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Star Wars: Visions Review

[Music],its power and responsibility,now lie with you,every star wars property is made of the,same basic ingredients a touch of,western flair a bit of influence from,japanese history and all the complex,mechanics that build a sci-fi world,visions uses many of the same building,blocks simply rearranged in a new order,the collection of nine episodes each,featuring an independent story and,design style from six different anime,studios is the star wars we all know and,love but one that grants a refreshing,new experience to fans looking for,something different,[Music],the downside is that while each episode,is entirely unique when watched,consecutively they start to blend,together star wars loves to showcase an,epic battle but after a few episodes,those standard good and evil battles,start to grow tiresome great animation,unfortunately starts to suffer by,comparison which is disappointing,considering how much work was done to,create these vignettes and how much they,truly shine on their own take the first,episode the duel for example which is an,incredibly strong start to the series,its inspired heavily by feudal japan,and its stunning character design and,gritty hand-drawn textures made it an,easy highlight of the series episode 3,the twins meanwhile is an exceptional,use of color and composition it uses all,the bold blue oranges and reds that star,wars leaned into for decades dating back,to the stunning ralph mcquarrie concept,art for the original trilogy the story,is simple two twins fighting for either,side of the force but its execution both,visually and narratively leave you,wanting more especially considering the,stellar voice cast its a delight to see,neil patrick harris and alison brie,voicing the aforementioned rival twins,and solid performances carry through the,rest of the series joseph gordon-levitt,and bobby moynihan seem to have a lot of,fun headlining the galaxys new hit rock,band in the lighthearted and bouncy,second episode tatooine rhapsody the,list of big names goes on from there,with cimu leo david harbour lucy liu and,more stars being sprinkled in to truly,take the experience to the next level,really visions thrives in its little,details the incredible visual design the,all-star voice cast and its simple,stories but it cant quite escape the,reality that any series of shorts might,become tiresome after an extended,viewing the good news is that theres a,simple solution to this small problem,dont watch them all in a row that might,be tough considering disney plus is,dropping all nine episodes at once but,trust us theyre best enjoyed with some,breathing room in between,star wars visions is an action-packed,jaunt through the star wars universe,that puts a new spin on the well-worn,franchise with breathtaking animation in,a wide variety of visual styles visions,should please both avid anime watchers,and casual fans the plots may start to,blend together if viewed all at once but,each episode is still highly enjoyable,overall its an exciting and welcome,change of pace in a franchise thats,seen an explosion of new content over,the past few years,for more check out our reviews of dune,and the witcher nightmare of the wolf,and for everything else stick with ign

My Review of Star Wars Visions

hey guys hows it going heres my,visions review so last night during the,watch party uh we watched all of them,together uh shout out to all of you guys,that joined for about two and a half to,three hours all nine episodes,i gotta say visions was interesting uh,it didnt blow my mind there were some,episodes that were super boring they,were super dull and i was like i just,want this one to end so i can go into,the next one and then there were other,episodes that i was like wow i wish this,entire show would be made up of seasons,or episodes of this one right here like,for example episode one,was really cool had some really cool,fight scenes the incorporation of the,bounty hunters you know boss and uh the,pro droid which the probe droid almost,looked like sabaldo was flying it which,was kind of funny but that might have,just been um my eyes deceiving me and,the overall combat was something that,was really really eye-catching the story,there wasnt much it was just a fighting,thing and you cant really put too much,story in these like 10 to 15 minute,episodes except for some of the other,ones actually which were quite,interesting like the the ninth jedi that,one was pretty cool but id say my,overall favorites were one seven and,eight seven i feel like they should just,choose that studio and i almost feel,like maybe this was like a test for them,to choose a whole bunch of these studios,and then have them uh have the fans vote,or see you know what the consensus is,and then theyll go with that one studio,and theyll make like a whole series run,of it or something i dont know i almost,feel like star wars really takes well to,japanese sort of anime or japanese,storytelling and the reason for this is,because george lucas based a lot of star,wars on akira kurosawas films seven,samurai throne of blood and more which i,havent seen the other ones now if you,havent seen seven samurai i highly,recommend it youre gonna be reading the,whole movie but for me personally i love,westerns and i love japanese style,movies japanese movies in particular the,whole ambiance people revolving around,honor and code these are things that i,feel are lacking today and i really,enjoy those kind of movies i always did,since i was a kid back to visions,visions was an interesting unique take,on star wars it was definitely creative,uh to say the least um there were some,episodes as i said that were just like,really boring i was having a hard time,even getting through them um like,episode two it was cute and funny but it,just i was like okay lets just move on,episode three was actually really,interesting it was kind of strange but,you know with the twins and all that but,the idea and i was talking to mark,fernandez earlier the idea of a,a suit a powered suit that runs off a,kyber crystal is actually pretty sweet,and its not really something weve seen,too much of in star wars but that,crystal um,actually i i feel like they took some,inspiration from alan dean fosters book,splinter of the minds eye where in that,one vaders hunting down you know um the,rebellion for this crazy crystal that,amplifies your force powers by like 10,times and he actually got a hold of it,and he was able to shoot lightning out,of his hands which was pretty cool so i,feel like they took a lot of inspiration,from some maybe different aspects of,some like old legends novels or comics,whatever it may be and they morphed it,into,this star wars feel but it was mainly,anime that being said overall i think,some of the episodes were a knock out of,the park seven and eight were by far my,favorite um seven i feel like they,should just make an entire series out of,that like i would watch that,it was really really it felt like you,know qui-gon and obi-wan almost um but,in anime setting now the one thing that,was amazing throughout the whole entire,show was the music and the fight scenes,the fight scenes in every single episode,were absolutely amazing and i feel like,you know these set of shows these these,episodes really just got your palette,kind of wet and waiting for perhaps,maybe more that theyre gonna make some,day which id be down for id watch it,if they focus more on the episodes that,i think you know hit home with more of,the fans and i guess thats the good,thing about having a whole bunch of,episodes because it appeals to many,different people you know not everyones,going to like the exact same thing as we,can see with,well just like anything in life that,being said visions was fun it was,exciting some episodes were boring and,thats just the way it is so i hope you,enjoyed this review go check it out for,yourself i do recommend it i think it is,a fun watch um and for some episodes,that are boring you just skip through,them and then go into the next one,because there are some real nice gems in,there thanks for watching this review,catch you in the next video and ill see,you all soon may the force be with you

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The New StarWars Anime is Really, Really Good

japan and star wars have been woven,together since the beginning george,lucas drew from things like period,dramas jidaigeki for the word jedi he,was inspired by akira kurosawa in,particular whose style would bleed into,the sword fights the swag and darth,[ __ ] vader whose design was,samurai inspired and later infused with,the uniforms of german soldiers so the,boys at lucasfilms have had a hankering,for some animated action since forever,james wow kind of says but,the goddamn cannon made that difficult,and a potential star wars anime sat on,the back burner for years until they,were swallowed by disney who doesnt,give a [ __ ] about canon and has a huge,budget suddenly that door was opened and,the only question left was how do we,make this as authentic as possible while,allowing anime studios to have their own,spin on the star wars franchise luckily,they have that disney money,they came up with the idea of a nine,episode series where each episode is,completely independent of one another so,lucasfilms found an anime studio under,the name of production ig and made the,call,hi im uh derek from lucasfilms i just,wanted to reach out to you for a,potential star wars collaboration i am a,japanese,i dont uh,try to calling,what the [ __ ] are you saying,that didnt work out so lucasfilm,partnered with cubic pictures which,specializes in us to japan anime,collaborations cubic hooked them up with,some of the most,accomplished anime studios in the world,even if you dont watch anime youve,seen these around studio trigger which,made kill the kill science sadhu known,for devilman crybaby and ping pong the,animation production ig,isnt that big they made a few obscure,anime like attack on titan hayaku attack,on titan kinema citrus the boys behind,maiden abyss if you couldnt keep up,with what i said let me summarize that,for you,its good you dont need to give a [ __ ],about star wars to enjoy it ahsoka,anakin sam jackson played by sam jackson,jar jar gordon none of the episodes are,about these guys from episodes one to,nine the story is about whatever the,studio wanted it to be about a wandering,samurai who goes from village to village,murdering siths this is a cool episode a,hobo rabbit girl hops around a sprawling,maze of technology she gets adopted and,raised into a japanese family you jump,across art styles stories and planets,with no seams in between like a dog with,no balls but that classic star wars,flare is still here its not star wars,without one of those r2 looking things,going,the lightsabers seem to stop time when,theyre drawn here the faint hum,breathes a sense of importance,regardless of which studio is animating,the episode sound design is so important,especially when youre drawing alien,machines like this or a robot with a,heavy ass gatling gun going,a downside to shifting the cast around,so much is some episodes are not nearly,as good as others oh heres an example,right here you have this domineering,warship veiled under darkness despite,its enormity the cloak of space,oh no,[ __ ] is that the poop mobile again,i cant believe they wasted my time with,this band episode where boba fett is,posted up against the wall with a drink,in his hand bobbing his head and jabba,the hud decides to not publicly murder,his cousin because of the power of,friendship and music,damn,hey java kill his ass too thankfully bad,episodes arent the norm there are only,two okay episodes out of nine but,hitting them takes you from fluid wonder,of animation,to poop mobile immersive visuals that,you could screenshot and make your,wallpaper deviantart fan fiction this is,just the stuff i have to say before i,tell you how awesome it is on episode,three this guy drops a supercharged,kyber crystal news lightsaber and makes,a giant rainbow laser sword before,getting on the hood of a ship and,entering [ __ ] hyperspace while,holding the sword and tearing apart an,entire ship so he can,i dont i dont really know star wars,visions glides past the conventions of,canon and live action while a lot of the,storytelling can be weak due to its,episodic nature the way they capture,adventure gives me goosebumps some,characters pass by lush landscapes with,a sweeping view to really say yo check,out this rock while others are over,industrialized thanks to the empires,occupation theyre like space nazis you,can sit down and get immersed a lot of,these cultures have colorful,distinctions like these tribesmen who,ride bird lizards or maybe youll see,some technology that were not even,close to having today these jet bike,things for example that zoom across,planets the musical score does a great,job at sealing the deal its that,powerful star wars stuff but many,studios arent afraid to break away from,it to get a point across,space is such a sick template for,exploration aliens technology new,cultures and visions captures that over,and over again this nonsense i just said,might come to mind as youre watching,then you see the astro boy episode and,think okay this is for stupid babies he,then explores his planet and you notice,the careful detail in the environment a,room filled with the etchings of a,bright-eyed child each star in space,placed with intention before panning up,to a second moon in the background,gradually,this little guy and whatever obscure,part of the galaxy hes in becomes real,that a shoveled jedi knight is haunted,by visions of the future he frantically,fights against destiny despite knowing,every step every slash of a lightsaber,and every word he speaks brings him a,step closer to the one fate hes trying,to avoid,this one has an old robot man who hates,working and walks slow,so i thought that was pretty cool the,best part of visions is its power to,explore new planets and suck the viewer,in with them each time in a different,style each time with different,characters in a small self-contained,storyline,this is freedom,the fight scenes are always interesting,my favorite has gotta be on the first,episode where the samurai brings a dude,his broken droid and says i need him,fully operational by the time this pot,boils and he leaves to fight a murderous,sith that uses an umbrella lightsaber,lightsabers whiz past their faces you,cant forget death is always right,behind them but while under the,influence of this fight you might have,forgotten about this,the siths are as intimidating as ever,each one feels like a boss battle that,you need to prepare for theres skinny,ones theres big ones but once you hear,that,you know this monster isnt gonna go,down easy even in the goofy episode like,i wouldnt [ __ ] with this guy he looks,racist theyre so rare every sith or,jedi feels special lightsabers are,contraband that you gotta hide from,everyone so when an episode finally,unleashes it you might get some,goosebumps yourself theres no,continuity between these episodes they,dont even share creators yet stuff like,this never stops being special i,couldnt shut up while watching that,[ __ ],yeah,[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ],[Applause],star wars visions is a punchy,exploratory show that tugs you in for a,concise story before pushing you off to,the next in about 16 minutes the stories,can be cliche at times and maybe even,rushed,[Music],but i couldnt give less of a damn im,making this video because of how the,anime made me feel excited like a little,kid thats how it should be when the,rumbling sounds of the force muffle all,the sound around it right before a,climactic fight against a corrupted sith,lord i dare you to not tweak it doesnt,matter if you like star wars what,matters,is if you want to go on an adventure,wait no,dont play me off that was kind of corny,hey hey im talking to you i dont want,to end the video,[Music],you

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Star Wars Visions Episodes RANKED Worst to Best

[Music],star wars visions has presented us with,a different take on the star wars,universe emphasis on the different,however the problem with the series is,that some of the episodes arent even,really star wars lots of people have,loved the series love the wow look at,this lightsabers crazy action but for,others the blend of anime and star wars,has been a bit weird kind of missed the,mark what are what are they even doing,here but i wanted to get your take on,this today im ranking all nine episodes,of star wars visions from worst to best,all just my opinion please let me know,if you agree or strongly disagree and,maybe we can have little arguments hey,everyone its andrew we start things off,at number nine in my opinion the worst,episode of the series is tatooine,rhapsody even though boba fett is,involved and hes played by tamora,morrison his voice a lot of action there,you have to do fight scene but hearing,his voice was probably the best part of,this short for me,i have business with the slug,im mr man at the moment which is what i,want to talk about first the good parts,now i get this is one of the more,light-hearted episodes a what-if style,story thats just for the fun of it so,when watching this i had that in mind,you know its not like this is supposed,to be canada or anything i mean its in,your own head canon i like the concept a,jedi padawan breaks his lightsaber while,running from the separatists and falls,in with a rock band led by a hut and,they have a drummer with three heads and,multiple arms dude look at him beat up,this guy man i like that their guitar,strings light up like mini lightsabers,thats pretty sweet i want to get myself,one of these but the pacing of this,episode just completely threw me off i,get these are supposed to be shorts so,theres not a huge amount of time for,character and plot development and,everything else but why would a paddle,one a jedi just join a band and its,its not really explained its a new,journey for him but i mean come on,really training the jedi order of the,academy what about his master did his,master get killed i guess were just,supposed to assume a lot of that,backstory maybe i missed some of that,maybe i was just not paying attention,because i was too distracted by the dude,with like three heads and wow hes,playing the drums but i also didnt,connect with any of the characters this,episode was trying to have a lot of,these somber moments in between,everything else where the band fear that,theyre gonna lose their hut leader that,hes gonna die and be killed but,honestly i didnt really care i didnt,feel their struggle with the pace of,this thing moving so quickly from action,to music to sad moments oh and im not,sure if this is just me but i really,didnt enjoy the music and this part,this part really really got me even,though its kind of cute i guess you,could argue jabba the hutt tapping his,tail to the music dude the guy is a,crime lord theres no way hes ever,tapping his tail im not sure you can,even control the giant fat blob he calls,a body also boba fett was tapping his,foot mate boba fett is a mandalorian he,aint enjoying this hed be wondering,which one of them would pay the highest,bounty emotion breaking even if its,just for the fun of sorry no and number,eight im going with the twins some,people might feel this one should be,higher on the list but dude the guy is,breathing in space oh we dont need,helmets up here anymore disney lucasfilm,take a look at this guys also he jumps,to light speed on the front of an x-wing,do you guys notice that not in the,cockpit not even strapped on nope just,standing on the front no helmet no,cockpit no seat belt thats three,strikes and youre out okay but,seriously i actually enjoyed the way,this one began and really like the art,style especially in the first half of,the episode i like the stormtroopers,holding the stun beams with the force,that was pretty cool and the gemini,class star destroyer this is apparently,canon according to wikipedia its,basically the death star in star,destroyer form looks badass i also,really enjoyed the explanation of how,the twins came to be towards the,beginning the cloning all of that the,montage sequences everything that,happens inside the star destroyer was,fun however as soon as the twins began,their face off in space and they began,to fight have little you know sibling,rivalry and disagreements this episode,took a turn the writing and dialogue i,found to be pretty corny the voice,acting kind of annoying and overly,dramatic and yeah all the stuff that,completely breaks immersion like um,hello youre in space lucasfilm2021,there is no more canon forget it the,sixth lightsaber whips thing and,ridiculous force powers are kind of cool,i enjoyed that sure but man this this,whole duel the actual you know duel,between these two just way too much for,me i get its trying to you know mimic,that 1980s anime art style but sorry,completely thrown out of it by the fact,that you know after jumping out of light,speed his x-wing what landed nicely in,the sand to be perched up like this at,the end what sorry well say one thing,at least this one still feels like star,wars unlike the next one la panocho even,though there are some main star wars,themes present what even is this species,oh so apparently theyre called lepi,what is this bugs bunny up in here this,is the episode i was most skeptical,about because of the art style and you,know the bugs bunny character design but,dont judge a book by its cover right i,like the idea they were going for here,adopted family becomes torn in half by,the might of the empire but i didnt,really buy this bubbly overly excited,intense sister look at it go at the,start shes crazy and then shes like no,screw the family screw youre not even,my sister im going to turn to the dark,side or you know just join the empire,what just because your homeworlds under,threat and you disagree with your dad,youre suddenly cool with killing him,you dont understand,i really like the idea of the family,lightsaber being passed down through,generations that was pretty cool its,left on this planet by a jedi many many,years ago and since then its been in,this family its a unique idea although,how is the bunny suddenly able to wield,the force like shes you know,what no again it takes me out of the,emotion the ending of this one here was,pretty weak also next up in sixth place,is akakiri now this one id say felt the,least star wars of all episodes it could,have been set in any universe minus a,few references to the force and the jedi,death star that kind of stuff i enjoyed,the mystery surrounding the jedi,character the journey they go on also,this womans name is misa as in,george takai is also one of the voice,actors in this so what are they trying,to do here combined star wars and star,trek how many actors could say theyve,worked on both star wars and star trek,getting my universes mixed up i also,really like the way this episode used,flashback seamlessly filling in,backstory and telling us why these,characters are here what their motives,are drew me into the characters it made,me want to follow their journey just,thinking,about bringing stability and peace to,this world,and what it would take to do it and then,the twist of the jedi killing mesa,didnt see that coming at all and he was,forced to turn to the dark side if he,wanted to save her echoing anakin and,padme and how palpatine was convincing,anakin hey ill give you the power to,save the one you love although i really,didnt like that after he saved her he,kind of just accepted his fate and went,off with his to it to the dark side and,shes all like hey where you gone hes,like no its all good bro im gonna be a,dark side what like hed lost all free,will and was consumed by darkness i mean,i guess i get it just feel like he,should have at least had some kind of,free will to break away from this now,that youve been brought back to life,next up at number five im going with,toby now this ones

Star Wars: Visions – S1 ALL Episodes Review – Part 1

[Music],yes,red lightsabers and the sith have,returned to the star wars universe,hit hit dont break it,oh my god guys star wars visions,i was,hoping,that it would be good and it is [ __ ],fantastic,i,love it i love it i love it i love it,this is the kind of stuff i like to see,i like to see disney taking risks i like,to see disney doing expanding the,universe expanding the lore doesnt,always have to be at the skywalkers you,can be powerful with the force,anywhere in the galaxy,whether these are [ __ ] reimaginings,retellings or completely new stories,that are in canon i dont exactly know,the answer to that in every single,individual one but i am so,so happy that this exists and this is,the kind of star wars content that i,want to see if were getting uh you know,tons and tons of star wars content uh,from disney they want to milk that,license like a [ __ ] right but if,youre gonna do it this is how you do it,like so um there are nine stories uh,separate animations from uh different,animation from six different japanese,animation studios um we decided to,separate this because we want to give uh,ample attention to each one were gonna,separate it into two segments maybe two,videos but two segments at the very,least,and so on this segment we will be,covering the first one two three four,five right,yeah the,the first five um,wow and then uh well give a individual,rating to each one talk about each one,but lets just talk in general about the,star wars visions ideas so far uh how do,you guys feel i just told you how i felt,how do you guys feel about star wars,visions uh i think its pretty good like,you said that taking a lot of risk i,like a couple of these but some of these,i hate,what,yeah well one in particular is like,super long i can i can see,okay all right yeah this one reminds me,a lot of uh you know like love death,robots where some of them are just,absolutely killer and some of them,youll forget never watch again um i,love that theyre doing cool things with,this we get to see,different artistic styles we get to see,cool force powers used in different ways,yeah so like bring on more of this,concept even if you know some of them,dont resonate with me if this thing got,multiple seasons multiple instances id,be on board all the way yeah uh some of,them evoke a feeling of my hero academia,my some of them are like the 70s like,voltron kind of with the music and stuff,and some are you know like the really,cool [ __ ] samurai ones,okay so we love it i i love it i love,the concept it and um i just,based on these first five if i were to,give a mid-season score which i dont,even know,what were doing here but you know its,breaking into two videos like nine out,of ten so far so theres four episodes,left i cant wait to watch them we gotta,break them up because we gotta go uh but,its so so,awesome so far so lets jump in so,thats our thats our thoughts on star,wars visions go out and see it this is,really good for the star wars license,some are better than others according to,these guys and according to me as well,um and i just hope to see more,[Music],okay so were gonna jump into the,individual episodes if you havent seen,all the individual episodes you you can,skip uh but lets talk about them so,episode one the duel yes did not expect,them to start with that one,that one i thought was gonna be a real,good one and uh,oh it was two,you know two red lightsabers come out at,the climactic battle im like holy [ __ ],is this sith on sith well it turns out,its a little deeper than that uh it is,a loner comes to town and it kind of,evokes,and then the empire comes to collect,taxes you know you got a poor town it,kind of evokes seven samurai and some of,these western samurais that weve seen,uh samurai films weve seen and,essentially empire shows up and i just,let me start by saying,do japanese,okay sounds way better do not be doing,the subtitles,voices some of them in some of these,shorts are good,some of them are bad,but the japanese voice acting so far,throughout all of these has been really,good doesnt matter if the story itself,sucks at least in my opinion theyre,very very good so always use the,japanese ones then re-watch it actually,what weve been doing is kind of,watching them with the the english and,then watching with the japanese so,definitely do japanese anyways um,so,i love how,you know the,clearly in the star wars universe nobody,acts like the japanese animes do you,know where you have the overzealous you,know sniveling bad guy thats like yeah,you know,that that initial empire dude that comes,and is like you know pay money uh but,the town sort of yeah whos the town,hes not the real villain hes just like,the lackey um,the town has an elder uh well its not,an elder hes the chief but hes a,little kid and its like you we have,nothing you guys have basically taken,everything um,and then just out of nowhere we get and,and i like how the visuals sound lets,talk about the visual style did you like,the video yeah yeah very much i really,like the contrast um you know its a,little its not all like its hand-drawn,theres a lot of you can tell that,theres like c cg in there but it looks,good yeah the individual lights kind of,making even though its very very,japanese and from that edo period or the,the japanese uh feudal period uh theres,still the star wars nes you know little,individual tech um and then all of a,sudden yellow lasers start coming out of,nowhere and im like well wait a minute,the guy that ive seen has a droid he,has some swords whats going on here,apparently the town was already prepared,to defend themselves they hired some,people they hired some mercenaries so,who who who is in there we have uh a guy,that,uh we have first we got us you know,sobek i dont know if thats their race,but you know the lizard looking guy,youve got various mercenaries kind of,the fat like you know elephant looking,kind not the elephant one but just like,a beast looking one and then youve got,kind of like this huge sort of hat with,like droid with multiple you know guns,yeah its like a probe,droid or something reprogrammed probe,droid something like that its just,awesome designs interesting creative,designs and im like well i didnt even,expect this you know i was just thinking,its gonna be the jedi and the sith so,you know theyre fighting,um and theyre gonna keep kind of,kicking ass theyre winning especially,the this the uh insectoid droid that,comes out with the gatling gun [ __ ],awesome and of course all the laser,blasts and the sabers in this are are,colored while everything else is uh,black and white well,eventually uh the empire has had enough,and up comes,the main bad guy and it is a female,sid,this is something ive been wanting to,see for a very long time in something,official star wars and i got it here uh,and she [ __ ] starts out really really,well because shes got a unique creative,yes its ridiculous but i mean,its star wars and so its an umbrella,saber and it counters perfectly the,gatling gun right so its like,i dont know why she does it but she,immediately takes it off right when when,the ronin comes but,first shes mopping up basically with uh,all the mercenaries protecting the town,and i just got to say dumb music where,its like,you know its that that japanese style,and i know ive,seen it and and ive heard that music,and other very famous japanese animes i,just cant remember specific ones is it,akira or is it you know that that,that ethereal voice you know that that,anyways its in a few really good ones,uh name the ones that that it might be,in,um but its just amazing battle so uh,eventually,the ronin comes and his droid had been,damaged and when he hears all the,commotion hes like hes talking with,this this one uh i guess a repair smith,and hes like the repair this droid by,the time,this uh the water boils and,you know and hes like okay and im like,[ __ ] better do that because i,want to see something cool,and you know so hes hearing so he goes,over there and,uh co

This Anime is What Star Wars Should Be

star wars anime is a phrase that rolls,off the tongue so naturally that sounds,so right that i wonder constantly why,the galaxy so close were in it hasnt,given us more cause to say it certainly,its not for lack of trying on animes,part the same year return of the jedi,dropped the studio that would be gynax,was already mixing lightsaber duels and,yoda rakugo into the bootleg jambalaya,of daikon 4 and a year later in 1984,studio madhouse and legendary director,yoshiaki kawajiri grafted a single leia,bun and rebel jumpsuit with the serial,numbers filed off onto their adaptation,of lensmen a series of ee smith novels,from the same pulp sci-fi era that,inspired star wars which is a pretty,cool movie in its own right that i may,cover at a later date but back then,anime just didnt have the cachet that,it does today and there was no interest,the other way from star wars license,holders in the late 90s dark horse,comics did commission a series of manga,based on the original trilogy and the,phantom menace and over the years wed,see a couple of manga anthologies and a,short-lived adaptation of the clone wars,tv show but on the animation front well,the clone wars tv show specifically the,one done by gendi tartakovsky was the,closest we ever got the cgi clone wars,and star wars rebels do draw inspiration,from anime 2 and do a decent job of,scratching the itch but its just not,the same thing the star wars universe is,of course an enticing visual playground,for animators of all stripes but at the,same time its visuals and themes are,deeply rooted in samurai iconography and,japanese film particularly the works of,akira kurosawa and specifically the,hidden fortress the plot of which was,the basis for both a new hope and the,phantom menace as such japanese artists,bring a unique and valuable cultural,perspective to the galaxy far far away,also on top of that the anime industry,kinda has a decades-long track record of,creating the best serialized high,concept sci-fi media in the entire world,so like a star wars anime would,obviously be good so when disney plus,announced that theyd be bringing some,of the most vibrant creative talents in,the industry together and letting them,loose with total non-canonical freedom,on an anthology series a la the,animatrix it struck me as potentially,the single best decision the house of,mouse has made since they acquired the,ip so now that theyre out how do these,original anime shorts stack up to all,that potential are they worth watching,and worth signing up for disney plus if,you only stream anime emphatically yes,to the first question the second one is,a bit more complicated disney plus does,offer some choice features that anime,fans will appreciate especially the,behind behind-the-scenes featurettes,that accompany each of the anthologys 9,episodes but what they dont offer,inexplicably is subtitles for the,original japanese voice tracks the only,option is bulky closed captions that,often cover the action with dialogue and,sound effect descriptions which,dont even match the audio half the time,to add insult to injury and in case you,were hoping theyd throw some disney,money at the dub to make up for that,well they certainly spent a lot hiring,hollywood talent like joseph gordon,levitt david harbour and lucy liu but,with few exceptions the leads in these,shorts lack serious voice-over,experience and it really shows its not,a deal breaker in most of the dubs,except for tatooine rhapsody which well,get to but its a noticeably sub-optimal,listening experience and it sucks to,have to choose between that and slapping,distracting black bars across the bottom,of the screen so while i think it is,very important to pay for the anime you,watch whenever you can it would be very,easy to improve on the official viewing,experience in a number of ways if you,know what i mean you can watch all of,gravity falls and phineas and ferb on,disney plus though plus like futurama,and the simpsons they kind of own,everything so its still totally worth,it for that now with that question out,of the way id like to talk briefly,about what makes each of these brief,specials you know special both in terms,of the cool things they do and the cool,people who made them many of whom have,made other cool things that say star,wars fans discovering them for the first,time through these anthologies might,also enjoy if they knew about hint hint,wink wink im giving you recommendations,for example the duel which kicks off the,anthology was written by afro samurai,creator takashi okazaki and produced at,kamikaze doga under takanobu mizuno the,animation director of the delightfully,zany batman ninja using their combined,experience in setting up cool samurai,duels and crafting sengoku stylized cgi,the pair have brought star wars back to,its roots in a loving mostly,monochromatic tribute to the works of,akira kurosawa in the process giving us,this straw hat ronin r2d2 that you,already bought merchandise of as i was,finishing this sentence it also gives us,true to its title one of the absolute,best lightsaber duels in the entire,franchise between the sith leader of a,band of bandits thats out to extort a,small village and a sith ronan with some,apparent beef against his fellow dark,jedi the choreography is exceptionally,clever and plays out across widely,varied terrain and the animation and,cinematic framing are just as great as,youd expect from the studio behind the,jojo ops the rustic feudal japanese,background and character designs also,blend beautifully with the familiar star,wars tech and alien species making for a,work is surprisingly cohesive as it is,compelling even with that awesome fight,my favorite part of this might just be,the ending shot which seamlessly,transitions up from the ronin walking,into the sunset of his kurosawa-esque,world to the iconic expanse of stars,that serves as the backdrop for every,star wars credit sequence connecting,everything weve just seen to that,greater universe which considering that,were about to get an entire novel about,this mysterious ronin and the feudal,jedi empire from which he hails may even,end up being canonically true someday,but the canon isnt what im interested,in so much as the statement that shot,makes about star wars the galaxy far far,away is a big big place where anything,can happen which is what makes the,prospect of a star wars anime especially,one not bound by the names places and,events of the films so damn exciting if,youre not a slave to the lore you can,do damn near anything with this universe,like have jabba the hutts son run away,from home to start a pop punk band with,a cute girl droid bassist a three-headed,oney alien drummer and a secret order 66,orphan on vocals which then plays a song,so awesome that jabba decides to give,them a record deal instead of having,them thrown to the sarlacc does that,square with all the established details,of the official world building bible,no but we get to see boba fett crowd,surfing so shut up and enjoy it enjoy it,in japanese i mean because while the,original hiroyuki yoshino rendition of,the song that saves their asses kicks a,ton of ass,[Music],it sucks an equal amount of ass in,english,[Music],i mean it really feels like listening to,joseph gordon-levitt sing that should,cue up a different ending where jabba,has them all shot on the spot assuming,you dont ruin it for yourself with the,wrong audio track though this short has,all the charm energy and personality you,could ask for from studio colorito who,also gave us penguin highway burn the,witch a whisker away and pokemon,twilight wings and its especially,impressive for a directorial debut im,really excited to see what taku kimura,comes up with next of course much of the,appeal of an anthology like visions,comes from seeing established directors,apply their unique visions to such a,ubiquitous fictional setting and since,there are few directors in the world,anywhere near as visionary as studio,triggers hiroyuki imaishi his s

Why “The Elder” is Star Wars MASTERY -Star Wars Visions Anime-

the seeds misfortune within peaceful,soil can be easy to overlook so wise,words from the wise master my friends,its ageless advice from a sagely dude,hi im mike welcome bonsai pop and today,we are doing something very special,were going to be going over the elder,from star wars visions as part of the,2021,innotube anthology so make sure to check,out the rest of the playlist after,youre done watching this video for,specialized coverage of every single,part of visions its awesome and its,all being done by some of our best,friends on the platform youre gonna,love it i mean its,youre gonna love it its the wars dude,anyway this is the elder from studio,trigger,lets get into it,so most people familiar with our content,know that im a big star wars fan but,probably not exactly how big of a star,wars fan i actually am i mean look at,this star wars star wars star wars,star wars goes on and on when i was a,kid i was lucky enough to see the,original trilogy in theaters when i was,10 i started reading my dads books and,continued to keep up with the,post-return of the jedi storyline until,disney bought star wars and threw a,lifetime of enjoyment away in favor of,their,well inferior version of the future as a,massive consumer of anime and manga ive,always dreamed of a star wars anime and,hey dude guys were living in that,timeline now with nine animated shorts,from some of the most prolific studios,in japan let alone the world but when it,came time to pick what we personally,wanted to cover i chose the elder a,because this dude looked sick and b,because it sounded star wars you know,what i mean anyway it turns out that i,chose right out of all of the visions,the elder and one of the others were,undeniably,star wars while other works like the,twins well,im sure youve already watched that the,crazy thing is that both the twins and,the elder were produced by studio,trigger and you could not have two more,different representations of a studio,but its all thanks to the individual,again,visions hahaha of the writers and,directors for each of these shorts the,elder was created by masihiko otsuka,famous for his work on eva guerin lagon,bna killa killed the list goes on,regardless the elder is a far more,subdued but far more beautiful look at,the star wars universe as it was,intended to be portrayed from the,initial launch of a new hope back in 77.,it is also extremely lore friendly,lending credence to exactly how big a,fan of the extended universe otsukasan,must have been thanks to that we are,able to look at this short story with,much more understanding rather than have,it just be a simple moral lesson like it,comes off to maybe people who dont know,star wars that well the elder stars,padawan dan gavash an older teen and,judging by the length of his braid,likely to soon become a jedi knight hes,joined by his master tajin crosser an,understated but imposing jedi master,from the republic and remade jedi order,tajin is revealed to be an expert on all,things outer rim and to give some,context much like our own galaxy the,star wars galaxys center or core is,filled with many many many many many,planets while the outer rim is much more,remote and widespread tatooine for,example is on the outer rim and in the,milky way so is earth now coruscant,which is the center of galactic politics,and wealth is well within the core,worlds leaving the outer rim as the,proverbial intergalactic wild west its,where the battle hungry mandalorians,hail from the hutt crime syndicates and,the sith now i managed to figure out,that this story takes place right before,the high republic era and no this is not,something that has been written in some,article or something like that i did do,my own research as far as the year it is,likely very close to 400 to 450 bby now,bby stands for before the battle of,yavin aka the destruction of the first,death star that happened in a new hope,now this time period was the lead up to,the height of jedi activity and,expansion into the outer rim we know,that this expansion hadnt already fully,begun because tajin is seen as a bit of,an eccentric by his padawan due to his,extensive exploration and research into,the outer rim which at the time is,virtually unknown to the galaxy at large,its during their long journey that,tajin is struck by a powerful wave of,dark energy,the likes of which he had never felt,before but in contrast dan who like i,said is an experienced padawan felt,nothing which is a subtle revelation of,exactly how powerful tajin is with the,force the two head to a remote planet in,habbo to investigate the disturbance in,the force where its revealed that an,old man had landed on the planet prior,to their arrival deciding to split up,which is a subtle indication of tajins,faith in his padawan dan goes to the,mountains looking for the old man while,tajin waits by the elders ship a ship,that strikes an uncanny resemblance to,the old sith ships tajin had seen in,hollows during his studies at the jedi,academy ships that according to a,discussion between dan and tajin should,not exist and were destroyed quote,hundreds of years ago now the use of,specific language in this short is,extremely crucial to understanding its,placement within the timeline and after,checking the english deviates very,little from the original japanese now,this simple revelation reveals that this,is indeed the republic era the fact that,tajin is exploring the outer rim,virtually alone reveals that this is,pre-high republic but its the simple,mention that the sith were destroyed,hundreds of years ago which gives us a,more definitive placement of our story,in the greater sequence of galactic,historical events you see 5 000 years,before the clone wars a schism in the,jedi order led to the formation of the,sith the exiled fallen jedi moved to an,outer rim world named korriban later,renamed moriban on this world they built,up their strength and eventually,launched an all-out war on the old,republic this culminated in the jedi,sith war in,1032 bby where the sith were completely,wiped out however this wasnt completely,thanks to the jedi the siths inherent,desire for absolute power and control a,result of the fear that they tap into,while using the dark side led to,constant infighting and their own,inevitable destruction after that the,republic was rebuilt its no longer the,old republic now its just the republic,and at the time of the elder,1032 bby was hundreds of years ago not a,couple hundred not 500 but hundreds yet,expansion into the outer rims wouldnt,happen until 300 bby at the earliest,leaving us at about 400 to 450 bby,basically a time where the jeditan,deities know only peace if you get my,drift so dan climbs the mountains,looking for this mysterious old man when,he comes across a murdered corpse of,ivanka a vicious predator with hide too,thick to be cut by anything but a,lightsaber its then hes confronted by,the elder who is indeed a sith now this,isnt confirmed in the short but instead,is once again revealed by subtle context,clues for hardcore fans the use of dual,weapons is almost an exclusively sith,trait being that it clearly shows their,aggression and penchant for offense this,also led to the forbidden forms of,lightsaber combat utilized by the sith,during the final war with the jedi forms,so ferocious that they had to be,countered with light whips a weapon that,wouldnt be seen again until the,assassins of the galactic empire showed,up much much later now while this old,man is a sith its clear that he is not,part of the sith order he explains to,dan how the sith went extinct due to,infighting and neglected their destiny,now at this time the sith order was not,actually extinct but it had been,drastically changed thanks to the first,dark lord of the sith bane or darth bane,after the fall of the sith empire bane,acquired an apprentice and created the,rule of two which is a practice that,would eventually result in palpatine and,vader destroying the republic and,dominating the galaxy unde

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