1. “Its On: Living in Southeast Texas” – SETEDF (2021)
  2. TX GOVT 2306-Week 10 Texas Political Parties
  3. IV Review Part 1
  4. Economic, Population, and Political Geography of Southeast Asia
  5. Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians
  6. Houston USA. Largest City in Texas. Sights, People and Economy
  7. Houston’s Most DANGEROUS Ghetto – Hood Vlogs

“Its On: Living in Southeast Texas” – SETEDF (2021)

[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],when youre looking for something new,get something familiar,when youre looking to build your future,but stay true to your roots,when you want to explore and cover new,ground,and find a place to call home look for,opportunity,opportunity to grow opportunity to,create,and to succeed on your terms,look for history a history thats strong,that has character and community a place,full of culture,that links the past to tomorrow and,all the riches to fuel your future,look for adventure adventure thats,waiting for you around,every corner a blank canvas ready for,you to make all your own,if youre looking for a little flavor,and a little fantasy,a little style and stability,if youre looking for a great mix of,everything look to the right,side of texas,[Music],its here and its on,fueling the nations economy the,beaumont port arthur and orange market,is the cornerstone for industry and oil,and gas refining,home to three of the nations largest,refineries,and two of the nations busiest ports,but there is much more behind the,industry,southeast texas is home to innovation,and business,large and small,[Music],no matter the office here hard work,is a way of life,[Music],and the golden triangle is full of life,one thing thats awesome about southeast,texas is that its a great place to,raise a family,we have awesome school districts really,great churches diverse churches for,everyone and theres a lot of fun things,for families to do were close to the,beach,lots of parks to play at and lots of,great food especially crawfish,with deep proud cajun roots southeast,texas has a little something,extra seated right along the lush,landscape of the louisiana border,and just 90 miles east of houston the,golden triangle has the very best of,texas,with a kick of louisiana this blend,of cultures has made southeast texas a,legend for seafood and soul,the coastline offers a world of,excitement,the lakes offer another perspective,among the towering pines and majestic,magnolias,the lakes area gives a stunning backdrop,for fishing,boating hunting and more also just north,in hardin county is the big thicket,national preserve a designated,international biosphere with more than,97,000 acres and 40 miles of hiking,camping canoeing and kayaking the big,thicket,offers a great mix of the great outdoors,throughout the three counties of,southeast texas youll find all the best,of work and play,look for hometown pride and the thrill,of victory,from parks to pavilions and riverbanks,to bayous,there are worlds to explore all within,reach,with nature and culture southeast texas,has something for every taste,the best things about living in,southeast texas is the rich tradition,of the cajun history here friday night,lights of high school football,and the sportsman paradise that everyone,gets to enjoy the hunting and fishing of,this area,the golden triangle is made up of many,small communities,each unique in their own way all,connected by values,and a shared vision of success living in,southeast texas is like a gumbo,were such a diverse unique community,that each ingredient,stands alone strong but together we make,a great pot of happiness,the best thing about living in southeast,texas is the community,everyone comes together to support each,other in whatever we do and it raises,everybody up,southeast texas continues to reinvest in,its environment,economy and education,a strong center of industrial success,the values of hard work and support are,evident here in the golden triangle,but the backdrop of soaring pine trees,and the adventurous rivers lakes and,shores,all give a glimpse at something more if,youre looking for a little something,extra,if youre looking for a place to call,home look to the blend of cultures,character and community of southeast,texas,and find your future its here,and its on,you

TX GOVT 2306-Week 10 Texas Political Parties

all right welcome back from Spring Break,welcome to week 10 this week were gonna,talk about political parties here in,Texas so should be some good material to,cover remember next week you have your,second exam I will release it on Monday,and then youll have the entire week to,take and also upload a review lecture,next week some time and you guys can,review that before taking your test,itself remember the test itself is 50,multiple choice questions you have two,hours to take them pretty much open book,two so you guys should do very well on,that so lets go ahead and begin with,political parties you need to first,start with defining what a political,party is so by definition of a political,party is just an organized group that,seeks to gain office and exercise,political power through legislation,executive action and control of,government agencies so an organ clinical,parties are usually an organized group,now they can be highly organized such as,the Republicans or the Democrats or they,can be loosely organized such as a third,party Im mostly pointing to the Green,Party or the Libertarian Party even,though they have they tend to be very,very well organized as well they just,dont tend to actually gain office all,that much political parties interests,they interestingly are not in any,Constitution either state or federal,Constitution but they do play a huge,role in the political system overall,they have a huge network of supporters,including industry and business trade,unions think tanks nonprofit,organizations and then just general,interest groups that are not formally,part of parties but definitely work with,them to advocate their interest such as,you can think of maybe an environmental,group or something like that that is a,huge network of support for some,political party,as well so when we were dealing with,pickle parts table just remember that,were dealing with organized groups that,are seeking to gain office and win,elections and then exercise political,power after they after they gain office,theres different models and means of,parties and hopefully this will make a,little bit of sense but were really we,dont really think about it all that,much here in America,so lets first deal with the different,models of parties theres the rational,party model and the responsible party,model it can guarantee that both of,these will be on your test the rational,party model is one that simply just,sponsors candidates for political office,and the party wants government control,this is what we have here in America we,have a rational party model now like Ken,candidates and and people that are,seeking to gain office dont actually,run on the party platform the party just,simply gives them the label and sponsors,them and helps them out financially so,obviously parties here in America are,just sponsoring candidates for political,office and the party itself wants,government control by any means,necessary,both the Republicans and Democrats want,government control by any means,necessary,not necessarily the platforms,themselves but they want to sponsor good,candidates that will win office and then,represent that party in government many,in other countries such as the United,Kingdom and France and Germany they have,what is called a responsible party model,and this is where the parties each have,distinctive platforms and they carry out,the platform when elected so platforms,really do matter in other countries here,in America the platforms dont matter,all that much the platforms here in,America may kind of state what the party,believes in and what theyre kind of,going for in terms of goals and things,like that but the party platform doesnt,necessarily it isnt necessarily,followed here in America,we just simply have a platform itself in,other countries though that platform,matters quite a bit its an its,information for the voter to actually,vote on they voted no kind of knows what,to expect when they when they vote for a,different party over the other in other,countries the responsible party model,assumes clear ideological and,philosophical differences between the,parties here in America we also have,clear ideological or philosophical,differences but the candidates,themselves may not so thats a service,between a rational party model and a,responsible party model the rational,party model is focused much more on,candidates themselves and then gaining,political office the responsible party,model is much more focused on what the,party plans to do as a unit rather than,just the individual candidates so,hopefully that makes sense if theres,any questions be sure to send those my,way and I can it made me try to explain,the National Party model versus the,responsible party model a little bit,more but those are just models lets,look at the meaning of Party Party can,have different meanings and when you,look at it in different levels and Im,gonna review this in the next couple,slides so hopefully you know itll kind,of be embedded in your brain just a,little bit parties take on different,forms or different meanings of parties,the first is the party organization,theres the party in government and then,theres the party in the electorate and,you can call these PO party organization,Pig party and government and pie party,in the electorate so theres Pope pig,and pie the party organization just,means the organisation of the party,means the national party organisation or,even the state party organisation so,when you refer to Democrats of Texas,youre referring to the party,organization different Texas Democrats,or when youre referring to the,Republicans in Texas youre referring to,Texas Republicans the organization of,Republicans in Texas so thats the party,organization its kind of a machinery,the bureaucracy that kind of oversees,everything that goes on in the party,then theres the party in government and,those are the people that are actually,elected into government that represent,the Democrats of the,you can think of a Republican senator,versus a Democratic senator that means,the party in governments the Republicans,and Democrats that are elected into,government I have the Senate house and,White House on here obviously in Texas I,would just translate to the Senate the,house representatives in the governor in,terms of the party in government and,then theres the party elector and,thats just everyone out in the,electorate you and I card-carrying,members of a particular party whether,that be democrat or republican,libertarian or Green Party were just,the party in the electorate where the,voters where the were the people that,the party has to speak to were the ones,that identify with particular party so,Isis there soon the party organization,the party in government party an,electorate if that doesnt make sense in,this and in that site maybe this site,will hop out just a little bit we have,them we have once again we have the pie,the pig and the PO the party in the,electorate the party in the government,and the party has organization once,again party in the electorate is just,all citizens who attach themselves to a,political party the party in the,government is all officials that are,elected under one party banner excuse me,Im in Pope because the party is,organization the formal apparatus of the,party the ones that oversee everything,that goes on so the party and government,party like a party as an organization,hopefully that makes sense if theres,any questions about the difference,between party in the electorate party in,government parties authorization please,let me know its its an extensive,theory within political science so Im,sure theres lots of questions if I,didnt clarify it quite enough please,send those my way what do part local,parties do though overall while theyre,comprised of the partying government the,party like there,organization they still have to serve a,common function the political parties in,general are intermediaries between the,elector in the government so parties in,many ways ca

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IV Review Part 1

territorial dimensions of politics were,looking at your first subsection of the,concepts of political power and,territoriality the question says define,nation electoral geography shatter belt,heartland Rimland and territoriality,first I want to look at defining what a,nation is a nation is a population that,is represented by a singular culture its,revolving around one particular group of,people thats what this nation is set up,around a similar or singular culture,nations can then go and add more,cultures but its beginning nations are,represented by a singular culture second,definition electoral geography electoral,geography is the study of the,interactions among space place and,region in the conduct and results of,elections youre looking at the,electoral process youre looking at why,people are being elected where they are,geographically and thats what youre,studying electoral geography fits best,with a democratic nation next describe,what a shatter belt is or define what a,shatter belt is remember a shatter belt,were these areas in the world that,theres consistent fighting going on in,Southeast Asia this used to be a shatter,belt today definitely the middle east,area is a shatter belt this is area with,consistent fighting that goes on that,doesnt stop and its just an,instability between regions that have,opposing political and cultural values,next we have the heartland and the,Rimland theory the heartland in the,Rimland theory remember regarding the,map at the bottom the idea is if you,control the heartland you can can then,control the Rimland which if you control,the Rimland you can then control this,world island which is all this stuff on,the outside of the heartland Rimland,theory one thing that I do want to point,out to you,in regards to this is this pivot area,right here this pivot area is in Eastern,Europe and as well as Siberia and this,pivot area is here and the reason that,its vital is because of resources you,control the pivot area you have,resources which you can then use to,control the Rimland region and then if,you control the rim one region you have,access to the coast where you can get,out to the world island region hey this,is a theory that was developed remember,Hitler took this geopolitical theory to,heart in creating his geographic areas,and his geographic boundaries next says,what type of government would elect,whole geography fit best in Ive already,answered that once but thats a,democratic type of government next is,referring to the law of the sea remember,the law of the sea gives countries 12,nautical miles of sovereignty in regards,to their control of the coast in other,words they have 12 nautical miles on the,outside of their country into the sea in,which they control that other nations,cant then come in and control they have,economic control over these areas and I,forgot one of the definitions of,territoriality territoriality is,referring to the practice of creating,geographic boundaries in response to,social and political conditions and it,typically acts to separate different,populations by their culture going back,to that original definition of nation,going back to the heartland and Rimland,theory now with the nature meaning and,function of boundaries question is why,is the pivot area of the Heartland,Rimland theory so important to remember,this is going back to the idea that this,pivot area has resources this pivot area,is in Eastern Europe as well as in,Siberia in the regions of Russia it goes,back to the resources next says list the,physical geographic boundaries what,those may be,remember physical geographic boundaries,may be things like rivers may be things,like mountains may be things like,deserts oceans physical features that,could define a boundary remember Eastern,Africa is a great example of using water,as a physical boundary because a lot of,these areas have rivers that are,separating them next question says list,the most common geometric political,boundary should be very easy that is a,straight line when you see straight,lines in regards to geometric earned,guards to boundaries these are a,geometric boundary next number three is,looking at the influences of boundaries,on identity interaction and exchange,looking at definitions here the first is,to define nationalism nationalism is the,strong desire for a nation okay,nationalism is the idea that you support,your nation and that you are strongly,reflecting that in all of your actions,now theres two types of forces in,regards to nationalism one is,centrifugal forces centrifugal forces,are forces that are seeking to destroy,or tear apart the nation state or than,the state necessarily nation state,centripetal forces are forces that are,wanting to keep the state together not,wanting to destroy or separate area the,last definition in regards to this is a,buffer state a buffer state is a state,that lies between two states that are,generally more powerful but this,location of this state acts to balance,the power between these two which,another which in most cases would not,like each other so you have this buffer,zone in the middle to make them like,each other to keep them away from each,other subsection number for federal and,unitary states Confederations,centralized government and forms of,governance got two definitions i want i,dinna to identify first is unitary a,unitary is looking at a local form of,government that leaves power in the,hands of a centralized government in,other words it is local but were still,keeping it in the hands of a centralized,government meaning in the hands of the,major national government this works,well in cases like France when,predominantly have one culture group,that is okay with this centralized,government being in control but in a lot,of areas theres force behind this in,certain places in Africa this is going,on but the people are not happy about it,because theyre just forcing this nation,of this culture on the other peoples the,next is looking at federal state in a,road Africa and read disregard that,federal state is also looking at a local,type of government but a federal state,gives power to local regional,governments this works best in large,nations also works best in diverse,nations because each of these,ethnicities can be represented with your,regional type of government second that,part of that question says where would a,confederacy likely arise in regards to,these two types of government systems,and a confederacy is more likely going,to arise from a federal government,because you have things that give local,power like these regional types of,governments where theres already people,in power locally and so its easy for,them to kind of break away and create,their own governments for example like,the American Civil War the next says,list the hierarchy of political units,starting with the largest power in other,words just ideas about how you group,political units what would be the,largest if we were to do that it would,start with an empire it would then go,down to a nation-state it would then go,down to something like a province or a,country,a state the province or state like Texas,Oklahoma those types of states then it,would go down to county and you can even,break it down to City and then you could,even go down further into different,aspects or different geographic areas in,that city next question says describe a,federal system remember a federal system,is one that uses checks and balances a,federal system works best with diverse,nations it works best with large nations,it works best with those that have,populations that have a bunch of,different cultures in them but it all,takes checks and balances into play,because then these local regional,governments check the power of the,larger national governments last part of,this question says what two continents,house most of the worlds unitary States,remember unitary States or when a,country controls the local areas as well,as the national levels where they force,them the two major c

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Economic, Population, and Political Geography of Southeast Asia

welcome back if you remember from last,the last video we were discussing the,geography of Southeast Asia now this,video is a continuation from the,previous video and we will be discussing,the economic geography social geography,and geopolitics of Southeast Asia the,economies of Southeast Asia have been,booming recently due to a growing,working age population the growing,number of workers and consumers in,Southeast Asia have led to sustained,growth in agricultural production,industrial production and a booming,service economy now the massive growth,and economic output in Southeast Asia,has been spurred in part by foreign,direct investment into the Association,of Southeast Asian Nations member states,a Singapore was the largest recipient of,FDI in 2017 with Indonesia and Vietnam,coming in second and third as you can,see from this table right here Indonesia,Malaysia Philippines Thailand Vietnam,and Singapore have sustained real GDP,growth again this has been partially,precipitated by this flow in FDI as of,2016 2017 so the agricultural sector is,still a main portion of employment in,Southeast Asia today wet rice production,is largely responsible for the success,of the agricultural sector as it is one,of the main exports in Cambodia Laos,Myanmar Thailand and Vietnam,now as you can see by this graph,Cambodia Laos Myanmar and Vietnam are,highly dependent on agriculture for,employment 55 percent roughly of,Cambodias economy 72% of louses economy,and 49 percent of Myanmars economy is,dedicated to agricultural production so,why is agriculture so important to,Southeast Asia there are several answers,to this question,but if it werent for the Green,Revolution what rice production would,probably not have been as large as it is,today if we go to this slide it gives us,sort of a short overview of what the,green revolution represents so what is,the green revolution the green,revolution also called the third,agricultural revolution started in the,late 1950s 1960s post-world War two with,the development of a series of research,technology initiatives these initiatives,resulted in the adoption of new,technologies such as chemical,fertilizers controlled irrigation and,mechanized farming now the Ford,Foundation and the Rockefeller,Foundation were heavily involved in this,initial development in Mexico now the,leader of the Green Revolution was,Norman Borlaug who actually received the,Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 he is credited,with saving over a billion people from,starvation so what does this have to do,with Southeast Asia the technology,created during the Green Revolution made,its way to rice fields in the,Philippines by 1960 and by mid by the,mid 60s would eventually make its way,to Malaysia,so between 1961 and 1993 rice yields,doubled in Asia and Malaysia benefited,from this technology as this slide says,here the Green Revolution led to the,quadrupling of rice yields in Malaysia,and doubling in the Philippines and also,led to an increase use of pesticides and,fertilizers making it an unsustainable,practice due to its impact on,biodiversity protests would eventually,ensue in favor of organic farming so,while the rice yields increased due to,the creation of this high-yield rice,seed shown in the middle of this picture,right here the use of pesticides and,artificial fertilizers really led to the,reduction in biodiversity and many small,farmers began to protest this and here,recently theres been a move to go to a,more organic style of farming moving,back to small farms some people have,called it fair trade practices and now,one of the biggest critics of technology,thats currently used in modern,agriculture this Carl Sauer who was the,founder of cultural landscape theory and,a professor at UC Berkeley in 1988 he,actually said quote a good aggressive,bunch of American agronomists in plant,breeders could ruin the native resources,for good and all by pushing their,American commercial stocks so of course,American agribusiness was behind the,evolution of this new farming technology,and they were really the main ones who,benefited and profited from this venture,so manufacturing is another booming,sector in the Asian economy the,Southeast Asian economy the rise of,special economic zones toward the end of,colonialism in Southeast Asia may have,had an impact on this industrial growth,so if we go here to this slide right,here as this graphic shows the leading,manufacturers and emerging manufacturers,in Southeast Asia today today Singapore,is one of the wealthiest countries in,the world and it is also the wealthiest,country in Southeast Asia it produces,consumer electronics and machinery both,Malaysia and Singapore have benefited I,have the benefit of geographic location,Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are located,next to some key shipping routes that,connect China with Africa and the New,Silk Road initiative has really,increased production in these countries,so lets go here to this shipping,visualization and this is fairly,accurate its supposed to show live ship,shipments and as we can see if we zoom,in here to this Strait of Malacca notice,here this clumping of ships located,around Singapore and then you also see,another few ships clumping next to Kuala,Lumpur and again we go back to Google,Maps here is Kuala Lumpur even though,its not located directly along the,coast it does benefit from shipping that,comes in on the river systems and so,this is location really plays a key,aspect in industrialization one of the,fastest-growing industrializing,countries in Southeast Asia is of course,Indonesia and Indonesia has also taken,advantage,of their location as well of course,Vietnam and Indonesia and the,Philippines are considered newly,industrialised countries and have a,booming agricultural and electronic and,apparel industry so recent data from the,International Monetary Fund shows that,Southeast Asia is catching up to Chinas,industrial economy this is primarily due,to the movement of transnational,corporations out of China to countries,like Malaysia and Indonesia this may,also be due to increasing wages in China,as wages increase many of these,corporations move to other countries to,find cheap labor so you can see here,this graph shows a space in countries or,the Association of Southeast Asian,Nations as they are catching up slowly,but surely by 2018 with industrial,growth and production in China now with,the creation of special economic zones,across Southeast Asia many of these,corporations have moved to Vietnam,Thailand Indonesia and Myanmar as this,these maps really show several key,special economic zones are located in,coastal urban areas for easy shipping,access as you can see here in Indonesia,the 12 main special economic zones are,all located along the coast Thailand has,several but most of theirs are located,along river systems of course all three,of Vietnam special economic zones are,located along the coast and then of,course we have here zones and Myanmar,all located along the coast attempting,to take advantage of look,because of reduced regulations limited,government oversight and cheap labor in,these zones these cities have grown in,population as well Indonesia Indonesia,has greatly benefited from this,industrial growth and large,multinational corporations have moved in,two major coastal hubs to take advantage,of this inexpensive labor and a rather,young consumer market in Indonesia,so the next point on the slide here,refers to the rise of financial centers,and global cities in Southeast Asia,leading centers like Manila Kuala Lumpur,Singapore and Bangkok have become hubs,for finance and banking so this slide,shows three major financial hubs in,Southeast Asia Bangkok Kuala Lumpur and,Singapore and while they may not be,considered global cities by most,geographers the Southeast Asian at least,in the Southeast Asian realm these are,their version of global cities so what,is a global city a global city is a,major urban area that is home to major,stock exchanges they are influential in,

Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians

back in 2005 the FDA approved aid,a cancer drug known as necks a bar it helps treat those who have a late stage,kidney and liver cancer,well unfortunately this treatment comes with a huge price tag it cost about,sixty nine,thousand dollars a year at minimum,for someone in the US to take it well India,the country in India has a a law that allows a different company,to take our patent and create the same drug if,the Western company or the Western pharmaceutical company is charging too,much for it,so and Indian Court recently granted,a patent to a company known as not cope Pharma limited,because they wanted to ensure that its people would be able to use the drug,so instead of having to pay $69 thousand dollars for it,the people of India can get it for 177 dollars which is a huge difference,so let me jump in here to see a couple fun facts,um thats a 97 percent discount yet so I understand why bears upset,work there amazing part is the CEOs theyve already it soon as I can,but heres one other interesting fact if they paid the,for price is sixty nine thousand dollars that would be 41 times,the countrys annual per capita income yep 41 times,there per capita income is that amazing,and beer things here you know youll be able to afford that like two people in,India will be able to afford it,okay so the CEO bear the kids upset at this ruling,and says something that is on believable,so the CEO was actually speak in a Bloomberg Businessweek and he is trying,to appeal the Indian courts decision,to %uh allowed his patent for another company,he said the following: we did not develop this medicine for,indians we developed it for Western patients,who can afford it all of of Pau,lol fixed thats a better face that would say,anything like that does he look so smile ago blaze went about this for,India ends with about the home westerners,or rich but in that a perfect example for people who try to argue that we,should deregulate,all private industry right because the the argument against that is,what corporations pharmaceutical companies its not that theyre immoral,their,a moral right even though in this case when he said in my opinion is,immoral they care about their profit,the profit motive gets rid any type of morality he doesnt care how many people,are gonna die because they cant afford,this cancer treatment he cares about how much is company is gonna make,that all that matters so its is fascinating and and a little ironic in,this case because,the company actually needs regulation to survive because the in the,in the case have of pattons what is its regulations saying that,Hey look people cant rip you off now understand that bear has a,a reasonable expectation a profit here and look so lets be fair that right,so they spent a lotta money developing this drug its not that the,drug costs so much to make its the cost so much to actually,create right and a lot of drugs a day spent a lot of money trying to create,didnt work out,so they gotta make up for that yeah okay so we all understand that we understand,the need a pat,right but 69 thousand dollars a year,see but when you first then yeah when you violate all boundaries in,right and people are dying theyre dying without this drug in India,and then you say Im sorry its not for you indians is for us westerners,well that thats what the court is going to come in and say hey listen I know we,set the regulation to protect you,but now were gonna do some regulation to protect our citizens and then they go,i cant believe youre doing regulation yeah so,so I wanna make a point about how you know of course he said this is for,westerners but that the second part was the most relevant to me,that can be of boarded that can pay for it,so doesnt matter I mean it in the grand scheme of things,white versus black and white person Indian whatever westerner verses Indian,all that stuff doesnt really matter again always goes back to the cost,always goes back to who can afford it if your second class citizen,if you are part of the working poor or if your part in the middle class but,cant afford sixty nine thousand dollars a year because lets keep it real,people even make sixty nine thousand dollars a year in the United States with,are stagnant wages and all that right,I mean it you that to think that someone,can be so open about how he is okay with people,dying because they dont have the means to afford it cancer treatment,is this gusting hes the kinda person that you know we should be talking about,in the mainstream media tearing him apart you know if theyre having,conversations about Wendy Davis and whether or not there were discrepancies,in a biography so,stupid okay so let me clarify couple important things you know so hundreds,seven seven dollars per person in India,what seems like thats not that much rain and especially given what theyre,trying to charge,you know that in america if you have insurance you know what you pay,you pay only a hundred dollars usually pay less than average Indian does,even with the ruling now who pays the rest,the insurance companies do so it actually cause ninety six thousand,dollars a year,on average but the insurance companies cover that,but is the only pitchers companies do it for free theyve,thats what drives up for sure prices yet right so,now the average guy get here actually is a better price in India,but we all pay that price cuz we all pay into the insurance,so in the end we get screwed to,so look we they have a reasonable expectation a profit in theres a good,reason for patents,but when you abuse at this much it obviously producers a Calgary action,now you need your help to counter reaction with what you said,I got bad news for you CEO bear youre never gonna win in the court,ever again hoping to do is in that appeal,theyre all the water has to come in is come in and read that quote,area we did not develop this man is a perk indians we developed over Western,pressures who can afford it,and the judge is gonna be like oh yes interesting Youre yeah,okay gone and uv-vis you know what to use for 177 dollars,is now 100 77 cents

Houston USA. Largest City in Texas. Sights, People and Economy

[Music],hey guys and welcome to cool vision in,this video well talk about houston its,located in southeast texas near the gulf,of mexico hey guys and welcome to,houston this is the fourth largest city,in the u.s and the largest city in texas,the population of the city is 2.4,million and it keeps growing the city,keeps expanding so lets get to know the,city shall we there are more than seven,million residents in the metropolitan,area making it the fifth largest metro,area in the u.s,the city of houston was founded by land,investors in 1836 and incorporated as a,city a year later it was named after,former general sam houston who was,president of the republic of texas and,had won texas independence from mexico,at the battle of san jacinto,lets see what makes it a great city,today,houston attracts sports fans museum,buffs live music lovers rodeo fans,college students and young professionals,from a variety of industries there are,plenty of jobs employment opportunities,center heavily around the oil and gas,industries healthcare and aerospace the,houston metro areas gross domestic,product in 2016 was 478 billion dollars,making it the sixth largest in the us,there are lots of fortune 500 companies,based in houston including phillips 66,cisco and conoco phillips and they keep,coming hewlett-packard recently,relocated his global headquarters from,california to the greater houston area,port of houston ranks the fifth in the,u.s in terms of cargo turnover and,houstons proximity to the gulf of,mexico allowed it to become a major,player in international trade,lets look at different parts of the,city lets start with downtown houston,its a bustling business hub and has a,vibrant theater scene this is where you,find the theater district with an active,visual and performing arts scene,large scale sporting events and concerts,take place at the toyota center which is,an indoor arena home to the houston,rockets of the nba,downtown is home to many international,corporations and contains 50 million,square feet of office space and it is,the workplace of 150 000 employees,its the middle of the day and theres,nobody in downtown hows that todays,monday its supposed to be busy now you,dont see any people in the streets,whats going on it gets really hot in,houston and so a lot of people will take,the tunnels theres a lot of the,majority of these buildings are,connected by a tunnel system theres,restaurants down there barber shops,convenience stores uh and these people,come down from the buildings they go to,their basement and then they start,walking and you can walk for miles this,is the map of the downtown uh tunnel,system so right now were one allen,center in a food court,everything thats a dotted line are,skywalks theyre above ground above the,street and everythings a solid line,its uh a tunnel underneath the street,and what is they connect the basements,sometimes the most direct way to a place,is just go on the surface and go down,the street but,a lot of people want to avoid the heat,or the bad weather and theyll just take,the tunnels also its the most diverse,metropolitan area in texas being so,diverse no wonder houston has a lot of,food choices from houstons legendary,the breakfast club to phoenicia,international food store where you can,find anything from mexican to armenian,cuisine were in this place called,phoenicia and it has a lot of,international food just to prove it they,got sunflower seeds from russia,lots of food choices,houston is famous for its museum,district the citys cultural heart home,to many museums galleries and community,spaces most famous of which is the,museum of fine arts one of the largest,art museums in the u.s and the 12th,largest art museum in the world based on,square feet of gallery space the,permanent collection of the museum spans,more than 6 000 years of history with,approximately seventy thousand works,from six continents at the southern end,of the museum district you will find one,of houstons oldest parks hermann park,its a 445-acre urban park that was,created on acreage donated to the city,by oilmen and philanthropist george h,herman,the park features the mary gibbs and,jesse h jones reflection pool numerous,gardens including the japanese garden,and mcgovern centennial gardens which is,a great spot if you want to take some,nice pictures,besides that youll find the houston,museum of natural science picnic areas,golf course and mcgovern lake an 8 acre,recreational lake with pedal boats and,dont forget about the miniature railway,it will take you around the park and,its pretty convenient hi whats up,whats your name,where are you from houston texas oh you,are located hermann park,yes we actually live in bay town and,thats about 20 30 minutes away okay to,the east whats your tell me your,favorite place in houston um,well this has become yeah this park we,come here like almost every sunday and,this is just something we do as a family,of four,my husband and my son and we come out,here ride the train we do the 30 minute,paddle boat ride,and its not as easy as it looks it is,like a full 30 minute workout but we,really enjoy it because you can come,here have fun and you dont have to,spend a lot of money,the highlight of the park is houston zoo,its a fantastic zoo and one of the best,that ive seen,it houses over 6 000 animals and,receives 2.1 million visitors each year,making it the second most visited zoo in,the us,kids will certainly enjoy feeding the,giraffes,houston is a green city and it has 337,parks like buffalo bayou park,buffalo bayou park is a 2.3 mile long,municipal park located along the banks,of the buffalo bayou near downtown were,enjoying our day in buffalo bayou park,beautiful downtown skyline and this is,the bayou,whats it know for,uh floods,floods when the uh we had the really uh,big flood,if you can imagine this was all,underwater okay,come to jog in buffalo bayou park its a,jewel in the middle of the city with,bike and running trails along the bayou,memorial park is another popular park,one of the largest urban parks in the,u.s,1466 acres we are in memorial park in,houston and because were in houston you,can see things like this gun shell you,know just in the middle of the park on,the roadside,bam bam,it was opened in 1924 this park is very,well maintained and clean well im going,for a jogging memorial park there are,lots of facilities to enjoy like a golf,course bike paths a pond and even a,driving range,lets look at other parts of the city,uptown uptown is a business district,representing more than 11 percent of,houstons total office space and a major,shopping area its also known as the,galleria for the vast retail complex,with its mix of designer boutiques,chains and department stores plus a,year-round ice rink,have you seen the line to a gucci store,well there it is for you,theres a fantastic park in the,neighborhood gerald d hines water wall,park it has a huge semi-circular,fountain,definitely a fun spot to check out if,youre in houston its sheer size of the,side to see,combine that with a mist coming from the,water and its a serene experience,the surrounding courtyard is a wonderful,place for his troll,another part of town is midtown,its known for its young crowds bar and,nightlife scene,gentrification of the district started,in the early 2000s fueled by an influx,of young residents and the development,of a vibrant nightlife despite that the,district continues to face issues of,crime inadequate infrastructure chronic,homelessness and geographic disparities,in public investment,is houston pretty bike friendly,theyre trying to be as you can see we,got the the bike routes but its not,everywhere,its just kind of in random parts the,galleria area the midtown area,downtown and the med center are really,good so,how do you see this the city changing,over the years,i started seeing an influx because it,did uber every day and so i saw an,influx of new plates from virginia,illinois california new york and then i,started you know i

Houston’s Most DANGEROUS Ghetto – Hood Vlogs

whats going on its your boy mikko,worldwide back with another hood vlog,you know what time it is right now we in,h town day two hey so im with some real,ones right now hey who are we here with,money hunger swisher man 6603 [ __ ],block [ __ ] on my mama,google it howard stockhills apartment,come on over here get the chances,oh yeah thats official yeah,so this hood kind of famous bro like my,subscribers they was telling me come,over here,plenty murders cleaning bodies tell them,about it,aint never been solved,im somebody never been solved yeah,right and you come over here you better,back,follow us on instagram all right but who,are we here,and thats,[Music],and free thats how it is,gonna get you a bunch of money every day,all you got to do,whats your favorite part of houston,the north side,get that bro see every day we see this,see them [ __ ] ass seriously all right,yall be easy,hey if they want to follow you on ig,where they follow you at filet beck two,filet underscore back k2 all right so we,see you riding pretty too my mama,[Music],its my little brother poopy too like,youngest didnt come out these treasures,man yall go follow my [ __ ] man we got,some new [ __ ] coming on my mama yall,tap in,they got these trenches,none of that,yeah we dont look up to now [ __ ] [ __ ],we our own big homies [ __ ] were gonna,look up the nine [ __ ],long,smoking this [ __ ] like its legal [ __ ],come get you some bags hey so what what,is the north how does the north side of,houston compare to the south side well,see im im awesome im a im a north,anders in the west and if you feel me,its like its like its too different,its two different like like two,different two different worlds you feel,me two different worlds like when im on,the west its totally different out here,when im out here for on my side its,totally different but on that west dont,get it twisted hey we pimping and,leaving [ __ ] limping out that suit on,my mama but on this no side im not,sorry south side pay yeah,yeah health stock paid too right now one,thing about the eighth time we gonna get,it where we go north,you want you can come get it out here i,put that on everything i put up because,anybody whatever you want in this city,gambling you come shooting dice if you,want to come to the apartments and shoot,nice all yall [ __ ] thats right you,got that money,we gonna break you we gonna play big,bang take,i made a 10 on this block standing right,here not even in two weeks on my baby,dont number them apartments look,official back there like yall be back,there yall,hey block like like comment subscribe,make sure yall smash that subscribe,button,welcome to baby baby baby baby wreck,baby shot right,all right,up in bends thats thats my old school,playing fighting right now,this is my old school yeah hey you,famous what,your favorite put it around,say man get my whole school [ __ ],were doing a vlog,in my,yeah,hows it like living in houston how long,you been out here oh man im from,lafayette lozano okay okay and ive been,here pretty much all my life finished,school every time thats whats up man,you like the area,okay,man how does it compare to uh lafayette,to louisiana a lot faster a lot faster,here yeah its funny yeah you got yours,all about pimple hustling baby making,that money there you go man hey if you,want to shout yourself out on like,instagram facebook or anything you can,oh well jab lawyer to the streets okay,how you saying,jab lawyer jab oil to the streets all,right for sure man,all right,thats,[Applause],so if youre thinking about doing,anything,did you go make it out of here,a very famous place its a very famous,place right here tell them,[ __ ] come over here,[Music],they dont put a whole police station in,this apartment complex bro,they know what it is they know what it,is that [ __ ] the trenches yeah you not,come over here playing you come over,here come over here with your money,right,[Music],goddamn them look at them hoe,for real man on my mama,see they look prepared as a,park right here,dont dont get it twisted thats a very,dont get it twisted thats a,[ __ ] graveyard thats a very,dangerous place thats a graveyard,thats a very very good point thats a,very dangerous police station,oh dont forget to tell them these,apartments is built on the graveyard so,you know dont play this this these are,probably gonna happen in the cemetery i,had a bunch of fights on that,[ __ ] yard right there,and i got it in,one so im losing no lies made a lot of,money,on that [ __ ],so,this man is really in a dangerous place,right now by himself with no security,a lot of these rap [ __ ] cant even do,that man,follow this man subscribe man,this man is out here by himself with,some real street [ __ ],its a,[Music],but you see all type of nice cars in,this [ __ ] yeah yeah,hey yall looking my boy gotta catch,this flight cause if he would have came,out here about ten oclock tonight yall,boys would have really seen some [ __ ],but hes gonna link back up with us when,he get right on my mama hey man yall,smash the like button we might come out,here for a part two for uh stay out here,so when you see us a year later or,something on the videos and [ __ ] hey man,just make sure you know your black put,us on the map first we told you [ __ ],stop yall heres some texas stock yards,north side this man is by himself no,security,my man my man got to catch a flight in,about 30 minutes,they know i dont yeah,dont forget you gotta do it part two,come back guys,one thing about those one thing about,that if we tell you come over here,youre gonna be all right we aint got,no troops,we aint got no clothes aint nobody,gonna,6603 follow me on instagram man on my,mind myself,yall put in the in the comment section,man part two if yall want a part two,make sure you put part two all right,part two in the comment section,ass world right here maybe we got north,south east with whichever side you go to,is live so you got to come back out here,and represent man show all outside i,guarantee youre going to see something,different,im going to be live wherever side you,go this [ __ ] is so big its,unreal man hey what what but this is the,most dangerous apartment in here in,texas,the stock yall,google it have a stock they call howard,stock hills apartment houston texas 56,21 rd building come out here and chill,with us a weekend youll see what here,and we got rid by nobody whats the most,popular like um like nightclubs and,stuff like nightlife out here and we,gotta show so many clubs,its something real man,we got club every night we go out every,night hey now hey yall,right,[ __ ],[Applause],part,man he got to come back hey,he got to come back,hey we got it,for real man we got whatever you need,this our trap moment catch it when we,live man he gotta come back one two,yall make sure yall let him know man i,want to go back to the stockyard house,stockhill 5621 business telling you man,how long have you lived out here though,ive been out here all my life man,man im raised up and have,[Music],thats where the money is,[Music],for anybody watching like all over the,world what you were talking about,houston about right here,houston,trenches man this is the lab that im,talking about the lab is ghetto,[Music],[Music],with us we dont want to go home we go,out every night and every time we go out,every night,its the club jumping in this [ __ ] from,the north to the south to the east and,the west every [ __ ] house money,making boom they can keep the north side,jumping [ __ ],for real yo she got a lot of energy,man come kick it with it you gotta do it,hey yall make sure yall smash that,subscribe button smash the like button,comment below let them know hey part,two for real world,[Music],[Music],anything you want you can come get it,out here,amen so how would you say like the north,up here to the north side of houston,compares to like south side i asked them,earlier so what you were saying,so yall gonna be on north side south,side b quick we different from them,we

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