1. Judah Ben Schroeder: The Little Boy Born at Bethel
  2. Using Google News to Check a Source
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  4. CLASSIFIED: How Parliament is failing to protect your privacy
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Judah Ben Schroeder: The Little Boy Born at Bethel

welcome to the blue envelope channel im,phil,i was on the uh xgw subreddit just,recently,and uh somebody had posted a post about,hey do you know any,rich witnesses that you knew when you,were in the truth,quote unquote and uh and so there were,different stories people were sharing,and that kind of got me thinking hey why,have i never done a video,on judah ben schroeder yet and so he was,the son of albert schroeder,of the governing body and um he was one,of the only if not,the only little kid,born and raised at bethel itself so,its a pretty interesting little life,that hes had so i thought maybe id,talk about that a little bit,today so just to rewind to go back to,his parents,um as i mentioned his dad is albert,schroeder,so albert schroeder he was born 1911 in,saginaw michigan,hometown of our favorite boy anthony,morris,so yeah they were both from there and,alberts grandma was a bible student,but his parents were not bible students,so there was an interesting little,dynamic going on where his grandma was,studying with him,and getting him really into the bible,student religion,and then at the same time his parents,werent into that at all and they just,wanted them to have the regular,you know do well in school go to college,kind of route,in life so theres this competing,philosophies a little bit,but yeah so evidently he was a good,student he got a scholarship to,uh university of michigan ann arbor and,so even though,he he wanted to be a bible student and,do that whole thing,um he in the end he agreed with his,parents that he should go to college,and so thats where he went and he,mentioned that he studied a few,different things he said,electrical engineering economics,latin and german so im not exactly sure,what his major was im assuming,electrical engineering,but not positive and uh i dont know,that seems kind of cool like in 1929,electrical engineering must have been,kind of like a cutting edge,new uh field to get into so thats kind,of neat,so yeah he went there starting in 1929,also the year of the big stock market,crash and the start of the great,depression,as it happened and so he went to school,and,as it turned out though the landlady at,his boarding house was,associating with the bible students and,then um,i think was in a sophomore year one of,his housemates,that moved in was also a it was in the,bible student,movement his name was bill elrod so,he even though he was at college he had,a lot of still association with the,bible students,and they would go to assemblies and,stuff,um so anyways they got more and more,into it to the point that,bill and albert agreed that they would,stop,going to college after their junior year,finished,and they would start pioneering instead,so that would have been 1932,so they left after their junior year,there,yeah and so he they he got three years,of,college but he didnt complete his,bachelors degree,so they both started pioneering and then,almost immediately,both bill and albert were invited to,um go to bethel and so that is what they,did in the fall of 1932,and so its really interesting that i,think bill kind of had the normal,experience at bethel but for whatever,reason albert,just had like this meteoric rise through,the ranks,of the organization uh he was almost,immediately,placed in the service department like,within a couple of weeks,and we all know the the service,department is like the breeding ground,for,future governing body members so yeah,im not sure if it was like,the education that he had had that made,him so,appealing or if he had natural abilities,in leadership or if it was just like he,was super loyal,to the to the ones taking the lead in,the organization,um so im not sure what the secret sauce,was maybe it was like a combo of all,three of those things,but at any rate he did really well and,kept progressing,so he was in the service department and,then in 1936,uh rutherford sent him to be the branch,overseer,at britain in the uk and,rutherford said furthermore this means a,one-way ticket,agreeing to stay there until after,armageddon so,here theyre thinking pretty much,thinking in terms of months left,to armageddon not years anymore so,but despite that uh albert said yep,lets do it,and so he took off to england and became,the branch overseer,so he served there for a few years until,he got deported because,he wouldnt serve in the army so he was,sent back to,brooklyn bethel and uh so then in 1942,noor picked albert schroeder to,set up and run gilead which was going to,be this brand new missionary training,school college and,the campus for gilead at that point was,going to be at kingdom farm in south,lansing new york a little bit outside,the city,and so albert was the one that kind of,spearheaded that whole,um getting that set up and so he became,the registrar for gilead,and he taught classes as well um,so he that kept him really busy planning,the curriculum and whatnot,his obituary that was in the michigan,newspaper when he died,it also mentioned it said throughout the,40s 50s and 60s,schroeder frequently lectured on,religion and sociology at cornell,university,which was not far from south lansing so,thats kind of interesting so thats,what he was doing in that time period,now to move to the next phase of his,story we have to back up for a second,and jump over to nathan noors story,um and the story is that in 1952 nathan,noor the president,noticed this attractive young,housekeeper,at bethel her name was audrey mock,and for whatever reason that year,something clicked in his head,so nathan noor had also he was also a,person that had a pretty,meteoric rise through the organization,and so now at this point hes president,of the society hes president of this,large multinational publishing,corporation,it has dozens of branch offices and,factories around the world,and at the same time kind of related he,is the head of this religious movement,which has like a million followers and,theyre all theyre going to do anything,he would like them to do,so thats a pretty so he had a lot of,stuff going for him but there was one,thing,that he didnt have and that was sex,so he had always been single and,for whatever reason this thing clicked,in 1952 when he saw audrey and she kind,of sparked this awakening in him,now the problem was that you could not,be married,and be at bethel at that time so even,even if there were two bath lights at,bethel and they wanted to get married,they could not stay they had to leave,and that was just,the rules back then um but,when its the president of the,watchtower society that wants to get,married,well then the rules start to become,surprisingly flexible,and nathan noor was allowed to get,married when he wanted to so he got,married to audrey in 1953.,audrey was 15 years younger than he was,and noor wisely recognized it would be,quite hypocritical,if he said hey i can get married but,none of the rest of you can get married,so,uh so now there was this policy change,at bethel,which was that bethelights with a lot of,seniority a lot of years in at bethel,could now get married in the 1960s the,minimum buy-in was 14 years,of full-time service between the two uh,between the man and the woman so so that,was the new policy that,started in 1953 and now this started to,create,options for albert schroeder so he was a,single guy hed been at bethel a million,years by now,and so he had the seniority and hes,twice a year at gilead hes seeing these,new,groups of students come through and many,of the students at gilead were,young single women theyre very,spiritual and attractive and,uh and the gears started kind of,clicking in his head so,we jump up forward to 1955 and hes at,an international convention in rome,italy,and he runs into a young witness woman,named charlotte bowen,and as it happened she was a student,from his very first,class of gilead and she had gone on,and served in spanish field she was,currently a missionary in el salvador,so they kind of reunite at the,convention there in rome,and then when

Using Google News to Check a Source

okay so this is yes to affordable,groceries is a page that is trying to,get us behind a ballot measure in the,state of Washington that would prevent,new taxes it looks like on food which I,mean that sounds good Im I dont want,to pay more for for food so whos behind,this and if we go up here and we do our,Wikipedia trick what well find is that,its not as effective as it has been in,other cases this may just be too much of,a local issue and may be too much it may,be a relatively recent site so its not,gonna work here we might double-check,that right we might go down and we might,just get the do this select and search,technique weve shown you where oops,select and search and type Wikipedia,after that but again nothings coming up,right it keeps on thinking that were,trying to find a grocery store or,something right we could put this in,quotes and maybe we get a better result,but another thing we could do is we,could just look for this group right and,click the news tab and particularly with,newer organizations that arent,long-established,a lot of information about those,organizations are buried in news stories,and as a matter of fact we click through,to this Spokesman Review article what,well find is that this organization is,has about four point here we go four,point seven million dollars behind it,two point two million dollars from,coca-cola one point seven million from,Pepsi in another in some other stuff,from Snapple Red Bull etc it is a,industry funded group thats looking to,stop taxes on on sugar drinks sodas in,that sort of that sort of thing now,maybe you still support the ballot,measure,it doesnt necessarily mean the ballot,measure is wrong but the presentation of,this is maybe some sort of grassroots,campaign of small business owners,looking to fight encroaching government,is probably not its probably not the,real narrative here right this is this,is a large soda industry funded campaign,to stop a state ballot initiative and,you should be aware of that so again to,show you the move select name of the,organization do search google for it,click on news now you can also do this,with names right so if you go and you,look and you find say we didnt have,information on the organization the best,that we had was this this persons name,here right,Michael Mandel right so we can search,the news for Michael Mandel and again we,can find some stories that tell us about,the campaign that hes working for in a,number of different publications here,right so search on sources right search,on organizations search on individuals,that you have questions about and look,at the news stories often theres a lot,of information buried in them

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The Business Of Police Training In The United States

There are no federally mandated training minimums for police officers,in the United States.,So, there isnt a national standard.,And so, I mean, there are 18,000 police departments and law,enforcement agencies in the United States.,They are all doing drastically different things.,Training requirements for police vary state by state, sometimes even,region to region, municipality to municipality.,But overwhelmingly, officers are being trained locally.,And oftentimes, even though there might be some best standards or,best practices, those arent required.,One study showed that out of 80 countries, the United States has the,lowest police training requirements by far, excluding Iraq and,Afghanistan. After protesters around the country called for justice,following the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.,President Trump signed an executive order encouraging police,departments to improve training.,Under the executive order Im signing today, we will prioritize,federal grants from the Department of Justice to police departments,that seek independent credentialing, certifying that they meet high,standards and in fact, in certain cases, the highest standard.,But critics have said Trumps executive order doesnt do enough to fix,the issues in police training.,Its almost like trying to find a solution how to deal with Covid-19,without including medical doctors.,You want to find a solution for the problems with policing?,Go to social scientists.,Just a few of the issues social scientists point to is how few hours,are required for police training and what exactly officers are being,taught in those few hours.,Theres also the controversy over training for a so-called warrior,mentality, over a guardian mindset.,So then, what exactly is police training made up of?,And, where does the money come from to support these trainings?,Heres how police training is funded across the country.,State and local governments spent $115 billion dollars on police in,2017, which is the latest year with comprehensive data available.,Most of that money comes from taxpayers.,Most of police training occurs in state academies run by the state for,different municipalities.,State Academy receives funding from the state but it also receives,funding from the municipality whos sending people to be trained.,Its a financial burden to the state to expand this training because,they themselves are in the business of training.,Though a majority of the funding for police training starts locally,,theres still millions of dollars coming from the federal government.,Theres a chunk of federal funds made up of grants.,Those grants funnel money to state and local police organizations.,Here are four of the big ones: COPS, community oriented policing,services, Byrne JAG, the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, Urban,Security Initiative and the state Homeland Security Program.,Through these programs, at least $54.2 million dollars gets spent on,police training alone, and the rest, which is in the billions, is,used for equipment and salaries and cars.,You get the idea. For example, out of the $590 million dollars,allocated for the Urban Area Security Initiative, funding for the,fiscal year 2019, $30.7 million dollars went to 64 law enforcement,organizations to support training activities for three years.,That $31 million dollars in funding is up from 2016 when UASI,allocated $18.4 dollars million for police training through its grant,program. And the state homeland security program spent approximately,11 million dollars on law enforcement training activities for state,,local and territorial governments through 2019.,Then, theres the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant,program, which provides states, tribes and local governments with,funding to support a range of programs like public defenders, as well,as policing. About 252 million of JAG funding was awarded for fiscal,year 2019.,Those grantees have thus far allocated over 16.5 dollars million of,the 252 million available by February 2020.,And of that 16.5 million, just over 286,000 went towards training.,And through COPS, run out of the Department of Justice, in fiscal,year 2019, at least 9.7 dollars million in grants were awarded for,the development and delivery of training for law enforcement,officers, and over 8.6 million of that went to preparing for active,shooter situation trainings.,And another 2.6 million dollars in grant reimbursements were filed,under the COPS travel training and conferences category.,Many of those grants awarded were meant to last years, so not all the,training is delivered in the year funding is awarded.,Besides government funding and taxpayer money, theres also private,donors putting dollars behind training programs, and private,companies providing their own kind of training.,And at times you can even have private donors or corporations come in,and say, were just going to pay for this.,Theres no real way of knowing how much money private companies put,into these programs.,Shrewsbury says its largely agreed that police need both more and,better training. But part of that problem means more money needs to,be spent on building that educational infrastructure.,And while stats show how inflated police budgets across America have,gotten over the last 20 years, most of that money isnt going toward,police education.,Part of the problem is, is that while we absolutely support reduction,of police budgeting, the unfortunate side effect very often or maybe,unintended side effect to that is, is that the training divisions,often are the ones who start seeing cuts in their budgets.,And this is at a point for which we need to increase dollars for,training. Some of that can be just reallocation of funding.,Since police training is largely decentralized in the United States,,the process varies from state to state.,Once theyve been hired, depending on if the agency itself has its own,academy or whether or not they rely on the state academy.,The officer will be sent, if theyre not certified already, be sent,for basic training.,Its important to know that there are thirty seven states for which,the police are allowed to work before they even attend basic,training. One of the biggest issues in police training that experts,point out is the minimum standard hours required to become an,officer. Excluding field training, basic training programs lasted an,average 840 hours.,Dramatically less than other professions such as cosmetology, massage,therapy, electricians, plumbers, many careers that have far less,responsibility and ramifications if something goes wrong.,During basic training, officers are taught about a variety of skills.,On average, recruits are taught 213 hours of operations, 168 hours of,firearms, self-defense and use of force, self-improvement for 89,hours and legal education for 86 hours.,They also learn about domestic violence for about an average of 13,hours and receive an average of 10 hours training and mental health,issues. When we look at like officer safety as an example, when,officers spend about a third of their training to protect themselves,against homicide, theyre about as equally likely to die in a traffic,crash, which they only get about a little bit over a week of,training there. Theyre nearly three times as likely to kill,themselves than ever to be killed by someone else, yet theyre,receiving maybe a day of training on mental health awareness.,Were applying very kind of simple ideas across to how to handle a,litany of very complex situations.,Another big part of the police training industry is what comes after,an officer completes basic training.,There is continued education, also known as in-service training.,Theres in-service training, which is not regulated by anybody.,This is also where private companies may step in.,And from here, the police training industry kind of falls into murky,waters. But oftentimes private companies, many of whom were former,law enforcement themselves, started these training units to do,special

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CLASSIFIED: How Parliament is failing to protect your privacy

privacy is how much information youre,hustling prepared to give someone it,just means you have a right to choose,what you want to disclose to the public,we should at least have certain kind of,privacy in our life,well I owning the tempura has been,reported in the in the press as the,means by which the GCHQ scream both,internet messages and mobile phones they,dont collect content but this is,getting whats called the metadata which,is the records of calls that are made,and Internet context that are made can,use your publicly available facebook,data and analyze it and put you into,categories but you are left or right,conservative potentially gay or bisexual,but your parents were even divorced when,you were a child with data retention,made of data you can look at known,criminals look at their communication,patterns and then look for these,patterns at other root entered data so,its no longer real crime that makes you,suspicious its the way you communicate,its the people you communicate with so,these are all things that are out of our,control now our social circle is making,us more or less suspicious and an,algorithm decides whether we end up in a,criminal database or on a no-fly list or,our credit ratings are degraded I think,the real risk here is a violation of the,series of human rights that are,contained in this unaccountable vast and,mass surveillance of innocent people,around the world first of all what is,important is that mass surveillance,create a chilling effect on,an expression of individuals if,government and the companies monitor,everything you do on the internet your,ability to seek the information,important information for internet and,new technologies is probably seriously,inhabited you know I think if you,actually may be sending something of,like a sensitive nature yeah you,probably know you probably want a bit a,bit more powerful so you know people,probably how about that so then the only,way to really protect your privacy as if,you never had anything yeah and then of,anything physical literature to not,speak to anyone was doing anything ever,yeah the second serious violations here,is the violation on brattle promising,but also at a human rights such as the,right a new process that I to be,considered innocent before proven guilty,worst part of surveillance is what,happens afterwards because it implies a,huge shift of power to the person whos,collecting the information the question,is what they do with that information,afterwards and where we are at now is,that GCHQ and the secret services in the,UK can make a judgment about anybody at,all and when they want to investigate,them when they want to examine what,theyve been reading who theyve been,talking to and decide how to use that,information whether thats for,intimidation whether its for blackmail,whether its to arrest them whether its,to be used as a basis of attempting to,stop them from carrying on with awkward,behavior doesnt matter whether youre a,journalist and politician or simply,somebody use in the wrong place at the,wrong time,the issue about balancing powers and,transparency and openness and intrusion,versus privacy and so on and all of all,of these balances that are critically,important in a free society in a,democracy like the United Kingdom these,are matters principally for ministers to,lead on and for Parliament to set law,about that we then abide by and overseen,in the work we do in our compliance,frankly weve never had a public debate,about any of this some of the actions,are borderline criminal if not actually,criminal and frankly the democratic,country the things that Snowden revealed,shouldnt happen without the public and,Parliament giving their concert I dont,know very much about the program that,you mentioned there were obviously a,number of reports in the newspapers but,I do not have any detailed knowledge of,I became aware of it as a result of the,Guardian disclosures well I think the,first we all knew about all of these,programs to try to increase surveillance,for things that we hadnt realized were,being were being monitored was when we,read about it in The Guardian after the,Snowden revelation well like everyone I,was informed about tempura when I read,about it in The Guardian when the,guardian published Snowdens Snowdens,discoveries we would had it not been for,the Guardian and it not be the Snowden,we would never learn I mean we,collectively as a society but even the,democratic people who are supposed to,control our security services didnt,know about and that you is extremely,disturbing we may have suspected things,happening in the past but now we really,know just how much the tentacles of that,secret surveillance is extended into,every aspect of our lives you know sadly,its not a surprise to me,members of parliament and other members,of power are not aware of the extent of,the surveillance state thats being done,even by their own government because the,secrecy has been so great when the,government in the United States we see,in the legal fights the Department of,Justice trying to pretend like Congress,knew and meanwhile we have members of,Congress going I didnt tell and I think,the same is probably too in Britain and,the not all members of the government,are all need to be aware of all the,activities of the intelligence services,but the legislation about the,intelligence services and indeed the,sort of thing that they do it is not,particularly secret what could be told,nobody imagined anything on this scale,because its millions and millions of,data collections virtually every day and,huge quantities of data being stored but,no need imagine that because nobody,really thought the law would allow you,truth the law does about but I mean,really through a spectacular loophole,when you have one part of the government,keeping things secret from me the,democratically elected part of the,government thats when things are really,broken and thats when the,democratically elected government is,in control of course it would have been,better I think if the public had been,more generally aware of both the,legislation and the capabilities of of,GCHQ but was a good deal of discussion,about it last year when there was a,proposal for the government for a bill,to widen the records that were kept by,internet and mobile telephone providers,and so there was a good deal of public,discussion about it at that time so I,think its just a question of what the,public of conscious of really i think,that in Britain we simply havent had,the kind of debate from our politicians,and the media that we should have done,and I think that is leading to the,public feeling on the one hand their own,concern about this but on the other hand,not having that concern validated by,people that they expect to be telling,them when theres a problem,well freeze three people really the,government the elected politicians the,parliamentary committee in the,Intelligence and Security Committee and,the commissioners who are former judges,who have access to all the warrants and,the activities of GCHQ and whose job it,is to assure assure themselves that,theyre within the law now to be within,the law they have got to be not only,legal but necessary and proportionate I,worked on the communications data bill,we found that there were some five,hundred seventy thousand requests for,communications data arrays thats,information about where you used your,phone who you texted all sorts of,different things under the current,existing law completely separate from,anything else anything Snowden related,or anything that was in the bill 570,000,requests from whole range of,organizations but it was phenomenally,hard to information but who was making,those requests which body was it how,many people they applied to whether a,thousand requesters make sure at one,person or was it the other way around,one request could have given relate to a,thousand people how many people were,actually affected and for what reason,was this a serious national


what is up everybody hows it going guys,my name is beau if you have know who,died no no idea who I am if youre,watching something replay Im a colonel,we are alive but I want you to do is put,into the chat box just your name and,then also where youre from coz I can,understand that you can hear me and see,these slides awesome I got a,notification for myself that Im going,live cool,so feel free to put in the chat box,you name the way youre from this video,is literally has even started already,has two dislikes so obviously again this,video is going to be about not,necessarily exposing private label,sellers like individual sellers its,going to be just talking about the truth,of the private label business as a whole,okay I mean if I wanted to go with,expose like certain people I easily,could ryuk special people with courses,that teach about private label but this,would be hard facts about the private,label business model okay this is Ive,gathered this from information okay so,what I want to do right now Im gonna go,into the chat box okay awesome looks,like Im here hoping my buyer something,to show up the free cool what we got,will Thomas good we got a lot of people,here awesome so people can hear me,obviously cool so let me get involve,this in again this is not gonna be like,hatred hatred towards like anybody I,think at all,so this is just be about facts about the,private label business and then at the,end Ill kind of compare it and what Im,kind of doing is kind of comparing it,back and forth between the online retail,business model so I know a lot of people,before this was sending all the whole,sales better so I dont use reward the,term that Im in the wholesale business,just because theres been a few people,who or what most people think they think,wholesale is they think of buying,directly from small manufacturers I,dont buy directly from small,manufacturers for the most part now,there are some cases and I do teach that,in my course however the most part Im,buying from distributors that sell a,big-box retailers so all I am is in the,retail business thats why I tell,everybody Im in the retail business and,just simply doing it online so Im going,to check the chat box one more time Ive,tried on my phone perfect awesome yeah,make sure theres nothing crazy going on,so,people screaming beforehand so okay yeah,let me get involved with this alright so,lets go so the points Im gonna be,covering whoops sorry the points Im,gonna be covering in this live stream is,how Amazon is I think taking advantage,of private liberal sellers how most the,amount of sellers on Amazon our private,label sellers however its actually the,least amount of sales and actually even,through the people who do private label,the least amount of their sales actually,come from private label and this is,again this is not me just thrown out to,stuff this is from articles that Ive,read this is factual information okay,and then also the last points me kind of,Amazon the online shopping mall alright,so let me get involved this time see if,I can go to the next slide,no okay I have to use this thing okay,cool,so the point of Amazon kind of taking,advantage of private label sellers is,Amazons continuing increasing the ad,cost and I guess I should just stop you,right now and explain to you guys if you,dont know the difference maybe private,label in the business ayman private,label is where youre craving up your,own brand you are taking your product,that no one has bought for maybe,someones bought a similar product,sometimes however your brand no one has,ever bought a unit from theres no,market for it theres zero demand and,you have to go create a demand okay so I,guess the upside for it is that you own,the product right however the business,model that Im in that I promote and,that has actually worked for the longest,time period is the retail space and I,call it online retail where youre,buying products and selling products,that already sell that are dating demand,and people are already shopping for okay,so I typically sell a lot of big,brand-name products that just Hasbro,Apple dr. dre beats Mattel Nintendo,think of any brand that you think that,youve bought before and those are types,of products I sell so I kind of try to,repeat the Walmart business model but,now you have a good understanding of,what private label is and also Im not,saying in this video that you cant make,money with private label I have,literally made a good amount of money in,private label I mean Ive made a lot,more money in this business model but I,used to do private label when I was a,lot younger,there was a thousand one YouTube videos,on private label and I made a decent of,money by buying stuff from China however,the problem with it was short term the,stuff was a fad because a lot of people,who teach about private label who,promoted and even have courses are,people who are selling fidget spinners,people are selling kendama selling these,fads and like okay I thats a way you,can make money but its all short-term,which the whole entire purpose of,private label is youre creating of a,brand think of every one single person,on Shark Tank those are the best private,label sellers on this point well I guess,not but but thats an example of private,label sellers where theyre creating a,brand putting on the marketplace and,creating the brim okay first me Im just,selling products that already exist,people are you shopping for okay so but,again recap this the points Im gonna be,covering is Amazon taking advantage of,private label sellers most amount of,sellers do private label however its,the least amount of sales on Amazon,according to facts okay and Amazon is,just a online shopping bond what I mean,by that last point is that private label,is not the best place for Amazon right,maybe creating up your own website etc,okay well be going over that all right,people are you have questions and also,one more thing guys we were going to,have a Q&A after this so do wanna let,you know that we will be having a Q&A,after this however a fact that I got is,that amazon has increased in a lot of,keywords the add cost of the,pay-per-click so what you have to pay to,get ranked or basically put your product,on the top of the page for a keyword and,buy advertising for it theyve increased,that over by 700 percent okay and here,is actually a screenshot of an actual,seller Im actually gonna go deep into a,right actually go to the full screen but,this screenshot right here was actually,a person who Im in a group chat with,and he was saying this was his ad cost,since 2014 and he sold up hes knew how,to sell on Amazon before most probably,label sellers however you can see hes,getting two cents per click so this is,his average cost per click amount of,clicks hes getting in the year okay,however you can see in December 2014 he,was hitting five cents per click alright,you keep going up and up and up and up,its getting raised just literally a,year later we can see thats a nine,cents almost doubled okay another year,later in December 2016 its more than,doubled from a year before so its,literally gone from five cents to nine,to now 23 and then you look into,December 2017 39 cents per click thats,literally a 700% increase right there,okay so I mean yeah he is advertising,more now and getting more clicks but,that because hes advertising more but,literally his cost per click went from 5,cents to 39 cents and this guy did not,tell me I did not like tell this guy to,go show me this healer just posted,himself so I just right there if youre,not understanding what that really means,is Amazon makes money by placing those,ads so its not theres the reason why,Amazon is raising those costs is not,because theyre saying oh because its,like causing us to raise Bryce because,theyre having more of a cost notes,because Amazon saying oh theres a,demand for this keyword and we have a,platform that gets traffic so were,gonna charge these sellers trying to go,advertise on these keywords more so

Using Facebook Adwords and YouTube to Effectively Market and Brand Real Estate Agents

hey guys I want to show you today a,technique that we use involving,promoting our agents and their brands on,social media that has generated,literally hundreds of sales over the,past couple of years and so Im going to,give you an inside look into how we,market and brand and promote agents in,several of our offices hi Im Robert,Henry Im the owner of Haven real estate,group and we have several offices,throughout the Pacific Northwest and one,of the things that we do for a select,few of our agents is we actually help,them promote and build their brand,online look the bottom line is its,becoming increasingly more difficult to,make a connection with potential buyers,or sellers utilizing traditional methods,of marketing and advertising and so what,were doing is were teaching our agents,how to actually build a bridge or build,a connection with agents by providing a,high degree of educational value to the,consumer whos thinking about selling at,home particularly we do marketing for,buyers as well but in this market where,theres so little inventory we like to,focus a lot of our efforts in terms of,our education to consumers towards the,person thats considering selling their,home so let me take you in for a deep,dive youre going to discover a few,facebook techniques that maybe you,didnt know that I promise you can make,your life infinitely easier so here we,go were going to do a deep dive and,what I do specifically about two or,three times a week I sit down for about,two or three hours and I go through and,promote different agents articles and,videos and Im going to show you exactly,how we do that so what Im going to do,is Im going to go to the back end of,our website and the what Im looking at,specifically is Sarah Koenig has an,article thats saving up for selling and,buying at the same time so what Im,going to do is Im going to go to that,link and this is the article that shes,going to promote that were going to,promote on her behalf and so Im gonna,copy that link like so now typically,what people would do is go ahead and go,in and,promote that like post that right on the,business page were actually going to,take one step before that that can save,you a lot of grief and that is Facebook,has a whats called a debugging tool and,what this debugging tool is is it forces,its a its a tool that thats Facebook,has for developers and it actually,forces Facebook to go in and view the,content on the page that youre about to,post so one thing that Ive got to do is,Ive got to correct this link to,actually include Sarahs what we call,her sub domain so heres all that this,means it means that Im gonna promote,this article on Facebook but I want to,make sure that when a viewer comes in,and looks at the article and maybe they,go to various other portions of the,website search for homes or look for,more information about selling that if,they log in and create an account that,that consumer then stays with Sarah okay,so thats why I put that Sarah sub,domain there and so now what were going,to do is by clicking debug were giving,were pointing Facebook to that,particular link and were asking them to,go ahead and fetch the information on,that page sometimes what youre looking,for is theyre going to show you what,this what this page is going to look,like if you were to post it directly on,Facebook so for right now its only,posting the headlines but its not,posting the picture very very important,that you include the picture with the,post so were just going to simply have,it scrape again so we just had it scrape,again sometimes you have to do that two,or three times and now its going to,give us exactly what that post is going,to look like so Im just going to come,up here and Im going to copy that link,again and Im going to come over to our,Facebook business page and actually post,that link so now posting that there and,a lot of people dont know this I see,this all the time where people leave in,the URL thats not necessary and it,actually kind of clutters up their,messaging so now what Im going to do is,Im going to give the consumer the,ability to read the first few lines and,so Im just going to copy that directly,from the article go back over here to my,Facebook post,and Im going to paste that very,important that you have some spacing in,between your content what a lot of,people make the mistake of doing is,doing one long enormous paragraph and,what studies have found is that the,consumer will move on fairly quickly,whereas if theyre spacing so I just put,a dot in there to force Facebook to show,a little space if you break it down into,bite-sized chunks so to speak its the,consumer actually spends a lot more time,on it so then what Im going to do is,Im going to follow that last sentence,there with the dot dot dot and Im going,to say click to continue reading and,then Im going to provide credit there,by saying article written by,now what I want to do is even if the,consumer never clicks through to the,article weve accomplished a little bit,of name recognition by highlighting,Sarahs name there so now what Im going,to do actually what I typically do is I,schedule out my posts as a couple of,weeks in advance so you can do that here,by scheduling post ok for the purposes,of this video Im just going to go ahead,and publish because Im going to show,you now how to have this article appear,in front of your desired audience so I,went ahead and clicked post and its,going to take just a moment to up upload,and now heres where the magic comes and,this is very very important its,incredibly important that you define an,audience whether it be within a couple,of zip codes that youre really familiar,with or in my case I advertise too much,of the state of Washington and the state,of Idaho because we have offices in,different locations but in this case Im,going to go ahead and hit boost post and,what we want to do is we want to send,people to our website ok so the first,thing I have several Facebook accounts,so the first thing I need to do is come,down here and click on the account that,I want to use and so ok Ive clicked on,that and now what I want to do is I have,an audience that is people who have been,looking at Zillow and looking at for,example looking at mortgages looking at,looking at home improvement and so Ive,narrowed my audience to people who live,within 20 basically within 25 to 35,miles of downtown Spokane and then also,have various interests and so what Im,going to do is Im going to I always do,my boosts for about 5 days and typically,when were boosting agents we do that,for $100 and so what youre seeing is,that of this audience the number of,people that are going to see this ad are,between nine hundred and forty and,thirty two hundred people a day and so,then what Im going to do is come back,here and boost that post,okay so heres what,to happen this this post here will be,visible on what is safe up to 3200,people a day for the next 5 days,okay so Im going to go ahead and close,this out and whatll happen is so what,happens what happens is theyll land on,this particular page okay maybe they,read it maybe they dont but thats guys,thats not the juice in fact the problem,with most advertisers with most,marketers is this is where they stop but,todays consumer literally todays,consumer needs to see or interact with,your brand by the way as a real estate,agent you are the brand they need to,interact with you or see something from,you up to 65 times before it moves the,needle towards they have a stronger,likelihood of reaching out to you or,conducting business with you so thats,daunting that means we have to,continually be delivering content to,that audience and doing so consistently,and making sure that the content is,relevant to what they might be,interested in so as a result of the,consumer hitting this this page when it,automatically now triggers is for the,next two years consumers are going to,see Saras branding on various sites,that they visit throughout the day so,let me give you an examp

Finding Your House History Online

hi Im Reba Dean Im the Northwestern,librarian for Spokane Public Library,what I want to do today in this video is,walk you through the various websites,where you can find information on the,history of your house so Ive just,picked a house at random and were gonna,walk through these different websites,and then you can try doing it on your,own for your house all right so we want,to start our searching on the,Northwesterns page so if you go to the,librarys main page and under location,and hours youll find a page with the,Northwestern and theres some good,information here you might want to come,back to this later but we want to start,with this this house history page and,from here theres a page to building,permits and this is going to take to the,citys page for the pre 1993 permit,archive remember this is just for the,houses in Spokane go to the permit,archive and again Ive just picked a,house at random its 20 to 21 South,Garfield,Road Ill just say search you just,scroll down a little bit and you get,this the results and you go to into you,now whats going to come up theyre,really tiny so were gonna zoom in so we,can read them and theyre not going to,be an exact order but what were looking,for are the names of the owners here so,this one is from 1963 a Walter are,Rogers and I would just keep jotting,these names down and the dates here is,Mitchell,heres 1925 the owner was w/e Mitchell,here it is again usually the first,permanent that youre going to find so,this is going to be the year that the,house was built is going to be the side,sewer,you can tell that thats the oldest,because its handwritten and sometimes,theyre very hard to read but here he is,w/e Mitchell 1924 and then theres also,this utilities commercial and that one,is also 1924 and heres something Lucas,Lucas may have been either the Builder,or the plumber okay so we now have the,name w/e Mitchell as the first owner so,were going to go back to the librarys,main page go to the digital branch and,go to the research databases the next,thing we want to look for is ancestry,now of course with the ancestry if,youve got the name you can find all,kinds of information about people but,Im going to show you a little trick if,you dont have a name you can go to city,directories we say spokane over here,under location and make sure to click on,the exact because you dont want to find,somebody in Garfield Road and its,another City were gonna put them in the,address in like this we put in the,address with it South before the number,again were gonna say exact and there we,go so weve got the name Walter Rogers,and if you hover over that link here,youll get some information Walter,Rogers who was a teacher in Spokane in,1960 and he lived at that address now if,I click on the view image youll get the,whole page from the city directory but,now weve got a few more names so weve,got MacDonald heres fo MacDonald who,lived there,married to William H MacDonald 1943 and,here are the Mitchells so weve got,William E and Estelle Mitchell look like,they were there from about 1924 to 1941,or 42 because here are the McDonalds in,1943 and heres another name childers,Marielle and John W childrens in 1949,okay so now weve got a few names and,that with those names you can get a good,start now the next thing I want to show,you are the newspapers again go back to,the librarys main page and go to the,databases and were looking for the,ProQuest historical newspapers for,Spokane now of course you could enter in,the names I would definitely recommend,you use the quotation marks again but in,this case Im going to go ahead and do,the address again,I like to get the oldest ones first but,its up to you and heres an address a,page from 1930 an article and here is,William e Mitchell at his house at 2221,south Garfield Road and has him in his,picture of him and his guard now you can,find all kinds of other things sometimes,you find somebody getting married or,somebody died at the address but or,somebody was just having a party but,thats the idea so you just put in the,search terms and its gonna come up,highlighted like that now say you want,to give it copy of that article you have,to go to this browser this issue and it,takes a little while for it to load and,then you can make it as big as you like,once it loads so this is takes a little,bit of time,here we go and say you wanted to get a,copy that use whatever kind of,screenshot you have on your computer I,had this little snip and then I can get,that article make sure that you save the,information about the citation where it,came from but again with the newspapers,you can search by name or by address but,you can get all kinds of good,information that way so the last thing I,want to show you about is for if youre,looking for a photo of the house you can,try our page for the Northwest um but,our photo collection is pretty small we,do have a page for Spokane homes and if,I search here Im just going to put in,Garfield and we do have one picture from,Garfield word but its not the house,that were looking for its worth a try,but the best place for photos is the,Northwest museum of arts and culture so,I go to the max page go to collections,online collection search search,photographic archives search collections,now again I could put in the exact,address but sometimes youre better off,being a little bit more general and they,have several pictures of homes on,Garfield Road and here is our house,20:21 Garfield Road from 1940 and in,this case its from their Barrett,collection of Realtors and this so its,got the photograph as well as the,information on the real estate listing,from 1940 so that was just a quick,run-through of the sites to find,information if you have any more,questions let me know and Im happy,to help you

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