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Sony X91J TV Review – Huge Screen for Huge Performance?

[Music],hey im daniel from ratings.com today,well be doing a review of the sony x91j,well be evaluating it on our,standardized test bench to see how it,performs and if you should buy it we,bought and tested the 85 inch model as,this is the only size it comes in thats,because this aims to be the 85 inch,version of the sony x90j released,earlier in 2021,it has a 4k resolution and 120hz va type,panel well see how it compares in this,review and why it might not actually be,the real 85-inch equivalent of the x90j,the xn91j has a pretty standard design,less similar to the x90js design and,more similar to the x900h from last year,youll need a sizeable entertainment,cabinet to put this on if you plan on,setting it on its feet but it will be,well supported,the tv sits high enough off the ground,and the feet are wide enough to allow,for most sound bars to sit without issue,the inputs are located on the left hand,side and the four hdmi ports allow you,to connect a variety of devices,one of the ports also supports e-arc or,an enhanced audio return channel that,you can connect to your receiver or,samba to play sound from the tv through,your external speakers,it also has two hdmi 2.1 ports including,the er port to support higher,resolutions and frame rates from new,playstations or xbox consoles as well as,modern graphics cards its not all great,news though as there are some issues,with 4k 120 hertz signals that well,talk more about in a bit,the back of the tv fits the visa mount,standard so you can wall mount it for a,cleaner look and it has a pretty typical,thickness so it will stick out a little,bit,the build quality of the tv is great a,bit above average for a mid-range tv,its well put together with a plastic,back and with metal borders and feet,the back panel flexes a bit and theres,some wobble when the tv is on the stand,but thats understandable considering,its size,now onto our test results and well,start with the contrast,a high contrast ratio results in deep,dark scenes which is good if you want to,watch movies in a dark room like a home,theater environment,this tv performs great with a va type,panel so dark scenes appear deep and,detailed,local dimming is a feature to further,improve dark scenes for a better movie,watching experience by dimming and,brightening areas of the screen to,improve the perceived contrast ratio,this is the second area where we see a,difference between the x91j and the x90j,the local dimming effect and algorithm,is decent moderately improving the,contrast and image quality,it does suffer from blooming and a,raised black level and is much more,similar to the performance of the x900h,rather than the x90j,on the other hand if you want to use the,tv in a bright room then a high peak,brightness is important to overcome,glare,fortunately the sony x91j has a good,brightness above average for mid-range,tv in newer high dynamic range or hdr,content it isnt quite as impressive and,still leaves a bit to be desired for,that impactful experience but its,decent nonetheless,if you dont care too much about a,brighter image in hdr then that might be,fine,also important for a bright room is good,reflection handling you can see that,this tv handles reflections alright but,the intensity isnt significantly,reduced so it isnt the best choice for,a room with lots of light or you end up,struggling to see dark scenes,if youve got a wide seating arrangement,or like to watch tv with family and,friends then good viewing angles help to,ensure that no ones left with washed,out colors or crushed details,unfortunately on this sony the image,quality drops dramatically when viewed,off angle so the image is really only,best viewed from directly in front,an overall uniform screen brightness and,color is important when watching sports,or playing video games to avoid the,appearance of clouding known as the,dirty screen effect,this does vary between units but we,expect the x91j that we bought to be,about typical,its good overall but there is some,noticeable clouding in the center and it,looks a bit patchy,in really dark scenes the black,uniformity is noticeably better so there,arent really any distracting bright,areas which is great,a lot of people care that a tv has good,colors in the case of the x91j the color,accuracy is great out of the box and in,hdr content the tv can display deep,saturated greens reds and blues,this is great for those who like an,image with extra saturation or for,watching high dynamic range content on,streaming services,there is something interesting to note,here again the performance is more in,line with last years x900h and is a,better result than this years x90j that,took a step down in this regard some tvs,struggle to display smooth gradients so,when watching a movie with a sunset some,banding can be visible,in the case of this tv though it isnt,an issue with great gradient performance,in line with the x900h,this is likely due to the fact that they,share the same x1 image processor unlike,the new x91j which has the xr processor,when playing video games a fast response,time is important for the clearest image,without distracting blur,the x91j has a good and fast response,time overall but some blur or smearing,may be noticeable in dark scenes,if you look closely at this moving logo,photo taken on the tv youll notice some,duplication of the image this is because,the tv flickers but overall it shouldnt,be a problem for most people,if you want the image to be as smooth as,possible similar to how soap operas look,then motion interpolation is a feature,that can take low frame rate content and,smooth it out,this can help some action scenes to be,smoother and more clear not everyone is,a fan of this though but if you are then,its important to know that the x1,processor x91j seems to perform very,similarly to the x900h and doesnt get,any more benefits from this years,processing found on the x90j,with that said it still looks good as,can be expected from sonys renowned,processing this isnt something we,explicitly test for but we were able to,confirm visually that the x91j and x900h,look very similar in a side-by-side,comparison,for those of you who dont like motion,interpolation and prefer pure,reproduction the sony x91j has the,settings to deliver that experience as,well,a low input lag is also important for a,responsive feel when playing video games,and thankfully this tv is great in that,regard,speaking of gaming this tv supports all,of the common signals up to 4k and 120hz,which is great for casual gamers or,enthusiasts alike,that being said this tv suffers from the,same issue some other tvs suffer from,where vertical resolution is half at 4k,120 hertz this isnt great news and,unfortunately is an issue with a lot of,sets that seem to be struggling with it,if the blurred text caused by this is,bothersome to you youre better off with,the tv that can display 4k 120hz,properly,another issue with this tv is that it,doesnt work properly with variable,refresh rates or vrr so if this is,important to you you might want to look,elsewhere like other sony tvs this one,uses the google tv platform its a,facelift of android tv and is easy to,navigate and use since its based off,the android platform it also has more,complex capabilities for enthusiasts,while remaining straightforward and,simple for those who wish to just find,new content to watch easily,the sound of this tv is decent and about,typical of many tvs having said that tvs,are getting thinner and thinner good,sound doesnt tend to be much of a focus,so if this is something that you care,about and are potentially planning to,use this large tv for a home,theater-like environment then a,dedicated sound system is highly,recommended,so this brings us to the main question,should you buy this tv,first of all its a great large size,display considering its price range and,performance thanks to great contrast,ratio good colors and motion handling,its a great option overall,the x900h from last year is an extremel

Whats the BEST 85 Inch TV? SONY X95J!! 85 INCH TV REVIEW – Sony 4K

the sony a90j oled is currently one of,the best tvs money can buy that is if,you have the funds what if you could,achieve near master series level of,performance with even greater brightness,for about,say half the price if youre into saving,money hit that like button and subscribe,because were going to jump right into,the good stuff because today were,reviewing sonys new x95j 4k led tv,[Music],im gonna keep the speck talk brief,because we have a lot of ground to cover,the x95j is a full array led backlit 4k,display that has dolby vision hdr10 and,hlg support it has sonys own cognitive,processor xr and that is the exact same,tech that made its debut in the x90j,oled we reviewed not long ago,you also get next-gen hdmi features like,4k 120 though sadly it is limited to,just two hdmi inputs one of which it,shares with its arc earc functionality,the x95j uses the google tv operating,system with access to streaming apps,like apple tv netflix hbo max and more,obviously it has support for google,assistant and apple airplay not to,mention wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity,their sony superb acoustic sound tech,and calibration which ill get to but,enough about the specs and lets get,into how the tv actually performs out of,the box there are two things that are,immediately apparent with the sony one,its bright and two it is very clear,while folks all over the internet were,doing brightness runs to show off how an,oled could finally break the 1000 nit,peak brightness barrier the x95j can hit,a thousand plus nits easily even on,non-hdr out of the box in fact every,picture profile is capable of around a,thousand or more nits of peak brightness,with little to no adjustments while not,the brightest led based 4k tv on the,market its bright enough that i doubt,youll be left wanting for more out of,the box thats pre-calibration the most,accurate picture profile is custom which,measures a little over 300 nits which is,not exactly bright but stick with me,this profile has the most accurate white,balance and color both measured a delta,e or margin of error of about six a,margin of error of three or less is,where we want to be in order to meet the,threshold of calibrated but honestly 6,isnt too bad when you consider that,other profiles like vivid have a delta e,of 16 or higher the good news is you can,supercharge the custom profile by,setting the brightness to 100 follow,that up by turning auto local dimming to,medium or high and setting the peak,luminance to high which ups the,brightness anti to over 800 nits without,completely destroying the tvs white,point or color accuracy in fact the tv,actually improves a little using these,settings now obviously if you have the,tools you can calibrate the x95j to near,perfection i was able to achieve a delta,e of well under one which is nears makes,no difference perfect and matches the,capability of the x90j master series we,raved about when watching hdr content,the sonys peak brightness doesnt,really change though the setting that is,going to have the greatest impact on,brightness is that peak luminance,setting if you dont feel like your x95j,is as bright as it could be i would,check that setting first before worrying,about whether or not your tv is busted,now with the x95j dialed in i set out to,test some of its other claims starting,with 4k 120 support with my ps5,connected directly to one of the x95js,4k 120 capable hdmi inputs i was able to,take advantage of hdr gaming in 4k at,120 frames per second with zero issues,when playing call of duty input lag was,a non-issue for me but then again im,not a competitive gamer so you may feel,differently theres definitely no lag in,me getting my ass kicked so apart from,that the x95j isnt really flexing when,it comes to gaming features at least not,at the moment as many of them seem to be,promises that will be fulfilled later in,updates rather than usable features i,can share with you all in this review,all that said if you are a casual gamer,with no desire to turn pro i doubt this,tv will disappoint you if you are a,hardcore gamer and live in a world where,milliseconds separate life from,make-believe death maybe this isnt,going to be the tv for you stepping away,from gaming and re-entering the real,world where content is often broadcast,or stream in 4k 30 or 60. if were lucky,the sony positively shines honestly post,calibration with some minor exceptions,surrounding black levels absolute,contrast at the extremes and issues,pertaining to local dimming here and,there i doubt many would be able to tell,the x95j apart from the x90j oled my,feelings of awe over the x90j x90js,cognitive processor carried over to the,x95j sonys ai based enhancements result,in an image that is just crazy good hd,to 4k scaling is next level when,watching oblivion on hbo max which is in,lowly hd the film looked like a native,4k signal a native 4k hdr signal at that,the image is so naturally sharp and,detailed colors are bang on with skin,tones looking especially natural organic,and possessing an almost dewy-like,smoothness that made close-ups,particularly pause-worthy fine textures,and clothing and hair rendered with no,visible artifacts like moire and jaggies,contrast excellent and while oblivion,isnt necessarily a low-light torture,test scenes taking place in the library,or scab hideout were especially,impressive possessing oled like black,levels with almost master series,contrast throughout the blacks fine,details and these low-light scenes,rendered with surprising clarity,especially considering that the signal,was of the streaming variety where we,all know compression can sometimes wreak,havoc on low light scenes motion was,smooth and this is with a lot of sonys,motion interpolation settings set to low,or off while i typically do not advocate,for any sort of motion interpolation in,tvs sony has tailored their usage in,this tech in such a way that it doesnt,feel invasive or artificial so kudos,sony stepping up to 4k hdr content as,you might expect the x95j shines i just,love the way this tv tackles color,watching shows on apple plus like the,morning show ted lasso and,the sony never failed to impress like,with oblivion colors were accurate,natural and popped off the screen even,with a highly stylized show like,schmigadoon it never felt artificial or,like the tv was purposely enhancing the,color but you dont have to be a,stickler for color accuracy in order to,appreciate what sony is doing here and,why they continue to be such a major,player in the professional cinema space,dont get me wrong its not as if other,tv manufacturers dont get color right,but in my opinion few manage to toe the,line between being poppy which viewers,no doubt like nowadays and accurate to,the filmmakers intent quite like sonys,latest crop of tvs skin tones again,looked especially convincing as did,detail in textures,black level contrast in detail felt a,bit more confident when viewing 4k,content in hdr especially dolby vision,content but the differences are subtle,a quick note about sonys internal sound,system its impressive as in very,impressive on its own and when in the,cinema sound profile the x95j has enough,talent to give one a a soundbar-like,presentation with an even surprising,amount of ambient and surround sound,cues that in small to medium-sized rooms,may be enough for you its only when,switching to other speakers or systems,like the hta-9 do you really realize the,gains that can be had in making even,mild investments in a separate sound,system compared to separate speakers you,realize that the x95j sound while good,is a bit thin in the mids where it,prioritizes high frequency detail and,low base punch over outright linearity,so intelligibility quite high and bass,is surprising but overall this is a tv,with a crazy happy smile like curve to,its response now local dimming is one,area where i think the sony pulls up,just short of being master series level,great when viewing real world content in,hd or 4k i doubt many will have a

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Sony X90J 4K HDR TV Review Revisited | Better This Time?

And here we go again. ,Its time for a Sony X90J review. Take two.,Welcome back, everyone, ,Im Caleb Denison, and if you missed our first stab,at reviewing this TV, it basically went like this.,When we unboxed the TV, we noted it had what seemed like cosmetic damage,to the plastic on the back. ,We pressed forward, we got into the review, and it seemed like,we could dance around what appeared to be localized performance compromises.,But ultimately, at the end, ,it became clear that the TV probably wasnt performing as it should.,Some stuff just wasnt adding up.,So we requested a replacement unit from Sony. And here it is.,This is where we dove back in and render a final opinion on this TV.,Now, I was less than enthusiastic before.,Will that change this time around? ,Before I get into it, though, I want to let you know that,if youre watching this video on YouTube, ,I have a special segment coming toward the end that you will only see here.,I want to talk a little bit ,about our review process and why we sometimes give TVs another chance,,and why you may end up seeing videos that go right up to the point,where I have to tell you, were going to have to do a second take.,Thats all coming toward the end. So stick around. ,Oh, and while were at it, hop into the comments right now and tell me,,do you like the unboxing videos we do ahead of the full reviews?,If so, tell me why. And if not, tell me why not.,And while youre down there, please smash like and subscribe,so we can continue to put out these great videos for you.,A million thanks as always. OK, here we go.,So lets just take things from the top. ,I still love how easy it is to set up this TV. Two legs, just pop them right in,,no screws needed. ,Theres only one place for the feet. ,Trust me, I scoured the underside looking for hidden spots, and there are none.,This is where the feet go. ,I also like the Google TV platform, as Ive mentioned in past videos.,Its really grown on me over the past few months, ,and its become my preferred smart TV platform.,If for no other reason, because its so easy to get logged into apps, I love that,as a TV reviewer. But also the look and the feel of it just suits me.,It feels classy. ,And I get less of a sponsored content vibe for some reason.,Hard to qualify that. ,I just do. Add to that Sony Cinema picture,preset settings are fantastic. ,Theres really nothing much more you need to do to get the best picture quality.,I think no manufacturer has more accurate picture presets across all the options,than Sony. But the Cinema Preset is especially good, and part of,that means really accurate colors without needing a calibration.,Although a white balance adjustment will make greys in some colors,look a bit better, pulls out a bit of green as Ive measured.,So color accuracy is a thing,for picture quality, but theres lots more to consider.,Im about to get to that. ,But before I do, I just have to comment on the TVs sound quality.,This is an area where my opinion hasnt changed since I first reviewed this TV.,I dont think it sounds very good at all. ,Even though Sony has added tweeters ,to the top side of the back of the TV to try to make the sound more spacious.,Now, Im not comparing it directly to the Sony A80J, A90J,,and I wouldnt ever ,compare it to the X95J either, which I do expect to have in soon.,Im comparing it to other TVs in its price class.,And while it isnt necessarily worse ,than, say, the TCL R635 or the Samsung Q80A,,which Ive only heard in passing anyway. I can say that,I dont like how it sounds, and I would absolutely be using a sound bar.,So keep that in mind when youre considering this TV,and your budget comes into play.,Now lets talk about picture quality. Some of the fundamentals didnt change,and some of them did since I reviewed the somewhat damaged X90J,a few weeks ago.,The peak brightness doesnt appear to have been affected, but the backlight,system clearly did take a hit because the black levels on this unit,are clearly better. ,The backlight control is better. ,Halo and blooming are better mitigated. ,Theres a bit less of a milky quality to the picture. To be honest,its hard to describe why, ,but this TV is noticeably better than the damaged unit I received.,And I checked that with some of my team who all agree.,So Im not just drinking my own Kool-Aid.,Mmm. Tasty Kool-Aid. Sugar free, of course.,Anyway, heres the bottom line. ,Even though this review sample is better than the last one I had,,I am still not as enthused about it as I was the X900H. ,Now, Im sure that if I put the X90J next to the X900H,,I would have to admit that the X90J is a superior TV in many respects.,So whats changed then?,Well, the market. The market is what has changed.,You have Hisense out there with the U8G, which is blowing the doors off this TV,in terms of brightness. ,And its got some solid inky blacks as well,,thanks to its almost preposterous number of local dimming zones.,Then youve got the Samsung Q80A, which is not a Neo-QLED,,in other words, it doesnt have mini-LED,backlighting, just like the X90J here, but is also a strong performer.,And then you have TVs ,like the TCL R635, which didnt start in this price class,and honestly gets pretty close ,for much less money, at least when it first came out.,And hopefully the TCL prices come down. ,Then you have the Vizio P-Series Quantum or P-Series Quantum X, depending on which,year of TV youre buying, which are cost competitive with this TV as well,,and they also get brighter. Bottom line, depending on your priorities,,there are TVs with flashier specs than the X90J,and they cost the same or less. ,So the X90J just doesnt stand out in the market,quite the same way the X900H did for me last year.,But that doesnt mean it has an identity crisis necessarily.,It has its place and will appeal to certain folks.,I just think maybe fewer folks than before.,The X90J is going to appeal to Sony TV fans.,Period. Full stop. End of story. Thats it.,Sonys processing is on full display here.,The motion on this TV is excellent.,if you leave the motion setting on custom. That gives you good smoothness,without soap opera effect. ,And if you set the motion to auto, it is exceptionally smooth motion,,but with some soap opera effect, which for gaming,,I think is less of an issue than it may be for movies.,I ran every stress test I have and the Sony’s motion,looks great on this unit, so thats a plus.,Also, Sony’s color accuracy,,as I mentioned before, looks great out of the box.,It loses saturation and intensity, though, due to brightness limitations.,And thats where I think I have to be the most critical.,This TVs limited brightness is smartly handled by Sony.,Its got a high average picture level, ,so it comes off as bright, but it lacks punch in HDR highlights.,And overall, it seems to lack a bit of contrast to. Also the colors,lose some vibrancy as a result. Accurate or no,as you get out of the mid bright colors and into some of the HDR color space,,the zing just isnt there for me. ,Also, even though the backlight is handled really well and halo and blooming are,well mitigated, I dont feel like this TV seems to hit true black very often.,I think part of that is the aggressive anti-glare coating on the screen.,Thing is without that anti glare, ,the TV would have so much reflection to overcome with brightness,it doesnt have, that the net effect would be negative.,So the TV needs that anti-glare.,And I feel like one of the tradeoffs is perceived contrast. By the measurements,The contrast is good, but in real life viewing, it just isnt what I want.,Even at this TV’s price level where it isnt going to be as good as a mini-LED,TV with two hundred plus zones, I still feel a little let down.,But you know what? ,Lets do a reality check. ,I think most folks who walk in a dark room,and see this TV would say it looks great.,And thats because this TV does a lot really

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Sony X900H / X91J Best Picture Settings And Review

hey guys welcome back Ive got a video,thats gonna be covering two subjects,here first Im gonna run through all the,settings that Im using in this 85 inch,Sony X 900 H to get the very best,picture quality Im going to cover SDR,HDR 10 Dolby vision Netflix modes,because this has separate settings for,all of those and more were gonna go,through everything through the menus and,Ill explain why Im doing some of the,stuff and then Im going to give you a,subjective review ive been using the,snot out of this my wifes actually been,his him more than me and we absolutely,love it its not perfect it is not,perfect but Im gonna get into all of,that after going through the settings so,first you might notice this big ol white,light here and that is the light that,Im using to light myself here and you,can probably tell already that,reflections are not the greatest on this,so that lights gonna stay there dont,mind it I need some light on me to do,this because Ive got the camera exposed,to get you the best-looking picture it,looks exactly like it does to me Ive,got a white balanced and perfectly,exposed so its looking really good on,the camera for this video so thats what,that guy is there alright so going,through the settings first of all nice,menu system its Android TV and its,quick its snappy youve got one button,to bring up this fast access menu here,with common things like brightness or,changing your picture presets first of,all I highly recommend that you use,custom mode if youre doing any kind of,calibration you dont have a choice it,applies it to the custom preset slot as,your only option but out of the box the,custom mode is already set up for the,most accurate color second best is the,cinema mode and the only difference is,the gamma setting between those two you,can adjust the gamma setting on cinema,and its the same as custom so you,really do to get,two slots by adjusting one slider that,are as dead spot on as perfect color and,greyscale as possible without,calibration but everything here is going,to be based off the custom slot you just,go into settings go down to display and,sound picture and here we go,so here you can run through left and,right the different preset settings game,mode is very special by the way if you,are doing any kind of gaming whether,its the built-in apps or your Nvidia,shield or plugging in a PlayStation Xbox,whatever you want to use game mode and,thats not for any kind of picture,settings thats for the input leg it,brings it down near 14 milliseconds and,it is day and night from all the other,presets games are almost unusable on the,other presets I was trying to play,pinball and I was on custom it was like,hit a button wait a half-second bumper,hit button bumper what is going on I,forgot to switch to game mode so bear,that in mind youll need game mode for,whatever inputs youre using or whenever,you switch to through your AVR any kind,of gaming peripheral so going down to,auto picture mode leave it off were,going to be leaving a lot of the,processing features off because quite,frankly theyre destructive and thats,true of virtually every TV out there,light sensor leave it off,thats an automatic brightness thing,kind of like your phone those dont work,very well either maybe if youre in a,commercial environment like a lobby or,something like that where you want it,always nice and visible and this is not,set up as far as watching movies or,color critical work or anything like,that,sure go ahead and use whatever features,you want but thats what light sensors,for nothing to do with great picture,quality brightness this is pretty much,the only thing that youre going to be,stinks sometimes on the fly certainly,adjusting to taste and thats okay,theres one really cool thing about the,brightness on this TV most TVs that Ive,certain all TVs that Ive had and most,TVs that Ive played with and,experienced the brightness by the way,its the backlight control on some TVs,thats what its doing its just,altering the brightness of the backlight,its not the brightness control meaning,in a white or black level control had,the terms have been confused and,switched many times throughout the years,of televisions but today its backlight,control pretty much every other TV Ive,seen blows out the highlights past a,certain point,sometimes its half whatever it is on,the scale this scale goes to 50 some TVs,go to 100 some go to 10 whatever it is,usually its about the halfway point and,you crank the thing up and you start,losing high-end detail you know a sky,full of clouds will just be a white sky,for example you know as a overblown,example this doesnt do that it does not,matter if you bring brightness down to,the lowest or the highest setting,highlights dont blow out it is,absolutely amazing so it really is,something that you can use to taste and,thats exactly what Ive done here so,first of all the correct calibration,number is very low extremely low I do,Im a photographer and videographer for,color critical work youre looking at,around a hundred and that translates to,three and the brightness scale that is,correct that is the correct you are,viewing in a pitch-black room 100 level,and Im telling you nobody is gonna like,that most most home theater Suzy,are gonna like something around 120 to,150 youre talking eight to ten and that,gets you to that level and thats where,youre actually gonna set it for,calibration its still really dim Im,telling you I mean everything looks fine,the colors great but its just dim in a,pitch-black room itll look fine I dont,have a pitch-black room even here at,night if I draw the blackout curtain I,still have some a me lights around the,house its not pitch-black I have white,ceilings the light from the TV lights up,the room that affects what youre seeing,so I actually run 20 its still going to,be surprisingly dim to most people and,by the way I forgot to mention this is,an SDR mode you have to start everything,in SDR mode the HDR and the dolby vision,and the Netflix modes and all of that,have a lot of their settings derived,from how you set SDR on each input so,set your SDR first and you simply do,that by playing any SDR content that can,simply be the menu you can just bring up,the menu in the TV and then bring up,your settings as long as there is,something SDR on the screen the TV is,going to be adjusting the SDR settings,or if you have an Apple TV or an Nvidia,shield or Roku or whatever just bring up,its home screen boom youre looking at,SCR as long as you dont have it set to,always display HDR which you should,never do your adjusting SDR and it will,tell you if you have HDR enabled up at,the top theres nothing showing that,confirms its STR so just make a note do,SCR before everything else so basically,set it as bright as you need to in your,worst case scenario you can always,adjust it using that quick menu for,example if you have a really bright room,I dont have any direct sunlight in here,Ive got a big three panel door wall,looks out onto a preserve and in the,afternoon its bright,theres no direct Sun in the room but,its bright it certainly cuts through it,theres no problem at 20 you may need 30,you may need 40 you may need 50 which is,its max thats okay because like I said,its not blowing out the highlights so,SDR brightness to your needs and taste,its okay and its also not too bad,until you get above 40 affecting the,black levels anything above below 30,black levels stay absolutely constant so,that is really really cool and by the,way the black levels so good getting,into that later alright so brightness is,at 20 that is seriously 90% of what you,need to know about the settings of this,TV everything else is almost default,contrast default leave it at 90 gamma,zero is correct to point to this is the,difference between cinema and custom,negative to is what cinema sets – thats,2.4 its just a little dim in the,mid-tones and can go a little warm just,keep it at zero and you are spot-on,accurate at 2.2 good to go black level,leave it 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Video Review Sony X91J 85 Inch TV: Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision…

as far as for an led tv goes i am highly,impressed,originally i had it intended to get an,oled sony model but as i planned to do a,lot of gaming with it i was concerned,about screen,[Music],burn this model has decent input latency,refresh time the visual processing of 4k,is impressive but it does falter when it,comes to areas of the screen that should,be black,[Music],that is because of the array of leads,which sometimes have a little bleed,that said its not highly noticeable,unless youre comparing it to their oled,tv,the smart features and response from the,menus are fast and easy to use,i had some issues at first with the,setup connecting to wi-fi,i have old bose sound bar and the,speakers built into the tv are,comparable if not better to it,i had been gifted a five years old,samsung 4k tv by a friend which only,lasted a few months so i went to my,backup to my old hd sony tv with which i,didnt want to part,however i can only describe the,difference between this tv my prior,samsung and my old sony as the first,time i ever eyeglasses on,i had my last sony bravia for 12 years,and its still fine and as a great tv,was way ahead of technology at the time,but i figured its time to update and,grab a deal on prime day,i also went up in size from 48 inches to,65 inches since there is barely a frame,around the screen thats a whole lot,more viewing area,this tv has four hdmi ports so easy to,plug all my devices into,i was able to get rid of so many cords,and an extra switch control and extra,jacks etc,when i power up the devices the tv sees,them and i complete the setup,[Music],it has a beautiful bright picture and i,am seeing colors i never saw before,i love it also it remembers my settings,for different devices for example i like,the brightness turned down for video,games and the cinema display setting for,vcr,i can use my dish remote with it or can,use the tv remote,there are less dish options if i use the,tv remote,the downside for me is dish only offers,one station with 4k programming,[Music],even at 1080 high def it is much,brighter and more colorful than my last,bravia which was also 1080,i can also use the tv remove to control,my vcr which is handy,[Music],less remotes laying around it has a lot,of built-in apps but you can turn off,wi-fi after youve registered and use it,as a tv without all the intrusion,if anything changes ill come back and,change my rating but i am sure it will,be as wonderful and dependable as my,last sony bravia which still works like,new after 12 years,its not oled but the black levels it,displays are amazing,the 120 hertz native as a must for big,tvs and this one does the job perfectly,with fast action,this sony replaced a 75 high sense with,dead pixels in the first six months of,use which they end up closing the case,the photos showed insects but i was,never happy with the image quality,despite the dead pixels,click link in description for more,reviews

stop the fomo do you prefer missing out,on a sony tv because well it appears,everyones recommending it including,me whats up with sony what is it so,great most importantly,other tv makers lg samsung tcl high,sense panasonic,most of the tv makers have released some,of the most compelling,and quite literally the best tvs theyve,ever made how is sony,rising above that were going to talk,about that today,more importantly i know some of you have,your pitchforks,ready sharpened shovels to argue,and youre not wrong in many instances,lets get out of the way,okay sony tvs are not for everyone but,im going to tell you this,it is for most people now that is,something i can stick by lets talk,about it,but first let me introduce todays,sponsor who keys,yep you just finished your big old pc,windows build you have the best of the,best,and sadly you have less than twenty,dollars to your name,who keys to the rescue use my code sf20,and immediate discount within minutes,you can download the windows 10 pro key,and youre up and running but thats not,all folks who keys has keys for games,too,steam origin uplay you name it you got,it check out their sites there are,discounts for all sorts of stuff,and most importantly you want to be,productive what about,office suite yep you can download a copy,of,office professional with my code sf20 at,checkout,and bam from the bottom to the top,it feels that sony really is hitting the,sweet spot,of features convenience,and performance all three and this is,where i think,sony has nailed it this year for most,consumers and im gonna have to,emphasize,most now lets talk about most people,you and im gonna put myself in that,group and me,yes i like gaming but im not a hardcore,gamer i left,that life years ago i do use my tvs,mostly,for streaming watching sports news,football seasons coming up soon right,all of that like the rest of you i put,it through,most peoples use cases and i do watch,it in,bright room as well as a pitch dark room,and so all of these viewing situations i,have gone through with various tv models,and brands and we know each brand has,their own thing as well,the question is how did sony nail,that massive size the demographic where,i believe the sony,some sony model would be the answer so i,think it starts,with the one thing that i believe very,few tv makers are getting right,and thats out of the box color and when,i say out of the box color i mean,you dont need calibration to get the,color to look,natural in other words if you put in,pictures of people,that person looks like a person not,greenish not pinkish not purplish,not reddish it looks natural sony,from top to bottom were talking the top,of the ntv master series of course it,would look good,but their entry level x80j,also looks good top to bottom,there is a consistency of color accuracy,very similar to what the source the,creator intended you to see,so what im seeing from sony is when you,open a sony you turn the tv it doesnt,matter what model is this year,it looks great out of the box you dont,need a calibrator,however the same cannot be said of the,samsungs and the high sense and the,tcls,that come out of the box some may be,okay some,not mostly not but what i love about the,sony tvs this year is you dont have to,do anything most of the time,and thats what shocked me the most i,had the xadj 50 inch,reviewed earlier with against the,u6g from high sense and the q60 from,samsung and i compared it to my,reference a90j master series oled that,was calibrated at valley electronics,the x80j looks so close to the reference,tv it was like,wow thats close now obviously it wasnt,exact however the uhg,and the samsung were totally off next up,is what many of you still need a tuner,youre watching over the air,and you may even be in a location that,has atsc 3.0,that next generation broadcasting,standard that offers hdr,4k a lot of the good stuff that were,seeing on streaming right now,sony is the only tv brand that offers,atsc 3.0 in its mid-tier line beginning,with the x90j,x95j a adj and the a90ga and the z9j,thats five different models the other,tv brands,at best one many people who still rely,on over the air,if they happen to live in the cities,that has atsc 3.0,you get it with a sony you dont have to,buy an external tuner,you dont have to go to the top of the,line you can go mid tier,x90j and get atsc 3.0,again thats why i recommend it for most,people who tell me hey,i have over the air im still using a,tuner and antenna,and i asked them are you interested in,htse 3.0 are you in a city at the house,that goes oh yeah my city does have it,get a sony but theres more this relates,to upscaling,cable sources as well as older dvds,i find that sonys upscaling this year,consistently is good as its been before,but its across the range from the top,to the bottom and im going to talk,about the x80j,this is their entry level right theyre,most affordable,whether its a va or ips the v8 panel in,the x80,x80j range is 50 inch size everything,else is ips,whereas in the x85j you have more v8,panels i believe the 43-inch maybe an,ips i mean,all the makers are going crazy with,mixing ips and va,but regardless the upscaling processor,doesnt change whether its the entry,level or the top of the line,sony appears to have really figured out,how to upscale these,sketchy sources whether its a over,there whether its,cable whether its your dvd old school,right,sony is doing it right and doing it well,and its consistent across the range but,with that though,theres one last one which i think is,important to many people today,and thats the operating system google,tv specifically,i havent been impressed with android tv,in the past but google being google,theyve been,improving it month to month year to year,incrementally,but eventually they got there this year,with sony,adopting google tv and all their tvs,having google tv,i have found it to be easy to navigate,or easier,than other tv,i found google tv to be great for those,who enjoy streaming,its easy to navigate now not as easy as,tizen from samsung,but i believe its more feature-filled,than lets say roku,or some of the custom tv apps out there,like fire tv from amazon,i prefer google to those i think google,tv works well enough,for most people now lets talk about,what i think is a game changer this year,in 2021 this is unique,to sony i have to say i have been so,impressed with this release,were talking about the integration of,external speakers from sony,specifically the hta9 that was just,recently launched,how it integrates into sonys,top level tvs this year the a90j the,a80j the x95j,so if youre buying any of these three,tvs right x95j is the best lcd tv you,can get from sony and the,here are the two older tvs you can get,from sony and of course the z9j the 8k,tv so if you have these four,models adding the,hta9 four speakers right just four,speakers,it converts the tv into the center,channel,and you place these four speakers,wherever they dont have to be exactly,ear level because,each of these speakers have a microphone,and will,calibrate to the room to create an,immersive,bubble with the tv thats perfect,my biggest problem with the sound bar is,one where am i gonna put it,some tvs you cant fit underneath others,if you hang on the wall youre gonna,have to get a stand or attach it to the,wall,its a lot of trouble and the sound bar,doesnt even look good,because most of the time its just a,block of black,fabric or whatever you have a very,seamless,audio system i believe this system is,around 16 to 1700 at launch,but hopefully itll be cheaper by the,holidays but regardless,that is the perfect premium pricing its,competing against the best from lg,the best soundbar from samsung the best,sound bars from,sonos right theyre all in that 16 1700,range but they all have a center,block sound bar plus satellites here,youre just getting four satellites and,they have at most reflective speakers so,if your ceilings are low enough lets,say eight to nine feet,place these

Sony TV 2021 Buying Guide: What Are The Real Differences?

are you interested in a brand new sony,tv but not quite sure where to start,stick around as well tell you,everything you need to know welcome to,our sony 2021 lineup video,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hi everyone its jonathan from smart,home sounds here and if this is the,first time were meeting welcome to our,channel were a home audio visual,retailer based in the uk and we make,videos like this so you can be better,informed about your next audio or tv,purchase so todays video is going to be,really helpful for you if youre perhaps,considering a new sony tv but maybe,youre not quite sure where to start so,as we explained in last years sony tv,buying guide as a retailer,our intention really is to match up the,right tv for your needs rather than sell,you just the most expensive tv where you,might not be utilizing the extra,features that you get from that tv and,ultimately overspending so what well,aim to do is give you an understanding,of what you will gain by upgrading to,the next model above or what you will,lose if you go for the model below,and ultimately which tv model might be,the best fit for you well of course,keep technical jargon to an absolute,minimum as we understand it can be quite,easy to get a bit lost in it all,remember most the tvs we mentioned are,listed on our website if this helps you,make your mind up and theres usually,quite a few promotions or offers running,depending on the model that you buy so,its always worth having a quick look,as always if you want more personal,advice then do get in touch and we can,help you out and make sure you check out,our more in-depth reviews on the 2021,models over on our channel and the qr,code to our sony tv section will be,somewhere around here so without further,ado im ready to get into it if you are,so lets crack on just a quick,disclaimer if there is a model or models,that you might be interested in theyll,all be listed as timestamps below so,that you can skip forward to those,models if you dont want to watch the,entire comparison now its probably a,good idea to start off by demystifying,some of these sony model names as,theyre not actually as complicated as,they look so if we take the example of,the sony bravia xr55a80ju,the xr at the front refers to sonys,brand new xr processor in selected tvs,this may also be kd if youre looking at,one of the sony tvs that are lower down,in the lineup the 55 obviously refers to,the screen size in inches of this,particular model the a refers to the,model class so a stands for oled x for,led the 80 is the particular model,within that class and then j is the year,that this model was released so j is,2021 and the u is uh well not that,important at all so if we take a look at,the overall lineup it starts at the,bottom the w800 and works its way up,through led models full array led models,and then up into oled where the a90j is,the flagship oled tv this year right at,the top youve then got the z9j which is,sonys 8k full array led up next up then,we have the x80j and the x81j now i do,need to point out that weve not,actually chosen to stock these because,sony dont give you their five year,warranty on these ones instead you only,get their one year warranty and id say,that most people keep their tv much,longer than that,but there are significant improvements,to these tvs from the w800 in almost,every way mainly because these are the,first step into 4k hdr led panels with,an upgraded processor from the w800,being the x1 processor which is carried,forward from 2020. now you may have,heard us speak about the importance of,the processor in previous videos and i,will just highlight it again as it is,responsible for all manner of things,from blur free motion to color richness,and those sorts of things 4k hdr is a,huge benefit with over 8 million pixels,across the whole screen which adds more,detail and layering to the image and hdr,gives you a higher contrast ratio both,models benefit from sonys new,triluminis pro feature which makes the,reds the greens and the blues pop off,the screen much more youve also got,upgraded motion flow so the colors wont,bleed as much as the action moves across,the screen although its still not the,top level of motion flow as we are quite,low down in the range still these tvs,also support the new google tv interface,which weve tested in detail and are on,the whole very happy with how it works,and its a massive improvement on,android tv then youve also got an,upgraded sound system built in and you,can get dolby atmos which is the latest,form of audio codec and means that you,can watch the latest content in their,best version of audio quality if that,content supports it,really the only differences between the,x80j and the x81j are that you get a,slightly enhanced form of motion flow on,the x81 motion flow xr 400 to 480 hertz,versus motion flow xr 200 to 240 hertz,so for most of you if youre still,looking at a budget tv but want 4k hdr,either of these tvs would be sufficient,in terms of pricing then the x atj,starts at 749 pounds for the 43 inch up,to 1099 pounds for the 65 inch with only,slight variations to these prices on the,x81j so moving up to the x85j then so,this one is nice and straightforward,this one still has sonys one year,warranty with it but this is the first,tv in the lineup to benefit from hdmi,2.1 so for you gamers this could be,worth a look if youre on a tight budget,um all other tvs higher up get the hdmi,2.1 so i wont need to mention that,again,now the x85j is available in a 43 inch,size for 849 up to an 85 inch panel for,2999 it also has another step up again,in motion flow to motion flow xr 800 to,960hz so even better for fast paced,action sequences or sports matches and,then one final difference that you get,with the x85j is the addition of an hdmi,e-arc port rather than just a standard,arc port so if youre using maybe a,soundbar that utilizes e-arc this is a,great little addition now its worth,noting that if you move up to the x89j,which is sonys top 4k led model before,stepping into bravia xr you now benefit,from sonys five-year warranty which for,a lot of people could actually be the,difference between going for one tv over,another the x89j is the replacement to,last years xh81 model and thats,available in sizes from 43 inch starting,at 899 all the way up to 75 inch for,2000 pounds so theres a lot of,flexibility to cater for room sizes with,this model um the motion flow feature,once again improves on this model,further than the x85j up to motion flow,xr a thousand to twelve hundred hertz,and i would tend to say that motion flow,is always going to be a benefit when,watching sport or high action movies so,the higher those numbers the better it,will be at handling those types of,visuals the x89j also has a more premium,standard than the x85j so again another,thing worth noting now where you really,jump up in performance is from the,models above the x89j as you are now,into full array led territory the,difference between standard 4k led and,4k full array led is that the pixels are,illuminated across the whole area of the,screen in full array rather than the,pixels being illuminated using a guide,from the edges in normal led tvs,as a result the local dimming is more,targeted so you tend to find the images,are darker deeper and richer adding to,the sense of realism from the tv,and that is instantly noticeable if you,put the x89j up against the entry level,full array led tv the x90j the x90j,replaces last years xh85 xh90 and xh91,models starting at a 50 inch size for,1249 pounds up to 75 inch for,2599 pounds,so what do you get in the x90j that you,dont get in the x89j well aside from,being full array led rather than led,which is a huge step up by itself the,number one benefit is the upgraded,processor now the x90j benefits from,sonys new for 2021 bravia xr processor,which sony have designed from the ground,up and have stated its one of their,biggest changes in 10 years the bravia,xr processor signi

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