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Best Starter Turntable – SONY PS-LX310BT

hey there my name is noah and this is a,review an average users perspective of,the sony pslx310bt,belt drive turntable,[Music],so some very quick background i wouldnt,consider myself an audiophile but i also,wouldnt consider myself someone who,doesnt care about high quality audio i,feel like i land somewhere in the middle,and for many tech enthusiasts you may be,like me,i was someone who was interested in,vinyl records but didnt really know,where to start if youre a hardcore,audiophile youre definitely not,watching this video but if you are,first hit the like button and then click,out of this video theres better,turntables out there and more content,out there for you to watch,so that out of the way lets talk about,the sony record player,this is a turntable that falls somewhere,in the middle between higher quality,players like the fluance rt80 range,and entry level options like the audio,technica lp60x,this falls somewhere in the middle,between their prices too and an msrp of,199 though its often on sale i actually,got mine for 178.,its actually built out of almost all,plastic but it doesnt look like plastic,it looks beefy and well built with,really sleek edges and feels both retro,and modern at the same time,the dust cover is a tinted plastic so i,actually try and run records with it,open so i can watch them spin,i honestly love the build so much that,it actually contributes a lot to my,excitement for using it every single day,the only cheap looking and feeling part,is the tonearm which is so lightweight,you can easily,accidentally bump it if youre not,careful the modern aesthetic also ties,into some more modern features like,bluetooth and usb connections,before i talk about those bonuses though,i want to talk quickly about how i have,mine set up because theres a few,different ways you can go about it,this turntable luckily comes with a,built-in amp meaning you can run the,included rca cables directly into,powered speakers,or in av receivers rca ports i have mine,hooked up to my yamaha receiver this way,and i just flip the switch on the back,so it says line in,the receiver acts as a direct pass,through which is hooked up and powering,my pioneer bookshelf speakers,the turntable itself is using the,built-in amp to generate the audio,you can swap it over to phono mode and,hook it up to an av receiver or an,external preamp with phono input in,order to generate higher quality audio,and gain,but for my purposes for now this more,than satisfies,one day i will get an external preamp,and ill report back on how to set that,up and how that all goes,by the way i hate how short the attached,rca cables are,theyre so short they literally hang off,the side of my shelf be aware that,youre going to need your turntable,close to your amp or av receiver in,order to use it,this turntable has an automatic belt so,it does a lot of the work for you,you just hit start and the arm will lift,and set itself down on the start of the,record,when the records done playing the arm,will just reset and stop spinning,you can operate it manually using the up,and down buttons if you want a more,traditional experience,one thing i wanted to point out is that,the automatic belt and built-in preamp,are actually convenience features found,in that mid to entry level turntable,range and,are noticeably absent from higher,quality turntables i think the,assumption here is that people buying,higher end turntables already have some,sort of experience with record players,and audio setups in,[Music],for general truck to drive away,what sets this turntable apart from its,brethren in this price range,is some of those modern features i,mentioned earlier,you can pair this up with your wireless,headphones or even a bluetooth speaker,at first i thought this was silly,because it kind of defeated the purpose,of listening to high quality analog,audio but i realized its still very,useful because sometimes i like to,listen at my desk and i can pair it up,with the amp at my desk,and i dont have to sit in the living,room in order to use it and the quality,is still improved,over compressed streaming music and i,can also hook it up to my wireless noise,cancelling headphones if i want to,maintain the peace and quiet of the,household,you can pair up to eight devices and,its super simple to set up,just hold down the button until it,flashes then set your other device into,pairing mode and it will turn solid when,its connected,once payer just press it once to turn it,on or off the,other main tech focus feature is this,usb ripping feature,youre going to need to pick up a usb b,to usb a cable,and you can hook it into your windows pc,or mac if you have a spare printer you,actually may have this cable already,you then need an audio recording,software like audacity garageband or,adobe audition,in order to rip the music it records,just as if it were a musical instrument,or microphone hooked up,so youll need to stop and start the,recording as each track goes its,rather tedious,again i thought this kind of defeated,the purpose of listening to analog audio,and for my part i wouldnt use this very,often but its still kind of useful if,you want to back,up some of your albums in higher quality,than streaming or digitize rare records,that are only available on vinyl,this thing is dead simple to operate it,looks sleek and its feature packed,how does it sound,[Music],this thing sounds amazing look using,passive bookshelf speakers over the last,few months,meant that ive already felt an upgrade,in my audio setup but i feel as though,vinyl paired with a good set of speakers,really unlocked their full potential,though it can get a little muddy in the,high and low end the warm,clarity and fullness of listening to,your favorite music on vinyl,is a different experience all together,first off just setting up the record to,play is a process that makes it feel,like youre embarking on a journey,its not just chromecasting some,background music to the tv,its very intentional when i listen to,hip-hop music like kendrick or eminem it,often feels like they are literally,in a booth in the next room the vocals,are so clear,listening to rock folk and jazz,accentuates all of the instrumentation,it feels like you can hear each,individual instrument in the room as if,you were on a sound stage,edm is a whole other beast bass hits,feel so,solid they dont have that low end hum,but they feel so,satisfying almost as if youre being hit,in the face with music,all of the details i just mentioned,arent necessarily exclusive to their,genres,but it was just more noticeable to me,[Music],so there are a few downsides to this,experience physical media is delicate,and you could experience scratches pops,or skips on your tracks,they also need to be cleaned in order to,maintain their quality its also very,expensive you quickly get overwhelmed,with wanting to buy all of your favorite,albums on vinyl but my friend evan gave,me a tip that i found very helpful,not everything that you listen to you,may want to listen to on,vinyl for example there may be some,albums or artists you listen to at the,gym,or on a drive but you might not,necessarily listen to,while at home on a record player that,said,if you still love the album you still,may want to own it anyways and that my,friends is what makes this,a very dangerous hobby for your wallet,the last thing i will say is this vinyl,is great for music lovers,if you love an album owning it and,listening to it on vinyl feels special,taking the time to take it out of its,artwork put it on the table,kick back and actively listen makes,everything about the cost worth it,i realize this may have gotten kind of,long so if youre still here thank you,so much for watching,im planning to post some mini reviews,of some of the vinyl records ive picked,up thus far,i really want to highlight how some,artists go above and beyond with the,packaging and artwork they include,so please hit subscribe so you dont,miss when those videos go live,by the way huge

AT-LP60X vs SONY PS-LX310BT: Budget Turntable Showdown!

in this video were going to be,comparing the two most common budget,entry-level turntables the audio,technica lp60x and the sony pslx310bt,[Music],all right so these two turntables top,the list every year as a great place to,start for getting into vinyl records im,going to be breaking down the,similarities and differences in a number,of categories so you can best decide,which one to go with as an fyi this is,more of an average users experience,review and not an audio file take for,that youre going to have to look in the,links in the description where ive left,some important details about specs and,other nitty-gritty if you want to get,into that first up lets talk,similarities these two share some,commonalities that make them a really,compelling choice for those just getting,into vinyl records both of these,turntables are fully automatic belt,driven turntables this means that they,do most of the work for you its really,simple to just throw on a record hit,play and just let it go both will reset,the tone arm when the record is finished,playing so you dont have to do that,manually,the automatic nature makes them dead,simple to start with,they both have a built-in preamp meaning,you only need a set of powered speakers,with dual rca inputs to get up and,running,theres no need for extra audio,equipment though both have the ability,to use external phono preamps if you,want to enhance your sound experience,lastly they both come with a felt slip,mat and a plastic dust cover,okay so thats a fair amount of,similarities but lets talk price,because thats where the differences,start and they stack up from there the,sony only comes as a wireless model and,that costs 228 msrp,the audio technica lp60x goes for 129,msrp for the bare bones kit or 179. for,the wireless model which is the one i,have here,[Music],these are very different looking,turntables the sony looks like a very,sleek modern device with sharp edges,angles for days hidden controls and,modern design cues throughout the audio,technica clearly has a retro look in,mind its far boxier and clunkier,looking and even the buttons stand out,that said its way more compact coming,in three inches smaller in width and,half an inch shorter its also three,pounds lighter than the sony,the dust covers and tone arms are,different as well,the audio technica has a heavier tone,arm which i like but the tinted dust,cover on the sony enhances the,minimalistic look,im noticing that the sun has come out,so excuse the abrupt change in lighting,it was all moody and now it is,its bright okay i think we uh we fixed,that a little bit of,blinders,um where were we oh yes the build as far,as build and design goes its really,just going to come down to which,aesthetic speaks to you and which is,going to fit within your home better for,now lets talk about the setup process,as i mentioned before both sony and,audio technica contain a built-in preamp,so all you need is a set of powered or,bluetooth speakers to get started if you,have the bluetooth model in my case i,have passive speakers that are amped by,my receiver so all we need to do is hook,up the dual rca cables from the,turntable into my receiver,on the sony just toggle the setting on,the back to line in on the audio,technica you do the same,then just turn on your receiver or,speakers and youre all set now the,sonys rca cables are attached to the,back of the device and i really dont,like that it was actually one of my main,complaints in the review i made which,you can check out up here or,here somewhere the audio technica on the,other hand has a detachable cable which,is a nice perk so you can always swap,them out for longer ones if your setup,requires it,on both models you can just hit start to,play stop to stop and use the up down,button if you want to manually control,the playback when it comes to setup the,audio technica simply has more,flexibility because of the detachable,rca cables other than that though the,process for both is very similar there,is one other area that the audio,technica has the edge in here and thats,the easily replaceable cartridge for the,stylus on the tone arm if its damaged,or you just want to pick up a different,one its fairly easy to replace and you,cant do that on the sony at all well,talk more about that in a bit next up,were going to talk about arguably the,most important aspect of listening to,music,sound quality,[Music],ive been using the sony for about a,year now in the audio technica for a few,weeks up front both are really solid in,the sound department but i decided to,run a few tests to see if i could pick,up any differences ive tested both,turntables with their built-in pre-amps,and their included felt mats to keep the,comparison fair so im not going to use,my rubber slip mat or the external phono,preamp i have since those are additional,purchases i will have a video in a few,weeks where i talk about some,inexpensive ways to upgrade your,turntable setup without going crazy so,please subscribe so you dont miss that,i decided to run the sound test with a,few different genres so i can get a,diverse range of comparisons for hip hop,i use good kid mad city by kendrick,lamar for jazz i use the cowboy bebop,original soundtrack for rock and,alternative i use second law by muse and,zaba by glass animals and for electronic,i use worlds by porter robinson and,random access memories by daftpunk now,this may not be what you came to hear,but,i dont think theres much of a,difference the sony may have the,slightest edge when it comes to the,built-in preamp but thats more of a,volume boost thanks to the gain knob on,the back honestly they both sound very,very good take a listen,[Music],so to make sure that it was the preamp,causing the difference and to eliminate,any other variables like the needle or,something else i did run a test hooking,it up to my external preamp the art dj,pre-2 and i found that the differences,at that point were negligible too the,results here make a lot of sense they,both sound very good for this price and,youre not going to notice a drastic,quality difference until you step up to,higher level turntables in the next,price bracket in this budget range their,differentiating factors need to come,from their features and design more so,than just sound thats where they really,need to stand apart on that note there,are a few other small differences that i,wanted to point out the sony has the,ability to back up your records to,high-quality digital files using,recording software and usb the audio,technica doesnt have this with regards,to the replaceable stylus the audio,technica by far has the best ecosystem,of potential upgrades but im not sure,that should be the main deciding factor,when purchasing your starting turntable,if you want the flexibility of upgrading,your cartridge after a thousand hours of,listening then yes thats a major point,in audio technicas favor its widely,compatible with many cartridges and its,very easy to replace where the sony,requires a custom part to be ordered but,for this price range if your goal is,upgradeability a more expensive stylus,to upgrade your entry-level turntable,feels like a waste of money im not sure,that upgradability should be the,deciding factor for most people getting,into vinyl sure itll work but you may,end up causing a bottleneck on your,sound quality instead you may just want,to start with a better baseline,turntable altogether honestly the,biggest differences that i found between,the two have to do with the overall,build and flexibility of the setup,because of that you cant really go,wrong either way because your personal,preferences will depend based on what,your needs are for your setup,[Music],all right that was a lot of ground to,cover so in conclusion heres where i,stand if you want something thats going,to be extremely flexible adaptable and,upgradable over time and youre serious,about getting into records for the long,haul then the audio technica may be the,one to go with and if pric

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Sony PS LX310BT Turntable Review!

is the Sony PS LX 310 BT and easy to use,entry-level turntable with audio file,sound stay tuned to find out,[Music],well hello and welcome back to my,channel Chris The Frugal audio file with,you here today and weve got another,review coming your way today were going,to talk about the Sony PS LX 310 BT,turntable,foreign,Ive been using this turntable for just,over a month now and I would like to,share with you some of my thoughts on it,but before we do that be sure to,subscribe to my channel and hit that,little bell so that you get,notifications when I upload further,videos okay lets talk about features,and specs okay so you see there on your,screen that this turntable is basically,17,inches wide by four and a half inches,high by about 14 and a half inches deep,give or take a few fractions of an inch,on that so its a fairly standard size,its going to fit in a 17 inch wide AV,cabinet and it weighs seven pounds so,nothing too heavy,but its not like its feather light now,this turntable does have a largely,plastic housing so thats something for,you to keep in mind more about that as,we go into video and one standout,feature for the lx310 is that it is a,fully automatic turntable I will put on,the screen here a demonstration of that,but basically you press a button and the,tone arm moves and puts itself into,place and the record begins to play at,the beginning you can press another,button which is basically a lift button,for the tone arm but that is your pause,button and then finally theres a button,for stop which lifts the tone arm and,puts it back into its nesting position,fully automatic great features to have,this is a belt driven platter it is dual,speed so you have 33 and a third and 45,RPM,the wild flutter is 0.1 percent which is,a good rating and I can attest that the,wow and flutter is minimal on this,turntable as far as my ears can tell,they say that you really cant hear,anything under 0.4 percent and so this,is well under that Mark and this,turntable has a moving magnet cartridge,it is non-replaceable,it has an aluminum platter it has a,neoprene platter mat which I have never,really seen before I know you you see,felt Rubber and cork but this one was,more of a neoprene feel to it its okay,I think it works but it is really a,fairly cheap mat one nice feature is,that the preamp does have decibel,selection it has a low medium and high,for the output volume so that way if,maybe your your preamp is a little bit,low a little bit high or you have,um a setup where one component is a lot,louder or a lot quieter you can kind of,adjust that and dial it into your,systems needs as far as connections we,are looking at stereo RCA fairly,standard no grounding Connection by the,way Bluetooth 4.0 which is a little bit,low but it is its just fine when youre,talking about a turntable if you want to,use that feature USB 2.0 thats,basically connected to a computer and,then of course you have your 12 volt DC,adapter finally you see there you have a,cost of 248 dollars if its not on sale,which this does not go on sale very,often but occasionally it will,and this brings us to the assignment and,that is to be an easy to use entry-level,turntable with decent sound at an,affordable price so a pretty big,assignment there well see how it does,well lets start out with talking about,what it gets right first of all I do,like the design of this turntable I,think it is attractive it kind of,reminds me of turntables of old with the,you know the black coloring and then the,smoked plastic dust cover that it has on,it as well so I do like the looks of,this turntable that is going to be very,subjective but for me its very,understated and attractive in its,appearance and even though this is,largely a plastic turntable it is made,of high quality Plastics if youve ever,gotten your hands on the Audio Technica,LP 60 turntable that is a very flimsy,lightweight turntable that feels cheap,now it is of course cheaper than this,turntable but still it just it feels,like a toy even in comparison to the LX,310 which is a,basically plastic turntable so even,though it is plastic it is high quality,plastic also this turntable it does,sound good I wasnt expecting a lot out,of it you know when you you look at the,design and you look at the cartridge on,it it looks very inexpensive and so I,wasnt expecting a lot but I was,actually decently surprised by the sound,of this turntable so what I was using,the built-in preamp,I enjoyed the sound of the the turntable,I recently picked up never mind my,Nirvana and I was able to listen to that,album on the lx310 and enjoy my time,with it and I was actually quite,impressed however when I plugged the uh,LX 310 into a separate funnel preamp,because you can defeat the built-in,preamp and you can plug it into any,preamp of your choice now it does not,have a grounding connection on it so you,might get some feedback in your system,but I did not have any issues when I,connected it to my fluance PA 10 funnel,preamp and when I did that I did notice,that the clarity was a little bit better,and the Sound Stage opened up the audio,it just sounded larger when I did that,now it wasnt like night and day it,wasnt a huge difference but there was a,noticeable difference in all of those,areas and I enjoyed the sound even more,I was listening to Get Rhythm by Johnny,Cash A Very Old album that I recently,purchased but it sounded large it had a,nice big Sound Stage now what was it as,good as my rt-81 well no not quite but,it was very close I dont know if in a,blind a B test I could tell the,difference maybe I could thats hard to,say but I dont really know that I could,tell the difference to be honest with,you especially when using the pa-10,preamp on both record players because,thats whats really going to be,creating the sound now my rt81 does have,a better cartridge as well as an,upgraded stylus but overall I was,pleasantly surprised with the sound of,the lx310 after I spent some time with,the lx310 in my system I connected it to,the Sony dh190 using the SSC S5,bookshelf speakers because that seemed,like a natural pairing theyre all Sony,products theyre all kind of in that,entry level price point and so I wanted,to see would this be a good starter,system for someone who is looking to get,into the hobby be of either vinyl or,just audio in general but doesnt want,to spend a lot of money and so I set,that all up unfortunately I didnt get,any picks I was just enjoying my time,with it and I forgot to take pictures so,youre just gonna have to trust me on,that one that I did test it and I liked,that whole entire setup put together for,its price it really sounded quite good,using the lx310 with the other Sony gear,now I found that I preferred the sound,of the lx310s built-in preamp to that of,the preamp on the dh190 I just thought,it sounded a little bit warmer whereas,the dh190s preamp sounded a little bit,thinner in comparison would you prefer,it the other way thats for you to,decide but personally I thought the the,preamp in the turntable sounded better,than that on the dh190 but you think,about it you know you have a whole,entire stereo receiver for about 150,dollars with a whole bunch of other,components its in it so they probably,spent less on the preamp than they did,with the lx310 I dont know,thats just my,um opinion on that and I I think that,was a good pairing and a great entry,level system oh and finally when talking,about sound quality I didnt test the,Bluetooth I I dont really get the point,of Bluetooth with a turntable I I guess,if you didnt you wanted to have a,fairly wireless system it wouldnt be a,bad way to go but I just dont really,think that thats something that is,necessary when it comes to turntables,youve got to get up and change your,records all the time anyway you can only,play you know one-sided at a time so I,dont know if there is any added,convenience when using Bluetooth the,only thing is you could connect it to a,speaker you know and carry around the,house with

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Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth Turntable Record Player

[Music],this model is PS LX 3 1 0 bTW and that,just means that bluetooth is included so,first of all lets look at the build,quality it looks amazing it is,lightweight which means that its easy,to transport and to move around and most,of all and most importantly it has,really good sound really good clean warm,sound once you lift up the lid you can,see that the turntable itself is just,really sleek the design is probably one,of the best that Ive seen on any,turntable and I used to have an audio,technica which was a really good,turntable and Ive got to say the sound,quality on this is on par if not better,than that Audio Technica was theres a,Bluetooth button over to the side and if,you press that it will allow you to,connect to bluetooth speakers bluetooth,headphones any kind of device that,allows for audio to come out and this is,really cool if youre wanting to listen,to a record but maybe you dont live in,a house where everybody wants to listen,to the record at the same time or maybe,you just want a really personal,experience and you want to use,headphones bluetooth headphones are able,to be paired with this and youre able,to play those Bluetooth headphones,perfectly in order to capture the sound,from your record set up took me about 20,minutes which is pretty average for a,turntable but I will say that this one,is basically plug-and-play meaning that,you dont have to do anything to the,settings in order to get really good,sound quality to come out of this record,player you have a few buttons down here,we have start/stop and up and down one,is going to start playing your record,the other is going to stop obviously and,the other one allows you to lift the arm,in order to pick a specific section on,your record to play it also has two,different speed settings 33 and 45 and,two different size records are able to,be played on this record player it does,include an adapter to play smaller,records overall there really are not a,lot of record players out there in this,price range that offer this level of,design sony has really outdid themselves,in order to create a record player,turntable that has really good sound,quality that the masses can really enjoy,meaning that you can buy this plug it in,and of course youll need some speakers,Ive got some behringer speakers down,here that Ive been using forever Ill,put a link to where you can get these,exact speakers if youd like to I know,that theyre an older model so you might,have to buy them from,like a third-party seller or something,but the link that Im gonna put in the,description will allow you to purchase,this exact model they sound so good when,paired with the Sony Bluetooth turntable,this does not have built-in speakers but,most turntables dont unless youre,getting a really low budget turntable or,like a suitcase turntable I just want to,take a minute though to appreciate the,design of this turntable,[Music],so if youre looking for a really good,turntable that you dont have to program,and set settings on and really spend a,lot of time getting set up you just want,to turntable thats reliable that offers,a lot of new features like the Bluetooth,is completely new there are very few,devices out there thatll play records,and allow you to listen to them on,Bluetooth and Sony is a name that I know,and trust Ive used their products for,years they really make high quality,products and the turntable that they,produce is no different Im gonna put a,link in the description where you can,get this exact model of turntable if you,want the one that has bluetooth so you,can listen to it on your Bluetooth,speakers or you Bluetooth headphones,obviously I prefer plugging in speakers,because youre going to get a little bit,better sound quality that way but having,the Bluetooth is a really nice option in,case I ever do want to listen to my,records using my headphones be sure to,give this video a thumbs up subscribe if,you like analog technology like records,and old cameras and all that cool stuff,and Ill see you guys later,[Music]

A Record Player With Some Cool Tricks (Sony PS-LX310BT Review)

the sony PS – LX 3 1 0 bt vinyl record,player may not have a catchy name but it,does have some very cool tricks up its,sleeve some setup is required to get up,and running but it comes with a user,manual that shows you exactly how to do,it which is great unless you speak,English because the one I got didnt,have a word of English in there but no,worries its easy to figure out even if,youve never used a record player before,[Music],it comes with a small 12-volt power,supply that plugs in at the back beside,the on/off button on the front youll,find the start/stop and up-down buttons,which feel a bit cheap and wobbly in,fact although the matte black finish,looks really nice the whole plastic,chassis feels very light and Hollow,although the two dials on the top for,speedin size do feel very solid while,its clear Sony didnt spend a lot on,the build quality what youre really,buying with this is more about what it,can do because unlike most other vinyl,players which must be connected to an,amp via phone oh and then to some,speakers which this one can do if you,want to this record player fuses vintage,and modern tech together giving you the,simplicity and convenience of Bluetooth,so you can stream your vinyls to any,Bluetooth speaker headphones or earbuds,Ive never seen that on a vinyl player,before and it kind of changes the game,because no you dont need amps and,cables and speakers to enjoy some,crackling vinyl goodness,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the other clever trick the PS – LX 310,zero f GP ABCD efg squared can do thats,really useful to me is connect to a,computer via USB and let you,automatically convert your vinyls to,digital files like WAV or mp3 so if you,have a lot of old may be rare vinyls you,want to get onto your phone or just have,digital copies off in case anything,happens to them this is just about the,easiest way you can do it so All Things,Considered what do I think would I,recommend it would I buy it again yeah I,think its great its a bit more,plasticky than it would have hoped but,the build quality kind of matches the,price and it looks more premium than it,actually is and for me its worth,getting just for the wireless mode Im,being able to rip all my vinyls onto the,computer in such an easy way so this one,gets a thumbs up from me and Im excited,to see companies add some more modern,tech into old music formats like this,thanks for watching and Ill see you,next time,[Music],you

Sony Bluetooth Turntable Review

hey guys today were going to be talking,about the sony,pslx310bt,i know that is a very very long name,but to save you the time and the trouble,im putting the link to this exact,turntable and the exact model down in,the description,so if you want the absolute best price,on this turntable be sure to check out,that link im also going to put,links to my turntable stand here as well,as the speakers that i use,and if the speakers are out of stock im,just going to put a link to a comparable,set,that will work perfectly with this,turntable because i get asked quite a,bit,what speakers work with this turntable,im going to answer that,in this video so first of all ive had,this for a while now and i just wanted,to do an,update on this turntable and let you,know how things have been going,i use it very regularly a couple times a,week,i just want to let you see right now for,a second,how well this is held up its just very,high quality materials,and the price isnt bad at all i think,this is really comparable to some of the,cheaper,uh turntables that ive seen definitely,definitely not bad on the price,but lets just take some close-ups here,of the turntable itself,give you an overview of how it looks,its probably one of the best looking,turntables ive seen,the reason that i went with it initially,was because it got really good reviews,and because it is sony now sony ive had,a lot of their products in the past and,obviously their playstations very,popular but sony makes some really good,products,and they dont have a huge line of,turntables because,they kind of have the mindset that if,they have one good product they dont,need,50 different variations and i kind of,agree with them on that,looking right here we have our start,stop and up and down buttons i havent,had any problems with it,i do feel like its going to last a,really long time years and years to come,especially if you take care of it we,have the option to play two different,sizes,of records we can do seven inch or 12,inch,these are your standard sizes so youre,really not going to find anything other,than those,types of records to play anyway and then,we can play at two different speeds,33 rpm or 45 rpm and,thats just rates per minute that its,going to spin around,on your turntable depending on the,record itll tell you how many rpm,to play it at on the sleeve and im,going to show you some of my favorite,records in just a moment,but as you can see we have this really,nice dust cover thats included,one thing i want to note is when you,open your package,with this turntable the two clips in the,back here that hold the dust cover on,those are kind of hidden beneath a piece,of styrofoam so just make sure you look,for it really good because theyre there,ive heard a couple people say that they,didnt get those included with theirs,but trust me they are there,i started to freak out a little bit when,i opened mine too,but then i realized that they are taped,to the bottom of a piece of styrofoam so,dont throw away your styrofoam until,youve put yours together,because you might actually be throwing,away a piece of the turntable,as you can see here and i dust pretty,regularly a dust cover is necessary,theres quite a bit of dust on top of,mine im not kidding you this is what,happens,with any kind of turntable that you buy,so you want to make sure youve got one,with the,with the dust cover on it and this one,comes with one included,a lot of turntables dont you kind of,just have to figure out how to protect,it yourself,and i dont like that i like everything,to be ready to use right out of the box,and i think thats kind of the point,with this particular turntable theyve,given you a high quality turntable,thats going to play your vinyl records,with little to no effort on your part,and it looks good this is again one of,the best looking turntables that i think,ive ever seen,on the very back you have your power,button you can either leave that turned,on or off,when im not using it i actually press,that to turn it off and ill just show,you how that works,its turned on now its turned off in,the back i also have just the standard,power cord plugged in,as well as my speakers and i have,behringer speakers theyre really good,speakers and ive used them for years,and years and years,but you can use pretty much any kind of,speaker with this turntable and thats,whats so great about it,is not only can you use regular wired,speakers,but you can also use bluetooth speakers,any kind of bluetooth device should work,with this,you can pair it fairly easily and,theres a bluetooth button right here,where you can listen to your records on,bluetooth headphones or with bluetooth,speakers,thats such a cool feature that really,record players need to have nowadays,because so many people have wireless,earbuds or wireless headphones wireless,speakers,you want to be able to use that and take,advantage of the fact that were now,living in an,era where you can stream music through,bluetooth,obviously the sound quality is going to,be better if you use speakers that are,wired,but thats entirely up to you and,bluetooth speakers nowadays have come a,long way so i dont think theres going,to be that big of a difference for your,average person,if youre really picky about those types,of things maybe but personally im kind,of picky about these things,and i havent found any faults with this,record player whatsoever,i really enjoyed it now im going to,talk to you a little bit about the,record players,stand that i have it on and my speakers,which are in the floor i know thats not,a great place for them,but i dont have a lot of room and so i,wanted to get a record player,stand a turntable stand where i could,store all of my records,have lots and lots of space for years,and years of collecting to come,and also be able to sort of have just a,one-stop shop for my vinyl records,thats exactly what this is this is i,believe the crosley turntable stand,theres a lot of different ones out,there but im going to put a link to,this particular one,because it was a fantastic price and it,gets amazing reviews theres a lot of,turntable stands that really dont get,good reviews and for,good reason theyre built cheap this,particular one though i liked,the sort of retro handle here its a,gold color it goes perfectly with the,wood thats used,and as you can see weve got the crosley,emblem here,which is very nice took a while to put,this one together about an,hour but i did it by myself i think you,could do it a lot quicker if you did it,with someone else up here at the top i,have,tons of room to continue to grow my,collection as well as down here,but i also have room for cleaning,supplies so ive got this brush here,that i use,for my records ive got a cleaning cloth,some spray back here any kind of cords,or anything that i feel like im gonna,need,i can just kind of hide them away in,this record player stand,down here at the bottom i have all of my,records and,ive actually gotten quite a few more,since my last video so its nice to have,a place for all of them,but it also keeps them pretty well,protected you dont have to worry about,them getting dusty or anything like that,because theyre in this,protected housing ill just very quickly,kind of do,a run through of these for anybody,thats interested ive got,a couple christmas ones in here that i,dont really listen to very much but,that are nice to have,a french record or two i kind of like,foreign records as well but if youre,looking for some way to,store your record as well as something,to put your turntable on,and you dont already have an idea of,where youre going to put it,this might be a good option now for your,speakers youre going to want to get,some that work with the turntable,mine have this red white and black cord,at the bottom,that are the audio cords and then of,course a power,cord but i can connect those to,my turntable i recommend checking out,the links in the description for the,turntable,and the speakers so that you can get the,best

Cheap or Expensive: Which Turntables are really better? | The Gadget Show

[Music],for our turntable testing weve headed,to bristol,home to a very vibrant music scene and,this indie music venue,which doubles as a record shop,the cheapest turntable is from sony,which is available in any color,providing its black,next up the price ladder is the project,t1 phono sb,which comes in black white or this,walnut finish,and most expensive on test is this riga,planar one plus,available in either black or white all,of them are plug and play,turntables so before we go to the first,test perhaps i better explain what we,mean by plug and play,hang on john ive got this covered for,you turntables create sound thanks to,this,the cartridge which converts the,movement of the stylus in the records,groove into an electrical signal,however the strength of this signal is,minute and nowhere near enough to make,the speakers work properly,so the signal needs amplifying,plug-and-play turntables make life easy,for you because theyve got a small,amp built in called a preamp and as long,as you use active speakers like these,that have got their own power source,you simply plug the turntable into the,speaker and let the music play does that,cover it for you,suppose so stick with me kid,now were up to speed lets look at what,you get for your money,starting with the sony now the sony,might be the cheapest turntable here but,its got the most,features its the only one thats got,bluetooth for example so you dont,actually need to,physically hardwire the turntable to the,speaker you can listen on bluetooth,headphones yeah,bluetooth headphones are a good feature,its also got one,step playback which means that the arm,automatically lowers itself onto the,start of the record,and automatically lifts itself off at,the end and returns to base i mean it,looks a bit,cheap john uh but its unobtrusive with,the sony off to a decent start,lets move on to the next turntable next,the project have you heard of them,yes john established 1991 by heinz,lichtenegger,austrian firm so hopefully it will have,some of that famous austrian precision,hmm i told you stick with me well this,plinth here is made out of computer,machined,particle board which is wood mixed with,resin so its a wood chip yes,however a project say that that reduces,air gaps which can cause unwanted,vibration,and for the platter project have chosen,glass its weight and rigidity should,help maintain a constant record,speed like the sony you can switch from,33 to 45,with a switch but theres no bluetooth,and you have to raise and lower the,toenail manually,theres no doubt about it john it looks,very attractive on to our final,turntable,now craig the riga planar p1 plus well,it sounds and looks scandinavian,no south end on c okay fair enough and,although its the most expensive,turntable here it has the fewest,features like the project theres no,bluetooth and you have to raise and,lower the tone arm manually,keeping with the manual theme changing,the record speed involves adjusting,a belt what you have to do is shift the,belt,onto the other drive,[Laughter],[Music],oh gosh that looks like a whole load of,fafjom which you are now illustrating,however riga would no doubt argue its,the quality of sound thats important,rather than the trifling inconvenience,of adjusting a belt,look you may have noticed its only got,three feet,not four which rika claims uh makes it,more stable,well how come all professional decks,have fallings well i mean the majority,isnt always right,and that tripod over there look camera,on a,tripod fair point,with round one complete no clear winner,has emerged,the sony has the most features but both,of us liked the clean simple lines of,the project and riga,next we move on to setup which given all,three turntables a plug and play,should be relatively speedy the sony is,all preset at the factory,it even has its speaker wires built in,though these wont be needed,should you utilize the dex bluetooth,capability,onto the project this time the speaker,cables are completely,separate and its ready to go and the,riga is equally simple,though you do have to wind on the,counterweight although its not preset,they show you where to put it,they pretty much are plug and play,arent they yes,i think well call that another draw,which means we can finally move on to,the all-important test,sound quality what we need now is some,vinyl,ive got a surprise for you ive,commissioned a very select piece of,vinyl,should we give it a play yes lets come,on then,the gadget shows very own master dj mr,craig,charles will now take control of the,decks,and to ensure each turntable gets a fair,hearing well plug them into the same,speakers each time,these highly rated ruark mr1s,once again the sony goes first,should all happen automatically when you,press start yeah just press start,and see needle comes down,[Music],the sonys off to a good start and it,seems to have awakened the rapper in,craig,im up and down i come and go i do and,fro im like a yo-yo,i want to know why i feel so so so its,a blow when you go solo you know what,about me,what about me what about my man jbb,gosh very good so what do you think,well that sounds pretty good to me,theres no sort of wowing theres no,rumbling theres no fluttering all those,things that you used to think about with,turntables it seems to live a pretty,good sound to me,but at 100 pounds more will the project,be even better,[Music],so what do you think i think possibly a,little bit better,a little bit sharper a bit sharper a bit,thats absolutely sharper a bit more,detail in it i was going to say,yeah yes so it seems the project is,justifying the extra money,does that mean that the rigor which is,another 50 quid on top,will be the best of the lot well its,not off to a great start,dude these are shiny these pins this,ones black,and uh you can locate that through the,hole when youre lining up your record,but you cant locate that so it makes it,difficult to load on,thats the sort of insight in your,lifetime of record-playing experience,can give you,just one button under here yep so lets,turn that on shall we yep,[Music],blimey craigs off again you see my car,keys youll never get these,these belong to the cc posse do you want,to get some do you want some more,sunburst the door to the store get the,album the rhythm and the rhyme the beat,is designed to get into your mind,this is my time,so what do you think of that one ew well,its its,closer to the project than it is to the,um the sony isnt it,yeah i think the project got a slightly,slightly better sound i,do wonder if it might yes yes i think,theyre both very good theyre both,better than the sony,yeah but maybe the project has ever so,slightly the edge,our testing is over and although the,competition has been tight we both agree,that one turntable has ticked all the,boxes,the project its sensibly priced stylish,easy to set up,and most importantly offers the best,sound,[Music],you

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