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[Music],all right guys well today im going to,give you my review on the spy point cell,link,ive had this actual,cell uh camera combination on this tree,for about two years this this system has,not left this tree and its its worked,pretty much flawlessly ive only had to,change the batteries a couple times on,the camera or actually on the cell link,and uh,its worked great and this is actually,one of seven i have seven units um so i,have seven cell links,and,most of my fabs now a couple ive picked,up just recently in the last year or two,um,but ive had you know i got all seven of,them currently running,and uh,just super super surprised and impressed,with how well they actually do work uh,when you get them with the correct,camera hookup,i run all my cell links almost all my,cell links with the little tascos here,these are the older tascos ive had,these tascos for you know two plus years,you know the main thing with the spy,point cell link is you want to make sure,you have a camera that it actually is,compatible with,um,anymore for some reason the brand new,task goes they are no longer really,compatible with the cell link i was told,that the new tascos changed some kind,of,software in it to where it is no longer,compatible with the cell links um,theres another branded camera that is,almost identical,uh to the tascos and it is called wasato,or wasata i can i can tag a link in the,bottom of this video,i got them on amazon for like 40 bucks,theyre theyre literally the exact same,thing uh,i think theyre made by the exact same,company but theyre still compatible,with the cell links but you know the,idea is that if you got some old cameras,you know laying around at home you can,potentially turn them into a cell camera,with this cell link and thats what ive,done with a lot of my old tascos,the cell link works with quite a few,cameras im sure theres a list out,there somewhere im not going to go into,you know all the details on the cell,link you can look that up but this is,just my review on what i think of the,the cell link system by spy point uh one,thing that ive noticed with the cell,links,is and really any cell cell camera in,general is you know either youll have,them set to where they send you a,picture every time they take a picture,or maybe youll have like a lot of times,throughout the day that itll actually,send you the pictures,and,when it comes down to is you know,sometimes they just dont send you your,pictures and people get mad about that,and think that sometimes theres,something wrong with the camera which,sometimes there is uh but what ive,noticed with the cell link really the,only time they will not send me the,pictures uh when they should,is actually when i have bad self service,you know,this camera in general actually im in a,really bad cell service uh area at t is,the best around here and this is this is,the at t version all mine are at t my,cell phones at t uh down here in,southeast ohio and,sometimes you know youll have great you,have great service and it connects just,fine but lets say from this is what,ive been told lets say theres a storm,that rolls in real cloudy uh youre,talking satellite position a multitude,of things um can keep it from actually,connecting um so it may not communicate,one time,um and then but then it communicates the,next time and then it sends me all the,pictures that i didnt send me in the,first place,if it doesnt send you pictures thats,usually the case is you just dont have,a great cell service at that point in,time but if its in a good you know cell,service area you know itll send it to,you every time and and it does have a,gauge that tells your signal um but the,signal can fluctuate quite a bit it can,go from,75 percent to zero percent um you know,just depends on on a lot of different,things when it comes to you know your,cell your cell services um it can change,a day to day hourly and hourly um so,thats just something to keep in mind,thats with all cell cameras really um,you know its only as good as how good a,coverage you got in your area,so thats the only issue,really ive never had to call service,about this system here never had to call,spy point about any one of them,which is rare in the,cell camera days now because there,always seems to be something,the battery life on this youre looking,at a couple months as long as you get,good cell coverage that is one thing if,you dont have great cell coverage it is,going to suck the battery because its,going to struggle to connect every time,um when its trying to send pictures,but i can get a couple months out of,these this one i changed this one last,and like maybe march and its,june right now,and its still 100 battery and it sent,me thousands and thousands of pictures,since then,so yeah you know theres a lot of good,cell cameras out there nowadays,um you know you got tacticams you got,some other brands,um in my honest opinion i have i have,like an expensive spartan camera its,only got like a two year warranty on it,anymore i think you can get a good cell,camera for under 150 bucks really this,whole system here is under a hundred,dollars and really i at this point i,wouldnt spend over 100 on a cell camera,now that i have these but i know the,tacticams are real close to that price,range theyre good cameras too and the,plans are fairly reasonable,so if youre in the market for a cell,camera,if you got some cameras laying around,you know maybe think about the spy point,cell link like i said theyre extremely,reliable theyre cheap,um so just something to think about you,know ill probably even add some more to,my arsenal here before season starts but,yeah guys just want to go over um you,know the spy point cell link thats what,ive been using a lot here,nowadays so maybe maybe you guys are,using them too maybe youre going to,start using them um,but yeah yeah just something i want to,show you guys show you what im running,here and whats been working as far as,the cell cameras go so alright guys,well talk to you later be safe out,there and seasons right around the,corner

[Music],what is going on everyone and welcome to,the michiganambushoutdoors.com youtube,page and in this weeks video i got a,super sweet product review for you guys,we are actually going to be testing out,the spy point universal cellular adapter,also known as the cell link now in this,video,we are going to be testing a variety of,cameras ranging from high end,down to your more budget budget-friendly,cameras that you could pick up at your,local walmart,to actually see if this thing will in,fact turn any camera into a cell camera,like spy point is telling us now this,test is going to be done through a,variety of cameras through various,manufacturers,i figured that this was the best way to,see if this thing was going to stay,consistent,now the cameras that were going to test,in this video are going to be a stealth,cam,a wild game innovation camera a tasco,camera from walmart and then just to,ensure that we have an even number of,cameras,im gonna throw in an older wild game,innovation camera thats probably about,five or six years old this things a,brick,you could probably actually throw it at,a deer and kill it if you needed to,thats how heavy this thing is,so with that being said lets go ahead,lets bust this thing open lets see,what you get with the package and then,were gonna move to the testing,so this is what the package looks like,when you get it uh were gonna go ahead,were gonna open this thing up and im,gonna show you,what comes with it so um go ahead,pull this out nothing else is in there,so basically what youre gonna get is,youre gonna get the cell link youre,gonna get an antenna,and then youre gonna get an sd uh card,adapter now this thing does take eight,double a batteries,if you open up that side door you push,down here and you pop out your battery,slot,uh or your battery cartridge when you go,and put batteries in this just make sure,youre using,high quality batteries i always,recommend getting the,the energizer lithium those seem to work,the best for me,uh this like i said is gonna be your sd,card this is actually,this is gonna be what plugs into your,actual camera um but what youre gonna,do here is youre just gonna,theres a port right on the bottom,youre going to go ahead plug this into,the actual,cell link and then it does come with,this waterproof cap so go ahead screw,that tight thats going to ensure that,you dont get any water into that cell,link,and then this is going to be your,antenna and then this is basically going,to screw right onto the side so,pretty simple do keep in mind that this,thing does require you to use a micro sd,card so make sure if youre going to buy,this,pick up an extra sd card uh micro sd,card if you dont have it,and then you also get a set of,instructions and then you get a strap,for the tree,i did look through uh the instructions,and it doesnt specify,what size micro sd card that you need,so im going to go ahead and just try it,out with a 16 gig micro sd card but i,would make sure that youre buying,a higher end sd card i would not go and,buy,like something cheap and expect for it,to work well,so now that the camera is open we know,whats in the package the next thing,that we need to do is we need to,actually,set this thing up now i did pre-read the,instructions and it looks like a pretty,straightforward process,the first thing that you need youre,going to need to do is youre going to,need to download the spy point mobile,app,to your mobile device and then you need,to activate it now to activate it spy,point has made this,really straightforward all you got to do,is open up that side panel,scan that qrc code and then its going,to automatically,link it to your account now once it is,linked to your account its going to,throw you into a seven,day trial by default now this is,actually a pretty sweet feature,because this is going to give you the,ability to find the most optimal,location,to ensure you are receiving the best,signal possible to ensure youre getting,your pictures once theyre detected so,now that we have everything,hooked up its linked to our account our,cameras activated lets go out and set,this thing up on a tree so we can start,the testing process,now keep in mind that it is very,critical for you,to make sure that you are leaving enough,slack,on the sd card cable in the camera when,you go to shut that door if you do not,leave enough slack with that cord,once you shut that door itll actually,pull that card out,i experienced that when i first started,testing it uh the camera looked ready to,go,it was activating i shut the door then,suddenly i wasnt receiving any pictures,and then i realized that when i was,shutting the door the card was actually,sliding out,just enough for me not to notice uh but,again it was affecting my results so,just make sure that youre leaving,enough slack,inside that door when you go to shut it,and that will ensure that that cards,not pulling out,when you go to close that door um,now for the test you know i really,wanted to set this thing up and put it,in a position,where i was getting ton of deer photos,and coyote photos and i was going to be,able to share all that stuff with you,guys,but the reality is is that took out the,control,of the test so i set this thing up in my,backyard so dont mind the random,pictures that youre gonna see of me my,wife and my son,but like i said that was the only way to,ensure that i was controlling the test,i wanted to know when the camera was,taking a picture and then i wanted,to see how long it was actually going to,take for me to receive a notification,now i did select random times throughout,the day but i focused on,early morning midday and then at night,and what that gave me,the ability to do is it allowed me to,test the cell module,with various cloud coverage to see if,the signal was being affected,and then we were also recently,experiencing some pretty extreme,temperature swings here in michigan,uh early morning and at night it was,getting down to 30 degrees fahrenheit,and then in the afternoon it was getting,up to 70 degrees fahrenheit,so it gave us the ability to test this,thing out in not only warm temperatures,but,cold temperatures to see if it was going,to continue to work and function,properly,and in my experience all the photos,taken,roughly took about one minute for me to,receive a notification now there were,some rare cases,and it seemed to be only only at night,but for whatever reason uh the camera,would take a picture i,knew it took a picture because i could,see the infrared light but then i would,not receive a notification,uh and a couple times i had again walked,back through the camera,uh 10 15 minutes later and what it was,doing is it was actually pushing the,previous photo,to my phone now when i did not re-walk,in front of the camera,i actually wasnt receiving that picture,until the next day,and now im not sure because of the the,varying cloud,coverage was affecting the signal and,then once it got a better signal it,pushed him over,but i do want to point that out that i,was receiving a little bit of variance,only at night when receiving photos so,the next portion of this test was to see,the image,quality coming over from the spy point,to my mobile app now keep in mind i,already expected that we would get a,little bit of picture,degrade but i didnt want it so much to,the point where i wasnt going to be,able to tell,what was walking through a camera for me,personally i want to be able to see what,bucks are on the property,and see if theyre going to be a,potential shooter for me and if the,picture is completely blurred out and,blown out youre not going to be able to,tell,what that buck is when its moving,through now keep in mind as we start to,move,down through those budget cameras or,closer to those budget friendly cameras,the picture quality coming out of those,cameras already sucks so i wasnt,expecting anything,super impressive out of those cameras so,for this test i really just focused on,the spy point,uh being that it was a hig

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hey guys its jason jase outdoors i just,wanted to jump on real fast,and do an update on the cell link by spy,point,still be getting a lot of questions and,after running this for five or six,months now,i know a lot more about it so really the,best thing i could say,ive been asked advice on this this unit,it does work,but if you have problems with it your,models will just take a hammer to it,because their customer service is,just absolutely terrible so the way i,i look at the cell link if you already,have a camera maybe its a pretty good,camera you spend a little money on it,you know it doesnt send you the photos,this is a cheap way,to get photos sent to your phone its 60,um ive had a couple comments where guys,you found them like,you know 10 off or something and got,them for 50 bucks like,you know that that might be worth it,um its a cheap way to get photos sent,to your phone,and the one nice thing about spy point,is their free plan they give you a,hundred photos,for the month for free,i typically go through that in less than,a week so,that doesnt really work out for me but,the fact of the matter is you can,operate this for free,once you get it so that is nice so just,um,right off the bat with uh some of my,issues,ive so ive posted a full review on,this if you havent seen that you might,want to check it out,and in the comment section i i posted a,lot of updates along the way,of issues that i was having so on day,five,that i had this thing out in the woods,this cord went bad,it was either the cord or or something,uh in the,sd card so yeah i reached out to tech,support by email,and it is just its brutal,to communicate with them through email,it was back and forth back and forth um,i had to send them some information that,comes off of the sd card so they were,able to determine,that the card was bad um so i ended up,getting on the phone with tech support,uh it probably at least three different,times,they just would not help me it was five,days old they would not replace this,you can buy these extra cords for 13 off,their website,but they would not cover in any way,whatsoever,even though they knew that there was,something wrong with this so i was,already,put off by that so i it got to the point,where i was just like you know its 13,its not worth the frustration i just,went on an order one i bought it,um so you know of course that comes no,problem and i get it up and running,the one thing i learned with these cell,links is you really have to keep,the firmware updated the app updated the,firmware updated if you dont do that,relatively quick they just stop,working so if youre ever having issues,with them not sending photos make sure,you you check your firmware update and,they have put out a few since then,so the latest issue that ive had with,them,so over the last two months ive,switched this,to the free plan so im not paying for,anything i dont have it in the woods i,dont want to pay for a monthly payment,i got charged five dollars,again back and forth with emails you,cant get an answer,that way i called them this guy tries to,explain to me,well i mean as far as i can understand,them anyways,why i was charged five dollars and it,made absolutely,zero sense to me because i kept saying,im on the,free plan tell me,again how im being charged five dollars,um something along the lines where,when i switched the plan around i wasnt,at the end of my,monthly billing cycle i i still do not,understand it,but uh the moral of that story is well,actually that guy literally,hung up on me i called back and got,a lady from canada who i could at least,understand,and she was actually very nice and she,did say that uh oh she sees in a note,here they got disconnected,i said yeah no he hung up on me i mean,it was,i didnt move at all hes in an office,theres we didnt get disconnected he,just hung up on me,for five dollars they will not credit me,five dollars the best that they they did,for me,was they gave me uh five dollars in uh,spy points or,uh i forget what they call it but you,have to have the premium plan,to use it so it it was useless um,i know its only five dollars but,uh its just a principle theyre,stealing five dollars from me,um their their their tech support,customer service,is just absolutely horrendous and to me,that is why i will not buy any more spy,point stuff,um i understand that theres going to be,issues you know this card,this card goes bad you know stuff is,going to happen,it happens with anything but its its,how a company,um you know goes about fixing this the,problem,you know coming up with a solution,to make their customer happy uh is,really what,makes a comp company credible,that you know im gonna buy more,products from them so,i will no longer buy anything from from,spy point now,if youre you know watching this i,understand im just one person,everybody you know people have bad,experiences some are gonna have good but,i challenge you to go to,facebook or one of their sponsored posts,um i ive seen it a lot and ive ive,read through a lot of comments,i promise you i am not the only one,there were so many comments of people,just having problems and they just,refuse to try to fix it,so to me thats thats a big a big,bummer,they got to be able to you know stand,behind their product and take care of it,so these do work,but i think for the price,you know it might be worth looking into,like i said if you already have a camera,uh you know maybe you spent two or three,hundred bucks for it you dont really,want to stop using it but you want,photos to your phone this will be a,cheap way to do it,um you also take consideration you know,theres another eight batteries that go,in there plus the batteries in your,trail camera,you know you run lithiums its its like,16 to 20,each time just to put batteries in um,this unit didnt last as long as the,trail camera did,battery wise i think i got like,i think i got right around three months,with this so i mean it wasnt horrible,on on the battery life uh the the nice,thing about this unit,is so if you have a trail camera that,will shoot a burst of five photos or,three to five whatever its going to,send you,all those photos theres been a couple,cellular trail cameras that i you know,ive reviewed and,uh you could set it to up to a burst of,five but theyre its only going to send,you one of those,which is you know slightly bummer there,so thats a nice thing about this unit,it will send you,all the pictures uh it does not send,video,but it will send you as many photos as,it takes i do think you have to be,uh careful and mindful of the wire,you know so this plugs into your your sd,card slot on your camera,and then when you close the door on it,you can sort of see it here and this,right here is where that door would,close on and it really pinches that this,wire is nice and,flat so it can you know come out of the,side of the truck but it still,squashes that wire pretty good and i,almost want to say that thats what,happened,on my very first unit it probably,split those wires inside there and its,just not getting the connection anymore,i dont know,so your you might end up going you know,through some of these but this cord is,13 bucks to replace it,you know it is what it is but i hope,that answers you know some of your,questions,uh that i wasnt able to answer early on,especially,with the battery life and whatnot but uh,again,if you can get this cheap i would,you know it might not be a bad thing,just,if you just start having problems with,it its uh,its junk like its its not worth the,frustration,uh dealing with uh customer service with,spy point but uh,you know it did it did work um,decent after i got it going like i said,the firmware up,update is uh is key you got it you got,to keep it updated,or else it just stops sending to the,photos so if you have one of these and,uh you dont have any issues or you do,have any issues i would,love to hear from you too uh if you just,you know leave a,comment down in the comment section and,if youre looking to b

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hey friends joe the farmer here and,today were going to do our very first,cell camera review of 2021. if youve,been following the channel for a little,while,uh last year we did a handful of cell,camera reviews which,you know some of them were fantastic,actually theyre all pretty good but a,couple of them really stood out,but um the spy point is one that weve,kind of we were kind of done with spy,point uh,you know the link micro when it first,came out it was affordable it was an,accessible camera for someone who wanted,to buy a cell cam who didnt really,necessarily want to spend big money for,them,and i have to commend them for that the,industrys kind of caught up and,yeah theres just a lot of other,alternatives out there now that you can,buy this one has a couple of different,features in it,and it you know some things that are a,little bit different and its still very,affordable you know were going to give,this one a shot well show you what the,images look like and,at the end of the video well kind of,tell you what we think and were going,to have a series here were going to do,uh probably three or four others this,year i just enjoy doing this its a lot,of fun here on the farm and,wed love to see whats going on here on,our property so if youre new to the,channel,were family five we have about 125,acres here and we love to manage this,farm for wildlife,as well as uh we cut a whole lot of hay,out here so anyway,uh were going to open up this box take,a look and see what,is different for this year and if you,know this is something youre,considering maybe you want to take a,look at,you know what comes with it as well as,what the image quality is so,lets dig into this camera okay this is,probably about as good of a location as,any to do this,but this is the spy point link micro s,lte whats different about this thing,what i do like about it is that at the,price point it has,a a rechargeable lithium ion battery,that,is going to save you a lot of money in,batteries and it also has a solar panel,on it so,you know those two things being,integrated into the camera really do,make it a value,if it can accomplish what it says itll,do knowing spy points camera,and image quality i dont think that,this is going to be the leader in the,clubhouse when it comes to,image quality uh trigger speed you know,just the ability not to miss a photo but,i can say that if you have,you know if youre on public land or if,you have a place where you dont really,want to put a high dollar camera and if,you have a place where you dont want to,go in and out and kind of,you know put your scent there or disturb,the wildlife then this may be something,thats good you can just kind of leave,it out there the sun will recharge it,and uh you know kind of go with that now,something,spy point does do is they have an app,experience that they call it,the spy point experience and through,that they have like scouting packages,they have,you know where itll identify a wildlife,that seems to be the new thing that,camera manufacturers are doing now and,i dont know how you all feel about it,you know please leave a comment below,tell me if you use that but,for me i dont necessarily care that,those are the kinds of things,i think its kind of gimmicky and i,think theyre putting a lot of money,into,the software because the software is,very inexpensive to do once its done,as opposed to the build quality of these,cameras the spy point cameras we had in,the past,i bought three and two of which uh they,died within,about one season they died after one,season and to me thats just not,normal thats not acceptable these,should last three four or five seasons,for the amount of money money that they,cost even this one being about 179,this should be a three or four maybe,five year uh solution,if you run them year round and if you,pull your cameras which a lot of folks,do,uh for summertime theres really no,reason to have it out there especially,if its on public land or on a lease,then,you know you really shouldnt have your,cameras out on a lease you know taking,all that abuse,when youre youre scouting for bucks or,deer that may not be there anyway anyway,lets open this up see whats in here,and the two things that i really love,about cameras which if you follow the,channel then then you know this,i love when they have a pedestal mount,where you could screw a mount into the,camera and then put it into a post,put it into a tree thats a low value,tree or just put it somewhere where,you could really adjust it better the,straps are played no one,that i know really enjoys using straps,if you do,again you know wed love to hear from,you but just those little hmb hangers,those things are fantastic let me go,grab one and ill show you what im,talking about all right so this is,called a,hme hunting made easy which is their,brand uh its just a,portable uh camera holder trail camera,holder,and this part screws into the tree a lot,like you would with a tree stand or,anything,and then you just screw the camera at,the top adjust it with this little wing,nut and you can,angle the camera however you want to put,it if you want to put the camera up,higher like six to eight feet high like,a lot of folks will recommend,you can angle the camera down so rather,than bringing a strap spinning all day,out there wrapping the strap around the,camera or anything,screw the tree put the camera on there,and youre done uh works fantastic i,love these things,i think theyre about the other spider,these are about nine dollars a piece,you can find them at tractor supply you,can buy them on amazon,i found a deal on them where i bought,about 20 of them i think for six bucks a,piece,on closeout last year because were,always running cameras and cameras fall,down,and these will inevitably rust,eventually and when you find a deal like,that you just want to kind of pick it up,and,you know it wasnt very expensive anyway,this is what i recommend over the strap,lets get back to this other camera,okay the very first thing that i see is,there is a charger you have to charge,this thing before you put it out in the,woods so please dont just you know,bring this out to your lease open it up,and then uh set it on a tree because it,does need to charge up properly before,uh before you put it up this way youre,youre giving it a fair shake,and not you know giving it a hard time,we will give it a hard time if the,battery dies,this is the battery which is a lithium,ion battery,very very simple and right here is where,to go,right here is the charger this plugs,into usb,charger very simple and they recommend,you charge this for about six to eight,hours,before you put it out in the woods and,then right here on top of the camera,its very similar to link,micro almost identical camera it,probably is they probably just bolt this,thing on,but uh the solar pack and then heres,your antenna so,not a whole lot comes with this camera,thats perfectly fine were not asking,for a bunch of doohickeys and,you know and stuff like that one thing,to consider is this does take a micro sd,card,so you want to make sure that you have a,micro sd card it doesnt take the,standard sd cards,and that micro sd card will go right,here when youre setting this camera up,it has a qr code here on the inside so,all you have to do is,download the spy point app scan that qr,code,and within minutes youll be set up and,running all these camera manufacturers,have,really gotten to where theyve made this,super super easy,the covert blackhawk lte was probably,the most cumbersome because you have to,type in,uh what that code is and again its a,code about like looks like credit card,number i believe tacticam,or no excuse me the stealth cam fusion,was the first one that we had where you,just scan the qr code and youre already,set up and youre ready to go,and then tacticam had one similar and,you know here we are,its kind of becoming the industry norm,which is great its fantastic its very,easy to use and,you know when youre putting out

SpyPoint Flex Review

so i just received my flex took it out,of the package and had my first watch,out something you need to be careful,make sure it doesnt happen to you,so what happened is i took the flex out,of the package and the antenna cover,this little protector over here,came off of the connector,i might think thats completely normal,thats what its supposed to do,but what i had found,is that this is two pieces,and its actually the protector,as well as a seal so this grommet is,going to go over this,make sure that stays on when we go to,put the antenna on we need a nice tight,seal so we dont get moisture down into,the flex so thats my first watch out be,careful,so i got the antenna on it and as you,can see,doesnt go all the way down against the,case so you got to make sure that that,grommets on there,so the second thing i noticed with this,is i like to use the quarter 20 mounts,screw them into a tree put the camera on,there youre good to go you dont worry,about the straps getting cut fraying,over time,now what youre going to find with the,flex is on the bottom there is no,quarter 20 mount its on the back,so if you use the style like i typically,do they kind of go you know down over,and then come up,those arent going to work on this that,would basically,point it up towards the sky so unless,youre looking for birds its not the,way you want to do it,so what youre going to need to do go,out get a couple of the type that have,the ball,the ball style where you can rotate it,to any angle,that way youll be able to face this,in the direction you want,so i talked a little bit about the back,here how i dont like so much that the,quarter 20s on the back not the end of,the world but a minor inconvenience for,the setup i already have just need to,buy a couple new holders the one thing i,i do really really like though,is that theyve moved the external power,jack here,to a spot thats not by the latch,anymore,what i used to find on my micros,is that because where id put the cable,through uh is would the cable would go,through,so what i used to find on my micros is,right where the cable would go through,thats where the external power jack,would come in so thered be times that,id push that cable through there to,lock it up and id push the external,power jack that barrel plug out just a,little bit and uh come to find out that,the the external power was no longer,being provided so you know i checked,pictures everything was working put the,cable through there locked it up left,and you know check it a few hours later,and its not checking in its not,sending videos so really,really like the new location,so i just want to go over a few features,here its got a new battery compartment,so it still takes eight double as,youre going to want to use lithium,the nice thing about this its got a,really nice feel when it goes back in,clicks into place you should know whats,in there nicely seated and hopefully,these ones wont have the problem where,theyre not making good contact,so the next thing youre gonna notice is,your battery level,and your signal level,uh you have a format button right here,so while that lights on the formats,ongoing you dont want to touch anything,turn anything off,you have your test so we always say make,sure you test it you get your picture,back before you leave it thats going to,make this considerably easier,and obviously your on off switch and you,still do have your status light here and,ill show you another nice feature,so with this camera,down here they tell you exactly what,those lights mean,so itll tell you what this the,indicator light is trying to tell you,and make it considerably easier to,troubleshoot issues when youre out in,the field,something else i found kind of,interesting,they must really believe in their format,button,right here on the front because it tells,you do not remove the sd card so i think,their their idea is youre going to put,the sd card in there you know youve got,to buy that separately,class 10 make sure its class 10,put that in there and then whenever you,need to format it do it here,one of the first things i was eager to,test was if the flexus resolution was,actually going to be an improvement over,the micros,i wanted to test the difference between,the micro and the flex for all images,they were able to send so i devised an,experiment that would allow me to test,the actual resolution the units were,able to capture,this test will make sure any software,smoothing does little to create a better,looking image without actually adding,more detail,i took a post-it note and placed it on a,wall 12 feet from the countertop i,placed each camera on top of the,countertop in the exact same spot and,triggered them,for both cameras i set the image,sd photo resolution within the app to,high,this would make sure the highest,resolution image was captured on the sd,card,note this does not affect the quality of,the images thats being transmitted over,the cell,network i then had each send me their,thumbnails after that i requested hd,photos from both last i pulled the,images from the sd card oh yeah and i,also needed to get the hd video from the,flex and take a screenshot of that after,i had all these files i was able to crop,them down to just the post-it note and,compare to my surprise the flexs,thumbnail seems to be almost as clear as,the hd picture from the micro,the hd photo and the hd video from the,flex both seem to be of the same quality,which was really quite good,comparing these to the picture taken by,my samsung s21 fe these pictures were,almost as clear as that,the other thing i noticed was the hd,images and the images on the camera,showed little difference in their,ability to show smaller letters so while,the flex may say the resolution of the,sensor is 33 megapixels is clearly just,software smoothing and not much of an,improvement in terms of native,resolution all right were standing here,in front of the test setup i have so you,can see i have a flex on the bottom have,a micro on the top here,ive got two solar setups here,so thats not really uh part of the test,necessarily but they are both running,off of external power jacks uh these,here this is the very first style i,built not particularly great uh in turn,well it works really well but its,flimsy,pretty easy to break if you dont if you,uh arent careful,this one up here is one of my newer,style ones,and uh,considerably more robust ive dropped,these before not a problem at all,nothings going to break on them,but anyways,so im standing here i have the flex on,the bottom the micro on the top this is,going to be the test setup,ive already got a couple pictures from,them and just from the few ive got so,far you can see over here what its,facing theres some shadows,and some bright light,and the flex is just so much better ill,put those on the screen here,so i want to go over a few other issues,ive observed as well as give a final,conclusion,so a few of these issues,such as the gps location is not being,set in the app automatically you cannot,share videos in the app,uh the videos taken and the pm are being,sorted as if theyre from the am so its,difficult to find them,the month day year format does not work,so if you set that in the settings you,will still get on the info strip the,international standard of date month,year,when you request an hd video the option,does not disappear so this means that,you could request a video more than once,and that would cost you for each request,and speaking of cost that you get 20,videos for five us dollars which,actually isnt too bad considering that,you only get 50 hd pictures which are,far smaller in size than the videos,and these packages i should know are,both reduced when youre part of the,insiders club,the biggest drawback however,is how they chose to implement their,video strategy,when you set the camera to video mode,the camera records a video,it will then take a snapshot from the,beginning middle and end of that video,and it will send these three files back,to you

Spypoint Flex – Spypoint Trail Camera REVIEW

today and read this thing were going to,review this thing the Spy Point Flex,this is Adrian with review this thing,where we always strive to give you the,most honest thorough unpaid reviews on,YouTube we did a whole series last year,where we covered like five or six,different cameras including the Spy,Point link micro LTE you guys definitely,let us know what you thought about spy,point so when we saw the Spy Point Flex,we knew we had to give it a try and just,like he did with the micro link comment,below if you have a flex and let us know,your experience too so weve had this,thing out in the woods about three,months so were ready to give you our,review so lets review this thing as,always were going to cover the facts,the first part is fit so fit is actually,going to be pretty straightforward the,size of the flex is actually a little,bit bigger than the old one its not,ginormous but its definitely larger,than the micro link its like small,enough that you can put on a smaller,tree like this one but its also larger,enough that it feels like it might be a,bit more sturdy the antenna on the flex,is also a little larger than the,previous version which is meant to,increase the ability to get a signal now,well mention here we havent seen a,really big difference either way good or,bad with the larger antenna versus the,smaller just like pretty much every,other trail camera it comes with a cinch,strap that you can see is uh pretty big,so its going to fit around any tree,that you can base literally get your,arms around like I said if its pretty,easy its not too big not too small not,too heavy and the straps should get you,around pretty much any tree you want so,because of that were gonna have to get,fit a five out of five now is this Five,Point Flex as advertised first things,Five Point advertises is that its easy,to use and set up so setup is pretty,easy the first thing you want to do is,get yourself an account if you dont,already have one then youre going to,add your camera by scanning the QR code,thats inside then activate that camera,and once thats all done you can go,ahead and put the SD card in put the,batteries in and turn your camera on one,thing that spy Point highly recommends,is that as soon as you turn it on and,the lights blinking go ahead and hold,down that format button so that you can,get your SD card formatted for this,camera and if your app shows a firmware,update definitely go ahead and do that,too once its connected you just need to,set up your settings get a plan all that,good stuff and then its ready to get as,far as using the camera its going to,send you pictures based on your settings,were going to talk about the app a,little bit more later so I wont get,into that but definitely easy to use,they also advertise a 100 foot detection,range unfortunately most of the deer,coming toward this camera were coming,down a path closer to it than 100 feet,so I didnt really get to test that but,I would say in this picture its,probably at least 75 to 80 feet away so,I think you can feel pretty good about,that they also advertise a 0.3 second,trigger speed now I dont really know if,theres a way to actually test that but,you can see in this picture that this,bird was taken off Id say thats pretty,fast so far we cant really tell if,theres been a lot of missed pictures,because its actually taken a ton of,pictures in this spot so so far the Spy,Point Flex has done exactly what Spy,Point says in our experience so were,gonna have to give ads advertised a 5,out of five now into construction and,durability so the first thing thats,different about this camera is that its,GPS enabled which means you can look on,a map and find where your camera is and,if somebody should steal your camera,once its turned on you should be able,to track it and figure out where its at,another really big draw to this camera,is that it has a dual SIM card and what,that means is that the card thats in,the camera will work on multiple,networks including Verizon and atnt and,its supposed to on the Fly figure out,which network is working better at that,moment and switch back and forth now,keep in mind if you put this in a camera,that has terrible cell service I dont,care what SIM card you have its not,going to get service we purposefully put,this camera in an area that we know has,terrible service and put it on the video,mode just to see how it would do it did,send all the previews it only sent one,of the videos we requested and in about,a week the battery completely died we,moved it to a better spot weve gotten,all the previews all the pictures and,all the videos and the batteries have,fared much better this time the,batteries lasted about a month before,they died which doesnt sound very good,but in the spot we had it it took in,that month about four to five thousand,pictures yes some would like for the,batteries to last three or four months,but when its taking that many pictures,I really dont think you can expect that,we definitely need to work on our,settings a bit and see if we can make,some adjustments so that when its in an,area thats really busy we dont run out,of batteries so quickly if you have one,of these and you have some tips comment,and let us know what we should do as I,mentioned this camera does send video,which is also a new feature when you,pull up the app youll see a preview,which is like kind of looks like a gif,on your screen and then if you want to,see the whole video then you request it,now that is an extra fee but its really,cool because now you dont have to go,pull the card to see the video and in my,opinion those videos are really cool and,pretty clear the only thing we kind of,dont like about video mode is that,preview I wish that it would kind of,just send the picture and then you can,choose from there to see the video,instead of having that moving picture it,may not but I just wonder if that may,save battery life too moving on it does,open from the bottom the latch is really,strong and it has the capability to put,a lock through it we were a little bit,concerned initially that the bottom,might fill up with water and then you,know ruin the camera this still seems to,be really strong and we havent had any,moisture get in at all the battery,compartment is also nice because it,slides out you can fill it up and put it,back in itd be pretty cool if you could,buy extra of those so that you can have,that ready and just switch those out,when you go to change the batteries in,your camera so spot Point think about,that when you open it on the bottom you,can also see that the displays are,really easy to see for signal strength,battery that sort of thing and another,really nice feature is that you can use,the test button to send yourself a,picture so before you walk off and go,home you can make sure that you like the,view that youre going to get and like,we mentioned you can format your SD card,in the field so you dont have to format,it before you get there now lets talk,about the app for just a minute you can,do pretty much everything from that app,either on your phone or through the,computer youre going to click on the,camera you want to look at go to the,photo gallery and from there you can,filter it out further you can pick based,on type of media if you have some HD,photos or videos you can look at those,you can save up to 500 favorite photos,you can even use the species filter so,if you want to see only the bucks or if,youre worried about people being on,your land you can filter that out too,and you can also set your settings,directly from the app too one of the,really neat features of it is you can do,all the firmware updates remotely,through the app also okay now lets,briefly talk about the plans you can,pick whichever plan you feel like is,going to meet your needs on how many,pictures its going to take now keep in,mind if you buy the 250 photo package,but it takes more than that its going,to keep storing them to your card its,just not going to keep transmitting the

hey everyone welcome to my youtube,channel strix outdoors this video is,more of a full long-term review on the,spy point cell link uh so ive had the,first spy point cell link that i,purchased now for a year ive used it on,and off and its been in the field,continuously for the last seven months,and so im going to share an update on,what the performance has been what i,think about it and one problem that i,did encounter with it and the solution,that i had to come up with so as i,mentioned were going to be talking,about the spy point cell link now this,is not a camera in and of itself its a,camera adapter that basically allows you,to turn any existing trail camera that,you have already into a cellular trail,camera now thats really great and of,itself because this is relatively,inexpensive and especially right now,with the prices that im seeing on,amazon for these links to all that will,be in the description below so be sure,to check that out but so you can get a,rather inexpensive piece of equipment,here and pair it with your existing,trail cameras that you probably spent,hundreds of dollars on previously and,still get the same functionality of a,cell phone trail camera now ive got two,other videos that ive done specifically,on this camera adapter so im going to,link to those in the description below,and probably at the end of this video so,you can check those out for a little bit,more detail into my initial thoughts and,my initial reviews after doing some,testing im not going to get into the,testing piece of it here this is just,going to be more of how what my,experience has been now with a longer,period of time now in that other video,youll notice that i did testing with a,cell link on two cameras a bushnell hd,trail camera that i had before ive got,multiple of those and also,a spy point solar camera so this is not,a cell version this is but it does have,the integrated solar panel and this,combination is what ive continued to,run so this is the combination thats,been running for the last seven months,so as i mentioned what i did was i set,up this combination on a small corn,feeder thats been running since early,december last year and its been running,continuously so getting probably on,average a couple hundred pictures a day,and its been going along just fine now,im using the recommended lithium,batteries double a batteries with the,battery pack that the cell link comes,with after seven months of use and all,those pictures its still going pretty,strong as of right now the app indicates,that my battery life remaining in those,batteries is about 79 percent now,im not sure if i trust that entirely,because of how lithium batteries work in,some of my initial testing now since,then i will mention that spy point,updated the app specifically for the,cell link in the settings that you can,change the type of battery that cell,link has and i think that does affect,how it calculates remaining battery life,so im going to show you what that looks,like okay now what youre going to want,to do is going to settings for your cell,link,and then you go to advanced,configuration and youll see here under,power source,you can click on the down arrow there,and youve got several different options,double a double a lithiums the lit 10,battery pack or a 12 volt adapter and i,find that it does make a difference,between the double-a and the double-a,lithium so youll want to change it to,double-a lithium,save and i think thatll be more,reflective of what the actual battery,life is remaining in your battery pack,so again 79,so far so i can say im pretty happy,with it overall although i did have a,problem with it and im going to share,some details about that here in just a,little bit um it was quite frustrating,but i did finally figure it out and i,wanted to bring it to your attention,just in case you have a similar problem,now real quick before we jump over into,that if youre already a subscriber,thank you very much for your support if,youre not i welcome you to subscribe to,this channel i dont post videos,incessantly i do try to post things that,i find useful and certainly to share,information about different products,that i use for hunting,and thats typically for bow hunting or,duck hunting and various other things,because i i hunt just about everything,so be sure to hit that subscribe button,hit the notification bell next to it so,youre notified when i do post videos,like i said i dont post that often,and so that would certainly help if you,get a notification when i do i wont be,blowing up your inbox i promise i do,hope that youre going to find all this,information useful and id appreciate,you hitting that like button if you do,and last but not least if youve seen,some other videos you know ive talked,about the spy point referral program,this is something that benefits you and,i both mutually if you do end up,choosing to buy a spy point camera and,ill talk a little bit more about that,towards the end of the video and some of,the things that you just need to be,aware of if you do choose to buy a buy,point camera,they do have as youre activating it a,spot to put in a referral email which,gets you some spy point dollars that you,can use towards your data plans if that,referral program is something that,interests you im not going to be able,to share my email address here in this,video so i encourage you to reach out to,me in facebook,or instagram strix outdoors uh send me a,direct message and ill send you the,email that you can use for that referral,program okay so now to the problem that,i had with this setup so its clicking,along just fine getting pictures of hogs,every day and afternoon no problem and,then all of a sudden im getting,pictures but the pictures are turned,sideways so im saying huh okay well,most likely the cows or the hogs knocked,over the post that id stuck in the sand,to mount this on didnt have a,convenient tree and they knocked it over,so i was first kind of impressed the the,spy points were still taking pictures,even though they were laying on the,ground and had been raining,quite a bit during that time and then,eventually i stopped getting pictures,and i started getting worried so i did,finally make it out to my lease and when,i got there this is what it looked like,now this isnt exactly how i found it,because at first i just went and picked,it up and tried to figure out what the,heck was going on and then realized that,it might be useful to show you guys and,talk about it a little bit so i kind of,reenacted it but basically uh both,devices the spy point solar and the cell,link were in the dirt in the sand in,this case its very sandy soil and they,were basically covered i mean the pigs,and cows probably had trampled all over,them,and they werent working so i dusted,them off turned them on and off trying,to get to work uh it looked like i got,communication from the cell link but i,wasnt able to get the spy point solar,working and so it was just kind of a,mess so i took both of those down,brought them home and i put up another,camera in its place now back at home i,cleaned them all up uh brushed them off,you know made cleaned up all the sand,and stuff that was uh on the edges of,them recharged the batteries on this one,especially because it was completely,drained the internal battery um the,double a batteries still had power but,the internal was gone so i figured that,might be causing a problem i checked the,cell link too um battery compartment,everything seemed fine there was a,little bit of against sand just,everywhere,battery seemed to be fine i checked the,firmware version it looked like it,already had the updated firmware and so,basically i started trying to test it at,home to see if i could get the thing,working again um you know once this was,cleaned up and fully charged the spy,point solar was taking pictures i could,verify that from physically looking at,it also ran an sd card and saw the,pictures that it was taking,and then i hooked up the cell link u

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