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Splitgate Review in Progress

remember a time before apex legends in,warzone where multiplayer shooters were,less focused on faux military realism,and more on arcadey swashbuckling,splitgate remembers taking a page from,the deathmatch book halo and unreal,wrote and adding its own chapter,with portals there are moments of,brilliance in its open beta thanks to,being able to pop out of nowhere to,score an unexpected kill but you also,have to deal with run-of-the-mill weapon,selection and the first few hours are a,slog through some repetitive game modes,[Music],splitgate is a rebrand and relaunch of,split gate arena warfare which launched,on pc in 2019,its now cross-platform on xbox and,playstation and free to play leading to,an influx of new content and new blood,so far its only selling cosmetics so,the playing field looks nice and level,every match begins with a pair of,starter weapons for most match types,thats a slow firing carbine and a fully,automatic assault rifle,and an awesome portal launcher strapped,to your wrists its all standard stuff,like ballistic sniper rifles and,shotguns and even the sci-fi weapons,like the plasma rifle and the railgun,lack much flavor you havent tasted in,100 different shooters going back to,quake 3.,that said theyre cliches for a reason,most of these weapons feel distinct and,useful and itll be easy to find a,favorite among them,triple kill a favorite next to the,portal launcher of course because its,hard not to fall in love with it,immediately,if youve played valves portal games,you have an idea how this works,blue textured panels on walls ceilings,and floors are scattered around every,map and thats where you can place one,of your portal ends,when both gates are open you can pass,through creating your own escape routes,and ambushes,you can travel through allied and enemy,portals as well but you cant see,through them so youll never know what,kind of tactical advantage the enemy is,gaining through their gateway,or if traveling through it is setting,you up to get ambushed,[Music],portals offer great flexibility in any,given mode they can get you across large,lengths of the map in an instant or you,can use them to set up flanks and give,yourself new shooting,vectors to attack oncomers through or,you can use them defensively by dropping,one end near the spawn point and the,other near a forward position to use as,a quick getaway when things get too,spicy,a lot of folks are creative with them,and that element of surprise can make,even the more mundane of split gates,modes more exciting than the average,shooter,a round of king of the hill is way more,dangerous when the enemy doesnt even,need to be in the same room to clear it,out,thats a blessing because youll be,stuck playing a truncated list of very,basic game modes for the first couple,hours of play,and even when the playlist opens up,youve seen many of these modes before,so splitgate earns all of its kudos by,applying its gimmick to existing shooter,designs,[Music],to be fair maps are pretty varied both,in physical layout and weapon,arrangement arenas like the volcano side,lava well and the beachfront oasis have,great angles for long-range weapons,whereas tighter spaces like the,industrial,impact are perfect for shotgunning,through the competition not every map,feels perfect for every mode though some,of the larger maps,can make games that involve chasing,single targets like vip or oddball feel,way slower and longer than they do on,more intimate maps,of course none of that matters if you,cant actually play because the servers,are buckling under the load of people,attempting to log in,which is why splitgate recently pushed,back its official launch date from july,27th,to sometime this month the open beta,session has been a bit of a mess both on,consoles and steam with servers going,down sporadically and sometimes for,periods as long as several days,the es5 version has queue times upwards,of 90 minutes and despite that crushing,demand even when you are logged in wait,time between games can be sporadic,sometimes youre queued up pretty,quickly other times you can sit for a,few minutes before getting to play,one enemy remaining 1047 games is,clearly aware of this issue and,specifically delayed the official launch,to address it so were holding off on a,final review score until split gate,officially comes out of beta later this,month,but if we had to score it now wed give,it a seven for good check back soon,after launch for the final verdict for,more on shooters check out our hands-on,preview of back for blood,and our review of the ascent and for,everything else keep your sights set on,ign,[Music],you

splitgate is infinitely better

coming into the prospect of making this,video i had just one serious question,how do you split the gate and i,immediately forgot about this the second,i realized that this game has its own,version of infection now im sure by,this point youve probably already heard,about this game considering its,constantly being compared to halo and,while i could read you the first couple,of lines from the wikipedia page like a,real youtuber would instead i can just,tell you this this babys got a working,map creator okay for complete,transparency with this video luke and i,kind of got an opportunity that doesnt,really fall into our laps that often but,yeah splitgate actually reached out to,luke and i of all people you know,because were so well known for our,competitive halo multiplayer commentary,and they pretty much said hey if we give,you some money will you play beta season,2 of split gate and make a video on it,followed by you can literally do,whatever you want so we spent the first,hour and a half just breaking out of the,maps yeah i dont know they give you the,option to turn off kill barriers in the,custom game settings and you can also,adjust your gravity speed jump height,and jetpack fuel and so luke and i just,kind of had a field day but then after,that we said hey we can maybe do an,actual meaningful and honest talk about,split gate because this is a game that,weve been playing for a while even,before getting sponsored for this video,yeah even though the video is sponsored,our opinions are our own and actually,the biggest thing about split gate that,i feel like not enough people ever even,look at especially now in a time where,so many people are really hung up on the,consistent failures of halo infinite,multiplayer if you look at split gate,im honestly so impressed with how much,the multiplayer suite actually has to,offer when you load up the game,especially for an arena first person,shooter i mean not only does the game,have the team deathmatches the,objectives but this game actually has a,working snipers mode you know one that,actually gives you a sniper rifle unlike,halos new sniper mode and then theres,even the game types for filthy casuals,like me like gun game and instagib one,in the chamber zombie vip laser tag and,i even was able to convince luke to play,this game with me because of the fact,that its cross plays so many times i,try to get luke to play some random game,i find on the xbox because i prefer to,play on xbox and lukes just like nah,but because it was cross play luke was,like okay so diving in to cover this,game we decided to play laser tag of,course because why wouldnt you play,this first we didnt really know what to,expect but we pretty much got in there,and very quickly figured it out,essentially we had giant heads and these,little plasma type guns and it would,just quickly kill people and we could,run around really fast and jump,incredibly high it kind of was a great,thing we then played zombie vip and,seriously this is probably the most fun,ive had in a party game mode in a long,time maybe since reach mcc had the,custom games browser and its kind of,unique so essentially theres two teams,and theres a single vip and he gets to,run around with a shotgun and the other,team whos not the vip are essentially,zombies with bats and you have to just,stay alive and you get the feeling of a,game of infection except its a lot more,faster paced its just a single round,though you get multiple turns as the vip,who is the sole survivor so you still,get that feeling of infection and its,actually really fun to play we then,shifted to a different playlist which is,a free-for-all playlist that actually,lets you stay with your party which i,love we played one in the chamber and,just completely destroyed it was it was,great we played this game type called,instagib which was pretty much where we,had railguns that shot instantly and,gibbed people and i know we just jumped,right into the most casual party type,games but thats kind of what has always,been our main interest when it came to,halo multiplayer but i do have to say we,already had experience playing this game,in a more casual and competitive format,where weve spent a lot of time before,even working on this video playing both,casual and ranked playlists now i think,one of the biggest things that comes up,with split gate is of course the fact,that theres portals in a competitive,arena first person shooter and this,seems to be like the biggest pickup that,a lot of my friends have whenever im,trying to convince them to come and join,me and typically as someone who doesnt,too often like gimmicks in first person,shooter games i have to say the portals,really arent that obtuse or in the way,like some players may think that they,would be in a game setting like this i,feel like majority of the time if youre,a player who just doesnt want to wrap,your head around the portal side of this,game you still can play this game and be,really good at the game and never even,touch the portals i dont know luke,plays this game with me hes a natural,at this game and i rarely ever see him,shoot portals unless hes like trying,something different or strategic and i,think with the movement thats built,into this game being able to sprint and,also being able to have this little,thruster jetpack that helps you maneuver,quicker still gives you enough of an,even playing field if you arent too,much involved in using portals and you,can just close peoples portals by,throwing grenades at them i really like,that as a feature here because it makes,the game extremely accessible and easy,to learn as a beginner but then when you,get into the more competitive side of,things the skill gap can really spread,out and theres a really high ceiling so,its an interesting game its really,easy to jump in and learn how to play,the game but really difficult to master,and i think that that makes the game,more interesting than a game thats,constantly trying to leverage every,possible feature to put everyone on a,very equal playing field like i kind of,mentioned in the beginning video we,arent the biggest competitive players,but when there is a game thats fun we,will play it quite a bit and grind some,ranked in it and split gate was one of,those few games that we actually got,into a little bit of competitive play,through the ranked system specifically,with the game type takedown the game,type essentially has you in teams in a,smaller arena map and you have to run,through and kill the other team in a,classic elimination type style except,instead of a player getting eliminated,their spawn time gets longer and longer,with each death and the goal is to have,all three players on their team dead at,the same time to win the round and these,games can be very contentious they can,be very very long at times if its a,close match and ultimately it could be a,lot of fun it actually reminds me a lot,of the earliest days of halo 5 guardians,when its breakout mode was actually good,to play before they changed everything,and it is kind of neat here but one of,my personal favorite draws that is here,in split gate is the fact that there is,a lot going on to really build up the,more creative side of the community by,having a full-on working map creator and,also having a very robust custom game,system to accompany it now i do have to,say in comparison to other games that,map creators its still very bare bones,here theres not a large variety of,props and items to put down however it,gives you the basic tools necessary to,build a custom map luke and i jumped in,and were just building little,structures to see what we can make i,made this little base and luke made,whatever this is but what i think is,really cool is that some players have,gone and made some of the most iconic,halo maps in split gate and now with the,new season you can type in map codes and,retrieve other peoples made maps it can,even host your own lobby and theres a,full-on custom games browser integrated,in the

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Halo Infinite vs Splitgate

introducing,give me that,the brand new ancient treasure donkey,figure this thing is a million years old,discovered in an ancient tomb this,limited one-time only figure has the,ability to suspend crystals in midair,and we got the old donkey toy back in,stock and we got hats and beanies back,in stock for grimbus so remember better,go to the queso better go than I guess,so I better go to the castle or you will,not be able to acquire the ancient,treasure documentaries,during the tail end of Civil War welcome,video game viewers today were going to,be comparing the two biggest multiplayer,games on the internet Halo infinite,versus split gate which game do you like,to play more,why is my guy faced the wrong direction,first lets look at pricing both of,these games are my favorite price free,but what we have to remember is that I,would actually pay money to not play,most free-to-play games theyre often,very self-defeating in that way Call of,Duty and Battlefield just came out both,sixty dollar games Halo said no uh split,gate said no uh [ __ ] that doo-doo [ __ ],Call of Duty is a penis game Battlefield,its a penis game fix your game lets,look at what each game brings to the,table split gate has a funny time trial,mode which is why they should call this,split game because half of our time,playing this was just playing the time,trial mode split gate is knock off Halo,with the portal gun which turns out is,actually a really fun racing tool if the,question is whats the more Innovative,game obviously split game adding portals,to Halo just changes up the entire thing,naturally you can set up the old,infinite portal trick and zoom through,it in a million miles per hour,foreign,but the real game changing element is,that players can create their own sight,lines on the fly with the portals you,can make a portal headshot someone,through the other side you can shoot,someone through their own portal you can,say this go over here,say hello the portals uh add a lot to,the funniness factor of the game like,look at this,what the [ __ ] but Halo infinite has,Vehicles where are you going no where,are you going what the [ __ ] with Charles,so verified,you can trust me now you can trust me,now dont crash us Im not Im not ready,[Music],the Banshee is also very funny uh if you,see somebody just walking around even,hit him with one of those this dumb guy,is trying to fight me hes out of there,and then I got stuck in here this was a,situation,um yeah theyd stunned it and then but I,actually,I actually get to double kill then this,guy has the balls to steal my bench I,sniping out of the air new one spawns in,of course Im getting in there,another double kill this guy is trying,to steal my [ __ ] I say no no,wiper which game has the better,Community I beat Halo 3 on easy wants,actually I beat Id be all Halos on easy,I like crab Mr Krabs from SpongeBob you,know SpongeBob SquarePants,[Laughter],Halo however split gate has the ability,to get Urkel kills and this is very,important to a gamer of My Level you see,by using the momentum of the drop you,can launch yourself through and say Bop,Stephen purple killed look at this I say,this I say this,but then what do I say what do I say,next,I say did I do that what game has the,better weapons definitely Halo theres a,lightning gun that stuns warthogs oh,that doesnt I feel like that didnt,happen,theres a big hammer,theres a big hammer yeah,they got the energy sword shotgun thats,funny nail gun,oh my God Halo also has a grapple hook,Far Cry 6 take some notes,holy [ __ ] Jason I was playing a big team,back and there was this Mongoose,flipping over and I took out the gravel,and I said,tell me you dont like that tell me you,dont like that better game modes well,right now in Halo infinite you cannot,queue up to just play Slayer instead you,have to join a playlist with a variety,of modes and then it usually just picks,I [ __ ] hate Oddball come on lets,play some Oddball play ball being in the,hell or something hold the ball for it,lets play some Oddball play ball,Slayer is the perfect game mode because,the objectives are you know capture the,rocket launcher in the tank everybody,wants that nobody wants to hold this,stupid baller stand on a point split,gate on the other hand has a Mode called,teabag confirmed where you have to,teabag enemies to get points split gate,wins that round split gate you can get a,kill at a scope but Halo you can get a,yard sale and thats where uh Al from,Als Toy Barn acquired Woody in the film,Toy Story 2.,no Jason please yard sale in Split gate,floppy said this The Game Belongs on,[ __ ] man standing [ __ ] stain Island,but in Halo what was said this I just,coughed chemical,why did you do that,I dont know so which game is better,both,theyre both better than Far Cry now,look at this dumb guy thats from the,other team that gets on my mongoose look,at what I do for this guy,[Music],[Music]

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Splitgates Population In 2022… Why THIS Game Continues To WIN

what is good everyone happy friday to,you im back again with more split gate,this game makes me happy and every time,i post it in the comments you guys show,massive support so i know,this game still is in good graces with,the people who have tried it and if you,havent yet you need to its one of the,best free to play fps games in the arena,space that you can pick up right now we,didnt talk in the last video much about,how split gate is doing in the overall,fps scene and i want to deep dive there,and make a case today that talks about,why this game is still winning,even after all of these years and it,doesnt have the numbers that it did,during last summers big renaissance the,big popularity surge for the game but,the numbers still are very encouraging,to me and i want to talk about that,today first of all when most players are,talking about games being dead you have,to have two distinctions there theres,the term that gets thrown out all the,time of dead game and that usually,refers to it not having the viewership,or the visibility of some of the other,popular like top three fps games on,twitch or on youtube that does not mean,its dead to the point where you cant,find a match now maybe im just an old,fart here but when i was gaming growing,up a dead game literally meant there,were not enough players for you to find,matches consistently that is what a dead,game meant,and split gate is not that and pretty,much most of the games that twitter or,people online say are dead,are not,that it just means its not probably big,enough for creators to make a full-time,living just streaming or creating,content about that game so theres two,very different distinctions here on the,split gate side,this game is one that ive been with,since the very beginning and it did not,have a massive audience but it always,had a dedicated fan base that was until,last summer call of duty war zone was,experiencing a lot of cheating problems,and thus so many content creators fled,the game,and pushed over into split gate and you,can see that if we come over to the,steam charts here right at the beginning,of june or so the numbers rose and rows,and rows and rows and smashed up into,record setting territory a lot of this,was because the popularity of big,content creators on call of duty coming,over into split gate promoting the game,saying this is an awesome alternative,and eventually that hype and buzz died,down but it was enough momentum for 1047,games to draw massive attention to their,studio the game the efforts that they,were doing and get some financial,backing to update this game and make it,something that will be big and you know,really hopefully competitive with some,of these other top tier titles now if,you look at the numbers today its about,2 000 for the 24-hour peak we roll it,back to the end of january when the last,big update came out you can see about 3,500 and this is just on steam,this game is also on playstation and,xbox i dont know since we dont have,visibility into those numbers,what of the two platforms has the most,but if were to assume the same,population size for all three,thats not bad youre looking at,concurrent player counts in the like 5,to 12 000 range at any given point,that is really exciting and is not a,dead game status for an fps title,for reference if you watch the channel,im somebody who grew up playing games,like quake and unreal tournament i loved,nexus and titanfall and lawbreakers so,for me the term like,dead game in the sense of lawbreakers it,is you cannot play that game and after,just a month of that game being out it,was really hard to find matches the,steam numbers were crushingly low,split gate on the other hand is out here,with numbers that is competing with some,other top titles i mean ill bring in,halo infinite to show for an example,here now obviously infinite is going to,have a much larger player base over on,the xbox side which is not going to be,represented in the pc player base plus,infinite isnt as fun in my opinion on,mouse and keyboard as it is on,controller which in essence can,definitely drive away more pc players,but comparatively you take an indie,studio like 1047 games a title like,split gate that really hasnt had a,whole lot of marketing push or large,updates to the game,since i want to say infinite came out,you know you have the map creator but,thats about it in this new season which,is cool,but no gigantic momentum behind it and,its still yielding solid numbers what,that says to me is that there is a core,community here who likes the game enough,so to keep it where other players can,hop in at any point,the only thing thats really left for,split gate now to achieve that next leg,is truly to pick a strategic moment this,year launch a host of new maps maybe,some new modes and some great marketing,content to go along with it and you win,if youre in the drivers seat here you,look at the content calendar for apex,legends cod halo battlefield and you try,and pick a moment where you think a,content drought is available for all,three of those things then split git,comes in with a huge marketing push all,the sponsored videos the sponsored,streams and that would be like a huge,update to the game something with new,maps new modes like a full new battle,pass and maybe even something that is,like mechanically a huge new addition to,the game like maybe new weapons to the,sandbox,and then youre back in the limelight,again and that push brings in a bunch of,new players who havent tried this fps,game before some of them stick around,and thats sort of the method to win in,this era for fps games youre not ever,going to have one of these peaks stay at,that large level like the 60 or 70 000,concurrent player base continually its,always gonna have a peak and then a cool,off because theres so many good games,to play as fps players people are going,to jump around but every one of these,content drops every one of these moments,to get in front of a bigger audience,grows that core dedicated player base,the ones who keep coming back to it,people like myself who may not play the,game every single day but i keep coming,back to it a few times a month every,single month for years,and that is the route additionally i,think a file share feature is something,thats overlooked in a lot of games but,it is so useful if we go back to halo 3,the ability to share screenshots and,videos,in the actual game itself is a big win,it creates a buzz and user generated,content is free to the developer theyve,already got the map creator mode there,its just not that accessible for the,you know very low tier player somebody,who isnt very familiar with the game to,play some of those new maps get him into,matchmaking get some visibility ahead of,you know your really,entry level player win win win win win,in summary to be like 30 percent the,size of some of the aaa fps games right,now in terms of that concurrent player,base without a very dedicated or large,marketing campaign is huge it shows that,there is traction here for a solid game,theres awesome mechanics in split gate,and there is a core fan base here that,can help power its next big surge its,all about the timing though that is what,matters if youre new to split gate and,you want to have an edge right off the,bat click the tip video on the screen,some settings and keybinds you,absolutely want to have set up right,from the get-go thanks so much for,watching i hope you have a great weekend,and ill see you again very soon,[Music]

Halo Expert Reviews Splitgate Season 2

todays video is sponsored by split gate,im the homeslice ascend hyperion but,many of you already know me as a,resident expert explorer of halos game,design but today were venturing outside,of halo to discuss a different yet not,so different game split gate i was lucky,enough to get the opportunity to dive,into an early release of split gate beta,season 2 to sample the new content now,available for free on steam xbox and,playstation thanks to the team at split,gate i have an awesome opportunity to,discuss this unique game and give you my,fresh baked review of not only season 2,of split gate but of the game as a whole,so get comfortable and be sure you stick,around for my viewer question at the end,lets get this started,so before i start dissecting my takes on,split gate i think its crucial i talk,about whats new to the game in season,2. season 2 split gate brings three new,game modes juggernaut hot zone and,lockdown and remasters the map abyss to,an overgrown temple-like structure with,a beautiful new skybox none of that is,even to mention the new player,progression system coupled with the new,player cosmetics that boost up the,battle pass rewards to over 100 new,items and while not shown in this video,season 2 does bring new things to split,gates map editor matchmaking system and,menus,from a high level overview season 2 of,split gate is a confident and well,calculated push for split gate towards,being a more complete and varied shooter,experience in the modern market and of,course with it being free to play those,new gameplay experiences come for free,too juggernaut is reminiscent of the,halo game mode of the same name,but in split gate the mod takes an,interesting twist as it actively reveals,the flip side of split gates gameplay,that is simply about evasion and portal,control rather than having outward slang,tactics the juggernauts that did the,best in our sessions had good team,support sure but they were also,excellent escape artists sort of like,your dad,with some of the general talk of season,2 out of the way id like to shift gears,and talk more about split gate as a,whole i want to set the tone by,restating something i said about split,gate some time ago,its not a question of whether or not,split gate is good,its easy for it to be good because in,its most basic form its the combination,of two very good and successful existing,designs halo and portal the question,then becomes how much praise can we,really give split gate as itself,when offered the opportunity to review,split gates second season i set out on a,personal goal to challenge my previous,assertion about the game the goal in my,play sessions was to truly look for what,transformed splitgate from a single,summation of two successful ips into a,solid standalone title that competes in,the modern market,despite this goal being in place there,were elements of the game that failed to,give me what id classify as standalone,traits of split gate the art style is,ambiguous neo-pop futuristic with the,map settings and stylizations seeming,almost self-contained rather than,indicative of any connected universe the,player cosmetics while cool in some,cases suffer from what i described as,the unity curse being very reminiscent,of the blobby brightly colored general,use assets widely available in small,game startup asset libraries and the,games ui and menus,have got to be some of the most,cluttered and visually straining in this,archetype of fireteam display menus,that being said these are all things,that the 1047 team already have as,ongoing targets and while i do think,season 2 brings improvements especially,to the visuals of the game i think the,game needs more focus in these areas,thats not to discount the cool work,thats already been done for season 2,and if the trend continues i think the,1047 team will correct these issues as a,whole and if you think that was all far,too negative thats great because if,cosmetics and menus are the bulk of the,issue it means were playing a damn good,game,when given the chance to be freed of,comparison to the titles that inspired,it it becomes clear that splitgates,real internal claim to fame is its,delicate yet impactful application of,solid game design which spurs from how,well this game functions mechanically,there is not a single functional element,of this game that does not tick to the,well-crafted clock that controls the,player experience,every input i feed into my player is a,no jokes no surprises execution of,function despite being a game that,incorporates several elements of modern,advanced mobility such as jetpacking and,sprint both features are a no-frills,execution of those concepts jetpack will,not let me be a bootleg ac 130 for my,team and sprint does not make me the,flash,each weapons function is complete clear,and consistent and with a small refined,pool of weapons its very easy to pick,up and comprehend what does what and why,my portals will perform as designed and,as designed only the only thing that,will make my portal better than someone,elses is my raw ability to manipulate,them and my depth of understanding of,how to use them im not complicated by,health buffs special hero traits desync,or alternate weapon functions for split,gates there is power in simplicity and,what the team at 1047 has done is taken,a collection of fairly simple ideas and,allowed the complexity the evolution the,skill gap to be set by how well players,can make something simple into something,complicated whether it was intentional,or by accident its a style challenge to,the growing sentiment in gaming that,players must be spoon fed that players,must be equalized that gameplay,evolution must be choreographed in split,gate the game is as good as you play it,and if someone plays it better than you,they win,its interesting because this sentiment,is not without risk or challenge even in,my prior experiences with split gate i,found myself extremely frustrated with,how i would be hopelessly demolished by,players who played better than me for,some this is a massive deterrent and to,those who stick it out its an,unchallenged motivator,when i saw portal tricks i wanted to do,those portal tricks when i got perfected,i wanted to perfect someone back when i,saw players multitasking fights in the,air i wanted to soar up and try it too,its in these moments where to me,splitgate stopped being a simple,colorful combination of halo and portal,and instead shined as a prime shooter,succeeding on the simple concept of,giving every player a chance to be the,best player on the team if they worked,hard enough none of that is to say split,gate isnt always perfect but in the,presence of gameplay design this solid,and player-centric you dont need,perfection for me one place this is very,true and split kates map design which i,think is actually a far cry from the,most interesting or most well-designed,in the modern shooter market but that,matters not because split gates map,design is centric to letting split gate,b split gate do the long hauls on this,map allow for portal pros to decimate,pass or buys absolutely does this map,give advantage to jetpack savvy players,100 percent but its the existence of,these accommodations that distinctly,promote and accentuate the split gate,gameplay quirks that it thrives on,thats the key point promotion and,accentuation it would have never been,enough to simply dump the concepts of,other games into split gate and have an,instant success splitgate analyzes and,adopts the blueprint of design motifs in,a way where their function is then,unique to split gate not some other,title so to review my initial comments,on splitgate i do think one thing will,always be true split gate applies the,successful formulas of two existing ips,but something i missed in that review is,that its split gate itself that is,successfully applying those formulas,its not enough to adopt two good things,you must then build the right home for,those things to be nurtured and grow in,by that right

SPLITGATE 2.0 … For Noobs

so i was walking around minding my own,business and then out of nowhere a,portal opened up,and it showed me a game that i once,thought was gone and its alive and its,beautiful and then a portal came and,sucked me back to reality,but i wasnt ready to accept that,i had to go back,i had to go back,[Music],as you may already know ive already,made a video on split gate when it first,came out two years ago so why am i,making another video well a lot has,changed in this game and its finally,going to be released on console this,tuesday which has brought with it new,life already with over 600 000 downloads,of just the beta they had to upgrade the,servers because there is so much traffic,its amazing because when this game,first came out i loved it i did have,some issues with the game but all those,have been addressed in some way shape or,form making this game even better than,it was before but if some of you still,dont know what split gate is because,you havent watched my first video ill,quickly explain split gate is a first,person arena shooter that was inspired,heavily from classic halo except you,have small jet packs and oh yeah portals,you can only place portals on parts of,the maps that look like this so its not,as crazy chaotic as it sounds like you,cant just portal anywhere you want just,saying there are a bunch of classic halo,type game modes like king of the hill,oddball vip and of course team,deathmatch and the weapons are inspired,by halo like the assault rifle sniper,rifle and battle rifle,double kill like most arena shooters and,unlike call of duty games you spawn with,the same weapons and can find stronger,weapons spawned throughout the maps,[Music],thats split gate in a nutshell so you,may be wondering whats changed macro,that question is why i made this video,in the first place,for the most part the gameplay has,remained relatively unchanged there are,some minor tweaks to weapon balance here,and there but its still,beautiful there is a newer ish weapon,that came out after my first video and,its the bfb aka the bat this weapon is,like a perfect blend of the halo energy,sword and the grav hammer but when you,use it you have so much swag,they also changed how you shoot through,portals making it a bit blurrier so it,isnt as easy which is a good thing but,other than that the gameplay is still,solid as ever there is however a bunch,of new game modes for starters splitgate,brought in gun game which if youre a,fan of any shooter gun game is a,necessity since there arent that many,weapons in this game it smartly starts,with the assault rifle and goes all the,way up to the pistol and then goes all,the way back down to the assault rifle,until you get to your fists this game is,really well suited for free-for-all so,gun game fits perfectly into this game,on top of that there is a wholly unique,game mode called,takedown is a 3v3 team deathmatch game,mode where the objective is to win 4,rounds the way you win around is by,eliminating all the enemies at once,so normally when you die you can respawn,but if you have no teammates alive its,over and the more you die the longer,your respawn becomes and this particular,game mode has maps specifically made for,it from alpha bravo charlie delta echo,foxtrot golf i didnt know g was golf in,military terms these maps are very,compact making the games really quick so,yeah this game mode is probably my,favorite game mode ever its a game mode,that i think all arena shooters should,have because its just so simple and,creates some insane fights and comebacks,when you play quick play you can select,any of these game types that you want,and if you dont want to play them just,uncheck them there are also two,additional game types that cycle every,10 hours the games that i got to play,were fiesta where you spawn with random,weapons its a classic halo game and,this other game mode called instagib,where the charge rifle instantly shoots,out lasers its pretty stupid and i,loved it but that means games like,teabag confirmed arent permanent,anymore,no my boy where splitgate really changed,though is,the game just looks better one of my,biggest complaints i had of the game,when it first came out was that some of,the maps made it very unclear which side,of the map youre on because it was so,tight and compact and the aesthetic all,looked the same everywhere you went this,was very obvious in stadium or atlantis,now they added a bunch of different,lighting and details throughout the maps,making it a lot more clear where you are,this also allowed for me to be able to,memorize the maps a lot quicker on top,of that all the new maps that have been,introduced all feel really well designed,one of my favorites being oasis a desert,arabia type vibe that is one of the most,aesthetically pleasing maps in this game,and on tuesday theyre going to be,releasing two more maps that we havent,been able to play yet and these maps,look incredible and theyre going to be,consistently updating this game with,more and more content like this maybe,even more weapons huh maybe like a,needler come on just me okay but since,this game is free to play they got to,make money somehow right,so the other thing i didnt really like,when the game first came out,aesthetically was the cosmetics these,did not look good and dont get me wrong,some of these are still here but the,newer armors and jet packs and weapon,skins that they have come up with now,are so much better than they were two,years ago i mean i could see myself,shelling out cash for these skins and i,have because i bought the iced out you,know battle rifle i wont lie i was like,it looks really cool thats like 10,bucks okay ill get it im not perfect,okay but if their goal is to truly have,longevity which i think they can do,because they have such a big player base,now that are interested in this game the,way to keep them coming is by making,their cosmetic system not only amazing,looking but fair now i do believe since,they have a battle pass and their item,shops prices arent outrageous unlike,other games this to me is a humongous,plus on top of that there are a bunch of,cosmetics you can get by just being good,at this game and playing a lot we are,talking free weapon skins that you can,get just for doing challenges this is,reminiscent of old school call of duty,days you know what im talking about,getting like a thousand headshots with,your sniper so you can get a gold sniper,eventually thats the stuff that im,into and thats the stuff i know a lot,of people will be into as well it feels,very rewarding to keep playing and,getting better without being too easy to,get making these weapon skins truly,something you have to earn seriously,though these cosmetics are only going to,get better and i have become pretty good,friends with the developers of this game,and were kind of working on something,on the side for you guys in the future,so stay tuned for that if you dont want,to miss out on that just follow me on,twitch big updates coming this game has,truly listened to its player base and,has fixed a majority of the issues that,were plaguing the game before but lets,be honest this game isnt perfect i know,its still in its beta but there are a,lot of bugs still sometimes your,teammates portals are too bright,sometimes you restart your game and you,lose all your stuff its okay you can,just restart its not all gone its just,a little annoying and although im,confident these will all be fixed in the,future we have to be patient because the,split gate team is literally four dudes,and theyre hiring more and more people,and theyre trying to make the servers,better so if its becoming a bit,difficult for you to even play this game,i get it just calm down take a breath,its gonna get better,[Music],split gate is truly a comeback story,this game has always been fun since it,first came out it just had some issues,that a lot of indie games have,thankfully they didnt give up on this,game the same way that a lot of players,did they kept gri

Splitgate Review – Is It Worth Playing?

all right guys so doctor here and today,were going to take a look at split gate,and i will let you know if its worth,playing or not,if you like this video then please give,it a like subscribe for more and if you,end up playing this game then please,consider using my in-game referral code,mpw6 we both get in-game currency and,potentially some skins,splitgate is a free-to-play multiplayer,first-person shooter,developed by 1047 games and it was,originally released in may,2019. it has recently blown up on steam,going from an average,monthly player base of about 400,to over 40 000. and thats pretty insane,so lets check it out and see why its,blown up,the best way to describe split gate is,halo mixed with portal how you move,feels exactly like halo but maybe a bit,faster,its quick responsive and very tight,i dont feel held back by the movement,system,at all you even get a jet pack which has,a small amount of juice in it to help,you getting over some distances and some,gaps,the gun play as well is straight out of,halo,even the weapons a lot of the weapons,are yes standard shooter types like,the assault rifle smg shotgun,sniper a burst fire battle rifle and a,carbine which is,pretty much the halo dmr if youve ever,played halo,then you should be able to pick the game,up quickly and get right,into it though headshots in split gate,with,every weapon do extra damage the,shooting is,all about precision since there is,effectively,no recoil its all about keeping your,aim,on your target and getting those,headshots in for extra damage,i have found this game great to help,with aim training,like flick shots and the like the health,system,is just your shield which also recharges,no health pickups to worry about the,game modes available for play,like the weapons are straight out of,halo tdm,free-for-all king of the hill oddball,swat which is a favorite of mine and,more theres,15 game modes in total the maps are,generally small or medium-sized arenas,you get tight corners but with some long,sight lines and,extra verticality at the time of review,there are 20,maps and im pretty sure one of those,maps is ripped straight out of halo,you need to be on your toes when playing,split game because,other players can move around so quickly,but you do have a,good mini-map or radar doesnt actually,show the map,it just shows nearby players and whether,they are above or below you,its simple but works really well now,the biggest twist to the,halo or arena shooter formula are the,portals,if youve played portal then that is,exactly,how portals work in split gate you can,create two portals by,shooting them onto certain blue hashed,surfaces,which you can then move through your,momentum is kept when you go through,them,and you can see through your own portals,to the other side which,displays what is happening on the other,side in real time,so yes that means you can also shoot,through and get,kills through your portals but you can,do the same,with enemy portals you can move and,shoot through them but,you cannot see through enemy portals,they are really,simple to set up you have two separate,key bindings for,each portal q and e by default to shoot,the portals onto the blue surfaces,and z and x to disable them you also,have access to emp grenades which can be,used to disable enemy portals,they do no player damage they just,disable,portals without portals this game would,be a fun,tight competitive free free-to-play,shooter that is easy to pick up and play,with a decent skill ceiling with portals,though,you can pull off so many crazy moves you,can,zip across the map in a heartbeat set up,a portal on a ceiling to sneakily shoot,through it at the enemies,there are just so many options here its,incredible,so getting to learn the maps so you can,take advantage of the portals here,its key splitgate has,a futuristic art style which works since,we are using portals,its very clean and very sharp ive been,playing on mac settings at 1440p,and im at the fps cap of 120 every time,its been made very well so im,expecting pretty much anyone to be able,to play this game,texture and model detail are all at a,high standard,and they put in small details to,animations like the,sniper rifle reload animation the scope,actually collapses,back into the rifle during the reload,animation its a neat touch,something thats not needed but it shows,that developers care about the little,things,well theres not that much to say for,sound really theres no music were in a,match you have an announcer in-game to,say things like,double kill and hes all right hes just,not as good as the traditional halo guy,the guns sound good but none of them,really stands out,i think the hit marker sound is a bit,strange considering youre,in like armor or shields and it doesnt,really sound like you are,but its just something there to let you,know youve hit your target,yes there are micro transactions and,yes they are bad value like all micro,transactions,you have to buy your premium currency to,be able to get skins,and you can buy these as shown on screen,however most of the things you can buy,like weapon and armor skins,are priced just above or below the 500,or,1000 split coin bundles so,you will always be left with some change,and generally developers do this,to make you want to spend what change,you have left,but to spend that change you need to buy,more premium currency,then once youve bought what you wanted,youll probably still be left with a,little bit more change,all developers should ditch premium,currency,and just let everyone buy the items,directly premium currency,is not good for us the consumers,so in conclusion is split gate worth,your time,yes absolutely this game is so much fun,and since each game is only a few,minutes long you get these really,competitive,intense fights and for me it scratches,an itch i didnt know i had,if youre really looking forward to halo,infinite then play this while youre,waiting for it,while the micro transactions are a bit,rubbish you can completely ignore them,one big warning though is that since the,game has blown up recently,there can be huge queue times to get,into the game,since the servers werent built to,handle the amount of players that now,want to play it,the developers are steadily scaling up,and optimizing their servers to let more,and more people in,ive seen queue times from five minutes,to,two hours join the official discord to,see what the estimated queue time is and,if you download the game please consider,using my referral code,s2mp w6 as it will both give us some,currency,so thank you guys for watching please,give this video a like and subscribe,for more,[Music],you

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