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Square Terminal Full Review

[Music],so what we have here is the square time,it fits in the palm of your hand,oops Wow it also slips out the palm of,your hand no wire and it still works but,before I tell you about that square let,me tell you who I am I am sha sha w,skill has a word lets get back to this,real crown point-of-sale system made by,square much smaller than the old design,they designed this with people with,small spaces in mind barbers and,cosmetologists this is made for us right,there this thing is nice touch screen,scotch a magnetic strip on the side chip,reader at the bottom and then the newest,feature that made this thing even better,paper receipts so here it is yeah,theres where your paper and it came,with this row and it really you just put,it in there and you just close it the,paper just sits in like this and you,close it and it feeds the screen its,easy to read Scrolls well I mean you can,go through all your settings pretty easy,now this is the one thing I dont like,and Im gonna go through this and try,and fix it but it shows everything and I,like the old system the way the old one,just showed the tabs that you had on the,screen thats a small complaint I can,edit all this stuff out I mean,everything is the same as the normal,system its just in a smaller device,which makes this a hundred times better,if we go over some of the features on,the device you have a small push button,right here you have a USB C charging,port right here the power adapter on the,power cord is magnetic so you can stick,it along the side of a toolbox like I do,it also has multiple USB ports Ethernet,cable you can also pay with your phone,phone phone phone that one,work that one wont work either,flip-phone what it will work with all,newer phones both Apple and Android now,the problems that I have with the old,system always seem to fail or disconnect,when I was ready to check somebody out,and a lot of times I would have to make,people put in their cards manually and I,was getting real tired of that it was,because I had to use the iPad to run,square on Apple software square software,and I was using Apple hardware to run it,but with this device now its where,software in a square device so I should,have less problem I dont tend to use,the magnetic strip too often but on the,old device a magnetic strip stopped,working but I did have the old device,about three years I probably wont use,the magnetic strip thats fine Im still,nice to have every once in a while our,client comes in that needs it this is,what I use most of the time the chip,reader now its one other feature I,forgot to say of how you can pay and,that is with your watch this system is,the same is the big system just all can,pack down into one and the best,improvement even though it might not be,used much I receipt printer I mean I,dont even think this thing uses ink I,dont know what it does but its amazing,it doesnt have an ink cartridge that it,says I need to replace but then again if,you know me Im not a person who goes in,and reads all the directions I just get,to using but thats what I like I like a,product that when I pick it up I can use,it I know you should read the directions,and I do when things dont work out like,theyre supposed to but when I find a,product that makes it easy enough that,when I open up the box I can just put it,to work thats what this product has,done this product was able to be put to,work straight out the box it even,already had a charge on the battery my,clients have loved it Ive loved it and,I must say it comes with it with the,rebate when you buy it Im not a person,who likes to talk price because price is,not whats important to me its how,something works in my life and this,comes with a rebate and I was gonna do a,rebate video on it but probably not even,gonna send them for a rebate now I,probably will hey I think Im lost in it,for that rebate but anyway what Im,saying is these are the type of products,that I look for products that work the,box I dont like having to adjust stuff,and tinker with stuff probably why I,like Apple phones but I love Android,phones too I like stuff to just work,Apple products just work I hate that Im,tired,but they do and this is another one of,those products it just works,and for that reason and that reason,alone Im rocking with the old ones got,to go anyway you know who this is you,know what Im about to ask you to do,forget that I aint asking Im telling,you hit that like button subscribe leave,a comment do you have one of these is,the square terminal working in yo,barbershop or salon or small business,hey if you aint got one Im telling you,right now go out and get one its worth,it this your boy shop thats how I see,it is how I speak it in the previous,system and you like that paper receipt,and that previous system is right there,what do you think works a lot better,yeah yeah and they dont think it was,much space and its this battery,operated is cordless so you can take it,anywhere so all we need to take up all,this space right here and now the little,one just takes up that little bit of,space right there,[Music]


hello and welcome to this video in this,video were going to be talking about,the square terminal and in truth were,going to be talking about the very first,impressions we get from it as its only,just arrived today and also were going,to have a quick comparison to what a lot,of people have been seeing on our,channel which is the zettel terminal so,lets figure out what the differences,are between the two and lets get,straight into it,hello my name is iron patrick im a,chartered accountant a certified uk,trainer fancy new logo that quickbooks,chat on the internet also head of,accounts here at boffix now in todays,video were going to be having a quick,unboxing of the square terminal itself,have a look whats going on there and,then what were going to do is were,going to compare it between square,terminal itself,and the old faithful zettel terminal,because the thing is after we put our,last couple of videos out about the,settle terminal for majority out there,it was working absolutely perfectly,weve got some really great comments,from you but for you guys and you guys,know who you are you were coming back to,us with questions issues and problems,that actually the zettel terminal itself,couldnt fix so in todays video were,going to have a quick comparison of the,two have a look whats there but do let,us know below as youre going through,this is there anything that you want to,know what ivan machines can do weve now,got them in our hands and we can test,them for you accordingly so get,commenting below or send us a message at,hellobophix.com and well definitely be,looking to make sure that you have the,best experience possible with your epos,solution lets go straight into it,because im really excited to find out,whats in this box okay then lets get,straight on with this unboxing so first,of all we have three things to unbox we,all know what this bit is so lets just,get this out of the way,its gonna be some till roll so well,use that later down the line now before,we go into the main box lets figure out,what was inside,this small box,okay charging cable,what i do like about this charging cable,is,the fact that you have all these ports,here so its kind of a one charger fits,all plus you also get a,connector there now i believe this,connect here which has this fancy little,port there is designed so that we can,connect this up to a till system so as,you take the payment it will then send,the message from here to the till till,will open automatically thats what i,think this is for but well obviously,have a lot anything else in this box we,got a,hub for terminal square oh no it was,just a standard ethernet port okay so i,was wrong usbc usb ports usb c cable,um okay so theyre saying that this is,for everything from being able to use,your scanner to be able to use your,printer to use your till itself and have,internet as well okay,nice okay so thats definitely an,advantage you get over the zettel,terminal straight away now lets get,into the main part of the show which is,the terminal itself,all right so what we got here we got one,device for payment and receipt so this,has everything included into the one,solution unlike the zettel terminal,where youve actually got to be a little,bit careful with it because they both,come apart like that,yeah what else weve got here take,payments get paid no surprises,oh financial image of the box 24 7 phone,support,getting up and running as running,smoothly security can rely on fair,pricing fast deposits we like the sign,of all of them supports visa mastercard,american express apple pay and gpa as,well,ive always liked the boxing for box,experience for square they definitely,take their,inspiration,from,apple,nice little,moment where you get anticipation try to,get yourself out of the box and there we,have it oh,okay so just a standard pal brick on,this one but obviously ive now got the,upgraded square what did they call it,square hub,so yeah were gonna see which is that,one so theres no point me really,opening that one today,nice little power brick for it as well,okay so we have,the power brick,run into my hub,and then one power connection when i,need it now the main part of the show so,oh there is one other item in here which,is another two world receipt weve,already opened one of them,box not needed so initial reactions to,this then well,its definitely got a bit more wet,weight to it if i was taking the,zettel terminal by itself and i was,comparing it to,the square terminal and the zettle,terminal is definitely a lot lighter by,itself,but remember you do need to add the dock,for it to be able to actually do,anything in terms of printing,then at the at that point weve got,pretty much the same weight to it,all right so add some power just to be,safe on it and then lets look at what,ports weve got on here,so at the top here weve got a place for,our,till roll so lets stick that straight,in what were gonna open uh what else,weve got here so weve got two nice,little,feet there so thats going to keep,things from sliding off nicely a quarter,inch screw but i think yeah it seems,quite unscrew mount at the bottom so,realistically weve got the same there,both are giving us opportunities to,charge by usbc,and then weve got a button down the,bottom here at the bottom there just,like you had on the terminal got the,opportunity to actually put in chip and,pin solution one advantage you do have,on the square though is you also have,the opportunity to do a snag safe and to,take car payments that way realistically,though how many times that actually gets,used these days,is up for discussion so lets take that,off and lets power this bad boy on,its already got a little bit of,charging straight at the box which is,nice to see oh there we go,while its loading up though some nice,little square stickers and always handy,these to be able to pull out let the,customers know that you have,everything all right lets go through,the get started bit,so straight off the bat were at this,point here we can see that this is where,we get the biggest difference between,the two solutions on here not only do we,get the wi-fi but we get that brilliant,solution where its actually got a,built-in sim card as well,on the square terminal we only have the,option between wi-fi and ethernet even,at through the option of going through,this solution here,um i am just going to stick my wi-fi in,there thats going to be the easiest way,of doing things okay so initial,reactions when it came to actually get,myself set up is the actual,typing on the device isnt great now,youre not gonna have to do much typing,on it so its not gonna be a deal,breaker theres no haptic feedback,theres no,noise or anything like that now that,might be in settings when we get in,there it actually took me a few attempts,to get my password and account and all,that sort of stuff come in so but were,through now so what have we got here,welcome to square terminal tim is ready,to go right out of the box thats it,sorry for a quick tour of some basics,charging terminals weve already seen so,thats working perfectly,loading receipt paper oh holding on that,one as well but that was absolutely,flawless,taking pit chip and pin payment as you,can see there is a little slot down the,bottom here where we can take that,through as needed,uh taking contactless payments you will,just tap it on top of it and we are good,to go and taking magnetic strike,payments as we said,lets take my first payment all right,lets give it a go accept all cookies,all my items have come through as we,expect to see which is good to see,so its all connected up interesting the,time is incorrect at the top but we can,sure we can sort that out in settings,one of the things though straight away,that you can see on here is it gives you,a lot more information than we do from,zettel yeah were getting a lot more,information on this left-hand side,both got gift cards both got rewards,both give you the option to do discounts,but when youre in there and then ite

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Square Terminal: Unboxing & Review

Merchant Maverick presents:,Ready to see the Square Terminal and learn if it’s a good match for your business model?,We’re about to do an unboxing for you, followed by a Merchant Maverick review breakdown.,We do want you to know that our staff writer has already been into this box and to sit the square terminal for our review.,So well be recreating as much of the unboxing experience as we can.,So without further ado…It’s time for the Square Terminal Unboxing.,Nice, clean, minimal design.,I like that feeling! That reminds me when I opened the box of my well-known brand phone.,After you opened a box you will receive a manual and some stickers to show you all of the payment types you can accept.,After that, in the box, you will have the Terminal,,the paper roll that you will insert in the receipt printer,,the power attachment and,,the power cord.,As you can see, the terminal screen is almost identical in size to most cell phones.,And,,inserting the receipt roll is surprisingly easy.,Now let’s take a dive into Merchant Maverick’s review of the Square Terminal.,The square terminal is a convenient,all-in-one credit card machine. The POS system, card reader and receipt printer are all contained in this small device…,… designed to allow you to take credit card payments wherever your customers are.,Square Terminal fills the middle ground between Square Stand and Square Register,,filling the gap in Square’s product line between mobile card readers,,bring-your-own-device plan and counter to POS systems with all hardware included.,As we noted in our unboxing segment, the Terminal’s screen is almost identical to most cell phones.,Simplicity is the name of the game here.,Also, we let the terminal on all night, unplugged, and it only drained about 1/3 of the battery.,So its reasonable to imagine that the battery would last a standard workday.,At the time of this video,,you can purchase Square Terminal for $299 directly from Square or from third-party retailers at the same price.,Square offers,financing if needed.,If you plan on attaching hardware via a USB connection, like a cash drawer, you’ll need to purchase the Hub for $39.,Currently, Square’s processing rates for the Terminal are,2.6% plus $0.10, which is competitive,,but could add up if you’re a high-volume seller.,Square prides itself on no long-term contracts or hidden fees.,Funds are available as quickly as the next business day or immediately if you have the square card.,Also, Square is advertising that you can try the Terminal risk-free for 30 days.,Square products are so user-friendly that they dont need much customer support.,However, if you do need to talk to Square directly, customers with Square Terminal have access to,24/7 phone support. Which is a big deal, especially for food service establishments or retailers with weekend hours!,Square Terminal runs the standard, free Square Point of Sale app.,It offers limited compatibility,with Square for Restaurants, so merchants can use Terminal for tableside ordering.,The Terminal does support item creation, custom tipping, and receipt management.,It has also its own built-in thermal receipt printer as weve shown in the unboxing though,,its possible to set up a third-party receipt printer if you prefer.,Square did confirm that its possible to connect multiple terminals devices,to a single cash drawer as long as you have an Ethernet printer connected. Also,,Terminal devices do not count as registers on Square for Restaurants plans,,meaning that they wont add to your software subscription costs.,Overall, Square Terminal earned a 4.5 star rating from our staff writer,,thanks in part to its ease of use,,simple setup and,24/7 customer support. If you are an existing Square merchant, you should consider upgrading,,especially if youve had trouble using Square on your mobile devices in the past and, if youre new merchants,this is worth your review!,And we have even more information on Square at our website!,Thanks for watching!,Browse our playlists for more POS and credit card processing comparisons, unboxings and tips!

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How to Use Square Terminal

heres a step-by-step look at what you,can do with your new square terminal,lets start with payments to take a,payment you can enter a custom amount,using the keypad you can add a note that,will show up on the customers receipt,or search an item in your library choose,the item and tap charge pass terminal to,your customer so they can confirm the,price tip pay and choose to have the,receipt texted emailed or printed they,can insert any tip card with the tip,facing up and enter their pin right on,the terminal they can also tap their,card the phone or other contactless,device exit the customer checkout screen,by tapping the X in the corner to record,cash checks and any other way your,customers want to pay to accept gift,cards tap gift card enter the gift card,number or have the customer swipe their,card for an order where the card is not,present say a phone order you simply,ring up the order like usual and tap,manual credit card entry enter the,customers full card number as well as,the cars expiration date and security,code,[Music],and if you find yourself without an,internet connection go to the menu,settings and you can still take payments,by swiping customers cards when you,allow offline mode swipe customers cards,and when you get back online the sales,will automatically go through if you,want to view your transaction history,just tap the menu then transactions to,find a specific transaction you can,scroll search by card number or insert,or swipe the card that was used to,search using a contactless card or,device just tap the search field first,[Music],then hover the card or device over the,screen once youve located the,transaction you can text email or print,a new receipt to give a refund choose,the transaction tap issue refund and,then either select the items in the,transaction to refund or tap amount and,enter the amount youd like to refund,then enter the reason for refund tap,refunds and have your customer tap or,insert the card they originally used a,square terminal comes with a customer,facing checkout flow out of the box but,you can change it to a seller facing,flow if thats how you like to work,you can also speed up your checkout by,turning off the show itemized cart,screen then you wont see this screen,before each sale you can also adjust how,you allow for tipping change tipping,amounts or turn off tips entirely you,can also allow employees to clock in and,out of your terminal to learn more about,employee management go to square duck CA,/ team,- management you can adjust screen,brightness or adjust how soon terminal,will go to sleep after a period of,inactivity and you can set when terminal,will automatically restart we restart,daily so you get automatic software,updates as soon as theyre available now,lets talk pricing there are no monthly,or hidden fees with Square youll pay to,point six five percent for any payment,with a credit card or just ten cents,flat for debit regardless of tap or,insert if you key in a transaction or,use a card on file you pay a slightly,higher rate of 3.4%,plus fifteen cents to check your payment,processing rate log in to your dashboard,go to account and settings and then,pricing and subscriptions,if your business does more than 250,000,in card sales per year you might be,eligible for a custom rate head to,square CA / sales to learn more square,terminal makes it simple to see daily,sales reports at a glance just go to,menu reports then sales select a time,period for which you want to see your,sales,press apply and there they are and then,see the deposit squares made to your,account just as easily see are linking,your bank account video if you need help,with blinking your bank account you can,see more detailed reports from your,computer on your score dashboard its,your way to keep your finger on the,pulse of your entire business to learn,even more check out our multi location,management and custom reports videos to,add a customer to a sale tap current,sale the down arrow then add customer,you can apply a customer to this sale or,create a new customer just enter their,information on your screen and even save,a card on file if you want you can also,add a customer from the receipt screen,after the sale to manage your customer,list tap on customers in your main menu,its easy to search all your customers,by name phone or email long lists of,customers should be imported on your,square dashboard you can also see,valuable information about your,customers like who your regulars are and,who hasnt been back in a while,if you want to add square loyalty a,loyalty program where customers can earn,digital rewards with their qualifying,purchases head to square dot see a slash,loyalty to get started and learn more,about how you can keep your customers,coming back to learn more about using,your Square terminal go to squared CA,slash go slash Terminal,- guide,[Music]

Square Eftpos Terminal Review 2023

this is square eftpos it allows your,business to take debit cards credit,cards and smartphone tap to pay from,your customers however the one thing,that square doesnt tell you is its,very very expensive sure youre only,going to pay zero dollars per month or,twenty nine dollars per month however,the credit card processing is what kills,your business the credit card processing,that youre gonna pay is 2.6 plus 10,cents a transaction for example if your,business does thirty thousand dollars in,sales per month you have to pay 2.6,percent of that and that actually comes,out to 780 per month and then on top of,that youre gonna have to pay 10 cents a,transaction so say you have a thousand,transactions in one month thats an,extra 100 on top of that so really,youre not paying 780 youre paying,eight hundred and eighty dollars but I,do have an alternative to the square EFT,POS and thats the this right here this,is an iPad base point of sale system and,even if you dont need this entire setup,we have another version thats similar,size to your iPhone but you can avoid,all of those credit card processing fees,so instead of you paying 880 per month,youre gonna pay somewhere closer to,forty dollars per month as a flat rate,fee so this is how this POS works okay,so this is the screen that you or your,employees are going to see behind the,counter and your customer is going to go,ahead theyre going to order you know,whatever it is they want to order so,right now we have veggie spring rolls,4.99 and a chili chicken,7.49 or if you have more complex items,for example a pizza,and say well give our customer a 14,inch pizza,and then were gonna go ahead and these,are different,pre-selected types of pizzas for example,we have a veggie pizza that already has,you know three types of veggies already,on it or if your customer wants a custom,Pizza they can we can choose a custom,pizza and then they can order all the,different toppings that they want and we,can either charge them extra for these,extra toppings or we can actually,include them with their order so for,example all of these are going to be,charged an extra charge for our customer,so were going to give our customer,extra cheese onions and mushrooms,and then now our customer actually has,to go ahead and pay so our customer can,now either pay with cash or they can pay,with card and I dont know if you guys,notice this right here but the cash,price is actually a little lower than,our card price and the reason why we do,this is this is how we can actually pass,the credit card fees off to our customer,so that way youre not stuck paying that,880 bill every single month youre gonna,pay about forty dollars per month as a,flat rate fee all right so now our,customer has to pay and our customer,actually wants to pay with their card,and pay for the credit card fee so,theyre going to hand us our their card,were gonna hit the card button now its,going to say processing and what were,actually going to do is were going to,stick the card inside the side of the,machine and this is actually a credit,card reader right here so we can either,slide it dip it or if they have a,smartphone we can do that tap today but,this one has the EMV chip so were gonna,stick it right here on the side,and then its going to say processing,remove card all right and then now,whats going to happen is that its,actually going to print the receipt,and as you can see right here the,non-cash adjustment is actually one,dollar and basically what this one,dollar is is the credit card processing,fee that our customer is paying so if,you guys want to save money in credit,card processing fees for your business,and you want this POS right here or if,you want the smaller mobile type of,version POS instead of the square eftp,POS go ahead and click on the link down,in the description below and you can,actually hop on a FaceTime or a zoom,call with either myself or my team and,we can actually do a live demo of this,one right here or the smaller version,for you guys so go ahead click on the,link down in the description below fill,out the form and well give you a call,so thats all see you guys later peace

Square Eftpos Terminal Tutorial – For Op-Shop Staff, Volunteers, Markets, Simple Sales situations

welcome to your new square fpos machine,this fpos machine is very easy to use,even if youre not particularly tech,savvy so dont be intimidated,if youve ever used a smartphone you,will find this very familiar and if you,dont have a smartphone dont worry its,still very easy there is a lot of work,that goes into setting up the fpos,machine for the very first time when you,get it for your business so if that is,your situation this does not apply to,you but if you are someone who is,working as a cashier and your manager,has already set up this f machine for,your business then it is very,straightforward for you,the first thing you need to locate is,the button on the side of the machine,if the machine is in standby mode a,quick press will turn it on,if this does not turn on the machine,then the machine is probably turned off,in which case you will need to give the,button a long press to turn it on just,like on most phones,if your square terminal still does not,turn on when you do this,then the battery may be flat and you may,need to plug it in to recharge it,you can use the terminal while it is,plugged in if the terminal has been off,you may find that it needs a software,update,this can take anywhere from 10 minutes,to half an hour so make sure that you,turn the square terminal on when you,arrive so that there is plenty of time,for updates to install before you have,to serve your first customers,the machine may turn off and on again a,number of times while updates are being,installed,if the screen goes blank at any time,dont worry its just the screen going,to sleep,the update is still making progress,if youd like to check on the progress,simply quick tap that side button again,and the screen will come back on,when the updates are eventually all,installed and finished,the terminal will boot up to the main,screen,at this point you can start serving,customers,if the screen is getting darker just,before it goes to sleep,just tap the screen quickly anywhere to,wake it up again just like a phone,screen,probably try to pick a blank bit of the,screen otherwise it might register that,you press the button if for any reason,when you turn on the machine you see a,different screen,like this one,or this one,or this one,or this,one or this one its very easy to get,back to the main sales screen,just touch the checkout button in the,bottom left hand of the screen,and then the keypad button in the top,left hand of the screen,and there you go youre back to where,you need to be,[Music],so to get here youve hardly done,anything you have turned on the machine,and maybe plugged it in if necessary,besides that the machine has done all,the work and has brought you to this,screen,and now you can start taking f payments,so as you will see the screen has gone,to sleep to conserve energy quite simply,as before,quick press of this button,down in the corner and the screen is,back on,to make a sale,simply type in the amount that you want,just as if it were a calculator so if,you want to make a sale of one dollar,one,zero zero and you have a dollar,if youd like it to be ten dollars you,need to add another zero,if you accidentally add too many zeros,press the c for clear,and start again,just like a calculator,to take a payment simply input the price,of the item that youre selling,touch the blue button,review sale,it will tell you the amount,one dollar correct,touch the blue button again and it is,ready to go you can now turn the machine,to the customer,you tap,insert,or swipe their card,if inserting the card,they will have a choice of which account,to use based on what accounts are,attached to their card,they will be asked to enter their pin,and the payment is successful,you will then be offered a choice of,whether the,customer would like a receipt,email text message print or no receipt,you can have the customer do all this,you dont need to do it for them,if they would like a receipt emailed to,them all they need to do is touch email,and,touch in the text box and type in their,email address,receipt sent,ill do another sale now to show you,another way that people may pay,again im going to put in the input,price of one dollar,this is because one dollar is actually,the minimum sale you can put through so,do not try to use the machine to,charge people for items of 50 cents,it will not work as a single sale,review sale,charge,and a customer may just simply tap,also easy,now if they would like a paper receipt,simply press print,at this point the terminal directs the,customer to hand the terminal back to,you,you may already have the terminal by,this stage anyway,now weve pressed print but nothing is,happening that is because the machine is,waiting for you,to tell it to go print receipts up here,in the top left corner,press that,[Music],and the receipt will magically appear,done,thats a customer copy,you do not need to print or keep any,receipts for the shop because it is all,recorded digitally,if the customer says they do not need a,receipt simply touch no receipt,when the sale is complete youll be on a,screen similar to this,it will eventually clear and return to,the keypad but if you need to use it,more quickly than that just look in the,top left hand corner where it says new,sale and touch there,a general rule is if youre stuck on a,screen and you dont know what it wants,look in the top left corner,[Music],for the intended audience of this video,simply record the transaction in the,book as normal but add the letter e at,the end of the transaction,if you want to see what transactions you,have made during the day perhaps you,forgot to write one down in the book,simply go to the transactions tab down,bottom,and itll tell you the date and all the,transactions made on that day,when youre finished with that,you can go back to the checkout tab and,youre ready to keep selling,if you accidentally press review sale,when you havent entered any charge,amount,simply press the cross in the corner,here to make the screen go back to the,keypad,overall,its pretty straightforward if you can,use a smartphone if you can use a,calculator and if anything unexpected,happens just take a moment to look at,the screen and usually you will find,that the terminal is telling you,how to proceed,if the terminal loses internet,connection you may have some problems,give it a moment to regain connection or,maybe move slightly closer to your wi-fi,point,if the receipt paper runs out changing,the receipt paper is actually very easy,the machine helps you the whole way the,receipt roll is in the top of the,terminal up here you can see where it,comes out,to change the roll simply,push open the door,so you can see we actually have quite a,lot of paper left but,if you didnt youd simply take out the,roll,and dont worry you havent forgotten,how to put it in because the machine,will tell you reload paper as shown,insert the roll into the printer feed,the papers end through the slot as you,close the door,so here is a brand new roll,simply loosen where it is taped down,put the roll,just into the cradle there,make sure the paper is coming through,and looks the same as in the picture,and close the window,youve reloaded paper and youre ready,to go,simple,[Music],theres only one thing left to know then,and thats what to do with the machine,at the end of the day different places,may have different policies,but for the intended audience of this,video simply make sure the machine is,plugged in overnight,so that it can charge,and you dont even need to turn it off,just allow the machine to go to sleep by,itself or give the side button a quick,press to put it into sleep mode,there is no need to turn the machine off,leaving the machine in sleep mode,overnight is helpful,because it is scheduled,at 2 am to check for and install any,updates,this will mean that in the morning your,machine is already turned on,and ready to go with a quick press,if for any reason you would like to turn,off the machine that is also simple just,like with a phone,long press

Square Card Readers – Review and test

hello and welcome to entrepreneur hero,in this video,were going to present our opinion of,the square terminals that have just,arrived in france for entrepreneur hero,we bought the terminals,we made transactions,and well give you our opinion,so dont hesitate to check out our,discounts on the terminals with the link,in the description,so our review on square,well tell you what we think of the,offer well tell you what we think of,the terminals and well make comparison,with other solutions like sum up zettle,offers of the banks and if its a good,choice for your company,if we start with the offer,its really a sum up like model,very suitable for micro businesses,its a model where you buy the terminals,well come back to this later,square has two terminals the square,reader and the square terminal,you buy your terminal and behind you you,have no subscription no minimum fees,only a commission on your transaction,when you use it,the commission is 1.75 percent which is,very similar to what sum up or zettel,charges,its a little bit more than sum up which,is 1.69 percent,but its the same order,so its a great offer for businesses,that are just starting out that dont,know how much theyre really going to,get because theres no subscription,on the other hand,if you have an established business and,youre doing high volume transactions,and you have very specific needs,then offers like the bank ones will,certainly be more suitable,so if we focus on squares historical,offer,which is the in-store payment offer with,terminals,you have two terminals that you can buy,from square,the first one is this square reader,which is a very small reader with an,incredible design,its really small if you compare it with,the bank card for example you can see,how thin it is its incredible,its also much thinner than a sum up,or sum up air terminal,its really very very thin and very,important,lets start with the price,you can get a discount now by following,our links which are in the description,go have a look,this reader has a contactless reader and,also a contact reader,there is also the square terminal which,is a standalone terminal with printer,but lets start the test with the square,reader,its a reader that disappointed us a lot,we are very impressed by the design,but in use,we find it not so practical,heres why a bit like the sum up or the,zettel it works by being connected via,bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet so,thats not really surprising,the square app is amazing its worthy of,what sumup or zettel can do,you can enter amounts,you have cashier software and so on but,at the end the idea is to charge the,customer,so you enter an amount,and when you click on it it immediately,wakes up,its ultra reliable to connect,and thats where the problem comes in,because if you pay without contact its,immediate it works well,but if you want to pay by contact the,customer inserts their card,the problem is that they have to enter,their pin on your smartphone or on your,tablet so you have to hold out your,smartphone or your tablet,its something thats not very standard,in the uk,which must be more common in the united,states squares country of origin,this is in our opinion a payment,slowdown and we are a bit worried that,the customers will be hesitant about,entering their pin code on another,device,even if its obviously secure so thats,a big flaw for us with the square reader,the design is sublime and there is a,little dock for contactless transactions,which represent the majority of,transactions there is no problem,but if you pay with contact,we find that the way you enter your pin,is not very practical,in any case in the uk and europe we tend,to advise against it,and if youre interested in this use,having a small really cheap reader we,advise you to opt for the sum up air or,the sum up solo which have a keyboard,and therefore allow you to enter the pin,code so thats for the square reader,with our link you can get it so dont,hesitate to order it and make your own,opinion,but here we are,we have a bit of a problem with this pin,code,so the alternative is to order this,square terminal which also has a sublime,design,its like being at apple in real life,its worthy of the packs and modern,terminals,and also with this square terminal,you will be able to enter your pin code,directly on screen,square sells it for 149 pounds you can,get it with our link so dont hesitate,its a terminal that reminds us a little,of the latest generation terminals,where beyond the cash register you can,have applications directly on the,terminal,youll be able to find your cash,register software,you can really customize the experience,on the terminal,so if you want to opt for square,for their services and their experience,we really advise you to go for this,square terminal which has two defects,the first flaw is that it only connects,via wi-fi,you can also connect it using an,ethernet cable,but you have to leave it plugged in,so you will have to have a hub where you,can plug in an ethernet plug,you cant have the square terminal with,a sim card which is what sum up does,with the sum up 3g,so thats really a flaw for us because,its not a mobile terminal,you have to put it in a shop with a,stable wi-fi otherwise you cant cash in,thats good to know,the second floor is the shape,its made to be put down,its not made to be held and its quite,heavy and triangular,so its really a terminal that should be,left on a counter,on the other hand,it has a sublime design,enough said,next its a payment terminal in concrete,terms,so you enter either an amount to be,cashed or you go to your catalog and,choose products,we only have one product which is coffee,you can launch the sale,your invoice,and confirm and pay and then the,customer inserts his card and enters his,code,so im going to do that in order to,complete the transaction,its ultra fast when you have good wi-fi,you dont have to print the receipt,you can have it sent via email,or text to your customers,and you can also print the receipt,so to summarize,square has an offer that is very,competitive with what sumup or zettel,can offer,buying a terminal is not expensive at,all,at the moment you can even get the,little square reader for free thanks to,our links and behind that there is no,subscription fee but rather a high,commission of 1.75 percent,on the terminals themselves the square,reader is very practical for contactless,and we have reservations for the contact,payment on the square terminal,sublime design very fast we love the,applications on the terminal,we gave you a quick demonstration,you can have gift cards or rewards or,you can take the contact from customers,its really the best,however you need to have a stable wi-fi,or you wont be able to cash in,so,thats it for this offer,at least on the terminals,and then we feel when we have the,application and connect to the square,back office that its a really strong,company,which will allow us to have cash,register software,to send a payment,pay online,or to connect other applications,we think that square will very quickly,correct its problems but in the meantime,you can obviously try it out,especially the small one that you can,get for 16 pounds,but if you have a more precise need for,cash,we advise you to use the sum up,terminals for the moment,well make another video to compare sum,up with square in more detail,see you soon on entrepreneur hero,dont forget to hit the subscribe button,and like this video if you enjoyed it,and youll be able to see our next tests,on the channel

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