grocery stores so you could get three,percent cash back no annual fee or paid,95 annual fee and get six percent cash,back at grocery stores at what point,would it make sense to pay the annual,fee and get additional cash back and,dont worry i crunch the numbers for you,so if you spend over three thousand one,hundred and sixty seven dollars per year,on groceries so thats two hundred and,sixty four dollars per month around,sixty one dollars per week on groceries,youd be better off paying the annual,fee and getting six percent cash back if,you spend less than those numbers youd,be better off with the everyday card if,you spend the full six thousand dollars,at grocery stores during the year you,would earn an additional 85 of cash back,even after paying the 95 annual fee with,the blue cash preferred card versus the,everyday card now lets talk about the,capital one saver one card another card,where you can earn three percent cash,back on a number of categories so earn,unlimited three percent cash back so,thats something different theres no,caps on the three percent cash back on,dining entertainment popular streaming,services and at grocery store so really,with this card the only overlap there is,at grocery stores i think these two,cards could combine well together,because with the everyday card you get,three percent at gas stations and three,percent on online purchases where with,the saver one card you get three percent,on dining entertainment and streaming so,i dont necessarily consider these two,cards competitors i guess if youre only,looking for a new card,for grocery stores but other than that i,think they complement each other quite,well if youre looking for a card with,high cash back for online shopping,really the only other option is this one,from bfa the customized cash rewards,card so with this card you can choose,one category where you get three percent,cash back the categories are gas online,shopping dining travel drugstores or,home improvement furnishing so you could,also get three percent cash back with,this card at gas stations for the one,cash back category you can spend up to,twenty five hundred dollars per quarter,or ten thousand dollars per year if,youre not spending more than the six,thousand dollars per year on either,online shopping or at gas stations i,would probably say go with the amex card,where you can get three different,categories where youre getting three,percent cash back versus with this you,only have one category where youre,earning the three percent cash back rate,to get five percent cash back as opposed,to three percent cash back look no,further than the citi custom cash card,but its for one category so on this,page if we scroll down a little bit,further you can see earn five percent,cash back and up to five hundred dollars,per month on either restaurants gas,stations grocery stores select travel,select transits like streaming,drugstores home improvement stores,fitness and live entertainment so you,cou

SOFI $40,000 Personal Loan | Soft Pull Prequalify

puzzle drinks production,[Music],youtube whats up its your boy who is,king sean and we back again with another,classic and you know on this channel we,talk about finance anything to take you,and your family to that next level today,well be talking about the personal loan,was so far but i understand um its hard,times in the world we got gas prices,going up,we have groceries going up,house markets going up interest rate is,going up insurance is going up its,getting hard so lets just say you need,quick cash,you might need a quick five thousand ten,thousand twenty thousand i dont know,why you might have a family member you,need to take care of you cannot work,jobs is crazy people are losing jobs,its a lot going on in the world right,now so you need a personal loan right,you can go back on my channel i have,tons of video how to get personal loans,on all kinds of levels for people that,have bad credit okay credit and,excellent credit so,thats just a heads up and most of them,are,soft pulls so at the beginning lets,remember a lot of them are soft pauls,until you accept it then it would be a,hard pull so now with so far you can get,a personal loan up to a hundred thousand,dollars yes let me say it again,you can get up to a hundred thousand,dollars now i got pre-qualified for,forty thousand dollars um things you,need to know about this company were,gonna talk about but you need to get,that pen and paper because were gonna,go over to the site and were gonna talk,about this,so we over here at the site as you see,uh zero fee loans,so far personal loans have absolute zero,fees no origination fees no prepayment,fees no late fees and you know im,really big on the origination fees,because um i do a lot of reviews on,different kind of personal loans for bad,credit okay credit and excellent credit,and the origination fees can really,really,put a hurting on you,just for example if you will get ten,thousand dollars they will automatically,take about six hundred dollars out,depending um usually range from one to,six percent origination fees for,different companies uh the percentage,rate is all different but it can really,run you up just imagine if you got,approved for 30 40 50 000,how much that origination fee could be,and as you see right here,fixed rates,from 6.99,apr to,22.28 apr,which is a great thing,so far offers,different kind of products off the back,you can get the personal loan the home,loan the debt consolidation loan,travel loans,wedding loans you can even apply for a,credit card with them and even get,business loans with them so off the back,just by running down that list,this is a great company um you probably,want to be a part of,when i got approved um i got approved,for 40 000,um,pretty high limit i would definitely,have to say,for trying for my first time with so far,i never uh applied with them i have no,kind of relationship with them so off,the back them pre-qualifying me for 40,000 was definitely a definitely a plus i,would have to say,now lets scroll down right here,this is something you need to know um,the way the worlds going peoples,losing jobs all kinds of things has,happened they have something called the,un unemployment protection,if you lose your job will temporarily,pause your payments and help you find a,new job so not only,they going to pause your payment they,actually going to help you,find a new job so thats great now the,loan terms run from two years to seven,years off the back,once you are approved,you could receive this money,between,24 hours and 72 hours youll be able to,receive this money um another thing your,credit score should be at least a 675,and higher off the back they will be,doing that soft pull listen to me,clearly,they will be doing the soft pull from,experience,now the things that they will be asking,you for off the bat from my own personal,experience when i went through and i got,approved for the forty thousand,they will be asking for at least two,weeks of pay stub,if you own a business like me they will,be asking you gotta prove your last two,years of income um,in your business so you definitely will,have to show that if youre you know,if you own your own business and if,youre working you got to show at least,two weeks of pay stubs um and they will,be asking um for a copy of your driver,license so overall i think so fire is a,great company,again you need that 675 a higher,um if your utilization hot is high i,dont think this is good for you um if,you got utilization at 50 or more 40 or,more they dont want to be out there,lending you uh 20 30 40 50 000,even up to the maximum of the hundred,thousand dollars that theyre giving out,and you wont be able to pay it back why,because your utilization is so high,so,if you have so far leaving a comment,tell me what you think your overall,opinion about the company again people,we cant be lazy we gotta do do the work,like subscribe but for now im up out of,here

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