1. Reacting To My 2022 SPOTIFY WRAPPED Year In Review!
  2. Spotify Premium vs Free • 1 Year Later Review! (Spotify + Hulu All in One)
  3. Spotify Wrapped is REALLY Cool This Year!
  4. My Viewers Yearly Spotify Wrapped Aint It????….
  5. My Spotify Wrapped 2019 | Spotify Year in Review
  6. My Spotify Year In Review!!
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Reacting To My 2022 SPOTIFY WRAPPED Year In Review!

so it is the end of the year and that,means one thing for music fans Spotify,wrapped has arrived you can look at your,Spotify statistics to see your like top,five bands your top five songs and even,give you a playlist of like your top 100,most listened to songs so theres a lot,to explore on Spotify wrapped I see,everybody posting their pictures of,their songs and stuff but I wanted to,take it a step further make this video,and kind of discuss my own personal,Spotify wrapped and definitely drop a,comment down below and let me know what,yours ended up being what were your top,five artists top five songs all that,stuff so Spotify wrapped Im gonna have,to pull open the phone but Ill find a,way to throw it up on the screen as well,so you guys can see it Im really,excited to dive into my Spotify rap and,see what the top things were I listened,to I honestly kind of have no idea other,than I have a really creeping suspicion,that there will be a good amount of,Motionless In White and bad Omens if I,had to guess before I click on my,Spotify rap make sure you give this,video like hit that subscribe button,notifications Bell and lets go ahead,and dive right into my year in review on,Spotify,all right this will be interesting,this year you ventured into the genre,verse,30 different genres thats it for King,song So Good,[Music],metal core alternative metal then pop,punk pop and the modern rock not shocked,that metal core is at number one,its cool that they play songs that you,actually,uh know,as long as that you listen to throughout,the year,your morning started with angst,rebellious Mayhem,you seize the day with Gothic hype,hardcore,okay I dont know what that means,you embrace the Knight with amped Mayhem,angst I heard thats how thats how,Batman Embraces the night so,your total play time was 29,835 minutes,[Music],its a lot,your top Song is Love is read by,colorblind you played it 92 times,wow,I did not expect that to be number one,your top songs love is red color blend,eventually by state champs lights and,Fire by Wolves at the gate sign of Life,by Motionless In White and then neon,Grave by day Seeker I thought sign of,life would have been uh the number one,song,foreign,artists this year but one ruled your,world,yeah I figured itd be Motionless In,White,theres theres too many songs I return,to,off their last album,Im sure my statistics are nothing,compared to hardcore emotionless white,fans but yeah,[Music],top artists,Motionless In White then bad Omens state,champs bring Benjamin and Memphis May,Fire,Im little surprised that state champs,but other than that nothing is shocking,here,[Music],time to meet your listening personality,the adventurer,youre a seeker of sound you venture out,into the unknown searching for pressure,artist deeper Cuts newer tracks,especially gems yet to be found,I do go into the Spotify pits to find uh,new music I Wont Lie,all right and that was it,very cool all right really cool Im a,little surprised by some of the results,and not as surprised by some of the,other results so one thing I was,surprised by is uh love is red being my,top song I I knew I blasted that song a,lot and I still do,but I figured because it came out I,think in the second half of the Year,where I discovered it in the second half,of the year,uh I didnt think it would be my number,one song so I guess Im a little bit,obsessed with that one I thought sign of,life was actually gonna be my number one,song but it was actually my number three,song so that was really really,surprising to me,um Im not shocked that Motionless In,White was my top band of the year,because I listened to their newest album,a lot even if I dont listen to every,individual song we have songs like,porcelain werewolf,sign of Life uh burned at both ends part,two just a lot of really awesome songs,that I keep returning to time and time,again with that album uh Breaking,Benjamin being my top five not shocked,just because,theyre a band I listen to every year I,love Breaking Benjamin obviously,um and then Memphis May Fire,probably would have been higher in all,of the rankings if they didnt release a,majority of their new album last year,because they released everything as,singles basically so,uh I think they would have fared a,little bit better if,they released their songs uh this year,and not released a majority of their,album last year so I think they probably,would have taken the number one spot,over Motionless In White if that would,have been the case but you know its,just an interesting time and different,bands are releasing music in different,ways and Memphis May Fire decided to,release basically their whole album as,singles over the course of like an,entire year,so I think Memphis May Fire would have,done better if that not have been the,case I was also a little bit surprised,that day Seeker made it into the top,five songs,I guess I forgot how much I listened to,Neon grave when it first came out and,although their new album didnt,quite live up to my expectations,although I thought it was solid,um,that is a phenomenal song and I was,blasting it like crazy when it first,came out so I dont want to take,anything away from that track because,that is an amazing song definitely,worthy of being in the top five,and man it was just really interesting,to see,some of these tracks I think they have a,top 100 playlist as well so I kind of,want to take a look at a few more songs,maybe see what my top 10 was alright so,at number one we had love is Red by,colorblind eventually by state champs,Lights On Fire by Wolves at the gate oh,that was my number three I thought sign,of life was sign of life was number four,neon grave number five,oh there it is waiting on the sky to,change was that number six didnt make,the top five just barely uh and then end,by Fit For A King absolutely adore that,song,Masterpiece inside my head and a,thousand lifetimes,so those make up the uh top tent theres,just been so much awesome music this,year and I think one band that,definitely would have made the top five,songs and artists if it came out sooner,would have been nothing more because I,listened that album so much their newest,album blew my mind absolutely adore it,Im still blasting it non-stop but you,know that one just came out recently so,I havent quite had the time with it,that I that I would like to have so I,think um,going into next year I wouldnt be,shocked if nothing more is in the top,five just for me listing this album over,and over again,um because I dont see it going anywhere,anytime soon it is just one that I have,on rotation all the time drop those,comments down below let me know what,your Spotify wrapped looked like for the,year of 2022 let me know your top five,artists top five songs anything else you,want to discuss drop those comments down,below Ill respond to as many as I can,going into the rest of the year for,December Ive got a few really big,videos planned so content might be a,little bit lighter but youre going to,get some of those massive videos that I,know you guys want one of which is the,top 100 songs of 2022,uh these are just my favorite personal,songs so it might be different from the,Spotify rap stuff and uh yeah thatll be,really fun and then we are going to do,the top 10 albums of 2022 and I would,like to do if I have the time I would,like to do like a top five or top 10,most disappointing or underwhelming,albums I dont want to call it like top,10 bad albums because some of the albums,are decent or even good but just didnt,quite live up to my personal expectation,so I would like to do a video kind of,discussing that as well so those will be,the end of the year videos and then,going into 2023 Im going to try to,cover even more album drops more singles,even if I cant do like an epic album,review do like a smaller review or just,discuss an album if I dont have the,time to make like a big video on it so,you guys can constantly hear my thoughts,on all new music dropping I know Polaris,is probably gonna have an a

Spotify Premium vs Free • 1 Year Later Review! (Spotify + Hulu All in One)

whats up everyone simply pops here and,yesterday my spotify premium expired and,they charged me $10 shout so everybody,watched my videos you guys know Im a,college student so you know you get a,night College discount so they supposed,to charge me five dollars instead its,hard to beat ten dollars now I didnt,know you have to actually renew your,college discount because you know maybe,you might graduate hes still getting,that five dollars yeah so I kind,understand that but I didnt know that,maybe sometimes you gotta read that fine,print so I contacted Spotify and they,gave me back my ten dollars so now Im,here now Im thinking about you guys you,guys for watching this video what is it,like having Spotify free so all day,today I had Spotify free and I gotta say,man its just been torture its been,hell I want to play some culture right,shouts and amigos all right you guys,notice right away I cant even seek the,song and thats another thing too you,came and select what song you want to,play you forced to shuffle the whole,thing and really not only that you gotta,actually skip to the song that you want,to play like its since a shuffle lets,say you want to play t-shirt you click,shuffle and it might play big on big and,not to mention you really dont have,that much skips and of course we have,the ads yeah its torture guys its,definitely torture but you know I,respect Spotify for offering a free if I,want to download this you can download,it and save it for offline play you,cant change the streaming quality to,the max tix to the extreme right and by,the way Spotify I have a higher,streaming rate all right so the kilobits,its a little bit higher on Spotify,compared to Apple music Im not spitting,on Apple music by no means but its just,like I feel like theres a little bit,more bang for your buck if you go with,Spotify Premium and just recently I,think yesterday or two days ago whatever,if youre a college student you actually,get in whoo all right so you get in Hulu,and you get in Spotify Premium if youre,a college student for the one price of,five dollars so five bucks you get in to,amazing services for the price of one,you cant beat that and thats something,that youre not gonna get for Apple and,I hate to be you know crapping on Apple,you guys already know my app,fanatic Apple watch I even got my iPad,right here Apple pencil everything,everything Apple even my router my,router is and is an airport extreme so,you know Apple music I just feel like,youre not really getting enough bang,for your buck yes is it is integrated,with your iPhone so it comes with every,iPhone so you go just go into the Apple,music but Spotify is a little bit better,even though you tap on shuffle play its,still gonna have you like its still,gonna play you know related songs to,that artist which is a little bit,annoying if he acts means and a lot of,people might think YouTube is a good,option to stream your music but a lot of,people dont understand not every song,is on YouTube some songs is just its,impossible to find on YouTube you either,gonna have the you know the one that,sounds funny youre gonna have covers,youre gonna have the studio when Im in,studio I mean like the concert ones its,not gonna be so good man so I wasnt,planning on making a video about that,you know its top secret youre really,not gonna have access to Spotify Connect,which I believe is one of the best,features is in my opinion this is one of,the best features on on Spotify one of,my favorite feature is Spotify connect,so lets say Im playing a song on my,iPhone I want to take it to the surround,sound my echo I have all my options,right here so I could just tap on this I,cant do that because Im not a premium,member so its just tripping out I can,play on my playstation other devices my,iPad I like that feature a lot I love it,a lot of people hate it,Allen I really dont understand why but,I love it man and especially you know,you have your phone listen to music on,your iPad and then you know you have to,charge your iPad you can put it on the,charger pick up your phone and pick up,the song where you left off I love that,feature a lot man so smart if I connect,I need that the five dollars alone is,worth the money just for Spotify connect,and having music on my echo so one of my,favorite albums by the way,star boy Beauty behind the madness oh,man time to the weekend you get in the,same amount of music if not maybe a,little bit more on Apple music I cant,even like probably get a little bit more,songs on Apple music thence modified,like jay-z I wanted to listen to Magna,Carta and its not on Spotify so I was,looking kind of confused it did had it,on Apple music it is what,you know and what you set everything up,youre pretty much a Hulu member too as,well as now you also have Hulu to add,the cherry on top so lets take a look,at Spotify now and I forgot to even,mention oh my god before I became a,Premium Member now the only weight thing,with Spotify free on the iPad you can,actually skip though you have very very,limited amount of skips but you can,actually seek through the song you can,select the song that you want to play so,its a little bit weird now okay now I,probably got to reset the app or,whatever but now you can actually seek,through the song lets go back to the,culture I was playing this song and now,look its playing on my Amazon echo now,see no problem alright let me turn it,out if I get copyright I have to play it,on my iPad I could play it on my phone,no problem I love that feature a lot man,by the way most importantly you can,actually download oh and guys really,just to conclude this video I believe no,matter what streaming service you pick I,think this day and age you need to have,a streaming service just imagine you,could just select any song you want to,play like you can listen to Katy Perry,it in the weekend and I dont know maybe,migos trying to sky any song right there,on your fingertips you know its so much,easier to search for music and I highly,recommend a streaming service I just,recommend Spotify because of the you,know more bang for your buck especially,if youre a college student and you know,overall man the only time you probably,gonna need your internal storage for,music is probably for mixtapes because I,am aware that Spotify dont really have,mixtapes and it dont really have,certain albums so you might need to go,to iTunes and purchase the album and,then sync it up so you know like I said,but a lot of songs is on Spotify already,right there on your fingertips so guys,thats my comparison between smart buy,free versus preview I highly recommend,you guys go with the preview and not to,mention I think recently Spotify I have,a support where you can actually seek,around the song while you know while,youre on the lockscreen you can do that,before and of course you can get in your,control center too as well thumbs up on,the video if you guys that enjoy,subscribe your new shadow build your,friends much appreciated and other than,that,my pops thank you guys so much for,watching

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Spotify Wrapped is REALLY Cool This Year!

Spotify is doing some really cool things,this year when it comes to Spotify,wrapped and if youre not familiar with,Spotify rap every year Spotify sends all,music fans and even music artists kind,of an update of how theyve done this,year for the fans they get how theyve,engaged with certain artists they see,what artists theyve engaged with the,most with the top rsr and for the artist,side they get to see how many people,were their top fans and also a bunch of,other data about their artists they,dont see the rest of the year in this,year Spotify is adding a bunch of,awesome things many of which are time,sensitive so make sure that if you do,this stuff in this video soon because,some of its coming up in the next few,days and then the next couple weeks so,first of all if you go to your Spotify,for artists youre going to see a thing,about Spotify wrapped if I pull this,over to my screen here youre gonna see,right here get ready with your wrapped,sound check and thats how I found this,little article right here so if we walk,through this theres some really awesome,things that I want to give Spotify some,credit for along the way so the first,thing is,in Spotify wrapped when a fan gets it,theyre going to receive a personal,video message if you were one of their,top artists for that year so I dont,know what they consider a top artist if,its like top one percent top 10 most,tracks they listen to that year or,whatever but if theyre one of those top,artists then they will get this private,video message so you can record just a,30 second clip and anyone is a top fan,of you will receive it just a way to,thank your audience youre not trying to,like send them anywhere sell them,anything they actually list certain,things youre not allowed to do in it,but its a really cool way that Spotify,is letting us actually engage with the,people that like our music which is,something theyve never done before,so if you want to do that you have until,November 18th so Im uploading this,November 2nd hopefully so you have a,couple weeks to do this so just make,sure you do it before that now the next,thing that Im really happy that Spotify,is doing is theyre going to make merch,and a part of Spotify wrapped and if you,dont know a couple months ago or maybe,it was more than that maybe it was last,year I dont remember uh Spotify,partnered up with Shopify so now you can,actually list merch on your Shopify,store for example if I go over to,Spotify for artists and I go to my,profile I actually have a merch section,on here thats linked to my Shopify,store I can choose a certain number of,products to show here and I can pull,from my catalog of products to put up,there,so the way that works is if you if you,dont have a Shopify account and you,want to take advantage of this or if you,do and you want to take advantage of it,you have to link your Shopify store to,Spotify for artists you have to publish,new or exclusive merch to the Spotify,sales channel on Shopify and then thats,it so if you if you want to know how to,create the the Spotify Spotify connect,Shopify Spotify connection its two,names or so similar check this video,right here I made it whenever that,feature was created and then you,essentially just update the merch that,you have selected on there and thats it,and now we dont know anything about,this and how its going to actually work,Im assuming that if someone if youre,if some some of the top fans that like,you keep getting confused,they will see certain merch items so,good thing for you if you have a lot of,people who are top fans of your music,youre immersed youre going to have a,little more visibility which is another,kind of cool way that Spotify is letting,you interact with your fans previously,there hasnt been a good way to really,put your merch front and center to your,Spotify youd have to kind of rely on,social media and of course your mailing,list and shows and stuff like that,related to shows you can also link a,tour or concert platform so Spotify is a,certain number of supported partner,sites for concerts and essentially once,you link it those show dates will show,on your Spotify profile and so theyre,apparently going to be highlighting that,in Spotify rap this year as well so,again someone is a top fan of you,theyre going to get a personalized,video theyre going to see merch that,you have linked and theyre going to see,your shows which is really good again,another great way that that Spotify is,giving us another way to communicate,with fans over music and the last kind,of cool thing is that,theyre going to highlight the whole,cause donation thing as well so again,who knows how much how present this is,going to be Im assuming its going to,be like one page in like the 20 Page,thing but either way its a great start,and its really cool and I recommend you,check this out read more and hit the,deadlines remember November 7th which is,coming up real soon a few days thats,the merch integration deadline,and then November 18th is the,personalized video message deadline so,make sure you hit those things now if,you dont have your music on Spotify or,any streaming platform Im going to tell,you about the sponsor of todays video,distrokid so if you dont know distrokid,is a music distribution platform and,they are the one that Ive been using,since I started releasing my music late,2017 early 2018 or so and Ive submitted,a ton of Music Ive distributed a ton of,music through them all of this is music,that Ive made and uploaded through them,so crazy number of releases and the,reason why I initially got them is,because theyre really cheap you can,start with districted for as little as,19.99 a year now the plan I recommend,people use their musician plus plan its,34.99 or 35 a year that lets you get a,few other features that will allow you,to do things like scheduling releases or,do waterfall really strategies which you,can learn more about in that video right,right there but another thing that I,really like about District 8 is theyre,really fast and additionally they,support a lot of Music Services and,really cool thing I noticed that Ill,show you if I scroll all the way down to,my first release that I did through,District Edge I think I have one before,that that I deleted,um because it was bad but we go in here,this song came out I I uploaded it,January 8th 2018. if I scroll down to,the store section and click add to more,stores,you can see that since then how many new,stores theyve added so when I uploaded,they say its Spotify iTunes Apple,YouTube Amazon Pandora these are title,claro musica Savannah Media Net but,since then theyve added and got me,boomplay Instagram Facebook adapter flow,I Heart Radio juice KK box quack media,netease Keo Buzz Snapchat 10 cent Tick,Tock Thriller soundtrack by Twitch in,the index so uh district has a ton of,platforms you can submit your music to,and I really recommend them Ive never,had a single issue with them and as you,can tell Ive distributed a ton of music,with them and theyre also just really,cool people yeah because of stuff like,this Im getting to talk to some of the,people there and theyre all really cool,so,um yeah anyways theres a link in the,description if you want to check out,District you can get seven percent off,first year and also links like a,description to the Spotify wrapped thing,as well if you want to learn more about,how to promote your music online check,out this playlist right here and if you,want to see more music industry news,type stuff I have a playlist right here,as well anyways thanks for watching and,Ill see you next video bye

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My Viewers Yearly Spotify Wrapped Aint It????….

my top artist My Singing Monster who is,this My Singing Monsters so can I look,that up,[Music],talking about time this is his number,one if this is number one on Spotify,hes not to be trusted,all right so today today uh its coming,out to the end of the year you know what,Im saying its the last month of the,year being December so Spotify uh just,released what it does every year which,is its wrap up so essentially I had,yall send yall wrap up that shows,yall I think it shows top five songs,and then top five artists so were gonna,go through every one of yall wrap up,just to see what type of music you into,and see what yall hitting on uh lets,see lets see what yall got lets see,what yall got all right so just so,yall can see mines so yall cant be,like oh blue right you didnt show us or,youre wrapped this is what my rap is,you know what Im saying,um we got juice world at one Im,actually Im not gonna hold you Im,surprised that juice world is at number,one I listen to a lot of juice but I,feel Im not gonna hold you chat I feel,like this is Loki like I feel like I,listen to,like Ive listened to more artists than,than juice world this year I dont know,why I feel that but I mean if its,saying that then um then we got trippy,red at two little knowledge I said three,polka dot Stingray at four I know you,dont know yall know who number four is,yall dont know how if yall know who,number four is and then uh,number five bro,Kanye call you now you got me looking,crazy bro now you got my you got me,looking crazy bro crazy number five dude,bro see now now you gotta be looking,crazy bro trippy and little nausea first,of all yall not gonna keep,disrespecting trippy bro yall not gonna,yall Not Gonna Keep average Apple music,listener Tommy you cant you you cant,do YouTube uh YouTube music rap they,dont do that for you I aint seen a,YouTube I see a YouTube uh a YouTube,music rap yet you know what Im saying I,aint seen it yet and Lil Nas X Im not,gonna hold you yo this music is actually,really really good yall just dont like,bro cause he you know what Im saying,your top artist is okay baby Tron Kanye,its crazy that he gave Kanye just a uh,the donut uh profile picture you know,what Im saying uh Cochise I thought Im,not going I thought Gucci would be in my,top five I was listening to the out of,um Mr Professor thats all thats,actually it thats real thats a really,good thats a really good um its a,really good top five your top artist,g-i-d jid is a fire artist,J ID is a fire artist Im not gonna lie,um Kendrick Lamar Bruno Mars Lil Uzi,vert Polo G you know what Im saying,okay this is a really good this is a,very very good top five Im not gonna,lie to you chat,um Im surprised that now that Im,looking at it Im so theres like people,here Im like it really wasnt in my uh,child five like that Im songs juice,bags drinks 90210 so,I find it interesting how yall suddenly,have 90210 uh in in the top five where,is this I I see this last year so yall,just oh so Tick Tock got yall listening,to to Classic come so so now now this,song is almost a decade old so now now,Tick Tock just got to be listening to,Classics huh okay okay Say That Then Say,Say That Then Say that dead dog kidding,Im kidding whatever you want to listen,to Bro whose song is this new slaves,that is a crazy title for us,e,juice world,xxxtentacion designer,designer,designer,this just goes to show you that,everybody has a fan bro dont ever say,nobody well you can say people fell off,but even people who fell off got some,religious fans bro you still cranking,panda panda what you listening to Timmy,Timmy Timmy Turner he be looking for a,burner the key everybody,decided to be in the top four well you,had to have been blasting Panda and,Timmy Turner all year and then they got,a navarage in the in the top five that,is crazy okay that one called me up my,top artist My Singing Monster who the,[ __ ] is my singing monsters oh this is,what the the [ __ ] was talking about who,is this,My Singing Monsters Chuck can I look,that up or is that is that toss can I,look up a song from them My Singing,Monsters,[Music],calm him out tell me about talking about,this is his number one if this is number,one on Spotify hes not to be trusted,talking about find who he is were going,back to Discord were gonna find who he,is go talking about might as well handle,that go handle that go ahead thats his,top one hes not to be trusted Im not,gonna lie to you bro hes not to be true,thats his top one over X little tekka,Uzi AE hes not to be trusted theres no,way,yeah youre done buddy Im not gonna lie,youre done youre done buddy wait no no,not you Chris oh its Chris Bott oh its,Chris Ball yes how about Chris bye oh my,God 100K I didnt tell yall the pack,bro up for 100k uh seconds my fingers,slipped oh my God Rose is never gonna be,a child again all right yo having Kanye,on the pro like the picture its just a,black Square thats thats crazy uh,Kanye West yeah yeah I know youre going,through it right now youre going,through youre going through the motions,right now Im not gonna hold you bro,is this is this dubstep is this EDM with,what kind of what what somebody let me,let me let me know what type of what,type of tunes is these what type of,tunes what type of tunes these is Im,not gonna hold you I could tell this,mommy be having body pillows stacked up,in neighborhood because God damn top,genre electro house,okay hey man as long as you like it bro,you know what Im saying just definitely,you know what Im saying talk to,somebody uh you know Chief God God so,you dont listen to this,[Music],holy [ __ ] you have 1800 minutes listen,holy [ __ ],Im not gonna lie its 2022 lets shows,is a classic but you have Love Sosa woke,up like this and who I smoke and,lifestyle and it is 20 22. you have a,song from this year that you like just,by this doesnt listen to music not that,the artists that are listed here are,trash because theyre not but its just,like this has 1800 minutes listen to he,has Chief Keef at number one and,anything Chief Keef hasnt really,dropped this year one but this on the,top songs just have straight uh songs,that came out in like 2014 which nothing,wrong with them but he only has 1800,seconds left I mean 1800 uh minutes,listen um yo listen rap I listen to,cocomelon for some reason I dont feel,like youre youre joking Im not gonna,lie to you Tyler the Creator Im,surprised Tyler wasnt um Im surprised,Tyler wasnt like up for me you know,what Im saying like,I thought I I swear I listened to so,much Tyler this year you know what Im,saying like Tyler doesnt theres a w,artist right here the Tyler the Creator,youre in the top 19 okay I feel it I,feel it,PSA,stop dissing bullet PSA YK Vlog is a,really good song and bullet bullet,bullet bullet bullet bullet Rockstar,made okay not not my song for the top,five but I feel you uh its bottom okay,good top five good top fives top artists,cardi this is a crazy Cardy for the,juice who else Yeet joji man Im not,gonna hold you chat,the hand I aint listening to that joji,album on here because I knew if I,listened to joji theres certain artists,I know not to listen to on here bro,because if I listen to artists on here,bro that if I listen to certain artists,on here are gonna be like wheres she,mid yeah,but joji is such a good artist that,album was like actually really really,solid Im not going but I already knew,uh I already knew Castile had has really,good taste like,uh music uh review joints but I I used,to be peeping them I already know you,have like really good takes you know,what Im saying,uh okay we got Tyler top one thats cool,its cool Kendrick,ailon J dilla,I dont know God damn holy sh you you,just reacted to a short summary of The,Music you didnt even listen Im gonna,who would you call me if you get lost,you listen to that joint like four times,and because thats the whole album it,seemed like God do not listen to music,you just you just went into your Spotify,wrapped in and went to go listen to the,music that you you liste

My Spotify Wrapped 2019 | Spotify Year in Review

was of YouTube yasubo ethnics why what,come back to this channel Im really,excited for this video we got today,because were looking at Spotify rap,2019 so device year in review,my personal listening behavior in 2019,lets get into it,welcome to the end of a decade ready for,the 2019 rapped we live and discover the,artists music and podcasts youve loved,most now Ive done this several times on,this channel already and I think we are,also gonna see a comparison to the last,years so Im really excited for that,but youre gonna start with winter see,what this is about,move nice transition sound changed with,the seasons spring winter spring I see,ok so these are the artists I listened,to in these seasons which is I dont,know its not super impressive because,they just took the month or dates but,lets see who do we got yeah Diplo my,Chemical Romance buzzy and in winter we,had penny of this girl xxx sent us you,know post Malone see another cool,transition here,oof summer marshmallow personal nature,laser and more post moon so I already,see a lot of postman on here,might be my top artist this year and,marshmallow literally has a song called,summer so make sense to have that in,here fall fall this lot of Khalid,blink-182 postman or Major Lazer again,post Malone its pretty sure by now that,this could be my favorite artist of the,year but also the album released in fall,I think anyways Khalid is like proper,for music up into a concert really,digging clean sound its so chilled laid,back at the concert known was going cray,they were just like reviving such a,millennial term but they were just,vibing lets see its been in right one,lucky artist was your number one post,Malone that was also the top artists in,general so makes me seem kind of basic,in though I wish I wasnt right say,thanks I can say thanks on Twitter I,dont know Ive been to a postman or,concert as well this year and its been,amazing Im going to leave some footage,in here I hope I dont get copyright,strike but then again I dont make any,room you in these videos so thats,nothing to claim,[Music],moving on I just wanna mention Ive been,having post Malone in my playlist,morning wipes which you can follow using,link down below in there since 2017,before anyone knew who he was his first,single wide I was some congratulations,and stuff and I think ladies album is,actually the worst compared to the other,ones but its still my number one artist,its just wanna claim that I was cool,before anyone else top artists to Diplo,I dont really know what I was listening,to that had Tipler in there I dont know,probably a lot of Major Lazer LSD hes,featuring a little of self nowadays,right marshmallow major listener Diplos,part of modulation Major Lazer,and that probably attacked twice knew he,might come across Im happy to see that,because like I was kind of throwing it,back this year listening to old school,rock verses and when it comes to your,music borders disappear youve listened,to me artists from 63 countries thats a,very cool visualization looks like a,comic book globe see what we can do it,post below martin martin garrix from the,netherlands very proud to LA follow your,pin in here some funny ones from canada,i didnt know that ellie goulding and,OTD Scandinavian Sound and yep thats,cool it didnt put all 63 countries on,there just a few about halfway through,your shower if fluid you refuse to let,one sound you find you oh I like that I,dont know if thats accurate it seems,like it thats a lot of pop pop rap EDM,I know pop rap is a popular genre this,year probably post Malone pop punk,modern rock so it goes from rock to pop,along with rap and then some idiot I,didnt expect pop to be my main genre,but it all depends on what Spotify sees,as pop and there are some great pop,songs out there Nicole I usually listen,to a lot of remixes so I dont know if,these are tagged as EDM or pop I listen,remixes of pop songs but yeah it looks,cool its like I like that comics are,going on here,ooh thats like iTunes cover flow if you,remember that I used to check every song,and now with my head and put in the,album artwork from Google Images to see,that pretty cool pretty cool someone,spent some time on that my favorite,songs,number one cold water Major Lazer Justin,Bieber no explains why my place is up,there its such a classic man it was I,remember them coming out in the same,week,cold water let me love you and in the,name of love and closer by the,chainsmokers I think best week ever of,Reeses I keep coming back to that song,you should check it out right now pretty,much no see I know TD so close,Felix young um great song great summer,song didnt really get old ever I mean,these two didnt get old error high,hopes I was so happy to see a rock,artist or band come up in the charts,again which hasnt been the case for a,long time so Im really talking about,talking he spent five hundred fourteen,minutes listening to podcasts this year,favorite Orioles health and fitness but,you lost some technology in video games,- that describes my interests pretty,well surprised since weve been together,since 2005 why stop there,2010s wouldnt have been the same,without you its looking at some,overalls,oh so what got here that might be my,favorite part of this website its like,a vinyl disc I know you say so just kill,me anyways its been steadily going up,pretty much but theres been a slight,decline 2019 I dont exactly know why,41,000 minutes is still a lot I would,say the music that defines you decade oh,so thats like an overview over the,years which is so cool so cool so we got,a top song 2015 see you again top,artists Major Lazer top song 2016 colors,by Jose Audion remix top artists the,chainsmokers then we got martin garrix,top song particular by Major Lazer,look alive feat Drake stop some last,year xk extension and now post me long,and major later so we see a lot of Major,Lazer here sucks that marshmallows in,there more Im a big more from the thin,but its about it cool overview Im,gonna take a screenshot of that [ __ ],your artist of the decade oh my god is,Major Lazer its a pretty big deal it is,I was about to say Im not listening to,measure later as much but I guess its,my most listened to song this year as,well so congratulations Major Lazer,being on a concert as well,twice talked to the guys,Im pretty close to these artists pretty,cool person you know and I think that,about wraps it up weve been so lucky to,share this time with you,heres something for you to share with,the world or hide or whatever were big,fans of you either way,what if I you get to choose your color,down here lets have it green black oh,that one looks kind of like Billy Alice,in your face thats been it for this,video Im about to wrap it up a slight,reminder if you want to listen to my,personal curate playlist morning wipes,which is highly energetic to get you up,in the morning follow the link down,below bye

My Spotify Year In Review!!

hopefully Im in focus,whats up guys walk up my channel I hope,you guys had an awesome Christmas I hope,you caught like a reindeer in your,stocking or whatever as the New Year,approaches were going to be going over,my Spotify year-in-review I didnt,listen as much music as I would have,liked but I listened to wait for it,82% more music than last year you want,to know who my top artist was this,actually surprised me I got amberlynn,which I run mad about because theyre my,jam I guess you could say theyre my,fave bands like I think if I had to pick,an artist to listen to until I died I,picked them top artists in Berlin,nevertheless Mat Kearney my jam he had,his new album came out this year and,itll to it on repeat I love him because,Matthew of my dear boy has been writing,songs about Annie from like the last,like 10 years and its the most precious,thing ever that Ive ever heard in my,life,relying K I was surprised I didnt think,I was some that much reliant K this year,but maybe that was influenced on Zak,because sometimes Zak is on my phone,picking music and last but not least the,best and brightest 21 pilots,Im gonna tell you a little story about,nevertheless and listen to me when I say,nevertheless was robbed okay I dont,know what the story is Im sure they,came to a mutual agreement that they,were just gonna break up but Im Ronald,Hannah Fett so nevertheless if you ever,happen to watch this Im very upset I,listen to them on repeat just every,morning and every night driving through,the Rocky Mountains if I can just get,serviced her for a few seconds if you,were going through a rough point in life,if you are just hurting and your soul is,just heavy go and listen to nevertheless,especially they live like were alive,album these songs are like healing,to the soul you will feel like someone,has just put a little band-aid on your,heart okay its not gonna fix the,problems because only Jesus can do that,but he could make it feel a lot better,all right theres my moment okay,how much can I find my identity in this,my favorite musical sub-genre is dance,pop good to know,my top song for this year was a lover by,nevertheless once again painful if you,are struggling with your life listen to,this song youll find me going mom so,good okay heres a fun fact for all my,star kids apparently in 2018 I listen to,mostly sad uterus artists such as Taylor,Swift and the one the only,Charlie poop as my friend Mackenzie said,if thats even her real name Charlie,puth seems like the kind of person who,would text you 14 times before you,texted them back and I have never felt,anything more one last slide if Spotify,saying hey heres all your music that,you love and thats gotten through your,life and just the touch your soul and,just made you feel just powerful and you,know what you should listen to different,music instead I like what I like I dont,want to try anything new okay well that,was hurtful Im gonna link to playlist,down below first gonna be my 2018,wrapped playlist that they put together,for me one either like see what the only,has my chance and second Im going to,link my playlist thats called its what,got me here yes that is a one tree hill,reference you can find,its not all 2018 Ive put it been,putting this playlist together for a,couple years now but if youre,interested and just listening to like my,pics and like songs is just like me and,goals and like I felt that and really,just sounds it like make me who I am,that will be on that playlist so check,it on it you know one unless you think I,have trash music taste and then you,dont have to watch this video or listen,to my playlist,even though thatll probably may be true,alright guys see you next week for my,new years musings we go and get sappy,we go get serious we gonna feel that one,[Music]

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Year In Review Wicked Penman

[Music],hello everyone,jay bollings from red mirror here aka,wicked wikiped man,uh please like comment subscribe share,if you find me on the written mirror,channel please follow the wikiped man,channel,find me on the wicked penman channel,please come over to the render mirror,channel,all right and uh in the name of full,disclosure,id like to first of all make you aware,that,there is product placement in this video,ive got the lumix,s5 here with me which panasonic has,kindly let me borrow,and im shooting on my lumix gh5s,so there you go this video is,well supposed to be more for the music,side of things so the written the the,wicked pen man page,just kind of an update a summary of 2020,so on and so forth um,[Music],ive had a very interesting 2020.,lets lets put it that way ive been,forced,to i i always like learning growing,expanding anyway but ive kind of been,forced to kind of broaden my horizons,and,alter my approach on the fly in terms of,augmenting the knowledge i already have,uh if youve been following the channel,or the channels if youre on written,mirror as well you follow even knowing,that,i started music in february 2019,i got black over there uh thats thats,commemorates the date uh well that was,when my first song was released i,started doing music before that but that,was my first release,lets lets just be very very clear,about that,since then ive recognized the need to,improve and improve quickly i dont have,the luxury of,a team i dont have the luxury of,a label a and r so on and so forth i,dont have a manager,i its just all me at the moment,so in order to kind of progress you kind,of go,you know for yourself in a baptism of,fire,go write your best stuff you gotta learn,to do all of this stuff you gotta learn,how to communicate with people and,network,youve gotta learn when people are,trying to trick you and pull the wall,over your eyes at the same time you,gotta learn,that even when you like someone and,respect their music and so on and so,forth,they might they may not have a kind word,for you in return you gotta learn all of,this stuff,and um yeah its been so 2020 was,interesting because i had to kind of,expand on my first year which,i think my first year was was solid i,came out with something like 13 tracks,12 12 13 tracks my first year,which was a lot of music i didnt know,anything about,like letting releases breathe and i was,just releasing music i was just happy to,be in it and i,whereas uh 2020 i kind of refined my,approach a bit more,you know um i had to get a lot more,a lot more cerebral,i had to think a lot more and strategize,about how to do things the best,um and then i released my first song for,the year in february,in time for valentines it was laid back,you know the kind of,latin latin afrobeats kind of fusion,sound i went for in that one to tell a,different kind of story,um and,after that i wanted to kind of kick on,and release an ep,you know i had i had the vision for 1wpm,from,early i knew what i wanted to do it was,all in my head,but then i started having issues with,mix engineers and so on and so forth and,this person that person i was like ah,so in the end,i had to do a lot of cleaning up right,you pay someone for a service they under,deliver,youre trying to help them help you but,its getting to a point where its all,disrespectful,tense no ones going to get anywhere,from contin as i just had to kind of,draw a line and then,i had to trust myself i literally had to,look at myself and say,you know i i wasnt i i didnt doubt,but at the same time its like do you,really want to learn how to,engineer music and master music at this,particular moment in time,youre bloody learning to be an artist,youre learning,to write better songs like youre,learning to manage yourself are you sure,this is something you really want to,pick up right now and i was like well,youre spending it wasnt cheap getting,mixed engineers mastering,its not like they were giving me like,this this this great rate and,introducing me to,you know what i mean like a a elaine,with goodwill,it was you were charging me what the,going rate was which again i have,i have no issue with people being paid,their worth but you must deliver,what we agree if im hiring you,to make a better mix than what i already,have thats exactly what you need to,deliver,if im hiring you to master my music,i need to be able to hear it at a level,or quality where id,be like confident passing it to a radio,dj because why,when i pass it on to these people,theyre not asking me or who makes this,and who mastered that,theyre going to give it theyre giving,me that energy of,youre wasting my time like why would,you ever think this is good im the one,that has to get that my neck is on the,line its my product,not yours and they just couldnt,understand that it seems so i had to be,like well,you may as well invest that in yourself,so and then it was like but youve,already spent this money,but theyre not delivering what you,start it was just very stressful,in the end i had to kind of take some,mixes back so things that were being,mixed again for the second,and thats another thing it wasnt done,right the first time,but people are trying to basically let,you know that your instincts count for,nothing because youve never done this,before well,thats precisely where my instincts,count because if i feel like its wrong,as a beginner how can you the seasoned,pro be okay with this thats kind of,and im glad i kind of stuck to my guns,and yeah and it,it was tough learning how to engineer,something from scratch and,it was tough not feeling like is this,finished is this ready,or or is it just me telling myself its,good enough because its me,like you its very you you can almost,get yourself locked into an echo chamber,now remember,youre writing producing recording now,youre mixing a mask thats,its dangerous im not going to sit here,and tell you thats a good idea and a,good strategy for,if you want to be successful doing music,because it isnt,its good to have other peoples ears,and but,it it needs to be people hey you can,trust them b who are very very good so,they got bring something,more to the table than what you already,bring to the table,if youve got a good ear for music the,person whos mixing your music,has to have either a very cold ear as in,what you might think is great and good,they just only hear whats necessary and,they rule out everything else,or they have to have a better ear than,you simple as,theyre not necessarily the same thing,you can have a good ear,and be very forgiving and then you have,people who have very cold,ears like if they dont hear what they,want to hit or they can tell you what,frequency is its too much of this,theres not enough of that cut this that,make these changes,and actually i did come across a few,people who were very helpful around,along the way there were a few people,who were helpful,um but for the most part and obviously,you know you do tons of independent,research you know the internet is your,oyster really theres so much,information out there,to the point where you can obviously you,can suffer um paralysis by analysis,really,too much information too much worrying,about,technical stuff and too much trying to,impress,other people who are also creating where,really and truly,the people who are going to consume your,music,not necessarily they do not necessarily,hold the same musical values they dont,care about all of that other stuff,right so this perfect mix youre sitting,on,a lot of your fan base or your potential,fan base or the people who have the,potential for liking your music,theyre not going to care about 30,drafts they dont they dont give up,you know what im saying what they will,do is,they will some of them will a will see,the vision,so theyll go okay hes just started,they will do the research theyll read,the bio,and it will make sense to them other,people will hear it and go yep,this person is new there but they have a,way to go but again,i like it other people wil

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