1. Street Food in South Africa’s Most Dangerous Slum!! Alexandra Township!!
  2. South Africa Street Food in Johannesburg!! Braai, Bread and Beef Head!!
  3. $7 Asian Crab vs $77 Asian Crab!! Rarely Seen Seafood Species!!
  4. Black, White, Colored!! Food in Africa’s Most Complicated Country!!
  5. Beer Can Chicken! Most UNUSUAL STREET FOOD in Vietnam!
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Street Food in South Africa’s Most Dangerous Slum!! Alexandra Township!!

in this video Im going to,johannesburgs most dangerous,neighborhood do you think Alexs thing,its not safe in search of South,Africas most unique street food a cold,meats of fried Meats french fries a,starch and starch and processed meat I,think we should find that but first,lets back up,South Africa is a complicated country,with a dark past,even though apartheid ended nearly 30,years ago its echoing effects can still,be seen in the underdeveloped once,racially segregated urban areas known as,townships what is a Township and then,well work in the mines or the factories,and that type of things like a,settlement so maybe if you had more,money you live in a different area but,its basically a place you would just,put there its unlike the place you,chose to come to over time townships,became known for innovating unique,Street Foods what people lacked in,resources they made up for with,creativity and skills so we have a base,of toasted bread and then Im not sure I,probably explained it in the voiceover,theres a lot going on here,this morning were starting out in the,township of Alexandra one of the poorest,urban areas in the entire country,[Music],proven proven by the food youll soon,see,this is River Park Cafe located on the,periphery of Alexandra this is how I,usually make my entrance okay no not,really not really joining my companion,for the day Fried Chicken expert and,restaurateur Andrew next to him,restaurant owner Chef zanell they both,grew up in townships she grew up here in,Alexandria is this what you would,normally serve one person I thought you,were doing this for the show this is,ridiculous its huge this is Chef,Janelles signature stewed sheep tripe,and intestines or mohodu,foreign,actually starts with more cleaning than,cooking you have to make sure that you,wash it or wash it wash it you wash it,so that when you eat it you just dont,fill the sand all the little rocks in,the mouth next she boils it for two,hours so my foot it has to be soft very,soft and then the taste you want it to,taste gamey or not because it smells,like it has some power to it thats,desirable right yeah,the ingredients are cut into bite-sized,pieces and tossed back in the pot the,chef adds beef stock and white pepper,after another hour of stewing its ready,to serve,and then you have this on the side you,call it a dumpling,growing up I think my mom would call,this like a pop over,flour yeast sugar salt butter and sliced,carrots come together in a dough Let It,Rise into a bubbly mass and load it into,muffin trays,Steam for 30 minutes to achieve this,fluffy cloud-like dumpling I love the,texture of it its like big steamy and,soft,this is so good so we take that we put,it into the sauce oh yeah super Savory,gravy its interesting it does have kind,of a wild sheepy taste to it but really,good its got personality its not one,of the chicks that holds the suitcase,and dealer no deal its Howie Mandel so,we try the meat now,its definitely tender yeah very nice,soft texture but once you get into it,you forget about the gaming smell and I,dont mean it as an insult its like it,has a gamey smell to it but then when,you eat it its like cheese It might,smell strong but you eat it and it,tastes delicious so how long have you,been cooking this recipe here its been,years and we keep on improving it Jeff,Sanel took over a small Eatery from her,mother in deep Alexandra four years ago,she moved it here I find when people say,deep here it has a certain meaning what,do you mean when you say deep ah hey,its deep because thats where you go,into the call of Alexandra you know its,the camera part of Alexandra,Gamora,the Deep,or the belly the core of the township,where all the social issues erupt amid,people densely packed against one,another,its where zanel grew up sometimes you,dont have water and also electricity,and sometimes I feel like theyve,neglected us so much theres too many,potholes and also many of the youth yeah,theyre not working so when it comes to,employment its very rough and also that,gives Rises to Crime so theres too many,challenges around here do you think Alex,is safe its not safe its not safe more,than 60 percent of Alexandras,households earn less than 2 300 a year,only five clinics cater to almost 180,000 residents having a stable life here,is like standing in quicksand but Sanel,is proof that anything is possible in my,family most of them they didnt finish,school but then I made it a point that I,myself Im just gonna challenge myself,and go even further you know by,acquiring a diploma in civil engineering,but this is what you love and this is,what you want to pursue yeah I always,told God that I want to open my,restaurant one day and I was saving,money saving saving money until it came,to fruition do you think theres a lot,of people here who feel defeated yeah,theres too much theres a lot of people,theres too much too many to better,understand the inner workings of Alex,Andrew and I head deeper into the,densely packed belly of this Township,the population of Alexandra is four,times more than its infrastructure was,designed for its a congested you know a,lot of people from different places,occupy in the same space so its,definitely hot with the area so densely,populated folks here struggle with low,water pressure sewer blockage and,flooding when I see a place like this,Im looking around I see kind of,improvised homes borrowed wood,corrugated steel kind of a patchwork to,make these small spaces where people,live in now but I gotta say the mood,here much lighter than I expected,as people are shooting here theres,people visiting oh its you can walk,through see thats what Im talking,about this woman lives here shes,literally trying to duck through our,shot we came here of course we asked,permission but people are so,accommodating welcoming this is what,they have and theyre open and willing,to share it the way they use Ubuntu like,people coming together and trying to,make the space work so people are,different from different environments,from different places and they just try,to make things work,[Music],[Music],when it comes to the townships do you,think the townships are responsible for,creating their own types of unique food,and Cuisine Township food is basically a,modulation of a lot of things in terms,of culture in terms of where youre from,and in terms of survival a good example,of that would be the slide I think we,should find that I know a couple of,places but Ill take you to one,slide its a guilty pleasure bordering,on Vice an unhealthy heap of delicious,deep-fried processed food,the recipe here kicks off with bologna,and salami on sandwich bread then a,fried egg another slice of bread cheese,and a burger patty smothered with,barbecue sauce,but dont stop there load the boat with,Russian sausage Vienna sausage and,well-seasoned french fries you can find,this calorie bomb exclusively here in,Alexandra the cost for all this one and,a half dollars so how would you approach,eating this because there is so much,food here I dont even know how to put,this in my face so you go into the,middle pots and then you just grab it,where you can and it just bite the,bottle most of the time in the middle oh,youre going directly in the middle Ill,go straight to the middle we have no,tissues you know what,lets go for it,delicious processed Meats so salty I,just got my sodium for the week this is,something what keeps you away from home,for a day because thats what you want,to do on a drink and have more,the Russian starts with the pork sausage,has been smoked no relations to Russians,no and this is very similar its a,Vienna like a hot dog sausage so what,theyve done is I think theyve taken,pretty cheap ingredients and theyve,prepared them the best way possible yes,so if you have a cheap kind of sausage,like this you dont want to just boil it,in some water its going to be limp and,well take the flavor out as well but if,you fry it you crisp it up you give it,some texture and then you just have a

South Africa Street Food in Johannesburg!! Braai, Bread and Beef Head!!

welcome to the Brian in this video,youll witness the dynamic why do they,call it chicken dust I dont know what,do you think its daring what Ive had,in the past is nothing like this,delicious street food of Johannesburg,South Africa Im gonna pair that with,pedo,Pito its probably not that,but first lets back up,[Music],[Applause],our first in this cross-country South,African food tour brings us to the city,of johannas Home Salud a city of over 5,million and the second largest in all of,Africa oh welcome to South Africa,here their iconic street food has,influenced countries all over southern,Africa and Im gonna try them all here,you have a bunch of different stuff you,can eat it with five different options,right is that 506. are you asking her,imagine I do believe its your story,from the giant beef head smiling if you,drink this you become a babe do you have,Bears here do you want one to some of,the most epic succulent meat dripping,barbecues youll find anywhere,it all starts here this neighborhood,were in right now its got a lot of,characters sure,tell me about Sundays in Johannesburg,because Im wondering if what Im,witnessing on the streets is something,that happens every day obviously said,today people went out partying and,theyre trying to find babalas cure do,you know what babalas is no its a,hangover it feels like people never stop,partying from Saturday we probably from,Thursday and then when does it end never,okay so I heard this is like the perfect,drinking food this is called the smiley,it all starts with a cow head sliced,down before cooking,now I had this before when I was in,Namibia I think it was a goat head or a,sheephead but when I ate it then it was,actually smiling at me but here its,just you know its cut up its on a,plate the only difference here is cow so,you cant put a cow on how how is it,gonna fit the head is too big thats a,good point theres different types to,make it but the original way to make it,is boiled it salt if you want to add,spices you dont actually you add spices,when its already here chili beef,seasoning best thing in South Africa and,Peri Peri sauce this Smiley usually,pairs with putu the recipe is cheap and,simple start with corn flour and add,just a little bit of water Ive seen,something similar in different parts of,Africa in Tanzania they might call it,ugali except for this looks like a more,like dry version of it this one we cook,with a full cook it up until it becomes,fluffy,finally the dish isnt complete without,a potent Savory cup of hot broth youre,going to pour over your meat just so it,goes down smoothly because youre gonna,youre gonna choke lets do what we have,to do hear that with the potato and then,youre gonna pick the one that you want,and then youre gonna go in oh you,already went for it oh I had to wait no,no dont spit it up definitely dont,spit it out joining me today the funny,Chef level and and shes a chef actress,and a comedian oh wow thank you born and,raised in Pretoria nearby Johannesburg,what I like about eating faces its a,weird way to start what I like about,eating animal heads is that every bites,a little bit different I understand why,you kind of have to pour this stuff back,on its like all the flavor has boiled,out of it so you pour the flavor back on,you pair it with this this is really dry,Im not used to it but but if you eat it,with some really soupy meat it kind of,balances out my question is is,Johannesburg a Street Food City,definitely I come from Pretoria we come,to Johannesburg with street food we have,11 different languages we have different,cultures everybody is just trying to mix,their cultures together to see what,works and thats what you get street,food here in Johannesburg do you know,what I think we should mix together what,some hot sauce wow thats what we call,transition kids theres your beer juice,over here what kind of a seasoning is,that yep do you know whats in there,thats chili beef seasoning what do you,think Vortex is like 100 beef now its,like 110 beef the beef is so much more,beefy its potent very nice how about,that hot sauce lets go,see what I mean very spicy but extra,sour lots of vinegar in there thats,very addictive yeah its juicy its very,very heavy and salty I can see why,people when theyre a little bit wasted,want to come here cheers,how do you feel telling people to Cheers,when youre not offering the meat oh,yeah that is offensive okay hold on give,them a little bit not a lot can I just,end people mean all right,our next stop brings us to the bustling,GHB Market a mix of commercial buildings,and outdoor vendors,peppered throughout the crowd youll,find purveyors of Street Food Magic,frying bread roasting meats and handing,out hearty portions of protein first on,my list a joburg classic chicken dust,why they call it chicken dust because I,think,I dont know what do you think are you,the local expert turns out chicken dust,aint about the chicken its about the,dust or the seasoning they put on it a,blend of dried parsley garlic powder,oregano thyme cayenne pepper and black,pepper dust it on the chicken and Grill,it over charcoal halfway through Slither,on barbecue and finish grilling,when it comes to street food how much do,people here love meat street food,everybody wants me why meat and not just,more carbs or bread or you know,something vegetarian,[Laughter],a bunch of flavor on the outside when,you first bite it the dusting its super,Savory the meat as fatty is Juicy its,dark meat and sweet but you had a little,bit Sweet Chicken of meat were gonna do,something Ive been wanting to do for a,long time Ive seen it in other,countries around South Africa Im,talking about the bride,is an Afrikaans word that literally,means barbecue especially an open,outdoor grill meant for brine pounds and,pounds of animal protein you can eat it,standing up or sitting down day or night,alone or with the groom later today,well be meeting some real Bry Masters,but first a dish only reserved for,Sundays we call it seven colors black,South Africans mostly we know seven,colors every Sunday we go to church we,come back and we cook this and it sits,the whole week traditional seven colors,includes rice as a base and for the,protein chicken or beef then an array of,vibrantly colored sides like this its,actually several colors but because we,are gangster we call it seven colors,right so is this seven colors though how,many colors do you count how about you,name the colors,green why do I sound like Im in,preschool green red brown light brown,okay white how many colors that was fine,so but you should add the little okay,yeah theres sub Colors Lets round it,up it starts with sliced red green and,yellow bell pepper white onion and red,onion all stir-fried in olive oil add,shredded carrot some seasonings and beef,stock after a few minutes add in boiled,spinach and finally cream of mushrooms,next the protein in lieu of the usual,chicken or beef were going with Ox,liver its stir-fried in a wok along,with peppers and onions hit it with a,little bit of secret seasoning and a,portion of the not so secret Als chili,sauce,the liver and veggies pair with pop the,most commonly eaten softer preparation,of corn flour and water on the side,salsa and cabbage,so you grab the bump and then youre,gonna go wherever you wish Im picking,up the spinach Im guessing they threw,in some tomato and carrots,I like the carrots it gives it a little,bit different texture yes what else,lets go for the Cabbage now Im curious,if these are all going to taste similar,like have some kind of a uniting thread,they wont,oh yeah it tastes a bit fermented it,tastes almost like sauerkraut lets go,for the salsa now the heat is there so,be ready Im looking forward to the heat,because I havent had anything too spicy,yet oh,theres no water at all what do people,drink here really deserves a seat in,hell um is that spicy do you not think,its spicy I think its like a fork I,mean its Pleasant I dont need for it,to be painful so Im not tr

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$7 Asian Crab vs $77 Asian Crab!! Rarely Seen Seafood Species!!

thank you to Rocket mortgage for,sponsoring this video rocket mortgage,recently released a new series on the,rocket learn YouTube channel it explores,fantastic strange and historic homes,Across America if you like the unique,destinations we visited in the past then,youll love this series each episode,explores the lore that makes each home,unique and attempts to answer the,question of what makes a home a home in,both recent episodes have explored the,best of the best in American Design,Homes on lava and even castles if you,want to check out each of these,fantastic locations and understand the,lore behind why people chose to call,them home well leave you a link to the,rocket learn YouTube channel in the,description below so check out the,rocket learn channel to watch full,episodes on this home and other unique,homes Across America that theyve,featured in their home lore series now,on to the show,in this video,well be trying three different crab,experiences with three vastly different,price tags Obamas kids lunchbox looked,like this,in Vietnam between the local seafood and,the imported Seafood you could eat over,a dozen different crab species just in,this one city from Tiny microscopic,crabs that can be eaten whole I did not,expect it to be so delicious its a,giant clawed Crustaceans that sell for,over 700 maybe its filled with tapioca,pudding,today were in search of new crabby,creatures youve never seen before Oh,wait what the cooked up in ways you,could not imagine he recommends us,feeding the crab and beer or a beer,product you want to do it for yourself,yes from the extremely affordable it is,just delicious to the shockingly,expensive should we give it a little bit,of a dip in the soy sauce how dare you,and it all starts here sir put her there,meet Mr Chen owner of Min Hui hes here,selling everything our planets vast,ocean has to offer the first time we,came here we had isopod the second time,we came here it was for giant snails,today were here for a crab Ive never,tried before,foreign,this is the Chinese hairy crab a native,crustacean found in East Asian Waters,though its just the size of a fist,these aggressive creatures are capable,of wreaking havoc on the environment so,much so theyre even banned in the USA,But in places like China and Vietnam,theyre eagerly greeted with open arms,and open mouths I want to talk more,about it but I feel like we need to,actually see the animal the creature,itself oh twin you happen to be right by,the aquarium and you dont have any,sleeves today could you just grab one,for us to take a look at them,sunny I see claws that are open right,now thats not helping why they look so,active,yes bobbing for a crab,s believe in yourself here we go oh my,God boys I wont try to me the worst,that happens you get a manicure or a,pedicure,I,cant help you with my watch on,I think she has it come on youre doing,the greatest,oh,fantastic,it is quite small but its still very,very popular in the market because it,has a lot of meat and roll inside and,then the best way to cook it would be,Curry,for one person about how many crabs,would you need one person usually have,five of these thats a lot Chinese hairy,crab Curry step one the steam what about,the price how much is about one crab,roughly seven dollars Im actually kind,of surprised by that price because you,can get a whole rotisserie chicken for,seven dollars granted chicken not hairy,and not a crab once the crabs are,thoroughly cooked theyre cut in half,coated with flour then deep fried I,think of Curry as a strong flavor well,that cover up the flavor of the crab,Curry is very popular because its full,of raw the curry and the road together,would be perfect for bread I cant wait,now the curry sauce combine chilies,lemongrass curry powder condensed milk,coconut milk more seasonings and a natto,oil add the fried crab and let it soak,in all those delectable delicious,flavors,thank you,as you can see inside here its full of,Rome it smells so good,oh I got it oh theres a lot of eggs in,there the eggs are like meaty man I got,some bite to it the row is so rich and,creamy theyre almost like chewy the way,theyve steamed up inside and I think,theyre a great pairing to the curry,Chris if you came here would you be,digging into these tiny Claws and these,tiny legs looking for meat of course Im,using a chopstick and Im just pushing,it on one end and then the meat come out,the other end now have you burned more,calories or earned more calories I think,its more worth it a little bit yeah I,got crazy idea row sandwich row sandwich,boom weve got plenty of row were gonna,extract that from the crab and that is,going to be placed onto some of this,bread and then Im gonna just completely,saturate that with this curry sauce,oh and I got some shell in mine for,texture the brininess of that row with,the sweetness and the creaminess of that,Curry it is a match made in heaven,thats beautiful this is a whole,experience so yeah you need to take your,time a little bit but I would give it a,lot of score out of 10. a lot of score,out of 10. wow,next up a flashy medium priced crab,experience right here in one of Saigons,most giant aquarium slash restaurants,[Music],with dozens of live seafood creatures to,choose from you never have to worry,about eating fresh how many dollars,worth of inventory do you think you have,right now and this is Mr coomb Legend,has it he once killed a merman with his,bare hands a hundred and forty eight,thousand five hundred dollars,is that real yeah can you imagine if the,power goes out Knock on Wood oh,oh theres a backup gender and he knows,CPR so lets talk about craps Vietnam,has such a vast Coastline and so much,Seafood thats caught trapped and,brought back to the mainland this crowd,today that were going to be trying it,is called the Red Crab you got it look,at this you got it sunny you got it how,are you not terrified right now how does,that look you put it here of course the,red crab is a species native to Vietnam,caught about 150 miles from fui Island,it is a beautiful creature first of all,it does have big arms really distinctive,black claws contrasted against a crimson,red body a huge carapace with ancient,medieval spikes on this side as well,despite not having much meat this red,crab is still the prize delicacy because,the morsel of meat that it does have is,said to be very very yum these are salt,water crabs and so they come from the,ocean and so therefore theyre not far,when youre farming it they dont get a,chance to really be in Mother Nature,they dont get a chance to get all those,nutrients from the seaweed and the kelp,and the sunshine this red crab will be,prepared two ways stir-fried and steamed,in beer to stir fry the crabs are first,cut into small chunks then deep fried,for fast even cocaine,then theyre moved to a separate pan and,stir-fried along with ginger and sticky,sweet Tamarind sauce,[Music],this has been cooked beautifully its,looking gorgeous just like you so lets,start off with the inside of the crab,innards the brains is there brains in,there there is crab brains and your crab,brains are the specialty but is it,really a brain yes yes it is really a,break,I got some parts that tastes possibly,like eggs and partially like fat and it,was very Livery very irony in flavor so,that is all that is in the head its not,a very full head pretty empty in there,not making a joke dont not making a,joke Im holding myself back here is the,clock what I love is that the goo on,here I mean you could just lick the,outside of the shell it is so thick and,sweet,delicious and that Tamarind flavor is,tart its sweet it really adheres to the,Shell oh you have a nice sized claw,there,I think I will not be able to crack it,believe in yourself so we have this one,no never believe yourself even yourself,always give up our first real bite of,Red Crab lets go for it,I find it to be sweet its just economy,size the absolute best part is the glaze,I just wish I had something to put it on,besi

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Black, White, Colored!! Food in Africa’s Most Complicated Country!!

[Music],this area is not flat at all there could,be hiding anywhere these bushes here I,dont have the eye for this,[Music],oh my God,[Applause],[Music],South Africa a country of 60 million,with Africas third largest economy the,continents second biggest city and some,of the most passionate food mines Ive,ever met is this what you would normally,serve one person ridiculous,but South Africa is a complicated,country with a dark past,apartheid an institutionalized system of,segregation favoring whites and,marginalizing all other communities we,are right now in the township of,Alexandra it was abolished barely 30,years ago what is a Township is,different social environments so maybe,if you had more money you live in a,different area basically a place you,were just put there its not like a,place you chose to come to,Now The Echoes of apartheides,devastating effects can still be seen,throughout the country sometimes we,dont have woods and also electricity,and many of the youth yeah theyre not,working it gives Rises to Christ you,think Alex is safe its not safe,you are our head chef today right yeah,thank you and no thank you but when,were talking about food thats,delicious Im gonna need a nap its,clear is this a pretty traditional way,of cooking yes everyone here has,influenced what we now know as modern,day South African cuisine oh wow,in this series its my mission to learn,about the life culture and food from,people of every background how many,calories do you think are right here all,week your whole week like black South,Africans who make up 75 percent of this,countrys population they like staying,here in South Africa if you drink this,you become a big even within this,majority youll find a variety of tribes,ethnic groups cultures and languages,everybody is just trying to mix their,cultures together to see what works you,know what I think we should mix together,what some hot sauce wow so we call it,transition kids then theres the nine,percent who classify themselves as color,when you say colored people here in,South Africa who does that refer to it,refers to me Im a proud Khaled a word,used openly today referring to members,of Multicultural ethnic communities you,usually just eat a whole plate of this,or you can only eat a few what happens,if you eat too much you get bloated yes,and you have to go to the toilets white,South Africans account for eight and a,half percent did you grow up near Elon,Musk a population mainly descended from,Dutch settlers who colonize this country,hundreds of years ago the white people,they move from one side of the country,to other areas so they had to learn to,make more food on fire,in two weeks of travel starting from,Johannesburg and moving all the way to,Cape Towns Coastline I learned the,immense diversity of this countrys,people is reflected in the diversity of,its food I gotta say what Ive had in,the past is nothing like this I was,actually waiting for that,thank you like johannesburgs bustling,street food scene,with iconic recipes that have influenced,countries all over southern Africa like,the doughy delicious fried fat cakes I,had pancakes when I was in Namibia or,the cow head smiling what I like about,eating faces its a weird way to start a,sentence theres the undeniable,africanor influence found in foods like,Bill talk seasoned and dried beef or,kudu and it never gets rotten even the,word Bry is an afrikans word meaning,barbecue people they come here they sit,down they order a ton of meat and they,drink a bunch of boots its my kind of,place,on the west coast the Atlantic waters,are rich with seafood is this a big one,yeah its a big one Im getting pretty,good at this cooked up with pride and,precision by South Africas colored,people,its mainly our Colored food do all of,you speak Afrikaans yes yes and English,yes anything else no no pretty good in,Cape Town youll find the cape Mallette,you need Seafood providing significant,contributions to South African cuisine,this is a whole different style of,cooking and culture that weve not yet,witnessed here in South Africa I cannot,wait to meet these people to try out,their food but first theyre going to,need one of these,this food series isnt meant to divide,individuals along racial lines but,rather to celebrate the collective,cultural contributions that together,make up the one and only,South Africa,all of this means is going to be donated,to avrils Village Avril how many people,are in your village I think its going,to be enough meat how many kilograms,would you say this is also this is,between 600 and 700 as East just the,animal itself over a thousand pounds,yeah,foreign,[Music]

Beer Can Chicken! Most UNUSUAL STREET FOOD in Vietnam!

oh its actually pretty heavy whoa there,is a whole chicken in there,today and the best FFA review show were,gonna take a white tree tonight and,today I mean what are you doing whats,going on youre a full reviewers yeah,okay yeah yeah take it away good okay,were gonna take a why we use this,camera this is a big one today and the,best actor for every show were gonna,take a white shoot tonight to try oh did,you say normal I wouldnt say this as a,normal food I think definitely on the,spectrum of like whats normal or a,little bit unusual its more on the,unusual end of foods no it is no look it,depends on maybe your background and,what they know its definitely not,normal,can you travel to Hanoi Vietnam to a,streetside restaurant that is called V,youre a food reviewer no what is this,restaurant called yeah um that doesnt,iboga fun all that is the name yeah okay,great and this place has one of the most,unusual food presentations and Ive ever,seen and I think we can all agree that,this food is insanely normal baby no,more okay lets go try this normal food,so here we are weve come to the chicken,store this is very unique and,interesting,this chicken is cooked in medicine yep,basically you know theres nothing,better than some delicious food seasoned,with medicine you guys some ravioli but,you busted a couple night quills in,there so delicious well why is the food,seasoned with medicine,because people believe that it will help,your help,and its actually taste so good this,dude uncanny canned creation is said to,have a bevy of health benefits including,improved appetite aiding and more,restful sleep during colds and one last,benefit of note the medicinal herbs in,Coke and chicken are said to promote,health and even cure constipation though,for most people any street food will,cure constipation thats what I heard,not for me though Ill your in stomach,how does this help you health-wise black,chicken is already considered my model,to shoes actually I went to China I went,deep into a market we found the black,chicken which is called the silkie,chicken its very puffy as plumes of,plumage black feet black bones black,meat its supposed to be a healthier for,you what are the kind of health benefits,of this black chicken is contain a lot,of protein and low cholesterol can I,pick up one of these because where this,is also the most respectful food show,ever,CAI am I in focus its the most,respectful food show ever oh its,actually pretty heavy so Wow there is a,whole chicken in there here we can see,the head peeking out and we can see the,legs its kind of like a mini bird,contortionist do you know what a,contortionist,yeah its not a part its really a tiny,chicken it has been the feather they,took out the guts yep and then they just,kind of crammed it in there they throw,in some herbs and spices theyre gonna,heat it up and then were gonna eat it,lets go find out how they make it,we are gonna find out exactly how these,canned chickens are made obviously were,going to the back of the restaurant the,VIP area already I can smell all the,herbs,its very curvy very aromatic and a bit,earthy right here we have all these,empty cant wear any getting these can,Trump be arrested from bigger,restaurants okay I cannot wait for the,weird comments for this video honestly,Ive heard it called coke can chicken,but I only see beer cans here the debate,has raged on for years what is the best,between coke and chicken and Pepsi,canned chicken well purists know the,best is really RC Cola canned chicken,and the US its not that unusual to cook,chicken with a beer can inside the,chicken to help infuse the chicken with,beer flavor have you heard of them no,instead of putting the can inside the,chicken here theyre putting the chicken,inside the camp east meets west west,meets East its all different but a,little the same word and were all being,brought together through food and thats,what this show is about ok they,literally have hundreds of cans in here,I thought there was gonna be like here,theres about three dozen Im like,thats a pretty good day you saw three,dozen chickens thats not bad oh no,theyre selling like hundreds in a day,right if youve ever been to a Chinese,pharmacy that is what this room smells,like right now a lot of like tree root,smell there portioning out all these,ingredients into each can and then the,last thing to go in it will be the,chicken todays candid kin concoction,will include a sprinkling of msg lotus,seeds dried jujube various dried chinese,herbs and a prune I think this is the,part that actually helps you with your,constipation okay cuz prunes arent what,youre supposed to eat when youre,constipated did you know that yes okay I,mean Ive never had that problem,finally the chicken is stuffed with,boiled mugwort and shoved in an aluminum,can with some chicken broth and steamed,for a couple hours not only are we,eating some delicious chicken check,cooked in the can thats checked were,gonna be walking out of here twice as,healthy as we walked in check not bad,cuts,our meal tonight uses Bantam chickens a,breed of chicken 1/4 the size of a,standard chicken but as we all know the,best things come in small packages,this is what my girlfriend tells me at,least and I believe her they do the,Bantam chicken they do pigeon au black,chicken so right now you can see shes,wrapping the top of the can in a plastic,and putting a rubber band around it Oh,who is the lucky lady yeah my Wow good,choice were gonna get the black chicken,so thats right here we have our first,beautiful canned chicken were not Im,guessing were not gonna eat it out of,the can but lets find out oh here comes,the move heres the move right into the,bowl she got her little chopsticks she,crow barring this chicken out of there,and there it is like a big pile of,yumminess right alright so here we have,two beautiful black chickens and lets,go to the table,we have our beautiful black chicken that,has been cooked in the medicinal herbs,it smells like Chinese medicine as kind,of like a professional drinker of,alcohol Ive noticed a few things about,this restaurant Ive noticed this place,is open all day Ive noticed that,theyre making hundreds of cans of this,chicken yet theres nobody here right,now and Ive noticed that there are tons,of beer bottles and in fact vodka,bottles up here so what I surmise is,there are some people who maybe had a,little too much to drink their hangover,their hangover cure some people are,coming here for their hangover cure and,some people are coming here because they,just like recycled cans okay we have our,fried bread and we have our salt and in,our train sitting next to us we have,some kumquat red chili pepper Vietnamese,coriander and ginger if you want spicy,put some bread yeah I want to see what,do you think I can take spicy food,Ill take spicy food check this all you,want to see something crazy,Hey BAM chili pepper thats pretty crazy,well you know what bean for me its,normal,wow you know I think we learned today,that something can be crazy to one,culture but normal to another culture so,guys maybe we shouldnt judge so much,and we should just come together,especially in regards to food this has,been a message you know this has been a,message this has been a message from the,best ever food review show all right so,heres the head yeah theres the neck ah,do you start with that oh thats not bad,okay look it comes right off very easily,yeah this is the thigh of the chicken,were gonna dip it in some of this sauce,we just made go right on back lets do,it,[Music],thats gone yeah and you have to bring,BM to God during the show up as well,this week and cheers right oh god this,is middle ground,yeah its food its not quite a drink,but its liquid okay we can cheers its,all hi bye yall,thats fascinating,Wow it has like some layers to it first,its a little bitter and then its a,little sour though its even like a,little smoky,maybe someone threw a cigarette in that,beer can last night oh thats why its,blank I guess

Sri Lankan Street Food in Crumbling Colombo! (What it’s really like)

oh my God its water broke in this video,youll discover what sets Sri Lankas,street food apart from any other country,sure oh my gosh including India its,right here Im very excited for it this,is cow brain but first lets back up,according to Sri lankans Constitution,our must-elect new president two weeks,before I arrived here Sri Lanka citizens,ousted their own leader in the midst of,an economic crisis,I didnt come here in search of conflict,but I did come here in spite of this,foreign,I have an opportunity to see the capital,of Colombo meet its people and try its,food for the very first time first of,all Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka history Lanka,today Im on a mission to experience,this countrys vibrant Street Food,flavors,by skillful passion,shots take a look at this this is the,crabzilla,it all starts here in Colombo the meal,that unites all ages all professions all,people is rice and Curry in shops like,this the curry selection seems endless,here at Luna Marisa lunch is about to,begin good morning from Sri Lanka I am,in the kitchen of a rice and Curry shop,and this is going to be my first taste,of Sri Lanka,this place has a load of curries,including Currys item,number four right here the preparation,of a jackfruit Curry,Jackfruit meat then throw that in a hot,pan add coconut milk onions green,chilies Curry leaves and pandan leaves,then season with salt turmeric curry,powder cinnamon and mustard paste in,only 20 minutes these sparkling flavors,meld together as one take a look at this,this is jackfruit thats not even ripe,its still white huh,I did not ask but she seems unbothered,it has a little bit of a tougher texture,its not sweet no flavors of Jackfruit,if anything that has a slight like kind,of rind taste to it like the green part,of a watermelon were gonna find out why,theyre using that type soon on this,side right here we have a pork curry,every time I go to India youre talking,about India because thats where Ive,had the most curries in my life,obviously not many folks in India are,eating beef but I dont think Ive ever,had poor Curry,its made with pork belly shoulder ribs,all tossed in a fiery cooking vessel,along with roasted curry powder and oil,what kind of food does Sri Lankan food,most often get compared to its often,compared to Indian Cuisine but we are so,unique its different,a delicate volatile combination of,components that make up a flavor bomb,turmeric powder roasted curry powder,chili powder black pepper salt cardamom,garlic paste something called Garcinia,Cambogia cinnamon ginger garlic fried,lemongrass and the Detonator Curry,leaves our food and our Cuisine,specially the authentic Sri Lankan,singhalese Cuisine has a lot of herbal,properties and values so it like really,nourishes you plus it heals you mind,body and soul joining me on my mission,to understand Sri Lankan food and,culture Rosanna Sri Lankan local and,food Explorer I want to jump into this,this is jackfruit uh just how do I go,for it just dig in,its really good right I love it the,flavors slowly reveal themselves the,black stuff is that a chili yes thats,oh great I just bit into one of those,it doesnt taste like Jackfruit at all,it just seems to be more about the,texture it has a nice kind of firm,texture to it spicy theres some,aromatic flavors in there too oh Im,making such a mess how am I doing here,good yeah and then here Ive never seen,a pork curry ever in my life its Unique,to Sri Lanka are you a fan of this uh I,havent tried it oh yeah why not today,could be the day,no Rosina is Muslim meaning she only,eats halal food and while pork is not on,that list this is some great pork the,spices are caked on there it has a,little bit of a bitterness to the spices,not curious Im not the texture of the,pork is wonderful I was thinking is this,something I maybe would have in Thailand,but I dont think so even though they,eat a lot of pork there this is one of a,kind I think you can only get this here,so good and an absolute First Rate its,so spicy too my brain is boiling,I know that theres a lot of conflict,here theres a lot of issues stepping,out of the airport driving down the,street as a tourist as someone whos not,been here before it is not immediately,apparent that theres such Strife here,but the irony is not lost on me that,were sitting here feasting especially,me as an outsider coming in gorging on,delicious Sri Lankan food while a lot of,people here cant afford food because,the prices have doubled and tripled,right now this island nation of 22,million is experiencing its worst,economic crisis since its independence,in 1948.,due to poor government management and,the lingering effects of the pandemic,key foreign exchange earning sectors,like exports remittances and tourism,were all brutally hit Sri Lanka is,for months people here have suffered,unpredictable blackouts and skyrocketing,inflation leading to shortages in food,and fuel schools even had to cancel,exams because paper wasnt such short,supply right now theres a food shortage,who is this affecting the most actually,the farmers are the ones who are going,through it all because theyre trying,their best to feed the nation feed their,families and do everything so while we,are feasting here this kind of feasting,youll only see in urban cities the,moment you step out which is the,majority of Sri Lanka you will see how,its affecting them because sometimes,they dont even have one meal a day and,theyre going through it right now Jesus,in hard times of grave uncertainty some,folks are taking whatever actions they,can whether just getting by from day to,day to something much more extreme,all right,meanwhile there are others who keep,doing what they do best sticking out the,tough times until those times give in to,better days Welcome to our next,destination this is the ministry of crap,this place is well known legendary,iconic for its Seafood here you can see,they have some clams they have giant,freaking shrimp like this,take a look at that River prawns that,weigh up to a pound or two but that is,not what theyre known for of course,this place is known for the giant Sri,Lankan mud crab,up here theyve got all the typical,sizes from small to extra large and then,theyve got jumbo colossal oh my God and,crabzilla that is what were getting,today take a look at this this is my,first look at it right now this thing is,a beauty this is approximately four,pounds of crab right here,bro deep in the South muddy base of Sri,Lankas mangroves a large crustacean,distinguished by its bluish green Hue,its not even attacking me its like,very well behaved its polite a delicacy,flown around the world more than Taylor,Swift mainly in the form of exports to,places like Singapore a single one of,these creatures can sell for hundreds of,dollars this is like the Rocks bicep,put into a claw for too long these,costly mud craps werent really eaten or,appreciated in Sri Lanka that was until,2011 with the ministry of crab was,founded utilizing this locally caught,delicacy right in their own backyard so,we are cooking the pepper crab its a,famous dish in Singapore meet darshan,munidasa a local chef of Sri Lankan and,Japanese descent the pepper crab has,been very prominent in Singapores crab,dishes and what they do is something,very very dry to be the opposite I want,to create a wet set up,you take black pepper this used to be,black gold in Sri Lanka because long,time ago until the Europeans came here,we had no red chili in Asia huge crab,crabzilla and look at that its like,almost like a steak and to this we had a,magic black pepper sauce and this is,where the flavor of the crab moved into,the liquid and that becomes our,signature dish the black pepper crab,leave it to steam for 20 minutes and,when the shell turns bright red,Plate serve and enjoy how do you ensure,that a crab is a premium crab apart from,coming from nature at a good level you,can grade it before its cooked so its,a selection process that makes the crabs,good from 100 crabs maybe well choose,3

Surviving Manila!! Uncovering Filipino Street Food!! (Full Documentary)

filipino food,especially the street food its some of,the most underrated in southeast asia,wow im sure youve seen balloon or even,beautifully roasted the tone that is,ridiculous but when you dig deeper,youll find theres so much more to,filipino cuisine,[Music],in this series were exploring manilas,street food scene with indulgent recipes,guaranteed to spike your blood pressure,that is so delicious but first well,make a pit stop in nearby pampanga where,youll find some seriously strange oh,you can eat the arms apparently i think,im doing it but seriously,it all starts now in the philippines,culinary capital,weve got this right here oh i know this,one chicken skits yummy,in this market well start the day with,a delightfully bizarre fried treat that,locals are losing their head over but,before that an appetizer,i love this skin so much and here you,guys were like why even eat the meat,because with us we dont want to waste,any parts of the animals where is the,meat by the way um where is it hiding is,it exported,its so like over fried that it almost,tastes like pork rind yeah pork chicken,can you hear it like,when you crunch it meet pat luck 24 year,old producer and model agent born and,raised in manila today well be trying a,lot of firsts for us both theres a bit,of a theme today its down just food in,papua but its some of the more exotic,extreme things that youre gonna find in,the philippines or elsewhere and so i,dont know if this food is going to be,extreme for you for you maybe its no,big deal what chicken intestines thats,like an average tuesday what about,chicken head never had that yet,thats what that is this is the chicken,head chicken head discarded in many,parts of the world while yrc chicken is,selling over 10 pounds of chicken heads,each day but not until they dress it up,a bit,here they coat the head and flour and,deep fry,this is one of many unique offerings,here at totobeats market a collective of,over 20 street food vendors,theres a couple different sauces here,this looks like vinegar sauce and then,this is sweet chili sauce so a couple,different options,it mostly tastes like fried goodness,surprisingly it tastes like chicken it,tastes chicken,oh do you see that why is that thats a,brain oh wow here have that piece thank,you so much yeah youre so welcome stick,your finger in there you can peel it out,with your finger oh my god its gooey in,the inside thats what im saying see,that is all just brain matter that is,every embarrassing memory the chickens,ever had,[Music],creamy very creamy rich buttery almost,the taste of the liver but like more,creamy yeah i agree it has a little bit,of that like kind of minerality to it,im saying im pretty impressed all the,flavor is just masked by that fried,exterior and then even if thats too,much for you you just give it a little,bit of a dip,you did a great job i love already that,its our first food and youve never,tried it before even though youve been,in manila your whole life im in my,twenties gonna live my life to the,fullest sure yeah and im old and ive,lived most my life i had a good life so,if i die today,our next iconic location found a way to,turn this into one of this countrys,most beloved national dishes this is a,historic location especially in the food,history of this country but before we,talk about the food this restaurant is,known for i want to ask you an unusual,question,why are filipinos so obsessed with,chicken ass,it tastes good,whether its chicken head or chicken ass,folks in the philippines will find a way,to make this under-appreciated meat into,a masterpiece here its marinated in a,secret savory sauce before being tossed,over charcoal i dont even know what,chicken ass look like without the,feathers and all its done,this is actually the bum right here its,like a pointy bum because thats where,all the tail feathers would be sticking,out of,[Music],wow,you dont have to tell me twice,this is unbelievably juicy yeah theres,a unique combination of fat and protein,and skin altogether so when you bite,into it really explodes with some juicy,flavor i bet this is yummy with rice as,well were in the philippines,everythings yummy with rice,thats just kind of a starter were here,because we want to talk about cc yes cc,the original recipe for sisig was breed,into existence here in 1974. she tried,how to utilize the big ear so that will,not go two ways to mix it with other,meat parts serve it to the guests and,they loved it,[Music],had no idea her remixing of affordable,humble ingredients would transform her,into a culinary legend it is everywhere,and its remarkable because the,philippines is an archipelago with,hundreds of islands and i can hop 20,islands away and theyre still gonna,have cece today lucys granddaughter,carmina is keeping the legacy alive now,cece has taken on a life of its own and,they make it differently sometimes they,put an egg on it sometimes they put,mayonnaise how do you feel about that,mine is original because i know that,people will come here for the original,season pretty much all cc you find,around the country will have fried up,pieces of pig face on a hot cast iron,skillet but the og the one that started,it all begins with the whole pig head,cut down into more manageable portions,then plopped in salty boiling water for,over an hour,the head chunks are chopped down even,more and cooked again over charcoal,before it was made to treat dizziness,well i heard its a popular drinking,food right yeah so in that way it is,kind of treating dizziness yes after,roasting is time for the chopping block,where bits of forehead cheek chin and,ears become lost in a mutilated mash of,face parts before hitting the cast iron,skillet along with onions chilies,vinegar and salt,this is seasick and all other sea seeds,can kiss this ccs chicken ass,the time has come were waiting for the,cece okay pretty epic its like a,filipino fajita its so oily like mine,is a volcano of pork grease i have a,calamansi here this is to give you a,more sour taste oh i like that you,filter the seeds yes so i could eat it,right away without any water it is hard,to believe that this is all just a bunch,of mutilated pieces of face they chopped,it really well yeah you wouldnt know no,here it is first time eating the,original cc lets go for it,[Music],oh thats delicious first of all its,like smoky from the cast iron it has,that hay kind of flavor to it yeah this,is tremendous i mean its just rich,decadent oily over the top i need the,rice right now because its so rich,the guy behind you got three piles of,rice,its basically he got cheesy flavored,rice i mean he has so much rice over,there whats this maybe this is the ear,i think i got the treasure right there,guys go for it im a little bit jealous,what the heck it melts in your mouth is,it an ear i think its an ear it can be,a nostril for all you know as long as,its yummy,i think this is like a good meal after,their days work after a days work its,new what time do you quit working oh,really its your lunch,many foods in papua have roots that go,back to colonial times in times of,necessity in times when resources were,limited folks had to get creative with,what they had the food in pampanga is,very distinguished because the spaniards,colonized us for a very long time they,trained filipinas to be their cook on,the other side we also have this side of,poverty during the war so we were able,to create food from the farm over time,this magic that could be worked with pig,faces or chicken butts became part of,whats now known as kappapangan cuisine,hi im here today to learn more about,your food shes here for free food,you have a couple different things you,have frogs and then you have some bugs,those are mole crickets,wow hello there first time seeing you,the mole cricket found in rice fields,after harvest season thats between,august and september this is a cap of,pagan treasure so you said people are,flocking here from manila to eat these,yeah they cannot find it just any

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