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Sony X80J / X81J Bravia TV | Some Good, Some Bad | Full Review

so this is my full review on the sony,bravia x80j,its the entry-level sony bravia tv,lets take a closer look,dont forget to hit the red button to,subscribe and give this video a thumbs,up and click the notification bell to,get my next video,first just a quick note for disclosure,we have paid full retail value for this,tv were not being asked to say anything,good or bad about it,and links to the tv will be found in the,description,so we have already completed the,unboxing and setup video ill leave,links in the description for you,some of the main points that came out of,that video one was the legs the fact,that theyre very well made theyre nice,and solid,and also you dont need any screws to,attach them to the tv,you literally just push them in and,theres dual positioning which ill come,on to in a second,the build quality of the tv i think is,questionable,its a little bit plasticky and in some,areas,it feels quite loose that plastic,another thing which i think is poor,on a few of the sony tvs this year is,the cable management again,is questionable it is very very minimal,now there are two tv stand positions as,you can see this,is the central stand which i think looks,fine and if you have got,a narrower unit then its ideal it,measures around,18 inches or 45 centimeters,so it will fit on the smallest of units,if you do want the wider stance then,this is around 37 inches,or around 95 centimeters i personally,think it looks a lot better,on the wider legs if youve got the,correct unit for it,obviously you can also wall mount it,with a 300 by 300 visa mount,in terms of connections absolutely,everything is as you would expect there,is no hdmi 2.1,all of the hdmi ports are 2.0 and you do,get audio return channel and enhanced,audio return channel with hdmi port 3.,now first of all its important when,reviewing this tv to realize that this,is not going to be for your high-end tv,enthusiasts,the people that want the very fastest,gaming at 4k at 120 hertz,or someone thats a real cinema,enthusiast wanting those inky blacks,of the latest oled tvs but what this tv,is going to be is someone that wants a,really good picture,and that does a pretty good job of,everything but probably going to be,constrained by a budget,that isnt in the thousands and,thousands of pounds or dollars,this is an affordable tv that delivers,on many fronts,its got dolby vision hdr and e-arc,its got a great operating system lets,look at that first,google tv has replaced android tv across,the whole range of sony tvs in 2021,and i dont think its a bad thing i,couldnt find really any negatives to,having this at all,in fact setup was very straightforward,and easy,and it was more in line with many other,operations where youre using your phone,to set things up so this was clean and,very very simple,and i thought the interface was actually,an improvement,over previous models all of the settings,that youd have been familiar with if,youve had a tv from sony before,are also along the bottom in a very,familiar way,and again you get that feature when you,click into the settings,it will then go in and tell you what,each individual change will do,and this again is very helpful for those,that maybe are a little bit less,experienced,the x80j performed as expected when it,came to viewing angles,it wasnt the best but by no means the,worst it still delivers quite a bright,crisp image,even when you are quite the way around,now i did find that in a brighter room,it didnt handle that,quite as well because it was likely to,pick up some reflections which,you tend to find on most tvs okay now,lets look at screen uniformity or dirty,screen effect dsc you might see it being,abbreviated to,now this is really important its,something which i really advise,everybody to check right at the very,start when they buy a tv because it is,individual to the individual panel,although there are some manufacturers,thats you samsung,that do seem to have a bigger problem,than others,here on this screen from sony you can,see that the majority of the screen,is absolutely fine no issues but the,extreme corners,are getting that dirty screen effect,where its just,blackened slightly so im going to keep,an eye on it if it was much worse than,this,then i would take the panel back but at,this price point for this type of screen,its about what is realistic to expect,and so therefore if youve got something,which is a lot worse than this,well then if i was you i would change,yours right,now lets look at arguably the most,important thing about this tv,and thats the picture quality and i do,have to say,im not a great fan of the actual build,quality of this tv,im not a great fan of some of the,features that its lacking,but in terms of the color accuracy and,the general,bit just beautiful picture its,breathtaking,im absolutely blown away by it i think,it looks amazing,now i found right out of the box the,standard picture setting,was the most accurate it really did a,very good job and for the majority of,people,you wont need to change anything on,this at all,if you go to cinema then it will,probably look a little bit too warm and,maybe a little bit too orange,and if you go to vivid well nobody goes,to village so dont,even consider that now as for some of,the other changes we did,tweak the black level down slightly and,we also just changed the brightness,up just a couple of points and when we,did this we felt that we got,a very much better well-balanced image,when the black levels were as good as,you could possibly hope for,on this type of set now dont get me,wrong theyre certainly not,the level of an oled you can definitely,see a grayness,to those blacks but in general it was,pretty good,hdr footage in bright scenes was,excellent,and again far better than we expected,but unfortunately the counter to that,was darker scenes performed a lot worse,now it wasnt,terrible and you can adjust it a little,bit here im in dolby,vision dark mode and if i tweak it to,dolby vision,bright mode then youll see it does get,significantly better,but youre still losing an awful lot of,the shadow detail and thats just,because,it cant get bright enough there were,also some scenes when i was just,watching,standard hd channels that did a really,poor job at delivering those blacks and,they almost appeared gray,and slightly washed out this tv really,excels when its dealing in brighter,images,it does struggle on those really darker,scenes like i showed you,but if you generally watch standard tv,for sport and its mainly brighter,imagery that youre looking at,well then youre going to be absolutely,blown away with the quality of it,watching standard cable and satellite,television again,is an absolute joy the color accuracy i,found to be,absolutely stunning it just looked,brilliant right out of the box,and then after we made those few tweaks,it looked even better,and i thought that this was on a par,with some of my more expensive tvs like,my oled c1,lg for delivering this type of content,dont get me wrong,it cant deliver when youre trying to,achieve those,really darker scenes but what it does do,brilliantly,this type of imagery well it does it,almost as good,now im not saying that there arent tvs,that are better out there because there,are and im going to be looking very,shortly at the xj90 or the x90j,that is the updated version of the x900h,or the xh90 and im really looking,forward to seeing,how that one delivers but that one is,around,500 pounds more expensive than this,the x80j and thats quite a lot of money,thats a soundbar thats a playstation,there is a big,big difference so what i would say is if,youre looking for a great tv for,everyday use and your budget is this,type of range,well then you cant really go wrong with,this providing you dont get too bad dse,effect,then youre gonna be getting a good,picture what about gaming,well i think its gonna be a similar,story if youre playing a bright,game with not many darker scenes then,its gonna look,fantastic weve already spoken about th

Are Costco TVs Better Quality?

hey everybody welcome back to my channel,i just wanted to,touch the base on tvs and let everyone,know what the difference is in tvs right,now,i know its a big thing a lot of people,asking me a lot of questions,what so i did a lot of homework and,research try to make sure i have,everything right because,there is certain things and tricks that,tv companies are doing to get you to,purchase their particular tv,make so one of them ill show you,okay so on cheaper model tvs this was an,entry level tv,samsung will actually a voice command,some tvs are not voice command,theres only little certain features,like this and,inputs that might change on a different,model or so but usually most people are,buying anywhere from,75 to 85 inch or the most common sizes,right now,sony uses a smart tv function that,actually has ir outputs which allow you,to control other devices now,their device information system,isnt as wide as say something as a,harmony control,system or rti or some other hiring,remote control system for your,communication between all your equipment,and that still gives these a purpose,also the new tv softwares they can vary,you usually get google or youre going,to get alexa,and thatll allow you to voice control,again to the tv,itself and it acts like a gigantic ar,device,harmony can also be controlled from,google or alexa which i do,and uh its just a guaranteed thing that,i do for my clients so anyways,back to tvs uh we used to know,tvs of being the high res tvs as 1080p,tvs uh p standing for progressive scan,which means that if they had,uh lines like this the progressive lines,would go over it and fill in all the,holes and make it a completely,smooth looking pitcher which was,fantastic,so once we got out of that generation uh,we,we got into the 4k generation is what,were in now,so before tvs the pixels were a lot,larger and you could,you can actually visually see that in,plasmas and they called it the screen,door effect,and uh what happened again as tvs got,bigger you could start seeing the pixels,more so,once you get into 4k now were doing 8k,so,8k is double the 4k obviously which,means theyre even finer pitcher,pixels and theyre actually going to,give you a sharper picture quality,you will notice a difference in 4k and,definitely an 8k thats the,sharpness and the you know how smooth,the pitcher looks so when you have a 75,85 plus inch tv these are things that,you definitely,want to consider uh 4k obviously being,the least,all the new tvs are going to be 4k now,the difference is the technology in the,panel and the back lighting so before,back lighting was not incandescent it,was just some form of halogen,backlighting,that would give you a backlight like,this is an led,backlit most lcd panels have led,backlighting,so if you see an led tv all that means,now is you have an lcd technology with,led backlighting,so moving forward into the higher end,tvs again theyll have the voice control,features and,ai and different things like that,different inputs,outputs for digital audio stuff like,that,these tvs now are made by lg and,sony i believe is buying lgs panels im,not 100,sure on that but sony,does have oled and if you look at a sony,their color engine is just,its fantastic its going to give you,the most vibrant colors,and oled is organic liquid crystal,display,there is no backlight which makes the tv,extremely thin its exactly what we have,in our phones,and another technology that sony has and,i believe they still own the patent that,nobody else can use is gorilla glass and,its a thin,piece of very uh resisting glass,and some people like it others dont i,dont think theyre using it that much,anymore or at all,because the most tvs using,anti-reflective surfaces,um oled is just it has such a deep,contrast,its its almost untouchable um,samsung has no oled tv they are not,ahead of the game right now they are not,the best on the market,i love samsung they have a great,software,uh the tvs are they you know theyve had,a really good longevity life since,theyve had their power supply problems,um right now if youre looking to get a,tv and you want the best of the best,sony is going to be your tv of choice,if you can afford 8k step into 8k,you know depending on whatever size you,have lg tvs ive always liked also,however they do have reviews of having a,hot spot in the middle where you see,like a black burn in,uh the burning can go away it wasnt,like the plasma days however that was,the only complaint that ive heard on lg,sony i havent heard any of this yet,sony is,still by far one of the best tvs the,other thing that i understand,is sony owns uh the blu-ray technology,hi-def the cameras everything that is,created in hollywood designed to be,projected on on these types of,televisions now,and everythings obviously in widescreen,theres different formats of white,screen but,you dont need to be a tv guru or a,genius,so when youre going to shop for a tv,and you want to know the difference,between a costco tv,and you want to know the difference,between a store a tvc,like best buy they literally add an,extra number at the end of the costco,tvs like d,or something like that and thats going,to give you,their version of the tv my understanding,from samsung is its the same exact tv,theyre just not going to use the same,cabinet materials,or diff or stand materials which no one,really uses the base,stands that often anymore everyones,hanging their tvs up to have a nice,clean,floating look thats it,i just wanted to share that information,with everybody it should be short sweet,and simple,um again costco tvs are fine,other brands like tcl and vizio,and all these other companies that are,making tvs theyre basically making,their version of the simple tv without,all the ai,stuff and voice control its usually an,led backlit panel,it should be pretty good the contrast,ratios may,vary uh whether your naked eye notices,them or not,are here nor there again,samsungs doing q-led which is a blue,light led backlit tv which is supposed,to give you a better contrast ratio and,i believe it does,but again if you cant do an oled try,them to get into a q,led and if you can get into 8k get into,8k,thats my advice for everybody i hope,you make this video short,and sweet anyone has any comments drop,them in below,the video was helpful i always,appreciate likes,and that is my latest update on tv,technology,thanks for watching and ill see you in,the next video,do you control the dream

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SONY X900H 85 Inch 4K HDR TV Review | The BEST TV Under $2,000! | Costco X900H / X90CH

hey everyone welcome back to the channel,today,were going to be reviewing the sony,x900h,85-inch monster of a tv which in our,opinion is one of the best deals going,right now for a massive beautiful tv,under 2 000 lets get into it right,after the intro,[Music],when i first purchased my vizio 70 inch,tv back in 2015,it seemed huge and i was really happy,with the overall performance,but after about six months i realized i,had grown accustomed to the size,and it just didnt seem to be big enough,anymore to really get immersed in a,movie,thats when i realized i was just gonna,have to get a bigger tv,but it would have to wait until larger,tvs became more affordable,so i made sure to keep up on new,technologies and i kept an eye out for a,tv,that has a great price to size and,performance ratio,well needless to say it was a long wait,in fact it wasnt until black friday,when i saw this sony at costco for 1969,that i really felt like tvs had hit that,golden ratio,i bought my last four tvs from costco,because honestly i feel,they cant be beat when it comes to,their extended warranties and return,policy they offer,and many times they also have a better,price,so for me it was a no-brainer i decided,to buy the sony tv,with seven years of warranty and the,ability to try it out for three months,and if i dont like it i can return it,so as i mentioned,i paid nineteen hundred and sixty nine,dollars for the tv,and a hundred dollars for the extended,warranty,one more thing i should mention is the,tvs sold at costco,have a slightly different model number,than the ones sold at stores like best,buy,for example this tvs model number is,x90ch,compared to the regular x900h model,but its been confirmed by many online,reviewers that these two models are,exactly the same,looking at the tv i really like the,design,with its thin bezels wrapped in this,aluminum trim,it has a very appealing appearance this,also blends really well with the heavy,duty streamlined metal feet,that snap into place without the need,for screws,well thats easy yeah the panel itself,has a semi-gloss finish,that does an okay job with reflections,but if you have a room with a lot of,windows,it may be a bit distracting heres a,shot of the tv in our living room to,give you an idea,of just how that looks moving around to,the back of the tv,we have the i o connections starting,with two usb,ports one optical audio out,one 3.5 millimeter analog headphone,output,one composite input four hdmi inputs,and its worth noting here that inputs,three and four support,hdmi 2.1 and hdmi 3 is also,the e-arc port below that you have an,ethernet port,an rs-232c and an ir remote input,and finally a cable tv and over-there,input that is,atsc 3.0 compatible,the build quality of this tv is,excellent it feels well built and sturdy,the metal feet are very heavy duty and,they do a good job supporting the tv,without much wobble,all right now for the question im sure,youve all been waiting for,how does the picture look well im going,to say right up front,that the picture quality on this tv is,just excellent,in fact sonys done a great job with the,factory settings,and i have to say it has some of the,best colors out of the box,of any tv ive ever owned and that in my,opinion is one of those tv strong points,the color is very natural and even when,you crank it up it still looks real to,life,so much so that most people would be,completely happy with this set,without having to get a professional,color calibration,now of course a calibration will always,make a tv look its best,but we just dont think its necessary,here unless youre a total video file,and youre looking for that perfect,picture,although i was very impressed with the,colors on this tv straight out of the,box,i still made my own custom picture,settings just to tweak everything,a little bit to my liking and if you,want to check out the settings i used,ill leave them,down in the description this tv also has,excellent color gradients,this means the tv is really good at,capturing color details,which is essentially important when,viewing hdr,content and to a lesser degree sdr,content,color gamut is also very good on this tv,with excellent coverage of the dci p3,color space,used in hdr content something else that,has a big effect,on how well a tv displays good hdr,content,is peak brightness and this tv,although not the brightest out there,does a really good job with most of the,hdr content weve watched,with that said hdr content does look,slightly better in a darker room,but would still be just fine in a bright,room,with that said the colors wont pop,quite as much,sdr content on this tv is excellent in,fact its so good i sometimes found it,hard to discern between,sdr content and hdr content sdr peak,brightness is high enough to watch,tv in the brightest of rooms without the,picture washing out,this tv also has an excellent native,contrast ratio,coming in at around 4 500 to 1 and,goes up to about 4 800 to 1 when you add,in the tvs very good local dimming,speaking of local dimming,this tv has a full array of 32 local,dimming zones,this might not sound like a lot but sony,puts an emphasis,on image processing rather than the,number of dimming zones,and this approach seems to work really,well thanks to the excellent,x1 4k image processor that sony uses in,this tv,black levels on this tv when watching,regular tv shows and movies are really,good,if we had to knock this tv for one thing,though it would have to be for the,noticeable blooming when you have a,small white object,on a completely black background but,again this level of blooming is only,noticeable,in rare occasions of course these black,levels arent oled quality,but if youre in the market for an,85-inch tv there really isnt a much,better option on the market right now at,this price point,in fact there arent any manufacturers,that make an 85-inch oled tv,the closest you can get right now is the,lg cx-77 oled,which sells for around 3 500 at the time,of this recording,but sony did just announce that theyre,going to be coming out with an 83-inch,oled tv,this year so thats something to,consider gaming on this tv is also great,considering that it has the new hdmi 2.1,compatible ports for next-gen consoles,a high refresh rate of up to 120 hertz,and low input lag,even at 4k with 10 bit hdr in game mode,were hoping to get a playstation 5 to,test out these features in the near,future,so stay tuned for that something else,thats also important for gaming as well,as watching fast paced sports,is the pixel response time of the panel,the x900h has a great response time,which results in very little ghosting or,motion blur,in quick moving scenes the x900h comes,equipped with four speakers,two located on the bottom and the other,two near the top edge of the tv,firing outward and although we thought,the speakers sounded better than most,flat panel tvs,wed still recommend getting at least a,sound bar because the speakers are still,a bit inadequate,in our opinion the x900 is also a full,on smart tv that comes loaded with,android tv,being that were roku lovers we werent,sure that we would like,using this interface here in our living,room but at the end of the day i enjoyed,using it just as much as the roku,another great feature of android tv is,the ability to use google play store,and have access to tons of apps games,and utilities,it also comes with a built-in google,chromecast support,the tv also comes with a decent remote,and although,extremely long and not very ergonomic it,does have some really useful features,its both an infrared and bluetooth,remote so you dont have to aim it at,the tv to use it,and you also get dedicated buttons for,things like,netflix google play store and even,google assistant,so you can give the tv voice commands,using the microphone built right into,the remote,whats the weather in new york,currently in new york city its 32,degrees and clear,tonight the forecast is around 30 and,clear due to current wind conditions it,feels like

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The 4 Best Sony TVs To Buy (2020) – Budget, Mid-Range, LCD, And OLED

So, we’ve bought and tested all of Sony’s 2020 4k TVs!,Today we’ll be comparing their performance to see which one you should buy!,Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com where WE HELP PEOPLE FIND THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR THEIR,NEEDS Make sure you subscribe to our channel for the latest videos, or check out our website,for the full review!,In this video we’ll start by talking about the Sony brand and their lineup conventions,,and then we’ll go over the best TV for you depending on your usage.,We’ll talk about the best budget model, the advantages provided by a mid-range option,,and then go over the best LCD and the best option for dark rooms.,As always, this is a simplified overview and the best TV for you depends on your specific,requirements and preferences.,You can check out the full reviews on our website for more detail, or here in the cards.,Now, the first thing Ill note is that due to the different interactions of these display,technologies with the camera sensor, what you see in the video isn’t the same as what,im seeing in person.,These TVs are also off at an angle, and at different heights to the camera.,As a result, try not to judge them based on how they look in this video – instead look,at our test results and measurements that better reflect how they perform in-person.,Let’s get started!,If you’d like to skip straight to each section, then see the links in the description below.,Sony releases fewer TVs each year than most other manufacturers.,While competing brands discontinue and release refreshes of their whole lineup each year,,a few Sony TVs remain current and sold over a couple of years.,In this video, we’ll only be looking at their 2020 TVs though because older models,are likely to be harder to find.,Now, the naming of Sony TVs is quite simple so its relatively easy to understand where,each model fits into the lineup.,There is a slightly different naming convention between different regions though – in this,case we’ll be focused on the US ones, but you can check out the description for their,equivalents in Europe.,Now, look for the short model code.,In the US this begins with an X for LCD models or an A for their OLED lineup.,There’s also a Z series, but these are now their highest-end 8k models.,They are very expensive, so we haven’t bought these and don’t know how they perform, and,don’t expect most people to be buying them either simply due to the price.,The following numbers indicate a series – higher tends to be better.,For example their X750 tends to be one of the cheapest 4k models, while the X950 tends,to be one of their higher-end LCDs.,The last letter indicates the year – ‘H’ is used for models in 2020.,In Sony’s OLED lineup, higher numbers also usually indicate higher models in the series.,This year they have released the A8H, and a special smaller sized A9S.,So with that said, which one should you buy?,Well, if you’re on a budget then the X750H is a good choice.,It is available between fifty-five and seventy-five inches, and has a good basic picture quality.,It has a VA-type panel which also performs pretty well when watching in the dark due,to the high native contrast ratio.,It doesn’t support any more advanced features to improve the picture quality further though,,like local dimming.,It also has an okay brightness but it isn’t really enough to overcome much glare, and,while it can play HDR content it doesnt really have the features to benefit from it and improve,the picture quality further.,Input lag is very low at sixty hertz, which is great for a responsive feel while gaming.,On the whole, it’s a decent but basic TV and like other Sony TVs it has the Android,TV smart platform.,This works well and is easy to use, and while browsing the menus of Android TVs could be,painfully slow in the past, it has been improving so it’s a pretty good experience on this,TV.,Now, if your budget allows for it and you’re after better picture quality or more advanced,features then check out the Sony X900H.,It is quite a significant step up in Sony’s lineup and this does command a higher price,but there are improvements across the board over the X750H.,On the picture quality side, this TV has a good local dimming feature to dim certain,areas or zones of the backlight, and produce a better quality image in dark rooms.,It also has the ability to get much brighter, which helps with overcoming glare if you’ve,got a lot of light.,This also shows for HDR content, where highlights can get decently bright and the TV supports,a wide color gamut for more impactful HDR.,If you’re interested in gaming, then the X900H is also Sony’s only 2020 model with,HDMI 2.1 support for higher bandwidth.,Now, at this time of this video we weren’t able to get this to work properly with our,RTX 3080 graphics card.,While the TV accepts a higher bandwidth 4k signal at 120Hz, the image is really blurry.,If this is a bug, we expect it to be fixed in a future firmware update.,We really dont know if it will though – and Vincent Teoh from HDTVTest received a statement,from Sony that this won’t be fixed.,Check out his video linked up here if you’d like more information.,You can also always check out our review linked below for the latest information.,The TV is also advertised to support variable refresh rates, but this is expected to be,released in a future firmware update.,All that being said, HDMI 2.1 support is still in very early stages.,If you want to be futureproof for gaming with a new console or graphics card then this may,be a consideration for you, but for most people the picture quality improvements will make,the X900H a better option over the 750 if your budget allows for it.,Now, the next step up in Sony’s lineup is the X950H.,This is a very interesting TV.,First thing to note is that it doesn’t have the HDMI 2.1 support for potential futureproofing,like the X900H does.,This might sound a bit strange, but don’t worry because it makes up for this in other,areas.,The most significant difference compared to the X900H is the addition of an additional,optical layer for improved viewing angles.,This results in better picture quality when watched at an angle, which may be a good choice,for those with wide seating.,It also has a better anti-reflective coating, which makes it a better choice for bright,rooms due to its better ability to combat direct reflections and glare.,It can also deliver a better HDR experience as it can get brighter and has a bit wider,color gamut for more saturated highlights.,Overall, it can be a better pick over the 900 especially if you have wide seating.,Check out our video comparison between the two if you’re on the fence!,And now we move on to Sony’s best TV for dark rooms – and for this we recommend the,A8H.,This uses a different type of display technology known as OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode.,We won’t go into the details of this here, but basically it allows for better picture,quality if you watch in the dark as it has the ability to turn dark pixels on the screen,completely, producing an infinite contrast ratio which is one of the most important aspects,of picture quality.,This does come with some downsides though – It doesn’t get as bright as high-end LCDs,,so may not be a good choice for a bright room or those who like a really bright image that,pops.,OLED TVs also have a risk of permanent burn-in, but we’ve done an investigation into this,issue and don’t expect most people who watch varied content to have any problems.,You can see our video series up here for more information.,A quick note – if you’re after an OLED TV but in a smaller size, then you might want,to check out their 48” A9S.,We haven’t tested it, but expect it to perform very similarly to the A8H.,As always, be sure to vote for the A9S on the suggestion tool on our website if you,want to see us buy and test it!,So thats it!,What do you think of our selection?,Have you bought one of them?,Let us know what you think below.,You can check out all of the measurements on our

stop the fomo do you prefer missing out,on a sony tv because well it appears,everyones recommending it including,me whats up with sony what is it so,great most importantly,other tv makers lg samsung tcl high,sense panasonic,most of the tv makers have released some,of the most compelling,and quite literally the best tvs theyve,ever made how is sony,rising above that were going to talk,about that today,more importantly i know some of you have,your pitchforks,ready sharpened shovels to argue,and youre not wrong in many instances,lets get out of the way,okay sony tvs are not for everyone but,im going to tell you this,it is for most people now that is,something i can stick by lets talk,about it,but first let me introduce todays,sponsor who keys,yep you just finished your big old pc,windows build you have the best of the,best,and sadly you have less than twenty,dollars to your name,who keys to the rescue use my code sf20,and immediate discount within minutes,you can download the windows 10 pro key,and youre up and running but thats not,all folks who keys has keys for games,too,steam origin uplay you name it you got,it check out their sites there are,discounts for all sorts of stuff,and most importantly you want to be,productive what about,office suite yep you can download a copy,of,office professional with my code sf20 at,checkout,and bam from the bottom to the top,it feels that sony really is hitting the,sweet spot,of features convenience,and performance all three and this is,where i think,sony has nailed it this year for most,consumers and im gonna have to,emphasize,most now lets talk about most people,you and im gonna put myself in that,group and me,yes i like gaming but im not a hardcore,gamer i left,that life years ago i do use my tvs,mostly,for streaming watching sports news,football seasons coming up soon right,all of that like the rest of you i put,it through,most peoples use cases and i do watch,it in,bright room as well as a pitch dark room,and so all of these viewing situations i,have gone through with various tv models,and brands and we know each brand has,their own thing as well,the question is how did sony nail,that massive size the demographic where,i believe the sony,some sony model would be the answer so i,think it starts,with the one thing that i believe very,few tv makers are getting right,and thats out of the box color and when,i say out of the box color i mean,you dont need calibration to get the,color to look,natural in other words if you put in,pictures of people,that person looks like a person not,greenish not pinkish not purplish,not reddish it looks natural sony,from top to bottom were talking the top,of the ntv master series of course it,would look good,but their entry level x80j,also looks good top to bottom,there is a consistency of color accuracy,very similar to what the source the,creator intended you to see,so what im seeing from sony is when you,open a sony you turn the tv it doesnt,matter what model is this year,it looks great out of the box you dont,need a calibrator,however the same cannot be said of the,samsungs and the high sense and the,tcls,that come out of the box some may be,okay some,not mostly not but what i love about the,sony tvs this year is you dont have to,do anything most of the time,and thats what shocked me the most i,had the xadj 50 inch,reviewed earlier with against the,u6g from high sense and the q60 from,samsung and i compared it to my,reference a90j master series oled that,was calibrated at valley electronics,the x80j looks so close to the reference,tv it was like,wow thats close now obviously it wasnt,exact however the uhg,and the samsung were totally off next up,is what many of you still need a tuner,youre watching over the air,and you may even be in a location that,has atsc 3.0,that next generation broadcasting,standard that offers hdr,4k a lot of the good stuff that were,seeing on streaming right now,sony is the only tv brand that offers,atsc 3.0 in its mid-tier line beginning,with the x90j,x95j a adj and the a90ga and the z9j,thats five different models the other,tv brands,at best one many people who still rely,on over the air,if they happen to live in the cities,that has atsc 3.0,you get it with a sony you dont have to,buy an external tuner,you dont have to go to the top of the,line you can go mid tier,x90j and get atsc 3.0,again thats why i recommend it for most,people who tell me hey,i have over the air im still using a,tuner and antenna,and i asked them are you interested in,htse 3.0 are you in a city at the house,that goes oh yeah my city does have it,get a sony but theres more this relates,to upscaling,cable sources as well as older dvds,i find that sonys upscaling this year,consistently is good as its been before,but its across the range from the top,to the bottom and im going to talk,about the x80j,this is their entry level right theyre,most affordable,whether its a va or ips the v8 panel in,the x80,x80j range is 50 inch size everything,else is ips,whereas in the x85j you have more v8,panels i believe the 43-inch maybe an,ips i mean,all the makers are going crazy with,mixing ips and va,but regardless the upscaling processor,doesnt change whether its the entry,level or the top of the line,sony appears to have really figured out,how to upscale these,sketchy sources whether its a over,there whether its,cable whether its your dvd old school,right,sony is doing it right and doing it well,and its consistent across the range but,with that though,theres one last one which i think is,important to many people today,and thats the operating system google,tv specifically,i havent been impressed with android tv,in the past but google being google,theyve been,improving it month to month year to year,incrementally,but eventually they got there this year,with sony,adopting google tv and all their tvs,having google tv,i have found it to be easy to navigate,or easier,than other tv,i found google tv to be great for those,who enjoy streaming,its easy to navigate now not as easy as,tizen from samsung,but i believe its more feature-filled,than lets say roku,or some of the custom tv apps out there,like fire tv from amazon,i prefer google to those i think google,tv works well enough,for most people now lets talk about,what i think is a game changer this year,in 2021 this is unique,to sony i have to say i have been so,impressed with this release,were talking about the integration of,external speakers from sony,specifically the hta9 that was just,recently launched,how it integrates into sonys,top level tvs this year the a90j the,a80j the x95j,so if youre buying any of these three,tvs right x95j is the best lcd tv you,can get from sony and the,here are the two older tvs you can get,from sony and of course the z9j the 8k,tv so if you have these four,models adding the,hta9 four speakers right just four,speakers,it converts the tv into the center,channel,and you place these four speakers,wherever they dont have to be exactly,ear level because,each of these speakers have a microphone,and will,calibrate to the room to create an,immersive,bubble with the tv thats perfect,my biggest problem with the sound bar is,one where am i gonna put it,some tvs you cant fit underneath others,if you hang on the wall youre gonna,have to get a stand or attach it to the,wall,its a lot of trouble and the sound bar,doesnt even look good,because most of the time its just a,block of black,fabric or whatever you have a very,seamless,audio system i believe this system is,around 16 to 1700 at launch,but hopefully itll be cheaper by the,holidays but regardless,that is the perfect premium pricing its,competing against the best from lg,the best soundbar from samsung the best,sound bars from,sonos right theyre all in that 16 1700,range but they all have a center,block sound bar plus satellites here,youre just getting four satellites and,they have at most reflective speakers so,if your ceilings are low enough lets,say eight to nine feet,place these

Sony X80J 2021 vs Sony X80H 2020 ¿cual comprar? X800J vs X800H #sony #sonyMéxico ¿vale la pena 2021?

hola que tal como están espero se,encuentren muy bien bienvenidos a,tutores tv y bueno ya está listo el,vídeo de la pantalla sony x 80 j vamos a,ver qué tantas mejoras nos está,ofreciendo pero para esto lo vamos a,comparar con la sony x 80 h vamos a,hacer un pequeño round aquí para ver si,vale la pena gastar un poco más de,dinero ya que por ser año 2021 pues uno,puede imaginar que es mejor modelo,entonces la x 80 h está en muy grandes,promociones por el momento y aún se,vienen aún más ya que tenemos muy cerca,el buen fin,entonces sin más que decir comencemos,[Música],[Aplausos],y amigos pues bien vamos a hacerlo de,una forma muy fácil todas las,características que yo les mencioné en,este momento son características que,vamos a encontrar en ambas pantallas,estamos hablando de un modelo de 55,pulgadas donde encontramos una,frecuencia de actualización nativa de 60,ejercicios por ende su salida de hdmi es,2.0 sus ángulos de visión la verdad es,que son muy buenos para hacer paneles,ads ips esto lo vamos a ver un poquito,más adelante pero si tu idea es ponerle,en una sala donde haya 5 o 6 personas,pues la verdad es que te ves muy bien la,retroiluminación schleck directo con,esto te vas a evitar de tener esas fugas,de luces horribles en las esquinas de tu,pantalla aunque no nos escapamos del,cloud y no blooming esto también lo,vamos a ver un poquito más adelante es,muy importante que ustedes sepan que no,vamos a contar con brr ni cruising y,hablándolo el hdr vamos a contar con la,hdr 10 doble visión y h el eje las,salidas de puertos usb vamos a contar,con una de 3.0 y una de 2.0 del lado de,la antena wifi vamos a soportar las,conexiones 2.4 y 5 gigahercios del lado,del sonido vamos a tener salida óptica,para audio vamos a tener un hdmi con,salida de arc que es el puerto número 3,y también vamos a tener doble atmós ok,amigos pues miren ahora si vamos a notar,las diferencias que hay entre cada,pantalla y esto es lo que nos va a hacer,decidir qué es lo que queremos comprar y,que nos conviene más,ok miren vamos a iniciar por la matriz,de panel y en x 80 j tenemos un panel,ads que es tipo ips mientras que en sony,x 80 h manejamos un panel ips la verdad,del panel ips para mí trabaja muchísimo,mejor que el ads porque el ads lo que,hace es que te saca unos resplandores de,luz que se ven horribles sinceramente en,el contraste en x 80 j vamos a tener un,contraste de 1.116 a 1 mientras que en x,80 h va a ser de 1080 y 3 a 1 aquí la,verdad la diferencia es mínima casi es,nada pero créanme que por la matriz de,panel si hay total diferencia entonces,sinceramente el panel ips gana ahora,vamos a pasar al brillo que también es,muy importante y en sony x 80 j vamos a,tener un brillo de cdr de 335 nits en,hdr de 336 y el modo fuego 369 mientras,que en x 80 h vamos a tener en sdr 415,en hdr 504 y el modo juego 515 entonces,aquí claramente,sony x 80 h hace un mejor desempeño,aunque es un modelo 2020 pero créanme,que van a tener mucho más claridad por,la matriz de panel y el brillo que,estamos manejando en cuestión de los,colores para quien se lo pregunte sony x,80 j va a manejar unos colores un,poquito más saturados ya que el panel es,ads pero la verdad a veces como que se,saturan tanto que pierden un poco de,realidad y sony x 80 h van a ser un poco,menos saturados pero créanme que les va,a dar una precisión mayor por el tipo de,panel aquí la verdad del panel lo que es,el panel y el brillo sinceramente sony x,80 h les puede gustar muchísimo más,estoy totalmente seguro la verdad uno,pensaría que x 80 jota por ser año 2021,y por estar mucho más cara es mucho,mejor televisor pero la verdad es que no,aquí van para atrás en vez de mejorarlo,creo que lo empeoraron entonces quédense,con x 80 h compren la acaben se las,ofertas la verdad ahorita están en muy,grandes promociones y está muy muy,barata entonces sin pensarlo y la y si,la ves compra la no no te pongas a leer,lo que dice el vendedor porque ya saben,que mienten bastante ya tienen la,respuesta amigos no olviden en comentar,regalarme un like suscribirse que eso,ayuda bastante a mi canal y como siempre,pues con gusto estar aquí con ustedes,cuídense mucho hasta la próxima

Sony XBR65X810C 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review– The Good & Bad

hey whats going on everybody so I have,a review for you today for this Sony,65-inch 4k ultra HD smart TV this is,Sony is the model numbers X BR 65 X 8 1,0 C so this is a 65 inch they also have,a 55 inch visit 2015 inch model now Ive,had this for almost 6 months now and let,me tell you the good and the bad about,this okay so the first thing is the,picture quality is excellent even when,Im watching sports I really I mean I,dont see any blur whatsoever but if you,read the reviews on Amazon there are,people saying couple of people said,there was issues watching fast sports,playing and stuff like that that there,was like blur or something like that but,Ive had two had no issues also doesnt,matter what angle you look at this TV,when you have something on theres no,trouble viewing it no matter what angle,youre in now I have another Samsung,Smart TV where I do have issues if Im,too far to the side like that I really,cant see its really difficult to see,whats on the TV now if I go behind it,it does have four HDMI ports back here,so you have plenty of HDMI ports you,also have three USB ports now if you,look at the bezel here you want to know,exactly how thick it is let me just give,you a quarter here heres a quarter and,this bezel is actually quite thin so if,I line this up exactly its only like a,third of the quarter so the bezel is,very very thin now let me give you a,preview lets go ahead and pop one i,watch a lot of Netflix let me go ahead,and press play on here and I think this,show here I think this is in 4k Im not,exactly sure but I mean most of the,movies and shows that you watch I mean,like 99% are not gonna have 4k content,so it kind of defeats the purpose of,having a 4k TV but I mean even if you go,with the 1080p I mean youre going to be,good for like another like five or six,years because theres not much content,thats 4k to watch anyway but check this,out I think this is 4k it might be 1080p,dont quote me on that but,look at the clarity look at the picture,on this absolutely awesome stunning and,I have everything on the default – I,didnt have to make no adjustments in,configuration or anything look at that,lets go over here on the side I mean,come on that picture is like absolutely,amazing lets do this to me,press on pause lets go ahead and grab a,smartphone here heres an iPhone here,let me go anycast YouTube on here let me,go ahead and open up YouTube here let me,click on that casting icon and heres,the xrb here let me tap on that will,play a YouTube video here and then see,if it starts up right away cuz this is,one of the bad things I had was if Im,casting YouTube from my my cell phone it,doesnt matter if you have an Android,phone or iPhone doesnt matter you just,press on that casting icon and Ill,directly itll sync with you or your,Sony TV here so right now actually its,working well but there are a few times,where I will try to cast YouTube video,on the here and it will take forever to,like recognize it sometimes I kind of,like disconnect cuz its not just,playing on the TV I have to reconnect I,got to do it a few times before it shows,up and that happens like I just say,maybe once out of every like maybe eight,or nine or ten times I do it which is,very annoying and Ive had I could not,found like how to resolve like that,issue but its not my internet I am,connected through Wi-Fi also I want to,mention that this TV does not have,bluetooth which is kind of a bummer but,for the price I mean come on you cant,you really cant beat it and let me go,ahead and press on policy Pauls on here,and for the those of you that arent,familiar with casting I mean casting is,great if you do it from your phone,because its playing for my phone right,now now I can still I can go ahead and,make phone calls so I can send text,messages I can even let my phone go to,sleep and this will always play in the,background so thats pretty cool anyways,I put a link below,Amazon where I got this if you guys have,any questions or anything just comment,below alright thanks for watching

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