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The BEST Nootropic Supplements of 2021!

if you are searching for the,bassintropic supplements of 2021,look no further after testing over 100,plaster tropics and tropic stacks in the,past years,here is my top list,all right friends welcome back to my,channel my name is greg and im an,online entrepreneur,working from my home here in europe my,goal with this channel is to be a,resource,to entrepreneurs business owners and,freelancers,who are trying to lead a productive,healthy and super successful life,while working from home so if youre,currently working from home,or remotely and are trying to be super,productive then subscribe to this,channel,and join our amazing community all right,today were going to look at the,basantropic supplement of 2021 well,look at the pros,cons and im going to share my personal,recommendation with you,now keep in mind that all products on,the list are amazing theyre really,amazing outstanding supplements but they,might not be for everyone,for example the product on the second,position may be even better than our,winning product,but kind of depends on what youre,searching for so stay with me till the,end of the video,when im gonna tell you which supplement,is for who,by the way guys my team developed an,independent review system for evaluating,the tropics,and thats how we get our results so,everything is independent were not,sponsored by any of the brands,so lets begin so on the fifth position,this year we have,alpha brain now if you know anything,about alpha brain,uh this was a product developed from,memory and focus it has some really,amazing ingredients,its a very popular product developed by,a brand called onit which is a very,respected brand in the supplement,industry from the united states and the,cool thing about alpha brain,is that has been on the market for a,very long time and the result of that is,that millions of people love it,there have been over millions bottles,sold until last year i think,um so people love it especially for the,short-term effects that they,feel now one of the disadvantages of,upper brain is that we do not know the,exact amount of,each ingredient in this nootropic,supplement so its kind of a,hard to recommend it to some people so,if youre more like an advanced buy,hacker,this product probably wont be for you,but overall its a great product we had,a great experience,uh with alpha brain so yeah thats why,its on,the fifth position all right lets,continue with the next one,on the fourth place we have total human,now,funnily enough uh total human was also,developed by,on it the same brand that developed out,of a brain but the reason why total,human is on the fourth position,is because its such an advanced and,such an amazing,supplement it offers 24 7 support so,theres a day support which you take in,the morning and then theres a night,support that you take,in the evening and the goal with the,supplement is that,you get optimal performance and optimal,sleep throughout the whole day and night,so 24 7 support,and thats really the only supplement on,the list that offers this,and its done in a very simple way you,get a pre-packaged,uh different supplements and you just,basically open it,you swallow all the capsules that are in,and thats it you dont have to think,about how many caps you have to take,uh and stuff like this so its really,convenient to take it,now the disadvantage of total human is,first of all its really expensive it,costs over 100,bucks per month and secondly its kind,of a hard to take certain ingredients,out,if you dont want to take them or add,some other stuff in because theres so,many compounds,in this entropic supplement and thats,why,yeah you know it may be too complex but,on the other hand too rigid for,some people overall a great supplement,uh i had really amazing experience with,total human,and thats why it is on the fourth place,by the way guys if you like this video,please press the like button below,on the third place this year we have,qualia,mind now quality of mind is probably the,most advanced entropic supplement,ive ever tested it has 28 ingredients,in,and these are you know everything from,mushrooms to amino acids to,stimulants to choline compounds then we,have different herbs,adaptogens and so on a really complex,anatropic supplement a really expensive,one as well,that works amazingly well now the cool,thing about quality of mind is that it,delivers amazing short-term results,but it also delivers outstanding,long-term results so,its great for focus for attention for,memory,for brain health overall productivity,and so on so a really advanced really,complex entropic supplement,now it is really expensive i need to,take about five to seven,capsules per day which not many people,love so this is one of the cons,of qualia mind also having so many,compounds and,some of them are under research i have,to be honest with you about that,um so yeah i would want to see,more research on some individual,compounds,but overall i had great experience with,kuala lumpur people love it,i know the brand i know their research,team they do an amazing job,um and you know thats why quality mind,is on the third position so if youre,searching for,uh ways to boost your focus your memory,uh your over currency performance then,yeah quality mind is definitely a,product to,check and on the second position this,year,we have performance left mind and,performance lab,stem now these are two supplements,developed by brand,called performance slab obviously that,go,very well together now theyre sold,separately but you can buy them together,as a stack like this and they were,designed to,obviously provide ultimate cognitive,performance and,give you an energy boost so the steam,supplement contains caffeine,and some are compounds that are really,good for the energy part,and then the mind obviously provides the,compounds to,optimize your brain performance and what,i like about these two is they go really,well together,theyre you know packaged in a very,small bottles compared to quality of,mind for example as you can see it here,and its a huge difference so if youre,traveling a lot then obviously,this is more convenient also they only,use,really high quality ingredients inside,theyre well researched,um so theres no doubt no risk about in,my opinion,about the long-term health issues or,whatever um,so if you want to boost your focus,attention memory,and also get this energy boost that you,know caffeine delivers,then this combo is really really great,again i know the brand behind that,probably i know their research team,um and i know theyre doing an amazing,job here so thats why,i recommend this to and theyre on the,second place this year,maybe one issue i have with this too is,that you need to buy two separate,bottles,which is well not that convenient and if,you take,for example performance like mine more,often because you dont need the steam,part every day,then its kind of a bigger challenge,with um reordering,but yeah thats something to keep in,mind and here we are,the winner of 2021 is,my only pro again uh mine for one in,2000 i think 16 17,18 um last year and this year,again just one year in between it was,not the winner but,yeah its been our or my personal um,you know favorite tropic supplement for,the past couple of years and theres so,many reasons for that it has,really high quality compounds all,ingredients are very well researched,um the dosages are just perfect um,its really high quality product it,delivers strong,short-term results focus attention,uh it boosts your memory but also long,term results so,so its great for brain health uh brain,performance,regeneration and yeah its just,an almost perfect stack and i really,really like it the price is,uh reasonable um the capsules quality is,amazing its,outstanding the the vitamins theyre in,a really good and,thats why i like miner pro so much now,the only,issue with my lip pro is that it doesnt,contain caffeine for example,so compared to performance like mine and,stim,um yeah there is no caffeine in th

Woman Almost Dies after Taking Daily Supplements?

could taking the wrong daily supplement,be life-threatening in a doctors,exclusive a Texas woman says she,suffered dire consequences that could,have cost her life I have show the most,weird acne for years whenever I hurt one,with my friend suggested something that,Im excited to be able to try it out my,life seemed pretty normal for the next,two months and then around Thanksgiving,I had abdominal pain,I felt super fatigued and then the,following week my eyes turned yellow,thats when I knew something serious was,going on primary care physician decided,to refer me to a specialist he wanted me,to get an ultrasound off my liver and,then get admitted to the ER once I was,there the specialist wanted to air with,me to Dallas for the possibility of a,liver transplant they were watching my,blood and my liver enzymes very closely,they would tell me that Im a very very,sick girl on the inside after a few,nights I was diagnosed with acute liver,failure after being placed on the liver,transplant list,I received a potential donor match,within eight hours on Christmas Eve Iowa,into surgery and that came out on,Christmas Day with the new liver and a,new life,emily is joining us via Skype and Emily,I am just so very sorry for everything,that youve been through and yet Im,looking at you smiling how are you doing,today Im doing so good Im just happy,to be alive and Im so thankful to be on,the show so how did the doctors,determine what they believed to be the,cause of your acute liver failure I went,to my primary care physician and he took,roughly 28 vials of blood and we were,testing for jaundice because my Y,autoimmune hepatitis and the doctors,walls all of that out and it was,drug-induced and did they ever figure,out what they think maybe the ingredient,was that led to your liver failure so,currently the doctors are unaware what,ingredient in this couple but we do have,an outside party that is actually,testing the bottle that I had to try and,figure out what exact ingredient in the,supplement it was if there is a mixed,blessing here is that you had such a,cute fulminant liver failure that you,were able to move towards the top of the,transplant list joining us now to,discuss what acute liver failure exactly,is how can affect you via Skype,board-certified gastroenterologist and,hepatologist a chair,can you explain that to our viewers,acute liver failure is a,life-threatening condition this is,something where people have a normal,liver theyre completely healthy and,what ends up happening is they have some,sort of injury to deliver something that,affects the liver that causes massive,liver cell death and can be often fatal,if not treated how often you you see,cases like this and maybe not always,from supplements but people just being,unaware because some folks are just,incredibly susceptible to liver injury,yeah they are and in fact theres up to,40% even more I think thats an,underestimated number of Americans who,take these supplements and they live by,sometimes theyll take them more than,they take their prescription medications,and oftentimes Ill get people who come,in for consults for elevated,or enzymes theyre healthy theyre not,on any other medications and we can,assume that it might be from this and we,basically have them stop it and recheck,it now I think an important message is,not all supplements are bad you know Im,not all about prescription medication,Im into a very natural way of treating,patients but some people have a genetic,susceptibility some people have problems,with their enzymes in their liver that,can cause problems away they metabolize,these supplements too so I want to make,sure that people talk to their doctors,about what supplements are on because,supplements can interact with each other,supplements can interact with other,medications so its so important they,have that open discussion thats so,important that you know getting the,history we asked what always asked what,medications youre on and and patients,have the tendency not to list,supplements they dont think of them as,drugs where in fact they are and what I,do primarily elective surgery theres so,many supplements that have an adverse,effect on blood clotting fail to tell,the doctor before elective surgery and,its potentially a life-threatening,thing so you have to take supplements,serious,you

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45 Day Lions Mane Memory Experiment – Does it work? | Mushrooms

স্মৃতির সাথে আমার সম্পর্কটি এরকম কিছু হয় :,অপেক্ষা করুন … আমি আবার কি করছিলাম?,আমি সিংহের মাণে 45 দিনের পরীক্ষা করছি ।,আমি জো রোগানের অভিজ্ঞতা সম্পর্কে পল স্ট্যামেটসকে দেখেছি এবং সে এর বিভিন্ন সুবিধাগুলি ভাগ করে নিচ্ছে,মাশরুমগুলি সাধারণভাবে এবং এর সমস্ত medicষধি বৈশিষ্ট্য।,তারা কীভাবে প্রযুক্তিগতভাবে আমাদের পূর্বপুরুষ এবং কীভাবে তারা চূড়ান্ত বৌদ্ধিকভাবে এবং পরিচালনা করে,সংযুক্ত উপায়।,তিনি তাদের পৃথিবীর প্রাকৃতিক ইন্টারনেট ডাব করেছেন।,সিংহের ম্যান স্মৃতি, ফোকাস এবং স্নায়বিক সংযোগ বাড়ানোর ক্ষেত্রে বিশেষভাবে সহায়তা করে,আমি এটি পরীক্ষা দিতে চাই।,আসুন দেখি এটি আসলে সহায়তা করে কিনা।,সুতরাং এখানে আক্রমণের পরিকল্পনা রয়েছে।,আমার স্মৃতিশক্তি পরীক্ষা করতে আমি চারটি ভিন্ন সময়ে তিনটি মেমরি গেম খেলছি,অন্তর।,ঠিক আছে তো মেমোরি টেস্ট শুরু করা যাক!,গেমটি হল একাগ্রতার একটি ক্লাসিক খেলা যেখানে আমি কার্ড এবং মিলের ডেকে আছি,সেগুলির এক এক করে সমস্ত মুখের মিল না হওয়া পর্যন্ত ।, এলোমেলোতা কমাতে আমি গড়ে তিনটি গেম নিয়েছি ।,শুরু থেকে শেষ করতে আমাকে গড় ৫ 56 টি লেগেছিল ।,গেম টু হল আনয়েড শব্দ মুখস্তকরণ যেখানে আমি নিজেকে 20 টি শব্দ মুখস্ত করার জন্য দুটি মিনিট সময় দিয়েছি,এবং তারপরে এক মিনিট অপেক্ষা করার পরে সেগুলি স্মরণ করুন।,এগুলি অনেক কথা!,ঠিক আছে স্তব্ধ।,এখানে আমার কোন কৌশল নেই।,ঠিক আছে.,এখানে আমার কৌশলটি ছিল প্রতিটি একক শব্দের জন্য হাতের ইশারা তৈরি করা এবং তাদের একসাথে সংযুক্ত করা,একটি গল্পে যার ফলশ্রুতিতে শূন্যের জন্য ১ words টি শব্দ স্মরণ করা হয়েছিল 17,গেম তিনটি মেমরি পরীক্ষা অনলাইন যা যা মেমোরিসটেস্ট.কম এ পাওয়া যায়, যা পরীক্ষা করে,নির্ভুলতা এবং গতি।,দিনের শূন্যের জন্য আমার ফলাফল ছিল 76 নির্ভুলতা।,সুতরাং এই সব একসাথে 60 ক্যাপসুল আছে এবং আমি প্রতি একক দুটি ক্যাপসুল গ্রহণ করা হবে,দিন.,সুতরাং এই পুরো বোতলটি 30 দিনের জন্য আমাকে শেষ করে দেবে এবং মোট দিনে, আমি পাব,এক গ্রাম যা সিংহের মানে হাজার মিলিগ্রাম ।,ঠিক আছে এখন দিন 15 এবং 30 ফলাফল পাওয়া যাক।,আমি সত্যিই ঘনত্বের খেলা উপভোগ করেছি।,এটি একটি দুর্দান্ত মজার খেলা ছিল।,মনে আছে আমি কখন আপনাকে বলেছিলাম এই খেলাটি এলোমেলো ছিল?,সুতরাং উপরে আপনি দেখতে পাচ্ছেন যে আমি একটানা দুবার দুবার পেয়েছি এখন আমি একটি সারিতে দুটি নাইন টানছি এবং,তারপরে পরপর দুটি রানী!,কারণ এই গেমটি এতটা এলোমেলো হতে পারে আমি বলতে চাই যে এই স্কোরগুলি তাত্পর্যপূর্ণ নয়,পরিবর্তন।,এখন যদি আমরা শব্দ পুনরুদ্ধারের দ্বিতীয় গেমটি দেখি তবে আমার স্কোর আরও উন্নত।,কীভাবে কুকুর পেলাম না?,আক্ষরিক কুকুর।,তিনটি গেমের দিকে এগিয়ে চলতে আমরা 92% শতাংশে যথার্থতার উল্লেখযোগ্য বৃদ্ধি পেয়েছি ।,এখানে একটি দুর্দান্ত গবেষণা।,২০০৯ সালে, হকোকো কর্পোরেশন এবং আইসোগো সেন্ট্রাল অ্যান্ড নিউরোসার্জিকাল হাসপাতালের গবেষকরা,একটি ছোট ক্লিনিকাল স্টাডি প্রকাশিত।, হালকা জ্ঞানীয় দুর্বলতা সহ 30 জন জাপানী অংশগ্রহণকারী নিয়ে এই সমীক্ষা করা হয়েছিল ।,সিংহের প্রধান গোষ্ঠীর প্রজেক্টগুলি 96 শতাংশযুক্ত চারটি 250 মিলিগ্রাম ট্যাবলেট নিয়েছিল,সিংহের ম্যানে শুকনো গুঁড়ো ১ 16 সপ্তাহের জন্য তিনবার দিন ।,সপ্তাহে 8, 12 এবং 16 ট্রায়ালের সিংহের প্রধান গোষ্ঠী উল্লেখযোগ্য পরিমাণে বৃদ্ধি পেয়েছে, প্লাসবো গ্রুপের সাথে তুলনা করে জ্ঞানীয় ফাংশন স্কেলে ।, খাওয়ার সময়কাল সহ সিংহের প্রধান গোষ্ঠীর স্কোর বেড়েছে তবে পরে 4 সপ্তাহে,১ weeks সপ্তাহ গ্রহণের সমাপ্তি স্কোরগুলি উল্লেখযোগ্যভাবে হ্রাস পেয়েছে।,এই কারণেই আমি সিংহকে থামানোর 15 দিনের 15 দিন পরে কী ঘটে তা দেখতে আগ্রহী,ম্যান সাপ্লিমেন্টস,এখানে আমার স্কোর 30 দিনের থেকে কিছুটা হ্রাস দেখায় তবে কোথা থেকে এখনও উন্নতি হয়,আমি শুরু করেছি.,সিংহের ম্যান আরও জাপানি গবেষণায় দেখা গেছে হতাশা ও উদ্বেগ কমাতেও দেখিয়েছে,30 মহিলার সাথে পরিচালিত।,আমি হতাশা বা উদ্বেগ অনুভব করি না তাই আমি এই সুবিধাগুলির জন্য বিশেষভাবে কথা বলতে পারি না।,তাই আমি এই ছেলেরা হোস্ট ডিফেন্সের কাছ থেকে পেয়েছি, এটি আসলে পল স্ট্যামেটের সংস্থা এবং তিনি কথা বলেছেন,সাপ্লিমেন্ট কেনার সঠিক উপায় সম্পর্কে অনেক।,এখন আপনি নিশ্চিত করতে চান যে মাশরুমগুলি অ-দূষিত পরিবেশে উত্থিত হয়েছে,বিশেষত উত্তর আমেরিকার মতো অঞ্চল, যেখানে বায়ু দূষণ কম এবং মাশরুম থেকে দূরে থাকুন,যা চিনের মতো জায়গায় জন্মে যেখানে বায়ু দূষণ সত্যিই বেশি।,কারণ এই মাশরুমগুলি স্পঞ্জ জাতীয় প্রাণী এবং এগুলি বাতাসে এবং সমস্ত কিছু শোষিত করে,যাতে আপনি বাড়ানোর জন্য আপনার দেহকে দূষিত পরিপূরক সরবরাহ করা প্রয়োজন না,কর্মক্ষমতা.,প্রশংসাপত্র সময়!,ঠিক আছে আমি সত্যি বলতে আমি অন্য কিছু লক্ষ্য করি না।,সুতরাং যে আমি সত্যিই এর মতো বাস্তব দৈনিক প্রভাব দেখতে পাচ্ছি না তা নিশ্চিত কিনা সে বিষয়ে আমি নিশ্চিত নই,এমন কিছু যা আমি এই বড়িগুলি কেনার মতো অর্থ প্রদান করতে চাই …,আমি আপনাকে সম্প্রতি এমন কিছু ঘটনার উদাহরণও দেব ।,তাই আমি আমার নিজের কাছে তিনটি জিনিস পুনরাবৃত্তি করছিলাম।,আমি ঠিক ছিলাম এই কাজটি করার মতো ছিল এবং এটি কর এবং এটি কর।,এবং আমি প্রথম দুটি করেছি এবং আমি তৃতীয়টি সম্পর্কে পুরোপুরি আলাদা হয়েছি এবং আমি এটির মতো মনে করেছি,দুই ঘন্টা পরে যে ওহ বাহ আমি এই জিনিসটি করিনি ।,সুতরাং এটি কি প্রাথমিকভাবে আমি যে লক্ষ্যটি শুরু করেছিলাম তাতে আমাকে সহায়তা করছে ?,আমি না বলব।,সুতরাং আমি হেই মানে ফলাফলগুলি আকর্ষণীয়।,তারা স্পষ্টভাবে দেখায় যে সিংহের মননে কিছুটা প্রভাব পড়েছে অথবা আমি সবেমাত্র পেয়েছি,মেমরি গেমসে আরও ভাল।,আমি আসল আকারে তৈরি সিংহের মানি খেতে পছন্দ করব ।,এটুকু করে নিন,স্পষ্টতই এটি চিংড়ি বা লবস্টারের মতো স্বাদযুক্ত তবে আমার জন্য কোনও পরিপূরক নয়।,মানে কে জানে?,আমি যদি একক দিনে নিয়মিত মেমরি গেমগুলি করি তবে আমি আরও ভাল ফলাফল পেতে পারি …,আরও 30 দিনের পরীক্ষা সম্ভবত পাইপলাইনে নেমে আসছে !,ছেলেরা আমার পক্ষে এটা,আশা করি আপনি এটি উপভোগ করেছেন।,আশা করি আপনি কিছু নিয়ে গিয়েছেন।,আমি আপনাকে পরের ভিডিওতে দেখব,ঠিক আছে আপনার প্রথম সংখ্যাটি দুটি, সাত, ছয়, চার।,বন্ধুরা,এক, পাঁচ, শূন্য, নয় এবং আপনার শেষটি আট, তিন, শূন্য, পাঁচ।,আবার বলুন।,দুই, সাত, ছয়, চার।,এক, পাঁচ, শূন্য, নয়।,আট, তিন, শূন্য, পাঁচ।

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I Tried to Scientifically Test Microdosing – [30 Days + Group Test]

before i get started i want to thank,audible for sponsoring this video,right now it kind of feels like my,fingers are,vibrating,and i dont think im supposed to feel,like that,oh this isnt good,this feels really bad oh,no,whats happening right now,this is not microdosing microdosing for,context is the consumption of a small,amount of psychedelics usually lsd or,psilocybin which is most commonly found,in magic mushrooms these are compounds,that have the power to take a normal,human brain under a neural scan and,light it up like this,scientists have been interested in the,effects of psychedelics since the 1950s,with the cia testing lsd on subjects,with the hope that it could unlock the,power of human mind control spoiler,alert it didnt work,however a sudden shift in culture and,politics at the end of the 1960s made,psychedelics illegal and almost,overnight it became virtually impossible,for researchers to pursue any new,testing or research into the effects of,these drugs,until very recently,researchers are experimenting with the,use of magic mushrooms showing they,could treat things like depression ptsd,and addiction the results so far are so,encouraging people come out feeling,alive again the past decade has produced,incredible breakthroughs in the use of,psychedelics for treating various mental,health conditions with additional,research finding that microdosing a,small amount of psilocybin could also,boost creative thinking so for the next,30 days i want to try microdosing,psilocybin to test three of its most,common claims that i can improve our,creative thought our focus and overall,mood and at the end of my 30 days im,going to conduct a large group test to,see if any of my personal experience,holds true on a larger scale it feels so,dumb already quick disclaimer i live in,one of the few cities that has voted to,decriminalize psychedelics you can,purchase magic mushrooms at a walk-in,store and i know that is not the,situation for most people also if youre,watching this and youre a cop or my mom,uh this is a sketch and none of its,real,but if it was,heres how it would work,once every three days im going to,consume one tenth a recreational dose of,psilocybin which for me is going to be,between 0.2 and 0.3 grams,this wont be enough to experience the,trippy dreamlike experience psychedelics,are known for instead it should be just,enough to explore the creative and,productivity benefits many people claim,to experience through microdosing while,i may feel some effects for the first,couple hours from what ive read i,should continue to see benefits from the,micros for the two days following as,well so on day one i took what i thought,was a proper microdose and sat down to,test it out so this is day one micro,dosing for creativity and productivity,my plan was to go through some writing,on an upcoming video and it was about 45,minutes before i started to feel a kind,of unfamiliar feeling in the back of my,mind,i continued working and for a while my,concentration my work remained focused,so focused in fact i forgot my camera,was rolling and when i did remember i,couldnt find my words when i tried to,explain what it was i was feeling brain,just goes like oh yeah like all this,other stuff then i proceeded to do 18,more takes convinced i was failing to,get any of them right just when im on,the work and i can really lock in,oh gosh,i dont think i did this right,eventually i decided i wasnt a state to,get any work done and instead watched,midsummer on my sofa,coming to terms with the fact that,rather than a boosting creativity on day,one my experience was more like a mini,trip,prevailing theory is that top-down,structures that we learned throughout,our lives psychedelics seem to add all,kinds of entropy in a way that youre,allowed to,look at things from a new perspective,but also develop new patterns this is,martine strip the co-founder of,synthesis a psychedelic retreat that has,been working with researchers from,imperial college to explore the,transformative effects of psilocybin it,really helps with people that seem to be,too stuck in a certain pattern,so think about addiction ocd body,dysmorphia anxiety depression often,those are loops that people are in and,what comes up is how we really feel,everything weve been holding whether,thats you know sense of trauma or sense,of gratefulness or sense of connection,with with,our loved ones that becomes very very,and almost intensely,present after talking with martine i,know i need to be more careful measuring,my microdoses at the start of each day,and almost immediately i start to see a,real spike in my daily productivity,one thing thats really noteworthy is on,my second and third days when youre,still supposed to be feeling those like,carryover effects of the psilocybin i,had two of the most productive days in,recent memory i mean i got all of my,work done that was on my to-do list i,worked out early and efficiently i even,was like reading some short stories,before bed so if i have,more days like that coming ahead that,would be,amazing,but these benefits didnt last today im,really struggling to stay motivated with,my work my thoughts feel really,loose and unfocused and this is not the,first day i have felt like this,especially when i am in the first couple,hours after i take a micro dose im,getting really inconsistent results each,time i take it,which can lead to days like this that,suck,so,gotta say one and a half weeks in,not the best so far after a frustrating,couple of days i decided to put this,challenge on hold for a week to try and,figure out a better way to approach it,then when i was editing through my,interview with martine i found this,piece of advice that id forgotten he,mentioned,the experience is very dependent on the,context in which it is taken for example,you take a painkiller and painkiller,works whether youre at home or where,youre in a plane with a psychedelic you,have a very very different experience in,those two situations so what i would,recommend you do,is every time you take the the microdose,you do it in conjunction by starting out,with a meditation or uh listening to a,binaural beats or whatever is your,preference,so i decided to shift the time of my,microdose to the evening while carving,out time to pair it with some,mindfulness breathing and music other,activities i tried including drawing,while listening to an audiobook doing,some journaling or reading all of which,made the experience much more relaxing,and easy to get through and allowed me,to stay productive with my work the,following day,while i am seeing improvement in my,experience since i switched to,microdosing in the evening rather than,early in the day i know i cant draw any,meaningful conclusions just from my own,personal experience,so i decided to take a closer look at,the 2018 study that found microdosing,psilocybin improve subjects creative,thinking skills i want to find out how,the research team was able to measure,something as complex as human creativity,and it turns out,its pretty hard,to simplify their tests the research,team divided their focus into two areas,of creative thought those being,divergent and convergent thinking skills,convergent thinking focuses on our,creative problem solving when there is a,single solution that may require some,out of the box thinking divergent,thinking on the other hand measures our,mental flexibility by asking subjects,not to find one correct solution but,instead to come up with as many possible,solutions as they can imagine,a common divergent thinking test is to,give someone an item and ask them to,list as many possible uses for that item,as they can come up with,so to test if micro dosing really can,improve our creative thinking i asked my,brother cam and some of our friends if,theyd be willing to try some divergent,and convergent thinking tests to see how,they scored,draw four continuous straight lines,connecting all the dots without lifting,your pencil from the paper move one,matchs

Beating Spore With Earths Most Successful Organism

easy guys in this video Im returning to,a game that I havent played in 14 years,the 2008 classic Spore a life simulation,slash real-time strategy game developed,by Maxis Studios the last time I played,this game I shamefully quit at the start,of the creature stage after getting my,ass kicked by a worm never to play again,this time things would be different I,would create the most powerful creature,ever to grease the Galaxy and nothing,would be able to stop me to avoid,potential embarrassment I would need the,best start possible so I turned to,Google for inspiration I would use,Earths most successful organism as a,template for my new creature but what,would Google reveal to me most,successful organism on Earth the insect,okay most successful insect on Earth the,beetle okay most successful Beetle Paul,McCartney the great Google Oracle had,spoken and our destiny had been laid,before us we would conquer the Galaxy as,Paul McCartney I chose to begin life as,a peaceful herbivore out of respect for,the Beatles participation in the,anti-war movement we would be a loving,kind species but how would we survive,and what adversity would we face on our,new home the planet Love Me Do and out,of the remnants of a crumbling asteroid,our Beetle was born like a Celestial,sneeze sprayed into a puddle of water,Paul began his journey navigation was,simple was and D would allow me to swim,around in my new environment instead I,found it much easier to use the mouse to,click around the screen to move in,different directions as a herbivore we,simply run into the green floating,vegetable things to eat them topping up,our health bar and offering us new DNA,points to spend on upgrading our,creature spores Beginnings are simple,yet the whole concept of being a tiny,basic organism that has to evolve to,survive in its environment has so much,potential Paul was slow and cumbersome,to survive he would have to eat grow and,evolve but to upgrade and gain new parts,for abilities he would need to collect,DNA points and acquire the blueprints or,patterns for new body parts as a,carnivore you can get both by consuming,anything with abilities and adaptations,that take your fancy as a peaceful,herbivore however Pauls only option was,to hang around larger aggressive,carnivores and clean up the scraps that,they left behind such as some spikes,that could be used to upgrade Pauls,attack and defense now that he had some,new DNA points and some new creature,parts to spend them on Paul called forth,into the void and out of the darkness a,voice called back to him it was the most,beautiful creature Paul had ever seen a,young Beetle spawn named Linda the two,spores got on like a house on fire and,after a quick woohoo we were taken to,the creature Creator where we could,spend our DNA points and upgrade our,creatures Parts Paul finally gained,those menacing spikes these proved,Superba giving other organisms a good,poke in the butt making them think twice,about ganging up on Paul but we would,need more creature parts to evolve and,enrich our species Paul frantically,collected more plant matter but the,larger Paul grew the further into,unfamiliar territory he went giant,organisms all around him snapped left,and right there were plenty of Close,Encounters where Paul barely got out,alive if you stop moving for a second he,risked being consumed as Paul grew,enemies turned and fled but Paul had,some ways to go his progress was tracked,by a green bar at the bottom of the,screen four more stages are left before,we can progress onto land Paul was about,to pay a heavy price out of the blue,Paul thought he heard his beautiful,partner Linda calling out to him but as,he turned around she wasnt calling out,to Paul at all she was calling out to,her new fancy man consumed by rage Paul,grew some menacing carnivorous jaws and,his Beetle eyes turned red with,bloodlust all Paul saw was Vengeance he,attacked every creature in sight it felt,like food was abundant now as every,creature around him had become a,potential dinner Paul grew more rapidly,the more he ate the creatures he,consumed lending their DNA so Paul could,become faster and more maneuverable Paul,picked a fight with anything in his path,Great and Small he gained an omnivorous,mosquito-like probasus that he used to,suck the juices from anything way the,more he killed the more DNA he collected,poison and electrical defenses made him,an Unstoppable Force as creatures were,stunned to Death In His mere presence,Paul had evolved into an incredible,creature but at what cost a path of,Destruction was laid behind him Paul was,ready to move on it was time for a fresh,start on land Paul would need to evolve,into his new form he was finally ready,to make it onto land using the power of,the creature editor he transformed into,a majestic beetle,kind of he called out to his fellow,Beatles and the whole band followed him,out onto the beach now Im not the,greatest creature artist on the planet,but lets try and make him look a little,beetle-ish,more like a grasshopper to be honest,look I tried,character movement seems more suited to,wasd when on land your creature gets two,sets of abilities social and aggressive,whichever is selected down here will,determine how you interact with other,creatures Parts you add to your creature,sometimes now come tied with extra,abilities such as singing and posing to,impress others or a charge or an attack,to do extra damage again Pauls,objective was to evolve and gain DNA he,found he had an uncanny ability for song,which the other creatures nearby loved,every time Paul impressed the alpha,creature of a nest he gained new,creature Parts the more Paul sang the,more parts he gained the best way to,befriend another species is to interact,socially with them and win them over,this starts a dance off where you mimic,the moves made by your target if they,dance you dance if they pose you pose,this makes the progress bar move a,little quicker I dont recall Spore ever,trying to teach me this though so I,spent most of my time spamming my most,powerful dance move often this wasnt,enough leading to a few rejections,however as you upgrade your body parts,you can find pieces with higher scores,in song dance flashing biting and so,forth making interactions with other,creatures a little more forgiving after,a short while your brain grows and you,finally gain the ability to convince,other members of your species to join,your gang and so it came to be a fellow,Beetle named jono joined Paul on his,adventures raving about how much he,loved some of the tunes that Paul sang,to the neighboring species and asked if,he could join his band their musical,styles Blended perfectly and off they,sang making allies left and right,dropping bangers such as she loves you,and help however things turn sour after,a gig when some local trigger mortis,thugs turned up stop playing that damn,music so loud or well give you,something to sing help about the leader,said,Paul backed off but jono had other ideas,and took the front line come on then big,nose jono yell and a trigger jumped in,and started beating on jonos Face Paul,had to jump in and help his friend but,they werent good Fighters they were,singers and dancers our boys were,surrounded and it wasnt long before the,fight went South that was it Paul,thought peace and love were all good but,he couldnt let the band get pushed,around like that the Beatles had to,evolve and so he grew an aggressive,slasher on his backside he also sported,fantastic wings so the band could Glide,from Nest to Nest or Escape trouble,after that the boys were ready another,band mate jumped in Pete who said he was,the best so jono and Paul took him under,their new wings and the trio went to,find some new allies and put their,enemies to bed the other creatures loved,the new Trio and the Beatles scored more,and more DNA points from their fans and,the new slashes the beetle had grown on,their backsides gave them a definite,Advantage with the local thugs fights,fell

Before You Buy: What You Need To Know About Mushroom Supplements

functional mushrooms are getting,insanely popular but they can still be,pretty darn confusing a quick look on,amazon and you will see thousands of,different mushroom supplements it can be,absolutely bewildering and although it,may be tempting to think that a mushroom,is a mushroom and a mushroom supplement,is just a mushroom supplement there is a,lot more to it than that in this video,im going to tell you what you need to,know to spot the difference between,different types of mushroom supplements,and why that matters including how,theyre grown what part of the mushroom,is used and how theyre extracted after,watching this video youll be way wiser,in the bewildering world of mushroom,supplements and you should be able to,make an informed decision on what,mushroom supplement might be right for,you,so im not going to go over what,functional mushrooms are and what,specific types of functional mushrooms,are used for what purpose we did do a,whole beginners guide on medicinal,mushrooms and if you want to check that,out you can go watch that right over,here instead i want to cover the more,intricate details on how mushroom,supplements are actually made and the,first thing that you need to know is,what part of the mushroom is actually,being used in the supplement so,mushrooms are basically made up of two,parts we have the mycelium which can,kind of be thought of as the root,structure of the mushroom and we have,the fruiting body which can be thought,of as the mushroom part of the mushroom,if its helpful you can kind of think of,it like an apple tree where the apple is,the mushroom and the tree is the,mycelium now if you go and buy a random,mushroom supplement theres a chance,that you get one or both of these parts,of the mushroom the fruiting body,contains different compounds in the,mycelium and the mycelium contains,different compounds than the fruiting,body but theyre both sold as the same,thing to go back to the apple tree,example thatd be like ordering a glass,of apple juice and getting a glass of,wood they both can be useful but theyre,completely different mycelium itself can,be cultivated quite easily using two,different methods either growing the,mycelium out on grain or growing it in a,liquid fermentation now the process of,growing mycelium out on grain is,actually an intermediary step its not,the final step in the mushroom growing,process its called grain spawn you can,see some here theres actually lions,mane grain spawn you can see the,mycelium growing throughout the grain,and its kind of analogous to something,like seeds in the gardening world,fruiting body is a lot more difficult to,cultivate its much longer process,because you actually have to maintain,and actually fruit and harvest the,mushroom so for example this is a block,of lions mane mushroom that was made,from hardwood and then inoculated with,lions mane grain spawn eventually the,mycelium grew throughout the hardwood,and when its ready a mushroom will,fruit that could be harvested processed,and used as a mushroom supplement in,general mushroom supplements contain,either mushroom mycelium or a mushroom,fruiting body but sometimes youll see a,supplement that is called full spectrum,which means that it contains both you,see if you let grain spawn grow for long,enough it will eventually form tiny,little primordial fruiting bodies so,technically it does contain fruiting,body and mycelium and you can see it,really does look like its absolutely,covered in mycelium and little fruiting,bodies but when you shake it up you can,see that it really is still just mostly,grain in this case its rye but,sometimes it can be rice or oats and the,lions mane in this case is just like,cotton candy that basically just,dissolves once you shake it up and i,know this well because when we used to,sell grain spawn a lot of times people,would get it in the mail and it would,look like this because it got shaken up,over the mail and people would complain,that its not fully colonized or its,just grain but it really is fully,colonized lions mane grain spawn thats,been shaken up and now it just looks,mostly like grain of course the mycelium,is still in there its still alive and,if i let this sit long enough eventually,it would consolidate again and be,looking like a solid brick of mycelium,but it just shows how little mycelium is,actually required to be in there of,course you can however produce mycelium,that is not grown on grain basically the,mycelium is grown in large vats kind of,floating around in sugar water and it,can be strained out to get just the pure,mycelium so after you know what part of,the mushroom was used you also need to,know how it was processed and how or if,it was extracted because processing and,extraction methods can have a massive,impact on the quality of the final,product as mentioned before sometimes,youll often see mycelium in the form of,grain spawn sometimes called myciliated,grain again this is a technique that,grows mycelium out on sterilized grain,the grain is then dried and ground into,a fine powder but as you saw in the last,section theres often very little,mycelium thats actually found on the,grain and when grown like this its,impossible to separate the mycelium from,the grain and get a pure mycelium final,product the end result still contains,all that grain whether it be rice oats,or in this case rye another option is to,do the same thing but use the fruiting,body instead so basically you take this,whole lions mane you dehydrate it and,then you would grind it down into,something that looks like a fine powder,this contains pure mushrooms with no,grain but our body does have a hard time,breaking down the mushrooms and making,use of the beneficial compounds inside,thats because the cell walls of,mushrooms are made out of a super tough,compound known as chitin which our body,just doesnt have the ability to fully,break down there are obviously some,benefits of using fruiting body powder,and i dont want to say that,non-extracted mushrooms dont have a,place in fact there have been studies,done specifically with lions mane that,show cognitive benefits from adding,powdered lines main fruiting body into,cookies usually though the dose would,have to be much higher than in an,extracted product to take it a step,further though and get the most benefit,out of medicinal mushrooms they need to,be extracted again and this is because,our bodies cannot efficiently break down,mushroom cell walls extraction makes,those compounds bio available meaning it,breaks down those cell walls and pulls,those compounds out so that our bodies,can actually use them so how this is,usually done is whole mushroom fruiting,bodies are dried and then theyre turned,into a fine powder like this but then,its taken a step further and the powder,is simmered in large vats of either hot,water or alcohol to perform the,extraction and you can see here the,difference between my ciliated grain,whole mushroom fruiting body powder and,whole mushroom extract powder you can,see that the myceliated grain is quite a,bit of a darker color but thats because,it contains a lot of that darker grain,the fruiting body is a lot lighter,because its just clear lions mane and,the extracted powder is a lot darker and,thats what happens after the extraction,process but it also means it contains a,lot more concentrated version of those,beneficial compounds,the other thing to consider is whether,or not the extract has been done using,hot water alcohol or combination of both,my selated grain supplements are not,extracted so this is only really a,consideration for fruiting body extracts,the important thing to remember is that,different compounds require different,extraction methods to get them out so it,really depends on the mushrooms and the,compounds youre trying to get out of,those mushrooms that determines what,extraction method you want to use now,beta glucans which are the compounds,that are responsible for the immune,supporting benefits of mushrooms ar

The Truth Behind The “Ideal” Human Body In Future

oi maninho tem que eu abri aí viu bar em,áudio e Mad Men through many years Now,And have So Beautiful weather Girl with,his waist and long White satin body is,really a Tracker ou from the point of,view of Evolution Its Simply Red Ball,first Lets Wonder Girls hair makeup,mirror Shopping de Alex Franklin Henry,Christ the size of fire Just the side of,the head of westeros wardens software,bim Hendrix and necessary mix well and,newborn 3D and your body you say which,is Golden rock woman dont just joined,and Hope this book is I your from the,point of view of Evolution With Me,o fio Survival on White LED speaker of,the house in fact we still far from me,to you the bridge and Power Justin,Elsword treatment of your Son from point,of view of sealed the result is a,mixture of of last from your dreams,misti Rooms from and friend of language,of Prayer Stones from the name of,meatballs kirgiz da perfect Women What,is Windows Cant Hold his warning System,Man residente well to the former Russian,diver White Person Who Live Close To The,Balls of fire rules his mother Father,and his World his kind of Person Living,up Champion Chrysler Street from Out Boy,elaboration of other Hand I like and,have some Of His kind of burn,o pênis underscoring some help with your,Skin Will simply free Standing in the,cold Rain Man Without walls and I Just,Can do is get informed Choice Where then,our hearts and Flowers and institution,with scandisk no curso no good Health,and well Being updated from now I need a,place to Hide his Job is good Perfect e,Moranguinho Monster Hight One Kinect ori,hard Evolution files your Dragon Ball,Ford car door handles Connect with,orthopride oxigênio and this can cause a,loss and Dogs Angry Birds buns with,architecture and if first Muniz Block,builder Quiksilver function dose de,whisky Johnnie informar track score and,have you many years or less than perfect,day and so we Break Down,o som saw you dont speak on last Word,is walking and he was the works best,detecting The Great full and much more,sensitive and Years with us until about,Eyes which also have several fouls and,Plays World at your Feet and your mind,and your hands of Bliss pedir simples,Now Lights wipers find your Blind Spot,and he is so close your eyes and your,love look at from Where it is surrounded,by his Circle nells Club movie the,screen from Surfing under Wave your eyes,at some Point in your lies at Frost and,left has this happy hour no visionary,and optical illusion you just found your,blog is Part of you please dont suffer,From This Week so lets take the rims,wheels,E ai vault boy and his eyes to read,sharpest da vejam so we found The,Perfect is now let me Remind you ladies,and I hope they also have Heart problems,for example our sample and wont be,Standing with Mouse and best Battle,Lines from the king Will then we can,work Fast and have got the whole shebang,true with Salt Lake City Hub City of God,to Cry Monsters to avoid the Risk of,self-hate informações Wikipédia Gold On,the Road Trip you need to Switch Off,Road from the way This is world of Birds,Birds de oliva no Word show the next,step is to make you my baby is one Turn,on this subject Station and she will,have time to develop well as Special a,little Rain just look at you baby I see,Red Skull Lord,em meio ao stress out by a cesarean,section is much more difficult and Boost,your Little One of your mother and he,the newborn BH estamos aqui like glucose,and most worn thing is back so there,never Get your unit building structure,of low back and elves from motion and,Sea song your heart forever and womens,waist Girl dont be so Attractive but,youre spinning Wheel the deep-freeze,and will Now have no Need For massage,Zoe e Raven Week he would hold your,hand and if we dont stare at you now,that Man descended from up just just an,Evolution in restricting the back is,because it is better to This Way well,and is Robert just girl dont split,jacket with you my whole body Evolution,Is Me,a very 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rosto Direction our,studies on your It will be better,through Evolution has decided to much is,your turn your head and Heart natação,Bento movie is all we dont Kid ao Rei,black and just have made it is one heart,grains and for Speed World When will my,life begin soon be Way and I hope for,the world is no longer and full stomach,is so I,eu sei foi o amor da Mata Atlântica,longo UTI Zendaya Danilo forno pendex,Wood Charles Darwin cliente Rosivaldo,and Speed of sound and Fury diz o píer,não deixar game playgol rights over some,time to say there are some things Will,get back to you and thats how I feel,when your body hair will Raise Your,Friends now I dont have much bigger but,we still have the swimmers Scary World,of Hair Fall could still I Fly with us,we Experience this effect and more,Heroes IFSP Home Free Slots with mother,of Union necessary organs with World,Evolution Mary Chain and Robson e,Vanderlei said it dont stop dont Open,your so dont be sad,a we are evolvem everyday things at,University or Die migration on,globalization and technological Progress,we For Speed World challenge and of,course of water for sample Beat Hit of,Red Road and track bikes and centuries,with that is what this is not the most,significant Change is Google making,things Within countries Will cause,people skins Jordan in New projects,acting so easy on your free Travel,Around the World Race is one Max and It,will be difficult to find song with blue,eyes and freckles Faces Will call me,mother Simulator our plan in comparison,with cro-magnons help home Of His mother,the State Of Mind webcam bless and,Religion are the world countries to,o Winner of Strings Better Faster the,world Bank of Man is much more Freedom,and Love Story gangsters most likely to,the rain Will continue Its when this,means that our bed we became his mother,with which The Beauty of Spring Which,all complications and need for New,option and whilst looking After Slim,Clic livros mixs Mobil Witch of lets,make selection is non necessary for,Survival with his Own Hand and well be,commissioner This is Guilty of factors,in the morning world we are Counting on,developing our five most girls for,example with Smart Phone world play,musical Instruments Battery designer Lax,can be sent with the filling With broad,ripple for sleep Genius,e entre os líderes tudo Jet Li Navigator,Song of Home And interferes with Modern,Of You can access the way we Walk your,way I need your love is in the air mail,soube Clóvis people da Fisher we have We,Cant Stop This is built on the,development of medicine and makes Things,That have Made to Create this will be,the sims by hearing that Since our New,System will be High Union and books with,some theories on when our instincts,brinquedos Wind becomes Ways to Medical,technology you make them at things would,take millions of Years and Changes Are,taking Place even today and half man,Latin America and the best rates Were Us,and help you to Discover your means of,new world war free play,eu abri isso e me coisas broth

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