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Springfield Hellcat 1000 Round Review

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here and today were gonna be doing the,thousand round review,of a very compact and easy to carry nine,millimeter pistol the springfield,hellcat now before we do that as always,i want to thank my patreon supporters,because you guys was able to afford this,gun bought this gun with the patron,dollars if you want to help support the,channel all you have to do is go down to,the link in the description and sign up,for patreon and thanks for the,opportunity to continue reviewing guns,for you guys i also want to mention a,local homeless shelter in ames iowa if,youre not up for going to patreon,thats fine but please go down there and,click that link it donates directly to a,youth shelter in ames iowa those kids,could really use your support so please,get on there and give them a dollar too,it goes a long way especially if a lot,of people do it,now the springfield hellcat as you can,see right here,is a gun that ive had for a while i,think ive had this gun for like a year,now and uh we did the first shots quite,a while ago i mean it was at least,before last winter uh so its got to be,coming up on a year,the reason why the thousand run review,took so long is because its very small,and a thousand rounds out of a small,subcompact double stack nine millimeter,pistol like this takes a while because,it kind of sucks to shoot this pistol a,thousand times uh,its a nine millimeter and you guys are,gonna be out there saying theres no,recoil on a nine millimeter yada yada,well there is and uh gun this small uh,kicks probably considerably more than,something like a 45 in a 1911 or maybe,like a glock 20 or something like that,and honestly its just a little,uncomfortable for me to shoot but i,understand the reason that it exists and,well get into that so this is a,subcompact double stack nine millimeter,pistol that is striker fired which is a,very popular genre of pistols these days,that genre of pistol started with the,sig 365 and that pistol blew up and,became the highest selling pistol the,last few years so springfield obviously,wanted to follow suit and stay current,so they made the hellcat which is,essentially their version of the 365 and,then the ruger came out with one and uh,smith and wesson came out with one,taurus came out with on and on and on,they go and ive got a few videos,comparing those but i dont have a,specific review on the hellcat so i,figured wed do one here today now with,an 18 ounce overall weight its very,small and very easy to carry it has a,three inch barrel making it very compact,as well considering the capacity now it,comes with an 11,and a 13 round magazine,which is an unheard of capacity before,the last few years if you compare this,to something like the m p shield the,original or the glock 43 or something,like that youll find that its similar,in size with a little bit uh less than,double the capacity which makes it a,very viable uh firearm for concealed,carry makes it very ideal in my personal,opinion as long as youre competent up,with a pistol uh that youre able to,shoot it accurately which well get into,here in a minute as well now theres a,bunch of features that i like about the,hellcat and theres a bunch of different,models as well this one is not optics,ready but it does come optics ready if,you so desire uh with a little bit more,cash of course it also comes with i,believe now the uh compensated version,and longer barreled versions along with,different colors as well this ones flat,darker but they come in black and they,come in several different colors which,make it a very versatile firearm so you,can kind of get what you want and thats,kind of nice back in the old days you,werent able to do that modern era of,handguns theres a lot more options,available now the features that i like,on the gun are going to be the dual,captured recoil spring i like that a lot,i like the overall size and weight of,course i didnt mention that its only,one inch wide and thats what youre,going to feel on the old belly when,youre carrying it so only being about,one inch wide is really awesome,especially for that 13 plus one 14,rounds in a gun this small again pretty,freaking awesome thats only one short,of a glock 19 and this is a whole lot,smaller than a glock 19. let me give you,well the only gun i have on the table,here is the uh,cz p10f and you can see here it is a lot,damn smaller for only about five rounds,less however the p10f is obviously going,to shoot way better,now its got some u-notch,high-definition tr or tritium night,sights on there which is a very high,quality sighting setup however,that white eu on there i did not like it,all and it did cause some issues in,accuracy for me another thing that we,ran into with this pistol that is that i,had to drift the site because it was way,off out of the box okay all right so,were out here at about 80 yards or so,and were just going to shoot at one of,the ipsec targets there and just kind of,see if were on and if we dont hit,right away well go up close and just,kind of judge where were at and then,well move back eventually when i get,used to,whatever sight picture the gun gives us,i was way off to the left,way off to the left,all right its pretty safe to say,were gonna have to shoot paper youre,not gonna have to worry about that if,you get the optics ready version but,this one we did have to drift back in,order to get some accurate shots it was,a couple of feet off at 50 yards couple,inches off it at seven yards so it was,definitely noticeable aside from being,off though we do have the little,tactical notch there so you can run off,your belt in case you needed to do a,one-hand manipulation aka shot in the,freaking hand which would suck,the slide serrations are extremely,usable and theyre also low profile,thats hard to do its hard to make them,low profile so they dont hurt your,stomach or your back but still very,usable in case of malfunction clearing,and stuff like that i like the front,slide serrations especially with an,optics ready gun because you dont have,a lot of space back here especially with,a small gun like this now it has a,little thumb ramp there which is kind of,just for aesthetics because its pretty,unusable especially in a small gun like,this we have an accessory rail to mount,lights lasers and all that cool stuff,and this is one of the smallest guns,that you can mount lights and lasers to,without having to mount it to the,trigger guard so i like that a lot as,well metal guide rod in there or sorry,no plastic guide right in there not bad,and a cold hammer forged barrel which is,pretty sweet,indicator here and on the back then we,have the slide release which is single,sided uh takedowns up here with a sort,of sunken in magazine release which is,kind of hard to get to however you wont,exactly hit it by accident thats for,damn sure we have some pretty decent,texture on the gun considering the size,and overall philosophy of use of the gun,its a pretty decent grip although its,extremely small obviously hence the,small overall profile a lot easier to,shoot when you have the extended,magazine in there for me personally,because i got the big goon hands my,hands actually bigger than the gun,itself which makes against guns like,this very challenging to shoot,one of the ways that i shoot real fast,is recoil control i keep the gun on,target i dont let it rise up i dont,follow through with recoil like some of,the older uh people that you see on,youtube i like to hold that [ __ ] on,target and fire as many rounds as fast,as possible on target right now and this,size of gun is difficult for me to do,that with because my right hand covers,the entire grip of the gun and my,wrinkle control predominantly comes from,my left hand uh you want to squeeze,pretty hard with your right but you,dont want your finger to be compromised,because your trigger finger is obviously,what runs the gun accurately and quickly,so you got to have a real good squeeze,with your left ha

Springfield Armory Hellcat Review | 9mm Handgun Hellcat Reliable?

(gunshots firing),- There are many like it, but this Hellcat is mine.,Hi Im Kevin Michalowski, Director of Content,for the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.,And in this video,were talking about the Springfield Hellcat.,A direct competitor to the SIG Sauer P365.,And you might be asking why I bought this Hellcat.,I really liked this little gun.,There are a few problems with it.,And well talk about those later,because I always give you fair and honest reviews.,But folks here at the USCCA,we give you education and training,,to make sure that you can avoid danger and save lives.,And thats what were here to do.,And hang around a little bit,because theres gonna be a chance to win a free gun.,Not this gun.,This is my gun.,If youre asking how many guns I own,thats none of your business.,But were talking about the Springfield Hellcat.,Its a compact pistol, three inch barrel,,18 ounces overall roughly, and it comes with two magazines.,We have an 11 round magazine and a 13 round magazine.,This is just a super sweet gun to carry.,And there are a lot of things that I really like about it,but Im gonna close the action.,You see that were empty.,So just to make sure safety first for everybody,nothing in the magazine well,,nothing and a visual and physical inspection of the chamber.,So I can close this and nobody will leave any comments,saying I was being unsafe.,Here we go.,What I really like about this pistol is the siting system.,This U shaped sight here at the back end,is very easy to pick up,,with my old eyes I can still see this great,and put rounds right on target with this gun.,We took it out to the range.,Its great to shoot, shoots slow,,shoots fast, shoot straight,,does everything that I want it to do.,And the dot doesnt look any bigger,when youre looking at it from out here.,But when you put this dot in this U shaped sight,this thing gets on target really fast.,And like I said, three inch barrel and 18 ounces.,This gun is just a dream to carry.,Its very thin.,We love it works wonderfully well,as a concealed carry pistol.,But its, I would also call it a primary gun,even though it is technically a micro but,,again 13 rounds plus one in this magazine,its the extended,they call it the extended magazine.,And then the flush fit magazine is 11 rounds.,A couple of things that I really like about this firearm,is the tang here at the back end protects my hand.,Now, weve had discussions before,with other firearms that will cut my hand,during long days of shooting.,People have accused me of not knowing how to hold a gun,because of that.,I say its a gun design issue,that if that slide is biting my hand,,then you know what maybe Ill look for a different gun.,The slide has never bitten my hand using this,Springfield Armory Hellcat.,Lets take it apart and show you what the inside looks like.,Another reason I really liked the Hellcat,is theres the take-down lever.,And I do not have to pull the trigger,to take this gun apart.,So again, we make sure theres nothing,in the chamber,,lock the slide to the rear, and just flip that lever up.,Now, we released the slide,,now we get to finally pull the trigger,and it comes apart into its basic parts.,Captured recoil spring on the guide rod right there.,And its a dual recoil spring.,This thing really kind of kicks the rounds out,when were at the range,and its ejecting out the side there.,So pop out the recoil spring and the guide rod,,the barrel just comes out through the back end,and we have a gun that is now completely disassembled,and ready to be cleaned.,And you have been shooting in enough,that it probably should be cleaned.,But the ease of maintenance on this firearm,is something that I really love.,Ive run into several guns where,Im having a little bit of trouble taking them apart,or one of a big name Austrian maker.,And yes I carry a gun like that.,I have to pull the trigger,before I can even take the gun apart.,Im always a little bit nervous,about doing something like that.,And youll see how quickly and easily this comes apart,and goes back together.,We can do it right here while were on camera,talking about this gun, lock the slide to the rear.,Flip that back down in place, do a function check.,Our gun is ready to go.,Out on the range the sighting system,puts rounds on target quickly and accurately,with this Springfield Armory Hellcat.,And one of the things I noticed,,and the gun came out back in probably about 2019,later in 2019.,Were well into 2020,as were recording this review right now,,is the trigger on the Hellcat is a little bit rough.,Theres no other way to say it.,I love the gun.,Yup, its my gun.,I carry it with me, but the trigger is a little bit rough.,And now in this day and age, guess what?,The free market prevails,,people are making aftermarket triggers,to smooth out the trigger pull,on the Springfield Armory Hellcat.,I also really liked the fact that,we can go with the 11 round magazine in here,and with 11 rounds, this is just a flush fit.,It is super small,and it just disappears when youre carrying it concealed.,One of the things that well talk about,,whether or not youre carrying a gun,even with the extra two rounds, you notice that,,we got about an extra half inch on here.,The length of the barrel doesnt really matter,when it comes to concealability.,You can have a five inch long barrel,as long as you have a short hand grip,because thats the part thats gonna be sticking out,underneath your shirt.,So the short hand grip of this gun,and its double stack magazine,even though its a double stack, its still very narrow.,This gun is easy to carry disappears in the holster.,Nice and lightweight again only 18 ounces,,and the sighting system,especially at combat distances.,When we put this gun on target,and we start putting rounds down range,,as shooting just a little bit to the high end right.,When Im shooting this gun,,I dont know if its me or,maybe Im just a bad shot, but you know what,theyre all combat effective hits and about 21 feet.,Im not gonna complain about,the function or the accuracy of this gun.,Its gonna do what I want it to do at combat ranges.,Few more things I want to tell you about this,but Im reminding you watch me all the way to the end,because were giving away a gun at the end here.,Another thing that I like about it is,the cocking serrations, both for and after.,The rear cocking serrations.,Now, this is where well start an internet fight.,I love to rack my slide,this way with the pincher method, on that way.,If I want to do a press check, and take a look inside,to make sure theres no round in there,after I load it, I can grab it by the front.,We can argue all day long,,whether or not youre gonna put your hand,in front of the muzzle.,No dont do that, thats dangerous.,You could shoot yourself.,Or whether or not you should rack the slide,with all four fingers.,I would argue that theres no other movement,in the world that you grab like this,and you grab everything like this.,So its just much more natural to rack the slide that way.,The slide on the Springfield Armory Hellcat is easy to rack,and the controls are just,both subdued but very easy to get your mind around.,So we have the trigger safety.,So we carry with a round in the chamber all the time.,And the safety is on the trigger.,So its a passive safety, not an active device.,And then the slide lock.,Is it a slide lock or does a slide release?,You tell me.,So the slide lock disappears on this thing,when youre shooting.,But sometimes when Im in a really strong two handed grip,if my thumb gets a little bit high on this gun,I will be holding the slide release down.,And the slide wont lock open on the last drawing.,Again, thats just a training issue.,I havent owned this gun really really long.,Havent shot it as often as some of my other guns,but were gonna get around to making sure that I am,100% onboard and doing that correctly.,It has an accessory rail,just the standard model accessory rail,even on a small gun, you can put a small laser,or light

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Springfield Hellcat Pro 1000 Round Review

foreign,[Applause],whats up guys this is Chris here and,today were going to be talking about,the Hellcat Pro I have painstakingly,shot this over the past few months I put,a thousand rounds through this gun and I,wanted to give you my personal opinion,after all of that so were going to be,doing a full thousand round review today,on one of the highly requested guns on,the channel uh the Hellcat Pro is the,bigger version of the Springfield,Hellcat which made a pretty big splash a,few years ago because it was one of the,first competitors to the p365. it took,the p365 magazine technology and they,essentially made the Springfield version,of that gun which ended up being,slightly bigger with a little bigger,slide a little bit less recoil but a,little bit harder to conceal overall,some people have a lot of strong,feelings about the Hellcat I personally,like it a little bit my wife absolutely,hates it and I know a lot of other,people who dont like it as well for one,reason or another introduce the Hellcat,Pro which essentially is the compact,version of that and its not a compact,in the same sense that you would,normally think it would be it Rivals the,capacity and bear length of many uh,compact handguns but well get into in a,minute why I think it actually improves,upon the design before we do that though,I do want to mention the page reporters,thank you guys very much for supporting,the channel uh thats the best way to do,it if you like the content just go to,the description below hit that link and,sign up also in the description is a,link to a local shelter in Ames Iowa,its the yss it could really use your,help so please go down and donate to,those kids and finally I do want to,thank Mr guns my boy Elliot over there,let me borrow this Hellcat this is his,and let me shoot a thousand rounds,through it to give you my personal,opinion so big thanks to Mr guns for uh,let me borrow this guy for review now,the Hellcat Pro is a 3.7 inch barrel,nine millimeter striker-fired polymer,frame pistol thats pretty common with a,3.7 inch its a little bit shorter than,the four inch something like a Glock 19,which were going to be comparing it to,through this video just simply so you,get an idea the the goal the Glock 19 is,not the best compact gun anymore,necessarily but it is for sure still the,gold standard and still the highest,selling gun in the United States so it,seems obvious to compare it to it,especially considering the Hellcat,differs from it a lot in a lot of ways,that I dont think people understand so,theyre essentially the same action,essentially the same capacity 15 round,magazine capacity 15 round magazine,capacity four inch barrel 3.7 inch,barrel so they are kind of sort of,copying the Glock 19 like every other,company in the past 25 years and for,good reason its a very good size its a,very shootable gun just big enough to,shoot well just small enough to carry,whereas the Hellcat takes that kind of,to another level with the same ballistic,performance uh with the 3.7 inch barrel,it has an Optics mounting system just,similar to the Glock 19 right out of the,box thats pretty impressive we have,high definition steel front and rear,night sights which is very very cool we,have front slide serrations which work,very well we have a pad for our thumb,here but where the gun actually differs,is in the thick,so as you can see there because of the,magazine technology the same technology,that brought you the Hellcat and the,p365 theyre able to bring you a longer,grip with a longer slide and still,maintain that very thin overall profile,if you actually look at them back to,back here you can see that even though,they have the same capacity relatively,the same ballistic performance one is,significantly easier to carry than the,other and you can see that even more,exaggerated on the mag well,15 rounds 15 rounds very cool in my,personal opinion and I think thats,going to be a continuing Trend among,compact guns now personally I love the,Glock 19 because I got big hands Im a,big guy its easier for me to carry but,for a lot of people this really is the,only alternative to carry a 15 round,compact firearm you get a lot of,Firepower with this gun for very small,and lightweight package coming at only,21 ounces as well unloaded making it a,significant difference with this as well,Glock used to be the lightest and,smallest pistols out there and now,coming in around 26 ounces unloaded I,believe uh this is over five ounces,lighter and still maintaining that same,capacity I gotta admit I like that a lot,all the specs aside though were getting,actually how it performs so we shot a,thousand rounds for this varying,ammunition types and I gotta tell you it,was 100 reliable with everything that we,shot we shot Eli 115 and 147 we shot,Phoenix remanufactured ammunition,throughout the course of the testing and,it ran that uh the bulk of the testing,was done with Federal and then it was,also done with some DRZ here from True,shot ammo big thanks to them for that,and we shot pretty much every ammunition,type that we normally shoot through,firearms and it had no issues no chokes,no stove pipes no nothing,its got a pretty high quality steel,magazine which I like a lot inserts in,the gun very well comes out of the gun,very well especially for a small gun all,the controls work really well also uh,pretty well designed gun in my opinion,has a good texture all the way up the,grip and then on the top of the grip,which is something that I pretty,consistently complain about we have a,picatinny rail there that works pretty,well for lights and lasers so you could,easily conceal this and if you werent a,weapon-like guy you could take it out of,your concealed carry at night and then,you can put a weapon light on it would,be a very formidable home defense gun in,the right hands,uh as far as your reliability goes it,was absolutely excellent now one thing,Im going to knock it on for sure is,going to be the accuracy of the gun and,I dont know if its the inherent,accuracy but I wasnt able to achieve,quite as good of accuracy with this gun,as I was the Sig Specter comp which is a,little bit more expensive but the same,size especially something like a Glock,19 I can shoot significantly better part,of thats because the bigger grip so it,allows me to get my full big old bear,claws on it but I think a lot of it has,due to the trigger you know I mentioned,in the first shots video I like the,trigger but I liked it more than I,thought I did not necessarily by,comparison to a bunch of other guns,youre coming in at about a seven and a,half pound Striker Fired trigger here so,as you can see there well dry fire it,thats kind of long,and the reset,is certainly longer than it needs to be,and thats kind of the aspect of the gun,I dont like when I think about,concealed carry guns I think about 10,yards in it for the most part now I know,engagements gonna happen further than,that and trust me I trained for that Im,one of those weirdos to shoot handguns,like 100 yards all the time but 10 yards,in in is what youre going to be dealing,with most of the time so what you want,is a fairly consistent fast rate of fire,up close personal in the right target,zone so you need a good degree of,accuracy a good degree of speed,especially with small guns its hard to,get its probably the first nine,millimeter that Ive ever shot that,feels like Im shooting a 40. right,dont always,[Applause],and even though this is a little bit,smaller and lighter and easy to carry,you do sacrifice some of the,shootability of the firearm so youre,gonna have to understand that the,trigger is a little bit rough its a,little bit heavy they probably make,aftermarket triggers if youre,interested thats the answer to Glock as,well but you are probably gonna have to,go that route if youre looking to get,high performance by comparison to,something like Shield Plus or p365 which,come in at around the same price point,and around the same overall feature set,and capacity you ca

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Springfield Armory Hellcat

are you ready to upgrade your character,stel are you tired of reloading after,every shot are you tired of burning your,fingers let me introduce you to a new,miracle breakthrough product its called,the Springfield Armory Hellcat and here,is one an amazing an amazing product let,me put down the probably thumbs carry,pistol over there,okay and lets talk about this pistol,yes it cocked 45 is the Springfield,Armory Hellcat I havent lost my mind,totally but I wanted to get your,attention its a 9 millimeter youve,heard about it youve been asking us,about it continuously and so were gonna,give you our opinions ok Ill give you,mine and if you dont see John I will,relay some of his opinions and were,gonna shoot it and talk about it the,Springfield Armory pill that look pet,cat its a family friendly Channel all,right lets put the ears on shoot the,thing a couple of times at least like,maybe even the stop sign,yeah I got another right you know I have,another magazine here that holds 13 13,bullets theyll shoot some more stuff,I went on into the paper I just saw I,got Claire crazy you know with this heck,hat you know so you know my if we call,it a head cat dear we really dont like,these profanity in our videos actually I,guess since thats what its called with,Paul to hell cat so yes a lot of people,curious about this pistol and those I,because it falls into that category of,you know the the P 365 so its,impossible to talk about this pistol,without talking about the Sig p3 65,theyre both pretty innovative a lot of,ways and so we will do that to a degree,and let you know what I want to think,about it so got it from Buds gun shop,calm again thats the advantage of their,help,we really appreciate buds so its great,to be able to get this pistol actually,have two of them have the one with the,RMS see a shield side on it God borrow,that from a buddy so weve got that and,then weve got the standard you know,model just called the what the OSP model,for you know optic sight pistol okay and,Ill let you know what I think of that,okay you know thats something I dont,do very much at all and I have shot it,though shot both of these shot this one,extensively and that one a fair amount,to get a feel for that and so Ill let,you know what I think about that because,some of you maybe are in that same,ballpark trying to decide whether you,might want an optic optic you know on,your on your handgun because I hear from,a lot of people that have eyesight,issues seeing the sights and that sort,of thing with their glasses or you know,whatever it might be so were fine,federal anti or the Russias federal,warrant for grain animal appreciate,their help Federal Premium okay and,dont forget some other folks that help,us like Sonoran Desert Institute we,really appreciate the help from the SDI,edu go check out their site and we get,all the interesting coursework that you,could take to get a degree you got to,learn a lot you can be as smart as I am,if you really work at it yeah right,pretty funny huh so we appreciate all,the help we get and again its cool to,be able to you to get these without,buying it although I might want to buy,one but to try,out so thanks again buds the hellcat,its its new its Springfield Armory,and you know theres some controversy,around Springfield army were not gonna,get into all that dont know all the,specifics I know theres two sides to,that story and all that so you know if,that just is a total turnoff so you,understand yeah its not a farm youre,gonna buy you dont wanna hear about so,you know and go somewhere look at,something else but I understand you know,that so but again theres a couple three,different schools of thought on all that,and so Im not sure where theyre all,that really comes comes out so its a,very its a pistol very much like the P,365 okay and you know were gonna youre,gonna hear me referring to both back and,forth because you know its its how I,cook past the t quote-unquote as,compared with a Glock 43 which I have,out here and Ive got the I got the,shield its higher capacity than the,shield its not higher well yeah it is,higher than the Glock 26 actually with,it you have ten plus one,were talking flush mags now I mean I,could put a 333 round maggot there for,one – well were talking flush mags on,all these firearms youre talking a ten,plus one,youre talking – think seven plus one on,the shield of the Glock 43 youre,talking about six plus one you know that,in what we have here the oh yeah the 43,X youre talking ten plus one with it,and if were to get the longer grip,okay same length as the Glock 19 so just,to kind of put them all in perspective,were not going to be comparing for,three hours all these pistols and,everything mainly well talk about these,two and then what we think of this and,before it gets too hot let me go ahead,and just show you how it breaks down,push up on the leverage,there we go it I mean its a simple,procedure you do pull and normally I,mean I double triple check but they,didnt do but you got to pull the,trigger,oh how horrible you got to pull the,trigger get it apart and theres nothing,too crazy about the internals it looks,like all these pistols weve seen all,right,fine striker block there and everything,seems things well made one thing about,it I think the the rails here seem,pretty beefy if you notice that pretty,pretty beefy and some pistols that are,very successful and very durable have,fairly anemic looking rails and so just,thats of interest to you okay and Ive,wrapped this up theres no Talon groups,for it yet and I dont know if my hands,werent so large I dont know I know I,cant really speak to it whether you,would need some additional grip heres,one without any grips of course and its,still trying to small for me thats the,thing and I say and I really I dont get,the friction that they talk about they,dont get enough friction I like,friction and its not enough there so I,got to wrap them up and also I wanted to,kind of compare apples to apples for,myself and for you all so I wanted to,get this grip feeling better and feeling,more like the 365 because Ive beefed it,up with two layers of Talon grips and I,just wrapped some around here its a,kind of equate that be equal to it and,so they both have they both feel fine to,me in terms of the grip size so thats,not a problem otherwise its not were,comparing this and this you know without,any wrap on that Id be just,bad-mouthing that grip law and I dont,want to unnecessarily badmouth it or,bash it if we bash something we want to,be well deserved okay crystal something,you can modify okay so there they are,the beautiful now for go any further I,want to thank again at max calm at Maxs,the distributor or seller of precious,metals and ammunition we can at 45,thats made of silver is not real it,wont fire but we appreciate their,support check the links in our,description theres a pic on 45,favorites page and all kinds of cool,stuff in the precious metals world and,speaking of precious metals heres some,right here the difference quick overview,basically in the claim to fame the,reasons theres so much talk about this,right now,is like the P 365 you know and I came,out recently they were able to get ten,rounds in a flush magazine and if youre,not under these new people every day,hundreds thousands of them so you may,not be for me but theres ten rounds ten,plus woman in a small gun okay about the,same size as a Glock 43 so that was the,big deal with that well now,Springfields come out with a hellcat,and it has eleven plus one the magazine,I pulled out in shot first had eleven,just like this one,yeah eleven and so Ive got eleven,rounds in there its flush fit alright,also a magazine holds 13 all right,thats available of course you have that,with the Sig youve got the whatsits of,the 12 you know 12 then you also have a,15 rounder which I keep handy I carry,that sometimes so you got longer,magazines available for both of them,theyre roughly the same size and youll,see a ton of videos on these things


welcome to the zombie bunker this is the,new Hellcat new Springfield Hellcat I,made a video on this a little bit,earlier saying how this gun is unsafe,they come to my attention I bought this,gun to try it out I had to Pete Reeses,five I have a Glock 43 you have small,guns like this did the trigger was,unsafe on this gun and I didnt think,much about it I talked got out and,actually shot the gun and discovered,what the guy said or he or she that,commented on my video was actually,correct a hundred percent correct that,the trigger on the Hellcat is not safe,so I made a video about it and some,people cant comprehend that when I hold,my trigger to the side Im doing that so,they can see the blade so Im going to,make this video so maybe its a little,bit clearer and they can comprehend this,how this gun is not safe because he okay,Im gonna take the mag out because its,easier to work the stuff I got the Glock,which has a blade trigger also many new,guns have a blade trigger the blade,trigger is to keep you keep you from,snagging the side of the gun right so,youre gonna purposely pull the trigger,if you catch the side of it like this,you got to put your finger fun trigger,in front the trigger got mashed up a,little safety blade in right a little,safety blade right there no big deal,just so you make sure you get your,finger in front of the trigger well this,is not a target gun this is not a range,gun this is a gun that youre gonna,youre going to pull it out and draw in,a panic situation you youre not gonna,pull it out and concentrating on putting,your finger into very center of the,trigger so you dont hang up on you okay,lets get to this the Hellcat,will the trigger will lock up on you,this is not good,I dont care if you bought the hellcat,and and it works good for unis reliable,the trigger will hang up on the Hellcat,and they should be recalled this is not,a safe gun and let me explain why,okay you pull the gun out you go out and,shoot,you cant shoot if you dont see pushing,real hard right here look my finger is I,got a full grip as far as I can its,because if I push if I when I come,around the gun I try to make it as,simple as possible because people cant,seem to comprehend this if I if I cut,when I point out if I put any side,tension at all when I come around and,this is all going to happen real fast,youre not gonna be thinking about this,and in this panic situation youre not,gonna be worried about trying to put my,finger in there and get it just right if,you put any side tension at all I dont,care how see how good my fingers around,there I cannot pull the trigger because,when I come through in through here I,pushed a little bit sideways the Glock I,can push a little bit sideways no,problem and watch Ill grab it up push,sideways pull trigger is beyond my,imagination that people are defending,this this gun is not safe this gun,should be recalled kill me its crazy,and when Im getting that okay why not,when I held another video when I held,the trigger right here and pushed that,was only this only so yall could still,see the safety blade I dont have my,finger like this so yall can see that,blade I dont care how hard you push on,heres the Glock,knocking holy doing on the Glock soon as,I go around it goes to shoot any any,tension at all on the Glock so Im gonna,hold the Glock really bad see I see yeah,lets say I grabbed a Glock like this,actually it would be like this as soon,as you go to pole place your blade if,you get any attention on tension at all,on the Glocks safety blade you can pull,the trigger but if you if you dont hit,the blade you cant thats the whole,design of the purpose purpose of the,design if you catch the side you cant,pull it but if you get any so much,whatsoever you can pull the trigger and,and and I was doing like this so you,could see that the tension see long as,you push the centre to blade you can,pull the trigger if this gun right here,this hell cap okay Im gonna come around,like this I got a quick grip and I went,like this and I pushed I push to the,side just a hair bit just a little bit,of tension I cant get my finger in the,trigger guard no more than this right if,I push to the side just a little bit,before I push that Center blade you,cant pull the trigger Im pushing,really hard right now I cannot pull the,trigger only just now held it like this,is so you can see so you can see now,watch me try to pull okay this is the,same right here,okay okay Im just gonna stop my finger,back you cannot that is not safe I dont,care I dont care how many rounds you,count you put through this gun I dont,care how many times you practice with it,you cannot practice a panic situation to,grab the gun pull the safety tab before,you put any tension whatsoever on that,trigger you just cant do it this is an,unsafe trigger should be recalled and if,you defend this you say its not a,problem,youre not I dont I dont your your it,is a problem,if you say its not a problem you,probably ported the problem you your you,bought a gun its the only gun you got,or something or you dont want immunity,self you kind of denial thing so I dont,know how can make this any more clear,that this gun is not safe thats quick,your were not talking about going to,the range and putting your hand around,it like really nice and making sure I,pull this tab first were not talking,about that,grabbing a gun up and pull it see I,cant Im pulling really hard right now,any any any offset pressure before you,mash this safety guard you cannot fire,the gun thats a flaw I dont care what,you said whatd you say,I shouldnt be having to go in here and,file this C or I mean a Springfield its,hanging out from Springfield anyway its,imported from Croatia they should import,this junk thats what it is if its,gonna copy a Glock it shouldve did it,right when actually copied a Glock and,thats the bottom line I can pull this,in sideways as I wont long as I match,that blade in the middle I can still,pull my trigger no matter how bad a grip,I got how about a panic situation is if,I get my hand in the fit in the trigger,guard I can still pull the trigger you,cannot do that with this piece of junk,its crap should be recalled and thats,what it is,thanks for watching share this and share,this let people know but this is the gun,is not safe to carry and Im aggravated,because the people who actually got them,theyre on the other video and actually,said that is okay that a trigger is like,that when its not its not thats the,bottom line,so yall

Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

hitchcock 45 here,we have a couple of heck cats on the,table,oh actually theyre called hell cats you,probably heard it by now,so uh ill be honest thats what they,are from springfield armory,now the short one the hellcat is mine i,purchased the other one is the new,hellcat pro,yeah all this time i was an amateur with,this one didnt even know it,now i can be a pro for a little while at,least for a little while borrowed it,from,buzzgunshop.com so itll go back but uh,and i appreciate their assistance but,gun shops really really great to us and,i was able to borrow this thing and try,it out you all been requesting it so,thats worked out pretty well and guess,whats in it oh federal premium ammo,okay nine millimeter some of that gold,so we appreciate federal premium and uh,theres nothing in the chamber but uh,and or any one of them of course,i dont have thing if theres a round in,the chamber im ready to shoot okay,thats the basic way i always operate,but uh,anyway is the gun loaded or is it really,loaded right well its loaded man how do,we find that but uh,yes these are a couple of nice guns we,also appreciate the snoring desert,institute,sdi.edu for their continued support of,the channel get some distance learning,get on the road to becoming a gunsmith,we need more of you yeah so we,appreciate,sti.edu so,the hellcat pro its a little bit bigger,and its kind of like the difference,between the p365,and the,p365xl isnt it we took a micro compact,and we made it a bigger micro compact,with the sig and now the springfield has,done that with the hellcat all right so,i guess the most obvious thing to do,is before pointing out some of the,features of it is compare them a little,bit this is the hellcat lets take a,couple shots with it,and and see what we think ill put the,mag in this one,and uh lets see if if theres a need,for that is there any difference in the,way they shoot,i dont know,[Music],baby you tell me good little shooter,lets try the hellcat pro,now im a professional,so uh yeah maybe you could tell the,difference in recoil or field i could of,course i had my big mitts on the grip,right,and yeah i didnt jump around quite as,much does that make sense its a little,bigger a little heavier a little longer,okay lets put them together and see,what we think,in terms of size,all right the regular hellcat versus the,professional model yeah its longer,and its longer in uh every way isnt it,so it ought to be a little softer,shooting because if you didnt know a,little extra weight makes a firearm,shoot,more pleasantly generally okay if you,can hold it up its not too heavy for,you,so there you go shoots a little a little,softer,same caliber same gun basically,and thats the end of the video dont,you think not enough,now im gonna take a little further uh,also let me explain uh i normally on a,farms just borrowed and going back to,buds uh i dont put the talon grips on,it you know i like talon grips and i,have on my hellcat uh,but i want to do a little comparison,today and i didnt want to be comparing,apples with oranges okay because i dont,like oranges no ive got uh which were,going to compare a little bit with the,sig xl the p365xl and of course thats,mine and ive got it wrapped up,and i even have a glock 19 has wrapped,up so i got everything wrapped up uh so,i wanted to get the same feel even have,the same,version of the talon grips on both of,these because i like the head in fact,comes thing though its the pro uh talon,grips theyre the pro,model okay so this is really a pro gun,its got pro grips on it and it is a pro,all right so thats what i wanted to do,uh,it plus it felt a little and shooting it,uh when i first got it it felt,a little thin a little bit felt fine uh,but it does yeah this this thing the,365 xl felt,better to me felt a good bit better when,i grasp it,and it seemed to me mostly the fact that,it didnt have the wrap on it the grip,wrap thats really i think was the,difference im a in fact i i called,talon and i said can you send me,something i dont normally put them on a,tiny gun or i guess its tna or a,borrowed gun but i i want to you know,get a apples-to-apples kind of feel on,okay so thats what thats about,and uh also we dont have a suppressor,to put on today but we appreciate the,support of,silencercentral.com great support of the,channel got a couple suppressors in,recently that youll be seeing and uh,you know we really appreciate them they,make it really easy to buy a suppressor,okay take care of most of the legwork,for you and then ship it to you once,youre approved,so great folks great folks so i got two,mags for it,and the other one loaded,and im not gonna shoot the regular,helicode a lot i just want,this,goes without saying you know obviously,its its going to be a little uh,probably for most people a little easier,to shoot well okay,just like for most people the 365 xl is,going to be a little easier to shoot,well than the standard smaller model,okay not a lot of difference but a,little bit okay then youve got the,option of course with uh with this was,it the x frame where you got the the,bigger frame the xl frame,and on this regular shorter slide which,is nice kind of like a glock 43 x you,know where you got the long grip,and the short slide is also popular okay,and ive got one uh set up like that,myself,so but even with a bigger grip you get,uh you know a little little more uh pop,you know with the with the rack because,youve got a lighter slide makes sense,okay so thats really just something you,have to shoot rent them and try them out,and see if its too much,very very popular on the xl i keep,talking about this a lot but i need to,the the standard 365,and the xl both are very very popular,and i like them both a lot they both are,great shooters and a lot of you all,think the same thing right again some of,you hate them of course but a lot of you,like both of them so you know theres a,little difference,but you kind of know what youve got,well now back to the hellcat you got the,same kind of deal okay this is going to,shoot a little bit easier to shoot its,a bigger gun,uh,you know than the standard hellcat its,really comes down to uh,how youre going to carry it is that,grip too long and all those sorts of,things now i could spend a long time,comparing these two,uh but really im not,you know why,because i have a ive had other thoughts,about this more so than how it is in,comparison with the regular hellcat we,kind of all know that can expect it like,i said,uh,this thing holds 15 rounds with a flush,magazine,all right,15 rounds,and its got a fair amount of size to it,so,uh,to me,it almost rolls into a comparison with,other guns like m p,uh 2.0 glock 19. ive got a glock 19 so,let me compare that,uh,to me this is almost how to think about,this thing at least its one way to,think about it,because,its a bigger gun i dont know its not,all that,smaller than the glock 19 in length and,everything the the grip was a glock 19,mag theres one yeah its loaded but,thats not so you got about the same,grip length okay,now on mag on length of the slide you,got a little bit shorter slide on the uh,the hellcat pro,but uh you know other than that youre,talking about a couple of firearms in,terms of length,of slide length of grip theres not that,much difference virtually none on the,grip okay and the slides are pretty,close but uh,so in 15 rounds in both of them with a,flush magazine,so,i to me,as much as i like my glock 19s um you,know,this thing,uh,it could be this kind of firearm and the,sig as well the xl it just holds 12 in a,flush mag you can get longer mags for it,but were talking about some firearms,here then in a way are putting an,extreme amount of pressure i think on,firearms like the glock 19. dont you,agree,come on now i agree youre supposed to,agree with me,i really think that,i like my glocks but i tell you what uh,ive got a black cross draw holster here,and uh i stuck this thing in it and uh,its lighter the thing is with this,pistol,uh im gonna brag o

New Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Gun Review

the springfield armory hellcat pro lets,check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],springfield armory introduced their,hellcat not long after sig introduced,the p365 these are micro nines and yet,theyre double stacked magazines so we,have an 11 plus one mag capacity or a 13,round mag capacity with a little bit of,an extended magazine,this really stole the market from the,single stack magazine pistols which were,the rage before these came out and it,kind of changed concealed carry gave you,a lot more rounds and yet the size is,about the same as your single stack,pistols now springfield just introduced,their hellcat pro this is a dedicated 15,plus one magazine with a flush fit,magazine,it has a 3.7 inch barrel,and to be honest with you its about the,same size as a glock 19 and yet a lot,thinner so the advantages that we gained,with the micro nines in double stack are,now moving into more of a full size type,pistol now the glock 19 is considered a,compact and so this would really be a,more compact size which makes it great,for concealed carry and yet youre still,carrying 15 plus one in the magazine so,honestly when springfield said they were,introducing this pistol i thought well,just another hellcat but this really,does change the market and theres no,reason why we cant thin down those nine,millimeter full-sized pistols and still,have 15 plus one in the magazine now,full disclosure springfield armory sent,the hellcat pro for this review guys we,have shot thousands of rounds through,the hellcat originally and were really,looking forward to getting a lot of,rounds downrange with this one,the springfield armory hellcat pro,this is out of their osp line which is,optic sight pistol but all of their,hellcat so far are optics ready this one,does come with a red dot already,attached this is the hex optics wasp,well take a look at that in a few,minutes,but one of the big pluses for this,pistol,is that it is a 15 plus one in the,magazine and yet its super thin,and those are flush fit magazines so,this goes right into the grip full size,you know springfield armory did release,some 15 round magazines for their,standard pistols in fact here we have,the rdp,this one has the 15 round magazine in it,check the chamber,but what weve got is this long piece,that comes off the end and there is a,little bit of a gap right here which,with some guns it can cause a little,pinching,not necessarily with the rpd,as you can see that these are pretty,much the same in,grip length,but one thing you can do is take this,one out you can put in one of the 11,round magazines and it does have a lip,or you can do a flush fit,so you can go a little bit smaller with,this but the big plus for the pro is,that this is a 15 round pistol it has a,3.7 inch barrel so its got more toward,the full length size barrel,and yet its super thin and we bring in,the glock 19,15 round capacity but look how much,thicker it is,and its got a 4.02 inch barrel in the,glock 19.,as far as the length,the grips are pretty much the same even,the boraxes is about the same so weve,got a thicker grip we have a much,thinner more concealable grip and yet we,have two 15 round plus one mag capacity,and i think thats one of the huge,benefits that we have gotten out of the,micro 9 series you know a number of,different pistols have come out heres,the standard hellcat,this was introduced right after the sig,p365 this is a 11 plus one or a 13 plus,one and again its that super thin,concealable size and so that was a huge,bonus but now why not move up to a more,full-sized pistol and yet make it,thinner more pointable,a little more ergonomic and yet its,really thin for concealed carry and i,think that is the big plus with this,pistol its a 3.7 inch barrel it is,melonite finished so thats really going,to give you good corrosion resistance,it is cold hammer forged as well and,that gives you extended life for your,barrel the slide itself has a matte,melonite finish on it too rear and front,cocking serrations,and of course we have our slide stop,here we have our takedown lever right,there its not ambidextrous but you can,switch it to the other side now this is,their adaptive grip texture one of the,things i like about this is its smooth,to the touch i mean it just glides over,your finger,but once you grab the pistol and put any,kind of pressure you start to feel those,small little pyramid shapes,bite into your hand and thats going to,give you a lot of solid grip on this,pistol,its really what they call pressure,activated and it is and its on all the,hellcat series pistols now because of,the frame and the slider a little bit,extended we have a two slot picatinny,rail whereas on the hellcat we just have,one,which there are lights that will fit,this but it makes it a lot more,difficult really small micro lights and,this gives you just a lot more options,one thing also theyve done and well,look at this in a minute is theyve,improved the trigger on the hellcat pro,this is what they call their gen 3,trigger and well take a good look at,that in a minute and you get two 15 plus,one magazines now speaking of magazines,these magazines will fit in your,standard hellcat its going to hang off,the end but we have this magazine is,compatible with the smaller sizes,with the larger pro,youre just not going to have that mag,capacity and thats the way it is with,most of your pistols whether its the,glock 17 to the 19 or the 26 and the,smaller sizes typically garner more mag,compatibility,magazines go in really easy,a nice snap and it is a flush fit,very light just finger bumps not really,finger grooves,and it just fits right into your hand i,love these memory pads right here on the,frame that way when i bring my finger,out of the trigger ive got a place just,to put it but this also allows for,recoil mitigation because i can take my,thumb and put it on that pad and it,helps with muzzle rise this has the,u-notch sight in the back and then at,the front we have a tritium bead with a,phosphorous circle around it it really,allows you to get on target really,quickly but it also co-witnesses with,the hex wasp you can see the dot right,there i mean it is a perfect co-witness,that way in case you have any issues,with your optic you have those sights as,backups now the red dot does fit down,into the frame,this is set for the shield rmsc,footprint but this is the hex wasp guys,im telling you im a big fan of these,sights,one of the biggest things is just how,beefed up it is up here at the top and,thats where youre going to drop it,thats where youre going to have issues,and so this just allows you to have some,strength right here and i like that,another thing i like is just the finish,on this optic i mean it is beautiful,very well made,and these are consistently on,theres no button to shut them off,theyre actually activated by the light,and so if youre in bright sunlight the,dots going to really pick up and then,when you go into more dim light the red,dot will dim down its a 3.5 moa and it,has 65 000 hour battery life,now again this came on this pistol,itself and there are different packages,with the hellcats where you can get the,optic or not,and if you choose not to go with an,optic you can replace the cover plate it,does have serrations on the top and so,this will just go right in and of course,there are screws to install this,and here you can see on the original,hellcat we have those serrations and the,rear sight does have a tactical ledge to,be able to [ __ ] with one hand its the,same on the hellcat pro its just with,this sight its more difficult to see,but one thing you can do is you can rack,your slide with your option,and its good and strong and solid now,with the standard hellcat it had a three,inch barrel again 11 plus one or 13 plus,one if you want an extended base plate,the hellcat rdp came out with the same,grip length so you have 11 plus 13 but,it does have the compensator on the end,and this is a self index compensator,and then of course it has a thre

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