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Sony X900H 4K HDR TV Review | Surprising!

I figured there would be some interest,in this TV but I had no idea it would be,so high yall really showed up in the,comments welcome back everyone Im Caleb,Denison and sure I figured thered be,some interest in the Sony x900 H but not,this much and certainly not that you,also wanted me to compare it to the,Samsung q9 TT which is like $1,000 more,normally we wouldnt do that I was,planning on it anyway you asked for it,Im glad were on the same page this TV,is fairly remarkable I think youre,gonna like what I have to say before I,get it a picture quality which is really,what this review is all about I do want,to point out that we did an unboxing and,basic setup video the TV is attractive,enough not particularly thin not sure,about these legs theyre a little on the,thin side to Android TV experience is,about the same as I experienced on the,8h OLED the setup process was different,but ultimately it works just as well,which is remarkable because the sony has,a much more advanced chip running,Android TV lets start with black levels,and I gotta be honest with you I was not,expecting them to be this good but they,are pretty stinking fantastic as you can,see here now if I change over to this,clip on YouTube where weve got this,white ball going around you can,definitely force it to show some,blooming thats to be expected to some,degree but it still mitigates the,blooming fairly well so I was expecting,you know a fairly high zone count for,this television but I dont think thats,the case to count zones I typically use,this clip off of YouTube from ABS forum,and the idea is you can stand off at an,angle which exacerbates the glow and,count how many times the Box dims and,brightens and each time that happens,its a zone multiply the horizontal by,the vertical and then you get your zone,count but the TV mitigates the blooming,so well that it was really hard for me,to count eventually I managed to get it,and believe it or not I think its four,by four 16 zones which is ridiculously,low for such an advanced TV now Sony has,told me repeatedly that they dont tell,you about the zones because they dont,think its about how many zones you have,its how you use them and Ive always,dismissed that as marketing speak but,you know what this speaks well to that,now as for brightness by the numbers it,doesnt look huge 750 nits is what I got,when I measured,and thats half of what you get with the,q9 DT right but Im not missing anything,between the black levels and the,brightness you do get HDR content looks,fantastic and the bright room,performance of this TV has been just,fine for me as for color thats,something that Sony has always excelled,at this TV is no exception,I measure this TV using spectra Cal,software from portrait display along,with a spectra Cal C 6 meter and out of,the box in the custom picture preset,mode I have never seen a TV be so,accurate right out of the box I was able,to make a few tweaks and get it a little,bit closer to reference standard but,honestly most people are not going to,need to touch it just pick custom and go,you want a little bit brighter go ahead,and juice that up thats fine but,overall the performance is excellent and,thats an SDR an HDR same story it,overshoots just a little bit airs on the,side of brightness a little bit but,again really really solid color accuracy,now for the gaming portion of this,review its a little complicated let me,start with the good news the HDR gaming,experience on this TV is fantastic the,spectral highlights are just glimmering,off this television and overall picture,quality is outstanding and this is in,the game mode input lag I dont have a,measurement for if its anything like,the X 950 H is probably gonna be around,18 milliseconds or so unfortunately I,have some disappointing news regarding,variable refresh rate I did say that if,youre gonna game on a Sony this is the,model to get and I stand by that the,only problem is that variable refresh,rate or vrr is not active in this TV,right now it will be via firmware update,down the road but youre gonna have to,wait for it a while how long I dont,know Sonys not saying when theyre,gonna deploy that they did however tell,me that theyll let me know when its,about to happen so well try and let you,know in the comments down below so Ive,spent the past several days with this TV,and over and over I keep thinking the,same thing how is this TV only $1400,it looks way better than that its,competing with TVs that cost maybe a,thousand dollars more no doubt so value,absolutely I think Sonys really set the,tone here and Im looking forward to,seeing what can possibly compete with,this TV this year thanks as always for,watching everyone are you as excited,about the X 900 H as I am drop me a,comment down below like subscribe hit,that note,Anabelle and as always visit Digital,Trends calm for the latest tech news and,reviews

Sony X900H TV Review (2020) – Sonys First HDMI 2.1 4k TV

So here we bought the Sony X900H.,It fills an interesting spot in Sony’s LCD linup – as their second highest end 4k model,,below the X950H.,Despite appearing lower in the series, it claims to have features that the 950 lacks,like HDMI 2.1 support for higher bandwidth signals, and variable refresh rates.,This is a first from any 4k Sony TV, which makes it one to consider if you’re interested,in a next gen gaming console within the next few years.,In this video we’ll put the TV to the test to see how it compares to the higher-end X950H.,Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com where WE HELP PEOPLE FIND THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR THEIR,NEEDS Make sure you subscribe to our channel for the latest videos, or check out our website,for the full review!,First well look at the design of the TV and then move on to the picture quality.,Well look at the motion handling, input lag, and sound, and then see how it stacks up overall,against the higher-end X950H.,If you’d like to skip straight to our test results, then check out the youTube chapters,on the video.,We bought the 55 inch X900H to test, but it is also available in larger sizes up to eighty,five inches.,We expect these other sizes to have very similar picture quality.,Note that in some regions including the UK and Europe, the model number might be slightly,different, and it is often referred to as the XH90.,We expect these TVs to also perform similarly to the US model we bought.,So first up, the design.,No surprises here, as Sony TVs follow a very similar design language.,They tend to look quite minimal, and this TV is no exception.,There are thin bezels which look good.,The stand also supports the TV well and feels stable, without any screws required.,It is a wide set stand which needs a large table, but this is good for those who want,to place a soundbar between the legs.,Some variants of the TV in Europe may also have multiple stand positions to fit on a,smaller table, but this isn’t the case for US models.,A single button to control the TV is located under the Sony logo on the front, and you,can do basic actions like toggle the power, change inputs, or change volume but youll,definitely want to keep the remote close by.,Now moving around to the side of the TV, it looks almost identical to the X950H.,The thickness is about typical of most new TVs, so it won’t stick out much if you decide,to put it on the wall using the VESA mount of the TV.,The inputs are all directed out the side, and there’s nothing surprising here with,four HDMI ports, two USBs and a tuner.,Now, some of these HDMI ports are supposed to be HDMI 2.1, but we don’t know which,as we’ll talk more about that later on in the review.,Like other Sony TVs but unlike other brands, there is a composite video input for those,who want to connect older devices.,There are also clips provided in the box, so you can route cables down the back of the,stand and it works fine to have a relatively tidy setup, but definitely isn’t as impressive,as some older Sony TVs like the Z9F.,Now well move on to the picture quality.,Well be comparing to currently available TVs but competing models may change as new,TVs are released throughout the year.,For an updated comparison with new models as we buy and test them, see the review page,on our website which is linked below.,The contrast ratio of a display is the relative brightness of bright areas, compared to dark,ones.,It is one of the most important aspects of picture quality in a dark room, as a high,contrast allows for details to be visible in dark scenes, rather than getting lost in,the gray.,The contrast ratio of the X900H is relatively high, and is actually better than the higher-end,X950H . This is expected though, as the X950H has an extra layer to improve the viewing,angles but it comes at the expense of contrast.,The X900H without this layer results in a good contrast for watching movies or playing,video games in the dark.,Now, there is also a feature called local dimming to improve the perceived contrast.,Basically, this is where different areas or zones of the backlight can be controlled independently,to further deepen dark areas of scenes or boost brighter areas.,Overall this TV performs well and the result is good, but it is limited by the number of,distinct zones.,The algorithm generally works well though, and we found overall performance to be similar,to the X950H .,Now as mentioned earlier, this TV doesn’t have the X-Wide viewing angle feature of the,higher-end X950H, which otherwise helps to improve the accuracy of the image when viewed,at an angle.,The result is worse than the X950H and about typical of most VA-type TVs.,Those who really care about viewing angles may find it bad, but we do also get a lot,of feedback from people who don’t mind the viewing angles of VA panels.,As a result, you should check out the video here to see how you find it.,The full video is also linked in the description.,If it is a problem for you, have a look at the X950H instead, but do note that only some,sizes have this feature.,So on to reflections.,Good reflection handling is important for those with bright rooms.,This TV has a semi-gloss finish, which diffuses reflections a bit across the screen.,The result is fine and about typical of most TVs, but bright direct reflections such as,from windows or lamps facing the TV may result in hard-to-see dark scenes.,This isn’t as good as the X950H, but the higher end model does have some rainbow artifacts,and horizontal smearing from the viewing angle layer so check out our video review for more,information .,If you do have some lights in your room, then a high SDR peak brightness is also important,to overcome glare with brighter content.,The X900H can get very bright for SDR, as the whole screen can reach about five hundred,nits.,It is a bit strange that the smaller two percent window size doesnt get as bright, as we havent,seen this behaviour in other Sony TVs.,Most people are unlikely to notice it though.,Now if you watch HDR content, then high peak brightness is important for different reasons.,High brightness tends to be used in HDR content to add bright specular details resulting in,a more impressive image.,In this respect the TV is decent, but at about five hundred and fifty nits on our real scene,it is a step below the higher end X950H.,Also important in HDR content is ability to display wider color spaces, to produce more,vivid details when the director intends for it.,The X900H can display a wide color gamut with coverage over most of the DCI P3 color space.,This is good for those who plan to use the TV to watch HDR movies or play HDR games.,Now a quick note on the pixels.,The fifty five inch model we bought has a blue, green, red pixel layout.,This isn’t a problem and likely isn’t noticeable for most people, but might be a,consideration for someone who wants to use this as a 4k monitor for their PC.,This layout is fairly common on TVs, but can result in slightly less clear text from a,computer and only if cleartype tuning hasnt been performed.,In other cases, the text should always appear clear.,Another important picture quality aspect is the uniformity of the TV.,We test the gray uniformity of each TV by taking a photo of a mid-level gray and a dark-gray.,This shows uniformity issues which affect all colours, including dirty screen effect,or vignetting which can be distracting when watching sports or playing video games.,The X900H we bought has great uniformity, so it won’t really be distracting for most,people.,Note that this does vary between units due to tolerances in the manufacturing process,,but we expect our unit to be representative.,Let us know in the comments below if you buy this TV and how yours compares!,So now on to the motion handling, and we’ll start with the response time.,To learn more about motion on TVs, check out our video series which should be linked up,he re.,The response time is an average of the time it takes a display to transition from one,frame to

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Sony X900H / XH90 Full Review | Maybe The Best Value TV in 2020

this is the sony xh90 or in the us its,the x900h,now this is a tv which ive had now for,roughly a month,but its taken me a few weeks to get,used to it,now this is a tv which when i first,opened it up and unboxed it i thought it,looked good,but i didnt find anything that,remarkable about it but boy has that,changed and this tv,has really really grown on me and now,its definitely one of my favorites let,me explain a little bit more,dont forget to hit the red button to,subscribe and give this video a thumbs,up and click the notification bell to,get my next video,first so let me first of all give you,some context behind,this review i paid for this tv i am not,being asked to say anything good or bad,about it and so therefore all of the,thoughts are my own,now the first thing i would say is this,has already dropped significantly in,price,since i bought it you can save around,300 pounds or 300,i will leave my latest affiliate links,in the description for you but you can,pick this tv up now,the 55-inch version for around a,thousand pounds or a thousand dollars,one of the best features of this tv are,hdmi ports 3 and hdmi port,4. they offer hdmi 2.1 which means that,you will get 4k,at 120 hertz and when the new consoles,come out later this year,then youll get the best possible,refresh rates,on the tv now the eagle eyed amongst you,will also notice that hdmi 3 port is,also the earc or the arc port and so,therefore if you are using that as an,audio return channel,then youll only have one hdmi 2.1 port,available,so thats something to bear in mind if,you were having two consoles for,instance,we will talk a little bit more about,gaming later but first of all lets talk,about the operating system this,is a sony android tv and as many of you,will already know this,is the best operating system of any tv,certainly in my opinion in a way having,direct access to the google play store,means that you can download a whole host,of applications that you wouldnt,normally,find on another tv and this negates the,need for a third-party device,the only app that is really missing here,at the moment is the apple tv app,but that has been announced that will be,coming later on,in 2020 now one thing that youll like,as well is the remote control that comes,with this tv its one of the more,premium sony ones and it feels really,good to hold and,its very efficient got lots of,different controls as you would expect,the one thing however that i would say,is that this thing is long,its like a one swinging around the room,so you do have to be quite careful,and sometimes stretching from the bottom,buttons to the top,well its just impossible and you almost,have to then slide the remote control,up and down your hand so thats a little,bug bear but its a minor one its not,really a problem,now in a previous video i did the,unboxing and the setup so ill assume,that youre already at that stage,you can get quick access to some of the,settings by pressing the settings button,once,this will then bring up this menu along,the bottom and here youve got controls,to switch different picture modes,you can change the brightness parental,control to turn the picture on and off,or check out your notifications but if,you click on the settings button again,then that will take you into the full,settings and here youve got access to,all of the controls,to change the display how you want now,by pressing the input button on the,remote control,or on the home screen brings up the menu,from the bottom and here you have quick,access to all of your different options,now some of these are automatic so for,instance if youve got something,connected to hdmi one two three and four,theyll automatically appear in that,list,and you can see that theyre ticked and,its indicated with an auto sign,however there are some other things that,you can add and if you scroll along,youve got all of the different apps,which if you wish to,you can add them to your bottom which,again is a nice feature,and a very quick way of accessing your,favorite applications,so now its super simple when youre,just watching normal tv to press the,input button once,get the bar come up and youve got,access to all of your different sources,as well as your different applications,you can just scroll across,and select whichever one you want,staying in that top corner of the,home screen you can also access timers,again this is really good if you just,want a quick access to a sleep timer for,instance,rather than going through hundreds of,different menu screens so i really like,that,but now onto the main settings and here,you can go in and change,all of the different settings of your tv,you obviously can choose a different,name for it for instance you can give it,a standard name or you can give it an,individual name most of the menu options,are self-explanatory and you can,literally just go in and play with those,as you wish,the one that youll probably want to,spend most time on is the picture mode,here youve got different presets but,youve also got a very comprehensive,custom setting mode,and here you can go in and literally,change a whole host of things now,if you want real clarity at us to every,little thing that this does and i do,recommend,that you check out vincents channel at,htv test because he goes into all of the,detail of,absolutely every level of this and for,those people that are interested in that,type of my new detail,he is far better qualified than me but,just,to say that this is really impressive,that you can go in and change these,different settings,now the option that i found the most,realistic and the most easy,was the standard picture mode everything,else was quite horrendous vivid as we,all know is,always shocking but the standard picture,mode was really really good,and what i would recommend you did is to,change your custom mode to the standard,settings,and then make the adjustments depending,on what you want to do,so if you want to adjust the black,levels the motion settings and things,then do it from there one of the options,obviously is auto local dimming,and its important that you obviously,keep that on because otherwise,youre losing the benefit of having,dimming zones,standard mode on this tv for most people,will be absolutely fine,you can go in and change the different,settings through custom mode or go to,the other presets like cinema,vivid if youre mad and game so the,image that youre looking at now,isnt from a cable or high definition,satellite box its just from a standard,plastic coaxial aerial now thats one of,these things that just plugs in the back,and sticks up somewhere in the room and,as you can see ive got mine just,within the room i featured it in a,previous video and i was absolutely,blown away with,how good a job this does at a finding,the channels and displaying,a great picture so ill leave the link,in the description if thats something,that you may be interested in for,yourself but certainly the days of me,clambering into my loft with an aerial,are certainly gone these things work,brilliantly now a really important,feature nowadays is the fact that you,can get a sound bar underneath the tv,this is my sonos beam and as you can see,it fits like a glove,you have room of around seven,centimeters or just,under three inches to put any sound bar,which measures that type of size,this being a backlit led tv means that,its not the thinnest it also means that,viewing angles,are not particularly that great but its,going to be fine for most people in most,rooms,the physical look of the tv i think is,great it looks like a traditional sony,tv,its smart its got good quality,materials i actually really like the,feet ive seen,other people in other videos say that,theyre a little bit light a little bit,basic,but theyre made of metal and i think,they do a good job and then not too much,in your face however they do only stay,in one position which is a little bit,frustrating if youve got a narrower,stand,now reflections youre going to get a,certai

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SONY X90K vs SONY X900H | SONY X90K 65 Inch Review | SONY X900H 2022 | SONY X90H vs X90J Review

hello everyone this is fine from Tech,giving Villa today Im going to talk,about the two Sony TV one is x900h and,another one is x90k the left side is,x900h and the right side is x90k,the x900h is the best performing mid,priced Sony TV with excellent contrast,and brightness accurate color plenty of,Cons with HDR no doubt about that,the key to this TV is image quality as,with all the LCD based sets that perform,well in side by side tests and is well,implemented food are a local dimming it,improves black levels and contrast by,Illuminating different areas of screen,separately as needed just like x90k,in some crucial ways such as reducing,stray illumination with HDR the x900h,beat the similarly equipped tcl6 Series,in,some tests and,otherwise the TCL worn out with Superior,brightness and contrast overall and the,x90k also better brightness and contrast,a bit higher than the x900h,there are lots of good reasons to choose,Sony x900h it has Superior connectivity,unlike uh,it has a little issue which is uh Sony,says its 40 120 hertz panel but if you,select 4K 120 hertz mode and chroma 4 is,to 4 is to 4.,the blood issue comes the latest farmer,actually uh just a little bit sharpened,the blood issue but it is still there,its a hardware problem I will say its,a hardware problem if you need full 4K,120 hertz chroma four is to Forest to,four then obviously well pick uh,is also available in a massive 85 inch,size something not offered by other,brand like TCL or hyzine and maybe,Sonys brand cassette is important to,you but you dont know to throw down,even more for a fuller local dimming,equip Samsung like the q8t if that or,any of the other reasons above appeal to,you the x900h should be on your short,list and x900h is now very very cheap on,2022 because its a 2020 model Sony TV,if you see the x900h picture quality it,has an excellent performer overall with,a freezing balanced image that still,manages to deliver plenty of pop and,contrast it can quite Match the black,levels and light output of some LEDs I,have seen most recently from TCL and,hygiene but still comes pretty close,meanwhile other areas of image quality,namely color accuracy and Shadow detail,were Superior to those TVs dark movie,scenes played in a dark room are the,most challenging kind of content for,lcd-based TVs and while the Sony looked,excellent in uh side-by-side test,it wasnt quite as good as the pcl6,series or hygiene at maintaining that,crucial Darkness letterbox bars in mid,dark scenes such as the Generals speech,in the bunker at the beginning of 1917,provided one example the other two TVs,were both able to preserve a blacker,color of black in the bars and other,black areas like the soldiers,seal Health test which made them look a,bit more realistic than the x900h,the difference was minor overall if I,compare it with x 90k,the x90k is a bit brighter TV it has,cognitive,processor whether X900 is the old 4K,HDL X1 processor x900h can get exceeding,the good brightness although it didnt,measure quite as bright as more some,other sets have seen,x900h hdf brightness around 841,CD parameter square and,if you see the accurate color mode on,HDR then it will give 673 and,brightest HDR will give you 989,CD per meter square and accurate color,HDR it will give you 795 CD per meter,Square accurate numbers ever were,the Sony X Sonys extended dynamic range,settings in the high setting in the,custom picture mode which is great,choice for black rooms where you still,want an accurate image as usual the,brightest settings Vivid is incredibly,inaccurate compared to the others the,Sony screen finish was visibly Superior,at preserving,contrast and black levels in a bright,room but it did uh somewhat worse job,when uh of gaming right Reflections,despite the lack of quantum doors I have,come to expect excellent color from Sony,and the x900h is no exception its,custom and Cinema modes were very,similar to calibration although both,scored slightly blue afterward they were,nearly perfect watching program material,bright scenes like the fields woods and,uniforms in some image if I talk about,its video processing the x900h had no,issues delivering proper one zero zero P,by 24 cations,with its motion flow controls in the off,position which is probably the best for,film purses meanwhile the auto setting,introduced the battery smoothness of the,soap opera effect then theres the,custom setting which has adjustable,smoothness and clearness,a smoothness setting above one,introduces significant soap opera effect,while Zero Turns it off I actually,didnt mind the slight smoothing that,one setting introduces but its effect on,motion resolution was really slight so,Ill probably stick with zero the,clearness settings ramps up black frame,insertion to improve motion resolution,but it doesnt have any effect unless,you have got smoothness at two or higher,in other words theres no way to get the,best of both words High motion,resolution and no super brightness with,one setting,the x900h measure the best input lag of,any Sony TV yet since 2020 at around 15,milliseconds in game mode for both 102p,and 4K HDR an improvement of 4,milliseconds compared to last years,f950g in the custom mode meanwhile,it gives 91 millisecond with both,resolutions,this x900a sample was very good on,uniformity,with a few visible variations across the,screen in static or moving test patterns,or program materials such as hockey,match compared to the TCL and the hyzine,the Sony lost Black Level Fidelity and,contrast from off angle more severely as,I moved away from the sweetest part in,the center of the screen on the other,hand it preserved color better than,those TCL and hygiene,and x90k also the same are from same,this series TVs are the companys,mid-range 4K LCD models x90k you know,2022 model slotting in between the high,end x95k and more entry level x85p and,x80k series cells a big difference,between the x95 and x90k models is,Sonys use of,mini LED backlight on the former with,the X90 can instead using a regular LED,backlight with full array local dimming,and advanced feature not found on x85,and x82k TBS,which are quality almost similar I will,say both of food are local dimming but,x95 J is bit ahead,for this other accuracy and brightness,Sony actually the x90k series set Ive,been running some initial test to get,sense of whats its capable of while,also using it,as the main TV for casual beam last,years versions of this set the Sony X90,J series,actually X 90 J and x90k no difference,at all but X9 if you have X 900h x900h,4K HDM X1 processor and cognitive,processor is a little difference I will,say its a upgrade the processing is,better on cognitive processor,and the TV also bright x90k then x900h,this x90k also is a great value now Sony,was initially charging 1500 US Dollar on,the US and 65 inch model and that price,has since dropped uh thousand dollar on,Black Friday details that all division,support is on board and there are IMAX,enhanced W Vision day and night and,Netflix adaptive calibrated picture,modes on the smartphone you get Google,TV and Google Assistant along with,support for air player 2. Gamers will be,glad to know that the x90k series is one,of sun is perfect for PlayStation 5,series with its dual HDMI 2.1 ports,whether X90 x900h has only one HDMI HDMI,2.1 ports but that has some issues to,show 4K 120 hertz chroma 4 is to 4 is to,4 issue but x90k has no issue and that,you will enjoy 4K 120 hertz for each 24,chroma which actually clear,the text and sharp text you will see it,also has support variable deficient and,auto low latency mode even you can now,activate the vrr and local dimming both,on the latest firmware on this x90k its,also perfect for PlayStation 5 TVs also,features Sonys Auto HDR tone mapping,which optimizes the HD setting for game,console input upon initial setup the 65,inch x90k displayed an average light,output it measured 964 nits on a 10,white window in the standard HDR picture,mode and 450 nits in Cinema HDM mode,while that

Sony X900H review: Mid-priced TV with game-friendly features

hey guys this is the sony x900h its one,of sonys,best performing tvs that doesnt cost a,fortune in 2020.,im going to compare it to others right,now,so the sony x900 occupies an interesting,place in the 2020 tv landscape,sony a very well known tv brand has to,compete against brands like tcl,and vizio on picture quality and now on,price,since tv does cost more than those,brands but it also delivers an excellent,picture,ill get to that in a little bit first,off lets talk about the styling this,sony tv,pretty slick as youd expect from a sony,very understated altogether its got a,nice,silver lining around the edge here and,the silver on the bottom,extends to the legs themselves those,legs are relatively thin,overall a really nice look again,minimalist in the extreme,that sony logo also really small,the remote is not minimalist however,this thing is a fly swatter ill show,you right here,a lot of buttons on here compare that to,a roku remote or,another modern remote even from samsung,this thing is just,lots of buttons one of the most,important buttons on here is,the one that summons google assistant so,you can press that button,talk into the mic and get anything from,new apps downloaded to searching for,shows,to the weather report so its got google,built right in,talk right into the remote thats a neat,feature of course the reason it has,google is because this runs android tv,android tv has been improved in the last,couple of years on this tv its actually,nice and fast,snappy none of that delay that weve,seen in the past you get all the apps,youd expect including,peacock hbo max some of the apps that,arent available on the competition yet,theres also 4k hdr and dolby vision,built into the smart tv on the system so,all told with the google assistant all,those android tv apps,a dedicated play store that has a whole,bunch thousands more apps,this is one of the better smart tv,systems on the market i do like it,better than the proprietary samsung and,lg systems out there but not,quite as good as roku connectivity is,another strength on this tv around back,youll find four hdmi,sony says that theyll be upgraded later,in the year to allow 4k,120hz input from the latest game,consoles like hello,the playstation 5. also works with xbox,series x,those consoles will have full input on,this tv so you can get all the benefits,of their,high frame rate and variable refresh,rate capabilities,that arent found on some tvs at this,level the sony also has an atsc 3.0 port,so thats,a brand new connection that no other tv,has at this price,to get this port youre gonna have to go,up to like an 8k tv,atsc 3.0 is the new over-the-air,broadcast standard so,once those new over-the-air free tv,broadcasts start around the country,this sony tv will be ready other tvs,youll have to buy a little tuner,adapter or something to get that to work,so thats the features very strong on,the sony x900h but what about picture,quality,so my main side-by-side comparison for,picture quality was against the tcl6,series ill spoil it now,the tcl did a little bit better in my,side-by-side tests,it delivered a deeper black levels,better contrast and a brighter image,than the sony,the sony still had an excellent picture,however and unless youre going to be,looking at these tvs side by side,i doubt if youll miss it the sony also,delivers excellent,performance in game mode i saw nice,shadow detail in particular,a very low input lag so if youre going,to pair it with a ps5 again,with the nose to looking at that 120,hertz input capability later in the year,thats a plus sony also has very good,screen uniformity,very good video processing and solid,color so,the full packages here is just not quite,as good as a performer as that tcl,however all things considered if you,want the best bang for your buck its,not going to be,with this sony in terms of pure picture,where this tv actually excels is in its,features,its android tv operating system and,especially its connectivity,oh of course its also a sony another,difference between the sony and the tcl,is their range of sizes,this set is available from 55 all the,way up to 85 inches,this is the 65 inch size here the tcl on,the other hand only goes from 55 to 75,so if you want that massive 85 inch size,sony is one of your best bets of the,year,thats a look at the sony xbr x900h im,david katzmeyer with cnet

SONY X900H Review

in todays episode of release radar we,take a look at the sony x900h 4k ultra,hd smart led tv with hdr,before we get into the rest of the video,i do want to let you guys know that only,a small percentage of people who watch,my videos are actually subscribed i,would appreciate a sub it helps with the,algorithm and lets get into the video,so this television comes in a 55 inch 65,inch 75 inch and 85 inch model we have,the 65 inch downstairs however in this,video i am going to be taking an,in-depth look at the 55-inch but the,internals for all the displays are,exactly the same now lets talk specs so,this television has sonys x1 bravia,chip built in has a resolution of 4k uhd,3840 3840×2160 with an led panel has up,to 120 hertz refresh rate with x motion,clarity built-in wi-fi 5 and ethernet,connectivity it uses a 4k x reality pro,engine to upscale non-4k image to 4k it,has hdr10 hlg and dolby vision hdr,support it works with alexa and the,google assistant google play store is,present to download and upgrade apps,there are 16 gigabytes of internal,storage for said downloads for apps and,there are dual 10 watt speakers in terms,of i o on this display from top to,bottom we have two usbs an optical out,an aux in and avn four hdmis and hdmi,three is arc compatible a wired lan,connection an rf connection for,satellites and lastly irn and,rs23c this tv operates off of android tv,os and is very smooth and snappy as i,said earlier there is a google play,store enabled which you can use to,download some games and movies and apps,to watch and interact with personally i,dont really use much outside of netflix,hulu hbo disney plus youtube tv youtube,and just just the main basic streaming,apps theres so many of those nowadays,but i basically only use the most,popular streaming apps but with the,google play store you can just buy or,rent movies directly from there to watch,or alternatively if you dont want to,mess with the tvs built-in os you can,just cast your phone directly to this tv,this tv does support both chromecast and,apple airplay now lets take a look at,the different display most that this,television has built in so to do this,im going to pull up a ultra hd 4k video,and swap between the different display,modes im going to let each video play,for about 10 seconds with each different,display mode so lets go ahead and take,a look at what that looks like right now,now were going to test the backlight,bleed on this display and the way to do,that is to pull up an all black image,and see how much light we can see,seeping through in the corners so lets,go ahead and do that right now and as,you can see right here i did that so you,guys know the tv is not turned off but,as you can tell the backlight bleed on,this display is amazing theres like no,light seeping through in the corners i,know i have leds behind the tv but like,to my eye i cant see any backlight,bleed at all now i want to do a real,quick sound test of these speakers,versus my sound bar so im going to play,about five seconds of a royalty free,song through the speakers and then im,gonna play the same five seconds of that,song through the sound bar so you guys,can just get a sense of the audio,quality of this display as i said at the,beginning of the video i do personally,use a sound bar just because i like,sound bars over tvs built-in speakers,the sound is more full through a,soundbar so lets go ahead and take a,listen to that comparison right now,[Music],[Music],now were going to go ahead and take a,look at the 120 hertz capabilities of,this display if you didnt know one of,the main selling points of this display,is 120 hertz that can be used by both,next generation consoles and pc so im,going to go ahead and test some gameplay,on both my ps5 and my pc now remember on,playstation only select titles do,support 120 hertz but on pc i should be,able to play whatever game i want at 120,hertz so lets go ahead and take a look,at that right now,hmm,[Music],um,um,[Music],okay,[Music],[Music],[Music],so there you can see some gameplay of,both halo infinite on my pc and then,borderlands 3 on my ps5 borderlands 3 is,played in the performance mode which,offers 1080p 120 hertz and then halo,infinite was played on pc at high,settings at 4k 120 hertz and 120 hertz,just feels so much better for gaming if,youre playing a competitive game on,your console like call of duty apex or,whatever having 120 hertz is just double,the frame rate of the standard 60hz,panel so it does give you a slight,competitive advantage and this is set up,and ready to use with 120 hertz on,nextgen consoles so if youre looking at,buying an xbox series x or a ps5 this tv,could be a great gaming display for you,unfortunately however there are some,cons i do have to touch on with this,television this happens on both the,55-inch tv we have upstairs that i own,and then the 65-inch downstairs thats,the families and,that is,sometimes the tv just disconnects from,the internet for no reason so you sit,down you get your meal or whatever you,sit down with some friends to watch some,movie or some tv show you go to netflix,or to disney plus or hulu and it just,says internet offline it happens so,frequently that i had to get a smart,plug which fortunately i had one lying,around but if i didnt i would have gone,out and bought one and so i put a smart,plug between the tv and the actual power,outlet so whenever that happens i can,just say you know hey siri turn off my,tv and then siri turns off the tv and,then it will then power back on after i,tell siri to turn it back on and then,after the tv is turned off and then,turned back on then internet works again,but you cant just turn the display off,and turn the display back on you have to,cut power to the tv to get internet to,work again and i know that sounds very,annoying but literally just get a smart,plug for five ten bucks put that between,the outlet that you plug your tv into,and the tv and then download whatever,app is associated with whatever smart,plug you get and then that completely,solves the problem it is annoying yes,but it doesnt happen frequently enough,for me to want to return the device or,contact customer support because you can,just fix it with something as simple as,a smart plug and i know that sounds,super annoying but that is the only,problem ive had with this display and,weve had both the one downstairs in the,living room and the one upstairs that i,bought for about a year now each and,thats the only problem that happens and,it does happen more frequently on the,one downstairs than the one upstairs so,i dont know whats causing that problem,but ive fixed it enough for the smart,plug so considering thats the one issue,weve had with this tv with a year of,heavy use on each display i would,consider that not too bad because ive,had other tvs that have had a plethora,of other issues within the first couple,months of usage so,one problem thats persistent but still,just one problem thats easily fixable i,will take that over a plethora of,smaller minor issues now lets take a,look at the remote that this display,ships with so im on my phone recording,this portion of the video but heres the,remote that the tv ships with and its,got a netflix button built in which,obviously if you click,it opens netflix its got your standard,channel swapping buttons up on top here,its got your settings button your input,button and input does also cycle through,the different streaming services,so inputs not just for the tvs inputs so,you can go from your tv input to airplay,to disney plus hbo max,hulu netflix prime video spotify,whatever else you might have installed,on the tv,but my favorite feature about the remote,is this button right here you can click,this button and search with your voice,so if i say,open youtube and play iron man,it should,open up the youtube app,here it goes,and it plays the song iron man by block,sabbath so,you can ask it to do any specific,combination of things like for example,open game of thrones o

8 Reasons Why The Sony X90J is Better than The X900H (+ 2.5 Reasons Why Its Worse)

on your left is the sony x90j on your,right is last years sony x90 or x900h,in this video im going to show you,eight areas where the sony x90j is,superior to the x900h and two and a half,areas where its worse keep watching the,sony xml tj was capable of delivering,higher peak brightness than the x900h on,my 35 inch review samples i measured a,peak brightness of around 830 nits on a,10 window after calibration on the x90j,and 650 nits on the x900h so the,difference is almost 200 nits the higher,peak brightness on the x90j allowed it,to render hdr with more impact and also,retain more specular highlight detail as,you can see from the scene in miss,peregrines home for particular children,where the bright fluorescent lights just,look more impactful and clearer on the,x90j,two the sony x90j also had superior tone,mapping that worked well to retain more,specular highlight detail in 4000 nit,content as well as paint the colors in a,more saturated manner and if i use this,clip from batman vs superman note that i,had to slow it down or else it will be,over all too soon you can see that the,bright lightning flashes are just,clearer on the sony x90j courtesy of the,superior tone mapping that presumably is,granted by,the new bravo xr processor,3. the sony x-strategy is also capable,of rendering deeper blacks than the,x900h or xh90 now if i disable local,dimming on both tvs,using this paused scene from gravity you,can see that the outer portions on both,tvs are actually brighter,and reveal more shadow detail than the,center this is because of the gamma,shift caused by the narrow viewing angle,of the v8 type lcd panels on both,displays,but if we,enable local dimming in the optimized,settings on both tvs hopefully you can,appreciate the deeper blacks generally,on the sony x90j note that due to the,limited dynamic range of my camera i,cannot fully capture,the shadow detail but in real life let,me assure you that shadow detail remain,clear on both sets if we switch to,another dark scene in sdr this is the,last harry potter film you can again,hopefully appreciate the deeper blacks,on the sony x90j now this advantage also,carries through to hdr for example in,this dark sequence from pen where the,blacks on the xs90 x98 was shallower,for the sony x90j also offered more,calibration controls than the x900h for,example if we go into the picture menu,you can see that once we activate the,kalman for bravia app the sony x90j can,unlock two further picture presets,namely custom 4 pro one and custom 4 pro,2,whereas you know these,additional picture presets are not,available on the,sony xh90 or x900h,furthermore the kalman 4 bravia app will,also,unlock the 20 point white balance,controls on the x90j,while the x900h is still restricted to a,10 point white balance system,and last but not least there is an,additional color management system or,cms on the x90j which is not available,on the xh90 or x900h at all the,combination of these additional picture,affecting settings will allow the x90j,to be calibrated to more accurate colors,and gamma tracking than what the xh90 or,x900h will be able to achieve,5. upscaling was generally sharper on,the sony xltj thanks to the new bravo xr,processor,particularly with 1080i broadcast,content where the x90j is able to,retrieve more texture and detail,compared with the xh-90 however for the,purists out there you may notice that in,some scenes with a lot of fine detail,the additional processing performed by,bravo xr can go a bit overboard and this,has prompted us to lower the sharpness,value to minimum even though sharpness,50 is neutral on both tvs nevertheless,most viewers will probably prefer the,sharper upscaling delivered by the sony,xltj helped by the brava xr processor,sixth gradation was smoother on the x90j,if we look at this near black,quantization test pattern developed by,stacy spears of spears and mansil frame,you can see that the gradation on the,x900h was quite stair step whereas it is,much smoother on the x90j and if we,display another of mr spears test,pattern you can see that especially on,the 10 bit cr portion,the gradients appeared smoother on the,x90j compared to the x900h,in addition the sony x90j also offers a,smoke gradation the contouring filter,which is not present on the x900h so,lets say if we disable smoke gradation,on the x90j you can already see that the,native gradation was already superior in,this scene from the martian to the x900h,but lets say if you are watching some,low bitrate content you can enable smoke,credation to apply a decoding filter,allowing the x90j to present a cleaner,and smoother image than what the,xh90x100h is ever capable of,7. the sony x90j has a new intermediate,filmboard low setting which works to,reduce the aggressiveness of the film,mode interlacing so as to avoid,microstata in certain broadcast content,with mixed edits this film mode low,setting is not present on the x900 edge,8. the sony x90j is able to resolve full,4k 100hz resolution whereas on the xh90,or x900h,as we have pointed out last year the,vertical resolution at 4k 100hz was,still halved and the reason why the x90j,was able to resolve full 4k 100hz,resolution despite both tvs using the,same mediatek mt5895 soc its because,the bravo xr processor on the x90j,actually has an additional companion,chip which works to relieve some of the,workload however because of the presence,of this companion chip i think it is,also suffering from some sort of hdmi,bandwidth limitation and therefore 4k,hundred radius content in hdr actually,exhibited more posterization than what,was presented on the x900h not only on,test patterns here we are using the,display hdr app from a pc but also in,actual hdr games for instance in dirt 5,from the ps5 in high frame rate mode,where you can see more striping along,the skies on the x90j compared to the,x900h,the second aspect where the x90j fared,worse than the x900h was that in certain,scenes there would be more blooming on,the,x90j and this is caused by its higher,peak brightness and also its more,aggressive local limiting algorithm,which work to deepen the blacks and,because of the limited number of local,dimming zones on both sides if you try,to achieve inkier blacks there will be,less room for tapering from bright areas,to dark areas and therefore you may see,more blooming around bright objects on,the x90j compared with the x900h,last but not least the sony x90j had a,lower white color garment coverage than,the x900h on paper now in real world,content we,barely see the effects of this and in,fact because of the new bravo xr,processor,bright colorful highlights actually look,more saturated on the x90j in certain,scenes so we only gave half a point,advantage to the x900h in this,department,this video is sponsored by surfsharkvpn,with more and more people staying home,these days netflix is continuing to cap,the bitrate of certain shows especially,in europe which will cause the picture,to look softer with more compression,artifacts such as macro blocking,pixelation and noise in dioxins,what if theres a way to access netflix,servers in another country where,streaming bit rate is not capped,this is where a vpn comes in,surfshark allows you to stream content,from another country without needing you,to be physically there so you can watch,netflix in higher bit rates and better,picture quality,you can also get more content thats not,available in your region perhaps the u.s,netflix library which contains more,movie titles,for less than the price of a big mac per,month,you can use surfshark on as many devices,as you want in your household all at the,same time,theres 24 7 live customer support a 30,day money back guarantee and even,instructions on how to set up the vpn on,your lg or samsung smart tv and for a,limited time only if you use promo code,hdtvtest youll get 83 percent off and,three extra months free so sign up today,and give surfshark a try ill put the,link in the youtube description below,thanks again f

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