1. Why You Need Rental Property Insurance – Interview with a State Farm Insurance Agent
  2. Why I quit working for a State Farm Agent ????
  3. State Farm Insurance, Company Review – Why they have been #1 since 1942
  5. Secrets State Farm Doesnt Want You To Know When Buying Insurance!
  6. Why is renters insurance required and what companies should you go with
  7. Statefarm Insurance Adjustment Gone Wrong

Why You Need Rental Property Insurance – Interview with a State Farm Insurance Agent

hey guys its sue richie here and this,weeks video is going to be a little bit,different we did an,interview with one of our go-to vendors,this is an insurance vendor,and insurance is something obviously as,a rental property owner thats extremely,important and understanding,what you need why you need it how much,you need,is something that every landlord should,pay attention to so,we asked him a bunch of questions that,we get frequently from a lot of our,clients so i hope that this interview,will,help you it will help answer some of the,questions that you might have,related to insurance and your rental,property so,lets take a look okay thanks rick for,joining us today on,our show we have rick mixon and his team,from state farm they are kind of our,number one go-to,for all things insurance and,we we rely on them heavily to help our,property owners as well as our tenants,so thank you guys for being on here,today,um we have a number of questions i also,have calvin mcgettigen use our business,development,manager and so we just have we just,wanted to have a discussion today about,a few things related to insurance and,rental properties and how you guys,support our clients and what we can do,to what information we can provide out,there to,other landlords absolutely im rick,mixon ive been an,insurance agent for about 32 years ive,had a state farm agency since 2002,uh here in the mclean tysons corner area,we insure rental properties which is,you know the the key for our,relationship with richie property,management uh rental homes we call them,rdps rental dwelling properties or,rental condos,and um so those are the ones that we,primarily,um can ensure you know for the,the property managers whats key you,know for us is we we develop personal,relationships with our customers were,not the,big call center insurance company you,know like the ones where youll never,talk to the same,individual a second time uh so we get to,know the families,and the individuals um on a more,personal,basis and our customers appreciate that,so um,we weve had a long-standing,relationship with,sue and craig and their company richie,property management they do a fantastic,job they do it right,and so were thrilled to be here and,just working with you guys,so question one would be like either as,owners transition from owner occupied to,a landlord they need to change their,policy,can you review landlord insurance and,what it covers and why they need to,make sure this is a change and what is,our undecision insurance required by law,so obviously your interest changes if,youre,in an owner-occupied uh situation where,you know you reside in the home and you,own the home,um versus when you have a tenant now,your interest in liability is changing,the types of policies are different um a,lot of times,we have to have these conversations with,our customers and they you know we get,the opportunity to educate them on their,needs changing,and the policies changing um weve,you know like to educate them on you,know the amount of coverage theyre,going to need,and as well as if theyre working with a,property management company,that company would need to be listed on,the policy as well so theres just,different concerns that youre gonna,have,if you have uh you know your own policy,that where you reside in the home versus,having a tenant and also educating um,the insured about um or the landlord in,this situation now,were changing things over that your,tenant also would need to have their own,renters insurance to protect their um,belongings and liability as well so,theres different factors that come into,play theres many,insurance companies that will not pay,the claim,if the homeowner policy wasnt converted,to a rental dwelling policy yeah okay so,once yeah so so its really imperative,you know that you know these people,convert their policy,and make sure that theyve changed it,from homeowners,you know to rental policy just so that,they know that a cl a potential claim is,going to get paid,absolutely the other part of the,question i think that you alluded to,calvin was,is it as far as legal requirements no,theres no legal requirement,but um just having property insurance,is a requirement of any any lender if,theres a loan,mortgage on the property uh mortgage,companies want to know that,theres insurance in place or theyll,force place insurance,on it what advice would you give to an,owner who is now a landlord,and what steps do they need to take to,change their policy,we also talk about um you know whats,involved,and now becoming a landlord are you,prepared,you know to handle the property,management or is that something that,you know maybe could be best uh diverted,to a,property management company but uh uh we,explain,you know some of the differences in the,policy one one big difference,is the fact that loss of rent is going,to be paid as part of a claim,um you know you you dont have that on,homeowners insurance,you know you have loss of use with that,that means in homeowners,is were going to put you up in a hotel,or a condo or something while your house,is being fixed,while its being repaired to make it,livable again,but now if youre owning it and youre,youre the landlord,um that tenant cant live there so,youre losing that rent right,potentially if you you cant rent the,property so,so the policy makes allowances for that,so,you if someone has multiple properties,can they extend their coverage to cover,all those properties,chosen at state farm to individually,insure each property,uh there may be companies that do offer,a blanket,what they call quote unquote blanket,coverage and have a single policy,with numerous locations so many,landlords have trouble getting the 1,million dollar of liability coverage,why do companies not want to go that,high and why does state farm offer one,million,and if the landlord doesnt have the,coverage as high whats the risk to them,and to us as a property manager,we need to know okay well as as we said,um we like to as an office you know make,the requirement,at our office that uh landlords purchase,at least one million of liability,coverage because,typically once once youve placed a,tenant into a property,the likelihood of a claim goes up you,know we have,as i said earlier we we have a very,little difference in premium from what a,minimum,liability limit would would cost,versus what a million of liability would,cost,and so weve just made the the uh,choice in our office to have that be be,our minimum for,a rental coverage uh for a condo or a,home,thats rented that helps a lot thats,kind of our industry standard and i,think thats really important and,but in our property management agreement,we ask our clients to add us as,additional insurance,or insurers to their policies can you uh,talk about this and what it means to,to a landlord and us to as a property,manager,yeah from yeah from a uh,underwriting standpoint state farm has,not,charged for the additional insured when,its a landlord,relationship property manager,relationship,what the additional insured relationship,is,on that insurance policy is simply the,lawsuit,and what your exposure was if you were,if you were legally liable,and brought into the suit as as the,property manager,uh you can be defended under our policy,if we have you listed as an additional,insurer,so what happens is you know if a tenant,something happens and theyre going to,sue theyre,not only going to sue the owner but,theyre going to come after us as well,and so thats why we,we want to be covered under there of,course we have our own insurance but we,want to be covered under that,owners um and we do and so youre youre,defended under our policy and covered,and,and that and thats the reason because,that many times,is the case and i know there are a lot,of different components,to it related to say structure personal,belongings etc like do,what is the difference in different,kinds of renters insurance is there one,kind,and it covers everything or what how do,we best advi

Why I quit working for a State Farm Agent ????

[Music],hello my name is nikita and welcome back,to my channel,and today im going to tell you why i,quit state farm,first and foremost lets were going to,break it down into pros and cons,so the first pro working with state farm,would be,that you get an insurance license but,you kind of have to have a license in,order to to sell insurance or to um,you know maneuver the systems theres,various systems you have to learn,working there so you have to have a,license,now once you get this license to sell,insurance in your state,youre free to go anywhere,it is it is good like youre good,so thats a pro another pro would be,that this job opens the door for,other opportunities,uh some growth some personal growth,meaning if youve never had a customer,service job or if youve had one that,kind of wasnt as detailed this job will,help get you there like it will help you,problem solve it will help you learning,how to talk to people how to treat,people,um,i have about eight nine years of,customer service experience,and there was so much that i learned,working there like,i thought i was good like i really,didnt you know im not trying to toot,my own horn but like i have really good,customer service skills,um,but working there,it you you meet all different kinds of,people,so you will experience that growth you,will experience,how to,talk to,people um so thats thats a pro,now were gonna get into the cons and,the cons of why i quit working for state,farm,first foremost there are no benefits now,this disclaimer this is for the agent,that i worked at,there are no benefits meaning theres no,health insurance theres no dental,insurance theres no life insurance,unless you purchase life insurance,separately like our regular customers do,thats not thats thats not included,thats not included at all so before you,work there,for an agent,just know most of them do not offer,health insurance,second reason that the pay was low,i worked for state farm for,probably about,six months total,and i was told when i got hired that,most,uh team members make between forty and,sixty thousand dollars a year,that was not the case in my experience,you have a base salary of thirty,thousand dollars a year yall i live in,atlanta georgia,that does nothing for me that does,nothing for me,okay,so,you know if youre a good at sales then,possibly this is a work in your favor,but you have to learn the systems in,order to sell insurance,there are various systems you have to,learn,in addition to being a good salesman,it just,it just wasnt it just,it just didnt work out it just it,really just didnt um,and coming in you know i was at a job,where i was making,probably about forty thousand dollars a,year so i thought like oh yeah this is,gonna be gravy,no i struggled i struggled for a long,time and you know i communicate with my,with my insurance agent like hey i,thought you said you know ive been,making you know,thirty thousand im sorry uh forty,thousand you know sixty thousand dollars,a year oh you know well that that takes,time you gotta build your pipeline,pipeline another term you probably get,familiar with that is your base your,customer base,you have to,go out,individually and sell insurance,like,not necessarily like door-to-door type,of thing,but you got to have that initiative to,kind of do so to kind of do that,even as a customer service,representative,whether your customer service whether,your marketing whether youre accounting,if youre working for an agent the goal,is to sell insurance,thats it thats how you make your money,thats how you get out of that thirty,thousand dollar,bracket,so um im not the best at sales and when,i was hired i was told that i was,customer service i was not told that hey,you have to actually sell in order to,make a decent living,um so i felt kind of gypped yall,i really did,also,my main,reason for leaving was my,my agent my boss,these are independently owned,so theres no hr,theres nobody over them,if you and your agent do not get along,you might as well kiss your job goodbye,if you and the other employees the other,team members dont get along you have a,problem,you might as well kiss your job goodbye,they can hire and they can fire whenever,they like at will,no reason at all,um my boss had very very little patience,for training me,uh he would pound his fist on the tables,and we didnt understand the concept,fast enough,he would do these drills these like,quizzes like quiz like type of drill,you know pop-up um,quizzes type of thing,um,its just,it made my anxiety just go up and like,im just having flashbacks like just,being there with somebody who,you know you dont,you dont have to belittle somebody to,teach them,you dont you can teach somebody,without putting them down without making,them feel stupid,and,he wasnt able to do that,um,and i think that thats important i,think whenever you run a business and,people are not familiar with concepts,you have to have,patience you have to,so,you know you try to communicate these,things i try to talk to him you know,tell you i dont really like the way you,talk to me sometimes its very degrading,its very belittling,and he just didnt care,uh his response when i told him i liked,the way he talked to me was,arent i entitled to,behave the way i want to to do what i,want to,yeah you are,and im also entitled not to work here,not to put up with that kind of behavior,especially for 30 000 a year,yall im just saying,so um,you know it was also my my insurance,agent and also it was him and his wife,they kind of worked together,so you get the you get the tag team you,get you know the double team and when it,comes to,to working there his wife was very,particular about how she wanted things,to be ran i got you we all are,particular about something some kind of,way,but for somebody to sit behind you every,day and monitor,like how you word your emails how you,text customers,you know,they,she was just very well you should write,it like this you should you should say,this you should say that and my thing is,this if youre going to be that specific,with how you talk to customers or how,you,you know text or emails youre probably,just in the email yourself,versus just standing behind somebody,looking over them while theyre trying,to type an email and this was every,single day yall this was every single,day,and i tried so hard to stick it out i i,really did,but,um all in all all said you know all,doing that i was just like you know this,really is just not,its not healthy,the micromanaging nobody wants to be,micromanaged,they dont,if you dont trust your employees dont,hire them its that simple,nobody wants to feel like theyre being,belittled like theyre being degraded,just to learn a job,um,people want health benefits,you know um,these are just things that im just,gathering in my final thoughts of why,why i chose to leave,and when i told my boss i was leaving,he was very surprised and very shocked,like oh my god i cant believe you know,uh youre gonna leave and well you know,when you talk to somebody about,something and they still have the same,behavior again and again and again,what more can you do,also like i say,you have a license,you can work,for any agent,you can work for any insurance company,if you have your license,so i hope this video provided some,insight,hope it uh it,gave you,i guess something to think about i dont,think state farm is a bad company,um,i just think my experience there was,it just sucked,it just sucked and,i just got sick and tired of it,so,thank you so much for watching i hope to,see you again in my next video,[Music]

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State Farm Insurance, Company Review – Why they have been #1 since 1942

so today were going to go over state,farm and,try to figure out or decipher why this,company,is the number one insurance company in,the united states,according to insurance business mag or,magazine,state farm owns 9.27 of the market share,in the united states,doesnt sound like a lot but thats 65,plus billion dollars,in revenue or in money coming into a,company,so thats a pretty big share thats the,number one thats right up there with,progressive and berkshire hathaway,and geico and all of those big name,companies but,state farm is controlling the industry,and lets dive in a little bit further,to find out why well its been a few,hours researching and i even went to go,do a quote with them,which well dive into in just a moment,but some of the data that i found,is right from state farm themselves they,actually were listed,as the number one auto insurer since,1942,so that kind of gives you a really good,idea its one of those things where,theyve been around so long,and they havent had enough waves or big,changes,where people left them for any specific,reason theyve been a good company they,took a good,care of customers and ultimately that,turned into a very large business,theyre also the number two life insurer,in the u.s since 2016.,and like the transformers are theres,more that meets the eye,in my conclusion to this piece and why i,think state farm,is so large and is the market,shareholder is because,they have all the business and what i,mean by that is they dont have all the,business as far as customers go,but they operate in every single,category i could think of,they do boat insurance life insurance,home insurance commercial insurance,they insure pets they do like everything,that you could think of that involves,insurance,and theyve really hit the market,through their agencies so the way state,farm works is theyre an agency built,company,when you go to them youre going,directly to an agent,and that agent is going to service you,all in all they actually have 100,products im actually going to take up,the cheat sheet this comes right from,state farms website,where they show that theyve got 100,products theyre approximately 19,200 agents which is a ton approximately,59,000 employees 84 million policies,their auto is 44 million which is,include small business,28 million for small business life,insurance 8 million small business 2.8,million,uh health insurance 891 000 mutual funds,423,000 and then 60 of state farm households,have more than one product,which is where i think theyre really,coining that market one of the known,things,is when you go to a company that company,if you,add an additional product or each,additional product that longevity of the,customer expands,for example if you had auto insurance,and you dont buy a renters policy,youre 30,more likely to switch your insurance,company than another company that has,both,same thing with umbrella you add an,umbrella youre going to add about 10,percent more longevity,to that because one people dont want to,reshop all of those products,but two its kind of a struggle to find,the fit,and when you do you usually want to stay,in that company for longer than just a,year or,the next couple years to make sure that,youre getting the best dollar as far as,coverages go the part that i saw that,made a big difference,was state farm actually offers something,called rental car,and travel expenses so unlike a triple-a,which is what i usually recommend to,companies,is once youre over 100 miles or more,further away from your destination if,your car breaks down,and its going to take several days to,fix aaa will give you money towards,hotel rent food all of that stuff well,in this situation,opposite of what triple a is doing which,is covering more of the road service,part,state farm is covering the accident,portion of it so in this case if you,have,an accident and youre more than 50,miles away from home theyre going to,give you additional expenses or money,towards getting a hotel or whatever the,case is as far as food and whatnot to,help you get by,theyre also going to pay part of a,rental car that comes built into their,policy overall one of their best tools,that theyve recently launched,is their drive safe and safe app i did a,really in-depth review on that,and im going to link that up here for,you guys to check out but,that was actually one of the few things,that i recommended in those drive,systems because they did up to a 30 off,discount,so you can actually save a ton of money,if youre a good fit for the typical,driver,now state farm isnt the best in all of,the categories and actually theyre not,even the best in almost,any of the categories their customer,complaints are higher than average they,have a lot of complaints,even in the better business bureau and,some of those complaint websites where,their,customers are upset for certain reasons,and a lot of it has to do with claims,i dived in and i actually started,looking specifically at the bbb.com the,better business bureau,and i started researching why people,were complaining against a farm,and the reason they were doing it was,mainly because of time frame,a lot of it had to do with the slow,responses to claims,and it usually was by a week had gone by,which to me is ridiculous,ive had a claim and if a week went by,im already driving my car by now,thats not to say thats always the case,but when you get into those situations,where the coverages are questionable,or if possible fraud pops up thats,naturally going to happen,and the first place that people go is to,the internet well the thing is they,measure that now and they give an,average but state farm is above that,average,so theyre not doing so great there so,then why is state farm so,popular besides them being around since,1942,well its not just that its not just,the fact that they have 100 products,but its also the part where they have,individual agents,in the connection that you get when you,have an individual agent,youre going to have a better connection,with that person and if you have a claim,and youre having problems with that,claim,that agent can go fight that battle for,you its very similar to having,independent agents,where they can shop multiple companies,they can shop progressive and safeco and,citizens and all those guys,and you have that person that can fight,for you one of the lines that i would,actually give out which was completely,true to customers,was im your bulldog on a leash if you,have a problem with the claim,and you we think that its fair then you,just let me go and i will fight that,battle for you,thats one of the benefits of going,through somebody like me the other part,is youre always working with,the same person youre not going,directly to the company,which is more of like your,insurance.coms and your 21st.coms and,your progressive.com,and all of those dot-com ones where you,dont have a specific agent you just,have a call center person that was,usually kind of trained but theyre not,going to fight specifically for you,because once you hang up the phone,theres another phone call that they,have to do the exact same thing for,so having a local agent is a huge reason,that theyre doing well,but its not the only reason because a,lot of companies have,local agents so the real main reason the,reason that i think that state farm is,doing well,is because they are really good at,averaging better,than the typical company lets take,progressive for example,back in 2020 i personally claimed,progressive as being one of the best,companies at the time,well what happens is theyre a great fit,for people with tickets,and the great fit when you have an,accident if you look at state,farm they may not be as good of a fit,when theres two,accidents but if theres only one they,kind of fight that market better,and so overall theyre looking for the,people that are middle aged,or older so youre anyone from 25 to 65,is really their sweet spot for customers,which is ingenious because thats what,most companies are chasi

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hello guys welcome to my channel again,and,today and discuss about State Farm,Insurance review lot of moment renters,so gentlemen you are already showing,yeah or my dashboard,that I have collected some presentation,some information which I gathered from,different,books which has come from outside the,country,foreign,so that you get a deep knowledge about,influence,okay my first thing is the State Farm,Insurance review,Auto home Android tests,okay,here you can see,pictures name,language say Bishop,okay,zoom out then it is collapse okay,debuted by license Ascent Ram kilo,State Farm is a good insurance company,with competitive rates and a solid,reputation reputation or customer,service,compare its now,reviews my product auto insurance home,insurance renters insurance,writing,a stitch form is a good choice for,insurance,especially if you are shopping for,multiple policies the companys sales,a wide range of insurance products at,cheaper in the average rates,including Auto home address condo and,life insurance,State Farm offers a lot of questions,discounts including gold student and,good driver and discounts and helpful,customer service,which can make your life easier if,something happens,editor setting breakdown price coverage,customer service,unique value,good for Shoppers looking for cheap,rates looking for who need multiple,types of insurance,consumers,who want to connect with the local asset,homeowners and renters looking for,coverage add-ons,our thoughts of State Farm Insurance the,bottom line if you are looking for Rolex,defendable customer service and a,One-Stop shop for Olive insurance needs,you should consider a State Farm State,Farm is all established throughout the,United States,its the largest auto insurance company,in 33 States and the largest homeowners,insurance company in 39 States,State Farm provides customers with a,wide range of products including bank,account personal loan Investments and,numerous types of incidents including,motorcycle boat small business life and,health,is looking for personalized experience,with a local insurance agent are likely,to find just that with State Farm as it,has network over 90 000 assets,this is a strong contrast to some other,large influence particularly jiko and,Progressive,that have fewer dedicated agents to help,you make the best decisions about,coverage,State Farm is also a good choice for,those who prepare the convenience of,managing this influence,policies online,it has received positive reviews for its,mobile app,which allows customers to pay their,bills file claims and requests roadside,assistance,compares to its form to other,tough auto insurance components,State form in jco all state Progressive,actually this is called or hope you are,doing well,for that watching my video thanks very,much

Secrets State Farm Doesnt Want You To Know When Buying Insurance!

hi its connecticut car accident,attorney ryan mckean here today im,going to talk to you about the secrets,that state farm insurance does not want,you to know when youre purchasing,car insurance in the state of,connecticut now these are the things,that you know having dealt with this for,many years people have been in car,accidents these are the things that they,wish they had known when they were,buying insurance and im going to share,these secrets with you,now with insurance there are a few,things you really want to know okay so,if youre purchasing a policy you first,of all need to know what your liability,limits are and in connecticut the lowest,liability,lowest liability limits are twenty five,thousand,fifty thousand and what does that mean,that means that your insurance company,has to uh cover you,for injuries up to twenty five thousand,dollars for one person total so the most,that they will ever pay to any one,claimant is 25 000,and the most they will pay in any,accident say that there were four people,in a car is 50 000,total okay so those are really really,really low insurance limits,ive seen emergency room bills that are,twenty thousand dollars ive seen weve,had car accident cases where theres,been millions of dollars in damage,money,uh medical costs,lost wages pain and suffering all of,that can be significant and so those low,limits the 2550 are awful low,other common policies that we see are,fifty thousand one hundred thousand,one hundred thousand three hundred,thousand,two hundred and fifty thousand and five,hundred thousand being usually with the,most maximum limits in connecticut are,250 500,which means 250 000 to any one person,500 000 to enact,total,that they pay out if there were multiple,claimants and,then after that there would be umbrella,policies and youre going to want to,talk to your agent about the possibility,of purchasing an umbrella policy,oftentimes these policies arent all,that expensive but they would cover say,a million dollars in damage um to you or,to somebody else thats going to protect,you so youre going to really want to,ask about an umbrella policy thats,going to go over its going to be,secondary to your auto insurance,policy okay so those are your liability,limits what most people do not know,is that your liability limits are,times the same,as your underinsured limits so if you,have twenty five thousand dollars twenty,five fifty policy and an uninsured,person hits you or an uninsured person,hits you there are lots of uninsured,people on connecticuts roads,then the most that you can get from your,own insurance company is only 25 000 and,that may not be enough so youre always,going to want to maximize your liability,coverage because in doing so youre,going to be maximizing your underinsured,coverage which is going to protect you,weve seen some policies where people,will elect,lower underinsured or uninsured coverage,do not do this do not do this you want,as much underinsured coverage as you can,get,you never know when something bad is,going to happen and youre going to need,that policy,another thing that insurance companies,oftentimes dont talk to you about is,whats known as conversion coverage okay,or stacking coverage and conversion,coverage just means that,say,if a person,if you dont have conversion coverage,and you have a 100 000 policy and the,person who hits you has 25 000 they pay,the 25 000 from the person who hit you,so theres only 75 that remains so its,the 100,minus the 25 and with conversion,coverage which is known as stacking you,take the two policies so thered be 25,plus 100 so it would be 125,as opposed to uh just a hundred thousand,dollars total in insurance and so that,can make a big difference and stacking,conversion coverage is often,not very expensive for whatever reason,its also not sold a lot so youre,really going to want to ask your agent,about purchasing conversion coverage,unfortunately the only people we ever,see who have it are people who were,previously in accidents or their,insurance reps or their personal injury,lawyers,so check about conversion coverage you,also are going to want to check medical,payments coverage,or med pay,med pay is no fault meaning that you,know if your car slid off the road and,you have to go to the hospital its,going to pay your medical bills or if,somebody hit you its going to pay,medical bills up to a certain amount,sometimes these policies are two,thousand five thousand ten thousand the,most ive ever seen is thirty thousand,dollars in med pay um but youre gonna,wanna look at that because under,connecticut law if even if somebody else,hits you and youre not at fault youre,going to,um be primarily responsible for your,medical payments coverage so it could be,an er bill an ambulance bill it could be,your deductibles so youre really going,to want to have insurance thats going,to,cover that for you so look at medical,payments coverage um you know for sure,the other situation that comes up and i,cant recommend enough is that you have,a rental car coverage on your policy and,sometimes we see cases where you know,the police report hasnt come out or,they cant the other insurance company,cant contact their insured and theyre,trying to do some investigation,and you cant get into a rental car and,that can be very frustrating because you,have to get your car fixed or maybe your,cars been totaled maybe you need to,look at new cars maybe you need to go to,doctors appointments,maybe you just get back to work um and,and you cant get a rental car um so if,you if you have rental on your policy,oftentimes the easiest thing to do is to,put the rental claim through your policy,um to allow you to get a rental car and,your insurance company will go subregate,which is make a claim against the other,insurance company and get paid back um,so you can get in that rental car and,the same goes for collision youre going,to want you know if you are driving a,vehicle that has any value of all at all,you youre going to want to have,full coverage or collision coverage on,it,again because if somebody who hits you,whos uninsured and you dont have,collision coverage well guess what you,may,have just lost your car,so those are really the different types,of coverages that youre going to want,to think about these are the things that,a lot of people wish they had known,before they were in a car accident if,youve been in a car accident dont,hesitate to give me a call 860-471-8333

Why is renters insurance required and what companies should you go with

so youve been approved they ran the,background check everythings ready to,be signed,and the landlord now requires you to,carry renters insurance,and today were going to answer the,major question is why is renters,insurance required,as well as im actually going to give,you some workarounds to find,some of the least expensive or the,cheapest ways to get out of that,while having renters insurance so to,contradict my answer to the question,is its actually not required its not,specifically in any specific state that,im aware of,and you guys can comment below if im,missing any that requires renters,insurance,period its something that the landlord,does to protect their investment,its very similar if you were to buy a,house and you got a loan on the house,that loan company would require you to,purchase home insurance,renters insurance is similar to that,where its not because you own a home or,you have a loan,but theres a risk there just like if,you lost the house and the house burned,down,theyre not going to expect you to have,the money to pay for it so they want the,insurance to pay the debt on that,well if you had something happen that,was a claim that was your fault,the landlord wants you to have insurance,that pays,a liability amount towards that building,or towards that situation that came up,so lets dive in a little bit further,to answer this question lets look at,why a landlord wants you to have a,policy if youre like most people they,actually have a specific amount,typically you dont see a landlord,thatll let you do a hundred thousand,liability,theyll let you do 300 or 500 000 thats,the two most common,renters policies that you can get,actually what i do is when i talk to,people because a lot of insurances are,cheaper when you combine auto and,renters,so what the way i explain it to,customers is its kind of buying a,liability policy because most people if,youre renting,if youre just starting off renting,youre going to borrow a couch from,somebody youve got your clothes you,might have some gear or some,like activities that youre invested in,but you really dont own a whole lot,if you add it all up if you took the,rooms that you had and went around each,room,youre typically gonna find that youre,gonna have three to five thousand,dollars per room,that you have in the home so if you,figure a two-bedroom house,you gotta have the bathroom you gotta,have the kitchen you gotta have the,living room,so youre gonna have roughly about 25,000 worth of,renters insurance that you should go,towards if you dont have that much,its not required that you have a,specific amount i believe the minimum,that ive ever seen anyone do is 10,000. i dont know if theres a cap that,goes below it ive never really tried to,go that low,because after a while it doesnt make,any difference to have that low of an,amount,but the landlord doesnt care how much,you carry in personal property,because thats just your stuff thats,your tv your couch your wallet,if you were to shake the building,anything that fell out that you owned,thats your personal property theyre,more concerned about the liability,portion,which is that 100 the 300 or the 500 000,limit you can go higher than that but it,doesnt typically go above that,you fell asleep and you had the candle,lit assuming that you have pets or just,assuming that the candle was on the edge,of a desk,and somehow fell it lit the building on,fire the landlord,has insurance for the building but that,company is going to go after you the,tenant who started the fire,its actually happened before where,someone was actually in the hospital,and they got served a lawsuit paperwork,from an insurance company,because of a fire that they started they,were liable for that claim,and if they didnt have the right,coverage then they werent going to be,covered at all,well thats not the major piece that the,landlords are looking towards,theyre more concerned about the,liability risk you come over you visit,youve got a couple friends that come,with you,and those friends have something go,crazy its,really your responsibility to take care,of the rental dwelling that youre in,its your responsibility to make sure,everythings safe if you have,shoes laying all over the floor a friend,comes over trips,falls and hits their head that could,turn into a concussion,a night in the hospital could be a three,hundred thousand dollar claim,well they normally would sue the,landlord but because the landlord has,forced you to carry insurance the,liability portion,theyre going to go after your insurance,because the landlords still going to,deny that claim,but they have to fight it and the,fighting it is what costs them money,what theyre internally doing is theyre,forcing,you to fight the claim not them so,depending when you watch this video the,tiger king was,a thing and this is my best example i,can give you,is the lawsuit that happened between the,two,carol baskin and the guy that was the,tiger king if you looked in i believe,its episode like six or seven,they talk about the lawsuit where carol,baskin won,but it cost her over a million dollars,to fight that claim her perpetuity was,a million dollars so she actually lost,money,to win that lawsuit thats why you hear,in most lawsuits lawyers are the ones,that win,not to say anything bad against lawyers,because you need them in certain points,but if youre going to have a problem,where it was your fault,and something happened due to your,negligence the landlord wants to,have your insurance pick up that fight,instead of their insurance picking up,that fight,now if there is another situation where,assuming the roof caved in,and the landlord was aware of it and you,told them and something happened that,was negligent on their part,thats where their insurance is going to,kick in so they already know that part,of it,but theyre more scared about the part,that yours is going to carry so to recap,the end of this video,thats essentially the reason that its,required is to protect the building,and the assets and their liability,portion of that,if something goes negative theyve got,money to go after because if you do have,a claim,and it is your fault and you dont have,renters insurance,youve only got so much money that they,can get from you and if they cant claim,it correctly,assuming that the landlord had some sort,of hook where they didnt have enough,coverage now its their point where,theyre going to go after your insurance,because you may only have a few thousand,dollars worth of stuff they can go after,but your insurance policy is going to,have multiple hundreds of thousands of,dollars that they can take from it,and its fair its essentially paying,them back for any damages that were done,or anything that had happened due to,some sort of negligence,or just a mistake so companies that you,should look into for renters insurance,the very first place i would check is,the person that you have your auto with,what i tell people more often than not,theres usually about a,15 to 25 discount on your auto insurance,if you add a renters policy so you,actually might even get the renters,policy technically for free,or it might even pay you money to have,that renters policy,its really easy to find out if youre,going to be negative or not is because,if youre paying,two or three hundred dollars or more for,car insurance then youre probably gonna,save somewhere around thirty to forty,dollars,for your auto in which case youre going,to only pay about 20 to 30 dollars for,the renters,its really basic stuff now i actually,used to sell insurance in about 45,states,and renters was almost the same across,the board unless youre in a major,high population area you can just plan,on the cost of renters insurance,being right around that 12 on the low,end,and 25 on the high end most commonly i,just tell customers about 18,a month because thats what i found to,be the most common it ranges between 15,and 18,per month almost every single time the,only time it would go over that,is like i

Statefarm Insurance Adjustment Gone Wrong

me,whenever you pull the shingle back,thats creating damage,that point im not saying right but when,you pull this one up yeah you have to,pull this one up to see which three,it is okay im saying but you dont need,to crease it,what did i crease it,when you pull the the side of the where,is it crease wheres the crease its not,creased now and thats what im saying,oh lets go to a different one then,do you think this is repairable yes,you got that on video yeah show us how,to do it im not a roofing expert i,dont do anything no but youre making a,conversation so youre an expert no im,an expert on the policy,and what the policy pays for is,accidental direct physical loss,so,so this thing always raises wind damage,right correct all right so whats the,proper way to repair it,to,get the nail out okay,to get the nail out to get the nail i,wear,yeah you have to use a little finish you,cant tear back machines,no we what do you mean were not going,to tell you how to do repairs thats,your job what,we are here yeah you are telling me how,to do repairs because the emails no im,saying that what you were doing was,bending me i have to see where the,nails at correct yes no im not saying,that you dont have to but you dont,have to bend the shingle,but he cant show me how to do it,oh this is going straight to an attorney,so it doesnt matter im saying you,dont need to bend the machine okay well,it should be lifted okay okay can we,lift it where show me now now so what,what i need to do so this is still up,here,so i didnt do that right there,you just spent that one back just as far,as not further than him youve been that,one back part and i bought that one back,side,this one back you created damage,yourself terrible,its repairable yes you did that you,didnt do that no,he didnt do that,wow all right look so here lets start,over so look all right now,okay i dont want to mess this up so,im gonna im peeking up on there for,the nail right so we,do you agree the nails right here,i cant see the nails do you want to,look at it no,again im not gonna tell you guys how to,do the job oh im trying to use this,but you just told me you said your green,is repairable have you did a bt on it,whats a bt,you dont know bts yeah a brittle test,we dont do brittle tests is that what,you did right here and damage this,shingle no,im not here to look at the pliability,okay is this the correct way to remove a,shingle,no im asking you i dont know thats,what im saying the nails right here im,not a roofer,im here but you can tell me how im,doing it wrong im a roofer so im gonna,do it if you dont know how to do it how,can you make a cover decision im here,to look at the pliability of the,shingles,hows that now okay all right were past,that so you agree the nails up right now,right yes,how do i get this nail out okay i mean,im just asking you im not being smart,so im just being dead serious im just,trying to show that,so how would you get the snail out im,here not im not here to tell you how to,do your job okay im just here to look,at the pliability of this is that the,right way im here yes how do you find,this now,is that the correct way,the current way can i lift it up because,heres the nail,right,it rips all right rip so,yeah i mean if youre going aggressive,like that it will aggressive yeah sir,are you what do you mean what do you,mean you have you get the nail out,how are you talk what do you mean thats,how you have to get vanilla out no i,understand there has to be a willingness,there to actually complete the repair,and i dont see that,are you serious yes sir,you sure then show us how you do it,again im im not a roofer all right,lets do this one okay lets do this,ive seen what i need wow,yes sir,all right all right guys,im im here to okay well lets do,another one that we both agree on then,ive already seen it,its failed its failed you did this,hold on you did this jeff ive seen what,i needed to see yeah you did that,you wont let me repair this one i had,you you show me the gentle way youre,taking that lava root,again you dont know how im not here,im not a roofer im not and you dont,know how but you can make a coverage,decision on his jeffs policy,is that where his policy correct your,next run his policy but not,repairability correct but hey send that,lawyer,whats acceptable to do the repair,thats all im asking you sir,this is a state farm roof snake this is,what you require thats not a state,farmer yes it is it is a roof snake yes,it 100 is it branded state farm,its what they told me yes its exactly,what they told us how many repairs to,use okay,so show us what you want,mr bush yeah,hes heard the whole conversation,yeah this is a willingness,[Music],do this together,all honestly give him a fair adjustment,you already cause damage to one scene if,its repairable why would it cause more,damage damage is single we have it on,video youve already caused one damage,signal so lets agree and lets do this,single the way it needs to be done,direct me tell me what you want me to do,please ive already seen this man this,man this man has over 100 increased,singles on his roof and youre saying,its repairable it has grainy oil its,not repairable now im asking you right,now to show me,the right way to do this single direct,to me not by physically doing it tell me,the way state park wants me to do it we,already did that up there you damaged,one single new side damage once again so,one for one lets do it on this one yeah,he wants yeah exactly right and you can,do that on your own accord no no no no,no ive seen what i need to see you,damaged the single so were going to,send that in,okay,then thats fine,are you,ready are you ready jeff,okay,so to get this nail,look,theres a nail right here joe,theres a nail,how do you get that out with youre,saying i was too rough with that one how,do you get it out like this,im asking you again im not a roofer,but youre making a conversation on,jeffs policy hold on is that the right,way again im not a roofer jeff is that,the right way though to make a coverage,decision youre an expert on the policy,jeff yeah and this has nothing to do,with the policy im looking at the,pliability of okay thats what were and,were trying to complete the repair that,you all paid and the and the policy okay,is this the right way to general direct,physical loss to the shortage,theres a loose single right there show,me the probability its wind yeah,exactly,again,you you can lift the shingles up enough,to get the nail out no you cant we,havent we havent did it yet do it we,havent did it one time at home on video,jeff is that so look,again i think its it just comes down to,a willingness to actually yeah so lets,do it together state farming im doing,together to im just trying im not here,to do the roofers job im here to look,at the plan but you said i couldnt do,my job correct is this the right way,no im saying that there needs to be a,willingness to do it okay we are willing,right now im trying to show you the,willingness sir i beg you to do it right,now and i understand that but again jeff,show me im not out here,lets do it together,im here to look at the pipeline yeah,thats all im here jeff you came out,here and you right here you said the,roofs pliable im showing you so this,is this the right way to take a nail out,sir,i again im not here to tell you how to,do the job but you tell us as soon as we,do it wrong you tell you since we did it,wrong but you dont know how to do it,right is that correct again im just,hold on tell the correct statement again,im saying what you did was causing,damage to the shingles you broke the,first one,and then jeff you broke the corner of,the first one yeah i understand what,youre saying,you did sir thats what he is saying,yes you did sir is on video yes sir,you broke the corner of the first one,that you know,but except the fact that you broke a,shingle when you were looking at it no i,i i dont feel that jeff its right,there i can walk you to the same side i,was there,i was there

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