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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Movie Review

[Music],whats going on guys hope youre having,a good one like i have mentioned in my,past two reviews my eyes are still,recovering from laser eye surgery and so,the next couple of videos will be audio,only but before we get into the rest of,the review i want to give a special,thank you to the sponsor for this video,scentbird scentbird is a fragrance,subscription service you choose a new,designer fragrance to try out every,month for just 16,its flexible so you can skip a month,without any penalties you can also,upgrade to receive two or three products,a month with each fragrance youll get a,30-day supply try out new fragrances,before committing to a full bottle,theres over 600 designer brands to,choose from perfumes cologne and unisex,options too scentbird stocks top,designer brands like prada gucci and,versace plus indie labels like vince,camuto the harmonist and confessions of,a rebel vials are 8 times bigger than,regular perfume samples and with the,handy compact size of scent birds vials,it makes trying new fragrances or,popping them in your handbag for travel,very simple from time to time i have,very extreme reactions to harsh,fragrances which is why i was really,impressed with these three fragrances in,particular bentley silverlake room 1015,cherry punk and dirty hanoki from,heretic theyre all wonderful but my,favorite was cherry punk theres hints,of cherry saffron szechuan pepper violet,and black leather so make sure to click,the link in the description below and,use my code stuckman55 for 55 off your,first month at scentbird thats only,about seven dollars for your first month,and scentbird is now available in canada,for the very first time so please do,check out that link in the description,below and use my code stuckman55,for 55 off your first month at scentbird,thank you so much to scentbird for,sponsoring this video i mostly enjoyed,the first movie because of a lot of,nostalgia for the character and the sega,genesis games but also because jim,carrey was really funny in it and i,loved seeing him as dr robotnik so i was,looking forward to seeing what else they,could do with this film this movie sees,the introduction of tales as well as,knuckles voiced by idris elba and thank,god they made him look good from the,start because if they [ __ ] that up,there would have been a shitstorm jim,carrey returns as dr robotnik with,another evil plan and james marsden and,tyka sumter are taking a vacation i,guess i dont know theyre chilling on a,beach somewhere one of the fun things,about sequels to movies like this is,that you dont really have to worry,about all the setup anymore the,characters are where they want to be and,you can kind of just go,sonic is immediately on a lot of,adventures from the very beginning and,tails is trying to find sonic and,knuckles and dr robotnik are teaming up,and so you kind of see how theyre,setting up an eventual big duel and,theres even a beam in the [ __ ] sky,and you know its a lot of stuff that,you might have expected from a film like,this but i would be lying if i said i,didnt have any fun watching it because,i had a really good time watching this,movie i saw it in a theater packed with,a lot of families and it was really,obvious that like every kid there was,just having a [ __ ] blast and its at,those times and especially now that im,a dad myself that i have to kind of sit,back and be like maybe not all of this,is for me i might look at this movie,from the perspective of somebody who,played the games when he was young and,expect it to somehow appeal to my adult,swim mentality of wanting comedy and,things thrown in that are slightly more,mature and i have to sit back and,remember that its not always for me and,a lot of the jokes arent gonna land for,me and thats okay and just because i,have a successful youtube channel i,dont have to come on here and talk [ __ ],about it just because it didnt placate,my every single [ __ ] desire the movie,is fast paced even though some of the,jokes dont really land for me a lot of,them actually did the biggest laugh i,got in the movie was strangely from a,decapitated fish head but jim carrey is,once again incredibly energetic and,extremely watchable as dr robotnik in,real life the mans 60 now so hes,probably like 59 or something while,filming this movie and its just crazy,the amount of stuff he still does,physically with his body and with his,face and if he really is gonna retire,like he seems to want to im happy for,him if he feels at peace but im gonna,be sad if i dont get to see jim carrey,in a movie again one of the best,additions to the film is idris elba as,knuckles it kind of seems like a comp,they may have thrown around is thor in,the first thor movie knuckles is a fish,out of water he doesnt really,understand earth customs he doesnt,understand sports he calls things the,wrong name all the time he doesnt get,handshakes theres a lot of jokes that,come from that and some of them actually,really work and i thought idris elba was,very good as knuckles tails was fine he,didnt annoy me or bug me but i was,never a huge fan of that character he,kind of felt like yoshi to me where its,like yeah yoshis cool but like you know,whatever hes a dinosaur,i dont know,what my point is here i guess im just,saying tails was okay and if you love,tails,im sure youll probably still love,tales when you leave the theater,by far the thing about the film that,bugged me the most was where the whole,movie kind of gets derailed by a wedding,gone wrong with characters returning,from the first film and some new,characters that really felt like it just,dragged the film down and extended the,runtime way longer than it needed to be,but besides all these things i think if,you liked the first film youre going to,still really enjoy this and i think,sonic fans myself included will enjoy,seeing him,go fast and do cool stuff,while running quickly around the,world i dont know,i had a fun time with it so guys thank,you so much as always for watching ill,have more videos for you very soon and,if you like this you can click right,here and get stuck manized,[Music],you

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Movie Review

I love you I want you to know that,before we bust out our supersonic codes,want to give some love to the sponsor of,this video this video is brought to you,by The Quest For That Home cinematic,audio experience that is to say Sonys,HT a5000 Soundbar and optional speakers,which the sound bar alone uses s-force,Pro front surround which creates,immersive Cinema style surround without,the need for rear speakers but as we all,know Apprentice theres a difference,between need and want so if you really,want to blow your hair back you can also,get the a series rear speakers and,subwoofers which then creates a bubble,of cinematic Audio surround sound,goodness that Embraces you as if to say,Enjoy your pulse rate for the next two,hours or so,so click the link below to check out the,HT a5000 Soundbar and accessories in,your quest for cinematic audio goodness,and now,[Music],so Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the sequel to,The surprisingly enjoyable Sonic the,Hedgehog movie which leads me to think,about one important question what would,Knuckles and Tails look like if they,kept that original character model,I shudder to think something at a pet,cemetery maybe a Halloween special well,see but for Sonic 2 we have Dr Robotnik,he has returned to earth once again,played by Jim Carrey and now we have,Knuckles and Tails and Im gonna be,honest with you Idris Elba as knuckles,was amazing he was as one great leader,once said a surprise to be sure but a,welcome one I just didnt expect it its,like hes the surprise in this movie,that Jim Carrey was in the previous,movie I just didnt expect full-on 90s,Jim Carrey in the Sonic Hedgehog movie,but there he was and it was great,knuckles this movies is that fish out of,water he sees everything through the,lens of everything has to be a Warriors,contest and it just cracks me up hes,kind of like Drax in that respect and it,completely Works he is the standout in,this movie the bummer is he very much,overshadows tails and it kind of,overshadows the Friendship dynamic,between Sonic and Tails I mean its in,here but it doesnt feel as profound as,it probably should be not putting all,that on Knuckles the human beings in,this movie definitely detract from the,story as a whole now when this movie was,starting out and all the setup I had the,sensation of the first movie is,definitely Superior to this there were,some missteps in this movie when it came,to the human beings and how they utilize,the humans in the movie because I mean,now you have knuckles comes into the,fold and robotic well I mean he is a,human but you know hes still part of,the Sonic world and you have tails and,Sonic the Hedgehog so you have enough,there to have a Sonic movie Just right,there its like at this point you dont,need the humans anymore but the first,movie had them and now what do you do,with them you really feel like this,movie is wrestling with that whereas in,the first Sonic movie you know the James,Mars and Sonic the Hedgehog Dynamic was,actually a surprisingly enjoyable one,about friendship and family now its,like all right we have enough to have a,Sonic the Hedgehog adventure what do we,do with the human and I feel like they,could have done a very real thing about,friendship or sonic now he has Tails as,a friend how does James Marson like is,he wrestling with that I mean James,Marston is he gonna be like oh am I,losing a friend is he is he gonna go,away stop dont care dont touch on any,of that in fact theres this whole side,quest dealing with a wedding in Hawaii,and for the longest time in the movie,though it does tie back into the Sonic,Adventure its not linked to the Sonic,Adventure youre just cutting from Sonic,Tails Knuckles Robotnik oh and over to,this other thing,you dont care funny enough this movies,about 20 minutes longer than the first,movie and it feels 20 minutes longer,than the first movie and they could have,cut 20 minutes out of this movie that 20,minutes being everything involving the,humans this movie also deals with what,the first movie dealt with Im not gonna,be too harsh on it because what can you,do when you have the fastest creature in,the universe you know there are problems,that arise in this movie dealing with,human beings and Sonic is so much faster,than human beings and if you remember,that he was so much faster than human,beings he could actually do the,Quicksilver thing that he actually did,in the first Sonic movie he could get,out of these pickles but when it has,those moments of being an awesome Sonic,movie its an awesome Sonic movie its a,really fun time its in here turns out,the movie is basically two movies a fun,solid Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure on,one hand in a weird out of place rom-com,involving human beings who arent from,the game all at a wedding in Hawaii,however the movie does play it smart and,all my gripes and bitching in this video,about the pacing and all the irons and,the fire and characters who dont really,have a place in the movie for the last,act it focuses up and gives you all that,Sonic goodness you came to the movie for,I say thats smart because it being the,last act thats what it leaves the,audience with the audience walks out,going oh yeah that was a lot of fun and,thats where it leaves me being very,nice to this movie saying I still think,its a fun family night out at the,movies no alcohol required what else,would Family Night of the movies the,flaws in my rating system rear its ugly,head again at the very least at matinee,price its not as good as the first,movie but you know if you do it matinee,prize I think that is fair all right so,Sonic the Hedgehog 2. have you seen it,what did you think about it whats your,favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game like,before Sonic Mania were going old,school here for me it was always Sonic 2,and then Sonic CD or something about,that soundtrack Sonic CD that just,good memories Good Times whatever you,think comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more,[Music]

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Return of a Laughing Stock – Scott The Woz

hey yall Scott here say do you remember,when I took a look at the first Sonic,the Hedgehog game and realize that its,filled with design flaws and problems,heum the fans love me for saying that on,to Sonic to Sonic the Hedgehog one the,worst first entry in the Sonic the,Hedgehog series out there more like,begging this one the more I dislike it,its not terrible but its flaws become,more and more apparent with time zones,go on for far too long level design can,be unfair cheap and boring at times and,the pacing of the game is just all over,the place half of the zones are just a,slog to go through and the other half,that I think are at the very least,decent my foot isnt really thumping I,replay them Sonic 1 is at its best in,the first stage like if I ever want to,go through the game again Ill play,through Green Hill Zone,yep thats the end of that thought but,Who am I kidding Ill still keep Reeb,eyeing this game over and over again I,have a soft spot for this one it was the,first game i ever owned,Ive already droned on and on about this,but I got a Sega Genesis and a copy of,Sonic 1 is a hand-me-down from one of my,cousins a few months later my parents,and I were driving home and we stopped,by this old record store that also sold,retro games let me pick out two new,games for Genesis so I chose miss,pac-man and Sonic 2 while also,considering picking up pac-man 2 the new,adventures but Im still alive so you,know that didnt happen I have just as,much nostalgia for Sonic 2 as I did with,one and a very similar play history as,well were gonna bring it past the,second zone in the game now with the,second zone in Sonic 1 marble zone I,think thats completely understandable,for a six-year-old to have trouble,getting past that level chemical plant,in Sonic 2 yeah I have no excuse for,that one Ive continued to dabble in,Sonic 2 over the years owning in on a,good handful of collections since Ive,taken a look back at the first game I,think its only fair to do the deed with,the sequel too before we get into the,game itself lets start off with the,history of it Sonic the Hedgehog was a,massive success and did everything sega,intended it to do giving sega an iconic,mascot establishing a killer app for the,genesis creating a character that could,rival Nintendos Mario Sonic did all of,this so obviously what better game to,follow up Sonic the Hedgehog with and a,sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic 2 was,thrown into development around,number of 1991 and was headed by an,American branch of Sega the Sega,Technical Institute,Sonics original creator Yuji naka was,fed up with Sega of Japan quit and was,then later convinced by mark Cerny who,nowadays is known for his work at Sony,to work at STI,so Eugene like a quit Sega to work for,Sega various other Japanese Sega,employees moved to America to help,develop the game which led to some,communication difficulties due to you,know different languages while Sonic 2,had a year development time until it,released a treasure trove of levels were,cut from the final game some never,leaving the concept stage some,programmed into the game yet never,completed the most famous of the bunch,has to be hidden palace zone which could,be accessed through cheap devices albeit,in a state where you want to trust it in,the dark out other cut stages include,woods own dust hill zone and genocide,cities zone no wonder Sega said,Nintendos for the game launched,on November 24th of 1992 a day psychic,called Sonic Tuesday it was actually a,fairly substantial deal in retrospect,simply due to the fact that Sega one for,a global release of the game with it,releasing the same day in North America,and Europe,even though Sega of Japan decided to,release the game a couple days early on,the 21st regardless it was still a big,deal at the time but the release was,also monumental due to the fact that the,game released on a Tuesday this inspired,other publishers to do the same which is,why most video games since have released,on a contender for the top 7 days of the,week list Im working on now none of my,thoughts and I will say this Sonic the,Hedgehog 2 is my favorite sequel to,Sonic the Hedgehog the intro is eerily,similar to the first game the same Sega,startup sound except now appearing after,two consecutive slow dance double screen,has the same music as the first game the,same winged metal the same logo but now,with a new background less sass and,somebody new to haze the new face in,town is miles per hour or as sensible,people call in tails having two tails,that allow him to fly he tags alongside,you in the game but doesnt add a whole,lot other than in it to be fair he can,kill some enemies grab some rings and,his addition makes the overall journey,feel more fun like youre doing it all,with a pal in fact you can actually play,with a pal as tails can be controlled by,a second player albeit with less,functionality than Sonic and infinite,lives theres also a full competitive,two-player split-screen mode for a few,select levels which,now that could have been worse however,tails and multiplayer are just the,beginning of what sonic 2 introduces,sonic 2 still plays almost identically,to the first game though you play as,this and try to make your way there,collecting rings which still act as your,health bar fundamentally defeating,enemies by hitting them in your ball,state and having the same power-ups this,is definitely a sonic as a headshot can,get but now things are way faster like,Sonic 1 was faster than your average,platformer at the time sonic 2 says this,guy right and just obliterates it like,sonic gives a hearty this screen because,sometimes it cant even keep up with him,its insane now the increased speed is,probably due to a new move you can,perform the Spin Dash crouched down,exclaim death two thumbs and haha an,instant burst of speed this is such an,awesome addition it definitely helps,with Sonics level design as many slopes,you have to traverse require you to be,at a relatively high speed so instead of,walking all the way over here start,running and maintain top speed to get,higher you can just in Sonic 1 if you,had 50-plus rings by the end of act 1 or,two of us zone you had a chance to hop,into a big ring for a shot at a special,stage if you can survive a migraine you,can survive this and win 1 of 6 Chaos,Emeralds which if you collect all of,them you got a nice pat on the back in,the form of flowers in the ending,alcohol something too is a bit of a,different format to its special stages,if you have 50 rings by the time you,cross a checkpoint stars appear and you,know what that means now this is,something to write home about I have so,many memories of these special stages I,mean come on theyre 3d thats cool,nowadays I dread playing these things,but a compared to the other games at the,time and the special stages in Sonic 1,these things were impressive they were,something to put on the fridge now of,course disregarding the 3d aspect of,these stages then made them the talk of,the town these blow they require so much,memorization the fake 3d makes the,perspective difficult to judge at times,and entails at least now you can get,multiple Chaos Emeralds per stage with,the multitude of check points scattered,about so you can collect all of them,fairly early on there are now seven,emeralds to get and nabbing them all,Nets you a one-way ticket to ultimate,power Super Sonic basically almost pure,invincibility as long,still got ranks and thats what sonic 2,introduced to the franchise but do these,things overall make the experience,better does sonic 2 completely trans the,original in every way yeah it improves,on everything from one I allegedly dont,know of anything that one does better,than two the first stage Emerald Hill,Zone is Green Hill Zone again but,somebody had a wild night with a 152 box,of Crayolas the sheer amount of color in,this zone is amazing everything just,pops and its just so nice to look at a,beautiful amount of speed platforming,alternate paths its fantastic

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review

quick stretch little snack and here we,go,when it was released in 2020 sonic the,hedgehog earned the distinction of being,one of the few actually good video game,movies but it certainly wasnt,reinventing the wheel instead it,hearkened back to an era when kids,movies were decidedly for kids and,unapologetically unpretentious and if,youre into that like i was then you can,rest assured that sonic the hedgehog 2,brings more of that exact same energy,a lot more for better or worse this,sequel feels bigger in every way it does,bite off a bit more than it can chew but,for the most part its just as funny,charming and heartfelt as the first,movie sorry who are you names tails,okay this is what were gonna do step,one light taunting step two i have no,idea there are several aspects in which,this sequel improves upon its,predecessor in particular how much more,of segas sonic universe feels baked,into it of course this is inherent just,in the fact that famous characters tails,and knuckles are joining the blue blur,in this go-around and whenever the three,critters are on screen together its a,blast,hope im not too late long time tails,voice actor colleen oshaughnessy,reprises the role for the big screen,here which was a smart choice she brings,all the sweetness and earnestness that,the adorable fox needs tails,relationship with sonic whos again,voiced by ben schwartz which remains,great casting is an emotional highlight,as well and allows the hedgehog some,admirable character development the,sequel really leans into the fact that,this super powered mammal is still just,a kid and its all the better for it,with some satisfying growth from the,speedy blue hero as for our other furry,friend idris elba steps into the shoes,of knuckles and yeah of course its,awesome is anyone surprised,he brings a certain gravitas to the role,but also gets some of the funniest lines,in the movie as the hilarious,self-serious echidna he and jim carreys,dr robotnik are perfect foils for each,other as entertainingly mismatched,allies papas got a brand new stash,speaking of which if this really is,carries last role before retiring from,acting then it feels fitting that is,possibly the most jim carrey of all jim,carrey performances he goes even bigger,as robotnik continues to lose his,marbles and manages to be appropriately,menacing at times too,its carrie at his over-the-top best the,humans aside from robotnik however dont,fare as well,sonic the hedgehog 2s biggest flaw is,that it doesnt quite know how to juggle,the characters and storyline from the,previous movie gracefully as it ushers,in its new players without getting into,too many plot details it begins by,whisking tom and maddie to hawaii and,every time we cut to them in their human,drama the film loses steam,its natural that they wouldnt just,want to kick sonics adoptive parents to,the curb that would be even worse but,their story feels shoehorned in in a way,that halts the momentum rather than,builds on it the silver lining is that,natasha rothwell as maddies sister,rachel gets a few very funny moments to,shine in these scenes its also,indicative of sonic the hedgehog 2s,other big issue its length at 2 hours it,clocks in at 20 minutes longer than his,predecessor which feels wholly,unnecessary its such a blast in the,first half as it moves briskly with,colorful action but starts to overstay,its welcome in the second half still the,overall heart of its message largely,makes up for its shortcomings yes weve,seen the power of friendship theme over,and over again in kids movies but sonic,the hedgehog 2 really makes it work,especially in its warm sincere and,well-earned conclusion this franchise is,still finding its footing but it,continues to move in the right direction,youre never going to get my power,sonic the hedgehog 2 improves upon its,predecessor in many ways while falling,short and a few others it feels more,attuned to sonic lore than ever before,and sonic tails and knuckles are a ton,of fun together as this gym carries,wonderfully over the top reprisal of dr,robotnik however it doesnt quite know,how to make its other human characters,work and is definitely longer than it,needs to be still its overall a sweet,funny action-packed ride that fully,embraces its video game roots,where,are my manners sonic meet knuckles,for more sonic the hedgehog 2 watch the,cast break down the details that fans of,the game will love and for everything,else stick with ign

Sonic Movie 2 Spoiler Review!! Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Summary and Explained!

welcome back to another fun and exciting,episode of the stick with kaji podcast,im luanne and im sean and you can,follow me on instagram up there at,luanne catchy,where you know you can follow me if you,want,where i talk about yeah dont follow,anywhere else but instagram youre free,to follow her youre only on instagram,please and subscribe to the stick with,catchy podcast obviously,[Music],so what are we talking about today sean,were going to talk about this exciting,movie that we just watched this weekend,sonic 2. woohoo sonic is back were so,excited for it we have seen sonic 1 way,before close to the start of the,pandemic and it was so fun i really,loved the first one by the way,so we were a little bit kind of,skeptical is the second one usually when,you watch sequel,a lot more times you get disappointed,its not as good as the first one so,were like putting this lens a little,bit kind of questioning is it gonna be,better or worse right and you know ever,since they listened to the fans of,redesigning sonic which im so glad they,did,so im very,a lot of people in the office would know,me but im very very picky on character,design especially i do like eyes right,yeah,oh that it was horrifying i thought it,was horror movie when they released the,first version of sonic,uh,meow,so good job paramount,yay and exciting thing about the sonic 2,is that some of the part is filmed in,hawaii hawaii aloha,thats why were wearing this t-shirt so,spoilers ahead this will,contain our thoughts and feelings on,sonic 2 but it could contain lots of,spoilers so if you havent seen the,movie yet you know maybe just click off,and then watch it and then come back to,see if your thoughts align with us and,its okay if we dont agree you know,thats the point of a discussion right,we dont always have to agree on,everything lets start first with the,general summary of sonic 2. so it starts,out with the first scene sonic sneaking,out from his room trying to save the,world right trying to catch bad guys,because he he has the power to catch all,those bad guys so he wanted to be a hero,and then he actually causing more,damages and and more problems than you,know than just actually helping people,out so his adopted dad tom you know told,sonic to just be patient your time will,come wait a second did you steal that,from oprah and guess what his time came,right because who started rushing,through the door when tom,and maggie was away on the hawaii,you know wedding of maggies sister,theres eggman and there is new,character just,bust through the wall right dr robotnik,came with his new he called it his beach,wait he doesnt go by eggman,dr robotnik,egg man you know my name is dr eggman,you do that on purpose do what egghead,oh wait the whole time i was like,thinking like eggman yeah they do,reference him when are they gonna call,him eggman i dont well maybe jim carrey,doesnt shape like an egg and so they,just kind of ignore that i dont know,jim carrey is pretty slim figure so,eggman just doesnt very you know,does that make sense i dont know,correct me well i love the design of the,original character so you know we wanted,him to evolve i wanted a round suit and,everything but you know perhaps down the,road but yeah so,dr robotnik right just busted right with,his new,bff,ae best friend forever and ever,sidekick,knuckles knuckles knuckles,my new bff ae,bestest friend forever and ever since,sean is really into character design,what do you think about knuckles i,thought it was really true to the,original uh,design from the game thats how i,envisioned in the game and thats how it,appears on a lot of recent games,including sonic tail and knuckle they,all came out great those design looks,nice and very true to the original,character design,and the knuckle it was really cool too,the voice was really deep because hes,supposed to be a bad guy first youre no,match for me,right and he was an alien right,a different species so when he came he,didnt really understood or understand,human customs and stuff so i thought was,kind of cool,and so they had a fight right and then,who showed up to rescue sonic pill yay,and tells so cute i like i think its,voice actor yeah,i dont know i pinpointed the,coordinates its right up ahead it is an,honor to finally meet you sonic you kind,of have a true kind of sidekick kind of,vibe from tale right i,personally,yes the tales character hes really cute,but i wasnt really vibing with the,personality i didnt really feel,that the character itself really stand,out i think maybe youre right its,supposed to be a sidekick character so,you dont want him to,be front and center,but it wasnt memorable you know like,knuckles to me i thought i thought he,did a great job i thought he was a,memorable character i think if you,shine a tail too much then kind of,uh i dont know it cant take away the,attention from sonic versus knuckle,right true and i thought it was kind of,interesting too that they had the human,character in this movie right like his,adopted parent,tom and maggie but theyre kind of just,cast to the side in this movie because,the whole time they were just in hawaii,living life you know they werent really,part of the main story so the whole,movie was them,trying to find the master emerald right,this emerald that would give them the,ultimate power,if found so first sonic and tells went,to siberia right to,find clues or hints of where they can,find the master emerald and then when,they were looking for shelter they went,to this bar,and they had like this really intense,dance-off what did you think about the,dance-off itself,well i think it was kind of fun i think,they were trying to you know cater,towards more of current trends and what,kids like so i get why they did the,dance off but to me i didnt really like,progress the story in any way because,even if they take out the whole scene,it really didnt,matter you know i think that scene was,there for them to take out a short clip,of it snip a bit and then put it on,youtube i think that would be a kind of,trending video probably im pretty sure,theres lots of it on youtube now of,sonic and tails you know dance battle so,yeah i guess i was big sega fans so,seeing them kind of dancing doing,something different than how they behave,on the game was kind of kind of,interesting to see so,once sonic and tails found the compass,um dr robotnik and knuckles tracked them,down and they were trying to get the,compass from them right to the compass,would lead them to get the mastered,emerald for ultimate power so they had,like this little scene right of knuckles,trying to chase sonic down this mountain,of avalanche through the snow so i,thought that was kind of cool like the,whole skiing scene,oh great the winter soldier so as they,were running away,in avalanche in the same time in hawaii,tom was tossing the ring accidentally,and opened the pool it was an accident,it wasnt perfect,how about you go through this because i,probably was still half asleep so when,knuckles was chasing sonic through the,avalanche right tom while in hawaii,right trying to rescue them so he took,the ring and he threw the ring,and sonic and tails just bust through,and crashed the wedding yeah after,crushing the wedding then the actually,uh the groomsmen actually happened to be,the undercover cop their initial was,g-u-n,guardian,of united nations i think and yeah they,were undercover because theyre trying,to capture sonic so they were there to,capture him and the interesting thing is,on that scene or even before that the,older scene in hawaii i saw multiple,youtubers,in some shots represent i know its,right away i know this preston place was,there yes ryan got so excited oh i got,excited too maybe you were more excited,just a little bit different than youtube,videos just a little bit the only thing,though just give them some like one of,the two lines right kristen was there,the whole time and then he didnt even,talk i know he could have said something,i was waiting for him t

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Untitled Review Show

hey doug walker here,i was gonna lose you anyway,since ive been gone i discovered the,source of ultimate power jim carrey is,back chasing a small blue cartoon,character voiced by ben schwartz yes,that is a strange thing to be tie cast,as in sonic the hedgehog 2. so before i,say what i think of this movie i should,probably let you know what i thought of,the first one,as if the majority of you watching dont,know i was not a big fan of the first,one though i by no means hated it i like,the attitude of the film i thought i had,a funny attitude it was cool seeing,sonic on the big screen i love that they,redesigned him i mean id be lying if i,said i didnt kind of get chills seeing,on the big screen like this character i,grew up with in the 90s but even though,the attitude was funny i didnt think,the lines were very fine i feel like it,didnt capture what i thought the sonic,games were sonic is a character that,goes to fantasy worlds and he interacts,with other animal characters and he,stops these giant robot machines or,turning the animals into robots thats,sonic to me and in the first one they,just kind of shoved him in a car like,its hop 2 with james marsden and that,didnt win me over but i know theres a,lot of people who really like the 90s,cliches they put in there and like it,was a throwback to these 90s cliches,these road trip movies but those are,just the 90s cliches i didnt get into,so i get people who like them,and by god you let me know that you,liked it i didnt think sonic fans were,gonna get into it but they really really,did it still didnt win me over but i,understand why some people really get,into it but now we have this second one,and i have uh some real bad news for you,there isnt one car they shove them in,they instead replace it with these other,animal characters that he talks with and,then it gets really weird when hes,looking for like emeralds in like these,temples and they have like booby traps,like a game and thats just not what i,am looking for theres an excellent,scene,where he is in a boat thats my sonic,that is my hedgehog we want more boat,bring back the boat break this was a lot,of fun i really really like this movie,to me i think this captures much more,what the sonic games were like and a lot,of sonic properties were like theres a,lot more animal characters that are,really likable the laughs in this,really made me laugh hard i want to make,it clear not every joke works in this if,i had to like add them all up if i did,like a count of every joke in this id,probably say about half of them dont,work and they painfully dont work,but the other half that does,i mean i was like howling at some of,these jokes like the first scene with,jim carrey on this mushroom planet he,has a line like i must escape my,portabello purgatory there was no,writing like that in the first film uh,theres another great scene where they,walk into this really rough place and of,course they want to show how rough this,place is and i dont want to give it,away but the way,they,emphasize and go over the top how,intimidating this place is especially,one scene involving a fish i wont give,it away but man,i mean i laugh so loud i pretty much,embarrass myself i had to control myself,from how much i was laughing but on top,of that you have stuff that to me is,much more reminiscent of a sonic movie,you have him snowboarding down a,mountain you have jim carrey in this,giant robotic version of himself you,have knuckles who is really badass in,this and looks cool obviously has a,great voice with idris alba but also is,legitimately funny too he reminds me a,lot of dax,from guardians of the galaxy where hes,this tough character but the humor for,him doesnt feel manipulative it doesnt,feel out of place it feels like yeah,these are the kind of jokes this,character would make and that hes not,really purposefully making jokes its,more him not understanding jokes and,thats great to sonic who does nothing,but make jokes you are terrible at this,your negative attitude is not helping, if negative attitudes didnt,exist you still look like this tails who,you know doesnt have that many jokes,but is very very innocent and obviously,wants to follow sonic around like a big,brother and hes very adorable hes very,cute they have some really heartwarming,moments together that a lot of them are,quick but but theyre effective you,dont need that much the scenes that do,not work,and sometimes they so dont work they,almost work and thats gonna sound crazy,but ill tell you why i mean in a second,is again a lot of the human stuff and,im very thankful that they keep james,marsden and a lot of side characters out,of a good chunk of it but they are not,completely out of the movie they still,make appearances every once in a while,and then it just slows everything down,to a point where there is actually 15 to,20 minutes,of the movie where sonic just disappears,in the middle of it and its centered,around not even james marsden but his,wife and i forget its her friend or,sister because again i dont remember,the first film that well and this twist,in the middle that is so ridiculous its,kind of phenomenal like we were really,really laughing hard at it but then it,just keeps going they just focus on,these characters that barely gotten any,attention and it feels like a troll move,it feels like a 100,troll move so even in that respect i,couldnt get that angry because man it,takes balls to insult the audience like,that like were just gonna forget the,main characters and just focus on these,side characters who have barely made an,impact on the plot at all we stick,together,no matter what,for a guy whos separated from him for,most of the movie thats very powerful,and i apologize if you really like james,marston and the human characters in the,first film but i mean for me in the next,one id be totally okay if they just did,the thor ragnarok natalie portman,treatment like knuckles just goes up to,sonic is like it is a shame you dumped,james marsden like he doesnt even use,the characters name he just says james,marsden and sonics like yeah that sucks,wanna go inside a giant pinball machine,and hes like yes i do and id be,totally okay with that i would have no,problem no bear yet phoenix just shows,up at the beginning of the movie kisses,james marstons character sonic shows up,and hes like you killed james marston,shes like yes i did hes like thank you,and another movie starts and id be okay,and they go somewhere else to have some,sonic adventures this movie is a mess,but its a very fun mess its the kind,of mess you want to see sonic in you,want to see him jump from place to place,weird situation to weird situation,avoiding traps and odd characters some,things you know you just gotta put up,with like theres a dance-off in this,movie and it comes out of nowhere but,even that just gets so over the top,strange sometimes i couldnt help but,laugh at it i thought about the comedic,writing in this is that i feel like,theres some big movies being released,based on popular franchises that have,some good writers and then theres just,one,60 year old grandma whose idea of being,young is quoting stuff she heard in the,late 90s and early 2000s like hate is,gonna hate makes a lot of appearances in,this theres a limp biscuit reference,they refer to oprah oprah hasnt been on,the air for years why would sonic the,hedgehog know who oprah is so like for,every one of these lines for a guy named,knuckles you are really bad at punching,youll get one of these lines no my god,like the guest director of a squeaker,took over i dont know i just feel like,with some of these movies coming out,like tom and jerry and space jam a new,legacy like they got some good writers,in there and theyre capturing the,spirit and the voice but then theres,just that 60 year old writer whos like,you wont believe what i heard on live,livejournal but the good news is when a,joke doesnt work and it can be very,painful a good joke usually follows,after or something

Honest Trailers | Sonic the Hedgehog 2

[Music],now that ugly sonic has been banished to,another franchise anyway now my luck has,shifted a surprisingly not terrible,video game movie gets a surprisingly not,terrible sequel which by sonic standards,makes it the goddang mona lisa,these fans have just been through so,so much,sonic 2,after sonic 1 hooked audiences with a,nice family film sonic 2 pops the blue,pill and shows them just how weird this,franchise gets where a zoos worth of,animals team up to fight an egg-shaped,mech powered by a gem that makes your,dreams come true but it never strays,from one relatable easy to follow,message everyone is painfully crushingly,alone,chantral to d4,growing up i didnt have any friends i,lost everything because of you we both,lost everything that day buddies wingmen,a squad well sonic doesnt have anything,like that,doctor,where are you,fun,welcome back all your faves from sonic 1,like tom a guy trying to decide if the,thing he keeps in his attic is more like,his son friend or dog robotnik an elon,musk tight in that hes bald his tech,keeps exploding and his power comes from,stolen emeralds as jim carrey has so,much fun on camera hell retire from,acting forever i have enough,ive done enough i am enough thats not,how celebrity works you need our love to,love yourself now get in that fat suit,were doing sonic 3. and while jim,maintains his lock on cinemas greenest,meanies the voice of sonic ben schwartz,continues his dominance of the color,blue,i think we all know where this is going,water again,come on,party with the sonic you know and love a,mascot from 30 years ago spouting the,pop culture references of 15 years ago,who is clifford the big red rage monster,but before an extended uptown funk dance,sequence makes you check the year on,your calendar theyll introduce new,characters like tails a fox who can fly,with his ass its cuter than it sounds,and knuckles the second best mean little,red cartoon who wears boxing gloves all,the time,gnarly hes a character that eaters,elba promised us would not sound sexy,but well be the judge of that sir never,underestimate a sonic fans ability to,get turned on by cartoons watch sonic,and knuckles collide like that awkward,stack of cartridges it took to play as,him and if you dont think theyll,figure out their differences and work,together by the end get ready to be,blown away by sonic 2 because this is,probably your first movie and hey,welcome to movies theyre great try some,popcorn,blast off into the sonic verse which,takes place in what appears to be a,hawaiian wedding this is still sonic 2,okay,blast off into the sonic burst to meet,rachel and randall two lovebirds who,thought their hawaiian wedding would be,a passport to paradise but when tom,crashes the party itll be a one-way,trip to oopsville whether hes trying to,hang with the boys,misplacing the wedding ring i think i,mixed up the rings when i was teasing,jojo or disrupting the ceremony so help,me thomas youll be saying i do to the,best tyler perry movie hidden inside a,video game project till they finally put,medea in smash bros,sonic 2 rivals down the aisle,wait what this part is still going,you remember sonic 2 rivals down the,aisle well theres still more wedding,stuff because this couples relationship,was a sham and everyone there was,secretly a space cop or something now,this bridezilla is out to get her man,one way or another and with the help of,her maid of honor these two are cranking,up the hawaiian heat in,sonic 2 rivals down the aisle to,chaos altar all right are we done here,can we please go back to the sonic board,now,enjoy deep cut references like a,rendition of the original drowning music,recreations of the game logos,a call out to an obscure old puzzle game,and after they managed to fit the best,sonic meme into the first one im like,90 sure they snuck the other sonic meme,into this one id be happy to show you,the way,uh thats a ugandan knuckles reference,right oh boy youre playing with fire,there jim dont look that up,so get ready to cheer for a blue coat of,paint on one of the all-time classic,heros journeys a young man with an,awesome step dad who attracts some new,followers discovers he can walk on water,gets hunted down by the government and,sacrifices himself to save humanity,which is probably just a coincidence,unless you were also jewish gotta go,fast,just as foretold our golden god is,returned,starring,i see your schwartz is as blue as mine,goku,sonic is not too fast i would catch him,cycles marsden needs moms sham weddings,and your funeral,impeccable beard work just so sharp you,must be the monopoly guy,pacific gym,and chris pratt probably,speed two,lose control,i am not watching snow dogs again that,movie is the worst,wait is sonic a park and rex fan or did,he just come up with gene ralphios the,worst bit all on his own,[Music],its morbid time,let me tell you the story of the space,viking though odinson,back in my day we used to eat play-doh,for sport,now you know and knowing is half the,tacos,youre a pistol youre really funny,youre really funny

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