1. 2020 Hyundai Sonata – Review & Road Test
  2. Hyundai Sonata Mechanical Review
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2020 Hyundai Sonata – Review & Road Test

sedans,are not dead,okay based on sales data americans,definitely prefer suvs these days,and the full-size sedan category is,coughing up blood but,focus your gaze on the 8th generation,hyundai sonata and youd think mid-size,sedan land was as lush and thriving as,ever,i promise well dig into real substance,including some very cool features,shortly,but lets start with trivial aesthetics,normally i like you to come to your own,stylistic conclusions but there are some,details,on the exterior of the sonata that i,really really like specifically,this chrome strip right here in this,region when you turn the car on hit it,james,it turns into a lighting element giving,the sonata a very distinct face,even during the daytime the other detail,i really love is around the side,this body line right here uses varying,width to give the illusion of depth it,makes you think theres a coke bottle,shape,when actually there isnt theres just a,varying width,style line i am a huge fan of visual,trickery for example,heres the ball,whered it go its behind your ear,thank you for enduring my one magic,trick,inside the sonata walks a narrow line,offering an unfussy layout,elevated by strategic visual flair these,streaks of metallic trim,recall the sonatas chrome exterior,treatment helping unify the inside,with the outside to my eyes the cabin,looks stylish,while avoiding gimmickry take a moment,to form your own opinion,it doesnt hurt to look good but what,really matters is quality and,functionality,on the first score the materials look,nice with a pleasing ratio of soft to,hard surfaces,according to my all-important elbow,comfort index the hyundai sonata ranks,an ergonomically excellent squirrel the,armrests are well padded and wide,and nicely positioned i do have a weird,nitpick though so the door handle,and this is only because i was in here,the vehicle was off,and i happen to be very very quiet,theres some friction here if you listen,that feels a little unintentional like,somethings rubbing in here i dont know,if thats going to slowly drive me crazy,or if its really not that big a deal,maybe i was already crazy perhaps the,most interesting aspect of the interior,is how despite increasing vehicle,complexity hyundai,managed to make an instrument panel,thats so uncomplicated,look at the climate and seat controls,two knobs six buttons,four toggles simple yet functional plus,im awarding bonus points for auto,modes three fan speeds,that let occupants dial in their ideal,breeze what can i say i like a lot of,wind,all the other major interactions happen,through a standard 8-inch or optional,10.25 inch,infotainment display the interface is,easy to explore,and reacts with haste look at how,quickly i can pinch and zoom on this nav,display,whoa yeah although i will say that,yesterday while using apple carplay,the whole thing froze up for a good 10,mississippi,im guessing that was a one-off,on that note apple carplay and android,auto smartphone connectivity,come standard as they should heads up,steering wheel aside youll have to use,these capacitive controls to skip tracks,or scan radio stations on the other hand,there is a volume knob which we all,recognize as an irreplaceable necessity,right honda another notable feature of,the sonatas cabin,is the push button transmission selector,traditionalist might prefer a lever,but the button setup takes up less space,and enables a feature were going to,talk about in a little bit and,by banishing the park button over to its,own little island,it makes it pretty easy to distinguish,between drive neutral,and reverse i still havent found the,button that makes,james shut up hey what are you talking,about,is that the right no the n means no no,no god no in terms of passenger space,the snot,is amply accommodating the seats are,comfortably shaped,i have more than enough legroom and back,and thanks to a contoured headliner my,head clears,just barely quick reminder i may,completely average 5 foot 10 inches,with a long torso i do have a question,about the front seat,even in the lowest position it seemed,like headroom might be tight for taller,people this is why we keep james around,james how tall are you,this tall good enough how do you fit in,the front seat of the sonata,does your head hit the headliner lets,find out,is it okay three fingers,three fingers okay,for gear hauling the sonatus trunk is,generously proportioned,at 16.3 cubic feet just keep in mind,these gooseneck hinges might squeeze,your gear if its stacked high,two more trunk notes the sonata has a,system where if you stay here for three,seconds,the trunk will automatically open you,can turn it off but i think its really,cool,the other neat thing is there is a,secret release tim get over here can you,find the secret release,on the hyundai sonata do you know the,secrets like dude,you do i do do it do it,you knew it eventually yeah secret,release,all right lets talk about how the,sonata drives to start along with a,generally transparent eight-speed,automatic transmission,there are two four-cylinder engines a,2.5 liter for lower trims,and a 1.6 liter turbo for higher trims,huh,thats interesting the fancier engine,has 11 fewer horses,but a superior torque figure and in,normal driving its torque that gives,you satisfying immediate thrust when you,press the accelerator,that said in addition to more horsepower,the base engine is also more efficient,than the 1.6 liter turbo meaning there,is no shame,in driving the base engine in typical,hyundai fashion there are several drive,modes,smart automatically adapts steering and,powertrain behavior based on how youve,been driving recently,custom lets you dial in your preferred,settings sport is,well sporty and normal is,well actually normal feels a little,lethargic when i first got into the,sonata it felt like i had to prod the,accelerator more than expected,to get it moving but i am slowly,adapting,one major improvement with the latest,sonata is steering feel it has a smooth,consistent direct quality that contrasts,very nicely with the uncommunicative,sonatas of the past,mixing composed cornering traits,excellent feeling breaks,and a suspension that tames uncivilized,tarmac and the sonata stands as a,well-rounded enjoyable driving sedan,to that i will add unlike a lot of,modern cars visibility from the drivers,seat,is excellent thanks to rear quarter,windows and pillars that are reasonably,sized,and just for fun lets see how fast we,can go through this corner lets see,hmm that was pretty good tim are you,scared,good enough to scare tim good enough to,make me happy keep things cheap,and for about 24 and a half grand,including destination charges,youll get a base sonata se trim,featuring a lengthy 10-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and a full,suite of active driver assists,like lane following with collision,avoidance assist forward collision,warning with automatic emergency braking,and full speed adaptive cruise control,that said if you can afford an extra,2100,the sel adds some nice options including,keyless access with push button start,heated front seats a rear seat armrest,an 8-way power driver seat and blind,spot monitoring,in the further reaches of the trim,lineup youll find indulgences like,wireless phone charging,blind view imagery that pops up in the,gauge cluster a 360 degree camera system,with a bunch of different angles,very cool rear vents that really should,be standard a vivid 12.3 inch digital,gauge cluster,as seen on the hyundai pallas side kapow,a panoramic sunroof with a weirdly quick,and very appreciated cover,and a digital key that lets you access,the vehicle with a card,like your hotel room at the radisson or,using your phone,but only if youve got an android phone,reserved for the limited trim is a,feature called remote start parking,assist,think tesla summon system but apply to a,car thats not electric,ive had better luck if i hit the lock,button first and then hit the hold,button this should start the engine,there it goes and then y

Hyundai Sonata Mechanical Review

today were going to take a look inside,the hyundai sonata to see whats inside,and how it works now instead of,reviewing the quality of the plastics,inside the infotainment system or the,size of the cup holders were going to,be taking a look underneath the car and,under the hood to see what it would be,like if you had to own and maintain one,of these now were going to start under,the hood where over here on the,passenger side we have hyundais 1.6,liter smart stream engine it is a,turbocharged four-cylinder situated,transversely for front-wheel drive then,over here on the drivers side,underneath the battery you have an,eight-speed automatic transmission now,this is one of the smaller engine covers,ive seen and its not branded on the,top which means that both hyundai and,kia can use it in their versions of the,vehicle now were gonna start by taking,a look at the air intake system on this,engine you can see fresh air is going to,be drawn in from the front of the hood,here and be sent over down to the air,box now one thing i like about this air,box is its super easy to change the air,filter it just slides right out like,that and then you can slide it back in,push these tabs in and put it back down,now that filter there is then going to,be sent through this mass airflow sensor,and then through this tube down to the,turbocharger at the back you can see,back here the air is going to be set,into the turbocharger located over here,this here is your electronic wastegate,which is going to vent off any extra,pressure if you dont need it now this,turbocharger is going to use the exhaust,flow in order to generate more flow in,the air intake stream and pressurize,that its going to send that pressurized,air down through the charge pipe which,you can see coming down over here into,the air to air intercooler now with that,air box out of the way its pretty easy,to see the size of this air-to-air,intercooler it just sits by itself,theres no fan in front of it or behind,it you just have the big pipe that leads,up to it and then the big pipe down at,the bottom in addition we have our,excess bleed pipe that brings air back,in here with a controlled valve now,taking a look from underneath you can,see this big charge pipe thats going to,lead up to the air intake to the,throttle body you can also see back here,this is your air-to-air intercooler that,sits on the first third on the drivers,side over here on this side behind the,radiator fan is the second third of the,front which is taken up by the radiator,now that pressurized air isnt going to,get cooled off and be set through this,drive by wire throttle body through your,map sensor and then into this air intake,manifold which is made of a composite,plastic before being forced down into,the air intake side of the engine head,next taking a look at the sonatas fuel,system this is gasoline direct injected,only here youve got the direct,injection pump which is going to take,low pressure fuel coming from the tank,and pressurize it now this pump runs off,of the exhaust camshaft on the back of,the engine here its then going to send,that pressurized fuel down this tube,over here is im going to come down over,here and go into the fuel rail located,below this intake manifold before its,injected into the engine at very high,pressure directly into the combustion,chamber now of course directly injecting,gasoline down into the combustion,chamber is good for fuel efficiency as,well as emissions but the downside to,that is after a while the intake valves,are going to get gummed up with carbon,because on a normal port injected,vehicle the injectors would sit on top,of the air stream here before it goes,down into the intake valves to help,clean them off now taking a look at the,top of the engine here from the,passenger side you can see this engine,has a double overhead cam you get the,exhaust cam shaft on the back there and,that drives the turbocharger and then,the intake cam shaft over here and,thats all held underneath this plastic,valve cover the engine does take 0 w20,weight oil now the ignition coils on the,top of this engine are located right on,the top here which is going to make for,very easy spark plug changes and the,dipstick is located right in the middle,here easy to check now looking,underneath the hyundai sonata you could,see that it has a fairly flat,undercarriage here with a panel that,covers up most of the engine and,transmission there is a metal panel as,you get to the back there and thats to,help with the exhaust heat now taking a,look at the engine itself from,underneath we do have a stamped steel,oil pan instead of say an aluminum one,now over here you can see the oil filter,module it is a cartridge style oil,filter which i dont like because these,are a little bit messier and the fact,that its made of plastic means that it,could potentially crack and leak after a,little while i dont really like these,and i prefer the metal ones it actually,extends back up here to the oil cooler,which is going to exchange heat from the,oil with the coolant heres something,also embarrassing this car only has a,thousand kilometers and weve also got,an oil leak on the oil pan that means it,hasnt even reached its first oil change,yet so its not like this drain plug is,not tightened the leak is actually,coming from up here at the oil pan,thats not looking good for hyundai now,over here on the side of the engine we,have the chiming cover and underneath,that timing cover we luckily have a,timing chain which means that you dont,have to do belt replacements every so,often over here you have dual variable,valve timing you can see these are your,variable force actuators over here and,these are going to apply an oil pressure,to the cam phases in order to vary valve,timing now further down in front of that,timing chain cover we have our drive,belt setup which is a little bit,interesting here you can see down over,here is where your crank pulley is up at,the top here is where your alternator is,its got this unique belt tensioner on,here which is whats going to tension,the belt you just have to put a wrench,down over here in order to get the belt,off now further down inside of here,those bolts there are your water pump,pulley while it is pretty tight to work,inside of there once you get the pulley,off its pretty easy to service the,water pump then finally down at the,bottom over here is where your ac,compressor is located mostly accessed,from down below overall however its,pretty easy to access the alternator,its right over here and its just held,on by two bolts and easy to remove and,replace if required heres a look at,that ac compressor from underneath you,can see most of it would be accessed,from underneath and youd have to pull,it down this way now drop a comment down,below if you know what this thing does,its driven off of the intake camshaft,and its got one electrical connector to,it and i dont see any hoses here and,now were gonna have a listen to the,engine,[Music],now taking a look at some of the,electronics and parts under the hood,here this is a newer hyundai which means,that you do have your fair share of,cheap plastics under the hood here a lot,of the wiring components tend to have a,lot of plastic on them at least the fuse,box which is located right here is very,easy to get to right at the top here and,everything is clearly labeled now the,engine computer is located under the,hood for a short wiring harness but i,like that its pushed back not far from,the firewall as opposed to being right,in front of the engine where it could,get easily damaged in a collision in,case you were wondering the unique line,that runs up the hood for the daytime,running lights is a separate piece from,the headlights here it starts over here,and then it runs up the side and stops,halfway up i wish to actually continue,it along the belt line of the vehicle i,think that would look pretty cool but,its just a single piece over here with,the electrical plug now here we

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Assalamualaikum kalau kita bercerita,tentang kritis sedan segmen di dibuat,oleh dinamo Asia memang,go1 sekarang inilah Toyota Camry nomor,lama yang pakai tetapi sekiranya Anda,hendak sesuatu yang berlainan kita Aduh,Honda Accord dan kita ada Hyundai Sonata,tapi,hai kenapa enggak meja Gangnam begitu,tentang Hyundai Sonata dan kenapa,Hyundai si risau Kalau kami bandingkan,Sonata ini tidak mulai,hari ini kita bandingkan juga,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],mengaku badges0,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],nah lalu,[Musik],Hai Bibirmu di,ia,menuntut ilmu,Hai Shogun,[Musik],[Musik],Hai inilah Honda Accord generasi terkini,dilancarkan dalam bulan Februari tahun,2020 harga dia bermula daripada,186000 Ringgit dan ada dua varian,jin-jin 22 sama satu poin 5lite Tebo dan,untuk warna Pearl white Anda kereta Mbah,400 Ringgit lagi dagang ini boleh hanya,satu warisan saja yang ditawarkan di,Indonesia dan Yoi lah model CB uh harga,dia,207000 Ringgit dan dia menggunakan ijin2,point 5 Lite tanpa Tebo,B6 warna yang Anda boleh pilih daripada,segi dimensi ataupun size anda mungkin,ingat Selatan lebih panjang sebab,Wahyudi putih Hut tapi sebenarnya,Eko ini satu mm lebih panjang DPD Sonata,eh itu juga sebenarnya duel mm lebih,lebar daripada Sonata daripada segi,ketinggian bule ekor 5 mm lebih rendah,daripada Sonata jarak rute crude ataupun,will b10a dekat sini berbisa Sonata 10,mm lebih panjang wheelbase daripada,Honda Accord So it usai tapi sebenarnya,memiliki itu tak banyak sangat disuruh,pun lebih kurang sama size orangnya,rapper segi trinco ac30 dapetin Jin,diduduki TV Sonata ini lebih tradisional,dia menggunakan izin two infidelities,Smartfren 4-silinder menghasilkan 180 PS,dan 232 N Rose of Top Speed Gear yang,kita baca dalam website,234 kilometer sejam biro Tuhan Hai dalam,delapan poin tiga saat untuk ekor itu,Bule Dia menggunakan engine yang memang,populer yaitu izin onepoin Lite,Tebo yang juga digunakan dalam Honda,Civic yang baru yang sebelum ini dan,juga Honda CRV Tetapi kalau aneh berbisa,Honda Accord mempunyai engine bitec,tubuh yang paling berkuasa dalam,keluarga Juan Paul l so untuk yang ini,dia menghasilkan,a201p es dan 260 n n,top speed,r190 kilometer sejam zero to hundred dan,in nine point one second so yang ini,enzim tradisional twinfinite lebih besar,yang itu ingin Moden the BOC 15 l d,persegi desain ataupun design language,Honda,eh kok nih memang bentuk tradisi Honda,modem anda melihat Gaye notchback dedica,belakang dengan Iko yang pendek dan,muncung depan yang memang serasi dengan,Honda sekarang ini sebentuk dia,berbanding dengan Eko dulu jauh lebih,sporty dengan rode alloy yang berjenis,dikit dengan Chrome yang menarik dibuat,sebentuk di ini tidak begitu membosankan,dan lebih agresif daripada sedan segmen,di yang biasa tetapi,sun-day Sonata dia menggunakan desain,language yang baru yang sebenarnya kita,tidak begitu biasa sebab itu sangat,biasa dengan Honda Hyundai Inilah satu,benda yang bukan lazim di Mission to,design english.you yang ini,hai aduh yang kata UB Ada yang kartu Wow,Ade yang kate Barry futuristik Brunei,Yoi 22 nih sebelumnya sampai 18inchi,tetapi pada saya,Sonata ni nampak lebih besar dan,permainan krom Deni pun jauh lebih,berani daripada Honda Anda boleh lihat,Chrome dikeliling Fauzan tingkat ini,sampai ke grill depan,diletakkan dengan garis sandi itu Honda,Accord mempunyai ilmu kedepannya agresif,betul tetapi sebagai Zai Yi Qi tube,nampak dia dah mirip ccb tidak mirip ke,badan-badan yang lain givenchy Pi baru,Bonda lebih kuat macam tuh tetapi untuk,Sonata Inilah satu muke Yang jangan kita,tengok dekat Jalan Kayu bibit kicauan,bawah itu ini agama yang Nikita perih,dan gini doang kate macam tuh tak ke ini,Bu dong cute rasa bentuk agresif dan,Yoona tahu ini benda pun nih bakal lihat,sih dengan gril Galang Dero saya tak,kasih orang tahu ini kita Korea pun,bagian belakang Sonata ni lagi begini,depan kalau kita buang logo tuh Saya,sedih pasti ini kita apa Hilux lebih,American continent techcode,Tapi saya tahu ini bukan jepun ini,problem dengan Korea sebenarnya design,language sentiasa berubah sampai kita,tak tahu identity Thief untuk Honda Eko,tuh lampu belakang di bentuk si so yang,kita udah dia macam ketam dulu tapi uang,pagi step lelap elah macam-macam lah,yang ini,lampu D1 memang berlekuk macam adem ini,spoiler Build in dalam spoiler Deni Ade,Irving dekat sini dan untuk micro yasuke,lampu Duh lampu merah di sampai tengah,hari,wulz punya panjang nih,menyalip cuma satu bener sih Tak,berkenan,karena buka benih tadi batin racing ini,elah yang hitamnya Thailand nih ini,yaelah ribet kamera nak membuka nih Ia,adalah,ini butek punya nampak Aku bodoh size,untuk Sonata nyidam 510 Lite dan jundai,seperti biasa dia memang lebih pekep ada,pasaran Amerika Serikat so ada beberapa,Bende yang memang lazim untuk pasaran,news contohnya turunkan sih itu Betawi,dekat sini itu satu tapi yang paling,obvious dekat pintu butir sebelah dalam,nih ada butak untuk dibuka mananya Kalau,engkau duduk orang-orang untuk beli buka,good gunakan hutang the keatas Hahaha,agaknya gak sini ramai questnet,Iya Sedikit mengecewakan hilang mood,sebuah sebesar nih Yunita bagi kayak dia,cuma bagi pangcu kit salju,untuk Honda ekor bola Bude nih nampak,macam tak bersalah tapi ini jauh lebih,besar,575 dan sama juga didata dengan twill,untuk turunkan situ tapi yang paling,ikonik,dalam Honda Eko nih memang nampak mewah,tapi dia tahu sendiri orang Mischa so,dia pergi pada warna-warna gelap macam,leadership hitam dan juga kemasan,channel warna gelap di dashboard so yang,ini pada pendapat saya antara,interior Honda yang termewah dalam,pasaran domestik dana nevira satu tempat,yang mudah untuk kita slese screen depan,oh no utama yaitu sebesar 8 inchi dan,untuk instrument panel dia juga,menggunakan TFT screen sebesar,7inci kemasan Kevin Jonathan Iya kan,buat ramai Terpukau sebab Yup betul,betul lain warna kabinet sebenarnya,bergantung kepada warna dua kendaraan,ini so ada juga dalam shalat Tani yang,warna hitam tapi untuk model warna putih,Inilah dalam diet dan seperti Anda lihat,you memang ada banyak benda-benda yang,lain daripada kita jemput contohnya,walaupun tajrin tuh sama besar 8inci,tetapi instrument Cluster menggunakan,screen TFT bersaiz 12-point qg kinci,shop sistem kamera untuk Sonata anime,manga De sedikit special kalau Honda di,add Line watch Hai gamers sebelah kiri,bilik ditekan Sinergi Blend nampak hemer,YouTube doakan gambar dekat screen untuk,Sonata diadu Bukan setakat sebelah kiri,dia di sebelah kanan dan gambar IMEI 20,keluar di Paparan mite di hadapan,pemandu yang ini memang menarik dan,FaceTime Say JUMP pull system macamnya,lain Neter itu kalau kita dongakne ke,atas dia bukan setakat dengan menyuruh,dia sekali dengan handuk,di segmen iyelah memang kita Oke sebab,itu tempat duduk belakang memang luas,betimus digiling Rumahnya dekat sini dan,juga lebar itu kemudian dia dalam sila,times its Showtime bulan puase orang,nak makan ke belakang tadi saya pun,nampaklah dari kemudian kita diam resma,cbse adecon Band tapi takde controller,ada 2 USB ports dekat sini so tempat,duduk dan ini pun Hai condong ke,belakang yang ini tak Bu Lina Ijaz,tetapi just nice dan please headroom,dingin pun untuk saya yang nambah tinggi,pun gila Derby County dalam Dwiki,memang Duos dana gaya klasik jika depan,tuh disambung dekat belakang boleh,nampak warna hitam dengan kemasan gelap,nih nampak mahal dan kiri anda duduk,disebelah sana nomor ly.bit penduduk,dekat sini kita beli kontrol kedudukan,kursi depannya dengan gunakan hutang,rivited inilah So,I think the system compatible memang Oke,saya siap hilang kaki lagi ke sini bae,bagian dalam belakang,Sonata nih Dit tak selebar yang itu,walaupun ruang kaki saya kenampak oke,cumi Bie funny ke belakang sedikit saya,masih budizie gelang kaki tapi memang,Febri kasih dapat tidak mengira ini dia,tak seluas yang ekor mungkin ini lebih,pada driska privacy screen pun tada cuma,amrez belakangnya subscribe tinggi yang,ikut suka bawah nyanyi tinggi condong,tempat duduk Nippon Ok

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2023 Hyundai Sonata N Line is an impressive “sleeper” sporty sedan. Review and POV drive.

whats up guys welcome back this right,here is a 2023 Hyundai Sonata and line,now you might be thinking and line is,just the badging with a little bit more,of a sportier look on the vehicle and,while thats true on some of the models,like the Elantra and the Tucson and line,on Sonata means business and that means,the more powerful engine and definitely,a more performance vehicle and today Im,going to take you on a complete tour of,this vehicle so were going to check it,out exterior interior engine at the end,of this video youre going to go on the,ride together with me by the way I found,this vehicle at Gettel Hyundai of,Lakewood Florida so huge shout out to,those guys they allow me to spend some,time with it and film it for you also,guys my name is Matt here on Matt the,cargo I post two card reviews every,single week so if thats something you,enjoy watching do me a favor check out,the rest of my channel consider,subscribing really means a lot to me and,if you watch this video and like it give,me a thumbs up now lets get back to,this,[Music],thank you,[Music],faith,foreign,[Music],right which weve seen on this channel,before or the Kona end and the exterior,has like a completely all-out styling,different than anything else and the,Sonata and line is definitely more toned,down if you didnt pay too close,attention you probably would mistake it,by the regular SEL maybe but lets check,this out in the front right here you,have a different growth so you have this,piano black grill its all open allowing,for the maximum airflow into this engine,compartment to help with cooling of this,definitely more powerful engine that,powers this up you have the n-line,badging and yes you do have some of the,performance looking bottom portion of,this bumper also this front fascia right,here this is all open allowing more air,and the side skirts are open again to,create that better airflow for better,aerodynamics same lights as youve seen,on The Limited model so theyre fully,LED lights daytime running lights that,go right here also this light strip over,here lights up and then continues as a,chrome trim basically all around the,window so were going to see that on the,side of this vehicle as far as the hood,nothing too crazy you have this little,bit of a raise in the middle over here,and two Body Lines on both sides so,there you have it this your front of it,now whats definitely different is the,heart of this vehicle so lets pop the,hood open and lets see what it is and,here it is a 2.5 liter turbocharged,engine 290 horsepower 311 pound-feet of,torque now this is mated to an N 8-speed,automatic transmission with dual clutch,automatic transmission that is capable,of shooting those Vehicles here to 16,about 5.3 seconds I like this engine,setup now the new genesis g70 also has,the same imagine but it cost a lot more,than this Sonata so lets check this out,I like the hood struts on both sides you,also have a little bit of a heat shield,right here for better heat insulation,and also a noise shield for better sound,dampening of this vehicle so it should,make for a nice and quiet right well,guys on the outside were gonna do a,vision track first so what color is this,car well if you set black you would be,wrong its actually called a carbon blue,and when you really look at it,especially like right now when the Sun,hitting it just right you can see the,hints of blue a little bit of purple but,it changes like if its dark and cloudy,it actually looks pitch black so its a,very interesting color but lets see the,setup on the side theres only a few,features that kind of says that its an,end line one of them is right here it,does says end line on the fender the,other one is you have the N log as a,center cap right in the middle of this,wheel now this is an exclusive for the,end line wheel 19 inch as far as the,size of the tires first of all this is,the Pirelli P0 tires and you have 245 by,40 thats the size of it now you have a,little bit more of an aggressive Bumper,in the front with this air intake like,the air damp over here and a little bit,more aggressive side skirt but thats,about it theres nothing else thats,different lets say from the Sonata SEL,now this piece right here which is the,trim it starts off as a light and then,continues as a chrome trim that wraps,around the windows look really really,nice then as far as the mirror setup you,have the same color as the rust of the,vehicle you have the turn signal blind,spot assist you do have the smart entry,in the vehicle as you can see the,mirrors are blinking over here the,blinkers and then if I put my hand,inside of it its going to unlock this,vehicle so overall you know it looks,very much the same as all of the other,sonatas lets see it from the back all,right lets check it out from the back,again it looks the same as most of the,other sonatas with the exception of this,lower part of the rear bumper so you can,see that there is a diffuser dual,exhaust on both sides really nice and,sporty then you have the reverse lights,as well as the reflector lights over,here everything up on top same as the,regular Sonata but I do like it starts,off with the shark fin antenna nice,slope glass over here almost like,floating into this trunk that has this,built-in trunk spoiler and that connects,these kind of extending lights on both,sides fully LED light setup now you have,this light bar over here that glows in,the dark you do have the Hyundai logo,Sonata right here and the rear view,camera now lets Pop the trunk open and,lets see how much room we have have to,do is press the button on the remote and,it opens up it is not a power trunk,however because you actually have to,close it manually on the inside we can,see a couple things right away I can see,a tire Mobility kit and that tells me,that it doesnt have a spare tire now,you also have the first eight kit set of,floor mats and the mat for the back and,these are all accessories well of course,with the exception of the tire Mobility,kit underneath the main floor you have a,little bit more storage thats normally,where the spare tire would be and then,looking inside this trunk you see this,pass through window the passenger,compartment there is a 60 40 split and,the seats can be released using the,levers on both sides it does have plenty,of room on the inside especially in the,back seat now I have the seat the front,seat adjusted to my regular driving,position I am six feet tall and I like,to drive comfortably and Im still not,touching my knees to the back office the,seat which is very very important also,you know as far as the shoulder room no,question I have plenty of shoulder room,as long as theres two people sitting in,the back not three and as far as the,Headroom I have about maybe two inches,maybe just a little bit less above my,head now minded that this vehicle does,have the panoramic sunroof so its going,to take a little bit off that Headroom,off so if you were much taller you might,want to opt in for the one that doesnt,have it well the interior looks very,premium and sporty lets check this out,as always starting with the rear door,panel over here so what do we have so we,have some soft plastic right on the top,then you have this leather wrapped inlay,as well as the armrest slash the door,handle over here now to open the door,you have this really good looking door,handle and that is kind of this smoked,Chrome that you see all over this,vehicle now we also have the contrast,stitching in red which you know its,nice and sporty non-branded speaker in,the back but Im gonna tell you what the,speakers are when we get to the front a,little bit more storage now when you,look at the interior itself check this,out because it really really like the,way they designed it so you have several,different materials on it you do have,leather and you do have the suede really,nice sporty look and then two people can,sit in comfortably the third one well I,would probably just open this up so the,third person wouldnt

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Is a Shockingly Quirky Midsize Sedan

this is the new 2020 hyundai sonata and,its the fully redesigned version of,hyundais midsize sedan these days,everybody is buying suvs and crossovers,but if youre in the market for a,midsize today and this one has some,rather interesting quirks and some,impressive features and some not so,great stuff too and today im going to,review the 2020 sonata and show you what,i mean,[Music],first a little background the sonata,first went on sale here in north america,for the 1989 model year which means its,been around for more than 30 years but,it wasnt until the 2011 model that the,sonata really started to gain sales,momentum it was finally a truly,competitive car to take on established,rivals like the toyota camry the honda,accord and others and this model,continues the trend the 2020 sonata has,been completely redesigned inside and,out and its the sixth generation of the,sonata to be sold here in north america,pricing starts around twenty four,thousand dollars but this is a fully,loaded top of the line sonata limited,model with a sticker price of just under,thirty five thousand dollars the latest,sonata has a high performance version,and a hybrid model coming in a few,months but right now it offers two,engine choices and pay attention because,this is a weird one the base engine is a,2.5 liter four-cylinder that makes 191,horsepower or you can upgrade to a,turbocharged 1.6 liter four-cylinder,that makes 180 horsepower,yes you heard that right the upgrade,engine has less power,than the base engine which is a weird,quirk of the sonata,another one is the styling which well,get to in a minute and today im going,to cover everything else about the new,sonata 2. first im going to take you on,a tour of it and im going to show you,all of its interesting quirks and,features then im going to get it out on,the road and drive it and then ill give,it a dug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the new sonata with,undoubtedly its quirkiest quirk and that,would be the fact that i can move it,while im standing here all right check,this out to start this process you have,to first press this button on the key,fob and that will remote start the car,not too unusual a lot of newer cars have,that and the sonata does too now once,you have it started you press this,button on the key fob which has a top of,a car and then a p with an arrow and,then the sonata will begin moving,forward,now you might be wondering why exactly,would anyone want this feature and its,a reasonably good question but there are,situations when you might use it for,instance if youre in a tight parking,space or a tight garage and theres not,enough room to easily open the door and,get into your car just use your key fob,to move it forward and then you can have,more room and of course you can also use,your key fob to move it backwards just,press the opposite button and the car,will start reversing,in case you want to move it in the other,direction and you can completely control,this,from the key fob im not in the car im,not touching anything im just standing,here now of course i know what youre,thinking which is well what happens if,the car is about to hit something,will it actually hit something so lets,take a look and give it a try im now,pressing the forward and its going,forward and im going to try to walk out,in front of it,and it stops it actually senses that i,was there and it stops and it doesnt,move anymore forward if i move out of,the way of course the car will continue,its path going forward once i hold the,button down again now you may be,wondering how do you stop it otherwise,when theres not someone walking out in,front of it the answer is just let off,the p button on the key fob and it comes,to a complete stop pretty easy actually,now ive shown you this feature in a few,other cars the new bmw,m760i luxury sedan and the tesla model 3,performance but theyre both way more,expensive than the sonata for only 35,000 this is the cheapest car where you,have this cool party trick and next up,our next interesting quirk in the sonata,is that the sound system comes,pre-loaded,with sounds and i dont mean music i,mean sounds move over to the sounds of,nature icon in the infotainment system,tap it and then you have several,different options for nature sounds that,you can listen to lets start with,lively forest which sounds like this,next you have calm sea waves which,sounds like this,and next you have rainy day which sounds,like this,and next theres open air cafe kind of,an odd one but anyway it sounds like,this,and next warm fireplace which sounds,like this,but the weirdest one is definitely the,last one that would be,snowy village what exactly does a snowy,village sound like apparently,this,ah yes a nice snowy village anyway the,theory here i guess is if youre driving,along and you dont want to listen to,the radio or to music or podcast you can,instead listen to these soothing sounds,of nature including my personal favorite,nature sound an open-air cafe,and next up another sonata quirk would,be the blind spot cameras you have your,usual cameras in the infotainment system,in the center screen nothing too weird,there but when you put on your turn,signal a camera turns on in the gauge,cluster showing your blind spot in,whatever direction youve just signaled,this is a brilliant idea that allows you,to see if there are cars behind you,without having to resort to a dangerous,over-the-shoulder check where you take,your eyes off the road its a brilliant,feature and of course signal the other,direction and the other side of the,gauge cluster puts on a camera showing,the blind spot on the other side ive,now shown you this feature in a few kia,and hyundai models it is truly brilliant,and i really hope every automaker adopts,it its a huge safety improvement one of,the very best ive seen in recent years,and whenever i get out of a car that has,that feature and back into my car im,always thinking i really wish i had,those turn signal blind spot cameras and,next up im going to move on to another,notable sonata quirk and that would be,the front end styling but im going to,start with the headlights and,specifically the running light the,running light in front doesnt just go,along the bottom of the headlight but,rather it comes up on this line right,here sort of going halfway up the hood,and then it kind of fades out and stops,but then after the light fades out you,can see that this line is carried down,the rest of the body which is something,i really havent seen before a very,distinctive sonata trait now i actually,like this idea you can see in the dark,it gives the sonata a very particular,light signature that doesnt match any,other car its kind of a cool look but,its certainly been talked about a lot,as an unusual touch in the new sonata,but nothing is more unusual in terms of,this cars styling than the front end,this car has this giant wide front,grille and it comes to these weird,points at the end that kind of jut out,it doesnt look as strange on a,dark-colored car like this one but on a,lighter car it looks like it has a big,wide fish mouth in front and it,definitely seems like the latest sonata,is a little bit the victim of some over,styling and next up we move under the,hood in the new sonata where you can see,this one is equipped with a turbo engine,with smart stream g,what is smart stream g you might ask,nobody knows least of all the kind of,people who buy a sonata who wont care,about that but this car has it now,sonata owners may care about the weird,engine choices for this vehicle like i,mentioned the base engine is a 2.5 liter,4 cylinder with 191 horsepower or you,can upgrade to the top trim levels that,have a 1.6 turbo 4 cylinder with 180,horsepower less power in the better,engine now it is worth noting that the,optional engine has more torque than the,base engine this powertrain has 195,pound-feet whereas the base engine has,about 180. so the optional engine has 10,less horsepower but 15 more

Hyundai Sonata Review | Outstanding Value! | PakGear

we have something to do today so were,at our top secret location,now,whats my surprise i wonder,[Applause],hmm,[Music],1967 may korean hyundai launchkia,2017 may it came to pakistan,and the sonata is the flagship,[Music],looks,exciting,headlamp stylish just,theyve done it similar but bigger and,more elegant believe it or not,the led lights in,the grille,has its presence i think overall front,front,[Music],it comes with 18 inch alloys and pirelli,tires which is really good you havent,got the cheap tires good quality i,really like that,and i am really really impressed even,with the side profile of this car and,the color if youre gonna buy one get,this color the back of this car boring,dynamic,a follow through light shampoo when,youre driving you can actually notice,it and its very nice design need a,diffuser,camera and one thing i really like the,boot button its actually built in here,look at that or boot,[Music],foreign,my favorite thing the gear selector,knob sharpening nothing like that,anymore,simple buttons reverse neutral drive and,park s,easy to reach,in car charging wireless charging again,which is really good youve got usb,ports its guaranteed,a rear view display pa for reversing,generally the interior is very sleek the,quality of the buttons good theyve,actually made an effect,of knobs,and this is 10 out of 10. dual climate,zone very good i mean its nearly 34,degrees air conditioning zebra dust,another thing i want to check is the,horn because its got your baby brother,energy,and the little button again that you,switch it on,it switches off itself for once youve,got auto dimming mirror as well no,switch or switch panoramic roof really,nice,very good size,and it gives the car a lot of light,interior,normally manufactures a,light interior they give the buttons,but in this car,with little chrome touch,[Music],good space i like it,menu,seats are comfortable,two vents here usb charger there,brilliant,shades,gives you privacy everybody gets easier,electric,and,we have a problem yesterday drawback,happy checker so,thats the only negative thing i can,find,recipes,perfect okay,comfortable,right size,so im now finally,gonna drive the car,[Music],heads-up display normally upgrade mangy,garnier massive heads-up display,[Music],arjun,is the 2.5 liter four-cylinder with the,six-speed auto gearbox and your,two-liter willa i believe gets the same,engine,on a tucson maybe so,thats a good engine as well,my general first impression of driving,it okay no road noise,and i think they focused on this is get,punched driving modes,and were gonna go through them step by,step and see the difference big comfort,may,throttle is a bit lazy,not as responsive as i would have,thought,your baby brother,but generally like i said steering b,now ill show you this,see if you can hear it,nah,and,sports mode may be a throttle is not,responsive,steering is a bit its still lazy,so no,big changes i think ea joe 2.5 hannah,its a bit underpowered,yeah,medium sized guardian and,for the size of it i think,they could have done with a bigger,engine i think the baby brother is,quicker,jitney excitement he outside inside kina,let down,is the power,and im a power freak,the power unit is letting it down,[Music],[Music],is great value for money ugh simply for,driver aids,disco ambient lights,[Music],a sunday well spent,with the sonata,[Music],you

2021 Hyundai Sonata Review: Is this the best looking sedan? | CarGurus

[Music],yeah i think this is the best looking,sedan right now,built by a regular car maker and looks,really matter for a sedan because,theyve gone out of style next to suvs,and crossovers,but if more sedans started looking like,this hyundai sonata,more people will be buying them i will,bet my dogecoin on that one,heres what ive got today 2021 sonata,limited thats the top trim,35 grand fully loaded its not the only,top trim,theres also the hybrid limited thats,the car i tested last year i,loved it and for 21 theres a brand new,performance trim,the n line 290 horsepower,that sounds great the only downside with,any sonata theres no,all-wheel drive its only to the front,wheels so that means that youre,spending 35 grand you might want to get,say an audi a4 for maybe,10 grand more but that car is boring,its got a small backseat compared to,this this is,huge and with all the money you save not,buying that kind of car,you can put a good set of winter tires,on here thats what i do,dont be mad audi people i got you i,just have lots of opinions because i,drive,lots of cars so subscribe to the,cargurus youtube channel because thats,what were here to do,give you unbiased reviews that you can,trust the biggest change for the 2021,sonata is what im not driving,that is the end line the one with 290,horsepower,i know right well here take a look,doesnt look that much different than,the limited i have,right now but look closer theres 19,inch wheels and bigger brakes behind,them,the grille has a wide bar cutting,through the wavy textures,the side air intakes are bigger and,inside the steering wheel is thicker,and so are the seat bolsters red,stitching,microfiber inserts on the seats some,badging,thats it because the sonata starts out,looking so,damn fine hyundai didnt need to go,crazy,car designers have to fight for the,things they really want theyre always,fighting accountants typically because,they want to make the car,cheaper but you have to make a case for,it and what theyve done is incredible,this line this chrome trim on the fender,and the hood,leads directly into these led running,lamps thats expensive to do,no other car company has ever made,something look like that before and its,instantly recognizable,hyundais of old they copied a lot of,other car features that you saw from,germany or the us,this is uniquely hyundai and i,absolutely love it,it also has really unique grilles,theres three different designs,depending on which of the five trims you,select,the wheels 16 to 19 inches and what i,really like these are the 18s on the,limited,the center caps have that center lock,design that you might see lets say 911,turbos they got a little nice,knurl thats not what it is of course,the regular bolts around it but,its just cool design elements like this,make the sonata,really unique and classy panoramic roof,thats pretty standard,but if you get the hybrid you can get,solar panels on here,pretty wild the sonata is also really,recognizable from behind,it looks like the fastback silhouette of,the new kia k5 because the sonata is,based on that same,chassis and uses the same power trains,but this car is a little classier the,way these little air fins are integrated,here on the turn signals and lights,the spoiler coming up like this pretty,subtle but its nice,and hidden trunk release right there in,the h logo,16 cubic feet which is big by any,measure for a sedan,this sonata has more passenger volume,than a toyota avalon it,is big back here seriously these days,theres not much distinction between a,mid-sized sedan like this,and a quote-unquote large sedan like the,avalon the epa rates this as large,but i would say that true large cars are,cars like the s-class,100 grand and up those type of cars for,something that costs,24 grand to start this is premium space,some things are missing back here like,heated seats and window shades,those are on the hybrid limited which,cost more,this all black interior it doesnt do,justice to all the quality,the rubber on the doors and dash are,padded,theres a knurled metal look for all the,knobs and shiny black plastic,everythings really simple its clean,its high quality even the door tops for,the rear doors where on,some cars theyre really hard plastic,theyre just as soft as those,right up here the only things that,arent this center console,thats hard theres also hard trim,behind the door armrests,they dont look bad they look like they,have a nice tactile quality until you,get up to them,so i dont love that about it but if you,get the limited youre treated to these,really two,high-res digital screens and ill tell,you that right now,my attention is going right here the,infotainment has a weird feature,like sounds of nature but its also very,easy to change lots of settings,the instrument panel has some nifty,looking animations and useful info,like for the tire pressure and highway,driving assist this semi-automated,system is,one of the best change lanes and youll,see,live feeds of your blind spot on either,side of the car,right now only genesis has the automatic,lane changing,but the sonata has press it when youre,in park,and you can control the car with the key,fob hyundai calls it remote smart,parking assist,and its of no importance whatsoever but,hey why not show off when youre in your,sonata,it does work only on level ground and,the car will stop for people or,objects in the way now this feature is,only on the limited not the end line or,any of the hybrids,thats because its the only sonata with,reverse emergency braking,forward emergency braking is standard on,all sonata trims,plus lane keep assist and auto high,beams,and because normal key fobs might be too,big for some people,you can start the hyundai and unlock it,with this key card you put in your,wallet,or put that key on your phone i dont,really care how this thing starts,i just want to make sure it does because,im ready to drive,all of that from an engine with less,displacement,than a two liter bottle of coke really,its amazing these days,1.6 liter turbo 4 with 180 horsepower,and 195 foot pounds of torque,doesnt really sound like a whole lot,but this car doesnt weigh a whole lot,and the limited trim is just about a,little over 3 300,pounds thats really good the gears are,also really well spaced its an,eight-speed automatic transmission they,respond really well,but its that torque this is the engine,to get on the sel plus,and the limited the standard car on the,se and sel,has a two and a half liter naturally,aspirated engine,a little more horsepower but less torque,and the torque peak is way higher so,what that means is that when you,get off the line with this car it,doesnt take much,it doesnt take much at all to move so,that little engine in a big car like,this,ordinarily in years past you would never,do something like that right unless you,wanted to be moving at a snails pace,but with this sonata its great this is,the engine to get,definitely of course the engine id,really like,is the one in the new end line thats,the turbo two and a half liter with 290,horsepower,311 pound-feet of torque matt smith just,drove one the same week im driving this,sonata limited,and yeah he liked it i mean who wouldnt,like another 110 horsepower for the same,price,seriously im making do with 180,but some people get all the fun right,matt,brake feel is also really good the discs,have some good stopping power as well,if you get the end line they are a,little bigger as they should be,i just like these gear shifts man they,really,this honestly feels like the dual clutch,that is in the end line but its not,its just its a torque converter,automatic which means its just,a regular slush box like they call it,standard automatic transmission but it,just ships a lot,better a certainly a lot better than,hyundai units did before,so whatever theyve done it makes a,noticeable difference in the sonata,but if you get the end line the dual,clutch unit is there for even faster,ships and its paired exclusively with,that tu

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