1. NEW Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato Review
  2. Starbucks NEW Iced Apple Crisp Macchiato – Review – Fall Drinks 2021
  3. NEW Starbucks Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato Review | Fall Starbucks Drinks 2022
  4. TRYING STARBUCKS FALL DRINKS 2022 ????☕️ | Pumpkin Spice & Apple Crisp Macchiato | + new tattoos
  5. Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato Review Taste Test
  6. Starbucks NEW Apple Crisp Macchiato REVIEW
  7. Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato Taste Test and Drink Recommendations

NEW Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato Review

guys the time that weve all been,waiting for,is here,its fall season at starbucks yall,hey guys im arya welcome to my channel,in todays video we are going to be,drinking the new fall drinks at,starbucks ive been waiting so long to,make this video and im very excited to,just jump right into it hopefully you,guys saw the dunkin version of this,video that i did but if not be sure to,check that out as well and as always if,you like this video be sure to subscribe,that way youre notified every time i,upload a video the new drink at,starbucks this fall is the apple crisp,macchiato which sounds either really,good or really not good and honestly im,not sure what im gonna think about it,but i always dressed in starbucks so my,expectations are pretty high they do,have my absolute favorite fall drink of,all time which is the pumpkin colt,the,i promise i know the name of it its the,pumpkin cream cold brew which if you saw,my dunkin video i tried duncans version,this year and it was not,it was not up to my standards so,im excited to again be trying the,starbucks version and then like i said,trying the new apple crisp macchiato as,well as some of their other fall drinks,i got every single one that was on the,menu so lets try them right now,all right first up like i said we have,the newest fall drink at starbucks the,apple crisp macchiato im really excited,it smells like a delicious apple in my,car apple and pumpkin in my car right,now so its awesome but lets read the,description on the website to see what,is in this drink so it says layered,flavors of apple and brown sugar oh my,god that sounds delicious meld like the,filling of a gooey apple pie in harmony,with espresso that sounds whoever wrote,this description,that sounds amazing,steamed milk and a caramelized spiced,apple drizzle a nostalgic autumn,pick-me-up cheers,thats,good its,its interesting because its not what i,thought it was gonna taste like,but it definitely tastes like apple and,espresso and milk and,its good like i i dont know i wasnt,sure again i wasnt sure if i was gonna,like it i was trying to have positive,thoughts but like,that like,it really tastes like apple pie like,that tastes like apple pie with a cup of,coffee and its really delicious i im,gonna definitely highly recommend you,guys try this one out if you like spiced,apple um,i think youre gonna like this for sure,if youre looking for an apple drink,that also has espresso in it highly,recommend this im gonna give this like,that like aftertaste it just tastes like,apple pie in my mouth its so good im,gonna give it a nine out of ten because,this is delicious were gonna try the,ice version in a little bit but so far,the hot is a,winner,all right next up we have my absolute,favorite fall drink at starbucks the,pumpkin cream cold brew like i said we,tried the dunkin version it wasnt it,was not it but,lets try the starbucks version,hopefully,it is much better it usually is so the,website says this is starbucks cold brew,sweetened with vanilla syrup and topped,with pumpkin cream cold foam and a,dusting of pumpkin spice topping i if i,remember from last year the cold foam is,just,its delicious so,cheers to that,its still good its still,its still the favorite guys again i,said this in my video last year but if,you havent tried the pumpkin cream cold,brew from starbucks i highly recommend,it its really delicious and what i like,about it,is its a slightly less sweet version of,the pumpkin spice latte so if youve,tried the pumpkin spice latte and its,too sweet for you i,recommend trying the pumpkin cream cold,brew its going to give you that same,pumpkin flavor but its not,overpoweringly sweet like the pumpkin,spice latte can be,i like both versions but,i just think this is a good option if,you dont want something thats too too,sweet it is delicious just the right,amount of pumpkin the spice,its good its a winner its its a 10,out of 10. its a 10 out of 10. its so,good,we know ill be getting that again,all right and up next we have the basic,b of the video the most fall of all fall,drinks the pumpkin spice latte from,starbucks its a classic,i love it most of you guys probably love,it so why are we tasting this in this,video because we already know its,delicious and i love it,because i love it so why not and if you,havent tried it let me describe it to,you so this one is our signature,espresso and steamed milk with the,celebrated flavor combination of pumpkin,cinnamon nutmeg and clove enjoy it,topped with whipped cream and real,pumpkin pie spices,its good its we already know its,going to be good but lets lets try it,just to be on the safe side right,oh gosh,its delicious it is a 10,it is a 10 out of 10. its good theres,a very strong pumpkin flavor the spices,are really really good i love the,pumpkin spice latte hot in particular is,my favorite i also got the ice version,to try but the hot is always my go-to,which is a little bit hard right now,because its like 90 degrees outside so,its not really certainly hot drink,weather for me so ill probably be,leaning towards the pumpkin cream cold,brew for a little bit until its maybe a,little bit cooler and then i might,switch off with these two,and also throw the apple chris macchiato,in there every now and then im glad,ive got a lot of options for fall this,year theres a lot of drinks at least so,far that taste delicious and so,well never get bored because theres a,lot of options,all right next up we have the iced,caramel crisp macchiato it looks,delicious it looks very similar to like,a caramel macchiato which,i i mean is the point like its the same,type of drink just with different,flavors so thats to be expected i am,going to drink this with a straw because,thats how i normally drink my iced,caramel macchiatos so you can see all,the layers got the syrup at the bottom,milk and the espresso so im just going,to stir it up because thats how i like,to drink my caramel macchiatos and so i,just assume thats probably how im,going to like this one as well ill take,one sip not stirred up and then a sip,stirred up just so i can taste the,difference but i already know thats how,im gonna like it so im not gonna read,the description well ill read the,description again even though its the,same as the hot one because it sounds,just again so good whoever wrote this,deserves to raise starbucks they they,did a great job so layered flavors of,apple and brown sugar meld like the,filling of a gooey apple pie in harmony,with espresso milk ice and a caramelized,spiced apple drizzle a nostalgic anima,pick me up,sounds good cheers,its even good not stirred up but the,espresso is really strong which is why i,like to stir it up,also so if youre wondering why this is,such a huge drink and all the other ones,are like regular size so the first time,i did my mobile order and i picked it up,in the drive-through and they,accidentally gave me two hot apple crisp,macchiatos so i had to go back around,and tell them that like hey i ordered,one hot one iced and so i guess they,felt bad so they gave me a venti iced,one,which im not mad at because it tastes,delicious i might have been mad if it,like,tasted like crap,all right cheers,oh my goodness that is so good,ah,that is delicious that that what is it,called the spiced apple drizzle,its freaking delicious like even better,than the caramel drizzle which i,honestly didnt think was possible,this is so good i,i i dont know i dont know if i like,the ice or the hot better theyre both,really good,im gonna give this a 10 out of 10,though like i know theres a lot of,times in this video and,theyre all just really good like im,sorry i im not just trying to play,favorites with the starbucks drinks but,theyre just objectively really really,good i so highly recommend i will,definitely get this again i think if,youre in the mood for a hot get the hot,if youre in mood for ice get the iced i,almost feel like i like the ice just,like a little bit better but i think,thats just because i like iced drinks,in gen

Starbucks NEW Iced Apple Crisp Macchiato – Review – Fall Drinks 2021

hey guys thanks for tuning in to poppy,eats ive got the only new,fall drink from,starbucks for this year theyve got you,know the pumpkin spice latte all that,good stuff thats all back,but theres something new and its the i,dont even remember what its called,its so fun um,iced apple crisp macchiato,i got the iced one because its 90,degrees out here and im not drinking a,hot coffee beverage not that i like hot,beverages really anyways,so check this thing out right and i,havent mixed it yet it clearly needs a,good swirl lets get a stupid selfie,thumbnail with it right,all right good enough maybe i dont know,well see,but this thing has just look at the,ingredients whats in there its two,percent milk two shots of espresso three,pumps theyre apple brown sugar syrup,and a spiced apple drizzle,ooh,fancy,lets i dont know how to mix this,without ruining i guess if i take a sip,things will go together theres the,syrup some of it right theres the milk,theres the espresso,they dont give you straws anymore,because i dont know,thats the bad part for the environment,not the entire plastic cup i,cant get my head around that one still,anyways lets give it a sip lets see if,it mixes a bit it sounds amazing i love,apple crisp i like macchiatos right its,all gonna work out,cheers,yup thats espresso come huh,you know i keep straws around for just,such an occasion,i thought,hey theres a straw,oh,lets work a little poppy magic on this,thing,you cant stop me starbucks i got straws,bite me,all right lets pop this thing,my shirts almost got a taste too,lets,problem is i want to show you but this,is so ready to go that if i really show,you too well,this isnt even exciting i might just,like fast forward through this whole,thing,we could talk about something,um i dont know this is my dinner,tonight uh because i had that detroit,style pizza earlier,and turns out half of that pizza is,1320 calories,id like to lose weight especially after,someone messaged me and goes hey poppy,your tits are looking almost as big as,mine,thanks theyre not wrong im getting a,little puffy gotta,slim up 20 21 was supposed to be the,year sexy poppy,and it aint happening ive gone in the,other direction this is,almost as big as ive ever been,its not good,no bueno,so,this is my dinner um,well work on that,work on that because you deserve a puppy,who eats all the bad stuff it looks kind,of hot doing it as hot as a 31 year old,greying male can get anyways right,i can tell you that apple syrup that,they drizzled on the side of the cup was,pretty good all right is this is this as,mixed as were getting,as im sorry they they did like come on,are they supposed to mix it or is it,supposed to look fun and im supposed to,do all the work,because i tell you it was not mixed at,all and im doing all the work on this,one,look how long its taken without me,screwing up my car,losing half the espresso,im still getting syrup im pulling on,the bottom i want that to mix up into,the drink,i think this is as good as were getting,ill just take a sip of it this way,cheers again,now that hits the spot,strong apple crisp flavor,got cinnamon apple a little hint of,caramel in there,i like it,i dont like it a ton,i feel like it should be sweeter,but maybe maybe it should i dont know,when im at starbucks i want this to hit,me with sugar right like,im paying for diabetes when i go to,starbucks and i get something,apple crisp macchiato right so i wish it,was a little sweeter,though realistically this might be the,perfect balance,im a little nuts,this is a grande,would i get this again,personally no,because,its,5.89 after tax at my location,for this drink,its a little insane,for that can i get a pumpkin spice latte,like or pumpkin spice frappuccino or,something for the same price,that feels more premium to me this is,milk and espresso with some syrup in it,for when i was like 550 before tax,its a little crazy,i know starbucks is premium its,you know its some bougie stuff lets,judge the cars in the lot right now,i think that one is that accurate i,dont know that might just be a toyota i,guess the cars in it right now arent,they fancy usually i can look over and,get a,mercedes or something,the people getting starbucks typically,can afford the starbucks thats my point,but still its pricey for what it is,its not worth that kind of money,im losing im losing my lid,but its good so let me know if youve,tried it,it is good im liking it maybe get extra,pumps that syrup will they do that that,could be good,i probably wont find out but let me,know if youve done it,anyways im poppy this is poppy eats hit,that subscribe button if you want to see,more like this leave me a comment let me,know you thought hit that like button,you know i appreciate it i appreciate,you guys you take care

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NEW Starbucks Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato Review | Fall Starbucks Drinks 2022

i wore my villain shirt because the,queen has an apple on it so i thought it,was appropriate lets try it out hey,guys im arya today were here to try,the starbucks fall coffee drink lineup,including the new and hopefully improved,apple crisp macchiato so this year its,been reformulated and it uses oat milk,and blonde espresso honestly i kind of,liked last years version so im curious,to see this years version i do really,like oat milk drinks and i really like,the blonde espresso in my drinks so im,actually really excited okay so lets,read the description on the apple crisp,macchiato so this says,layered flavors of apple cinnamon oats,and brown sugar combine in harmony i,love the harmony with starbucks blond,espresso creamy oat milk ice and spiced,apple drizzle to create a delicious,apple crisp you can sip a nostalgic,autumn pick me up that sounds absolutely,delightful lets get our straw here,again like i said i really liked the one,last year i thought the apple,the apple drizzle that they had in it,so good like especially if you put the,apple drizzle in a caramel macchiato it,was,delicious so lets try out,this years version of the drink and see,how she tastes,i like to stir it up thats how i like,my macchiatos dont come for me okay,honestly it tastes just like last year,i dont taste a difference,again for me thats not a problem,because i liked last years i think its,a little bit creamier this year with the,oat milk but other than that it kind of,tastes exactly the same i think if you,didnt like last years your opinion is,probably not going to change with this,years version if you didnt like last,years though like me youll be very,excited that its back because it tastes,it tastes like an apple crisp but like,it tastes like a baked apple crisp in a,cup with some espresso and this year,its blonde espresso which i do feel,like is a little bit less bitter than,the regular so theres that but um,otherwise,i dont really know about,it kind of tastes the same,im going to get this like an 8.5 out of,10. i still think its really good a,very good fall drink definitely,sipping on it and closing your eyes,makes you feel of a fall day feel like a,fall day even though i know where i am,its 90 degrees outside right now so it,is not a fall day but,sipping on this makes me feel like it is,i love the drizzle the drizzle is so,good take this tip from you guys if you,dont like,the apple chris macchiato try the apple,drizzle in like a caramel macchiato or,another drink i promise it is absolutely,delicious like the spices and the apple,its just,its good next up we have,my favorite fall drink the pumpkin cream,cold brew its so good we recently tried,again the dunkin version of this and it,did not compare lets make sure this,years version of the pumpkin cream cold,brew is unchanged and still delicious as,it always is im sure it is lets read,the description just for funsies even,though like i said its my favorite and,i know what it tastes like but ill read,it anyway so this is starbucks cold brew,sweetened with vanilla syrup and topped,with a pumpkin cream cold foam and a,dusting of pumpkin spice topping so good,i feel like ive begun to like this one,more than the pumpkin spice latte i know,the pumpkin spice latte the psl,is the traditional fall starbucks drink,but i feel like this one is such a great,option if you dont want something quite,as sweet as the psl and sometimes im,just in a mood for something not a sweet,but still pumpkin still fall still,still you know fall girl,vibes so okay lets try it,its delicious its a 10,shes a 10 out of 10.,its so good so good,the cold brew mixed with that the the co,the pumpkin cold foam,its delicious add pumpkin cold foam to,any drink that you can possibly add it,to because its so good you wont like,this if you only like super super sweet,drinks and i get it because that used to,be me all day every day but like i said,if you want something thats subtly,sweet with that great pumpkin flavor,absolutely go for the pumpkin cream cold,brew next up we have the classic the psl,pumpkin spice latte shes always,delicious shes always full of sugar and,calories but thats okay we love her,anyway shes always good and honestly,like i just feel like i like,the pumpkin the artificial pumpkin,flavoring that starbucks does better,than duncan something about what they,put in their pumpkin drinks is just,objectively,better lets read the description on our,old classic this is our signature,espresso and steamed milk with the,celebrated flavor,the celebrated flavor combination of,pumpkin cinnamon nutmeg and clove so,good,enjoy it topped with whipped cream and,real real pumpkin pie spices as opposed,to fake pumpkin pie spices what does,that mean what is a real pumpkin pie,spice i was like are there fake spices,out there i feel like you could have,just said pumpkin pie spices like but,but someone let me know are there fake,pumpkin pie spices i dont know anyway,lets taste her and see see if she still,holds up,it tasted different lets take another,step,i dont know i huh,this is my drink right,yeah tall player film wow okay so,i built that up like oh my gosh its,gonna be so good its always classic and,um,shes hitting a little flat today like,maybe its after having the apple crisp,and the cold brew this is just kind of,like eh i dont know somebody else let,me know if youve tried a psl this,season does it taste different it just,honestly tastes like mostly milk and,very little flavor to me which is not,normally how it tastes so interesting,this is gonna get like a six out of ten,its not shes not really doing much for,me i honestly still like the pumpkin,flavor better than the dunkin version,though so thats,im just saying i gotta keep it real,yeah i feel like it just doesnt maybe,they didnt put enough of the real,pumpkin pie spices than that next up we,have the ice version of the pumpkin,spice latte maybe this one has a little,bit more,of that pumpkin spice flavoring in it,i normally when i go to starbucks i,prefer the hot version of the pumpkin,spice latte versus the iced its just a,personal preference although again its,90 degrees outside so maybe it should go,for the iced but lets see if this,version this year is is hitting better,than that one i just tried that was,just eh okay,no this one is bland too what the hell,starbucks whats happening,what is happening maybe this put all,their energy in the apple crisp and they,were like everyones gonna love psl,regardless so whatever but um,no that was also like,this is honestly like a five out of ten,it tasted watered down and the flavor,just wasnt there like its very,not bland but its very like low like,the flavors just i can barely taste the,pumpkin all right and last but not least,we have the owl k-pop which is the new,cake pop for the fall,looks so cute its purple this is,probably just gonna taste like a cake,pop but it was new so i want to try it,anyway,no it tastes like a starbucks kpop but,its very adorable so,turn on 10. all right guys thats it,thank you so much for watching me try,this years starbucks fall drink lineup,including the new apple crisp macchiato,which again i definitely recommend you,get the pumpkin spice latte which was,honestly okay this year and my other,favorite for this year the pumpkin cream,cold brew so if theres two drinks that,you want to try at starbucks this fall i,definitely would go for the pumpkin,cream cold brew or the apple crisp,macchiato cannot lose delicious thanks,for watching be sure to like subscribe,and share this video and let me know in,the comments which drink youve tried,and which one is your favorite for the,fall and i will see you guys in the next,one bye,you

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TRYING STARBUCKS FALL DRINKS 2022 ????☕️ | Pumpkin Spice & Apple Crisp Macchiato | + new tattoos

hello guys,happy fall yall,it is a fall drink time at starbucks,pumpkin spice has entered the chat once,again,[Music],hello guys welcome back to my channel,happy fall yall i am here with,all things starbucks and fall time i,wanted to try the drinks for you guys i,did this at christmas time,and,it has the most views so i wanted to do,this again for fall time it is hot in my,car and im sweating so were gonna,pretend that the sweat is glowing,with my makeup so were gonna try these,relatively quickly i got four drinks,and then i also got,the scone and the muffin,and then i also,got this fall tumbler this one is the,studded tumbler its like in this like,its like a very shiny,orange,color,its really pretty i love the studded,cups the square studded and then also,these ones that are like the diamond,studded are my favorite cups and so i,got that as well,but i am going to go ahead and get,started i think im just going to go,ahead and start with the drinks i also,brought my water cup here so i could,take a drink of just regular plain water,in between each,starbucks drink because that was,recommended on my last video that i,should take a sip in between each,beverage so i can taste them differently,you know,so lets go ahead and get started,okay so i think we should just start off,here,with,the og the pumpkin spice latte now this,is one of my favorites and ive already,had this so this isnt a new trying haul,for me,but,this is one of my favorites and i always,get it with the cold foam on top you,order it with the pumpkin spice cold,foam instead of vanilla sweet cream cold,foam and it is just so good were gonna,go ahead and try this it is the first,taste of fall and im so excited,oh my gosh i,im gonna literally be getting this like,every single day,gonna be spending way too much money at,starbucks for the next three or four,months my absolute favorite drink,if you like sweet coffee this will,definitely be for you and if you like,the cold foam i highly recommend getting,it with a pumpkin cream cold foam this,is my absolute favorite,i usually will get it in like a grande,or a venti but since im trying so many,drinks i just got a tall and then also,when i get home adams going to try all,the drinks too so im not gonna be like,chugging anything but this is a 1010,one of my favorite go-tos and ive been,getting it for years so,just had to add it to the video of,course also,side note i did get a couple tattoos,ill have to insert photos to show you,guys better so this tattoo on my finger,it says mint its an inside joke with my,friend brody and then my husband adam,its like,minty its dorky and its just it is,what it is then i also got a,spooky spider on my hand and i also got,a little cat,on my ankle,but ill have to insert photos also this,starbucks trying video is where im,telling you that i got my first tattoos,ever so,love that um but lets move along to,drink number two okay so drink number,two let me get a sip of water first,i think were gonna,do,the apple crisp macchiato next,so,im pretty sure im supposed to stir,this,so this is a tall iced apple crisp,macchiato and this is made with blonde,espresso i think all of this at the,bottom because theres like three layers,i think thats all the syrup and then,obviously milk and then the coffee on,top with ice,yeah i can kind of taste some of the,apple but,gotta figure out how to,stir it up,trying to like plug,the little,air venting holes on top so i dont,spill too much but that was not enough,to stir the bottom but i did get a straw,for the frappuccino,so i will use the straw to mix up this,drink so we can try it properly,because if you just dont have any of,the syrup i feel like that changes the,whole drink oh my goodness,also,i think obviously other than the,frappuccino i think all of these drinks,you can get um hot if you want to,its just,i am an iced coffee girly,and its like in the 70s,maybe the 80s today,so,i wasnt trying to do you see all that,apple spice,syrup that im trying to mix up um i,wasnt really,vibing with the whole,um,hot beverages in hot weather you know,okay let me go ahead and try this,okay that was literally,pretty much all syrup its just like,that is one thing,i will give to coffee places they need,to stir their drinks,like the syrup,because like what is this,oh my gosh the lady at the drive-thru,when i was waiting for my drinks which,im so sorry i did not order,on camera or anything but um she was,saying that she really likes the apple,crisp and i think i had this one last,year but,i dont know if it was an oat milk one,or not,were gonna have to pretend like that is,stirred up enough and just try this,okay i have to say,once you get that syrup,stirred in,or if you were to order the drink and,just ask them to stir a little bit,before they like finish making it im,sure they would stir it up for you but,this drink is actually really really,good,once its like,stirred honestly i would say this is,probably like an eight out of ten i,would definitely order this again it,tastes a lot like apple pie which i feel,like makes sense with it being apple,crisp but it is very refreshing,and its different if youre not into,pumpkin i feel like this could be a good,option for a fall drink if you just,dont enjoy like,pumpkin spice and everything i know,everyone says pumpkin spice is so basic,but honestly im here for it but like i,said if you dont like pumpkin spice,this one might be free might be for you,this is definitely an 8 out of 10.,it is pretty sweet once you do stir in,the syrup so you can go on the app my,assumption would be either three or four,pumps of syrup for a tall so you can,always go in and just on the app you can,order it or like when you go order in,person you could say like half the,amount of sweetness or whatever and then,it would make it more coffee flavored,but i would say probably about an eight,out of ten for that one,all right some water before drink number,three and drink number three,were gonna go ahead and try the,tall pumpkin cream cold brew,for me im not huge into cold brew,personally so cold brew is not my,favorite so im gonna give this like a,seven out of ten maybe a six out of ten,but if you do want to try something,pumpkin spice but you dont like it to,be super sweet the pumpkin spice cold,brew is a good way to go yeah but i give,this about a six out of ten just because,im not super into cold brew but it is,still really really good and very,refreshing all right some more water,i did not realize that the starbucks,drinks were coming out today,and so,it is currently,kind of later in the afternoon it is 4,30,when i decided to get these drinks so,im gonna try not to drink too many of,them because i still got them like as is,and obviously they have coffee i dont,want to be up all night but,i got a notification on my starbees app,this morning or earlier today i think it,was like,noon or so so it definitely wasnt this,morning but it just randomly sent me a,notification being like pumpkin spice is,back and im like,oh my gosh yes i have to go,for me as well,i always like to see what they have for,their seasonal,cups i like to collect the cups but,just because its coming out it doesnt,automatically mean like im gonna buy,every single cup they have i just get,the ones that i think are really pretty,so im still collecting a lot of them,but i think they came out with three,i want to say three,cold cups like this and then a couple,mugs and then maybe a couple other,things but this one it was the one that,i liked the most so i got it there is,another cup that i like but my stars,werent working at target because i went,there first to grab some stuff and i got,this in store as well um so i might have,to get that cup later but this one was,my favorite and the one that i saw,online that i really wanted so i got,this one in store when i went to target,lets go ahead and try our fourth and,final drink and then we have some sweet,treats to move into hopefully theres,not too much apple flavor in the straw,but th

Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato Review Taste Test

all right guys we have why is it so loud,david will put it on his shoulder like,that and it just stays there its super,cute,[Music],hey my little lattes welcome back to my,channel so in todays video im going to,be trying the new fall drinks from,starbucks mainly im more concerned,about trying the,new apple crisp macchiato so they have,that like in a hot version and then also,in an ice version im gonna be doing ice,because where i live it is still super,hot let me show you guys it is 108,degrees right now as we speak so,its just super hot thats why im going,to be doing the eye string for that ill,definitely also have a cold brew like,the pumpkin culture and then anything,else thats like fall related im going,to be having in this video,um but im still my house right now and,thats because i wanted to mention that,todays video is sponsored by new air i,have mentioned their products multiple,times before they have sent me over,mini fridges um ice makers theyve sent,me um beer coolers wine coolers like all,kinds of different,products and today they did send me over,a 126,can,beverage cooler so basically kind of,like a little mini fridge we did put the,mini fridge in our master bedroom so,before i go i do want to share,this cooler with you guys i find that,its super convenient because its,literally in our room so if youre,thirsty right before bed or even before,getting up in the morning you can,definitely grab like a water bottle or,something and its super convenient so,let me show you guys that real quick,okay guys so welcome to my master,bedroom um this is where i have this,mini fridge and as you guys can see its,an all black fridge and it actually this,one has,an led light inside as well its,actually like a good size and its its,good because it can fit,126 cans in here you guys so really you,can add like sodas or whatever you want,in here we personally use this for water,bottles and my sons pedia sures,um these are the chocolate ones but let,me talk about the fridge you guys so,it does have shelves and these are,adjustable as usual,so this has like the adjustable,temperature right here i dont know if,its going to focus and then it does,have an led light right here which the,button is right here so if you want to,turn it off youll just press it there,um so thats super convenient especially,if its like right before bed and its,already dark and everything youll need,the light you can also just leave it on,which is what ive been doing like this,so this mini fridge actually can go,anywhere from 37 degrees,fahrenheit up to 65 degrees fahrenheit,so it goes anywhere from zero to seven,on this little uh like temperature dial,and then seven would be the coolest so,thats what i have it at i dont think,its focusing but thats what i have it,at or you can set it to zero and,technically it would kind of be like an,off,setting and you can set it there if its,like empty or whatever so i did also,want to show you guys these little keys,here it comes with two,you would actually be able to lock the,mini fridge if you want to,and just like keep these on your car,keys or something but the lock is down,here,so you would stick it in,turn it,and now its locked,and then just turn it the opposite way,to unlock it,like so,but newer always has some amazing,products you guys i definitely recommend,checking them out especially their mini,fridges they have been so so helpful for,myself and my family and this is just,one of the products that they have so if,you guys are interested at all in the,mini fridge then check out the link down,below also go ahead and use my discount,code i do have it linked in the,description box so check that out lets,go ahead and head to starbucks and also,little disclaimer im pretty sure you,guys heard the baby chick i did post it,on my instagram too david bring the baby,chick,but we do have a little baby chicken we,dont know if its a girl or boy we,dont really know how to tell but,we think david thinks its a girl and um,let me show you guys because its really,loud im sure you guys heard it,okay so davids been literally putting,it like on his shoulder and it just,stays be careful but we dont drop it,david will put it on his shoulder like,that and it just stays there its super,cute,okay hold it,so okay guys we will see you at,starbucks,in a minute,two hours later,so i just got to starbucks you guys and,i think im just gonna go through the,drive through to grab the drinks,um because its super hot,yeah david wants a vanilla frappuccino,he calls it ice cream but yeah were,gonna get him that and then im gonna,grab,i guess any well those two drinks i told,you guys earlier and then,if they have like anything else that i,might have missed im gonna grab that,hope that you guys can hear me we have,the ac up really high because of how hot,it is sorry i always i feel like i,always complain about the weather but um,yeah,i love doing videos like this because,someone once told me like a subscriber,once said that they feel like theyre,actually hanging out with a friend so i,thought that was super sweet,um i love getting coffee with friends,and stuff so that was super super cool,okay its my turn,hello um ill do,a,im gonna do a tall iced,apple crisp macchiato,and then another tall,pumpkin cream cold brew im also going,to do another tall vanilla bean,frappuccino thats going to be it all,right its going to be 13.35 thank you,let me grab those real quick and then,well see you in a second all right guys,we have why is it so loud,okay guys we have all of the drinks so,really its just two drinks for me and,then the all-white drink is davids,which is a,vanilla bean frappuccino,um but i will be having well for the,first time ill be having,the apple crisp macchiato and then,im gonna be having a,pumpkin cold brew from starbucks so im,super super excited um these are the,fall drinks the newest drink from this,year is the apple crisp so the apple,crisp macchiato so lets go ahead and,try it here david,he has a frappuccino lets see what he,thinks actually okay try it and let us,know what you think about it okay,it tastes like a,paper and an ice cream tastes like paper,what,okay anyway,he said it has a ice cream,frappuccino tastes like paper so okay,im excited im the most excited for the,apple crisp,macchiato i didnt ask for anything,special in there i just asked for like,the regular apple crisp uh macchiato im,assuming they make that with two percent,milk,i think and,lets go ahead and try it im super,super excited its the first time ive,had it this year well its the first,year that it came out but okay,lets try it oh my goodness this is what,it looks like,it does look like a macchiato it almost,looks like,theres some missing there its not all,the way full but okay thats fine lets,just try it,okay wait a minute,none of that milk is really like mixed,in im think im just gonna mix it you,guys i know,some of you guys hate when i mix my,drinks that shouldnt be mixed but i,dont know i feel like i dont get like,a full,like the full taste of it because some,of the milks like still at the bottom,and stuff,okay this tastes just like an apple pie,but with coffee in it okay i definitely,feel like it tastes,like apple somehow and i think thats,actually,some of the like,caramel,apple spiced or whatever,this stuff at the bottom so this does,taste kind of like an apple pie its,kind of weird,um but i like weird i have mentioned to,you guys before how i like like cherry,flavor in my coffee and i think some of,you guys think thats super weird but,this kind of reminds me of like of,something like that,um,it does definitely remind me of the fall,because of the apple flavor in there,personally im not like the biggest fan,of macchiato is the flavors good,i would probably say like somehow if,there was like a foam on here that would,be amazing like faux made with like the,apple flavor that would probably be a,little bit better than this,the actual flavor of it once mixed,together is probably,like an eight out of

Starbucks NEW Apple Crisp Macchiato REVIEW

all right so today is august 24th and,the pumpkin spice latte is back,but they also released a new drink,which i forgot the name of the apple,crisp macchiato and thats what im,gonna be trying today all right were in,the line im the fifth car until i get,to talk to somebody and then i get my,iced apple crisp macchiato,hi welcome to starbucks how many healthy,today hello can i get a grande iced,apple crisp macchiato,for sure anything else oh thats it,thank you all right 581 thank you thank,you,jesus i was i was not looking at i was,looking at my phone the whole time i,wasnt ready for that i drove up dropped,my cell phone im like oh no,but we got it you know were gonna come,loop around back after we make the,review so we can get those pumpkin spice,lattes come on come on hey how are we,doing good yeah,581,there you go,thank you have a great one thank you too,thank you,gotta go to our usual spot to try these,drinks here at jewels osco,oh its really packed today people are,gonna walk by when im trying this,oh well,theres someone sitting in this car too,why is everybody sitting in their,passenger seat or in the back of their,car,its so awkward yo what is up guys,patrick here welcome back to a video,today were trying starbuckss new fall,beverage the iced apple crisp macchiato,i got a grande here in chicago its,about 550-ish 5-ish like a little bit,above the five mark close to the six,but,yeah this is their new fall beverage,this is what they have to say about this,drink whats inside of it layers of,flavors of apple and brown sugar meld,like the filling of gooey apple pie in a,harmony with espresso milk ice and,caramelized spiced apple drizzle and a,nostalgic autumn pick me up,so,this thing looks delicious i think,thats the caramel at the bottom im not,sure but jesus they didnt give me a,straw,and well i dont know last time i tried,my iced macchiato drink it was the,caramel macchiato drink and i got,roasted because i think i cant remember,if i cant remember but theres a huge,debate do you mix it you dont mix it,this is as you can see you got like the,caf the espresso i think here like the,milk in here and then the caramel at the,bottom im a guy who wants to mix this,but people say dont mix it but you know,what,im gonna try and mix it as best as i,can without a straw covering the hole i,guess,all right i mixed it a little bit not,too much just a little bit so we can get,some of that that taste you know first,try come on lets try this drink,it does have a weird little taste you,know,let me i dont know how im gonna get,this to the top so i can try it but im,gonna try my best,its moving a little bit i did taste,something,man i probably look like an idiot trying,to do this,you know what,you could definitely taste the espresso,on the first go because you know,obviously i didnt mix it,but,now that ive got it ive got a sip of,it a little bit let me try and mix the,bottom up a little bit yeah its,starting to disappear a little bit into,the drink so now all right guys i mix it,it kind of looks like a regular coffee,drink that you get from anywhere,lets try now,oh my god you kind of do get like this,like little sweet taste with the,espresso,like kind of taste of a regular like,drink but,you know what,you do i do kind of taste the apple its,a little there its a little there,obviously its still at the bottom but i,did mix a little bit and its getting,into the beverage and,it does taste a little bit like an apple,fritter kind of taste,its not bad im literally about to,finish this drink which is what im kind,of hoping for because if i finish it,ill get to drink the full caramelized,looking piece of like this apple kind of,taste thats at the bottom here,but let me just mix it up as well as i,can,to try and completely im talking right,over the microphone trying to completely,get rid of this bottom part here so i,can taste the beverage but if you didnt,mix it obviously you were going to,mostly taste the espresso then you get,to the milk a little bit it was the,espresso is going to kind of like,drizzle into the milk and you would,would have gotten the taste of the apple,crisp in there but,because i did mix it i kind of i mixed,all the milk and the espresso and the,apple crisp like uh drizzle that they,say into it,you do taste like that,kind of like fall apple,fritter kind of like time i dont know i,usually eat apple fritters in the fall,with like a nice hot chocolate from,7-eleven you know but,thats what im kind of getting like,that like that that vibe i guess you can,say drinking this its kind of like im,eating an apple fritter,jesus the ice is making me make some,weird noises when i take sips,its not bad you do get that kind of,like appley taste though which is,incredible,well spilled a little bit of my shirt,as im sitting here literally about to,finish this whole thing it was a grande,what do you expect but lets see,oh yeah that stuff is the bottom,strong apple like cinnamon kind of taste,i did finish the drink,which is insane,i got some drinking just the damn syrup,at the bottom,all right,you guys literally just sat here watch,me drink this whole thing and you guys,are wondering what am i thinking about,this drink,the stuff at the bottom is super sweet,what do you expect its the syrup,concentrate kind of thing,but,overall the whole drink,it was really good to be honest with you,it wasnt too sweet at the beginning,because i you know it was like mixed,with the espresso and the milk and,everything its not too sweet at the,beginning but when you get towards the,bottom i can imagine since i literally,just drank the concentrate its gonna be,really sweet,but,if theyre if they did give me a straw,if i asked for one i probably could have,mixed it up even better and it would uh,tasted,way much more better i dont know i,dont know what im saying,look im giving this drink,if i had to go back and get this again,which the,i dont know will this replace the,pumpkin spice latte for me probably not,i really enjoyed that and,compared to this this this is on par,its pretty close if you had to go,decide something you want to drink in,the fall you can know one day if youre,a avid starbucks drinker you know the,first day you get the pumpkin soy latte,the next day you get the apple crisp,macchiato then the next day you got the,pumpkin spice you know you mix it up and,stuff like that,this,i know that this comes warm i dont know,if you can get it in frappuccino i know,the pumpkin spice latte does come,frappuccino warm and then ice im not,sure if this one comes in frappuccino it,does come iced and warm for sure,but for a new drink that they added to,their fall lineup im pretty sure,im gonna have to give this like a,its not you know i cant mark it as the,perfect drink because compared to the,pumpkin spice latte the pumpkin spice,latte to me is like a 10 out of 10 and,then this would probably have to be like,a 9.5 out of 10. its pretty close on,par,its a good macchiato if they kept it,around you know is a variation so,instead of getting the iced caramel,macchiato you get this but since this is,a fall drink i dont know what starbucks,is going to decide if theyre going to,keep this forever,because,to be honest you know the pumpkin spice,latte is like all right thats straight,for only fall beverage but the apple,crisp macchiato,its a fall beverage but you could also,leave it full time on the menu i dont,know how hard it is for them to have,this uh apple like fritter kind of like,taste the concentrate in the store at,all times but,overall 9.5 out of 10 i would definitely,drink again,uh i think usually,a starbucks fall beverage left to like,end of november so its literally just,august 24th this is the first day,theyve dropped this they left,so i got all of october,oh my god what the no yeah we got all of,september october and novemberish so we,got two and a half months give or take,to try and drink as much as we can of,the pumpkin spice latte and this new,apple crisp macchiato,and yeah,to be honest it was

Starbucks Apple Crisp Macchiato Taste Test and Drink Recommendations

hey everybody its dr blake the cooking,doc starbucks has a new fall drink,and its called an apple crisp macchiato,is it delicious,is it good for you,can it be made better for you by making,some changes to the way they typically,serve it well stay tuned thats what,were going to talk about today,starbucks apple crisp macchiato coming,up,[Music],okay before we go any further make sure,you subscribe to my youtube channel so,you never miss a new recipe or a new,health tip so if you follow me on social,media you know that im always talking,about lowering sugar in your drinks,because its really easy for us to get,too much sugar in your drinks and so,its kind of surprising if you see me,sitting here with,starbucks new drink the apple crisp,macchiato but,im a lover of good coffee drinks and,the question is can you take their apple,crisp macchiato and make it healthier,first of all whats in the apple crisp,macchiato espresso steamed milk apple,brown sugar syrup and then some apple,crisp topping,and if you get a grande,thats 300 calories 45 grams of sugar,more sugar thats in a coca-cola drink,and thats more sugar than you need in,your entire day in just one drink so,lets do a taste test here today and,lets see if we can make that apple,crisp macchiato,still tastes good but make it a little,better for you all right first off the,real deal,grande apple crisp macchiato,straight up,45 grams of sugar 300 calories,it really does taste like fall,and its sweet,but it doesnt taste like its got 45,grams of sugar its hidden very well,kind of,its hidden in that,fall flavor that apple flavor the brown,sugar flavor doesnt taste like its,like overwhelmingly sweet which makes it,really easy to drink the whole thing and,get way more sugar than you need okay my,number two drink to try is the apple,crisp macchiato with only one pump of,the brown sugar syrup the apple brown,sugar syrup and,light on that apple crisp topping,much less sweetener in this one i cant,exactly calculate but its much less,than that 45 grams because were only,using one pump of the sweetener,it still tastes good,tastes a little bit like fall,tastes much more like a traditional,macchiato or,latte rather than the apple crisp latte,so you dont get all that deliciousness,to get in the first one but its a much,healthier drink for you,okay our next and last hot drink is the,grande apple crisp macchiato with no,apple drizzle and only one pump of that,sweetener again so similar to the last,one but without that apple crisp topping,okay that tastes just about exactly the,same maybe not quite as much,apple flavor,but its very similar and has a little,less sugar so you could probably leave,off that apple crisp topping without,changing the flavor too much okay lets,sum up our warm apple crisp macchiatos,the original,with all the brown sugar syrup and all,the apple crisp topping is really tasty,really tastes like fall,might be my favorite starbucks drink,that ive ever had in a lot of ways,but its not good for you 45 grams of,sugar more than a can of coke this is,not something you should be drinking,every day this is a special occasion,drink but if you really want that flavor,of fall,without all that extra sugar,just go,less on the sugar pumps down to one,leave off that apple crisp topping still,pretty good you have to make some,sacrifices for health sometimes,okay now lets go to the cold,so even though its getting cold outside,sometimes i still want a cold drink,especially in the afternoon so they do,make an iced version of the apple crisp,macchiato weve got the full flavored,one right here i dont know if you can,see i need to stir it apparently but we,got that,rim of brown sugar syrup on the bottom,lets taste it,okay so in the iced version that,sweetness really comes out so even,though im not getting all the sugar,because theres that layer of sugar,there on the bottom,it is still too sweet for me i dont,think i could drink one of these and be,happy,maybe thats because my taste buds have,changed over time so i dont like a lot,of sweetener but something about the,iced version really makes it taste extra,sweet so i dont think well have much,trouble making it healthier and still,tastes like,fall deliciousness,so lets go to my modified version this,is a,grande iced apple crisp macchiato with,light apple drizzle one pump,of,sugar,i actually like that much better,it is much,less sweet but you still get the flavors,of that apple that apple crisp macchiato,its a delicious drink and i think that,even if you got one of the iced and you,leave off that apple crisp topping with,just one pump in a grande you could,still make it taste delicious and a,little healthier kind of similar like,when the hot ones when i left off that,apple crisp topping the flavor didnt,change too much,thats really a good drink,excuse me while i just uh,caffeinate up here,[Music],thanks so much yall for watching today,this is starbucks new drink the apple,crisp macchiato its really delicious,and has way too much sugar for anybody,to drink in a drink,so modify it if youre getting the,regular try it with just one pump a,sweetener and a grande and leave off,that apple crisp topping it is not as,good,as the full sweetener but it is still,really good and will be better for your,health,on the cold version i think if youre,going for the one pump of syrup leave,off that apple crisp topping thank you,guys for joining me this week im dr,blake the cooking doc we will see you,next week make sure you go to my website,thecookingdoc.co,thecookingdoc.tv sign up for my,newsletter we have weekly recipes and,tips directly to your email inbox make,sure you subscribe to this channel im,on facebook im on instagram,thanks for watching stay healthy change,your buds well see you next time

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