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  2. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Review
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  7. Is THE STANLEY PARABLE Ultra Deluxe Any Good? (Review)

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Review

[Music],a quick spoiler warning so much of the,stanley parables magic is in,discovering its secrets for yourself so,ill be avoiding specifics and big,surprises as much as possible that said,i am going to be showing off the base,game as well as some of the new content,to help tell you what makes it so superb,if you already think you may want to,play this game you should 100 go do that,and if youre not there yet stick around,and let me convince you,[Music],ah 2013 the year the stanley parable was,released,plenty has already been said about why,its so phenomenal so much in fact that,one section of the stanley parable ultra,deluxe is a shrine to the preys and,accolades that have been deservedly,heaped upon it to prattle on further,about how it cleverly messes with your,expectations or how it dissects the,choices games often give us would only,belabor long since made points not to,mention risk my own words showing up in,the inevitable re-re-release in 2031 but,then again there i go doing exactly that,because despite those points having been,already well made both about and by the,stanley parable they still ring as true,as ever and ultra deluxes new content,proves it has plenty more worth saying,at a scale that goes far beyond a simple,remaster,[Music],the stanley parable is a surreal,adventure game at its heart you play,stanley wandering the halls of his,office as a narrator brilliantly voiced,by kevin briding instructs you on where,to go when stanley came to a set of two,open doors he entered the door on his,left of course the now thoroughly,interrogated gag here is that you dont,have to listen to him at all this was,not the correct way to the meeting room,the office is a labyrinth of paths to,choose from or stumble upon each choice,sending you further down its branching,tree of hilarious stories and toward one,of its countless endings every journey,is full of jokes that had me genuinely,laughing out loud framed within a,constantly winking satire of how games,are traditionally supposed to behave,that could be mundane things like,getting to ignore the supposedly correct,path,stanley walked straight ahead through,the large door that read mind control,facility,or more elaborate examples like a reset,not always setting the metaphorical,sliders back to zero,when stan wait what no i restarted i,swear i definitely restarted the game,over completely fresh everything should,be,oh did something change the stanley,parable ultra deluxe may bill itself as,a long-awaited console port with some,nicely improved lighting and a bit of,new content but that last part is shall,we say significantly understated when,you first start it up ultra deluxe asks,you if youve played the original before,and developer crows cross crows stressed,to me that its important to answer this,question honestly ultra deluxe is still,the original stanley parable and if you,havent played that then its one of the,easiest recommendations i will ever make,but if you have this re-release offers,far more than a literal trip into the,memory zone given how many secret paths,and hidden endings the stanley parable,contains its hard to tell exactly how,big the new content in ultra deluxe,really is but i feel confident saying,its comparable to the original with at,least four to six hours of new stuff to,see theres essentially an entirely new,game to play through here and the idea,that its being presented as anything,less is probably one of its best gags,some of ultra deluxes content takes,place in brand new areas that pretty,much feel like a straight up sequel,while other additions play out as,remixed or altered versions of stanleys,usual paths through the office i dont,know for sure but i assume the question,about whether youve played before,determines how early this door shows up,oh new content what does that mean new,content well the stanley parable pokes,fun at games as a whole it seems only,right that ultra deluxe shifts its gaze,towards the concept of sequels,expansions and dlc as well as some,pointed self-reflection about both the,original game and its wider reception i,dont want to get into the specifics but,the new writing is no less clever,insightful or funny than the old and the,way it all meshes together is a pretty,brilliant take on an extremely difficult,task stanley its a collection of,reviews from steam,honestly i could not be bothered to play,this game to full completion the,narrator is obnoxious and unfunny,framing everything as new content for an,existing game rather than the standalone,thing it likely could have been if,crows crows crows really wanted to,allows ultra deluxe to make many points,about the relationship between modern,games and their updates more effectively,which was a real treat at the same time,however ultra deluxes new stuff didnt,always land quite as well for me its,all extremely entertaining but one of,the drawbacks of housing this pseudo,sequel within the original is the,feeling that weve seen many of these,magic tricks before its not that they,dont hold up or arent still impressive,and its not that there arent plenty of,new ones which delighted me all their,own but even if the well hasnt run dry,its hard to shake the feeling that we,are ultimately revisiting it something,ultra deluxe even enjoyably teases,itself for because of that some of the,new and remixed paths alike initially,felt like slightly more passive,experiences than the base games but upon,reflection im not sure if thats,actually true or if their impact was,just blunted slightly by the fact that i,better knew what to expect nine years on,[Music],the stanley parables base game truly,holds up almost a decade later both in,its hilarious narrated writing and the,clever satire that houses it ultra,deluxe may seem like little more than a,decent lighting improvement and a simple,console port at first glance but the new,content thats been added alongside,those things is on the scale of a whole,new game those new encounters are,consistently impressive and always,entertaining even if the feeling that,weve seen some of these tricks before,means they never quite reached the,heights of my first surprising,playthrough back in 2013 but if youve,never played the stanley parable at all,ultra deluxe is a definitive version,that provides another extremely,convincing reason to do so for more,check out our early access review of,dune spice wars or our vr review of moss,book 2. and for everything else keep it,right here on ign,you

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Review

this is the story of a man named stanley,its incredibly bold to hide away a,sequel to a game in an expanded,re-release of the original experience,but when it comes to something as,enjoyably strange and hilariously obtuse,as the stanley parable it makes sense in,fact my belief that the stanley parable,ultra deluxe would be anything else,seems fundamentally foolish in hindsight,all of his co-workers were gone what,could it mean,stanley decided to go to the meeting,room perhaps he had simply missed a memo,ultra deluxe is as intriguing to play as,the original game perhaps even more so,today given that its messages directed,towards the modern day gaming landscape,some of the nuance will be a bit lost on,you if you werent playing games or at,least paying attention to the space back,in 2013 as it relies on having a grasp,of how the conversation surrounding,games has evolved in the past decade but,its an entertaining experience,regardless of if you have that context,or not the next time the screen asks you,to push a button do not do it,you see,can he just not hear me,how can i tell him in a way that hell,understand that every second he remains,here hes electing to kill himself,though its presented as a kind of,directors cut of the original ultra,deluxe feels more like a sequel that,exists within the stanley parable youre,still kicking things off by embodying,the role of stanley an employee with the,meaningless role of sitting in a drab,office and staring his computer screen,all day pushing the buttons on his,keyboard that hes told to and then one,day his screen stops telling him what to,do gifting him with the freedom to,listen to the overbearingly haughty,narrator that oversees his every move or,to do as he wishes instead look stanley,i think perhaps weve gotten off on the,wrong foot here im not your enemy,really im not i realize that investing,your trust in someone else can be,difficult but the fact is that the story,has been about nothing but you all this,time,theres someone youve been neglecting,stanley,someone you forgot what really,i was in the middle of something do you,have zero consideration for others are,you that convinced that i want something,bad to happen to you of course its not,really freedom when given the option of,walking through a door to the left or,the right stanley isnt really being,given an option at all hes being,funneled down one of two possible paths,each of which can branch into several,predetermined outcomes upon reaching any,of these conclusions the game resets to,the beginning allowing you the chance to,try a new path and uncover another,outcome its all a fake freedom meant to,reflect the illusory sense of choice the,player is presented with when they play,any game thats advertised as a choice,driven narrative this was a far more,intriguing narrative setup back in 2013,when such self-reflection in video games,wasnt entirely common and the game,design choices it commented on were more,prevalent in 2022 it now feels like,weve already had this conversation the,industry has since built upon this topic,to create games that comment on a,specific experience through some level,of retrospection on the theme of choice,and how it works within a medium where,the recipient of the message isnt a,passive observer like the notion of code,switching and adopting new speech,patterns and signs of sojourner or,investigating power and privilege,through varying degrees of anatomy in,disco elysium ah welcome back you may,have noticed that this room has begun to,deteriorate as a result of narrative,contradiction but not to worry now that,youre properly informed on good,decision making were going to revisit a,choice you made just a few minutes ago,and see what the correct thing to do,would have been i wouldnt go so far as,to say that this makes the opening,minutes of ultra deluxe boring but it,isnt a great first impression for first,timers either given how outdated the,commentary can feel for a little while,at least youre just playing the,original game which is no longer as,unique as it once was,making these opening runs through ultra,deluxe feel a bit outdated thankfully,you can just skip straight to the new,content if you want with the game giving,you the option right off the bat if you,choose not to youll need to play,through the stanley parable a number of,times and see a few of its different,endings in order to unlock the new,content,much of the new content plays similarly,to the stanley parable allowing you to,follow the narrators instructions or do,the opposite you can press the button or,not press the button you can jump or not,jump you can carry the bucket or not,carry the bucket so stanley what do you,think do you like all of the new,features yes i know its not exactly,clear yet how exactly these features,will come together as one single,coherent video game but i can feel it in,my soul its going to work theres,definitely a good game in there,somewhere say lets do an experiment,your choices will cause the story to,branch allowing you to reach several,different endings some are immensely,entertaining variations on how the,experience could already conclude in the,stanley parable while others are brand,new all of them are rewarding to uncover,with some surprises tucked into a few,the main crux this time around is how,the illusion of choice is redirected to,encompass the gaming industry more as a,whole since 2013 the relationship,between developers and players has,changed with bad faith players realizing,they can weaponize social media to,demand changes to games and developers,learning the never before needed skill,set of balancing the desires of an,insatiable player base in their own,artistic vision when any possible change,can potentially be achieved through an,online update it truly brings a brand,new almost horrifying meaning to the,stanley parables tagline phrase the end,is never the end is never the end,oh no oh god no stanley its a,collection of reviews from pressurized,gas the extremely popular online,storefront for computer games i havent,looked at these in years i cant even,imagine whats being collecting down,here,surely these reviews were glowing as,well werent they,its a compelling concept to explore the,idea that whether a developer listens to,their players is just as arbitrary as,whether a player decides to go through,the door theyre told to when playing a,game the stanley parable sort of,broached this back in 2013 when some of,its endings imply that the illusory,sense of choice in games could be,extended to other forms of interactions,like your role in the workplace or,conversations at home with your family,ultra deluxe just focuses that idea on,game development and then runs with it,delivering an experience thats,hilariously funny but can also be spooky,or tragic and i dare say that some of,the new endings feel almost wistful,regardless of their tone what ive seen,thus far has convinced me that i need to,keep playing this game again and see,what other outcomes i can uncover,okay so far its an elevator nothing,special yet but im sure its just the,beginning of a mesmerizing adventure,um,is it broken whats going on here should,we,should we be moving somewhere,oh there we go all right finally at long,last its on to the new content ive,never been more ready lets do it to say,any more about this game could,potentially spoil some of its delightful,surprises of which there are many the,stanley parable ultra deluxe has taken,me on a roller coaster of emotions ill,be scratching my head in confusion one,moment and staring at my tv dumbfounded,my mouth a gap in incredulous amusement,the next as far as i can tell theres no,unifying mystery to solve here or is,there any sort of indistinguishable,moral lesson that the game is asking me,to uncover what is there however is an,attractive lure for a thought-provoking,experience about video games and how our,reception of them has evolved,[Music],the stanley parable is both a richly,stimulating commen

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A MIND-BENDING Game That Plays You | Asmongold Plays Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

what the [ __ ] click the scope this is,the story of a man named stanley,[Music],stanley worked for a company in a big,building where he was employee number,427 very good number employee number,427s job was simple he sat at his desk,in room 427 and he pushed buttons makes,sense,orders came to him through a monitor on,his desk telling him what buttons to,push how long to push them and in what,order,this is what employee 427 did every day,of every month of every year sounds like,important while others might have,considered it soul rating stanley,relished every moment that the orders,came in,i wonder why stanley,was happy well great,and then one day something very peculiar,happened,something that would forever change,stanley,something he would never quite forget,he had been at his desk for nearly an,hour when he realized that not one,single order had arrived on the monitor,for him to follow no one had showed up,to give him instructions,call a meeting or even say hi please,show up on his side remember in all his,years of the company had this happened,this complete isolation,something was very clearly wrong,shocked frozen solid stanley found,himself unable to move for the longest,time,but as he came to his wits and regained,his senses he got up from his desk and,stepped out of his office okay,is this wait is it,oh my,where are my feets,wheres where stanleys legs go,i hate mondays,oh my god are these tps reports too,holy [ __ ],okay,all of his co-workers were gone what,might what could it mean,decided to go to the meeting room,perhaps he had simply missed a memo okay,lets go to the meeting room,that seems fine all right were gonna go,through here and then oh nice wow what a,beautiful painting,look outside whats outside no matter,how hard stanley looked he couldnt find,a trace of his co-workers,[Music],i like work just,hate my boss,damn what the hell is this,number one dad,bro this is giving me like very strong,1995,what vibes [ __ ],[Music],what in the [ __ ],i hate mondays that they all do,apparently,is this the meeting room,projections oh its going up thats good,okay i cant open that door when stanley,came to a set of two open doors he,entered the door on his left,okay,wait,okay,yet there was not a single person here,either,feeling a wave of disbelief stanley,decided to go up to his bosss office,hoping he might find an answer there,using slides that is to assure,everything boys everythings okay make,sure your slide is looking blue graphic,this will ensure a calm and productive,work environment,what is hot profits profits profits what,do people want the stock market is,somewhere in here,quarterly,post,review review,more water coolers,i think thats a stupid idea,find teenagers to put in teenage,demographic,what the [ __ ],coming to a staircase stanley walked,upstairs to his bosss office,what happens if i go down,yeah what happens if i go down,but stanley just couldnt do it he,considered the possibility of facing his,boss admitting he had left his post,during work hours he might be fired for,that and in such a competitive economy,um why had he taken that risk all,because he believed everyone had,vanished his boss would think he was,crazy and then something occurred to,stan whats that maybe he thought to,himself maybe i am crazy,all of my co-workers blinking,mysteriously out of existence in a,single moment for no reason at all,none of it made any logical sense thats,true and as stanley pondered this he,began to make other strange observations,a nice guy for example why couldnt he,see his feet when he looked down,why did doors close automatically behind,him wherever he was oh my god and for,that matter these rooms were starting to,look pretty familiar they are simply,repeating,no stanley said to himself this is,amazing,this cant be real and at last he came,to the conclusion that had been on the,tip of his tongue he just hadnt found,the words for it,im dreaming,he yelled this is all a dream,oh what a relief stanley felt to have,finally found an answer an explanation,his co-workers werent actually gone he,wasnt going to lose his job he wasnt,crazy after all great and he thought to,himself i suppose ill wake up soon ill,have to go back to my boring real-life,job pushing buttons i may as well enjoy,this while im still lucid,so he imagined himself flying and began,to gently float above the ground oh,then he imagined himself soaring through,space on a magical stone,and it too appeared it was so much fun,and stanley marveled that he had still,not woken up how was he remaining so,what the [ __ ] and then perhaps the,strangest question of them all entered,stanleys head one he was amazed he,hadnt asked himself sooner what is it,why is there a voice in my head,dictating everything that im doing and,thinking,now the voice was describing itself,being considered by stanley who found it,particularly strange,im dreaming about a voice describing me,thinking about how its describing my,thoughts he thought,and while he thought it all very odd and,wondered if this voice spoke to all,people in their dreams the truth was,that of course,this was not a dream,how could it be is it was stanley simply,deceiving himself maybe believing that,if hes asleep he doesnt have to take,responsibility for himself thats,possible yes,as awake right now as hes ever been in,his life well [ __ ] now hearing the voice,speak these words was quite a shock to,stanley after all he knew for certain,beyond a doubt that this was in fact a,dream did the voice not see him flow to,make the magical stars just a moment ago,thats true how else would the voice,explain all that this voice was a part,of himself too surely if he could just,he would prove it yeah he would prove,that he was in control that this was a,dream of course,so he closed his eyes gently,and he invited himself to wake up oh my,god he felt the cool weight of the,blanket on his skin,the press of the mattress on his back,the fresh air of a world outside this,one,let me wake up,he thought to himself,im through with this dream,i wish it to be over this is [ __ ],creepy let me go back to my job,let me continue pushing the buttons,please its all i want,i want my apartment and my wife and my,job,all i want is my life exactly the way,its always been,my life is normal,i am normal,everything will be fine i dont know,what this is gonna show like i am,okay,oh my god,hes gonna open his eyes so crazy,uh-oh,stanley began screaming please someone,wake me up my name is stanley i have a,boss i have an office i am real please,just someone tell me i am real i must be,for you i must be can anyone hear my,voice who am i,what is this like and everything went,black,this is the story of a woman named,marielle wait what,mariella woke up on a day like any other,she arose got dressed gathered her,belongings and walked to her place of,work,but on this particular day her walk was,interrupted by the body of a man who had,stumbled through town talking and,screaming to himself,then collapsed dead on the sidewalk and,although she would soon turn to go call,for an ambulance for just a few brief,moments she considered the strange man,he was obviously crazy this much she no,everyone knows what crazy people look,like thats true and in that moment she,thought to herself how lucky she was to,be normal thats nice i am saying,i am in control of my mind,i know what is real and what isnt im,dead it was comforting to think this and,in a certain way,this man made her feel better,but then she remembered the meeting she,had scheduled for that day thats not,good the very important people whose,impressions of her would affect her,career and by extension the rest of her,life well [ __ ] she had no time for this,so it was only a moment that she stood,there still she didnt call the police,and then she turned and ran,[Music],[Music],all of his co-workers were gone what,could it mean,stanley decided to go to the meeting,room perhaps he had simply missed a memo,[Music],is this memento,when stanley cam

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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

this is the story of a man named alex,alex was employed by a company called,nintendo life and one of his many duties,was to review video games one day when,at his desk alex heard the news that the,stanley parable ultra deluxe would be,releasing on the nintendo switch the,games console which was understandably,his primary focus yippee cheered alex i,must make sure that i am the one to,review it being familiar with the,original release of the game alexs,co-workers agreed that he should be the,one to take on this mighty task he,downloaded the game and as his nintendo,switch word to life thoughts started,buzzing around his head could it live up,to so much expectation would the 2013,original be tainted alex of course knew,that the game started as a mod before,2013 but in that moment he simply forgot,the stanley parable ultra deluxe,successfully booted and alex sat down to,play,much of what he saw he had already seen,before the first person perspective of,the eponymous stanley remained intact as,did the most typical meandering around,the office that made up the meat of the,gameplay hallways office desks doorways,yes this was the stanley parable as he,remembered it the familiar numerals on,all the doors the soft and dulced rhythm,of the narrators dialogue it was all as,it was and more importantly running at a,relatively stable 60 frames per second,which alex was certain could only be a,good thing yes if alex could describe,what he was playing in but a single word,it would be familiar,perhaps,was it too familiar alex began to feel,deflated ive completed the freedom,ending half a dozen times before wheres,all this new content i was promised was,that all just a sick joke on the part of,the developers with nothing but faith to,keep him going alex soldiered on in the,hopes that something new might show,itself ending after ending nothing was,changing after almost half an entire,hour of playtime and then as if from,nowhere a door that was previously,nothing but reliably closed was now a,jar better yet the words new content,were emblazoned upon its face this is it,alex cried the new content whoopee,as alex delved and scurried around a,swathe of brand new features he felt,almost overwhelmed by just how much lay,before him a shiny new friend an,enticing new dimension alex was so,flustered that he forgot to write,anything down which for the purpose of,avoiding spoilers he considered,effortlessly convenient but alex was,sure of one thing that everything he,experienced was wonderful be it the new,dialogue from the narrator the tied up,loose ends the jumping circle it was all,either a joyous addition that fell right,in line with the ethos of the original,or a humorous and self-aware nod to the,long journey the team had taken in order,to reach this point he was also,surprised to discover that he had not,once thought twice about the move from,computer to console every bit of the,game just flowed and he never once,missed or even considered the old,keyboard and mouse standard alex did,ponder how someone unfamiliar with the,stanley parable would feel about being,dropped in with no prior knowledge would,they feel alienated was that the point,the game had always been so unlike,anything else released that alex was,sure that even if these people felt like,fish out of water they would surely find,their feet if they were keen enough to,give the game the attention it deserves,alex continued to play through again and,again and again assuming he must have,seen it all by this point and almost,every time he played he was proven wrong,until at one point alex took stock of,everything every possibility every door,every achievement and found himself at,the end if there was more to discover it,had eluded him satisfied and rubbing his,cheeks that had become swollen from the,mindless grinning he had been forced to,endure alex put pen to paper nine out of,ten alex bellowed as he wrote a,thoroughly enjoyable expansion of an,already classic game treated with love,care and most importantly a meta,awareness that pays tribute to,everything that made the stanley parable,so beloved it may leave a small few,questioning more than theyd like but we,wouldnt want it any other way alex,wondered if this small soundbite could,be considered a complete review but he,was certain that if he needed to he,could find a way to pad things out,[Music],you

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Review – But We Review You

the video viewer as usual went to scrub,to the end of the review to get to the,score first but for the first time,something stopped them hesitation set in,as the voice speaking to them registered,was it talking about them were they now,a character in a review for the stanley,parable ultra deluxe the viewer realized,that in order to find out what was going,on they had no choice but to continue to,watch dread and panic set in this had,never happened to them before did this,youtube video know what they were,thinking could it see them through the,screen could it possibly predict the,future the video could predict the,confusion the viewer experienced as they,kept watching because this review of the,stanley parable ultra deluxe appeared to,contain little new visual content from,this updated re-release how are they,meant to know what jokes and references,to look out for what endings were the,best ones oh viewer you must know that,the best way to engage with the stanley,parable ultra deluxe is to go in blindly,to see it all for yourself in fact,surely you knew that going in and so you,clicked on this video out of a desire to,support your beloved noisy pixel news or,perhaps the algorithm sent you this,content because you just spent four,entire days binging video game theory,content and h bomber guy and you were,curious to see how a review for,something like the stanley parable ultra,deluxe could even function as a matter,of fact i find myself agreeing with you,on that point how does one review a work,like this a piece that reaches out so,broadly into meta-narrative territory,that the player themselves have to,question their participation in it what,good would a 5-minute youtube review,even do for that,well,it seems that i cant sit here and,review the stanley parable ultra deluxe,but this review must go on so my only,option is to review you the person,watching this from what google tells me,you are almost certainly male likely,around 30 years of age and you own at,least one katana of variable quality,youre more likely to be unsubscribed to,the noisy pixel youtube channel even,less likely to have notifications on but,you almost certainly own dozens of video,games you havent played before you,probably came here by searching for the,stanley parable ultra deluxe review or,some variation thereof in the youtube,search bar and were drawn in by the,attractive thumbnail and graphic design,oh well if you were indeed searching for,a review youre likely deeply,disappointed by this point but not as,disappointed as you were the last time,you attempted to purchase a playstation,5 from walmart its okay youll get it,next time have you heard of the cart,trick my analysis of this information,leads me to conclude that youre likely,to be a capital g gamer but not the,unsavory kind more the positive,community sort if youve made it this,far into the video youre intelligent,enough to want to hear critique of a,video game before your purchase decision,rather than just checking on the score,its understandable 30 for the stanley,parable ultra deluxe may seem like a lot,but the reviewer thought at a fair price,given the fully remade nature of this,release these developers put in a lot of,work to make a 2022 unity game feel and,look like a 2013 source game you,understand and there is plenty of new,content here i just couldnt bear to,show it because i didnt want to rob you,of the opportunity to see it for,yourself for the first time true fact,after only an hour the reviewer went to,the noisy pixel staff group chat and,declared it a masterpiece anyone that,enjoyed the original can you believe,its been nearly a decade well find,ultra deluxe a worthy perhaps even,necessary addition to the story the real,fun in a game like the stanley parable,is in deciphering its meaning or finding,out if it even has one does it does this,review do i do you do you have a meaning,does anything have a meaning how long,have i been talking to you how many,precious moments did you miss because,you were watching this video oh gosh,perhaps the right thing to do is to wrap,it up in a bow because every moment that,you the viewer watching this youtube,video you could have spent with friends,or close family or your children or,playing the stanley parable ultra deluxe,youll be glad to know that if you,successfully navigated the complexity of,the beginners guide ultra deluxe is,here to take you the viewer in even,stranger directions than before but you,must have guessed that you smartypants,you must have known that this game would,only exist if its writer had known,exactly how to approach it youre smart,enough to get enjoyment understanding,and deep speculation from this title i,believe in you you can do it and i hope,you have as good of a time as the,reviewer did noisypixel is giving you,the viewer as well as the stanley,parable ultra deluxe a 10 out of 10.,[Music],pixel

The New Stanley Parable Game is Completely Unhinged

this is the story of a video game called,the stanley parable,the stanley parable ultra deluxe edition,does a series of things that ive never,seen any other game do by the end of it,i didnt even know what game i was,playing i didnt know if it was supposed,to be an expansion or a sequel and i,didnt know if i was supposed to be,playing as penelope stanley or gem,my mind was blown over and over and over,again and frankly its a 10 out of 10,for me oh um in full disclosure before,we dive into things i was given early,access to this game by one of the,developers,the original version of the stanley,parable was a ridiculously unique game,the whole concept is that the narrator,has written a story about your character,stanley but you the player have the,agency to choose to ignore the,narrators guidance and explore things,on your own and watch as the narrator,gets more and more irritated with your,utter disregard for his art ironically i,think we should start this analysis out,with the true ending the narrator story,as intended its a story that we spend,the other 99 of the game totally,undermining,no no no no no no no no this isnt right,at all youre not supposed to be here,yet this is all a spoiler quick stanley,close your eyes,but its also the place where this,games entire perspective on the players,revealed,so im sure i dont have to explain this,but the whole opening cut scene of the,stanley parable talks about how,stanleys entire existence can be summed,up as just pushing buttons when someone,tells them to,then following the true ending stanley,learns to think for himself and shuts,down the mind control machine that was,making him push those buttons and finds,his freedom of course the irony behind,this is that we can only get the true,ending by doing exactly what the,narrator tells us w-a-s-d were just,supposed to push these buttons exactly,as the narrator intended in fact at the,end of this story the narrator literally,tells us to push a button so thats,really what the stanley parable is all,about someone wanted to make a game,about a guy taking back his personal,agency but that game has a story that,was strictly linear in which the player,had no personal agency and was just,doing whatever they were told,everyone always makes fun of me for my,love of this floaty esoteric term but,its classic ludonarrative dissonance,the story is telling us one thing but,the gameplay is telling us something,different its like a horror game where,the protagonist is horrified but the,player isnt scared at all stanleys,rebelling but the player controlling him,is being perfectly obedient,naturally after seeing this ending the,player is going to want to take some,freedom for their own and so theyre,going to start rebelling against the,narrator and breaking his beautiful work,of art thats when the game really,begins see when a player encounters,ludonarrative dissonance they start,playing the game in a way that it wasnt,intended if at some point swap 4 fails,to make you feel like a real swot,officer youre just going to start,pepper spraying the old lady for fun,thats really what were doing here and,thats why the narrator gets so,frustrated by stanley during the other,endings hes not really mad at stanley,hes mad at himself for failing as a,game designer he wrote the true ending,but he totally ignored the players role,in the game and so the player didnt,want to play along with his story as a,result so thats what its really all,about just a storyteller failing to get,someone engaged in a story and then,blaming them for not seeing it the way,he sees it,this doesnt just begin and end in the,video game either it extends to all art,and really just communication in general,lets say i write an incredibly long sad,instrumental song in my mind that song,is about burger king always overcooking,my mozzarella sticks there arent any,actual lyrics but thats what my,motivation behind the song was,then i released the song and people,start making blog posts about how the,song is about gender dysphoria or world,war ii or call it an ironic statement,about sad songs that dont have lyrics,it would be super frustrating i poured,my heart out into this mozzarella stick,song i faced my fears and showed the,world my true self and they all thought,i was just talking about world war ii or,something,this is why i think everybody in a,creative field should just go ahead and,come to terms with the idea of the death,of the author really as soon as i showed,my mozzarella sticks song to someone,else it stopped being mine and it,stopped being about mozzarella sticks,this song became whatever the other,person needed it to be who cares what,the author says what matters is what you,think and how you feel remember this,isnt necessarily what the stanley,parable is about this is what i see it,as,that was the narrators problem he,couldnt come to terms with the death of,the author in his mind anyone who,doesnt see the art the way he intended,for it to be seen just dumb or,dismissive or self-centered in reality,its his fault for not communicating his,ideas well enough or in other words for,not making the player feel like they,were fighting against the system like,stanley is in the true ending so when i,booted up the stanley parable ultra,deluxe edition this is basically where i,was at i had all these cool ideas about,the death of the author and the role of,the observer in the artistic process and,really i had no idea what the game could,do to expand on that concept without,just undermining it oh cool were just,gonna get more endings where the,narrator gets annoyed that youre,following a story yeah yeah i get it,in fact i was worried that the early,access key would be wasted on me because,i wouldnt have anything new to say,about the stanley parable that i didnt,already say in my video on the previous,version,frankly i couldnt have been more wrong,i booted up the game and i was met with,exactly what i played back in 2013.,every last detail seemed identical i,started combing through all the,different endings i remembered how to,achieve looking for something different,but i just couldnt find a single thing,that was new,a lot of you are probably wondering why,i havent talked about the new content,yet well i myself was wondering where,the hell all of this new content was,anyways that is until after about a half,hour of looking through the different,endings i remembered i saw this door,suddenly appear before the first choice,fair warning as soon as i step through,this door were going to be getting into,major spoiler territory i really cant,stress enough just how insane this game,gets like i said by the end of the,journey that this store started me on i,didnt even know what game i was playing,i highly recommend playing the ultra,deluxe edition before watching any,further seriously in a million years you,could not predict where this thing is,going to go,alright are we good lets do this then,so like i was saying everything seemed,to be the exact same in this version of,the game for most games this would have,been a huge letdown but i trusted the,developers at crows cross-crows and the,writing of davey reiden so i knew that,something good must be cooking,really it just got me hyped up waiting,for the big twist that i was told not to,spoil in my briefing,then well i saw this,the jump circle,the jump circle,okay nice new feature a section where,im able to jump thats pretty cool i,wonder whats next,thank you for enjoying the new content,naturally the narrator was pretty,disappointed with the new content so he,decided to take me to somewhere special,the memory zone,[Music],the narrator and i could reminisce over,how great the stanley parable was james,stephanie sterling writes and i quote,stanley parable strives and then,succeeds to be every game ever created,did you hear that stanley every game,ever created it was skyrim it was,persona 3. it was all of them and now,and of course the narrator talks about,how this so-called ultra deluxe edi

Is THE STANLEY PARABLE Ultra Deluxe Any Good? (Review)

i think i was always a little bit wary,of the stanley parable because of the,amount of hype that it got from,commentators online youtube,reviews as well that were loading it as,some kind of,amazing treaties on the state of video,games and choice in games and it,certainly is that uh,but the point at which i played it id,probably heard too much of that and,i have to be honest i was a little bit,underwhelmed,i couldnt see,how good the game was because id been,told that it was this transcendent,experience and i had to discover what i,liked about the game for myself,and ended up loving it but not for the,reasons i think,most of the commentators seem to like it,in the post-modern examination of gaming,i just appreciated it as a storytelling,uh,storytelling through very simple,gameplay and the imagination of the,writing in it and,thats what i was hoping to find in the,deluxe the follow-up to it which comes,nine years after the original game came,out with disclaimer in the beginning of,this video ill avoid spoilers all the,footages from the first few minutes of,the game and then ill talk about some,of the highlights for me later on but,ill give you a shout out,when im gonna do that its a game that,its best experienced for yourself the,first time through so ill tell you when,im gonna go into spoilers,i think its the state of video games,that so many are so samey that the,stanley parallel which was somewhat,something different and that examined,whats going on when we give players,choice was,lord did so greatly but the danger with,that is of course that you overhype it,and it and it was overhyped a little bit,for me but in terms of telling a story,with very simple mechanics basically,its almost like a walking simulator but,a lot of those walking simulators really,youre walking through an environment,and piecing together a story for,yourself through environmental clues and,stuff,in the stanley parable the original and,also this one,theres not so much of that,environmental storytelling the,the narrator and the story that is being,told through these various branching,paths,is absolutely,kind of central and almost environmental,details are,if there are environmental details they,are,integral to the story and youre not,piecing things together youre being,told very clearly this is the story this,is the incident thats occurring right,now you dont have to look around an,awful lot for extra details there are,some like,well there are certain bits where youll,youll see something and that jumps out,at you but youre not reading a lot of,notes,to kind of understand what the story is,the narrator will tell you the story and,the events will unfold as you experience,them its true in the deluxe edition and,as much as in the original,i think essentially for me,whether the game is clever which will it,was lauded for whether its whether it,makes its postmod deconstruction of,computer games and more broadly life in,general and the monotony of everyday,life stanley parable does a great job of,conveying what its like to work in an,office office what what its like to do,a menial job whether or not any of that,is successful i think what works for me,in the stanley parable the original and,this game because its as good as the,original is the,idea of surprise in storytelling you,have to keep the viewer in this play and,in this case the player engaged because,theyre interested in seeing what taking,the branching paths will lead to thats,essentially the core of it its not,necessarily an exploration of,big ideas,its,a quest for,incident and surprise and things that,delight and things that are fun to to,experience,the original did that it was constantly,surprising you as a player if you spent,the time to really invest,and i think the the,deluxe edition does an even better job,of that,seems like some of the ideas and some of,the,incidents that transpire are not just,thought-provoking theyre entertaining,they are funny quirky unusual so if you,enjoyed the original stanley parable you,will enjoy the deluxe edition even more,i think and theres probably a lot more,than i experienced i went through a two,hour almost exactly a two-hour play,through uh my first run-through of the,game but theres a lot more branching,paths that i didnt take,and i think you can explore it a lot,more,for an indie game that is about ideas,and and about,and then um,kind of environmental experience,theres a lot to indulge in terms of the,deluxe edition adding anything new well,i mean it talks about that i dont want,to spoil it here but it talks about,adding stuff into,the next edition the sequel to something,and,whats expected from a sequel ultimately,i dont think it pushes much forward in,terms of the issues that its dealing,with the stuff that its talking about,if youre looking for a kind of a new,message,the newness comes through the idea of it,being a sequel or deluxe edition and,what that means in the landscape of,gaming and,what we as gamers expect and whats,expected of the developer in producing,one that seems to be the new thematic,thread,the,the original thread of choice and,monotony,is still the point of of the,deluxe edition so i suppose in that,sense you could say that the deluxe,edition doesnt add anything,that new to the idea so you know the,idea of choice the idea of,repeated experience the the branching,paths,all that is still there but that is the,core of the game so you cant change,that too much and then adding on top of,that there is just the experience of,having released the original stanley,parable,i still do feel a little bit like,well we could have branched out a little,bit there lets say its if if were,exploring choice,lets make this one a little bit about,uh hackneyed game mechanics say stuff,that players expect to be able to do and,theres a little bit of that in there uh,but,mostly its about trying to anticipate,what the player is going to,psychologically want to break out of,cycles and things which is what the,original did so theres theres a lot,more of that i enjoyed it an awful lot,and some of the incidents in it which i,cant really talk to without going into,spoilers,uh as strong as the original so even,stronger one in particular had a real,impact for me because sometimes when,these games touch on something that,has always,excited your imagination and kept you,and unoccupied your mind in some way,its like oh thats a great,representation of a theme of an idea,that i find very very interesting and it,did that a couple of times for me so,i was not disappointed with it i kept me,engaged it kept me surprised it kept me,interested and it told me a story of a,character,who is,in some sense lost in some sense trying,to change his situation but ultimately,it may be futile even at the end,because of the nature of the unreliable,narrator throughout who is constantly,telling you one thing then doing another,um,the ending never,really feels like an escape or a,difference,or,like,the the narrator could be lying to you,at the end certainly the uh,the ending that i experienced so if you,like the original stanley parable youre,gonna like the deluxe edition and,theres a lot of stuff for,fans i would say uh as the developer,talks through his eye,the impact of the original game its,nine years later as i said at the,beginning and,uh not the kind of game that really you,would imagine needs a sequel and you,couldnt,certainly you certainly cant argue that,they rushed it to market after all this,time,if you do feel like the makers had,something to say,and thats why they made it,so yeah on to spoilers uh theres,theres some theres some great little,bits i think that the stuff that jumped,out to me,pun intended it it was the jumping,section i was thinking all the way,through its kind of weird that they,havent added any new mechanics and of,course the developers have already,thought of that and theres a point at,the game where the only point in the,game where its new content uh in bright,letters,and youre able to jump a

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