1. Welcome to Stablegains, Product Hunt ????????
  2. This FREE App Makes You $700 a Day! (Make Money Online)
  4. Defi paying 15%APY, BlockFi, Donut, Stablegains, DimeFi
  5. Coinbase Earn Review: Make $50 in an Hour!
  6. Should I Use The Acorns App For Investing?
  7. Elephant.Money COMPLETE Platform Review (Elephant Token, BTCB, WBNB, BUSD, BDO) for Stable Gains

Welcome to Stablegains, Product Hunt ????????

hi makers im emil and im a co-founder,at stable gains thank you so so much for,making it to our launch page were,excited to launch for the product con,community,so whats stable gains,most of us know the problem basically,most people have most of their money,sitting in a bank account earning less,than one percent a year,and in order to earn higher returns they,have to go make a bet on the stock,market or buy a volatile crypto like,bitcoin or ethereum,stable gains is essentially the,alternative,we make it extremely easy for users to,earn a meaningful stable rate on their,savings,so essentially stable gains is a simple,savings app,that gives high yields powered by,decentralized finance,now lets take a look at how that works,so as you can see here we have both a,mobile app and also a web app and ill,just briefly walk you through how the,web app,looks so here we are at the main,dashboard you see the,balance here you see down here the,interest thats been earned and you see,over here the rate at which youre,earning,basically we aim to keep a high stable,rate and since we launched in august,last year weve helped more than a,thousand users earn at 15,a year,users can deposit funds in three ways,one they can connect a bank account,and do ach,ach transfers for free,they can also do a wire transfer or they,can send usdc from a usbc address on the,blockchain,once we receive those funds we basically,exchange them into stable coins that we,deposit with open lending protocols,here the funds are essentially lent out,via over secured loans for a high yield,most of that deal goes back to the user,and some of that yield goes to stable,gains,finally users can obviously withdraw,their funds they can do so anytime,it takes one day to process so basically,funds are more or less fully liquid too,so by now hopefully it should be clear,that stable gains is a simple high yield,savings app,but where to from here,well we dream of building the optimal,savings experience,we dream of helping millions of people,make a better financial future for,themselves and for the families,and we would love your help,in,designing and building this,experience,so please in the comment fields drop,your hardest feedback and also your best,and most creative ideas for how we can,create this optimal savings experience,we would also love,if you can give us an upvote and that,will help us bring high yield savings to,many more people and also you are more,than welcome to join our discord,community wed love to welcome you there,and yeah finally thank you so much for,your attention,me and the team are looking forward to,speaking with you in the comments field

This FREE App Makes You $700 a Day! (Make Money Online)

in this video were revealing a free app,that will pay you seven hundred dollars,a day with no experience more at that,after the intro,[Music],hey guys hows it going mike fasil here,welcome to this video before we actually,begin to remind you that subtle spots,have opened up for this weeks free,workshop where its the fastest and,easiest way to make money online sign up,for it in the link below we literally,have a 62 year old woman go from zero to,160 grand profit in 90 days so check it,out now okay so lets cut straight to,the chase that,free app is racketing and essentially,what this is,is stores pay them and then they pay you,now theres an old way of using,racketing and then theres a new ad that,actually pays people like you and i,100 to 700 a day uh the old way is,very very outdated right essentially,what it means is racketing essentially,gives you money for shopping at certain,stores like walmart calls old navy,petsmart,that doesnt really make sense in terms,of an earning potential because that,just means you have to spend your own,money,to make money right like if i go and,spend a hundred bucks at like,walmart right i would only get paid a,dollar or two dollars back right,but it just doesnt make any sense,because im essentially losing money,because im already spending it right,so thats the old way its like oh earn,a couple of dollars here and there for,the,things that youre already buying in,target in walmart in costco and sams,club,the new way is a lot lot more insane,because of the fact that allowed me to,make a hundred dollars a day,profit sent directly from me through,paypal for free and this is exactly how,i noticed earlier on because i knew,about this uh earlier on that this is,where people just go,to go ahead and you know make extra,money right think about it like cash,back rewards,like most of the times when you get a,credit card theres this thing known as,cash back,where you know the credit card companies,actually pay you for using their credit,card,right like for example i remember like,some gas stations,like if i use my credit card for those,gas stations i would get two dollars for,every 100 that i spend,now it sounds like a like very little,money that you make,when i understood the new way of making,money with this free app,you know like my life entirely changed,because i noticed that there was this,walmart thing right here right and not,only that,and not only that but when i pull it up,on this free app that you could,essentially download and it turns into,you know like a phone app or,even like you know a google chrome,extension you can see that walmart will,pay me up to six percent cashback,you know for actually shopping at,walmart which means every hundred,dollars that i spend,i get six bucks but what if i dont want,to spend my own 100,what if i get somebody else to spend the,100,for me but yet i get the six dollars for,free and this is essentially what it is,now i remember back in the day you know,i went up to ebay and i typed in bunk,bed right,and on here on bunk beds you see all,these bunk beds that are literally going,on for sale right,all these things that people are,literally making money on ebay,with bunk beds but youre probably,wondering well what if i dont have a,bunk bed to sell,right as you can see right here this is,a craziest thing this bunk bed,is about 218 but if we pull this up,right now,youll see some of these bunk beds sell,for like 242,so remember that 242 dollars this was,sold for,now one thing that you could easily do,is scroll down,and literally come in here and copy and,paste this this is the craziest thing,that ive ever noticed,and you literally just go and type it in,in google when you type that in in,google,you literally see this thing pop up and,what is this oh this is interesting,this is the exact same bed,that you literally see on ebay look at,this,do these kind of look familiar right 218,this ones 199 but sometimes they sold,it for 242,so not only did they profit but they,made it consumed on money like if you,sell just one of these a day,right on top of the free hack that im,going to give you that was hes already,making 40,a day profit from the cost of his,walmart split that with ebay fees maybe,hes making 20 to 30,a day profit right with just one thing,if you sell 10 a day thats already 300,profit,now youre probably wondering where does,this free app come from well heres the,thing okay,all these people are literally doing is,theyre copying this exact image,and pasting it on ebay with a different,title charging it a little bit higher,when somebody goes to ebay and buys this,bunk bed they literally take the 218,dollars,and they go to walmart and buy it at a,cheaper price which is 199.,so they keep the difference without,having their own product without having,worry about inventory,they are literally drop shipping this,product without ever actually seeing it,so youre probably wondering well where,does this app actually come in,where does this free app actually come,in well when you sign up for free,if you go to walmart and click on shop,now when you click on this button,and then you buy from this you will get,paid,literally up to six dollars for every,100 that you spend right,so potentially if youre buying this for,200 bucks youre essentially getting 12,for free okay sent directly to you from,paypal but youre probably wondering,mike i dont want to spend 199,youre not spending your own money okay,your customer is giving you 218 dollars,sent to your paypal you take the money,that your customer has,and you literally spend 200 of the 218,thats his money,on here in walmart and then you ship it,directly to them you probably know what,about shipping and handling and returns,if theyre going to return you literally,ask for return label from walmart and,you give it to them on ebay right,and not a lot of people actually know,that this works but this happened to me,all the time,i remember buying boxing gloves from,ebay and it came from amazon,right and i didnt even think it twice,but then when i looked at amazon it was,actually a lot cheaper,people that go to ebay buy things,because its on ebay and as you can see,this is literally what i did when i was,like 18 19 20 years old,i got it to the point where i was,spending a thousand dollars a day,a thousand dollars a day of money that,wasnt my own remember this was,my customer money that i got on ebay and,then i would take the money,and i would literally like say i would,get like fifteen hundred dollars right,out of the fifteen hundred dollars i,would buy like multiple bunk beds on a,daily basis,spend a thousand dollars go through here,and get sixty dollars for,free right so you could see the math on,exactly,how this starts adding up the more you,start posting things for free,onto ebay and then start you know,shipping it directly from the supplier,the more you get free money from,racketin and this is literally somebody,something that anybody can do so hope,this helps guys if you want faster and,easier to make money online sign up for,this weeks free workshop below you can,see exactly how with no product,we were able to generate 37k net in the,past 30 days,and you as you can see some of these are,even crazier like today and yesterday,was like well like 14 oh,so loud sign up for this weeks free,workshop below where we literally have a,62 year old woman go from zero to 160,000,profit in 90 days as well check out my,podcast of all these multi-millionaires,that make a bunch of money online in,bali,you can see this 11 year old girl turned,on 30 million dollars this guy makes a,million dollars per month profit check,it out for free in the link below that,said love you guys see you guys,you

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whats up everybody welcome back to,supreme crypto um we got some great news,today we got some crazy news too,and if you guys are new to the channel,i used to do a tech channel now its,more crypto based because of a long,story with youtube,but,um if you guys want to see the daily,market breakdown im gonna put a,timestamp in the description or so you,just click on it and then itll,jump you to the daily market watch which,goes over the charts crypto bubbles,coin market cap um whos up whos down,all that,um but im gonna do the news first,because i think thats what most people,want to hear,um so,first thing we got ethereum preparing,for a bear trap ahead of the merge,eath price to hit 4k next question mark,um and this is on uh coin telegraph you,guys can come and check these out,um but basically,saying that could be a possible bear,trap,i got also got something else to do with,the ethereum right here the developers,move marriage hopes to august,so thats,it could be good news it could be bad,news you know they might rush it i dont,know but id rather them take the time,get it right do it correctly have no,problems and you know,because with what we see with tara luna,it makes honestly has me a lot more,bullish on things like cardano people,who are taking their time trying to get,it perfect,um because you can youve seen what,happens when you rush into it i mean,billions and billions of dollars tens of,billions of dollars,um,gone just gone and uh,that moves me into the next story we got,and this is just bogus this is,ridiculous,okay so,stable gains,is uh yield app its stable gains um,faces allegations of misusing clients,money,um after losing more than 40 million in,the terror collapse and it just gets,crazier and crazier as you go through,this and read this guys because,what theyre doing or what they did they,took usdc and usd via wire transfers,from customers,promising 15,and then they go put it all in anchor,protocol,and they just skim the extra four,percent off the top um and,what theyre doing to their customers is,bogus,says let me see where its at,uh what theyre doing,stable gains is keeping the post d-peg,ust airdrop for themselves and anyone,who tries to withdrawal to get the drop,is forced to sign a waiver,saying theyre not liable for any losses,its just ridiculous,they didnt tell any of the investors,that they were investing in anchor,protocol or luna,they invested in it they were skimming,off the top taking four percent for,themselves,and then when it collapsed and because,of their,bad practices,theyre telling people they cant get,the airdrop for the stuff that they paid,for,right and theyre making them sign,waivers saying that theyre not liable,for any of it which is just ridiculous,lets see how long before stable gains,goes out of business um comment down,below let me know if youve ever used,stable games i never have personally so,i dont know how they work,um but,if this is all true which is looking,like it is i looked into it a little bit,um this is just like i said its its,bogus its ridiculous theyre screwing,over all their investors why would you,want to screw over,the people who believed in you and gave,you their money thats one of the,hardest things to do is to get someone,to give you their money and have you,invest their money right they got to,really trust you or trust,what youre doing and then you just go,behind their backs,and uh,basically,try to get rich yourself of their money,dont give them any of the airdrops,because uh ust is um,or lunas doing a fork and then theyre,to do some airdrops and all that,for pre,collapse holders and theyre going to,give some to post holders,because a lot of people lost a lot of,money in this collapse,um other people that lost it says right,here,we got binance,recorded a loss uh after 1.6 billion,luna tokens dropped to less than three,thousand dollars,which is ridiculous,i mean thats crazy um one of the,biggest,losers is hash ventures,their venture capital firm from seoul,that appeared to have lost,three and a half billion dollars after,luna crash,because they staked about 50 million,lunar tokens,and then we also got delphi digital has,admitted to,lost due to terror crash,the research firm and investor stated,that it had misgivings about luna and,ust but thought the bitcoin reserves,would prevent the crash,um which a lot of people did uh when,dokkan made that statement hes got,three billion worth of bitcoin in the,back of the peg it just invited attacks,uh last thing today i got for you which,is great news uh ftx is launching a,stock,trading platform with stable coins so,you can trade stock and crypto on the,same platform,and this is what ive been waiting for,someone to do this right someone to,have stocks,which would be awe what would be awesome,is you have stocks forex and crypto on,the same platform,um and if that platform worked good with,trading view,that would be definitely my go to,[Music],broker slash exchange,but you guys can come here and read this,yourself this ones on um dailycoin.com,and its just basically saying ftx,launching their stock trading platform,uh you can trade cryptos alongside,stocks and im not sure but i think this,is the first one to do this comment down,below let me know if you know of any,other ones doing this,but i think this is the first one,itll say the platform will require its,users to fund their accounts with stable,coins like usdc usd or busd and tether,and then you can go ahead trade cryptos,stocks all that,again this is something its great for,the space,it just helps more people get into,crypto and stocks,other than that lets hop right to,coin market cap real quick,look at the biggest gainers and losers,of the day,uh well first bitcoins down about four,percent about four percent on the week,the biggest gainer is uh knc,theyre up 40 on the week theyre doing,awesome uh the kyber network,uh then we got monero cosmos clayton,[Music],uh what is this leo kucoin token and pax,g,these are about the top gainers,really nothing special except kyber,network,then we got the biggest losers,obviously terror ust,ben at the top of this,um gmt stepping is up or down about 10,xdc solana thor,uh waves graph bsv mana we got a lot of,seven percent six percents five percents,down,okay,lets look at the crypto bubbles,this is the daily,uh we got a couple in the green,this is the top 200 coins so what i look,at we can also look at the top 100,pretty much everything red,if you guys dont know about this,website cryptobubbles.net,great website its kind of like a heat,map but i like this one better,and last but not least lets look at the,bitcoin chart,and im going to give you my prediction,um guys this is not financial advice,its just my prediction on what could,happen,so this is the hourly chart,if you see here right now were at 28,890,and what im looking for is possibly,a little move back up to come fill all,this imbalance,and then a move down,maybe to hit this,order block here,and then probably come up to take out,some of this liquidity,and maybe head back down,take out all this liquidity,and just short out all the retailers,uh and thats just my prediction guys,comment down below let me know what you,thinks gonna happen the price,on bitcoin,and we can also,real quick look at all the markets,we got the dollar index up 0.34,dow jones down 1.6,nasdaq down 2.7,uh s p down,1.9 and,oils up a percent golds up a per point,one,silver and palladium is down,um bitcoin 28 884,and ethereum,1928. uh comment down below let me know,what you guys think,thanks for watching um,real quick though,if you guys are uh subscribers to my old,content i still have all the tech videos,that are in a playlist called old videos,if you want to watch any of my old stuff,theyre still there you can still do,that,um but i do have to switch up the,content i have to,so,im sorry if it affects you,but,youtube with the guidelines i have to do,this,all the fire stick content and all that,is,theyre just taking them down theyre,taking out

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Defi paying 15%APY, BlockFi, Donut, Stablegains, DimeFi

all right guys uh welcome uh once again,happy new year,uh if you havent already uh please,subscribe,like comment,uh that would help me really,if you comment this is how i know what,kind of videos to make otherwise i kind,of just go off my,own interest,even though im very interesting man but,i still want to have some input,without further ado uh todays topic,is uh,defy and its interest,um,what d5 is those of you if youre not,familiar with it first came the,cryptocurrency,from cryptocurrencies the lending part,came in,from there,there are few apps that has came out,noteworthy like blackfy,you know coinbase or other if you own,like bitcoin you can actually stake your,coins but what im specifically today,talking about is there are,um,apps out there that are giving you much,is,15,on your money,im not making this up guys,today is uh,january 11,2022 so,i am speaking of uh is up this,today um,please do your own due diligence when it,comes to money i am not a professional i,dont know you you dont know me theres,some random guy on internet all right,so,yeah i am considered another entertainer,i guess i just financing you,in finance i guess,but i have gained,so,i have the list here,so im gonna go with black fight first,because that seems to be very stable,easy to use,in my opinion,so far thats what ive been using,theyre giving me about nine percent,interest,rate uh the interest rate changes,all you do,for blackfy is download,you go to block five right just google,it,and then download the app,android or apple,i dont know if anybody has microsoft,phone but probably their android anyway,so you download the app um you make the,account and you basically connect it,through your bank and,yeah you get nine percent uh simple as,that they give you daily interest rate,um so you know exactly how much money,you have up to that point you can,withdraw it at any time,so whatever the money they give you um,they pay you on every month on the first,so,i guess,yeah first through 31st month recruits,and then they you get on the first,service really great alternative if you,want,nine percent uh reputable um,d5 website to um app your own money and,when you would ride i did i have,withdraw it um at least two times it,takes about,three to five days depending on business,days,the,i have also actually emailed the support,so really nice guys,is they communicate a lot i overall i,would highly recommend,um them,at least i had a very positive,experience so far,the next one is donut,donut,is also new investing app in the d5,arena,theyre a bit newer,right now theyre giving you the,lets see i have it right here hold on,let me just,so they have this little program,they start you out with four percent,and then they have a five to seven,percent then they have six to ten,percent,um for four percent is any amount below,up to,i believe two hundred two thousand and,two thousand five hundred dollar,so,up to or equals um you will get five to,seven percent,okay uh what i really like about this,app is that depending on different dates,um,they have a like a different api that,they they run promotion,which is like um,like they will give you an email like,hey open this app today and youll get a,boost for like 30,which i really thought it was cool,thats the only,really,i kind of thats thats the only reason,i like it so far i have put in,200,um ive gained,three hundred and twenty one dollar but,heres the thing i started out with,hundred dollar and then i over time,increase my,my holding um,why not right,um,you always want to diversify thats the,one thing in finance,okay,the next one that i,the order that im going in this is the,order i have discovered these apps and,this is the,um i am at the end of this video i will,be showing you my,kind of the account and stuff so this is,just uh im just giving you right now,and then once i am done just talking i,will show you the actual app and,my investing,the fairly new one,is called stable gain um its not,available in all 50 state they are only,available in 15 of the state i am happen,to be,living one of them virginia,whats so great about them,i am getting 15 percent,on my,investing um,and you know thats what theyre giving,you but heres a problem right now they,dont have ach and uh,you can do wire transport or you can buy,usd coin off like lets say coinbase and,then transfer the coin,i would not recommend that unless uh,your uh you know you already been doing,that so theres some learning curve um,in that,so i dont really like that um,okay,but they do pay daily just like any all,the other app,you could,i have not been brought any money,okay,the next one is,i just signed up its called,dime phi 955,is i would say the newest of them all uh,theyre currently giving you,12,um the app pretty straightforward i just,signed up um,i connected my bank account and i have,put in 10 right now within 10,today i mean,you know they show you lifetime interest,and its pretty cool actually so,over time i am intending to increase my,holdings,obviously like uh guys i am not gonna,put,major money in these things however,i think if you can afford up two,thousand dollar in this app is nice way,to make little extra money just in case,and you know only put in im only gonna,put in my money that i think i can you,know lose and ill be fine with it after,a thousand dollar,you know it will hurt but it wouldnt,hurt me thats that bad but,if i lose more than that and then yeah,this will be a couple days of regretful,sleeping off,okay let me see if how i can,display,this screen okay

Coinbase Earn Review: Make $50 in an Hour!

hey guys its Ryan and in this video I,wanted to talk very quickly about,coinbase urn now this is a very cool,opportunity that I found about just last,night by logging into my coinbase,account on random chance I like barely,used coinbase,and I just have to log in last night and,they popped me up with this coinbase urn,thing urn cryptocurrency by watching,videos I thought this would be stupid,and you wouldnt turn anything in to be,pennies for your time but it ended up,being about two dollars for every three,minute video and over the course of,about an hour I earn like fifty dollars,so thats more than I earn in my job and,I definitely would recommend this,opportunity if you have a coin base,account and if you dont have a coin,miscount the opportunity is still,available to you with the referral link,that I have down in the description you,can click that and go start watching,these videos and earning cryptocurrency,immediately on a brand new coin discount,no all you have to do is literally just,watch the video and then they have a,quick quiz question at the end so I,guess their goal is to try and get,people to learn more about various,cryptocurrencies so that they will you,know have a little bit in their wallet,after completing these videos and then,trade that cryptocurrency on coinbase,or actually just use it out kind of in,the wild so to speak so to be honest Im,not sure how long this program will last,theyre giving away a ton of,cryptocurrency and obviously thats,gonna cost them pretty big but I know,that theyve got a pretty big budget for,it so I would definitely recommend going,ahead and giving it a check out,unfortunate I did run across a couple of,crypto currencies where the case was,that they had apparently given away all,the crypto currency so Ill have to,check back in a little while and see if,I can go through those videos and get,those tokens as well but for now I just,didnt bother watching the videos,because that would be kind of a waste of,time so yeah overall I earn like almost,$50 off of this program in about an hour,the only thing I did besides watch,videos to earn that was to download the,brave browser so if you go to the basic,attention token set of videos and then,you download the brave browser,um I got an extra few tokens for that so,that was all right wasnt a big deal to,download that brave browser and I just,had to visit the coinbase website in it,and login to prove that I downloaded the,web browser so it was no big deal,but besides that it was a hundred,percent just watching these videos so it,was hugely beneficial I actually enjoyed,it because I did learn a little bit,about the various cryptocurrencies that,they have on their platform and what,theyre kind of aiming to accomplish,with those cryptocurrency so it was,interesting and informative but at the,same time I got a number of,cryptocurrencies now what youre,probably wondering is how you can turn,those crypto currencies into dollars,because at the end of the day everyones,all about dollars and who cares about,crypto right yes so what I was able to,do is hook up my PayPal account to,coinbase this is a relatively new option,as well that I just found out about last,night and Im not sure which countries,it might be available in so Ill,probably put those countries like right,here so youll know if thats available,in your country but basically I was able,to just hook up my PayPal account it was,super easy and then I was able to sell,them directly to my PayPal account and,receive the money instantly so that was,awesome,so I ended up doing that with only a,couple of the cryptocurrencies I ended,up doing that with a basic attention,token only I think actually I was gonna,do with die I just kind of left the die,in there for now because its supposed,to be pegged to the u.s. dollar so I,wasnt super worried about losing value,in those ones and so I just kind of left,it there for now for whatever reason but,I did that with a basic attention token,the rest of it I transferred to litecoin,and then I just transferred it over to,my bit step its bitstamp account so,thats another way to go but I,definitely could have sold it all for,PayPal and just cashed out right then,and there and if thats something that,you guys are interested in doing you can,definitely go that route anyway guys be,sure to hit the like button if youre,interested in this opportunity love to,see what more money-making opportunities,are coming from coinbase,obviously this one is quick and simple,get in get out make a quick 50 bucks but,I just want to let you guys know about,it as it is relatively new from what I,looked up they just started running this,start a June for a lot of their coins,some others have been going on a little,bit longer but it looks like theyre,continuing to expand this promotion and,its definitely something that Im gonna,be keeping an eye on towards the future,as should you anyways guys be sure to,hit the like button and subscribe to the,channel for more content and well see,you in the next video

Should I Use The Acorns App For Investing?

[Music],whitneys with us,in las vegas hi whitney how are you,im well how are you better than i,deserve whats up,thank you for taking my call so i just,had a question so im,debt-free besides my mortgage i actually,just bought a house,um i contribute i match my companys,401k,and i just started go um contributing to,our ira,good i was wondering if you were,familiar with or,you know of the app acorns ive been,also like putting money into that,and i was just wondering your views on,that if thats a good,if youve heard anything about it if you,would suggest doing that or,no well the premise is that its,small amounts that go in correct yeah so,itll it can round up like connected to,your bank account but i also put in,money out you know a couple hundred or,if i have,extra i try to put it in but is it you,know something that would be good on,i feel like it is just like an s p right,it just follows the same,market but youre not putting enough,money in there that it matters i mean,ive got a coffee cup um an old coffee,cup that,sits on my dresser and i put the change,out of my pocket in it,but its not going to make me rich right,but its something it kind of grows i,mean no it doesnt its not going to,make me rich its just,its a coffee cup full of change what,makes me rich is what youre doing on,the other stuff when youre putting,thousands of dollars in your 401k in,your roth iras,not nickel and dime roundups right,okay so its almost just kind of just,like its a joke,yeah it is because its a small amount,and if you put in a small amount,even if it did really well its going to,end up being a small amount,the the only danger with it is it makes,you feel like youre actually doing,something,right right and thats laughable would,you suggest getting like with the smart,investor pro and then starting like the,mutual funds that you said,if you want to put more into investments,you need to do real,investing and put a put a substantial,amount in,what would you say is like a substantial,amount i mean i mean,youre putting 15 of your income away,and youre in baby step four right,yes so you would not put more away now,other than kids college unless you have,a more if you have a mortgage to pay off,do you have a mortgage to pay off,i i have a mortgage yeah then you need,to be putting all extra nickels and,dimes towards the mortgage,above 15 of your income towards,retirement,so let me tell you this is not just dave,ramsey so lets back up,okay that theres a reason that im,telling you that and,if you understand the reason maybe itll,be helpful okay we did the largest study,you probably heard me talk about it a,thousand times,ever done on millionaires in north,america over 10,000 millionaires were surveyed the,typical,plan that came out of that was the vast,majority of them,they had two major components of,becoming millionaires they were,investing,steadily a large chunk of their income,like 15 percent as an example,into their 401ks and roth iras the,second thing they did was they had a,paid for house,those two items added together made up,over a net worth of over a million,dollars,for the vast majority over 80 percent of,them followed that plan,and out of 10 000 of them that we,interviewed,the number that said that they became,millionaires because,they saved nickels and dimes with acorn,was precisely zero,right okay but would did you say once,that,investing in your 401k you should only,go up to what they match,and then you know do an ira yeah you,should do if you should do,match first roth second traditional,third,does your 401k have a roth option yes,okay then you would do your 401k with,roth take the match,if your does your 401k have good mutual,funds in it to select from,that i dont know i would have to look,okay if theyre good mutual funds you,max the whole thing out,and if that doesnt get you to 15 then,you can reach over into a roth ira in,addition,to get you up to 15 of your income but,the best thing you can get as a match,the next best thing you can get,is tax-free growth which is roth the,next best thing is tax deferred,growth okay so match beats roth beats,uh traditional okay right exactly thats,the deal so,you know take that match for sure and,and then look at the,mutual funds if theyre decent mutual,funds just load that 401k up,what what is your income um,im in sales so it varies but 90 to 110.,okay you could you could be done with,your 15 than in a 401k,okay yeah you dont have to reach you,wont have to reach over the roth if,your 401k has good options because you,can put 15 000.,401k allows up to 19 000 some change,this year,so youre youre fine yeah you can do it,all right there and i imagine youve got,decent options in that 401k,most of them do now theres a few of,them out we run into are lousy mutual,funds but most people do a pretty good,job of putting a decent selection in,there,the four types we talk about growth,growth and income aggressive co but you,dont really need a side,investment fund you need to be throwing,those side dollars thats a mortgage,thats my point its a distraction dave,its good marketing theyve made people,think oh this is really wise,and youre just not the roi in it it,becomes a distraction,well yeah its,you know if you plant a few kernels of,corn,youre going to get not much corn right,there you go if you plant a few acres,youre gonna get a couple of trees yeah,yeah,but if you want a whole forest boys and,girls okay you want the tree farm,you better plant a lot,big money in tree farms dave so i hear,oh i got a friend of mine thats mega,wealthy he bought tree farms years ago,told me i was an idiot for not doing it,and he is looking like a genius,hes growing gold bars out there right,now dead gum lumber,its not just a metaphor it turns out,theres actually gold bars with branches,i mean theyre just,unbelievable lumber prices are oh my god,thats the truth he was already a,billionaire and he is twice over not,just because of stupid trees,its unbelievable im so mad at him

Elephant.Money COMPLETE Platform Review (Elephant Token, BTCB, WBNB, BUSD, BDO) for Stable Gains

hello everybody welcome back to my,channel my name is,sk crypto k and today,i would like to do a complete review of,elephant.money brought to you by,bankroll network and well touch upon,what theyve done with the,elephant token that just launched as,well as some of the other programs they,have right here for bdo,busd btcb and bnb,wow youre about to blow my mind thats,like,five different things in one video why,dont you just make five videos,well if youve been paying attention i,already have videos on most of this,but it doesnt include the new elephant,token that just launched,and to just make it a little easier,well go ahead and touch upon how all,four of these,work because they all work the exact,same way you just choose,your favorite token oh man okay,all right cool so starting off well,just,launch right into the elephant token,dashboard,which theyve updated recently to be,cleaner than it was before when you come,in here you just want to make sure,youre on the,finance smart chain with your meta mask,or whatever wallet you use for bsc,and then you can just come in and spot,check whats going on of,all the contracts in elephant.money this,is by far,the easiest this token is brand new,and over time it will increase but one,of the,great things about this token is you,earn more tokens,just simply by holding the token it,works very similarly to things like,moon rats and safe moon,all the other buzzwords that are out,there with those tokens and how they,work with the tokenomics,its overall just an easy way to earn,passive divs by not even coming in every,day you dont have to hit a roll button,you dont have to claim,you dont need to do anything you just,sit back and collect the divs,now youre talking my language and that,sounds like,some easy money which overall,it is right now the price of the token,is very cheap i dont its 0.0000006 or,something of that nature,and its a great time to buy in because,its essentially,at floor price but mainly how it works,is theres a transaction fee,of 10 that is charged on all,transactions for the elephant token,so when you buy this on pancake swap,five percent,of the ten percent goes into the,liquidity of the token itself,whereas the other five percent is,distributed amongst,all of the token holders based on your,staked percentage for,example if in a days time,enough transactions that happened on,pancake swap to where,the 10 percent total is 40 000,well know that half of that total is,going to go into the liquidity,and the other half of that amount so 20,000,is going to get redistributed out to all,the holders,but right now i have a stake of 0.047,percent so the amount i will see 20 000,times,my stake percentage of 0.047 percent,times 0.00 not 47. we got to divide it,out by another zero,it would be 9.4 if that was the amount,40 000 total worth of the 10 reward,half of that total goes into the,liquidity of the token and the other,half,which is 20 000 would go to my wallet at,my staked percentage of 0.047,or 9.4 dollars and depending on that,network activity it could be more it,could be less,wow what about that liquidity job event,that happened like two weeks ago,how much money was raised hey i,appreciate you asking lets take a look,coming on down here you can see the,current liquidity of the token is 2.5,million dollars now at the end of the,seven day liquidity drive event it did,go up over 3 million dollars but since,then weve had a,couple of large whales that had to sell,at a loss,which does suck because the moment you,sell youre paying a 10,transaction fee and the amount that the,token even pumped as soon as it launched,wasnt enough to cover the 10,transaction fee so from what i,understand they had to pay off some,other debt,and get out dropping the value a good,bit creating a new floor price,however taking a look at the road map,they do have things planned to where,they will be,increasing presence on other platforms,taking a look here so in quarter two of,this year,theyre launching the elephant token,theyre gonna establish elephants social,media channels separate from bankroll,and this includes everything from tick,tock to youtube,and everything else under the sun build,content marketing team,secure a long-term marketing partnership,and architect and release a version 2,of elephant single asset pools,integration with the elephant token,but well have to see what that looks,like in quarter three of this year they,will continue marketing,and community building as well as,additional asset pools,and then beyond with all of the,developer money explore additional,opportunities under the elephant,umbrella,so this token is not meant to be a quick,pump and dump,this is something you want to hold for,the long term even if you think of,something like,dogecoin,yeah doge is one of those strange ones,there,but anyways even doge took four years,before it popped off,so keep those diamond hands when it,comes to elephant.money,taking a look over at the white paper of,elephant token,again it is on the binance smart chain,as a bet 20 token,where there is a starting supply of one,quadrillion elephant tokens and the,distribution will be as,follows 49 will be sent to the graveyard,which is a burn address with auto,balancing burn mechanism,one percent towards marketing,development 25 towards contract block,liquidity and 25,towards the community participants the,biggest,key distinguisher from this token,compared to moon rat,and safe moon is in the graveyard,which they explain here when it comes to,the rfi,tokenomics one unique feature about,elephant versus other reflect token,platforms,is that typically these platforms set up,burn,addresses as another token holder which,passively grows larger and larger over,time,while this may sound good in theory the,net effect is that the burn address,ends up eating all of the rewards from,the rest of the token holders,in elephant however the graveyard,is a smart contract that rebalances its,ownership of the supply,to 50 every day this prevents holders,from getting diluted over,time so taking a look back here,at the graveyard at some point every,single day,this will rebalance to 50 percent which,as a smart contract that ends up,counting as a transaction,so that network activity actually pays,out,to the token holders of the contract so,its just a little,extra incentive and the innovation that,this token does,better than the other ones,[Music],but it sounds cool uh yeah,okay going back over here you can see,that same,distribution just in a pie form 25,liquidity one percent there graveyard,burn address,and the liquidity event okay cool,so just buy the token and hang on to it,for a very long time and,collect passive gains i think i,understand yeah so lets go ahead and,dip our toes in some of the other stuff,so depending on the tokens that are your,favorite whether it be bitcoin or bnb,or stable coins like busd or bdo,you can stake all of those in,elephant.money so if we go back to the,home screen right here all four of these,act,in the same exact manner so for the,purposes of this video,i will only look at b and b and the,concepts we discuss,on that are identical across,the board and heres one of the coolest,things about,how elephant.money works lets say your,favorite token is bnb,or bitcoin when it comes to the binance,network,they utilize the one to one peg of the,binance version of that coin,in this example its wrapped b and b,which is intrinsically tied one to one,with bnb,and for the bitcoin side of it they have,a peg,of btcb which is the binance bitcoin,pegged one to one to bitcoin,so inevitably one day when bitcoin,crosses three hundred thousand dollars,per token,so will btcb and the main,difference of why you would want to hold,your money in these platforms,is that they have high apy,in addition to the value of that token,going up and down,wow what do you mean can you say that,again are you just not even listening,what are you so essentially right,lets take bnb for example we all know,the crypto market,j

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