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Spore – An LGR Retrospective Review

Spore. Spore never changes.,This most promising and infamous of phallus creation kits,was developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2008 for Windows and Macintosh PCs.,However its no secret that Spore is considered by many,to be one of the biggest letdowns in gaming in the past ten years.,But was it really that bad?,For starters, Spore was hyped to hell and back by the publisher, the press, the fans, the developers,and even the late Robin Williams.,[Robin Williams] Im putting together a creature that pretty much Darwin would go “Hey, Im not taking acid ever again.”,[Laughter],Pre-release hype was off the charts as a result and I know personally it was first game I ever pre-ordered,if for no other reason than to get this fancy-shmancy Galactic collectors edition.,But also I was super-psyched because it was a new game from Will Wright!,Yes, that Will Wright.,The legendary game designer behind SimCity and The Sims.,And when he started teasing the concept of Spore back in 2005,,it was nothing short of revolutionary at the time.,The game was often dubbed “SimEverything,”,in reference to previous Maxis Sim games,and due to its unbelievable scope.,Youd begin as a microscopic organism,,evolve into an aquatic fish-like animal,,leave the water as a walking or flying creature,,gain sentience, start a tribe,,found a civilization,,then finally head off into space.,The key to this was a never-before-seen procedural generation algorithm,,combined with an advanced physics engine,which could build a completely unique game for you every time you played.,It was billed as the ultimate exploration of the concept of evolution,,allowing players to manipulate life at every level,in such a way that put Maxis previous god games to shame.,Not only that, but Spores universe was online,,letting you interact with other players creations automatically.,They even released a paid-for demo called the Creature Creator before launch,,which lets you play with the editor of the same name, increasing the hype even further.,Unfortunately, by the time its September 2008 launch date came to pass,,Spore was quickly becoming the butt of jokes.,A huge variety of things were gone,,including the bloody creature battles,,the Underwater Stage, the ability to fly,,the physics engine, the emphasis on real science and biology,,and the advanced skeletal model for procedurally generating creatures.,Instead, Spore was a game that looked and played more like a cartoonish parody,of was so proudly shown off before,,making it unfeasible for use in educational institutions,and disappointing for gamers who were looking forward to a deep sandbox simulation.,Not only that, but had launched with an aggressive DRM scheme,that influenced thousands of one-star reviews online,,and even class-action lawsuits against the publisher over the ordeal.,Although Spore still sold several million units,,it gained the dubious honor of being the most pirated game ever, according to several sources,,and its lead designer Will Wright ended up leaving Maxis shortly after its launch.,In fact, he not only left Maxis but left the big-budget triple-A gaming industry entirely.,And sad as that is for gamers like me that worship him,,I cant say I blame the guy.,But despite all the backlash, Spore didnt exactly fail,,which is fascinating to me.,It got a parts pack, an expansion pack,and as of August 2015, its still online,,with thousands of people uploading creations daily and posting in the official forums.,So, what is it about Spore that has people still buying and playing it to this day?,Well, lets take a look.,Spore begins in a rather grandiose fashion, with several spiraling logos,,followed by a spiral galaxy filling the screen with much aplomb.,The galaxy then settles in place to reveal a menu of sorts,,bringing to attention to several planets,scattered among its galactic arms.,Choosing and naming one of these planets will determine where you start your game,,with more planets being generated as you play.,If youve already played before, then you can jump right into any of the stages,but when youre starting out, you begin with the Cell stage.,A short cut-scene plays, showing a meteor getting violently acquainted with your planet,,revealing that life began here via the concept of panspermia.,Once life, uh, finds a way,,you take control of a randomly generated single-celled organism.,Much like the early teasers showed off,,the goal is to evolve this primitive little thing,over many generations into something that will one day become a space-faring species.,But for the time being, you play kind of a mix of the games of Flow and Pac-Man,,since youre a cell, that exists only to eat or be eaten.,If you chose to be a carnivore, you eat other creatures,,and if youre an herbivore, you eat the little green plants.,Oh, and you can also reproduce,,but that can only happen if you have enough DNA points,,which is the scientifically-proven way evolution works, dont you know?,There are a handful of parts to choose from at first,,with each of them giving or taking away a certain set of abilities for your cell.,Each of them costs a certain number of DNA points,,so you cant just place everything on your cell,to create some super beast from the get-go,,Playing the Cell Stage allows you to earn more DNA points,,as well as more parts that can be found by killing other cells or discovering meteor pieces.,In a deeply factual example of the intricacies of genetics,,you just mate again anytime to customize your cell however you please.,Dont like being a carnivore any more? Be an herbivore.,Dont like either one of those? Be an omnivore.,Eventually, youll have eaten enough things to get big and sprout legs,before crawling onto land for the first time.,This brings you to the Creature Stage.,The goal of this stage is to gain sentience,,but as they say, the road to intelligence is paved with gettin jiggy with it.,Again, just pure biological facts here.,Uh, and, yeah, as cool as this part looked in the preview footage,,it turns out to just be a string of Simon Says and scavenger hunts.,You have a nest, which acts a home base, but theres evolving to do,,so guess what?,Go find some DNA points and creature parts,,or else you may as well just go back to the ocean to get killed by a sea monster.,Finding parts and earning DNA points can be done in one of two ways.,First, you can earn the trust of other species by interacting with them socially,,and this is the Simon Says portion,,in which you mimic their actions in order to fill the meter at the top of the screen.,If you have the stats to match theirs, and impress enough of their kind,,theyll become an ally, giving you some parts and points,,and that helps you grow a brain, I guess.,The other way to grab parts and points is to just kill them in a decidedly G-rated fashion.,This functions similar to a fantasy MMO,,in that you just press a few hotkeys, wait for them to cool down,,then press them again until somebodys numbers run out.,And that helps you grow a brain, I guess.,Head back to your nest and get it on with the nearest androgynous member of your kind,,and youre taken to the Creature Creator!,Personally, this is one of the single most enjoyable parts of the game,,and this is where most of the creative stuff happens.,Its here that you can create giant, walking dongs,,but also a massive variety of animals, both recognizable and terrifying.,Even though its a bit dumbed-down compared to what they showed before launch,,and theres no way to add things like fur or functional wings,,I am impressed to this day by what the creator is capable of.,Its like a combination of modeling clay and Mr. Potato Head.,You just click and drag the body in all directions,,then mess with part placement and see what happens.,It will then procedurally animate your abomination,,resulting in a creation that is uniquely yours every time.,Paint it, tweak it, make it hop around like its on meth. Its brilliant!,And once youre done mak

Spore Review

spore has received much hype during its,lengthy development cycle created by,Will Wright lead designer of The Sims,and SimCity spore was heralded as the,ultimate game,it not just focuses on the evolution of,one organism but on the evolution of an,entire galaxy it makes you think about,complex subjects such as evolution the,science behind progress and the,possibility of life on other planets and,if this wasnt enough the game rests on,a revolutionary database of,user-generated content that will shape,the future of social gaming however the,loftiness of these goals is also one of,spoors main weaknesses spore is,undeniably an amazing accomplishment but,not quite as amazing in terms of,gameplay the game itself is divided into,five separate stages that reflect,different genres in gaming cell stage,mimics in old-school arcade game,creature stage plays like a third-person,action game tribal stage is a simple RTS,game Civilization stage is a much more,traditional strategy game and the space,stage which is basically a single-player,massively multiplayer online game where,you can meddle with different planets,that are populated by user-generated,creatures this kind of diversity in,gameplay is commendable but at the same,time each section comes off as somewhat,shallow spore was made as a game that,everyone can play so it is structured as,a mini sample of video game genres while,this buffet style may ease many casual,players into the wide world gaming,hardcore players may be disappointed by,performing the same dancing minigames 40,times in creature mode or the simple,strategy mechanics of civilization mode,furthermore the game is not hard at all,theres usually little consequence for,dying and a computer is generally very,forgiving the fact is each individual,section is or has been done before,in many other games and done much better,however just focusing on this is doing,spore discredit a large draw of the game,as a community it seeks to create and,this is where spore is unmatched the,game utilizes over a dozen separate,editors in addition to the already,released creature editor there are many,other powerful editors to make buildings,card ships and planes and even these are,dependent on decisions that youve made,during the course of the game these,creations can then be uploaded to the,spore pedia which is a massive online,database set features filters friends,lists and a search engine,a database that the game will pull from,to populate the galaxy that you are,playing in so if youre like me and can,barely design a passable mr. Potato Head,you can still spend hours looking at,what other people have made this is what,spore is really about the unbelievable,customization and the vast universe of,user-generated content make sure that no,two games will ever be the same the,technical accomplishment of having,user-generated creatures animate as well,as they do,and the signature Maxis humor and charm,all combine to make a product with,unmatched personality it is unfortunate,that the gameplay itself often degrades,to a repetitive cycle that look great on,hardcore gamers nerds but thankfully,spore transcends these problems to be,something special for the full written,review head over to IGN calm,you

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Why Spore Had The BEST Expansion Pack of ALL TIME.

oh, oh my god,looking chesty over here anyways,building games are the the three,best-selling games of all time are,minecraft,where you build blocky things tetris,where you,break down the blocky things that youve,built and gta 5,where you build up a disturbingly,efficient work ethic and a profound,disdain for strangers,there are a lot of reasons that you,could give as to why these three games,lead,in all-time sales it could either be the,degree of freedom that the games offer,you,or learning how to work with the parts,that are given to you,since minecraft leads in all-time sales,lets,focus in on it its easy to see the,appeal in being able to bend and shape,the world around you as you see fit,the creative potential is absolutely,bonkers,but theres still the feeling that,youre making the world your own,but not making your own world,theres only one game that i know of,that beats out every other sandbox game,out there,only one game that can be used in a,seemingly,endless amount of ways only one game,thats ever asked how will you create,the universe,but oh god oh jesus should that question,have even been asked,this is spore in my opinion the greatest,sandbox game to have ever hit the market,this procedurally generated galactic,playpen had its,issues with over promising before,release which led to people being pretty,disappointed,oh wait wrong page sorry here we go,its dated and it has its issues but for,those who give it the time it needs,dude it cant be beat let me get one,thing settled right off the bat here,though,the base game sucks ass ive clocked,over 5 000 hours into this game and,exactly,three of them were spent having fun,playing from cell to space,ill break it down real quick to explain,why,you start off playing a mobile game from,2010.,there are a handful of parts that you,can collect in this stage to upgrade,your blob,one of them is useful when you make it,to land you meet other species,you only bother with the alphas because,theyre the only ones who give you new,parts,you must collect every single part,before continuing this is not optional,the tribal stage is the first two,minutes of a round of age of empires,stretched to be about 20 minutes long,when you reach civilization, gets real remember how you were,supposed to be designing your own alien,species,how would you like to suddenly be tasked,to determine what their architecture and,vehicle design is going to look like,do you want some cool unique buildings,for the species youve been cultivating,how do you like to have to build four of,them back to back to back,along with two unique vehicles all of,which youll need within the first few,minutes of this stage,does that sound like it takes a long ass,time well it doesnt,it takes a really long ass time you can,make the buildings and vehicles,beforehand and have them ready to swap,in,once youre ready but only if youre a,500 iq elite gaming speedrunner,once you get through that youre in,space forever,like actually forever you could mess,around with setting up your empire the,way maxis intended but what you actually,do here,is hit ctrl shift c and spam more money,no spaces no caps anywhere between,five and six hundred times there are,lots of upgrades that you can unlock but,youre interested in exactly five,a wormhole drive a shield a beefy auto,turret and,every repair and energy pack that you,can get your graspers on,you then maneuver to the inner rim of,the galaxy ignoring any and all cries,for help from your colony,pop your shield in your packs and tony,hawk pro skater front slide board slide,across all of this garbage,until you get to the center i would tell,you what happens next but it is,literally not worth the oxygen,thats how they can oh hi its like two,days later,making videos is hard but thats,how spore feels,your first couple playthroughs kinda,underwhelming nothing,to write home about but the base game,from cell to space,is just its a small portion of what,spore is really as,cheesy as it sounds is what its all,about,whenever i see big youtubers play spore,they dont play it to get to the center,of the galaxy,they play it to make a goofy looking,creature and more often than not they,come up with a story to go along with it,even if you want to play as a giant,wobbly dick,the point of the game isnt nurturing,your tiny penis to the point that it can,travel the stars,the strength of spore comes from,building a culture for your,and a philosophy for your phallus its,about putting the same part that,everyone else has used on your creature,but making it unique,its about taking the space stage,philosophy archetypes and using them to,explain why your species is unique,and different spore isnt about creating,interstellar civilizations its about,making something thats truly,your own and the best part is theres an,awesome community who all love to do the,same,thing its a smaller bunch of us these,days,but in some ways thats a plus when,spore was at its peak though,it was really something special there,were,massively influential players who,shattered,what people thought was possible to pull,off in the game,the one player that i will always hype,up as the goat though,is photosynthesis his designs were,impeccable and he pushed the boundaries,harder than anyone,else ever had hes the reason why you,can be playing the creature stage,and all of a sudden run into master,chief driving a warthog,or wall-e my,personal favorite though is parka boy,he didnt push the boundaries as hard as,photosynthesis but he took spores goofy,cartoony style and ran like hell with it,he also taught a lot of people how to,use the outfitters,and had a real knack for making vehicles,and buildings really,fit with their creatures there are,so many older players that left lasting,impacts on the community,through their creations and while,showing people how to use the editors is,cool,there was one addition to spore that to,this day,stands as the best dlc i have ever seen,brought to a sandbox game i mentioned,earlier that spore had issues with,over-promising before,release and if you want more info on,that there are a ton of youtube videos,that you could go through and,ooh anyways,even though ea screwed spore over i,think maxis gave their all to the game,and really understood their community so,when they looked and saw that we werent,busy playing the base game as much as we,were creating stories and fun ideas,they came up with a perfect idea for an,expansion pack,it was spore galactic adventures,now for a moment think about other,sandbox building games that you may have,had experience with,maybe roller coaster tycoon or planet,coaster for a more recent one,the expansions offer some new things and,new pieces but its still the same game,or look at the sims packs you drop your,life savings on a handful of them and,yeah your sims get to go to college and,see snow,but again its still the same game,galactic adventures,isnt like that galactic adventures is,an entirely new way to play spore and to,experience what other people have built,it is crazy the only other game that,comes close to offering what this,expansion pack offers is minecraft but,only if you use third-party programs,like world painter,and have a degree in computer science,for command blocks,let me break it down for you with,galactic adventures you can sculpt a,planet from scratch,you then fill it with your own creations,or your favorites from your friends,you then come up with an objective for a,player to complete while theyre in your,world,the most common way to set one up is,kind of like a short story,the adventure is split up into acts with,a maximum of three objectives per act,you can have players settle disputes,between two factions,solve mysteries rescue hostages and,anything else you can think of,creators go the extra mile and since,youre bound to hit the complexity limit,at some point,theyll make a whole series of,adventures with a lengthier story,but it doesnt all have to be story,based photosynthesis made,mario kart and

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Spore Review 2021 Is Spore Still Worth It?

all right so today we are talking about,spores,many of you probably already know spores,but,it has a very special place in my heart,so i want to talk about it,so what exactly is spore its basically,a god game,and i dont mean that in the sense of,its an amazing,incredible game its more like a god,simulator game,you start off as a little creature in,the ocean,and you collect food to survive and,evolve into a bigger creature,with enough food and dna points you can,change your creature,you can add eyes and other kind of stuff,like spikes and new mouths and all kinds,of stuff,you can add new fins and,poison and electric stuff whatever you,can find,this part doesnt take very long its,like i dont know 20 minutes maybe,and then you were pretty much done with,this stage,and your creature is ready to go to land,and thats where the real fun begins,at least for me because the whole game,pretty much,changes once you get on land because now,you can add,legs and other limbs and wings,and many other things you can find on,land,so once youre on land the gameplay,changes from,this arcade kind of food collection,simulator,to more of a third person rpg kinda,you have a nest with your little clan of,creatures,and youre in a big world surrounded by,other creatures,they all used to be like generated by,people,made by other players but since the game,doesnt support isnt supported anymore,like the servers are down,and we cant really play with any other,peoples creations anymore which is kind,of sad,because that was a really big appeal to,this game you could just make a creature,upload it to the cloud basically and,everybody else could play with it,or against it or just see it on a planet,but since the servers arent supporting,the game anymore,uh yeah theres limited creatures now,basically,its still fun though like its still,worth it in my opinion to give it a try,if you havent played it,anyways once youre like,done i dont want to spoil too much like,you have to collect food and you have to,evolve your creature basically thats,the whole point of the game,so once youre done with this phase once,youve collected enough food for your,clan so to speak and you evolved your,brain,far enough to be a little more,intelligent you,start going into the clan phase,basically,where you have a clan and its more like,a,strategy game now because there are,other,clans on the planet and you have to,either be friendly with them and become,friends with them,like with dancing and making music,together,or you can go the other way and just,fight everything you want,kill everybody else and yeah then move,on,in this phase you have to either be,friends with everybody or kill everybody,else,or like a mixture of both you can be,friends with some,and kill some other clans but once,youre done with that,you move on to the city stage you are,now evolved enough,to build a city basically and you have,to manage the city,this is a much more like complex kind of,version of the strategy,game part that was in the clan phase,but still not like an amazing,strategy game that you would buy on its,own,but its still fun you can still play it,and enjoy it,anyways after that is where one of the,biggest parts of the game,come in the space exploration stage,in this stage you are a spaceship,basically,and you can freely travel the universe,and its a huge universe trust me,there are so many stars and solar,systems you can,look at and land on and change,its really incredible for an old game,like this,you will have missions youll have to,continue like,at some point youre gonna go to the,center of the galaxy basically,and thats gonna be the end of the game,but there,are other missions kind of like side,missions,it space uh stage,but also like just so much to explore,and around with its a lot of fun,to just go,to some planet and abduct some small,little creatures that were living there,or to find a barren planet and see,life on it thats really cool you can,terraform basically any planet you find,and you can make whatever you want out,of it,and thats kind of the selling point of,this game this game has a lot to offer,like in general it has a couple,different,games built into itself basically it has,arcade gameplay in the beginning then it,goes over to,third pla the little third person action,gameplay,then it goes over to strategy game and,last but not least,space exploration all of these game,mechanics,are okay theyre not bad but of course,theres like,other games that do it a lot better,because,church is one game they just are like a,strategy game,or a third person action rpg so,obviously theyre more polished in what,they have to offer but,i gotta say like ive never seen a game,like spore before,or after sport rather because its,pretty old,no game has really combined all of these,elements before,or after and its really,a special game in my opinion i recommend,this game to anyone that has not played,it before,because im sure theres something to,enjoy for everybody,and the whole experience is just really,cool,i really enjoyed building my creature,and just making,whatever the hell i wanted out of it,because thats,thats the freedom you get while playing,sport you can design,a creature like you want it to,it doesnt matter if it looks really,dumb or if you want to go for something,really cool or,creepy or cute in addition you can also,design,cars for your city and buildings for,your city and you can,customize your creature with clothes,later on,and you can build your own spaceship and,so much more its really cool,and in the end you can build whole,planets if you want to,i played this game as a kid for so many,hours,i mean especially in the third person,create,creature mode because i dont know that,was just that was the good stuff back,then,but now looking back and looking at the,price tag especially,um uh yeah i gotta say i wouldnt pay 24,bucks for this game anymore,its still good dont get me wrong but,24 bucks,is quite a lot for a game like this i,was expecting it to be like,10 bucks or something like that but yeah,theyre still selling it for,20 bucks or 24 and with all the lcs for,like 50 bucks,which is insane so if you want to buy,this game,buy it when its on sale and you dont,need the dlcs i mean theyre fun,they add a lot of other stuff you can,add to your creature,but all in all you really dont need,them to just enjoy the game,and they are quite expensive because you,know ea,anyways i hope you enjoyed this video i,hope you learned something,i dont know it was kind of rambly but,yeah i still hope you enjoyed it,thank you so much for watching i really,hope you,started off well in 2021,and yeah ill see you next time goodbye

Spore Video Review by GameSpot

spore is a great and interesting game,that does a lot of different things the,concept sounds very ambitious you create,a single cell and guide it through five,stages of the evolutionary process from,simple building block to galactic,civilization in practice however spore,is a rather simplistic game this,succeeds mainly because of its robust,creation tools and community integration,if youve played with the spore creature,creator which was released earlier this,year youve seen spores best feature the,tools for creating your vision are,brimming with options but incredibly,easy to use,letting youth snap arms and legs on the,body add weapons and other features and,then twist and mold them as you see fit,with these amazing options you can,create a work of beauty or an ugly,monstrosity,either way the best part of Spore is,creating a beast and watching it lumber,and flit about in the game world in a,game of spore proper however youll,start much more simply you start with a,2d cell in the first stage and swim,around looking for food and move hearts,while avoiding fish that would gobble,you hole depending on whether you go the,carnivore or herbivore route or both,youll eat floating algae bits or,attacks smaller creatures for their meat,its incredibly simple and plays like a,cross between the games flow and,pac-man,youll graduate to the second stage the,creature stage pretty quickly youll be,able to add some appendages but you,wont have the full set of creation,often yet once youre ready you take,your evolved creature to land and wander,about either making friends driving,other nests to extinction or both if you,go for violence you have up to four,attacks to use if you want to make,friends you have four social options,like singing and dancing the joy of this,stage is finding new parts to use for,your creature and gawking at or running,from the charming and hideous creatures,and having the world the gameplay itself,is really simple and not all that,engaging when its time to enter the,tribal stage the third stage you get one,last chance to adjust the physical,features of your creation though you can,add different clothing items and other,doodads from here you control a small,tribe gathering food and again fighting,or making friends with the neighbors,youll still see the cool sights and,immense charms of the creature stage,possesses of the gameplay is now a,really watered down real-time strategy,game as before the awkward charms and,insanely low beasts around you carry the,stage actually playing this stage is,amusing but its too stripped to be,totally fulfilling,the civilization stage loses some of the,charms of the creature oriented stages,but does at least add some more complex,elements youll also be creating some,more stuff like houses and vehicles and,the tools are simply incredible just as,youd expect there are a few thin,additional layers of gameplay here such,as being able to take other cities by,force religious conversion or economic,means but all three play almost exactly,the same way again it isnt the gameplay,that youll enjoy as much as the little,things like seeing your giant,holographic creature preaching over an,enemys city or messing with the,customisable music options and finally,you have the space stage in which you,fly about your ship from star to star,and planets planet in this stage you,encounter various civilizations and,again you can choose to befriend them or,wipe them out this works somewhat like,the creature stage in the sense that you,control only your own ship and can be,accompanied by a few friendly craft from,allied nations but the scope is enormous,and the customization tools expand to,let you terraform planets which isnt,just for cosmetic purposes but also lets,you make it possible for new colonies to,expand this is the one stage that stands,on its own though it isnt nearly as,deep as most given space exploration,games it is very charming though and,youll spend a good amount of time,running simple missions for your,galactic neighbors who speak in an,amusing variation on the usual Simlish,so none of the five stages really hold,up in light of any given similar game,but taken together spore is a big and,impressive experience that relies a lot,on its incredible charm it also relies,on the content that you and other,players provide to round out the online,spore pedia which is a database of your,creations and those of others,assuming you play well connected to the,Internet and sign in to a spore account,your game will be populated by other,players creatures browsing the spore,pedia and browsing the incredible,imagine of creatures buildings and,vehicles made by other members of the,spore community and a lot of fun and,its also simply a lot of fun to,encounter these things within your own,game throw in the incredible,customization tools and you have a fun,and light experience that most players,will enjoy spores individual gameplay,elements arent anything special but as,parts of such a broad and charming,package they work far better all in all,this is a fun and cohesive game that,will provide many easygoing hours of,entertainment for almost anybody

Spore Was Perfect

what were you doing in the year 2008,maybe you were playing bop it with your,pals between rounds of cod,past the dr pepper jeremy or maybe you,were scrolling limewire for a download,of stronger by kanye west or maybe,you were picking your nose and crawling,around in a diaper like the weak,pathetic life form you were,you freaking baby,meanwhile the rest of us enlightened,ones were creating the next apex species,becoming spice barons conquering the,galaxy,and being literal gods of creation among,you we were playing one of the greatest,games to ever,exist spore put simply spore is a game,where you start as a cell,become an animal that you can evolve and,then become a tribe then a civilization,and then space explorers and you guide,every decision every step of the way,do you want to be a brutal carnivore,devouring everything in your path,or do you want to be vegan non-gmo and,gluten-free,do you want to take over other tribes,through violence and war,or do you want to play on your flute do,you want to move planet to planet,extinguishing,all traces of life or do you want to,grow trees,you can kind of do whatever you want in,spore my first time hearing about spore,i was in a school bus on my way to,summer camp and one of my friends turned,over to me from the seat ahead and was,like,have you heard of mount spar and i was,like,like as in the fungus and he was like no,the game,and i was like okay you go on and tell,me about that and then he opened his,mouth and it was like he was speaking,another language,blowing my mind with concepts like,evolution,spice trading space conquest now me,being a bit of a freak at this time this,spore,peaked my interest so when i got home i,booted up the old windows vista,and i took a visit to the spore website,and i was kind of amazed,now by the way this website is still up,and let me tell you it is truly a blast,from the past,you can still even download the creature,creator which well get into later but,seeing all of those cool creatures on,there and seeing everyone elses,creations i was like,damn so boom i got spore and so began my,next childhood obsession,i did all of the research i read the,instruction manual over and over again,preparing myself for creating the finest,civilization to roam among the stars,i was ready oh god was i ready,and when i loaded into the game for the,first time and started the cell stage,i forgot everything and just kind of,winged it spore,is probably one of my all-time favorite,games and sometime recently i stumbled,on it again,you ever run into one of your old,friends but its not awkward and youre,not trying to get out of it like,oh yeah we should we should hang out,sometime,its just a genuinely nice experience,and i dont know about you,but playing it again i i truly still,believe it is a perfect game,so what made spore so great well one of,the huge draws was the creativity,the creature creator in sport is just,it its no joke and its honestly half,the pull of the game im not,gonna lie you could lose yourself in,here just spending hours making whatever,you want,the creature creator was exactly what,any kid would want,the flexibility and freedom to make a,complete abomination and then set it,loose into the world,like look at these things no other game,gave you the same kind of tools and,freedoms,you want to start off as a mindless and,savage meat-eater tearing through being,after being but then,wake up the next day in the tribal stage,and say nah,tick-tock dance challenges to make peace,with earth go ahead,and then on top of all that if you,connected to the internet you could see,other peoples creatures roaming around,wreaking havoc on the planet,and it made everything feel so big and,grand and like a real living ecosystem,i think something about seeing your,creature evolve over time knowing where,they started and seeing how far they,came made it really easy to get,attached to them when i played through,my first game of spore,i was extremely attached to my creature,and i,wanted my species to thrive on top of,all of that,and no other game doing quite what,sported,no other game was as funny doing it,so this is my creature doinkus and its,based on being a bit of a doinkis,not only are the creatures you can make,just hilarious,and not only are some of the other,monstrosities lurking around hilarious,too,but the way spore boils down society,into a nutshell and packages it in a way,thats basically a caricature of our own,civilization,is hilarious too everything from the,dialogue options to the way creatures,interact with each other,to the way civilizations interact with,each other is just so over the top and,nutty,the fact that there were international,relations,was just hilarious and i remember when i,used to play i would intentionally just,tank my relations with everyone,because i just thought it was so,hilarious seeing the other civilizations,get mad and just start speaking,gibberish,was spore mechanically perfect no but,was spore perfect from a game design,perspective,also no but did spore excel in all the,genres it blended together,no but is spore still a perfect game to,me,yes i mean lets get one thing straight,this game is,a little its a little jank,it has bugs and it has some pretty weird,moments the gameplay mechanics are a bit,lacking in some areas,like look it has its own problems but in,my opinion,thats part of its charm because at the,end of the day,spore is just fun like in what other,game could you literally be an,apple waging a gruesome militaristic war,on another group of apples just trying,to make it big in the stock market,when spore came out it wasnt too well,received by people,and they mostly pointed out the fairly,shallow gameplay as the reason they,didnt like it,but as time goes on i think spore has,definitely amassed a cult following,and i think thats because of just how,fun it is and how funny it is and i,think it has a lot of replay value,and behind all of its comedy behind the,hours of laughs and fun,spore taught us about the consequences,of our decisions and the meaning of life,and the fragility of it all,and how much work it takes for life to,flourish how to have positive,international relations,leading to successful trade in a working,and coherent global economy,but also how to be a worm the concept of,perfect is a tricky one,things are always going to have flaws,and nothing on this earth is perfect,but if the goal of a game is to get me,to laugh to get me invested and to get,me,to most of all just have fun then sport,did just that,so thank you spore thank you for being a,perfect game,to me hi everyone if my voice sounds,really gravelly right now,thats because it is there are so many,talented spore creature creators out,there and i was really curious what,kinds of nutty creatures you guys were,making in spore,so i asked on twitter for you to show me,some of your funniest or just flat-out,weirdest creations,and here they are right out of the gates,we have multiple people sending in a,mogus,thank you guys very cool at zuled sends,in this minion that i can only describe,as wednesday morning methamphetamine,at donkey konga fort sent in spore,monstrosities straight out of dark souls,and i have to say this is really,impressive,i love the amount of detail on these,guys like this is just hands down cool,great job same with what was sent in by,ampers score zero,these are really creative creatures you,got i really love the yowie hands on,male seahorse,and im definitely going to be running,from that one in my dreams your baymate,sends in this absolutely adorable kitty,that i will be naming porter very cute,and lastly,average pixel sent in a spore gun,thats it just someone made a gun in,sport,amazing i looked over everything,everyone sent in and i had a great laugh,and it was a lot of fun thank you guys,so much for sending in your sport,creations,and if you want to send your sport,creations my way definitely dont be shy,before i go i just want to say im,dropping a new song on may 21st,th

What Happened to Spore?

hello once again my name is negative,Legend and Im here to answer the,question what happened to Spore if,youve gone all this time without,hearing of Spore you either werent a,kid growing up with the internet in 2008,or you managed to go through nearly,three years without talking to anyone,for those who are unaware spore is an,online game created in 2008 that was,released on Mac & PC,the idea is that you create your own,alien race and start life literally all,life you begin as a microbe and evolve,into the possibly vulgar creation you,made your species would evolve socially,as well eventually following similar,paths of our human civilization and,eventually exploring space for,colonization which is something that,that was new and had never been done,before and thus is why it became a,pivotal game however the gameplay was,considered shallow the concept it,achieved was grand but they somewhat,forgot they were making a game while,chasing this idea and the reviews for,the game suffered because of it as with,all games that ripples across gaming,culture Spore developed a community EA,the creators of Spore would actually,start their own YouTube channel where,they showcased the most popular videos,created by other users surrounding Spore,players could even subscribe to another,player and see any spore creations that,player created the spore community was,self governed in many ways working as a,democracy to ban players who didnt,follow guidelines set by subcategories,of the community but as with anything EA,creates there was controversy,specifically with DRM,or digital rights management really the,issue was that secure aam the program,they use to keep people from copying,their game and giving it to their,friends for free required constant and,repeated authentication and this annoyed,people for obvious reasons a,class-action lawsuit was filed against,EA for its use on this game Electronic,Frontier Foundation believed that fair,use rights are restricted by the DRM,applications of secure aam spoors DRM,was considered intrusive and that it,quote did everything but set the users,houses on fire the biggest issues with,secure ROM was that its existence wasnt,disclosed in the EU LA and that the,program doesnt appear anywhere when a,user tries to add or remove programs,hopefully you can see why this caused,issues but thats just a normal day when,it comes to EA lets get back to the,game instead of the legal issues,[Applause],[Applause],spore was created by Maxis which is,currently a subsidiary of EA theyre,best known for simulation type games,like The Sims they had a huge success,with the sims but eventually failed,commercially with their upcoming games,which was when EA bought them out after,spore became a huge success EA did what,any other company would do and milked it,for as much as they could,they created spore creature creator that,released on Mac and PC in 2008 which,released prior to the main game of sport,this was well a creature creator you you,created creatures an expansion was soon,released in the same year called spore,creepy and cute where it expanded its,creature creator to include paints parts,and backgrounds spore creatures released,in 2008 for Nintendo DS as a spin-off,developed by grip tonight games it was,much more of an RPG than anything else,and it was also my very first Nintendo,DS game the game was mediocre and was,clearly more directed towards a younger,audience with a cutesy artistic,direction spore origins released on,mobile devices in 2008 as another,spin-off of sport this only focused on,the cell phase of the gameplay and,simplified the game as just a cell,trying to survive spore galactic,adventures was released in 2009 as an,expansion to the online based game Spore,this allowed players to take place as,space captains on adventures spore hero,released on Wii in 2009 developed by,Maxis this game focused on collecting,items to customize the players creation,you explore a world and change your,creature as the game progresses spore,hero arena released the same time as,spore hero as a spin-off but this time,for the DS finally Darkspore released in,2011 developed by Maxis it borrowed the,creature editing technology from spore,and described itself as a fast paced,action RPG,this was a top-down dark and gritty,version of Spore that played similar to,Starcraft it wasnt received too well,because it required the user to always,be online in order to play in 2016 the,servers for darkspore were shut down,life has the potential to go out and,have immense interesting interactions in,this basically lifeless galaxy thats,really the story of sport what does the,lifeless gauzy look like,then you drop life in what does that,life do within the galaxy and in doing,so you actually end up hitting all these,different scientific subjects and you,get an interesting perspective on things,like physics and chemistry biology,sociology starting at the very beginning,of the game you know were using kind of,a pin a theory of life coming to,this planet starting single cell then,going up through evolution one of the,interesting things that happens is that,you have the successive kind of,interplay between cooperation and,competition youll have little cells,competing at some point some of them,inside a group together and for prey and,they become specialized and you get,multicellular organisms then you have,individual creatures competing at some,point some of them start grouping the,other forming very simple little,societies about competing the,individuals and as a society they also,tend to specialize in 2015 the spore,galactic Edition was released containing,the base game a DVD that held the making,of Spore another DVD that detailed how,to build a better being and art book and,a 100-page galactic handbook a poster,and all inside a snazzy plastic box with,engravings this retailed for $80 which,is more than double the price of the,base game but the sales were so pitiful,that the price was reduced to $40,nowadays you can find it for about $10,for some reason I couldnt find any toys,based off spore which I thought would be,the first thing EA would do with this,sort of thing but its possible I just,missed them when researching if there is,anything I missed,tell me in the comments below as of,today you can still play Spore by,downloading it from their main,website or by purchasing it through,Steam thats everything I have for this,video I hope you enjoyed this video stay,beautiful and keep playing,[Music]

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