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Stardew Valley is a Perfect Match for Nintendo Switch | Soapbox

hello there lovely people italics will,in tender life here and today Im gonna,be talking to you all about stars you,Valley and why I think this may be my,new favorite game on the switch,except for maybe splatoon – breath of,the wild Meraki – you get the idea that,its just its a brilliant game and Im,gonna tell you why so for the,uninitiated stardew valley what is it,well just to put it bluntly its a,farming simulator if youve played,Harvest Moon youll have a vague idea as,to what this game is about in fact to be,honest youll probably have more than a,vague idea its very very similar if you,dont know what Harvest Moon is well,basically the idea is you go around you,farm you raise crops you raise livestock,you mine you talk to villagers you build,relationships basically theres a whole,load of stuff going on so to just call,it a farming simulator really isnt,doing it justice its more like a life,sim you inherit a farm from your,grandfather when modern life just,becomes a little bit too much to bear,and you basically just maintain the farm,and you know get along with the,villagers its a really simple concept,and the game itself is fairly simple and,straightforward but there are so many,things to do in it you can fish you can,mine Ive already listed a lot of things,that you can do so well just move on,but the thing that makes star G Valley,different is the fact that it isnt that,different but what it does do is it just,does everything superbly there isnt a,single thing that isnt well done in,this game and its frankly flooring to,be honest you could just enter this game,and have absolutely no idea that it is,doing everything so brilliantly because,youre just enjoying yourself so much,its so seamless it doesnt throw things,in your face you were just left to your,own devices to enjoy the world how you,see fit but unlike in other sandbox,style games like Minecraft and things,like that there are events that actually,happen in the village with the other,villages as well theres a sort of a,conglomerate nearby that is trying to,invade and take over Pelican town and,you dont have to stop it I suppose but,you you you probably should because,theyre basically evil various villages,well talk about other villages theyll,talk about the things,theyve been doing youll be able to,fall in love you can eventually marry,obviously theres so much to do and the,characters are so well designed and,written everyones unique everyones,individual and nobodys perfect its,genuinely really refreshing to play a,game with characters that feel so,genuinely real there are characters that,appear sort of perfect on the surface,but then youll discover that maybe,theyre a little bit shallow or maybe,theyve you know they dont like you for,some reason or they dont eat fish on a,Tuesday I cant think of anything off,the top of my head but no character is,absolutely perfect they all have their,own little flaws and nuances that make,them really human but you could also,just live basically the life of a hermit,in fact there is there is a hermit in,the game if you can call him a hermit he,speaks English and hell speak to you,very happily I dont really know all the,definition errs but in theory you,wouldnt have to interact with anyone,ever Im sure you could just put all,your stuff in your selling box that then,gets cleared out at night and am pretty,sure you get exactly the same price,there as you do to sell to the shops,anywhere and you can just do that just,stay on your farm and not do anything,else you dont really need to interact,if you dont want to youll be limited,in what you can do but if you do just,want to have a sort of a Hamitic,lifestyle you can the thing that makes,this game such a joy is that it is just,the whole game is yours to enjoy as you,see fit the game never really tells you,what to do occasionally youll get,letters from other villages or towns,folk basically the people who live,nearby saying you know sort of well you,know summers on the way you know sort of,so maybe you want to think about,planning ahead to you know in terms of,your crops because different crops will,only grow at different times of the year,and so if summer comes around and spring,youve got spring crops those spring,crops will die its never a tutorial the,game never spells anything out for you,unless youre specifically looking for,it for example if you go into a menu and,you look at say the axe it will tell you,what the axe does but at the end of the,day you dont need to do that because,most of it is just sort of its its,look not tell and that makes the game,all the more rewarding also youre left,sort of wonder,what certain things will do and how,certain things work and its down to you,to try and discover and work out how,that all happens for example when I,first started playing the game I found,some or just at the beach and all of a,sudden the next day some bloke comes up,to me a blacksmith saying oh I see,youve been mining ore and I didnt,realize you could mines I was a little,bit taken aback and then eventually I,discovered that there was indeed a mine,the game didnt tell me where the mine,was I just found it it just happened to,be you know on a part of the map and it,was really rewarding to find that and,finally actually being able to use the,ore for something because I just found a,speckling of it on the beach but its,those little things it just gives you,little nudges here and there it makes,you aware of things without explaining,what they are but with all this stuff to,do doesnt make the game overwhelming,well the game can be as overwhelming or,as simplistic as you want it to be again,it is entirely your choice you can,choose to try and create the most,spectacular the largest the most,impressive farm you can and have you,know sort of all these little,micromanagement things you need to do to,keep it running and make sure that its,all functioning or you can just have a,little little plot and just live off a,few vegetables if you want its entirely,your choice and theres no obligation to,do anything or to grow any way beyond,what you want to do the rewards for,doing so are great and its just you,know so obviously youre gonna get far,more from the game if you put more time,and effort into it but if you dont want,to and you just want to use theres a,little bit of a sort of a decompressing,you know just to sort of relax after a,hard day at the office and or school you,can just you know play that a stardew,valley water your plants you can pop,over sell a few things and just you just,do what you want you just do what you,want but at the same time theres so,much to do without it being over it,honestly its its its an insanely well,balanced game in terms of my actual,playthrough so far Ive barely scratched,the surface I saved myself for the,switch version because I knew I would,want to be able to play this out and,about as well as be able to play on the,big screen and honestly just to be able,to pick up the console and take it,with me somewhere admittedly I havent,had that long to do it but its still,just wonderful I can just you know sort,of lay on my bed and play games and play,stardew valley just relax it lends,itself so well to the switch its almost,criminal like so many other great indie,games out there making itself portable,opens it up so tremendously but youve,got the choice to do both and Im now,more talking about the switch then the,stardew valley but anyway in short,starchy Valley is an absolutely superb,game and frankly I think this is gonna,be an absolute winner I can see why so,many people was so excited for this to,come and I was excited but to be honest,probably only because everyone else was,excited and generally when you get that,many people sort of hot under the collar,really expecting a really good games,come out you do get excited its,unavoidable and usually its for good,reason the best way you can experience,stardew valley is just honestly to just,just play it just download it and play,it and I m

Stardew Valley Review (2018 Update)

each time I start up a new farm and,stardew valley or return to my hundred,our save on PC I feel like Im going,home theres a comfort in stardew valley,that Ive rarely found in other games,the mellowness of the 16-bit countryside,town and all the activities that await,offer both peace in my daily routines,and excitement in the lands mysteries,whether you want to farm fish fight,monsters craft mine,become everyones best friend or do a,little bit of everything this farming,adventure has plenty to offer,[Music],as we said in our original review,stardew valley beautifully combines farm,simulation with RPG elements to create,an intriguing absorbing rural world and,its only gotten better with each,massive free update new items buildings,farm types events relationships and,multiplayer gives star Diwali an even,better foundation and more of a reason,to stick around past the coveted event,in the 3rd in game year the 5 new farm,maps offer better focus for players that,when stardew valley first launched each,of the farms designs encourage different,types of work farming fishing foraging,mining and combat each Maps activities,are a relief in the grips of Georgia,corporation the cold in game company,that encroaches on pelican town that,conflict drive start your valleys rather,light story for the first two in-game,years but once thats all completed,befriending and learning about the,charming townspeople introduced other,contained stories the process of,actually befriending or romancing them,is superficially done by giving them,presents they like but despite the,system simplicity its still rewarding,to learn about each person the changing,of seasons in stardew valley is perhaps,one of the most exciting events every,season has its own enjoyable pace that,comes with varying weather crop types,and PC schedules birthdays fish and fun,festivals that keep things engaging,seasons run for 28 days so figuring out,the best way to spend them is a great,challenge as each in-game year passes by,the time I reach the end of my second,year I felt confident in my daily,routine farming mining fighting monsters,fishing and foraging filled my days when,I wasnt building a social life days,were short early on when my character,didnt have any skill specializations,and a small energy meter for using tools,but even when that energy meter grew and,I earned specializations for each of the,five skills,I found challenged and more enjoyment,through the growing complexity of each,trade for farming I could process my,crops or animal products into artisanal,cook them sell the masses or do,something else with them entirely for,mining and monster fighting I had the,progressive challenge of descending the,hundred levels of the main line or,taking on the seemingly endless cavern,in the desert foraging didnt change,much and since just picking up some free,natural goods in the environment but the,fishing minigame got more difficult as I,discovered where a fish with intense,beam strengths start doing Valley tracks,everything youve had in your collection,theres definitely an incentive to try,each main activity like with real life,theres potential to do a lot in a day,but how its bent is entirely up to you,when you add someone else to your farm,though those days can be a whole lot,more productive multiplayer is a,fantastic addition to stardew valley,that allows you to start a new farm or,add up to three players to your,established farm farm hands have to make,a new character so if theyre joining,your game theyll have to rely on you,for better tools I would have liked the,option to import my existing character,even at a cost but having to start from,scratch felt like a good way to balance,the extra people in a game farm hands,have ownership over their cabin and,relationships with NPCs in your game -,which are important incentives for,joining friends on their farm it gives,the farm hemes and both a stake in your,land and in the rest of your game I love,that I could focus on building,relationships and growing my fishing,collection while my friend took care of,the farm though his farm contributions,were helpful spelunking with him was,even more fun together we slayed plenty,of monsters and got further in the,challenge cavern than I ever had before,alone the easygoing nature of stardew,valley also creates a wonderfully,pleasant place to hang out with friends,which is a nice thing to have when so,many multiplayer games are set in way,more high-stakes situations,stardew valley is a beautiful fun game,that when all of its parts are pulled,together make for a wonderful pastoral,adventure each day offers an abundance,of great activities ready to be,collected or mastered and new,friendships waiting to be made even a,hundred hours in with three in-game,years in the books I still feel like I,have so many mysteries to discover and,plenty of items to collect new items,goals and events from all the updates,since its launch make stardew valley,more welcoming for new players and,extends its life for seasoned farmers to,the fantastic multiplayer is just the,cherry on top of the cake to this,marvelous farming RPG for more reviews,from IGN be sure to check out our,thoughts on Madden NFL 19 and over cook,to

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The 31 Best Switch Games Yet

hello there lovely P politics from,Nintendo life here and today were going,to be taking a look at the best games,available on the Nintendo switch so far,more specifically 30 blinking one of the,blighters these games have been selected,using a range of factors such as you,know the review score that we gave it,the general sort of overall score that,its been given the meta score if you,like the user review scores over on,nintendalife.com and of course,everyones favorite personal bass its,inevitable to keep things fair and more,importantly simple these are gonna be in,no particular order in fact Ive got the,list here and Im gonna randomize it now,and thats the list but anyway thats,more than enough waffling lets Dive,Right into things,kicking things off we have Super Mario,Maker 2. Now if you love your 2D Mario,games you could play this for the rest,of your life and still have like most of,the game left over there are some really,solid Nintendo made levels in here but,the real meat of it is in the user,generated levels like thats what you,can play it pretty much forever and even,more importantly you can make your own,share them with friends and you can make,them however you like its frankly,ridiculous with a robust editor and,Limitless options the only thing holding,you back really is your creativity and,probably your time next up we have Super,Mario 3D World Plus Bowsers fury its,another Mario game thats what happens,when you randomize a list Super Mario 3D,World was a classic on the Wii U and,its a classic now it has not aged a jot,if anything its actually slightly,better because whole game can be faster,if you want which I do but then youve,also got Bowsers Fury thrown in as well,a really different way of playing a,Mario game and honestly its just,fantastic everything being count themed,is the icing on the cake and its icing,that I will lick until Im dead moving,on in is Kirby and the Forgotten land,Kirbys finally gone 3D and its,fabulous the game looks cute and cuddly,and it is and its appropriate for all,ages but towards the end things get a,little bit twisted in a family-friendly,way its very difficult to describe but,the journey up there is simply wonderful,in my opinion and dont tell anyone this,Kirbys never been better next in line,is Monster Hunter rise if you want value,for money look no further this game is,Haha honking massive and more,importantly its incredibly good fun,diving around slaying giant monsters,taking their parts making new weapons,the gameplay Loop is unlike anything,else in the world its basically boss,fight the game and its so good it runs,so well on switch and I keep coming back,to it Time After Time After Time next up,weve got portal companion collection,which I know is technically two games,but I wrote this rule book I I am well,within my rights to break it the,original portal was seminal unbelievable,superb and incredibly fresh and original,idea with just frankly perfect execution,and Portal 2 only builds upon that and,makes it a much more polished and,refined and arguably cinematic,experience if youve even ever been,interested in first person puzzle games,this is like this is the de facto way to,start my word slipping in next is,Pokemon Legends Arceus for my money the,best Pokemon game on the switch probably,the best Pokemon game for 10 maybe 15,years it takes so many bold steps it,opens things up it looks frankly really,quite good I mean it has its blemishes,but overall its a pretty nice time it,trims off a load of the fat it gives you,a really interesting premise where you,know Pokemon are still kind of treated,as wild animals or only just being,domesticated ah its wonderful your,character even has Health the Pokemon,attack you you are actually present in,the world its just fantastic and,honestly probably one of the hardest,Pokemon games available as well cool,baloney its a good old time coming in,next we have the Legend of Zelda breath,of the wild and if you dont know,anything about this game you arent for,such a treat critically one of the best,open world games that has ever been,released it effortlessly tackles every,single thing that it attempts to do and,it does it with so much style and so,much fun on the surface youll be,exploring and fighting and going through,Dungeons and things but look a little,bit deeper and youll discover an,incredible amount of flexibility do you,do you never want to use a weapon in the,game you can probably do that instead,you could just set everyone on fire you,know or just you know drop metal weapons,for them to pick up hold and then hope,for a lightning strike and it will,happen and it does kill them the game is,so blinking consistent there is nothing,else like it out there theres quite a,few imitators but nothing like this,next in line its The Witcher 3 wild,Hunt another open world game but to be,honest almost couldnt be more different,to Zelda except maybe in the fact that,its set in an oldie wealthy theme,hugely mature game dripping with,atmosphere and frankly some of the best,writing that you can get on the switch,it is almost Second To None the voice,acting is great as well its just an,absolutely jaw-droppingly good Game it,may well look a little rough around the,edges on switch but the fact that its,even running is frankly a miracle and,more importantly after a while youll,forget all about it youll just be,enjoying the game for what it is two,swords and all tagging along behind we,have Persona 5 Royal the kind of uh,enhanced version of Persona 5 which has,been on pretty much every other platform,now and its finally on stretch this,game has so much to sink your teeth into,and it is not afraid to pull any punches,youll be dealing with some really quite,challenging themes here but its all,wrapped up in this ungodly the amount of,style Ive never seen a games UI look,this good and just this stylish it does,sometimes make it maybe a little bit,harder to pass but even so it doesnt,matter when it when you look this good,you dont have to know anything,shooting their way in weve got cuphead,and yeah Im sure youve heard of,cuphead but if you havent well you can,probably tell from the footage its,based on Old animation and the animation,is absolutely,spectacularly wonderful everythings,stylized so perfectly and it moves so,smoothly but it does not get in the way,of the gameplay this is a kind of,balance that shouldnt be able to exist,frankly everything that needs to be,Snappy and fast and responsive is just,that but at the same time its such a,beautifully detailed and perfectly,animated game like everythings animated,on ones that is unheard of another Indie,Delight next we have Hades now if youve,ever played a roguelite or a roguelike,and you havent played Hades you are in,for such a treat you will be trying to,escape hell and every time you die,youll come back to the start with maybe,a little bit more experience and maybe,access to a new weapon it is it is,classic roguelite stuff but it is,gorgeous it is well balanced it is,satisfying and it is just so much fun to,play if you have even the slightest,inkling that you might enjoy this I,guarantee you you will,next up weve got dead cells its,another roguelite again this is what,happens when you randomize lists dead,cells follows a lot of the same ideas as,Hades but its all from a 2d,side-scrolling perspective and as such,it makes it frankly an entirely,different game I dont even want to look,at how many updates this game has had,because frankly it is a little bit,staggering and as a result there is so,much to play here but at the same time,it doesnt overwhelm you which is,something that so many other games fall,into the Trap of I adore it and I,havent played it enough because theres,too many good games on the switch can,you tell from the list moving on we have,Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a semi-open world,RPG that is like nothing else youve,played before and I know I said The,Witcher 3 is some of the best writing on,the switch this is well its o

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Today I Learned: Stardew Valley | 86 Tips and Things You May Not Know

hey hi howdy and hello friends its,wikity here with today i learned the,stardew valley edition,in this video im going to share in no,specific order a bunch of random tips,tidbits and aspects of this great game,that you may not know you could do not,notice or didnt even know was there now,im over 2 000 hours in and im still,learning something new especially from,all of you it might surprise you what,youve overlooked or missed oh and hey,friends be sure to subscribe if you like,videos like this and let me know in the,comments what your favorite thing on,this list is or what youve learned,you can decorate and put crab pots in,the sewers ive built a whole recycling,center in here unlike in the mines these,pots will not disappear and they will,collect pond and river variety crab pot,fish,you can use a rainbow shell or a,prismatic shard in a sewing machine at,the school part and you will be able to,dye that item any color,you can refill your watering can in the,sink as well as in this trough in the,greenhouse and at your fish ponds,easy and console versions have emotes,use y on pc to bring them up or click in,the right joystick on console,the carpenter shop is closed on tuesdays,because robin is out of the shop and in,town but if you try to activate the shop,while shes walking past the front desk,around 9 40 am and 7 50 pm you can use,it,[Music],the furniture catalog that you buy from,robin is also a table object and you can,place something on top of it,you can get a dresser from robin or the,furniture catalog and store an infinite,amount of clothes hats and rings in,there,the color of your swimsuit while youre,at the spa is actually determined by the,color of the pants you are wearing with,some exceptions to the unique bottoms,which make them white or off-white,prismatic bikinis anyone,the copper pan can be used as a hat,you can place hats on your horse your,children,sea urchin,and the alien rare crow,while you cant dye your shoes you can,actually move your stats over from one,shoe to another so you can change the,color,you can place a sign on your fish pond,to help you keep track of how many fish,you have,[Music],apart from the standard color you can,get four more colors to your fish ponds,slime jacks will give you green lava,eels will give you red super cucumber is,purple and void salmon is a dark purple,if you decide to raise a fish pond with,all crabs once its full you can talk to,willy to get a special gift,while youre fishing you can push the,bobber at an angle with your directional,keys to help you reach further and get,to those hard to reach bubble spots,there are a few different secret fishing,spots be sure to check them all out like,this spot way down here at the desert,you do need a higher fishing skill to,reach it,in your fish tanks you can decorate with,seaweed stones and or coral,if you pick up and place the tank back,down it will change how things look too,like the shape and color of the coral,you can place torches on your fences,and you do not need to chop down broken,fences you can just place a new one,right on top,if you decide you dont like having your,fences break down you can actually use,other objects as a fence like tea bushes,rods or other decoration,just make a small fence and gate section,so you can get in and out and fill out,the wrist,you can make your gates a double if you,place two of them right next to each,other,gates can be a different color if you,place the fence first and then the gate,itll match either the hardwood fence or,the iron fence,when placing down stepping stones if you,dont really like the look just pick it,back up and place it again the shape of,the stones can change,placing paths is not just for decorative,purposes or grass control you can,actually move slightly faster while,walking on a placed path,as long as your barn or coop isnt fully,upgraded you can pull a hay out of a,silo from the hopper inside and keep it,in a chest nearby it saves you from,having to get a second silo by helping,you stock up on more hay,you can place grass inside of buildings,it wont really spread but it can be,great for decorating,when youre planting grass you can put a,lightning rod or an other object on top,of the grass and your animals will never,eat it because they cant reach it the,grass will still spread too i really,like to have them under my fences or,these hay bales they look like grass,feeders,planting grass on the 28th day of winter,will cause a ton of growth for the first,day of spring,if you have a chest with a bunch of,things inside you can push them around,just do it from an empty inventory slot,and use your action button it does use,one energy each time though,if you have a fire going on in your,fireplace your chimney will have some,smoke coming out its the little things,like this that i love,one of the dog animations is adorable as,you get closer to the dog youll notice,that its tail will wag and stop when you,get further away,so cute,the secret woods actually have two paths,that go to where there are two more,stumps its easier to see if you zoom,out but here is where they are,over at the carpenters place maru,actually has a door from her room that,goes outside you cant go in it from the,outside unless youre friends with her,though,some of the lockers in the bathhouse,have owners though i have never seen,penny or abigail in here,if you play a familiar tune on elliots,piano while hes at home and working on,his desk,hell react like this,must be his favorite jam,when you have a phone you can use it to,check what gus has on special that day,the shelves over at jojo mart all have,some uh,ah descriptions,gross,during the fair dont forget to head up,to near the fountain gus has a grill,station set up with some survival,burgers that are all you can eat and you,get the buff after the fair,too,in the fall time during the 15th to the,28th hazelnuts can drop from shaking or,hitting maple trees,i find it silly i didnt know this until,i came across it by accident coconuts,can drop from the trees in calico desert,and there are three easter eggs in the,title screen over at the e and the,leaves in this little corner here,if you hover over an item that is needed,in one of your community center bundles,this little button will pause to,indicate that it hasnt been donated yet,leveling up in a skill will give you,full energy the next day no matter if,you passed out or had the exhausted,debuff,if you are playing in multiplayer you,can fill your energy up just by sitting,in bed,when you are selling items the sounds,that play per category change based on,the items that you sold,if you sell something on the 24th of,winter youll see santa in the shipping,screen,the tea set can be one of the rarest,items you can only receive it as a gift,at the feast of the winter star it is,very random so if you found it consider,yourself extremely lucky,if you decided to race lines in the,areas that villagers are about the,slimes will talk to them and people will,even talk back such pleasant little,globs just keep them out of the,farmhouse if you are married,you can put a sprinkler in the slime,hutch to keep your slimes watered,without having to disturb them,these slimes will still make those slime,balls even if they cant reach the water,if you place fluorine in the slime hutch,slime balls will not appear on them it,can help you control where they end up,especially if you dont have this lime,charmer ring yet,on the topic of slimes in the slime,charmer ring you can slay raised slimes,and that will count towards your monster,eradication goal,using the burglaring while youre on the,prismatic jelly or ectoplasm quest can,give you double items,sadly even though i put it out for a,display it does disappear the day after,the quest is over,the burglar ring can also give you,double of anything that you find trapped,inside of a giant purple slime like the,pink cake,and those other rare items that youll,have access to in the later game,youll see trains go by from ti

Should You Play Stardew Valley with Your Boyfriend and Leahbee?

do you ever feel trapped I know that Im,never gonna quit and then twenty-five,years are gonna go by and Im gonna die,here do you ever fantasize about,starting over sorry,Im making a go of it in a new city but,you carved your resume in stone and the,experience that defines your worth is,becoming less relevant with every,graduating class of corporate servants I,used to be with it then they changed,what it was now what Im with isnt it,and what it seems weird and scary to me,itll happen to you so you do everything,you can to be a better happier more,productive then inevitably backslide and,self-medicate with escapism no chance in,this case well have I got a game for you,in stardew valley you play yourself a,regular everyday normal guy who lost,sight of what matters most in life real,connections with other people in nature,luckily your grandpa dies and leaves you,this farm which has tons of hot singles,in your area there youll spend the rest,of your carefree days doing what you can,only dream about doing in real life,horseback riding spelunking tripping,balls with a wizard and having friends,but this isnt a review of stardew,valley this is a review of what its,like to live with someone who plays,stardew valley and also a review of the,multiplayer update featuring our first,special guest Leah V most video games,let my boyfriend live out his wildest,fantasies like being the commander of a,spaceship being the pilot of a spaceship,or being the designer of spaceship,Colonel you better take a look at this,radar it looks like a giant Willy is,living out his more down-to-earth,fantasies though which is what stardew,valley is all about getting off the grid,living self sustainably and going where,theyre always glad he came,[Music],this is a game about escape that makes,you feel like youve escaped Ive never,seen my boyfriend so immersed in,something and Ive watched him roll,around on the floor in VR its almost a,form of hypnosis or meditation or at the,very least drug addiction stardew valley,will make you lose your sense of self,youll be literally taking a break from,all your worries even something that,appears to be a mindless chore like,watering plants is actually part of a,pleasant critical thinking routine in,which youll plan your day week month or,even year this masterfully calculated,balance of immediate tasks and future,objectives is what will keep you from,remembering the immediate tasks and,future objectives in your actual life,seriously I asked my boyfriend when he,was doing tomorrow and he said the,flower festival for a second I was like,ooh a surprise for me then for a much,more realistic second I was like just,supporter that transported escapist,autonomous gameplay does not translate,to a backseat gamer though while my,boyfriend was picking green beans he was,probably thinking to himself,okay the blacksmith should have my gold,axe ready then Ill unlock minecart,travel at the community center and as,usual flirt with my boo Abigail but I,would be thinking yup Im watching a,dude pick green beans bet he gives one,to his little videogame girlfriend,luckily when he relapsed last week he,bought enough video game crack for the,both of us and gifted me stardew valley,on Steam welcome to hold up a minute,farm this is our dog Booker these are,our chickens naughty and nice and this,is a bunch of yard work that almost made,me quit the game before it even began,but I quickly learned how satisfying it,is to cut grass and break rocks and make,little garden and watch it grow our,precious home I also learned how my,boyfriend is the exact same in video,games as he is in real life oh my god,and our little make-believe computer,lives my boyfriend is a brave hunter,fisherman and resource miner well I am a,brave shopper homemaker and gardener,theres nothing wrong with being a,housewife people its a valid occupation,plus I have the best melons in all the,valley and Im not,talking about summer crops just like,real life we were becoming the perfect,couple until one day he came home from,the mines completely exhausted but with,no or to show for it when I asked him,where he was all day he said the dentist,but theres no dentist in stardew valley,no no none of this was making any sense,good dentist whats his name,creme test the next morning I followed,him yeah I followed him he went fishing,had a beer and whats this how many,hearts does she have for you I dont,know how many does she have like six six,so I did what a girls gotta do go out,dancing with my new best friend Lea B we,looked good at the flower festival he,was so jealous then during the ceremony,he cast a spell on me so manly and his,straw hat I couldnt stay mad yeah you,guys this multiplayer is my favorite and,Lea B is a stardew valley pro she knows,all the secrets I know a way to make,them lay more eggs Ill show you if you,come in here you gotta go you gotta go,up right in this corner and then you,gotta do the chicken dance ever sing,this song though this game is,legitimately a fun place to just hang,out we went fishing this is grocery,shopping,explosion juice adventuring or do it and,even came up with our own fun like an,epic game of hide and seek,three oclock you have a plan,are you behind this show it to be a,little bit visible I found you somewhere,you wouldnt go in there now its gonna,be dark out you have unfair advantage,okay you have three seconds we shall be,now look over at his screen,[Music],you find them no yeah are you in a store,that closed I didnt hide better,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],in conclusion stardew valley is a lot,like my favorite game of all time Animal,Crossing only better in almost every,single way did I mention it was made by,a single person even composed all,seventy-seven songs on the soundtrack,and every single one is a banger if this,game doesnt remind you what matters,most in life real connections with other,people and if eric barone conquering a,billion-dollar industry all by himself,doesnt inspire you to look in the,mirror and say you have no idea how high,i can fly,thats okay farming Sims art for,everyone alright guys I want to give a,very special thank you to Leah for,helping us with our farm and being in,our video go show her some love were,brainstorming a co girlfriend review at,the moment so give us some ideas maybe,well talk about next to baby also,Sakura came out yesterday and you can,definitely look forward to a review on,it soon thanks bye

I Lied… THIS is the most ADDICTIVE Nintendo Switch Game.

guys i i need to apologize actually i do,why am i i actually do have to apologize,i havent made many videos this year,i really havent and i could start going,into the ifs ends,wise buts whos its and whatsits and,whens its of it all and i will ill do,it right now the start of the year i,needed a break i was,totally burnt out on edge stressed,borderline depressed and i took a break,in january and i felt,great then came february and i spent a,lot of time,on that video like that took like two,weeks to make that video and then the,video didnt do very well,which i have merch for if you want to,buy a sorry cherry t-shirt now were in,march,were already like a third of the way,through the year what is happening,whats my excuse for,halfway through march you might be,wondering this time the excuse is a,little weaker im gonna show you today,you might hate me for it,ive been addicted to something again,and its just sucked up,all of my time so to start i have to,show you this and this,isnt the video today were gonna be on,this for like 10 seconds trust me,a couple of weeks ago on twitch a bunch,of friends and streamers and i started,this huge minecraft server it is,massive there are so many things,happening in here that every time i sign,on theres like some kind of new,building,but it got me back into minecraft ive,built a horse stable,i have my farm i have my crops i have i,have all of this i have creepers sat,with my chickens but anyway ive been,playing this,and i i do like it as always with me i i,end up missing,story i want that progression i want to,feel like im working,towards something the game wants me to,work towards rather than just a,free-for-all of whatever you want to do,so i accidentally reinstalled another,game,on my switch,this game is so good,this game is so good for 15,i honestly think this is the most,addicting,switch game the most worth the price,switch game i reviewed this,like four or five years ago at this,point but i remember back then the game,didnt really,stick for me like i know it was good you,know i got the gist of it and i threw it,in an e-shop video and i knew people,would love it but for me i,i hadnt really gotten into games like,this yet this is before id even played,dragon quest builders and got super,addicted to that it was before i even,tried minecraft for the first time,crafting games honestly i didnt want,them but then dragon quest builders,happened which led me to minecraft and,then while i was playing minecraft i,wanted,more and believe it or not stardu valley,for 15,gives me so much more i got to restart,actually because i just lost like two,hours of the day while i was talking it,actually started because kim and i,started a joint farm and even though we,were having fun playing together we,hated that we had to share our money so,we ended up both just starting our own,separate farms but we play next to each,other anyway so it feels like were,playing together this has honestly taken,away so much,time out of my life and im not really,even that mad about it so this is my,farm,i have this mission right now there is,so much to the game its overwhelming,ill show you my routine,every morning i wake up in this game but,i have this huge,crop order to make a hundred yams and i,really wanted to see what the,substantial reward was,all of this is me trying to grow yams,and most of my day is honestly just,spent,watering my crops not counting my other,two playthroughs that didnt stick this,is my first,official playthrough so if you want to,leave any suggestions down below for,like things i could be doing better or,differently,im open to it believe me a new baby,chick has hatched,glad you guys are here for this moment,oh thats kind of a cute name actually,um you know what ive never used one of,the default names but thats actually,kind of cute,its like pee its like it stinks look,at the baby chicken,okay anyway i get to collect my eggs in,the morning i,get to pet my chickens this is lorraine,actually named,after a guest judge in a cooking show,that kim and i watch this is elaine,because it rhymed with lorraine and we,were watching seinfeld at the time,this is daffy cause its a duck snowball,because its white duck bird,cause its a duck miss plugins and babes,i dont know i got,i got lazy on that one i just caught a,baby all right so i gotta i gotta feed,them or else they get mad at me,and then when i pet them in the morning,they have little angry squiggle lines,instead of nice little sweet hearts,this video is relaxingly sponsored,by audible go to audible.com beat em ups,or text beat em ups to 500,500. for the last couple years i have,been an active user of audible it,started with supermarket a book i,thoroughly enjoyed and then realized,that the author had voiced the audible,version after that i was hooked amy,poehler voicing her own book yes please,nick offerman voicing this book that i,really like also podcasts like real,crime and,so many other audible originals i was,already subscribed to a bunch of video,streaming and gaming services so it just,made sense to experience,thousands of new audio books too their,newest plan audible plus gives you,full access to the popular plus catalog,you can listen all you want to,thousands and thousands of popular,audiobooks original entertainment and,podcasts,all available to download and stream on,any of your devices,being able to listen while cooking,exercising on a walk in the car or just,relaxing its a huge,benefit i love that its cutting down my,already ridiculous,amount of screen time but i still get to,do my stuff without getting,bored with an audible plus membership,you can download or stream without limit,so why not give it a shot,for 30 days for free just visit,audible.com forward slash beat em ups or,text beat em ups to five hundred five,hundred,its free its easy and you help support,the channel directly and i really,appreciate it thank you audible for,sponsoring its just so relaxing,i almost dont want to go back to the,video but i have to all right lets go,now we can go see my cows look at my,gold banana thats bethany this is lady,yeah i named this one mr moo i felt so,dumb when kim was like you know that it,should be mrs moo,right but whatever we dont stick to,gender norms here on the hawker ranch,oh and um,[Music],bertha thankfully this game has no nets,so i dont have to whack,this cow so then i milk my cows every,morning then you take the milk,and you put it in the cheese thing ill,make cheese,honestly i do this routine every morning,its gotten,so bad to the point where this morning,when i was lying in bed half a week,i was going through my routine in my,head and i was like going to my chickens,getting the eggs putting them in the,mayonnaise going in my cows milking them,putting the cheese and im not even,kidding so i just got,chests everywhere filling up with all,this stuff heres all my gold stuff,honestly i dont even know what im,keeping up in here anymore,why am i holding grapes alex needs a,catfish or who needs a pumpkin caroline,needs a pumpkin or see if i have a,catfish,i dont oh wait i do oh perfect i think,i was given that this morning by lewis,again it was only 15 there is so,much you can do i know you might have,seen how messy my farm was,all the grass dont worry about that i,dont have time,i dont have time to clean it this is,her right im pretty sure no,i gave her the catfish,can i have my catfish back is it just me,or does abigail play too many videos no,theres probably a joke here in the fact,that im making a video about the fact,that ive been addicted to this video,game and the first person i talked to,asks me,if its an issue that her friend plays,too many video games damn,why are you calling me out im feeling,attacked right now,stardew valley catfish i need to know if,i can catch one real quick the catfish,is a fish that can be found in the river,during spring and fall during rainy,weather,thats fine thats fine we dont worry,about it if i wasnt making a video,right now id ho

Stardew Valley Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

if anyone will ever tell you that video,games are violent anymore shove this,game up their faces this game is,actually proof that video games cause,violence is actually obs and yes as you,guessed from a title were going to be,talking about stardew valley so lets,start with a very common misconception,about this game before were gonna,actually discuss whether it this game is,actually worth it or not so common,misconception about this game is that it,is a farming simulator which is,completely wrong this game is not,farming simulator well,it is a farming simulator as well as a,bunch of other things but its not just,a farming simulator its more correct to,call this game a live simulator than the,farming simulator and its basically,closer to sims than well farming,simulator to explain this game very,simply lets just explain the plot of,this game you are a guy or a girl who,works for a giant corporation on a,corporate job and during one nights,your grandpa decided to give you a,letter with the deed to the farm,somewhere in a rural area and well,because youre fed up with this,corporate life you decided to say screw,this and just go and live on a farm so,now you arrive on a farm and you,basically start living there first you,need to clamp the land then just find,some crops grow some very rudimentary,plants and,thats it at the first sight but then,you go to the town itself and you start,meeting a bunch of different people,there are around 30 npcs in the pelican,town and as you go you realize that this,game is not just about farming farming,is literally just a job that you get,there where you make money from and,everything else is just literal game so,we just go and meet a bunch of other,people every single one of them with,their own distinct personality with,their own distinct place of living,meaning that they all have their own,houses their distinct relations,their jobs their wishes their hobbies,and everything like that all each and,every one of them have their own,birthdays and basically you start living,in this town so as you play the game the,literal time passes in the game world so,you wake up in the morning,whether you want to do farming or not,you can just do a farming or go around,until you are tired or its basically a,night time where when you need to go to,sleep and as you go to the game you also,discover a bunch of additional things,like this you discover the bunch of,problems that city has like,a ruined community center that you can,help to rebuild or you can find the,mines which is infested with monsters,well its more like blobs running around,that you can clean up and fight and,basically its like mini dungeons there,you can also find a fishing game and,discover a bunch of different fish and,as it as time progresses the city has,different holidays where people are,gathering up you can interact with the,people there and also people have,different birthdays where you gather up,and just celebrate different peoples,birthdays and the seasons change and,during different seasons you have a,different crops and you can grow these,crops to sell them and make money you,also play a big role in basically,rebuilding the town and its,infrastructure like bridges roads and,bunching bunch of different small things,that,basically blossoms the game in front of,your eyes at first sight you might not,think that this game is something like,that and you might not think that you,might like things like that but the,games charm and games beauty and,games simplicity is such appealing in,such a beautiful sight that you will,basically fall in love with the game,even if you have a heart of stone yes,the game is that interesting as you go,as you go forwards with your life in the,game you discover a bunch of different,small secrets and you continue helping,with the town and you continue improving,relationships and you can even marry one,of the villagers and you can even have a,kids with them or with him or her and,all this in this beautiful eight,kind of aesthetics which allow this game,to run basically on anything and i mean,anything if your computer has a desktop,it can run this game it is available on,pcs on consoles and even on mobiles even,though mobile version is actually a bit,outdated compared to pc and console,version so what then you discover a,bunch of different things and and so,what and the reality is that the game,actually does not really end you go and,you continue game as a months pass,seasons pass years pass and you improve,you make your farm better and better you,improve relationships with,villagers and you you play this game for,at least three in-game years which is,not that long each season is around 30,days and we have four seasons but after,three years is basically a soft end to,the game and even better the game is,actually getting a bunch of updates and,you all can also have a bunch of,different farms as well not just one,farm with all their own distinct,difficulties and distinct challenges and,all of this makes this game,incredibly incredibly beautiful and,amazing experience to play i often play,this game when im stressed out because,it is such a relaxing experience because,you dont have to rush anything you,dont have to min max anything,everything is just there and youre,taking care of your farm youre taking,care of different people you just,interact and talk with people and,because the game doesnt even have a,voice acting its just text its just,text and dialogue choice its just very,charming and basically you are,imprinting personalities on the,different people yourself each and every,individual in each and every villager,will be different and will mean,difference to a different gamer and this,game is simply an epitome of what gaming,really is and its all about the,feelings and emotions that game can,cause that no other medium can actually,really give to you so yeah this game is,actually something beautiful that every,single one of you need to experience,judging on the number of reviews and,number of players on steam yeah most,likely a lot of you have already,experienced it so what about the pricing,so this is what youre here for whether,its worth it or not the game is sold on,steam for the full price of 14.99 for,tier 1 and for the full price of 9.99,for tier 2 and can go as low as 749 for,tier 1 and 499 499.482 and doesnt,matter for the discount or for the full,price this game is absolutely worth it,because this game will not get old,especially with the bunch of updates,that this game receives all the time oh,yeah and did i tell you that the game,was actually made by one person yes one,guy actually made this game its its,simply insane game is actually evolving,and it doesnt it even has a multiplayer,that and you can play with a bunch of,friends which is,amazing additional thing that you can do,with this game as i said its also,available on mobiles however its its,around 499 on mobile its 399 to 499,depending on the region but again the,version on our mobile is actually older,than the versions on pc on console so,just know that its not much older but,yeah its still older oh its also,available on game pass so if you have a,game pass youre basically getting this,game for free well technically its not,for free but yeah if you already have a,game pass then yeah its free so overall,answer whether this game is worth it or,not the answer is absolutely yes whether,you like such games or not you need to,play this game this is basically a must,play game for every single gamer that,plays anything ever this is a basically,a check check mark that every gamer,should have this is one of the few games,that are must play and must experience,its that good and its a game that you,should actually experience and and by,the amount of gameplay that you can get,from this game yeah its actually,absolutely worth it even for the full,price i would not even wait for sale so,unless youre not sure whether you like,this game or not then of course wait for,the sale and get the gam

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