1. Solgaard Carry-on Closet 2.0 Review – Best Carry-on Suitcase 2020
  2. Should I Get the Solgaard Carry On Closet?
  3. Solgaard Lifepack Endeavor (with Closet) Review – Expandable One Bag Travel System
  4. Solgaard Carry-on Closet Follow Up Review
  5. Check-In Closet – Solgaard Suitcase with Integrated Shelving System
  6. LFTC PRESENTS-Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus vs Check- In Closet
  7. Solgaard Check-In Closet & solgaard lifepack endeavor

Solgaard Carry-on Closet 2.0 Review – Best Carry-on Suitcase 2020

hey guys welcome to my review of the,soul guard carry-on closet 2.0 in this,video im going to pack the suitcase,take it all around europe show you how i,used it and maybe ill give you a justin,tech promo code,lets go,[Music],i am going to europe literally tomorrow,and i was in the market for a new,carry-on because im going to be going,on a ton of flights and i really dont,want the hassle of checking a bag and,then i saw this this is the soul guard,carry-on saw it on instagram and it,really caught my eyes why did it catch,my eyes this is why,it has this a clothing divider and for,someone whos super ocd this is really,exciting if you couldnt tell,im pretty ocd,just got this in the mail thank you soul,guard,the carry-on closet 2.0 is super sleek,light and is guaranteed to be accepted,by all international airlines this is,why i chose it,theres also the carry on closet plus,which is 20 percent larger and is,accepted on almost all domestic flights,the inside is made from 100 recycled,material and each suitcase sold pulls,five pounds of plastic from the ocean,love that,theres a tsa approved three digit lock,and an easy access usb port for charging,on the go but youll need to provide,your own battery pack,the suitcase has a delightful one pinch,opening mechanism and a somewhat,addicting plush grip handle i literally,couldnt stop touching it and its most,important feature is this removable,shelving system that has six,compartments and easily attaches to the,handle it may seem like a gimmick but,wait until you see how i used it on my,trip it definitely surprised me the,carry-on retails for 225 dollars just,like its main competitor the away but,just for you guys by awesome subscribers,im giving you the promo code justin,tech for 15 off soul guards entire,website i throw a link to their website,in the description below,im going to europe for 13 days but im,going to have washing machines at my,disposal so,im only bringing about enough clothes,for seven days and then im just gonna,wash them lets see if i can cram these,seven outfits into this,carry-on suitcase,i threw in three pairs of shorts,six pairs of underwear three bathing,suits six pairs of socks,three tank tops and a pair of gym,clothes and five shirts im gonna take,this thing off now scrunch that thing up,im gonna put some shoes in this,compartment right here im going to put,my tall white socks which are kind of,like my vibe im going for in europe,white socks and white sneakers super,pumped about it im going to put these,in the crevasses,now i can put the clothing divider in,here,i put my toiletries into these two bags,and im able to fit these right in this,area so im gonna have to put a little,pressure onto this,like that,and it closed thank goodness otherwise i,couldnt go to europe so there you have,it my trip is now packed,and i am ready to go,to europe im so excited i cant wait,check out my trip with soulguard,and we were off navigating around europe,from airport to airport was so much,easier using the small carry-on suitcase,and again the grip was just so,delightful to hang on to,my trip was awesome i went to the gorge,of verdon,provence for some wine oh and i met this,really cool chicken,i also saw this beautiful sunset oh wait,right this is a review back to soulguard,[Music],so ive got to say i was a little,skeptical when i first got the suitcase,there was a high probability that the,clothing divider was a gimmick but ive,got to say i was thoroughly impressed so,we just got to barcelona i cant wait to,get out there and explore but i had to,unpack for a second and were really,were only here for one day so i was,like im not gonna unpack you know what,yeah i am because check this out look,what i was able to do im literally,unpacked and all sorted just by taking,that out and hanging it up this was,perfect im super pumped about this yay,lets go explore and i found myself,easily throwing up the clothing divider,in every hotel i went to,so funny enough i was traveling with,three other friends who all had away,suitcases this was the perfect moment,for me to compare and contrast the,suitcases heres what i think,ill say one downside of the soul guard,is that it was difficult to quickly and,easily access something from the packed,suitcase when we landed in a new country,that was warm i wanted to get a pair of,shorts but i just didnt bother but the,upside was unpacking all of my friends,luggage literally looked like a bomb,went off while mine was nicely hung in,the corner,unlike the away which includes a,removable battery pack with the sole,guard youll need your own battery pack,and youll need one that activates when,the device is connected through its,charging port soulguard sells a couple,battery packs that do this on their,website one which doubles as a bluetooth,speaker,one other thing i noticed was this it,looks like the clothing divider was,being strained im not sure how long,thats gonna last but soulguard did tell,me this is covered under the 10-year,warranty i feel like this could have,been easily avoided if the band was,looped through the hard plastic inside,the outer material so heres what i,think the carry-on closet 2.0 is the,most innovative suitcase i have ever,used for someone as organized as me it,was perfect i was able to pack and,unpack a ton of outfits unpack and pack,quickly and i had my very own closet,not to mention when im not traveling i,have an organizer at home even with its,minor flaws i highly recommend this,suitcase you should check it out with,the link in the description below and,you better not forget that promo code,so if you liked this video why dont you,give it a thumbs up also if you want to,see more of my tech reviews and,adventures hit that subscribe button and,click the bell for alerts,[Music],what is your go-to travel tech what is,that one device that you need to take on,every trip let me know in the comments,below as always im justin and ill,check you later,[Music],lets do this um,so,the first,okay,lets do this all right so first,all right

Should I Get the Solgaard Carry On Closet?

hi everybody those of you who know me,know that me and yes levi you too we are,obsessed with bags we love to travel and,we love to have all sorts of fun ways to,transport our gear so hopefully youve,seen my recent video with my cotopaxi,bag i can fit so much stuff in that,after my last trip though i realized,maybe i dont want something on my back,all the time and ive been contemplating,the soul guard um suitcase and so im,about to show you i just got it in the,mail,because yes while i was carrying that,heavy backpack i decided lets maybe try,something new,so heres the soulguard suitcase so here,it is um,you see ive got,you know,run-of-the-mill suitcase weve got some,nice nice things going on here its got,clippy clips like this um you just pinch,it to open it thats pretty sweet um,compartments inside its got a charging,port and stuff so thats cool and youre,like nice suitcase but what actually,makes soul guard special if youve heard,anything about it is its a closet in a,suitcase and the way it works is it,comes with this contraption and youre,looking at this right here,and youre like my god britney how are,you going to get that in the suitcase,and the answer is its actually pretty,cool so what you do is while youre,packing,you hang it up here,its a little tricky im not gonna lie,this is where im like not sure if im,sold on it yet but you hang it up on,here,and you pack all of your stuff in it so,you can see let me actually come a,little closer here you can see weve got,different compartments here so i can put,like my shirts in here i can put pants,and you know different shirts and uh can,organize like different things in these,zipped up pockets its really great and,then at the bottom down here theres,even some more pockets so you can kind,of organize everything in there like,that and then when youre ready to,actually pack it,youre like hows that going to get in,there well theres these compression,straps on the side that you pull on them,and where its a little challenging is i,havent figured out the right way to do,this because i dont think you really,want to do it while its standing,because then it brings the weight to the,top but you just kind of hold it and,pull down on the straps like this,you want to try to keep it flat,adjust the camera here,weve got it like this,and im going to now,pull in the straps on the side here to,compress it which is pretty cool um its,a nice way youre already seeing how oh,that can fit in a suitcase much better,so keep pulling it down just like that,all right so now,take the suitcase like this,and were gonna open up,were gonna unclasp this little guy,in some way,and then you unclasp this guy,and you just tuck it right in there like,this,bring it in,bring it in,and then yeah,do a little wrangle and you clippy clip,it like that and then you can actually,fit some more stuff on top of it so for,instance,im gonna put my little toiletry bag,stuff that right in here um,and my shoes cant go anywhere without,perks am i right,and stuff those,and kind of fit in here a little bit,just like that,and then,you just close the top over and i dont,have to wriggle anything i can just,make sure everythings tucked in and,just clip it on the side just like that,and its super easy and so now,my suitcase is all packed let me get you,back up in,this view,so now yeah my suitcase is all packed,im ready to go i dont have to carry,this on my back and its pretty nice so,um im not gonna lie thats the first,time that actually went that smooth i,was expecting this demo to have some,cuts in it because,sometimes i compress it and it takes a,little while to actually work but uh,that actually worked really well in the,first try so thats promising,my struggle with it is so i open it up,and,you know stuffs coming out thats great,thats fine heres my struggle with it,so i want to use it as a closet so you,just unbuckle it,and then meant to grab,this guy,this this clip,and youre meant to,reach up here,clip it around on the top now youre,starting to see my struggles here so,notice the suitcase is tipping over,gotta you gotta like manage to hold the,suitcase up and uncompress the straps,before you hang it see ive already,messed that part up,and then,i guess you gotta do that before you,hang it and then,still a little bit of stretchy needs to,do and come all the way down,still not compressing fully,were working on it were getting there,were almost there um,so yeah so,now the big part,is the suitcase notice it wants to open,like this and it doesnt work,see youre getting real good views of me,here so thats kind of frustrating like,that um the way they solve that,is theres a kickstand like thing where,you clip,clip it together so it stays,this is the struggle,im gonna unclip this for now and were,gonna try again but the thing that i,think youre supposed to do is theres,this clippy thing on the inside where,you clip it so it actually forces the,bag to not,not open up to that 180 degrees where it,messes with the weight so now,if i do that though,all right so notice now my bags not,falling over so thats great,but the door is like kind of in the way,here and so its not terrible but if i,want to get in it got to kind of like,push that out of the way to go reach in,and grab what im looking for,and,yeah so,i dont know um,what do you all think it was pretty easy,to get in,not super easy to get set up but again,if youre going to sit somewhere for a,week thats not that much work and now i,have my clothes all organized for a week,and i can just grab what i need and then,this little pocket over here on the side,i can easily like stuff in my dirty,clothes in here so then when im ready,to pack this will or like pack to go,home this will be smaller and more,compressed and thatll just be full of,dirty clothes that i can reorganize so,um,im torn what do you guys think i think,i like it um it definitely seems like it,has some,some tinks with it uh and maybe some,getting used to how to make it stand if,you guys have any ideas i know one of my,friends told me that she knows someone,who has one that actually just uses this,and hangs it up in a closet while,theyre traveling and not the suitcase,that could be a good solution if i have,that um,part of me also just wants to see if,maybe theres some way,that i can,extend this kick kick stand a little bit,like theres some other sort of like,clip i could put in because if i could,just make it like this wide instead of,this wide i feel like that would help me,have a little more access to it while,also making sure it doesnt get like,that and lose its balance but um,but yeah well see what do you think,should i keep it,[Music],you

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Solgaard Lifepack Endeavor (with Closet) Review – Expandable One Bag Travel System

hey guys today were going to be taking,a look at the soul guard life pack,Endeavor and I have to say Im pretty,surprised that I havent heard more,about this bag like the neck pack and,the nomadic travel pack this tries to,offer the ideal one bag experience,providing a bag that works well for,travel and for your day-to-day use and,these bags are always something that,Ive been very fascinated by I try any,of them that I come across because Im,always searching for that perfect one,bag experience where I dont have to,take a packable day pack and I have,something that can really work for a,longer term travel for at least a week,and with those types of bags theres,always some sort of trade-off the bags,that I mentioned from nomadic and Knack,walk those trade dials pretty well so I,was very curious to see how the life,pack would hold up against those as it,really seemed to offer a very impressive,feature set and in this video Im going,to be talking about my experience,testing it over the past couple of weeks,Ill show you how Ive loaded it out,walk through all the features and Ill,also talk about how it compares to some,of the other similar bags that are,currently on the market before jumping,into the video if youre new here,welcome my name is Danny and on this,channel we love reviewing popular travel,and everyday care gear if you like these,types of videos and youd be interested,in seeing more please consider,subscribing as it helps the channel out,a lot so with all that being said lets,go ahead and jump in,starting off with the overall aesthetic,the bag has a pretty modern and minimal,and techy vibe that reminds me a little,bit of bags from companies such as air,and in case so its going to be a,versatile aesthetic thats going to work,well for taking into the office for,walking around the city or for traveling,as far as the materials the bag feels,pretty solidly built the exterior fabric,is called shoretex which is made out of,recycled ocean Plastics it also helps,keep the bag pretty lightweight coming,in at under three pounds which is,impressive considering the padding and,the features that are included on the,bag the fabric also has kind of a rip,stop patterning which again just you,know gives it that sense that its going,to hold up well to rougher usage it,seems to offer a decent amount of,weather resistance on the bottom you,also have a reinforced section here to,give you some extra protection against,the elements and just to prevent,abrasion and anything like that and then,you also have some zippers that work,very smoothly I wasnt able to find any,YKK branding on these so Ill have to,confirm the zipper brand but for now,theyve worked smoothly and they again,feel like theyre going to hold up even,over a longer period of use,continuing along the outside of the bag,as far as branding you just have the,very subtle Soul guard name here on the,front so I like that thats kept pretty,minimal you have external water bottle,Pockets one on each side that offer a,decent amount of space I was able to,hold the same 20 ounce water bottle that,you see in a lot of my other daily bag,videos and there is some elasticity to,the compartment so its nice that it,gives you some flexibility it also helps,hold the bottle in place the compartment,does start to feel a little tight when,you have the bag packed out as I,currently do so anything thicker I think,would have been tough to fit or it might,have started to actually slide out of,the bag and I like that because it has,this elasticity it kind of pulls the,compartments close to the bag to give it,a cleaner overall look when theyre not,in use above the water bottle pocket you,also have a little metallic ring which,is going to be a good spot to attach,something with a carabiner like a hero,clip or maybe a hand sanitizer or,luggage tag on the top and side of the,bag you have some really nice well,padded handles that are going to allow,you to carry this either like a,briefcase or to just pick the bag up off,the ground this is also going to be,great for loading this into an overhead,storage compartment I really like the,implementation on these handles again,you have a really nice sort of seat belt,like material theyre very thick they,seem reinforced and like theyre not,going to tear even when youre you know,carrying a ton of weight with these over,a longer period of time,while were on the exterior another,thing I want to call out is that the bag,does stand up pretty well on its own,given that it has a wider and flatter,base,moving into the capacity the bag comes,in at about 27 to 28 liters which is,really versatile size in my opinion is,able to hold all the items that I,normally like to carry with me and I,still had some leftover space and I like,that even when the bag is a little bit,more packed out it doesnt stick out too,much or make it awkward to navigate,crowded areas jump onto public transit,or carrying on to pretty much any,domestic for International Airline and,one of the really nice things about this,bag is the fact that it is able to,expand to accommodate additional items,for a longer trip and so once you expand,the bag out with the zipper that it has,here it is able to expand up to a little,over 35 liters which is definitely a,great one bag travel size it does stick,out quite a bit once you expand it out,but if youre looking to just you know,really live that one bag life and have,something that can work well for travel,or EDC this is going to be a really,valuable feature,taking a look at the straps on the back,paneling so far the bag has been really,comfortable to wear I like how the,straps have been implemented here you,have a decent amount of padding its,maybe not quite as rigid as I would like,to see for a bag of this size but it,still felt pretty comfortable on the,inside you have a fairly breathable,fabric to help prevent moisture from,building up and then the straps also,have a nice width to help prevent the,bag from digging into your shoulders,when its a little bit more packed out,on the straps you also have an,additional metallic ring here which is,gonna be a good spot to maybe hang your,sunglasses or attach additional,accessories you have an adjustable,sternum strap thats going to help you,distribute the weight and then you also,have zippered pockets on each strap,which are going to be a great spot to,maybe easily access a Transit card or,something like that while youre on the,go,moving into the back paneling this has,also felt really comfortable you have,the same soft padding that we saw on the,straps with a similar level of,breathability and then I like that this,padding is elevated to create this air,channel to provide you with some,ventilation and airflow while youre,walking around throughout the day,on the back paneling you also have a,nice luggage pass through thats going,to allow you to rest this on a Suitcase,while traveling to save some weight on,your back and then below that you have,two hidden zippered compartments in the,lumbar area which are going to be a good,spot to hide anything thats a little,bit more sensitive so if you have your,you know extra cash a wallet or maybe a,passport you will be able to hide this,and have it be a little bit more,protected from pickpockets jumping into,the organizational options the bag has a,nice variety of pockets all throughout,starting off on the front you have a,simple quick access pocket and I like,that this has sort of a flap that comes,over to give you a little bit more,protection against the elements and this,is a pretty deep compartment it doesnt,go all the way down to the bottom but,pretty low just a few inches above so,you know you have plenty of space for,something thats a little bit taller and,it offers a pretty decent volume even,when the main compartment is packed up,so in this compartment at the moment I,tossed in my GoPro I have the Tom bin,ghostwell pouch that has some smaller,Tech and EDC items that I always have,with me then I also have my Kind

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Solgaard Carry-on Closet Follow Up Review

hey there today i want to do a follow-up,video on my soul guard carry-on suitcase,so i did an unboxing video i think its,about a year ago and i have gotten a ton,of questions so i just got to my hotel,you can see im in a hotel room here and,i just want to show you im about to,unpack it and i want to just kind of,show you a little bit about kind of how,i pack it and what i think of it and all,of that,okay so to unpack ive got it laying on,the bed right now and its really simple,to open this up and when i open this up,youll see that on one side ill,actually put a hoodie over the top here,because i was wearing it earlier but um,one side ive got my clothes and the,carry-on portion and then the other part,is zipped up so this is the part i want,to unzip right here and just to show you,and im just on a weekend trip so,theres my makeup bag which of course,just takes up like half of the suitcase,so im going to pull that out along with,my curling iron that was a big question,i got was is somebody asking well how,does this work for like a girl you know,with all the stuff and then theres like,a toiletries bag i have a pair of tennis,shoes in here,and,lets see oh of course ive got to bring,a makeup mirror especially,god im a nerd and and then all of my,like cords and stuff so then what ill,do is i will zip this all back up,just like that,and then over here unsecure the,my carry-on closet portion of this and i,can just pull this out now im just,going to take this suitcase now,and,uh yeah im filming with a phone so this,makes it fun,but the the cool thing here is that,theres a little little clip deal right,right here,and this can,sorry its trying to do this with one,hand,and this will clip in here,just,like,youre really meant to do this with two,hands,but,anyway anyway ill end up securing that,so that way itll be stay at a 90 degree,angle right there then ill pull the,handle up right here,just like that and then over here with,our carry-on closet portion is where,ive packed my clothes,and,if i go up against this maybe ill be,able to do this with this is not a,one-handed kind of a job but here we go,and just clip that,im just going to clip that on there so,it clips,and then theres my clothes right here,so,in here i have some socks im just on a,weekend trip so i have some socks and,pajamas i have probably two or three,pairs of pants three or four shirts and,it all fits in there really really,nicely and now everything is super,organized so that when you know when i,go tomorrow to get dressed its really,really simple to to do all right so,theres my follow-up on this little,guard carry-on,suitcase i really have loved it i have,taken this,on several flights i have traveled with,it uh on road trips whatever i love the,the four wheels ive had four wheel,suitcases before that sucked and were,very difficult to use this one works,great on both two wheels and four wheels,im trying to think of some of the other,questions a big one was the you know how,does it fit all of your girl stuff you,know makeup and and hair dryer and all,that kind of thing and it works out,great for me,another question is how long you know a,trip could you do in this particular,case im just doing a weekend trip so i,have traveled with it for a week but i,also brought another duffle bag so it,kind of doesnt count,as far as that and i check something,else now,uh with that though i have recently,purchased the check-in closet of soul,guard and that one is so much roomier,and it is a really great choice for,those longer trips or those times uh it,happens to be winter time right now and,with traveling it means you know,bringing heavier stuff you know bringing,more hoodies or sweaters and things like,that and thats gonna just fit into the,into the check-in closet a lot easier,especially if im traveling with gear,today im just filming on my phone but,anyway i hope thats helpful for you and,since since that first video that i did,of course i did become an affiliate,because i it is one of my favorite,things and i love it so much that i,bought a second one and so i i see,myself using this suitcase for years to,come its really really held up,beautifully and you know just as a bonus,too i have to say you know i love the,fact that its made out of recycled,ocean plastic that really makes me happy,it makes me feel good about it but more,than anything it works beautifully it,works exactly how id want to do it and,and its so much simpler just so much,simpler than any of the other luggage,ive had so anyway i hope you find that,helpful and thanks for checking out my,channel definitely hit that subscribe,button and i will have more videos in,2022 than i had in 2021 it was a crazy,year that took me by storm so ill see,you guys next in another video

Check-In Closet – Solgaard Suitcase with Integrated Shelving System

hey im adrian soulguard and this is our,check-in closet its a trunk thats 27,inches high or 69 centimeters its 91,liters of capacity or 24 gallons this,means its actually got so much space,but also not too much so when you pack,it as full as you can youll come in,right at that limit where the airline,wont charge you for overweight feet,its a trunk shape which means that this,sort of squared off base instead of a,classic rectangular shape makes it more,stable while going through bumpy,cobblestones really handy if youre,going to europe,so its aluminium frame means theres no,zippers so you just simply pinch to open,theres a tsa approved lock on there as,you open it up youve got plenty of,space inside so the closet comes in a,built-in laundry bag thats going to,make your life really nice to have,somewhere to keep your dirty stuff,the closet has this gap in the middle,which is worth noting because when you,pull the handle up and you mount the,closet on top of it due to its shape you,need that gap to fit here depending on,the type of trip youre doing,we made it removable so that you could,have,this section of the closet,just hanging on the top,this lower section has compression,straps so once its filled up you can,compress it together the bottom here is,this section where you can roll close so,if youre a roller you like to roll a,bunch of t-shirts lap or socks and,undies you can fit a lot of space inside,of there heres a nice section for,larger sweaters and your section as well,thats zipped up you can keep whatever,you want in there now one thing thats,important to note is that this strap,right here,if you dont have it done up the,suitcase will topple over you need to,have this strap done up here,because thats what will keep this door,mounted at 90 degrees and acts as a,kickstand to stabilize the whole system,to mount this closet you unbuckle this,buckle,clip it on the back of the handle and as,i mentioned youll see that this section,hangs in the lower portion this section,hangs above the suitcase then were,ready to start packing,so as you can see theres a ton of room,in the bottom section here when you,tightly roll everything up you can stuff,that in place for larger items that you,dont want to wrinkle you can fold them,up nicely i would recommend filling this,100 full and these sections here doing,to no more than about 80,because you know you need the extra,space because it expands as you pull it,out i find the easiest way to lower the,closet into the suitcase,is on the ground but you lift,the suitcase back tilt it back slide the,bottom part in,slide it into place,now depending on how much stuff you have,you may or may not need to use the,compression straps ill just tighten,them up here anyway so we do it and,youll notice on the trunk compared to,the carry-on closet these can be filled,all the way and then you still have,plenty room in the set of suitcase for,other large items,lets say you just have an extra,backpack you want to bring along,youre good to go now if you do kind of,over pack a little bit dont be afraid,to sit on this thing stand and jump on,it this is indestructible you wont be,able to break it and if you do well,replace it because thats part of our,10-year warranty then once you get to,your location tilt it back open it up,same process,and youre unpacked youre ready to go,[Music],so because this is a check-in theres no,usb port youre not allowed to bring,batteries in your checked luggage due to,safety and airline regulations so thats,why theres no usb port on this,youve got the two compression straps,here where you can compress it in place,with the zippers and sections there for,stuff as well as an inner pocket here,where you can adjust whatever you might,need,and on this side youve got a nice large,mesh area where you can fit big items,like snowboard jackets or things like,that that just take up a lot of space,the three digit tsa lock is easy to,reset you simply,open it up its preset to zero zero zero,you flip the switch on the inside from a,to b,change the code to the new combo you,want lets call it one two three flip,the switch back to a and your new combo,set make sure that it works and youre,good to go now save your combination,lock we cant stress this enough save it,somewhere in your phone maybe save it as,a contact and if you do that youll,never lose your code if you do lose your,code theres no quick and easy way to,reset it other than counting from zero,zero zero all the way to nine nine nine,happens once in a while but you know,thats the price of security itll take,about 20 minutes if you forget it so,just you know do yourself a favor save,that combo thanks for watching hope that,taught you everything you needed to know,about the check-in closet the best,checking suitcase youll ever have

LFTC PRESENTS-Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus vs Check- In Closet

[Music],thank you,well hey guys Tony here from lftc,presents a few months ago I put out a,review on the solo guard check-in closet,love this suitcase probably the best,suitcase Ive ever owned but a lot of,youve asked me a lot of questions about,the carry-on plus which is the one as it,says his name you carry on the airplane,well look what I have here I have the,carry-on plus so Im going to do a,review of the carry-on Plus versus the,check-in closet now obviously with the,check-in closet when you get on the,airplane you check it in youre not,putting this big old bad boy onto the,airplane but the carry-on plus is good,for all domestic flights,now they do make a smaller version Its,called the carry-on not the carry-on,plus which is good for all international,flights which is actually smaller than,this now we dont fly out of the country,so carry-on plus is perfect for us but,if we do,then well get the carry-on,all right as you can see theres a big,difference in the size heres what the,front looks like,theres the sides,theres the back they both have the,retractable or whatever the telescoping,and handle thingies as you can see here,in fact theyre about the same height,when you put them all the way up we use,the Endeavor backpack and we slide it,right on here all right they both have,the pinch to open makes it real easy to,open it up,they both have the TSA approved lock,where you set the combination what Im,told is make sure you write the number,down put it in your cell phone do,something because if you forget the,number youre literally going to have to,go through,one one one one one two one one three,you dont want to do that all the way up,to 999 write the number down because,theres no way to fix it they said,theres the pinch to open on that one it,does have the hanging closet which makes,these things so wonderful that makes,them the best suitcase out there you,just pack it up once take it out at your,destination put it back in there youre,done love it all right here are the,hanging closets for the two this is the,check-in closet,pretty big has this Gap here and Ill,show you why and heres the one for the,carry-on,so as you can see,theres a size difference in the two so,youre obviously going to get more into,the carry-on closet or check-in closet,this is good for seven to ten days this,ones good for five to seven days,so theres your size difference,so once you have it all packed up,when you get to your destination,put that out you pull this out with your,clothes,has a little clasp here,you can hang it up in any closet or if,you dont have a closet you can just put,this in your room just like that and,youre good to go,so with this big boy as I showed you in,the original video,this has a strap right here see that you,have to have that strap there to keep it,balanced otherwise if the door opens all,the way it wants to fall over,but thats why,it has this Gap right here,that way it fits in the suitcase and,does the same thing,[Music],if you dont have a closet you can put,it in just like that put it in the,corner of the room youre good to go,[Music],so as Im putting all this stuff away if,youre enjoying my video go ahead and,hit that little subscribe button down,there and subscribe to my channel dont,forget to ring the bell,so you know when all my new videos come,out,and go ahead and hit a like on there if,you like the video and this helps me out,and doesnt cost you a dime,all right Im waiting on you to,subscribe Im not going any further till,you do yeah Im just kidding so as you,can see they both have the wheels,theyre real nice theres two way you,can take these through this um airport,you can just walk with it like this or,you can lean it back and walk which is,really nice or,its a suitcase,has a handle here and a handle here one,thing I wanted to point out that we did,like they both have the same feature is,when you have your,carry-on closet or your hanging closet,in here,it has these little zippers and I,couldnt figure out anything to do with,these zippers you know these zippers are,good for we put a Apple Air tag in there,and then we also put our luggage tag for,the crews in there so its right there,on top,its just really easy to get to,no stress,let me give you a few specs on these,things the carry-on plus has a removable,shelving system which I showed you it,has the frictionless 360 wheeled degree,Wheels TSA approved lock,an unbreakable polycarbonate shell well,see about that,a one pinch opening mechanism I showed,you that,the padded grip handle for comfort,oh its comfortable,rib cage designed for easy overhead bin,sliding without damage and each suitcase,sold saves 229 plastic bottles from the,ocean so not only is it looking good but,youre doing good,its,22.4 inches high,14.6 inches wide 9.6 inches deep and it,weighs eight and a half pounds when you,put the um carry-on cloth or the I keep,want to call carry-on closet thats what,this things called,when you put the hanging closet in there,it weighs a total of nine pounds now the,big boy here has removables blah blah,blah we already talked about that the,friction the TSA the unbreakable,polycarbonate well see about that,um the padded grip for comfort ooh,comfortable uh 100 recycled interior and,the one pinch opening which I showed you,it is 27 inches high 15 and a half,inches wide,13.75 inches deep and it weighs 11,pounds when you put the hanging closet,in there it weighs 12.2 pounds,now for anybody taking notes if you want,the carry-on closet International size,because youre going on the other side,of the pond but that ones 20 inches,high 13 and a half inches wide nine,inches deep seven and a half pounds 8.3,pounds with the closet now one big,difference between the two of these,since you were checking this one in you,cannot take lithium batteries on it so,if you have a power brick to charge your,phone and you know because you never get,stuck in an airport sitting there for,hours waiting because of delays or,anything I mean that just never happens,but if it does this has something that,has this beat let me show you,all right like I said youre delayed in,the airport your phones dying they want,to charge charge you to charge it no not,with the carry-on because since you have,a lithium battery you can carry that,onto the airplane,you open this up,and you see this little zipper pocket,right here with this cord hanging out it,has a USBC and it has a USB,now solar guard does sell Power banks,for it I do not have one if you want to,send me one awesome Ill do a review on,it if not Im going to use one I already,have,so what you do,since this is an old school one it has a,USB you plug the USB into it right there,if you have the USBC youd plug it in,there,you tuck this away right here out of the,way,zip it up,so right above the handles this little,rubber piece that you pop open,and look theres a USBC and a USB port,there,plug-in,your cord,plug in your phone,and we charging,yeah see were charging I can charge my,phone while Im sitting there waiting,thats awesome I love that feature,but enough of the in-home test check,this out let me show you what it looks,like in the real world,[Music],foreign,[Music],as you can see this is more than luggage,this makes your traveling so much easier,its handy and makes it fun if you have,any questions leave it in the comment,box below Ill get back to you as soon,as I can because I am leaving for a,seven day cruise and taking these with,me again if youd like to purchase any,of these products Ill leave an,affiliate link down below go ahead and,click on it youll get a discount Ill,get a little something back were all,happy all right until next time safe,travels guys

Solgaard Check-In Closet & solgaard lifepack endeavor

welcome back to live from the camper,cruise edition,[Music],well hey everybody tony here and today,were going to start a new segment,called the vacay 4-1-1,whats the vacay 4-1-1 you ask well here,were going to give you tips and tricks,for all your trips,so youre getting ready to go on a trip,are you going on an airplane are you,going on a cruise well let me show you,something thats gonna make your life so,much easier today i have two products,from soulguard,i have the lifepak,endeavor and the check-in closet,well youre probably saying tony what is,it well hey let me show you,so first lets start off with the life,pack endeavor,lets open the package carefully,first and foremost comes with a,awesome little carrying case which is,also good for a laundry bag,so the lifepak endeavor,is a backpack,oh yay another backpack just what we all,need,but theres something very special about,this backpack,first and foremost this is the olive,green its made out of a very sturdy,filling material i like it,yeah you got a little pocket up front,here its a backpack right it has all,the cool pockets and everything,but again what makes it special,is whats inside this little bag lets,put this over here for a second and ill,show you whats in this little bag which,also makes,a great little laundry bag for all those,dirty underwear socks and such,what this is is a hanging closet you put,your clothes in here,you roll up some socks underwear you can,put about three to five days worth of,clothes in here but what if youre,taking a longer trip and you need a,little bit more room okay maybe a lot,more room well that is where the,check-in closet comes into play now they,do make a carry-on closet which is a,little bit smaller than this this is a,27 inch the carry-on closets a 22-inch,that one you can take on the airplane,and do the same thing as the backpack,put it up above youre good to go a,little bit more room but,hey im a guy i like a lot more room i,have big shoes i wear a size 13. so what,are you gonna use the check-in closet,let me show you this,get rid of this,and again no bubble wrap no waste no,plastic stuff,comes in a nice big bag,and there it is,the carry-on closet,see how nice and wide that is,two position handle,four wheels on the bottom,so its easy to move maneuver around the,airport and you can also put it down,like this and carry it the traditional,way,but what makes this so special you ask,first and foremost,pinch to open,tons of room in there,but,can you guess what this is youre right,its a carry-on closet thats a lot,bigger than the endeavor backpack,theres a room inside of it let me show,you how to use it,all right lets get started i have a,pair of slacks a pair of jeans,two fancy shirts you know for elegant,night and then a couple cruise casual,shirts you know polos about four or five,pairs of uh shorts about eight pairs of,underwear six pairs of socks and 10,t-shirts so lets see if we can get all,of this,into this,into this,now im really pulling for this product,to work because a it looks good,and i love the hanging closet this is,such a great concept but if you love the,environment every soul guard product,sold pulls 229 bottles or plastic,bottles out of the ocean so not only,does it look good and hopefully it,functions good but its doing good lets,go ahead and start at the bottom thats,where were going to put our underwear,and our socks you can fill that up 100,so if you want to roll up t-shirts or,whatnot you can put in there im just,going to shove all of my underwear and,socks in there then you can fill this,one up eighty percent this one up eighty,percent these eighty percent that way,when youre done you have these,compression straps on the side you can,snug it up and stuff it into the,suitcase,lets get started,[Music],oops,there we go,except for forgetting to put my shorts,in there so i split the shorts up some,shorts in here some shorts in here,theres actually more room at the bottom,i could add more stuff if i needed to i,could even add some more up here uh its,probably where im gonna put my toiletry,bag then let me show you how to use,these compression straps um what im,gonna do is i dont want these to get,super wrinkly so im going to put those,on the other side of the compartment of,the suitcase,so now you just come over here they have,these little compression straps and you,just snug it down theres one on the,other side as well,so im going to get them started like,this,and im going to use my big old belly,here and im gonna pull these in,look at that,snug that down real good,all right lets get it into the suitcase,im gonna move this over to the side,these well i already have my cruise tag,on there im ready to go,you have these magnetic straps here its,locked into place,you want to do that because,that 90 degree angle is what keeps us,from falling over,itll be a lot easier if i lower the,table give me a second,all right now ill show you the inside,of this thing theres this magnetic,clasp right here this is what you want,to use,to keep this in place otherwise its,going to fall forward,see,so just clips into place,now if you didnt compress this down and,you dont have something to hang this up,with you just hook it up to here lay it,right here ill show you that later,but lets get it in the suitcase thats,the most important thing,fits right in there no problem,whatsoever,fact,theres room up here i can put a pair of,tennis shoes as well,so lets do that in fact i put my dress,shoes theyll fit right in there,all right then you have these straps to,help help hold everything into place,its the same thing its a magnetic,clasp so this time you can see it better,just locks into place does a good job,holding it there too,and then go ahead and snug it down,yeah good job now,snug it down,thatll hold that into place and theres,also these little mesh pockets right,here,theres also these mesh pockets here,they have a little zipper theres not,much room i dont know what you would,put in there but its there if you could,have something to even fit in there,now the other shirts,the toiletry bag and such not you still,have plenty of room in here,so lets get that loaded up all right,remember that bag that came on the,suitcase the reusable bag instead of,using uh bubble wrap and all that stuff,makes a great laundry bag so im gonna,go ahead and put that in here,im gonna put my fancy shirts over here,throw my tennis shoes in here on the,side,and my toiletry bag,zip that,now up said,you know,if you have to go ahead and put your,weight into it,because you aint gonna break it theres,a 10 year warranty on it,lock it up,guess what yall im packed and ready to,go and when i get to the hotel on the,cruise ship all i have to do is pull out,that hanging closet hang it up and im,done,my wifes been in there for about 20,minutes now packing,it took me about what five six minutes,super easy lets check out that life,pack endeavor now,all right if youre learning something,in this video if you like it go ahead,and hit that subscribe button down there,and subscribe to my channel and dont,forget to hit that bell,so you know when all my new videos come,out all right so this is the lifepak,endeavor with closet so it has a little,smaller version of,the check-in closet but they say you can,get five days worth of clothes in there,i dont know about that but maybe if you,had a roll real good and everything and,youre taking shorts and whatnot you,probably could what were going to use,this for though is the carry-on onto the,cruise ship were going to put all of,our bathing suit stuff in here and were,going to like theres this pocket right,here in the front,well put our boarding passes well put,our,passports and such in here,and you know it has a lot of room i was,really surprised how much room it has,this is the compartment this is where,youre gonna,cram this into with your bathing suits,it comes with a little bottle opener,wonder what that could be for,you have a little mesh pocket here you,can put stuff i

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