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Speech Blubs App Can Help Your Child Speak Better {app review}

hi there this is Bonnie Way from the,Koala mom comm and today Id like you to,tell you about a fun learning app that,my younger two children have been using,lately speech blubs is an app for,children ages 1 to 8 to help them,improve their speech and language skills,[Music],[Music],Ive noticed for quite a while that,four-year-old pearl cant say some,phrases she likes to skip her elves and,her arse and a few other letters or she,says things in interesting ways like hoe,instead of hair or bow instead of bear,and sometimes its fun to make her,repeat these words when she says,something because it makes us all laugh,but other times its very hard to,understand her when shes asking for,something and changing some letters and,so were not entirely sure what shes,asking for so I was very excited to try,speech blobs with her and to see if this,would help improve her her learning,skills and this was an app that we could,download and install on our tablets you,can purchase monthly or an annual,subscription for it and then its really,easy to use and its really fun for kids,it just draws kids in with fun,activities and big bright icons they can,select from a variety of activities and,basically what happens is that theres a,child on the app who is saying the sound,and saying it carefully and properly and,so your child gets to watch that child,say the word on the app,[Music],on the app and one thing that struck me,as I was watching my kids with this app,is how often we speak to our kids,without speaking face-to-face with them,so if Im reading a book to Pearl and,Joey theyre sitting on my lap and were,both looking at the book together if,were sitting at the table they usually,sit beside me and so Im trying to help,them with their food and again we might,be talking but were not talking,directly to each other or if were in,the vehicle and were driving or,chatting about something again were not,facing each other and so that kind of,struck me as my kids are watching the,other children in this app is that they,get to watch their faces and how we form,our words and our sounds and make the,different sounds that make up our,language and I thought that was a really,neat learning experience for the kids,[Music],[Music],[Music],both four-year-old pearl and,two-year-old Joey really enjoy learning,this app and there are lots of,activities and games once theyve,watched the child say the word in the,app then it opens up a little sticker,that they can press and it goes to a,kind of a little video or a little,trivia or just something interesting,thats related to the word that they,learned so trying to think of a good,example theres one Joey the other day,was practicing rain and so he was very,proud I was it was interesting you know,the app was saying several times rain,rain rain and Joey is too so hes,starting to repeat things that we are,saying and so after the app had done,this you know hed watched it several,times more than three times I think,probably five or six times and then he,said rain and I was like great it was,really cute to see him react that way,and then he got to go to the sticker and,theres this fun little animation of a,rain clouds that he likes to watch and,again hell usually watch the little,animation several times just like he,watched the original word several times,and then hell move on to another word,and he doesnt repeat all the words like,I said hes only two so hes still just,learning words and just starting to say,things but sometimes he does and,sometimes he doesnt and Ive seen that,his language skills are exploding right,now hes really trying to say what were,saying and so exposing him to more words,through the app and having him try new,words this way is just great for him to,work on his language skills and then for,four-year-old pearl who already has a,lot of words and shes a little,chatterbox its great for her to hear,these words said you know very carefully,and very properly and theres also she,can turn the camera on the app around so,that she can watch the other child say,the words and then she can press a,button and she can watch herself say the,words and so I think that really helps,with them just watching like I said the,way that we formed the words and having,a chance to try it out themselves and,see what they look like when theyre,saying the words and if theyre saying,the Rs and the elves maybe the same way,that the other child did okay so this is,the tablet that my kids use for playing,educational games this is the speech,blobs app the cute little smiley face,there,and then you can see that once theyre,in the app theres quite a variety of,different topics for them to choose from,different words that they can learn and,some of these I dont think theyve even,tried getting into you can see that,theres well theres quite a few in here,that theyve clicked on so the blank,squares are ones that they can sort of,unlock once they click on it then it,turns into a colored square like this or,we can go back back to the beginning,here early sound starts with very basic,things you can see that theyve tried,most of these early sounds here and,again theres quite a lot of sounds in,this category we can go to the Sheep,here and then this is the icon that,appears and kids can go into this,animation its a sea of sheep now that,theyve learned how to like a sheep and,then theres usually some little bit of,trivia down at the bottom sheep love,green they could eat a whole field of,them what kind of greens do you like,which of course if youre using this,with a younger child a two year old or a,four year old like I am you might have,to read that to them but my kids just,like watching the video and whatever,appears in it and theres like I said so,many different topics here numbers you,can see theyve tried quite a few of,these numbers but oh see they havent,done some of these so again the ones,that they havent worked on yet appear,gray so then you know if I was working,with Perl to have her work on specific,things I could you know come into this,and tell her I want you to work on six,now or maybe eleven because its got,elves in it and so thats one that shes,not seeing very well right now or I can,go into different you know okay lets,work on learning about some animals,right now so maybe theres an animal,here that she really likes her that,would help her work on specific sounds,see heres another one that theyve,somehow skipped over and tried all the,others elephant thats a good one for,her to learn its got elves in it so you,can see how the kids are having fun,they stretch out the word for the kids -,for your childs to see it how it sounds,and then theres the funny animation,once theyve learned the word and,practiced it and they can go back and,forth between these you can see that,they can go and learn any word again,that they wants or they can try new ones,that they havent tried yet and so yeah,its just been a lot of fun for both,pearl and Joey to work on this and even,my older girls they often sit there,watching or you know kind of helping,their younger sisters with their speech,bubble app and so I think this is a,great app for anyone whos you know kind,of wondering if their kids need some,help with their speech language skills,skills or anyone whos maybe gotten a,diagnosis about their childs speech,language skills and needs some help,but isnt able to access a therapist yet,or cant afford a therapist this app,seems like its a great resource its,been approved by speech-language,pathologists and there are a ton of,research and practical experience behind,it I invite you to check out the website,speech blubs comm just to see what,theyve got there and learn more about,the app you can also read my full review,on the Koala mom calm,[Music],[Music]

Speech Blubs: A Speech Development App for Kids with Autism

youre listening to the turn autism,round podcast episode number 102,im your host dr mary barbera and today,i have a very different topic for you i,have a,co-founder of an app thats used for,kids with autism,his name is michael mauser and hes from,slovenia and hes the dad to four boys,hes a husband,and hes a co-founder of a company,called,blub blub inc their products speech,blubs,and reading blobs was launched in 2017,and their products have already helped,over,3 million kids with speech delays and,autism as well as things like down,syndrome,so today were talking about the app,were also talking about video modeling,screen time joint attention hyperlexia,and of course how to build speech,using um the app called speech blub so,lets get to this exciting interview,with michael,mouser,so thanks so much for joining us today,michael,thank you for inviting me yeah,so um just tell our,listeners if you will um a little bit,about yourself,um so so we can kick off the show i know,i usually start with describe your fall,into the autism world but youre not,really in the autism world so just tell,us how,a little bit about yourself and how you,get involved with this,app building business yeah sure,um so um here i am in slovenia,we are in lockdown and,when i was a it starts with when i was a,little boy,i had speech problems i think nobody,actually understood what im what im,saying when i was four so i went to a,speech therapy,um they fixed most of the most of the,things,uh youll probably see what they didnt,fix or,things like that no i have no idea you,sound good to me,okay thank you um but then you know the,one uh actually articulation error,stayed with me,until i was 16 probably so its,speech therapy was a big saver,for me because when i was a teenager you,know like kids get nasty,um and when i fixed that basically,this this was this was a good thing for,my self-confidence,this was good for my future uh,development as,as a as a person um then i,then i started uh working in the in the,internet fields,uh so as a as a user experience designer,this was like a career,uh for for 15 years uh we were working,with,uh many many different startups and i,realized that,it would be nice to have a startup you,know that was basically the,the thing i was at that time i was,very interested in psychology also child,psychology because i had two kids at the,time now i have four,things have changed um we also have,many more users than at the time when i,had,two kids um but basically what what,happened was,um i i met i met a guy who was,20 at the time i was 33 and,this guy had on some workshop there,there was an,idea okay what what if we would help,kids with an app,kids with uh problems with speech,nothing particular,but the idea was to to move something,uh with with the persons voice so it,would be a voice controlled app,you know if you would make a sound a,ball would,or animation would happen or something,so,this guy uh came to me and said okay you,old guy can you can you help me,uh can you help me with uh with this,project and think and and i said sure,lets do some research you know i had,zero experience with speech therapy,therapy,i had experience with speech therapist,as a child but that doesnt really count,so,we were really not confident in our,knowledge you know should we just,enter like speech therapy it was five,years ago six seven maybe even,uh so what we did we we met uh,we met speech therapists uh in slovenia,first,um then we went to the states,um we were showing our little prototype,to,many speech therapists in california,and we were sure you know there must be,you know this big uh american world,uh silicon valley there should be,a lot of technology in this world but,you know this uh,therapists were like oh they were just,like you know usually americans you say,you know this is amazing this is awesome,and think they were just like you know,screen time and speech therapy this,doesnt go well,hand in hand so we were kind of will,this work or not,um so we went back um and,and basically we we decided to to do it,anyway,although it didnt seem as a as a good,business at the start,uh but it felt like uh you know if you,would be doing this we would be doing,something good for the,uh for the humanity and for children you,know because you have so many,startups out there who just you know,turn money around and,helping kids felt felt like a good thing,to do,so we proceeded and,the first idea about animation and stuff,fall apart because we didnt have any,animators,in the area all of them were working for,the hot new startup in town,so we we come we came to an idea okay,what if we,simply record children you know what,what if you do something very natural,you know we record,other children and children will repeat,after,those children in video so we went to,the studio and this is a very,interesting story we went into the,studio we had two speech therapies there,we had kids in front of the camera,and we did some very basic um i think it,was,im not sure how is it called but its,oral,oral exercises you know something that,is a yeah its not,some slp say we do it all the time,many say uh this that this this is not,causing speech sounds but,anyways we were in the studio we were in,the studio and we had a very simple,exercise,uh that the child in front of the camera,was showing and it was like,was like imitate the fish okay and,we got this just so just move a mouth,open and close just open open and close,we we were,planning to call this exercise a fish,so what we did we were in the studio,and there was a there was a video first,video we ever,shot uh and there was like me and jeremy,uh our ceo a co-founder and parents,and um therapists and we were looking at,this video,and then you know you know like bumps me,and says look,look around look around everyone is,doing it,and everyone in the studio was like,imitating the fish and it was hilarious,it was like okay we are on to something,you know,this is this is something we didnt know,its called,video modeling we didnt know uh uh we,didnt do it on purpose you know it was,like,this works you know and and then,you know from there and this was just a,couple of years ago this is 2017 when,you launched,uh speech well we launched speech blops,in 2017,we we launched uh a slovenian version,version,uh in 2015 uh just for uh,for the sake of uh you know testing with,the parents and stuff,is it just in two languages no,its uh actually there is no slovenian,version anymore,um okay its uh basically then we,followed the market you know,uh we wouldnt be in slovenia you can,imagine its a two million country,uh so we have i think we had 150,registered slps,so its its not even a market you know,uh so,we we we got hooked with uh with an,american producer,uh who who recorded videos in uh in the,american,uh with the american kids uh we checked,the kids with,different slps i think for every video,we have like,three slps uh checking uh,checking the the kits uh and from that,on we,released uh a us version then we got,complaints from,british parents that uh words spoken in,in the app,are not proper english uh so we did uk,version,uh and then we did spanish version,portuguese and french,so now we have all these languages uh,within the app so,a child can also you know learn a second,language,using our app yeah oh wow okay,so i took a look at the app and i know,you have,now three million um,users up until this point right um,and and basically it is,um real kids um,and then um sounds are made like animal,sounds like,lets make the sound of a monkey and,then theres like an animated monkey,that pops up and then the kid,makes a monkey sound and then,the the child user on the other end,is supposed to do it um two,and theres theres like bars that go,across as youre,doing it its quite complex and its,um and then its simple at the same time,its kind of uh,a cross between being very complex and,very simple,all together but but you did bring up,video modeling and i think thats,an area where um

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Top Five Apps for Speech Therapy

[Music],Ive been getting a lot of questions,from you guys about my favorite apps,that I use theres a ton out there but I,find myself using the same apps over and,over again simply because kids love them,and theyre really easy to target,specific goals now its important to,remember any time youre using an iPad,or a tablet,you want the experience to be,interactive the point of this video is,not for you to download all these apps,open them up for your kids and then walk,away,the goal is to get kids communicating,and these apps are usually so motivating,that it makes communicating really easy,sago mini is an app developer that has a,ton of really awesome apps but I like to,start with the app roadtrip most of my,clients are little boys so they love,this game because theres lots of cars,and trucks,the game begins by putting clothes in a,suitcase perfect opportunity to target,the core word in if youre trying to,expand to two words you can say put in,or shirt in the next step is closing the,suitcase and picking a car I go through,these and work on the words like and,dont like,by modeling and choosing a preference,lets say you know your childs going to,pick the firetruck every time its the,perfect opportunity to say no or not,that one to all the other options next,we put our suitcase in and the cat in,and were ready to go the rest of the,game I usually work on the words go and,stop you can also make the car fly,important to note Im always in control,of the iPad otherwise kids would be way,more focused on playing than on,communicating,toca Boca makes a ton of great apps but,I love toca kitchen because you can,practice so many different words we,start by choosing a character most kids,love the monster but Ill let them,choose which one they want and then,teach them how to save that one while,pointing the next step is choosing food,I start by showing all the options and,then I help kids choose one,sometimes Ill give two options to make,it less overwhelming do you want the,chicken or the fish lets say they,choose fish then we can try to give it,to the monster this app is great to work,on social pragmatic skills because look,at the monsters nonverbal body language,its clear he does not want to eat that,fish,Ill ask does he like it and then I can,model no or not like next we can cook it,by putting the fish in the frying pan or,in the pot or in the oven then when its,done we have to take it out if we want,to spice it up we can say on to put salt,on or ketchup on we can also cut it I,typically cut it once and then model,more or again,now its time for the monster to eat it,and then he can eat more if hes still,hungry or he can choose something,different and we can start all over,again,peekaboo barn is great for early,learners who are just starting to,understand cause and effect this app is,awesome to work on impulse control,because kids immediately want to touch,the screen its the perfect opportunity,to help kids practice waiting and,listening to the animals inside then we,can say open to open the barn door or go,to make the door open then the animal is,revealed kids love saying the animal,names but you can also work on greetings,like hi and bye with each animal then to,keep playing I model more or again to,reveal more animals for kids who are a,little bit older this app is great for,building literacy skills like,inferencing you can practice listening,to each animal inside and making,predictions about what animal is behind,the doors kids love POG and I love it,too because most kids that I work with,have a hard time with verbs they can,label lots of things in their,environment but they arent using any,action words and its really hard to,form sentences without verbs kids,sometimes have a hard time understanding,still frame pictures of verbs so this,app is great because the actions are,animated video clips you can click on,each picture and the alien Pug does lots,of different actions you can make him,eat,[Music],you can make him sane the other thing I,love is that you can tell them what to,do by typing it out,and if you happen to make a mistake,pong tells you about it this is great,for helping kids learn letters and,spelling or to just get them started on,a keyboard the play home app is one of,my favorite apps because theres so much,you can do with it first pick a,character and then they can do things,throughout the house you can tell her to,go you can tell her to sit you have her,open the refrigerator and get out some,milk,this app is great to help kids follow,directions make the girl sit down and,drink some milk you can go to any room,in the house and practice different,routines a child might be struggling,with like getting dressed or brushing,their teeth or bedtime I also love to,ask WH questions where do we put the,pizza whos jumping on the trampoline,when do we brush our teeth you can also,work on concepts like on and off you can,turn the lights on and off you can turn,the television on and off I love how,easy it is to target core word,vocabulary with an app like this the,possibilities are endless now Id love,to hear from you guys have you tried any,of these apps what do you think and if,you enjoyed this video please hit the,like button and subscribe to my YouTube,channel that way youll be the first to,know when I release new videos if you,want even more great content on guiding,your child to success be sure to check,out my website and sign up for my email,updates to get exclusive access to more,tips tricks and resources that I dont,share anywhere else remember a little,progress each day adds up to big results,thank you so much for watching and Ill,see you next time

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Speech Blubs Review!

hey guys welcome back to my channel,if youre new here my names rebecca and,ive got two young boys jamelle,and joelle so todays video is in,collaboration with speech blubs,yeah so amazing first collaboration like,i think you can tell im gassed,right but um yeah like i was really,happy like i reached out to them,um just to um explain to them that ive,got two boys,that have a speech delay and id be,really happy if they checked out my,youtube channel and they actually,responded back and said that theyd be,really happy,they watched my youtube videos and they,were really happy with like the,activities that i did with them,and they really wanted to um send me,over a subscription and for me to do a,review,so obviously that was amazing for them,to reach out to me because theyre a big,company theyre,verified on instagram and stuff so,obviously and ive come across their um,app in the past,but im not going to lie its probably a,bit cheap and i didnt want to pay,even though it does allow you to um do,the free trial i think for a certain,amount of time but,i cant lie i do like to try and look,for like cheaper or like free options,when it comes to stuff which i guess,isnt always good,because the stuff you pay for can,obviously sometimes be better quality,but yeah i was really happy when they,asked me to do a review and they sent me,over a free subscription so,i um thought yes definitely i wanted to,we started on monday and um basically,the app,is a learning app for anyone that,doesnt know and,it uses videos of real children um,and they basically pronounce sounds and,letters and words and etc animals sounds,etc,um for children who may be delayed in,their speech or,cant pronounce their pronounce their,words properly um,etc so its really good because it,encourages children to try and pronounce,the words in the correct way or just,encourage their speech altogether,so obviously when they reached out to me,i thought this is perfect because both,of them are speech delayed and this can,actually,help them um in a massive way like so,they the app itself has a number,numerous,amounts of activities and games and um,theres so much to do on the app i,really like the fact that um it was,using you,real children because i noticed that as,soon as we started using it the children,were really excited when they saw like,an actual real child um saying sounds or,letters and words and stuff,rather than like a cartoon that were,obviously just used to seeing,so that was really good um thats a,really good feature about it it makes it,more real i guess in a way,um so so the app itself you can download,it on your smartphone on your tablet,ive downloaded it on both just so that,if i was on the go and i had my phone,that i could um check in with one of,them and obviously like joelle because i,have him with me all day,and let him use it um and also i,downloaded it on jamals tablet because,its got a bigger screen so i find that,they like to think see things on bigger,screens like their tablet or,the tv just so that they can see it more,clearly etc,um and also the age range is from one to,eight which is really good because you,can start using it with your,children from when theyre young i guess,you can even start using it for children,under one because,its always good to encourage speech,with children from when theyre young,its good to talk to them and stuff like,that,and then um until theyre eight because,obviously as we know children develop,differently,they um reach their milestones at a,different age so it doesnt doesnt,doesnt necessarily mean just because a,child is two that theyre gonna have all,their speech and vocal,vocabulary in check so that um it does,um have different activities and aimed,for different children,when we first logged into the app it,allowed me to create an account for my,child so obviously i was basing it on,jamal,and um it basically asked me his age his,likes his interest so it bakes,based it around that which is really,good because i guess it kind of flags up,different things that it thinks that,your child will be interested in to,start off with first,um which is good so um when we did,actually use the app i found that um,jamal was more into like the cars the,animals,and he would repeat all the sounds he,actually repeated most sounds,which is really good because i didnt,think he would and jarell,was also into the cars because obviously,they both like cars,um but um he was also into the numbers,and colors because,i find that not that hes more academic,but joel will randomly see a book,or even like um i dont know numbers,outside and hell stop and hell like,start,pointing to them or like trying to,attempt to say them so hes really into,numbers and words and things like that,so they both had their different,sections of things that they liked,which was really good um so yeah like,um i used it with them both different,times of the day um,because obviously jamals going to,school so i would focus on using it with,joelle,in the morning times um and then jamal,when he came back from school and then,both of them maybe like,a few minutes or like i dont know 15,minutes just before bedtime just to kind,of refresh them again,and every single time they were really,engaged they really liked like enjoyed,using the app,it was really yeah another really good,feature about it and i read on the,website that,they really do try to release new,content every week and i think that,thats amazing,because even as adults we use things,like different apps and,um websites and stuff and its like when,you finish using everything youre just,like oh,okay well its done now so the fact that,they really do try to,introduce new features and activities to,the app means that your child will never,be bored there will always be something,new to learn,and we always want our children to learn,more all the time,so i think that that is amazing that,they obviously implement that into that,im sure that people would have known,about this app because um,theyve been out there for a while now,um im not forcing,anyone to go and use it anyway but,obviously i just want to talk based on,my experience,and if you want to see how the voice got,on then yeah continue watching,[Music],say hello dont touch jamal say hello,hello stop stay still,so tonight um,were going to start the speech,[Applause],so im going to start with the early,sounds which is,this one here hope you guys can see,i just want to see how they get on with,the app,sorry i would come into the camera but,im looking quite rough its the end of,today,so yeah lets start okay three,two one,let me see you try yeah,[Music],hey,[Music],yay,[Music],huge neck like a giraffe do you think,dinosaurs would help put off,whats that fire engine,fire trucks hi guys why are you trying,what color are they go what color is it,what color is it,lets do a monkey,let me see you try,well done jojo can you do it,no no we have to wait,yep i knew youd like that one you do,the car,oh well done three two,one car,car car let me see you try,car,jamal what is that,no no yeah,what,listen listen jamal look look at my lips,lets,three two one,quack quack,quack quack quack quack,twinkle twinkle,come on try it twinkle little star,how i wonder what you can you sing it up,above the world so high like,[Music],what number is that two what number is,this,what number is this two,[Music],now play and take a picture oh happy,birthday,to you because theres a cake,hes singing happy birthday,yeah yeah,two,its called a strike,yay,[Applause],10,[Music],wow,[Music],w x y z,b w x y,z yay,[Applause],oh,i,what do you think for breakfast,[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],smart they can play games on computers,or ipads do you play games too,hey guys so i really hope you did enjoy,this video and my review,overall i really enjoyed using the app,um the kids really enjoyed using the app,i can tell from their reaction,to when they first started using it and,it is definitely something i want to,incorporate into,um like their daily

Speech Theraphy App : Speech Blubs App Review

hi everyone this is Fareed from kids and,cliques today Ill be reviewing the app,speech flops this have help children,learn new sound and words it is,basically focused on improving childs,speech especially those who are late,talkers now this app can be used by all,children but it is particularly,beneficial for those who are speech too,late also kids with apraxia speech ADHD,Down syndrome and also those with,sensory processing disorder now this app,is targeted for children age 3 and a pot,and it can be downloaded on Apple and,Google Play Store now Im going to show,you what the app looks like before,starting the exercises in the apps you,as a parent will be asked a series of,questions regarding your child for,instance they are age whether certain,words that can say things that can go to,the place or things that they enjoy now,based on those answers that you give to,the app they will then suggest area of,improvement with your child and what,activities you can do to improve on,those areas the app is broken down to 22,different section and you can track your,childs progress through each of the,section now every section focuses on a,different skill so for instance what a,feeling section is focusing at helping,kids express themselves and how they,feel inside guess the word is targeted,towards improving their comprehension,and also learn new words the videos are,also fun to watch because speech paths,actually uses interactive videos to help,kids with speech development children,can model other kids in the video and,mimic them as they speak of the words I,just love the idea of how it uses other,children for all the exercises the,videos are also not overwhelming with so,many words in one page in fact they,focus only one word per page which makes,it a lot easier to learn and a lot more,fun what is really nice about this app,is that besides learning how to say the,words speech but actually nicely,explains what the word means and the,context in which it can actually be used,so its really nice to see young ones,not only learn new words but be able to,use it at the right pace now to,encourage kids to learn new words they,can actually collect stickers in the,exercise book now we know children love,their stickers so this particular,feature definitely works is at free and,does not have any other in-app purchases,so its kind of safe to leave your kids,around wondering and this app which is,really really nice there are all 500,different practices eFax videos and,games to keep the little ones interest,another very cool feature about this app,is the Chinese lock option so basically,you can actually lock your kids devices,that that can only open this app so you,dont have to worry about your child,wandering or on YouTube or any other,games and when its time to practice,they have to practice and this is the,only app that they can be on now I also,like the idea that app that you can,actually set reminders for example,certain time and day that of your child,should actually be exercising with this,app you can start a seven-day trial and,then after that you can subscribe to,either a monthly basis or on a yearly,basis for its price that is very very,cheap considering the learning,experience that your children get from,this app thank you


Im here on earth but like I feel taken,advantage of I feel very annoying been,hectic its been a little awkward subtly,bunch wanted to baby its been hectic,its been a little awkward honestly,picking up the camera,am I the same probably not hello say,hello yes she has teeth big red legs and,Im just drinking a cup of coffee and I,made coffee like around 6 a.m. and Im,just not drinking a cup of coffee that I,made 6 a.m. yeah and I have so many,plans for the day were gonna do this,were gonna do that I mean we ended up,falling asleep but around,I dont know 2 oclock its now like,5:30 so practically the day is gone okay,whats up me possibly I felt like I fell,sick around 2:30,tbh 3 oclock walking,woke up and thought you just see thing,and Im like no I said were not doing,this were getting up were conquering,the day the little of it thats we have,left bad parenting 101,I let you I fell asleep its about 6,oclock and yeah Im gonna wake him up,pretty soon but I just feel so bad you,know like I think after the hospital,stuff it kind of it made me a different,mom to be honest more of a relaxed,parent I would say because before,everything happened I was really uptight,about certain things one the cleaning I,know I always say that my house is messy,but behind the scenes Id be going crazy,guys Im like and it really ruins my,mood so I will spend I mean just hours,cleaning and organizing and um its,something that Im very on top of a,clean home dinner you know like stirring,things like that and I think after what,happened happened Im more relaxed with,certain things for instinct you know I,dont really care too much about a clean,home I do of course like Im cleaning,now but if it doesnt get done it,doesnt get done I think being a good,parent is not defined by clean home,heres EJ I walk in there right now you,turn our watch from some videos for a,review channel because the oh weve been,behind wasnt the last time I posted a,like month and then also were gonna try,to do some tick-tock,so its the next day and yesterday was,pretty hectic in the sense that,I overslept for work again Ive been,having some issues this work I kind of,mention it in the last video but I,didnt really go into too much detail,but ever since Troy got hospitalized,its been really rough for us and woke,me in particular because you know now I,want him to sleep in bed with me because,Im always like are you breathing right,you know like this is what happens after,something like that happens so I havent,been getting too much sleep its also,sure I keep missing classes for work so,thats been a struggle and I aint,trying to get fired right now were,getting ready to go and visit my,grandparents to bid on my grandparents,house for like a few hours now because,theyre having a blast playing theyre,walking around we took I took Aria for a,walk around the neighborhood and still,she should be tired which is really good,because I want to take them home and I,want them to be drowsy what you doing,you have a car do you like your car room,Ive literally tried to film this,numerous times,so listen time has passed okay its now,going on four oclock in the morning Im,currently working so I look like a clown,I completely understand I am very,frustrated so it was hard for me to,honestly pick up the camera I was at my,grandmas house we had a really great,time and then I came home and I was,automatically frustrated and it was,really hard for me to focus on doing,anything because I feel taken advantage,of I feel very annoyed Im trapped in,something that I feel like I could not,get out of and money is just,consistently coming out of my pocket now,this has been happening for some time,and Ive never brought it up because it,honestly pisses me off to think about it,and so I dont like to talk about things,that honestly frustrate the crap out of,me but today Im here to help you out so,that you dont make the same mistakes as,me because honestly its getting,ridiculous at this point so when Troy,turned about two years old I think it,was a little over two years old I,downloaded this app on my phone called,speech blurbs okay,speech blurbs is the app that I,downloaded and the purpose of this app,is to help your child speak theirs,phrases and new words that your child,could learn,other little kids within the app and,its supposed to you know teach your,kids speech language and its actually a,really good idea I like the app great,concept however you have to make in-app,purchases in order to get the help that,you want for your child you cannot just,download this app and then your child,will learn no its not free you actually,have to make in-app purchase about ten,dollars a month they have more like a,higher fee I just did like the Louis it,was like ten dollars a month and then it,unlocked pretty much everything that I,wanted from the app so try use that for,about three maybe four months and then I,was like okay thats enough with the app,were good,Im gonna get him a speech therapist and,thats what I did so I unsubscribe from,the app okay are you listening to me I,unsubscribe from this app I then deleted,the app from my phone and I forgot all,about it I literally forgot all about it,well months past months past months past,I was not realising during these months,that past that $10 was consistently,still coming out of my account even,though I unsubscribe from the app okay I,had no idea,I have automatic payments from certain,things and so honestly when I saw that,$10 was coming out I honestly linked it,to one of the automatic payments had,always comes out of my account well I,noticed this month in particular not,this month but like a month prior that,$59.99 came out of my account $59.99,came out of my account and I was like,what like ready $59 come from now thats,a big chunk of money well not like a,huge chunk but like a chunk of money,that somebody would probably notice,right so Im trying to figure out where,this $59.99 is coming from because at,this point all my bills are paid all,these little automatic payments you that,usually come out came out and Im like,this is just so random like where did,like who took the $59.99 I do research,research research research and it says,thanks for your donation Im like,donation come to find out it,speech blurbs yes speech blurbs,apparently when you unsubscribe from the,account they automatically puts you in,the system of thank you for a donation,so pretty much after you unsubscribe,you youre then put into the donation,pile so youre still paying even though,youre not using the app because youre,donating now now now youre helping them,fund the app and put extra things on the,app and I had no freaking idea theres,like theres no fine print that I saw,this there is no theres no way I would,have known this okay theres no like,about to the app I mean there is about,the app like what the app does for you,but theres no anything else like it,says thank you were gonna miss you you,dont subscribe and then like Im still,getting payments aint crazy I had to do,so much fighting to get this 59.99,refunded okay so I get the $59.99,refunded I flood East Im like oh,goodness thank goodness I noticed now,man they took all those tens in the past,but thank goodness I finally notice and,I try to move on with my life,but then I noticed that next month that,ten dollars came out and Im like what,in the world so I got on my phone I have,an Apple iPhone I go on the settings and,I do the Apple ID blah blah blah blah,blah and it shows that Im still,subscribed to this app and Im like what,is happening so I unsubscribe from the,app on the Apple ID now the first term,that I unsubscribe I unsubscribe through,the app you can answer their za– option,where you can unsubscribe through the,app okay so I thought oh my gosh,well maybe its because I didnt,unsubscribe from the actual like Apple,ID I dont know so I did it I,unsubscribe from the actual like phone,and then the next month,Horus comes out of my account and Im,like oh my gosh like Im literally,

Increase Communication Easily! Speech Blub Review

hi my name is nanette and im one of the,directors of aims global i also have,three children and seeing that we often,cant use the videos of our clients i,wanted to do a video on how to increase,and improve speech production in the,aims way with one of my own kids we also,have an amazing prize to give away at,the end of this video so make sure you,dont miss out and watch right until the,end,fiona is four years old and he has a,hard time producing certain sounds,correctly he does speak spontaneously,and confidently in some situations but,he has a hard time producing quite a,variety of sounds really he realizes it,when we make him aware of the correct,pronunciation and what a word or a sound,should sound like and he will even try,to correct himself when he becomes aware,of it but as with any child they dont,like being wrong and they dont like,struggling with something so he will,become frustrated after a few goes if he,cant get it right or if hes just,really having a hard time with it before,i started with some fun activities with,him using speech blubs i made sure that,the environment was set up in a way so,that real and natural learning,could take place and this is really,important because if we want our,children to learn,naturally and really retain and,understand what they are learning we,need to make sure that the environment,is supporting them to do just that so,thats why i combined our create the,perfect environment course with the,introduction of speech plugs with diane,im going to share with you just three,things i implemented quite a few,different things that you will see and,learn about in our perfect environment,course but im going to share three,things with you that i implemented that,you will be able to see in the video as,well,the first one i ensured that before i,started with the games i provided some,sensory input i wanted him to be calm,and regulated and to feel organized and,in control even before he started out,with the activities,the second one i made sure that he knew,what he could be expecting so i used a,visual schedule to show him what he will,be doing whats going to happen next and,what will his reinforcer be that,something that he chose after taking,part in the games which by the way the,games he absolutely loved then the third,one i made sure that he had access to,one of his favorite fidget toys,so that when he needed to and when he,wanted to you could he could reach out,for it and play with it even while he,was busy doing the activities,there were a few more elements that i,included which is all part of the short,course that we want to give to you for,free together with a lifetime,subscription of speech blubs but first,look at dion ango,lion,lion,now guess,baby lions are so sweet something else,that i want to share with you is when,dion was introduced to speech blubs he,really loved the games the activities he,even enjoyed the idea of a little boy or,a little girl saying a word and then he,had to copy it but it did take some time,to warm up to the idea of a photo of a,real child a video of a real child,saying the word and he thought in the,beginning that this child is listening,to him,so thats something to really keep in,mind if youre introducing this with,your own child,reassure them let them know that even,though they say it wrong or they make a,mistake,the child in the video cant hear them,when dionne realized that this is just a,video the child is saying the word and i,like that i like watching the video of,the child,saying these sounds saying these words,and theyre really friendly and they do,it really nicely he loved that and as,soon as he realized okay theyre not,listening to him theyre not laughing at,him when he says it incorrectly you felt,much better and much more confident so,that is something to keep in mind and,also to share and to reassure your own,child as they are doing these activities,so you will see the visual schedule in,this video where dion is prepared he,knows what to expect he knows what has,been completed on the schedule what is,going to happen next and afterwards,you will notice that dion did have the,fiddle toy in his hands for most of the,time and this really helped him to just,feel a little bit more confident as he,was doing these activities,[Music],this was truly amazing to see as a mom,and an educator he superseded my own,expectations,and trust me i am quite realistic now we,want to give you the opportunity to,experience the same results and progress,with your child this is how you can win,a lifetime subscription of speech blubs,and access to the perfect environment,course all for free,youre gonna have to do the following to,enter this competition make sure that,you follow,ames.global and speech blubs on,instagram and like ames global autism,and speech blubs on facebook then you,need to dm your email address to aims,global on instagram or facebook or you,can email it to us at hello,aimsglobal.info this is going to enter,you into this amazing competition we,would also like to give a massive,discount for our perfect environment,course for each and every one that,enters the competition so everyones,going to be a winner already then well,also have a grand prize winner with,lifetime access to speech clubs and the,perfect environment course for free,weve got you covered,winners will be announced by the end of,october so make sure that you get,rolling

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