1. Spectrum Internet vs Starry Internet Review (NEW BEST INTERNET 2021)
  2. Starry: high-speed Internet without the cables
  3. Starry Internet Looking for a Buyer
  4. Broadband Startup Starry Going Public Via SPAC
  5. Best Router EVER: Starry Station Review
  6. What is Starry Home Internet | Record Subscribers, Showing Growth
  7. Starry Home Internet to more markets with fiber like FWA, WOW selling out?

Spectrum Internet vs Starry Internet Review (NEW BEST INTERNET 2021)

hey everyone so i hope youre doing well,today i will be reviewing,the starry internet side by side with,spectrum to see which is better which,offers the best speeds and to see if you,want to make that switch,from spectrum to starry like i did,youre really gonna switch from spectrum,after how well theyve been treating you,offering you all those promotions,including bundles that they wont let,you get out of,without raising your bill,that makes sense or does it,or does it does it whos better,lets find out,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],i hope you found this video useful and,informative do you have starry or,spectrum internet,you can leave a comment below id like,to know how your experience has been,different from mine,hit that thumbs up subscribe and ring,that bell so you never miss another,review or tutorial that im going to be,doing,also if you know anyone thinking about,purchasing starry and making that swiss,from spectrum you can share this video,you

Starry: high-speed Internet without the cables

hey its been popper with the Virg Im,here at the debut of starry a new,company that is promising to bring you,super high speed internet over the air,so star says that can deliver you,gigabit speed internet weve seen this,before from Google and Comcast and,Verizon but that was delivered through,fibre under the ground star II is,promising to do it over the air no,construction no big wires coming into,your house just beamed to you like it,was Wi-Fi theyre using a part of the,spectrum known as millimeter wave up,till now its been extremely difficult,to broadcast internet signal over that,with distance and accuracy they say,theyve come up with some crazy new,technology that can do it and they want,to sell you a very fancy Wi-Fi router to,grab that signal that Wi-Fi router would,work with ordinary Internet to become,your ISP they also have to build out a,network all across the city theyre,starting in Boston this March theyre,going to put these giant phased array,stations in and theyre also going to,sell consumers a two-part system that,sits outside their house to grab the,signal and inside to broadcast into your,station so you had a really ambitious,start up an area taking on big TV now,you have a really ambitious start up in,the broadband internet world and I think,one of the things you talked about was,that there are some real issues with,robbing access in the country maybe talk,to me a little about what was the,motivation here you know globally,theres going to be ever increasing,desire for broadband and right now their,efforts going on from a coverage,perspective but in dense metropolitan,areas,you have to build a broadband system if,youre going to keep up with it so so we,decided that this made a lot of sense I,think in the u.s. theres tremendous,opportunity because of the competitive,dynamics and how difficult it is to do,actually build out a broadband system,right so this is far easier right than,digging up the ground to put in fiber or,flying a fleet of drones overhead that,are beaming down the internet the issue,was like true thats a good idea yeah,what youre welcome to use drones as,well maybe you know redundant technology,but the issue was that for a millimeter,wave which is what you guys are using,nobody had figured out how to make it go,far enough and be able to penetrate,walls those are the kind of the two,problems that you had to solve but far,enough is it is a complex problem,because its not just you can make,anything go far enough its a question,of how much power you want to put,through it I mean just to put it in,context right a satellite when it,communicates where they down makes,roughly in the millimeter but not,roughly well it falls in the millimeter,wave bands its just a ton of power,thats coming down power is expensive,and I dont mean like you know wattage,is expensive the technology to create,our powers,so the challenge is to solve how do you,do,far enough with low-cost which is,commercially viable gosh its a very,ambitious kind of wild plan to take on,big broadband they dont actually own,the spectrum they want to use yet,theyre just testing it from the suc,youre hoping to either win it in the,upcoming auction or license it from the,person who does this is a company that,tried to take on and revolutionize the,way we watch TV they ended up losing but,it went all the way to the Supreme Court,now theyre trying to radically rethink,the way we get Internet high-speed,Internet a lot to see how it turns out,this type

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Starry Internet Looking for a Buyer

hey there everyone welcome to broadband,deployment news star internet has,announced that they are seeking a buyer,or potential merger to address some cash,flow issues be right back,[Music],thanks for joining me Rick usey here,with Broadband deployment news so I,reported about Starry having some issues,theyve been in the news a lot lately so,they announced some layoffs just a,couple of weeks ago and then just a week,or two before that they announced that,they were not going to be participating,in the ardoff,awards that they had won in the bids so,this is just kind of a continuation of,whats been going on so I just wanted to,kind of walk through this um,article here just to see how things are,going for them so you can see her story,seeks buyer as cash runs low,uh fix wireless service provider story,told investors its hired an investment,Bank pjt Partners to advise The Firm on,a merger sailor other balance sheet,solution co-founder and CEO Chet,canogia said storyhead 29.4 million cash,at the end of September down from 99.7,million at the end of the second quarter,said potential buyers investors have,already expressed interest in stories,that some of the parties are Financial,players and others are strategic,investors,any companies running businesses that,could be synergistic with stories,Starry offered fixed Wireless offers six,wireless access service using millimeter,wave spectrum which can transmit large,amounts of data for relatively short,distances,multi-tenant apartment buildings in,urban areas or stories sweet spot and,Kenosha said demand is strong so,so they did they picked up on the,millimeter Wireless,Spectrum so when we first started,hearing about 5G there was a lot of um,I guess Id call it hype on 5G it was uh,considered it was going to be like uh,Broadband killer and it actually is,actually these days it is making quite,an impact but back then everybody was,talking about millimeter wave because,millimeter wave is very very fast so you,can do for example gig bit gigabit,internet with millimeter wave but as it,mentions here relatively short distances,so the issues with millimeter wave is,you need lots of small cells so it works,on a small cell technology thats where,youll see cells on buildings and light,poles and they have to be fairly close,to each other and they have to have line,of sight so it works best in a maybe an,urban area where theres lots of people,living together where youve got a,building for example that youve got,line of sight to another,cell and therefore you can get internet,broadband internet through millimeter,Wireless to that building but the,millimeter wave is is very prone to,attenuation so any kind of it cant go,through walls doesnt deal with trees or,leaves or even humidity and the air can,can kind of mess up the signal so thats,why millimeter wave even though again,there was a lot of hype about 5G and how,its going to be providing gig gigabit,internet all over the place it was,really where it was going to be,successful was in urban markets now 5G,on the mid-band Spectrum has had quite,an impact on other Broadband providers,like some of the larger cable operators,as players like T-Mobile and Verizon and,at have got mid-band Spectrum especially,T-Mobile has been out really pushing,that and kind of Nationwide 5G theyve,got a lot of mid-band spectrums so while,they cant offer gigabit internet they,can offer,speeds that are well over 100 megabits,per second that would reach the what,were trying to that would exceed what,were trying to do as far as a lot of,the Broadband dollars are coming out now,you know the 100 by 20 kind of minimum,so they can do that with the mid-band,Spectrum,so thats really had more of an impact,on this millimeter weight but millimeter,wave does play pretty well in these,Urban markets and what starrys been,focusing on,are these uh our apartment buildings and,a lot of these buildings are in low,income or even really government,assisted kinds of buildings so they,actually have,plans for buildings that are you know,where all of the all of the tenants,there would qualify for government,assistance and they provide discounts on,those so thats kind of how theyve been,moving in their marketing,so as I say thats their sweet spot and,they say that mad is strong there,um with more than 10 000 net new ads,during Q3 story grew its customer base,to 91 297 up from 66 percent or up 66,from Q3 2021 uh about 20 of the,apartment units that could get storage,service or signed up Kenosha said Starry,activated about 50 000 new apartment,units this quarter for a total of,roughly 450 000 activated units,so those are activated units but um as,you can see thats not equivalent to,their customer base so just because,um just because the unit has access to,it doesnt mean that theyre going to,take it uh but arpo is not growing as,fast as the customer base kenoji said he,attributed this to our liberal use of a,four to six week promotional period and,added theres been no change in rack,rate pricing and demand for the service,is strong,Q3 Revenue was 8 million up 36 percent,from a year ago uh the year ago quarter,but the cost of Revenue,grew 43 year on year,and expenses blew in by 120 percent and,r d cost for a 35 leaving started with a,net loss of 60.3 million for the quarter,so,um thats where their issue is and the,company went public,back in late March so they got a lot of,cash through that but they burned,through that cash very quickly,I mentioned say the workforce reductions,change of focus so last months story,implemented severe cost cutting measures,to try to cut its losses,despite our continent performance the,macro environment has presented,challenges to our financing and pushed,out the timeline forcing us to take,immediate steps to rein in cash burn,train in cash burn,through the cost cutting measures,announced in October,I said story was eliminated and this was,in their companys Q3 call so this was,um this was back just a few weeks ago,he said Stars eliminated 50 of its,Workforce so I think it was about 500,people that they had to lay off as plan,pause plans for an expansion into Las,Vegas in addition he said the company,made the difficult decision to withdraw,from the fccs rural digital opportunity,fund or ardoff,so Starry was one of the top bidders and,winners in ardoff they were like number,nine out of the top ten,268 million that they they won through,ardoff,and they made the decision to default on,all of those they had been announced,that they were readily authorized by the,FCC and then several weeks later they,announced no were not going to do it,and I think obviously because of these,cash problems with ardoff theyd have to,have a lot of cash to be able to meet,the commitments that they have and as I,mentioned last time,with ardoff you dont get all that money,all at once thats basically spread out,over 10 years so theyd have to be doing,these builds over 10 years but also,the money that they get is a tenth of,that every year so they made the,decision that it would not make sense,for them to go through with ardoff and,unfortunately because of them theres,going to be some,pretty substantial losses as far as,fines that they have to pay on these,areas that they did bid which is like,three thousand dollars per census block,where they had been awarded money and,then I think theres a cap of I remember,15 of a cap on that so its still a,substantial amount of money,um that uh you know if they if they go,into bankruptcy I think that is,something that they dont need to pay,because actually they if since they were,ready to authorize and not authorized,they never sent in,a bankruptcy opinion letter,so you know the bankruptcy opinion,letter is meant to protect,taxpayers not really taxpayers but I,guess the USAC fund USF fund,um meant to protect in the in the event,that somebody starts building out,infrastructure doesnt complete it or,whatever and then they,default on that or if they go into,bankruptcy then that money cannot be u

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Broadband Startup Starry Going Public Via SPAC

chat you are a familiar face on this,show you have a long history of trying,to take on the tv industry with video,streaming and area and you were guest on,this program many times so im curious,what learnings you took from that,experience with,starry um you know i think we were uh i,mean you could argue that we,started the entire streaming thing,because we were the first provider that,figured out how to do live television,and now thats sort of the norm and then,i think we took,you know great comfort and that we,predicted where the market was going to,go,uh we also understood that i think cord,cutting was real and there is a real,subscriber demand for,what i will call a simplified product,and whether its internet access or,television or anything along those lines,you know more modernized version because,today you know the incumbent experience,is incredibly antiquated and just,disappointing for most consumers and,its largely a function of lack of,competition,amish why is first mark behind us and,what do you think sets starry apart from,other internet providers,yeah so um weve been investors in,disruptive technology spaces for a long,time i think the first thing that we,look at are management teams whether,it was toby at shopify bennett pinterest,jason at draftkings,its founders that can drive innovation,and long-term disruption in markets,weve got a 20-year history with chet,and the team here and were,extraordinarily excited about their,ability to execute weve seen it happen,in action,and we think they are a great team to,back number one,number two they are vertically,integrated which is different than any,other service provider out there theyve,built all of their technology from the,ground up chips equipment software even,the router is designed by starti sorry,so that gives them the ability to,control the experience from end to end,and gives them deep r d modes and then,the third thing is the market clearly,this is a massive market its a near,monopolistic market its one of the most,important resources one can have access,to in terms of broadband and we think,its right for disruption chet how is,the experience actually different for,users if i have starry,you know what does that make what does,that mean in terms of my experience,so emily it starts when you even order,the product because we actually show up,within a 30 minute window of when you,want it versus ill come between monday,and friday at 4 between 8 and 12 or,whatever that happens to be so the,experience really starts there,second,at a technological or experiential level,its a network that we can control up,and down so we can offer you,different types of capabilities both,uplink and downlink low latency and as,amish mentioned the wireless devices are,designed by us as well so you are,getting a fully managed network at home,so i think rick really,i.t you know world-class sort of i.t,experience built into even for,residential broadband consumers which is,going to be increasingly more and more,important as you know your your,collaboration software consumption needs,increase and you need a better low,latency network so all of those are,long-term trends that are going to you,know put us towards,networks that are what i will call,application sensitive versus just dump,pipes moving bits and really a,technology that what weve done is,really built architecture network thats,thats application sensitive and,ultimately we deliver a better,experience with that,you currently cover 4.7 million homes,across six markets,amish what is the ambition here i mean,is the hope for this to be like the uber,of transportation or the airbnb of,travel and how to start get there,yeah absolutely i mean the goal is to,fundamentally disrupt the experience and,to launch across the u.s and ultimately,internationally and i think our you know,our coverage with the existing spectrum,that we have covers over 40 million,homes and our ambition is to go after,that and go build towards that chet the,competition is is you know pretty big,time youre competing with spacex youre,competing with amazon and their kuiper,satellite,networks what do you have on them,so its interesting uh capacity matters,in this business so think about whats,really happening right youre competing,against cable which is the largest,incumbent and they have about a,gigahertz worth the spectrum and none of,these other technologies or approaches,really any come anywhere close to,providing the experience that a customer,really needs,in any kind of density right so those,technologies that you mentioned are,appropriate for what i will call remote,applications you got a house in you know,in the middle of nowhere or in a prairie,or a vacation home that all works great,but when youre in metropolitan areas or,dense suburbs thats where you need a,lot of capacity and um you know your,competition is coax and fiber um and the,most part its just coax,so its this is a technology thats,designed for density population centers,where people live

Best Router EVER: Starry Station Review

I have to say this is the way that a,router should work whats up guys Chris,from Bailey tech back today with the,review of the coolest router Ive ever,seen or used the starry station now,unlike most routers the starry station,is actually designed to be beautiful,easy to use and most importantly very,reliable and it is is it perfect no but,it is a major breath of fresh air in a,sea of otherwise stale products and Im,genuinely excited about this as you can,see the starry station is a shiny white,triangle with a touchscreen on the front,and there are no unruly antennas that,you can see theres no hidden buttons,and there arent even any indicator,lights I also have to say I really like,the form factor its nice and compact,and it doesnt take up too much space,like other routers that tend to lay flat,and wide and just take up more space,than they need to whats really cool is,that at a glance the screen will show,you how healthy your internet connection,is as well as how many devices are,connected to your network and you can,also see which if any of your devices,might be having some connection issues,so you can troubleshoot those and those,are denoted by the red circles I have to,say this is the way that a router should,work for instance I really love that,theres a chart that I can access in,just a couple of taps that will show me,the history of my internet speed and,connection which is great because if,theres ever an issue with my internet,service provider if our internet goes,out and its not the routers fault its,not any of my equipments fault then I,dont have to call my ISP support and,that is a huge bonus for people who just,hate routers its cool that this router,will help you try to fix any problems,that might come up but usually its,really common sense stuff if theres a,bad connection,it just gives you suggestions like why,dont you try to move this device a,little bit closer to the router stuff,like that at the end of the day Im,really happy with how this router works,and how it looks and its really weird,actually not having to reset this all,the time like Ive been used to with,previous routers now the smartphone app,that works with this router needs to be,mentioned because unlike other router,apps its not an afterthought so,basically anything that you can do or,see on the routers screen you can do or,see in the app itself but,remotely now heres something thats,absolutely awesome it only took me three,minutes to go from unboxing to being,totally set up and completely online,seriously now people that like to tweak,things and tinker around with settings,theyre not gonna find a lot of options,to change but honestly thats okay those,people can go buy a net gear people,looking for family-friendly features,like the ability to block certain,content or maybe set time restrictions,on internet usage theyre gonna be,pretty happy with this device because,number one those features are here which,they arent in many routers and number,two theyre really easy to access and,use but this thing is not perfect it,does have a few issues the biggest thing,for me is that theres only two Ethernet,ports in the back and one of those is,taken up by the line coming in from your,modem and thats bad news for people,that need to plug in lots of extra,devices like for me for instance my,Phillips hue bridge and my Kujo internet,security device so right there a lot of,people are gonna have to tack on some,extra money for the price to go out and,get a switch to expand the amount of,Ethernet ports that they have also this,thing is a toddler magnet and thats,kind of unfortunate because theres no,way to lock out the screen as of yet,finally the star II station runs really,really hot and you can almost burn your,hand on the metallic backside of the,router so you definitely want to make,sure to give this thing plenty of,breathing space so heres the conclusion,this thing is so reliable and so,good-looking that Im more than willing,to forgive its few shortcomings alright,guys thats it for this video thanks for,watching hit subscribe if you havent,already and we will catch up in the next,video later

What is Starry Home Internet | Record Subscribers, Showing Growth

smt nation we back were going to be,talking about a fixed wireless access,provider were going to talk about,starry and their growth,has been really nice,and you may see service expanding,potentially in your market or they may,be introduced to your market just put,this on your radar this is,kind of,maybe one of the first times youve,heard of this company,but lets cover in todays video all,right so they just added record subs in,q2 as the total nears 81 000. may not,seem like much all right ill ill go,ahead and link this article in the,description so you guys can check it out,here dated july 13th,starry a fixed wireless access operator,mainly focused on multiple dwelling,units so it sounds to me like apartments,and condos,said that they added a record nine,thousand,seven hundred and three customers in q2,2022 they now have about 81 000,customers,up 69,from the year ago period,seems like a growing company to me,the footprint has expanded the company,ended the quarter with 5.7 million,serviceable homes so that kind of gives,you an idea of how many people they can,reach it says about 1 million more than,what it had in the year ago quarter,stars penetration and serviceable,footprint reached 1.42 percent,up from 1.01,one year ago today,heres kind of what they do they go up,on the rooftops of peoples,apartment buildings and condos and homes,and they can install hardware,fixed wireless access hardware so youre,going have uh you know probably maybe,two or three pieces of equipment that,need to be anchored to you know a sturdy,infrastructure,and what they can do is they can give,you fixed wireless access and its,kind of attractive,all right so let me show you guys what,theyre charging and what you get,it says here they currently offer,uncapped,thats nice,symmetrical broadband tiers so that,means the downlink or the download speed,and the upload speed are symmetrical,theyre the same,200 megabits per second for 50 a month,all right guys,thats not incredible theres nothing,innovative about that,but thats not bad for a lot of people,thats very comparable to like what,cable coaxial is doing the only,difference is,cable coaxial cant give you that 200,megabits uplink,which starry can okay,500 megabit per second here cost 65 per,month so thats thats pretty nice,thats pretty competitive that puts it,right there in the fiber territory right,thats very typical of what fiber,charges between you know like 50 and 60,bucks for that speed tier and then they,have one gig symmetrical for 80 a month,and thats very,common of what fiber pace so youre,gonna get a fiber-ish type experience,im not sure about the latency i dont,know about that sort of thing with this,particular fixed wireless provider but,pricing and speed tier wise it seems,very comparable to what fiber is doing,and,who knows maybe thats what theyre,competing against maybe a lot of places,where starry is building,is or serving is a place that has fiber,but heres the thing,why would people want this over fiber,well it says here weve seen a lot of,demand according to,canogia who is who is kanojiya oh this,is the founder and ceo okay mr kenogia,mrs kenoja whomever that is oh its chat,okay so,um,it says here that the market is shifting,towards value in the sense of people,having concerns about inflationary,conditions and prices,people are looking for more rationally,priced alternatives and a product set,that has continued to meet and exceed,their needs in that sense,so im guessing that they go where fiber,is expensive and im guessing that they,go where theres cable coax thats also,expensive,and if theres little competition they,bring that to the marketplace,in terms of the build out they say that,starry did between ten and a half,thousand and eleven thousand drops per,month in the past quarter with each drop,equivalent to a newly activated,apartment building,they are growing my good people,it says here serving mdus will remain,starrys core focus but the company is,starting to try out service to,single-family homes in columbus ohio,interview out there in columbus be on,the lookout and maybe theres more,cities to come it says here they have,lit up service in boston new york city,los angeles washington dc and denver,starry will soon announce a new market,that will come online sometime in the,second half of 2022 now if theyre,launching a market that makes it sound,like its going to be a bigger market,like a top 10 or a top 20 pa,we shall see,uh and now theyre trading you guys can,invest in this company i i dont give,uh investment advice often i really,dont but because theyre like an,upstart i think theyre part of a spec,back in the start of the first quarter,here,in the first quarter of the year,it says here i and ive read about them,some,some of these like moffat nathansons,and,these these companies these analysts,that do like the the price targets ive,seen the lowest at eight dollars and,ive seen the highest at eleven dollars,i i think theyre trading at like three,dollars today or something like that,yeah yeah yeah pretty sure okay so,maybe you look into this im not telling,you to invest im not im not telling,you get the service im just saying this,is a freaking cool service that seems to,be growing and hey this is like our,intro video to starry on the smt youtube,channel so comment down below what do,you guys think of this company what do,you think about their ambitions what do,you think about their availability their,technologies,what do you like what do you not like uh,the investment piece potential,what if they came to your area and,offered you those prices would you be,intrigued would you entertain it,comment down below you all the voice of,the people the smt nation let your voice,be heard like share subscribe for more,turn on that bell notification icon to,never miss an upload links in the,description for my twitter handle uh my,gmail address is down in the description,for all business inquiries and my,patreon pages there as well if you want,to support us and get early access to,content exclusive videos live streams,and podcasts not found anywhere else,thats it hope you guys have a great day,well see you on the next one peace

Starry Home Internet to more markets with fiber like FWA, WOW selling out?

here on the smt we do all things,connectivity we do mobility right,traditional mobile network operators the,wireless carriers we do home internet,too all right so i got news for you guys,here today this story from fierce,wireless diana coverts,starry seeks to test millimeter wave,gear in nearly two dozen cities oh man,another option for people this is great,lets take a look here,it says here that theyre looking to,boost bandwidth capabilities with new,dual band equipment that will combine,unlicensed six gigahertz airwaves with,license millimeter wave okay that sounds,awesome all right lets take a look here,fixed wireless broadband provider starry,shedding some light on,looks like some kind of road map for,testing,trying to get permission for testing,millimeter wave,prototypes,in 22 cities,this including more than a dozen where,it doesnt currently offer service today,so that would mean this is going to,expand to a lot more places get to more,people thats exciting,240 prototype end user devices running,on spectrum between the following,millimeter wave frequencies they got 37,and 38.6 gigahertz,in the filing the cities that were named,boston new york,well new york city los angeles dc denver,atlanta cleveland oh yes cleveland,chicago dallas detroit houston,indianapolis manchester memphis miami,minneapolis philly phoenix portland san,francisco seattle and sioux falls okay,so thats coming for testing your way,which means though,things work out its going to be these,will be the first places they launch,very exciting here glad to see cleveland,there because then i could pop ill,possibly test it,and uh get my hands on it,all right looking to cover 40 million,households across the us they reach a,total of 5.3 million at the end of last,year,okay right so theyre going to be,looking to receive permission to do that,from the fcc,says here increasing the number of base,stations and customer terminals will,allow starry to continue to test,millimeter wave propagation in the 37,gigahertz band to give you guys,perspective verizon operates 39,gigahertz i think t-mobile has licenses,there uh in some places and so does a t,i i know that a t and verizon both have,it here in cleveland i think t-mobiles,might be 28 im not sure i have to take,a look at that but anyways uh theyre,looking at testing multi-user mimo,point-to-point multi-point technologies,the the fixed wireless access game has,so much potential you run fiber you get,these really high capacitive circuits,and you can build some pretty robust,millimeter wave point to point fixed,wireless access services,i think this is also something that,t-mobile and verizon should be looking,into to deliver these fiber-like,experiences like i covered in my last,video,on this matter so uh currently download,speeds range between 50,megabits to one gigabit per second i,like the one gigabit per second,situation there and if you can get your,uplink speeds to be like one third to,one half of that you got yourself a,fiber-like experience so this is pretty,cool uh very excited about this but let,me actually jump to this next story,this one from wow,if you guys know about the regional,broadband cable provider home internet,provider uh wide open west,uh theyre exploring strategic options,possibly selling their company the,colorado-based provider has like,i think two million locations crossed in,14 markets in the country,they only have like a half a million,customers at this point but it looks,like investors and private equity firms,are looking at them as a potential,buying option,uh their stock price even jumped,according to this report,even though wow denied any comment so,they didnt speak on it but uh they,actually have a ton of greenfield fiber,projects that theyre working on i,reported on some of these already i know,there were some in florida and but at,the same time theyve been selling,assets they sold like the um i think,they sold the uh columbus and cleveland,markets recently,i,but like,theyre theyre an attractive buy,right when when you got fiber projects,going on and youve got network building,projects going on you catch the eye of,people because these assets are valuable,and they already have pre-existing,infrastructure and footholds in a lot of,markets so theyre theyre it makes,sense actually,this is probably going to happen where,theres smoke theres fire so what do,you guys think of the wow situation you,think theyre going to sell you think,theyre looking to sell you think its,going to work out for them,its a perfect time to go out right now,youre probably going to get the best,value you would for selling than any,other time and then the starry news with,their millimeter wave gear you are the,voice of the people the smt nation let,your voice be heard please do like share,and subscribe for more and turn on the,bell notifications to never miss an,upload and then theres links in the,description for my patreon page support,us there and get early access to content,and exclusive videos not found anywhere,else and then you also have links to my,email and twitter thanks for watching,see you on the next one peace

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