1. The Spokesman-Review gets new press and retires a 40-year veteran
  2. The Spokesman-Review Agriculture Project
  3. Northwest Passages: Women of the Year 2022
  4. The Spokesman-Review Cocktail Class: Negroni
  5. Spokesman-Review Cocktail Class: Aperol Spritz
  6. Nate Blakeslee at Northwest Passages, The Spokesman-Reviews book club.
  7. Spokesman-Review Cocktail Class – Paris in April

The Spokesman-Review gets new press and retires a 40-year veteran

for almost 140 years after the founding,of the Spokane Falls review in 1883,which merged with the spokesman to,create the spokesman review in 1893 the,daily newspaper has been printed in,downtown Spokane the printing presses,were usually in the basement and as the,newspaper business grew along with the,demand for more pages and Colour photos,and advertisements the presses got,faster larger and more sophisticated,until they filled almost three storeys,of the Chronicle building passers-by,could watch through tall street-level,windows as the giant presses produced,The Spokesman Review for morning readers,and its sister paper,the Spokane Chronicle for the evening,readers The Chronicle was discontinued,in 1992 in 1979 Kohls publishing broke,ground on a new production facility,which would take up most of the block,across Monroe Street from The Spokesman,Review and Chronicle buildings a 12 unit,Gauss Metro printing press which was,state-of-the-art at the time was,installed in the new building and it,began printing the dailies in January of,1981 the new press marked the change to,offset printing where ink was picked up,on an engraved plate then transferred to,another roller before being laid on the,paper its more complex but results in,better reproduction over the years the,massive machine has been maintained by,crews of Pressman mechanics machinists,and electricians in the early 2000s the,printing plant was expanded adding,offices workspace storage and parking,the press could no longer be seen from,the sidewalk,to save money on paper the width of the,paper rolls was reduced from 50 inches,to 44 inches in 1995 two new color,towers built by tks were added to each,end of the old press to expand capacity,and improve color reproduction the old,press is now almost 40 years old and the,newspaper business has been changing,dramatically,so in 2019 Coles publishing broke,ground on a new printing facility in,Spokane Valley a newer press the Gauss,Magnum has been installed another press,a Heidelberg m600 has been added for,specialty printing on glossy paper in,addition to printing the daily,spokesman-review the new plant under the,name Northwest offset printing will also,do commercial printing for a variety of,clients the old press will likely be,disassembled and sold for scrap and the,building that houses it redeveloped for,other uses

The Spokesman-Review Agriculture Project

long before Boeing Microsoft Starbucks,or Amazon Washington was known for its,world-class agriculture apple orchards,and waving wheat fields hops for the,finest beers and potatoes perfect for,your favorite french fries most of the,world now sees our state very,differently the home of high tech high,flying jets and highly caffeinated,beverages yet agriculture is still very,much at the heart of what makes,Washington what it is our soil whether,an irrigation allows farmers and,orchardists to grow many types of crops,from blueberries onions and tulips to,asparagus oysters and wine grapes the,diversity makes Washington one of our,nations most important farming States,but what is the health of the Washington,farm and farmer finding that answer,would be the point of one of the longest,and most ambitious rural reporting,projects the spokesman-review has ever,undertaken a year in the fields the,state of the Washington farmer began,publishing in the pages of our newspaper,and on our website in the spring of 2017,and ran for 15 consecutive months a,reporters were deployed across the state,to find and write the stories of the,people behind the fields of grain fruit,and vegetables The Spokesman reviews,five photographers shot thousands of,pictures upward of 200 were published in,our print edition and even more online,together our reporters and photographers,logged more than 7,000 miles on state,highways and country roads and spoke,with more than 300 farmers and,agriculture experts across Washington,the amount of time across our newsroom,for each of the different story packages,in the series easily surpassed hundreds,of hours The Spokesman Review has long,given voice to the Washington farmer,editions of our newspaper in the early,1900s even carried the tagline the,farmers family newspaper,over the last two years as we began,telling these stories weve learned so,much we found fear and uncertainty,we also found families of hope courage,heart and pride this is their story,this is Washingtons story this is a,year in the fields,you

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Northwest Passages: Women of the Year 2022

advocate,activists and adjective,[Applause],so so lets introduce the first person,youre going to uh interview to tonight,were going to bring that each one at a,time uh,congresswoman is Anthony Worth right,its kind of enjoying this and uh to say,hi to us,[Applause],so,Im Gonna Leave it to you guys,all right,you are working as well first of all,Kathy welcome,its just nice to share space with you,a significant amount of time you were,not made of her years so,biology for that so,Kathy,tell me about leadership,be your mom have that many impacts in,your life,thank you for that question and some of,you will remember what I was supposed to,learn in Congress I was single 35,not sure what,Im just going to say note to self 35,um,and yes yes and yeah Im not sure if I,was going to get married,certainly for me becoming a mom and,it happens in my life,and I pretend that there needs to be,more,monitors,[Applause],weve got three kids,I marry a Spokane kid boy or a man,[Applause],and weve had three kids and our oldest,whos now a freshman in high school,called,with Down Syndrome,chromosome,common chromosome,reality and,I I just know I know what Im so,grateful to be a long wonderful,to be married to your wife and how to,answer your kids Cole has maybe a better,person a better legislator in particular,but at the end being a wife mom I think,its me that are legislator,understanding the challenges of being a,working mom,you know I have to say I work in a world,with special needs,and it really takes special people to,work at that environment and to raise,them so would you say as a legislator,foreign,[Music],love usually comes first for us,comes second so I heard that lead with,love and then legislate we really can,get a good app,if you follow that track,foreign,[Music],yes and to lead with love and it is,really important its a mom Im reminded,of Veterans Day of the importance of,that meeting that,Ill tell you on something right now I,love all of yall,[Applause],lets add some alternative party,Senator Maria Campbell could you come,and join us,[Applause],again last night that there was a moment,with you on TV,good look at the prayer,everyone,so Syria as chair of the community on,Commerce you let the chest Bill Dukes,how will this impact women,well thank you for that,first of all its great,and I think that the kids in the science,bill is the story about the next phase,of America,and how we need more women in science so,its great to be here with Ian McLean,management and talk about one particular,science traditional I guess is going to,come up,but the chips in scienceville I was,looking at and first of all um,my story of football,and her accomplishments it reminded me,of a colleague,the employees Johnson,these are two women who want it to be in,science careers literally within,segregated States so they have to travel,to nonsense,just to get their nursing degrees,and so here we are today with shortages,across,center of the sciences and many more,women you cant have 50 of society,sitting,sitting we need them to help us so the,chips and science Bill specifies 45,million dollars for universities and,institutions to help increase the number,of degrees for women designs I was just,up at Stevens County and I saw some,cattle fall women Engineers up there and,they were ready to get them done the,robotics,and you know the notion that uh we just,need to give people an opportunity,as well,really believed,what they could do in science but now we,need to make it even easier,and look at the great contributions that,were going to get,thats really exciting I heard something,that Illustrated with me just last week,so representation,wins through which we dream,so I cant see somebody who looks like,me it is hard for me to Jingle myself,in that space and even though we can see,others around this what does that look,like so,do you see Anne when she comes out or,just the uh will be the Williams for,young people girls but young people,period how do they dream is because they,see it and they go I want to do that too,so I think thats really important,in the world of the Science school is,there anything else thats coming down,that good support we all know about,Spirit a lot,and I dont want that to get lost,because we just say that like a flip,word to help instead of you,I dont think we really realize how,critical,that is uh to women and minorities,for the future of now and the future in,our countries,well were just back to be competitive,as a nation if we dont have them,towards the effort and I think,[Applause],hes going to leave,in that particular field but I probably,didnt want to talk,about you either so we have to,uh you know and some of us here shes uh,shes the teacher and data scientist we,have to get the Educators and we have to,as you said so the University of,Washington decided,more better than,so theyve changed all the professors or,both of them,they had a huge increase in the number,of students per living because as you,said lets say they saw people that look,like them and they,we can do that absolutely and,you always look differently,um,other and how do we support and how we,encourage,there is a strength amongst women may,have to but I can only speak for myself,as a female is that we urge you,differently,and I think thats critical we have to,actually see people first,and then take it to the next step of how,we can help get them where they want to,be so so thank you for that all right,now so so,spoken uh,for foreign,[Applause],thank you,foreign,basketball,science so we really really overcovered,and we see we thought the space station,she literally subscribed to this,Spokesman review,I am horrified because we cant deliver,this downhill,[Laughter],so and as he asked today how should I,dress,like an astronaut,[Applause],s here,first of all and welcome and I have to,tell you,the three of us are super excited they,have to run the stage with us you were,saying because student elected every day,if you want to do but you dont get to,see an astronaut every day it shouldnt,have privacy so thank you for being here,[Applause],[Music],we all give biases,but how do you deal with it as a leader,well thank you,um,so if anything first its important to,understand,so most of us have heard that word and,most of us,but heres the thing,is crazy emotions that,shows it up in there,whether we believe,and theyre put there without our,permission through media through,writing for all different,cute and no matter even if we recognize,that we have a bias,we cant not have a bias just by running,if I handed you a kaleidoscope and I,said when you look through this the,image is going to be distorted its,going to be upside down I can tell you,that hundred times but when you look,through what hes going to say,use this to be a distorted image thats,bias,okay so theres two ways that as a,leader to,find my organizations number one is,paying attention to your financial,support,so inner circles are the people that,people thats right so I want you to,think about in whatever organization,youre at church school is your your job,your families think about your inner,circle,your staff whos sitting around the,table when youre making decisions,okay and what do they look like what are,the backgrounds ages gender,color,okay,for those of you that are saying oh my,staff that were pretty diverse thats,not your inner circle okay you have,prices your step handles at your inner,circle all the people that after your,staff clears out and handles that crisis,are the two people that are still,sitting,at home how do we do,thats irresistible okay and in order to,fight bias you have these blind spots we,have these blind spots that the only way,to fight them is to surround ourselves,and then we have to trust those people,when they tell those things and then the,second way is through our policies we,have to unbiased our organization,intentionally,I started with selection understanding,that even just the way we put out our,job uh description will will chang

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The Spokesman-Review Cocktail Class: Negroni

[Music],my names Ben papa ruff Im gonna show,you an agronomy rat Durkins liquor bar,this is an old classic cocktail you,could get just about at any bar that has,Campari sweet vermouth and gin and its,an easy cocktail to make its gonna be a,stirred cocktail equal parts gin sweet,vermouth and Campari Im going to start,with our base spirit thats gonna be our,gin do an ounce of that next well move,on to our Campari another Italian,aperitif nice and bitter this is an,acquired taste at first I used to really,not enjoy it and then I think as my,palate grew and I came one of the,cocktail scene I started to try it more,next were gonna do our sweet vermouth,and our dole and sweet vermouth and,were gonna do equal parts of that so 1,ounce 1 ounce 1 ounce and then were,going to stir were gonna give this,drink a nice long stir really get it,diluted,were gonna strain this glass into our,rocks glass with a big cube or lots of,little cubes whatever you have at home,and then we are going to garnish with a,nice long orange peel get all those oils,out of the orange peel press them,together on the edges go nice around the,glass should we really get everything,expressed on there,throw that in and there is our Negroni,so I just showed you how to do the,classic and now Im gonna show you my,twist Im gonna start with our pineapple,rum from plantation this rum is my,favorite spirit right now its actually,distilled with the pineapple instead of,infused so it has a much much nicer,cleaner more bright flavor to it,without that kind of syrupy sugary taste,and were gonna start with an ounce of,this and just like our classic Negroni,were gonna stir it were gonna do an,ounce of our Campari like our Negroni,were gonna add another Italian digestif,this time a Virna a little bit more rich,a little less bitter and not the fruit,notes of Campari so were gonna do a,half ounce of that and then one more,aperitif and this is beer and this is a,nice fortified wine aperitif wine so,were gonna use this and replace the,barber muth and were gonna do a half,ounce of this and just like our Negroni,were going to give this a big long,story get it nice and cold and diluted,strain over our nice big cube,and do our orange oil,tenshun both those sides together and,getting all around all of the glass just,as important is every ingredient in the,drink is the orange at the end and,theres my twist on a Negroni,[Music],you,[Music]

Spokesman-Review Cocktail Class: Aperol Spritz

[Music],my names been poppin off from Durkins,liquor bar Im gonna be showing you a,couple classic cocktails and my,variations on and today Im going to,show you how to do a pearl spritz its a,nice summer drink very easy to make sit,on the patio and enjoy first were gonna,grab our tumbler were gonna go with a,half ounce of orange juice,fresh-squeezed and were just gonna,build this right in our glass next were,gonna grab our Aperol super tasty I call,it the kid brother to Campari its a,little bit more approachable not as,bitter and has a nice orange flavor to,it so were gonna do two ounces of this,were just gonna go straight in the,glass were gonna add some ice outs of,soda and were gonna top it with our,Prosecco get some more bubbles,were gonna go ahead and get our spoon,underneath and just kind of give it a,nice little lift get the ice out a,little bit and then down so its all,incorporated and garnish with an orange,peel or wedge there you go,Aperol spritz so now that weve done our,classic Aperol spritz Im going to show,you our variation here at Durkins liquor,bar again were just gonna take their,glass were gonna use a highball glass,today and were gonna build it right in,there so we dont need a shake or,anything nice and easy to do and were,gonna start out with ounce and a half of,our dry vermouth Dolin Blanc yes the,preferred here then were gonna take our,apple juice I use the Granny Smith I,fresh-pressed them and then I clarified,them just with a coffee filter were,gonna do it on sin half of this as well,next were gonna do a love saying tea,syrup this is a tea syrup that we do,here we take about 1/4 ounce of fresh,tea leaves and 2 quarts of water and,about a quart of sugar a little bit of,smoke to it from the lips Aang and some,sweetness from the sugar Ill ride in,the glass next we have our st. Germain,elderflower this is where were going to,get more sweetness throw some ice in,there were gonna give it a good stir,kind of dilute it a little bit once,weve done this for a sec were gonna,add more ice,and then were gonna take our white wine,spritzer anyone you need generic can or,bottle will work this one I like its a,little sweet so its kind of refreshing,at the same time two nice bubbles added,on there and then our apple garnish and,there we have our take on the Aperol,spritz,[Music]

Nate Blakeslee at Northwest Passages, The Spokesman-Reviews book club.

the wolf once ruled Americas West,feared revered reviled the wolf was,hunted to near-extinction in the last,century that is until 1995 when after,much opposition wolves were reintroduced,the Yellowstone National Park once gone,the American wolf is now back critically,acclaimed author nate Blakesley tells of,the triumph and tragedy of its return in,his latest book american wolf a true,story of survival and obsession in the,West its been compared to a Jack London,novel and has already been optioned by,actor Leonardo DiCaprio to be made into,a movie,Nates story is getting rave reviews,book critics from the New York Times The,Associated Press New Yorker magazine and,Entertainment Weekly among others have,all praised this compelling culture,clash of the West after decades of,restoration efforts wolves are once,again roaming parts of the western US,the return of the animals is not without,controversy the reintroduction of the,wolves to Yellowstone National Park in,1995 how did that happen and how,successful was it wolves were eliminated,from Yellowstone as they were from most,of the lower 48 by the end of the 19th,century and what happened in Yellowstone,was you saw this huge explosion in the,elk population that is the wolfs main,prey and there was nothing left to prey,on them and so in turn the habitat in,Yellowstone started to degrade,opportunities for other species were,lost because the elk youve probably,heard the expression the mountain fears,the elk like the elk heres the wolf the,idea that bringing wolves back might,solve this problem was first came up in,the 1940s but it was controversial and,the federal government wasnt able to,get it done until the mid 90s,when they did bring them back it was,immensely successful so much so that,today the debate is over whether or not,they are well-established enough to,begin hunting them again Wow,Nate is a writer at large at Texas,Monthly Magazine his first book was to,lea race cocaine and corruption in a,small Texas town its an award-winning,story of wrongful convictions but,tonight were here to talk about Nates,story of the modern Western wolf,best-selling author Margaret Atwood,describes this book as gripping and,fascinating,its wolf vs. wolf wolf versus man man,vs. wolf lets please welcome Nate,Blakesley to the stage for tonights,gathering of The Spokesman reviews,Northwest passages book club

Spokesman-Review Cocktail Class – Paris in April

hi Im Cody Winfrey here at path for,frying the fairy district and today I,will be making you a Paris in April it,is a vodka-based cocktail that is,approachable a little bit sweet a little,bit floral and just a good time,so to begin well be taking a outs and a,half of vodka so Ill be using Riccio,which is excessively smooth we will then,be taking 1/2 ounce of yellow chartreuse,than 1/2 ounce of safe Tremayne liqueur,followed by a half ounce of lemon juice,and finally a quarter ounce of or J,which is an almond syrup little,nuttiness and warmth and then we will,shake it up lowball glass it will double,strain it,and then we will fill with ice chop it,off with some soda water and add straws,for the garnish a little orange peel,rosebuds and mint leaves for the Rose,itself and there we have April in Paris,[Music],you,[Music],you

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